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mercredi 2 septembre 2009 03 h 54
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Tuesday, 01 September 2009
French Government Document Details Forced Mass Vaccination Plans
 From September 28th
'The document dated August 21st and signed by the French Health Minister Rosaylne Batchelot-Narquin and the French Minister of Interior, Minister of the Interior, Overseas Territories Brice Hortefeux is addressed to the heads of each of France’s defense zones. the regional prefects in charge of police and the gendamerie, the prefects of departments and the heads of regional health authorities for hospitalization.
The objective of the 19-page document is the systematic vaccination of the entire French population in the period October, November, December 2009 and January 2010. Secure facilities are to be established in every region that will serve as “vaccination centers”.'
Read the document in French here...