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In his most recent update of August 5th,STORY says he has finally been able to confirm from his Treasury Sources what WE have been reporting to you for SIX MONTHS,
 that being that OBAMA and his henchmen are blocking deliveries at every turn and are, even now, still trying to bring in additional funds to preserve the status quo. These attempts continue to be blocked.
Those who continue to use "first rail" activity as a sign post have yet to understand that the Blockage comes from the "higher powers" which WE refer to as "second rail" players which includes OBAMA and the ILLUMINATI he works for.

One Financial Newsletter Writer says this week "they" have resorted to buying their own debt using "Strawmen" third party buyers. The only short term limitation on such activity is the "Debt Ceiling" set by Congress and the semi-annual increase has become automatic. So the Politicians approve 9000 earmarks, approve trillions in Stimulus, Bailouts and Gov't Takeovers, Treasury runs off a fresh batch of I.O.U.'s which they sell to the FED which creates the money to buy them "out of thin air". The result of this "round-robin" scam in which they are all participants           is that taxpayers and their children and grandchildren are saddled with the debt, all the debt, debt guaranteeing their slavery indefinitely, while those responsible for this and a dozen other related scams (such as phony bank accounting practices) maintain themselves in power atop a pile of lies that would make the Great Pyramids look like ant hills.
They do this at the expense of a legitimate recovery, a sound monetary system, honest banking practices and our funding. They do this to stall the disclosures which may send all of them to jail forever. They do this to avoid a return to Constitutional Law, to preserve Admiralty Law and Courts and to retain the "Emergency Powers" introduced by Roosevelt which has the net effect of making the President a virtual dictator.
While doing this "they" have tried again and again to continue and renew the successive 70 year "Bankruptcy of Nations" contracts under which all aspects of the CORPORATE GOV'T and Admiralty Courts  have operated.
THEY want the Bankruptcy of the UNITED STATES to continue.
The CORPORATION rather than the Republic.
Their CONTROL of the Courts.
Also, Fraudulent Fractional Banking.      Fraudulent Fiat Currency manipulation.
 Financial Frauds of every stripe and color.

Washington D.C. is a CESSPOOL of corruption. It is an ORGY of corruption and the exposure brought by "the new", no matter how limited the "hangout" for the sake of the publics tender sensibilities, must be avoided at all cost.  And so they fight on, fight to preserve the status quo at any cost, a decision made easier because the "public" does not understand that the "cost" is being dumped on them.

When last WE updated, Tuesday the 11th, we said the drivers refused to deliver and the packs were returned to D.C..
At various times since then they have been back at CARLYLE, back at Treasury and back out for delivery not necessarily in that order.
Like all other sources and messengers WE too expected deliveries
 no later than yesterday.
Then, as has occurred every day this week, we find the packs where they should not be.
This has occurred so many times over the last two weeks that WE suspicion there is more involved here than "physical possession".
More than likely it had something to do with the Banks or the Money or both.
Both must be completely ready before deliveries occur, not just our funds but the associated worldwide "settlements" as well. Not just domestic banks but participating banks worldwide.
It could even be more complicated than that. For example, did you see the series of articles a week ago regarding GLORIA (now dead) President of the Philippines
making a deal with OBAMA for the Gold still "hidden" there?
Now, just as those articles anticipated, a U.S. Aircraft Carrier has arrived in the Philippines (the George Washington).
What happens if the ILLUMINATI gets that Gold? Who can stop an aircraft carrier? WE are speculating of course and while doing so we can all wonder why Russian STATE Television allowed a documentary to be shown to 30 million viewers claiming the twin towers were brought down with internal explosives?
And, while we are at it, lets all wonder why the FOX SPECIAL (Hannity) exposing OBAMA'S Radical History was withdrawn at the last minute last Sunday night (now on u-tube in six segments). As WE have reported several times he was financed by MUSLIMS which is disclosed in this documentary. Other recent Internet Poster's say their sources reveal that he has been a CIA asset and a BUSH SENIOR protégé for many many years.
 (( ?? ??;_ylt=A0geuytaqYlK230BZWFXNyoA?p=obama%27s+radical+history++hannity&y=Search&fr=yfp-t-501&fp_ip=CA&fr2=sb-top&rd=r1&meta=vc%3Dca&sao=1 ))
WE can't confirm that but we have confirmed, like STORY, that he has been sabotaging deliveries for months. So which country CONTROLS its media,
Russia or the U.S.???

AND NOW FOR THE NEWS:  Saturday night.
The packs are moving again tonight. Return to your window perch. 
                        casper   8-15-09
  August 12, 2009
Fourwinds website will reflect only the most vital postings for the next few days.  These will be done by our webmaster, as Anne and I will be taking a long planned week or so to visit our children.  This will give our readers time to browse through the Fourwinds archives and Phoenix Journals.
            Happier days are coming!
 In Love and Light,
Anne and Patrick  Bellringer¸
............Tom Heneghan.............
Saturday, August 15, 2009 ...3PM...........
 US Bank Holiday Due Soon - Hillary Throws Bush Under the Bus
Behind the scenes intelligence briefings ALL Patriot Americans MUST know...the REAL facts and truth the corporate-controlled mainstream media covers up
by Tom Heneghan
International Intelligence Expert
Saturday  August 15, 2009

UNITED STATES of America  -  It can now be reported that the Obama Administration, along with U.S. Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner and U.S. Federal Reserve Chairman Bernard Bernanke, are planning a major "Bank Holiday" in early September
 to coincide with the issuing of the new "AMERO" currency,
 which would effectively mean the end of the U.S. dollar as we know it.
The U.S. New World Order (NWO) thugs are gambling big in their strategy; mainly to take down America and its currency without destroying themselves in the process, both financially and politically.
They can no longer control the short end of the yield curve aka their ridiculously low short term interest rates given the carrying charges for their toxic derivatives, which are still parked in U.S. banks, are now being absorbed at a greater cost by the European Union and the People's Republic of China.
Note: Do not be fooled, folks.  No one is buying U.S. bonds right now.  In fact the recent auction of U.S. Treasury notes had no buyers at all - the Chinese and the rest of the world took a pass.

The recent auction involved straw buyers of U.S. financial instruments, which were basically crooked U.S. banks aka Goldman Sachs issuing letters of credit to the Federal Reserve based on STOLEN U.S. Treasury funds parked in offshore accounts, creating derivatives which were then used as collateral to buy the financial instruments.
After 48 hours the Federal Reserve then comes back in to the market place, prints a bunch of money and buys the bonds back from the straw buyer aka Goldman Sachs.
And it gets worse!
The crooked derivative created by the straw buyer aka Goldman Sachs is actually left on the books of Goldman Sachs and is kept as an asset.
And, of course, the derivative no longer exists since the financial instruments have been bought back by the Federal Reserve itself!
This is what you call, folks, a MASSIVE Ponzi Scheme!
P.S. This entire derivative scheme is about to explode in the face of the criminal cabal that is occupying the United States, within 48 hours of this posting.

LAB CREATED H1N1 'Pandemic'
Accordingly, the ruling elite is looking forward to using their 'created' H1N1 flu to declare "Martial Law" and a state of emergency
 given the imminent collapse of the Federal Reserve.
There can be no doubt that alleged President Barack Obama's attempt to shove a socialist health care program down the American People's throat is a massive DIVERSION to keep the American People from understanding what is facing them, which is a second major collapse of the toxic derivative market, collapsing U.S. banks a second time and operationally send the United States into massive chaos.
Paul Volcker and Barack Obama
Emmanuel Dunand /AFP/Getty Images)
Note: Obama failed to take the advice of his former financial adviser and former Federal Reserve Chairman Paul Volcker early on in his administration.
Volcker had recommended that the new President temporarily 'nationalize' the crooked U.S. banks, take the toxic derivatives out of the banks, put them in a Bankruptcy Court, which would then allow the stockholders, along with the U.S. Treasury with the use of PROMIS software, to identify where the proceeds from the sale of the derivatives are parked,        which, of course, is TRILLIONS of dollars of STOLEN U.S. Treasury funds located in secret offshore hedge funds and bank accounts tied to none other than the Bush-Clinton Crime Family Syndicate and its enablers.
and Alan Greenspan
Stephen Friedman
Conspirators BushFRAUD
and Henry Paulson
Conspirators BushFRAUD
and Michael Chertoff
Conspirators Robert Rubin
and Alan Greenspan
P.P.S. Current U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton recently met with New York Attorney General Andrew Cuomo and is now allegedly cooperating in an investigation that deals with the theft of U.S. Treasury and Chinese sovereign funds involving former Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan, the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, its former CEO Stephen Friedman, former U.S. Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson, former Department of Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff, former illegal White House occupant George W. BushFRAUD, and none other than former Clinton Administration U.S. Treasury Secretary and former Citibank CEO Robert Rubin.
All of these individuals were thrown under the bus by Hillary
 as the current U.S. Secretary of State has received immunity from prosecution.
[It is not known at this time whether Hillary's immunity is full or transactional.]
     Reference: The THEFT of U.S. Treasury and Chinese sovereign funds laundered through the Federal Reserve Bank of New York is also linked to the overall Bernard Madoff Ponzi Scheme,
and the role of former BushFRAUD U.S. Treasury Secretary Hank Paulson and DHS Secretary Michael Chertoff in operating as bagmen in moving the funds to the Israeli Bank Leumi, the German Deutsche Bank, and none other than the Central Bank of Turkey.
Item: The Central Bank of Turkey is now under Turkish government investigation for operating a massive money laundry tied to the noted 9/11 compromised American-Turkish Council, along with Washington D.C. whorehouses administered by both Turkish and Israeli Intelligence     that were used to compromise American politicians, including the current Democratic Congresswoman from Illinois, Jan Schakowsky.  That is right, folks.  Hillary witch has thrown her business partners, the Bush Crime Family, under the bus.  William Woody-Wick News Service
George Herbert Walker Bush
We can also divulge that both the European Union and the People's Republic of China have frozen various secret accounts of George Herbert Walker Bush
 that represent STOLEN U.S. Treasury and Chinese sovereign funds.
U.S. National Security Adviser General James Jones and Hillary Rodham Clinton
P.P.P.S.  U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton's recent statement concerning the theft of the year 2000 presidential election dovetails to a recent national security briefing the Secretary of State received from Obama Administration National Security Adviser General James Jones.
Hillary was apprised that National Security Grand Juries will soon indict former illegal White House occupant George W. BushFRAUD, along with former Vice pResident Richard Cheney, on the 9/11 TREASON, the illegal war in Iraq based on a lie, the illegal PRE 9/11 spying versus the American People,     along with the raiding and looting of the U.S. Treasury by BushFRAUD and his sociopathic father, George Herbert Walker Bush.
Hillary was also briefed on the "smoking gun" evidence of the NASA space agency Choicepoint software Diebold THEFT of the year 2000 presidential election from then Vice President, now year 2000 duly elected President Albert Gore Jr.
The software programs [tied to U.S. and foreign satellites] that were installed in the Diebold voter machines, were pre-programmed in West Virginia, Missouri and Tennessee, and took place 30 days before the November 2000 presidential election   and allowed NASA, the NSA, along with the Bush campaign itself, to manipulate voting results from the three states aforementioned and, accordingly, corrupt the Voter News Service results and STEAL West Virginia, Missouri and Tennessee
from then Vice President Albert Gore Jr.
Reference: Then, of course, in Florida the Choicepoint software program was used, which illegally took up to 50,000 registered Florida voters off the voter roles when they were illegally classified as convicted felons when they were not.
Florida's "Disappeared Voters': Disfranchised by the GOP
by Greg Palast
These mainly African-American voters were blocked from voting by police blockade with car vehicles and vicious attack dogs.  All of this, of course, was instigated and approved by former election stealing Florida Republican Governor Jeb Bush, who has now been linked to ordering the assassination of Florida Department of Transportation Investigator Raymond Lemme.
Raymond Lemme, top right active U.S. Air Force Reservist
and Florida Department of Transportation OSI Investigator was murdered
investigating Chinese - NASA, DOT whistleblower complaint
by John Caylor
July 25, 2009 Intelligence Briefing:
...We can also reveal that the enabler criminal Patrick Fitzgerald, along with BushFRAUD’s Deputy Chief of Staff Karl Rove, ordered the illegal NSA “Stellar Wind” phone tapping and email monitoring of the late Florida Department of Transportation Investigator Raymond Lemme, who had the “smoking gun” evidence, now possessed by Albert Gore’s daughter,     of the  NASA space agency five (5) state electronic coup that stole the year 2000 presidential election in not only Florida, but also in New Hampshire, Missouri, West Virginia and Albert Gore’s home state of Tennessee...
Related August 1, 2009 Intelligence Briefing:
...The U.S. Marshals Service and the U.S. Treasury are also in possession of email evidence showing how Karl Rove and U.S. Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald discussed using the NSA alleged terrorist surveillance espionage program against the late [assassinated aka suicid-ed] year 2000 NASA space agency presidential election fraud whistleblower and Florida Department of Transportation Investigator, Raymond Lemme,
and former New York Governor and Bernard Madoff Ponzi Scheme whistleblower,
Eliot Spitzer...

