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Posted By: billym <Send E-Mail>   Date: Saturday, 26-Dec-2009 09:03:41

        Ben Fulford Talks about Haarp
        Steven Greer, Tom Bearden Urge Development of Free Energy Systems

        I've been happy to see that in a number of the recent reports from Ben Fulford on his blog have mentioned the need to bring about world wide disclosure of suppressed technologies of getting (nearly) "free" energy from the (zero point) vacuum. This is exactly right and I hope and pray that 2010 will be the year we will see significant movement in this direction.

        Whatever one may think or feel about Fulford himself he has gained a significant audience around the world and his little mentions of a growing movement to end the suppression of these technologies do in fact help his readers to become aware of the amazing possibilities and to spread the meme that endless energy is available from the very nature of the spacetime we live in. I hope he will speak more about this in the near feature and that his hints about a movement to disclose these suppressed technologies is a fact.

        This is a ten minute video of Ben Fulford discussing the Haarp facility and Haarp technology. He points out two earthquakes in Japan which he believes were caused or "triggered" by the use of Haarp. (Keep in mind that according to Tom Bearden the Yakuza acuired the scalar energy from the Russians        and Fulford seems to have connections with certain Asian secret society groups).

            YouTube blurb: "Benjamin Fulford reports from Tokyo on a mysterious plasma weapon seen prior to the Niigata earthquake in July, 2007 and red, white and blue lights seen prior to the recent earthquake in China. Both quakes targeted nuclear facilities...coincidence? "

        For more video of a long interview with Fulford by Project Camelot you can go here:

        MORE articles about Fulford vs. Haarp


        The Orion Project of Steven Greer et. al. is another group in the movement to end the suppression of energy-from-the-vacuum systems and to develop this technology and release it to the world. Here is a page of links to some excellent articles on the "free" energy technologies:


        For example here is letter written by scalar scientist Tom Bearden to ARPA (Advanced Research Project Agency) urging rapid development of free energy systems and explaining the original suppression of them in the history of the field of mathematics.


            "Among other things, we will point out that the real reason for the present energy crisis is the century-old deliberate crippling of our electrical engineering model; this reason has not been understood by our own academicians and is still not understood by them. It is easily shown to be true, however, by a straightforward higher group symmetry analysis of the Heaviside-Lorentz equations used as the model for electrical engineering." - Tom Bearden

        Here in one of four short videos of Dr. Greer (( http://www.theorionproject.org/en/video_intro.html )) explaining the Orion Project which can be found here. In this one he talks about the suppression of free energy.
OrionProjectTV   July 18, 2008  .. The Orion Project - The Suppression
The Orion Project is a non-profit foundation created to transform the current energy, environmental and social crisis into a world of sustainability and enlightened abundance.
In this video, project director Steven M. Greer, M.D., answers the question: "How have these alternative energy technologies been suppressed?"




CGI's AnnieOakley: links to RENSE INTERVIEW WITH BEN FULFORD, December 23

Posted By: hobie <Send E-Mail>      Date: Saturday, 26-Dec-2009 14:55:47


        For those who want to hear Ben Fulford's December 23, 2009 interview with Jeff Rense:       In 5 Parts:

        Part 1:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-KDt3dfy1bc

        Part 2:   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wuznCOMpGvs

        Part 3:   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P9HSRL1EDZg

        Part 4:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5AryPVXdI-c

        Part 5:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fAq9MAkoee4




Posted By: hobie <Send E-Mail>     Date: Saturday, 26-Dec-2009 18:54:07

In Response To: CGI's AnnieOakley: links to RENSE INTERVIEW WITH BEN FULFORD, December 23 (hobie)

        (Thanks, MK :) Reader Mk writes:


        Dear Hobie and AO,

        Thanks for posting this interview. Fulford's practical perspective really cheered me up. Of course, what he had to say coupled with Israel calling its diplomats home has me a bit worried. He said that the next big deadline is sometime in January and if America cannot meet its obligations by that point, things could get really messy because he says that the Chinese have bought up commodities all over the world and will collaborate to embargo the US. We could be in the unenviable position that our government put Cuba, Iraq, Iran and lots of other countries into.

     I would like to make a suggestion to everybody here. It is pointless to demand that other people go roust the criminals in Washington. So, for every person or group that needs to be "removed" from office, we need a tangible suggestion about what to do.    MK  http://www.rumormillnews.com/cgi-bin/forum.cgi?noframes;read=163409




CGI's ileblanc: David Wilcock's Christmas offering...  

Posted By: CGI_admin    Date: Saturday, 26-Dec-2009 00:55:14

        David Wilcock's latest online article. Check it out and see what you think...


        In Russia there comes the hope of the world --

   Not as that sometimes termed of the communistic, or Bolshevik, no; but freedom, freedom!       That each man will live for his fellow man!

        The principle has been born.    It will take years for it to be crystallised, but out of Russia comes again the hope of the world.    Guided by what?

        That friendship with the nation that hath even set on its present monetary unit, "In God We Trust."      (Cayce Reading 3976-29, June 22, 1944)

        We now have irrefutable scientific proof that the mainstream media's explanation for the Norway Spiral cannot be correct -- as you will soon see. And that raises many more questions.    If the visual sight of this Spiral wasn't interesting enough, the context certainly was -- it showed up the day before Obama was set to receive his Nobel Peace Prize in the very same country.    Also, on that very same day, December 9, 2009, hundreds of eyewitnesses reported -- and two of them filmed -- a gigantic, triangular pyramid-shaped UFO that hovered over the Kremlin in Russia for hours -- from daylight on into darkness.

        Coincidence? Once you review all the evidence, you will see how compelling this case really is -- and how these 'islands' really do connect below the surface.

        The Norway Spiral is only the most recent indication that an incredible, seemingly-impossible moment in human civilization and consciousness may actually be about to happen -- the open, formal announcement that we are not alone in the Universe.

        And I'm not talking about ETs coming in for a landing here... I'm talking about other factions of the world's leadership structures that are sick and tired of the lies, treachery, deceit and secrecy. The UFO cover-up sprung out of a toxic system that was already well in place by the 1940s, as we shall discuss.

        Video and more on link above



Disclosure Endgame: Free Ebook!

Part 2: The Norway Spiral Explained
Part 3: The New International Coalition
Part 4: The Insider Wars Over ET Disclosure

Survey the incredibly wide-ranging evidence -- including video -- that certain insider factions are pushing for UFO/ET Disclosure very soon. The Norway Spiral is only the most recent attempt to 'force' the issue -- after the US failed to deliver on November 27th.

[First Four Parts Published 11:59 PM, Christmas Eve 2009!]


http://divinecosmos.com/index.php/start-here/latest-news/521-disclosure-endgame part1


http://divinecosmos.com/index.php/start-here/latest-news/521-disclosure-endgame?showall=1  for all 4  pages/parts


  David Wilcock says:

....(..) PYRAMID-SHAPED UFO OVER THE KREMLIN ON THE VERY SAME DAY -- 12/9/09 (( http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/newstopics/howaboutthat/ufo/6837200/UFO-pyramid-reported-over-Kremlin.html ))

I discussed the Norway Spiral on Whistleblower Radio with Kerry Cassidy from Project Camelot the same day Obama accepted the Nobel Peace Prize -- Thursday, December 10th, 2009. In this show, we also covered another  amazing event that had just occurred. While I was live on the air, Kerry sent me this link to a video of what appeared to be a gigantic pyramid-shaped UFO hovering over the Kremlin -- Russia's own equivalent of the White House.

Strangely enough, the Kremlin Pyramid appeared the very same day as the Norway Spiral. Despite the overwhelmingly strange appearance of the Spiral creating a viral-video sensation, the Kremlin Pyramid video shot to the number-one position on the Russian YouTube's most-viewed list. This then created a mainstream-media television news story on Russia Today, posted here on their website, dated December 11th.

The giant pyramid -- actually a tetrahedron, since it has a triangular base rather than a square one -- lazily turns in the air like a hot-air balloon, never makes any sudden, jerky moves unlike other alleged UFO sightings, looks fairly grainy in both the daytime and nighttime videos that were shot, and may be an excellent fake... as we will discuss. ..(..)

 Thus, even if it was a fake, someone would have needed to put some real time and money into this operation.

However, that still doesn't account for the fact that according to the UK Daily Mail, hundreds of different people witnessed this UFO hovering over the Kremlin the same day the videos came out... with the naked eye! ...(...) Whether real or fake, the timing of the Kremlin Pyramid's appearance is consistent with a greater pattern. Hundreds of people witnessed something  hovering over the Russian capitol -- on the very same day that the Norway Spiral appeared.

If it is  somehow still a fake, it definitely was meant to capture our attention. And that again raises many new questions as to the motive  for doing so.

        The story has now even been covered by other mainstream media outlets, including The Independent, Pravda (who got the date wrong, claiming it was the 18th -- and Michael Salla speculates this could be a faction of the Russian government that is trying to deliberately blur the connection to the Norway Spiral) and even FOX. Both the Independent and FOX mention how the Russian television media was giving this sighting very heavy-rotation coverage.

If it was a hot-air balloon of some kind, think about the amount of money you would have to spend to create a mile-wide tetrahedron-shaped hot air balloon. It would be the most massive, not to mention the most expensive  balloon ever made -- or at least ever openly acknowledged....(...) And why fly the Pyramid directly over Red Square -- as if the alleged ETs were ready to produce the Russian equivalent of the proverbial "landing on the White House lawn,"  thus treating the United States as if it were no longer 'relevant' as the world's sole-remaining superpower?

Now again, whether you like him or not, carefully consider the fact that two of the "most extraordinary UFO clips ever seen" appeared the day before Obama finally got what may be seen as the proper credentials  to represent Planet Earth to our extraterrestrial neighbors -- a sitting US President who is also a Nobel Peace Prize winner.

         You may also be aware that these two huge sightings appeared only 12 days after the Disclosure date that was allegedly planned by the Obama administration -- a date which has obviously been postponed to some future point.

Dr. Pete Peterson, a very credible insider, had three different high-level sources in media and government tell him the same story in June 2009, independently -- that Disclosure is indeed imminent. The date had been set for November 27, 2009, and would come from the White House, by Obama himself, as a two-hour television address aired around the world. ...(...)  Bill and Kerry from Project Camelot, who were with me when we all heard this, both leaked the date -- whereas I maintained the secret until after it came and went. I was almost certain that giving away the secret date      ensured it wouldn't -- nay, couldn't -- have happened on that particular day.

But that certainly doesn't mean it won't  happen.

A mere twelve days  after the initial plan had been dropped, Obama may have been sent a very clear warning -- perhaps one of the last of this type he will ever have the chance to receive  before the rug is whipped out from under him.

What was the message?    "Either make it official... or we're going to do it for you."


Look at these two huge events -- whether real or hoaxed -- happening on the very same day.   No matter how you slice it, something is going on here.

If we can prove the Norway Spiral is  manmade, and is not  a missile, this lends even greater support to the idea that a Disclosure Endgame is now playing itself out on the world stage, in real time. ...    Many people have commented how it clearly seems to be emanating from a single bright point on the ground -- looking as if some sort of massive projection system  were beaming it up into the sky... using a 'blue beam': ...(..) We know this image was taken from the island of Tromsø, facing the southeast -- hence you can see the sun starting to rise on the horizon. ....

