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Saturday, August 01, 2009 
Goldman Sachs-Deutsche Bank Now Subject to Massive Criminal Investigation
Behind the scenes intelligence briefings ALL Patriot Americans MUST know...the REAL facts and truth the corporate-controlled mainstream media covers up
by Tom Heneghan
International Intelligence Expert
Saturday  August 1, 2009
Goldman Sachs and Deutsche Bank
UNITED STATES of America  -  It can now be reported that the U.S. Treasury Department has launched a massive criminal investigation against the noted brokerage house aka bank Goldman Sachs and the Deutsche Bank involving TRILLIONS of dollars of what is called recycled U.S. currency that was duplicated and printed on various offshore secret Federal Reserve trading platforms in India, Pakistan, North Korea and Iraq.
The U.S. Treasury, with the help of PROMIS software, has done an electronic scan of worldwide currency circulation showing the serial numbers and duplication of both U.S. Treasury Federal Reserve Notes as well as Japanese yen.
Note: TRILLIONS of dollars of the duplicated U.S. Treasury notes have been traced to the Bush-Obama TARP Bailout funds that were used to enrich Goldman Sachs and Deutsche Bank after their exposure to American International Group's (AIG) disastrous credit default swaps, which were used by the former BushFRAUD Administration and former U.S. Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson to loot the U.S. Treasury.
Hillary Rodenhurst Clinton and Timothy Geithner  Reuters
Reference: Representatives of the Peoples Republic of China confronted current Obama U.S. Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner and current dysfunctional U.S. Secretary of State loser and lesbian in-the-closet Hillary Rodenhurst Clinton on up to $10 TRILLION of missing Chinese sovereign funds, which were part of a NSA-Alan Greenspan-Federal Reserve electronic trading program run out of North Korea that helped loot the Chinese treasury on behalf of the Bush-Clinton Crime Family Syndicate.
The Chinese now have "smoking gun" evidence that the stolen Chinese sovereign funds were converted into Japanese yen, laundered through Deutsche Bank and then, in turn, converted the yen back into U.S. dollars and EURO currency and eventually showed up at Goldman Sachs and J. P. Morgan.
Goldman Sachs left pic B. Smith for NY Daily News
Goldman Sachs and J. P. Morgan then turned around and used the stolen Chinese sovereign funds to market financial products aka bogus credit default swap derivatives to the Chinese government.
Now, folks, isn't that quite a Ponzi Scheme!
Reference: This is why at least 80% of Deutsche Bank employees
 were actually spied on by the U.S. NSA and the East German DVD.
It is also important to remember that the U.S. NSA's mole inside the Chinese government assisting in this theft of Chinese sovereign funds 
 was known Hillary Rodenhurst Clinton bag lady, the late Madam Wu.
Bush-Clinton Crime Family Syndicate conspirators
Bill and Hillary Clinton and former Mexican President Carlos Salinas
Bush-Clinton Crime Family Syndicate partners
George Herbert Walker Bush, BushFRAUD, Jeb Bush and fugitive Marc Rich
P.S. At this hour, the U.S. Treasury is expanding its criminal investigation to include the known Clinton-Salinas Mexican bail out of the early 1990s, which dealt with counterfeit U.S. Treasury notes that never found their way into the hands of the Mexican people but were, once again, converted to Japanese yen and found its way into secret offshore accounts in Switzerland and Ireland with the benefactors being Bill and Hillary Clinton, George Herbert Walker Bush, George W. BushFRAUD, former Florida Governor and year 2000 presidential election stealer, Jeb Bush, known Bush-Clinton Crime Family Syndicate bagman, fugitive Marc Rich, and the former President of Mexico Carlos Salinas.
February 11, 2009 Intelligence Briefing
February 15, 2009 Intelligence Briefing
June 27, 2009 Intelligence Briefing
July 1, 2009 Intelligence Briefing
            Reference: Power of attorney on these accounts is also held by known Bush-Clinton-Israeli Mossad bag lady Lorraine Fine and her assistant, 9/11 co-conspirator and Las Vegas, Nevada Eisley brokerage money launderer Gwendolyn Waymark, as well as former Clinton Administration era National Security Advisor and National Archives thief, Israeli Mossad agent Sandy Berger aka burglar.
Both Waymark and Lorraine Fine are personal friends of known Hillary Rodenhurst Clinton operative, counterfeiter, check bouncer, 9/11 co-conspirator with Viktor Bout
 and wanted 7/7 London bombings terrorist suspect Eva Telege aka Teleke aka Teleki.
We can now divulge the funding for the 7/7 London terrorist attacks
 is being traced to massive financial wire transfers from the known New York based brokerage house J. P. Morgan.
Former First Lady Hillary Clinton's White House personal confidant and
criminal business partner, now wanted counterfeiter and check bouncer and
7/7 London bombings terrorist suspect Eva Telege aka Teleke ada Teleki
Click here to read Hillary Clinton aide Melanne Verveer's letter
to Eva Teleki, reference the Alabama Toll Facilities

Related March 10, 2008 Intelligence Briefing:
click on url to view
LOSER Hillary's major supporter
MEGA MOSSAD Rahm Emanuel (center)
and Mehmet Celebi (right)
Viktor Bout
FACT: Three (3) criminal referrals dating back to 1999 are being stonewalled in the Bush-Clinton controlled Justice Department in regards to activities of Celebi and Bout.  In 1999 Vice President, now duly elected President Albert Gore Jr, brought a criminal referral against Bush-Clinton "TRUE COLORS" assassination teams 9/11 linked co-conspirator arms and drugs trafficker TERRORIST Viktor Bout
FACT: The original criminal referral against Bout was brought forward in 1999 by then Vice President, now duly elected President Albert Gore Jr.
Bout, whose corporate enterprises span from Azerbaijan, Bosnia, Turkey and Georgia, a former old province of the Soviet Union, met SEVEN (7) times with noted Bush-Clinton East German DVD agent Eva Telege aka Teleke aka Teleki
 just before the 9/11 attack on New York City.
The American People's National Archives Raided and Looted
Hillary Clinton and Janet Napolitano
We can now also report that current dysfunctional U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Rodenhurst Clinton, along with Janet Napolitano's Department of Homeland Security (DHS), [has NO authority whatsoever under the Constitution of the United States, but is enabled by the UN-Constitutional Patriot Act]      is trying to Obstruct Justice and stop the U.S. Treasury from pursuing its investigation of this massive criminal currency duplication, which has now run head long into financially supporting the alleged war on terror, which has turned into a war against the American People's Constitutional rights.  Dysfunctional Hillary recently confronted British Foreign Secretary David Miliband and blackmailed and threatened him in regards to releasing transcripts of terror interrogations, which turned into torture of alleged terrorists who had ties to British Intelligence and the Pakistani ISI.      Reuters by François Lenoir
depiction of mercenary types
These alleged terror suspects were actually recruited by the U.S. CIA in the late 1990s and became what we known now as the Bush-Clinton-Cheney-Haliburton-Israeli Mossad-Tony Blair-Al Qaeda-Gary Best Inc "True Colors" assassination teams.
The caskets carrying five British soldiers killed in combat in Afghanistan this week are driven in a cortège through the town of Wootton Bassett in southwest England on Friday. Their repatriation ceremony came on the same day as Britain's Ministry of Defence announced eight more combat deaths in the Afghanistan mission.
