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That's because Burma's a key component in George H. W. Bush's drug-related deception relative to the Golden Triangle, and nothing, but NOTHING, must EVER be allowed to destabilise that verily colossal dimension of the global crisis, must it?

But when THAT explodes, as it WILL, we'll know all about it, and the US perpetrators will indulge in a soul-wrenching whining for mercy. When THAT happens, NO MERCY MUST BE SHOWN TO THEM. THIS WARHEAD HAS YET TO DETONATE.


Global Non-Compliance Day - 25th August.:
On August 25th 2009, we invite YOU, and all of humanity to participate in a Global Independence Day where we will celebrate the freedom and creativity of the human spirit as we completely disengage for an entire day from all monetary transactions, thereby declaring a complete disengagement from the established Politico-Economic Matrix that enslaves us. We invite you to for an entire day celebrate the human family, the Earth, Nature, and the freedom and creativity of the human spirit and relinquish the malign viral instrument of money which only serves to enslave. We wish for this to be a global event so please tell as many people as you can. We look forward to your participation in this celebration and wish you all well. Thank you for your love and support for truth and freedom and thank you most of all for your humanity.
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Sunday, 23 August 2009 
Plans To Take Children From Schools For Mass Vaccinations And Quarantines //USA
A Must Watch http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kka3K4RqcjU&feature=player_embedded
Click here for text of document ...  http://docs.google.com/gview?a=v&q=cache:ZpOH7E99BwAJ:www.new-fields.com/ISFC/brochure.pdf+intl+swine+flu+conference&hl=en&gl=us
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((by)) StopTheWarCrimes   August 21, 2009
jessewoodrow (( http://www.jessewoodrow.com/ )) http://www.youtube.com/user/jessewood...
The first INTERNATIONAL Swine Flu Conference finishes today 21st August. As Jesse Woodrow states in this video, THERE HAS NOT BEEN ANY MENTION OF THIS ON ANY NEWS NETWORK.
PLEASE go to google news and type in "Swine Flu Conference" You would think it would be the top news article.
This is the pdf Jesse referring to in the video-
http://www.cesa.net/DOCS/08192009.PDF ------------------
Monday, 24 August 2009 
H.R. 645 and The FEMA Concentration Camps     'Throughout the 20th Century, mankind's governments have sought to gain control over their populations with food, water, bio-warfare, guns, tanks, militarized death squads, militarized police, propaganda, mis-information, entertainment, and  the good old original lie. 
       The United States and the West are no different than the "third world" banana republics and dictators; its just the methods the western democracies use have been refined through trial and error. The lies become bigger and the controlled corporate media outlets push the big lie so people end up believing anything the mainstream news endorses. Point of fact - alternative news media or sources are not generally believed by the public until the story breaks on a major news outlet. Enter the FEMA Camps....(...)
       The most notable of these camps which became the symbol of the plight of the people in New Orleans who did not get out was the New Orleans Saints NFL Stadium. After the storm, Martial Law was declared.  FEMA, The National Guard and Blackwater (as it was then called)  all were utilized to confiscate guns and process refugees into these concentration camps, or relief shelters.  Were law abiding citizens rights violated?  Often. Were they exterminated systematically? No.   Check out this video of the Military Police and National Guard forcing people from their homes and confiscating firearms from law abiding people.     And you say it can't happen to you?  What if there is a national crisis, such as a "Swine Flu" outbreak and then everyone becomes a suspect.  
Enter H.R. 645.   The National Emergency Centers Establishment Act     was submitted by Democrat Alcee L Hastings of Florida.   The bill calls for Homeland Security to use KBR, a subdivision of Haliburton, to create no fewer than six national facilities for the concentration of civilian internees on military installations.  
Enter  Field Manual 3-19-40 Military Police Internment / Resettlement Field Operations.  This field manual is the basis of operations for the handling of all forms people in all situations.    From the definitions section of Chapter 1, we can be labeled a  CIVILIAN INTERNEE which as the manual defines is:
"CIVILIAN INTERNEE 1-7. A CI is a person who is interned during armed conflict or occupation if he is considered a security risk or if he needs protection because he committed an offense (insurgent, criminal) against the detaining power. A CI is protected according to the Geneva Convention Relative to the Protection of Civilian Persons in Time of War (GC), 12 August 1949."

The above definition is very broad. It fails to identify the "detaining power" (Can you say UN Forces deployed to US in the advent of Civil Unrest?)  It also states that the "civilian internee" needs "protection" because he committed an "offense"  - who makes these laws of what an "offense" is?  A military commander? An international treaty organization such as the UN or NATO?  A Global World Government?    Below is an example of a mid-level internment camp for the field of operations of the United States military. ....(....)
Enter the REX 84 Program:     A plan for the continuity of Government in which dissidents would be rounded up and processed during the event of civil unrest in the United States.  Fox New's beloved Oliver North was involved in the planning of this operation.  Representative of Oregon Democrat Peter DeFazio of the 4th District had this to say about the REX 84 Program during September of 2008 when the Stock Market crashed.  
Ladies and Gentlemen, there is a plan that is in place to be executed by the Federals to lock down the cities and towns across our land and to begin gun confiscation.  There is a plan to deal with mass quarantining of the population and its subsequent internment and suspension of the Constitutional rights of Citizens.   Now that you know, you can plan with this in mind when a "national emergency" is declared and some group of unscrupulous people seek to gain total control over the population or portions of political dissidents - you now know what power the Federals will not hesitate to utilize for their insidious ends. 
I will end my presentation with a quote from a speech that everyone knows. The "give me liberty" speech by Patrick Henry.   What is not well known is his down to earth way of looking at the colonists situation:
"Ask yourselves how this gracious reception of our petition comports with those warlike preparations which cover our waters and darken our land. Are fleets and armies necessary to a work of love and reconciliation? Have we shown ourselves so unwilling to be reconciled that force must be called in to win back our love? Let us not deceive ourselves, sir."  -  Patrick Henry, March 23,  1775
http://weby.webfootenterprises.com/news/view/20/weby Florida.
Monday, 24 August 2009 
Swine Flu: The True Story
'The information on this blog is in regard to the swine flu pandemic and the mandatory swine flu vaccine that the Government and the World Health Organisation will force upon us. The information is laid out in date order and is a series of internet links to news stories that totally discredit all the misinformation, lies and deceit that the main stream media have been putting out.'
Monday, 24 August 2009 
Newspaper Confirmed the Involvement of Mossad in the Kidnapping of Russian Cargo Ship
'According to sources, the Nezavisimaya Gazeta newspaper that the persons who are suspected pirates who boarded the cargo ship "Arctic Sea" In fact, members of the Israeli intelligence (Mossad) were trying to prevent the ship from the transfer of weapons to Iran.'
 (( http://mail.islammemo.cc/wpoll/wpoll/index2.asp?bab=onenews  or http://mail.islammemo.cc/wpoll/ ))
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August 24, 2009 1:48 PM   ((posted))  //  August 22, 2009, written.  Mossad’s involvement in the kidnapping of Russian cargo ship has been confirmed ..what now?  
A: According to sources, a Russian newspaper that the persons who are suspected of being pirates who boarded the cargo ship "Arctic Sea", in fact, members of the Israeli intelligence (Mossad) were trying to prevent the ship from the transfer of weapons to Iran.
. The ship had disappeared more than three weeks of monitoring off the west coast of Africa and the Russian forces from the liberalization of the crew of 15 sailors Russia on Monday near the Cape Verde Islands.
According to Russian media that the ship may have been, "Arctic Sea" cruise missile X-55 illegally hidden among a load of sawdust.
She told "Novaya Gazeta" that the men working on behalf of the Israeli Mossad kidnapped the ship, adding that the sudden visit of Israeli President Shimon Peres to Moscow this month, 18 day after the location of the "Arctic Sea" was to contain the situation.
He called on Peres, according to the newspaper, during the Moscow visit, that the provision to Iran of weapons or missile defense systems.
Russian authorities deny that the vessel was smuggling weapons
The Russian authorities had earlier denied speculation that the cargo ship Arctic Sea, which lost about three weeks ago that was smuggling weapons.
He said Russian Ambassador to the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), Dmitry Rogozin, the claims by some military experts that there were cruise missiles bound for Iran, hidden beneath a cargo ship from sawdust are allegations of "fake" and "ridiculous."
Rogozin added that the deployment of a Russian fleet in the Black Sea at great cost to free the hijacked ship was for the Russian sailors, not the supposed shipment of arms.
Formally charged
In developments, the Russian authorities on Friday formally charged eight people on charges of abduction of the cargo ship "Arctic Sea."
The Russian news agency Interfax that the Russian investigators, the eight men accused of the abduction of Russian sailors who were on board the ship in addition to piracy.
The report said that the list of suspects includes a Lithuanian, Russian, three people without identity, contrary to all previous reports, the list included Spain, and is currently investigating the nationality of two others are suspected of nationality. __________________
engforum.pravda.ru/showthread.php  http://engforum.pravda.ru/showthread.php?t=259549
Saturday, 22 August 2009  ...Conspiracy Cards..........
Monday, 24 August 2009  .....www.conspiracycards.com......
August 24, 2009 12:15 PM     America, End Your Fear Of Wall Street ((posted))
James Raider      August 20, 2009,written.
Few Americans have the time to educate themselves on the operations of those who control the most critical elements at the heart of the Nation’s well being. The Kings of Wall Street have long coveted the absolute supremacy they now enjoy over the largest economy in the world. Their road to ascendancy has been long and methodical, but with the collapse of the mortgage and equity bubbles, the past year’s actions by those pillars of persuasive absolutism on Wall Street confirm that their dominance is unprecedented in American history.
A vast majority of Americans must have been astounded by Bernanke’s recent response to Congress’s request that the Government Accountability Office (GAO) audit the Federal Reserve’s financial transactions and assets. The following was the heart of Bernanke’s response, “… auditing ... would be highly destructive to the stability of the financial system, the dollar and our national economic situation.” The GAO is a legislative branch agency organized under the U.S. Congress. How is it possible that Bernanke would have had the guts to tell Congress to go fly a kite? This is the same Federal Reserve whose power Obama wants to expand? Does he really have a good grasp of the true nature of Wall Street and the functions of its insiders? Perhaps the $14 million he received from Wall Street bankers, investment firms and securities brokers during the election campaign are clouding his perception
Bernanke not only screamed an emphatic, "no," but he had the gall to threaten Congress and the American people with economic destruction. How is such arrogance and power remotely possible? While it might be tolerated if coming from the oval office, it should not be tolerated from a banker. It is also, for anyone who is watching, an obnoxious affront to the Constitution as articulated in Article I, Section 8, “The Congress shall have power to … coin money, regulate the value thereof, and of foreign coin, and … to borrow money on the credit of the United States.” Does this resemble anything we have witnessed during the past year? Not remotely.
Through a century of market ups and downs, interest rate fluctuations, mergers, acquisitions, political influence, lobbying and positioning insiders to the most powerful government and government related institutions, the Kings of Wall Street have nurtured and advanced their isolated power to a point where they are responsible to no one. After the Fed created hundreds of billions in bailout dollars to purchase unaudited toxic waste from its “friends,” these same friends paid themselves billions of dollars in bonuses. These were billions more than the amounts they distributed to their own shareholders, and the rationalizations were as asinine as the bonuses. Obama’s wishful thinking and promises of “oversight and transparency,” over trillions of Fed dispensations, have long been attenuated by the dissonance of fear. Stating that the Fed and Wall Street’s autonomy is complete, would be a gross understatement.
When Bernanke told Congress and the world that if AIG was not bailed out, the international economic order would come tumbling down, did the majority of his listeners believe him? Absolutely. Panic was being incessantly pounded into the public’s consciousness. Unless a handful of senior players from the banking sector didn’t get their way, the underpinnings of the global economy would disintegrate, and the world as we knew it would come to an immediate halt. Paulson chanted the refrain, and shortly thereafter so did Geithner, whose performance made sure that the message was delivered with the requisite amount of perspiration and earnestness accentuating the urgency. Above all, he underscored the fear.
Individuals, who could not care less about the health of America, just as they never cared about their firms’ clients, control the economic engines of this country. Their egos dictate their actions, and satisfaction of abnormal greed is the compelling priority. The details of the business, and its legalities, … be damned. Have we forgotten that when Lehman Brothers collapsed overnight, no one knew there had been a problem? None of its executives knew the extent of the calamity when it hit their firm, nor did their books indicate where assets might be hiding or what claims might exist against them. Transparency? Due diligence? Forget being a shareholder looking for information since the senior executives, the CEO and the Board of Directors were oblivious. Was there any conscious human being near the top of the Lehman ladder who cared enough to raise doubts? Would he or she have been listened to? Not likely
When you are too preoccupied picking out the leather for your new executive jet, or refurnishing your third mansion in Cap D’Antibe, you don’t have time to spend on corporate incidentals such as the details of an audited financial statement. Even if there had been a spare moment, you’d have to fly to that Bridge tournament in Chicago, … or some other urgent pastime where your “friends,” or your ego expect an appearance.
There is a culture of omnipotence that has been very pervasive throughout all of Wall Street’s major firms during the past two decades. It has reached a level of absolute and supreme potency within a few of its more majestic mindsets like those at the top of firms such as Goldman and Morgan. These firms have by design created complex webs of interwoven corporate entities, crossing geopolitical borders with questionable practices beyond the boundaries of laws and oversight. Theirs has been a comfortable ride, since there is no will on the part of any government to provide intrusive oversight to the investment banking giants, therefore effective oversight is simply an ephemeral, wishful thought on the part of a cornered public......(...)
4. Cap the size of banks so that their executives more naturally demonstrate concern for soundness of lending decisions, and the well being and success of their regional customers. Banking should be a service, and should not be a casino where the management can pilfer the till as has been repeatedly demonstrated wantonly by the major Wall Street firms.
5. Allow the FDIC to do its job, and instruct it to play serious hardball with the risk takers who come into its line of sight.

