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By Christopher Story FRSA, Editor and Publisher, International Currency Review, World Reports Limited, London and New York. For earlier reports, press the ARCHIVE. Order your intelligence subscriptions and our 'politically incorrect' intelligence books online from this website.


At 9:30pm UK time on Wednesday 2nd December, we established as follows:

• Seven aircraft arrived in the pariah United States on this date packed with foreign dignitaries, officials, enforcement personnel, banking and IT experts and World Court officers, for the purpose of reading the riot act to the criminals holding high office in Washington, demanding immediate compliance with the justified release requirements of the international community, and enforcing compliance and procuring immediate release of the Settlement funds.

(A separate confirming report mentioned five such aircraft arriving on this date).

• It was made known to the pariah United States at the highest level on this date that in the event of any further obstruction, China would finally exercise its full rights under the Writ of Execution and its lien on US assets at the Treasury, the Federal Reserve and the White House, and that any such move by China would be supported by the entire international community. This would result in a global crisis of unprecedented proportions, with world financial transactions and trade subjected to immediate and drastic constraints, including the likely imposition of exchange controls and the irretrievable winding-up of globalisation.

• George H. W. Bush (Sr.) and George W. Bush (Jr.) have indeed been explicitly threatened (it was reported to us again on this date) with horizontalisation; and if this is deemed necessary because of their further interference [see below], there will be no hesitation in performing this task.

One report advises that former President Clinton has received as similar direct warning that he will be liquidated if he stands in the way.

It is also believed that Dr Henry (‘Heinz’) Kissinger was put on notice to similar effect.


The following well informed elaborations and deductions flow from the above, within which the NESARA information has been passed to us by usually reliable ‘connected’ sources [however we cannot at this time elaborate on or confirm ANY of the NESARA data, and neither will we enter into ANY correspondence on the subject, especially given the fluidity of the situation overall]:

The White House and relevant US authorities have been informed (and it has been confirmed to us) that if there is any further US resistance and impediments to the releases, the Rest of the World will enforce the releases (by technical means) and will ‘implement NESARA’ (the National Economic Stabilisation and Reform Act’ signed by President Clinton in 1996 which comes into effect when announced). This will mean the bypassing of the Electoral College, the immediate removal from office of the US Cabinet and most Legislators, the standing down of officials whose positions are dependent upon the continuation of President Obama in office (such as Leon Panetta), the removal of the President and Vice President Biden from office, and implementation of the special interim arrangements under which the United States is restored to Constitutional rule and an election is arranged six months after NESARA takes effect. The international ramifications of NESARA will be comprehensively complied with by the international community.

• In such circumstances, all implicated holders of high office, officials, justices and legislators go to jail, and the corrupt Presidents will cease to exist (see ‘blood on the floor’ warning below).....(....)

Corollaries to this state of affairs would undoubtedly include the collapse of the European Union Collective and its institutionally corrupt European Commission, with its unapproved accounts stretching back 14 years. European structures are in any case threatened by the imminent possible implosion of one or more German banks [see below].

• By definition, in such circumstances, all offshore and off-balance sheet bank balances become worthless overnight (or rather, ‘more worthless’ than is already the case to a considerable extent, in practice). This puts paid to the notion that the Fascist criminalist clique could wind up in a position to buy up the world’s main assets at firesale prices.

• All 800+ US military bases outside the United States will have to be abandoned or mothballed as 100% of US troops operating abroad will be repatriated under NESARA, bringing an abrupt end to the scandalous drug-protection operation in Afghanistan (which will no longer be ‘necessary’ as the transborder interbank market will have collapsed, so it won’t need further lubrication with drug-trafficking proceeds); while the US occupation of Iraq, and all US military operations and presence in Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Bahrain, The Philippines, Japan, the British Indian Ocean Territory and elsewhere,

 will be terminated in short order.....(...)

Things have been allowed to drift out of control to such an extent, that informed circles around the world will not be dismayed at most of these consequences of US official intransigence that we have been partially describing – many of which will be secretly welcomed with relief.

So unpopular and disliked has the United States now become as a consequence of the unfettered arrogance of its criminal controllers, that, in accordance with the prevailing international mood, as explained to us, the view is that nothing short of a shake-up of the colossal proportions indicated, will purge the world of the menace of US official criminal banditry and decadence. This shake-up, with ‘unintended consequences’, of course, will materialise absent immediate compliance with the United States’ responsibilities and the justified demands of the international community.

Outline details of recent developments beyond this point in the present narrative occurred and were written up PRIOR to our obtaining the information summarised above....(...)


In our reports we have not hitherto given sufficient prominence to Kissinger (Soviet codename: BOR). This notorious German serpent of Jewish extraction who slithered seamlessly into the US Establishment, where he was welcomed of course by fellow snakes, prevailed upon President Gerald Ford (real name: Leslie Lynch King Jr.] to sack William Colby (who was horizontalised on Bush Sr.’s orders probably because of his old involvement in, and detailed knowledge of, the Nugan Hand ‘Golden Triangle’ drug-trafficking and laundering operations) as Director of Central Intelligence, in favour of the criminal operative George Herbert Walker Bush, as a result of which the CIA was penetrated at the top by the pan-German long-range strategic deception apparat.

It seems clear that Kissinger is actually Bush Sr.’s superior in this Hall of Death, directing him and operating as the elder Bush’s ‘handler’ (every intelligence operative has one or more ‘handlers’). Given his German Jewish background, Kissinger qualifies as a top Megawatt operative (Mossad-CIA), and possibly as a Metabridge deceiver (Mossad-CIA-MI6-DVD), which may be a problem now that the Germanophile Sir John Scarlett is no longer in charge of MI-6 and Tony Blair is indeed, as we predicted, getting his come-uppance at the ongoing Chilcot Inquiry [see below].....(...)

On Wednesday 2nd December it was reported to us [but see above] that there was a question as to whether Barack Obama had signed off on the latest revision of the necessary Settlements release documents. If he had signed off, that would have indicated that the Bush-Kissinger gangsters were continuing with their interference ops. However we discovered that, according to our sources, Mr Obama had NOT signed of the revised release papers, which in turn signalled that Barack Hussein Obama may remain directly involved in this criminality. [On the other hand, this delay may have been connected with the stand-off reported at the top of this commentary].
The question has to be asked:

With the former Vice President Cheney reportedly making provocative statements apparently criticising those who question the underlying purposes of US involvement in Afghanistan, his real intention pbeing to try to protect himself from prospective war crimes indictments as exposure of the drug-trafficking imperative behind this war (as with Vietnam) progresses, Mr Obama, who has ordered a surge in Afghanistan, should surely understand that he, too, might be vulnerable to such an indictment in due course – especially as Mrs Hillary Clinton is placing statements on the record before the National Security Grand Jury that has been investigating many aspects of these matters, including those that we have been exposing in these reports. In this connection there may be a split between former President Clinton and his CIA-wife, Hillary.
Why would Mr Obama add to his problems by continuing to block the Settlements – especially as Rahm Emanuel, Obama’s Chief of Staff, was reportedly told that if he continued to stand in the way, he would ‘cease to exist’? Sources now inform us that, behind Barack Obama, the Settlements are being blocked in real-time by Mr Leon Panetta, the Director of Central Intelligence, in a desperate stand to prevent the termination of the CIA’s free-wheeling Fraudulent Finance operations that have made it the most dangerous criminal enterprise in the world....(...)