Direct message to Joe Scarborough of MSNBC's talk show Joe in the Morning:
Your outburst the other day concerning Hillary's comment about the year 2000 election fraud was a farce.
Mr. Scarborough you are a misfit and enabler and a treasonous punk and were a direct co-conspirator in the overthrow of the year 2000 presidential election which allowed nation-wrecker, homosexual in-the-closet, cocaine snorting, election stealer, Constitution shredder, AWOL, U.S. Treasury embezzler war criminal George W. BushFRAUD
 to take office illegally and then wreck the United States of America!
Your day of justice will come soon, Mr. Scarborough, along with all other treasonous U.S. media enablers, and it will be administered by the American People themselves.
Final note: Again, as we have just reported, this health care legislation proposed by the Obama Administration is a DISGUISE and DIVERSION  to hide and misdirect the American People reference a second major banking collapse to come.
We can not afford this health care plan.  It also violates the 10th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.  Now, folks, given the fact that our U.S. banks are still zombie institutions that can not loan money to their own citizens and use Taxpayers' money to trade on their behalf to enrich themselves, how can we implement a health care plan that would increase taxes on the American People when the average American can not even get a loan from a bank.
You won't hear the corporate-controlled, fascist, extortion-friendly American media report this to you.  They are too busy getting trading tips from Goldman Sachs!
       At the same time, do not be fooled by these town hall meetings which are allegedly designed to oppose massive government intrusion into your life.  They are orchestrated and run by right wing nutcases who still support nation-wrecker George W. BushFRAUD and all the criminal activity that he unleashed AGAINST the American People.
The major spokesman is FBI Division 5 informant, neonazi, anti-Al Gore sociopath, Sean Hannity of FOX News.
Tax cheat Hannity recently did a program invoking the memory of our great American Revolutionary Thomas Paine.
Direct message to FOX News Sean Hannity:
If Thomas Paine were alive today, he would have you, Hannity, along with George W. BushFRAUD and all of the treasonous enablers, arrested for TREASON against the American People aka the shredding of our U.S. Constitution and the raiding and looting of our U.S. Treasury.
Yes, folks, when it comes to Sean Hannity you are dealing with a socipathic punk who has diarrhea of the mouth who should spend the rest of his life under house arrest in which he would be forced to read the U.S. Constitution and its Bill of Rights on a 24 hour basis.

Again, folks, there is NO war on terror.
There never was one!
Osama bin Laden aka CIA asset Tim Osman has been dead for over seven years, since December of 2001.
Again, folks, there is NO war on terror!
There was a 9/11 BLACK OP instigated to make war on the American People and their Constitution.
At this hour, they still want to terrorize the American People.
It is time for the American People to make war on the "terrorists" aka instigate the SECOND AMERICAN REVOLUTION which means direct removal of the Bush-Clinton Crime Family Syndicate from American soil      along with its treasonous U.S. media enablers like Sean Hannity and his 'handler' Rupert Murdoch Greenberg of the FOX News Corporation.
Oath Keepers: Orders We Will NOT Obey
Recognizing that we each swore an oath to support and defend the Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic, and affirming that we are guardians of the Republic, of the principles in our Declaration of Independence, and of the rights of our people, we affirm and declare the following:
1. We will NOT obey any order to disarm the American people.
The attempt to disarm the people on April 19, 1775 was the spark of open conflict in the American Revolution. That vile attempt was an act of war, and the American people fought back in justified, righteous self-defense of their natural rights. Any such order today would also be an act of war against the American people, and thus an act of treason.
We will not make war on our own people, and we will not commit treason by obeying any such treasonous order.
Nor will we assist, or support any such attempt to disarm the people by other government entities, either state or federal.  MORE
[MySpace is blocking access - copy and paste this url to view]:
We announce to the criminal government and its criminal corporate media enablers: 
We, the American People, who are well armed, will be victorious!
Overlord at Yorktown remains relentless and victorious.
International Intelligence Expert, Tom Heneghan, has hundreds of highly credible sources inside American and European Intelligence Agencies and INTERPOL--reporting what is REALLY going on behind the scenes of the corporate-controlled mainstream media cover up propaganda of on-going massive deceptions and illusions.
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Posted By: hobie <Send E-Mail>   Date: Friday, 14-Aug-2009 23:10:03
 Hi, Folks -
This was forwarded to us by the Trustee, who knows who the Reader is.
There are some interesting statements included regarding Obama. It isn't clear whether the suggestion is that Obama is wearing a black hat or a white one - only that Obama's background may include some things we hadn't otherwise known about.
"An Informed Reader" writes:
my info is just a little different. There are many banks which are Basil III compliant. They have had the new US notes in their vaults for at least a year and a half. The US notes are gold backed. Latest thinking is that the US notes will be exchanged dollar for dollar for FRNs (if you can prove origin). Accounts in these banks will simply flip over to the new currency.
The hold out banks, like the big ones, Wells Fargo, BofA, etc., who are so tightly in bed with the FedRes are the ones who are going to have the problems. The are still holding out for the Fed and are not Basil III compliant, being that they are controlled by Bush/Cliniton/Cheney/Obama cartel. They have been scrambling for months trying to hang on to their power, but the gold banks are blocking them at every turn.
       The result of this change in currency will facilitate several things. For one thing no off balance sheet ledgers.       Also, the drug money laundering will stop. All of the FRNs in the foreign warehouses stacked to the ceiling on pallets will no doubt be dishonored as they won't be able to produce proof of origin. US dollars obtained by derivative trading will be worthless.
I see that this changeover will cause major changes in the theft that has gone on in this country. For one thing the Bush/Carlyle Group is down the drain as the prisoner bonding method will become totally non profitable as they won't be able to trade on the prisoner bonds ... and no one will buy them anyway. When the off balance sheet ledgering method is stopped, mortgage problems go away. Inflation will stop and prices will stabilize.
          This gold standard return is better than what we have now but is not to be confused with the Constitutional concept of silver vs. gold method. Who knows, maybe Ron Paul will be put in place as the President. Maybe if we get back to a gold standard for our currency, and they can't trade on the derivatives, maybe we can actually get back to the original concept of measuring gold against silver The gold standard was created in the late 1800s by a senator from Ohio who was the brother of General/President Ulysses S. Grant.
 I personally doubt that we will ever roll all the way back to silver/gold, but maybe if we at least get to a gold standard we can see some reforms in banking.
             The Bush bunch are already under arrest. They can't even flee to Paraguay as they did not pay (actually were prevented from) their 'bribes', and that whole operation has collapsed. Clinton came back from Korea with a frown on his face. If Obama doesn't get arrested in the next few weeks everyone will be surprised. Aside from his birth certificate problems, my source says he was 22 years in the CIA for Bush Sr. Sr cleaned up his past and gave him a new identity and put him into politics. If all of that ever comes out, I doubt he will last for a nano-second.
the real bankers (the ones with the gold) are putting an end to the fraud in banking. I guess they just got tired of the BS that has gone on for all these years. Maybe we will even see the return of the real Post Office.
this is a margin call on the derivatives and those holding the derivatives cannot cover their debts ... obviously The billionaires and trillionaires who are are rich on derivatives are scrambling to unload their worthless 'money' for gold or anything of value, but the world is wising up and not dealing. I think there are going to be a whole lot of people in prison ... where they rightly belong.;read=153315
Posted By: hobie <Send E-Mail>      Date: Saturday, 15-Aug-2009 13:34:50
Good Day Hobi,
Received this from my source this morning:
"Watch for a NEW Mortgage and Banking operation that will appear within weeks"
Peace,        Griff;read=153349
Posted By: hobie <Send E-Mail>   Date: Friday, 14-Aug-2009 23:01:42
In Response To: from the TRUSTEE: Food for Thought - Establishing the Seat of Government (hobie) E-mail from the Trustee:
Greetings Hobie,
I AM back! What a weird couple of weeks!! The up side is I AM here and a better man for having survived it all.
So many readers ask why all of the delays; why are the good guys unable to compel delivery and put a stop to all of the BS that has plagued this transition. What one must understand is that it has always been a top priority of the good guys to make this transition as smooth and painless as possible for the American people. It has been high on the good guys priority list to ensure against chaos, as that is the tool of the gray man. The American people have suffered enough! ....(...)
...(...) Members of the 'transition team' have gone to great lengths to ensure the security of the American people through and beyond this transition; and in making this transition as painless as possible for all. There have been tremendous hurdles to negotiate and the resolve and depth of gray man's evil may well have been underestimated. The suicidal tendencies and the depth of the "If we can't have it, nobody can have it!" attitude of the PTW is mind boggling indeed; a mentality that many have trouble wrapping our minds around. The job of the 'transition team' has been akin to negotiating with a nervous and determined suicide bomber with his finger on the trigger with a million hostages damning you for your failure to bring the situation to a timely and positive end with no collateral damage.
The members of the 'transition team' have accomplished the impossible! in spite of all of the opposition from within and without. In spite of the negative reader opinions and posts questioning the integrity of the messengers and demanding proof of this and proof of that; demanding to know the identities and backgrounds of the posters. The Internet is a powerful tool; one which all sides have used as such; a powerful form of communication as well as a tool for molding and guiding the energy of the people. Public opinion matters not to the members of the 'transition team' as this is not about us, this is about fulfilling our mission; fulfilling our promise to humanity in this trek through the 3rd dimension. Everything else comes second. Everything!
The transition is well in progress although it may not appear the way many believed it should appear. Perspective! Perspective! Perspective! Hang in there! All is well! Prepare yourselves! That is your job for today. Prepare yourself for a new and wonderful future. Take that leap of faith; step out of the old ways and into the new. Let the old ways drop away and embrace the new ways! Perspective, my friends, perspective!
Monday 17 August 2009 01:00

‘Whoever, having knowledge of the actual commission of a felony cognizable by a court of the United States, conceals and does not as soon as possible make known the same to some Judge or other person in civil or military authority under the United States, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than three years, or both’.
'Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!'
'Woe unto them that are wise in their own eyes, and prudent in their own sight!'
Isaiah, Chapter 5, verses 20-21.
'WE'LL KNOW OUR DISINFORMATION PROGRAM IS COMPLETE WHEN EVERYTHING THE AMERICAN PUBLIC BELIEVES IS FALSE': William Casey, Director of Central Intelligence: An observation by the late Director at his first staff meeting in 1981. This observation reveals the mentality of cynicism which infests the US Federal control structures, and the reality that these structures regard the American people with total contempt. This attitude is the opposite to the noble concept of service to the American people which ought to inspire holders of public office, and therefore represents the epitome of decadence.
The evil spirit directing William Casey got the better of him when he committed suicide in hospital some years later, ostensibly to 'protect the President'. The fantastic verbal fantasies perpetrated on certain US websites that are operating on the basis of Mr Casey's principle, enunciated above, should therefore be handled with extreme care.
 Casey warned you!



• INTERNATIONAL CURRENCY REVIEW: Volume 34, Numbers 3 & 4 was published on 14th August and was being mailed worldwide on Monday 17th August 2009. It contains our devastating blow-by-blow reporting of astonishing behind-the-scenes events tearing the lawless intergovernmental environment apart, where anything goes, assets are 'diverted', and no-one is responsible.
However, as a specific consequence of these exposures, the net is decisively closing in on ALL criminalist financial operators, both within notorious official structures and in the international financial community, as is becoming clearer by the day. This 592-page report on what has been happening behind the scenes is now being lodged in places 'where it matters' around the world, which means that it is impossible for a veil to be drawn over this financial criminality, EVER.
• BOOKS: Edward Harle Limited has so far published FIVE intelligence titles: The Perestroika Deception, by Anatoliy Golitsyn; Red Cocaine, by Dr Joseph D. Douglass, Jr.; The European Union Collective, by Christopher Story; The New Underworld Order, by Christopher Story; and The Red Terror in Russia, by Sergei Melgounov. All titles are permanently in stock. We sell books DIRECT.
• Globalist hegemony ideology and practice are comprehensively debunked in the Editor's study entitled The New Underworld Order, which can be ordered via the books section of this website. If you want to see what may well happen if the angle of decline steepens much further, you could do worse than also order a copy of The Red Terror in Russia, by the contemporary Russian eyewitness Sergei Melgounov, another Edward Harle Limited book available direct from this website. Also, the Editor's study entitled The European Union Collective, which proves that the EU is a long-range strategic entrapment operation to reduce European countries to satrap status within a German empire using economic strategy for relentless economic warfare purposes, can be bought here.
• Please Make a Donation, if you feel able to do so, to help finance Christopher Story's ongoing global financial corruption investigations. Your assistance will be very sincerely appreciated and will make a real difference, hastening the OVERDUE resolution of the worst financial corruption and linked financial fallout in world history. Just press Make a Donation, which is live, and it takes you straight to our ultra-safe ordering system, which accepts Visa and MasterCard.
• The Editor's $35,000 Wanta bail-out money has been stolen.
• See the second white panel for details of our latest distributed intelligence publications.
• ADVERTISEMENT: Details of the INTERNET SECURITY SOLUTION software offered by this service in conjunction with a donation, are appended at the foot of this report, below the legal data. See also our catalogue by clicking on World Reports Limited and scrolling down to the bottom.

By Christopher Story FRSA, Editor and Publisher, International Currency Review, World Reports Limited, London and New York. For earlier reports, press the ARCHIVE. Order your intelligence subscriptions and our 'politically incorrect' intelligence books online from this website.