The first thing that jumps out here is that if the missile malfunctioned over the White Sea as reported, it should have been visible in northern Russia, Finland and Sweden as well as Norway -- yet the island of Tromsø, at point A, was where it was the most visible, and no sightings were reported in Finland or Russia. http://divinecosmos.com/index.php/start-here/latest-news/521-disclosure-endgame     part1


Disclosure Endgame: Free Ebook! - Part 2: The Norway Spiral Explained



....(...)  Even if it was located just past the mountain in the photograph, roughly six miles away, the velocity of the spiral would have to be at least 710 miles per hour -- which is over twice as fast as the world-record wind speed, from directly inside a tornado.

If the Spiral was caused by a missile from the White Sea, as the conventional explanation insists -- a location which is fully 100 times farther away -- it would have to be rotating at more than twenty miles per second!

The speed of sound is clocked at 761.2 miles per hour.  Anything over the speed of sound would have caused tremendous sonic booms -- but the Spiral was completely silent.

So, if it's not a missile, then what are we left with for an explanation?

The answer is much more straightforward, and easy to prove, than you may have thought. It just involves some 'new' technology that is only now  being revealed to the public -- via the "show, don't tell"  principle.      


As I pointed out on our December 10th Whistleblower Radio program, Richard C. Hoagland discovered something that should be standard fare for every discussion about this -- namely that the island of Tromsø, where the Spiral was most visible,

 "just so happens" to be directly northwest of a major HAARP facility called EISCAT. ....

In case you don't already know, HAARP stands for "High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program," and its purpose is to shoot huge amounts of energy into the charged particles of the ionosphere -- for "ionospheric heating." It has long been suspected of having far  greater functions and abilities than those which are openly being acknowledged, and I've heard some of this testimony from insider witnesses myself. ....

 As Hoagland just indicated, we now know that Japan and China are two of the countries who are "officially supporting" the EISCAT facility -- and with China's support, that easily means Russia could be involved as well, thanks to their fairly recent and growing alliance with China -- an alliance which insiders insist is intended to counter the New World Order / Illuminati.       Therefore, this could very well  have been done by those who are openly and actively opposing the New World Order / Illuminati agenda, according to the testimony of controversial figure Benjamin Fulford as well as others -- such as Disclosure Project's Dr. Steven Greer, who has also said there is a very  strong push for Disclosure coming from the new Asian alliance. ...

A SUDDEN SURGE    Still not convinced? It gets better: the EISCAT ionospheric heating facility documented a major  surge of power usage -- right as the apparition was happening.   The power surged up to the maximum level the EISCAT facility is capable of generating -- nearly a gigawatt. Look at the bottom of the graph to confirm that it was indeed the morning of December 9th, 2009:...(..) 


We also know the luminous beam had to be coming from the ground up, due to simple physics. The "right hand" rule means that if you stick your right thumb straight ahead of you, aimed in the same direction as any electromagnetic beam you're studying is traveling, the magnetic field of the beam will always rotate in the direction your fingers are pointing -- namely clockwise.

We know there had to be a plasma discharge in the ionosphere due to the extended 10-15 minutes of stable, ongoing brightness  that appeared in the sky. In order to get brightness like that, you need charged particles  of one kind or another. And obviously, charged particles are beholden to the basic laws of electrodynamics.

Therefore, thanks to the physics of electromagnetic energy, we know it could not have come from a satellite. If a satellite were trying to project such a formation, the beam would have to be rotating backwards -- and this would violate the intrinsic laws of electromagnetic field behavior.   


If you carefully study this incredible, unenhanced  image from an excellent series of photographs that emerged directly after the event on the Norwegian Altaposten  website, you can clearly make out at least eighteen, and as many as twenty perfectly concentric layers  in the spiral, by looking from bottom to top -- just to the left of the second street-light from the top, up to the center of the spiral.

Layers are clearly visible from the center of the spiral all the way down to the tree line  on the bottom-left half of the image: ....And we still  have to explain how the blue 'corkscrew' beam also hung there, perfectly, for 10-15 minutes, as we said before.      At the end of the display, the center of the spiral suddenly disappeared. It widened in a sudden, absolutely perfect circle  that was very, very 'alien' looking -- not at all like something you'd see from a rocket.

Again, if skeptics are so convinced by the "official explanation" that this is a rocket, then explain how missile exhaust can rotate at 710 miles per hour -- and produce the footage of any other example  where such a rocket creates at least 15 concentric spirals and a geometrically-perfect  expanding circle like this, that looks quite literally like a black hole: ...(..) In the face of all the scientific evidence to the contrary, some will still  undoubtedly want to believe that missile exhaust could do 40 perfectly concentric layers that would hold up in the Earth's ionosphere without dissipating for up to 15 minutes. That's fine.

The bigger question becomes this -- is there any other  technology that could have potentially created this formation as well?

The answer is... most definitely... Yes.

This interesting article from India Times revealed that publicly-announced HAARP experiments  had indeed created a complex visual apparition of "surprising luminescent bands radiating out from the center of a bulls-eye." Sound familiar? .. The article says these curious bulls-eye, luminous-banded patterns will appear where you have partially ionized gas in the atmosphere.

Tromsø is at the very northern tip of Norway, close to the North Pole -- and there are a great deal  of ionized particles in the atmosphere near the poles, forming the aurora borealis.

Therefore, we already have the proper conditions in the sky over Norway to create a visual manifestation of a "bulls-eye" with "surprising irregular luminescent bands that radiate out from the center."

And since EISCAT's gigawatt is equivalent to a thousand megawatts, and the above formation started taking shape at only 3.6 megawatts, you can start to imagine what wonders you could create when you now control 277 TIMES more power than it took to create Dr. Pedersen's HAARP bulls-eye with luminescent bands. ...

At least one major faction within the Russian government wants  the UFO / paranormal connection to be explored -- and Google ads are going to be distributed throughout many thousands of UFO-related blogs and websites.

As we shall see later on, it is also important to remember that India was one of the main countries to 'leak' this new information about HAARP creating a bulls-eye formation with luminescent bands in the sky. ...


Arash Amini did not mention Hoagland's discovery of the EISCAT facility in his paper. He obviously did not visit Enterprise Mission and read the article, which gave the exact location of the EISCAT facility on a map. Otherwise, if Amini had read Hoagland's report, he almost certainly would have mentioned this stunning correlation.


Remember -- thanks to Google Earth, our skeptic Kevin Martin found exactly  where the mountains were in the above Norway Spiral photograph.

Arash Amini included a map of where Kevin's mountain peaks were located in his paper.

Hoagland was not aware of Kevin Martin's discovery of the exact  location of the mountains when he wrote his paper, as it hadn't been published yet.

Nonetheless, by simply blending Amini and Hoagland's two maps together and lining up all the landmasses correctly, we get an astonishing  result... see for yourself: ...(...)

That's right. The EISCAT facility is absolutely dead-center on Amini's line from Tromsø, where the picture was taken, to the tops of the mountains seen in the picture. The bottom of the Norway Spiral is precisely  above EISCAT.  At this point there can be no doubt. EISCAT definitely was responsible for the Norway Spiral. X marks the spot. 


Guess what? EISCAT did indeed  schedule an event for the morning of December 9, 2009 -- during the exact time the Spiral appeared.

They were zapping the mesosphere with Very High Frequencies (VHF) so they would light up the sky like a "Tequila Sunrise," and they would then record plasma density and temperature in the area.....


Might this variety of super-powered 1000-megawatt HAARP spiral also have the added benefit of creating a missile shield -- thereby explaining why the Russian Bulava test was deemed to be a failure, if it did even happen at all?

Did the Russians deliberately  shoot their missile into Project Tequila Sunrise, to see if it would indeed  blow up and destroy the projectile?

And if so, isn't it interesting to demonstrate such a technology right before President Obama accepts the Nobel Peace Prize -- proving that they now have a working "Tesla Shield" technology that can defeat any threats that the "New World Order" might try to throw at them -- nuclear or otherwise?

And if you can indeed knock out something as solid and resilient as a missile with this technology, what could you do to the weather? Or to seismic fault lines, if you bounced your beam off the ionosphere and then aimed it back down towards the ground on a triangulated point?

This is precisely what many insiders say HAARP is really being used for -- weather modification and 'natural' disasters. This research article is a preliminary step towards establishing such a connection, despite making some huge and unlikely leaps in logic by tying in worldwide events that HAARP may or may not have been responsible for. .... Therefore, it may well be possible to generate HAARP effects that could potentially be strong enough to knock out a Russian nuclear missile. These same waves could also potentially hit certain locations around the world -- including seismic fault lines -- by directing them at various magnetic conjugate points.

Another point to consider is that this type of "missile shield" might not normally be visible -- but under these ideal conditions with all the charged meteor dust in the ionosphere, we could then see it with the naked eye.

If this is so, then perhaps such technology is being used a lot more often than we realize.


Could this HAARP technology, or some variant of it, be used to create far more complex visible  formations than just the Spiral?....

..... on December 9, 2009, there was plenty of "meteor dust" in the northern latitudes over Norway and Russia to create a reflective surface for a potential holographic technology to bounce off of -- more than any other time of the year!

Thus, it is certainly possible that the tetrahedron-shaped triangular 'pyramid' over the Kremlin (see Part One) -- which appeared that very same day, when the dust in the northern latitudes was at an all-time peak for aerial phenomena to be produced -- was a similar holographic technology at work.

A tetrahedron is called a 'primitive' in computer graphics, because it is one of the simplest and easiest shapes to make there is. This might also explain why it looks somewhat fuzzy and indistinct in the two available videos from Russia -- it was a hologram!

Since the Norway Spiral was clearly manmade, it becomes much more likely that the Kremlin Pyramid was also manmade -- by simple logic. They are two visual aspects of the same overall plan, which both appeared the same day. And if that  level of manifestation doesn't produce the desired result, we can expect that even more  will happen later on.

Is this a wild leap in logic, or do we have any way to substantiate such speculation? Read on. ...


Last year we reported how the Russians seized entire truckloads  filled with "highly compromising" top-secret documents when they invaded Georgia,

and threw out the existing CIA / New World Order agents and spooks that had been stationed there -- in the second week of August 2008.

Could these seized documents have included secrets on how to use HAARP, or related technologies, to create holographic projections?  Considering what some other whistleblowers have told us about HAARP and "Project Bluebeam" holographic technology, they most certainly could have.

Given the time it would have taken to translate, study and implement the technology found within these documents, when would be the first time a full-blown test could be done -- with all the right particles in the air to create maximum visibility?

That's right -- December 2009, during the Polar Mesosphere Winter Echoes of 'meteor dust' in the skies over Russia.

Russia's invasion of Georgia / South Ossetia began on August 8th, 2008, and the ceasefire agreement was finalized on August 16, 2008:...(...) The New World Order faction was proven, at that time, to be incapable of defending its own outposts -- and allies -- against the Russians. And the media totally and completely overlooked this stunning defeat almost as soon as it happened.(( http://www.guardian.co.uk/world/2008/aug/16/georgia.russia2 ))


Based on the extensive evidence we reviewed at the time, which you can go back and read for yourself, the Circlemakers clearly seemed to be suggesting that the Russians' acquisition of these documents would be a critical step that would lead to the final defeat of the New World Order. .... This was suggested, in part, by at least seven different crop formations, documented on cropcircleconnector.com, that all were interpreted, in advance, as putting highly special importance on the date of August 16, 2008.


