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November 8, 2009 11:32 AM   CASPER RECOMMENDS READING    'S'    ARCHIVE

To//thru    Mr Bellringer          From casper  11-8-09  no.1
Subject: attached article from "S".          ........

For Public Posting    How long has it been since you reviewed the writings of "S" archived at www.fourwinds10.com?
Never? You have no idea what you have missed. Todays update from him is a worthy example of what you will find there.
Remember friends, this man had family jailed in the attempts to shut him up and found it necessary to leave our great country, HIS COUNTRY, to preserve his life and his ability to communicate with us.
So many have given so much, you really have no idea.
What are WE THE PEOPLE to do?
Is becoming "aware" asking to much?
                casper   11-8-09


November 8, 2009 11:32 AM    THE ARCHIVE OF MR. 'S' (Updated Nov. 8, 2009)


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 This Section also includes the articles by Cantwell and Whistleblower PHB]




casper nov-12-09               #1
It has become rather common for us to receive word from multiple sources in Europe and Asia that disclosures in these updates have caused still another "explosion" over there as The Countries and others learn about then confirm the Intell provided then "explode" over the sabotage and subterfuge being disclosed at the time.
Last nights update disclosing the physical movement of the packages into CANADA caused just such and explosion on several fronts simultaneously and WE are informed that the perpetrators and participants both here and over there are extremely angry at the disclosure of what they considered to be one of their most important secrets. The other "players" are reacting to the latest sabotage by OBAMA and others more strongly, WE hear, than ever before.
As you can read in the overnight updates from other serious reporters and messengers, as opposed to the UNINFORMED WALLFLOWERS who have nothing better to do than throw mud-balls at those of us doing the work, the situation is more intense and critical than ever before. Each serious reporter is providing you an overview of what is going on daily albeit from a different perspective. You must keep up with all of them to see the big picture.
It is not necessary or even possible that all disclosures from all reporters match up perfectly. It is the big picture and the "direction of the wind" which is important if you desire to know about the daily blow by blow of the opposing forces. For some of you it might be healthier not to know.
What WE have not disclosed before the "opening salvo" last night is the movement of the physical packages into CANADA where they must have physical possession to pull off any of the many recent attempted trades reported here.
THE PACKAGES HAVE BEEN MOVED FROM D.C. INTO CANADA BETWEEN 20 and 25 TIMES OVER THE LAST SEVERAL WEEKS. As the trades were discovered and blocked or seized the packs were moved back to D.C. each time only to go back to CANADA again as a new attempted trade was arranged. Documents reflecting each movement of the packs over INTERNATIONAL BORDERS exist and are in hand. Each offense exposes the perpetrators to 25 or so charges including Embezzlement. WE have withheld this until now as the blockage of each trade and the return of the packs to D.C. led us to believe their sabotage had finally been over come and the packs, having arrived back in D.C., were finally on their way to our doors. Now that the cat is out of the bag via last nights disclosures WE have decided to follow the lead of other overnight updates and to go ahead and tell the world that what they are doing is not a "one off" operation but rather an ongoing sabotage amounting to 20/25 movements of the packs over International Borders while the entire world was being lied to daily.
These endeavors began with Prince Charles visit to the Canadian town as reported by several messengers some weeks ago. He, the Queen, OBAMA and the CANADA FAMILIES have been the leaders of this sabotage operation from the beginning the purpose of which was to trade the F&P funds belonging to the program participants and using the packs as collateral for the attempted but mostly failed trades. The successful trades were seized. Documentation shows that BUSH, CLINTON and "others" were responsible for the package movements into CANADA on certain occasions.
                     casper   11-12-09   #1

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November 8, 2009 11:32 AM    FROM 'S': 'I CANNOT KEEP MY MOUTH SHUT !'

From: 'S'      Nov. 8, 2009
Wow.... that's about all I can say about the whole thing right now after reading C's overnight report and then Heneghan and Storyteller (( c-story)).  Even Fulford is in the mix with his inside take on things, which is much more in synch with Heneghan than he is with Poof, or Storyteller when it comes down to Obama and the Cabal. 

 Storyteller simply cannot accept the facts re: his Monarchy, and takes aim at anyone who challenges his more than arrogant presumption to be "the man in the know" about all such things.   All one has to do is look at the history of the thing called the Monarchy and it's more than half a millenia of genocide and invasions for permanent conquest and occupation to 'sort it all out'.

Heneghan and Story seem to be on same page about some things [odd], while Story continues his nipping at Heneghan's heels, and his obtuse blocking of deep information about and irrational support for HMQ and the Monarchy. ..merely a 'victim' of the DVD 'Box Gang'.  Talk about 'dialectic'.  

  How can this guy so lightly treat the fact that Bush Sr., Wanta [whoever / whatever he is in reality], Reagan, Greenspan, and a host of other US and British political and millitary hacks have all sworn allegiance to HMQ and been knighted?   They are Her carefully screened and chosen 'knights', and if allegiance is sworn, that is 'agreement to perform' as expected upon 'call'.  Now, Storyteller would have the world believe that HMQ is something other than what she and her ancestral line of maligned power-crazed self-importance have evidenced themselves to be [fascist feudal genocidal "empire" building maniacs operating on 5 continents and claiming to own and otherwise control / rule over  60+% of the total land mass of the world], all, of course, in close proximity to the Jesuits and the Vatican Orders, which are all themselves Khazar - Zionist at root, as is Her 'line' and Institution.

                              Obama seems to be 'the man' of many faiths, genes, faces, powers and authorities, alignments, subject to many obligations by his choice and actions, as if many circles or spheres of influence or control existed.  I suspect that there is but one sphere, with a nexus too dark to elaborate, and which has, like Obama, many facets in the live action underway, all of it in 'dialectic' [treble force] action -reaction play game.   Story has a certain take on Obama, which concludes that he was more or less compelled to surround himself by all these Zionist Nazi criminals, and that he, therefore, has his hands tied and cannot otherwise act differently even if he wanted to.  Cut me a break!!

                   Heneghan doesn't seem to go near that far with his assessment and conclusion about Obama's individual play action, but does conclude that he is completely surrounded by the Hosts of Darkness and to a large degree is unable, even if willing, to get them to bow down to the Ruler of the World and obey.  Sorry, but I have no capacity to intake and assimilate any presumption that Obama is somehow just a 'pawn' regarding the slime he surrounds himself with by choice.  He may very well be a willing consort to the Bush - Clinton Cabal, but they are themselves in consort and concert with players that far surpass the ordinary psycho - social pathology of mere "heads of state" turned over to dark powers.   Obama does not act alone in a vacuum, nor do those with whom he works with in goose-styled lock step. 

HMQ may appear or try to give the impression of working to compel the new banking system, but me thinks that the idea of a new system that She and her own would compel upon the world is merely a revised / amended / reformed or restructured SWAMP CREATURE, operating as and within the 'DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA' as Her delivery system of taxable - bondable securitized 'real property' assets.....the American People, living under perpetual subordination and occupation.  Thus, by all means, implement the new system, but don't let it acknowledge or implement reinstatement of the organic Republic, nor allow the American People to be returned and reinstated as "sovereigns without subjects", who are kings or queens in their own house on their own soil within a freely expreessing soul essence, and which has authority over the apparat of the Government which they chose to create many years ago.  Queenie would loose her 'jewel', and loss of subjects or franchise operations is not remotely in Her or 'family' interest.....The Monarchy and the 'family' have always been predisposed to fight yet another war or use any means necessary to subvert and acquire the lands and People of the American Union.   Is there any doubt about it?  If so, what is the support for such an insane presumption?

Interesting that, given Storyteller presupposes and has well established that he is one of the foremost authorities on 'US history' outside the "United States, he has never clarified what he means by using the word art, "the American people" or the "United States of America", which is "so dearly beloved" by himself and his Queen and the government of Her Majesty.   What charter document establishes the context of his word art referring to either the American People or the United States of America, United States etc.? 

               When I tried to present research to him and engage his seeming intelligence and investigative research and reporting capacity some few years ago, wherein I went into the 'diversity' and 'distinction' issues of the American People vs. "US citizenship" and the sovereign nation states of the Republic vs. the admiralty Democracy within the District of Columbia / THE UNITED STATES, he refused to 'go there' stating that it was all an attempt by yet another 'operative' of the dark warren to divert and distract away from what was most relevant.   I had to give him my name and address location in order for him to run a background check on exactly who I was, and furthermore gave him federal case sites in the local federal judicial district with which I was or had been involved. 

 What he claims to be most relevant is yet today a focus on the Nazi DVD long range "world revolution", which, of course, his Queen, and other players affiliated therewith have no part in. My ass!!

Fulford and Heneghan revelations are simply consistent with what is obvious and known to those who have taken the time to research the "family" and its history of covert involvement with Khazar Zionism and Nazi fascism, just like the Scherff / Bush family, which of course is genetically tied to the same blood line of the slitherin snake.  A well researched book from some few years ago documents certain evidence that can only lead one to conclude Hitler was a British double agent.  This same allegation has been recently exposed elsewhere as well.        So, rather than go with that thread and follow it into the 'dark warren' where he choses not to tread, he rants and criticizes in defense of the non-defensible.  Very weird for such a man of righteousness and faith.

                        Poof is another one who proselytizes Obama as 'the chosen', apparently, giving his readers the impression that Obama was hand picked by the Power Elite [in Story's language, 'those who matter'] to return the UNITED STATES / UNITED STATES OF AMERICA to uSA Constitution?  That cannot happen for many reasons, the first one being that they are not the same construct politically or otherwise.   Only the original Republic can be the original Republic.  The Republic can no more operate 'within the District of Columbia' than the District can operate within the Republic.  They are two diverse jurisdictions and sovereign authority nation - states.   So, Obama is going to implement and cause the reinstatement of the organic Constitution while also WHAT?  Making sure the Dragon Queen and the Vatican and the DVD all still maintain control of the apparat and the "Treasury" and those 'recipients' of funds under various program payouts?  

Someone is still trying to block implementation of NESARA, while at the same time moving forward with "a" new Basel II / III more or completely 'transparent' banking and monetary system.   Is this just Obama?  Not in your lifetime.  Is it just Bush Sr. and the slime around Obama?  Not in your lifetime.  Could it have anything to do with those who control most of the wealth and lay claim or have 'right of claim' in effect on the lands and peoples of most of the world, except the Chinese?  You be the judge for yourself, dear readers.  Just because we are not able to be the fly on their wall does not mean that we continue to remain incoherent and 'ignorant' of the obvious connections between dynasty family and monarchy family power, which always uses diversionary and direct mis / dis means to redirect attention away from TRUTH and FACT. 

                          If the above speculation or assertion is remotely true, regarding the progressive movement toward a new system, but based upon maintenance of status quo power centers and assertion of claims over sovereign nations and Peoples, the established paradigm players would essentially remain unscathed and in control of the various aspects of their long range Plan and apparat.  I make note that Storyteller rants righteously about typical 'geo-masonic' strategic activities, but fails to acknowledge the Monarchy's and Queen's primary involvement in such Luciferian operations.   There are well publicized photos on the net which show the Queen with her hand signal 'mudras' of the Satanic 'ram's horn' with two fingers hidden and two fingers extended, and other photos with her and her family with their Knight of Malta Stars and Masonic adornments.   What do you think, reader?  Is Storyteller defending the defensible?

                 Is Obama working for or toward the "American People" of the American Republic as distinct from the US / USA CORPORATION and its Principals behind the deep doodoo scenes of international occupation and conquest?    Does one think that Obama would have gotten into office in the first place with all of his disqualifications if he was not embedded in the Cabal and beholding to its dark power?  

 The day that ET lands on the White House yard is when Obama will be in 'NESARA compliance' and agreement to facilitate 'reinstatement' of the 'organic' Constitution.  This is factually distinct from reinstatement of the CORPORATE Constitution of the DISTRICT, created in 1871 by legislative Resolution of a "Congress", that was neither operating as a bona fide body politic of the several de jure states, nor having any Constitutional authority to incorporate or grant charters of incorporation in the first place!! 

This is well documented by way of review of the organic Compact Constitution, as well as by reading the archival minutes from the Federal Convention in Philadelphia, 1787, previously posted to Fws10 by "S".  All of what took place after 1865 with "Reconstruction" and incorporation of a new reformed "United States" goes directly to the British Monarchy, Bank of England and Rothschilds, and the Vatican.  

 So, Mr. Storyteller can just suck it up and do his own due diligence to verify what I and other researcher / writers have been saying all along, or acquiesce and redivert, once again, when it comes down to preservation of false gods and icons of power behind high palace walls!!   Gee, I wonder which palace 'She' is at today?   lol   Rediculous!!

                Poof may have insight and very good reason, built over time, for drawing his conclusions about Obama and being so certain of himself that he puts it into print.   I appreciate Poof's insight and reporting, but disagree with some of his presumptions which seem to be built within him on the basis of what he has been fed by those whom he relies upon for his 'take' on things.

As stated the other day in my missive about the sordid history of the House of Rothschild, the International Debt Facility was created in or around 1875 by international sanction and effort of dynasty families and monarchies, east and west.  This would have to include the British, Dutch, and other 'family' monarchy lines, AND would have to also include the Rothschilds as everyone's banker, adviser, and prime creditor.   Those families operate by occupation, conquest, and aparteid, do they not?  Just read the document on House of Rothschild to ascertain their intimate involvement with all the Euro power centers, including the Vatican.  Any questions?

               Therefore, there is no way that the 1875 changeover in the "USA Congress assembled" to "US Congress assembled", and related word art style as to judicial and legislative determinations and enactments as 'law making' could be construed to be anything other than that of the usurper CORPORATION of the District of Columbia and THE UNITED STATES under operation of the Lieber Code, acting by and through the new "Congress" to operate as a duplicate or soulless clone of the "original" for the benefit and at the command of those who controlled the outcome of the War.   The Debt Facility instituted and enacted at that time could only have been dealing with the known "insiders" intentions to make use of the newly acquired 'estates' of the American People and their now undisclosed and little understood occupational de facto 'government' under permanent 'reconstruction' and military law.  This is like any other more modern circumstance of a nation giving recognition to a tyrannical regime in order to give it or make it seem more credible, acceptable in world affairs, and in matters of diplomacy.

  Khmer Rouge anyone?   Cambodia?  Burma?  Remember "the killing fields"?  How bout slow death or forced relocation by occupation and international commercial lien?   It all goes to the same 'few', just different ways and means of implementing their demonic plans to acquire and the exhaust their prey to the point of submission.

               The Debt Facility, whatever it really is,  is alleged to be purposed toward improvement of conditions of the vast and varied peoples of the world in general, and those of individual nations participating in the scheme in particular, but it's history, according to Whistleblower, seems to be ripe with chronic misappropriation of assets and use thereof by corrupt international and national structures for purposes that still defy accountability and description.  Even the UN puts such a high security clearance on all of this, not to mention that he also references the fact of long time strict non-disclosure and secret [treaty] agreements and accords as to the nature, character, disposition, and use of assets, policy determinations etc.   All of this taking place under international law in the shadow realms of extreme secrecy? 

And, he leaves ones such as us to wonder, if the stated purposes of the Facility, which would include the underscore of those who put it together in the first place, are what they purport to be, why all the secrecy, why all the illegal and corrupt use and misappropriation of 'collateral' for trading or other purposes, and why so few nations making use of or taking benefit and advantage of the Facility and Accounts?  Why so few nations even know about the program set up to 'benefit the nations and peoples of the world?"   What better way to create a "sovereign wealth fund" many years ago, with unknown real intent, little or no accountability or enforcement, and cause to be 'allowed' the misuse of collateral wealth for purposes not within the charter with little or no trace.  At the very least, "plausible accountability" comes into play against such hypothetical reasoning. 

  This is not to say that those operatives and officers of the Facility are party to such possible uses, but if they are governed by what is or is not on paper, their capacity to operate the Facility otherwise, seemingly as 'intended' could be greatly impeded and limited without original charter or indenture amendment by original signatories, unless provisions for amendment specifically set forth as expressed do exist in writing.