In addition to the reference to Bush Sr.’s Caribbean accounts, you will of course have noted that $12.5 billion of monies awarded consequent to legal process for disbursal to CMKX DIAMONDS INC (CMKX:OTC)) were stolen on the instructions of President George W Bush by Executive Order on the Sunday before he left office, from the DTC suspense account in which they were held ready for disbursement. This incredible finding has shocked many observers, we understand.....(....)


The ‘takedown’ of Anthony Charles Linton Blair, predicted by this service, has accelerated since we last reported. This is highly significant generally, because it represents a further dimension of the unravelling of the operations of the Octopus, revealing that ‘the worm is indeed turning’ and that a blinding spotlight is being shone into the Bush-Abwehr-Kissinger-CIA pitch Blackness, which is an indication that we are indeed observing further signals of an historic discontinuity....(...)

Sir Peter told the Inquiry that the so-called Office of Reconstruction and Humanitarian Assistance (ORHA) set up by the Pentagon had been very poorly prepared with ‘very little time and very little expertise’ and ‘very few people’ for this ‘huge undertaking’.
    He added that ORHA was ‘a shambles’. Edward Chaplin, the former head of the Middle East section of the Foreign Office, told the Inquiry that post-war planning had been ‘dire’, hampered by a belief in the United States that there would be ‘dancing in the streets’ when the troops entered Baghdad. He added that there was ‘a touching belief [in Washington] that we shouldn’t worry so much about the aftermath, because it was all going to be sweetness and light’.
Thus, not only has the US Intelligence Power systematically provoked the universal corruption of the banking sector with its open-ended Fraudulent Finance operations designed to perpetuate and finance both its own usurpation of supreme power and hegemony in the United States itself, as well as to fund its rampaging ‘Black Operations’ around the world; but its chronically brainwashed and penetrated co-conspiring, rampant partner in crime, the US Military Power, cannot even be relied upon to conduct an invasion and occupation in a disciplined manner without ‘messing up’ – thanks to its insufferable, coruscating arrogance and self-belief. Wherever the American military goes, mayhem follows, in conformity with the norm that its sole product is DEATH.

HOWEVER, what needs to be understood is that this chaos is to an extent DELIBERATE. As in the case of The New Underworld Order operation known as the European Commission, the accounts of which have not been approved by the EU’s Court of Auditors for the past 14 years, IRREGULARITY PROVIDES ADDED SCOPE FOR CORRUPTION.

...(...) Finally, like all senior UK military, General Sir Michael Rose himself appears not to understand that military power in The New Underworld Order has been collectivised. In other words, Britain’s military power has been and continues to be hijacked and diverted in pursuit of an internationalist agenda, the surreptitious nature and purposes of which CANNOT BE REVEALED to the general public, which pays for these abuses through its high taxes.

The underlying point here is that in order for Britain to continue to wield military power, it is ‘necessary’ for the population to remain under the illusion that our military exists to defend the British people and its assets and interests. That is not the case. Britain’s military power has been collectivised and is therefore being exploited for purposes that are alien to the interests and priorities of the British people. ...(...)The US Intelligence Power’s obsession with illicit and clandestine financial operations can be traced historically to the Black Eagle Trust or Fund and the Philippine Golden Lily sequence – the obsessive ransacking by US ‘freelance’ teams of ‘former’ operatives, impeded by characters such as General Singlaub (who spent millions digging for stored gold in the Philippines in all the wrong places), of the hoards of gold ingots amassed and stolen by the Japanese during the Second World War, and buried in ‘holes’ primarily in The Philippines under the (incorrectly alleged) direction of General Tomoyuki Yamashita. This gold included ‘royal gold’ exported from the United Kingdom to Asia when the British assumed that Hitler might overrun the whole of Europe, including the British Isles. A sizeable number of these ‘gold holes’ are located within the territory of the US-leased Subic Bay base, explaining the real reason for US plotting to retain this base. ...(...)No. There’s a much more immediate, and ghastly, nightmare that has been keeping this STASI operative awake at night on her estate east of Berlin. It is this:

• Deutsche Bank, Dresdner Bank, and reportedly also Commerzbank, are stuffed to the gills with worthless ‘toxic’ trading junk 'assets' which threatens to destroy the big German banks as the US-attempted clandestine operation to reignite the derivatives trading bonanza fails, so that the counterparty ‘assets’ held by the German banks are being exposed as worthless, given that off-balance sheet ‘assets’ cannot legally these days be brought onto the balance sheet....(...)




....fulford......dec2nd......  http://benjaminfulford.typepad.com/benjaminfulford/


The UN, the IMF, the World Bank and the European Union are all doomed

The shift of the global financial center of gravity to Asia means that the United Nations, the IMF, the World Bank and probably the European Union are all doomed institutions. This is already beginning to manifest itself in the form of increasingly desperate high-level phone calls from these various institutions asking for Asian money. They are being told no because all of these institutions are corrupt and have inflicted pain and suffering on many people around the world.

We will need to replace these institutions with entirely new ones to be built from scratch. The Chinese would like to have a new United Nations to be headquartered in Laos. It is also likely that many arbitrary colonial borders will be redrawn as a part of this move.

Hong Kong is going to replace the City of London as the world’s main financial center.

The Chinese have also already replaced the World Bank as the world’s biggest helpers of developing nations.  An entirely new institution is going to be set up in Japan to replace the IMF.

The Western countries will be increasingly marginalized and cut off from the global flow of trade until they stop their endless, mindless war-mongering. However, once the West purges its body politic of the evil cabal that infected it, it will use its still superior technical and scientific might for the greater good of humanity and the planet. The uncorking of all the suppressed scientific knowledge will trigger the start of an age of wonder and discovery.

Also, since we do not know what is out there in the universe, the West’s superior military ability will be used to protect the planet in the case of any emergencies.

Soon, we are all going to be living on a much nicer planet.