This is not minor tweaking of the system.
This is also not a call for the establishment of a consumer protection agency to police all things financial from credit cards to mortgages. Common sense dictates implementation of a structural reconstruction. The proposed Consumer Financial Protection Agency would only be an ill-defined expansion of the government payroll, proliferating government reach into more corners of society when there are agencies already entrusted to protect consumers are not doing their jobs. Proposing the launch of such an inappropriate meddling amoeba is evidence of government ignorance of the realities on Wall Street.
America, your government is lying to you. You’ve been had, and are being had. It has no idea what is going on with your money. Those few bureaucrats who have ensconced themselves in positions of unnatural power and influence, and who manage the joystick, won’t tell you the truth. Even more pathetic is the fact that neither Congress, nor the President, know enough about the mechanics of America’s economy to apply practical judgment decisions in the refashioning of the system, … nor, it seems, do they have the will to act. Considering the fact that the current administration continued the trend of installing those who had a healthy hand in packing the powder keg that ignited into the economic disaster now encumbering the nation, we cannot expect much change. The billions of dollars that politicians received from Wall Street over the past decade through campaign contributions and lobbying, was insurance on their continuing silence, and stifled any burgeoning ethics.
Taxpayers have become disillusioned by the abuse they have endured at the hands of special interests, and the lack of intelligent, common sense response from their elected officials. A broad swath of the electorate is wearied. Congress should pay attention to 2012, and the electorate should demonstrate a little selfishness. Taxpayers should look for some creative thinking instead of the tired old nursery rhymes dispensed from portable pulpits.

Banking is not a magical, abstract, or obscure foreign art, although some of the fringe elements have become complex by design, such as the proliferation of derivative financial instruments. Government is protecting special interests and is NOT forcing a restructuring of America’s financial system. Taxpayers should demand that capitalism be reinstated back into the banking system. They should demand that Wall Street’s power elite end its mortgaging of the American future. Taxpayers should ignore platitudes and bromides from Obama and Congress, and they demand a break-up of Wall Street’s major players.

