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dimanche 4 octobre 2009 15 h 09
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The Moon
A photograph
US Military-Industrial complex got into shooting war with benevolent ETs on Moon in 1960s. Decision to fight taken above US Presidential level. US destroyed one ET Moon base with nukes, but lost war. Had to sue for peace with technologically advanced aliens. Resultant treaty required Earth-based humans to keep off Moon. NASA Houston policy was to fake the subsequent Apollo Moon landings.
The Apollo flights went into space and the lunar modules landed, but they were unmanned. Astronauts Armstrong and Aldrin et al remained behind, hiding in the orbiting command modules. The widely broadcast space-walk videos were pre-prepared in Houston and Hollywood studios and the concocted imagery was beamed from Earth to the command modules to be retransmitted later in the guise of live images. The Polaris Earth Dome, a pre-1960s human construction, is still extant on the Moon.
At least one other Earth human-built bases exists on Mars. Because of the protective ET blockade of Earth which started after the war, the Illuminati cannot now escape to their bases on the Moon and Mars when the lynch mobs come for them on Earth. What was The Higher Evolution doing which drew the US Military-Industrial complex into the shooting war? They were engaged on a peaceful programme to neutralise all nuclear weapons on Earth. This neutralisation programme is now complete. Several Earth-based nation states have nuclear weapons, but they are neutralised as soon as an intent to deploy them is detected. Related Russian commentary here.
Saturday, October 3, 2009
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Apollo Falls:  NASA's Dark History Revealed.
Since the 40th anniversary celebration of Neil Armstrong's famous first steps on the Moon, we've been using reversed speech to unearth the dark secrets of NASA's Apollo Program, with great success.  We've let the astronauts themselves tell us that the Apollo 11 moonwalk film was a fraud, and that in fact no one went down to the Lunar surface at all.
This left us all hanging without the answer to the main question, WHY?
Sadly we now know the answer.  In a monumental new report we explore NASA's oldest and darkest secrets.  This is stuff that Big Brother has spent millions and millions of dollars to hide.  War on the Moon?  Alien races?  Earth under embargo for the last fifty years?
It's all here:

Anyone with an interest in UFO's, the secret government, or the true history of Planet Earth will be fascinated with this new information.  Too bad it's a nasty and depressing tale, but sooner or later the time comes when you just want to know for sure.

Ken Welch