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FIRE FROM THE SKY - Parts 1-30 Complete     Nov  20, 2009 12:41 PM
FIRE FROM THE SKY: Battle of Harvest Moon & True Story of Space Shuttles
by "One Who Knows"

As I begin writing this report, the news is telling about a strange USAIR
airplane crash in Pennsylvania. Next day a plane crashed in Moscow. CNN
told about a fireball that was reported from Bakersfield, California, to
Medford, Oregon. They said it occurred about 6 or 6:15 in the morning on
Saturday, September 10 (1994) and was so bright that the light shining
through windows woke up some people. They showed a house in San Rafael with
a hole in the roof from a piece of something falling from the sky.
         An Ariane rocket was launched from French Guyana and was lost, a day
before. Several earthquakes have occurred in California, including one that
CNN showed on a map, southwest of Lake Tahoe. About 15 minutes later, CNN
began telling about the Space Shuttle firing lasers at Earth and showed a
view of Earth, with Lake Tahoe in the upper right corner of the screen. If
you put the two together, then you see that the Columbia Space Shuttle is
firing laser beams at Earth "for environmental purposes," precisely where
the earthquakes are occurring.     The President went to Camp David, then when
the President returned (?), a plane crashed into the White House. Later he
gave a speech in a room of the White House, then just after he left a fire
broke out in the room. Rosh Hashanah is recently passed (September 6-7,
1994), and Yom Kippur is coming up (September 15, 1994). The President has
ordered 8,300 Navy, 1,800 Marine and 4,000 Army personnel along with 15 or
20 warships to [prepare to] invade Haiti.
If what you are about to read does not scare the pants off you, then you
must not be wearing any. Pay attention and this information may save your
life. The purpose of this article is to inform you briefly about some of
the secret wars that are going on between the Powers-That-Be that are
struggling for control of the world.
In 1978, I was head of a Mensa special interest group called the Doomsday
Club News and Intelligence Report.
I wrote a newsletter for the Club. In
the May, 1978, issue I said:
"WAR is an ever-present danger, much closer than most people realize. Now
Russia is testing 'killer satellites' and laser and particle beam weapons,
while the U.S. is undertaking a major program to develop counterbeam
weapons - a real Star Wars battle is taking shape. War in space is now
possible and the likelihood of it grows. A program is now under way to
determine the feasibility of using the Space Shuttle for defense purposes."
What I did not know at that time, was the fact that the space war had
already started. This manuscript will provide more details.
        In the same newsletter, I mentioned that Richard Helms of the CIA had been
fired by President Carter, and recommended that the reader contact the
Security & Intelligence Fund (at address included) for more information. I
listed the staff members a s James Angleton, Elbridge Durbrow, Brig Gen.
Robert Richardson, Former Secy. of Navy and Treasury Robert Anderson,
former Chief of Naval Operations Admiral G. W. Anderson, and other names
that become important later in this story.
On page 10, I said: "The U.S. is shifting its defense to sub-launched
ballistics missiles and air-launched cruise missiles, as silo-based ICBMs
become vulnerable to a pre-emptive first strike by the Soviet Union." The
B-52, F-14, F-15, and F-16 will be equipped with cruise missiles over the
next five years, in the Pacific Region. This posture indicates admission
that nothing standing still in the U.S. can be protected - only aircraft
and submarines have a chance of surviving a first strike.
"Independent congressional studies already have been completed that show
that by 1980 the Russians could conduct a first strike against the
Minuteman force with a strong probability of being able to destroy the
majority of U.S. ICBMs, and that by as early as 1981 the U.S. will no
longer have a sufficient deterrent to preclude a Soviet first strike." I
continued with a quote from Aviation Week & Space Technology, (p. 14, Apr.
3, 1978), about the numbers of missiles that we and Russia had.

Later on the page I mentioned about Defense Secretary Harold Brown proposing a sharp
increase in civil defense spending, including funding a study to plan
faster evacuation of cities during threat of a nuclear attack. What was
going on? Why was the U.S. shifting its defense strategy, and suddenly
emphasizing the importance of civil defense?
    In my July issue of the DCN&IR newsletter, I quoted General George S.
Brown, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, who said: "What the Soviets
are doing is unsettling, principally because none of us know why." I said:
"General Alexander Haig, Supreme Allied Commander in Europe, warned
Washington in March of the fundamental change in the Warsaw Pact Air Arm to
"an offensive character." I continued by saying that I felt that Russia was
preparing to defend itself from the threat of a rearmed Germany. I
mentioned that most of the U.S. nuclear force was on German soil. On page 7
I said that "Japan, for the first time since World War II, has ordered its
armed forces to prepare defense plans to protect itself from foreign attack."

On page 10, I quoted Alexander Solzhenitsyn as saying, "No weapons, no
matter how powerful, can help the West until it overcomes its loss of
willpower. To defend oneself, one must be ready to die."
Th cover headline article of my October 1978 issue was NUCLEAR WEAPONS -
SOON OBSOLETE! The following is what that article said:
General George Keegan - grad of Harvard, flew 56 combat missions in WWII,
earned Distinguished Service Cross in Vietnam, Executive VP of U.S.
Strategic Institute, Chief of U.S. Air Force Intelligence. About two years
ago he retired from the Air Force, because he saw some critical dangers to
the U.S. that he was not allowed to reveal to the public. He tried to warn
the Powers in the White House but they laughed at him. So about 19 months
ago he made the first public references to secret Russian research on
*charged-particle beam weapons.* Aviation Week & Space Technology magazine
followed up on his information and determined that he was essentially
correct. However, President Carter and Defense Secretary Harold Brown, both
badly briefed by the CIA, ridiculed Keegan.
U.S. scientists at Lawrence Livermore Lab (bicycle riding distance from me)
undertook Project See-Saw to determine if the U.S. could build particle
beam weapons. The decision was that it was presently impossible to build
such a weapon and since we are so far ahead of the Soviets technologically,
it was ridiculous to think they were building one. Keegan revealed his
findings on Soviet particle beam developments to CIA head William Colby in
1975. Colby convened the Nuclear Intelligence Panel which determined that,
since the US could not build such a weapon, it was impossible that the
Soviets were doing it.

