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Sunday, January 17, 2010 
1/2 Haiti Earthquake Bush-Clinton Crime Family at it Again

 Plus Sports Ponzi Update          Part 1 of 2
Awakening Americans: Behind the scenes intelligence briefings ALL Patriot Americans MUST know...the REAL facts and truth the corporate-controlled mainstream media covers up

by Tom Heneghan     International Intelligence Expert

Saturday  January 16, 2010

PORT AU PRINCE, HAITI - JANUARY 15: A Haitian man turns away from the sight of the hundreds of bodies piled up outside the morgue and main hospital on January 15, 2010 in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. Haiti is trying to recover from a powerful 7.0-strong earthquake that struck and devastated the nation on January 12.  Getty Images


George Herbert Walker Bush image by alohahedone

UNITED STATES of America  -  It can now be reported that the recent earthquake in Haiti was triggered by atomic earthquake weapons aka Tesla technology and HAARP with command and control being the Pentagon space control headquarters.

HAARP [High-frequency Active Auroral Research Program] has the capacity to manipulate the ionosphere, create earthquakes, tornadoes, hurricanes, tsunamis, jam global communications, interfere with weather systems...

Note: The fault line in Haiti, which triggered this earthquake, has been dormant for over 200 years without any significant tremors registered on the Richter scale.

Former President George H. W. Bush fights back tears as he comments on calls he received after former First Lady Barbara Bush's open heart surgery at Methodist Hospital in Houston on Thursday March 5, 2009.
(top), Bushes and Clintons, Obama, his 'handler' H.W.Bush (AP), and British Queenie

          This earthquake aka attack on the former French colony of Haiti was ordered by the noted Bush-Clinton-Crime Family Syndicate, with the full knowledge and approval of alleged President Barack Obama, his CIA 'handler' former President George Herbert Walker Bush, and the satanic PRO Nazi British Queen Elizabeth II.  This geometrical attack piggy backs NWA Fight 253 FALSE FLAG terror plot that took place last month on Christmas Day of 2009.

Both of these events aka 'FALSE FLAGS' led to around-the-clock, corporate-controlled, fascist, extortion-friendly U.S. media coverage of these events.

So the question before us: Why these two back-to-back diversions?

The answer is simple.  The financial World War III continues over the still pending implementation of the Wanta-Reagan-Mitterrand Protocols and the fact that the U.S. Treasury has been LOOTED and the funds continue to circulate from one end of the world to another on a 24-hour basis.

As we have previously reported current dysfunctional U.S. Secretary of State, loser Hillary Rodenhurst Clinton and her former 1990s White House confidant and wanted 7/7 London bombings terrorist suspect Eva Teleki, along with 5th degree witch and wife of former President George Herbert Walker Bush, Barbara, and former illegal White House occupant George W. BushFRAUD,

recently STOLE $1.3 TRILLION out of the U.S. Treasury and laundered the funds through major CIA-owned southern California-based law firms.

The good news, folks, is that the U.S. Treasury Department and the U.S. Marshal Service have identified the firms involved in this heist and have frozen the funds.

However, a showdown is brewing as the U.S. Marshal Service and U.S. Treasury Department agents have refused an order by alleged President Barack Obama to unfreeze the funds and give Obama emergency control over the STOLEN money once again using the UN-Constitutional Patriot Act.

It is now clear, folks, that the earthquake that was triggered in Haiti, served two purposes.


ONE: Create a diversion given the financial anarchy currently reigning.

TWO: Basically blackmail the world that if you do not go along with Bush-Clinton Crime Family Syndicate occupation and demands of this satanic, criminal self-appointed elite, they will use their 'Toys' aka Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMDs) to attack all of humanity and kill millions of people.  Haiti was an example, folks.

And, of course, it gets worse!


The TREASONOUS Obama has given none other than daddy Bush's little bitch, former President Bill Clinton, and former illegal White House occupant George W. BushFRAUD, the authority to raise money for alleged Haitian relief.