Taxpayers should be lining up in the next elections to install individuals into Congress, no matter what party they might represent, who will take back control of the most important components of the economy, and ensure that the country has a chance at a sound future. The electorate should not allow the continuing concentration of financial power to accumulate in fewer and fewer irresponsible and egocentric hands.
Take control back from Wall Street, demand transparency, and quit bailing out firms that should be allowed to fail. Stop being mesmerized by the pretense and illusion that was perfected under Alan Greenspan. Take back control of the money supply before another crisis turns a struggling economy with escalating debt, into a long term depressed economy.
James Raider writes The Pacific Gate Post
By: No Name (Hidden for His Safety) 
From: J      Wednesday, August 19, 2009 12:11 AM
Subject: My people are destroyed for lack of Knowledge
You Need To Keep This- You're Going To Need It Because Your Life Will Depend On it!!
During my twelve years service as a Judge, I always insisted on the truth and placed justice above law and order!  I could have prepared this article indicia of a research paper however; people tend to lose interest when articles of this nature become too technical. Science has taught us that, “For every action there is a positive reaction!”  If your life on earth resembles a Matrix, it is because you’re seeing things for the first time, with eyes wide open, but you feel confused! That feeling of confusion is appropriate because the information you are now digesting, contradicts much of the information you have been spoon fed throughout your life! I named this paper after the movie “The Matrix,” written by the Wachowsi brothers. After reading this, watch the movie and you will notice many similarities.
In 2002, my brother ran into a problem with the IRS and to help him out, I began to research the Tax Code. One thing led to another and suddenly I was uncovering information about our government, which was directly in conflict with the U.S. Constitution and what I have been led to believe throughout my life. In time I began to interface with people from every state in the Republic, who were doing the same thing I was doing; some for the same reason and others for different reasons. 
We began to trade our research and the facts I uncovered was totally in contradiction to the history of America, which had been taught to us in public school and the principals of law, I had absorbed during my service as a Judge. I began to assist people to prepare and file suits in the courts and I filed several of my own. At one point, because of the information I’m about to provide to you; I became extremely depressed. After about three months, I eventually shook it off and continued on with my research.
My hope in writing this is to help you, the reader, make sense of it all, which will require you to wash your mind clean of the brainwashing you were subjected to by our government, our government controlled public schools and church’s and reeducate yourself. When you understand the actions, the reactions will make sense, and it should anger you!  Eventually, you will have a choice to make; a choice that will define: “How to survive life in, The Matrix?” In ‘The Matrix’ nothing is real however, your mind has been conditioned to believe it is real! The Matrix is far too big to defeat; no one can escape it, and we haven’t the means or intelligence to beat those in control! Through my research, I discovered that America is a society of functional illiterates!  I remind you that this is not my opinion, I’m just the messenger!
The people in charge of the Matrix represent the most powerful and intelligent humans on earth. When gifted children appear in the public schools of the world, they are courted with scholarships, money and eventually memberships into secret societies! They will be introduced to very persuasive intellectuals, who will convince these young gifted people, that it is their place and duty to be a part of the elite who rule the worlds population, because the rest of the worlds population are too stupid to make decisions for themselves (their comment - not mine)!
When the “New World Order” is officially and openly in control, only the extremely intelligent will be allowed to propagate. Everyone else will be sterilized or murdered through staged pandemics, used to eliminate excessive populations! Every Foreign Revolution, the World Wars, the Depression, Prohibition, Korea, Vietnam, the Middle East conflict and the Influenza Epidemic during World War I; was planned and orchestrated by these people!
Many early writers researched much of this history and were forced to fund their own publication and the distribution of their work. Most never received the acclaim they deserved, and never knew our government was responsible for their failures! I am prepared to supply anyone interested with mounds of research in support of what I have written herein!
When I’ve conveyed parts of this information in court documents, the opposition’s lawyer, responds to their clients that, “I’m just crazy,” and if the judge is within earshot of that comment, he will nod his head in judicial agreement! Well, I guess that caps it! If a lawyer and a lawyer judge, both contend that I am crazy, then I must be crazy! They wouldn’t lie to you, or would they?
THE motive of our Founding Fathers was totally self-centered. It was their personal greed that inspired them to accept the task of writing the Constitution of the United States and not patriotism!  In actuality, the United States is not a land or a place: ‘It is a corporation, a legal fiction that existed well before the Revolutionary War.’ [See: Republica v. Sween, 1 Dallas 43 and 28 U. S. C. 3002 (15)].
The Constitution of the United States was written in secret by the Founding Fathers and was never presented to the Colonists for a vote. Surely, any document as important as this demanded the approval of the people it governed! Well, it wasn’t presented for a vote because the Constitution wasn't created for "We the People," it was created by and for the Founding Fathers, their family, heirs and their posterity!
 The Constitution is a business plan and any reference contained within it that appears to be the safeguard of a ‘Right’ is there because none of the Founding Fathers trusted each other. The safeguards were intended to prevent any one or group of them from cutting out the others! Proving that; “There’s no honor among thieves!”
Americans are not unlike all other humans who inhabit the earth. All human beings possess malleable minds, which are minds that can be shaped and controlled; and when government shapes and controls a mind, it’s called “brainwashing.” Brainwashing causes the subject to become ‘functionally illiterate.’ In America, our functional ignorance excels in the areas of history, government and law, which really are one in the same.
 Ninety-eight percent of the officials in public office are lawyers and these so-called representatives set policy and created the laws that govern this society. Their use of Greek and Latin terms in law and the habit of changing definitions and usage of common words is intentional. The intent is to confound and confuse the general public; and to hide the treason they are implementing; and so that members of the public are forced or decide to hire a lawyer out of frustration, rather than try to represent themselves in our, ‘fictional courts of law.’ As you read on I’ll explain to you why and how, our courts and laws are fictional!
There has never been a law on the books created by the Congress, which made it illegal for a common man to practice law. Every Judge of a District, Circuit or Appeal Court, except Justices and Magistrates, is a lawyer and a member of the Bar. These Judges have the authority to establish local rules of court and those mentioned, have created a local rule that prevents common people from representing any other person in their court or ‘to practice law without a license!’ A license requires that you produce your Bar Association number. For those who don’t know, the Bar Association is simply a ‘Lawyers Union,’ and when lawyers are accepted into the Bar, they are required to swear allegiance to a foreign power! The American Bar Association is a branch of a national organization titled; “The National Lawyers Guild Communist Party” and can be found recorded in the United States Code at: [28 U. S. C. 3002, section 15a]. They have become so big and entrenched that they no longer fear reprisal!
Whenever I tell people that there is no actual law that makes it a crime to represent another person in court, their reaction is, “liar!” I remind them that Abraham Lincoln and Clarence Darrow never went to law school or passed the Bar, but their reaction is understandable because the Bar is a very powerful organization and its members have infiltrated every nitch of American life and business.
 How many times in your life have you heard, “You can’t practice law without a license?” I’ve heard it said in numerous movies spanning one hundred years; in my mother’s soaps and by comedians in jokes and in theatrical skits. I’ve seen the phrase in print in newspaper articles, magazines and heard it on the radio! Before I learned the truth about this fact, even my personal lawyer made that comment to me! We all have been brainwashed to believe a lie and because we’ve heard it so often from people we trust, and who are supposed to have our best interest at heart; we all just assume it must be true! How many other lies have you assumed, “it must be true?”
       Our American society has been lied to by their government and lawyers more times than you will sign your name in your lifetime, and we have been indoctrinated “brainwashed” to believe that the Constitution was created for “We the People.” The purpose behind these lies is to make you believe that you are free, safe, protected and secure, and it is all a hallucination! How many of you have studied each line of the Constitution; the Statutes at Large and the Articles of Confederation, armed with a reputable dictionary or a law dictionary from that era?  If you take the time to do this, you will soon discover that the true purpose of the Constitution was to create a business plan and to establish a Military Government, for the protection of the Founding Fathers, the Kings commerce, protection of his Agents and the future control of his subject Slaves! Even the preamble of the U. S. Constitution is a clue to the lie and which states, “...to ourselves and our posterity!” If you never saw the title, “The Constitution,” and you were never told what this document was about; what do you think would be your first impression upon hearing or reading: “...to ourselves and our posterity!”
   The CONSTITUTION is not for “We the People” and AMERICA is a Matrix of misinformation. In the eyes of those in control; America is nothing more than a large Plantation and “We the People” are the Slaves. In many U. S. and World Treaties, the term “high contracting powers” is used to define your Masters! Everyone else is considered by them to be their Slaves!
All of the Founding Fathers had two things in common. They all shared the gift of a good education or were gifted individuals, and they all came from families of business and/or substance. These men all suffered from, “visions of grandeur!” They viewed America as their one opportunity to make them powerful and wealthy... to ourselves and our posterity!” Initially, their plan was to steal America away from the King; despite the fact that King George funded the exploration of the New World, which legally gave him first claim to all new continents discovered.
The seizure of the Americas by the Kings explorers was not as it has been depicted in our history books, presented to us by our government, in our government controlled public schools. Native Americans (the Indians) were murdered, their villages burned, many were enslaved, infected by diseases brought from England and their lands taken by force and the threat of force, by these early explorers! The Indians were labeled savages by these immigrant explorers from England, but the true savages were our English ancestors!
One thing the Founding Fathers did not know, was that all of the Kings lands and all future acquisitions such as the AMERICAS, had been given and pledged by King John to Pope Innocent III and the Holy Roman Church, by the Treaty of 1213.
 After that fact was proven to the Founding Fathers; King George and representatives from the Vatican; decided to use the Constitutional draft created by the Founding Fathers, to further their plan to control the Colonists! Control attained by bringing the Colonists to their knees in debt! Any way you read it, the Constitution was never written with the intent of benefitting the American people!
Did you know that 98% of the Law Schools in America and England do not include Constitutional Law as a part of their law curriculum? The reason for this phenomenon is because Constitutional Law does not apply to or affect the enforcement of statutes, codes or administrative regulations, which have replaced constitutional law, the common law, public law and penal law and which have been designed to control you; [e.g.]
              Constitutional Law is taught as an elective at Harvard, Yale and Cambridge, and only for students of law who are planning a future career in government. This should make sense to you as you read on. In the true History of America, neither side WON the Revolutionary War! At first, the appearance of English troops in the Colonies; was simply a show of force by King George, intended to intimidate the Colonists and force them to pay him taxes. Factually, back in England; English soldiers refused to take up arms against the Colonists because they were English citizens and relatives.
       Mr. Mayer Amschel Bauer, founder of the Rothschild Banking Empire; by this time, owned the King! Mr. Bauer had extended unlimited credit to the King and arranged contracts with him, which permitted the Rothschild Tax Collectors to represent and collect the Kings Tax from the Kings subjects. [This is the origin of the concept behind the establishment of the IRS]. It was Bauer who suggested to King George that he enforce a Tax against the Colonists in the New World, since the tax being collected in England was barely enough to pay the interest on the Kings loans. When English soldiers refused to fight; Mr. Bauer negotiated a contract with unemployed Russian/Germanic soldiers, to fight for King George, at a cost of 50¢ a day. Bauer then informed King George that he had hired these soldiers in the Kings name but at a cost of $1.00 a day!
         King George utilized these soldiers; dressed them in English soldier uniforms and ordered his career Officers to command them. When his show of force in the Colony’s failed; Mr. Bauer suggested that King George finance the Colonists in their War efforts against him, and bring the Colonists to their knees in debt! The King succeeded in accomplishing this through his appointed civilian figurehead’s in charge of his government of France. Mr. Bauer wanted to expand his Banking Empire into the Colonies. He discovered that the Colonist didn’t trade in gold or silver but used script as the basis of their economy! The script money used, were promissory notes printed by the Colonists. All the Colonists agreed that they would consider these notes, the lawful currency of the colonies. Mr. Bauer wanted gold or silver and induced the King to demand that his Tax in the Colonies be paid in gold or silver! It was that condition, “that broke the camels back” and caused the “Boston Tea Party!” “Whoever controls the money - controls the country!” [Rothschild]
Surreptitiously, King George infiltrated the Colonies and their feudal attempt to form a new government, using spy’s’ composed of English lawyers and English aristocrats, loyal to him. The spy’s assignment was to infiltrate the new government; carry out the plan to defeat the Colonists through debt and establish regular reports to the King! The Church also had their appointed representative in place to protect and insure that their interest is being observed. Much of the loans received from the French, went into the pockets of the Founding Fathers!
The Founding Fathers eventually conceded to King George and the Holy Roman Church’s demands, by and through the intervention and persuasiveness of the Kings spy’s. Ironically, the common denominator or glue that eventually bound King George, the Founding Fathers, the English lawyers and English aristocrats together was a secret society called the “Illuminati.” Even Paul Revere and Benjamin Franklin, were members of the Illuminati!
This secret society had a criminal and deadly past in Europe and in America they were eventually renamed, “The Free and Accepted Masons.” The majority of the regular membership of the Free and Accepted Masons; do not know about the “Illuminati influence” within their rank and file! The Illuminati members operate out of special secret societies separate from the regular Masonic membership and are found in every branch of the Free and Accepted Masons of the World!
Think about the Colonists who we have been taught to revere by our public school system! All of these individuals were members of this secret society and all were Traitors. Our history books also instruct us to apotheosize the Founding Fathers, but don't hold them in reverence, hold them in contempt! By and through their intervention, “Slaves you are and Slaves you will ever be!" An example of a man in history we have been taught to revere is Benjamin Franklin. Would it shock you to learn that he was on the Kings payroll and his many trips to England were actually to report on the colonial government to King George?
            The Declaration of Independence is another story omitted from our American history books. Of the fifty one men involved in the creation of the Declaration of Independence, twenty one were actually (traitors) and on the Kings payroll. During the Revolutionary War; English Officers were provided the names, addresses and family members of these thirty (loyalists) involved in the creation and signing of the Declaration of Independence. The English soldiers had been ordered to hunt down and murder all thirty (loyalists), their wives, children and all relatives, with further instructions to burn their bodies inside their homes.
The soldiers were to leave no trace of these men and their families; to wipe out their existence for an eternity! The history of civilizations has taught us that all martyrs are dangerous to men of power and King George didn’t want to leave any martyrs! It is pretty obvious who provided the detailed information about the thirty (loyalists), their family and addresses!
At first glance, it appeared that Guy Madison of Virginia; was so concerned about lawyers holding any position in American government, that he championed the 13th Amendment, which barred lawyers from holding any public office in government! The 13th Amendment was ratified, but never made it into print in our government controlled school books and public classrooms. The Amendment was surreptitiously removed and replaced by the 14th Amendment. The 15th Amendment became the 14th and so on.
      Madison’s efforts appear admirable but his later actions, as a member of the 1st Congress; suggests that his only real concern was to block lawyers from undermining the theft that he and his compatriots’ had planned for America!
       Once the cost of the Revolutionary War sufficiently placed the Colonists in debt; the English soldiers were ordered to dispense with their efforts, recover their arms and within the next eight years they eventually returned to England. The Colonists were so glad to see the fighting stop; that they allowed the soldiers to retreat and exit America peacefully. There is an old legal Maxim that states: “The first to leave the field of battle - loses.”
Pursuant to this Maxim, the Founding Fathers proclaimed the Colonists the victors! A Maxim is a legal truth that is time honored and incorruptible.  In reality, the War was just a diversion! The Colonists had no chance of succeeding in their efforts.
     Examine the facts for yourself! During this era; England had the largest Army and Navy in the World. King George owned England, Ireland and France, having a combined population of about 60 million subjects. The Colonists were poorly educated, poorly armed and composed of farmers, tradesmen, bonded slaves, women and children and boasted a total population of only 3 million subjects. And considering the undermining that was occurring to their nation by the Kings spy’s and the Founding Fathers; the Colonists didn’t have a prayer of defeating the English!
     Americans have been indoctrinated by our federal and state governments and through government controlled public schools and literature; government controlled media and government controlled churches [YES, EVEN THE CHURCHES]; to believe that America defeated the English! We celebrate that victory and our so-called Independence each year on the 4th of July, and it is all a bunch of propaganda; a carrot to lead the horse and keep this society stupid and passive! We boast today that our country represents the finest schools in the world, but in reality, we’re no smarter than the first Colonists! We only know more about other things because of new technology developments during the last 250 years and yet the average IQ of America is 70.
Documented proof that the Constitution was not for us can be found at: Padelford, Fay & Co. v. The Mayor and Aldermen of the City of Savannah, [14 Georgia 438, 520].
This was a Court case wherein the Plaintiffs sued the City of Savannah, for violating what they believed were their constitutionally protected rights!
 The decision of the Judge says it all: "But indeed, no private person has a right to complain, by suit in Court, on the ground of a breach of the Constitution, the Constitution, it is true, is a compact but he [the private person] is not a party to it!" [Emphasis added]
The United States Constitution was converted into a (Trust)
 and the legal definition of a Trust is: “A legal obligation with respect to property given by one person (donor), to another (trustee), to the advantage of a beneficiary (Americans).” The property in this Trust includes all land, your personal possessions that you believe you own and your physical body. The donor of the Trust is the King of England and the Holy Roman Church.  The Trustee’s are all federal and state public officials, which means that they truly are Agents of a foreign power; the King and the Vatican.
     The reason the Constitution was converted into a Trust is because, as a non-trust business plan; The Constitution completely bound the hands of our government officials! By their converting it into a Trust, our public officials; were then free to make any changes they desired to this government, without their constituents knowledge! The rules of a Trust are secret and no trustee can be compelled to divulge those rules, and the rules can be changed by the trustees without notice to the beneficiary!
      The one pitfall confronting them and their plan was the fact that by converting the Constitution into a Trust, our public officials had to legally assign a beneficiary; and the beneficiary chosen could not offend or be in contrast to the numerous International Treaties that were in force. Our public officials wanted to stay in control of the Trust as the trustees; however a trustee cannot also be a beneficiary! So even though the Constitution was never designed or written for the Sovereign American people; they unknowingly became the beneficiary of this secret Trust and hence, the creation of the “propaganda” regarding our Constitutional Rights!
All high ranking public officials, lawyers and judges; laugh at the ignorance of people who claim that their Constitutional Rights have been violated! Lawyers are actually taught to treat the members of the general public as inferior individuals! This also explains the ‘air of arrogance’ that most lawyers convey in their demeanor and speech!
      The more powerful Agents of the states and the federal government however, have been stealing the benefits from the Trust through numerous maneuvers that have the appearance of being lawful. In their defense; many former public officials (Agents) were not corrupt to begin with but, by accepting bribes or as the result of enjoying an arranged extramarital relationship; they became the victim of an extortion plot and succumbed to the threat to expose the bribe or their elicit affair, to their constituents! By becoming an (Agent), all was forgiven and forgotten!
The people, who arranged the bribes, also arranged the situations, and applied the pressure to force honest men to become dishonest! [An example of this could be a sudden demand by a Bank to pay off a loan, based upon a hidden clause in the loan contract and which could result in a foreclosure, bankruptcy and scandal]!
    There are no remaining public federal employees in America! All employees who you believe to be a part of America’s government are actually agents of a foreign government and this definition includes the [President]. The federal elections are a joke on us! All of the candidates have been (jointly preselected and prescreened) by the National Boards of the Republican and Democratic Parties, well before the Election process. All of our federally elected officials, appointed administrators, federal police and Judges; receive their paychecks through the Office of Personnel Management. OPM is a division of the International Monetary Fund, which is owned by the Rockefeller and Rothschild families and their Banking Empires, which operates in tandem with the United Nations.
    The IRS and Interpol; are owned by the International Monetary Fund, which has been identified in an earlier version of the U. S. Army Manual, as a Communist Organization!
Those Americans, who do not know how to assert their beneficiary status; are treated by the government and their courts, as a corporate fiction! The corporate governments and their courts, only have jurisdiction over corporations. Corporations have no rights or jurisdiction over living people and are only provided considerations, which have been pre-negotiated in contracts by their directors. Otherwise, they’re governed totally by commercial law, and so are you!
At this point, I believe I should address a “corporate fiction” for you by creating a situation you can relate to.
SITUATION: [You’ve decided to go into business for yourself and you thought up a clever name for your business. Everything you’ve read and the advice received from a lawyer or friend; suggests that you should incorporate your business! To incorporate is to create a business on paper. It isn’t real; it is a business in theory, which makes it a fiction! The lawyer or accountant you hired to prepare your corporation; records your business with the state as a state corporation and identifies you as president of the board of directors, not the owner. Your business is now “a corporate fiction” and by recording the business as a state corporation; you no longer own it, the state owns it! You just gave your business away and made yourself an employee]!
Our presumed government representatives have done the same thing to each of us. They changed each of us from “a sovereign” into “a corporate fiction.” Your corporate name is easily identifiable, in that it is expressed in all capital letters on all your documents and all communications received from every government agency!
     The reason for converting every Sovereign American into a corporate fiction dates back to the Principal of Law under the King! The King is a Sovereign Monarch and dictator, who by his authority, creates the laws that govern his subjects. He is the Source of Law and therefore the law cannot be enforced against him! In America, the Source of Law is the Sovereign People and therefore no laws can be enforced against the Source, except for those specifically agreed to or defined by the original Constitution. Those laws are defined as Theft, Assault and Criminal Mischief; but since the Colonists never voted on the Constitution, none of these offenses are enforceable against a living Sovereign! They are enforceable however against a corporation or corporate fiction!
      In theory and according to the common law; before any Sovereign can be arrested for one of these crimes; a complaint must be filed with the elected Sheriff. The Sheriff, by his own authority, assembles (a common law jury) of the accused Sovereigns immediate neighbors, called a Grand Jury. The neighbors hear the complaint and evidence presented to them by the complainant. They are permitted to ask questions of any witness and can subpoena anyone else who can shed light on the allegations. A majority must then decide if the accused Sovereign is to be tried by a court. All of this is done without [a judge or prosecutor in attendance]!
 This is a real Grand Jury proceeding, which is far removed from the joke perpetrated by our corporate government and courts today!
What happened to our Grand Jury rights of old? The Bar Association has successfully stolen that right away from the Sovereign people, little by little, through rewrites of the Judiciary Act, so that now the American public believes that the Grand Jury is an instrument subject to the jurisdiction, right and whim of the prosecuting attorney! The prosecuting attorney controls the entire proceeding and who testifies. The judge then tells the jury what the law is and the members of the panel are always denied the opportunity to view the written law!
All of our governments are corporations and are responsible for the creation of about 800 thousand laws called statutes, which are designed to control the Sovereign people of America. Just like the King; these statutes cannot be enforced against the Source of Law, which are the living, breathing flesh and blood Sovereign people.
      All of the Agents in power beginning with the King, the Vatican, the Founding Fathers and now our presumed public officials, wanted to obtain power and control over America and the Constitution pretty much prohibited them from achieving those ends! So they began to devise ways to change the Sovereign Americans into [a corporate fiction]. These Agents also decided and reasoned that they cannot educate the masses, without exposing their treachery, and so our private and public education must be controlled!
Without any real Constitutional basis, the U. S. Department of Education was created.             The Constitution made it the responsibility of each state to educate their people and several states challenged the Congress in the courts. The matter was eventually heard by the U. S. Supreme Court, which has never been a Constitutional Article III Court from its inception, which I will explain. The Supreme Court ruled that the federal government was entitled to oversee the educational requirements of “United States Citizens” by virtue of their Constitutional powers to regulate Commerce!