 Toby Melville/Reuters
     Reference: At this hour, we can also divulge that dysfunctional loser Hillary Rodenhurst Clinton, along with her bitch  foreign born  alleged President Barack Obama and his White House Chief of Staff, Israeli Mossad agent Rahm Emanuel, as well as White House legal counsel, "Skull and Bonesman" and year 2000 presidential election psyop anti-Al Gore, Cuban Elian Gonzalez attorney, Greg Craig,     are refusing to cooperate with the British government aka the British government's investigation of what chain of events took place that took England to an ILLEGAL war in Iraq
and caused the deaths of British soldiers who went to war on a LIE!
It is important to remember that dysfunctional loser Hillary Rodenhurst Clinton voted FOR the war in Iraq!     So you now see, folks, who the REAL terrorists are -- it  IS  still the Bush-Clinton Crime Family Syndicate!
Closet homosexual, TRAITOR
U.S. Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald
Karl Rove and Robert Luskin, right
Washington Post by Katherine Frey
Closet homosexual James Warren,
Chicago Tribune journalist
P.P.S. We can also reveal that current U.S. Attorney for the North District of Illinois, homosexual in-the-closet Patrick Fitzgerald, is leaking selected emails concerning the firing of U.S. Attorneys to both the Washington Post and the New York Times.
Folks, this is known as "limited hangout" by Fitzgerald.
We can now report that the U.S. Marshals Service and the U.S. Treasury are actually in possession of emails between U.S. Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald, former BushFRAUD White House Deputy Chief of Staff Karl Rove, and his mega Israeli Mossad attorney Robert Luskin,    which will prove a criminal conspiracy took place between Fitzgerald, Rove and Luskin, along with MSNBC commentator and Chicago Tribune journalist, homosexual in-the-closet James Warren,  to hide and cover up the activities of Rove concerning the frame up of Bush-Clinton-Iran/Contra whistleblower, former Democratic Alabama Governor Don Siegelman.
Email evidence has also surfaced detailing Rove's role in coordinating the TREASONOUS attempt to plant Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMDs) in Iraq
BEFORE the Iraq War began, which also dovetails to the outing of Valerie Plame aka her position as a covert operative of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA).
BushFRAUD's White House Deputy Chief of Staff Karl Rove and Skadden, Arps BRIBERY
Antonin Scalia, (left) AP by Stephan Savoia
U.S. Supreme Court BRIBED Gang of Five
Email evidence is also now in possession of the U.S. Marshals Service and the U.S. Treasury concerning Rove's role, along with the noted Chicago law firm Skadden, Arps, in the BRIBERY of the U.S. Supreme Court aka Chief Justice Antonin Scalia in the overthrow the year 2000 presidential election aka the coup d'état directed against then Vice President, now year 2000 duly elected  natural born  President Albert Gore Jr.
Left pic: Raymond Lemme, top right active U.S. Air Force Reservist and Florida Department of Transportation OSI Investigator
 was murdered investigating Chinese - NASA, DOT whistleblower complaint
Right pic: Eliot Spitzer, former New York Governor and Bernard Madoff Ponzi Scheme whistleblower.   INVESTIGATOR'S MURDER COVER-UP STRAW THAT BROKE PLOT
   by John Caylor

The U.S. Marshals Service and the U.S. Treasury are also in possession of email evidence showing how Karl Rove and U.S. Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald discussed using the NSA alleged terrorist surveillance espionage program against the late [assassinated aka suicid-ed] year 2000 NASA space agency presidential election fraud whistleblower and Florida Department of Transportation Investigator, Raymond Lemme,      and former New York Governor and Bernard Madoff Ponzi Scheme whistleblower, Eliot Spitzer.
Note: U.S. Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald has yet to bring charges aka the individual that leaked Valerie Plame's name.  Fitzgerald is now more interested in arresting internet whistleblowers and FBI informants
Item: You can bet, folks, the scumbags like Bob Woodward and David Ignatius at the Washington Post are not interested in these types of emails.
Final note: In closing we would once again like to bring forth the issue of the criminal corporate-controlled, fascist, extortion-friendly U.S. media enablers.
And, once again, we must focus on the activities of MSNBC's Chrissy Pooh Matthews as an example of what this U.S. media filth represents. Chrissy Pooh who, like his other extortion-friendly enablers, makes over $5 million a year to distort and propagandize, went over the deep end last week on his Hardball show.
Chrissy Pooh, who still brags about voting for illegal White House occupant, homosexual in-the-closet, national-wrecking, election stealing, cocaine snorting, Constitution shredding, U.S. Treasury embezzler, AWOL war criminal George W. Bushfraud,
launched a major attack against what he called black helicopter, anti-government conspiracy theorists.
Matthews' attack, which was really directed against the American People, deals with internet bloggers and American patriots who are tired of the corporate-controlled Bush-Clinton Crime Family Syndicate propaganda and who want the United States to return to the rule of law, which means protection of our First, Second and Fourth Amendments to the U.S. Constitution.
Chris Matthews went off the deep end and told people that they HAVE to be loyal to Obama and the Clintons.
Matthews, along with his MSNBC colleague closet homosexual Carlos Watson, still dream of a Bush-Clinton Crime Family Syndicate monarchy that will rule over America.
This is a direct message to Tweety Bird Matthews:
We internet bloggers and conspiracy theorists are not into black helicopters.  We are into administering justice, with due prejudice, against those in the government and media elite that helped enable the Bush-Clinton Crime Family Syndicate looting of our U.S. Treasury, the destruction of our election process and the shredding of our U.S. Constitution.    
We are into guillotines for TRAITORS and HIGH TREASON, since guillotines, upon judicial conviction, administer justice quickly.
When is the media going to report that current  foreign born  alleged President Barack Obama, whose poll numbers are collapsing, refuses to take phone calls from his former economic advisor Paul Volcker
 and former Vice President, now year 2000 duly elected President Albert Gore Jr.
Volcker had recommended to Obama in the first week of his Administration to temporarily nationalize criminal banking institutions like Goldman Sachs, Citibank and J.P. Morgan and get the toxic derivatives out of these banks, put them into Bankruptcy Court and let the shareholders then initiate civil suits that would eventually lead to the repatriation of the STOLEN U.S. Treasury funds illegally parked offshore in secret Bush-Clinton Crime Family Syndicate accounts, which represent the back end of the derivatives, which of course is cash currency aka the proceeds from the sale of the illegal derivatives.  MSNBC's Chrissy Pooh Matthews does not know what a derivative is while NBC News analyst and Wall Street Journals' columnist John Harwood
is happy that the American People do not know what a derivative is.
Of course, people who read these intelligence briefings now know what a derivative is.
Obama also refuses to talk to former Vice President Albert Gore after Gore recently told Obama that his cap and trade legislation was an abomination unless Obama completely eliminated the payroll tax as to offset the 50 cent tax on gasoline and the other excise charges that would be levied against major corporate polluters.
Gore's idea to eliminate the payroll tax on individuals    would create a massive economic boom, create thousands of new green jobs and revolutionize the American economy.