Colby never passed the information from the Air
Force intelligence on to the President or Secretary of Defense.
Keegan retired and started making the information public, through the
American Security Council (of which I am a member of the National Advisory
Board) and other groups. His story was greeted with high-level official
sneering, the most acrimonious sneers coming from the self-styled "nuclear
engineer" President Jimmy Carter and Defense Secretary Harold Brown
(formerly from Lawrence Livermore Lab). "But despite the official denials,
the Soviets continued their work, carrying at least eight electron-beam
experiments into space on board Cosmos, Soyuz and Salyut spacecraft..." (AW
& ST) and conducting tests at Semipalatinsk and Sarova. "At the same time,
younger U.S. physicists, uninhibited by the ego problems of their elders,
also were making progress on the key techniques required for beam weapons

Now the tide has turned. A full-scale U.S. effort to tackle the technology
required to determine the feasibility of beam weapons development is being
organized at the highest level in the Pentagon. Even the most stubborn
skeptics now acknowledge that leaving this field uncontested to the Soviets
is a risk the U.S. cannot afford to take. Because of the extreme public
embarrassment this series [of articles] will bring to... President Jimmy
Carter, and Defense Secretary Harold Brown, who saw his contemporaries try
and fail in Project See-Saw, there is still an attempt to shroud the
program in official secrecy" (Aviation Week & Space Technology, Oct. 2,
The article states, "Experts on Capitol Hill, who have surveyed all the
evidence including secret data not available to us, have concluded that
Gen. Keegan's assessment was essentially correct..." Edward Teller has
informed key senators that Gen. Keegan's analysis was right on the core of
the matter."
The Soviets have already successfully tested particle beam weapons (as has
France!). "U.S. particle beam weapons experts who have access to U.S.
intelligence information and personal contacts with Russian physicists
involved in magnetic and plasma physics programs believe the Soviets will
field a ground-based proton beam weapon between 1980-1983."
The Pentagon has initiated a program called "Chair Heritage" to field our
own system by about 1982. It formerly was mostly a Navy program at the
Naval Post-graduate facility in Monterey, CA, but is now being combined
with the Army SIPAPU project (space beams, as opposed to beams carried on
Navy vessels) and others - it seems that now everybody who is anybody is
getting involved (Lawrence Livermore Lab, Sandia Corp., Defense Nuclear
Agency, CIA, Hughes Aircraft, Lockheed, University of Texas, Austin
Research Associates, etc.).
If you remember, Russia beat us into space with Sputnik, then we went into
a crash program to get ahead of them. Vannevar Bush once said that it was
impossible to build a ballistics missile capable of going 3000 miles, but
within 10 years Russia had them and we were just beginning a crash program
to catch up.
Now we are once again in a race for strategic superiority, but this time
Russia may field their system in 2 years while it appears that we require
at least 5 years - but then things can change quickly.
A problem we now have is the top leadership - the President and Secretary
of Defense - may hold back progress because they do not like to admit their
mistake. In the past, there were several intelligence services, all in
competition with each other trying to be the most accurate and when one
service goofed, the other pointed it out. Now, Carter has unified the
intelligence services under Stansfield Turner and all intelligence reports
must be through Turner before they get to the Defense Secretary or
President from men such as Gen. Keegan, Gen. Singlaub, etc. It also creates
the chance that the President can be considerably misinformed or
uninformed. This, in the long run, could be an even greater danger to the
U.S. than the particle beam weapon!
So what is a particle beam weapon? It is similar to a laser, but it is not
a laser. Lasers shoot a beam of electromagnetic radiation (light), while
particle beam weapons shoot a beam of sub-atomic particles (electrons,
protons, ions, etc.).
What this means is that NUCLEAR WEAPONS MAY SOON
Whoever puts satellites with particle beam weapons into orbit first
(property controlled by complex sensors and computers) can control the
Under those conditions, we will still have nuclear bombs, but it would be
impossible to deliver them against an enemy who is protected by particle
An editorial in AW & ST said, "For beam weapons offer the promise of
reducing strategic nuclear weapons to a negligible factor in the future. If
successfully deployed, beam weapons can end the long reign of nuclear
terror introduced by the ballistic missile and its thermonuclear warhead.
If the Soviets achieve this capability first, it will give them enormous
crucial leverage in imposing their political will on the rest of the world.
If the U.S. achieves it first, there will be no need for flimsy SALT
agreements, and in a dead heat, the citizens of this planet can look
forward to a shifting of international tensions from the strategic nuclear
area to more conventional and less devastating weapons."
If you want to know what particle beam weapons are like, just watch "Star
Wars" or Battlestar Galactica."
This is the end of the quote from my 1978 newsletter. And now, as Paul
Harvey would say, for the rest of the story!
            Russia launched the Intercosmos 17 octagon space vehicle on September 26,
1977. The *Encyclopedia Brittanica* says its purpose was for "international
scientific research in charged particles and micrometeorites." What, a
charged particle satellite? Already in space? What did we just read above?
"If the Soviets achieve this capability FIRST, it will give them enormous
crucial leverage in imposing their political will on the rest of the world."

The Battle of the Harvest Moon began on September 17, 1977. Russia began
destroying our spy satellites using "killer satellites."

On September 27, Russia destroyed our SECRET MOON BASE.

On September 29, 1977, Russia launched the Salyut 6 manned space station into orbit.
First, let's explore a little background. The book *War In Space* by James
Canan, 1982, Harper & Row, p. 153 says: "High-energy weapons, their perils
and their promise, began penetrating the congressional consciousness in the
late seventies, and it was Major General George J. Keegan USAF - 'crazy
George' to his critic, 'brilliant George' to his admirers - who started it
all. Keegan undoubtedly harbored one of the very highest IQs ever to grace
the military establishment, which is, stereotypes to the contrary, saying
quite a lot.
Keegan was in Air Force intelligence for many years, and in charge of it,
starting in 1972, for five... By the mid-seventies, Keegan's Air Force
intelligence empire, as his critics dubbed it, had a population of about
50,000 and was spending nearly $3 billion a year. Keegan had access to
HUMINT sources inside Russia and elsewhere, to all the albums of the
photorecce satellites and all the tapes of the ELINT satellites."
P. 155: "In 1972, a young civilian scientist in the employ of Air Force
intelligence had come to Keegan with 'evidence of a Soviet effort to
develop one of the greatest strategic weapons of all time - a beam weapon
of great, high energy that would be used to destroy ballistic missiles in
flight for the ultimate defense of the Soviet Union.'
       Having spent three years studying nuclear physics at the graduate level,
Keegan took it upon himself to team up with that young scientist in the
examination of evidence gleaned from unclassified Soviet scientific papers.
He concluded that the young man was onto something, and he put his troops
to work. With Keegan in direct control, an Air Force intelligence team
sifted and collated reports from inside Russia and from satellite
photographs and communications intercepts concerning a sprawling complex of
buildings, pipes, and what-not at Semipalatinsk in south-central Soviet Asia.