I published a grand analysis of this data on September 19, 2008. By that time, we had insider info from the highly credible "Voice of the White House" source on TBRNews.org that explained what really happened  after the South Ossetia war -- other than the cease-fire agreement Sarkozy helped to arrange: .....

** Wait... what? "Nothing happened on August 16th," you may say.

Not so. August 16th appears to be the defining day where a vast treasure-trove of highly classified CIA / New World Order documents were seized out of abandoned US/Israeli spy trucks in Georgia.

Insider reports reveal this has created nothing short of a full-blown panic state within the neoconservative ranks of the White House.**  

 **    http://www.tbrnews.org/Archives/a2871.htm  Washington, D.C., September 1, 2008: “ When the Russians chased the Georgians back into their own country, our government took great fright, and ordered all American troops out of the area.

        Some of these troops took part in the attack on South Ossetia, and Washington was afraid that Americans and Russians would start shooting at each other.

        As this could lead to immediate war breaking out between the two countries, and as Russia has the ability to nuke the shit out of us; (unlike other small countries we habitually threaten and bully) we ran like frightened deer.

        We also left behind all kinds of highly compromising documents, code machines, etc. to keep Russian military intelligence for days. They did capture Israeli intelligence people and by report, treated them very brutally. The Russians must have been reading Bush‘s orders on torture!

        Anyway, there is genuine terror in the halls of the Department of State, the Pentagon and the White House that terrible things could emerge.

Guess what, kids? They will." //////

    Why is this such a good thing? The disclosures these documents contain could well save us from future events that would make 9/11 look like a paper-cut by comparison.

In order to fully track this story, you may want to read my entire 2012 Politics article series:

Part One: Grand Overview http://divinecosmos.com/index.php/start-here/latest-news/404-2012-politics-i-grand-overview

Part Two: Crop Circle Prophecies http://divinecosmos.com/index.php/start-here/latest-news/405-2012-politics-ii-crop-circle-prophecies

Part Three: Economic Revolution http://divinecosmos.com/index.php/start-here/latest-news/407-2012-politics-iii-economic-revolution

Part Four: Crop Circle History http://divinecosmos.com/index.php/start-here/latest-news/409-2012-politics-iv-crop-circle-history

.....(..)  the Circlemakers clearly seemed to be telling us this Russian seizure of classified documents was very, very important for the future of humanity. At the time we weren't entirely sure what this meant -- but we were clearly being invited to study it in more detail. **


One strange synchronicity concerns the flagging of the number 8 in one of the key August 16th prophecy formations -- as it was shaped like an 8, and appeared on August 8, 2008 -- 8/8/8: .....

What's the big deal about 888? I just noticed this passage of text in the article from the Guardian that announced the cease-fire between Russia and Georgia, from the war that started on 8/8/8 and ended with a finished, signed peace treaty just eight days later:...(...)  Poland defeated the Russians on August 15th, 888 years before 8/8/8. August 15th is the day before the date flagged by the above 8/8/8 formation, 888 years later. In Christian numerology, 8 is the number of the Christ.

The message may be that now the tables have turned. ...(...) // see below //


============= NOTE about 8 8 8 ============ from FW10 =======

'HELLO, CENTRAL!' WHAT TIME IS IT? (Updated Dec. 18, 2009)

From: JH   To: bellringer@fourwinds10.com
Sent: Wednesday, December 16, 2009 4:56 PM
Subject: Question Kind Sir's
I love the Christmas Story ! (( http://www.fourwinds10.com/siterun_data/bellringers_corner/writings/news.php?q=1229629129 )) So If Esu was born 8-8-8 BC does that mean we are actually 8 years off? Are we actually in the year 2001? I'm sure others would be interested in this answer. Thank You, Lots of Light              J. H.
(Response)FROM:  Patrick H. Bellringer    DATE:  Dec. 17, 2009
Dear J. H.:
    Cosmic Time can be confusing.  The Harmonic Convergence occurred on August 17, 1987 at which point both our Milky Way Galaxy, which is known in cosmic circles, as The Seventh Super Universe, completed its Great Orbit of 206 million years around the Greatest Central Sun, and our solar system completed its Pleiadian orbit of 26,000 years around Alcyone, the Great Central Sun of Pleiades, and both returned to zero point.  At that point Cosmic Time started over.  So, we are now in the 22nd year since August 17, 1987 of Cosmic Time.
    Regarding our Gregorian calendar, which was based on the birth of "Christ" or the BC/AD point in time, that has been off by several years from its beginning.  The true birth of Esu Immanuel, as you have stated, is August 8, 8 BC.  Thus, our present calendar was already off by eight years when it began....(...)






The message may be that now the tables have turned.

Russia was once in the grips of the same forces that ultimately created the New World Order faction. You will read much more about this fact -- and how they broke free -- in the next section of this paper.

The Poles accomplished a stunning victory against these same 'Illuminati' forces 888 years ago -- and now history has come full circle.

Except this time, in a nice figure-8 turnaround, the roles are reversed -- and "in Russia there comes the hope of the world." (Cayce Reading 3976-29, June 22, 1944)

This is yet another weird synchronicity associated with the Circlemakers. This same 888 formation was also  connected to astonishingly synchronistic events in my own personal life, as my Crop Circle Prophecies article detailed. But let's not get too far off track.. TESTING OUT THE NEW TOYS

If the Russians have now come into the possession of such holographic projection technologies, they may well have wanted to test them out by doing some fairly simple things first. The only way to conduct such a test is to make something that is visible to the naked eye -- and would therefore constitute a 'sighting'.

So again... what the heck is going on here, and why are they doing all this?

If your mind is going to a place of fear, then you're not getting the point yet.

This is a very good  thing that is happening.

Now let's do a grand review what we've learned about the Norway Spiral, and add it all up to see the 'big picture' of what we're dealing with here:....(...)

#  You have open acknowledgement in Indian mainstream media that HAARP can create 'odd shapes' of "luminescent bands radiating from the center of a bulls-eye"  that are visible to the naked eye -- at only 3.6 megawatts.
# You have the EISCAT facility capable of doing 277 times  more power than HAARP needed to create a "bulls-eye with luminescent bands".
# You have the energy readouts showing the EISCAT facility was running at maximum power during the entire time the Norway formation was seen.
# You have animated graphics from the Office of Naval Research proving that identical  spiral formations can be created by HAARP over a gigantic area -- namely all of Alaska and the northern portion of British Columbia.
# You have 'TEQUILA sunrise', a test intended to light up the sky, being conducted in Norway with EISCAT during the exact  time the Spiral appeared.....

You have the Circlemakers redundantly flagging the exact date, in advance, that the Russia / Georgia war ended in a ceasefire -- August 16, 2008........

#  You have insider testimony that the Russians acquired a vast treasure-trove of secret New World Order documents in this same August 2008 invasion.
# You have the possibility that the Russians learned how to create holographic projections with HAARP and other technologies as a result of this "new acquisition" in 2008.///

....(...)   No one from EISCAT attempted to cover up the surge in power usage that day, nor that the Tequila Sunrise test was scheduled for that same time. The data was so quick and easy to find that it appeared as if we were being invited  to find it. Just like how India published the information that proved HAARP could potentially generate such an aerial phenomenon, if calibrated properly.
That makes the mainstream media's 'missile only' explanation seem all the more bizarre.....Various bloggers on the Net have been putting together bits and pieces of this story on their own, such as members of the Above Top Secret discussion forum. I thank you for all your hard work.    


HAARP may well open up a whole array of different 'goodies' to the end user -- weather modification, earthquake weapons, Tesla shields to eliminate missiles, and even holographic projection technology -- creating visual wonders that could spark a million and a half Internet articles in a mere 72 hours' time.        Why has there been a total mainstream-media blackout on EISCAT.....Could the powers behind the mainstream media be loath to reveal the true existence of "Project Bluebeam" ... Is this what the Russians found -- and learned how to use -- when they seized a treasure-trove of top-secret New World Order documents on or around Aug 16,08?

         One of my insider witnesses has already confirmed that the Norway Spiral was a blatant public demonstration of the Bluebeam technology -- or BB for short -- in conjunction with a genuine missile launch that also occurred at the same time, as the mainstream media alleged...., it is very likely that the Norway Spiral was not  done by either of the two major warring control groups -- whom we are about to cover in much more detail....

Did the New World Order guys ever openly proclaim that an 'alien threat' could unite our planet under a single world government?....  


India is clearly showing which side they're on by attacking the New World Order faction's anti-extraterrestrial propaganda head-on. And they specifically mention this hoaxed alien threat as a genuinely factual -- and potentially problematic -- situation.

By mentioning Carol Rosin, they also imply  the use of Project Bluebeam, though it is not directly stated outright (emphasis added):

    Blame it on Cold War paranoia or call it American cultural imperialism, but politics has always been the subtext of Hollywood’s aliens dramas. Some experts even believed there was a grand design in casting aliens as evil.
    Towards the end of his life, Wernher Von Braun, a NASA scientist, believed that the “haunting images of evil aliens wanting to take over earth” was part of a government plan “to justify weapons in space, based on hoaxing an extraterrestrial threat.”....////

....It's increasingly unlikely that Bluebeam could ever  be used to create a fake alien invasion at this point, if it does indeed exist. The public has become far, far too knowledgeable about what is going on. The discussions about this formerly-secret project have become so prevalent on the Internet that they even broke into the mainstream media, as you can watch here on MSNBC:....(...) Even though Von Braun was well aware of a Bluebeam-directed hoax prior to his death, that doesn't mean it will ever actually be used. Nonetheless, it very much had been planned carefully for quite some time, just as India is now calling our attention to -- in their mainstream media.       India may very well know the technology is  available to make it happen, thanks to the Russians' seizure of truckloads of highly classified documents on or around August 16, 2008.

Now that the mainstream media is talking about Bluebeam, and everyone has been exposed to the Norway Spiral -- an amazing phenomenon that almost certainly was generated by EISCAT -- the element of surprise has been eliminated. And that may very well be what was intended by the Russians, the Asians and their allies.
Once you have gained access to the technology and learned how to use it, you telegraph your enemy's blow -- so his nefarious plans cannot be carried out
. ....

As you are about to see, the Russians appear to have been recently playing around with other  examples of Bluebeam-style technology, by creating fake UFOs in the form of rings of light.           Again, this seems to be an attempt to ramp up public pressure on the Obama administration for a formal Disclosure of the reality of the extraterrestrial presence -- and / or to warn him that if he doesn't do it soon, it will be done without  him -- and without the United States as the main center of the action.

What better way to force  the Disclosure to end up happening -- than by creating a series of increasingly blatant visual manifestations  that no one can deny -- particularly as they keep happening more and more often?

This is the core focus of this entire piece you are now reading -- exploring the thrilling possibility that a 60-plus-year cover-up of the UFO / ET presence is finally  coming to an end. The evidence and testimony that is now surfacing is nothing short of stunning -- both in scope and complexity.