Now, folks, this is like putting Bonnie and Clyde in charge of the FDIC bank insurance.

At least Bonnie and Clyde notified small depositors to withdraw money from banks

 they were about to target and rob.

The Bush-Clinton Crime Family Syndicate just LOOTED the entire country!

You can almost count on it, folks, that the Bush-Clinton gang want to solicit contributions from the southern California based law firms where the STOLEN U.S. Treasury funds are parked and frozen, and then place the funds in a Haitian relief account.

             Their next step, of course, would be to ship the funds to secret offshore accounts controlled by the Bush-Clinton Crime Family Syndicate.

None of these funds will ever reach the Haitian People and the corporate-controlled, fascist, extortion-friendly, NSA-controlled media filth will all get a commission.

Note: When NBC's David Gregory interviews both Bush and Clinton tomorrow on Meet the Press show, all Gregory is doing is operating as a pimp.

All one has to do is look at the past record when it comes to Bush-Clinton Crime Family Syndicate alleged 'relief' efforts.  The money always winds up in the hands of the Bush-Clinton Crime Family Syndicate and its Federal Reserve co-conspirators.
Bush-Clinton Crime Family Syndicate conspirators
Bill and Hillary Clinton and former Mexican President Carlos Salinas

#1 HEIST: The Clinton Administration Mexican 'bail out' of the 1990s turned into a major Bush-Clinton Crime Family Syndicate money laundry with U.S. TAXPAYERS 'bail out' funds actually being directed and winding up in the coffers of the Bushes, the Clintons and former Mexican President Carlos Salinas.
TRAITORS Bush-Clinton Crime Family Syndicate
George W. BushFRAUD, daddy George Herbert Walker Bush, brother Jeb Bush (AP),
and their criminal partners Bill and Hillary Clinton

         July 1, 2009 and January 11, 2009  ...We can now divulge that the illegal trading of U.S. Treasury funds by Greenspan on behalf of the Bush-Clinton Crime Family Syndicate, began in the early 1990s when then President Bill Clinton authorized a $500 BILLION U.S. Treasury loan to the Government of Mexico, whose President at the time was Carlos Salinas.           The loan was supposed to be for humanitarian aid, but we can now divulge that not one dime of it ever reached the Mexican People, and instead was used for trading purposes and money laundry for the benefit of secret accounts of the Bushes, the Clintons, Greenspan and, of course, President Salinas.

           Note: It should come as no surprise then that the $500 BILLION loan was re-paid by Mexican President Salinas in a short period of time after the Clintons, Bushes and Greenspan successfully laundered the funds.  This included the principle and the profits.

 Reference: The Department of Justice, along with the SEC and the IRS, have new criminal referrals naming George Herbert Walker Bush, his sons, former illegal White House occupant, George W. BushFRAUD and his brother, former Florida Governor and election 2000 fraudster and fixer, Jeb Bush, along with the original masterminds, former President Bill Clinton and his wife Hillary, involving the Clinton-Salinas Mexican bail out of the 1990s.
Bush-Clinton Crime Family Syndicate partners George Herbert Walker Bush, BushFRAUD, Jeb Bush and fugitive Marc Rich

August 1, 2009  ...

P.S. At this hour, the U.S. Treasury is expanding its criminal investigation to include the known Clinton-Salinas Mexican bail out of the early 1990s, which dealt with counterfeit U.S. Treasury notes that never found their way into the hands of the Mexican people but were, once again, converted to Japanese yen and found its way into secret offshore accounts in Switzerland and Ireland with the benefactors being Bill and Hillary Clinton, George Herbert Walker Bush, George W. BushFRAUD, former Florida Governor and year 2000 presidential election stealer, Jeb Bush, known Bush-Clinton Crime Family Syndicate bagman, fugitive Marc Rich, and the former President of Mexico Carlos Salinas.

