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 Sunday, January 10, 2010 

 U.S. Treasury LOOTED Again - Ponzi Scheme Update

by Tom Heneghan  International Intelligence Expert

Saturday  January 09, 2010

UNITED STATES of America  -  It can now be reported that a major security breach involving U.S. Treasury and Federal Reserve banking codes

 took place last Wednesday on January 6, 2010.

A financial security code involving secret U.S. CIA proprietaries were leaked by a foreign-based United Kingdom website referencing "Operation Stillpoint" and the future of the U.S. Republic.

Folks, there is NO "Operation Stillpoint"!

It is a financial code that is used to protect U.S. Treasury funds.

It is now clear that this PRE-meditated leak of the financial code "stillpoint" was part of an overall scam involving British Intelligence and its collaborators inside the U.S. intelligence community that facilitated the THEFT of $1.3 TRILLION of U.S. Treasury funds.

    The funds are currently parked in secret accounts in the nation of Pakistan.

We can now also divulge that the United Kingdom-based website also uses biblical verse, which are also secret codes for facilitating entry into the U.S. national security accounts protected by "stillpoint".

The funds were transferred from a Bank of America branch in Charlotte, North Carolina after being moved out of a secret account in Alexandria, Virginia.

Once again we can round up the usual suspects that were involved in this heist.

They include the usual suspects, sociopath and satanist, former President George Herbert Walker Bush, his deranged son, nation wrecking, Constitution shredding, cocaine snorting, election stealing, U.S. Treasury embezzling, homosexual in-the-closet, AWOL war criminal George W. BushFRAUD, their business partners, daddy Bush's little bitch, Bill Clinton, and his mentally ill wife, dysfunctional Secretary of State, loser and lesbian in-the-closet Hillary Rodenhurst Clinton.
Leon Panetta and Erskine Bowles

Other participants included CIA Director Leon Panetta, noted Clinton financer (former Clinton Administration Chief of Staff and current University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill President) Erskine Bowles, along with noted Bush-Clinton-Crime Family Syndicate neo Nazi 'black ops' specialist Colonel Dana Wilcox.
Queenie with her Co-Conspirators daddy Bush and BushFRAUD///

Guess who, folks, was in charge of the overall operation to once against LOOT the U.S. Treasury.  None other than the PRO Nazi British Queen Elizabeth II.

These funds were taxes due the U.S. Treasury tied to the noted Wanta-Reagan-Mitterrand Protocols.  The THEFT of $1.3 TRILLION was done right under the nose of CIA puppet president Barack Hussein Obama who has been told that if he does not go along with this TREASON he will be immediately scandalized by the Bush-Clinton Crime Family Syndicate-NSA-Mossad controlled U.S. media and removed from office.

Note: We have yet to see a real authentic birth certificate proving Obama was actually born in the United States.


P.S. We can now divulge that the alleged CIA post in Afghanistan where the murder of CIA officials took place was not a CIA post but actually a Blackwater aka Xe Services post housing Blackwater/Xe mercenaries and assassins.  There were two major CIA officials stationed at the post and we can now reveal that they were set up and assassinated by elements of Blackwater/Xe.

Passenger Umar Farouk Abdul Mutallab being detained on Flight 253
Passenger Mutallab being detained on Flight 253///

The two CIA officials were threatening to file a report on the NWA Flight 253 Christmas Day terrorist scare that would have fingered the U.S. State Department in facilitating the alleged Christmas Day bomber suspect boarding Flight 253 in Amsterdam.

We can now also report that the State Department deliberately misspelled the alleged terror suspect's name as to confuse the Department of Homeland Security (DHS).

A major split between DHS and the FBI has taken place aka DHS identifying certain FBI Division 5 COINTELPRO agent provocateurs who have infiltrated and enabled certain terrorist cells in New York and Maryland.

These agent provocateurs have also been involved in harassing American Patriots aka whistleblowers who know too much concerning the corruption and criminality that has engulfed the American Republic.  Reference: It is also important to remember that in February of 2009 it was loser, dysfunctional Secretary of State Hillary Rodenhurst Clinton that authorized the extension of the Blackwater/Xe mercenary contracts in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Clinton Donors Include Saudi Arabia, Blackwater, AIG
...The Blackwater Training Center donated $10,001 to $25,000. The State Department will have to decide next year whether to renew Blackwater Worldwide’s contract to protect U.S. diplomats in Iraq. Five Blackwater guards have been indicted by a U.S. grand jury on manslaughter and weapons charges stemming from a September 2007 firefight in Baghdad’s Nisoor Square in which 17 Iraqis died...