What the Soviets had built there - starting with their underground
positioning of two huge spheres in the early 1970s - was a facility for the
testing of charged-particle beams... a sizable segment of the U.S.
scientific community jumped all over Keegan, accusing him of trafficking in
P. 157: "In 1974, two years after General Keegan began sounding off in
top-secret circles about the Russian work at Semipalatinsk, particle beams
came back into vogue at the Pentagon. A Defense Department document
described what happened: the Navy initiated its "Chair Heritage' program
involving electron beam development [for] 'application to defense of ships
against all forms of attack by aircraft and missiles... The Army also began
a separate program to demonstrate the production of high-current ion
The first Army program, called 'SIPAPU' (an American Indian word for sacred
fire) is controlled by the Ballistic Missile Defense Command at Redstone
Arsenal, Alabama, and centered at the Los Alamos Scientific Laboratory.
Chair Heritage, transferred to DARPA control in 1980, is being conducted by
the Lawrence Radiation Laboratory at Livermore..." I trust that some of my
readers will take note of that word "Sipapu."
Until mid-1979, I worked for Control Data Corporation in Sunnyvale,
California, in the "skunk works" division. One of the projects on which I
worked was Chair Heritage.
For confirmation for researchers, I will provide the following information:
My boss was Phil Myers. Program Managers were JM Moore (TIGS, IOS
projects), Jack Crawford, JL Smith, CR Shuler, LH Woodward, WA Osborne, and
Some of the projects were code named STC, RFREDA, BRONCO, MARE ISLAND, A4,
LATFAC, DALFAC, RKYDSO, etc. It would do you no good to know what these
names stood for - TIGS stood for Terminal Integrated Graphics, IOS was
Integrated Operating Systems, DALFAC was Dallas Facility, etc.
Just suffice to say that we had the world's most powerful computers (Star
100 which was a Cray computer, etc.) and we were involved in the U.S.'s
most secret projects. Our customers included the weather facility at
Monterey, CA, (weather satellites do more than observe the weather),
Cheyenne Mountain in Colorado, DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects
Agency), NASA, and, oh yes, THE IRS. One of my friends spent all his free
time away from the job studying anti-gravity, so it was not too hard to
guess what his job concerned.
General Keegan and Carter's Secretary of Defense Harold Brown did not see
eye to eye - could the fact that Brown's father was a Russian Jew (I forget
his real name) have had anything to do with it? As a military officer,
Keegan was forbidden to say anything to the public, so in January 1977
Keegan resigned and set up the civilian American Security Council and began
traveling over the country giving speeches to try to awaken everybody. He
Keegan died in March, 1993. His obituary in the *New York Times* said, "He
asserted that the Soviet Union was building a civil-defense system that
would ensure a reasonable rate of survival from nuclear exchange. He also
believed that the Russians were close to deploying futuristic charged
particle-beam weapons." The book *Deep Black: Space Espionage and National
Security* by William E. Burrows, Random House, a history of spy satellites,
has more information on Keegan.

Have you ever REALLY wondered why the U.S. never went to the moon again? Do
you remember *Skylab?* The official story is *Skylab* was launched May 14,
1973. It was to be America's manned space station. On 5/25/73 a Saturn
rocket carried the first crew (Conrad, Kerwin & Weitz) to *Skylab,* a
mission that lasted nearly a month.
The second crew (Alan Bean, Owen Garriott, and Jack Lousma) was launched
7/28/73, a mission that lasted nearly two months. Both missions were
plagued by failures, leaks and other problems.
The third manned *Skylab* mission began November 14 with Gerald Carr,
William Pogue and Edward Gibson. It was said that the mission was delayed
six days because of cracks in the Saturn rocket's tail fins.
Russia had launched a space station on April 3, but on April 14 it blew up,
what was described as a "catastrophic malfunction."
After the amazing successes of the Apollo missions, for some reason NASA
started having all kinds of bad luck. "In the U.S. the success of the first
flight of the Space Shuttle orbiter was clouded by two catastrophic
failures of previously reliable rocket launch vehicles.
After preliminary taxi test on the runway and flights mated to its Boeing
747 jet carrier plane, the Shuttle orbiter Enterprise was pronounced ready
for release from its mother plane. On August 12, at Edwards Air Force Base
in California, astronauts Fred W. Haise, Jr., and C. Gordon Fullerton
guided the Enterprise to a 'superslick' landing on the floor of Rogers Dry
Lake 5 minutes and 23 seconds after being released from the 747.
     A second flight, with astronauts Joe H. Engle and Richard H. Truly, on
September 13 was equally successful. Haise and Fullerton put the Enterprise
through yet another landing ten days later. An ill omen appeared at the
Kennedy Space Center in Florida in mid-May, when a small, strap-on
solid-propellant booster rocket fell from its bracket on the first stage of
a Delta vehicle and damaged it. The booster was being prepared to launch
the Orbital Test Satellite for ESA.
The satellite was destroyed on September 13 when its Delta launch vehicle
exploded one minute after lift-off, apparently because one of its
solid-propellant strap-on rockets detonated. Only 16 days later, a Centaur
booster with an Intellsat 4A communications satellite on board also went up
in flames only one minute after launch" (*Encyclopedia Brittanica Book of
the Year,* 1978, p. 638.
Friends, it's time you learned the real story. In October, 1977, a newly
operational Russian Cosmos Interceptor shot down *Skylab. Skylab,* along
with its crew of five American astronauts secretly aboard, died in a giant
fireball over the United States. NASA immediately initiated a prolonged
cover-up of what had happened. How do I know? Suffice it to say, I have a
very high-up source of information.
NASA wanted everyone to forget about that mysterious headline-making
fireball, so they pretended that *Skylab* was still in orbit but sinking
unexpectedly. NASA used stories about the Space Shuttle as part of their
*Skylab* cover-up. They pretended that perhaps the Shuttle would come
along in time to save *Skylab.* This was simply a double lie by NASA.
First, *Skylab* could never be saved because it had already been
destroyed. Secondly, the United States was in no position at that time to
launch the Shuttle or anything else of a military nature into space.
Russia was deploying her secret new Space Triad of advanced manned space
Russian Cosmos Interceptors had starting sweeping the skies clear of
American Spy Satellites, and Russian hovering electrogravitic weapons
platforms, the Cosmospheres, were making headlines by creating enormous
air booms along the coasts of America, and still do so. All of these
things took place just as America's Space Shuttle Program was getting off
the ground.....(...) ....(,,,)   (...)