And the Russians definitely seem to be leading the way -- suggesting that this Disclosure is not  going to be used for negative purposes, given the evidence we will discuss in later sections of this piece. (This is one strong reason why we had to release it all at once, rather than in parts.) ....

 The first UFO-like halo that captured major media attention this year was seen directly over Moscow, on Wednesday, October 7th, 2009 - 



The second  luminous UFO-shaped halo appeared less than two and a half weeks later, estimated to be October 23rd or 24th, in Romania. .....

(( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9XvBYBOFKaM&feature=player_embedded ))
The likelihood that two different 'natural' phenomena like this would appear in only two and a half weeks, when no one had ever seen anything like them before, definitely suggests something other  than natural weather effects are at work. .... the clouds are curiously convex bowl-shaped, pointing downward, in the area inside the ring. That bowl shape, in turn, casts a clear, extended shadow against the surrounding clouds. This is very much unlike anything  you normally see in clouds.

It appears that the force of the alleged beam being used can actually distort  the otherwise flat layer of clouds into a spherical shape.

I was carefully watching both of these phenomena, but decided not to write about them at the time. I had already been told that an alleged Disclosure was planned for the near future, and figured that if these effects were manmade, and didn't get enough publicity, the next round would be even more impressive.     I was right.

A month and a half after the Romanian Ring, we got the Norway Spiral, which did not disappoint. And why December 9th, in Norway, if not for the fact that Obama was receiving the Nobel Peace Prize the very next day in Oslo?....

 Remember A B .... who said the plans for Bluebeam included a fake alien invasion and / or a manifestation of the Second Coming  in the sky? Well, guess what? A luminous crucifix appeared -- again in Russia -- in a video from March 2009.

(( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mI7_RKgq9tU&feature=player_embedded ))

This one didn't capture anywhere near as much attention as the rings over Moscow and Romania did, and it was seven months earlier in the year than those luminous halos -- so perhaps the strategy was then modified to a more conventional UFO-looking phenomenon, so as to attract more attention. It worked...... as you can read from the broken-English notes on the original video link, the person who saw and filmed the crucifix could not start his car while it was visible -- but once it disappeared, the electrical system operated perfectly (emphasis added)   This electrical anomaly is totally consistent with 'torsion field' technology, which the Russians have been working on for over 50 years, as I discuss in the highly-regarded Russian physics section of Divine Cosmos, Chapter One, here on this website.    We've known for many years now that torsion fields can temporarily disable electrical equipment.....


Thus, considering all the above, December 9, 2009 -- the Norway Spiral and Kremlin Pyramid Day -- may well have been the playing field for one of the final insider moves, prior to 'Checkmate', in an ever-increasing political struggle for Disclosure.

       Dr. Steven Greer, the organizer of the May 10, 2001 Executive Summary Briefing for VIPs and Members of Congress I attended in Washington, DC, made the following announcement in a document he originally wrote on January 23, 2009 -- and only recently released to the public.     Greer doesn't specifically mention the Russians, only citing "interests in Europe," but that may be for security reasons.

Greer got these words directly into President Obama's hands through a mutual friend. He was later able to confirm that Obama had indeed heard and understood the message (emphasis added):

 ***   http://www.disclosureproject.org/EmailUpdateOctober242009.htm
    Interests in Europe, the Vatican and Asia, especially France and China, are urging Disclosure. If the United States does not move forward, these other interests will, and America will be left behind and become increasingly irrelevant in the world. This cannot be allowed to happen.
    The European and Asian arenas will move with or without US involvement at some point in the very near future, as well they should. Six decades of secrecy is enough.***////

 Less than two months after Dr. Greer wrote these prophetic words to the President of the United States, the Russian Crucifix appeared.

Less than three months after the Russian Crucifix appeared, Dr. Peterson's three insider sources were told the Obama administration had planned a formal Disclosure -- in a two-hour television special -- for November 27, 2009.

Just twelve days after the Obama administration canceled the original plan for Disclosure -- for whatever reason -- the Norway Spiral and Kremlin Pyramid appeared... right before Obama took the Nobel Peace Prize.

Thanks to the massive New World Order document seizure the Circlemakers alerted us to in advance, on or around August 16, 2008, Russia may well be the only country in possession of the appropriate technology to create 'fake' UFO sightings -- to help force the timetable for Disclosure to move forward.


The above scenario I've proposed may very well be what is going on here. There is much  more evidence to support this theory -- thanks to a treasure-trove of new information that reveals a fascinating storyline of warring insider factions going back centuries  in time.

Now that you've seen the game, and the various moves that are being played in the recent past, it's time to study the players. We need to know who they are, what they want and which side they're on -- if they even have  a side.

The truth is much more elaborate, and much stranger, than most people who read conspiracy media articles are aware of. However, within the complexity is a very clear and unambiguous thread of hope.

In the next section -- ..... -- we will explore these various factions, their history and struggles with one another, in much  more detail.   http://divinecosmos.com/index.php/start-here/latest-news/521-disclosure-endgame?start=1  Part2



Disclosure Endgame: Free Ebook! - Part 3: The New International Coalition


...(...) The halos, rings, floating crucifix shapes, Norway Spiral and Kremlin Pyramid formations we just discussed -- and showed videos of -- in the previous sections

 were very likely generated by HAARP and other such technology.

The Russians may have acquired this know-how thanks to documents they seized after the New World Order forces fled South Ossetia. This war started on 8/8/8, and the peace treaty was finalized on August 16th, 2008 -- a date that was redundantly flagged by the Circlemakers.

In addition to these blatant visual manifestations, we now have many other  signs that certain groups here on Earth are becoming increasingly aggressive in their attempts to push the timetable for Disclosure forward.

What you will read in this, the longest of all the sections of this Ebook, is a vast, detailed history lesson  of the things you don't get to hear about in school, or in the media -- at least not at this point in time. In the future this will undoubtedly be far  more widely known.

                 Before we open up that discussion, though, it's important to bring in some additional data that shows us where all this is leading -- and how close we may be to a formal Disclosure of the extraterrestrial presence.

This is what all the greatest battles between these warring factions has led us to -- the financial collapse of the New World Order / Rockefeller faction, thus stripping their ability to enforce the UFO cover-up any longer.

As a direct result, we are now seeing an ever-increasing number of UFO stories and 'proofs' coming through in the mainstream media -- some of which are very bizarre. No longer do you see the 'balance' of the skeptics' sketchy rationalizations coming in to discredit the data itself.

There are so many of these types of stories, appearing so quickly, that we can barely even keep up with them. Many are so astonishing that whole articles could be written about them -- but we'll focus in on some of the best and most interesting ones here.



In this next example, from October 20, 2009 -- just over a month before Obama's originally-planned Disclosure date -- a police officer saw three tall ETs who looked just like us, taking instrument readings near a crop circle. Once he spotted them, they ran away at a speed no human we know of could match (emphasis added):

**** Police Officer Sees Human ETs in Crop Circle

''The figures were all over 6ft and had blond hair. They seemed to be inspecting the crop. ...(..)''He said; 'They ran faster than any man I have ever seen. I'm no slouch but they were moving so fast. I looked away for a second and when I looked back they were gone.

    ''I then got scared. The noise was still around but I got an uneasy feeling and headed for the car. For the rest of the day I had a pounding headache I couldn't shift.''*****////

The 'uneasy feeling' and the headache the officer experienced are also consistent with the presence of high-intensity torsion fields -- which were probably what the ETs were using to manipulate the crops with.   ....(...) A consistent storyline seems to be emerging here -- a story of ethical, friendly ETs who look like us, but are not from Earth -- and are directly responsible for making many of the 'real' crop circles.    They have abilities and 'powers' we would consider to be supernatural, and are clearly able to foresee the future -- such as creating at least seven formations in 2008 that flagged the date of August 16th, 2008.

This, again, was the exact time the cease-fire agreement was signed between Russia and Georgia. Around that same time, the Russians seized a huge treasure-trove of highly classified New World Order documents.    


With all this evidence -- and so much more we have yet to discuss -- it appears there is a full timeline to end the UFO cover-up, forever...

Thanks to a plan that was drawn up all the way back on February 12, 2008.

The Norway Spiral may be one of the final stages of this plan -- in the Disclosure Endgame we are now witnessing in real time.     A spiral... what an appropriate  metaphor to use for those who are fighting the 'spin control' of the controlled media!

On that fateful day in February 2008, we now know that the first of a very important and very secret set of United Nations meetings were held. In time, this may be seen as one of the most important dates in human history.

Strong political pressure from a broad coalition of UN nations was placed on those responsible for the UFO cover-up to reveal what they know -- and a solid timeline was put in place for Disclosure to occur.

Thanks to multiple, credible insider 'leaks,' we now have a detailed account of what was discussed -- and decided -- by some thirty nations!  We will discuss this, and get into the specifics, in Part Five -- the Conclusion.

The crucifix, the UFO halos and now the Norway Spiral and Kremlin Pyramid are almost certainly  the result of all these insider politics finally bursting into public demonstrations -- just as we have been expecting.

... You have an opportunity to prepare yourself and get informed -- so you can be there to help educate and comfort others when they need you.
And they already need you now.   Given the overwhelming preponderance of evidence, it is now safe to say that Disclosure is no longer an 'if', but a 'when.' And the Norway Spiral events strongly suggest that the 'when' will be sooner rather than later -- regardless of whatever faltering last-minute attempts are being made to cover it up.

Regardless of how many "know-it-alls" take it for granted that UFOs do exist, once this announcement is made, it will be the most significant event in recorded human history. The scope of the change it will induce is so awesome, so far-reaching, that it staggers the imagination.

Articles like the one you just read about three human ETs taking measurements of a crop circle, and telling people who they are and why they're making such formations, appear to be last-ditch efforts to get us ready for the truth before it is formally announced.

There are many, many  more stories like this that are surfacing, and we can expect they will get more and more interesting as time goes on.
The knowledge we will have to assimilate after Disclosure goes vastly  beyond the idea of whether or not there is life on other planets.    We will now have to deal with the reality of gravity-shielding technology, free energy, wormhole / stargate travel through space and time, super-advanced ancient civilizations on Earth that have had open ET contact leading to the building of massive stone structures, and the existence of non-Earth-born 'Ascended' beings with telepathy, telekinesis, levitation, instant psychic healing, et cetera.

These so-called 'Ascended' beings will be revealed as children of a galaxy that invariably produces human life -- on a wide variety of inhabited planets.

These human beings have bodies that are similar, and in some cases nearly identical  to our own. With that realization comes the humility of knowing we are far  from the most evolved human race in this Galaxy.

We will also find out, sooner or later, that we are genetically compatible with just about every other human species in the galaxy, and our bodies on Earth are the result of extensive  interbreeding.    


Even more outrageously, some groups here on Earth directly trace their genetic lineage back to an extraterrestrial origin -- and have maintained certain highly advanced technologies, in secret, throughout the entire history of human life on Earth -- including 'portal' or stargate technology that allows for travel through space and  time.

(( http://divinecosmos.com/index.php/start-here/latest-news/518-coast-disclosure-announcement-updates last article))

As I wrote in my last major article, Disclosure will also pave the way for an understanding of other groups of ETs who are vastly  more advanced than your typical folks flying around in gravity-shielding metallic discs.    The Law of One series appears to be a genuinely clean, high-quality set of messages from one of these higher-level groups, who claims to be involved in "the management and transfer of planetary populations" -- hence our use of the term 'Management' for these forces.