A thorough audit of the State Department will reveal massive fraud, corruption and kickbacks involving the State Department tied to Blackwater/Xe.

Of course, President Obama could always hire "Skull and Bonesman" Greg Craig, now out of work, to conduct the audit. (ha)

At this hour the corporate-controlled, fascist, extortion-friendly U.S. media continue to ignore all of this evidence, including the clear proof that Flight 253 was a FALSE FLAG as they engage in guilt by association vis-à-vis associations of alleged terrorists with Islamic clerics.
Flight 253 passenger: Sharp-dressed man aided terror suspect Umar Farouk Abdul Mutallab onto plane without passport ( exclusive)
Commenter says he was aboard NWA Flight 253, saw suspected terrorist board the plane

Tom Heneghan:

"Al Qaeda is nothing more than an extension of the apparatus linked to U.S. intelligence

that was allowed, by script, to remove itself as a rogue breakaway entity of the U.S. government;

allowed to de-compartmentalize from oversight, and was run instead by Gary Best's rogue black ops specialists for scripted activity outside the U.S. government,

with its funding being orchestrated through the Pakistani secret police—an entity of the U.S. government."

Today they were at it again with these propaganda videos of alleged terrorists talking with each other in Afghanistan.  They remind me of the old Osama bin Laden videos although these new videos remind me of a Marx Brothers film.

Note: The videos are made in Marrakech, Morocco and then sent on to the noted CIA front Al Jazeera network.

Rumor has it that Rupert Murdoch of FOX News wants to buy Al Jazeera.

Folks, it you go to church on Sunday, you had better be careful.  FBI Division 5 or some corporate media hack may take a picture of you and call you a terrorist.


P.P.S. At this hour we can divulge that U.S. Treasury Secretary and money launderer, Timothy Geithner, is refusing to hand over emails that show he was not disclosing the full extent of the credit default swap derivatives tied to the known insurance giant AIG.
Timothy Geithner and Stephen Friedman
left pic Alex Wong/Getty Images///

We can now report that the emails dealt with AIG derivatives, Stephen Friedman's Federal Reserve Bank of New York and a direct tie in to none other than the Bernard Madoff Ponzi Scheme.
Bernard Madoff
Jay Mallin/Bloomberg News
Scott Rothstein   ///Fiesta Bowl logo.svg    Super Bowl XL.svg
Former NFL Commissioner   Paul Tagliabue

P.P.P.S. We can also divulge the sports scandal, which we have been reporting on, involving Nike and Reebok and its tie in to the Bernard Madoff and Larry Rothstein Ponzi Scheme continues to escalate involving insurance agents and sports agents, Las Vegas casinos, mafia gambling interests with major kickbacks and bribes given to members of the electronic media, specifically ESPN.

We can reveal that an unnamed college football referee is about to go public reference a bribe that was offered him to engage in fixing a game regarding a mountain west conference college football game involving a high ranked, undefeated mountain west conference university.

The bribery scheme did not work and the major mountain west conference undefeated team remained undefeated and completed their season with a victory in the Fiesta Bowl.

Note: There has been a lot of underground chatter tied to the MGM Mirage casino that the officiating in the 4th quarter of last Thursday's BCS national championship game was suspect.           These are the same sources that have divulged to this reporter that the 2006 Superbowl played between the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Seattle Seahawks was fixed with the NFL officials all on the take.
Reference: The NFL Commissioner at the time, Paul Tagliabue, who has been tied to mafia interests, resigned soon after that noted Pittsburgh Steelers-Seattle Seahawks Superbowl.

As the NCAA investigation of the previously mentioned West Coast university continues, we can now report that their football coach has quit (taking a job with the Seattle Seahawks), its University President is considering firing its Athletic Director.

The University President is convinced that he was lied to by the former football coach and the Athletic Director aka an athletic university booster slush fund tied to a major Los Angeles based insurance company that fronted for sports agents who provided money and automobiles to induce prospective high school football recruits to attend the aforementioned California university.

These funds were tied to none other than the Larry Rothstein Ponzi Scheme out of Fort Lauderdale, Florida and to the donors to the university that were also tied to the Athletic Booster slush fund.

This threatens the tax exempt status of the aforementioned California university.

As we reported previously, emails have now been discovered showing that the former football coach and current Athletic Director at the aforementioned university discussed covering up this entire mess for over five (5) years.