The funds wound up at the Allied Bank in Ireland (where former Mexican President Carlos Salinas is in exile) with Israeli Mossad agent Lorraine Fine and Bush-Clinton Crime Family Syndicate financial enabler, CIA-P2 operative Gwendolyn Waymark,

 having power of attorney over these secret Irish accounts.

#2 HEIST: The Clinton Administration relief effort for the old Soviet Union in the mid 1990s for Boris Yeltsin's new Russian Federation turned into a fiasco when 90% of U.S. TAXPAYERS' funds did not go to the Russian People but wound up going to the Russian mafia and former Russian Federation President, alcoholic Boris Yeltsin.

           The Bush-Clinton Crime Family Syndicate, along with their Federal Reserve co-conspirators aka Alan Greenspan, were paid a massive commission from the Russian 'relief' funds with the bag lady for this heist being none other than, once again, the former First Lady Hillary Clinton 1990s White House confidant, wanted 7/7 London bombings terrorist suspect and East German DVD agent Eva Teleki.  The STOLEN funds may still be parked at the Deutsche Bank with none other than current German Chancellor Angela Merkel, Eva Teleki and daddy Bush operating as custodial officers for the funds.

It is unclear if former Russian Federation President Vladimir Putin has a controlling interest in these secret accounts, but as we have reported earlier, these accounts have been frozen by European INTERPOL.

#3 HEIST: Next came the Bush-Clinton Crime Family Syndicate alleged Yugoslavian 'relief' effort, following the 1990s Bosnian War.    Again, 90% of the funds were not directed to relief but were directed to Dick Cheney's Halliburton corporation that was given the contract by then President Clinton to rebuild Bosnia.

Most of the funds NEVER reached the Yugoslavian People and were laundered through Yugoslavian bank accounts that, at first were frozen tied to the former Serbian President Milosevich.       Once the Bush-Clinton Crime Family Syndicate had LOOTED Milosevich's money, they then unfroze the accounts (once Milosevich had been taken into custody) and then used these ghost accounts to launder the Yugoslavia 'relief' fund.

The custodial officer in charge of these accounts is none other than, once again, East German DVD agent Eva Teleki.

It should be noted that Teleki transferred some of these Russian and Yugoslavian relief funds into the Deutsche Bank that were used to fund the noted 9/11 linked Hamburg terrorist 'Becker' cell that had a role in 9/11.

#4 HEIST: Another Bush-Clinton Crime Family Syndicate 'relief' fund was the noted Katrina Fund tied to the William Jefferson Clinton Foundation [tied to various Ponzi Schemes]
Accused Ponzi Schemer Gave Tens Of Thousands To Clinton Foundation
Yet another organization with ties to prominent Democrats has received money from accused Ponzi scamster Hassan Nemazee. This time, it was the William J. Clinton Foundation that received a hefty donation from Nemazee, the New York financier and Democratic Party fundraiser.
Nemazee, who was charged with stealing $292 million from several banks, gave between $50,000 and $100,000 to the former president's charity in 2009, according to a donor list released yesterday.  Read more »

As we have previously reported, 90% of the Katrina Funds were laundered through the Central Bank of Iraq with the custodial officer being none other than current dysfunctional U.S. Secretary of State, loser and lesbian in-the-closet Hillary Rodenhurst Clinton.

Reference: U.S. Marshals were recently blocked from arresting Secretary of State Hillary Clinton when she attempted to withdraw funds from the Central Bank of Iraq. 

These laundered Katrina Funds through the Central Bank of Iraq have been used to finance Blackwater/Ee bombings in Afghanistan, Iraq and Pakistan, along with 'FALSE FLAG' terorrist BLACK OPS, as well as DIRECT funding for the Somalia pirates.