                I believe my general recollection about the Debt Facility foundational time frame and purpose is mostly correct, based upon Whistleblower private communications with me many months ago.  I do not know if his rather direct but insightful statement about my personal security and "paperwork does not stop bullets" was in my interest or more a subtle warning to watch what I do 'or else' someone may blow back on you.  If incorrect, I apologize.  Everything else stated above is me thinking and questioning the 'official' vs. the 'unofficial' or 'unstated' but 'actual' or 'real' agenda of the Facility. 

Given Whistleblower's own admissions as to the unlawful and unaccountable use of the assets of the Facility, with little or no teeth for 'enforcement authority' for criminal misuse, it is unreasonable to assume that putting the Facility together for a stated purpose, but without strict provision for securing, administrating, monitoring or auditing, and enforcing the alleged international 'sovereign' authorities and status thereof, is by default, not merely a defect in structure, or a failure to provide a means and mechanism for 'oversight'.  IT is a means and mechanism set up to allow and provide for the unstated hidden agenda by virtue and absence of a regulatory audit function that has inherent enforcement authority at the highest level of the World "law", commercial, geo-political System.

                 I would appreciate it if you or Casper or the Bells could forward copy of Whistleblower's email which is referenced in C report.  I do not see it posted to Fws10, but would like to read what he has to say.  In any case, Whistleblower, as an operative of the Facility, like Storyteller,  has never made clear what "People" he and / or the Facility and / or Collateral Accounts, and International Treasury Comptroller [???] would be considered to be the "American People"??  Are they "US citizens"?  If so, they have it all wrong and are completely out to lunch!! 

What is the actual 'nation' 'state' and political - legal jurisdictional status and standing of the "American People" and the United States of America now, or since 1875 at the time of the Facility's creation??  .....in international Law of Nations?    The same question applies, fundamentally, to the Debt Facility, as a matter of 'charter' verifications of those participating dynasty families and their 'holdings', including any verified and accepted "right of claim" to incorporated or sovereign nation states, via direct or 'strawman' agency constructs??

As the working government of the incorporated "DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA" / THE UNITED STATES was a de facto usurper government operating by international Lieber Code [martial law], one unstated but actual cause and effect of the Facility, could easily have been to give 'international sanction' and acceptance to the then occupied, procured, and then 'laundered' stolen nation and People of the[se] united States of America, under occupation.       All one has to do for 'example' in today's terms is look to Iraq.  Or, if history is more telling, look to the Phillipines, Puerto Rico, and other 'possessions', 'territories', 'protectorates' and 'States' of THE UNITED STATES. 

  Please note that in Story's posts of today, he refers to "The United States" in his short list of those "primary enemy" targets of the Bush DVD "Box Gang".   Hm....sounds to me like a perfect scenario for another diversionary 'dialectic' misrepresentation as to real intent and the real parties in interest behind the on-going attack.   So, both the CORPORATION and the Republic are simultaneously under duress and assault from within and without, while at the same time, the CORPORATION itself has never relented its attack on the Republic since it was inserted into the DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA under 'southern reconstruction' occupation.  

 Is it uncommon for principals to attack and destory their own holdings if there is a greater advantage and deception to be gained?  Happens all the time, all the way back in time.  Hitler did it, did he not, as justification to invade Poland.   This is called "false flag" operations.   Any questions?

Back to the "Debt Facility":  In short, give the new 'nation' and 'District' the necessary international recognition to carry forward the real but hidden occupational purpose, which is clearly not limited to just 'reconstruction' of 'southern secessionist states', but was indeed purposed to reconstruct the entire de jure Union and then reform it into an incorporated franchise of hidden principals and authorities, ie. Rothschilds and Monarchy and Vatican Khazars.  Then, add a few more amendments to the CORPORATE CONSTITUTION, eliminate the original 13th Amendment, and then create WWI in order to run the US occupation government and CORPORATION into the ground by debt borrowings from foreign principals. 

  Once run into the ground, tighten credit on Wall Street to the point of `CRASH AND BURN' and then cause the CORPORATION to go into international bankruptcy forever...... perpetual debt, unlimited credit, 'never pay' strategy on Treasury obligations once the fiat military bankruptcy 'scrip' 'currency' has been stripped, defaced of "legal tender" status, and no longer can be deemed even a transactional instrument as either "money of account' or "money of exchange" in international commerce.  That sounds like a good way for the Debt Facility assets to have been misappropriated in-part, does it not?   Fiat fractional notational 'reserve' private credit banking would have caused all such hidden off book transactions to end up in someone's accounts, right?  Who's?  If not on account, then easily and readily converted and further washed by seeming legitimate commercial transactions which were either above or below radar!!

             The American People got genocided and relocated at the same time, became 'civilly dead' 'US citizens', caused to eventually become enfranchised 'vessels' and securetized 'procured' [real] property  of the new private international CORPORATION, given ALL CAPITAL NAMES, to serve as a source of collateral on Account in every conceivable way, to serve as compelled 'surety' and 'fiduciary' in admiralty for the US Administrative franchise 'agencies', to be become the creations of and by the US CORPORATION(s), as 'individuals', "citizens", and / or 'persons' / 'personnel', wholly owned and operated thereby, and for the exclusive benefit the CORPORATION and its principals.  The American People were forced into an Exodus of a magnitude that defies easy description, as 'they' or 'We' are still aboard the merchant slave "Ship of State" created to capture, hold, and transport 'We People' anywhere IT wants anywhere in the world, by simple movement of 'chits' of paper. just what the Great House of Rothschild had learned to do with moving client gold for it's own or other purposes, but without moving the physical Substance thereof.   Move the paper, and hold the Substance in hock, as either 'allocated' or 'non allocated' 'value' on Account.

The other side of the forced or induced relocation of the American People into the diverse jurisdiction and political - legal status of the 'citizenry' of the admiralty DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA, is that of the People, having "substance value", future value in their "labor" etc., was to harness them to 'man the orrs' of the wartime machine of the Ship of State of THE UNITED STATES,

 and keep that Ship and those who are it's "personnel" in perpetual motion by constant creation of 'flow through' commercial negotiable instruments of indebtedness, and then 'capturing' and making use of unlimited credit and creditorship /  'suretyship' capacity of the People affixed to each 'individual' franchise, which is 'capitis diminutio maxima', or 'cut off at the head.....one who is civilly dead and reduced in status to a SLAVE or 'vessel' in admiralty, which once 'seized' has no rights, and which 'vessel' duties, obligations, and liabilities are presumed and made to fall upon or "reside with" the owner or proxy for the owner, ie. the 'fiduciary' or 'agent' or 'surety'. 

Wonder why Mr. Whistleblower and Storyteller avoid going 'there' on these most significant and unsettled issues, especially now that I can disclose that a 'chit storm' of claims is coming the way of the Monarchy and the Vatican and the CORPORATION(s).

  I guarantee it!!

It is highly unlikely that the Debt Facility 'founders' were not fully aware of the de facto nature of the UNITED STATES / UNITED STATES OF AMERICA as distrinct from the de jure United States of America at the time of its creation.  Those who 'founded' were either fully or partially in the know as to the status of the 'new nation' and its 'government' and the People IT now held captive by occupation.   Therefore the issue of verification of 'charter' as a matter of issue and as a matter of treatment thereof by the Facility, as well as related official or unofficial functions of the apparat thereof, is in serious question.  It appears to me, at a distance, and without any knowledge of which I speak, the Facility was to become involved in formal international 'recognition' of the new de facto government implementing its perpetual occupation under previous but erroneous Reconstruction Acts and similarly erroneous and non-Constitutional 14th Amendment. 

Any questions?  I have some.

     THAT time frame is when illegal unlawful 'southern Reconstruction' was well underway by those who controlled the new District of Columbia / UNITED STATES apparat, aka the "Union North", which was still operating a military occupation of ALL the American states and Peoples thereof, not just the 'southern'.  In short, the occupation was a fact in play at the time of the creation of the stated purposes of the Debt Facility, so the so-called 'American People' were really an occupied People who were all being compelled or otherwise induced, by many factors and forces, including undisclosed material facts withheld within the "official" political machinery set up to administrate the occupation as a new 'civil authority'. 

 This continues to-date, and it is not for the 'benefit' of the American People, but for the sole benefit of those feudal lords which brought slavery and genocide to the shores of the 'new world' 'estates' by franchise corporations, 'crown monopolies', operating as military - commercial enterprises of the monarchies who created them.  Therefore, the Debt Facility, assets thereof, could easily be construed to be one primary means of creating a new money system for perpetual expansion of Empire, AND eventual long term subjugation and consolidation of the then and yet-to-be created 'sovereign' nation states of the World, under auspices and yet-to-be created 'authority' of yet another sovereign or quasi sovereign 'sovereign', the UNITED NATIONS, which is the 'principal' to the 'agent' of the INTERNATIONAL MONETARY FUND, INTERNATIONAL BANK FOR RECONSTRUCTION AND DEVELOPMENT [WORLD BANK], DEPARTMENT OF THE TREASURY-INTERNAL REVENUE SERVICE, and the FEDERAL RESERVE BANK SYSTEM.

              Back to Obama and current events:   If 'they' of the Dragons, east and west, having their "Dragon Court", chose Obama to do their bidding, with or without his particular informed consent to go along with their Plan, and he is not performing according to stated or accepted terms of agreement, then who / what is he aligned to, if not to the DVD Nazi Khazar faction that Storyteller rants about, but refuses to acknowledge as being inherent to the 'two crowns'......the 'British Monarchy', and the 'Crown Temple' or 'Crown Templar' of the City of London, the 'Houses' of the 13 Illuminati 'Luciferian' / 'Satanic' 'families' which hold authority over the Monarchy and to whom the Monarchy and HMQ and her 'family' are inherently 'attributed' by historical 'oath' and allegiances. 

HMQ does not enter or tread upon the soil of the City unless following behind those officers of the City which 'lead' the procession.

             I would also say that Greenspan was not granted "initiation" into the City Order as "Shepherd", not permitted to walk the 'bridge' into the City, unless and until after having first of all sworn his undying allegiance to HMQ and her 'crown'.   Upon doing so, first being 'knighted' to Her, Greenspan was then given the privileges of a "Knight" deemed worthy of being further initiated into the Order of the Crown Temple of the 'families' to whom he had been in service of all his many years.  Bush Sr., Leo Wanta, etc etc., all names that have come to the forefront of Storyteller rantcapades, including Bush Sr., are all in league and working in synch with the call of the Principal, the 'sovereign' to Her "Knights".   This is the only way that it can be interpreted, unless of course, all these "Knighted" demons are really double or triple 'agents' of other sovereigns and are really working in the Light for the betterment of the People and Nations of the World, just like the Debt Facility claims its charter purpose to be.....  and, if We believe that supposition, "God save the Queen" and "God help us all", .........lol 

                 My take, for what it is worth, is that HMQ is juxtaposed in accustomed 'dialectic' attribute to various forces described by Storyteller, while at the same time acting in a manner fully consistent with his own analysis of double or triple cross by deeply hidden strategies and actions, which has much to do with what Casper and Associates are in touch with.   Any 'refunding' of the "UNITED STATES" or 'UNITED STATES OF AMERICA" corporations, and their 'DOLLAR' based 'FEDERAL RESERVE NOTE' from the City of London with Monarchy push,     could easily be construed to be one strategy to try to maintain or simply reform 'status quo' control over world monetary systems with inherent or revised imbalances of power so as to allow for completion of Masonic Zionist Marxist Leninist Khazarian Talmudic 'Pharisean' "world revolution" NWO globalism.                Afterall, Trotsky, Marx, Lenin, Stalin, and most of the other world players in this long run scheme have all been Khazar non-Semite non-Shemite "international jews" who were deployed and employed to accomplish long range objectives of the Elders in synch with the Protocols of Zion.

      HMQ is, in my conclusion, a dark horse player playing both ends of Her dialectic toward a 'middle', while trying to disrupt and 'derail' the 'reinstatement' of the organic Constitution for the United States of America, and avoid 'announcements'.   She and her family and their Instituion called "Crown", have no 'gain' whatsoever, to agreeing with or allowing / accepting the 'reinstatement' of organic 'compact' Constitutional  authority, even if such a Compact and such authority is deemed to be structurally deficient or defective to any degree.  The announcements of 'reinstatement' of a Founder Republic Union construct, supercedes any attempt to simply and merely reinstate the 'adopted' de facto Constitution of the DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA CODE, adopted in 1871, which corporate Code would, if 'reinstated' successfully, allow for the Lieber Code occupation of and over the American states to continue by those powers and authorities that control the District and it's charter franchise under international admiralty jurisdiction, venue, and rules.

        It is therefore inconceivable that HMQ and the Crown of her Institution are intent on creating any circumstance or condition precedent whereby She and her family loose control of an entire nation of 'real property' slaves, lands thereof, future labor therof, all of which are taxed into utter submission and subservience, nearly to death, and which under Title 50 of the United States Code can be reduced or diminished under any military exercise or experiment without any standing of the 'subject' matter persons or 'populace' to protest for redress or relief. 

 These conditions are the same today as existed at and before the time of 'American Independence' from the British Monarchy, 1776, the Treaty(s) of Versailles or of Paris, 1782-84.  The British Crown, and it's relations to the fascist Khazar Illuminati 'Talmudic' 'jewish' "families", as well to the Jesuit Order and the Vatican 'Holy See', are not about to let go of their 'crown jewel', aka THE UNITED STATES / THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, unless forced to submit without any other recourse or relief available to them.          What causal force and power can do that is well beyond this writer's reach, but comprehension is most easily and readily discerned in the continued daily movement of the Spirit of Man to bring them all to their knees, despite the abuse of Debt Facility asset collateral, abuse of the "programs", denial and betrayal of all international agreements and accords that would reinstate the organic Republic of the United States of Amierca and return its People to their rightful status, standing, and capacity as "sovereigns" [under God and Nature] "without subjects", whereby and wherein each Man is wholly responsible for his / her free will expression, without limitation and inherent restraint by grant of any 'privilege' presumed to otherwise be the case under admiralty maritime martial commercial contract 'law'.

There are obviously other dialectics as well at work at this time, many of which are likely intended to obstruct, confuse, obfuscate,  and / or mitigate the 'never allowed' wave of events which are now more clearly 'seen' to be of such a 'higher' magnitude' and 'order' that the dark powers of long-standing are not only being brought to 'disclosure', but are now subject to 'account' and 'accountability'.....including monarchies and dynasty families that have violated Sacred Trust and the One Law of Life. 

 I will refrain from trying to describe other dialectic constructs, but it is not unreasonable to assume that the Monarchy and Vatican and all of the Orders of the Illuminated have overlapping play action going on, in order to conserve their long term globalist Empire NWO, while at the same time having to take into account the now likely 'contingency' that 'they' may have to 'cede' and withdraw in order to not be completely reduced to a cinder themselves.

Anyone who goes by the title of "Knight" of any Anglo-European persuasion is in service to those who created the Order(s) which ultimately manipulate, control, and "deploy" their individual or collective force.  All one need do is look at the gloating fool getting his 'badge of courage' put around his neck by another gloating fool on the current Fourwinds10 post from the Tom Heneghan international intelligence site.   I will not waste time repeating descriptions as to the images of those ones of darkness named in the Heneghan post, but suffice it to say that many of them are all attributed not just to the 'Nazi' Bush Sr. Clinton 'Box Gang', but are thereby attributed to other aspects of other deeper 'dialectics' which most of us 'little [peasant] people' are deemed to be too ignorant of or too dumbed down to be cognizant of.  Unfortunately for 'them', cognition is not our problem, but theirs.