Note: There is also evidence developing showing that the current Athletic Director used police "Red Squads" and private detectives to track and intimidate sports journalists [not ESPN] who were investigating this scandal.

There is a further question if the President of the aforementioned California university, who himself tendered his resignation due next month, was aware of the emails at the time he resigned.

Yes, folks, this looks like a massive criminal conspiracy.

As we have reported in previous intelligence briefings college football, especially in the past fifteen (15) years, has descended almost into a whorehouse of gambling interests, corrupt sponsors, with graduation rates of top ten teams dropping below 35% and high school recruits with 60 IQs being accepted into the schools.

There are strong rumors that Congress is going to take a look at this and intervene soon.

What we are seeing is not college football but semi-pro football, all controlled by bribes, payoffs and media whores.

We can almost argue that college football has become like AIG and the Federal Reserve - appearing and disappearing emails, bribes, kickbacks, payoffs, secret slush funds - nothing but a Ponzi Scheme.

International Intelligence Expert, Tom Heneghan, has hundreds of highly credible sources inside American and European Intelligence Agencies and INTERPOL--reporting what is REALLY going on behind the scenes of the corporate-controlled mainstream media cover up propaganda of on-going massive deceptions and illusions.
Overlord at Yorktown remains relentless and victorious


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((( Articles In This Thread:

    * Reader DG: "MAE HUA TRUST, WANTA, AL QAEDA AND ROGUE CIA" (views: 361)
      hobie -- Saturday, 9-Jan-2010 23:53:28
       o E-mail from Ben Fulford re: "MAE HUA TRUST, WANTA, AL QAEDA AND ROGUE CIA" (views: 474)   hobie -- Saturday, 9-Jan-2010 23:55:55 )))


E-mail from Ben Fulford re: "MAE HUA TRUST, WANTA, AL QAEDA AND ROGUE CIA"

Posted By: hobie <Send E-Mail> Date: Saturday, 9-Jan-2010 23:55:55

In Response To: Reader DG: "MAE HUA TRUST, .... CIA" (hobie)

        E-mail from Ben Fulford, commenting on the content of the *other* post:


        Here are my two bits on this issue: First of all, many of the people involved with the Blue and the Green in Taiwan, i.e. the supposed heirs of Sun Yat Sen, have been systematically bribed by the Federal Reserve Board crime syndicate. They have proven it with their unnatural changes of opinion and sudden wealth. One of the main CIA Chinese trusts is known as Eagle Mountain. The other big treasure site is the mountain behind the museum in Taipei. Although they have changed the displays at the museum anually for 60 years, they have not even begun to diplay all the treasure there.

        Action is being taken in Asia to remove the Federal Reserve Board agents and cronies from power. There is much that cannot be said but many key corrupt people have lost power in Asia during the past month.

        Benjamin Fulford $B8EJbF;%Y%s%8%c%_%s(B 090-3439-5558;read=164374



Posted By: hobie <Send E-Mail>  Date: Saturday, 9-Jan-2010 23:53:28

   (Thanks, DG :)  Reader DG writes:

     Dear Hobie:
        Please consider posting this letter on RMN, as you will see it has an explosive nature. After reading the Whistleblower posting at the website above I decided to make an inquiry with a colleague who is well connected. It would be accurate to say this person is high on the totem pole.
        He told me that the Mei Hua Trust also spelt Mae Hua Trust (for the sake of ease, lets call it MHT?) was the Trust holding the riches of Chiang Kai-shek. In the past, it was advisable to ask only a few questions, keep it short and never bring up a conspiracy theory with this source. Whistleblower and Christopher Story are not exactly conspiracy theorists so it was safe for me to ask him the following three questions.


      1. C. Story has accused Wanta of financing Al Qaeda, this is a logical conclusion on his part?

              Answer: Al Qaeda is claimed to be a top level CIA operation used primarily to destabilize the Middle East and allow America to declare war on Middle East Soil. It doesn’t take much to join the dots on this one.

      2. I found it interesting when Wanta proposed a high-speed rail system for the USA.
              In my mind, it occurred to me that there had to be an alternative source of funds when he made this recommendation. He is not stupid; he knows that the “Wanta Funds” are repatriated.

              Answer:     No he is not stupid, but he is a criminal all the same and doesn’t deserve to be listened to at any time. The damage he and his colleagues have done to the world is greater than what Hitler ever did. His source of Funds is the Chinese via the Mae Hua Trust and the China Foundation.