The Somalia pirates work in concert with major foreign intelligence agencies, including rogue U.S. CIA, which is comprised of old Iran-Contra players.
Somali pirates in small boats hijacked the arms-laden Ukrainian freighter Faina --
33 Russian T-72 tanks and "a substantial quantity of ammunition" were aboard
United States Navy, via Agence France-Presse — Getty Images

The fact is various nation states, such as Holland and Spain, actually tip off the Somalia pirates to raid their own ships so that the Somalia pirates can take weapons aboard the vessels, sale them to alleged terrorist cells in Yemen, Iraq and Afghanistan and then kickback the Spanish and Dutch monarchies

 a massive commission derive from black market arms sales.

Yes, folks, the Somalia pirates operation is another Ponzi Scheme.

          Again, none of these relief funds found their way into the hands of the relief victims but wound up directly in the hands of the Bush-Clinton Crime Family Syndicate.

May 30, 2009   ...The massive withdrawal of both STOLEN U.S. Treasury and Chinese Sovereign Funds from the Toronto, Canada-based Dominion Bank made by Bush Jr. and Bill Clinton also involve withdrawal of laundered Bush-Clinton Katrina Foundation funds that were laundered out of the Central Bank of Iraq through Jackson Stephens Inc. onto the Dominion Bank in Toronto.

January 25, 2009   ...The tie in between the Bush-Clinton Katrina fund and ponzi scheme artist, Israeli Mossad asset Bernard Madoff

#5 HEIST:  Indonesia Tsunami -- Daddy bush and his bitch Bill Clinton were all over the news traveling everywhere allegedly soliciting for the 'relief' fund.     Most of the funds that were supposed to go the relief victims of the Indonesia Tsunami were STOLEN by both Clinton and Bush and laundered through a Singapore CIA proprietary, ANEKO Credit.

ANEKO Credit was originally under the control of American Patriot Ambassador Leo Wanta and Chinese Intelligence agent Howie Kwok.

Reference: Bush and Clinton had Howie Kwok assassinated, and of course, had Ambassador Leo Wanta illegally incarcerated on two (2) occasions.

Both Bush and Clinton then used rogue CIA types to basically steal ANEKO Credit from Ambassador Wanta.      As much as this pains me to say it, conservative talk show host Rush Limbaugh was right, you would have to be a real sausage to send a check to the Bush-Clinton gang aka these two con men.

Part 2 of 2 follows or click

At this hour, we live free or die as Lafayette remains at Brandywine and Albert Gore Jr. still remains the year 2000 duly elected, non-inaugurated,   natural born   REAL  President of the United States.

International Intelligence Expert, Tom Heneghan, has hundreds of highly credible sources inside American and European Intelligence Agencies and INTERPOL--reporting what is REALLY going on behind the scenes of the corporate-controlled mainstream media cover up propaganda of on-going massive deceptions and illusions.

Overlord at Yorktown remains relentless and victorious


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 Sunday, January 17, 2010 
2/2 Haiti Earthquake Bush-Clinton Crime Family at it Again

 Plus Sports Ponzi Update            Part 2 of 2
Awakening Americans: Behind the scenes intelligence briefings ALL Patriot Americans MUST know...the REAL facts and truth the corporate-controlled mainstream media covers up

by Tom Heneghan    International Intelligence Expert

Saturday  January 16, 2010

View Part 1 of 2 above or click

P.S. We can now divulge that the front for the STOLEN laundered U.S. Treasury funds parked and frozen at major CIA-owned law firms in southern California is none other than the USC's (University of Southern California) law school.  Recent records tied to the USC Credit Union have connected the dots to the financial fraud with the law firms and the Bernard Madoff Ponzi Scheme.

This dovetails to our recent report confirming that the IRS has launched a major criminal investigation targeting the University of Southern California as it applies to its tax exempt status.

We can now reveal that the University of Tennessee is responding to a NCAA inquiry and launching their own investigation into the illegal soliciting and recruiting of Tennessee student athletes [who, at the time, were enrolled and taking classes at the University of Tennessee] by USC's new scumbag Coach Lane Kiffin and his scumbag recruiting director Ed Orgeron.

