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The PlaIntiffs in the biggest Fraudulent Finance case in world history, who are now suing the US Securities and Exchange Commission [S.E.C.] and its Commissioners et al. for $3.87 trillion in the United States District Court, Central District of California [CV10-00031 JVS MLGx: see this website: Archive, 9th January 2010],     which reveals that the S.E.C. under George W. Bush Jr. marketed some 2.25 trillion CMKM/CMKX PHANTOM SHARES, are expected to be interviewed on NBC-Dateline, which normally airs on Friday night during the 10:00 pm timeslot on both coasts.

• This programme may be broadcast this coming Friday 22nd January 2010.

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• 09 January 2010:





• INTEL EAVESDROPPING ON THIS WEBSITE: At about 9:50 pm UK time on 16th January, the Editor learned from TWO SEPARATE SOURCES within about half an hour of each other that the content of this report was known in advance of it being posted. The sources cited information contained in this report which could not have been obtained from anywhere else because the Editor was exclusively responsible for, and the author of, the information in question.      We have almost immediately established how this is done, and the 'backdoor' will be closed out as soon as possible. However it's interesting that floundering intelligence cadres around the world are so mesmerised by what we are going to publish next, that they even go to the lengths of trying to find out what we are about to say before we have even posted it.  That suggests that what we have to say and expose is indeed of material interest to these people, given the virulence of today's intelligence war. And that, in turn reflects a reality that we have often mentioned before, namely that they never thought there would ever be any real opposition. ...(...)

By Christopher Story FRSA, Editor and Publisher, International Currency Review, World Reports Limited, London and New York. For earlier reports, press the ARCHIVE. Order your intelligence subscriptions and our 'politically incorrect' intelligence books online from this website.

At about 6.40 pm EST on Thursday 14th January 2010, the embezzler of the Indonesian Tsunami and Katrina Hurricane monies, mass murderer, cynical Financial Fraudster, Fraudulent Finance bandit, serial philanderer and world-class terrorist, criminal and sabotage artist who scandalously remains at large because the Obama White House is complicit in allowing him to remain unshackled, William Jefferson Rockefeller-Clinton, appeared on NBC and made a speech. NBC allowed him all the time it needed to weave his duplicitous lies into the bewildered minds of the American people.

His main points were as follows: ...(..)

(1): Send as much cash, donate as much as you can, and do it NOW, to help the traumatised people of Haiti in the face of this appalling natural calamity. We’ll be making sure you can enjoy wall-to-wall TV coverage of the suffering of ordinary Haitians that I and my 'Black Ops.' associates ordered.• Unspoken: I stole most of the Indonesia Tsunami and the Katrina money and I will be stealing as much of the new Haiti money that you’ll be pouring in my direction, as I can: but look at how ‘humanitarian’ I am and you’ll never know, will you? If you ever find that I’ve embezzled your money, you won’t be able to do anything about it, because I am by no means alone in this giga-scamming operation that we are perpetrating against the people of Haiti and everyone who falls for my urgent demands for money to rehabilitate this country that we’ve just devastated in order to get what we want.

(2): The United States is already operating inside Haiti and we will do everything in our immense power to help these poor Black people in their distress and to rebuild their shattered country and society. Unspoken: The terrorist United States is in Haiti in order to gain and retain control over the Central Bank of Haiti, where there will be no checks and balances and no accountability, for illicit official financing purposes, as explained below.


Some time later that same evening, the co-conspiring co-embezzler of the Indonesian Tsunami and Katrina Hurricane monies, mass murderer, cynical financial fraudster, monetary bandit, and world-class terrorist and criminal who scandalously remains at large because the Obama White House is complicit in allowing him to remain unshackled, George W. Bush Jr., surfaced on key American TV channels and addressed American viewers to the same effect, namely:

(1): Send as much cash, donate as much as you can, and do it NOW, to help the traumatised people of Haiti in the face of this appalling natural calamity. We’ll be making sure you can enjoy wall-to-wall TV coverage of the suffering of ordinary Haitians that we and our 'Black Ops.' associates ordered. • Unspoken: We stole most of the Indonesia Tsunami and the Katrina money and we'll be stealing as much of the new Haiti money that you’ll be pouring in our direction, as we can: but look at how ‘humanitarian’ I am and you’ll never know, will you? If you ever find that I’ve embezzled your money, you won’t be able to do anything about it, because I am by no means alone in this giga-scamming operation that we are perpetrating against the people of Haiti and everyone who falls for our urgent demands for money to rehabilitate this country that we’ve just devastated in order to get what we want.

(2): The United States is already operating inside Haiti and we will do everything in our immense power to help these poor Black people in their distress and to rebuild their shattered country and society. Unspoken: The terrorist United States is in Haiti in order to gain and retain control over the Central Bank of Haiti, where there will be no checks and balances and no accountability, for illicit official financing purposes, as explained below.


Now, William Jefferson Rockefeller-Clinton was appointed United Nations Special Envoy to Haiti on 20th May 2009 – implying ample forward planning time for this latest abomination perpetrated by the terrified and cornered, but still brazen, US kleptocracy – so that the terrorism planners inside the US ‘Black Ops.’ structures could prepare and nurture the option to proceed,

as duly happened on Tuesday 12th January, when an ‘earthquake’ flattened buildings in Port-au-Prince, destroyed at least 60,000 lives but probably vastly more, flattened the French Embassy and many of its officials, imploded the United Nations’ own establishments in the Haitian capital, and no doubt obliterated evidence of US Government and rogue official drug-running complicity supervised inter alia by Al Gore, channelled through the Haitian capital for many years. ...(...)