        Let me interject here? Several years’ back, I came across the “China Foundation”. We learned at the time that there were in fact many “China Foundations”, but the CIA controlled the one with the enormous giga accounts. I spoke with the blind attorney and an operative in Kentucky. They were selling currencies, at a discount? Sound familiar? Until this mornings email, I never knew Wanta was involved with MHT and the China Foundation. One more note on the China Foundation, there was a high level operative, non-official cover (NOC) if I am correct. His job was to finance the Mujahadeen of Afghanistan during the Soviet invasion years.
        Very interesting is it not?

        My last question, but a very important link, was as follows.
        “The Bush clan ultimately controls Mae Hua Trust in Taipei, Taiwan, Cheney, Merkel, Ackermann and even Deutsche Bank are involved.

        Answer: NO. They think they do, and would probably like to be able to do so, but they don’t. They are definitely using assets of the Mae Hua Trust, but catching them and stopping it is very difficult because the top people of various banks are involved as well, and they use the old International Banking System, which it is not illegal to do so, by Hand Delivery of Certificates by special Bank Couriers, and KTT verifications / or Hand Delivered written verifications.”
    My email conversations with this source have continued, it involves the “Prosperity and Freedom” programs, but I want to cross-reference this all before I expose that aspect of the equation.      Until Next Time, DG;read=164373


......................................fulford january 10........................

The octopus is dying: 5 Kissinger associates killed; Kissinger missing-presumed dead

Five senior associates of Henry (Heinz) Kissinger were killed on December 12, 2009 and Kissinger himself has been missing since that time and is now presumed dead, according to senior intelligence sources. Furthermore, the Texas law firm Troutman Sanders, which functioned as the central nexus of the Bush/Nazi crime families financial operations, has been shut down by Interpol, according to these senior intelligence sources. The firm has been contacted but has not returned our e-mail at the time of writing this.

The heads of the Bush clan have been put under house arrest and CIA chief Panetta has been silenced, the sources say. We are also hearing President Obama and Vice-President Biden will be removed from power and replaced by Nancy Pelosi and Hillary Clinton possibly by late January. There is a lot of chaos and confusion on the ranks of the Nazis as a result of these most recent developments.

We can also independently confirm much of what heroic journalist Christopher Story wrote in his ground-breaking January 7th report.

There is much more we cannot report but the news is very, very good. // january 10th



Your tired of hearing it and WE are tired of saying it so WE have not bothered to report that OBAMA has stopped deliveries every single day since well before Christmas.

This afternoon he is once again saying we will never receive, that our money belongs to him personally.

He says he will see us in Hell before we will receive our funding.

The FBI is still refusing to make the arrest even though they have Hillary, Eva Teleki AND OBAMA on video tape stealing money from Treasury not once but several times.

Meanwhile HLS has and continues to violate every law on the books and is the usual physical right hand of OBAMA confiscating the packs over and over again. They say OBAMA is the DICTATOR of the UNITED STATES and they will follow the DICTATORS orders and arrest anyone anywhere at anytime as instructed by the DICTATOR they work for.              A World Court Marshall says he will make the arrest but can not do so until deliveries occur.

OBAMA told the Countries this afternoon they will never get a dime, that their money belongs to him personally.            He told involved Bankers, The Families, the Countries and We The People to "go straight to Hell".

He says he will get every dime of the funds one way or another.

In all recent sabotage efforts OBAMA has been assisted by The MING which has promised OBAMA a huge sum of money. Red China has flipped back to our side and has frozen the MINGS accounts everywhere. The Ming is pissed over the freezing of accounts and OBAMA is pissed because the MING can't deliver the promised funds.

Five very high level Stateside Operatives were involved in the kidnapping of very key high level Families personnel in Europe. Special task force personnel retrieved those kidnapped late yesterday and the involved MING have given sworn depositions regarding the five involved in the U.S..

The Families and The Countries are engaged at this time attempting to retrieve the packs from HLS              and word has arrived as I type that they have now done so.

It's hard to believe some of you are still asleep and absolutely refuse to WAKE UP.

Until you do so you will not be able to understand what is going on.

casper 1-9-09;read=164369



Posted By: hobie <Send E-Mail>  Date: Sunday, 10-Jan-2010 02:40:01 ...(...)

Hi Ben~ this is an extremely difficult time for us watching the unfolding of information. It goes all over the place.