New UT coach Lane Kiffin (right, with assistant Ed Orgeron) made sure he didn't offend any of his fellow SEC coaches during his visit Thursday to Memphis.

UT coach Lane Kiffin (right, with assistant Ed Orgeron)

Photo by Nikki Boertman/The Commercial Appeal

Reference: Both Kiffin and Orgeron were still technically employed at the University of Tennessee at the time they committed these latest violations.

Scumbag coach Kiffin of USC was asked today if USC was conducting its own inquiry into these new violations; Kiffin answered that he did not know if USC was conducting an inquiry.  Kiffin clearly is good at one thing, whether he can coach football or not is questionable, he can certainly lie a lot.
Reggie Bush, left pic, and OJ Mayo on right
Peter Read Miller/SI ...///

It is getting worse for USC.  We can now report that former USC Heisman Trophy winner, now NFL football star Reggie Bush, and former USC basketball player OJ Mayo, failed to participate in USC's alleged internal probe into allegations of gross misconduct involving cash bribes given to Bush and Mayo to attend the University of Southern California as student athletes.
USC Trojan tailback Joe McKnight reportedly has been driving a vehicle
owned by a local businessman. If true, that would be an NCAA violation.

We can now also divulge that former USC running back Joe McKnight, who was recently fingered for driving a car on campus that he illegally received from an athletic booster, has left the University of Southern California as he awaits the NFL football draft.

McKnight is not participating in any more of USC's internal alleged investigations.

It is ironical that McKnight was caught when he brazenly parked his car in a no parking zone on the USC campus.

All of this indicates that the NCAA may not be satisfied with USC's internal investigation aka a whitewash and that Reggie Bush and OJ Mayo are not cooperating with USC but are actually working with NCAA interrogators and possibly Federal law enforcement.

Again, one can not ignore the role of USC President Steven Sample as a major enabler of this fiasco, which has turned the University of Southern California into a sports whorehouse.

Sample clearly has been blackmailed, compromised and even bribed.

Informed sources tell us that USC President Sample is under direct control of the USC Alumni Association, which, of course, is tied to these bribes and payoffs.  These payoffs are tied to the local ABC affiliate in Los Angeles and the noted sports network ESPN.

In future intelligence briefings we will have more information on USC's new Coach Lane Kiffin and a blackmail operation he directed against universities in the Southeastern Conference where he used to coach.

A lot of this is tied to the Larry Rothstein, Ft. Lauderdale, Florida Ponzi Scheme.

Kiffin directly blackmailed former University of Florida coach Urban Meyer concerning alleged recruiting violations by Meyer.  Meyer recently resigned his job at the University of Florida over a month ago complaining of physical ailments.

In closing, we bring you a major alert that the FBI Division 5 stooges are at it again forging my name on the internet offering bribes and payoffs to former colleagues of mine.  All of this includes blackmail and intimidation.

These sociopaths like Tim White and a known FBI Division 5 disinfo COINTELPRO artist named Barbara Hartwell are all over the internet trying to create confusion all to benefit the role of the continued occupation of the United States

 by the Bush-Clinton Crime Family Syndicate.

Hartwell pretends to be against Tim White when in truth they operate together.

Note: White was once involved in a sexual misconduct incident with Hartwell fifteen years ago.

Both White and Hartwell constantly attack former Vice President, now year 2000 duly elected President Albert Gore Jr. as a threat to our Constitution aka Gore's church of global warming.

Here is a direct notice to both White and Hartwell:

It is only duly elected President Albert Gore that has come to the defense of our Constitution aka calling for the repeal of the UN-Constitutional Patriot Act and his vocal opposition to the illegal NSA (National Security Agency) spying on the American People.

Gore has also called for the repeal of the U.S. payroll tax as to create a new green economy and let the American People keep what they earn.