       Bad law is bad law, no matter how you turn the paper and that ruling gave the federal government the green light to initiate its “brainwashing” process of the American public.
    Let me explain how the Court arrived at its ruling because these are not ignorant men!
On every form you file to receive “government benefits” and even the “voter registration form,” there is a question that asks: Are you a United States Citizen? YES/NO and everyone circles the YES answer. Didn’t you? Now look up the definition of a “United States Citizen,” in a reputable law dictionary. You will discover that a United States Citizen is a phrase designed to identify a “corporate fiction!” Clever, isn’t it? You and every other American had no idea that you were admitting you were a corporate fiction when you circled that YES answer, and you did it under penalty of perjury!
      The sovereign states had been abolished in 1790 by the adoption of Article 1 of the Statutes at Large, which converted all the sovereign states into federal districts and gave the federal government lawful jurisdiction everywhere. In consideration of the fact that the federal government is a corporation and that corporations can lawfully own other corporations; and all the American subjects to be educated have admitted under penalty of perjury that they are corporations; the Supreme Court ruled in favor of the corporate federal government. [See how sneaky and tricky lawyers can be? And all the more reason why lawyers should never be allowed to serve in government or in judgment of us]!
     Under our corporate governments, no Sovereign can lawfully be tried or convicted of any statutory crime! I recently discovered how to avoid prosecution under the Trust, when a Sovereign is taken before a corporate prosecuting Attorney or a Judge:
First: “the Sovereign must inquire if we are on the record, and if not, insist upon it!  Say nothing, sign nothing and answer no questions until you are convinced that the proceedings are being recorded!”
Secondly: all a Sovereign has to say for the record is: “I am a beneficiary of the Trust, and I am appointing you as my Trustee!”
Thirdly: the Sovereign then directs his Trustee to do his bidding! “As my Trustee, I want you to discharge this matter I am accused of and eliminate the record!”
Fourthly: if the Sovereign suffered any damages as a result of his arrest, he can direct that the Trust compensate him from the proceeds of the Court by saying; “I wish to be compensated for [X] dollars, in redemption.”  This statement is sufficient to remove the authority and jurisdiction from any prosecuting attorney or judge. The accused will be immediately released from custody, with a check, license or claim he identifies as a damage. It doesn’t matter what the action involves or how it is classified by the corporate law as a civil or criminal action! It works every time!
       All of the Codes, Statutes and Regulations throughout the United States are a Will from the Masters to their Slaves. A Will is defined as, “An express command used in a dispositive nature.” When individuals in America are charged with a crime and warehoused in a jail; it is because they went against the Will of the Masters, and not because they harmed another person! Remember that: The Will demands from us, all that we are; keeps us in check and promises us nothing!
The police officer, who arrested you, has been “brainwashed” into believing that he is doing the right thing, when in fact he is nothing more than an “armed slave acting as a henchman” and hired to bully and intimidate all other Slaves into submission of the Masters Will! This statement will probably offend most police officers but this is fact and it is not their fault!
     Most police officers believe they are performing a public service and doing the right thing in the performance of duty. They have been lied to by the government and in most cases police officers are pumped full of lies more so than anybody else!
Recently, the Police have all been ordered to complete (paramilitary training) and were told that this is essential because of the new threat of Terrorism! The people responsible for this training and brainwashing are the same people and foreign Agents who have been controlling all of us since our birth!
     NOTE: I’ll bet that nobody told these police officers that these suspected Terrorists may come at them from their very own government officials!
So now our government officials have our police officers training to act as a military unit. [e.g.] Follow our orders and don’t think!
They have succeeded in placing these officers on edge, so that their every reaction; will be an over-reaction to the situation, just like Hitler’s Gestapo!
    Near the end of this paper, I will disclose to the reader about a situation that has been planned by our government officials and is soon to unfold!
The police paramilitary training and their extensive brainwashing has been implemented specifically for this event!
It is expected that police officers will over-react and begin killing innocent Americans, and once they are no longer of use, the officers and their families will all be ordered to receive vaccinations that will kill all of them!
My guess is that after this planned mass genocide has occurred, the Russian and Chinese military will replace them in the field. Part of the Fraud perpetrated against “We the People” by this Will, is the fact that there are actually no criminal laws in America. The Rules of Procedure used by every Local, State and Federal Court are Civil Rules, not Criminal!
Court officials simply substitute the word criminal for civil, depending upon the case at hand. Rule 1 of the Rules of Civil Procedure Reads:
“There shall be but one form of action, a civil action.” This means that the Criminal laws promulgated and enforced by the police and our corporate governments are all civil and are being fraudulently enforced against our “corporate fictions” as criminal.  When anyone goes to jail, it is for a civil infraction of the Masters Will. That makes all of our jails, debtors prisons!
“Does that Ring a Constitutional Bell?”  Title 18, Federal Crimes and Offenses: was never voted on by the Congress, which means that these federal laws are NOT positive law in America!
Now, if you were a part of a government conspiracy to destroy America and soon to commit a mass genocide of its population; would you really want to vote Title 18 into positive law? My belief is that the Congress intentionally omitted its passage, so that members of Congress could use that as a defense, should they be caught and tried for Treason!
Do you believe the lawyers hired or appointed to represent all the individuals accused of federal crimes, knew about this fact?  You bet they know!
    Armed with this fact: Now look at the number of convicted people sitting in federal prisons, who believe they have been lawfully convicted of violating a federal crime! How many do you imagine have been put to death? How many were shot and killed during the arrest?  How many were killed attempting to escape from their illegal confinement?
  The Internal Revenue Code relies upon Title 18 to convict people of Tax Evasion, which (only applies to corporations). Look at all the people sitting in federal prisons who were convicted of this so-called crime? What makes it worse is the fact that the Queen of England, entered into a Treaty with the federal government for the taxing of alcoholic beverages and cigarettes sold in America. The treaty is called The Stamp Act and in this Act, the Queen ordained that her subjects, the American people, are exonerated of all other federal taxes!
So the federal income tax and the state incomes taxes levied against all American’s is contrary to an International Treaty and against the Sovereign Orders of the Queen!
Like it or not, the Queen is our Monarch and Master!
The Tax is illegal and still people have been prosecuted and imprisoned, contrary to law!
One hundred percent (100%) of the people sentenced and held in all American Jails have either been convicted of crimes that are not positive law or were convicted of civil crimes, and are being detained there by their consent! That’s Right!
The lawyers and judges representing our legislature and judicial system; created maneuvers to insure that anyone who is accused of a so-called crime and posts bail, (signs a contract to appear and consents by that contract to the proceedings scheduled).  Anyone who applies for a public defender, signs the same contract without knowing it and anyone who privately hires a lawyer to represent them in a Court proceeding, consents to the same contract upon the lawyer filing a “Notice of Appearance!” When you hire a lawyer, you signed a Power of Attorney.  He is required to file his Notice of Appearance in that case and that Notice of Appearance offers your consent and binds your appearance to the proceedings!
Absent these aforementioned contracts; the Court cannot proceed against you!  When that occurs; the Judge and the Prosecutor, attempt to trick and intimidate you into giving your consent! If you don’t know how to invoke your Sovereignty, and you take what they throw at you, and stand your ground; they will be forced to release you after 72 hours has elapsed!
I’m not a bleeding heart liberal who believes that we should open up the jails and let everyone out! There are people in our jails who need to be there, despite the fact that they have been incarcerated illegally! My vote is to leave that hornets nest alone!
     We American’s are so proud of the fact that we live in a Democracy! Now look up the word “Democracy,” in a reputable Law Dictionary and see the legal meaning. Democracy is defined as: “A Socialist form of government and another form of Communism.” Do you remember the lies that President Reagan, the Congress and the Media told America?  The lie was that, “The Iron Curtain fell without a shot being fired!” The truth is that the Iron Curtain came down because Communist Europe found an ally in the West and there was no longer a need for walls!
PS/ Your Federal Taxes constructed the Worlds largest automated vehicle and munitions plant for the Soviet Union, during the dismantling of the Berlin Wall!
PPS/ The attempt to assassinate President Reagan occurred because he had disclosed to the American people that: “None of the federal income tax paid by the American people is ever deposited into the United States Treasury and is being deposited into the Federal Reserve Bank for its use and benefit!”
   Shortly after making that statement, Reagan was shot by John Hinkley, who was quickly declared insane, so that there never would be a public trial!  If you recall, President Reagan was never the same after that incident! The Masters don’t play around - they eliminate problems or radically curve attitudes!
On September 17, 1787, twelve State delegates of the Thirteen State Colony’s approved the United States Constitution, not the Colonists, and by their doing so, the States became “constitutors.” A “constitutor” is defined under civil law as, “One who by simple agreement becomes responsible for the payment of another’s debt.” [See: Blacks Law Dictionary, 6th Edition].
Many early immigrants to the United States arrived here as Bonded Slaves. A person of wealth or substance became the [payor] by offering to pay or promising to pay or [bond] the debts of another person, and usually paid the cost of his or her voyage to America. This made the payor a [constitutor] and gave him title as [master] over the debtor [slave] by written contract. A “Bonded Slave” is a corporate fiction. The payor’s new title and power as the “Bond Master” of the debtor, causes the immigrant to become “a Bond Slave” and the property of the Master until such time he is paid back his investment by the Bond Slave or by someone else. This means that the Bond Master can buy and sell these contracts!   (That means you & me! )
If a Bonded Slave was mistreated by his Bond Master; the law did not represent him because the Bond Slave (a corporate fiction-YOU, if your name is in all capitals) had no human rights afforded to him by any law!
Corporate fictions have no rights. If the Bonded Slave desired rights, he was obligated to negotiate them in his contract with the Bond Master before accepting the contract. If the Bonded Slave runs away from his abusive Bond Master; the law in place however, attached a bounty, hunted him down and returned him to the Bond Master.
Remember also that the first Slaves in America were (Indian) and then Caucasian, of English, French, Irish and German ancestry. The Constitution is not for “We the People:”  As mentioned before, the Colonists were never presented the Constitution to vote on its passage and approval because the Constitution was never written for them and has been rewritten two more times since then, but only our government officials know about that!
And now, so do you! ....(....)....FOR MORE:
August 24, 2009 11:02 AM      Do you need a Drivers Licence???
says HE TRAVELS in his car,
does not DRIVE in his car, because Driving is
"commercial". 35 years he has NO Drivers Lic.
This is not for those who know, but to pass it on to others who don't know...
This is from the USA but can be used to educate others in the Freeman / Sovereign Status
We are all learning about the Govt deception to CONTRACT us into everything as Commercial entities...
Do you need a Drivers Licence???
you can check out the other video's on the right for more on this issue...
Israel's Mossad  //      Black Ops and False Flags
 What is the Mossad?
Mossad is a shell organization for Jewish/Israeli terrorism all over the world.
 What is a False Flag?
Committing an atrocious act, and blaming another party or nation for it. The point is to turn public opinion against an entity, and have someone else fight your battles for you. 
Churchill, who was 1/2 Jewish, leaked intelligence to Germany that Lusitania carried munitions,  and then it was sent it in a U-boat infested area. The ship was supposedly torpedoed, and a massive bomb exploded, killing 1200.
This set the stage for Wilson to bring the USA into WW1, at a later date.
 When government officials were away, Jewish-paid thugs went on a rampage in Berlin and some border towns.   Nazis were blamed, and world opinion favored Jews
 Bromberg massacre
An estimated 58,000 German civilians lost their lives in the massacres carried out prior to the 1939 invasion. A website on the atrocity at Bromberg explains how Polish Bolshevik Jews massacred 5,500 Germans, on one 'Bloody Sunday, in 1939.
This was the flashpoint for the Polish invasion.
 The King David Massacre 
 July 22, 1946
Jewish terrorists blew up a hotel, and killed 91 British soldiers, and blamed the atrocity on Arabs. When later caught, they said the British had a list of their Arab spies and were going to turn them over to the Palestinians.
The goal of the False Flag was to pit the British against the Palestinians.
 Lavon affair
In 1954, Israeli agents working in Egypt planted bombs in several buildings, including a United States diplomatic facility, and left evidence behind implicating Arabs as the culprits. The ruse would have worked, had not one of the bombs detonated prematurely, allowing the Egyptians to capture and identify one of the bombers, which in turn led to the round up of an Israeli spy ring.
 June 1968
Robert Kennedy is shot by a PLO bus-boy named Sirhan Sirhan. Kennedy was running for President, and would have sought revenge over the Israeli killing of his brother.
The use of a Palestinian was a little too 'Hollywood'.
 USS Liberty ....June 6th, 1967
Six fighters, three torpedo boats and two assault helicopters attacked the USS Liberty. There were 24 dead and 177 maimed. F-4 phantoms were enroute when President Johnson stopped the rescue.
Israel's plan was to blame Egypt, and have the US retaliate against Egypt. 
 September 5, 1972
Eight Palestinian "Black September" terrorists seized 11 Israeli athletes in the Olympic Village in Munich, West Germany. In the rescue attempt directed by Moshe Dyan, using West German authorities, nine of the hostages, and five terrorists were killed.
Israel, and it's Jews, are once again the victim, and the Palestinians are demons. 
 1976 ... Entebbe
Israel faked a hijacking to Kenya (Idi Imin was an Israeli puppet), and then pulled a rescue, portraying themselves as elite commandos.
Arabs looked like monsters and the Israelis, having suffered countless persecutions, have decided to fight back. 
Abu Nidal, who was an Israeli Black Ops agent, attacked the Jewish Goldenberg's delicatessen in Paris. 6 were killed, and 20 were wounded, of which 2 were Jewish. 
 Pan Am flight 73 
A 747 was enroute from Karachi, to Frankfurt, to its final destination of New York.
Four hijackers took control of the airplane, and for the next 16 hours, they held 379 passengers at gunpoint, while the pilots escaped. The plane was stormed and 20 died.
 Beirut Marine barracks ...October 23,1983
241 Marines died when a truck packed with explosives blew up a Marine barracks at Beirut International Airport.
 Achille Lauro ...1985
Abu Abbas, and 15 Arabs, took over a cruise ship and threw a Leon Klinghoffer overboard. After two days of negotiations, the seajackers abandoned the ship.
In this False Flag, the Israelis turned world opinion against the Arabs, while once again portraying themselves as victims.
 English policewoman shot....1984
In 1984, Zionist Jews staged a protest outside the Libyan embassy in London. Approximately 25 English Bobbies were used for crowd control. During the middle of the demonstration, a shot rang out and a female Bobby named Yvonne Fletcher was killed.
The shot came from a building used by the Mossad to spy on the Libyan embassy, but the newspapers overlooked that and blamed Libya.
Israel used this false flag murder of Policewoman Fletcher, to turn world opinion against Libya.
  Alia airliner...1985
Nidal's Black September group hit a jet with an SAM as it took off from Athens airport.
Although the rocket did not explode, it left a hole in the fuselage.
 Lockerbie ....Dec 1988
Mossad blew up Pan AM 103 and blamed it on Libya. Unfortunately, the plane was late and blew up overland, and all the evidence pointed towards Israel.
Israel's goal was to demonize the Muslims, and lay the groundwork for 9/11.
 AMIA ....1992
Mossad blew up AMIA and the Israeli Embassy in Argentina. Over 100 killed, and practically all of them were Argentineans. 
 Luxor, Egypt ... 1992
An attack on Luxor, by militants, in which 58 foreigners, most of them Swiss, were killed. Arabs blamed the Mossad.
Israel destroyed Egyptian tourism, and turned world opinion against Muslims.
 The Estonia 1994
Israel suspected Estonia of selling nuclear technology to Iran so they sank a passenger ship.
 Khobar Towers ...1996
Khobar Towers was bombed. It housed an F-15 unit.
Israel said it was done by Hezbollah, but US military investigators linked it to Mossad. 
 Karin-A...... 2000
Israel intercepted a ship, the Karin-A, in the Red Sea. The ship contained massive weapons, which Israel claimed were destined for the PLO. A Jewish arms dealer set it all up.
As a result, world opinion turned on the PLO, and Israel's slaughter of rock throwing Arab children wasn't questioned. 
 Two airports attacked .....1985
Terrorists of Abu Nidal's Black Sept. struck at the Rome and Vienna airports. Nineteen were killed at Schwechat Airport and three at the Rome airport.
 LaBelle Disco ......1986
As part of a Libya False flag, the Mossad sent a series of false messages out of Tripoli, talking of an impending attack. The Mossad then bombed a German Disco, the Labelle Club, killing three and wounding 230. President Reagan was convinced it was a Libyan attack, and retaliated by bombing Libya
World opinion turned against Libya.
 OKC Murrah Building ...1993
One of the Mossad's American arms, the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC), was concerned about the growth of Patriot movements such as Militias, so an attack was staged using a Timothy McVeigh patsy, who was out of Elohim City (Jewish-sponsored terror Mecca).
The real brains behind the OKC bombing were Andreas Strassmeir and Daniel Spiegelman, who were/are both Jewish.
The Zionists destroyed the Militia movement's credibility, and brought the FBI down on them.
  Flight 840
TWA's Flight 840, a Boeing 727 flying from Rome to Athens with 115 passengers and seven crew members aboard, had already begun its descent toward the Athens international airport. Twenty minutes before landing, as it flew at 15,000 ft. over Argos, a town near the ancient site of Mycenae, an explosion shook the aircraft. Four were killed but 111 lived.
Once again, Israel planted the seed of "Arab" terrorism.
 World Trade Center.... 1993
In Dec. 1992, an Israeli soldier, Nissim Toledano, was kidnapped and killed. The Israeli government rounded up 1600 members of Hamas, and deported 415 of them to the no-mans land between the Israeli and Lebanese borders. In the brutally inhospitable weather, these 415 Hamas members were stranded without food and shelter. Furthermore, the Israeli authorities stopped any humanitarian aid from reaching these people. With media focus on the deportees, it triggered international outrage against Israel, which was followed by international pressure on Israel that refused to go away. This time, Israel had bit off more than it could chew. It was time to ‘deflect’ pressure off Israel.
              Israeli intelligence services went into action. A detailed process that is too long to elaborate here, hatched a plan. In the third week of February 1993, a truck bomb exploded in the basement of the World Trade Center building. Muslims used as scapegoats took the blame for it, while the real culprits were safely back in Israel. Thus world opinion and pressure was shifted away from Israel.  
 Port Arthur Massacre .....1996
A 2-man Israeli Counter-Terrorism team killed 35 at a remote tourist center at Port Arthur, Tasmania. The blame fell on a mentally challenged man named Martin Bryant, who has served as the designated patsy for this crime ever since.
Zionists got their long-awaited draconian gun control laws passed in Australia as a result of this massacre. Another view, by some expert Australian researchers is here.
 Birmingham ....1998
Birmingham abortion clinic bombed and two people killed.
As a result of the bombing, abortion opponents were portrayed as lunatics, while the Jewish-dominated abortion industry special laws passed to protect their trade. 
 Egyptair 990.....1999
Israel planted a thermite bomb in the aircraft tail.
 USS Cole
Sayanims in the Pentagon had the Cole directed to a part in Yemen, where Israeli agents had Arab patsies approach the Cole with a small boat, in order to be seen by crewmen, while they attacked it with a shape charge. 
 Sept 11 .....2001
The most brazen of all Israeli attacks.
 Flight 587....2001
Mossad blows up a Fl 587 out of NY, and it crashes in Rockaway.
 Bali Bomb
Mossad sets off a micro nuke on the island of Bali, killing 182.
Israel blamed the attack on Al Qaeda (which is really an Israeli false flag patsy intel op), and the USA invaded Iraq. 
 Kenya missile .... 2002
In 2002, Israel claimed AL Qaeda shot two SAM missiles at a jet on take-off. Israel used this incident to help lay the groundwork for shooting down a US airliner.
 Manila.... 2003
Mossad planted a bomb on a Manila ferry, killing 103.
Israel blamed the attack on Al Qaeda.
 CIA Bomb In Gaza....2003
Three CIA agents are traveling in Gaza, when a Mossad bomb exploded.
Palestinians were blamed for the attack.
 Madrid Train ... 2002
Mossad killed 198 in the Madrid bomb blast.
Al Queda was blamed.
Mossad bombed two airliners over Russia.
Israel claimed it was Al Qaeda. London bus
Mossad bombed London buses
The general public is so suspicious, that Israel leaders have been told not to talk publicly. The news media pushes the story it was Al Quada Pakistani bombers.
Juba the sniper
Israel operatives in Iraq
Judicial Index
Global Non-Compliance Day - 25th August.    POSTED   August 6, 2009 6:17 AM //
August 6, 2009
Farewell to Fascism, Hello Humanity!...Global Non-Compliance Day - 25th August.
Host:  Global Non-Compliance Day
Type:  Party - Goodbye Party
Network:  Global
Date:  Tuesday, August 25, 2009
Time:  12:00am - 11:55pm
On August 25th 2009, we invite YOU, and all of humanity to participate in a Global Independence Day where we will celebrate the freedom and creativity of the human spirit as we completely disengage for an entire day from all monetary transactions, thereby declaring a complete disengagement from the established Politico-Economic Matrix that enslaves us.
We invite you to for an entire day celebrate the human family, the Earth, Nature, and the freedom and creativity of the human spirit and relinquish the malign viral instrument of money which only serves to enslave.
We wish for this to be a global event so please tell as many people as you can. We look forward to your participation in this celebration and wish you all well. Thank you for your love and support for truth and freedom and thank you most of all for your humanity.              www.facebook.com/event.php  and  http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=137580112183
.......................................and......((bilingual text ))............
Global Non-Compliance Day ....  Mondial     Infos générales
Type :   Organismes - Association bénévole
Description :  
Global Non-Compliance Day is a shift in awareness from the artificial exchange/money based mind-set, to a new paradigm that does not rely upon any artificial system to provide Humanity with it's needs. Without the impediments of artifices, like money, Humanity can rely upon the principles of Gifting and sustainable self-sufficiency.
Mohandas Ghandi and Martin Luther King Jr. recognized the wisdom of PEACEFUL non-compliance with illegitimate institutions and laws. Today, also, we are facing illegitimate groups and institutions that serve not only as a threat to various peoples, but to humanity as a whole.
This is NOT a protest, for truly there is nothing to protest against. These globo-mutual efforts are an opportunity to permanently quit our addiction to money. A peaceful co-ordinated effort is necessary for TWO reasons:
1) It allows us a VOICE of mutual support in deliver of the message we seek to communicate to ONE ANOTHER,
2) It allows us to HEAR the effectiveness of our SUPPORT to ONE ANOTHER in quiting our addiction by assessing the change in the market place.
Thus, Global Non-Compliance Days are when we send a statement of our Humanity to the artificial System. That message is:
"We know who is in control, and we are taking our power back.
Game Plan:
- No transactions.
- No engagement in commerce.
- No going to malls, restaurants, bars, sports events, etc.
- No attendance of any other commercial venues.
- No credit or debit transactions.
- No purchases - No food or gas, etc.
- No spending or circulating money.
- No pre-payment of mortgages or rent would be HIGHLY encouraged so the entire weekend would keep the bank's Overnight Deposit Transactions from occurring as they desperately need that to generate THEIR interest.
- Withdrawal of ALL available funds from any/all accounts is especially encouraged.
Zeitgeist & Global Non-Compliance compliant to peacefully, and permanently insure the Only Effective Solution.
What is the purpose of Global Non- Compliance?
The purpose of Global Non-Compliance Days and Global Non-Compliance in general is two fold.
1. It serves as a mechanism by which we can responsibly transcend the problems of society and of the Elitists which humanity has allowed himself to be a victim to as well as a withdrawal from the System, and declares the System to be illegitimate and the individual an autonomous entity.
2. In general, Global Non- Compliance serves as an entirely new paradigm which supports the freedom and inherent natural Right of Self-Determination, and establishes that individuals are independent and self-sustaining agents, who need not be reliant on any type of governmental body for support.
How do Global Non-Compliance Days work?
Because the monetary system is the most fundamental way by which people are subjugated and controlled under the hierarchical elitist system, Global Non-Compliance is a means to disengage from the system by not committing to monetary transactions and acts an expression of taking responsibility for transcending our problems and freely creating our own Reality.
On select dates, events will occur which, on a global level, people who participate will disengage from any monetary transaction of any sort for the entirety of the event.
NOW. Too much time has past and now Humanity stands to face one of two possible fates: either we allow ourselves to succumb to the malignancies of destruction and enslavement or we finally exercise an act of responsibility and transcend the problems we face in order to create a more balanced, beautiful reality in which to live. Global genocide is a reality, and global application of Agenda 21 and Codex Alimentarius will be fully enacted and operational by Dec 31, 2009. The ultimate choice which will determine humanity's fate is all of ours to make, so let us be true to ourselves and choose; Self-Determination.
What is the eventual goal?
Complete, permanent abandonment of any system of exchange, and instead, reliance upon the principles of Gifting to obtain Self-Reliant, global support of every human freely choosing to do so; to provide for every need (and eventually every sustainable want) without the impediment of artifices, in particular, money.
Some pertinent sources of information regarding Global Non- Compliance:
Zeitgeist Movement
Zeitgeist Video Presentation
Fight the NWO with Global Non- Compliance (playlist)
What is the Matrix (playlist)
Statism is Dead (recommended 3 of 5)
'Buy Nothing Day' around the world!
Apparently, a potential method, or model for peacefully invoking the International Right of Self-Determination to peacefully establish a recognized, Self-Determined society. (Crazy, huh?) I (Fukyiro) am still looking at the feasibility of this if anyone is interested in discussing it, they are having a Conference Call on Sundays at 9pm EST. Details are available on the first website link.
Adresse électronique :  
Site web :  
http://www.youtube.com/user/GlobalNoncom... // http://www.youtube.com/user/GlobalNoncompliance
Bureau :   The Center of Yourself
Adresse :   Anywhere You Find Yourself
GROUNDSWELL: Love is stronger than Tyranny ....  Mondial    Infos générales
Type :  Organismes - Organisation politique
Description :  .......
http://www.mediafire.com/file/2modgnzezud/A UNIVERSAL DECLARATION OF RESISTANCE TO MANDATORY VACCINATION5 - final.pdf