It’s not speculation. It’s at the detailed planning stage. Sabotage against the whole world is being officially contemplated at the highest US level, meaning the White House: and it has been under consideration there for months.
It’s reckless, it’s irresponsible, it’s futile, it’s irrational, it’s sterile, it’s perverse, it’s the product of criminal minds, it’s wrong-headed and muddled, it’s motivated by spite, hatred and jealousy, it is destined to be wholly counterproductive and to yield ‘unexpected consequences’, it will severely aggravate international tensions, it will decimate US living standards, it will generate developing domestic hyperinflation, it will restore the Federal Reserve to unhealthy solvency, it will provide the US Treasury and the Fed with colossal corrupt resources with which to operate a new,secret, permanent and unmonitored hedge-slush fund ‘bribery and control piggy bank’, it will trigger the defensive ‘unification’ (under duress) of North America, it will destroy the Chinese miracle, it will drive all foreign currencies to hopelessly uncompetitive levels thereby pushing the Rest of the World, including Britain, Europe and Japan, into the Grandfather of all Depressions, it will provide the Chicago-based criminal clique and the Clinton-Rockefeller branch of the CIA crime-intelligence apparat, following massive setbacks for the Bushes, with unchallengable ‘supremacy’, and, given that Financial Warfare is the precursor of physical warfare, it will eventually lead to a World War.
• It’s an almost exact duplication of the financial background to the events of 1932 and 1933.
Most deliciously from the perspective of the criminal American mental defectives concocting this monumental officially contemplated provocation, it will spite Her Majesty The Queen, the primary victim – thanks to very bad advice now thought to have been proffered by Jacob (Lord) Rothschild, previously a friend of the Monarch – of thefts and scams perpetrated by the Bush wing of the US criminal-intelligence kleptocracy.
In other words, what is being officially contemplated and planned by the Obama White House is retribution and revenge against the powers that are forcing the releases – amounting to bare-knuckle Economic and Financial Warfare against, not least, the United States’ supposedly ‘closest’ ally, the United Kingdom.
When the Editor of this service heard about all this, he exclaimed: ‘Well, I have always considered the so-called ‘Special Relationship’ to be absurdly one-sided, excessively weighted in favour of the United States, and prone to restraining appropriate British responses to the multiple injuries that the United States routinely inflicts upon Britain, often motivated by jealousy and spite. The ‘Special Relationship’ should be closed down until the American authorities have cleaned up their act’.
And so the chief prospective beneficiary, apart from the Obama White House (but not the American people) will be Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin, the Soviet Military Intelligence (GRU) chief tasked with the objective of engineering an immense ‘Blowback’ operation against the United States, Britain and China consequent upon the rape and pillaging of the Soviet Union that was perpetrated under the Reagan and Bush Administrations by US operatives, including the operative Leo Wanta, and by Chinese elements, spearheaded by Wanta’s ‘partner’, Howie Kwong Kok.
• This ‘Blowback’ offensive has been explicitly trailered in successive issues of Soviet Analyst, edited and published by the Editor of this service [see serials component of this website].
But first, let us recall, for reference later, two extraordinary observations by primary criminal CIA leaders, that have recently been verified:
• The remark attributed to the veteran operative Barack Hussein Obama (1) , the CIA-‘President’ of the United States: ‘I am the leader (= King) of the whole world’. This arrogant observation, which was leaked through the tight control blanket that has become necessary to ‘filter’ what Mr Obama says these days, reflects his knowledge of what follows.
• The remark attributed to George H. W. Bush Sr., which surfaced in June 2009, to the following effect: ‘We are making so much money, we’ll carry on trading until August’. Which of course implied that BEYOND August, leeway for the Bush Crime Family to continue its criminal finance operations would cease, and that THIS WAS KNOWN BY THE BUSHITES IN ADVANCE: which is indeed fully consistent with recent reports from our sources that the power of the Bushites has been severely curtailed in recent weeks, not least because the criminalist CIA operative Mrs Hillary Clinton has ‘rolled over’ on them. The impression we gained is that the Bush-linked elements were ‘allowed’ a further, and final, period for their trading operations, so that what they were doing could be closely monitored for the last time – which is ironic, since their off-balance sheet funds will be worthless in the context of the intended ‘on-the-books-only’ régime.
• Those Bush funds that have not yet been sequestered, that is.
[Ed. Note: This report should be read from its website location at
as this email copy does not contain the links embedded in the original report.]
August 16, 2009
Top Israeli Scientist Captured In US
After “Threat” To Blow Up White House.((.not.))
By: Sorcha Faal, and as reported to her Western Subscribers
             A bizarre report is circulating in the Kremlin today wherein the FSB states that one of Israel’s top bio-weapons experts was violently captured by US Federal Police Forces before he was able to reach the safety of the Israeli Consulate in Los Angeles to which he had been fleeing       after his receiving a “warning” that he had been “targeted” for
assassination by the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA).
     According to these reports, Joseph Moshe Bar is one of Israel’s top bio-weapons scientists who while under the “control” of the Mossad was “placed” in Los Angeles to “monitor” a swine flu vaccine “experiment” being carried out in that city by US scientists upon their poorest citizens      under the guise of giving to them free medical care.
Note: in Western propaganda media reports his name is shortened to Joseph Moshe.
(( ))
     Note: These reports state that the venue for these experiments upon America’s poorest citizens was the Los Angeles Sports Center where the alleged to be CIA financed Remote Area Medical Volunteer Corporation, for the first time in its history, was conducting a “clinic” in the United States. ((  // By Dan Whitcomb
INGLEWOOD, California (Reuters) - Inside an aging sports arena, where rows of dental chairs and a hospital smell have replaced the former Los Angeles Lakers basketball court, thousands of Americans are seeking free healthcare.   Hundreds were turned away just on Tuesday, the first day of a weeklong clinic run by the nonprofit Remote Area Medical Volunteer Corp as part of its mission to provide free health, dental and eye care in needy spots around the world.   It marks the first time in RAM's 25 years that it has gone to a major U.S. metropolitan area -- a reminder that even in Los Angeles, with world-class doctors and hospitals, many do not have access to affordable healthcare....from: ))
                Upon Moshe’s attempt to reach the Israeli Consulate building in Los Angeles, these reports continue, he received “information” from the Mossad that he was being “targeted” for “immediate assassination” by the CIA, whereupon he drove his vehicle at “high speed” to the US Federal Building (a few city blocks from the Israeli Consulate, both being on Wilshire Blvd.) where Israeli officials were able to put him the “spotlight” of their American media “contacts”     and thwart the death threat against him.
      Interesting to note about Moshe’s narrow escape from assassination was his hour’s long standoff [photo top left] against US Federal Police Forces that was televised in full view of the American public under the absurd “story” that Moshe was attempting to blow up the White House,     but which was, these reports state, the time period needed for the Mossad and CIA to come to an “agreement” for the “defusing” of this crisis.
(( ))
     Also interesting to note is that during this “standoff”, US Federal Police Forces bombarded Moshe with CS powder canisters (Note: tear gas is not a “gas” but is a powder) to which these police forces were confounded because it had no effect upon him,
(( )) and leading Los Angeles Police Lieutenant, Ruben de la Torre, to state to the press when asked about how Moshe was able to withstand this attack, “I can't explain that, there's no way to explain that”.   These reports, however, state that the Mossad, like the FSB and, presumably, the CIA, give to all of their most important “agents” genetic immunity against CS powder and other such chemical agents that may be used against them.
(( ))
To the reason Moshe was targeted for assassination, these reports continue, was his “obtaining” both a vaccine sample and the secret documents on its “clinical trials” being preformed on America’s poor people by the CIA  which the Mossad had previously “leaked” damaging information about to the British press, of which we can, in part, read:
     “A warning that the new swine flu jab is linked to a deadly nerve disease   has been sent by the Government to senior neurologists in a confidential letter.
The letter from the Health Protection Agency, the official body that oversees public health, has been leaked to The Mail on Sunday, leading to demands to know why the information has not been given to the public before the vaccination of millions of people, including children, begins.   It tells the neurologists that they must be alert for an increase in a brain disorder called Guillain-Barre Syndrome (GBS), which could be triggered by the vaccine.
GBS attacks the lining of the nerves, causing paralysis and inability to breathe, and can be fatal.     The letter, sent to about 600 neurologists on July 29, is the first sign that there is concern at the highest levels that the vaccine itself could cause serious complications.”
(( ))
             To the “grand conclusion” the American war leaders are working towards, these reports conclude, and even with Moshe escaping (at least for now) his planned assassination, and as we had previously reported on in our August 14th report (Russia “Alarmed” After Nuclear Warheads Go Missing In Atlantic), the “cryptic” £1 million ransom demand made today for the “release” of the Arctic Sea, and its even more “mysterious signal” being sent from French waters, show
they, the Americans, are still intent upon their, on or about, August 22nd attempt to plunge their people into total chaos and shock.
(( ))
© August 16, 2009 EU and US all rights reserved
  Sorcha Faal
Monday, 17 August 2009 
A Warning to the One World Elite // Adrian Salbuchi
'We know who you are... We know what you want..... We know what you are Doing....
You will NOT get away with it... You have been warned...'
(( also VIDEO: "We, The People..." - The Insurrection - Part 1//Fight the coming World Government    by Adrian Salbuchi )) all his texts.
 A Warning to the One World Elite from Adrian Salbuchi - an excellent, short and concise expose of 'their' crimes against all of humanity (imo very good for awakening friends and family): p1 p2

I was just reminded ( ) that I haven't posted p2 of Henry Makow's recent i/v at Red Ice so here are both parts as if you haven't listened to p1 yet, it's another superb and heartfelt expose of 'them':
p1  Henry Makow - Free Speech Threatened in Canada, Zionism & The Elite Satanic Bankers    July 16, 2009
We have writer Henry Makow with us to talk about the current threat to freedom of speech in Canada. We discuss hate laws, "Human rights", political correctness, the Human Rights Commission in Canada and the Canadian Jewish Congress. Henry's website is threatened to be shutdown because of the topics he writes about: Zionism, the Illuminati, the "Satanic Elite bankers", WWII history, feminism and many other topics. Topics Discussed: Censoring of Henry's website, Judaism and Zionism, The Canadian Human Rights Commision, Judaism and Zionism, B'nai B'rith, Satanic Conspiracy, AIPAC North, Steven Harper, Free speech, The Banning of Knowledge,, Ernst Zundel, Political Correctness, Communism, The Canadian Media, What defines the Elite as Satanic, Transformation of humanity, how are we being changed? Sex, Homosexuality, Religious View on Sex, Nation, Religion, God, Race, Solipsism, Reality, Truth, Love, National Revival, New Age and much more.
 Join us for Hour Two with Henry Makow in our Members Area.
 We begin to talk about the Bohemian Grove, The Elite and then move on to discuss Eliot Spitze, Blackmail, Larry Sinclair, Obama and the Socialists, The Top Layers of the Pyramid, WWII History, Hitler as a British Agent, Borman as a British Agent and Rothschilds Conduct Red Symphony and much more.

p2  Henry Makow - Bohemian Grove, WWII History and The Rothschilds   July 30, 2009
We have Henry Makow back with us for Hour Two. We begin to talk about the Bohemian Grove, The Elite and then move on to discuss Eliot Spitzer, Blackmail, Larry Sinclair, Obama and the Socialists, The Top Layers of the Pyramid, WWII History, Hitler and Borman as a British Agents and Rothschilds Conduct Red Symphony. Topics Discussed: Bohemian Grove, Satanic Rituals, Eliot Spitzer, Black Mail, Obama, Larry Sinclair, Bill Clinton, Obama's Birth issue, Saul Alinsky, Community Organizer, Communism, Bella Dodd, Control Freaks, Fabian Society, The World Empire, Roman Empire, The Holy Roman, The Financial Elite, Imperialism, Rothschilds Conduct "Red Symphony", Are World Wars Orchestrators, Revolution, Rothschilds and Rockerfeller, The Royal Families, Nazi Regime, Borman, Hitler, WWII as a Hoax, Nazi War Efforts, Racisim within the Jewish Race, The Destruction of the German People, the Masonic World Capital, The Israeli Supreme Court, Hate Laws in Canada, Human Rights Commission, Cabbalism and much more.
Don't miss this interesting Hour Two with Henry Makow.
 To listen to the first segment go here.
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Adrian Salbuchi - The World's Mastermind: the Hidden Face of Globalization       
Written by Roger.  
Adrian Salbuchi  is a researcher, author and speaker; host of the Buenos Aires talk-show "El Traductor Radial" and founder of the Argentine Second Republic Movement (Movimiento por la Segunda República Argentina) .
He is author of  "El Cerebro del Mundo: la cara oculta de la Globalización", ("The World's Mastermind: the Hidden Face of Globalization") and "Bienvenidos a la Jungla: Dominio y Supervivencia en el Nuevo Orden Mundial".    Website