Another 9/11 in the United States would have triggered an IMMEDIATE revolution, which they aren't quite ready for.

So this latest abomination was targeted next door [see reasons below].

‘Miraculously’, however – unlike the situation prevailing following every previous earthquake on record – the roads were not disrupted, and neither were the airport runways, which were soon to be busy round the clock receiving C-130s and other freight aircraft, including C-130s from Canada – which is up to its neck in Fraudulent Finance operations and has FBI Division Five agents buried inside the Canadian structures, working with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP).

‘Miraculously’, too, neighbouring territories, for instance the Dominican Republic, suffered no damage or earthquakes at all – a state of affairs almost as ‘miraculous’ as the fact that one of the world’s most dangerous and pathologically possessed criminals, William Jefferson Rockefeller-Clinton, ‘just happened’ to be on hand as UN Special Envoy to this regional country that has been kept in abject poverty by the United States for generations, for its own evil reasons.

With such an ‘advantage’, Clinton and his ‘Black Ops.’ associates would have long since familiarised themselves with every detail of the Port-au-Prince structures, locations of key buildings, street payouts and so on, enabling all necessary data to be made available to the subcontractor which carried out this abomination [see below].

‘Miraculously’, no tsunami ensued, either. If this had been a natural earthquake event, and not a deliberate operation as will be elaborated here, an earthquake measuring 7.0 on the Richter Scale would have produced a colossal tsunami which everyone in the region would have known about.. ...(...)
Not coincidentally, Agence France-Press, which of course is closely affiliated with French intelligence, filed a report on 14th January which contained the following concluding sentence:

‘On Wednesday, Obama ordered a “swift, coordinated and aggressive effort to save lives’ in Haiti following the murderous quake, as a massive US aid mission swung into action, using troops, naval forces, aircraft and rescue teams’.

• FACT: An ‘act of God’, or natural calamity, is NOT a ‘murderous quake’.

The use of the word MURDEROUS here implies that someone is doing the MURDERING.

Quite clearly, therefore, Agence-France Press and hence French intelligence, understood at once that this latest abomination was far from a natural calamity.


At about 3:50pm UK time on Friday 15th January 2010, special sources in the United States told the Editor as follows: ‘It was supposed to have been much worse than it was’.

On being asked by the Editor to elaborate, the sources informed us that ‘certain charges that had been intended to go off didn’t ignite’.

This information replicated what the Editor had been told at about 2:10am UK time on 15th January by a US source: ‘It was supposed to have been a lot worse than it was’.

At about 4:23pm UK time on 15th January 2010, in response to futher probing enquiries by this service, US sources with access to ‘special’ information, provided the Editor with the following elaboration: ‘Two countries were involved, the United States and one other country’.

Pressed to reveal the identity of the second country involved in this mass murder, the sources would not provide further details. However the Editor was informed in this conversation as follows:

‘The abomination was SUBCONTRACTED. There was a contract’ – which was bungled, hurriedly implemented and went badly ‘wrong’ in that a much ‘worse’ abomination had in fact been intended, but technical failures prevented the calamity being far worse – so appalling, in fact, that all priorities worldwide, and of course the Settlements payments crisis itself, would have been overwhelmed, smothered, buried, or all of the above.

In other words, what was attempted was a colossal 9/11 terrorism abomination, as some voices had correctly predicted – but perpetrated in Haiti, where these Nazi operatives couldn’t have cared less if millions of Blacks had died. ...(...)


In other words, this formula for collecting very large sums of new money in a short space of time has ‘worked’ twice in the past: so it’s being applied a third time. Only this time round, all eyes are on this charlatan – the mass murdering former philanderer and fraudster who occupied the Oval Office before George Schickelbusch, his companion in crimes against humanity.

It is MANDATORY that these crooks are dealt with before they do any more damage – and before the whole world is brought to destitution by this ruthless gang of bandits.

The Editor is aware of non-US personalities who are rushing, as we speak, to deliver large sums of money in person to Haiti – unaware that 100% of what they deliver because they want to ‘do good’ will be STOLEN by the vermin working for the Clinton-Bush Syndicate of criminal terrorists who have orchestrated this abomination for reasons which are about to be explained.

Let’s deal with Mr Clinton’s immediate ‘opportunities’. First, the avalanche of financial aid will be under US and probably Clinton’s direct control, so he and his gang of thieves can ‘safely’, given the total absence of checks and balances, cream off whatever they fancy from the get-go. If $100 million or $10 billion floods in by whatever means, 50% or more will quickly be stolen by the Clinton-linked embezzlers and gangsters – especially since the corrupt US military (Southern Command) is in the process of taking over, or has already consolidated control over, the country. The stolen money will be used as ‘seed money’ for ongoing scamming and Fraudulent Finance purposes.

The ‘protected’ official crooks will be creaming off money faster than they could hide the Katrina funds that they embezzled – and that they stashed partly, you will recall, at the Central Bank of Iraq, where, as we reported last year, Mrs Hillary ‘Jezebel’ Clinton was caught trying to retrieve some of it when a hot, clammy hand belonging to a US Gold Badge clapped this harridan on the shoulder, exclaiming: ‘Gotcha!’. The Central Bank of Iraq is no longer 'available' like it was for these criminals: so they fancy taking over the Central Bank of Haiti instead.

Moreover since the corrupted Dominican Republic lies conveniently close by, the necessary bank accounts will have been set up there in anticipation of the immense scamming operation to relieve Haitians of the avalanche of funds pouring in from all over the world, that has been planned and will be getting under way. And bribing officials in both Haiti and the Dominican Republic will naturally present no problems whatsoever.