GROUNDSWELL aims to expose and challenge the gov't on SPP/TILMA/NAU and other such atrocities including the highly secret CFB Fema camps which have been set up in lock step with the US Fema Camps, Codex Alimentarius, Chemtrails, HAARP interference, the deceptive marketing practices & dangers of Aspartame, MSG, Mercury, Fluoride, Bisphenal A, our serious water contamination, the ongoing crisis of vaccine fillers and the tax lie/dispensing with the Corporate Contract we all adhere to without choice from birth
 thus restoring one's identity as a Natural Person.
We fully intend to use all the powers & services at our disposal - Ombudsmen, Notaries, MP's, MLA's, Journalists, Doctors, Food Experts, Chemists, Lawyers, Radio/Internet Podcasts, Class Action Suits, Rallies, Petitions, etc. to meet this tyranny head on and reclaim our sovereign rights not only as Canadians but as human beings.
We welcome new members from all walks of life to join us.
This is our life, this is our fight!

------------- THE NEW WORLD ORDER: BEYOND DARKNESS & LIGHT ------------------
We shine our lantern into places of darkness, down unfamiliar pathways only to discover footprints we ourselves once made but have since forgotten.
The New World Order is really a misnomer. By all accounts it is clearly the Old World Order, wide-reaching & powerful in scope, determined in pursuit of its penultimate objectives. This ancient cabal has operated in relative obscurity & under a solemn vow of secrecy for centuries. What distinguishes it from other similar organizations, how is it we have suddenly found ourselves at the precipice of total annihilation of the species, the advent of a futurist nightmare a la George Orwell's 1984 without warning, preparation or comprehension of the motives or modus operandi of our adversary?
When tackling this 'Rubik's cube' of history it is important to weigh & measure one's research. There are countless rabbit holes, red-herrings & misconstrued theories circulating that claim to expose the inner workings of it all, dis-information type spin used as propaganda to deflect attention away from their true intent. Prudent journalism is required, intelligent discernment of fact vs. fiction. By deconstructing the pyramid gradually you begin to see the big picture. Essentially The New World Order is a mafia. The biggest, oldest, most well coordinated, crafted, insulated, financed, indoctrinated, fundamentalist, determined & ruthless occult cabal ever to walk the face of the earth. It is said to span several centuries historically predating all current religions, encompassing the cornerstones of most major philosophies, developed societies & political power structures of the Establishment; a vast undertaking to pin it down. How do they operate? Much like any mafia, ruled by greed & violence, a literal hierarchy that ensures the survival of the beast, and determines its path by the limitless goals of its ambitions. I tend to see it as a quilt, albeit a murky foul patchwork of deceit & larceny.
            The New World Order consists of a mostly European cartel of private banking elites, the Rothschilds, Rockefellers, J.P Morgan, Prescott-Bush, Harrimans and only a select few of others. In conjunction with an interlocking network of powerful companies that steer the overall agenda they constitute one ring of financial power that seeds the power structure itself, sometimes referred to as The Committee of 300. Their influence cannot be under-estimated. Within this ring we find several other interlocking rings, the Vatican, the Jesuits, The 13 bloodlines of European Royalty encompassing that of Britain, Holland, Germany, Austria, Hungary, Russia, France, Denmark and others which constitute The Black Nobility.
 The inner rings of the Illuminati possess more knowledge than the outer rings. The deeper the veil the lesser is known about it by design, quite essential in maintaining the complex mechanism of the system. All major western leaders have blood relations with these royal families. Similarly the entire western private banking Establishment maintains an inclusive system, inter-breeding exclusively amongst those banking families belonging to the club. Money is coveted & circulated steadily through various nefarious means, the IMF, World Bank, Federal Reserve, puppet gov'ts, drug/gun running, fomenting of wars indiscriminately and routinely laundered through numerous Trust funds, Endowment funds, Foundations, Scholarships, Humanitarian & Charitable Organizations. This ensures not only the security of illegal profits but also serves to legitimize public perception in the press. Thus both hands are lined, maintaining these covert operations.
The Illuminati thrives because it compartmentalizes its many players, restricts all access based on loyalty & sacrifice of the individual; rings within rings, the focal point of their authority & longevity. They are said to possess vast knowledge that has been passed on like a torch throughout history, tracing back as far as the first Astral-Theologists of the Phoenician & Caananite cultures. From deep within the Mystery Schools of ancient Egypt the same thread continued as enlightened High Priests practiced the ancient Egyptian art of alchemy, encoding secrets from Sumerian & Babylonian times, and coveted the earliest sources of scripture much of which has never seen the light of day. Isis & Osiris to them symbolized the female & male dual aspects of sexuality and figure prominently as central archetypes to this day.
 The Brotherhood of the Snake/Dragon (the path toward wisdom) or The Saturnalian Brotherhood as they came to be known worshiped the planet Saturn, God of Chaos, Darkness, Destruction & Banking; an evolution of their ancestry and a fundamental component of the Religion. The Dog Star Sirius in ancient times was perceived as a second Sun due to its extraordinary brightness. It was called the 'Morning Light/Star' or 'Blazing Star' both synonymous with Lucifer. The close affiliation between Sirius & The Arc of The Covenant or Contract, the Egyptian connection to the whole mystery, holds the greatest meaning to members of the cult. Legend has it the origins of the Illuminati are directly tied to this Star.             That visitors came from Sirius around 3-4000 BC, telepathic beings known as the Anunnaki or Nephilim, averaging 8 feet in height, who were naturally welcomed as Gods, such was their technological advancement. They interbred with humans. This cosmic connection binds the followers who truly believe they are the descendants of a distant race. The Israelite exodus from Egypt meant the Guild had to uproot itself. The original Elders of Zion were in fact High-Priests belonging to the Brotherhood; part of a diverse mosaic of tribes known as the Israelites who had migrated from many regions of the world to former Phoenicia-Caanae of the Middle East seeking true independence banding together in solidarity. The roots of Zionism & that of the Order are intrinsically linked. Its forefathers were part of the mass migration which eventually landed in Jerusalem.
Driven into hiding by the Romans the 'Holders of the Key' surfaced again & again throughout the centuries, The Knights Templar, Gnostics, Rosicrucians, Knights of Malta, all derived from the same strain. Darker aspects of the Kabbalah were wound into the fold during the Middle Ages. Zealots such as Sir Francis Bacon refined the Order through the 16th Century, setting up the Royal Society while trumpeting beliefs that America was the old Atlantis born again, another mythos of the Brotherhood.
 Finally the great Illuminati surfaced & took hold in 18th century Bavaria as founding father Adam Weishaupt, the Rothschilds & others wisely consolidated their forces. The Freemason Movement became a tool not only to carry out foot soldier duties but to provide a necessary decoy while gov'ts were co-opted one by one. The Celtic-Druidic circles throughout England, Scotland, Ireland & Wales represented the real bastion of Masonry but its influence was also felt widespread throughout Europe. Absolute complicity of the Church in this conspiracy, many Cardinals, Bishops & select Popes of which were Masons themselves assured this end.             By the 19th century Illuminati dominance had broadened its reach. With the birth of the radical new Scientific Elite in Europe Darwinian inspired Eugenics through the Royal Society led by Julian Huxley (Aldous Huxley's younger brother) & Sir Cecil Rhodes (of Rhodes Scholarship fame) crept into the vision as the revisionist Globalist agenda began to manifest on the world stage; the unleashing of specific pandemics & virulent viruses, the triggering & financing of major conflicts between nations all with the express purpose of forced population reduction. The British East-India Company & well seated Round Table Groups were behind many such atrocities on behalf of the Illuminati. They have always viewed the planet as a chessboard, part of what they call 'The Great Game' merely a token instrument of their sport & conquest. By the 20th Century all the crucial pieces were in place.
Britain's RIIA (Royal Institute of International Affairs), Chantam House, Fabian Society & other sectors were pulling strings throughout Europe, blackmailing & co-opting nations to bend to the will of the Illuminati. The Rothschild dynasty, pre-eminent financial magnates of their time, continued to consolidate an illustrious flow of wealth fleecing their Royal clientele, destroying & absorbing all competition while building an iron wall across Europe. Over in the United States Rockefeller already controlled the lion's share of Oil (Standard), JP Morgan dominated Industry: Steel, Rail, Grain & Electricity as well as running New York's primary central bank.             Along with Prescott-Bush (Bush Dynasty), financier to Adolf Hitler & other crooks they now merged forces with the powerful Rothschilds and a new economic Empire was born - fingered by the Rhodes-Milner Round Table Group behind the scenes, an organism capable of transcending the limitations of gov't, superseding all authority & dictating the direction of foreign & domestic policy worldwide.
 Their newest weapons the infamous Federal Reserve, Council on Foreign Relations, Trilateral Commission, CIA, NSA, NSC, World Bank, IMF, UN, all designed to further the aims of the Illuminati agenda; by co-opting gov't top to bottom, infiltrating, corrupting & colluding with key elected rep's of the people to establish a formal shadow gov't. Both World Wars served as a catalyst to push forward the New World Order mandate - first in 1920 with the failed League of Nations; again in 1945 with the founding of the United Nations. This time though the formula worked. The end of WW11 had marked an escalation in their methods.
 The best and the brightest of Hitler's top doctors/scientists were smuggled out of Germany (Operation Paperclip) with help of Vatican-issued false passports (The Rat Line), allowing them a pipeline to safety in ports of call such as Uruguay, Paraguay, Columbia, Brazil & Argentina. Then they were diverted up into the United States where they quietly took over prime executive positions in major Pharmaceudical Companies (Bayer, I.G.Farben, Searle, Merck & others) while similarly being utilized as high level advisors within Nasa & the newly formed UN. Today the overall network is so widespread it is hard to distinguish the truth from the lies anymore.
 Media, owned and operated by the Globalists merely serves to distract & pacify the gullible public while their crimes are perpetrated behind the scenes. The Justice System has also been co-opted, a revolving door which provides these criminals a golden parachute whenever they become exposed or cornered, while justice is typically denied to real victims of the system. Gov't staged false flag terror attacks against us have become all too commonplace.               We are regularly bombarded with harmful Chemtrails, subjected to HAARP's electro-magnetic interference, our water fluoridated & food irradiated without contest, nutrients stolen away by Monsanto, deliberately misled with Vaccine lies, products loaded with Mercury, Bisphenal A plastics, Dyes, Aspertame, MSG, Melamine (Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars or soft-kill method). Similarly we witness UN conducted sterilization programs of indigenous people in Africa, South East Asia, China, India & Americas, escalating Police State brutality, insidious tactics such as provocateurism meant to incite riots while dehumanizing citizens, the advent of talking head journalism with fake news packaged by Government beurocrats sold as editorial content, fake environmentalism & fake terrorism threats used to ensnare nations under a World Gov't mandate; all a precursor to bankruptcy and total enslavement of the individual.
 To make matters worse many documented reports of child abductions, subsequent torture and/or murder of these victims have been traced back to numerous Masonic Lodges across the network. Somehow law enforcement never seems to be able to crack the case, likewise it is anathema to a typically anaemic Press - which only serves to embolden the actual criminals. Worldwide most major cities are literally drenched in rich Masonic symbolism espousing this vehemently corrupt ideology, a testament to their extraordinary reach. Vast Corporations, Federal/Provincial/Municipal Courts, Gov't Offices, Industries, City Centers, Sports Franchises, Educational, Financial & Religious Institutions throughout faithfully adhere to the strict code of rules by always embedding the same specific numbers & ancient referential symbols within their advertising logos and infrastructure.
 The general public is mostly unaware of these motifs, the meaning they hold to initiates or the possibility that they are being acclimated to accept a Brave New World Utopia.
      Further many assassinations such as John Fitzgerald Kennedy's, who admitted that he was about to dismantle the Federal Reserve, have been carried out on specific dates in precise conjunction with architecture & locations which according to strict measures of the Occult hold formal significance. JFK was in fact buried without his brain, a signature of the 'Killing of the King' rite in Masonry. In addition Lee Harvey Oswald's body was gutted during his autopsy, a huge "Y" surgically removed from his groin to his armpits. This is another apparent Mason rite, "Litera Pythagorae" (The Letter of Pythagoras), linked to the illustrious Greek mystic & early hero of the Order.
The horns symbolize the paths of virtue & vice. Owing to the peculiarity of this procedure there are more chilling questions that need to be answered.
               The Illuminati are reportedly seeking a rapid worldwide annihilation of 90% of the human population. Those who are left, 500,000,000 will be severely managed, forced to work for the gov't without repeal, herded into oppressive mega-cities, micro-chipped, scanned, brainwashed with propaganda, deprived of free speech or the right to protest, vaccinated regularly, forced to eat only GMO food, adhere to a one child policy, all the while incrementally merging with the hive mind, to pay carbon taxes in exchange for credits to a draconian-style World Gov't run by the very private bankers who have enslaved us already now for generations.              Numerous leaked documents from The Club of Rome (pre-eminent Globalist think tank) justify curtailing the lifespan of successive generations to that of a mere light-bulb & culling the "useless eaters". Hundreds of CFB/FIMA Camps complete with 'Red Zones', 'Yellow Zones' & 'Green Zones' denoting each type of terrorist category, cattle fencing & maximum security infrastructure have been quietly refurbished for decades across North America in preparation for a massive round-up of ordinary citizens. The favourite buzzwords at the United Nations today, 'Corporate Governance' or 'Global Communitarianism', essentially a return to the Middle Ages, a futuristic type of Neo-Feudalism under a Fascist Collectivist flag.              'Bio-Ethics', the UN directed social engineering vision coined by Globalist kingpin Zbigniew Brzezinski, founder of The Trilateral Commission has replaced the more frightening term 'Eugenics' in the Media. Scientific think tanks such as The Jason Group, a high level advisory council of elite Theoretical Physicists, have been drafting a plan for our destiny.'Trans-humanism', Brzezinski's Darwinist inspired nightmare scenario is gradually being unleashed upon us as a natural & necessary evolution of the species in an overpopulated rapidly accelerating technologically hyper-futurist society.
 The humanity of the person however will be completely erased, bypassed to make way for 'augmentation' of the genetic code, a scientific birth of the New Man. This is a focal point of Globalist reasoning. 'Positive Freedom' will set the guidelines for all societal behavior.                Universal freedoms once inherent to the individual as a citizen will be banned. Service & sacrifice on behalf of the gov't will determine the limits of one's privelages. For the time being the agenda is steaming ahead - destroying the Middle Class in the US thus restoring the jewel in the crown back into the hands of the old British Empire (Cecil Rhodes' lifelong dream and final confession given in his Will) while tanking the rest of the world's major economies simultaneously, then to auger in their grand solution The New World Order.
            The leaders at the very top of the Illuminati pyramid (33rd degree Masons) are currently preparing the world for the imminent arrival of their 'entity', a second coming of Lucifer or some hybrid that serves their end. We are to be an ultimate 'holocaust' or sacrificial ritualistic burnt offering to welcome their supposed ancestors back to Earth. Any survivors will worship Gaia, our sacred Earth Mother as the universal religion, in the tradition of Pantheism or Secular Humanism. "The end justifies the means" their holy mantra to eachother. The Illuminati blueprint set the bar high. Leader Adam Weishaupt laid down the Five Laws back in 1776 which are still considered actual benchmarks. How unrealistic were they in their aims? Only time will tell.
1) Abolition of all monarchies & ordered governments
2) Abolition of private property & inheritance
3) Abolition of patriotism & nationalism
4) Abolition of the family unit & institution of marriage,
establishment of communal education for all children
5) Abolition of all religion...but for their own.
         George Orwell was prophetic in his ominous warnings, 1984 is here. The question is, are we prepared to accept our fate or might we find another better road to lead us toward the future, one free of tyranny & perpetual injustice? I certainly think so or else I wouldn't be here, nor would you I might add. The human spirit can rise above history's shadows, replace our endless capacity for destruction & violence with something altogether more sophisticated, a true evolution of the species. We have such remarkable potential for goodness. Let us somehow find the will to flick on the lights & reveal our true nature before that choice will be made for us.
As painful as this material might be to read it was also difficult just having to wade through the murky waters of their mindset. These Globalists don't deserve all this attention. We must find our inner strength and turn their vile hatred into a future worth living. Fear is their greatest weapon, self-sufficiency our strongest option. It is not only cathartic exposing these villains for who they really are, degenerates & pathological criminals, but also liberating and brings us all closer together as fellow brothers & sisters.
Nothing they throw at us can pierce that metal, love & hope for one another. Everything about our efforts will bring this life closer to the light. For those who choose to ignore these signs do so at your own peril. My love to every soul out there. We have much more in common today than we might realize.