Obama rejects this, of course, because he would rather use the payroll tax to create even higher taxes for the purpose of a massive socialist health care program, which would mandate coverage of all Americans by employers, wreck the U.S. economy
and wipe out the 10th Amendment of the U.S. Constitution.
International Intelligence Expert, Tom Heneghan, has hundreds of highly credible sources inside American and European Intelligence Agencies and INTERPOL--reporting what is REALLY going on behind the scenes of the corporate-controlled mainstream media cover up propaganda of on-going massive deceptions and illusions.

The Enemy Within
A nation can survive its fools, and even the ambitious. But it cannot survive treason from within. An enemy at the gates is less formidable, for he is known and carries his banner openly. But the traitor moves amongst those within the gate freely, his sly whispers rustling through all the alleys, heard in the very halls of government itself. For the traitor appears not a traitor; he speaks in accents familiar to his victims, and he wears their face and their arguments, he appeals to the baseness that lies deep in the hearts of all men. He rots the soul of a nation, he works secretly and unknown in the night to undermine the pillars of the city, he infects the body politic so that it can no longer resist. A murder is less to fear  ~  Cicero Marcus Tullius
10:25 AM
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Casper 8-1-09       no.1
There are problems in D.C.. All calls Domestic and Overseas blocked. Call if possible please.
Remember the Tens of Billions given Goldman by the taxpayers with Bernanke and former Goldman exec. Geithner playing middlemen? They used it to make 3.4 Billion in the second quarter and then, once again, pay out hundreds of millions in bonus's to themselves.
Meanwhile on main street millions are laid off work.
There are a dozen such scams involving the Wall Street/Banking/Treasury/Fed Res/D.C. nexus incest each more spectacular than the last.
Never in history have the Money Trust and the Politicians been so bold or so obvious with their rape and pillage of the general public.
A law is in the way?
No problem, repealed.
Need a law?
Drop a few million on K Street and its done.
The difference now? Now they are billing several future generations TRILLIONS OF DOLLARS.
The corrupt are made whole on the backs of the honest. All of them belong in the deepest dungeon yet there they are collecting the multi-million dollar bonus's all over again with many thousands announced this week.
It is beyond criminal, it is sadistic and they are laughing all the way to the bank, I mean the coffee room, while average Americans face every conceivable tax increase they can think up.
What is happening between the Banks, The Treasury and The Federal Reserve is the greatest rip off and scam in the history of the planet. All for the purpose, if you recall, so the Banks could lend to main street and get the economy moving. Do you see any lending going on? The Banks are sitting on the money, using it to buy others, speculating with it and now have almost a TRILLION in "excess" reserves meaning money they are not required to hold. The Treasury borrows the money from the FED which makes it from thin air, gives it to the Banks which use these funds to speculate, then its charged to generations of taxpayers, then the Banks pay themselves millions, sometimes billions, in bonus's on earning made using the taxpayers funds and liabilities.
What a Racket.
What a con game they have going among themselves.
Not to be outdone the ABC boys have been hard at work this week disseminating B.S. by the trainload while attempting to silence us and likely others as well.
Imagine 500,000 hits PER MINUTE on Fourwinds.
How many NSA computers do you reckon it took to pull that off?
Their story Du Jour is of course the "C.T. ain't done yet" line of crap recycled for the 27th time and spread Internationally to obtain the usual "blowback" into the U.S..
Simultaneously the "OBAMA's people arrested" and the "Homeland Security people arrested" stories were thrown out with the regular helping of hash and confetti.
To spice things up in the Far East another simultaneous heaping helping of horsechit was promulgated to the effect that a repeat of the shoot out at the O.K. Corral had occurred at the MING COMPOUND in CHINA with a minimum of two dead including YING.
Do dice dude, fool us once -shame on you, twice -ain't gonna happen.
Don't you realize by now those serving your tea tell us the truth?
While all this was going on the packs WE watch must have gotten a dusting of anthrax as they were kicked back and forth between factions faster than we could report the movements. OBAMA continues as recently as Friday to say we will never receive the packs.
When they move WE become hopeful (confident is to strong a word) we will receive the following day only to wake up to another switch-a-roo.
Its like the Abbott and Costello "who's on first" skit. People arrive, needed documents arrive, progress at the FIRST RAIL LEVEL occurs and is widely known each day only to encounter the SECOND RAIL delays WE report.
The Second Rail is OBAMA who like BUSH before him is just the face and the mouth of the ILLUMINATI status quo crowd. The QUEEN and MERKLE and CHINA and The VATICAN and and and all those who fight battles each day which are hardly known to the First Rail Players.
More when possible.
casper    august-1-09  no.1
 casper 8-1-09                 #2 Sat. Evening
Thursday p.m. a delegation representing 'The Families' arrived to get the deliveries out immediately.
Thursday night they went to get the packs at the Supreme Court (most programs) and Treasury (Freedom). They were refused possession as described below.
Friday at approximately 10 a.m. the packs were again supposed to be removed from the S.C. and Treasury with orders for delivery same day. They were picked up but subsequently returned.
This morning the packs were to be picked up again at 10 a.m. and deliveries to begin at 4 p.m. This afternoon those charged with delivery reported to US they were about to begin deliveries, yet they had never been picked up.  CHINA was so notified.
The good family members gave orders to a different group to pick the packages up and they went to do so   armed with the proper paperwork at approximately 4:30 p.m. today. 
Also today The Families were notified of a variety of Bank Accounts and transactions involving the Central Bank of Iraq and other Banks in other countries involving BUSH, YING and LI.  More than twenty accounts have been located and the good MING moved to lock them down. Meanwhile a top aide to the Family in CHINA was caught talking to BUSH SENIOR on the telephone. He ratted out other Family members and it appears half the MING FAMILY has been on the BUSH payroll some for as long as 15 years. Accounts were identified in SYRIA, KUWAIT, NORTH KOREA and AFGHANISTAN to name only a few of the more than twenty. HUGE QUANTITIES of stolen oil money have been located along with huge amounts of cash taken from Saddam Hussein, Gold Certificates and large quantities of counterfeit money being used to bribe the ignorant. Accounts were set up for YING and LI in all the various countries. The names on most of these accounts and their status are known.     The bad side of the Families then attempted to move these funds and are extremely angry they have been found out and when BUSH, Li, YING and OBAMA were notified      we hear they went ballistic.
The second group referred to above went in to get the packs. They have not been seen or heard from since. Their phones are shut off including their home phones. Communications in and out of D.C. as well as attempts to reach Europe and CHINA, have all been blocked since 4 p.m. today. Status of the packs and the personnel are unknown tonight.
Don't buy the B.S.. It is orchestrated. Put two and two together. Use your brain.
 It has never been more intense. The CORRUPTION exceeds your wildest imaginings.
                casper  8-1-09          #2
p.s. The MING and the good family members say they are working to get these packages to us and we do appreciate it.  IMF members, its time to get your fingers out of your butts and help if you want your money. The heat on the bad guys is going to get a lot hotter.
p.p.s. The above is part of the reasons why OBAMA has continued to say we will never receive these packages.
................................more from Casper............

Again deliveries were scheduled and expected. The trigger packs left D.C. early afternoon yesterday but were pulled back overnight. Again the blockage comes from OBAMA this time aided and abetted by CLINTON, LI, YING (the dead one) and certain MING elements.