The real mission plan was for a short mission. The astronauts were
supposed to get into orbit and deploy the military satellite from the
*Columbia's* cargo bay very quickly; then they were to return to Earth -
not aboard the Shuttle but in a very special re-entry capsule. Two days
later they were supposed to land the disguised Shuttle *Enterprise* at
Edwards Air Force Base as the final act in the falsified drama staged for
our benefit.
For the first time in three years the Pentagon was hoping to get a Spy
Satellite into orbit that could not be shot down immediately by Russia.
This attempt was destined to continue by our nerdniks into disaster
after disaster.
You must know what happened in the front end to have any idea what
continues. If you can think back to American space launches of the past,
some may have noticed something very unusual about the launch of the
*Columbia.* In the past, manned space launches from Cape Canaveral were
always made toward the southeast, toward the equator, but not so with the
*Columbia.* It was launched to the northeast, away from the equator. The
reason for this was the secret space reconnaissance mission of the
In its public news releases, NASA told everyone that *Columbia* was
launching into a 44-degree orbit - that is, it would never go farther
north or south than 44 degrees above and below the equator. But the
actual orbit chosen for the *Columbia* was a 69-degree orbit. A 69-degree
orbit was chosen because it would take the *Columbia, and the Spy
Satellite inside it, all the way north to the Arctic Circle and beyond.
That is the kind of orbit that is necessary if a spy satellite is to fly
reconnaissance over Russia.
The northeast launch of the *Columbia* was done in order to enable the
Spy Satellite to start gathering data over Russia only minutes after the
*Columbia* reached orbit. Time was of the essence in any attempt to spy
on Russia. Every American spy satellite launched at Russia during the
prior three years had been blinded or shot down before gathering much data.
The secret flight plan for the *Columbia* was completely different from
what NASA claimed in public. The plan called for *Columbia* to be launched
on an initial northeast course in the general direction of Bermuda, then
roughly 2-1/2 minutes after launch, *Columbia* was to begin an unorthodox
course change - a wide sweeping turn into the north. This unprecedented
curving launch was intended as an evasive sneak past any Russian
Cosmospheres that might be waiting overhead. Still accelerating on its
curving course, the *Columbia* was supposed to pass about 100 miles east
of Cape Hatteras, North Carolina. Roughly 200 miles east of Washington,
D.C., the Shuttle's main engines were to cut off. After coasting in
silence for a few seconds, the fuel tank was scheduled to cut loose as the
*Columbia passed 100 miles east of New Jersey.
For the next two minutes the Shuttle and its fuel tank were to be
coasting onward past the east tip of Long Island, over Boston, and onward
toward Maine. During that time the Shuttle was supposed to maneuver away
from the fuel tank, using small maneuvering jets.
Finally, just as the *Columbia* passed over New Brunswick, Canada, the
flight plan called for the orbital maneuvering engines to be fired.
Somewhere over the Labrador Sea, flying upside-down, the *Columbia* was
scheduled to reach Earth orbit. As soon as it did so, the flight plan
called for astronauts Young and Crippen to go to work fast.
In less than ten minutes time they were supposed to open up the cargo bay
doors and turn on the sensors of the Spy Satellite resting inside. As
they did these things, the *Columbia* was to be racing over the south tip
of Greenland, out over the middle of the Denmark Strait between Greenland
and Iceland, above the Arctic Circle, and then dipping back southward
toward northern Norway, Finland, and Russia. According to the flight
plan, the *Columbia* was scheduled to cross the Russian border just south
of the strategic Kola Peninsula. This would be only some less than 23
minutes after lift-off. At that instant initial reconnaissance over
Russia was to be under way. The Spy Satellite inside the cargo bay, even
though not yet deployed, would have had a perfect view downward through
the open doors of the upside-down shuttle.
The *Columbia* was intended to fly over a course across Russia that began
just west of the strategic White Sea in extreme Northwestern Russia. From
there the planned course of the *Columbia* was to take it southeastward
over some 2500 miles of strategic Russian territory. During the first
minute alone, the satellite was expected to see parts of the highly
sensitive Kola Peninsula, the White Sea, including the super secret
submarine yards near Kazan, one of the bases of Russia's flying ABM
system. This system uses charged particle beams carried by supersonic
TU-144 Transports.
Toward the end of the first pass over Russia the Spy Satellite was
expected to gather data on two more of Russia's four Cosmodromes - those
of Baiokonur and Tyuratam. In between, numerous other war targets were
also to come under scrutiny. The spy satellite in the *Columbia's* cargo
bay was expected to see all that during its very first pass over Russian
territory. It would all take only 8-1/2 minutes. Then the *Columbia*
would have crossed the border with Afghanistan, heading toward India.
Barely 10 minutes later, the Spy Satellite was to be radioing its data
down to the American receivers at Diego Garcia in the Indian Ocean.
Now, that WAS the plan. The military planners were confident that their
Spy Satellite would get at least this planned first look at Russia. They
were sure that *Columbia's* curving launch and the short time involved
would prevent Russia from thwarting the mission. *Columbia* took off from
Cape Canaveral at 7:00 A.M. Eastern Time, that Sunday morning. By 7:23
*Columbia* was expected to be over Russia already. By 7:31 *Columbia* was
expected to be leaving Russian skies, and by 7:45 that same Sunday
morning the military planners expected to have their first reconnaissance
data from Russia.
The plan sounded plausible but the 'planners' were falling victim to the
very intelligence gap which they themselves created in America years
before. Russian Intelligence agents were able to learn the general
outlines of the *Columbia* mission plan some six months prior to launch.
It is worse today, for there are more KGB agents in the CIA than there
are "loyal" Americans.
Fully a month before the public roll-out of the *Columbia* at the Cape in
November of 1980, the Russian Space Command was studying the problem.
There was no question about one thing: The *Columbia's* mission could not
be allowed to succeed. ...)...)   ...(...)...(...)

On Thursday, February 11, the Russian container ship, *Mekhanik Tarasov,*
departed from a port in Quebec, Canada, bound for Leningrad. It headed
northeast up the St. Lawrence River, then out through the Gulf of St.
Lawrence into the Atlantic.
After skirting the south coast of Newfoundland, the *Tarasov* set course
east by northeast. Its course was chosen to take it very close to the
world's largest semisubmersible oil rig, passing it on the south. Guess
what? - the rig was the *Ocean Ranger,* operated by none other than Mobil
Oil. It was supposedly unsinkable - just like the *Titanic.*
The *Tarasov,* like many other Russian merchant ships, possessed a military
capability that was not admitted. As it neared the giant oil rig in a
mounting storm, it launched a homing torpedo with a low-yield nuclear
warhead toward the rig.
Just before 1:00 A.M. Monday morning, February 15, the torpedo reached its
target, one of the giant underwater pontoons. Nuclear explosions under
water are far more confined than those in the air, and this one was well
hidden by the hurricane-force winds and pounding waves. A hole was blasted
in the pontoon, and the *Ocean Ranger* started settling toward the side.
The crew gave a trouble call by radio; half an hour later they reported
that they were manning the lifeboats. But the Japanese-built *Ocean Ranger*
was designed to be the world's most unsinkable oil rig! A corner of the
upper platform dipped into the water and then stopped. The rig stayed
afloat, listing at a crazy angle....(...)