              As for the Debt Facility, it would behoove all Nations of the World to notice and demand the Facility and those within the Collateral Accounts to disclose a verification of all charters of those 'sovereign' authorities which gave it life, including the various nation states which now comprise any aspect of its operations to any degree.  If this verification is not possible due to international private secret agreements, then it may be possible for someone known and accepted by all Nations having high ethical - moral character and having international diplomatic status, to call upon the Facility, the Accounts and the Treasury, and attempt to negotiate some kind of a release of information which is 'verified by commercial affidavit' that goes to the nature of the issues above.  

 At present, depending on the real context of the founding of the Facility and the disposition of the chartered registered principals, agents, custodians, etc., without strict audit oversight and regulatory law enforcement authority, it may be so "rogue" that only those who have access can benefit to the presumably huge collateral value as a matter of present or future values which could be conceivably attributable to present or future transactions.




'S'    Nov. 11, 2009


This post by “S” is especially for all who have known AND have done nothing;  and all who do not know AND cannot act for themselves.   

Secondarily, this post is also intended for the reading pleasure of   *Storytellers* who pride themselves much on their sacred knowledge re: the history of the United States of America / THE UNITED STATES / THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA and on all matters current; **Whistleblowers** who remain mute and moot as to certain historical facts from the legal memory of the “United States of America”, as distinct from “THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA”, facts of which seem to be taboo, off radar for unknown reasons.

And, of course, I cannot forget to address “Officers and Employees”, “Agents /  Agencies”, and “Instrumentalities” and “persons” of the CORPORATION, aka THE UNITED STATES / THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA / DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA.


This also includes the living men and women of the UNITED STATES military – police – intelligence occupational force which operates on and over the land and People of the[se] one for several united States of America; also for “Keepers” and “Trustees” of the [obscured lie] of the “federal” [ie. “corporate”] BANRUPTCY. 

 And, lastly, for all Nations of the World which have participated in the GRAND PONZI - ARTIFICE AND SCHEME, knowingly or otherwise…



To become a “US citizen” or “citizen of the United States” for the allegedly emancipated slaves was one thing, and the above 14th Amendment language is precise in that it would apparently apply to such emancipated slaves.  But, what about the non-slave element of the general state populations, which were at the time of the alleged ‘passage’ of the 14th Amendment, still in deep trauma from four + years of an unjust and unnecessary genocidal war?   Just asking!

Did you know you were volunteering to serve THE UNITED STATES as a debt-SLAVE in perpetuity, simply by registering to vote as a “US citizen”, voluntarily applying for Social Security, voluntarily registering your children on Birth Certificate Bonds?

        The above material is intended to establish a pretext and context for the subsequent material to follow in short order.

                 Part II to be continued:               “S”

http://www.fourwinds10.com/siterun_data/government/corporate_u_s/news.php?q=1257966313 ..... ((see below for more ))


November 9, 2009 8:46 AM FROM 'S': 'I CANNOT KEEP MY MOUTH SHUT !' (Updated with comments 11/9/09 from E.W. )
From: 'S'             Nov. 8, 2009
Wow.... that's about all I can say about the whole thing right now after reading C's overnight report ....(...) /////    it may be so "rogue" that only those who have access can benefit to the presumably huge collateral value as a matter of present or future values which could be conceivably attributable to present or future transactions.
#1  (Reply)    From: EW    To: <
Sent: Sunday, November 08, 2009 2:49 PM
It appears that the inquisitive little dog, Toto, is sniffing the boots of the Wizard behind the Veil in the land of Oz.
'S' makes reference to the Vatican a few times in his 8 page blog, but continues to "Jew Bait, people into believing that the source of evilis with Khazars or Jews. Yes, many are the obvious minions of the RedRobed Priests of Isis, the priesthood where their primary philosophic scriptoriginated, the Babylonian Talmud.
A lot can be made of the fact that the British Monarchy was made subservient by a treaty/concordat between King John and Pope Innocent III in 1213 that places England and its Monarch FOREVER under vassalage to the secular Holy Roman EmpireThus, to blame the ills of America on the British Monarchy is blaming the agentfor the crimes of the principal.
Further, it was not the British or other Monarchy of Europe that declared in anedict that 'all humankind was subject to the Pontiff of Rome' in the Papal Bull,Unam Sanctam, 1302, an edict the current Pope acknowledged in a paper he prepared for the previous Pope in 2000 AD.               It was not a European Monarchy that claimed all lands and people as property inPapal Bull Edicts of 1455 and 1493.
No Monarch of Europe is Crowned with the declaration: "Receive the tiara adorned with three crowns and know that thou art Father of princes and kings, Ruler of the world, Vicar of our Savior Jesus Christ." All Popes/Pontiffs of Rome are.
No Monarch of Europe has declared themselves to be "Vicar  (vicarious presence) of Our Savior The SWINE Christ" . The original name the Romans gave Joshua was"IE SUS", which became 'JESUS' in the 18th century. Latin: IE = id est = that is."SUS" = swine, pig, hog    http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pig
And, relative to Obama - I believe that the three previous Popes were murdered (and, they apparently were) for having the intention of eliminating the fascist Holy Roman Empire, and if Obama has taken the assignment to eliminate the corporate defacto UNITED STATES, and the American people are so ignorant and dumbed down that they really don't know, (except for a handful of people) of this evil situation, is there any suggestion as to how Obama may have been nominated and elected if hedid not masterfully 'play their game'?          And, if he must first awaken the sleeping American population from their long slumber as 'plantation slaves', must he notuse tactics such as the 'fear of communism' to arouse their anger - to switch on the long since dark light bulb of 'the desire of individual rights and freedom'?     EW
From: EW    To: <
Sent: Sunday, November 08, 2009 3:28 PM
I can equate with "S" and his being in exile from the USA. I was forced to go back to my birth country in exile from false  charges that would certainly have resulted in a long incarceration  or even my death. The latter was attempted when I was arrested and jailed in a jail tank in Sacramento. Fortunately, the 'street gang' blacks were secretly 'born again Christians'.
       In 1984 I was attacked by the IRS, which eventually led to the IRS CID  murdering my wife of 23 years by hanging (suicided), the loss of my airline pilot career, the loss of my accumulated estate, the loss of my 2 childrens' mother and educational opportunities, and the loss of my pension all because I was on a list of candidates to be a representative for the Committee of The States for California, asmandated in the treaty that formed the American Union - the Articles of Confederation, Article 5.
     How many of the American people understand what that Committee of the States could have meant to the preservation of the Grand Republic?That Committee had the power to fire the Government, or any member of the Government, and the power to nullify any statute enacted by Government. If it had been established as directed by the treaty, is would have been in a position to insure that the Union would remain free and strong, and have no tyrannical activity that has come aboutsince the Constitution was originally instituted. And, I am primarily thinking about the status of slave that has been imposed upon all of the American people.
      Also, "S" doesn't seem to realize that the false 13th Amendment actuallyauthorized the imposition of 'involuntary servitude' upon the American people. All incorporated bodies are make-believe ships at sea, and thus under a form of maritime law where an accused 'member' is guilty unless proven innocent. The use of the State owned name without authorization of such usage is a criminal offense - theft by unauthorized use. Also, "S" still beats the dead horse of the 'all caps' makes the legal name. It is the conversion of the family name into a primary name, a surname, that makes the fiction State owned name.     E.W.

Greetings from Eldon Warman.((E.W.))  [ http://www.detaxcanada.org ]

Upon reviewing the info you have on the webpage, http://www.hackcanada.com/canadian/freedom/word_wise.html


I would like to make some suggested changes to the info you have there. As you may be aware, the Porisky program has gone extremely sour for Eva Sydel and a couple of others. Therefore, for the safety and security of others who would follow that program advice, I offer these observations of your text content. I have put it into a Word text document, with I suggested changes noted as comments. [Editor's Note: said comments are now highlighted in yellow.]


Eldon: Warman
Word Wise

The governments can be very "tricky" in their wording of things. Something to make yourself aware of and wise to very quickly if you want to gain the upper hand. Armed with the information here, all American visitors are challenged to search their own laws and see how much of the data provided here applies to them in their country - as well as all other western nations. Only by searching out the truth of the laws and your original rights and freedoms yourselves, will you be empowered to protect your 'natural person' as a human-being.

Here's 4 tricks outlined below:

The first "trick" of the government is the re-definition of certain critical words in each Statute (Act). They(the government) want you to assume the ordinary meaning of the word so as to trick you into reading and interpreting the Statute in their favour. Two key words that are re-defined in almost every statute are the words "person" and "individual". There are at least two "person" in law:
A 'natural-person' is a man or woman, created by God.
An 'artificial-person' is a corporation, created by Man.

Comment: Both types of “person” are legal fictions. A natural person is a human in the false or fictional status of slave crewmember on a make-believe ship called a “body politic”. An “artificial person” is a make-believe ship called a body corporate or politic.

  The definition found in dictionaries states that a natural person is a human being. In legal terms, a human being refers to a human body without considering the mind - it being the captain of the vessel called the human body. A vessel at sea (equivalent to an ‘adult human’)  is impervious to outside command , as the captain is the supreme commander. A human who is of  “natural person status”,

is as a captain of a vessel in ‘dry dock’ – he and his vessel being subservient to the vessel owner,the Crown..

  The natural status of an (adult) human is “free will”, and thus sovereign over his own human body.

Outside control is equivalent to some form of “piracy” - call it what you may.


Here are the exact definitions from Barron's Canadian Law Dictionary, 3rd edition:
natural person. A natural person is a human being that has the capacity for rights and duties.
artificial person. A legal entity, not a human being, recognized as a person in law to whom certain legal rights and duties my be attached - e.g. a body corporate.

You will observe that the natural-person has the "capacity"(ie ability) for rights and duties, but not necassarily the obligation. The artificial-person has rights and duties that may be attached (ie assigned) by laws.

Comment) “Capacity for” is not the same as “Having” rights and duties. The only ‘duties’ a free-will human has are those found in the negative and positive form of the Golden Rule – Do (or, do not) unto others as you would have (not have) others do unto you. Thus, for the free-will human, rights and duties come from the Creator Father, not from government. The “created” cannot dictate to the “creator” – and as the Declaration of Independence says: “That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, …”


The second "trick" of the government is to use the Interpretation Act to define words that apply to all Statutes, unless re-defined within a particular Statute. Without this knowledge, you could assume the ordinary meaning for the words you are reading, not realizing that they may have been re-defined by the Interpretation Act. Unless these words have been re-defined in another Statute, the underlying definitions for the two most important words still apply, either from the interpretation Act, or the Canadian Law Dictionary. Basically they are defined as follow:

from the Canadian Law Dictionary we find that:
INDIVIDUAL means a natural-person.
from the Interpretation Act we find the re-definition:
PERSON means a corporation(an artificial-person).
from the Income Tax Act we find that:
INDIVIDUAL means an artificial person.
PERSON means an artificial person (amongst other things) .....(....)



How they took control of us through the birth certificate.

When your birth certificate is issued it is in a "box" or brackets. The hospitals sell that birth certificate to the revenue people for $ 2500.- After this sale or kick back, whatever you want to call it, your name is then written in upper case and you become a cadaver, you are then technically speaking a dead entity. The probate court takes over jurisdiction over your cadaver. Now in the next 65 years you are going to generate $ 1'000'000.-. Based on inflation the government can now borrow $ 1'000'000.- against that birth certificate, because that is how much money  you are going to produce in the next 45 years of labour - between now and your 65th birthday when you retire. That is how they then place a lean on your body and then issue the money as Federal Reserve notes so that they can pay your income while you work as a slave until you die. That is how it works!!!!


DIY Sovereignty and the Popular Right in Australia
File type:PDF - Download PDF Reader
The concern of this paper is with the form that right wing' anti-government ...
http://bethuneinstitute.org/documents/eldonwarman.html [Accessed 28 March 2005] ...

The Prophesy of Thomas Jefferson - Future Slavery Of The People

"If we run into such debts as that must be taxed in our meat and in our drink, in our necessaries and our comforts, in our labors and our amusements, for our callings and creeds, as the people of England are, our people, like them, must labor sixteen hours in the twenty- four, and give the earnings of fifteen of these to the government for their debts and daily expenses;

And the sixteenth [hour of labor] being insufficient to afford us bread, we must live, as they do now, on oatmeal and potatoes, have no time to think, no means of calling the mismanagers to account; but be glad to obtain [be satisfied with] subsistence by hiring ourselves to rivet [being goons for our oppressors by securing] their chains around the necks of our fellow sufferers;

And this is the tendency of all human governments. A departure from principle in one instance becomes a precedent for a second, that second for a third, and so on ‘til the bulk of society is reduced to be mere automatons of misery, to have no sensibilities left but for sinning and suffering… And the forehorse of this frightful team is public debt. Taxation follows that, and in its train, wretchedness and oppression.”
~ Thomas Jefferson (1743 - 1826) USA Founding Father and President of the USA

So, how has this prophesy come upon us?

When the people of North America were pledged as chattel SLAVES to the bankruptcy creditor in 1933, that being the corporate Crown of the City of London, which is owned by the Holy Roman Empire headed by the Pontiff of the Vatican, government came up with the scheme of converting family names to primary or 'surnames', and then claiming the name, derived from the birth registry of the child, as 'intellectual property' owned by the City of London Crown [or State, in the USA].

The 'registry' of a child places that child as a 'ward of the Crown (or State)'. That is how government gains control over our children, and forces parents to have their children educated in the government/Jesuit 'collectivist' brainwashing school curriculum. 'Registry' [offering up to the King (or State)] is the scheme. 'Recording' the live birth of a child with the local level of government is merely a safeguard for the child and the parents, and that is what most people think they are doing when completing the birth 'Registry'.

When that child becomes an adult, and uses the Crown/State owned name, the name found on the birth certificate, with that certificate being the pledged document to the bankruptcy creditor, that adult human, by attachment, becomes a SLAVE owned by the corporate Crown of the City of London, and thus to the Vatican. All of the SLAVE's property, including his or her labor (100%) is claimed by the slave owner. All things you purchase, possess, and wages you earn are in the Crown/State owned name. The wages or earnings you get to keep for your own use and enjoyment is called a 'benefit' from the slave owner. Such benefits are contingent upon the 'obedience' of the SLAVE to the slave master's rules and edicts. SLAVES have no rights. They fall under the property right of the slave owner.

Since such a scheme that deprives humans of their life, liberties and property, is unlawful, if the subject human is forced into 'accepting' the Crown owned name, it would be unlawful - as involuntary servitude. However, that is supposedly overcome by deception so as to look like a voluntary act by the subject human. People are taught to use that Crown/State owned name from the earliest days of education.

The remedy is a 'Claim of Right' under Private Necessity - meaning that the use of the name was a mandatory necessity to sustain and enjoy life. Under such claim, all 'assumed contracts of servitude' are void for lack of being enterd into 'voluntarily'. We normally recognize the Rule of Necessity as being the Right of self defense.

Here is a link on instruction as to how to 'SURRENDER' your birth certificate in a court case, in MP3 format. 'In Chambers' means a 'private' hearing before a judge. Also, in that method would also be the route to submit the affidavit claiming 'private necessity' in your use of the legal identity name.

Regardles the schemes of the Vatican, or the Government,
to entrap us as slaves, there is always a way out. (video)...(...)

The object of this webpage, and Detax Canada is to inform you as to how you have been made a SLAVE subservient to the CROWN of the City of London, and thus, its owner the Pontiff of Rome and his HOLY ROMAN EMPIRE, the original and origin of what is called FASCISM and COLLECTIVISM.

If you are not familiar with what FASCISM means, note the meaning of the Roman symbol
called the "fasces" from whence the term Fascism comes.

If you are not familiar with what COLLECTIVISM means, watch this 5 part video presentation: [ Individualism v Collectivism ] researched by Edward G Griffin...(...)

 An online movie backs up what I say regarding the gross deceit to which you, and all Canadians and Americans have been subjected: Zeitgeist http://www.zeitgeistmovie.com/

This attached webpage shows graphic images of the 600+ years Roman Catholic Inquisition that was carried out throughout southern Europe, and shows the epitomy of 'Anti-Christ' that was, and is the Roman Catholic Church - the slave control mechanism, through superstition, myth, fear, force and false hope, of the Pontiff of Rome's secular (worldly) Holy Roman Empire, the primary corporation of the world wide fascist/corporatist evil fascist system, where Governments of nations are nothing more than agents for the Papacy to administer, control, and discipline the slaves (the People), and to 'harvest' (tax) the fruits of the labour of those 'claimed to be owned by the Pontiff' slaves.