Hartwell, like White, who calls herself a born again Christian, seems to have a problem with us calling Al Gore the duly elected President of the United States.

Message to Ms. Hartwell:

Deal with it, dear.  Facts are stubborn things.


Do not be fooled, folks.  Both sociopath Tim White and alleged born again Christian Barbara Hartwell still support nation-wrecking, election stealing, Constitution shredding, cocaine snorting, homosexual in-the-closet, U.S. Treasury embezzling, AWOL war criminal George W. BushFRAUD.   Clearly Ms. Hartwell reads too much of the Old Testament and needs to concentrate more on the New Testament.

Note: It is the neo con radicals that have actually used Old Testament prophecy, not the Constitution of the United States, to form their extremist policy, including their phony 'war on terror', which has dismantled the U.S. Constitution.

We close our intelligence briefing tonight with words from the New Testament from our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Jesus promises that no power, even the superhuman power of the evil one,
can take away the Lord's own from the secure position he has in the Father's Hand.  Romans 8:35-39

At this hour, we live free or die as Lafayette remains at Brandywine and Albert Gore Jr. still remains the year 2000 duly elected, non-inaugurated,   natural born   REAL  President of the United States.

International Intelligence Expert, Tom Heneghan, has hundreds of highly credible sources inside American and European Intelligence Agencies and INTERPOL--reporting what is REALLY going on behind the scenes of the corporate-controlled mainstream media cover up propaganda of on-going massive deceptions and illusions.

Overlord at Yorktown remains relentless and victorious


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Posted By: hobie <Send E-Mail>  Date: Sunday, 17-Jan-2010 20:44:42

In Response To: C.STORY, Very Brief, Cheerful Update for New Year's Day (hobie)

   Hi, Folks -  If everyone who reads JUST THIS ONE POST contributed a dollar through the ChipIn, we'd be well on the way to meeting our target goal for this month. :)

        Received via e-mail:

        ===== .....
        Subject: History Making Underway
        Date: Sun, 17 Jan 2010 20:07:03 -0500

        Artist: Smokey Robinson     Song: Going To A Go Go
        Translate: German | French | Spanish | Italian | Russian | Portuguese

        Goin' to a go go
        Goin' to a go go
        Na-na-na-na, yeah-hey

        Well there's a brand new place I found-a
        Where people goin' from miles around-a.(..)


        Greetings and Salutations,

        If it were up to me, all this business would have been over in 2000. Patience is not my strong suit, especially when the conclusion is inevitable. Records are clear about who owes who what. Americans have been been fed a line of crap by the rich and powerful to disguise that they really weren't as all powerful as they pretend to be. Those who really are, gave them time to 'make good' on the debts they owe, but they failed miserably because the greed got the best of them.

 Now, like little bad kids, they are throwing everything they can to avoid going to their rooms and taking the medicine that will clear their diseases. These self same individuals who got themselves upside down with those who loaned them gold but haven't the wherewithall to pay it back, are making stink so smelly, everyone in the public will know who did what over the last few hundred years. There are those who think it doesn't serve to tell the facts to the public, better to just not mention it and just move on. The problem is, if you use that approach, folks will just repeat it, like reinventing sliced bread or the wheel. Let's tell the truth, folks don't like change, they want things to remain the same, as long as, it works out for them.

        This is the end of my meandering writings for 10 yrs. Why I started in the first place. The world will not be the same place we've known for 100+ plus years. More high muckty mucks than you could imagine are whining that their world is ending now. Complaining or dropping on some knees to tell those that have the power, to stop all this, to at least allow them to keep their reputations and family forms intact. From what I hear, they should of thought of that a long time ago.

More historical mysteries than most can imagine are about to be given to the public and it's very disconcerting to people who've been publicaly running things, all these years. More money than you can imagine has been stored over the years, while the fed system has been operating the fiat system. I'm talking real gold and silver and other precious elements, things of worth to back up a new banking system, the planet desperately needs. The word that there's just not enough gold or there's not enough other things is worse than wrong, it's a flat out lie.