------------------------------- QUOTES FROM THE GUTTER -------------------------------
"In our dreams, people yield themselves with perfect docility to our molding hands." Frederick Gates/Chairman of the Rockefeller-established General Education Board (The World's Work, August 1912)
"Countless people ... will hate the new world order ... and will die protesting against it. When we attempt to evaluate its promise, we have to bear in mind the distress of a generation or so of malcontents, many of them quite gallant and graceful-looking people."
-- H. G. Wells, in his book entitled The New World Order (1939)
"We are grateful to The Washington Post, The New York Times, Time Magazine and other great publications whose directors have attended our meetings and respected their promises of discretion for almost forty years. It would have been impossible for us to develop our plan for the world if we had been subject to the bright lights of publicity during those years."
"But, the work is now much more sophisticated and prepared to march towards a world government. The supranational sovereignty of an intellectual elite and world bankers is surely preferable to the national autodetermination practiced in past centuries."
-- David Rockefeller, founder of the Trilateral Commission, June, 1991.
"In the next century, nations as we know it will be obsolete; all states will recognize a single, global authority. National sovereignty wasn’t such a great idea after all."
-- Strobe Talbot, President Clinton’s Deputy Secretary of State, July 20th, l992.
"No one will enter the New World Order unless he or she will make a pledge to worship Lucifer. No one will enter the New Age unless he will take a Luciferian Initiation."
-- David Spangler, Director of Planetary Initiative, United Nations
"Military men are just dumb stupid animals, to be used as pawns in foreign policy."
-- Henry Kissinger