If you wish to have proof that the Pontiff of the Holy Roman Empire has used religion as a means of entrapment of millions of souls into a state and status of slavery for centuries, check out these webpages:

The Pontiff of Rome gains control over England, and makes the Monarch of Great Britain a puppet Monarch FOREVER King John http://www.nndb.com/people/536/000092260/
Pope declares by edict that all humankind are his subjects(slaves) - last sentence here: Unam Sanctam http://www.fordham.edu/halsall/source/b8-unam.html
The false Apostle, the Roman author of most of the New Testament, Paul http://www.judaismvschristianity.com/paulthe.htm
False Christianity, Mithraism becomes Roman Christianity First Pope http://www.reformation.org/pope-constantine.html ....(....)

8. The Parliament of Canada is a de facto usurper of governing power over Canada since 1931, and in reality, since 1901; and, in fact is a commercial corporation subject to the City of London. Although we see all court cases where the action is brought by Government to be "The Queen" or the Latin "Regina". That only indicates that the Queen of Great Britain is acting in the role of agent for the City of London. That is why she does not have to comply with her Coronation oath to defend the individual rights of the people. That oath is not applicable to her role as agent for the Crown of the City of London.

...(...) The Queen of Great Britain, as the puppet Monarch under the Pontiff of Rome and his Holy Roman Empire acts as agent for the corporate CROWN of the City of london, a wholly owned Enclave of the Pontiff in England. The Queen, Regina, Her Majesty, the Crown are all 'also known as' titles of this very evil agent. England and its Monarch became puppets of the Pontiff in 1213 AD - FOREVER  The Queen is the assigned 'slave master' over the human population of the former British Empire. ....(...)

"Corruptissima re publica plurimae leges."
"(The more corrupt the state, the more numerous the laws.)"
Cornelius Tacitus (55-117 A.D.)


http://www.shmoo.com/mail/cypherpunks/janfeb00/msg00034.shtml year2000.

http://www.hiddenmysteries.org/themagazine/vol9/news/canadanews.shtml 2000.

http://www.nizkor.org/ftp.cgi/people/w/ftp.py?people/w//warman.eldon/2003/warman.0301 2003.

November 7, 2009 9:01 AM        Christopher Story: Video
From: AM      To: <bellringer@fourwinds10.com>
Sent: Wednesday, November 04, 2009 10:52 PM
Subject: Christopher Story
 Dear Patrick,
 For those who may be interested, a video presentation with the persona  Christopher Edward Harle Story, born 1938 I believe.
http://www.ulike.net/Edward_Harle_Limited (( OR http://fr.ulike.net/Edward_Harle_Limited))
 In Love and Light,    AM
Christopher Story -(( and William H. McIlhany )) The European Union Collective
William H. McIlhany and Christopher Story ....The European Union Collective:
mearbhrach   4 avril 2008//april
The European Union is a strategic deception operation. Masquerading as a means of institutionalising 'cooperation', it has been more accurately described by the cynical former President Mikhail Gorbachev as 'the new European Soviet'. Far from primarily representing a vehicle for furthering the various interests of its members, the European Union is in reality a Political Collective -- modelled along classically Leninist lines.
               Its Member States have collectivised most of their interests in perpetuity -- a collective act of revolutionary madness, since the EU's real purpose is to strip European countries of their residual political, social and economic independence and sovereignty, and to control and absorb them within itself. It is indeed 'the enemy of its Member States'. The time has long since come for exposure of this corrupt collectivist geopolitical menace, and Christopher Story's book does just that.
http://www.worldreports.org/edwardhar...   http://www.worldreports.org/edwardharle/the_european_union_collective
“Master Conspiracy” Redux
Monday, June 15th, 2009 | Illuminati myths | 9 Comments
Seal of the Illuminati-controlled Munich Lodge St. Théodore du bon Conseil (St. Theodor vom guten Rat), c. 1780. Of note, top center, is the owl of Minerva, the symbol of the Illuminati     by Terry Melanson (15/6/2009)
The New American website has posted a slightly redacted version of William H. McIlhany’s 1996 article which appeared in the September 16, 1996 issue of The New American. (The original can be read here, which, in turn, appears to be based on one of McIlhany’s presentations).
I first became aware of McIlhany’s writings on the Illuminati in 2000. At the time I was very impressed by what I read, and immediately realized that his information on the real Bavarian Illuminati was more thorough than most. However, my own knowledge on the subject is a bit more advanced than it was some nine years ago. So with that in mind, here are some exaggerations and/or misrepresentations which struck me as I reread the article at The New American for the first time in years.....(...)
http://home.earthlink.net/~whm/download.txt ... Evidence of a Master Conspiracy

November 13, 2009 2:30 PM    Population Reduction: Globalist Endgame Begins?

On October 30th,”2009 editors of local papers in Kyiv, Ukraine received a flood of phone calls from citizens reporting low flying aircraft spraying an unknown aerosolized substance over L’viv, Ternopil and other cities. On October 27th”the Ukrainian media broke the story that on October 26th”in Ternopil an unknown flu had killed seven people , and that over the past few days about 6 thousand people had sought out medical attention in regards to flu like symptoms.

 From this first report through to the 9th”of November over 1 million people inside the Ukraine people have contracted some form of flu like illness. This is almost double the number of ‘confirmed’ H1N1 cases worldwide in all other countries. There have also been over 155 deaths reported due to influenza during this time. This outbreak is unprecedented yet it has received  minimal coverage in the western media. It just seemed to get lost amidst all of the swine flu coverage, and written off as just more cases of H1N1 before any lab samples had been processed. In the Ukrainian and”Russian media however the outbreak has been treated more seriously and has been referred to as ‘pneumonic plague’.                 On October 29th”a report came out of Ukraine describing the deaths of 6 young people in the Ivano-Frankivsk Oblast. After the autopsies were performed it was recorded that the cause of death in these individuals was “severe hemorrhagic pneumonia”. Also unconfirmed reports from bloggers in the Western Ukraine that doctors were seeing that this was a new form a flu that killed much faster than the regular H1N1 virus. “Soon Ukrainians started to panic, and the stores emptied of masks and all forms of flu medication. Even onions, garlic, and lemons became scarce in so me cities. As a countermeasure to this outbreak 9 Oblasts (cities) were placed under quarantine by the government.

 The WHO sent a team of experts to take samples of this new flu and send them back to the Mill Hill lab in London to determine the gene sequences of this flu, and to discover if this was in fact the same Californian/Mexican A/H1N1 virus. “On November 3rd”the WHO announced that the samples had been received at Mill Hill, yet almost a week later there have been no reports issued and no gene sequence data released. If these were typical samples it seems that an announcement would have been made already. “The silence is deafening. It should also be noted that rumors of the doctors being told not to disseminate any information about the new flu cases that would incite any panic, were later confirmed by statements made by the Ukrainian government that police have been told to confiscate hospital reports on patients who have recently contracted the flu.” All things considered, it would not be a surprise if this unidentified virus turned out to be far more serious than the mild A/H1N1 circulating the globe.
/////Ukraine’s Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko wears a protective mask as she visits a hospital in Ivano-Frankivsk November 3, 2009.////

        Two unconfirmed reports, one in 2002 and one in 2009 by alleged government insiders revealed that at some point that live 1918 Spanish flu would be released on a large scale in the form of a vaccine, for the purpose of mass genocide. The August 2009 report by Joseph Moshe revealed that he was involved with Baxter in a plan to release the 1918 virus in the Ukraine. Not only was it confirmed that he was a microbiologist, his claim was also substantiated by the current Ukrainian outbreak. After a number of deaths in September the Ukrainian government”banned the use of the H1N1 vaccine. This would make it quite difficult to release the 1918 virus as described by Joseph Moshe.” It now seems as though the vaccine ban will be lifted and h1n1 vaccines will be forced on the people of Ukraine.

“On November 9th”the”Globe and Mail“published a story that revealed, despite”previous claims“by the Ukrainian Government that they had not authorized the use of aerosolized medication on the public as a response to the outbreak, that they in fact “sprayed the city with the necessary products”.” Was this in fact medication or disinfectant? If so why would the government deny this? “Was the spraying in fact a release of the mystery flu? Was the original intention to release it via the vaccine? Was the aerosol release the plan B after the Ukrainian government banned the use of the vaccine? A blog post from a Lviv resident claimed that his mother who works for the city council received a text message the night of Oct 29th from a colleague warning her to keep her windows closed as something was to be sprayed. The context wasn’t crystal clear. It could have been a warning regarding a street disinfecting procedure as is often done during typhoid outbreaks. The government’s denial is not irrefutable proof of a bio-attack, but it is suspicious.

      As reported by SkyWatch Canada on September 15th , the frequency of low flying aircraft with unusual flight patterns have caught the attention of Canadians living in the Nation’s Capital. Is there a chance that Canadians are being acclimated to these types of flight patterns for a future bio-release ?

 In 1994 such an  event took place in the town of Oakville, Washington where there were confirmed reports of a clear gel like substance raining form the sky and making residents horribly ill. Readers should also be reminded of the  report given on the Power Hour radio show in March 2009, about truckloads of “bird flu” being delivered throughout America to underground missile silos orchestrated by the department of homeland security. Several of those loads were delivered into the back of a military C-130 (an aircraft often equipped with an aerosol dispersal system). Was this multi-million dollar operation conducted for the purpose of spreading the mild and basically insignificant H1N1 demi-flu ? Or has the final phase of the operation yet to occur? Has the event to justify the recent American National Emergency yet to occur?

 Will the CDC finally make use of their scores of mass graves and plastic caskets? Will the military be deployed to put the country under pandemic lockdown, as we have seen in the Ukraine? Far too much has been put into the H1N1 fiasco for it to amount to a mere outbreak of the common cold. It seems like many pieces of a plan have been put in place. Will the NWO put the people in check? Will the virus ‘Mutate’? Is this the beginning of the Globalist Endgame of population reduction ?

There are reports now coming from Romania, India, Bulgaria, Belarus, Turkey, Norway that the rate on increase of flu is increasing rapidly. In Norway foe example 300,000 residents contacted the flu in a single week. Whatever disease has been released is moving across Europe fast. This bug has spread too widely to be a Ukrainian election scam. Readers should note that just before the outbreak in Ukraine, the government was running pneumonic plague drills. In early November, there were also pneumonic plague drills being run in Illinois. Connect the dots.

Notable there have also been reports of  heavy supply and personnel movement in and out of known D.U.M.B.s (Deep Underground Military Bases) very recently. According to an unconfirmed report the  parking lots of these bases are full and haven’t been this full since just after 911. What is going on? Will this fast moving disease be released in America?    

Listen for low flying aircraft. Shut your windows at night. Stock up on colloidal silver, antibiotics and high quality vitamins. Please watch the skies!



November 13, 2009 11:28 AM       THE FINAL SOLUTION??
SACRAMANIACSmc 10 novembre 2009//november
http://www.blogtalkradio.com/proofneg... http://www.blogtalkradio.com/proofnegative

http://ukraineplague.blogspot.com/200... http://ukraineplague.blogspot.com/2009/11/update-11909-154pm-est-over-one-million.html

http://www.innworldreport.net/inn/ind... http://www.innworldreport.net/inn/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=1673:pneumonic-plague-outbreak-in-china-follows-outbreak-in-ukraine&catid=36:international&Itemid=1 SPREAD TO CHINA
http://ukraineplague.blogspot.com/200... http://ukraineplague.blogspot.com/2009/11/update-11909-438-pm-est-13000-died-in.html

http://patft.uspto.gov/netacgi/nph-Pa...  http://patft.uspto.gov/netacgi/nph-Parser?Sect1=PTO2&Sect2=HITOFF&u=%2Fnetahtml%2FPTO%2Fsearch-adv.htm&r=15&f=G&l=50&d=PTXT&p=1&S1=pandemic&OS=pandemic&RS=pandemic

http://fto.co.za/news/airplanes-spray...  http://fto.co.za/news/airplanes-sprayed-mysterious-substance-ukraine-days-pneumonic-plague-outbreak-2009110615732

http://fto.co.za/news/fears-pneuomic-...  http://fto.co.za/news/fears-pneuomic-plague-spread-india-2009110815752.html INDIA

http://www.globalsecurity.org/wmd/fac... http://www.globalsecurity.org/wmd/facility/raven-rock.htm RAVEN ROCK
https://www.interpol.int/Public/ICPO/... https://www.interpol.int/Public/ICPO/speeches/SGBioT20071203.asp

http://current.com/1ie524c   UKRAINE PLAGUE MANY TIMES MORE LETHAL THAN H1N1 

FROM: http://www.youtube.com/watchv=A89TNMuhMkM&feature // THE FINAL SOLUTION?? (( http://www.fourwinds10.com/siterun_data/health/disease/news.php?q=1258136895 ))



posted,November 13, 2009 2:31 PM     Armageddon Has Begun

Written,Nov. 12, 2009

A Tale of Two Stories: The European BioWar outbreak and the censoring of it by the mainstream news media.

(( UPDATE: Latest Ukraine Plague figures: 1,253,558 very ill; 65,615 hospitalized in serious to critical condition. These are Ukraine only figures. ))

The biggest story on the Planet today is the outbreak of a very serious Advanced Biological War virus in Europe. The second biggest story on the Planet is the suppression of this story for almost two weeks by the corporate owned mainstream news media.

There is a lot we know and a lot that we can only speculate on about what is unfolding in Central Europe.

 We know that in mid-October, less than a month ago, there was a growing number of cases of what many thought was Swine Flu (A/H1N1) in the western part of the Ukraine. We know that many hundreds if not thousands of people in western Ukraine witnessed low flying light airplanes aerosol spraying something over Ukrainian cities during the days of October 29, 2009 and October 31, 2009. We know that beginning the night of October 29th, massive numbers of people begin to get very sick. We know that the Ukraine government issued a statement denying that it was doing any aerial spraying to combat the growing disease or authorizing any spraying over Ukrainian cities. We know that by October 30th, the Ukrainian authorities closed all schools for three weeks and banded public gatherings.

We do NOT know what disease the people were/are coming down with. We do know that doctors are describing the disease as Pneumonic Plague, or as some type of hemorrhagic fever, or as hemorrhagic influenza, or as hemorrhagic pneumonia. We know that the illness, whatever it is, does not appear to be A/H1N1. We do not know if the disease is a recombination of A/H1N1 with other viruses or some totally different virus or if it is in fact a virus. We know that the World Health Organization (WHO) has had several days to sequence the genes of the disease but has failed to release this data.

We know that WHO has NOT called for the quarantining of the Ukraine or the shutdown of all global travel to/from the area of infection and that this is the same thing that they did when Mexican Swine Flu (A/H1N1) first broke out and that the failure to contain that virus early on ensured its spread throughout the world.

We know that the internal temperature of the lungs of those with a terminal case of what many are calling 'Ukrainian Plague' is often from 130F to 135F. We do know that autopsies show that the lungs are filled with blood, and are black in color, and that the lung tissue has turned to mush. We know that patients who first show any signs of illness usually crash in less than 48 hours, sometimes the same day.

We know that the disease was spreading by about 200,000 per day but that this has slowed to about 100,000 day now, in the Ukraine, as people take extraordinary steps to contain the spread of the disease.

 We know that well over one and a third million people in the Ukraine are very ill with the disease (according to published official sources) and that over 60,000 are hospitalized in serious to critical condition. We know that the disease has a very high transmission rate with a likely low amount of viral (if it is in fact a virus) material needed to cause an infection. We know that the official reports of deaths are under 300 in the Ukraine. We also know that it is normal for hospital admissions of people with ARI (acute respiratory infection) to have a fatality rate of from 5% to 10%.