Le Cerveau Mondial: la face cachée de la mondialisation - Point de vue d’Argentine
Mar 3rd, 2008 | By admin | Category: Francaise///    par Adrian Salbuchi
Cet article (à l’origine en espagnol) , est un résumé de points clés mis en avant et publiés dans le livre de l’auteur « “El Cerebro del Mundo: la cara oculta de la Globalización ” Le Cerveau Mondial ; la Face Cachée de la Mondialisation. (Ediciones del Copista, Córdoba, Argentina, 4th Edition, 2003, 470 pages. and Editorial Solar, Bogotá, Colombia, 2004). Globalresearch, Planète Non-Violence (version française)
“Ceux qui n’apprennent pas de l’histoire sont condamnés à la re - vivre”
George Santayana
Comme c’est le cas actuellement, la mondialisation peut être définie comme une idéologie qui identifie l’état nation souverain comme l’ennemi clé, principalement parce que la principale fonction de l’état (ou celle qui devrait l’être) c’est de faire passer en priorité les intérêts du plus grand nombre - i.e., « le Peuple » - avant les intérêts de quelques uns. Ainsi, les forces de la globalisation cherchent à affaiblir, dissoudre et éventuellement détruire les fondations mêmes de l’Etat Nation comme base d’institution sociale, pour le remplacer par des structures de gestion supra nationales mondiales, sociales, économiques, financières, et militaires. De telles structures sont liées aux objectifs politiques et intérêts économiques d’un petit nombre de groupes très puissants et très concentrés et d’organisations qui aujourd’hui conduisent et pilotent le processus de mondialisation dans une direction très spécifique. ...(...)
Nous trouvons là la clé de l’énorme efficacité du CFR et de son pouvoir. Ses décisions et ses plans sont conçus et agréés lors de rencontres à huit clos, des groupes d’études des conférences et des groupes de travail. Mais quand vient le moment d’exécuter ces plans, cela est fait par ses différents membres, chacun de son poste officiel au sein d’organisations différentes, puissantes, à la fois publiques et privées. Et quels sont ces postes puissants et ces organisations !
Si, par exemple, un plan a été conçu et agrée concernant l’évolution de la mondialisation de l’économie et du système financier, ou quels pays vont bénéficier de la paix et de la prospérité et ceux qui vont être ravagés par les guerres, les invasions, et la famine, alors l’action coordonnée de personnalités comme le président des US, ses secrétaires d’état, à la défense, au commerce et au trésor, les directeurs de la CIA, la NSA ( Agence de Securite Nationale) et du FBI, des banquiers internationaux clés et des financiers, des présidents de CA des 500 plus grosses fortunes, des propriétaires et géants des médias, des journalistes, des écrivains, des officiers militaires, des universitaires, des dirigeants du FMI, de la Banque Mondiale, et de l’OMC, sont tous rassemblés au bon moment, de manière synchronisée, et sur une myriade de sujets spécifiques. De cette façon, ils peuvent coordonner des actions concrètes, efficaces et pratiquement irrésistibles à tout moment et partout.   C’est comme cela que cela a fonctionné pendant 80 ans....(...)
Toutes ces « boîtes à idées » rassemblent les hommes et les femmes les plus intelligents, les mieux préparés, les plus créatifs et ambitieux, dans des domaines et disciplines très étendus. Ils sont payés et récompensés de manière très substantielle - à la fois économiquement et socialement - tant qu’ils s’alignent clairement et sans compromission sur les principes de base des objectifs politiques du CFR. Tout ceci n’est rien moins que la création d’un gouvernement privé mondial, l’érosion systématique des structures de l’état nation (quoique, naturellement, cela ne se fait pas pour tous de la même façon, à la même vitesse, ni en même temps) ; la sous standardisation des valeurs culturelles et des normes sociales ; l’expansion d’un système mondial financier basé sur la spéculation brute et l’usure ; et la gestion d’un système de guerre mondial de manière à maintenir la cohésion sociale nécessaire de ses propres masses par la persuasion et l’alignement contre des ennemis réels ou imaginaires de la « démocratie », des « droits de l’homme », de la « liberté » et de la « paix » ; i.e., contre le « terrorisme » (6)....(...)
Implications pour l’Argentine et notre région
Dans ce contexte, nous pouvons dire que les medias locaux en Argentine, notre système d’éducation et nos principaux politiciens locaux s’alignent tous à la base sur le Nouvel Ordre Mondial - indépendamment du fait qu’ils en aient ou non conscience. Dans cette perspective, le Système de Domination a trois objectifs clés :.....(1)...(2)....
(3) Nous faire croire que, que nous aimions ou non, il n’y a rien que nous puissions faire pour arrêter la « mondialisation ». La vérité, en fait, c’est qu’il y a des myriades de choses que nous pouvons faire pour neutraliser les effets adverses de la mondialisation. Mais, tout cela demande que nous retrouvions d’abord la souveraineté sur les institutions de notre état nation, qui atteindra ses fondamentales fonctions de base :
Intégrer les forces sociales internes en conflit (i.e., promouvoir le Bien Commun)
Envisager toutes les menaces possibles et les opportunités de l’intérieur et de l’extérieur ( i.e., défendre l’Intérêt National) et
Conduire la Nation sur une trajectoire politique faite pour défendre son Intérêt National (i.e., conduire le pays à son destin)
Ces fonctions nécessitent l’existence d’un Etat Nation souverain ce que n’est plus actuellement l’Argentine. Nous sommes devenus une colonie, donc nous devons d’abord promouvoir une vraie Deuxième Déclaration d’Indépendance de façon à créer une deuxième République d’Argentine. Les implications et aspirations de notre région et au-delà, d’un tel acte révolutionnaire, seront vraiment capitaux(8)....(...)
Version anglaise mise en ligne le 2 décembre 2006 sur le site de Global Research - Copyright Global Research   Traduction française pour information à caractère non commercial Mireille Delamarre pour Planète Non Violence.
Adrian Salbuchi est chercheur, écrivain et conférencier; hôte du Talk Show de Buenos Aires “El Traductor Radial” and foundateur du mouvement pour la Deuxième République d’Argentine (Movimiento por la Segunda República Argentina) )) He is l’auteur de “El Cerebro del Mundo: la cara oculta de la Globalización”, (”Le Cerveau Mondial : la Face Cachée de la Mondialisation”) et de “Bienvenidos a la Jungla: Dominio y Supervivencia en el Nuevo Orden Mundial”. Contact info.
// Source : //
Other Languajes (( Page ))....Será que a crise vai derrubar o Sistema Financeiro Global? Vá pegar seus dólares agora! RÁPIDO!!!  Nov 10th, 2008 | By admin | Category: Other Languajes     (Global Research (Canada), 6 de outubro de 2008)
Os acontecimentos das últimas duas semanas mostraram claramente que o sistema financeiro, monetário e bancário global, imposto ao mundo pelas estruturas de poder promotoras da “globalização”, é fundamentalmente inconsistente, inviável e imoral quanto a seus efeitos sobre a maior parte da humanidade. Após permitir que uma pequena [...]
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Through the Looking Glass - Nro 6.doc  True Democracy is Dead! - Adrian Salbuchi
Through the Looking Glass - Nro 5.doc  Jehova versus Allah - by Denes Martos
ThroughtheLookingGlass - Nro 4.doc Death and Resurrection of the US Dollar - by A.S.
Through the Looking Glass - Nro 3.doc  The World's Mastermind: the Hidden Face of Globalization - A view from Argentina - by Adrian Salbuchi ((A.S.))
Through the Looking Glass - Nro 2.doc  How to Solve Argentina’s Recurrent Foreign Debt Crises: Proposalfor aLong-TermSolution - Researched and prepared inBuenosAires - A.S.
ThroughtheLookingGlass -Nro1doc  HistoricalLies as an instrumentofdomination -byA.S. 
Other Articles:
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2)El Traductor - Julio 2006 - SPECIAL EDITION.doc  -
Keeping Silent about the Horror in Palestine is IMMORAL - by Adrian Salbuchi

The World’s Mastermind: the Hidden Face of Globalization
Mar 3rd, 2008 | By admin | Category: English
The World’s Mastermind:
the Hidden Face of Globalization- A view from Argentina - by Adrian Salbuchi (*)
This article is a brief summary of the key points set forth in the Author’s treatise published in Argentina in Spanish, “El Cerebro del Mundo: la cara oculta de la Globalización” (Ediciones del Copista, Córdoba, Argentina, 4th Edition, 2003, 470 pages. and Editorial Solar, Bogotá, Colombia, 2004).
///“Those who do not learn from history  are condemned to re-live it”- George Santayana -//
              ...(...) In the business world, top Fortune 500 corporations all have senior directors who are CFR members. These corporations together have a combined market value equivalent to almost twice the gross domestic product of the United States and concentrate the better part of the wealth and power of that country, controlling key resources and technologies around the world. Together, they employ over 25 million people in the US alone and account for over 80% of its GDP. In short, they wield gigantic power, leverage and influence in the US and beyond.            We thus find here the key to the CFR’s enormous effectiveness and power: its decisions and plans are drafted out and agreed in closed meetings, study groups, conferences and task forces. But when the time comes to execute those plans, they are then carried out by its different members, each from his or her formal post in different powerful organizations, both public and private. And what powerful posts and organizations these are!
If, for example, a plan has been drafted and agreed regarding how globalisation of the economy and the financial system is to evolve, or which countries are to enjoy peace and prosperity and which are to be ravished by war, invasion and famine, then the coordinated action of personalities like the president of the United States, his secretaries of state, defense, commerce and treasury, CIA, NSA and FBI directors, key international bankers and financiers, Fortune 500 CEO’s, media owners and moguls, reporters and writers, military officers and academics, heads of the IMF, World Bank and World Trade Organization, are all brought together at the right time, in the proper sequence and on a myriad of specific matters. In this way, they are able to coordinate concrete, effective and almost irrestistible action, anytime and anywhere.
This is how it has worked for more than eighty years...(...)
Le 17 aout 2009     L’immunité juridique pour les fabricants du vaccin H1N1    
 Aux quatre points cardinaux: le Canada mène les affrontements de l'OTAN avec la Russie dans le Nord- par Rick Rozoff - 2009-08-08
Le 1er août, le ministre de la Défense Peter MacKay a été paraphrasé comme "avertissant la Russie que les chasseurs Canuck décolleront pour accueillir tout appareil non autorisé"...///////
 L’Islande ou les faux semblants de la régulation post crise- par Éva Joly - 2009-08-07
L'Islande voit peser aujourd’hui sur ses épaules 100 Milliards de dollars de dettes, avec lesquelles l’immense majorité de sa population n’a strictement rien à voir et dont elle n’a pas les moyens de s’acquitter.//////
 Le coup d'État au Honduras : un autre épisode des guerres impériales en Amérique latine
- par Jules Dufour - 2009-07-27   Le coup d’État s’avère une fois de plus la manifestation de l’intervention des forces impérialistes qui ne peuvent tolérer qu’un gouvernement national soit au service d’un peuple.///////
 Vous avez dit contre-révolution?   - par Claude Herdhuin - 2009-07-25
L’Iran nous est systématiquement présenté comme un pays musulman conservateur et menaçant pour notre sécurité. Bizarre que les États-Unis apparaissent comme des sauveurs...//////// pour les articles en francais.
Sunday, 16 August 2009 
Who is Funding the Afghan Taliban? Your Don't Want to Know
// The article by Jean MacKenzie originally appeared in GlobalPost. This is part of a special series by GlobalPost called Life, Death and The Taliban. Click here for a related article Funding the Pakistani Taliban.  //
'It is the open secret no one wants to talk about, the unwelcome truth that most prefer to hide. In Afghanistan, one of the richest sources of Taliban funding is the foreign assistance coming into the country. Virtually every major project includes a healthy cut for the insurgents.
Call it protection money, call it extortion, or, as the Taliban themselves prefer to term it, “spoils of war,” the fact remains that international donors, primarily the United States, are to a large extent financing their own enemy. “Everyone knows this is going on,” said one U.S. Embassy official, speaking privately.' ...(...)
One Afghan contractor, speaking privately, told friends of one project he was overseeing in the volatile south. The province cannot be mentioned, nor the particular project.
“I was building a bridge,” he said, one evening over drinks. “The local Taliban commander called and said ‘don’t build a bridge there, we’ll have to blow it up.’ I asked him to let me finish the bridge, collect the money — then they could blow it up whenever they wanted. We agreed, and I completed my project.”
In the south, no contract can be implemented without the Taliban taking a cut, sometimes at various steps along the way.
Jean MacKenzie covers Afghanistan for GlobalPost. She is program director for the Institute for War and Peace Reporting in Afghanistan, which she's held for four years and that has taken her to the farthest corners of the country. She has created a network of Afghan reporters who can gather news and information from all over Afghanistan, lending an all-important local perspective to coverage of the conflict there. She also has forged a reputation as an analyst and commentator, contributing frequently to broadcast and online projects, including several for the Canadian Broadcasting Corp., CNN, and the Australian Broadcasting Corp. MacKenzie has covered the Taleban insurgency, civilian casualties, the opium poppy industry, and the insurgency. Prior to moving to Afghanistan, MacKenzie spent more than a decade in Moscow, where she worked for a variety of newspapers. She began her career as a journalist with the Moscow Times in 1992, branching out to write for publications such as the Christian Science Monitor, Newsday and the Boston Globe.
Sunday, 16 August 2009 
Uranium Weapons - Does Anyone Care About Our Planet? ..... .a must see...
'We have seen governments and military refuse to accept that uranium based weapons have been used in all the theatres of war. Only when independent tests and conclusive evidence is provided do these authorities back down. We have seen this in the Balkans, Kuwait, and Iraq. We now have good evidence from Afghanistan, with further news of a leaked German document. Now we only have three more to go, Lebanon, Gaza and Pakistan. We already know what the final outcome will be but it takes time for such authorities to admit to their cover-ups and lies.'...(...)
         Burning uranium from dirty bombs, dirty missiles and dirty bullets produce a radioactive gas composed of very tiny particles of uranium oxide that are produced when the shells leave the gun barrel and throughout its trajectory to the impact sites. From this impact site large volumes of radioactive gas are produced that escape into the atmosphere where they are carried locally, across border, and around the world in a few weeks. They remain suspended in the atmosphere until they are rained out into the earth's environment, usually within two months. The depleted uranium (DU) particle contaminates the air we breathe, the water we drink and the food we eat.
The tissues in our bodies filter out the depleted uranium particles from the blood and cause a web of diseases called "Gulf War Syndrome". Radiation is different. It respects no borders, no socio economic class, and no religion. There is no way to turn it off and no way to clean it up. It's the weapon that keeps giving and keeps killing. The half life of depleted uranium is 4.5 billion years. It is the "Trojan Horse" of nuclear war. All of the above information has been provided by Leuren Moret and Dr Chris Busby for whom I have great respect.
////   North_American_Cancers2
Breast cancer mortality: 2/3 of all breast cancer deaths in the US occurred in the areas shown on the black & white map showing counties effected 1985-89 (Source: Center for Disease Control). Colour Map shows of US nuclear power plants. Leuren Moret /////
Professor Katsuma Yagasaki, a scientist at the Ryukyus University, Okinawa, Japan. In his article - Depleted Uranium Shells, the Radioactive Weapons - Perpetuation of War Damage by Radiation wrote:  Internal Exposure - When uranium burns into particles, it will enter human bodies ingested with drinking water and food, or inhaled with air. In this case, the whole radiation and chemical toxicity will be released in the body. Effects of chemical toxicity differ according to the state of uranium, whether it is water-soluble or not, but there is no difference in its harmfulness as radiation.      A depleted uranium particle of ten micrometers in diameter would release one alpha particle in every 2 hours, totalling more than 4,000 in a year. Alpha rays continue to injure human cells, giving no time for the injured cells to heal. Further, Uranium-238 decays into a daughter nucleus thorium-234, whose half-life is 24.1 day, and Th-234 decays into a granddaughter nucleus protactinium-234, whose half-life is 1.17 days. Pa-234 then becomes another element (U-234; 0.24 million years of half-life), forming a radioactive chain.....(...)
Most of the Uranium particles created by the impact of Uranium weapons are far smaller than 80 microns. Smaller particles will have passed through the filter fabric, especially those around 1 micron in diameter which are the greatest part of the particles arising from Uranium weapons. We are therefore seeing only the merest indication of the material that is available for people and animals to inhale. In the interests of public health it is vital that methods of monitoring the entire region are deployed with urgency.
////The cluster of impressions (upper right) is an alpha star etched in CR39 plastic by a hot particle of enriched Uranium./////
Because of the complexity of the evidence and the broad area that it covers I will issue another article on the medical/ health aspect of both DU and EU weapons (Part 5).  Afterward, I will dedicate one whole section to the very large group of War Vets from the Balkans, Kuwait, Iraq, Afghanistan, Lebanon, Gaza and of course we can now expect War Vets from Israel who will be adding their problems to the long list of other international military personnel. I also know that as a result of uranium based weapons being used more recently in Pakistan their members will soon be added to the list.  It is also essential that we cover the huge civilian populations around the many areas of conflict which amount to millions.
To conclude: This war against government neglect and lack of credibility will only be won by the combined effort of the independent experts and those that bring such horrific stories into the open. People power can also play a significant role by lobbying your own governments and members of Congress/Parliament. It is your duty of care as a global citizen to protect our planet and all those that live in its environs.
                    Peter Eyre - Middle East Consultant 11/8/2009

