Sorcha : Russia Warns That Massive Anthrax Attack Is Underway In United States

mercredi 29 juillet 2009 14 h 06
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Objet: Russia Warns That Massive Anthrax Attack Is Underway In United States
Date: mercredi 29 Juillet 2009, 10 h 11
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July 29, 2009
Russia Warns That Massive Anthrax Attack Is Underway In United States
By: Sorcha Faal, and as reported to her Western Subscribers

A most chilling FSB report given to Prime Minister Putin today states
that the titanic between the United States and Israel has entered a
“critical stage” after up to 18 US Federal Police were killed this past
week after receiving anthrax infected letters in a replay of the similar
attacks launched against the Americans after their being attacked on
September 11, 2001.

According to these reports, up to 148 anthrax tainted letters containing
“death threats” against any American Jew found to be cooperating with US
Federal Police Forces have been delivered throughout the State of New
Jersey in response to those forces loyal to President Obama [top photo
left next to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu]  who, as we had
previously reported on, are in the process of smashing the rogue Israeli
spy network said to be responsible for 9/11 and the theft of Trillions
of Dollars from the Americans.

Propaganda US media sources are only reporting, so far, that 11 of these
letters have been sent and that after being analyzed by the FBI were
found to be “harmless”.

But, these reports continue, this present anthrax attack upon the United
States is centered in the exact same location of Trenton, New Jersey as
those occurring in two waves and meant as a warning against American
lawmakers and top news media icons should they divulge the truth of the
attack upon their Nation immediately following 9/11 on September 18, and
October 9, 2001, and which left 5 dead and 17 injured. 

Russian historians note in these reports that the significance of these
rogue Israelis in using Trenton, New Jersey, as the epicenter of their
attacks against the Americans lies in its being the most significant
battle fought between the American Revolutionaries and their British
Overlords which when General George Washington (who after the war became
the United States first president) led his nearly defeated troops across
the Delaware River in the dead of winter routed his British rivals in
the Battle of Trenton, and leading to the call “Whoever controls Trenton
will win the war”.

Even more horrific, these reports state that the current Swine Flu
outbreak now sweeping the Globe is not, in fact, not a “new and novel
virus”, but is, instead, a bio-engineered “viral anthrax weapon” that
after being unleashed upon the Americans is now killing people the World
over with no sign of abatement. 

Though not being told to the American public by their government about
this viral anthrax weapon being used against them, Russian scientists
note with alarm that the experimental Swine Flu Vaccine to be tested on
over 12,000 American children contains the “exact same” squalene
adjuvant used to protect US Soldiers vaccinated against anthrax prior to
the first Gulf War, and which led to the decimation of these soldiers
through what has been termed Gulf War Syndrome that has sickened or
killed nearly one quarter of the nearly 700,000 American men and women
who served in that conflict.

To how feared this viral anthrax weapon is being viewed by the United
States we can further read as reported by the Bloomberg News Service:

“Swine flu vaccine makers may rely on a U.S. emergency declaration to
use experimental additives made by GlaxoSmithKline Plc and Novartis AG
to boost a limited supply of shots that will be available to fight the

The ingredients, known as adjuvants, may be added for the first time to
flu shots in the U.S. Health officials, meeting today at the U.S.
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in Atlanta, plan to discuss
use of the additives, and may also recommend who should be first to
receive the limited amount of vaccines drugmakers say they will begin
delivering in October.”

Russian scientists further note in these reports that the
bio-engineering of the anthrax bacterium RNA segments into an influenza
virus, currently being called by the names of Swine Flu and H1N1, could
only have been accomplished at one of the World’s most protected
bio-weapons sites, but further note that in its “current form” this
viral anthrax weapon, though “highly lethal”, cannot have the mortality
rate normally associated with the pure form of the Bacillus anthracis.

Most interesting to note in these reports, however, is the FSB reports
detailing that after the Swine Flu’s “mysterious and sudden” appearance
in Mexico in mid-March, 2009, where up to 60% of the population of La
Gloria, Veracruz, were stricken by “unknown respiratory illness”, the
“deadly acceleration” of this disease didn’t occur until May, 2009, and
which followed (coincidentally?) the April, 2009, theft of a sample of
this deadly anthrax from Ireland, and as we can read:

“A sample of the deadly Anthrax virus was stolen yesterday from the
Science Gallery in Dublin. The stolen Anthrax Bacillus is the same viral
agent used by bioterrorists in the US in the 2001 attacks, which caused
panic around the world. It was being exhibited as part of an exhibition
called “Infectious” at Dublin's Science Gallery and shockingly the
public were allowed unrestricted access to the deadly spores.”

These FSB reports state that due to the theft of this anthrax “sample”,
there can be “no certainty” in ever discovering which Nation
bio-engineered it into the Swine Flu virus as its “genetic signature”
would always show it belonging to the American Military and providing
“perfect cover” for the true perpetrators of this monstrous genocidal

The World Health Organization, being aware of the true cause of this
Swine Flu virus, is now being reported to have closed its deliberations
to the public and has begun refusing to release the minutes of their
meetings; and in the United States their government officials have been
ordered to their protective bunkers this weekend under the guise of
holding secret Cabinet meetings while at the same time their Nation is
holding the largest terror exercise in their history,  leading one to
wonder when the other “shoe” is going to drop.

By all appearances, and based on the past actions of these Great Powers,
we shouldn’t have long to wait.

© July 29, 2009 EU and US all rights reserved
  Sorcha Faal
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