When President Obama appeared with Mr Clinton in front of TV cameras on 14th January flanked by Mr Gates, the Defense Secretary, Vice President Biden, Mrs Hillary Clinton (who had cancelled her Asian tour and had rushed back to Washington for the occasion), and the Secretary of Homeland Security, Janet Napolitano, everything that needed to be signalled, had been done.

Specifically, criminal former President Clinton now had the FULL imprimatur and support of Mr Barack Obama’s Administration, which is the same thing as saying that every single one of these operatives on parade is complicit in this latest mass murder abomination and in the commission of this wanton act of unrestrained terrorism – wolves in sheep’s clothing, whited sepulchres, full of unconvincing righteousness without, and unremitting darkness within. ...(...)

If the intention had been somehow to invoke FORCE MAJEURE to abort performance under the Lien for $47 trillion against the US Treasury, that would have been quite pointless because FORCE MAJEURE is not applicable in respect of satisfaction of a lien under any circumstances.

Funds have been stolen and alienated by the US Government on a gigantic scale, with no historical precedent, and they must be disgorged: FORCE MAJEURE does not apply in respect of satisfaction of a lien, even if the criminal operatives thought, by some stretch of the imagination, that they could invoke it by means of their botched Haiti abomination, .

More to the point, what is intended is nothing less than to buy more time for DELAY, while enticing foreign entities to ‘get into the new programs’ that the US Treasury will now try to develop having obtained hegemony over what will have quickly become a captive Central Bank (Haiti).

Using the Central Bank of Haiti, leveraged monies can be duplicated many times electronically, so that the global end-result – if the Lien Holders do not immediately exercise their full powers in the most decisive manner with no further prevarication – will be the appearance of further quadrillions of derivatives in a very short space of time, which in turn will most certainly lead to the collapse of the dollar, the international financial system, and the disintegration of the United States and of now clearly vulnerable countries such as the United Kingdom (as is intended).

The Lien Holders know what they have to do. It was intimated to us on 15th January that they were rising to their responsibilities. We sincerely hope ‘for the sake of the whole of humanity’, that this assurance does not, in fact, represent nothing more than yet another idle threat.

Are the Lien Holders going to execute finally, or are they bluffing? The criminal cadres – Clinton, Bush II and now Obama, who has deliberately and provocatively, it seems, associated himself with them, by appearing on TV screens on 16th January with these mass murderers and drug-trafficking financial fraudsters and terrorists – are spitting in the Lien Holders’ faces, as we can see from the continued vituperative venom directed at our Head of State by the furious cornered CIA website anatagonists whose cover has been blown by this service [see the preceding report].

The Lien holders MUST act NOW and in a decisive manner, so that these arrogant ‘in-your-face’ US criminalists cannot achieve their objectives – namely, to proliferate Fraudulent Finance so that the entire world financial and real economies collapse, 'enabling them' to mobilise their stashed illicit, untaxed accruals from their offshore accounts, so as to buy up real assets at firesale prices. ...(...)


Even more to the point than the immediate ‘Katrina-like’ opportunities to steal incoming funds on a grand scale, is the new opportunity, opened up by the relentless CIA criminalist cadres’ exercise of the ‘Operation Blackwash’ option, to establish a new long-term illicit financing operation which will take the place of the Central Bank of Iraq – which is no longer really open for play as used to be the case under the criminal George W. Bush Administration, for illicit White House trading and stashing purposes.

Mrs Clinton panicked when it became plain that the Central Bank of Iraq was ceasing to be a captive White House financial playmate, so she rushed to Baghdad to try to pull some of the stolen Katrina cash, and got caught in the act.

Specifically, what this Haiti operation is all about centres on the following considerations:

The Clinton-fronted kleptomaniacs are after control of the Central Bank of Haiti – which they will have achieved almost immediately, as the Central Bank will be at the receiving end of the cash as it pours in from all over the world, from people who have ZERO concept of the likelihood that their money will be embezzled by these criminals. After all, that is their standard modus operandi. They operate most effectively in environments were there is no accountability, no checks and balances.

• With the Central Bank of Haiti under their control, the US financial terrorists will have established a range of new accounts, while gaining access into the US Federal Reserve – controlled by Dr Ben Bernanke, an international financial terrorist like his discredited predecessor, Dr Alan Greenspan, given that he has continued the criminal finance operations that he inherited when taking office.

• This operation is modelled on the same plan as the scamming of Somalia, which resulted in the removal of some 200 tonnes of gold by US CIA operatives from the Somali Central Bank, and the stealing by the Bush Crime Syndicate of 90 million tons of oil, the proceeds of which had been earmarked for the refinancing of the Central Bank of Somalia.

• In both cases, US forces moved in to take over the country.

We expect the Haitian Gourd to be replaced in due course by the US dollar – just as the intention had been to dollarise Somalia back in the early 1990s, when everyone was preoccupied with the aftermath of the ‘takedown’ (by the same ruthless criminals) of the Soviet Union.

• And having gained, by prior design and long-term planning, this ‘back door’ access by means of mass murder and terrorism in Haiti into the Federal Reserve System, the Clinton-CIA-DVD terrorists (both financial and physical) will be able to take money out of the US system for their own intended ongoing illicit, clandestine, untaxed, off-balance sheet trading purposes, on a long-term basis.