 We know that non-official sources were reporting over 3,000 deaths several days ago and that this number is more in tune with the 5-10% fatality rate than the official figures.

We do not know what effective treatments are for this illness. We do know that young adults seem to be more in danger of this illness.

We suspect that 'cytokine storming' similar to that in the 1918 Spanish Flu, that killed approximately 50 million people, is taking place.

We know from official Ukrainian Health Ministry reports that the illness does not test out as Mexican Swine Flu (A/H1N1). We do not know if the existing Swine Flu vaccine has any effect, but based on the non-positive response to Swine Flu in testing, we suspect that the vaccine is ineffective as the viral protean shell is different than A/H1N1 (if in fact it is a virus that causes the illness).

We know that the illness has spread to Poland, where over one quarter of a million people are now very ill. We know that it has spread to Belarus and to Hungary and elsewhere in central Europe. We know that 900,000 people are said to have Swine Flu in Norway but we do not know if this is related to Ukraine Plague in any way.

(( fto.co.za http://www.fourwinds10.com/siterun_data/environment/humans/chemtrails/news.php?q=1258049141 ))

We know that on November 8th a South African site (fto.co.za... http://fto.co.za/ ) carried the following:

"Suspicious aircraft were forced to land. A US operated (Russian-made long-range heavy transport) AN-124 changed its call sign from civilian to military which then triggered a response from the IAF (Indian Air Force) upon entering Pakistani air space (forcing) the plane to land in Mumbai while (a) second one was forced down by Nigerian fighter jets that also arrested the crew."

"According to reports, China's People's Liberation Army Air Force contacted the Indian and Nigerian intelligence officials about the presence of these US operated Ukrainian aircraft amidst growing concern that the United States was spreading 'biological agents' in the Earth's atmosphere, which some Chinese officials believed to be an attempt to (commit) mass genocide via the spread of H1N1 swine flu."

These aircraft "were carrying 'waste disposal' systems that could spray up to 45,000kg (nearly 100,000 pounds) of aerial type mist from sophisticated....nano pipes" in the planes' wings - called chemtrails./////

         We know that Baxter International Pharmaceuticals sent 72 kilos of human influenza H3N2 vaccine materials to 16 labs in European nations which contained live H5N1 Bird Flu viruses. We know that this was only discovered when a Czech lab tested the material on several ferrets (ferrets have a similar respiratory system to humans) and all of the ferrets died in short order. We know that Baxter claimed that this was human error. We also know that such a 'human error' is basically impossible with the containment protocols in place at Baxter and any other modern biolabs using Biosafety Level 3 (BLS-3) lab technology.

We know that in mid-August a Joseph Moshe, who is a Mossad biological warfare expert, called in to Dr. A. True Ott's national radio talk show and reported that Baxter was getting ready to release a deadly plague from its Ukrainian lab and that he was shortly meeting with US Attorneys in Los Angles to give evidence about this. We know that shortly thereafter Moshe was apprehended by Federal agents and LA police and taken to the Israeli Consulate. We know that he was quickly flown to Israel and that no further word has come from him.

We know that over the last three or so years a large number of biological experts, from a number of places all over the world, have died strange deaths and that this has been commented on by various publications in the past.

We know that the sudden appearance of Mexican Swine Flu (A/H1N1) virtually had to have been a release from a biological warfare lab. We know that A/H1N1 has gene sequences from three different types (American, Asian, and African) of Swine Flu, of Bird Flu, of two different types of human seasonal flu, and of Spanish Flu and that such a recombination is so unlikely in nature as to be virtually impossible.

We know that the WHO policies of not requiring a major quarantine of Mexico ensured that A/H1N1 would spread throughout the world.

We know that the current Swine Flu "Vaccine" is almost totally untested, and that the manufactures are protected from lawsuits for even deliberate acts that result in deaths and that nations acquiring the vaccines are required to sign contracts agreeing not to release negative information on the "vaccine" to the public. We know that published additives to the "vaccine" include highly dangerous-to-human-health substances.

We know that the corporate owned mainstream news media (with strong links to global banking families) have censored this story in a way that has never happen before.

 We know that the outbreak of a unknown but deadly and very rapidly spreading disease in Europe is the largest story on Earth, but that it is NOT being reported on.




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News, Links of the Day, Ukrainian Plague, Economic Crisis, Coming Third World War, Swine Flu
There is no longer any doubt that Advanced Biological Warfare has broken out in Europe. Over a million people have become very ill in the Ukraine in less than two weeks; over a quarter of a million are very ill in Poland; etc. This is the largest story on Earth, however, the corporate news media continues to censor this story and that itself is the second largest story on Earth. I and others in the alternative Internet news media are doing our very best to bring this information to the world's people. It is beginning to get through. I ask my readers to prepare for the worst of times. This is no longer a fear of what may come, but a realistic appraisal of what is already happening. Get close to God, we will really need Him in the days and weeks to come. Stirling

Latest Ukrainian figures: 1,253,558 currently sick; 65,615 currently hospitalized with ARI/Influenza ~ link

Population Reduction: Globalist Endgame Begins ~ link

Ukraine Health Minister: Those hospitalized test NEGATIVE for Swine Flu A/H1N1 ~ link ~ This means that either the "Ukrainian Plague" is something totally different than Swine Flu, or that Swine Flu has recombined with other viruses and the resulting virus no longer tests positive for Seine Flu - This also would almost certainly mean that the Swine Flu "Vaccine" would NOT work to protect against the recombined virus.

News on the Ukrainian Plague seems to be even more restricted today than in the recent past (past few days) ~ link

Suspected Hemorrhagic Pneumonia Outbreak Hits Ukraine ~ link ~ A good overview of events in this genocidal Advanced Biological War that has broken out in Europe.

Baxter admits contaminating European seasonal flu vaccine material with live Bird Flu - video ~ link

Lou Dobbs quits CNN effective immediately ~ link ~ link ~ Can you image how hard it must be for some in the news media to have to sit on the biggest story on Earth - the outbreak of Advanced Biological War in Europe - and say and do nothing about it. It may be that Dobbs simply could not handle what he saw happening any longer. We may see additional resignations if this censoring of the European BioWar continues.

Widespread rumors of Ukraine bioterrorism - Relink from a different site ~ link

Shocking H1N1 Swine Flu "Vaccine" Miscarriage Stories from Pregnant Women ~ link

War on Iran was the only topic during the Netanyahu - Obama, Gates - Barak, and Netanyahu - Sarkozy meetings this week ~ link ~ Does any reader have any proof that the US forces in the recent Jumpier Cobra war games have in fact left Israel? ...(....)


Suspected Hemorrhagic Pneumonia Outbreak Hits Ukraine ~ link ~ A good overview of events in this genocidal Advanced Biological War that has broken out in Europe.

As 'Ukraine Plague' fatalities spike upwards the government warns of 'battle' to control the disease's spread ~ link

Ukraine President Viktor Yushchenko, with over 1 million countrymen infected, warns nation must brace itself for a second wave ~ link ~ What does this neocon puppet know that we don't?

Belarus now reporting almost a quarter of a million cases of "acute respiratory infections (ARI) and flu" ~link ~ link ~ The Ukrainian Plague, whatever it is, is spreading throughout Eastern/Central Europe at a rapid pace; and still the western news media censers the story! See also: Pneumonia death of Belarus doctor near Ukrainian border ~ link

Latest figures from Ukraine: 1,122,188 ill, 57,286 hospitalized (I am not reporting 'official deaths' as the figure is totally unreliable). WHO still not releasing sequences data! ~ link ~ link ~ If the official figures are correct, in the Ukraine alone we are seeing an increase of 100,000 per day, down about half from late last week. No doubt as people take extraordinary steps to self-quarantine themselves. Also see: Timeline on WHO Silence on Ukrainian H1N1 Sequences ~ link

WHO Appeals to Ukraine for help with Hemorrhagic Pneumonia ~ link ~ See also: Total Destruction of Lungs in fatal H1N1 Cases ~ link ~ Dr. Henry Niman is convinced that 'Ukrainian Plague' is A/H1N1 Swine Flu that has undergone a small but deadly change. However, he does not have proof of this yet. He may well be correct, but he also could be totally wrong.

NutriMedical on-line database of nutritional supplements for Swine Flu and Ukrainian Plague ~ link ~ I recommend that my readers seriously consider purchasing some of Dr. Bill Deagle's supplements. This is not a paid ad, just an attempt to do something to help my many readers worldwide.

Death in Romania near Ukraine border causes concern ~ link

What doctors say is going on in the Ukraine - Claim bodies are being cremated - Plague bacillus found at autopsies ~ link ~ The finding of plague bacillus is most important, if this is correct.

Widespread reports of Ukrainian bioterrorism ~ link ~ On October 29 people in Kiev and cities in western Ukraine reported that light planes and helicopters had been spraying something to protect people against swine flu. Business owners were told in advance to keep doors and windows shut and to stay inside. There were many reports to local newspapers and radio stations, but local officials would not let them be published.

Within hours people were feeling ill, some reporting red rashes on their arms. Within two days a dozen people had died of severe acute respiratory illness (reported by WHO October 30 on their website), some with their lungs full of blood, fevers up to 39C-40C, and lung temperatures as high as 55C. This severe hemorrhagic pneumonia has similar symptoms to the 1918 Spanish flu, pneumonic plague, pulmonary anthrax, SARS and avian flu (H5N1).

The Strange Case of Joseph Moshe - with video ~ link ~ also see - video ~ link

Is The Flu Shot The Pandemic - video ~  link

Health protection agency claims Crimes Against Humanity being committed ~ link ~ If you really believe that A/H1N1 and this Ukrainian Plague "just happened" naturally you are brain dead or totally lacking information on the subject. If you think that the silence of the news media is an accident, over the last almost two weeks, you are beyond brain dead.

UK doctors to receive large bonuses if they sign up large numbers of their patients for the Swine Flu "Vaccine" ~ link ~ Taking the usual corrupt practice of the pharmaceutical companies, of paying doctors to do a "study" (actually to prescribe select overprice drugs), to a whole new level. Paying them to get their patients to take the 'soft kill' "vaccine", which will leave them defenseless to what is really coming.

Netanyahu now in Paris after leaving Washington ~ link ~ We are being told that the American and French governments have very serious differences with the Netanyahu government. Maybe, and maybe not. The French, and US governments are usually totally in step with Israel. Is this real, or just smoke and mirrors? See also: France: Israel does not want peace ~ link ...(....)


House of Rothschild ~ link ~ If you want to understand what has happened to this planet over the last 200+ years read this article. The article is a bit over the top, but it gives a good but limited historical overview of what this one satanical family has done and continues to do.

Pneumonic Plague - Pandemic Training in Canada - video ~ link

Ukrainian Plague Released On Purpose - video ~ link

Deadly Swine Flu Recombination Predicted by American Doctor ~ link ~ Very good article.

Why is Canada changing its flu policy - Some provinces suspending seasonal flu vaccinations for most people ~ link ~ The seasonal flu shot makes you at least twice (some sources say four times) as likely to get A/H1N1. You know what, I have read this before but I have not read anything on just how strange it is that a vaccine for seasonal flu would make you MORE APT to catch "Mexican Swine Flu". WHY is that? HOW could that possibly work? I don't doubt the story, what I am saying is why is this so and how does this work. We all seem to be operating in the dark here!

Hilarious Swine Flu Video ~ link ~ Well maybe 'hilarious' is a bit strong, but 'funny' it is.

Vaccine Warning - Pandemic Warning ~ link ~ A rather 'different' view of things.

Do you want a (RFID) chip with that - video ~ link ~ I believe that one of the goals of the current pandemics is the "medical" chipping of the world's population, which will come in handy in establishing the New World Order/global police state.

Rare and historically important Scottish noble title (Baron of Greenan) for sale at GBP50,000 ~ link

Bibi Netanyahu heckled at Jewish Federation of North America conference - with video ~ link ~ Dear old Bibi is going to get his people and his nation destroyed and with it a big part of the world. He is a super-warhawk and the most dangerous man on Earth....(...)


Ukrainian Plague latest figures: 1,031,597 ill; 52,742 in hospitals; 174 officially counted as dead ~ link

Belarus closes schools to contain "Swine Flu" ~ link ~ Ukrainian Plague, whatever that really is, has spread to Belarus (as I reported a couple days ago) and they are very concerned.

WHO continues to deceive: Assumes that Ukrainian Plague is H1N1 Swine Flu ~ link

1918 Spanish Flu Polymophsm in Ukrainian Plague/H1N1? ~ link

Total Destruction of Lungs ~ link

Over 2000 healthcare workers sick in Ukraine - Data on virus still not released ~ link

1,000,000 cases ~ link

H1N1 Genetic Changes - Pandemic Concerns ~ link ~ link

Latest figures - Poland reporting lots of children sick ~ link ~ All of Europe is now at grave risk and so is the rest of the world as air travel has not been shut down.

Paid Lying - what passes for major media journalism ~ link ~ The almost total news black out in the English speaking world about the 1 million cases of "Ukrainian Plague" in just over one week is the most shocking and outrageous example that I can think of, of the use of the major news media as simply a propaganda arm of the Illumunati. The story from the Ukraine is by far the biggest story on Earth right now and it is not being reported at all. The second biggest story is the fact that our "news" media is so totally corrupt as to not run the Ukrainian Plague story and the real reason as to WHY they are not running the story. My best guess, is that they don't want the public to demand quarantine of the nations involved and to stop all international travel till the threat is over.

Why Isn't the H1N1 Pandemic Flu Being Investigated as a Designer Bioweapon? ~ link ~ Because the hidden powers want the weapon to kill a bunch of us and scare the hell out of the rest of us so that we will allow them to impose Martial Law, and chip us (Mark of the Beast), and further destroy our economy. This is one of the dark and evil things in their strategic bag of nightmares that they are using to take us all to their New World Order/global police/slave state.

The US Government's Swine Flu Data Scam - video ~ link ~ Good one.

Netanyahu meeting with Obama today ~ link ...(...)


Recombinomics - Latest Ukrainian Plague figures ~ link

Dr. A. True Ott's telling of the event in mid-August (2009) where a Mossad biowar expert tried to warn US authorities (and told the story on Dr. Ott's radio talk show) that an Advanced Biowar virus was going to be released soon in the Ukraine ~ link ~ This is a very important post from August, in light of the one million plus cases of a new genetically engineered Advanced Biological War virus, generally known as Ukraine Plague, that have sprang up over the LAST WEEK ALONE in Europe.

Article from 30th October 2009: BBC says Ukraine suffers first "Swine Flu" death and begins shutting down schools and bans public meetings ~ link ~ Another article dated 29th October ~ link ~ Ukrainian Plague appears to 'crash' the patient approximately 48 hours after it first shows itself, those that die, die soon. It is apparent, at the very end of October that something was beginning to happen. ONLY NINE DAYS LATER, ONE MILLION PEOPLE ARE VERY SICK WITH UKRAINIAN PLAGUE.

IBM 'knew about' Pandemic in 2006 ~ link

Additional Ukrainian Plague links: LabVirus.com ~ link ~ Pandemic Update ~ link ~ South Africa news blog ~ link ~ Plague on Google Health ~ link

America The Betrayed ~ link ~ This is an excellent article. Take the time to read it if you can. ...(...)


The public is being kept in the dark about what is happening in the Ukraine. Please pass this site on to as many family and friends as you can and post links to it on as many sites as you can.

Latest Update: More Cover-Up in Ukraine: WHO Withholds Gene Sequences As Cases Double Again - Now 910,640 cases (this is the third time today I have raised the total number of cases) ~ link

Ukraine's Pneumonic Plague: A New Strain of Flu MANY TIMES MORE LETHAL THAN H1N1 - with audio and 3 videos ~ link ~ Very good article.