YING and LI must pay out TRILLIONS when the programs fund which will break them which explains their ongoing co-operation with OBAMA in blocking deliveries.
       The actual backstabbing owners of the 40 accounts who attempted to turn the accounts over to OBAMA have had all funds frozen and confiscated and lost their funding permanently. The plan was for OBAMA to use those account codes and access instructions for back door entry into all FREEDOM accounts to steal all of those funds. Again, this has been discovered and foiled.
        Mr. YING, our long lost and supposedly dead ex-friend, your friends here in the U.S. want to have a talk with you face to face. Why do you keep canceling your trips, last week and again today? Could it be that your friends have learned the orders for their elimination came from you? You lied to them, they found out. Zebra's don't change their stripes do they Mr. YING. They request you bring your black suit with you and say they will see you soon.
Once again, for reasons WE won't go into, OBAMA thought he had the funds to preserve his Fraudulent Financial Playpen only to find "his funds" gone. This is a reference to something different than the 40 accounts.
The battle to overcome OBAMA now rages hourly not just daily. Do not falter in your faith my friends, GOD WINS not brother OBAMA. Continue to     look for and expect deliveries literally at any moment. He does not hold the biggest stick.
                      casper   7-30-09
Today, Homeland Security confiscated the packs WE watch, from the Couriers.
The packs are back in D.C.......
...(...) Hobie,
We have been notified by that their servers for the website has been getting Hit 500,000 times PER MINUTE with Viruses and Hacker Hits.
Recently, Casper's Report on Obama has 'ramped up the hits' and the attacks.
Their Email servers here stateside have taken a hit and are currently shutdown.
The Bellringer's are using offshore servers now.
Obviously, the Government would like to see this type of Information Source Shut Down..PERMANENTLY.
I was asked by Casper to send you the "Current News" regarding packet delivery and the info regarding Fourwinds and the attacks.
The nasty ones doing the hacking.....WILL NOT WIN. GOOD WILL ALWAYS PREVAIL OVER EVIL.......
Best Regards,
Casper's Friend "Wendy"

...... for all casper's reports.
(Response)FROM:  Patrick H. Bellringer    DATE:  August 1, 2009
Dear WP:    Thanks for writing.
    The Federal Reserve note will be destroyed and we shall have our gold backed dollar back as required by the Constitution of the Republic of the U.S. of A.  The FRN will be exchanged one for one for the new currency....//  for more:  'HELLO, CENTRAL!' BANKING CHANGE! (Updated August 1, 2009)
....sorcha faal...............
July 31, 2009
“Radio To God” Reported Destroyed By American Scientist
A most interesting FSB report that is circulating in the Kremlin today states that an “interdimensional communication device”, which Russian scientists are (jokingly?) calling a “Radio to God”,  has been destroyed in the United States by one of our World’s most foremost experts on advanced crystal growth, Dr. Silvya Oommachen, and who was one of the co-authors of the seminal research work titled “Crystal structure of TM1030 from Thermotoga maritima at 2.3 Å Resolution Reveals Molecular Details of Its Transcription Repressor Function”.
According to this report, and which has been confirmed by Western News Sources, Dr. Oommachen was arrested by the FBI after she “slipped past lab security on July 18 and removed 42 cassettes, each holding 96 protein crystal samples, from three cryogenic containers in the Stanford Synchrotron Radiation Lightsource” and which were “found melted on a desk two days later”....(...)
August 1, 2009 12:50 PM   ....sorcha:
US Seizes All Of Its Citizens Computers, Says They Now Belong To Federal System  and
CGI's unruly_hen: Glenn Beck: Cash For Clunkers is a government scam to gain access to your computer *Video*
Posted By: CGI_admin Date: Saturday, 1-Aug-2009 14:26:12
Glenn Beck: Cash For Clunkers is a government scam to gain access to your computer
I found this video about Cash for Clunkers and think people really need to see this! Glenn Beck shows in this video how the government will have complete access to your computer and there isn't a thing you can do about it if you continue using the program. Beware!    or
Posted By: Rayelan <Send E-Mail>Date: Saturday, 1-Aug-2009 19:12:16
What does the Philippine gold have to do with the death of Cory Aquino? Read the article and you will find out.
Ms Aquino was the first female president in the Philippines and made history in 1986 when her yellow revolution forced Ferdinand Marcos out of office, after almost 20 years in power.
Cory Aquino was the wife of Beningo Aquino, the opposition leader who was sent into exile by Imelda Marcos and who was assassinated upon his return. Cory became the leader of the People's Power (read communist inspired)Revolution which drove President Marcos from power and elected her President of the Philippines. She died this week.
Was she murdered? Who really knows. Everyone KNOWS that her husband was assassinated... and if he was assassinated... why not kill her too to make sure she never tells what she knows.
I don't doubt that she could have been killed. But why? The only thing I can think of is she knew about the deal the CIA made with her husband, that insured she would become President and her children would have everything they ever wanted in life... OR she knew about the GOLD and was about to tell the people of the Philippines
that President GLORIA just made a deal with President Obama to STEAL it!
Conspiracy theories run the gamut of why and who killed her husband: Ferdinand Marcos, the CIA, his former communist colleagues...
I am sure that many other groups and people were charged in his death, including the Muslims... whom he flew to meet during his three year exile. There is a very large population of Muslims in the Philippines who want sovereignty in their area. These Muslims have ties to the communists... and even though I have never been told this, I suspect that they are one and the same. There is a Muslim link to communism worldwide that I don't fully understand... but this is food for another post.
The official story runs like this...
 From Wiki:
Benigno S. Aquino, Jr., nicknamed Ninoy, was a former Philippine senator, governor, vice governor and mayor and a leader of the opposition to the rule of Ferdinand Marcos.
He was assassinated at the Manila International Airport (later renamed in his honor) upon returning home from exile in the United States.  His death catapulted his widow, Corazon Aquino, to the limelight and subsequently to the presidency, replacing the 20-year Marcos regime.///
The version Gunther told me was Benigno had been approached by the CIA SHORTLY before he decided to return to Manila.
According to Gunther, Benigno was dying and knew it. Gunther said the CIA made a deal with Benigno. Since he wasn't going to live much longer anyway, he could work with the CIA and agree to be assassinated in order to get rid of President Marcos... which he and the entire Philippine people wanted.
The CIA promised him that his wife would be elected President of the Philippines, and his son and daughter would be given the opportunity to do anything they wanted.
His daughter, Kris, was only 13 when she was asked what she wanted to be. She said she wanted to be an actress. In 1986, Kris Aquino, at 14, made her first TV appearance on Inday Badiday's See-Tru. on GMA7. Her interview by Ate Luds on that show remains the highest rated show in the history of Philippine television, garnering 80+ ratings. She has been a popular figure in Philippine TV ever since.
Beningo's son followed his father and mother into politics and is now a Senator.