Saturday, 15 August 2009 
The Prophecy of Diseased Whores and Vampire Scum // LES VISIBLE
'The FEMA camps and the hundreds of thousands or millions of coffin liners by the sides of the highways are not new housing for the foreclosed upon any more than the coffin liners are actually porto-pottys for government sponsored rock concerts. The outrageous theft of the assets of the American people and the following bailout thefts which added insult to injury is not some sort of escrow account for future philanthropic activities. It really looks like there’s a network of super villains engaged in herding humanity on to the playing fields of Armageddon.'
I don’t know if what I’m thinking about is proof of anything. I myself don’t need any more proof. I’m surrounded by proof everywhere I go. I step in it and it sticks to my shoes and follows me home. I open my eyes in the morning and I see it and I close my eyes and it’s still there. If proof were a body of water, I would have to move about with inflatable collars around my arms because I would eventually get tired of swimming toward some hope of land only to drown in proof.
I realize that there are many who grapple with the argument of whether there is some invisible hand that guides human affairs. Since you cannot see what is invisible you are left only with the effects of its passage like the movement of the wind. We can and do attribute the causes of behavior and events to all sorts of things and no rational and intelligent mind can long countenance the absurdities put forth by religion as they rake in their end of the global swag; there at the trough with the rest of the pig-snouted opportunists.
What I’m thinking about is a little hard to put into words but it has a lot to do with the proof I run across whether I’m moving or standing still. Part of it is something I am feeling and I note that a whole lot of other people are feeling something too. Part of it has to do with world headlines and another part has to do with the lies and blatant distortions of the press. Part of it has to do with world trends and events and part of it has to do with wide people moving through narrow aisles of crap with enormous shopping baskets as well as trampling their fellows when the occasional end of the world sale comes along.
Some of it has to do with the present quality of entertainment and the arts of all sorts. Some of it has to do with the most concentrated areas of human focus. Some of it has to do with the political and religious theaters which now host the biggest pack of venal, lying scoundrels that the world has ever produced. Some of it has to do with a geographical area of prophecy, where a professional victim nation, which was created for the purpose of international plunder, looting and fraud-, wrapped in false flag events –have been practicing bloody genocide for sixty years on an indigenous population while the world turns its head.
Tangentially- or more than that, depending –you have natural disasters yoked like oxen to manufactured disasters along with the gratuitous wars of empire for the gain and control of resources which does not belong to the empire. The Empire is inhabited by a population that uses 25% of the world’s energy resources. That explains a lot. Along with this is the increasingly pervasive social and political control of corporations over every phase of life. We’re seeing real life inventions which mirror that ‘mark of the beast thing’ and laboratory generated flu viruses destined to control, as yet unseen, epidemics that may require mandatory inoculations of the populations.
.... I’m wondering if the greatest collective enemy to the manifestations of the diseased whore, vampire scum might not be a sort of unified field of human thought in concerted awareness of their efforts. It seems to me that dividing us against each other is not just about taking advantage of the criminal opportunities that provide their daily bread but is also a form of self-defense. It appears that hoodwinking the masses is not just about profit and control but also survival. The power of human thought linked together by a collective awareness of the predators in our midst seems to imply their elimination. This is why they don’t want us to touch The Fed.
What I seem to be trying to say is… doesn’t everything that’s happening seem almost too obvious? Meanwhile… isn’t there a gradual awakening taking place? Isn’t the truth of the matter staring us in the face? Haven’t these soulless miscreants already lost?
Are we not in the last gasp of their desperate attempts at survival? Is this not why they pile lie upon lie; absurdity upon absurdity and outrage upon outrage to delay the inevitable?
Doesn’t it seem as if all of those prophecies are actually materializing right in front of us by natural means, as if all prophecy ever was, was the capacity to see the recurrence of cycles and to time them accordingly, based upon the emergence of the proper environments for their expression as… just one more object lesson for the human race?
.... Imagine also their disappointment in getting their hands on everything and finding out that it wasn’t what it was advertised as. That’s got to hurt. Anyway, I think there’s plenty of reason for a positive attitude regardless of the way things might look.
My friends, let’s not get trapped in these corporation generated, clouds of depression and despair. Comfort yourself with the fact that you are not a diseased whore or a vampire scum and take even greater comfort in the possession of the thing they thought their wealth and power would provide them. Have a laugh at the understanding that it cost you nothing at all but was just one of life’s mysterious gifts that seem to find their way to a worthy home.
Gone Baby, Gone
Build Your Own Community
A Smoking Mirrors Mirror
.....and the comments................
dbdonovan said...  Very nicely stated. The shadow people have put me out of a job and have worked rather diligently to destroy my life, but I continue to fight them, to expose them and I am but one drop of rain to the deluge which will one day wash them away.
    Here is another excellent read: Paranoid shift
    By Michael Hasty
    Online Journal Contributing Writer
Anonymous said...
    Les, This is a bit of a read but well worth it.
Monday, 17 August 2009 
Kate Gosselin and the SPLC Terror Gang in Disneyland// LES VISIBLE
'What the Disney department of MK-Ultra did with Britney Spears, Timberlake and Aguilera was no accident. This is all by design. The creation of Barbie and Ken clones and the loosing of all moral restraint in the entertainment world is by design.'....
I’ve noted lately that you can’t go to an MSM latrine trench(( mainstream media/journaux principaux)) without coming across little scrawls of graffiti like this, “How is Kate Gosselin feeling?” Whoever this person is, they are all over the place. If you type it into a search engine, your first choice in the drop down menu is, ‘Kate Gosselin hair’ followed by; parents, tummy tuck, bad press and… she’s got recipes too. It seems that Gosselin is the mother of sextuplets and a reality TV star along with an estranged husband. I didn’t look any deeper because of the nausea factor.
  My going to the MSM is a sort of necessary evil and I keep it to a minimum.
            I go there to see what shape the lies are taking in the particular time in which I am reading them and this gives me something similar to the Time Monks in terms of predicting events. Of course, I have nowhere near the hardware, elves or savvy that the Time Monks have but I can still read between the lines to some degree. I get information from the twist put on news events, real or imagined and I get information from what’s not being said but of which I am aware through other mediums.
It soon becomes obvious that Nimrods, with the mental acuity of a hedge hog, like the Gosselin brood …are there for the train wreck factor. It’s something stupid which is designed to keep the large body of stupids, who follow things like this, distracted from the truly horrible circumstances that are being erected around their doomed existences.
Twitter and The Gosselins are not accidents......
The creation of (Klaus) Barbie and Ken clones on the one hand and the loosing of all moral restraint on the other in every area of the entertainment world is not an accident. This is designed to confuse the inner and outer self by contradicting what you see with what you hear. It’s like someone incessantly tickling your genitals and telling you it is bad. This is why they set Spears up as a model virgin and then turned her into a public pig. Think about it.
You will note that we are never told which Mk-Ultra Disney agents are designing the fodder. We aren’t told who wrote The Patriot Act or who the principals behind the putsch of political correctness are. We aren’t given the faces and the names of the people who write the policies behind major social and political changes. Who decided to build the FEMA camps? Who authorized all of the coffin liners by the roadside? Who is pushing for mandatory flu inoculation? What are the names of the people who are promoting the plague of fascist enterprise across the globe?
 It’s not Howdy Doody Obama. He’s just the latest stooge, front man.
    These days we know who did 9/11 and that is elements in the CIA and other intelligence services in tandem with Mossad. We know who crashed the financial system and that is Goldman Sachs in tandem with certain fellow travelers. We now know that representatives of Goldman Sachs are in all the key positions in the Howdy Doody administration where finance is concerned. We know who instigated the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq and that is Israel. It is they who are now pressing to open the door to World War 3 with an assault on Iran.
Who are these other groups and individuals that are working within the social and cultural frameworks? Who is behind the changes in police behavior over the last ten years? Who is drafting the increasingly absurd laws that limit human expression? There are faces and names just like there are faces and names which consistently repeat when one investigates the Dutroux and Jersey affairs.
We know the public faces of those dancing around on the snake oil wagon but… who is putting the small pox in the blankets? Who brought the whiskey on to the reservation?
              The one thing you begin to notice is the dreadful irony that constantly appears when you look into something instead of at it. Take a little time and search out what Morris Dees of The Southern Poverty Law Center had to say about militias shortly before the Oklahoma City bombing....(...)
Think about all of the Halloween characters who are now dancing in your living room window. They dance on strings and they pop up out of boxes like demented Henson puppets. Welcome to the 24/7 all Fear Network. Switch the channel and spend some time at the all Disinfo Channel. Then you can scoot on over to the all Gosselin channel and hear the heart rending “Tale of the Tummy Tuck”. I want the names of the people who made the decision to present us with this blood and shit spectacle.
I’ve given you some cause to think about at least one of the players here today. Real FBI evidence (snicker) is there to be seen and there’s a lot more where that came from.
    The stage hands, gaffers and grips are hauling and hammering. The scene painters are busy. The time is approaching because the situation is not unlike where it was when The Segway Kid was right here in his first term. They are chatting up the perpetrators and the patsies are already with the makeup people. The financial climate and signs of social unrest are the perfect soil for the needs of the moment.
    Let’s start naming names. Let’s start connecting the dots. For all of you in your living rooms there is a home version of our game in which you can play right along. Every time some talking head comes on the TV and immediately begins lying about something, you are supposed to say, “Bullshit!” and then immediately inquire as to what is being said by not being said. In most cases you can assume the opposite of whatever you are told. When the president or one of his goblin posse starts talking, you say, “Bullshit!” Anytime some lamprey in a suit says anything, say, “Bullshit!” If your circumstances make that undesirable then think it out loud.
When you see senators and congressmen interrogating members of the Federal Reserve; Goldman Sachs or any other Swine Flu operation, you should remember that as soon as the program ends they will have their clothes off and be rolling around with each other in a gigantic sty filled with heated blood, oil and shit. When you see Randy Cunningham sent to prison you have to ask yourself if you know all there is to know about what happened there. Ask yourself who Randy pissed off.
The people who arranged for Janet Jackson’s tit to stage a prison break are having dinner with the people who wrote The Patriot Act. The people who gave you herpes of the mind are the same people selling you temporary relief.
     These people are in an increasingly desperate state. Something they didn’t expect is now inside their heads telling them to expect a visit. In their arrogant desire to display their power before the Schmoos they have hung themselves out to dry on their own washing lines. This does not put them in a good mood. It’s that old cornered rat thing.
    You have seen them screw up the world beyond all recognition but that is nothing compared to what they have in mind to save themselves and that’s not going to happen.
      Alas… there are many among us who have opted to stay the course on Fantasy Island even after Doctor Moreau sets up his practice. There is little you can do about this. This is their choice. Don’t let it be your choice too.
Surfer Joe
The New Shangri-La
Reflections in a Petri Dish Mirror
 Lundi 18 mai 2009 // On ne les connaît pas en Europe, mais ils maternent l’Amérique depuis bientôt deux ans, et monopolisent cette semaine les Unes de la moitié de la presse du pays. Jon and Kate Gosselin, campés ce week end sur les couvertures de l’auguste People, de USWeekly ou autre Stars, sont les vedettes de reality-show le plus regardé de la chaîne câblé TLC, qui suit les tribulations d’un couple exemplaire, cocasse et un rien débordé par la surveillance, l’éducation et le transport, bref, par la vie trépidante de leurs deux filles jumelles de huit ans, et de leur frères et sœurs sextuplés nés en 2004.
En tout huit enfants, filmés trois jours par semaine dans un pavillon de banlieue de Pennsylvanie par une batterie de caméras installées à demeure dans leur logement où les dizaines de câbles nécessaires à la production ont été sertis dans le plancher pour éviter les gadins infantiles, et où la salle de jeu contient un espace interview, permettant à chaque membre de cette famille pléthorique et modèle de se confier dans l’intimité à plusieurs millions de téléspectateurs.
Jon et Kate, gentils et mignons trentenaires, ont tous deux abandonné leurs emplois; lui de technicien informatique, elle d’infirmière, pour se consacrer au seul job qui compte, leur show, et leur vie de parents modèles et héroïques, de mari et femme amoureux, malgré le joug de leur marmaille qui ne leur suffisait sans doute plus. Les tourtereaux exemplaires ont, aux dernières nouvelles, trouvé le temps de se dénicher, lui une maîtresse de 23 ans, elle un amant qui n’est autre que le garde du corps rétribué par la chaîne TLC pour les protéger de l’ivresse des fans. Ce n’était pas prévu aux menus des épisodes, et tout devait se passer en coulisses. Raté.
Repéré à la sortie d’une boite de nuit avec sa conquête, Jon a d’abord nié être passé à l’acte, avant de devenir la cible d’une hystérie nationale. Et voila que Kate admet dans People «quelques tensions dans son mariage». TLC, d’abord affolée par la descente aux enfers des angelots, adultes et enfantins de Jon and Kate Plus 8 tente maintenant de mettre en scène ce nouveau chaos conjugal pour son émission du 25 mai. Ce ne sera plus tout public…;toptitle;8
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Learn The Magic Word; That'll Change The World!!!
'I learned this from a very Wise Man; so no credit for the idea, here. Take of it as you will, and spread the "WORD".
Simply the word, is NO. Try it, just say No, and say it a lot. You say NO when things don't feel right. You say NO when the government is not the servant, but now the master. Say it enough, and the word begins to empower you, and build you into a new improved person.
 The "Word" takes the power back from the Oppressors, and re instills it in your Soul!!! Should we all practice this magic word together, loud enough, OUR world will change. It will be what we want. The "Word" is part of something called Civil Disobedience, and it'll move mountains.      We don't need bloody armed insurrection, or bloody revolution. Just a word, and PEOPLE POWER.'
Saturday, 15 August 2009 
Polio Vaccine in Nigeria Has Paralyzed 124 Children This Year
'Polio, the dreaded paralyzing disease stamped out in the industrialized world, is spreading in Nigeria. And health officials say in some cases, it's caused by the vaccine used to fight it. In July, the World Health Organization issued a warning that this vaccine-spread virus might extend beyond Africa. So far, 124 Nigerian children have been paralyzed this year — about twice those afflicted in 2008....(...)
Nigeria and most other poor nations use an oral polio vaccine because it's cheaper, easier, and protects entire communities.
But it is made from a live polio virus — albeit weakened — which carries a small risk of causing polio for every million or so doses given. In even rarer instances, the virus in the vaccine can mutate into a deadlier version that ignites new outbreaks.
The vaccine used in the United States and other Western nations is given in shots, which use a killed virus that cannot cause polio.
So when WHO officials discovered a polio outbreak in Nigeria was sparked by the polio vaccine itself, they assumed it would be easier to stop than a natural "wild" virus.
They were wrong.
In 2007, health experts reported that amid Nigeria's ongoing outbreak of wild polio viruses, 69 children had also been paralyzed in a new outbreak caused by the mutation of a vaccine's virus.
Back then, WHO said the vaccine-linked outbreak would be swiftly overcome — yet two years later, cases continue to mount. They have since identified polio cases linked to the vaccine dating back as far as 2005....(...)
Experts have long believed epidemics unleashed by a vaccine's mutated virus wouldn't last since the vaccine only contains a weakened virus strain — but that assumption is coming under pressure. Some experts now say that once viruses from vaccines start circulating they can become just as dangerous as wild viruses.
"The only difference is that this virus was originally in a vaccine vial," said Olen Kew, a virologist at the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.
The oral polio vaccine used in Nigeria and elsewhere contains a mild version of the live virus. Children who have been vaccinated, pass the virus into the water supply through urine or feces. Other children who then play in or drink that water pick up the vaccine's virus, which gives them some protection against polio.
But in rare instances, as the virus passes through unimmunized children, it can mutate into a strain dangerous enough to ignite new outbreaks, particularly if immunization rates in the rest of the population are low.
Kew said genetic analysis proves mutated viruses from the vaccine have caused at least seven separate outbreaks in Nigeria.
Friday, 14 August 2009 
The David Icke Newsletter Goes Out on Sunday
The bailouts were instigated by Boy Bush Treasury Secretary, Henry ‘Hank’ Paulson, who was chairman and CEO of Goldman Sachs before he joined the government in 2006. As one article said: ‘The Secretary of the Treasury, who used to be the Goldman CEO, just spent $85 billion to buy a failing insurance giant that happened to owe his former firm a lot of money. Does that smell right to you?’