Ukrainian Plague: This story is too big and moving too fast to cover up much longer ~ link ~ link ~ A key question is WHY WOULD THE MAINSTREAM NEWS MEDIA BE ACTING TO COVER UP THIS MASSIVE NEWS STORY? My guess is that they don't want the public demanding a lock-down of international flights/travel to stop the disease from spreading globally. This disease is designed to kill and maybe to take the blame from any Iran/Middle East War spread biowar so that Israel and the US are not blamed for the biowar deaths resulting from an attack on Iran. Or maybe they (the global banking families Illumunati organization) have simply begun their culling of the human population as part of their End Game operations for creating the New World Order/global police state with a dramatically reduced human population. This is what happen when the people are too stupid to stop the worst trash on earth from killing us off.

Ukrainian Plague now in Romania, Bulgaria and Hungary ~ link ~ This is the biggest story on the planet now, but you are not hearing about it from the mainstream news media - WHY NOT?

Ukrainian Plague totals as of 6th November: 762,825 infected (only 32 confirmed with Swine Flu), 109 officially confirmed deaths (unofficial reports at over 3,000 two days ago), 33,979 hospitalized ~ link ~ The rapid rise from almost nothing to over 3/4 million people in a week is highly reflective of an Advanced Biowar 'designer virus'. This is NOT A/H1N1. This is either a new virus or a major recombination of A/H1N1 with another virus/viruses. UPDATE: Official Ukrainian Plague totals are now: 871,037 infected, 135 deaths, 39,603 hospitalized ~ link. The death figures don't make sense, ARI hospital ER admissions generally result in 5% to 10% fatalities yet only in the non-official reports of several thousand deaths do we get near this percentage. And by the way, those ARI percentages do not involve something like this plague that results in internal temperatures of 135F or hemorrhagic lung tissue (lungs turned to mush) or the lungs being black. We are not getting the truth on this and in fact, most people in America and much of the world do not even know of the strange new wildfire epidemic in the Ukraine. The public is being kept in the dark for as long as possible, so that the virus can spread. So that the public does not question what little is being done to stop the global spread of this new killer disease. Cases of infection are increasing at about 200,000 per day! ~ link

Martial Law 'all but declared' in Ukraine over mystery epidemic ~ link ~ Stand way back from the trees and look at the forest: Since the technology was invented about 30 years ago to genetically engineer viruses using recombination, there have been a host of 'new diseases' such as AIDS, Ebola, Bird Flu H5N1, Swine Flu A/H1N1, etc. We are living in the Age of Advanced Biological Warfare. This Ukrainian Plague could be a terrible killer throughout the world. Almost nothing is being done to stop the spread of the disease globally; about the same steps to contain the spread of the disease are being taken under WHO's direction that were taken to contain Mexican Swine Flu (A/H1N1) and look how successful that was.

Shock! Epidemic of Pneumonic Plague in Ukraine? - with video ~ link ~ I like the video, however, I do not believe that this is 'Pneumonic' Plague. It is likely to be a virus based illness not a bacterium based one like Pneumonic Plague. Also see this story ~ link

Baxter's Ukraine Pneumonic Plague Virus IS A Bioweapon - video ~  link ~ Folks, take the time to view this video!

Ukrainian Plague Bioweapon is Phase 2 of Swine Eleven - video with Alex McGowin of LabVirus.com ~  link ~ Also a very good video on what/who/why is happening with the Ukrainian Plague bioweapon release.

EU to provide emergency assistance to Ukraine ~ link

Ukraine supplied with 300,000 packs of Tamiflu by air ~ link ~ But what effect does it have on the new disease?

Ukraine may delay Presidential poll due to Ukrainian Plague according to President's office ~ link ~ President Yushehenko is a Neocon and widely disliked in the Ukraine, his poll figures are under 10% and he will be replaced by at best either the current PM who is more pro-Russian or the other candidate who is very pro-Russian. Yushehenko is using the Ukrainian Plague to grab unconstitutional power and stay in office. The Prime Minister says that the election cannot be canceled.

Polish Prime Minister: Polish Government will NOT purchase Swine Flu vaccines that have not been properly tested or from producers who will not accept responsibility for side effects ~ link ~ Good this man has some moral courage! The Prime Minister of the Ukraine has not taken the Swine Flu "Vaccine" and is against it.

Swine Flu "Vaccine" Causing Miscarriages ~ link ~ Killing the innocent unborn babies, something that satan loves to do.

Netanyahu heads to America to stop Palestinian statehood declaration and US recognition ~ link ~ Bibi will do anything to stop this, including blow up the world. ....(....)


Sorry for the late posting today - I had computer issues.

WHO Continues To Deceive: Assumes That Ukraine Plague Is H1N1 Swine Flu ~ link ~ Great article! Glad to see that a few articles are being written on Ukrainian Plague.

Drive-thru Vaccination - video ~ link ~ Sorry to say this is taking place in my home state of Indiana. Yes sir, drive right up, put your brain in neutral and get your shot.

US troops and generals 'flood Israel' ~ link ~ This is an 'interesting' news article from November 4, 2009 from the Israeli publication, 'Israel Today'. It gives a time line for Juniper Cobra that is still running and will continue for another two weeks.....(...)


The American mainstream news media and to a lessor extent the mainstream news media of many nations are censuring the Ukrainian Plague story - WHY? Update: Today's total of very ill people in the Ukraine is officially at 633,877. This disease was unknown six days ago! Three days ago the number of cases was approximately 255,000, yesterday it was a little over 470,000. Official death figures are just under 100, but multiple sources say the real death figures are now over 3,000. The internal temperature of the patients who die reaches 130F to 135F, the lungs are full of blood and have turned to mush, and are black.

Ukrainian Prime Minister advises AGAINST Swine Flu vaccinations ~ link ~ She is NOT allied with the Neocons, whereas the President (who supports Swine Flu "Vaccinations") is a Neocon.

Ukrainian President's emergency address to his nation ~ link

Ukraine: Influenza or Pneumonic Plague ~ link ~ link

Collection of videos and stories concerning the Ukrainian Plague ~  link ~  link ~  link ~  link ~  link ~  link ~  link ~  link ~  link ~  link ~  link ~  link ~  link ~  link ~  link ~link ~ link ~ link ~ link ~ link ~ link ~ link ~ link ~ link ~ link (Poland)~ link ~ link ~ link ~ link ~ link ~ link ~ link ~ link ~ link ~

Spanish Doctor Reveals Important Information About Swine Flu - long video in Spanish with clear English sub-titles ~ link ~ The Spanish doctor is a woman M.D. with a second doctorate, a Ph.D. in Public Health, and she is also a Benedictine Catholic nun. The lady is very knowledgeable and scientific in her approach. It may be her religious faith, but she comes across as a very honest person, and as a down to Earth 'real' person. If you want a good background, without any hype, about what is happening - listen to her. The facts and cold hard logic that she very carefully works her way through lead to a conclusion that there is a global effort to kill off most of this planet's population.

Panic in the Ukraine over Swine Flu ~ link ~ This is one of the few stories in the mainstream news media (the BBC) about the nightmare that is unfolding in the Ukraine - right out of a Hollywood horror movie about biowar - however, there are several inaccurate bits of information in this article. The number of very sick people is now 500,000 or so, not the 255,000 quoted in the article. Of course, the number did just about double in 48 hours from 255,000 to almost 500,000. We do not know if this is Swine Flu. It may be a recombination of some Swine Flu (A/H1N1) genetic material and one or more other viruses. Or it may be something totally new. And we are apt to be at the mercy of the public health authorities for some time as to taking their word, when it eventually comes out, on the genetic makeup of whatever is causing the hyper-epidemic in the Ukraine. We know that, several months ago, we were lied to extensively in the early days about the spread and origin of the Mexican Swine Flu virus. In any case, while overall death rates are reported as low, there are serious non-official reports that thousands are dead/dying. We know that, whatever this event/illness is, it only began on about October 25, less than a week ago. We know that the number of officially reported illnesses was 255,000 two days ago and doubled to 500,000 in 48 hours! We know that the illness has already escaped the Ukraine and is now beginning its global spread. We know from medical/military studies of Advanced Biological Warfare war-games, that it is highly likely that we will not make it to Christmas without a medical emergency of Biblical scope. In fact, it is more likely that all hell will break out before the American holiday of Thanksgiving (November 26th). We know from ARI type cases, that in 5% to 10% of the cases, the patients do not survive. This is the range that we seem to be getting from separate, relivable, but officially unconfirmed reports of Ukrainian deaths. This, projected to only 4 billion infected (out of approximately 6 billion people) of the Earth current population (Swine Flu "Vaccines" are being manufactured for 4.8 billion people as you read this) would result in 200,000,000 to 400,000,000 human beings dying before next Spring.

Seasonal flu vaccine may increase H1N1 risk ~ link ~ I was on Dr. Bill Deagle's NutraMedical Report the last couple of days, and will be on again today. Yesterday, some evidence was presented on the show that strongly indicates that the Swine Flu "vaccine" itself may INCREASE the chances of getting H1N1.

Swine Flu Government Data Scam - video ~ link /////    Has the Jumpier Cobra exercise ended? Have the 17 US Navy guided missile ships left the area? Has the US Army pulled its Air Defense forces out of Israel? Like the Ukrainian Plague crisis, the American and Western mainstream news media is censoring this story....(...)


People please pass this site on to several of your friends - This new illness in the Ukraine, what I call Ukrainian Plague, is a horrific danger to all of mankind. We are seeing the beginning of Armageddon, where a third of all mankind will die of Plague according to the Bible and another third will die of "Wormwood" (which is the English translation of the name of a Ukrainian village, Chernobyl, in other words a third will die from nuclear war and fallout).

Swine Flu Wars: Baxter's Ukraine Bio-Weapon Exposed ~ link ~ Read this article, please. We are seeing something of extraordinary importance happening in the Ukraine. An Advanced Biological Warfare genetically engineered killer virus has been released. This virus is not A/H1N1 although it may or may not have some of "Swine Flu" genetic material in it. It behaves like a hemorrhagic fever in the lungs turning them into 'mush' and killing the patient. Over 1,500 people have died so far, but the official death count is but a fraction of this number. With the so-called Mexican Swine Flu, we saw the gross ineffectiveness of national governments and the World Health Organization in preventing the spread of A/H1N1, which is a mild virus. This new lab produced virus is a killer and we can expect it to spread throughout the world soon. Since no one else has named it yet, I am naming it the Ukrainian Plague. It is apt to cause a catastrophe of global even Biblical proportions. Yet unless you are reading alternative news media over the Internet, you likely do not have a clue as to what is going on. The mainstream news media is strangely very quite on this.

Enough Is Enough With This Swine Flu Farce ~ link ~ In spite of the article title, this article is mainly about Ukrainian Plague. Like the article above, it is an excellent source of key information. Something really profound in human history is unfolding right now in the Ukraine and will spread all over the world before Christmas. The Illuminati's Christmas Gift to the human race.

Ukrainian Plague cases double in two days! Now almost half a million ~ link ~ This is official cases. As we witnessed with the spread of Mexican Swine Flu the official cases are often just a fraction of reality. There are serious reports that the number of deaths are 1,500 and climbing.

Ukrainian Prime Minister orders that all Ukrainians be provided with at least 2 gauze masks ~ link

Ukrainian Plague causes neighboring states to 'tighten' their borders - WHO 'assumes' cases to be H1N1 ~ link ~ Only a total quarantine of the Ukraine will even have a snowballs chance in Hell of stopping the spread of Ukrainian Plague, and this is NOT being done. What is happening in the Ukraine is NOT A/H1N1 Mexican Swine Flu! Also see: WHO 'assumes' Ukraine gripped by Swine Flu ~ link ~ Over 250,000 [update: now 478,456 cases] official cases in a week or so! What we have here is one dangerous Advanced Biowar virus! WHO clearly showed in the case of Mexican Swine Flu that it is worst than useless. Now it appears to be using Ukrainian Plague as a marketing tool to get people to take the Swine Flu "vaccine" - Don't be stupid and fall for this.

NATO providing medical assistance to Ukraine ~ link

Steve Quayle: E-mail from eyewitness in Romania concerning Pneumonic Plague ~ link ~ Also see: Pneunomic Plague and Aerosol Delivery ~ link ~ I suspect that this is a virus based illness not one caused by the bacterium Yersinia Pestis. (However, one should note that the Soviet BioWar program developed a totally antibiotic resistant form of Yersinia Pestis - Black Death - over twenty years ago.) ~ Also from the Steve Quayle site: Spanish Flu: Born Again Bioweapon ~ link ~ The article starts out from October 2 but is updated about a third of the way into it. It gives some interesting information about the technology of creating such horrific viruses. The first cases appeared just a few days ago!

Panic in Ukraine: Authorities deny aircraft are spraying aerosols over cities - Martial Law Expected ~ link ~ The light aircraft that people have witnessed spraying aerosols over Ukrainian cities could be spreading the disease not spreading some "treatment" for it!

Plague: A New Thriller of the Coming Pandemic ~ link ~ 'Foreign Policy' reviews a novel?!!

Has Baxter International released a biological weapon? ~ link

A patent on genetically engineered Swine Influenza Virus from 2005 ~ link

Elderberry - effective Treatment for Swine Flu ~ link ~ link ~ A/H1N1 as far as a flu goes is not too dangerous, less so than most seasonal flus.

Israel seizes 'Iranian' arms ship on high seas ~ link ...(...)

http://europebusines.blogspot.com/2009/11/news-links-of-day-ukrainian-plague.html ((4))

...(...) One Flu Over the Ukraine's Nest ~ link ~ Very good article with lots of very interesting information in it, just get past the first couple of paragraphs. What efforts are being made to prevent this new virus from spreading around the world just like A/H1N1 has??? This is a real killer virus. This is a must read article, folks: "They are calling it both a viral pneumonia and bacteriological hemorrhagic fever. The symptoms mimic those of Swine Flu, though on steroids. People die with their lungs dissolving almost overnight, filled with fluids and blood. ... Three months ago, Israeli Mossad agent Joseph Moshe, who specializes in biological warfare, was taken down by Los Angeles police, allegedly for "threatening the White House." What wasn't reported by the media at the time was that Moshe just had "called into a radio show to warn people about a biological weapon that was being made by Baxter international that would be spread through vaccine and would cause a plague upon its release."  Moshe also claimed that Ukraine would be the country in which it first would be released. This was in early August.  How did he know? " The talk show host was Dr. True Ott, Dr. Ott and I have been on national radio talks shows together with Dr. Bill Deagle. Dr. Ott is a great guy and one of the top experts on what is happening with Swine Flu.

President of Ukraine calls on the international community for help - Unknown virus is killing people - 1500 already unofficially reported dead ~ link ~ This is serious people. It sounds like an Advanced Biowar virus is on the loose in the Ukraine and nothing is being done to prevent its spread around the world. Mark my words, this could be the beginning of something truly horrible in human experience. Something that will kill many of the people reading this.

Flu Ukraine: What deadly virus grips the nation? - video ~  link ~ Several possibilities here including: A deliberate mutation of A/H1N1 (perhaps to scare people to take the "vaccine"); deliberate biowar attack designed to confuse people when the Iranians use their biowar viruses when they are hit by Israel and USA.

Who Benefits from Swine Flu ~ link

Swine Flu "Vaccine" manufacturers have contracts with national governments all over Europe (and likely elsewhere) that effectively mandate silence about vaccine deaths ~ link ~ This gets worse all the time. Why such a contract. Is not such a contract against the publics' right to know and the national interest of each nation?

Truly Scary Stuff - Doctors speak out about Swine Flu "vaccine" - video ~ link

Twenty reasons why Vitamin D is better than the Swine Flu "Vaccine" ~ link

Swine Flu - One of the Most Massive Cover-Ups in American History - video ~ link ...(...)


...(...) Seine Flu? typhus? Ebola Hemorrhagic Fever? Pneumonic Plague? PANIC EXPLODES AS A MYSTERY ILLNESS RIPS THROUGH UKRAINE ~ link ~ It may be that the Illumunati want to confuse the public about a possible Iranian Advanced Biowar counter-attack in response to a Israeli (or Israeli-US) attack on Iran. It can be claimed that this new illness and Swine Flu are what is killing so many people, not something caused by an attack on Iran. Ukraine may have been chosen because Baxter has a key facility there and the Ukraine is about to exit Neocon control in the coming national election.