 From Wiki:
Benigno Simeon Cojuangco Aquino III (born February 8, 1960), popularly known as Noynoy Aquino or Benigno S. Aquino III, is a Philippine statesman. The only son of Benigno Aquino, Jr., a Senator imprisoned (and later assassinated) for opposing the dictatorship of President Ferdinand Marcos, and Aquino's wife Corazon Aquino, who served as President from 1986 to 1992 following the overthrow of Marcos. Aquino was named after his father and his grandfather, Benigno Aquino, Sr., a one-time Speaker of the House of Representatives. He is also the brother of TV host and actress Kris Aquino.///
                   In my opinion the side of the CIA that wanted him to return was the same side that wanted the bases in the Philippines to close, the communists in the south to become a major force, and the Muslim terrorists to be able to act without being confronted.      Which side of the CIA hates the military, loves communists around the world and sides with Muslims? If I didn't know better I would say it was the Obama CIA... no... it's the new world order CIA who are quite happy that Obama is their President.
This part of the CIA believes in *diversity*. Through diversity    ......nationalism... i.e. one country, one people, one language... can be broken down to such a point that the country can be swallowed up by a one world government.
Whether or not Beningo Aquino signed on to all the beliefs of the City of London side of the CIA      is a question you will have to ask someone else, because I don't know.
I do know that Cory Quino was the defacto leader of the communists in the Philippines. Or at least that's what Gunther and his group believed. If anyone else can send me proof that this wasn't the case, I will post it.
At the moment, the leftists in the Philippines have no leader. More than likely, Cory's son or daughter will soon step in to remedy this.
The son and daughter could easily mount a very impressive campaign... with the help of the Muslims and communists... to get rid of President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo.
Here's my favorite quote from Gloria:
"I sleep for seven hours a night, that's part of my energy management. If you want the left and right sides of your brain to work well, you have to get seven hours of sleep,"
(President Barack Obama shares a light moment with Philippine President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo in the Oval Office of the White House in Washington Thursday, July 30, 2009. AP Photo/Alex Brandon via the Washington Post.)
I found the photo of President Obama and President Gloria on this site...    along with a 13 minutes video with President Obama and President Gloria... which was filmed the same day as the "Beer Summit" with Professor Gates and Police Officer Crowley. On that same webpage is a short article about Kris Aquino and her photo... ie the photo on the left... above.
   President Gloria just came to the United States and was MADE an official representative of the United States government in negotiating with SE Asian countries??? WHAT??? A US President can't appoint the head of a foreign country to a US post... can he?
The Philippine newspaper, which is controlled by Gloria, spun her appointment like this:
Obama simply “reaffirmed or ratified” the appointment of the Philippines as Washington’s point man in forging closer ties with the ASEAN during a meeting with President Arroyo at the White House the other day.
Gloria and her husband have stolen BILLIONS from the Philippine people and are hiding it in China. Obama made this agreement with her in order for her to GIVE him
 the quadrillions of tonnes of gold that is in the Philippines.
More than likely the agreement she made would see that Gloria and her husband became the richest people in the world... i.e. a VERY large commission... in the quadrillions of dollars would be paid to them.
If Obama had that, he could rescue the economy. The only trouble is... he wouldn't do it. The ONLY reason that he wants to GOLD is to keep it out of the hands of the RIGHTFUL OWNERS... the peoples of the world.
He is NOT going to get it. The RIGHTFUL OWNERS have the ETs on their side!!
If the New World Order tries to steal it... well... let's just say they'd better NOT...
               Obama and his handlers were sent a very loud message on the 40th Anniversary of the Apollo Mission. Something... made a dent on Jupiter the size of the Earth! Whoever sent that message to the United States was letting them know that they had better NOT screw with the ETs. Not by bombing the moon... OR by interfering with the restoration of the people's rightful inheritance to the people of the earth.
Wiser heads than those who are currently running the earth knew that the Illuminati would one day try to force a one world slave government on the people of the earth. These wiser heads set up a "vault" where the riches of their lands could be stored until a specific time.
IMO... NOW is the TIME!!      Let's see what begins to transpire in the next two weeks.
And always remember that the Illuminati has the power to start WW3 AND a pandemic to keep the good guys from winning.
Be sure to stock up on immune enhancing products, food and bullets. Because if I am right about the timing... we could really be in for it starting about August first.
PS... How does this relate to the death of Cory Aquino? I suspect that she and her children, would be able to put two and two together and realize that Gloria was going to steal the gold and that would mean that the people of the Philippines would never see the reward they were promised from guarding this treasure. I am only suspecting that this may be the truth to why she was killed NOW.
 If someone knows something I don't know... you can always send it in.
But if your sources are the CIA or the MSM... don't bother.;read=152300
 1983 newsletter item on Aquino assassination (views: 25)
Guarded_Optimist -- Saturday, 1-Aug-2009 22:24:26
Posted By: watcher51445 <Send E-Mail>   Date: Saturday, 1-Aug-2009 08:04:12
        Liberty Council Main Web Page:
        Jul 30, 2009 - What Americans Need to Know About The Healthcare Takeover (More info)
        Source for below information:
        Obama Administration’s Health Care Plan
        HR 3200 currently under consideration in the House of Representatives
        Reviewed, revised and adapted on July 29, 2009, by Liberty Counsel from the original authored by Peter Fleckenstein and posted on and his blog, ...(...)   SOURCE:
Posted By: watcher51445 <Send E-Mail>   Date: Saturday, 1-Aug-2009 09:27:28
        Philippines mourns democracy icon Corazon Aquino - Yahoo! News
        Corazon Aquino's Cabinet members were working with the GAIA-Ekkers. EVERYONE INVOLVED ARE "SCRAMBLEING"
        because they discovered... THEY CAN NOT, COULD NOT "SHOW LAWFUL SOURCE OF COLLATERAL"..
        Doris J. Ekker aka Hatonn and husband E.J. [Eddy Joe] Ekker, both President's Centurions i.e., CIA Contractors involved in the following which is the catylist for this current Global Banking, Financing and Economic Crisis.. Mrs. Ekker 'terminated', Mr. Ekker..Missing in Action, believed to be 'terminated.'....(...)
        This is indeed a section for the Washington Post, and I understand it is even to be kept quiet from the likes of their ears as well. The intrepid will not be forced from within the compound of elusive behavioral patterned frequency, so promptly get on the bandwagon, if you must, because the POCKETBOOK OF RETAIL CURRENCY IS ABOUT TO BE FORMULATED INTO NOTHINGNESS, FOREVER, ON THE BACKS OF THE AMERICAN PUBLIC!
        Remember what happened to Cuba and Canada? Well, THEY WANT YOU TO EAT THEIR PORTION AS WELL! That is precisely why they have merited out toward the Free Trade Expense Sheet the drawbacks of economical tidal factors.
        Free speech is gone with a bullet in its back, and YOU ONES ARE NEXT ON THEFIRING LINE, AND THE SQUAD WHO IS DESIGNED TO PULL THE TRIGGER ARE YOUR OWN HENCHMEN FROM THE VICE SQUAD - MILITARY FACTIONAL DEBATE - which alludes to the fact, that capability is not a resource of prerequisite necessary detrimental factorial equational purpose.
        Figure that one out, minions of the fourth apex, and ye just might come up with the action tool of debatable purpose. This, friends and comrades of mine, is only the plurable beginning of austere financing. HATONN.
        Royal Saudi Seal. Access the site listed below for viewing.
        You need more proof!? Read this!