------------------------------------ HOPE BETRAYED ----------------------------------------
He rose up in the ranks at the Annenberg Foundation, a CFR front & Globalist/Media recruiting agency
He was Henry Kissinger's gopher at 'Kissinger Associates'
He also worked at Business International, a recognized CIA front & Business think tank
Critical essay
Ongoing lawsuit proceedings

--------------------------------- GLOBALIST WEBSITES --------------------------------
"If you want a picture of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face forever.” George Orwell
The Club of Rome
The Council on Foreign Relations
The Trilateral Commission
The Bilderberg Group
The Tavistock Institute
Zbigniew Brzezinski/The Grand Chessboard
The Council for National Policy
Organization for Promoting the Understanding of Society
The Atheist Bus Campaign - Another Globalist Financed Propaganda Tool
Dr.Rober Muller/UN University of Peace
Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars
Illuminati files

------------------------------ REBELS WITH A CAUSE ---------------------------------
"The world is a dangerous place not because of those who do evil but because of those who look on and do nothing” Albert Einstein
Chip Tatum
William Cooper
Gerald Celente
http://GeraldCelenteChannel.Blogspot.com for more
Charlotte Iserbyt - Deliberate Dumbing Down of America
Alex Jones
Fritz Springmeier
Jordan Maxwell
Michael Tsarion
David Icke
David Icke on Economic Agenda & the mass awakening
On a lighter note, it is important to understand and often remind ourselves of how powerful we really are.
KYMATICA- one can begin to see the intent driving the Elites and the New World Order cabal through this video, although their way is filled with destruction and many negative side effects.
Secret Mysteries of America's Beginnings
John Harris: It's an Illusion
Global warming? or Global Governance? The truth about the LIE
New World Order is Starting Now *Must See*
Bill Deagle
Secrets of the CIA
Operation Endgame
One World Religion

------------------------------------- THE HOT BOX -------------------------------------
"The high office of President has been used to foment a plot to destroy the American's freedom, and before I leave office I must inform the citizen of his plight." John F. Kennedy, at Columbia University, 10 days before his assassination.
WHO - Documents: (proving they want to turn vaccines into killers) (.pdf - Format)
MEMO 1: http://wakenews.net/WHO_Memo_1_searchable.pdf
MEMO 2: http://wakenews.net/WHO_Memo_2_Searchable.pdf
World Population Study, 1974
1974 secret report prepared for the outgoing U.S. President Richard Nixon which discusses ways to drastically reduce world’s population base. The underlying premise of the report is that Planet Earth’s natural resources could only sustain 3 billion people. The report was signed by Henry Kissinger.
World Population Study report
Plum Island, NY: Level 4 Bio-weapons Research Lab
Origin of Aids in America
7/7 Ripple effect
Mandatory Mental Health screening for all children under 18, new/pregnant mothers being legislated now
State Department Memorandum 200
1996 Biological Diversity Assessment Agreement
Executive Order 11110: JFK vs.The Federal Reserve
H.R. 1207: Bill to Audit the Federal Reserve
H.R. 833: Bill to abolish the Federal Reserve
*note the Amtrack Fema Camp footage is an example of fake propaganda put out to dispel rumors of a Gov't cover-up of these actual camps
See CHEMTRAILS file link below for more info

WHITE PHOSPHOROUS: One of the most insidious dirty weapons currently in use
Israel used White Phosphorus against HAMAS targets in Gaza during Operation Cast Lead in January 2009 - civilians paid the highest price, however the Gov't violated no international laws or conventions?!
Known as Willy Pete, WP is typically used for signaling, screening, and incendiary purposes & to destroy the enemy's equipment or to limit his vision, also against vehicles, petroleum, oils & lubricants (POL), ammunition storage areas, and enemy observers. It is dispersed by explosive munitions, can be fired with time fuse to obtain an airburst.
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COBALT 60 - Muslim response to White Phosphorous-type atrocities: a radioactive isotope of cobalt, kitchen sink type weapon intended to cause mass casualties, extremely efficient & easily undetected.
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Sweet Misery: A Poisoned World
Aspartame - Rumsfeld's Bio Weapon.htm
Aspartame + toxic effects.htm
Jeffrey Smith -author of 'Seeds of Deception' lecture on GMO history/dangers
The World According to Monsanto
The Future of Food
Islands at Risk - Genetic Engineering in Hawaii
Monsanto sues Germany over GMO maize ban
German court rejects Monsanto plea to end GMO maize ban
Possible Alternatives to Bee Colony Reductions
Monsanto's GMO Corn crop pesticide has been directly implicated in the vanishing bee population in Europe. The bee colonies are adjacent to these GMO fields. The bees naturally drift over & ingest the pesticide; then die quite suddenly from the reaction to the product.
Fluoride, like Aspartame. is a seritonin uptake inhibitor. Important to know this connection as it interferes with our body's natural response mechanism. The interaction of Aspartame with Fluoride & that of any anti-depressant is usually the tipping point in incidents of extreme violence a la Columbine.

---------------------- PODCAST HEAVEN: BROADCASTS WITH BITE ----------------------
"Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable." John F. Kennedy
Cutting Through the Matrix with Allan Watt
The Animal Farm Radio Show
The Alex Jones Show
The Jeff Rense Show
Dr. Bill Deagle
Genesis Communications Network
American FreedomRadio
Oracle Broadcasting Network

------------------------- ARCHIVE HEAVEN: MEGA TRUTH SITES -------------------------
“The courage of life is often a less dramatic spectacle than the courage of a final moment; but it is no less a magnificent mixture of triumph and tragedy.” John Fitzgerald Kennedy
Federal Jack
Brasscheck TV
Centre for Research on Globalization
International Forecaster Weekly
Conspiracy Planet
From The Wilderness
The Emperor's New Clothes
911 Truth
The Raw Story
Esoteric Tube
The Crow House
American Free Press
This is one of the deepest video file sources available on the nature of evil. Please spread virally folks!
Coordonnées....Adresse électronique :    .....Bureau :  .....Cafe's & apartments everywhere
Adresse :  Vancouver, BC ...// While based here in Vancouver we definitely want to encourage support from all regions on these matters. Together we are a force to be reckoned with. Let us find our collective voice and shatter the illusions of power that have crippled our societies for far too long. The Globalists do not deserve all this attention. We must find our inherent strength and turn their hatred into a future worth living....THIS IS OUR LIFE, THIS IS OUR FIGHT!
" Saints should always be judged guilty until they are proved innocent. " George Orwell

Dr.Deagle May Ist Broadcast
Dr.Bill Deagle on interview Jeff Rense Program
Dr.Leonard Horowitz
Alex Jones Special Report
Six swine flu cases confirmed in Canada

Colloidal Silver (Super natural antibiotic, aids in prevention of Morgellans Disease, counters barium damage from chem-trails)
Organic Oil of Oregano (counters harmful bacteria)
Noni Juice (amazing product, life giver, restores the Pineal Gland neutralized by exposure to Fluoride)
Elderberry Juice (similar benefits to Noni juice)
Amlodipine (anti-viral, anti-anthrax)
Colostrom (counters Hermoragic Fever/Flu)
Astaxanthin: The Miracle Antioxidant and Anti-Inflammatory Nutrient
King of the Carotenoids
Organic Probiotic Yogurt - to rebuild bacteria lost in process of cleansing
Organic Garlic - anti fungal agent
Comfry - nature's best restorative for cuts, liesons, rashes & sub cutaneous infections
Tea Tree Oil - topical, add drop to your Tom's Fluoride free toothpaste to eradicate bacterial build-up in mouth, also good for the hair
Water Filter Info
4 THIEVES VINEGAR: home remedy (Natural antiseptic/anti-fungal/anti-bacterial topical)
COMBINE INGREDIENTS- Lavender, Rosemary, Sage, Rue & Mint
ADD- Organic Apple Cider Vinegar
Marinate mixture in glass jar for 6 weeks, then strain contents. Voila.
ADD- pinch Cayenne Pepper + 1 ounce Bees Wax or lard
BLEND in hot water, apply contents on sore area topically
It turns our Star Anise, an ancient natural herb grown in Southwest China, is a primary ingredient in Tamyflu. Also found in Garam Masala Indian spice. In 2005 the Bird Flu scare spurred a rush in sales of this powder. Considering the fact that Donald Rumsfeld is managing the sale of Tamyflu it's almost guaranteed this 'drug' is loaded with cancer triggers (see Aspartame for more on this criminal & his bad habits). Or worse it may spur on the spread of infection in the body or embed a pathogen in the body such that during the next wave of Gov't spread Swine you will fall prey to it and possibly die. So please research this herb, buy it and begin using it regularly in combination with other great natural products available (see recent news section for tips). Let's not allow the propaganda the Elites spread to leave us vulnerable to any more of their dirty tricks. Take care n love to ya. x
CLARIFICATION: It is pure Star Anise I am encouraging here, not so much Garam Masala, which contains some of this ingredient.