• Specifically, they will be targeting a prospective $23.7 trillion of leveraged finance based on the TARP arrangements under which ten-year renewable Treasury guarantees (effectively US Treasury instruments) are being made available for tapping.

        By leveraging the TARP guarantees, the Clinton branch of the Crime Syndicate will be back in business using resources made available, with no checks and balances, by the corrupt Treasury and its twin, the deeply compromised Federal Reserve. The Central Bank of Haiti will be the new backdoor into the unrestricted clandestine, unaccountable Federal Reserve financing system, using the Federal Reserve Inter Bank Settlement Fund....(...)


13th January: Internet and telephone sources advised us that the discredited website used as a platform by the CIA’s Public Sorcerer, the spooks' 'Program' spokesman Casper, has indulged in further a series of gratuitously vituperative outbursts against the British Head of State – a display of uncontrolled childish anger which further exposes that website and its CIA manipulator(s) of the Ponzi program victims as a CIA disnformation and mind-control ‘pod’ – in this context, because the CIA's attacks on the British Head of State rather stupidly reveal that the measures that the British Monarchical Power has had to take with the Chinese distressed parties in the face of the rampant organised financial criminality and thievery perpetrated at the highest levels of the United States Government, have caused the recalcitrant US structures continuing annoyance and discomfort.

One could tell how painful it has been for these arrogant intelligence sector criminals – who are never in the wrong, you understand – to be slapped down and put unflinchingly in their place with such unremitting determination. We understand that, given the breaking of all Settlements payment undertakings on 14th and 15th January, considerably more pain is imminent. ...(...)

 14 January: US broadcast organisations stated that Barack Obama had telephoned contacts on Wednesday 13th January in Chile, Venezuela, and Canada – all of which are key Bush Crime Family operational locations. As previously reported, financial transmission lines from the United States run through Haiti, from where, ever since the Clinton era, funds, especially heavy drug-trafficking proceeds, have been transmitted and diverted to and from corrupt Latin American banking centres on behalf of the US-controlled official criminal revolutionaries.

• 14 January: At about 1:15pm UK time the Editor was informed that the Bush operative previously referred to as ‘the Connecticut Trustee’, Paul W. Siegé, of Wyndham, CT – whose many operations embrace stolen Delmarva Trust assets, via Loca France-U.S. Corporation and also C.T. Corporation Systems, Miami, identified as a Bush Sr. Fraudulent Finance operation – had in fact released funds earlier in the week ending on 15th January into the hands of TEN Trustees, holding TEN different accounts at TEN different banks. As we reported earlier, Siegé was sequestered (his assets were confiscated), and the banks were being required to disgorge the funds which he had misdirected. Whether they have done so or not remains up in the air at this writing. As everything has since been aborted, it appears that there is a problem in this department.

• It is believed that a vast portfolio of funds was simply diverted on behalf of the Bush Crime Syndicate and OPERATION STILLPOINT in the course of this operation.

In fact what happened was that the US criminalists were caught trying to STEAL ALL THE MONEY. They were doing this notwithstanding the myriad liquidations, arrests, disappearances and other operations unknown to this service which have been and continue to be applied by INTERPOL and Chinese, British and Swiss cadres operating under the authority of the World Court and (in the case of INTERPOL) the de facto diplomatic immunity granted under President Obama’s Executive Order dated 16th December 2009, with its practical habeas corpus implications. ..(..)


14 January: At about 1:00 pm UK time, the Editor was informed by American sources that senior Congressional leaders met inside the White House for a total of eight hours in a room stripped of all electronics. It is a certainty that the Congressional leaders were briefed on the operation that has been mounted to try to get the US Criminal Authorities off the hook without handing over the $47 trillion and meeting their obligations – an operation which involves the Congressional leaders themselves and in which they are all implicated. So the top US crooks are all sticking together.  ...(..)


Since Friday 15th January had previously been trumpeted behind the scenes as ‘settlement day’, and given the foreclosure by the Lien Holders that was implemented in the evening of Monday 11th January, the Editor enquired from these contacts and others what the next steps to enforce the will of the Lien Holders and the international community are going to be.

The answer we received is confidential, but we were told that the Lien Holders, INTERPOL and enforcement cadres are moving forward and will implement ‘whatever it takes’ to achieve the necessary disgorgement by the criminal US Government of the trillions it's stolen, including the $6.2 trillion sovereign LOAN funds for the Dollar Refunding Programme within the overall $47 trillion exercised Lien on the US Treasury, and remittance of the required Line-Item payment to Michael C. Cottrell, B.A., M.S., specified on the Pay List ordered by the Bank for International Settlements, Basle, and the other international parties concerned. ...(..)



• Barack Obama’s appearance in the company first of the criminal former President Clinton and (on Saturday 16th January, flanked by Mr Clinton and George W. Bush Jr., which behaviour effectively tarred Obama with the filthy, criminalist Bush-Clinton brush.

Self-evidently, hob-nobbing in front of TV cameras with criminal US former Presidents 42 and 43 represents an insult and an obscene ‘in-your-face’ gesture to the American people, since it signals that the President of the United States has no problem being seen to be intimately associated with the two most notorious embezzlers of the Indonesian Tsunami and Katrina Hurricane monies, mass murderers, cynical financial fraudsters, monetary bandits, and world-class economic and financial terrorists who remain at large thanks to the terminally deadly control exercised over the entire US Government by the criminalised Intelligence Power, whose CIA lackey occupies the Oval Office and takes instructions from the Director of Central Intelligence – Obama’s head crook, Mr Leon Panetta.