        We have turned many other documents regarding UN-AMERICAN ACTIVITY; COUNTERFEITING OF GOLD COLLATERAL INSTRUMENTS WRITTEN ON BONUS 3392-181, over for CONGRESSIONAL INVESTIGATION which include; CONTACT: THE PHOENIX PROJECT "Encrypted Messages" which is the admitted "Chosen method of sending Encrypted Messages" plus; INTER-OFFICE MEMORANDUMS, INTER-OFFICE INSTRUCTIONS TO CORT CHRISTIE FOR SEARCHING OUT "CORPORATIONS" etc by this COMMANDER HATONN giving instructions to MUSLIM (MILITANT DISSIDENTS) PODS & CELLS operating out of Florida, Texas, Canada, California , Oregon and other states of the union, the Philippines, Switzerland, Germany, England, and etceteras.
        These PODS & CELLS are GLOBAL, having inter-posed themselves at high levels of U.S. Federal Governmental "Agency Offices."
        These PODS & CELLS also use certain "inter-net web sites" to send intelligence encryptions as related to U.S. weakness's from within, while stirring up the Citizens to distrust the Fed. Government, including their own state Civil Governments, in order to DIVIDE and CONQUER our Nation by weakening the internal Sovereign Citizens will to support the Nation at Large, if "push comes to shove."
        Within the last 30 days, a email came in which went to "Muslim poster's" on this particular site stating: "BE CAREFUL. V.K. IS REAL." This email came from one of the recipients who unwittingly emailed it on to me.
        These particular PODS & CELLS spin off the parent groups from RIYADH and JEDDAH, spinning directly from The Philippines.
        The Philippine "Core" is very interesting, and that is putting it mildly.
        The Philippine Core; OPERATES AS A "MIRROR" CIA CONTRACTOR, contracted to "do banking as U.S. Federal Corporations (Fed. R.). These Corporations were formerly U.S. Federal Corporations, incorporated after CORT CHRISTIE (EX-IRS) researched Corporate Status of the U.S. Corporations, found RUBIN conveniently "forgot" to re-instate the (1) Inter-American Investment Corporation (2) Inter-American Development Bank and (3) The Depository Trust Co. located at 55 Water Street, New York, New York. ...(...)
            Ask not what your Country can do for you,
            Ask what you can do for your Country.
            V.K. Durham -  CEO-Signatory
            PO Box 113      Ida Grove, Iowa 51445 U.S.A.     V.K. Durham, CEO
 Related Story:   Cash payoffs, bonds and murder linked to White House 911 finance
            Cash payoffs, bonds and murder linked to White House 911 finance
"2023" Comments from Rumormillnews (150 words)
Posted By: rds2301    Date: Saturday, 1-Aug-2009 10:58:58      By Robert Singer
        I just received a phone call from (( ))Several Rumormillnews readers commented on my article "Is Jesus Christ Coming Back to Earth in MMXXIII (2023)?"           Perhaps I should change the title to ....
Could Jesus Christ be coming back to earth in MM (2000) XX (20) III (3) MMXXIII or 2023?
        and move the last paragraph of the article to the introduction so readers will know where to direct their comments about the "confusing" roman numeral MMXXIII.
        Send them to Paracelsus.
        The prophet Daniel, the book of revelation and Paracelsus in the Twenty Ninth figure of his prognostications confirms 2023.
        How blessed shall be the hour, and the poverty, that will come and shall ordain each one to its meadow, not far from the year XXXXIII.†
        Most of the prognostications of Paracelsus concern countries, institutions, establishments and monarchies. Figure 29 seems to refer to the individual and in particular to a state of change that each individual can reach.
        The date given at the end is confusing since there is no such Roman numeral. Forty-three in Roman numerals would be XLIII. The fact that Paracelsus tells us this is a year is the clue to the correct interpretation of the figure.
 Could Jesus Christ be coming back to earth in MM (2000) XX (20) III (3) MMXXIII or 2023?
        NOTE: Research for this article came from an out of print book by Ian Gurney, the Cassandra Prophesy published in 1999.
Is Jesus Christ Coming Back to Earth in MMXXIII (2023)?
Is Jesus Christ Coming Back to Earth in XXXXIII (2023)? ~ Exclusive for KnowTheLies
Submitted by Jonathan on Sun, 02/22/2009 - 1:09pm.
There are four stumbling blocks that have kept mankind and scholars from fully understanding the book of Revelation and the date of the 1st and 2nd Coming of the Messiah. ~ Robert Singer
1.  Believers and Biblical scholars spend their time interpreting and reinterpreting the scriptures to convince themselves they either (a) get the blessings promised to Israel or (b) will be raptured right before the tribulation.
2.  The year of the 2nd Coming could not be verified until the latter half of the twentieth century.
3.  Christians incorrectly believe Mark 13, is a commandment by God that "no one is allowed to know something that "even the angels in heaven don't know."† God told Daniel the year, not the day or the hour.
4.  An "error" made over 1400 years ago.
An error made in the seventh century BC concerns an event that ranks as one of the most important in the history Jews, Christians and Muslims: "The abomination of the desolation".
    And arms shall stand on his part, and they shall pollute the sanctuary of strength, and shall take away the daily sacrifice, and they shall place the abomination that maketh desolate Dan 11:31
James Hastings, M.A., D.D. in the seventh century published a dictionary of the Bible that analyzes the different interpretations of Daniel 11:31. He concludes the verse refers to "The setting up by Antiochus Epiphanies of a small idol/altar on the altar of the Holy Temple in Jerusalem in 167 BC" and the Maccabean revolution.†
Jesus contradicts this interpretation in the gospels,
    When ye therefore shall see the abomination of desolation, spoken of by Daniel the prophet, stand in the holy place, (whoso readeth, let him understand). Mathew 24:15
    But when ye shall see the abomination of desolation, spoken of by Daniel the prophet, standing where it ought not, (let him that readeth understand). Mark 13:14
The two verses refer to a conversation between Jesus, Peter, James and Andrew on the Mount of Olives.† Before he mentions the abomination Jesus says the following to his disciples admiring the grandeur of the temple.
    †Seest thou these great buildings? There shall not be left one stone upon another, that shall not be thrown down Mark 13:2
Here Jesus is prophesying an event that is to take place within the lifetime of the disciples.† August 29th in 70 A.D. (the exact same day the Babylonians burned down Solomon's temple 657 years earlier) the Roman army razed Herod's Temple to the ground.
As Jesus places the event of the abomination after the destruction of the temple in 70 A.D. and uses the words "when ye shall see" (Mark 13:14), he places the event in the future.†
It is impossible the abomination spoken of by Jesus could have taken place prior to 70 AD and therefore any exegesis that identifies the abomination, as 167 B.C. is the "error" made over 1400 years ago.
Jesus predicts the location of the abomination will be somewhere that is not only a "holy place", but also a place that under normal circumstances would be forbidden.
Within the Jewish faith the biblical term "holy place" can only mean The Holy Temple in Jerusalem. After its destruction in 70 A.D. leaving only the Western or Wailing Wall, the Holy Temple was never rebuilt. The ground where the Temple stood, the Temple Mount, and the Wailing Wall is to the Jews "the most holy place" in Jerusalem.
Construction begins on the Abomination of desolation in 688 A.D.