That piece(( above)) should probably be read as the sequel  to this one. Many people have said it's the best summary I've ever written. I just wrote them in reverse order.

Suffice it to say that for the last two years in particular, I have been consistently shown that the good caused by Disclosure will far, far outweigh the bad, regardless of whatever sinister plans may be at work by some members of the military-industrial complex to use Disclosure as a weapon to further their control.

We can already see signs of a deliberate campaign by factions opposing the New World Order to use Bluebeam-like technology openly and publicly -- enough so that any surprise would be spoiled, and the public not so easily fooled in the event that it was attempted to be used for nefarious purposes.

All that being said, most people can't even begin  to imagine what our future will really be like after Disclosure -- or how much better  it will be than what we have now, on every level.


Again, we will present evidence that Russia, China, India, Japan and other countries have formed a coalition that is actively working to defeat the New World Order and Illuminati factions of the secret world government.

 After long and careful consideration of the Norway Spiral phenomenon, as you read in the prior sections, I am convinced that one of its primary functions was to blow the whistle on Bluebeam, so it could not be successfully used against the people.

The real insider struggle for Disclosure is quite fascinating, and requires a great deal of back-story that hardly anyone is familiar with.

We need to learn about these various insider factions, and their history, before we then broaden our discussion of how these forces are wrestling with each other in the present day -- those who are for  disclosure and those pushing as hard as they can against  it.

I will say that this Ebook is a full disclosure for me on a variety of levels. There is data I've been meaning to share with you for over a year, and I've promised it at various times, but then not delivered because of how busy I've been.

I decided to release everything in one giant multi-section mega-article -- a proper Ebook -- to ensure I get it all done, and you have a chance to read everything involved.

This is very exciting, because it shows that we are a lot closer to some wonderful  manifestations here on Earth than we may have ever dared believe.



As we head into the meat of this section of our in-depth report on the Disclosure Endgame, we will investigate the various factions at work in the world governments -- both elected and secret. Without this knowledge in place, the truth is very difficult to discover.

Once you've read these summaries of the available information, you will very likely share a much more robust worldview of what is going on: who the players are, and what they want.

Then we can go on to finish our discussion of how all of these factors weigh in on the final breaking down of the wall of secrecy that has existed for so many years around the extraterrestrial issue.

I am truly dazzled by how much the scope of this investigation has widened, recently, thanks to the arrival of a treasure-trove of new insider data  that provides an incredible new window into the secret politics of the 1970s and early 80s -- namely the work of Dr. Peter David Beter, who we will meet in a minute.  Though the 70s and 80s may seem like a long time ago -- many of our readers weren't even born while Dr. Beter was still alive -- events that happened back then are of critical importance in understanding what is happening now.


The discussion of various insider factions can be quite disturbing for a variety of people. So, before we get into it, I want to say a few words about how most people react first -- and how toxic it can be without the greater viewpoint of understanding how we are being guided and protected  through all of this.

Things on Earth look scary as hell right now, particularly if you are educating yourself about the corruption of secret insider politics. Fear is in such abundance that I coined the now widely-used Internet term 'fear porn'  to describe the various media offerings that profit off of our nearly insatiable drive to have the living crap scared out of us.

Much like a sexual addiction, the attraction to 'fear porn' is primal -- sub-verbal:   ***

When you do not have a satisfyingsexlife, you feel irresistibly compelled to find more sex.

 * Everysexything you see feeds thecompulsion, giving you a momentarycocaine-like high.
        * Your heart pounds, your biochemical endorphins fire off, and you feel invigorated.
        * On a biological level you are being driven to survive -- by reproduction.

    When you do not have a satisfying spiritual faith and trust in the goodness of others, you feel irresistibly compelled to find more fear.

* Every scarything you see feeds thecompulsion, givingyou a momentarycocaine-like high.
        * Your heart pounds, your biochemical endorphins fire off, and you feel invigorated.
        * On a biological level you are being driven to survive -- by self-protection.***///

Mainstream media has exploited these two primordial biological drives -- sex and fear -- for a long time in movies, television shows, news broadcasts, magazines, newspapers and website articles.


Even with movies like '2012' showing you the end of the world with unprecedented photo-realism, that 'high' still isn't good enough for many, many addicts. The fear isn't real enough. It isn't visceral  enough. .......

Like any other type of addict, we build up a 'tolerance' to our existing drug of choice -- and now we need something with a much bigger, more powerful bang for our buck.

But in this case, we don't cheat on our wives or husbands -- we merely turn on our computer and go to the Internet! The Internet is where you find the goods. Far more scary than the nightly news.

You quickly discover that the mainstream media is concealing much darker  secrets -- a worldwide cabal that seems to be the very embodiment of evil itself, which is leading us by the hand towards a seemingly-inescapable fate.

I clearly spelled out all the misunderstandings that arise from Internet fear-porn addiction in the beginning of my most recent large article:..

....(...) The real story is far more interesting -- and has a much happier ending -- than these toxic, fear-drenched viewpoints. The very controllers who are causing all the problems on the planet may very well WANT you to believe these things are all about to happen, but that doesn't mean they will.   


Admittedly, this information about the good that will come from Disclosure came to me in dreams -- but they have proven very reliable at predicting future events, and providing accurate personal and global guidance on physical and spiritual issues.

I have documented my dreams in writing every day for the past 17 years, and increasingly familiarized myself with the 'language' so as to effectively understand and interpret their meanings. Six months after I started my own dream practice, in 1993, I got my original insider 'leak' that UFOs were real -- and I've been intensely studying the subject ever since.   From July 1998 to my final retirement from all one-on-one consultation services in 2005, I processed 500 clients with 'dream readings.'....Over these last 17 years, I have had many hundreds of amazingly accurate future prophecies come through in dreams.

Once you know how to use your own dreams as a tool for personal evolution, and begin a regular practice, it is extremely effective and consistent.

Some of the most impressive data can be found in the 'Readings' section on my website, divinecosmos.com. We will soon be opening up a series of limited tele-conference seminars where you can experience a live dream-sharing circle with me in real time over the phone, so stay tuned for that. ....(...)

If the data is any good, then there must be real-world evidence to support it. Hence you are now reading a far-reaching summary of the best evidence we have suggesting that Disclosure really is going to happen.   


In order to understand the monumental events that are now reaching their epic and final culmination, you need to have a proper background in place. Only then will you understand who the players are, and what they want.

The Internet has vastly  expanded the scope of our available knowledge on these things, but even the most highly educated scholars and researchers in the conspiracy media still  tend to be woefully uninformed.  The overwhelming tendency is for them to make broad generalizations.....What starts out as the potential for real scholarship, descends into adolescent bullying of anyone and everyone perceived to be "The Enemy" -- and I have often gotten lumped into that same ridiculous category myself. ...

I very recently found a treasure-trove of new information on these insider politics that have been going on behind the scenes. Thousands of pages and hundreds of hours of MP3s to listen to -- and all for free!    Dr. Peter David Beter came forward in the 1970s with shocking information that completely validates  what most of us have only learned about in the last few years... if that.  Here's a capture from the top of the page of his official website, spelling out some of his credentials -- including his work for American gas industries building a pipeline as long as the country of Argentina:...(...)

(( http://www.peterdavidbeter.com/   http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Peter_Beter

http://www.hotfrog.com/Companies/Peter-David-Beter http://www.campaignforliberty.com/blog.php?view=7637  ))

 What really struck me was this summary document of all the various subjects Dr. Beter covered in his radio shows beginning in 1973 after his book was published, and his eighty audio tapes, which ran from June 1975 to November 1982.(( http://www.peterdavidbeter.com/docs/all/dbeye.html ))

 AN INCREDIBLE NEW WINDOW INTO INSIDER POLITICS  The information contained in Dr. Beter's reports is so vast, so fresh, that it's actually superior  to most of the information that has only started coming to light in the last few years.  You really would be well advised to read the whole thing -- but the following is just a taste to get you started:...(...)

For now, let's get to the really  good stuff in Dr. Beter's testimony.


If you really want to earn your graduate degree in UFO studies, you need to understand the groups that were already  in power... long  before UFOs ever became an issue.

Dr. Beter's testimony gives us an incredible glimpse into the truth behind the scenes, nearly 35 years before this information again became public knowledge from the controversial insider reports of Benjamin Fulford, the former East-West managing editor for Forbes Magazine, and others.   ...(...)

 Who and what are these factions? Let's find out.

Though there are others, Dr. Beter focused in on the three most important factions: * The Rockefeller/NewWorldOrder /Neocon faction (whichBeter calls theRockefeller Cartel);
    * The Rothschild / European Illuminati faction (which Beter calls the Bolshevik-Zionist axis, but identifies with the Rothschilds), and
    * Faction Three, or what I call the New International Coalition, whose roots are interconnected with what Beter calls the Christian "New Kremlin" faction in Russia: .....

     These factions as such have existed for the past century or so, and their relationships with one another have been in a constant state of flux. Their roots, however, are much older and can be traced backward in time for many centuries.
Faction Three, working with the "New Kremlin" group, has genuinely been working for peace. More recently, they have helped organize a vast international coalition with strong Asian support.
This group has a definite power focus in Japan, and high-ranking members within this group contacted Benjamin Fulford to help spread the word. Japan is making a very strong push for Disclosure -- and they are one of the countries with direct control over EISCAT.
Fulford's recent testimony fits this data to a tee, though he has never mentioned Dr. Beter and appears completely unaware of this corroborating evidence... at least not yet.  


Here's just a bit of what this fantastic, far-reaching summary of Dr. Beter's work has to say about the so-called Rockefeller Cartel (emphasis added): ....Its headquarters are American, but its perspective is global, with allegiance neither to the United States nor to any other country. It is an empire unto itself..... ////

And now, thanks to the Internet, the whole story has been blown wide open. Untold millions of people -- basically just about everyone in the Western world -- are now learning about this stuff, whether they like it or not. FOX is obviously the main propaganda arm of the Rockefeller cartel, but every now and then I get emails from people who honestly believe they are working for America's best interest.  The Rockefeller cartel has also played a very  significant role in the UFO cover-up, as we will discuss.


Beter's tapes only ran into 1982 -- right in the beginning of a prolonged phase of re-animated Rockefeller control over the American government.
You had Reagan and Bush from 1980-88, with Bush Senior running the show on behalf of the Rockefeller faction as vice president. Then you had a smooth transition into Bush Senior as president from 1988 to 1992 -- not disrupting Rockefeller continuity in the least.
Clinton won the election in 1992, a victory for the Rothschild faction, who we will hear more about in a minute.
Rockefeller attack-dogs incessantly hounded Clinton with issues like the Lewinsky scandal and the artificially-inflated "Clinton ArkanCide Count" stories that circulated on the Internet about the many people he apparently had ordered to be murdered.
Nonetheless, he survived both terms and was still in good shape when he left office in 2000. Former VP Al Gore was tagged as the new Democratic presidential candidate of choice.
The Rockefeller Cartel pulled an unprecedented series of 'dirty tricks' to steal the 2000 election, including the use of hackable Diebold electronic voting machines.
The critical 'swing state' was Florida, where Bush's brother Jeb was governor. And the winner was decided by the Rockefeller-installed Supreme Court, even though recounts ultimately revealed Gore had won the election by securing the greater number of popular votes.   The Rockefeller machine did such a great job of vote-rigging and vote tampering that they actually did manage to steal their way to victory in 2000. George W. Bush was installed as president.