Has Baxter Released A BioWeapon In The Ukraine? ~ link

Swine Flu Government Data Scam - video ~ link ~ link ~ Most people told that they have Swine Flu do NOT have Swine Flu. Why the scam? What is really in the "vaccine" that they are lying to us about and trying so hard to panic us to take?////   Swine Flu an hoax by business interests says senior Saudi religious leader ~ link ~ The 'hoax' part I agree with; but doing all of this globally just for money when so very many high level people are involved makes me think that it is beyond money, that there is more to it....(...)

Common links in Swine Flu deaths ~ link ~ Many have a co-occuring bacterial infection by Staphylococcus Aureus. (( october31))


...(...) Mysterious Virus Hits Ukraine ~ link ~ 40,000 Ill in Ukraine - 40 dead ~ link ~ Epidemic of Pneumonic Plague in Ukraine? ~ link ~ Flu Tracker Map - Ukraine ~ link ~ Ukraine orders mobile military hospitals deployed ~ link ~ Ukraine out of hospital beds, orders people to stay home ~ link ~ Flashback: Mossad microbiologist says Swine Flu "vaccine" is a bioweapon linked to Baxter's Ukrainian lab ~ link ~ This could be a new genetically engineered biowar virus on the loose; this could be some nation/group jumping the gun (perhaps by accident) on a post-Iran strike Advanced Biowar release; this could be a purposely mutated form of A/H1N1 that has been released as the second wave and it may be sufficiently different that it does not register as Swine Flu. People NOW is the time to stock up on caned food, water, Rx, etc. for several months. Once true killing Advanced Biowar viruses are on the loose, the only sure defense is self-quarantine.

(( october29-B ??))

(( october 29-A ?? ))     The Swine Flu Conspiracy - video ~ link

Mass Rejection of Swine Flu "Vaccine" Continues Throughout Europe - EXTREMELY LOW PERCENTAGES OF PEOPLE SAY THEY WILL TAKE IT ~ link ~ It looks like the power of information via bloggers is a really powerful force.

Massive Repudiation of American Government by Its Citizens: Very Low Flu 'Vaccination' Rate ~ link ~ Abe Lincoln said it best: "You can fool all of the people, some of the time. And some of the people, all of the time. But you cannot fool all of the people, all of the time." The Sheeple awake.

US Government launches deceptive Swine Flu propaganda blitz ~ link ~ Everything about this 'Swine Flu' and the soft kill "vaccine" is a lie and false flag operation. The virus could not have recombined the way it did in nature, it was lab created. The spread could have been controlled early on, but was not. The rush to "vaccinate" billions with a dangerous and mostly untested "vaccine" raises a sea of 'red flags' as to what really is going on here.







Jim Kirwan  june -20-9  .....   Reposted by request of 'S' on Nov. 11, 2009.


When I talk to people I get the feeling that they believe their lives belong to them and only to them; in part because as Americans they believe they are actually free people. Nothing could be further from the truth. Aside from this idea, that so many have no idea at all of what this country or their actual status in this place really is: People ought to know who is in charge of whether they live or die - shouldn't they?

         Back in the stone-age when Americans were extremely naive there was a phrase that went something like this: 'America has a government of laws, not of men, where no man is above the law.' That, given the entirety of the twenty-first century, is something that is definitely no longer 'in vogue'.

America is a nation that unlike most other nations has chosen not to teach its people the real history of this country; because the true story is not a fit topic for polite discussion. For those interested, this video outlines the on-the-ground realities inside "Manifest Destiny" which set the tone for American Imperialism in this hemisphere; that has become the core for American international aggression around the world. (1)

Who we once were or might have been is behind us now. What we are now is what matters today; not just to us, but to the whole world that has been suffering beneath the colonial military-might of our Empirical aggressions, as never before.

 This has been directly due to the complicit actions of the totally corrupt Supreme Court and the cowardly Congress that have both colluded with the now criminal administrative branch to steal this nation from the people; the same people, that were supposedly the only reason for their existence as government officials in the first place.

    Personal 'Risk' is a permanent part of every life; but what the New World Order is trying to do is to 'rig' the entire process of government at all levels; in order to eliminate any chance that anyone could ever again challenge whatever might pleasure the privatized world of the elites. This construct will never be able to stand for very long, we must end this now, along with the careers of all the key traitors at the top of this administration. Nature will not tolerate an out-of-balance world for long,

and we're already living on borrowed time.


    The Congress of the United States surrendered early on to the takeover, when they gave-away their constitutional obligation to the idea of the 'Commander-in-Chief' as dictator over every aspect of the American government, instead of simply being what the office of Commander-in-Chief really is, which is strictly limited to absolute control over the US military. ? Bush apparently decided that the title meant that he was 'Commander-in-Chief over all branches of this government, and possibly he even thought he might well be the 'Commander-in-Chief of the World' which would account for his total disregard for any international laws or borders on the planet.

       So in 2002, when the Congress chose to abdicate its constitutional duties to 'Advise and Consent' on presidential appointments; they became fully fledged partners in crime together with the dictator who created "signing statements" as a permanent way to get around new laws that he chose to ignore (a practice that Obama has chosen to continue with-despite its illegality).

 What these acts have led to are what has created the runaway corruption of the government, on all levels. One of the by-products of these crimes will be the death of this nation that fails to conform to the dictates of the US Constitution

 upon which the Republic was supposedly-founded.

Today, the Supreme Court re-confirmed that it is firmly inside the coup that seeks to end Constitutional protections under the 14th Amendment that promised equal protection for all Americans, under the Constitution of the United States: The Supreme Court is nothing more now than a rubber stamp for the totalitarian policies of the fascist police state that owns this country.

"Supreme Court Denies Post-Conviction DNA Testing: Prisoners attempting to challenge their convictions have been dealt a major setback by the Supreme Court. In a 5-4 decision, the Court ruled Thursday that criminals do not have a constitutional right to DNA testing after their conviction. In the majority opinion, Chief Justice John Roberts said it is up to the states and Congress to decide who has a right to testing that might prove innocence long after conviction.      In the dissenting opinion, John Paul Stevens wrote, "There is no reason to deny access to the evidence and there are many reasons to provide it, not least of which is a fundamental concern in ensuring that justice has been done." The Innocence Project says DNA testing has exonerated 240 people nationwide,

 at least seventeen of whom had been sentenced to die."

     Since 911, the public has begun to finally see that the crimes of that day are the product of the inside-job that it was; a massive-crime that was created to furnish cover for the takedown of this Republic. This act was designed and planned from the inside, in the name of 'fighting a false terrorism' that was initiated by Al Qaeda; a CIA created branch of the federal government in good standing on September 10, 2001, that was magically transformed on September 11, 2001, into 'this nation's worst nightmare.' Nine-Eleven was a criminal act against the people of the United States; carried out by traitors within this government in collaboration with Israel and Britain.

    This false-flag mass-murder was supposedly the reason for our presence, in Afghanistan (where we went to chase down Osama bin Laden): But the real reason we bombed Afghanistan back to the Stone Age was because of a Unocal pipeline that needed to pass through Afghanistan, which was hostile to that effort. The attacks upon Afghanistan were planned and prepared for over a year before 911, which simply provided the excuse for our initial attacks on that country. The current president of that country, Ahmid Karzi, is a former official of Unocal, and everything that's happened since flows directly from the needs of the oil companies and their pipeline plans in the Middle-East.

 In the end this has not worked for us, especially for those that are cursed with having to pay for all of these crimes that have no-end-in-sight. (2)

      What do we say to those who have lost loved ones on 911, or in the six years of these phony wars that continue to destroy so many lives; while our military machine-without-conscience, continues to slaughter millions of innocent people simply because the privatized global powers of the multi-national bankers and the munitions makers along with the oil companies    are seeking ever greater record profits?

The administrations answer was to label everyone and anyone that actually could be seen to be doing anything real as "heroes," when the truth is and was that in America today there is no longer any standard of behavior for ordinary, much less for exemplary behavior. What happened to honor, to self-responsibility and to living the thoughts and words we use to describe the world we are forced to live in today?


        The US, with Israel as its mouthpiece, is a rogue nation; a lawless but very public collection of criminals, that have become the greatest threat to peace in the world today. The fascinating thing is that this is truer now than it was under the treasons of Cheney-Bush; and still the public is not moved to question or resist this takeover of their lives and dreams, by this charade of creatures that have come to kill all of us that have rejected them!


We have reached the point in history where 'ideas' are no longer the stuff of knowledge or parts of the pathway that can lead humanity out of this dark-night-of-the-soul that we are racing to construct where once there was a country. No - we have allowed the Zionists and their New World Order to classify our thoughts and words into thought-crimes and possible prison-terms for any that maintain their right to think and speak freely in that marketplace of ideas that America once so proudly proclaimed, as an integral part of the heritage of the new nation. In Cheney-Bush-Obama's world it will soon become a crime to be a human being.

It matters very much "Who Owns Us" but if this farce continues unchecked; then we shall be thoroughly and completely reduced to the nothingness that we are embracing

 by our failure to commit to ending this nightmare, before it is too late.


1) Nicaragua ­ A Nations Right to Survive   http://www.informationclearinghouse.info/article15435.htm

2) The American Empire is Bankrupt


Bankster Bailouts of 2008/09 Exceed Over 200 Years of Major Government Spending




'S'    Nov. 11, 2009


This post by “S” is especially for all who have known AND have done nothing;  and all who do not know AND cannot act for themselves.   

Secondarily, this post is also intended for the reading pleasure of   *Storytellers* who pride themselves much on their sacred knowledge re: the history of the United States of America / THE UNITED STATES / THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA and on all matters current; **Whistleblowers** who remain mute and moot as to certain historical facts from the legal memory of the “United States of America”, as distinct from “THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA”, facts of which seem to be taboo, off radar for unknown reasons.

And, of course, I cannot forget to address “Officers and Employees”, “Agents /  Agencies”, and “Instrumentalities” and “persons” of the CORPORATION, aka THE UNITED STATES / THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA / DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA.


This also includes the living men and women of the UNITED STATES military – police – intelligence occupational force which operates on and over the land and People of the[se] one for several united States of America; also for “Keepers” and “Trustees” of the [obscured lie] of the “federal” [ie. “corporate”] BANRUPTCY. 

 And, lastly, for all Nations of the World which have participated in the GRAND PONZI - ARTIFICE AND SCHEME, knowingly or otherwise…




Commentary with supporting research is in follow up to an article posted on Fourwinds June 21, 2009 by Jim Kirwan, “Who Owns You?”.  I thank Mr. Kirwan for his post to Fourwinds10 on the subject, which along with all other more current and related posts by various veritas [Truth in / of Origin] writers, including Casper & Associates, has given me renewed inspiration to elaborate on Mr. Kirwan’s subject  in greater detail.

      I do not recall if I have previously posted to Fourwinds a brief summary research document titled “Who Owns You?” or not.  If I have, my apologies to those who find the following redundant or overly burdensome to read.

     The subject matter which follows is critical to comprehension and Understanding as to what the status of THE UNITED STATES / THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, corporation(s) is / are.   The following facts are consistent with and supportive of the article posted to Fourwinds10 as cited above, although it is but a thumb nail of what the Nations and Peoples of the World need to take cognizance of if they are to chose to freely associate with or without one another in the future, especially where “THE UNITED STATES” / “THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA” is at issue or may be involved.

       Presently, much depends on the reinstatement and subsequent treatment of the organic Compacts which have founded the[se] United States of America, quite distinct and diverse from the jurisdiction and status of “THE UNITED STATES” / “THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA” / “DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA”, de facto corporations.  This subject has been covered in writings previously posted by “S” and other writer-researchers, now archived at Fourwinds10. 

In order to help all readers “grok” what I, Casper, Wendy, the Bellringers, and many enLighted workers for good are talking about, and what the real “war” raging behind the false controlled or inculcated perceptions of the mainstream ‘reality show’ is all about,

I provide the following case law determinations for starters:



This case was decided in 1795 by the US Supreme Court as it existed at that time, just twelve years after the Treaty of Paris of 1783.  This case defines “government” succinctly and leaves no room for misinterpretation:

Summary: Penhallow vs. Doanes Administrators, 3 US 54; 1L.Ed. 57, 3 Dall. 54.:

Governments are corporations; Inasmuch as every government is an artificial person, an abstraction, and a creature of the mind only [an idea], a government can only interface with other artificial persons.  The imaginary – having neither actuality or Substance – is foreclosed from creating and attaining parity with the tangible.  The legal manifestation of that is that no government, as well as any law, agency, aspect, court, etc. can concern itself with anything other than corporate artificial persons and the contracts between them.

     In short, there is no ‘parity’ or ‘equality’ between a tangible ‘real’ Living Man of Substance and the idea or imaginative construction of a created form of government that has been cause to arise as an aritificial person, abstraction of a “fiction”.   As such, there is no government that can concern itself directly with ‘in’ the affairs of the Living Man, as the Living [tangible] Man [of Substance] is superior in every regard and cannot be subordinated by the abstraction that is a mere idea operating in the form of “government”. 

     Note:  “government” is either by mutual will and informed consent or agreement, OR is by proxy, default, or otherwise [ie. conquest, occupation, compelled, induced, or by misrepresentation, fraud, deceipt, obfuscation]

   Note:  Does this case not also provide the reader insight into why it is that the governments of the world, including THE UNITED STATES / THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA  and every other ‘sovereign’ nation or government entity, including THE UNITED NATIONS, INTERNATIONAL MONETARY FUND, WORLD BANK, DEPARTMENT OF THE TREASURY – INTERNAL REVENUE SERVICE etc. etc. etc. must convert the Living Man of Substance into an abstraction just like itself, a corporate legal - commercial fiction, in order to ‘contract’ or otherwise use  various means to ‘enter into the affairs’ of the “person” that the government alleges to govern?    Thus, if there is alleged to be any transaction or exchange between a real Living Man of Substance and [the ‘idea’] the abstract corporate government, it cannot be direct, but must be indirect by and through a ‘transfer agent’ / ‘agency’ or a ‘transmitting utility’ [UCC terminology] for interface and interaction. 

 This agent / agency within the admiralty law commercial zone of the DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA is called a ‘US person’, “vessel”, ‘citizen’, ‘individual’, ‘resident’, ‘non resident’, ‘alien’, ‘taxpayer’, ‘beneficiary’, etc. etc. etc.   That “person” is not the real Living Man of Substance, but is an ‘enfranchised’ abstraction and fictional representation of the ‘real’, which NAME is always spelled in ALL CAPITAL LETTERS, in the same manner that SLAVE NAMES were entered of record as real property” of their owners, and “vessels” are ‘flagged’ in admiralty – maritime – martial law jurisdiction and venue.

     Summary:  Yick Wo vs. Hopkins; 118 U.S. 356; 6 S.Ct. 1064 (1886)   May 10, 1886

“Sovereignty itself, of course, is not subject to law, for it is the author and source of law….”

Note:  Does this not make sense as to why nation states, governments, monarchies, ecclesiastical powers and authorities all claim to be “Sovereign”, even having “Divine Rights” which are claimed to be “ordained” or “willed” by the Creator??  However, in the case of the American People, where no such ordination and will to be sovereign over others was intended or ever made, our “sovereignty” is beholding to the ultimate ‘para atman’ or the Godhead, Creator Source of all Life and the Creation, but is ‘self evident’, ‘self validating’, ‘self authenticating’, ‘self verifying’, and ‘self fulfilling’ as there is no other than God that We are subordinated to under the Law of the Creation, the Law of One, the Law Divine.   How did We get to become SLAVE??