On the death of Abu Bakr, Omar ibn al Khattab, advisor to Mohammed became the second caliph and ordered that a magnificent golden domed mosque, Islam's third holiest shrine, be built... directly over† "the most holy place" in Jerusalem.
The Mosque of Omar, The Dome of the Rock is the correct identification of the abomination of desolation.
Applying the date of 688 A.D. to Daniel
    And from the time that the daily sacrifice shall be taken away, and the abomination that maketh desolate set up, there shall be 1290 days. Daniel 12:11
    Blessed is he that waiteth and cometh to the 1335 days. 12:12†
Biblical scholars acknowledge the words of Ezekiel who wrote 30 years before Daniel. "I have appointed thee each day for a year". Using each day for a year,
    And from the time that the daily sacrifice shall be taken away, and the abomination that maketh desolate set up in 688 A.D., there shall be 1290 years. Daniel 12:11
    Blessed is he that waiteth for the Messiah and cometh to the 1335 years or 2023. 12:12†         Revelation Chapter 11,†verse 2&3 confirms this date.
    But the court which is without the Temple leave out and measure it not; for it is given unto the Gentiles: and the holy city shall they tread under foot forty and two months (1279 days).† And I will give power to my two witnesses, and they shall prophesy a 1260 days, clothed in sackcloth. Revelation 11:2&3
These two verses appear to be talking about the same time scale and the same event. But only if we assume an average month is thirty days - then forty-two months = 1260 days. An "average month" does not account for the extra day for a leap year.† Using the reckonings from the Julian calendar and the extra day, the period of forty-two months is 1279 not 1260 days.
We also know verse 1 refers to the area outside the temple as being in the hands of the Gentiles (non Jews) as well as the holy city of Jerusalem for 1279 years ("each day for a year".); and in verse 2 the two witnesses of God the Jewish people, the Houses of Judah and Israel, will prophesy or preach for a similar 1260 years† "clothed in sackcloth". Sackcloth is symbolic of regret, repentance and mourning.
       What these two verses are saying is that the Jewish people will lose their place of worship including the city of Jerusalem; it will be given over to non Jewish people until the first few hours of the six-day war in 1967 (688 A.D. + 1279) when for the first time since the capture of Jerusalem and destruction of the temple by Titus in 70 A.D. the Jewish people not only had their own state May 14th 1948 (688 A.D. + 1260) they once again controlled "the most holy place" in Jerusalem.
The prophet Daniel, the book of revelation and Paracelsus in the Twenty Ninth figure of his prognostications confirms 2023.    How blessed shall be the hour, and the poverty, that will come and shall ordain each one to its meadow, not far from the year XXXXIII.†
     Most of the prognostications of Paracelsus concern countries, institutions, establishments and monarchies. Figure 29 seems to refer to the individual and in particular to a state of change that each individual can reach. The date given at the end is confusing since there is no such Roman numeral. Forty-three in Roman numerals would be XLIII. The fact that Paracelsus tells us this is a year is the clue to the correct interpretation of the figure.           Could Jesus Christ be coming back to earth in XX (2000) XX (20) III (3) XXXXIII or 2023?
NOTE: Research for this article came from an out of print book by Ian Gurney, the Cassandra Prophesy published in 1999.
Robert Singer - February 22, 2009 - KnowTheLies
Robert Singer is a retired information technology professional and an environmental activist living in southern California. In 1995 he and his cousin Adam D. Singer founded IPC The Hospitalist Company, Inc., where he served as chief technology officer. Today the company manages more than 130 practice groups, providing care in some 300 medical facilities in 18 states. Prior to that he was president of Useful Software, a developer and publisher of business and consumer software for the personal computing Industry.
        In September of 2008 he wrote his first commentary for OpEdNews about our consumer society. Since then over 20 articles have been published on Opednews, Marketoracle, Silverseek and many other Internet sites. They cover social, economic and environmental issues facing Americans and the rest of the world in the 21st century.
Many of the articles are also available on his authors page at OpedNews (( ))
.....and a comment..........
 good insight   //Anonymous (not verified) | Sat, 03/07/2009 - 1:39pm
i like what you said here. in the whole episode of current events i haven't heard anyone touch on a real key until now although i've centralised one specific object that all have steared clear of,ie. the temple mount in jerusalem. it is my educated opinion that a restoration of the zionists will not be complete until they can again practice their sacrifices. that means that they want that mount at all costs.their obstacle is islam which posesses the property via ancient treaty. if they attempt to commandere the property openly it will mean immediate all out war with the entire muslim population of earth.their making an end run via U.S, assets to subjugate islam before the mount takeover. incidently for the sake of all the"judeo" christians, the reestablishment of animal sacrifice in jurusalem declareing the blood of christ as of no effect would be the greatest government sponsered blasphemy since they (the same crowd) engenired the crucifxion. It would be the true 'abomination of desolation'  March 6, 2009
...............and...............their links....:
IndyTruth, Education for Freedom
TrueWorldHistory.Info - An Historic look at the world of yesterday, today and tomorrow
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An excellant website for news around the world.
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To help people become better informed about the history and meaning of every provision of the Declaration of Independence and their State and federal constitutions.
To help people become better informed about how to confront unconstitutional and illegal behavior by those wielding power in government at all levels. - Consciousness Politics Religion New World Order Freemason Illuminati Conspiracy Patriot Sion Mind Control Flying Saucers Ufo's Free-Energy Aliens - News, commentaries, legal cases and links from a lawyer in the Patriot movement. Self Help Legal Clinic and Sovereign Law Library More to come...
                  Submitted by Jonathan on Tue, 12/16/2008 - 8:39pm. links
What's In A Flu Shot -
 Hillarious (yet deadly Serious) short vid about the Flu shot
Posted By: RumorMail <Send E-Mail>Date: Saturday, 1-Aug-2009 15:19:41
 Its filmed as a comedy skit but conveys a serious message.
Funny clip regarding the ingredients in a flu shot. This is a serious issue though. I believe the clip is from Royal Canadian Air Farce broadcast on CBC.?
Thanks to ItchyandScratchy
Lukery     Dailykos       Fri, 31 Jul 2009 19:26 UTC
Former FBI translator Sibel Edmonds dropped a bombshell on the Mike Malloy radio show, guest-hosted by Brad Friedman (audio, partial transcript). In the interview, Sibel says that the US maintained 'intimate relations' with Bin Laden, and the Taliban, "all the way until that day of September 11."
These 'intimate relations' included using Bin Laden for 'operations' in Central Asia, including Xinjiang, China. These 'operations' involved using al Qaeda and the Taliban in the same manner "as we did during the Afghan and Soviet conflict," that is, fighting 'enemies' via proxies. 
              lukery's diary :: :: (( ))
As Sibel has previously described, and as she reiterates in this latest interview, this process involved using Turkey (with assistance from 'actors from Pakistan, and Afghanistan and Saudi Arabia') as a proxy, which in turn used Bin Laden and the Taliban and others as a proxy terrorist army.
Control of Central Asia
The goals of the American 'statesmen' directing these activities included control of Central Asia's vast energy supplies and new markets for military products.