Gore soon went full-blast into global warming and climate change, as a direct attack against Rockefeller oil money -- by getting everyone to focus on reducing or eliminating their use of fossil fuels.
As of November 2009, the Rockefeller faction -- now in complete free-fall after losing the 2008 election -- was almost certainly responsible for leaking the "Climategate" emails.
This was a blatant, desperate attempt to destroy the credibility of any arguments to reduce our fossil fuel consumption -- and thereby preserve whatever shreds of economic power and oil money they still have at this point.

Let's go back in time again for a bit. After the stolen 2000 election, the new Bush regime's popularity quickly sank like a stone.
The economy was in trouble, and by this point, for reasons we will discuss more fully -- basically the inevitable collapse of all  empires due to financial over-extension -- a total Rockefeller economic collapse was looming. They were in very, very serious trouble.
However, they had the ultimate ace up their sleeve -- they had stolen the election. With the near-total control of the world's only remaining superpower, they could now further shape and mold public events for their own benefit.
Nonetheless, the damage had been done. They were in really bad shape, and they had already been forced to steal an incredible  amount of money to preserve their crumbling empire.
On the all-important date of September 10, 2001, Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld announced that 2.3 trillion dollars  was found 'missing'... from only one year  of the military budget! Watch these two videos, in order, to get the full picture of what happened here:...(...)  This should have been a huge  story, especially when a mere 700 billion-dollar corporate bailout in 2008 was the focus of so much public anger!
700 billion sounds like a lot more money than it used to -- now that we've just been through a huge economic collapse that quickly reduced everyone's asset values by 50 percent.
Google 'Rumsfeld 2.3 trillion' if the videos ever go missing, as they can never get rid of all  of them.
What an incredible announcement he made that day! You can fit three different 700 billion-dollar bailouts into that figure of 2.3 trillion, and still have 200 billion left over in spare change.
By anyone's reckoning, this is an incredible  amount of money. And for it to just be 'lost'?
However, the very next day, Rumsfeld's announcement was completely forgotten... and by now, I'm sure you know why.
The next day was September 11, 2001.
Rumsfeld just happens to be amazingly psychic.
And lucky... of course.
The 2.3 trillion he was seemingly so concerned about, was hardly ever  mentioned again.

9/11 was a marvelous short-term crack-high for the crumbling Rockefeller empire.

 It allowed them to stay afloat economically for several more years, massively build up the military-industrial complex, invade Afghanistan and Iraq, and push through much -- but not all -- of the legislation they had in mind.
Gas was initially kept cheap, just over a dollar a gallon, while the American public continued to be systematically brainwashed into buying enormous gas-guzzling SUVs they did not really need.
These vehicles were originally introduced, with great fanfare, in the news footage from the first Gulf War. The soldiers were using them to race across the desert -- and with rock and roll music and lots of journalistic flash, they were presented as the coolest thing ever  to drive.    Especially  if you were a patrotic American who supports the troops.
This was in stark contrast to the Rockefeller-killing "Japanese Economy Car" craze of the 1980s, which swept through an American public still licking their wounds from a major gas crisis in the 1970s.
This turn of events had significantly damaged  the oil-based profits of the Rockefeller faction. Again, there were undoubtedly behind-the-scenes insider politics involved in this 'business war'.
According to Benjamin Fulford, the Japanese were forced to sign a very compromising secret agreement with the Rockefeller faction as part of their surrender in World War II -- and the temporary shift of the automobile industry in their favor undoubtedly expanded their control.
Oil tycoon Ross Perot did not win the 1992 election, but he very much did get the American public aware that there was a 'business war' going on.
Americans heard they should be buying American cars and trucks to "fight the war." Sales of SUVs skyrocketed.

The Iraq war was a last-ditch effort to secure a delicious new source of oil money, but the Iraqis were smart enough to successfully cripple the beast -- very likely thanks to the knowledge and logistical support of their allies in the other factions.
According to TBRNews.org's invaluable "Controlling the News" insider source -- who we ultimately found out was a high-ranking manager for FOX News during those years --

 we learned the following:
The Iraqis systematically destroyed all the pipelines, wells and refineries in their own country before the Rockefeller faction could produce any usable product.
                     I wrote up a vast, topic-organized summary of all this insider TBRNews data under the pseudonym Art Aqua on July 27, 2003. No one figured out it was me, and the article did not get 'discovered' and become popular online -- as I had expected it might have, due to its quality.    At the time I did not want this kind of research associated with my own name, so I had my friends at the Great Dreams website publish it for me. That way, the prophetic insider data would be time-stamped, so people could later see how correct I was.   Among other things, I accurately telegraphed the massive rise in gas prices that began the following year.
Click here to read the data summary in question, or enjoy these links in order to experience the whole piece -- which I am very proud of:(( http://www.greatdreams.com/political/media05.html ))

Part One: Corporate Media Whistleblower Speaks / Game Over http://www.greatdreams.com/political/media01.html
Part Two: Illuminati Revealed http://www.greatdreams.com/political/media02.html
Part Three: Illuminati Life and Propaganda http://www.greatdreams.com/political/media03.html
Part Four: Secrets of Skolnick http://www.greatdreams.com/political/media04.html
Part Five: The Oracle [TBRNews Insider Data Summary] http://www.greatdreams.com/political/media05.html

After the systematic failure of the Iraq War to generate a huge new source of profits, the Rockefeller empire, again in free-fall, was forced to flip the switch on the 'rainy day' SUV plan they'd been building up to since the first Gulf War.
Through blatant market manipulation, and the use of excuses such as Hurricane Katrina, they literally quadrupled  the price of oil from one to four dollars within an incredibly  short time.   And yet, Rockefeller influence over the media was so vast, and the public's willingness to stay in denial of uncomfortable truth was so powerful, that no one dared call it an economic meltdown in progress -- even as gas prices soared to unimaginably crippling new heights.
The 2008 economic collapse came as a surprise to most people, though it shouldn't have been if they had bothered to look beyond the spin of the corporate media.

By November 2004, with a very unpopular post-9/11 Iraq war and the Katrina disaster having done vastly more damage to the American infrastructure than 9/11, it seemed almost certain that "Anyone But Bush" would win. Gas prices were already rising like hot-air balloons.
Again, thanks to impossibly sophisticated and far-reaching "vote-stealing" practices -- including touch-screen Diebold electronic voting machines -- the Rockefeller cartel managed to steal yet another victory away from their rival Rothshild / Democratic faction... by a very small margin.
The monumental voting irregularites were totally ignored by the mainstream media.
        It wasn't until 2008 that the cycle was interrupted. The ailing Rockefeller cartel finally collapsed into end-stage ruin with McCain's maverick, personal decision to name the inarticulate and under-experienced Sarah Palin as his running mate.
McCain carefuly hid this from his own Rockefeller Cartel superiors, who were split between Lieberman (Israeli axis) or Romney (Christian / Mormon axis) as the VP pick.
He then made the announcement before they had time to do anything to stop him -- so they just had to 'go with it' and hope for the best.
McCain didn't like the Rockefeller Cartel or their control, and felt like he was smarter than they were by picking Palin, who also was a very independent thinker and total non-conformist, to out-sizzle the Democrats' choice of Hillary Clinton as a major contender.
However, the biggest 'game-changer' of all was probably when McCain declared that "the fundamentals of the US economy are sound" and then the very next week the American economy went into free-fall.
This also was not an accident -- the timing had been very well planned out in advance. Obviously, this timing inflicted maximum damage upon the Rockefeller faction. According to various insiders I've spoken to, including Benjamin Fulford,

this was the work of the New International Coalition.
Therefore, the precise timing of when the 2008 collapse all came to a head was almost certainly the result of a carefully orchestrated economic manipulation  by positive-minded opposing factions to help bring down the New World Order.
This shocking economic catastrophe had also  been predicted by Dr. Beter in the early 1970s!
How in the world could a man in the 1970s have predicted that an economic collapse as vast as what we saw in October 2008 could actually happen? The title of his best-selling 1973 book tells us quite a bit... The Conspiracy Against the Dollar (emphasis added):...(...)     The objective: to deliberately undermine and ultimately destroy the United States dollar, as a major tool of political and economic conquest under the banner of a "new imperialism."  A crescendo of unhappy consequences were to be expected: an accelerating economic "stagflation" (a now-popular word coined years ago by Dr. Beter), deteriorating financial status of municipal and state governments, deepening social unrest, increasing tensions over the Panama Canal, and more.
    Events during the past decade have followed to an astonishing degree the blueprint which Dr. Beter revealed in his book./////
         On December 9, 2009, the same day the Norway Spiral appeared, the governor of New York announced that they had completely run out of cash.
This is far from a 'local' problem to New York -- it is system-wide. Beter described their plans in the early 1970s, and now, 35 years later, it's all coming true.
             FORT 'NOT'
That's not all... it gets better. Wait 'till you see this.
The Rockefeller faction is now in an almost surreal state of ruin -- surreal because their defeat hasn't become blatantly public and obvious yet, but all the evidence is there to demonstrate what has happened.   This is one of the greatest reasons why Disclosure is now imminent -- again, they have no choice, as their power has evaporated.
What evidence, you say? Here's a perfect example.
We only recently found out that all the gold in Fort Knox was replaced by highly sophisticated gold-plated tungsten forgeries, allegedly beginning in the Clinton administration.   (Given what we're about to see in Dr. Beter's testimony, it almost certainly started before then.)
Tungsten is worth 10 bucks an ounce -- much less than gold. Read for yourself:
Gold-plated tungsten bars replaced in Fort Knox:
http://news.goldseek.com/GoldSeek/1258049769.php ...(...)
Ron Paul on Gold Reserves Secretly Replaced with Tungsten:

Again, this wouldn't have been done if it were not for the constant infighting between these various factions perpetually weakening each other. The classic historical mistake all empires make is they try to grow far too big, far too quickly.

They assume they will make more money than they already have been in order to finance the expansion, but ultimately they run out of gas (pun intended!).


Benjamin Fulford gave additional insider detail on how this story of the tungsten forgeries fits into the 'big picture' on the November 17, 2009 entry on his website (emphasis added):

http://divinecosmos.com/index.php/start-here/latest-news/521-disclosure-endgame?start=2 part3       FOR MORE



http://divinecosmos.com/index.php/start-here/latest-news/521-disclosure-endgame?start=3  part4



As Dr. Michael Salla, Richard C. Hoagland and others have revealed, Kennedy did find out the truth, and made serious progress towards a public disclosure. Salla's new video, referenced in the first sentence of the next excerpt, is available in seven parts for free online viewing: Part 1; Part 2;  Part 3; Part 4; Part 5;  Part 6; & Part 7.

Here is an excerpt from Dr. Salla's writeup about the contents of this video (emphasis added):...(...)


As Dr. Salla reveals, Kennedy didn't stop when he was shut down by the CIA and MJ-12 itself. He kept on pushing, harder and harder, in his attempts to get to the truth (emphasis added):...(..)