I do not question all of Story's report, how could I as an observer? But I do juxtaposition the information and it is not fitting in places. So I am left to question and discuss what could be happening. No blind acceptance here.

There are other parts that are questionable, such as the IMF being it screws Iceland (and other countries) ...when it is the UK who is demanding repayment for their investments by the PEOPLE of Iceland. That is just like the people of the USA having to pay for the losses of AIG and GS. WRONG! No payment, no help from the IMF. Probably a good thing for them. Argentina corrected their economy w/o IMF help and is doing very well.

The other outstanding problem with Story's report is his waffling on Obama. He then does yet another about face on January 9 and says that Obama is indeed probably an operative, and then asks the correct questions of how all this can continue otherwise.

Well at least Obama and Biden are going to be removed, we hope. Are we suppose to think that Pelosi and Hillary as replacements is GOOD news? That is the Line of Succession I suppose; better hold a death threat on them so they don't do any damage in the short time they will be there before elections? There is going to be quite an UPROAR at Obama's removal as well as putting Pelosi as Prez!

Well there must be a lot of other news that has this all make sense.

I'm holding off on the champagne. Seeing is believing.

Ben's answer:

The fact of the matter is that there is a lot of chaos and confusion. Another thing to remember is that these people are extremely arrogant and simply cannot believe their house of cards is going to collapse. There is a lot up in the air at the moment. However, what I am hearing from my own sources is that the good guys are getting close to winning. Nonetheless, until you see the corporate media airing truth commission hearings and before you see a formal, public announcement of a new financial system you should, like me, believe it when you see it.

Benjamin Fulford
古歩道ベンジャミン 090-3439-5558;read=164380










#3  (Reply from CASPER)   For Mr Bellringer @ Fourwinds
Mr Bellringer,,,,Please add these remarks to the comments of TS and EW on the recent STORY update.
Caspers Remarks: From the beginning WE have reported to you, sometimes several times a week, sometimes several times a day, OBAMA'S never ending SABOTAGE of our funding. STORY is very late to the truth, others such as EW have not yet arrived. But HE WILL, as will you.
((obama,s)) His word and his signature were/are worthless as was BUSHES. He does exactly the opposite of what he agrees to.
The truth is even more ugly, much uglier, than WE reported although we never white washed anything. The man is GODLESS and mentally ill. I strongly encourage you to re-read previous reporting describing his activities in detail archived at Fourwinds. Those activities continue even at this late hour. He is a controlled puppet and a willing participant in pure unadulterated EVIL. Don't be to hard on yourself. He fooled MILLIONS.   casper






Saturday, 09 January 2010 
Michele Bachmann Warns: 'Financial Bill Worse Than Healthcare Measure'.

' “I know that’s hard to believe, but it is worse in the sense that every American makes financial transactions,” said Michele Bachmann, who represents the people of Minnesota’s Sixth Congressional District. “We all use credit cards, we all write checks. This will all now be controlled by government, and government will ration credit. You can’t have capitalism without capital, and government will decide who gets capital and who doesn’t.”

“The entirety of this bill — all pinned together like this — hasn’t even gone through committees,” Bachmann said. “It just went on the floor for three hours of debate. It’s a complete government control of the financial services industry, and no one knows about it!”


  Michele Bachmann Warns: “Financial Bill Worse Than Healthcare Measure”

Sarah Foster    December 17, 2009

A Republican congresswoman, who has been in the forefront of the fight against the healthcare bill, the climate control bill and other contentious measures, warned in an impromptu interview on Thursday evening, that a fast-tracked, under-the-radar mega-bill by Rep. Barney Frank, D-Mass., designed to overhaul the regulation of the entire financial services industry – and headed at the time for passage by the House — is “even worse.”...(...) Late Friday, despite a surprisingly unanimous Republican opposition, the House approved H.R. 4173: The Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act of 2009. The vote was 223-202, with not a single Republican voting in favor and 27 Democrats voting No..... Now H.R. 4173 is in the Senate, and if passed there and signed into law would usher in what CNN describes as “the most sweeping set of changes to the banking regulatory system since the New Deal.”...(...)

Read entire article (( ))

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   5. Soros Group Targets Bachmann
   6. Reid puts House healthcare bill on Senate calendar
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   8. Congress Rejects Measure to Help Struggling Families Amid Shower of Special Interest Money
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  10. Obama’s War Policies Worse than Bush’s, Anti-War Activist Says
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  12. Maliki warns of worse to come after Iraq bombing

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