No, it's crooked, because Paulson is crooked, a man spawned by a company that is based on crooked and controlled by the Rothschilds who could have invented the word.
Paulson appointed former Goldman Sachs vice-president, Neel Kashkari, to decide who got the bailout money as head of the Office of Financial Stability. Kashkari, in turn, appointed Reuben Jeffery, a Managing Partner at Goldman Sachs, as interim chief investment officer.
Other important players in the Treasury were Dan Jester, Steve Shafran, Edward C Forst, and Robert K Steel, all Goldman people. Goldman executives at the key New York Federal Reserve Bank were also involved in the bailout discussions, including Stephen Friedman (Rothschild Zionist), the head of the board of governors.
Bill Clinton’s Treasury Secretary, Robert Rubin (Rothschild Zionist), who did so much to prepare the ground for the collapse of 2008, was CEO at Goldman Sachs. Rubin, the Co-Chairman of the Council on Foreign Relations, was also named in Obama's interim team.
Two of Rubin’s ‘protégés’, Timothy Geithner (Rothschild Zionist) and Larry Summers (Rothschild Zionist), were appointed by Obama to decide his economic policy. Goldman Sachs paid Summers $135,000 for a single day’s ‘appearance’ in 2008. Geithner, a former executive of Kissinger Associates and member of the Council on Foreign Relations, appointed Goldman Sachs lobbyist, Mark Patterson, as his chief of staff at the Treasury.
Who was the biggest single private donor to Obama's election campaign? Goldman Sachs. 
Monday, 17 August 2009 
Celebration Commemorates 116-year Deception
'Hawaii's statehood is a scam. As documented and attested to by several official apologies by the perpetrators there was never any lawful transfer of the Hawaiian Islands to the United States. Therefore, Hawaii cannot be a state of the United States.
The only way people think that Hawaii is the 50th state is through an elaborate, 116-year-long scam. There is a saying: If you repeat a lie often enough and long enough, people will believe it's true. After five generations of unrelenting revisionist propaganda and indoctrination, it is no wonder that people today have been duped into believing the lie.
The first generation was virtually unanimous in their support of their nation - 90 percent of the people of the Hawaiian Kingdom signed petitions to uphold their sovereign nation and to adamantly oppose any annexation to the U.S. They succeeded in stopping two attempts by the U.S. to annex the Hawaiian Islands. It's simple. No annexation, no Territory of Hawaii, no State of Hawaii. The 50th anniversary of statehood is a scam.
Kenneth Hoopai Jr.                  Wailuku
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What if the Grays Show Up? //  Whitley Strieber
'This year's crop formation activity suggests that the grays are coming ever closer to us. I don't think that anyone except those in a compulsive state of denial can still rationally claim that the crop formations appearing in England are, in general, made by drunks with boards strapped to their feet.      Of course, the news media, many scientists and the intellectual community, all in different ways emotionally challenged by the appearance of a vastly competent presence of unknown origin, do still ritually deny. However, not even they can seriously claim that a formation like this one that appeared in blooming flax on July 3 could have been laid down in any known manner. The flowers in the formation are not broken, but gently laid aside. And yet, to walk among the brittle stems of such a field is impossible without leaving an obvious trail. The formation had to be laid down from above using an unknown technique. .....
In fact, we are not alone, have never been alone, and have a very specific purpose that will probably become, over the next few years, more and more obvious.
From July 7, 2009 until December 21, 2012 is 1260 days, the same number of days mentioned in Revelations 11:3 as the time when the "two prophets" will prophesy in "sackcloth and ashes."
I've just had the extraordinary experience of finishing a novel a couple of weeks before this all happened that is based on a hidden connection between 2012 and the Book of Revelation, only to see that connection exposed in the fields of England just after the book went to the publisher. It's called "The Omega Point" and will be out next May. ...((2010))
When we cease to be soul blind, our presence in and as a vast community begins to open up in a clearer and more accurate manner, and it is then that we can see what repentance actually means, because it is then that we can see with objective accuracy what we have done to deny ourselves and others the right to thrive. ...///
It is an ordinary part of the close encounter experience for people to see the dead in the company of the grays, and usually they appear to be just as real as any physical being.
Anne and I used to have large groups to our cabin in upstate New York, and the visitors would often show up, and, as often, so would the dead. As an example, once there were grays in the living room with a group of about six people, while four others in the basement below were finding themselves having an encounter with a friend who had died in the Mexico City earthquake of 1985. ....
But these are just the first things that will happen. Think of us now, as living like pigs in a sty. As the grays approach, more and more of us become aware of mysterious movement outside the sty. Then we re-vision ourselves and our world, and see that it is a sty and it is filthy, and we are filthy and wallowing in filth.
We will then become agonized as we realize that the grays have always seen us as we are now coming to see ourselves. We will see them as they really are, and ourselves as we really are, ......
Make no mistake, the grays are here to kill the pig, and it is going to be a noisy and terrifying process. So what will it be like if the grays show up?
They have already pointed to a template in the Book of Revelation, so we can expect a pretty busy time over the next 1260 days--if, of course, this interpretation is correct.
It would appear that we may have reached the end of the age of the body, and are now entering the age of the second body. In the end, the change is going to be glory unbound, but between here and there lies a great gulf--or, as it is put so subtly in Revelation, a lake of fire.
This fire is the pain and joy of facing the truth, and having our belief that the material world as we see it in our limited state burned out of us.
There are three ways to deal with the lake of fire: be consumed by it, swim it in agony, or dance across it in joy. It's senseless to berate ourselves for our long sojourn in the physical. We did it for the same reason that God entered the pig: to learn about material life and to learn about our own essence by entering limited physical bodies and thus filtering out all of our soul wisdom and true knowledge. The only thing we have to fall back on in the state we are in now is essence--our true selves. So, by seeing how we act in this state, we also get a chance to discover who we truly are. ....
 It would be nice, I must admit, to be on the far side of this experience, but that is not where we are. We're here, now, and must sail the lake of fire first, before we begin to fly. ....
((  ))
(The idea of the transformation of the caterpillar was brilliantly expressed by William Henry in his Dreamland Festival presentation. He pointed out that, when the butterfly cells mysteriously appear in the chrysalis, the caterpillar cells take them to be invaders, and try to destroy them. But, in the end, the butterfly always takes wing.)(( ))
Posted By: hobie <Send E-Mail>    Date: Sunday, 16-Aug-2009 18:52:40
        Hi, Folks -
        Received via e-mail (and thanks to the two Readers who also sent me copies :) :
        -------- Original Message --------...(...)
        Subject: Ready on Left, Right, and Firing Line
        Date: Sun, 16 Aug 2009 16:57:39 -0400
        My Way
        artist Elvis
        writers and music;
        anka - francois - revaux
        And now the end is near
        So I face the final curtain
        My friend, I'll say it clear
        I'll state my case of which I'm certain
        I've lived a life that's full
        I've traveled each and every highway
        And more, much more than this
        I did it my way...(...)
        Greetings and Salutations;
        Didn't expect to be writing this weekend, I am and so be it. The fact the end is here is beyond doubt, whether everyone is ready for that, is an entirely different issue. Some folks are so consumed with self interests, they failed to look beyond themselves, so they found excuses to remove themselves from where they were told to stay put. So there they were, off galavanting when the call came for them to receive what was coming to them. The bulk of the trustees and sub trustees kept themselves wired into place and got their 'activations'. Those who weren't in place, were either summoned back into position or replaced. One monkey don't stop no show and the world does not revolve around just a few people, even if they think it does. Now, when they crack that whip and all lights come on, it's rock and roll time, around the world.
        I know many of you been hearing about bank closings, ah yea...banks that failed to make themselves compliant, will be shut down. I mean the banks who do business worldwide. I see that even the largest saudi bank has gone compliant, that's just how important it is to be a part of the new banking system. Some us banks think for some reason, they'll be saved at the last minute and get out of being compliant, so they can continue their mischief. Keep thinking that, ok? BoA's mr teeth is still resisting, wells fargo doesn't seem to be getting a gold star for themselves, either. If anyone is holding derivitives and won't put them on the books, they are in trouble, end of story. This story about the amero is dead meat too. They knew very well americans were not ready to use colored money, so that was another bush plan that got kicked to the curb, along with the north american union thing. Depositors don't have a problem, the old frn's will be exchanged 1:1 for the new treasury currency, they handled this on the back end, to keep people from panic.
        Until the announcements are given, more stuff will be thrown at the public to keep the crap stirring. The bad guys can't win, so the only tool they have left is to scare the bejeezus out of everyone. Ungrounded people will be subject to get tossed about by these winds of change. So try to be rational, common sense, and not be accepting everybit of media junk thrown around out here. The heads of various media giants will get called on the carpet also and they Will be required to get with the new world or find themselves being replaced also. Promoting harmful rhetoric, will not be tolerated. Think that's fanciful? Keep watching, ok?
        I will only tell you now, despite the little set back timingwise, all is well, and you really need to be in expectancy. Level 2 is ready and we in levels 1 and 3 on up, are next and level 2 needs us to be cleared before they can start spending, just can't see anyone standing around when they see spendable money sitting in front of them.
 Everyone is exhausted from years and years of getting this business overwith, and they were the workers, so a little different take for them and personally, I give thanks for those who hung in there, even if everyone was calling you all liars and deceivers, and whatever else their little frustrated minds could come up with. Peace be with you all. Your work shall not go unrewarded.
 I know I shall be chilling out when I am released from my work, and I will act ignorant if anyone asks me about any of this later...'wanna drink, how about some nice grilled fish, nice weather, eh'? I ain't jokin'! After nearly 30 years with 18 months vacation total, naw, I ain't joking. Enough, already!
        You can reach me for a consultation if you need me by emailing this address with a request. Donations needed and accepted at ...(...)
        Peace and Blessings to you all.
        Love and Kisses,
..............nenki................. ...................
Le 12/08/2009
En effet, contact le 26/07/2009 avec le docteur marc Vercoutère (courriel : - Tél. : 05/47/41/50/22) activant une cellule de crise sanitaire face à la prochaine campagne vaccinale liée à la grippe A. Mr Vercoutère en a profité pour contacter les différents ministères français concernés par cette crise sanitaire.
Contact le 31/07/2009 avec mr vincent Burguière qui n'est autre que le jeune homme doté d'un courage et d'une audace à toutes épreuves (véritable héros des temps modernes) s'étant illustré à 3 reprises en surgissant par surprise sur les plateaux de télévision d'émissions en direct : " Mots croisés " le 25/05/2009 sur france 2, "Plaisirs et dépendances" le 15/06/2009 sur France 3, " 10 heures, le mag " le 22/06/2009 sur Tf1.                   Vincent Burguière en a alors profité pour dénoncer devant les caméras et micros une financière fomentée dans l'objectif d'une gouvernance mondiale dictatoriale. (Courriel et numéro de téléphone personnels de vincent Burguière : - Tél. : 06/46/69/41/51 ). Dernière minute : vincent Burguière tiendra en personne une conférence liée à la réalité d'une conspiration visant à l'instauration d'une gouvernance mondiale dictatoriale. Cette conférence se tiendra le 16 août 2009 à 17 heures au bar " le Pix ", 49 rue Pixérécourt, 75020 Paris. (Renseignements au 06/46/69/41/51).
Le 06/08/2009
Vaccin ou arme de destruction massive ? Communiqué de presse
Communiqué de presse de sos justice et droits de l'homme
Grippe A/Virus H1N1
Mmes et Mrs les Journalistes
A tous les citoyens français, européens et du Monde
Nice, le 5 août 2009
Dossier : Pandémie Grippe A – Virus H1N1
Vaccin ou arme de destruction massive ?
Objet : Ouverture d’une enquête criminelle au Parquet de Nice
Motif de l’enquête criminelle :: programmation d’un crime de génocide
Nos  demandes : prévention d’une crise sanitaire grave
 et campagne de vaccination de masse à faire stopper
 immédiatement en France et dans le monde
              Mesdames et Messieurs,
Nous tenions par la présente à vous informer que l’Association SOS JUSTICE & DROITS DE L’HOMME a saisi le Parquet de Nice en la personne de son Procureur de la République, Monsieur Eric de Montgolfier, en date du 31 juillet 2009, d’une demande d’ouverture d’enquête criminelle au motif de : Préparation de Génocide.
Cette demande fait suite à une plainte que nous avons découvert,  il y a quelques jours sur Internet qui a été déposée en avril 2009 auprès du FBI par Mme Jane Burgermeister, autrichienne, journaliste sscientifique "Programmation d’un crime de génocide" qui incrimine le vaccin contre la grippe H1N1 fabriqué actuellement dans les laboratoires pharmaceutiques US notamment, pour être une arme de destruction massive et de dépopulation de la planète. Ce plan s'inscrivant selon la plaignante dans les plans de réduction de la population mondiale par les élites : Illuminati qui prévoient de nous instaurer leur Nouvel Ordre Mondial.
Cette plainte est actuellement en cours d'instruction et les personnes mises en cause dans cette plainte sont :....(...)
Le 20/07/2009
Autriche : Grippe A : Jane Burgermeister - Journaliste
La plainte déposée par la Journaliste autrichienne, Jane Burgermeister auprès du FBI.
Vous trouverez dans cet article tous les éléments relatifs à la plainte déposée auprès du FBI par la Journaliste Autrichienne, Jane Burgermeister, et les moyens de vous informer sur le vaccin de la Grippe A et éventuellement de vous mobiliser pour lutter pour une juste cause : la nôtre et celle de l'humanité.
Son adresse mail personnelle si vous souhaitez lui apporter votre soutien (écrivez-lui en allemand via "google translation")  :
Merci de diffuser largement ces informations autour de vous et d'enregistrer les copies des plaintes et actes.
Plainte déposée auprès du FBI à télécharger ci-dessous :
Evidence of the Use of Pandemic Flu to Depopulate USA
Lien de la plainte :
Evidence of the Use of Pandemic Flu to Depopulate USA

