RMN + c-story update....about Emil Muhlhausen.

mardi 8 décembre 2009 15 h 08
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RMN + c-story update....about Emil Muhlhausen.



REPLY TO PATRICK BELLRINGER (aka Emil Muhlhausen) FROM DAVID GARDEMANN (views: 1255) Rayelan -- Sunday, 6-Dec-2009 19:11:06

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Posted By: Rayelan <Send E-Mail>
Date: Sunday, 6-Dec-2009 19:11:06

In Response To: Patrick H. Bellringer: PUBLIC NOTICE TO ALL PROSPERITY PROGRAM AND FARM CLAIM RECIPIENTS (Rayelan) December 6, 2009

Subject: Article in fourwinds10.com entitled Public Notice to All Prosperity Program and Farm Claim Recipients.

To Whom it May Concern:

On December 5th Patrick Bellringer published the subject article on his website in which he made several statements and claims.

The first part of the subject document was addressed to Whistleblower and his associated activities relating to the prosperity programs. Since I do not know Whistleblower or what his purposes may be I will have no comment relating to those activities. However the second part of the article related to the Farm Claims and to me and based on a number of calls I received last night and again today, I wish to respond to some of the statements made that is causing this response.

For those of you reading this that may have a farm claim and do not have detailed knowledge of how they were handled and what the rules were regarding their care, some history will help you understand how this was done.

First, before I get into the claims procedures I want to give you a little of my history.

I never intended to get as involved in the claims program as much as I did. All I intended to do is a few claims meetings to explain to people how the program worked and more importantly the reason for its existence. That developed to a point that I wound up being responsible for one of the claims offices and assisting in claim meetings in 41 states.

This all happened during late 1993 and all of 1994. One of the people I worked with was Emil Muhlhausen. We combined to do a large number of meetings together. Emil is now known as Patrick Bellringer. So I know that Emil knows the claims program first hand. From the beginning we always emphasized that it was important that the claims accurately reflect the claimant’s financial data and that if a mistake was made it should be corrected by amending the claim. The office that had the claims had several people who did nothing other than correct claims and update them based on the claimant requesting the changes.

What Emil said regarding re-filing is incorrect. In fact I could not re-file them as I have no place to send them. What I have recommended to a number of people who have claims is that they get their latest financial information together to be used to amend the claim when the time comes to obtain payment. I have been told that all claims will have to be updated prior to payment by the receiver. Keep in mind that these claims are now around 15 years old and many people have a number of financial transactions that are not on the old claim. This is not re-filing, but updating and amending.

I want to make this as clear as I can, “I DO NOT WANT YOUR CLAIM NOR DO I WANT TO UPDATE THEM FOR YOU.” However I do believe that you should gather all your latest information together, so that your claim can be paid sooner when that time comes. I also do not know when that time will be. But I have been told that it will be as soon as possible after the banks have been changed into lawful currency, (gold and silver backed currency).

Finally I want to address the fraud charge. That is true I was charged by the IRS on 31 individual fraud charges, 1 count of money laundering and 1 count of conspiracy. Even though it was the IRS that did this it did not have anything to do with taxes, but totally based on the claims process. Most of the fraud charges were based on empty envelopes that had been sent by me to the receiver or visa versa. I was incarcerated for 6 and a half years and was released on December 7, 2001. I did not at the time I was charged and found guilty or today believe that I did anything wrong. It is during this incarceration that according to Emil I was cloned. I am uncertain how he could know this as I have no recollection of it. If a clone exists out there I would like to meet him. I am certain of one thing, I am not the clone.    Sincerely,     David I. Gardemann




Thursday 3 December 2009 03:00


Because of the millennial developments indicated in this report, the Editor of this service has been under systematic evil, base attack for several days.

The attacks have included barbaric threats, rampaging anger at what has materialsed, and an operation by a pseudo-'Christian' charlatan who has deliberately misrepresented us and whose organisation is trying to intimidate us and provoke us into retaliation by the alleged issuance of slanderous and libellous statements on a radio station

 about the Editor of this service, spiced up with dire pseudo-'Christian' condemnations. These base slanders contain a distortion of the truth which the so-called 'Christian' operative has elaborated.

The attacks represent visceral revenge for what has been achieved, and anyone falling for the lies and slanders being promulgated is a witting or unwitting victim of gross deception for this reason.

The underlying motivation for these attacks on the Editor without a true cause resides in the developments that we report. We cannot go further at this juncture on what we have reported, except to add that three of Herr George H. W. Bush Sr.'s known associates were arrested on 7th December. Obviously we know more than we are reporting, but there are times when reticence is absolutely appropriate. It is interesting that these developments have coincided with the exposure of a person calling himself Patrick Bellringer

 as the ethnic German, Emil Muhlhausen.

Recall that we have stated that the entire architecture of deception would be pulled down. Here is one element of the deception that is collapsing before your eyes. Those whose funds have been stolen via Ponzi operations in the United States have been systematically fed lies, diversionary claptrap and cruel deceptions FOR MANY YEARS by the DVD:

...  inter alia, to protect the big German banks which have accumulated a colossal mountain of worthless assets that they can't pay out.

• With the full knowledge, of course, the Bush-Cheney-Clinton Crime Syndicate hitherto encouraged and supported by the DVD component of the corrupted US Intelligence Power.

But the worm has turned: which is why 'they' hate this Editor and what has been achieved. That's why he's under heightened attack, and why the incidence of abuse against him

 has escalated.

• We can provide one further clue as to the current state of affairs: the seven aircraft referenced in this report contained, in addition to the categories specified, qualified banking accountants, who were sworn in with the others at the US Department of Justice. The effect of this swearing-in is that in the event of any deviation from what is required by a banker/expert who has been sworn in,       that person will himself (or herself) be arrested on the spot by US Marshals and/or Interpol personnel....(...)