             As for the abomination perpetrated against the people of Port-au-Prince, this ranks as yet another crime against humanity perpetrated by the most ruthless gang of recalcitrant criminal terrorists in the world. It also reflects the extreme viciousness of the internal intelligence war that rages within the cauldron of iniquity known as the Central Intelligence Agency and its satellites – of which one of the most ruthless components is the notorious Office of Naval Intelligence (ONI) which certainly possesses the underwater capability to facilitate the abomination, probably using high-technology harmonics, perpetrated against the Haitian capital and its people.

Having murdered and displaced millions in Iraq and Afghanistan, what is the loss of 60,000 or more lives to these devils? But what we CAN deduce from what happened is that the abomination was activated in a desperate hurry – on the very day after the Lien Holders foreclosed (as we were told) on the US Treasury and the Federal Reserve.

Because the long preplanned option of this abomination was exercised in a hurry, it was botched: our special American sources state categorically that the abomination was ‘meant’ to have been much worse.

 In their rush, the ‘Black’ contractors failed to procure parallel detonations.

An earthquake effect measuring 7.0 on the Richter Scale would have destroyed the roads and the airport runways. US national broadcasters repeated all day on Friday that aid couldn’t get through because of disruption on the roads (débris). But the roads were not destroyed, as they would have been had this been a natural earthquake event.

By hurriedly exercising the option of this preplanned abomination – which Congressional leaders were doubtless briefed on at their electronics-free White House briefing on 14th January 2010 – the Clinton-CIA-DVD-linked perpetrators intended to achieve the following double whammy:

• To bury and close down the entire Settlements payments process while the whole world wrung its hands and poured money into the accounts opened to collect Clinton’s new trading monies.

• To impose US control over the Central Bank of Haiti in order to institute preplanned arrangements for a long-term clandestine continuation ad infinitum of officially perpetrated Fraudulent Finance ‘business as usual’.

By shifting the focus of intended illicit Fraudulent Finance transactions below the radar to a failed state as shambolic as Haiti, the US perpetrators will also have ‘enhanced’ the potential for the invocation of FORCE MAJEURE at any time of their choosing in the future, should they intend (as they normally do) to destroy contracts.

Standard FORCE MAJEURE clauses include this language:

'This contract shall be subject to the rules of FORCE MAJEURE established by the International Chamber of Commerce. Should any act of G-D [sic – Ed.], war, insurrection or civil disobedience occur in any country where this agreement is being carried out, in whole or in part, thereby making performance by one or both parties impossible, then this contract shall become null and void’.

ANOTHER MASS MURDER BY THE WORLD'S MOST DANGEROUS PROTECTED BANDITS These terrorists who sit at the apex of the US Government and its structures have mow murdered up to or more than 60,000 Haitians in order to get their own way and to preserve their catastrophic Fraudulent Finance programme which is leading the United States and the whole world to disaster.

The question everyone is now asking is this: will those at the highest levels of the American structures ‘who live by the sword, die by the sword’?

Will that rule apply to them, or do they genuinely imagine that they won’t receive Stalineseque bullets through the temples and have their corpses strung from lamp posts, in retaliation for their endless abominable terrorist crimes, as predicted by George Bush Sr. in an unguarded moment some years ago? He may be gaga (or acting gaga)

but we're told that other operatives are nervous.



Saturday, 16 January 2010 
The Militarization of Emergency Aid to Haiti: Is it a Humanitarian Operation or an Invasion?


'Haiti has a longstanding history of US military intervention and occupation going back to the beginning of the 20th Century. US interventionism has contributed to the destruction of Haiti's national economy and the impoverishment of its population.

The devastating earthquake is presented to World public opinion as the sole cause of the country's predicament. A country has been destroyed, its infrastructure demolished. Its people precipitated into abysmal poverty and despair. Haiti's history, its colonial past have been erased.     The US military has come to the rescue of an impoverished Nation. What is its Mandate? Is it Humanitarian Operation or an Invasion?'


The main actors in America's "humanitarian operation" are the Department of Defense, the State Department and the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID). (See USAID Speeches: On-The-Record Briefing on the Situation in Haiti, 01/13/10). USAID has also been entrusted in channelling food aid to Haiti, which is distributed by the World Food Program. (See USAID Press Release: USAID to Provide Emergency Food Aid for Haiti Earthquake Victims, January 13, 2010)

The military component of the US mission, however, tends to overshadow the civilian functions of rescuing a desperate and impoverished population. The overall humanitarian operation is not being led by civilian governmental agencies such as FEMA or USAID, but by the Pentagon.

The dominant decision making role has been entrusted to US Southern Command (SOUTHCOM).

A massive deployment of military hardware personnel is contemplated. The Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Admiral Mike Mullen has confirmed that the US will be sending nine to ten thousand troops to Haiti, including 2000 marines. (American Forces Press Service, January 14, 2010)

Aircraft carrier, USS Carl Vinson and its complement of supporting ships has already arrived in Port au Prince. (January 15, 2010).  The  2,000-member Marine Amphibious Unit as well as and soldiers from the U.S. Army's 82nd Airborne division "are trained in a wide variety of missions including security and riot-control in addition to humanitarian tasks." 