At around 2:00 P.M. that same afternoon, Monday, February 15th, an American
attack submarine was closing in on the *Tarasov.* The sub fired a single
torpedo at the *Tarasov,* hitting it broadside. Water surged in through a
giant hole below the waterline, and the freighter started sinking.
Like the crew of the Cosmosphere that was shot down over New Jersey, the
crew of the *Tarasov* had strict orders to protect the secrets of their
ship, and so the Russian captain refused assistance from a nearby Danish
freighter as his ship sank with its secrets.
Well, Mobil Oil certainly got the message and, just two days later, Mobil
Oil shut down the other two oil rigs which had been nearby and towed them ashore.
I recommend you take a second look at all the "oil spill" accidents that
have been happening.
END OF PART 8....(...) ...(...) ..(...)

                 PART 16:  HAARP, THE SYSTEM
If all this energy is available from empty space, then how come we are
still using fossil fuels, you might ask? The answer is simple. The powers
that control us are very rich. They got very rich by controlling such
things as the energy (mostly oil and nuclear) industry. The last thing in
the world they want is for us to have free energy, which is what results
from understanding psychoenergetics (scalar electromagnetics, energetics,
What does all this mean to you? Let's look at one example. There is a major
government project being built in Alaska called the "HAARP" Program.
"High-Frequency Active Auroral Research Program." One of the patents for
this project claims that it can "cause... total disruption of
communications over a very large portion of the Earth... disrupting not
only land-based communications, but also airborne communications and sea
communications (both surface and subsurface)... missile or aircraft
destruction, deflection, or confusion ... weather modification... by
altering solar absorption... ozone, nitrogen, etc., concentrations could be
artificially increased..."
I have a friend who returned from Canada recently. He was in contact with
Nick Begich, Jr., who is monitoring the HAARP project (contact Nick at P.O.
Box 201393, Anchorage, AK 99520). The friend was told that the government
did a full wattage power-up test of HAARP on December 14, 1994.
This date is rather interesting when you match it with the following
article which appeared in the *Austin American-Statesman* newspaper on the
next day, December 15, 1994.
Western cities in the dark after 8-state mystery blackout. *Power surge
might have triggered outages for up to 2 million people, by Richard Cole, AP.


When Senator Joe McCarthy was conducting the hearings on Communists in the
government, his assistant, seated at the same desk beside him, was Robert
Kennedy. The Senator at the desk beside McCarthy was Senator John F.
Kennedy. JFK was an *insider* who KNEW the source of the problems. When he
became President, he fired the CIA heads, installed his brother as Attorney
General, and said he was going to put the United States back on the silver
standard, stop the Vietnam War, eliminate government involvement with the
Mafia, and eliminate the Federal Reserve problem. It has also been reported
that he was going to tell the truth about UFOs. Ten days after he gave a
speech at Columbia University making these statements, he was murdered.
When Dornberger went to work for Bell, Bell recruited another former German
army scientist, Krafft Ehricke, "who had been an adviser on the German
wartime atom bomb project" according to Jack Manno, *Arming The Heavens*
(Dodd, Mead & Co., 1948). We read a book that says Germany had no atomic
bomb project, we read another that says they did. Manno said that Wolfgang
Noggerath was brought in and put in charge of what became the Polaris
missile. Willy Fiedler was brought in and made chief of planning of the
underwater launch systems for submarines.
Let me summarize for you the story as presented. We Americans were far
ahead of the stupid Nazi Germans,although we had not yet made any atomic
bombs. As the war was ending, we sent in teams and frantically searched for
the German atomic scientists. We captured some of those dumb, incompetent
scientists, quickly brought them to the United States in top secret
programs that are still highly classified, we put those stupid losers in
CHARGE of our projects, and we suddenly started making Atomic Bombs. An
missiles - and satellites - and whatever else.
I just want to be sure you got the story straight.
Speaking of lies and deception, it would be reasonable to think that if our
spy satellites were destroyed in 1977, as stated in *Fire From The Sky,*
then there would have been all kinds of repercussions and a lot of people
who depend on those satellites would know about it. How was the truth kept
One part of the answer is revealed in a book called *The Falcon And The
Snowman* by Robert Lindsey (Pocket Books, New York, 1979). This book tells
the story of Christopher John Boyce. Boyce went to work for TRW on July 29,
1974. TRW is the company that made the Viking probe that went to Mars and
the satellites which provided General George Keegan with information on the
Russian activities at Semipalatinsk and such.
Boyce worked in the top-secret "black box" section, he was the man with the
keys and codes to access the vault. He had access to Projects Rhyolite,
Argus, Pyramider and "Project 20,030" files, projects which involved spy
satellite data coming to the American base at Pine Gap (code named Moreno),
Australia, near Alice Springs. He learned things that upset him, such as
the CIA interference in Australian elections, the U.S. was lying to other
governments, etc. Read the book for more of the story. He began stealing
and selling secret documents to the Russian Embassy in Mexico and in
January, 1977, he was arrested and charged with espionage.
"It came out during the Boyce-Lee trial that data from these satellites
goes to a readout station in Australia - but *not* the one that monitors
the early warning satellites. Instead, the data goes to a CIA-run complex
in a valley called Pine Gap. After the Pine Gap computers have processed
the data, it goes to the TRW Defense and Space Systems headquarters in
Redondo Beach, California" (p.111, *The New High Ground* by Thomas Karas).
It was claimed that as a result of his selling secrets to the Soviets, the
Soviets changed and encoded their transmissions, camouflaged their
facilities, etc., so that the spy satellites suddenly no longer worked.
Stansfield Turner, director of the CIA, said the results of Boyce's spying
were "distressing, perhaps appalling."
As a result of his spying, we are told, the CIA no longer had satellite
coverage of Iran, for instance, leading to the Iranian hostage crisis. Do
you remember when the CIA was criticized for being surprised at the fall of
the Shah and for not foreseeing the Iranian Hostage Crisis? In truth the
U.S. DID know beforehand, as they orchestrated those events, but it is too
much to try to cover here. Oh, what a tangled web... NOTHING is as it is
presented to the public by our media and leaders.
"Our intelligence community is in disarray. A major satellite intelligence
system, developed and deployed at a cost of billions of dollars over the
past decade, without Soviet knowledge, has been compromised by intelligence
procedures as porous as Swiss cheese." This was a statement made on
December 8, 1878, by William Clements who was Deputy Secretary of Defense
at the time Boyce worked in the Vault and who later became governor of Texas.