     Note:  The above case is in 1886, is an extraordinary finding given that the new “US government” was then operating within the DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA as THE UNITED STATES, under Lieber Code martial law authority.   The DISTRICT was incorporated in 1871, quite without original delegation of any authority from the Compact states to do so, as the issue was raised in formal session, voted upon, and rejected just days before the final draft of the 1787 Constitution was adopted.

     It was not until the federal bankruptcy of THE UNITED STATES, corporation, 1933 or thereabouts, and subsequent case finding Erie Railroad Company vs.  Thompkins, 304 U.S. 64 (1938), that the Supreme Court of the United States held that “federal courts did not have power or capacity to make up or uphold general “common law”.   This was around the 1933 -34 beginning of the new administrative commercial ‘law form’ within the United States, and amounted to a “stacked deck” of Supreme Court [Lieber Code ‘justices’] determination to uphold the federal bankruptcy and suspend all common law ‘remedies’…..ie. the Constitution of the United States…..distinct from the Constitution for the United States of America, which essentially was already suspended by action and operation of Lieber Code authority previously adopted by Lincoln in 1863.


      Now, please look at the below case cites and see that even in the late 1700’s and early 1800’s before the Civil War, the courts had already determined that the People were sovereign unto themselves and not beholding to any other power or authority.

"The People of a State are entitled to all rights which formerly belonged to the King by his prerogative." Lansing v. Smith, 4 Wendell 9, 20 (1829)

Lansing v. Smith, 21 D. 89., 4 Wendel 9 (1829) ( New York ) "D." = Decennial Digest

Lansing v. Smith, 4 Wend. 9 (N.Y.) (1829), 21 Am.Dec. 89 10C Const.Law Sec. 298; 18 C Em.Dom. Sec. 3, 228; 37 C Nav.Wat. Sec. 219; Nuls Sec. 1`67; 48 C Wharves Sec. 3, 7.

         NOTE: Am.Dec.=American Decision, Wend. = Wendell (N.Y.)

"...at the Revolution, the sovereignty devolved on the people; and they are truly the sovereigns of the country, but they are sovereigns without subjects...with none to govern but themselves; the citizens of America are equal as fellow citizens, and as joint tenants in the sovereignty." CHISHOLM v. GEORGIA (US) 2 Dall 419, 454, 1 L Ed 440, 455 @DALL 1793 pp471-472

**One Interpretation of the above: as applicable to each Man [man or woman]

“I AM a true Sovereign,  without subjects,  with none to govern but myself,  within the judicial district under the authority of God.   Any violation of the Sovereign is a breach of the Treaty of Paris, an insult to the King of kings and Lord of lords,  and His People.  Violation is an international incident.”



 "The rights of sovereignty extend to all persons and things not privileged, that are within the territory. They extend to all strangers resident therein; not only to those who are naturalized, and to those who are domiciled therein, having taken up their abode with the intention of permanent residence, but also to those whose residence is transitory. All strangers are under the protection of the sovereign while they are within his territory and owe a temporary allegiance in return for that protection."

**[Carlisle v. United States, 83 U.S. 147, 154 (1873)]

  **Please Note:  This is a case from 1873, two years after the newly incorporated DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA was created by Congress, 1871, and approximately seven years after the alleged end of the Civil War [1861 – 1865]; five years after the erroneous fraudulent Reconstruction Acts [1867 – 1868]; eight years after the new improved 13th Amendment [December 6, 1865]; five years after the erroneous and fraudulent 14th  Amendment [July 9, 1868]; and three years after the 15th  Amendment  [February 3, 1870].   These amendments are referred to as the Reconstruction Amendments, but are within the same time frame and context of the Reconstruction Acts, under martial law Lieber Code authority, adopted by then President, Commander in Chief, Abraham Lincoln, April 24, 1863. 

 Both Acts and Amendments  are never enacted or ratified by a lawfully assembled Congress of the organic American Union states, as the southern states were brought into reconstruction military districts [originally five, then expanded to ten] and were never “allowed” “reinstatement” into the original Union without loss, diminution, and penalty.              The loss, diminution, and penalty compelled upon them under “reconstruction” was a loss of state sovereignty, given that lawful elections were modified under Lieber Code ‘civil authority’ acting to administrate over and upon the states; lawfully elected state governors were demanded, under threat of death or incarceration, to resign and vacate office; the same were replaced by “governors elect” or military designates; state legislatures were “stacked” or “loaded” with military appointees as “elected” representatives of the newly reconstructed or reformed ‘state’, brought under operational military authority of the occupier.  

 This time frame establishes a primary nexus for the permanent / perpetual “reconstruction” of all of the several Union states, not merely the southern ‘rebel’ ‘seditionist’ states.  It is around this same time frame that the “law form” and ‘style’ of judicial determinations began to change, and court determinations began to reflect the “reconstruction” agenda or intent of the military occupier to forever reform the organic Republic into a chimera [ghost image] of the original.

**One Interpretation of the above case: as applicable to each Man [man or woman]

“All strangers from the judicial districts who became slave in their system as strangers in a foreign land [from Africa or wherever] are under the protection of THE SLAVE MASTER UNITED STATES under the Great Seal while in its territories and THE SLAVES now owe allegiance in return for the SLAVE MASTER'S protection.”


It is commonly accepted that the primary purpose and intent of the 13th Amendment was to “free the slaves”.  Closer scrutiny of all of the above fact – events of Lieber Code military authority “law making” reveals a much darker underlying and undisclosed purpose.  “Free the slaves” while returning them to a new “State”, as new slave “citizens” which have NO RIGHTS, but which do have compelled duties, obligations, and grant of privileges [by grant of STATE issued registries and licenses]    whereby “allegiance” is ‘owed’ in exchange for “protection” of the Sovereign.  In this case, “sovereignty” takes on new meaning than that referenced in the above cases prior to the Civil War.


In fact of effect of the post-Civil War time period and initiation of perpetual ‘reconstruction’ under military rule, reconstruction of the organic Compact Union of the United States of America can be readily discerned and equated to the permanent dismantlement and reconstruction / reformation  and eventual “reorganization” [under various Chapter 11 bankruptcy “Plans”].  In short, the War was caused to ‘divide and conquer’ the Union, using the inflammatory highly charged moral – ethical and economic “issue” of slavery to breach the peace within the Union. 

 Who was it that brought the ‘foreigners’ to the new world ‘estates’ in the first place?  Who was it that brought “indentured” servants or contract employees, ‘serfs’, as chattel mortgaged ‘persons’ to the new world estates to work the ‘colonies’??  I’ll bet you all know at least that much history without even blinking an eye?   Who was it that had the largest and strongest merchant fleets and military naval fleets in the world?   And, who were they ultimately in service to, ordained by, and “flagged by”???


Remember, according to Mr. Whistleblower, the “International Debt Facility” is mysteriously created in 1875 or thereabouts, right in the midst of the conversion of the United States of America, a republic, into a military dictatorship operating as a ‘legislative democracy’ within the DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA while implementing forced relocation and ‘conversion’ of the American People and their states as ‘procured’ property under perpetual occupation.


Now, please consider this:

General definition for “cognitive dissonance”:

Cognitive dissonance is a psychological phenomenon first identified by Leon Festinger. It occurs when there is a discrepancy between what a person believes, knows and values, and persuasive information that calls these beliefs into question. The discrepancy causes psychological discomfort, and the mind adjusts to reduce the discrepancy. In ethics, cognitive dissonance is important in its ability to alter values, such as when an admired celebrity embraces behavior that his or her admirers deplore. ...

       Please follow the below thread taken from “Political Union or Political Chaos”, a chapter within a most meritorious book, “US of A vs. US” [ http://www.usofavus.com/ ]:

“With that as the backdrop, let us take a look at a few facts that may not be what you had previously believed them to be. First is the issue of your being a “citizen of the United States” [quotations mine].  Most everyone would seemingly agree that they are a “proud American” and therefore equally proud to be called a citizen of the United States.

      But how do the law and the Supreme Court define a United States citizen and most importantly, the rights, privileges and immunities associated with being one:

         “there is in our Political System, a government of each of the several states and a government of the United States  Each is distinct from the other and has citizens of its own.” . US vs. Cruikshank, 92 US 542,

“There is a clear distinction between national citizenship and state citizenship.” 256 P. 545, affirmed 278 US 123, Tashiro vs. Jordan

“The only absolute and unqualified right of a United States citizen is to residence within the territorial boundaries of the United States,” US vs. Valentine 288 F. Supp. 957

       “The privileges and immunities clause of the 14th Amendment protects very few rights because it neither incorporates the Bill of Rights, nor protects all rights of individual citizens. Instead this provision protects only those rights peculiar to being a “citizen” of the federal government; it does not protect those rights which relate to state citizenship.” Jones v. Temmer, 89 F. Supp 1226 /////


Does the above comport with your pre-established notion that being a United States citizen is the best of all worlds regarding your rights, freedom and liberty? Did you even know there was such a thing as a state Citizen and that it was different from being a U.S. citizen?  Are you possibly shocked to know that as a 14th Amendment U.S. citizen, you do not have the protection of the Bill of Rights; in fact 14th Amendment U.S. Citizenship protects very few rights! Did the government employees teaching in the public schools ever teach you this!

As the Kilo case on Imminent Domain decided by the Supreme Court in 2005 clearly demonstrates, U.S. citizens do not have private property rights or protection from bizarre imminent domain takings.      If you can fight off the psychological effects of cognitive dissonance for just a few more minutes, you might be wondering; “How did I get to be a U.S. citizen? And could it possibly be true that my political status as a U.S. citizen deprives me of the rights, privileges and immunities that I was taught were part of being a free American?”

The short answer is, you “volunteered”. That’s right, you volunteered to be a U.S. citizen devoid of Constitutionally protected rights, devoid of even God given unalienable rights. How did you do this volunteering you might ask? Well, when you decided that you needed a Social Security card you also agreed to become a U.S. citizen and accept what the legal experts call compelled benefits. And herein lies the “real beauty” of the system developed to make you into something you never thought possible, a “person” living in voluntary servitude. Ok, that cognitive dissonance thing just kicked in again.

Let’s take this one step at a time.

      By signing the SS5 form (Social Security Application) you voluntarily assented to transform by agreement your political status. Look at 5 USC 552A (a)(13):

“The term “Federal personnel” means officers and employees of the Government of the United States, members of the uniformed services (including members of the Reserve Components), individuals entitled to receive immediate or deferred retirement benefits under any retirement program of the Government of the United States (including survivor benefits).” Emphasis Added

     By agreeing to accept those measly Social Security payments 40 or 50 years out, you agreed to live your entire life as a “federal personnel“. For those of you like me, who may have spent some time in the military, you will know what I mean when I say that being a “federal personnel” is like being a Humvee or a tank or a cooking utensil in the mess tent; you are just a piece of property.       But there it is in black and white, your U.S. Congress passed legislation and the U.S. President signed that legislation that says if you volunteer to get a Social Security card you become government chattel property. Why do I keep saying you volunteered to get the Social Security Card, you ask? For the simple reason that to this day there is no law requiring you to get a Social Security number, no law within the 50 titles of the United States Code that makes the possession or use of a Social Security Account mandatory.

You see, back in the 1930s a very devious man named Franklin Delano Roosevelt was working diligently to turn this once great Republic into a legislative democracy where socialistic concepts could reign. As it turns out, Roosevelt had this little problem with the Supreme Court. The nine justices on the Supreme Court were ruling against some of the foundational planks of Roosevelt’s diabolical scheme. The risk was that the centerpiece of his “New Deal”, Social Security, might be found unconstitutional. So Roosevelt made his famous threat to “pack the Court” with lots of justices

until he could make the Court safe for democracy and socialism.

    Well, to make a long story short, a story that is more fully described in the book U.S. of A. v U.S., The loss of legal memory of the American state, the Court took Roosevelt’s threat seriously and made a “switch in time that saved nine“. Essentially, the Court threw out over one hundred years of protecting the people from power grabs by the federal government. The Court gave Roosevelt his way, thus paving the way for the “democracy” and all the evils that the Founding Fathers rightly associated with a democracy. But the Supreme Court snuck in a few little items that allowed the People “an out” if they didn’t want to fall into the servitude trap. They ruled that Social Security must be voluntary.

The 13th Amendment states:   Neither slavery nor involuntary servitude, except as a punishment for crime whereof the party shall have been duly convicted, shall exist within the United States, or any place subject to their jurisdiction.

You should notice that the 13th left the possibility of voluntary servitude!

       Now, if you have ever tried to open a bank account, fill out a job application or even rent a video, you might not think that having a Social Security number is voluntary, but that is the genius of the plan. The law says that making application to receive benefits under the Social Security Act is completely voluntary and in fact goes so far as to state in every one of the 50 Titles of the United States Code that mentions the Social Security number, that you cannot be denied any right or privilege if you do not provide a Social Security number (with the obvious exception of dealing with the Social Security Administration).            The way they got the scheme to work was to make the employers, banks, state and local agencies and everyone else treat you and make their computer system operate as if having a Social Security card was mandatory.

        Now if your mind is off pondering the magnitude of this great deception, let me ask you to come back to the discussion for a few more moments. There are two other very important points that you have to understand about the execution of the plan.

First, once you are in the “system” accepting the benefits there under you are legally barred from complaining about it or raising the issue that it might be un-Constitutional.        Justice Brandeis, a Supreme Court Justice during the 1930’s developed what are referred to as the Brandies Rules. Rule number six is the one that gets you. Take a look.      The Court will not pass upon the constitutionality of a statute at the instance of one who has availed himself of its benefits.

Read that again. If you volunteer to be a Social Security “beneficiary” you instantly become ineligible to go to the Courts and challenge the constitutionality of the very same laws. And since you also decided to become a 14th Amendment citizen at the same time you now also fall prey to Article 4 of the 14th Amendment, which states:

Section 4. The validity of the “public debt” of the United States, authorized by law, including debts incurred for payment of pensions and bounties for services in suppressing insurrection or rebellion, shall not be questioned.

      Yup, they just got you again. If, as a U.S. citizen you think the government ought to live within its means and not be five or ten trillion dollars in debt, you cannot question the [public] debt.         Do you think you are done getting suckered in this deal?

Guess again, it gets worse.”


“S” Comment:

The “public debt” includes how the debt is “constituted” from previous time periods prior to the adoption of the 14th Amendment.  It also includes how the public debt shall be administrated, managed, increased or otherwise ‘discharged’ or ‘paid’, but it definitely includes how the debt shall be collected.  Any questions as to ‘motive’ to get all American People converted into DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA 14th Amendment ‘US citizens’ and ‘registered’ for Socialist Security benefits that are not by law mandatory, but which are absolutely ‘compelled’ or forced upon unwilling ‘non compliant’ ‘non volunteer’ people???


“S” Comment:

The 14th Amendment and other Reconstruction Acts and Amendments cited above were in full force and effect under the military authority of the new DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA, established as its own diverse and distinct ‘sovereign’ nation state.   At the time of the creation of the International Debt Facility for the purported benefit and improvement of conditions for humanity, ?? 1875, the American People were already strapped to the wrack of the new debt combine of the new nation state, THE UNITED STATES dba DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA, or visa versa.    How do the progenitors of the Debt Facility justify recognition of a de facto usurper government that had in due course over the previous ten years, caused an entire traumatized nation of Living Men       to come under the obscured military authority of the occupation, and reconstruction,

which was then in full swing? 


To become a “US citizen” or “citizen of the United States” for the allegedly emancipated slaves was one thing, and the above 14th Amendment language is precise in that it would apparently apply to such emancipated slaves.  But, what about the non-slave element of the general state populations, which were at the time of the alleged ‘passage’ of the 14th Amendment, still in deep trauma from four + years of an unjust and unnecessary genocidal war?   Just asking!

Did you know you were volunteering to serve THE UNITED STATES as a debt-SLAVE in perpetuity, simply by registering to vote as a “US citizen”, voluntarily applying for Social Security, voluntarily registering your children on Birth Certificate Bonds?

        The above material is intended to establish a pretext and context for the subsequent material to follow in short order.

                 Part II to be continued:               “S”





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