In the third period, Kennedy went even farther -- pursuing a much more direct relationship with the Russians in the interest of ending the UFO cover-up. This is very likely when formal cooperation with Faction Three, what Dr. Beter calls the "New Kremlin" group, began.
Krushchev clearly seems to have been leaning in favor of the New Kremlin / Faction Three group, though he may not have started out that way -- but we'll get to that in a minute.
      For now, let's read more about this final, most important phase of Kennedy's secret campaign (emphasis added):...(..) Again, Dr. Beter's testimony establishes that Khrushchev had teamed up with the New Kremlin axis, who had been working for decades to overthrow the Bolshevik Illuminati in Russia and end the UFO cover-up.

Had his effort not been neutralized, the expulsion of the Bolsheviks may have happened some 15 years earlier.


As you can see here, MJ-12 and the CIA director Dulles authorized the assassination of Kennedy. Dr. Salla did not cover the story of Executive Order 11110, where Kennedy was directly working to bring down the Federal Reserve -- going after both the Rockefeller and Rothschild factions -- as well.    Notice the number of the order -- 11110 -- and the fact that Krushchev had accepted Kennedy's proposal on 11/11, 1963.

This numerology is also very likely no accident -- and is another possible sign that the New Kremlin faction was assisting Kennedy with all these initiatives.

Consider this documented statement President Kennedy made just ten days  before his assassination:...(..) This simultaneous push for Disclosure and the elimination of the Federal Reserve, again, is very likely the result of his cooperation with the New Kremlin faction, who already had a long history of fighting the Illuminati.

It is only now -- after all this time -- that Cayce's prophecy, "From Russia will come the hope of the world," is finally coming true.

This faction of the Russian government is reaching the fruition of its long-term plan with the help of the greater international community, as revealed by Benjamin Fulford and others.

A far more personal  insight into the assassination of President Kennedy can be gleaned from the testimony of CIA insider Robert Crowley, who was directly involved in the decision-making process that led to this tragic act.

Though Crowley was not fully briefed as to the reasons for why the decision to assassinate was made, he was given enough of the story that we can easily discern the greater truth.


Kennedy very clearly seems to have worked with the New Kremlin folks via Krushchev -- and we can clearly prove that this relationship involved the sharing of classified information.

TBRNews.org has featured an ongoing series of interview transcripts between author Gregory Douglas and a very high-ranking ex-CIA man, Robert T. Crowley, once a leader of the Clandestine Operations Division within the Agency.

The reliability of this intel is excellent, unlike so many other pieces of disinformation littering the conspiracy media. TBRNews has consistently been one of the top sources we have found.

Douglas secretly taped all his conversations with Crowley -- and this transcript was posted for the first time in September of 2008.

Though it is shocking to read, it is important to understand for context -- as it clearly establishes the collaboration with the New Kremlin faction was very advanced, and directly led to Kennedy's assassination (emphasis added):...(...)


Imagine the bind the CIA found themselves in when their own boss -- technically speaking -- was leaking intel that they considered to be absolutely essential to the security of every man, woman and child in the United States of America.

They felt it was the highest of treason -- and it had to be dealt with. But what to do? It's the President of the United States, by God!

Read on and find out what happened next (emphasis added):...(...)


At this point we get to the final moment where the CIA had to decide what to do about this.  Clearly, the fair-minded people in the organization were concerned for the security of the United States and its people. They were obviously not told about Kennedy's push to release the UFO information and dismantle the Federal Reserve.

Now we get to the moment of truth (emphasis added):...(...) Valuable corroborating evidence to support the reliability of this witness can be found in this TBRNews update from May 11, 2009, if you are interested in following up on this story. Scroll down to the summary of Gregory Douglas' book, "Regicide: The Official Assassination of John F. Kennedy."

Since many scholars now want to blame everything on Lyndon B. Johnson, Kennedy's VP, the following excerpt from the above article is interesting, in light of new information that has only recently come to light:...(...) As Hoagland revealed in his recent lecture at the Secrets conference, which is available for purchase on his Enterprise Mission website, Johnson certainly knew enough to have redecorated the Oval Office in red, though everyone knew Kennedy hated  the color red.

This redecoration was ordered by Johnson on short notice, and completed during the exact same weekend Kennedy was assassinated -- as if Johnson knew he would never be there to see it, and had commemorated his violent new rise to power by making the entire Oval Office scream with the color of blood.



Now that we've explored the rationale for the assassination itself, let's dig deeper to look for signs of collaboration between Faction Three, through Russia, and the Kennedy administration -- in this long-standing battle to bring down the so-called Illuminati.

At this time the Rockefeller and Rothschild factions were still on good terms with each other. The insider battles didn't flare up until the 1970s, as Dr. Beter revealed in the previous section.

To help illustrate the point, I will bring in data that was shared in a paper I helped edit for Richard C. Hoagland last year entitled "A New Frontier of Hope". Hoagland gave even more detail on this surprising and little-known collaboration that was underway between Kennedy and Krushchev.

In 1999, Krushchev's son Sergei released crucial new information about this secret, 'treasonous' negotiation the two leaders were having, in private. Two interviews from that same year -- one on PBS and the other in an article he wrote for American Heritage Magazine that October -- told the tale (emphasis added):...(..)


In dealing with these rival world factions, one must always remember that there is an ongoing problem with trust. After dealing with the Illuminati for 200 years, the New Kremlin was well aware of the fact that it was very difficult to trust anyone.

It is also entirely possible that Krushchev did not start out in collaboration with the New Kremlin faction, but they were able to get through to him during the course of his leadership.         The Cuban Missile Crisis of 1961 was a real-world event reflecting how difficult it was for these governments to actually trust each other -- even with covert efforts being made to achieve peace.


This next quote from the PBS article shows how Krushchev started opening up to the idea of a true end to the war -- and a joint space project to the Moon together, which may very well have been intended to find known ET ruins up there and announce them to the world:...(..) KRUSHCHEV WAS ALSO REMOVED FROM POWER, LIKE KENNEDY

Kennedy was killed just days  after Krushchev was ready to form this allegiance with him -- to jointly take down the opposing factions that were blocking Disclosure and pillaging the world's wealth.

Krushchev only made it another year before he, too, was taken down by those wishing to keep the arms race and the greater Illuminati agenda of the UFO cover-up and the New World Order alive (emphasis added):...(...)


If you have any doubts about the potential magnitude of ruins that were ready and waiting to be found on the Moon, these two articles I co-authored with Richard C. Hoagland in 2007 -- coinciding with the release of his new book, Dark Mission -- have very compelling photographic  evidence that something is up there.

It is far outside the scope of this Ebook to bring all those photographs here now -- so I will just share one of many intriguing examples you can find in these two articles-- which also revealed how responsive the current Russian media was to promoting this story:
 ... ...  Richard was actually delighted at how much more I found in my own research than what he had already discovered -- and again, it's all reflected in these two articles:



Again, given the technology and insider knowledge that was available, it is very likely that at least one, if not both of these leaders were aware of what they would find on the Moon.

Therefore, a joint Moon mission could have accomplished Disclosure and an end to the New World Order's plan for World War III all at once.

Sadly, it did not work -- but we are in a very different time in history now. Finally -- at long last -- the time is right. And the Russians have not forgotten about us. Nor has the rest of the world slacked in its responsibility to ensure the safety and freedom of everyone on this planet.

From this point, we'll stick with the same source -- the CIA's own Robert Crowley -- and reveal, in his own words, that the CIA knew enough about the UFO cover-up to be absolutely clear that we were being visited by intelligent, human  extraterrestrials.



Just to appease those skeptics who might not think UFOs were considered real within these secret programs, or any subject of concern, this next excerpt of a conversation between Douglas and Crowley reveals quite a bit.

It is very unlikely that Crowley's man was taken on board a UFO when he walked down his driveway, as you will read here -- much more likely that he was grabbed by someone in a rival faction, kidnapped and driven away.

Nonetheless, the subject of people disappearing -- through kidnapping or otherwise -- proved to be an entrance for Douglas and Crowley to have a discussion about UFOs -- particularly when the man who disappeared was an important member of Crowley's staff (emphasis added):...(...)  PRECISELY HUMAN-LOOKING ETS

The most fascinating 'leak' from Robert Crowley about ETs was published on August 17, 2009, from a conversation he had with Douglas on July 24, 1996.

This is yet another stunning confirmation that there are a wide variety of human species in the Galaxy, and some of them look so much like us as to be able to blend in perfectly.

Fear-oriented people can run with this and think up all sorts of terrible scenarios, but the fact is that these people, while different from us and not born on Earth, have been here throughout all of our history -- and are working diligently to keep our planet from falling into chaos and disaster.

This is probably the most sensitive aspect of the UFO cover-up of all -- namely that ETs are already here on Earth, and they look and speak like the rest of us.

Not covered in Crowley's testimony here is that they also have 'Ascended' abilities, and we are evolving to a point where we will soon gain these abilities as well.

This is considered a very serious threat to both the Rockefeller and Rothschild factions -- but there is nothing they can do about it.

Rather than explaining the details of this very curious historic event in my own words, just read this for yourself -- it's mind-blowing: http://www.tbrnews.org/Archives/a2968.htm  ...(...) Dr. Beter's Audio Letter #38, which was dedicated to discussing the New Kremlin faction, revealed that the Russians did indeed have direct, incontrovertible proof that UFOs were real (emphasis added):

    But looking beyond the immediate needs of their holy war against Bolshevism, the rulers of Russia today are attracted to space by long-term non-military motives....(...)

Now we find out that the pioneering work of Nikolai Kozyrev and others led to working technologies far beyond what we see in the 'open' world. They feel this science of 'torsion fields' opens the door to the Universe -- and they are absolutely correct (emphasis added):...(...) 


The support and long-term experience of the New Kremlin faction in fighting the Illuminati may well have helped embolden Eisenhower to make his blatant statements against the military-industrial complex in 1961.

The New Kremlin faction finally succeeded in ousting the Bolsheviks from their own country in the late 1970s, as we revealed in Part Three, which in turn caused great damage to the Rockefeller faction who welcomed them into their own ranks.

Nonetheless, the Rockefeller faction regained a great deal of its power in the 1980s -- and even the Clinton administration didn't slow it down very much.

The simple, blatant facts of the 2008 election reveal that it did not go in favor of either the Rockefeller or the Rothschild factions -- and the Christian-based New Kremlin group probably has had a lot to do with that, just as they did with supporting Kennedy.

Again, this is exciting news, as we now have a much greater likelihood that Disclosure will happen under this president's watch. That may very well be the reason why the Spiral was designed to appear in Norway the day before Obama accepted the Nobel Peace Prize there in Oslo.    

THE ANTI-OBAMA MOVEMENT The insider propaganda machine of the Rockefeller / Rothschild military-industrial complex has done a fantastic job of channeling our collective Internet fear-porn addiction towards a single target: President Obama.

The last thing they want to do is have him change the game they have so carefully built up after all these years -- including UFO secrecy.

Now that you know about the three major warring factions, you may be prepared to accept that Obama was never supposed to win -- despite a highly impressive amount of propaganda that has now been released on the Internet to suggest otherwise.

The Illuminati / Rothschild faction wanted Hillary, and the New World Order / Rockefeller faction wanted McCain.