In contrast to rescue and relief teams dispatched by various civilian teams and organizations, the humanitarian mandate of the US military is not clearly defined:

    “Marines are definitely warriors first, and that is what the world knows the Marines for,... [but] we’re equally as compassionate when we need to be, and this is a role that we’d like to show -- that compassionate warrior, reaching out with a helping hand for those who need it. We are very excited about this.” (Marines' Spokesman, Marines Embark on Haiti Response Mission, Army Forces Press Services, January 14, 2010)

While presidents Obama and Préval spoke on the phone, there were no reports of negotiations between the two governments regarding the entry and deployment of US troops on Haitian soil. The decision was taken and imposed unilaterally by Washington. The total lack of a functioning government in Haiti was used to legitimize, on humanitarian grounds, the sending in of a powerful military force, which has de facto taken over several governmental functions. 


US Military Assets  to be Sent to Haiti. (according to official announcements) ...(...)


United Nations Stabilization Mission in Haiti (MINUSTAH)

Current strength (30 November 2009) ..(...)

Estimated combined SOUTHCOM and MINUSTAH forces; 19,095*

*Excluding commitments by France (unconfirmed) and Canada (confirmed 800 troops). The US, France and Canada were "partners" in the February 29, 2004 Coup d'État.
Haiti has been under foreign military occupation since the US instigated February 2004 Coup d'Etat. The contingent of US forces under SOUTHCOM combined with those of MINUSTAH brings foreign military presence in Haiti to close to 20,000 in a country of 9 million people. In  comparison in Afghanistan, prior to Obama's military surge, combined US and NATO forces were of the order of 70,000 for a population of 28 million. In other words, on a per capita basis there will be more troops in Haiti than in Afghanistan.

Recent US Military Interventions in Haiti

There have been several US sponsored military interventions in recent history. In 1994, following three years of military rule, a force of  20,000 occupation troops and "peace-keepers" was sent to Haiti. The 1994 US military intervention "was not intended to restore democracy. Quite the contrary: it was carried out to prevent a popular insurrection against the military Junta and its neoliberal cohorts." (Michel Chossudovsky, The Destabilization of Haiti, Global Research, February 28, 2004)

US and allied troops remained in the country until 1999. The Haitian armed forces were disbanded and the US State Department hired a mercenary company DynCorp to provide "technical advice" in restructuring the Haitian National Police (HNP). (Ibid).

The February 2004 Coup d'État ...(...)

Concluding Remarks:

Haiti is a country under military occupation since the US instigated Coup d'Etat of February 2004.

The entry of ten thousand heavily armed US troops, coupled with the activities of local militia could potentially precipitate the country into social chaos.

These foreign forces have entered the country to reinforce MINUSTAH "peacekeepers" and Haitian police forces (integrated by former Tonton Macoute), which since 2004, have been responsible for war crimes directed against the Haitian people, including the indiscriminate killing of civilians.

These troups reinforce the existing occupation forces under UN mandate.

Twenty thousand foreign troops under SOUTHCOM and MINUSTAH commands will be present in the country. In all likelihood, there will be an integration or coordination of the command structures of SOUTHCOM and MINUSTAH.

The Haitian people have exhibited a high degree of solidarity, courage and social commitment.

Helping one another and acting with consciousness: under very difficult conditions, in the immediate wake of the disaster, citizens rescue teams were set up spontaneously.

The militarization of relief operations will weaken the organizational capabilities of Haitians to rebuild and reinstate the institutions of civilian government which have been destroyed. It will also encroach upon the efforts of the international medical teams and civilian relief organisations.

It is absolutely essential that the Haitian people continue to forcefully oppose the presence of foreign troops in their country, particularly in public security operations.

It is essential that Americans across the land forcefully oppose the decision of the Obama adminstration to send US combat troops to Haiti.

There can be no real reconstruction or development under foreign military occupation.




Saturday, 16 January 2010 
The Haitian People Need Emergency Assistance — NOT Suppression and Further Domination   http://www.davidicke.com/images/stories/January_2010/16984.jpg

'The Haitian people themselves must be assisted, and not suppressed. The media—just as it did in Katrina—is already portraying the Haitian people as animals and criminals. In fact, the masses in Haiti —as they did in New Orleans during Katrina—are in the main mobilizing to collectively deal with their situation.

These efforts must be supported in all aid programs, and there must be no suppression by the U.S. troops of those who are trying with all their might to save themselves and their people. Volunteers coming from other countries must be assisted by the governments now sending aid to Haiti , and not suppressed.'


Global Research, January 15, 2010
Revolution - 2010-01-14 (( http://www.revcom.us/a/189/Revolution_statement_Haiti.html

OR http://www.revcom.us/a/189/Revolution%20_statement_Haiti_0114.pdf  ))

The world’s eyes are riveted on scenes of horror in Haiti . The world’s hearts are straining. People everywhere are trying to support the Haitian people in any way they can. Meanwhile, the clock ticks very urgently, as people literally die beneath the rubble and perish on the streets as well for lack of medical care, water, food, and shelter.

The means exist to rescue and aid the Haitian people! These must be made immediately available by the governments of the world and, first and foremost, the United States .            While some governments have sent doctors and other forms of aid, as of Thursday morning the United States has focused on sending paratroopers and militarily securing the area. While Obama has now promised 100 million dollars, the U.S. government is above all concerned with ensuring the continuation of the repressive government order and controlling and/or suppressing the initiative and efforts of masses to deal with this horrible situation. (100 million dollars is less than one-tenth of one percent of U.S. yearly military expenses in Iraq and Afghanistan .)

The U.S. government must immediately focus its resources on getting aid directly to the Haitian people, putting supplies on the ground and marshaling the many doctors, engineers, construction workers, etc. who work for the government, as well as the many many people who would volunteer to help any way that they could. THIS IS A HUMANITARIAN EMERGENCY, AND MUST BE DEALT WITH AS SUCH. ...(...)