The Americans had a problem, though. They needed to keep their fingerprints off these operations to avoid a) popular revolt in Central Asia (Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan and Turkmenistan), and b) serious repercussions from China and Russia. They found an ingenious solution: Use their puppet-state Turkey as a proxy, and appeal to both pan-Turkic and pan-Islam sensibilities.
Turkey, a NATO ally, has a lot more credibility in the region than the US and, with the history of the Ottoman Empire, could appeal to pan-Turkic dreams of a wider sphere of influence. The majority of the Central Asian population shares the same heritage, language and religion as the Turks.
In turn, the Turks used the Taliban and al Qaeda, appealing to their dreams of a pan-Islamic caliphate (Presumably. Or maybe the Turks/US just paid very well.)
According to Sibel:
This started more than a decade-long illegal, covert operation in Central Asia by a small group in the US intent on furthering the oil industry and the Military Industrial Complex, using Turkish operatives, Saudi partners and Pakistani allies, furthering this objective in the name of Islam.
Sibel was recently asked to write about the recent situation with the Uighurs in Xinjiang, but she declined, apart from saying that "our fingerprint is all over it."
Of course, Sibel isn't the first or only person to recognize any of this. Eric Margolis, one of the best reporters in the West on matters of Central Asia, stated that the Uighurs in the training camps in Afghanistan up to 2001:
"were being trained by Bin Laden to go and fight the communist Chinese in Xinjiang, and this was not only with the knowledge, but with the support of the CIA, because they thought they might use them if war ever broke out with China."
And also that:
"Afghanistan was not a hotbed of terrorism, these were commando groups, guerrilla groups, being trained for specific purposes in Central Asia."
In a separate interview, Margolis said: ...(...)     .......AND.....
J. Orlin Grabbe     The Laissez Faire City Times      Mon, 12 Nov 2001
The two men headed to the Hilton Hotel in Sherman Oaks, California in the late Spring of 1986 were on their way to meet representatives of the mujahadeen, the Afghan fighters resisting the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan.
One of the two, Ted Gunderson, had had a distinguished career in the FBI, serving as some sort of supervisor over Special Agents in the early 60s, as head of the Dallas field office from 1973-75, and as head of the Los Angeles field office from 1977-1979. He retired to become an investigator for, among others, well-known attorney F. Lee Bailey. And all along the way, Gunderson, whether or not actually a CIA contract agent, had been around to provide services to various CIA and National Security Council operations, as he was doing now.
In more recent years Gunderson was to become controversial for his investigations into child prostitution rings, after he became convinced of the innocence of an Army medical doctor named Jeffrey McDonald, who had been convicted of the murder of his wife and three young children in the 1970s. This has led to various attempts by the patrons and operators of the child prostitution industry to smear Gunderson's reputation.
Michael Riconosciuto was there to discuss assisting the mujahadeen with MANPADs - Man Portable Air Defense Systems. Stinger missiles were one possibility. If the U.S. would permit their export, Riconosciuto could modify the Stinger's electronics, so the guided missile would still be effective against Soviet aircraft, but would not be a threat to U.S. or NATO forces.
But Riconosciuto had another idea. Through his connections with the Chinese industrial and military group Norinco, he could obtain the basic components for the unassembled Chinese 107 MM rocket system. These could be reconfigured into a man-portable, shoulder-fired, anti-aircraft guided missile sytem, and produced in Pakistan at a facility called the Pakistan Ordinance Works. The mujahadeen would then have a lethal weapon against Soviet helicopter, observation, and transport aircraft.
Riconosciuto was more than just an expert on missile electronics; he was also an expert on electronic computers and associated subjects such as cryptology (see my "Michael Riconosciuto on Encryption").
Riconosciuto was a prodigy who had grown up in the spook community. The Riconosciuto family had once run Hercules, California, as a company town. In the early days (1861) a company called California Powder Works had been established in Santa Cruz, CA. It later purchased land on San Pablo Bay, and in 1881 started producing dynamite, locating buildings in gullies and ravines for safety purposes. A particularly potent type of black powder was named "Hercules Powder", which gave the name to the town of Hercules, formally incorporated in 1900. In World War I, Hercules became the largest producer of TNT in the U.S. Hercules, however, had gotten out of the explosives business by 1940 ....
...(...) There is some evidence that Tim Osman and Ralph Oldberg visited the White House. There is certainty that Tim Osman toured some U.S. military bases, even receiving special demonstrations of the latest equipment. Why hasn't this been reported in the major media?
One week after giving an affidavit to Inslaw regarding the PROMIS software in 1991, Riconosciuto was arrested on trumped-up drug charges. The Assistant U.S. Attorney prosecuting the case attempted to cover up Riconosciuto's intelligence background by claiming to the jury he was "delusional." A TV station came and pointed a camera out at the desert at Cabazon and said, "Riconosciuto says he modified the PROMIS software here." Of course Riconosciuto didn't modify the software out between the cacti and yucca. Sand isn't good for computers. He did the modifications in offices in nearby Indio, California. The AUSA told reporters Riconosciuto had been diagnosed with a mental condition, the implication being "he's making all this stuff up". Yes, there had been a mental evaluation of Riconosciuto. I have a copy of the report. The diagnosis? Here it is: NO MENTAL DISORDER. The Department of Justice consistently and maliciously lied to the jury, just as had been threatened by Justice Department official Peter Viednicks if Riconosciuto cooperated with the congressional investigation of PROMIS.
If the war against Osama Bin Ladin (Tim Osman) is not a total fraud, then what is Michael Riconosciuto doing in prison? Why doesn't he have an office next to Colin Powell so he can give realistic advice on Bin Ladin's thinking? And where is Ralph Olberg?
Thirty-four days before the East African embassy bombings of August 7, 1998, Riconosciuto notified the FBI in Miami that the bombings were going to take place. Two days prior to the bombings he requested of BOP (Bureau of Prisons) officials at the Federal Corrections Institution (FCI) in Coleman, FL., that he be allowed to call ECOMOG security headquarters to warn African officials. The BOP denied the request. Riconosciuto was mystified at being ignored by the relevant government authorities. I'm not mystified. I suspect the reason Riconosciuto was ignored was that the relevant parties, including especially the Miami FBI office, knew all along the bombings would take place. And they wanted them to happen.
The same is true with respect to the recent plane bombings of the WTC. It wasn't an intelligence "failure". The terrorist acts were deliberately allowed to happen. The actors may have been foreign. But the stage directors appear to have been all along here in the U.S. Cui bono?
Isn't it time to let Michael Riconosciuto out of prison, and wipe the slate clean of the trumped up drug charges, and let him be a national security advisor—at least with respect to the government's pursuit of Osama Bin Ladin? Isn't it time to quit pretending Osama Bin Ladin came out of nowhere?
This is not an academic argument. Sources say three dozen MANPADs have been imported into Quebec, Canada, from Colombia (where they arrived from Eastern Europe). The missile shipments followed the "northern" drug route—from Colombia into Canada. The missiles involved are Russian Strellas and Iglas. These will serve just fine to take down commercial airline flights. Just like TWA 800. Which group of terrorists has the missiles? Meanwhile, how many biological warfare agents are in the hands of organized crime? Maybe you should ask Riconosciuto about all this.
Michael Riconosciuto is now incarcerated at the FCI Allenwood, PA. You know where to find him.
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