I can hear some of the letters now. It's only a small percentage of my readership, but they sure do love to hate: "How dare you... Egomaniac... You're just so... You f'ing son of a..."

Say what you want, but once you have enough background to see that this world of insider occult politics is far from a unified system where everyone is on the same team, you can clearly see how the different factions took their sides in the last election.
THE ROTHSCHILD FACTION DIRECTLY ATTACKED OBAMA ON NATIONAL TELEVISION Lady de Rothschild appeared directly on national television to attack and denounce Obama (emphasis added):...(...) "THE ENEMY OF MY ENEMY IS MY FRIEND" Still not convincing enough for you? Here's an even stronger dose of truth.
Despite the long-standing animosity between the Rothschild / Bolshevik / Illuminati faction and the Rockefeller cartel, the Rothschilds so hated Obama that they were even willing to side with the enemy -- the chosen Rockefeller candidate McCain -- rather than get behind Obama!
This obviously means an Obama presidency would be far worse for the Rothschilds than if their own long-standing Rockefeller Cartel / New World Order rivals had won the election!
Who could the Rothschild / Illuminati / Bolsheviks have hated more than the Rockefeller cartel? Only the New Kremlin faction -- who completely overthrew them from the reins of power in Russia during the late 1970s in a bloody and humiliating defeat.
If the New Kremlin faction was helping Obama with their 200 years of experience in fighting the Illuminati in Russia, as they had previously done with Kennedy, most likely, that's more than enough of a reason for these old foes -- the Rothschilds and Rockefellers -- to unite against a common enemy.
They saw that like Kennedy before him, this same enemy now could have the power to defeat them both (emphasis added):...(...)


Still not convinced? At this point there isn't much more to say. Either you break through the conditioning or retreat back to the comfortable world you thought was true from all the lies you've been reading on the Internet. Nonetheless, they say seeing is believing -- so watch Lady de Rothschild tear into Obama on Fox News with your own eyes:...(...)


So now it's time to speak truth to power.

Those who are addicted to fearing and hating Obama are almost incapable of hearing any evidence to the contrary. And by merely presenting an alternative viewpoint this last year and a half, I now receive a daily diet of vicious hate mail.

The rage in these letters is very intense -- and can be highly profane. I often feel like I'm standing next to a junkie who just watched me dump his entire stash into the toilet, and flush it down. There is so much great anti-Obama material to read that you can stay perpetually high from fear porn -- directly from the New World Order / Illuminati minions into your heart and mind.    New articles appear every day -- lots of them -- and you can spend all your free time becoming more and more convinced that you should hate Obama with a passion that runs as deeply as anything you feel in your life.

The truth is far more revealing than the propaganda.


Since I have been promising the goods for some time, I will now deliver one shocking example of the real  truth you don't hear in the fear-porn-peddling conspiracy media. What you are about to read comes from an insider source who has established impeccable  credibility over many years.

This source, an upper-middle-level staff member in Washington, DC -- the so-called "Voice of the White House" on TBRNews.org -- leaked this alleged document, which he procured straight out of the CIA, earlier this year.  Read carefully, as it takes a little while to get to the most important point (emphasis added):

...(...) http://www.tbrnews.org/Archives/a2992.htm   Honestly, did you really think they wouldn't do something like this?
The whole idea of disinformation, as it says here, is that it has to be "almost believable." The objective is to "establish importance" in the public -- and again, the whole focus is anti-government.

The deliberate financing of anti-government (read: anti-Obama) websites is a tremendous story. Sadly, these people are infected with fear, and yet I'm afraid very few of the folks reading these sites really have any idea what is being done to them. Let's go on:...(..)  This last bit may seem terrifying to some, but remember -- there are so many people looking into these subjects now that they can't even begin to keep track of it.
And they certainly don't have the staff nor the money to go after anyone. As it said in the first excerpt, tracking anyone is a 'monumental' task, and I've heard similar stories from various insiders myself.
Even with all the Chicken Littles out there, writing about these insider groups as if they are all-powerful in their Big Brother capacity to harm and conduct surveillance on individuals in their own life, hardly any of them ever  get harassed in a visible way, or have any problems directly attributable to 'government' interference.

Now when we get to number 12, the shocking but not really surprising punch line comes out. Many of the conspiracy media articles you read, and many of the themes they discuss, are NOT true.    You find them on various websites that love to go into all these things -- but many people refuse to believe what an inundation of propaganda they are really subjecting themselves to.
This is psy-ops... exactly what John F. Kennedy was trying to learn more about, and stop, for the betterment of humankind.
It's all about keeping you in a state of fear, believing the end is near and the diabolical 'government' is all-powerful in its capacity to ruin your life, create Martial Law and herd you into "FEMA camps" if they haven't gotten you by any other means.
             Although many people will find this extremely hard to believe, the TBRNews source is very credible. Given his track record, if you've been following the site as I have all these years, we have every reason to believe this is a genuine disclosure, from a bonafide CIA document, about how they are stage-managing and authoring many people's favorite fear-porn on the Internet.
In today's world, there is so much of it -- scores of articles written on a daily basis -- and these seemingly independent articles unilaterally oppose Obama and his agenda, and will appear as if they are written by ordinary folks, complete with deliberate errors so as not to look too polished and professional. Read for yourself (emphasis added):....(...)

As we get into the next excerpt, you see how many false stories about 9/11 were released, so that anyone from the outside looking in on this would conclude the whole "truth movement" was a ridiculous joke (emphasis added): ...... In case you're wondering, the real casualty rates for Iraq alone have been reported by Brian Harring and other TBRNews sources as being well over 20,000 -- and this has been covered up through a variety of clever ploys.

As we head into number 13, we can see that the real goal is to create as much fear as possible. In so doing, you have a public that is much, much easier to control and intimidate.
The conspiracy readers never understand that the whole game is on its last legs -- and like a well-trained army, they will viciously attack anyone who supports the President the CIA is targeting -- again, just as they once did with the truly exemplary John F. Kennedy (emphasis added): ...... This same insider source, "Voice of the White House", has repeatedly written that the army of Pentagon / CIA / NSA "paid bloggers" has been marshaled, to an unprecedented new degree, to pin all the emerging evils of the two rival factions onto Obama, who is not directly allied nor in agreement with either of them.

I have written about this numerous times, with specific quotes, in David's Blog, but the typical response of the critics and attackers is just to overlook this data,

 and / or discard it as irrelevant.

Even now that Fulford, and other sources I have personal access to, are all saying the insiders want to remove Obama from power by January, no matter what, people still don't get the truth of what's happening.  Nonetheless, a direct example of this system in action emerged into the mainstream media during the election battle.



This particular battle was obviously fought by the Rockefeller faction against Obama during the election. I was surprised and delighted to find this story, and I've just been waiting for the right time to reveal it. That time is now.

The story comes from the Salon online magazine, written by Margriet Oostveen. It is one of the best examples of a "paid blogger" who was hired to write things that were blatantly untrue about Obama in order to support the New World Order.

This does not have the level of 'juice' that many other NSA and Pentagon-directed 'ops' do, but it certainly shows that such actions were being conducted. If you think that this all stopped once Obama won the election, then you are very naive indeed (emphasis added): ...... THE PAID BLOGGERS LIE CONSISTENTLY AND STRONGLY

This next section of Oostveen's article on Salon really shows the extent to which these 'paid bloggers' will lie:  .....Incredible amounts of money have been spent hiring people just like this to fight the war against Obama -- the candidate who was never supposed to win.

From this, we've inherited some wonderfully tall tales, such as the Missing Long Form Birth Certificate, the Grandma in Kenya Who Said He Was Born There (a blatant misquoting of what she actually said), the "Puppet of the New World Order" rhetoric, et cetera.

Granted, since he naively stocked his shelves with both Rockefeller and Rothschild interests, he has not been able to accomplish many of the things he set out to do -- but this war is far from over, believe me. And Disclosure is the most significant thing that can happen to end the secrecy once and for all.

As we've been saying throughout this Ebook, these factions no longer have the strength and power they once did -- and they are being forced  by the rest of the world to reveal the truth. That's why we're seeing the Norway Spiral and other such events.

For now, let's get back to our narrative thread, with another example of a 'paid blogger' who came forward with his story when he realized what he was being asked to do. Notice that he was only offered ten thousand dollars to 'sell out'.

This is a surprisingly small amount of money to bribe someone on such an important issue, and again shows how broke the Rockefeller faction must be.



In this next example, we have someone who was contracted for this same type of Obama-smearing work, inventing blatant falsehoods. The money was so bad, considering the potential importance of such a 'manufactured' finding, that you can see how the financial crisis has affected the New World Order.

In this case, their chosen target backed out when he realized what was being asked of him (emphasis added): .............. The "Voice of the White House" source has often spoken of these 'paid bloggers', as I have written before -- and he has expressed ongoing amazement that so many of the obviously false stories are taken seriously by the public.

There is a lot more data to back up the idea that Obama's presidency was assisted by the Illuminati-resisting groups such as those behind Dr. Beter's "New Kremlin."

Hoagland has uncovered many  startling parallels between the power structure of the Kennedy administration and what is now occurring with the Obama administration.

In fact, Hoagland's support has been invaluable in helping point out various things I had missed along the way -- and we will have several more key points in the Conclusion.


We will have much more to say about the possibility of Disclosure actually happening well within Obama's first term, and the United Nations meetings that led to all this, in the Conclusion.

In the meantime, another major sign that Disclosure is on the way is the obvious attempts by the Catholic Church to establish a framework in which Catholicism will still be 'relevant' in a post-Disclosure world.

You can clearly see the groundwork being laid in this recent interview with Guy Consolmagno that aired on The Colbert Report: ............. (...)


I wanted to have this Ebook ready as my gift to you by Christmas Eve, and still have time to be with my family and not work constantly on this epic project.

Thus, the conclusion will show up some time after the first week of January, most likely. In the meantime there is a great deal  to explore in what we've already covered here, particularly if you carefully go back and follow up on some of the key links.

In the conclusion, we will bring you fully up to date with all the evidence suggesting that Disclosure is indeed imminent -- either from the Obama administration directly or other groups that will do it for him if he refuses.

We will also cover the 'V' television program and show how it is a precision-targeted message against the Obama administration making this announcement.
Disclosure will directly facilitate the release of technologies that can quite literally green the deserts, desalinate ocean water and save the Earth.

We have been caught up in a planetary emergency for quite some time -- but these moves towards Disclosure will directly facilitate the release of technologies...... -- not to mention ushering in an unprecedented new era of technology and intergalactic cooperation that will make the times we are in now seem dreadful by comparison.

It is a very exciting time we live in. This is the greatest football game in recorded Earth history and I am happy to be here on the 50-yard line giving you the play by play as it happens.

Knowing what is going on before  everyone else does is the key to being fully prepared -- and helping to do your part to insure this all goes as smoothly and painlessly as possible.

I encourage you to help support this research by coming to see me speak live in San Francisco, during the third weekend of January.(( http://divinecosmos.com/index.php/appearances/upcoming-appearances ))

Tickets are still available and I will come prepared with all the latest, greatest new material to discuss this Disclosure, and how it relates to the greater prophecies of 2012 -- and the spiritual metamorphosis we are all going through!

Thank you for your support -- and do stay tuned! ..............

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