As we work and struggle side by side to fight for the urgent demands of the Haitian people, we call on people to also engage with us in discussion on why things ARE the way they are, and wrangling over how to get to a whole different, and much better, world ....

 and to get into the work that our leader, Bob Avakian, has been doing on the kind of revolution we need and the ways that such a revolution could be made.



This is the official website for Revolution newspaper, voice of the Revolutionary Communist Party, USA. We extend our endorsement to the site, bobavakian.net, for authentic audio recordings (and related promotional materials) of talks by the Chairman of the Revolutionary Communist Party, Bob Avakian. .. Chicago, IL 60654-0486


Seven Questions About Haiti     by Toby O’Ryan

First, six questions for the politicians, generals, commentators and columnists who now profess such deep sympathy for Haiti:

          ONE: If you are so concerned about the catastrophe in Haiti, and feel so sympathetic to the terrible plight of the Haitian people, then why has President Obama promised a mere $100 million in aid, which is barely 1/10 of 1% of what this country spends on its military operations in Afghanistan and Iraq each year? Why has it taken so long for the most powerful country on earth, a mere few hundred miles from Haiti, to deliver the badly needed teams and technology which can remove people from rubble, the fresh water which people so desperately need, the food and medicine and medical personnel so urgently required? And why does the U.S. Coast Guard still insist on turning back any Haitian attempting to seek refuge in the U.S.?

    Are you really so concerned? Or are you in fact giving just enough so that America cannot be criticized for its callousness as it was after the tsunami of 2004 and Hurricane Katrina? And are you giving this aid in such small amounts and so slowly because you are more concerned to maintain the repressive government authority in Haiti than you are about meeting the urgent and immediate needs of the Haitian people by getting the aid directly to the people and allowing them to collectively organize to distribute it in a time of crisis, when the ordinary authorities are not totally in control? Are you thereby, despite your professions of sympathy and urgency, sacrificing lives to the maintenance of the repressive social order you back in Haiti?

          TWO: If you are so concerned about Haitian “political culture,” if you are so desirous of “helping Haitian democracy...” – then tell us WHY you supported a collection of gangsters, military men and proven torturers in their overthrow of the popularly elected president, Jean-Bertrand Aristide, in 2004? Why did the U.S. armed forces kidnap Aristide, flying him into exile in Africa, against his will? Why did the U.S. support the ban on the political organization led by Aristide – Lavalas – and why does the U.S. still insist on banning this organization and preventing Aristide from returning to Haiti to mobilize this group to help deal with the suffering now going on?

    Are you really concerned to "spread democracy"? Or is it really the case that your system is NOT about “spreading democracy,” but creating structures and instruments for capitalist exploitation and imperialist domination?

          THREE: If your army is now the main vehicle you are using to deliver aid, then please inform us as to how this army will be different than the one you used to invade, occupy and dominate Haiti from 1915 to 1934? ...(...)

           SIX: If you are so eager for people to give to charity and want people to believe that such charity is more important than and should even trump mobilizing politically to fight for aid, then please explain how it came to be that the tons and tons of aid collected by people in 2008 to aid Haitians hit by a series of four hurricanes sat in a warehouse in New York for months, with food and medicine literally rotting there, as government officials shirked responsibility and went back on promises? Please, dear sirs and madames, explain how this won’t be like so many other crises where the huge efforts of people to assist are channeled into ways that dissipate their feelings of solidarity, where governments make huge promises which then are never delivered, once the TV arc lights go away?          Or is this in fact just one more crisis for your system to snake its way through, distracting people from the root causes, taking their highest aspirations and channeling them into harmless dead ends, as your system continues to create conditions and preserve social relations which make the cost in human lives of such crises far beyond what they need to be?

And then, one question for the people:

    When will we see through these lies and fight the power? When will we penetrate into, and show others, the root causes of the problems we face? And when will we build a movement to fight for a whole other way, a revolution, and bring in a new system and society – a communist revolution – that could actually put an end to the ways that these kinds of situations just amount to horror upon horror, agony upon agony, insult upon insult, trauma upon trauma?       Is NOW too soon to begin working to bring into being the conditions where such a revolution could be made? Or is it time, and past time, to be about this? And will YOU take what you have learned in your agonizing over this crisis and your activity to deal with it to join those who are dedicating themselves to this work?


Revolution #189, January 17, 2010

Gaza Freedom March Issues a Call to the World

One year ago, Israel’s Operation Cast Lead massacre of Gaza resulted in the deaths of 1,400 Palestinians (13 Israelis died, some by "friendly fire"). The massacre was followed by a blockade that, today, is literally starving the people of Gaza. Over the holiday week, over 1,300 people from around the world went to Cairo, Egypt, which was to be the start of the journey to Gaza for the Gaza Freedom March (GFM). The Call for the March stated: "The conscience of humankind is shocked. Yet, the siege of Gaza continues. It is time for us to take action! On December 31, we will end the year by marching alongside the Palestinian people of Gaza in a non-violent demonstration that breaches the illegal blockade. Our purpose in this March is lifting the siege on Gaza. We demand that Israel end the blockade. We also call upon Egypt to open Gaza’s Rafah border. Palestinians must have freedom to travel for study, work, and much-needed medical treatment and to receive visitors from abroad."

Egypt blocked the Gaza Freedom March from getting near the Gaza border. Buses and taxis were stopped; the drivers and bus companies were threatened by Egyptian security forces. Several dozen individuals who eluded security checkpoints and made it to the resort town of Al Arish, near the border with Gaza, were placed under virtual house arrest. In Cairo, marchers were prohibited from congregating in groups of more than six, and harassed, followed, and detained constantly when they protested. In the face of very repressive and challenging conditions, all kinds of creative ways to meet, get organized, protest and reach out to Egyptians emerged.