Would you be surprised to learn that Boyce may have been
manipulated/set-up? Even the author of the book noticed mysteries: "Why TRW
would place a $140-a-week, twenty-one-year-old college dropout in such a
sensitive national-security position in the first place is, at least in
retrospect, a puzzle. Circumstantially, TRW's decision to leave the
Pyramider papers unlocked in the vault where Chris could read them shortly
before his departure suggests they could have been left as bait. And there
was the mystery of Daulton's [Boyce's assistant in crime] fingerprints on
the circuit boards.
An FBI fingerprint expert testified that he had found Daulton's prints on a
circuit board from one of the encrypting machines in the vault. Yet both
the two spies, when denials meant nothing regarding whether they might be
convicted or not, insisted that Daulton had never entered the vault nor had
he ever touched the circuit boards. And certainly, the presence of a U.S.
Embassy official at the Soviet Embassy on the morning of Daulton's arrest
added another curiousity to the case" (p. 422).
Boyce's partner Daulton claimed that all along he was working undercover
for the CIA. "The affair of the snowman and the spy who called himself the
Falcon was an episode that demonstrated amazing ineptitude on the part of
the Central Intelligence Agency" (p. 423).
Boyce's defense attorney George Chelius later developed a lucrative law practice in Orange County, California, catering to businessmen and land developers (p. 427).
A similar event was when William Kampiles sold the Russians a complete
manual on the KH-11 (sometimes called the Big Bird, but technically not the
same) satellite in March 1978. Kampiles was an operations clerk at CIA headquarters and resigned in October 1977, just after the Russian destruction of our satellites. In February 1978 he went to Athens, Greece.
On February 23, he went to the Soviet Embassy and started making arrangements to sell them the documents. He was arrested and went to trial in November 1978 and was sentenced to 40 years.
The facility at Pine Gap, Australia, is something that needs a closer look.
Stan Deyo, in *The Cosmic Conspiracy,* tells of a multi-national consortium at Pine Gap that have "radical atmospheric vehicles." In other words, UFOs have been seen going in and out of Pine Gap. Deyo mentions that Dr. Vannevar Bush (claimed to be a member of MJ-12) made repeated visits to the area. Deyo says they are conducting research on crashed UFO residue at Pine Gap.

I will close this section with something to ponder: Astronomer Dr. James
Greenacre and four colleagues at a conference on "Moon Problems" in New
York in 1964 said that on 29 October 1963 they observed several colorful spots on the moon that moved in formation. One month later Greenacre observed the same phenomena.
The May 1966 issue of *UFO Nachrichten.* Vol. 117, said: "Prof. Dr. Greenacre saw on or close to the moon at least 31 space craft of gigantic size. Some were from 300 meters to 4.8 kilometers long. They were in motion while being observed through the telescopes. Also, clearly discernible were numerous smaller craft approximately 150 meters in diameter, which moved past or alongside the huge craft, the 'mother craft' occasionally changing color, as in the often-reported, pulsating style."  Keep looking up.
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Le squalène, une mine d'or. Les contrats pour la production de vaccin étaient signés dès 2007:

Le contrat secret de GSK avec l’Allemagne
Mondialisation.ca, Le 30 novembre 2009

Le journal allemand Bild révèle l’accord secret passé entre l’industriel GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) et l’État allemand pour fournir 25% de la production de l’unité de Dresde de l’industriel et traiter ainsi 50% de la population allemande.

Ce contrat hautement confidentiel était signé dès 2007 et devait être mis en œuvre dès la première pandémie, sinon prendre fin le 31 décembre 2012 si aucun "cas aigu" ne s’était présenté.

Nous connaissons donc maintenant la vraie cause de cette formidable campagne de propagande que nous subissons. La moitié du délai s’étant écoulé, l’épidémie H5N1 avait tourné court, il fallait bien une pandémie pour activer les contrats censés rapportés des milliards à l’industrie pharmaceutique. Le H1N1 devait faire l’affaire, coûte que coûte.

Si on ajoute les prévisions persistantes de difficultés financières des États, voire de cessation de paiement et de mise sous tutelle par le FMI pour certains, c’était maintenant ou jamais : dans la curée des finances publiques, les banquiers avaient pris leur part, l’industrie pharmaceutique ne voulait pas être en reste ! C’était 2009 ou jamais, et comme il n’était pas question de passer à côté d’une si belle affaire......(...)



et     http://www.decapactu.com/spip/article.php3?id_article=497 in french

(( http://www.decapactu.com/spip/ ))


Swine flu pandemic Revealed - Germany's secret virus vaccine contract

Germany's secret vaccine contract
... with pharmaceutical giant Glaxo-SmithKline.

25.11.2009 - 13:24 UHR

Germany signed a secret contract to prepare for a pandemic of deadly flu - in 2007!

BILD has revealed the agreement with pharmaceutical firm GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) which was apparently signed from an underlying fear of the bird flu virus. It came into affect when the swine flu pandemic began.

And you can read portions of the 'Agreement between the German government and its states and GSK' regarding the preparation of a vaccine for the killer virus in Germany:


“GSK offers all states... the possibility... to buy 25 per cent of its Dresden-produced pandemic vaccine, to a maximum quantity necessary to supply 50 per cent of the German population.”

Meaning: At most, half of Germany will be provided for.


“The buying price... is €7 plus tax per dose, €1 of which is covers the antigen components and €6... the booster components.”

Meaning: The serum itself only costs €1 per dose; it’s the booster that is expensive.


It is agreed upon that “an obligation does not exist on the part of GSK to supply the theoretically-calculated weekly supply of the pandemic vaccine within a certain timeframe".

Meaning: GSK doesn’t have to uphold any delivery dates.


“The states hold GSK... free of any claim for damages by third parties, losses or financial costs, or any legal actions incurred.”

Meaning: Should any unexpected major side effects arise, the manufacture has only very limited responsibility. In lawsuits the province would take main legal responsibility.


“The parties commit themselves to treat all information which is exchanged in the frame of this contract as confidential.”


The contract... ends with its carrying out in the first case of a pandemic or by Dec 31, 2012 if no acute case has been present.”


Related news
Thousands of Muslim pilgrims on the Hajj in Mecca could be at risk from swine flu after four deaths caused by the killer virus were announced.

More news
Herman van Rompuy and Catherine Ashton, the pair chosen to head the EU, are political nobodies, says BILD's Nikolaus Blome.






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