Jane Burgermeister – Plainte :  Les charges
A télécharger ci-dessous
Criminal Charges Swine Flu
Le lien pour les charges criminelles ci-dessous
Criminal Charges - Swine Flu Edits v2[1]

Le Groupe Facebook
Profil de Jane Burgermeister sur Facebook
La pétition internationale contre
la vaccination obligatoire
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Profil Facebook de Alex Jones - Journaliste
Accusations contre le FBI et l'OMS BAXTER
Toutes les vidéos ici
1 - le H1N1 est très contagieux mais non mortel (type grippe classique).
2 - le H5N1 est non contagieux mais mortel dans 90% des cas.
3 - les vaccins combinés en cours de fabrication sont conçus pour le H5N1 et le H1N1.
4 - l’adjuvant des vaccins est du MF59 destructeur pour l’immunité.
5 - les antiviraux préconisés favorisent les commutations à savoir la transmission du patrimoine génétique d’un virus mort ou atténué à des cellules saines qui en retour ouvre la voie à une mutation génétique de virus in vivo.

En résumé si l’on combine le H1N1 très contagieux (non mortel) au H5N1 non contagieux mais mortel on obtient un HxNx très contagieux et mortel. Le tout est favorisé par la chute des défenses immunitaires à cause du MF59 et les mutations possibles sont amplifiées par les antiviraux.
Dr Marc Vercoutère (médecin homéopathe):   ” Refusez tout vaccin contre la grippe, privilégiez le chlorure de magnésium et la vitamine C”
Nous en sommes là dans nos réflexions, si vous avez des données allant en ce sens merci de prévenir rapidement le docteur Vercoutère :
Amicalement, F. M.
Les antiviraux accentuent les processus de commutation :
La commutation est le passage du patrimoine génétique d'un virus tué par antiviraux à des cellules saines qui peuvent évidemment reproduire alors une forme virale mutante plus virulente.
Ce phénomène est reconnu par de plus en plus de médecins et chercheurs.
En vaccinant ET en utilisant par exemple du Tamiflu, vous avez une formule explosive qui fait de votre corps un véritable incubateur.
Le virus atténué du vaccin transmet son patrimoine génétique à des cellules saines, cette commutation est accentuée par les antiviraux de type Tamiflu.
Ainsi les « remèdes » employés sont si mutagènes qu'ils vont produire des souches mutantes non contrôlées et non contrôlables.
On peut ainsi passer d'une grippe A à une grippe B et jusqu'à Z, si on employait ce type de "lutte" contre une grippe virulente.
La grippe A tue aujourd'hui 10 fois moins qu'une grippe classique, mais avec les méthodes actuelles, elle devrait muter en une grippe beaucoup plus dure.
Les méthodes de l'OMS seront donc meurtrières si on laisse faire, car par commutation nous allons être confrontés à des virus de plus en plus tueurs.
"Nous avons les preuves que le Tamiflu et le Relanza sont inefficaces, source de nombreuses résistances et même de mutations.
Par ailleurs le vaccin contre la grippe saisonnière n’est guère plus efficace qu’un placebo, tandis que le vaccin contre “la pandémie” fera très vraisemblablement appel à un adjuvant tel l’aluminium.
A l’efficacité plus qu’incertaine, ce vaccin, comme tout vaccin, entraînera un oedème cérébral plus ou moins transitoire ainsi qu’une chute plus ou moins importante des lymphocytes T4 et T8.
Vaccins et anti-viraux peuvent aussi favoriser la sélection de virus plus virulents par le constant phénomène de commutation, tandis que la présence d’aluminium favorisera ultérieurement la survenue de myofasciite à macrophages et une augmentation de la fréquence de la maladie d’Alzheimer, favorisées par l’exposition aux ondes de téléphonie mobile ...  Dr Vercoutère ///...(...)
...(...) Adjuvant MF59 et Commutation :
Les nouveaux vaccins auront comme adjuvant du MF59, dont des études récentes révèlent qu'il provoque des maladies auto-immunes chez le rat (type sclérose en plaques, lupus, arthrite).         Ce fait est d'autant plus grave que nous allons aussi être confrontés au phénomène de commutation du virus.
La commutation désigne le passage du patrimoine génétique d'un virus mort ou atténué, à des cellules saines qui peuvent alors reproduire une forme virale mutante plus virulente et tueuse.
Ce phénomène est reconnu par de plus en plus de médecins et chercheurs.
Les antiviraux accentuent également les processus de commutation, accélérant la mutation des virus.
En vaccinant et en utilisant par exemple du Tamiflu, vous avez une formule explosive qui fait de votre corps un véritable incubateur. Le virus atténué du vaccin transmet son patrimoine génétique à des cellules saines.
Cette commutation est favorisée par les antiviraux. Pire encore, l'adjuvant MF59 créant des déficiences immunitaires, il amène le vacciné à ne plus pouvoir lutter contre un virus mutant.
Nous avons là, avec les directives de l'OMS, la mise en place de dispositions sanitaires qui, loin d'endiguer une pandémie, risquent au contraire, d'en provoquer une.
Les remèdes employés sont si mutagènes et si déstabilisants pour le système immunitaire, qu'ils vont produire des souches virales mutantes non contrôlées et non contrôlables.
Si ce programme est appliqué à la lettre attendez vous à des grippes B, C, D jusqu'à Z.
Comme d'habitude, les autorités sanitaires justifieront la vaccination systématique par les conséquences même de cette vaccination.
Nous aurons alors, comme en 1918, lors de la grippe espagnole, une pandémie dont la source viendra des vaccinés même.
Justifier une politique sanitaire par les conséquences désastreuses de cette même politique est malheureusement courant.
Mais tous les individus de cette planète ne sont pas obligés de marcher sur la tête, surtout quand l'enjeu est leur survie...
Frédéric Morin           in Morpheus n° 34, juillet-août 2009