Three hundred people camped out for several days in front of the French Embassy. Palestinian flags were flown from high up on Egypt’s famous pyramids. A delegation from the U.S. went to the U.S. embassy, where over 40 people were detained by Egyptian authorities at the direction of U.S. embassy personnel. There were protests at the Israeli consulate. Egyptian people—who are routinely subject to disappearance and torture for any kind of public protest—staged inspiring protests against the blockade of Gaza, and Egypt’s planned wall to seal tunnels that provide the only commercial connection between Gaza and the world. For days, the Gaza Freedom March was the main news story in Egypt and made front pages of newspapers across the Middle East.

After days of protest, Egypt offered to allow 100 of the marchers entry into Gaza to deliver humanitarian aid, while denouncing the bulk of the marchers as "hooligans," and vowing to leave them "in the streets." In the course of passionate discussion and great debates within the delegations of different countries, this offer was overwhelmingly rejected by GFM participants, who reaffirmed and strengthened their collective commitment to go to Gaza to march en masse, to break the blockade.

On December 31, the scheduled Gaza Freedom March took place, though not in Gaza as planned. From what appeared to be a bunch of tourists with suitcases (full of protest signs), a march emerged in the middle of one of Cairo’s busiest thoroughfares. The security forces were taken by surprise, and began madly punching, kicking, pushing, and shoving the protesters to get them out of the street. Encircled by police in the middle of downtown Cairo for seven hours, the march became a living call to the people of Egypt and the world: Break the Blockade of Gaza! Free Palestine!

The challenges faced by the Palestinian people are complex and daunting. Israel is a powerful, U.S.-sponsored attack dog in a region that is a focal point in the clash between imperialism and all of its horrors, and Islamic fundamentalism, which does not offer a path to any kind of liberation. But the inspiring example and impact of the GFM gives a glimpse of the potential to mobilize the people of the world to stand with the people of Palestine in their struggle for liberation.

Revolution correspondent Alan Goodman was part of the Gaza Freedom March. He kept a blog at alanxgoodman.blogspot.com.(( http://alanxgoodman.blogspot.com/ )) In coming issues of Revolution, he will tell the stories of the people and the impact of the Gaza Freedom March—the motivation and experiences of people who made great sacrifices and took great risks to leave their homes and families to march for freedom for Gaza. He’ll share experiences with Egyptian activists, and conversations with people in the streets. And his articles will paint a picture of life in Gaza and the West Bank through interviews with activists who have been there recently.


http://www.revcom.us/  FOR MORE


Saturday, 16 January 2010 
Doctors Poisoned By Medical-Media Monopoly

... By Dr. Len Horowitz    1-16-10

LOS ANGELES -- European Council officials investigating vaccine industry corruption and media frights that prompted governments worldwide to over-stock risky H1N1 vaccines and expensive drugs for the unusually mild "2009 swine flu pandemic" have a Special Reportonline in Medical Veritas to consider. ...(...)

' "Pharmaganda: A Study of Conflicting Interests," by Editor-in-Chief Dr. Leonard Horowitz, and investigative journalist Sherri Kane, evidences a virtual monopoly by Reed-Elsevier over scientific publications empowered by ChoicePoint, a leading intelligence organization and census data company serving organized crime. 
Vast corruption of medicine is administered by persuasion through health science publications according to the authors who indict The Lancet--an esteemed medical journal--and other Reed-Elsevier periodicals for gross conflicting interests.' ...(...)

In light of this obviously "hostile takeover" of health science and medicine affecting care providers and consumers worldwide, Horowitz and Kane urge independent investigations of the corporations driving centralized international governance, World Health Organization regulatory powers, and a new global society that marries eugenic theology with advanced biotechnology.
The 'genetopharmaceutical' industry, they conclude, "obviously builds new markets by poisoning populations with new vaccines and drugs containing biochemical mutagens."
This alert compels medical doctors to consider Reed-Elsevier publications as extremely tainted sources of potentially lethal "intelligence." ....
"If journals advertise for BigPharma," Ms. Kane warns, "they are guilty by association of pulling the wool over everyone's eyes using illegitimate science and fear-based propaganda to push unsafe and generally ineffective vaccinations and drugs. These publications violate the medical Hippocratic oath. They do more harm than good, and kill more than protect."
The editors of Medical Veritas urge governments investigating corruption in health science to study suppressed alternatives to vaccinations, and new water purification, oxygenation, and alkalinizing methods freeing people and environments from drug toxicity, petrochemical pollution, genetic mutations, and threatened omnicide.
-end -
NOTE TO JOURNALISTS: Here is a courtesy copy of Medical Veritas, available free for online review for only 30-days from the date of this release: CLICK HERE for this commentary and link to "PHARMAGANDA: A Study of Conflicting Interests."
     After February 15, 2010, there will be a $35 charge for accessing this issue via pdf download, with individual articles in this issue available for separate purchase at $15 per download, including Dr. Harold Buttram's important article on the future of human DNA corrupted by the mutagenic viral injections accompanying childhood vaccinations.
    Please help alert medical doctors about this report, and this free limited time access. Medical doctors and patients must be informed that their intelligence has been tainted by pharmaceutical special interests. This publication contains urgent life-saving knowledge.
***Tetrahedron, LLC   Health Science Communication for People Around the World
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