Aside from those recommended supplements listed above I would personally empty out your medicine cabinet of just about everything else, other than tensor bandages.
...and say a prayer or two for mankind, even an atheist mantra of love
A compromised immune system is more susceptible to infection. Some areas of concern:
1) Anyone with Hyper-Thyroid needs to double their efforts to rapidly cleanse the system. The Thyroid Gland is key to overall health. Iodine is required by the Thyroid in order to synthesize T3 hormone from T4 which helps to regulate your metabolism. The Pituitary gland also plays a role in Thyroid function by moderating the production of both T3 and T4. Additionally, the hypothalimous in turn regulates Pituitary function. The Thyroid is weakened & neutralized by processed food/white sugars. All sorts of problems can occur, Diabetes 2 is common amongst the youngest & most vulnerable.
2) Damage caused to the Pineal Gland from Fluoride in the water & years of toothpaste exposure.
3) BPA plastic is deadly. It leaks a synthetic hormone which mimics Estrogene & is present in most common store-bought products, also present in the lining of all soup cans. Long term effects include Breast Cancer, Prostate Cancer, Androgeny. It should be mentioned that in the original tests the developer chose only one type, BPA, from a list of close to 200 benign varieties.
4) The Gov't is mixing Barium, Aluminum Particulates, Micro Bacterial Viruses & Nano-Particle Machines into Jet fuel as part of their eugenics programme. We in turn are breathing in these chem-trail toxins every day.
5) Mercury is present in our drinking water & vaccine fillers but is also now being added routinely to Corn Syrup.
6) Our water is loaded with poisons - ARSENIC, BARIUM, BORON, BROMATE, BROMIDE, CADMIUM, CHLORATE, CHROMIUM, CYANIDE, FLUORIDE, LEAD, MERCURY & SELENIUM. http://www.facebook.com/ext/share.php?sid=183235740590&h=9NHzh&u=B7RdQ
7) I'm probably preaching to the converted here but the dangers of vaccines are manifold. They are the main front of the NWO in part because of Medical deception & society's penchant for trusting the good doctor. As a quick reminder: In addition to the viral and bacterial RNA or DNA that is part of the vaccines, here are the fillers:
aluminum hydroxide, aluminum phosphate, ammonium sulfate, amphotericin B, animal tissues: pig blood, horse blood, rabbit brain, dog kidney, monkey kidney, chick embryo, chicken egg, duck egg, calf (bovine) serum, betapropiolactone, fetal bovine serum, formaldehyde,formalin, gelatin, glycerol, human diploid cells (originating from human aborted fetal tissue), hydrolized gelatin,monosodium glutamate (MSG), neomycin, neomycin sulfate, phenol red indicator, phenoxyethanol (antifreeze), potassium diphosphate, potassium monophosphate, polymyxin B, polysorbate 20, polysorbate 80, porcine (pig) pancreatic hydrolysate of casein, residual MRC5 proteins, sorbitol, sucrose,thimerosal (mercury),tri(n)butylphosphate, VERO cells, a continuous line of monkey kidney cells, washed sheep red blood cells. Need I say more? It should be noted the anti-viral drug Tamiflu is managed by Donald Rumsfeld among others. The same beast who spearheaded Aspartame (the fecal matter of the Ecoli Bacteria). If it is anything like Gardasil it is likely loaded with cancer triggers.
8) Stress is a killer. Avoid getting angry, overwhelmed or intensely negative during this phase. Your Cortisol levels shoot up, weakens the immune system & leaves you vulnerable to heart attacks.
9) Avoid GMO food altogether, get plenty of rest, use plenty of Flax/Hemp Oil poured amply on fresh Organic Greens, maintain a balanced nutrient rich diet, take vitamins A,C & D, drink caffine-free Organic Green Tea and avoid junk food altogether...(...)
(...)  FOR MORE:
From:  DS
Sent: Sunday, July 23, 2006 1:32 PM
Subject: The worlds Best ANT POISON ((ASPARTAME))
World's Best Ant Poison contributed by Jan Jensen of WELLthy Choices
 We live in the woods and carpenter ants are a huge problem. We have spent thousands of dollars with Orkin and on ant poisons trying to > keep them under control but nothing has helped.
So when I read somewhere that aspartame (Nutrasweet) was actually  developed as an ant poison and only changed to being considered non-poisonous after it was realizedthat a lot more money could be made  on it as a sweetener than as an ant poison, I decided to give it a  try.  I opened two packets of aspartame sweetener, and dumped one in a  corner of each of our bathrooms. That was about 2 years ago and I have not seen any carpenter ants for about 9 to 12 months. It works  better than the most deadly poisons I have tried. Any time they show  up again, I simply dump another package of Nutrasweet in a corner,  and they will be gone for a year or so again.  Since posting this information I have had many people tell me of  their success solving antproblems with this substance, when nothing  else worked.
We found later that small black ants would not eat the aspartame. It was determined that if you mixed it with apple juice, they would  quickly take it backto the nest, and all would be dead within 24 hours, usually. I have found that sometimes it will kill them, and > sometimes it does not. Not sure why, may be slightly different  species of ants or something.
Fire Ants:
We got our first fire ant hill about 2 weeks ago. Poison did not work. We tried aspartame and the ants ignored it until we got a light rain. It was just a sprinkle, enough to moisten the Nutrasweet and ground, but not enough to wash it away. They went crazy, hundreds of them grabbing it and taking it back into the mound. When I checked the mound 2 days later, there was no sign of > the fire ants. I even dug the mound up some, and still saw none of them.
How does it Work:
Aspartame is a neuropoison. It most likely kills the ants by interfering with their nervous system. It could be direct, like stopping their heart, or something more subtle like killing their sense of taste so they can't figure out what is eatable, or smell, so they can't follow their trails, or mis-identify their colonies members, so they start fighting each other> Not sure what causes them to end up dying, just know that for many species of ants it will kill them quickly and effectively.
As with any poison I recommend wearing gloves and washing any skin areas that come in contact with this poison, and avoid getting it in your mouth, despite anything the labeling may indicate.  I suspect it will work for other insects such as yellow jackets as > well, but have not tested that yet.
From Hawk: Americans are getting angry, Canadians too - Tell Nancy Pelosi to Look for the Swastika on her OWN Sleeve!!
Posted By: RumorMail <Send E-Mail>     Date: Sunday, 23-Aug-2009 19:11:04
        Americans are getting angry, Canadians too. Hawk  //  Unless you are IN the Government, why would anyone in their right mind want MORE GOVERNMENT?
        Control Their kids?
        Control their Money?
        Control their Speech?
        Control their freedom to Assemble?
        Control their auto industry?
        And to control their Health?
Town Hall Meeting with U.S. Congressman Brian Baird:
HedrickDavid   22 août/august  2009
I, David William Hedrick, a member of the silent majority, decided that I was not going to be silent anymore. So, I let U.S. Congressman Brian Baird have it. I was one questioner out of 38, that was called at random from an audience that started at 3,000 earlier in the evening. Not expecting to be called on, I quickly scratched what I wanted to say on a borrowed piece of paper and with a pen that I borrowed from someone else in the audience minutes before I spoke. So much for the planned talking points of the right wing conspiracy. (( http://vodpod.com/greghindbo
An archive for the works of David Hawkins, Forensic Economist
       David Hawkins [Bio] is the former coordinator of Artificial Intelligence and geoscience research at Schlumberger, the inventor in 1989 of a toolkit for virtual-reality prototyping and a world authority on the use of applied mathematics, thermodynamics and deductive logic to analyze violent crimes and identify the weapons, opportunities and motives of the perpetrators. All trademarks acknowledged.
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"911 The Criminal Enterprise and Its Pattern"
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"Tracking the 911 Explosives for Building Demolition and Plane Destruction" June 13, 2007
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Fargo Courthouse, North DakotaDRAFT 45 PREAMBLE for a CONSTITUTIONAL REMEDY to PRIVATE-EQUITY RACKETEERING and two-party corruption
Audio Interviews:
http://www.erichufschmid.net/tmp/Spyman-David-Hawkins-2April2007_1.mp3  (4/2/2007)
Support Ninth Amendment Remedy and 9/11 Claim for Wrongful Deaths (3/1/2007)
and TRANSCRIPT of March 3rd Coast to Coast AM Interview WITH NEW VIDEO  Check it out!:
Captain Field McConnell setting the World Record for Flight Refueling at Low Altitude-
This pilot KNOWS what military AND commercial planes can do-  and will explain what jets COULD and COULD NOT do on 9/11... It is not what we were all told...
McConnell Solves “Murder on United 93” and MORE! (new live broadcasts)
McConnell, Hawkins Describe 9/11 Murder of Burlingame, DeConto
Countrywide protection racket for Wacker 9/11? (10/26/06)
Al-Qaeda, Carlyle Canada and Clinton Clickback Network (09/11/06)....(....)
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        David Hawkins offers keynote speeches, workshops or consultancy on the projects below
        Academic Record
            * First Class Honours Degree in Mechanical Engineering, Cambridge University
            * Diploma in Industrial Management, Cambridge University.
            * Foundation Scholarship, Queens’ College, Cambridge University, for outstanding academic performance in Applied Mathematics and Thermodynamics (Science of Waste and Chaos)
              Current Projects:
            * Hawks CAFE – David Hawkins launched the ‘Citizens Association of Forensic Economists’ in British Columbia in 2003 as an asset tracking network to monitor impact of government laws and programs on public debt, personal assets and individual rights. Hawks CAFE brings a scientific discipline to help local experts expose ‘off-book’ debt, combat crime and fraud and optimize the use of assets in water, energy, transport, shelter, defence, food, forestry and fisheries industries.
            * I-BAT – David developed Independent-Benchmark Asset Tracking as a simulation tool to help citizens and their elected representatives scope political corruption and visualize waste or fraud by all orders of government, including NATO, NORAD, the European Union, United Nations. I-BAT tracks the source and application of assets through blind trusts and off-book partnerships used — as in the case of Enron — to hide debt, evade taxes, enrich insiders and launder money.
            * EAZEway – David designed the Elevated Adaptable Zero-Emission trackway as a regional transportation, real-estate and communication network using a proprietary plug-and-play monorail with "cool" energy from renewable power and proven technologies and business models.
            * Deductive Computing Machine – invented, designed and built by David Hawkins for ‘virtual-reality’ prototyping to emulate domain experts by learning, understanding, effect propagation, conflict resolution and justification. The DCM generates virtual prototypes, matching data from the real-world and users can adapt a selected prototype to maximise probability of it being "true". ....(...)
            * Interests:
      David Hawkins writes poetry, fiction and is a sometime actor in community theatre.
Political Truth Sites List
The 9/11 Files Topsites
If Not You…Who?
If Not Now…When?
“Educate and inform the whole mass of the people... They are the only sure reliance for the preservation of our liberty.” Thomas Jefferson (Third American President1801-1809)
On August 14th we reported to you in Russia “Alarmed” After Nuclear Warheads Go Missing In Atlantic ....  on the bizarre disappearance of the Malta flagged, Russian crewed, Finnish ship named the Arctic Sea wherein we gave warning about this vessel’s nuclear cargo. 
Today, August 23rd, reports are emerging from Russia [Here and Here] stating that Israel’s MOSSAD was behind this ship hijacking in order to prevent its secret cargo of Russian made X-55 cruise missiles from reaching Iran.
On June 12th we reported to you in Obama Issues “Immediate” Assassination Order For Mexican President Calderon of an imminent threat to Mexico’s embattled leader.
On August 11th the Mexican government reported [Here] that they had foiled a plot by the Sinaloa drug cartel to assassinate President Felipe Calderon.
On June 28, 2007 we reported to you in US Banking Collapse ‘Imminent’ Warns French Banking Giant that the World was on the brink of a Global banking meltdown.
In March, 2008 [Here] the American banking giant Bear Stearns collapsed bringing about the start of the greatest Global financial crisis since the Great Depression.
           In just these three examples (and we could give many more if space allowed) you have concrete examples that what is going to be the “news” of the future, is able to be known beforehand.  And if events are able to be foretold, they are also able to be protected against. And that is the value that we, and others like us, have…we are able to pre-warn you about critical events so that you are not taken unaware or unprotected by them.
What we do, and how we do it, is only able to be accomplished by taking what is called “raw intelligence” and re-packaging it in a form, and manner, that protects us, protects our sources, and, most of all protects you who are reading it as the end user.  And if any of these “pieces” are put together incorrectly we run the risk of being totally destroyed…a position we have gladly put ourselves into for your benefit.
Now what you may not be aware of is that what we do is also being done by governments, military, banking and corporations, the World over, all of who know that no battle, or war, can be waged without intelligence reports on what is-could-may-is most likely-is least likely, etc. going to happen based upon all currently available information. To even think of going into any conflict without knowing all possible outcomes is beyond stupid, it is actually deadly.
Another fact you most likely aren’t aware of is that our reports (just like those in any intelligence agency) are put together by people, and again from all around the World, who have spent their careers perfecting the art of taking disparate facts, tidbits of facts, rumors, innuendo, and the like, and then compiling them into a single coherent view of what could be-might be-is going to be so as the end user, this is you, are able to make those plans and preparations needed to protect yourselves.
Instead of your benefiting from what we freely provide you could, of course, subscribe to other services like us, such as STRATFOR (a very excellent service by the way) which charges $349 to each of its 2 million members, or any number of think tanks and private intelligence services that charge into the thousands and tens of thousands of dollars for their work.
Even though you may not fully understand this, you must be aware that EVERY SINGLE decision maker in the World, no matter what their position, rank or title is, NEVER relies on what is called the “mainstream media” for news, critical analysis or intelligence because it is so corrupted by corporate and political interests it is now considered as nothing more than propaganda designed to serve the interests of its masters.  And they are cruel masters, indeed, for anyone that fails to toe the “company line”; such as the American television host Glen Beck, who in failing to “keep on message” has become the latest in a long list of commentators forced into conformity by the loss of his corporate paymasters.(( http://tv.yahoo.com/news/article/tv-news.en.ap.org/tv-news.en.ap.org-20090824-us_tv_beck_s_advertisers ))
The situation that faces you now is a very critical one, and it is a simple one…you must support those who are defending you or they will die.  And if they die, you will then be left with nothing more than propaganda masquerading as news.  The situation we, and others like us, face is a mindset that has been falsely instilled in you that “gives” you “permission” to help others (donations to your churches, Red Cross, Salvation Army, Goodwill, etc.), that “allows” you to pay for news through newspapers, magazines, and the like,        but forbids you from paying those who labor against the political-banking-military-corporate monolith on your behalf.
And so effective has this monolith been in corrupting you, that on this very day you are reading these words, your lack of support is, literally, killing the few remaining alternative news sites still working on your behalf. From Antiwar.Com (one of the oldest and most respected anti-war sites on the Internet) who are now warning they are about to go under due to lack of funds,(( http://www.antiwar.com/ )), to Rumormillnews.Com, who though visited by tens of thousands of people starved for true information is, also, nearing collapse,  (( http://www.rumormillnews.com/cgi-bin/forum.cgi?read=153889 )), to ourselves, your inaction is having a profound effect.
But when all is said and done, when all you have left are the propagandists to inform you, know that all is lost.  That isn’t now though, and it isn’t too late for you to make a difference….and if not now…when? And if not you….who?
      Now I’m not talking to everyone here, just to the vast majority of you who continually disregard appeals such as this and continue to live off the generosity of those few who keep us alive every month.  And I tell you honestly that unless you listen to this appeal and support us, we will cease to exist.  And by your continued negligence of responsibility to your own safety you are playing right into the hands of those who will make you slaves.
So, for those of you have given before, PLEASE do not give again, you’ve done more than enough, and thank you for that.  
To the rest of you though, the ones who never give of themselves, start helping all of us by taking some of this burden upon yourselves and relieving the burden you’ve placed on others.  And if all of you who fall in this category gave just $50 today our expenses would be covered for an entire year….which comes out to just 13 US pennies a day for a whole year.
On this, our last day of appeal for this season, I leave you with these words from Winston Churchill, who during the darkest days of his Nation’s battle against the Nazi Empire said to his people, “We make a living by what we get, we make a life by what we give.”
My greatest hope is that you’re able to understand this, because if you do there remains hope, if not, then all is lost anyway. 
cstory@worldreports.org, richard.latendresse@tva.ca, sott@signs-of-the-times.org, bellringer@fourwinds10.com, info@palestinechronicle.com, info@archipelagopr.co.uk, c.asselin@noos.fr, medias@amecq.ca, editor@medialens.org, jacqueline_czernin@cbc.ca, nenki@conspiration.cc, glennufo@videotron.ca, coulissesdupouvoir@radio-canada.ca, ilvayavoirdusport@telequebec.tv, alternatives@alternatives.ca, lapagenoire@propagande.org, turcotterob@hotmail.com, commun@incapabledesetaire.com, Ken6@Ken-Welch.Com, sorchafaal@fastmail.fm, mcote33@gmail.com, alcuin@btinternet.com, benjaminoffice88@gmail.com