Pandémie de l’indécence
Pour le professeur Marc Gentilini, spécialiste des maladies infectieuses, et membre de l’Académie de médecine et l’ancien président de la Croix-Rouge, le poids qu’on attribue à la grippe A est indécent par rapport à l’ensemble de la situation sanitaire dans le monde.
Chaque année, 1 million de personnes meurent du paludisme dans l’indifférence quasi générale, dont 20 à 30 cas importés dans notre pays. La grippe A n’a provoqué qu’un décès discutable en France. Cette pauvre fille de 14 ans est probablement morte d’une autre cause. Mais un mort ici compte beaucoup plus que des milliers ou des millions ailleurs.
La décision d’acheter massivement des vaccins dont on ne sait rien, pour 1 milliard d’euros, ne me paraît pas raisonnable. C’est une mesure qui est dans la démesure. Un milliard d’euros, c’est trois fois plus que l’aide de la France aux pays en développement !
Que l’on décide de vacciner les populations à risque, les soignants, les pompiers et tous ceux qui doivent être mobilisés afin de rester disponibles au service de la collectivité, d’accord. Mais de là à vacciner tout le monde…
On ne sait rien de l’efficacité de ce vaccin et de ses éventuels effets indésirables. La souche du virus est bénigne, mais si elle mute et devient maligne, le vaccin qui a été élaboré à partir de la source bénigne sera inefficace.
Je sais que c’est une très bonne affaire pour les producteurs de vaccins ! Ce sont des entreprises privées qui ont besoin de faire des bénéfices. Je l’accepte. Néanmoins, c’est vraiment trop onéreux, et il est évident que tout cela doit être renégocié.....(...)
Le gouvernement des Etats-Unis a signé des contrats avec plusieurs groupes pharmaceutiques afin de mettre au point et de produire des vaccins contre la grippe porcine. Au moins deux de ces sociétés, Novartis et GlaxoSmithKline, ajoute un adjuvant dans leur vaccin contre le virus H1N1.
L´adjuvant? Le scalène:
Selon Meryl Nass, M.D., spécialiste du vaccin contre le charbon,
« une particularité nouvelle des deux vaccins H1N1, actuellement mis au point par Novartis et GlaxoSmithKline, porte sur l´addition des adjuvants contenant du scalène dont le but est de renforcer l´immunogénicité et de réduire de façon considérable la quantité d´antigène viral nécessaire. Cette addition permet de produire beaucoup plus rapidement les quantités de vaccins que l´on désire. »
L´adjuvant utilisé par Novartis dans son vaccin H1N1 est le MF59. Celui de Glaxo est le ASO3. L´adjuvant MF59 n´est pas encore approuvé par le FDA(Federal Drug Administration. En France l’Afssaps et de la Direction Générale de la Santé) pour entrer dans la composition d´un vaccin produit aux Etats-Unis, malgré le fait que son utilisation est autorisée dans d´autre pays.
Selon le Dr Nass, il n´existe que trois vaccins pour lesquels l´utilisation du scalène est autorisée. L´utilisation de ceux-ci n´est pas autorisée aux Etats-Unis....(...)
13 août 2009 Pandémie: les dernières info sur RÉVÉLATIONS4.BLOG. Entrevue avec docteur Marc Vercoutère à ne pas manquer. Et Vincent Burguière "qui n'est autre que le jeune homme doté d'un courage et d'une audace à toutes épreuves (véritable héros des temps modernes) s'étant illustré à 3 reprises en surgissant par surprise sur les plateaux de télévision d'émissions en direct pour dénoncer la crise." (La seule chose chose qui me chatouille chez Pellegrin, à part sa voix, je blague, c'est que ses 'révélations' viennent du Web ou Réseau et que parfois il se les attribue comme s'il les avait canalisé. S'il a de bonnes sources, super. Quels sont les sites qu'ils visitent ?
 J'avais annoncé la crise en mai 2007 non parce que les ETs me l'ont dit ou que l'astrale m'a parlé. Parce que la source provenait de Paul Desmarais par l'entremise d'un de ses accolytes qui s'est échappé publiquement à un ami. Un cadeau. Je l'ai mentionné aussitôt. L'immobilier plongeait 4 mois plus tard. Ce que je diffuse vient de quelque part, non ? Et je ne me gène pas de le dire.
 Mais on prend toujours des risques. Ça prend énormément de discernement. C'est comme jeter une bouteille à la mer avec un secret sur un papier. Quelqu'un la retrouve, il en rédige un livre, un producteur en fait un film et voilà, vous êtes le seul dans le monde entier à savoir que c'est vous qui l'avait jetée à la mer avec le papier.
 Comme les livres de la librairie d'Alexandrie de Lenculus qui font le tour de la planète. 5200 livres qui expriment en français les connaissances et la pensée humaine sous toutes ses formes, tous ses angles, à toutes les époques.
 Il est trop tard pour ceux qui veulent nous contrôller. Trop de gens s'éveillent depuis le 11 septembre, et davantage depuis la crise financière qui a démontré la corruption et les arnaques dont nous sommes encore victimes. Cet événement a déclenché un mode de survie inattendu chez la masse. Les gens ont moins peur qu'on pensait. La vérité libère. Le programme peut se virer contre eux, les satellites servent à tout le monde, même à nous. Ça va très vite. On lâche pas.(( voir ))
L’écrivain américain Lee Siegel : Obama prépare l’euthanasie des vieux et des pauvres ! Siegel démontre ensuite que ce seront justement les pauvres et les vulnérables – donc ceux à qui Obama prétend vouloir rendre service – qui seront les victimes mortelles de la privation de soins. Ces catégories de populations « seraient les seules auxquelles on interdira l’accès aux technologies coûteuses capables de prolonger la vie. Les riches arriveront toujours à se les payer… Ces technologies pèsent lourd sur les finances ? Alors, faisons des économies ailleurs ». Un grand supporteur de Jacques Attali.
 Brèves /
12 août 2009 — Après l’article dévastateur Deadly Doctors paru dans le New York Post le 24 juillet par l’ancien vice-gouverneur de New York Betsy McCaughey, qui dénonce les conceptions fascistes du bio-éthicien Ezekiel Emanuel, un des plus influents conseillers d’Obama pour sa réforme de la santé,
 c’est maintenant l’une des plumes les plus éclairées de la gauche new-yorkaise, Lee Siegel, qui démasque l’arnaque que cherche à « vendre » le président.
Publié sur son blog, l’article courageux de Siegel s’intitule : Obama’s Euthanasia Mistake (l’erreur d’Obama sur l’euthanasie).
On y lit : « Pour ceux d’entre nous qui croient que l’absence d’une couverture médicale universelle est une honte absolue pour les Etats-Unis, le spectacle de ceux qui s’opposent à la réforme de la santé proposée par Obama parait venir tout droit d’Alice aux pays des merveilles et nous met en colère – sauf que sur un point, les critiques ont parfaitement raison. Un des dispositifs des lois élaborées : envisager positivement l’imposition de limites aux soins en fin de vie – est moralement révoltant. Et surtout aide à tuer la réforme elle-même.
« Détrompez-vous : définir quel type de soins sont [des dépenses]"rentables" (cost effective) ou "pas rentables" pour une personne en situation de fin de vie est une des priorités d’Obama. C’est une des principales façons avec laquelle il compte faire des économies et rendre la couverture universelle abordable. »
Siegel souligne qu’Obama envisage bel et bien la création d’une agence spécifique* constituée de cinq experts en charge de décider en ce sens.
« C’est le cauchemar d’un gouvernement oppresseur, ce fameux Big Brother au sujet duquel les propagandistes malins de la droite nous ont cassé les oreilles. Sauf que cette fois-ci, ils ne se trompent pas. »
Siegel démontre ensuite que ce seront justement les pauvres et les vulnérables – donc ceux à qui Obama prétend vouloir rendre service – qui seront les victimes mortelles de la privation de soins. Ces catégories de populations « seraient les seules auxquelles on interdira l’accès aux technologies coûteuses capables de prolonger la vie. Les riches arriveront toujours à se les payer… Ces technologies pèsent lourd sur les finances ? Alors, faisons des économies ailleurs ».
Siegel estime que les attaques de la droite contre le dispositif sur les « testaments biologiques » sont injustes. « Cependant, leur proximité avec la vérité nous mettent fortement mal à l’aise, » dit-il.
Au-delà d’une simple critique de la réforme, Siegel s’interroge : « D’où Obama vient-il ? Pourquoi un homme d’apparence aussi humaine peut-il envisager une initiative utilitariste venue directement de l’Angleterre victorienne ? » Dans sa réponse, Siegel rappelle qu’Obama a été formaté par la faculté de droit de l’Université de Chicago.
La figure la plus importante de ce milieu universitaire est, de loin, Richard Posner, juge à la cour d’appel du septième circuit et professeur de droit à Chicago. Posner est également l’auteur prestigieux d’une série de livres pompeux dont tout le monde fait l’éloge et que personne ne lit.
« Le juge Posner est un chaud partisan de l’euthanasie et un eugéniste énergique. Il a écrit sur les conceptions d’Oliver Wendell Holmes sur l’eugénisme et sur le fait qu’Holmes croyait qu’une société juste "évitait le maintien [en vie] des inaptes" — et qu’on devrait considérer "l’enthousiasme de Holmes [pour l’euthanasie] plutôt comme une prescience que comme l’opinion d’un dépravé" ».
Richard Posner est aussi l’apôtre de Friedrich Nietzsche et n’a pas hésité à rebaptiser Oliver Wendell Holmes « le Nietzsche américain ». En tant que membre de la Société du Mont Pèlerin, Posner travaille à aligner le droit américain sur celui de l’Empire britannique. Il préconise notamment de remplacer les politiques d’adoption d’orphelins par leur vente ( !) et la légalisation de la drogue, le tout justifié par la nécessité d’exclure toute considération morale du droit.
Cass Sunstein, l’économiste comportementaliste « nommé par Obama pour diriger la nouvelle agence, est un disciple de Posner et croit à ce que le magazine Time a décrit récemment comme la pratique statisticienne qui consiste à tenir compte de l’espérance de vie dans les évaluations de la régulation. En d’autres termes, Sunstein croit que les vies des personnes jeunes ont plus de valeur que celles des personnes âgées. Ceci, de toute évidence, a des implications radicales sur les politiques de fin de vie. »
Le Congrès américain devra statuer dès septembre sur la nomination de Sunstein. Il risque de se retrouver d’ici peu dans la position idéale qui lui permettra de promouvoir les politiques d’euthanasie à but économique qu’il préconise.
D’ici-là, aidez-nous à faire éclater la vérité sur ce qu’il se passe réellement outre-Atlantique. Lyndon LaRouche fut le seul et le premier à sonner le tocsin sur la nature terrifiante de ces réformes à un moment où d’autres dormaient tranquillement en Obamaland. A nous d’encourager le tsunami de la colère citoyenne qui se lève en Amérique contre ces projets. Une nouvelle révolution américaine est en marche.
Article et vidéo : déclaration de Lyndon LaRouche sur la grève de masse aux Etats-Unis.
Brèves /
Santé : « Le programme médicale d’Hitler a été ressuscité par l’Administration Obama »
19 Mai 2009 (Nouvelle Solidarité) — Que diriez-vous d’un article à prétention académique intitulé : « Combien peut-on potentiellement économiser en légalisant le suicide assisté par un médecin ? » A en juger par le titre, vous pourriez croire qu’il provient du grand-père de l’utilitarisme britannique, Jeremy Bentham ; ou bien peut-être du promoteur du LSD Aldous Huxley ; ou bien du docteur nazi Karl Brandt.
Bien tenté… mais c’est raté.
/////Le décret sur l’euthanasie de septembre 1939:En 1939, devant concentrer son effort budgétaire sur la machine de guerre allemande, Hitler ne pouvait se permettre de dépenser des millions de marks en pure perte et demanda à son ministre de la Santé de « faire certaines économies sur les dépenses hospitalières ».
Il finit par rédiger le décret du 1er septembre, intitulé « destruction des vies sans valeur » :
« Le Reichsleiter Bouhler et le docteur en médecine Brandt sont chargés de la responsabilité d’étendre les attributions de certains médecins désignés nominativement. Ceux-ci pourront accorder une mort miséricordieuse aux malades qui auront été jugés incurables selon le meilleur jugement humain disponible de leur état de santé. »///
              C’est en fait le titre d’un texte de 1998 co-écrit par Ezekiel Emanuel, conseiller de la Maison Blanche sur les politiques de santé, et membre du Conseil Fédéral de Coordination sur les Recherches en Efficacité Comparative. Ce Conseil est chargé par l’Administration Obama de préparer une liste de procédures médicales autorisées et non autorisées, afin de diminuer les dépenses de santé américaines de 2000 milliards de dollars — argent qui bénéficiera aux hedge funds et aux banques en faillite, qui sont les gestionnaires du système de santé privé HMO. [*]
Brandt, Goering, et Hitler lui-même, ne pourraient faire mieux. La co-auteur de cet article est Margaret Battin, une bioéthicienne prolifique (sans diplôme médical), à en juger au nombre et à la teneur de ses publications : ....(...) [*] Instauré en décembre 1973 sous l’administration Nixon, le système HMO (Health Maintenance Organization) visait à limiter les dépenses de santé tout en confiant la gestion, et donc le profit, aux assureurs privés.
 Brèves /
Déclaration de Lyndon LaRouche sur la grève de masse aux Etats-Unis.
11 août 2009 (LPAC) — Hier, Lyndon LaRouche a fait la déclaration suivante sur la situation quasi-insurrectionelle aux Etats-Unis :
"Ce qui vient d’arriver ici ce dernier week-end rappelle aux historiens les mois de juin et juillet 1789 de la Révolution française. C’était le moment où le roi et la reine, se dérobant face à leurs responsabilités, avaient fait appel à des armées étrangères pour assiéger Paris. En même temps, le duc d’Orléans organisait la prise de la Bastille.
Ainsi, pendant cette période, personne parmi les responsables, ni le Roi, ni le Parlement, ni aucun autre pouvoir, tenait le gouvernail.
La situation de ce week-end dernier, à partir de vendredi, était identique à celle-là. Nous sommes dans une situation où le président des Etats-Unis fuit devant toute confrontation directe avec le peuple américain. Les membres du Congrès se trouvent essentiellement dans le même type de posture incompétente. En d’autres termes, nous sommes dans une situation où le pouvoir de gouvernement – l’aptitude à se gouverner – des Etats-Unis a été détruit par l’action de ce président et de ses dupes au sein du Congrès.
Si ceci ne vous fait pas peur, c’est qu’il y a quelque chose qui ne va pas en vous. Et dans cette période, ce qui m’incombe, c’est d’agir en fonction de cette situation. Je dois exprimer un sens de leadership et de direction, pour inspirer la nation, car je sais que l’institution présidentielle ne fonctionne pas comme elle le devrait ; et le Congrès non plus. Se pose alors la question : qui fonctionne ?
Ceci est une crise, semblable à celle de la Révolution française, dans laquelle le vide politique, créé par l’absence de compétence de l’Exécutif – un Exécutif qui n’engendre que panique et stupidité ! – et aussi par l’absence de compétence des autres éléments du gouvernement, peut conduire aux plus tragiques conséquences."
Vidéo (en anglais) : déclaration de Lyndon LaRouche sur la grève de masse aux Etats-Unis
Article : pour le meilleurs ou pour le pire : situation révolutionnaire aux Etats-Unis (suite et pas fin).
12 août 2009 Virus H1N1 & vaccins: c'est drôle nous n'entendons plus parler de morts, de pandémie, du nombre croissant de contagiés. Les médias ont pris une pause. La grippe aussi ? On prépare le nouveau virus qui sera plus fort, supposément. Pendant ce temps on a fini par réaliser que le tamiflu n'était pas bon pour les enfants. Ouf !
(( ))
« Des vaccins fabriqués à partir de singes verts africains malades »
Diseased African Monkeys Used to Make Swine Flu Vaccines

« Les vaccins de la grippe porcine contiennent le VIRUS H1N1 VIVANT ! »
Swine Flu Vaccines Contain LIVE H1N1 VIRUS!

À la télévision russe on affirme que le virus H1N1 a été fabriqué // S-T fr.((sous-titres fr))
30 Avril 2009 - Russian Today  Wayne MADSEN, journaliste d'investigation de Washington, annonce ses doutes sur l'origine naturelle de la "grippe A".
La liste des trucs bizarres (vous avez dit bizarre?):
...and   a    comment:  VOIR ....
....NEW WORLD ORDER.............NOUVEL ORDRE MONDIAL................
c'est quoi ? 5 vidéos qu'un ami a faites sur le Nouvel Ordre Mondial. Sous-titres en français. Excellent travail. Merci François.((....larouche, demeurant à Québec))
Son dernier sorti il y a quelques heures: la Pandémie avec S-T fr.((sous-titres francais)) //part6

Nouvel Ordre Mondial - Partie I - Rivers of belief (version française)//part1
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Je vous invite à visiter son site. Il a 25 ans, et se nomme François Larouche (aucune parenté directe avec Lyndon Larouche mais de loin qui sait :) Il a dû passer un temps fou à monter tous ces films. Sa collection est imposante. J'aime bien celle sur Charest et le 40 milliard.... ou visitez sa page Youtube.// aussi/also.//  His-Page, francois larouche,25 years-old: 2008 TweetUp Québec août 2009 (#qctu)// august25th
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