I find something really funny out here, how come nobody is questioning or spinning why obama and his wife quit the bar. Fat boy in florida is running his mouth but it's only public excitement steering folks away from asking harder questions. I got to give beck some credit for even asking the question, 'what's with interpol being on steroids in this country now. Why is obama turning over our stuff over to the foreign nationals, it's this simple sir, what's going down is international and you have international criminals running thru your country and our job is to arrest them, sir.

        Fortunately, all this business will be made clear to the public, as mad as, it will make them at first. This is scarier than poor folks getting money. The part that gets all these goons is, the public knowing what they've been doing and how they have worked the public to control them. It has nothing to do with political parties, it's really all just business. "If you use my money to make money, that's my money too". We're talking old business too and those documents have been haunting them for many years and much money has been spent to find those docs to no avail by those who owe.

 One day in 2004, the document they were looking for showed up in brussels, right in front of the ministers, wigs and all, and that crashed whatever hope that was left to hold power. Then a signature was applied, everyone had to do a diaper change right then and there. That signature took everyone out who have been running things for a few hundred years. Nothing but renters, hello. There are old trusts and foundations and those old structures are collapsing everything under them that have been working.

The st germain trust is more real than you have any idea, there's the templar trust and it's got teeth, and the old families in china who loaned gold to this country back in the formation days, and the spanish....all old business is being cleaned up . Yes, I am aware of the windsor trust, and with the recent cleaning up of the us corporation between the english and the chinese, looks like america is about to get that 're-education' I was talking about. What shall happen with the windsor trust now?

        I'm trying to say something here but I don't really think many will really get it until, the announcements start and even with that, so many brains are conditioned to the status quo, there will still be time going by before the public, all over the planet, understands what has happened..or accepts it. There was always more going on here than 'handing' the public some money. Yes, they have been cleaning the ground of the resistence, and you are being introduced to a new world.

 Stop yourself from thinking you know who's been guilty, you may find yourself surprised at who else has been involved. We have stuff running all the way back to king soloman involved here. Sorry that makes your heads' hurt but that's the way it is. Nothing disappears is just becomes unknown by the masses. The scary part is they who conspired to keep it all a secret, have been conspired against. and they don't know what they can do about it. Try to start another war, well you need money to start one don't you? The fed plates are melted, so how's that going to work out and nobody will accept your payola? Welcome to a new banking world that's how.

        Confucious was quoted as saying, 'It is far wiser to keep mouth shut and let people think you're dumb, than open mouth and remove all doubt'. Americans do not like the idea that anything is not known to them and it's just not blowing everywhere, tough, and that's what's going down here, expect surprises you're are scarcely ready for. There's a lot of patriots ready to return here as their work is done and they have a lot to teach, and not your run of the mill type folks, congressmen of all types, who found out what is was like to be on the wrong side of the paradigm shift.

        That's it, I'm done. It's not my job to call it, the moment when everyone's life changes. I can only say we are all smack up against the doorway and there's a black out from hell. There's not the confusion being broadcast out here and everyone needs to keep their heads. Ownership unconfuses everything and that information will be forthcoming with the start of the announcements.

 When 70% of drops have been done, they will start and folks will begin grappling with what they have been 'believing in' for a long time. Email me if you need a consultation about proceeding after the nice man/woman stops by your house. Donations needed and accepted at ...(...)  I will not talk after this residence has been been hit with a drop. I know how to shut my mouth and I suggest some who've been emailing me understand what a blackout and a non discloser actually means, you can't offer me enough money to make to me blow up my own stuff. Freedom to me, is more important than any offers you can conceive of. Love and KIsses, "Poofness"






Sunday, 17 January 2010 
Rothschilds & Rockefellers – Trillionaires Of The World

'Letter written from London by the Rothschilds to their New York agents introducing their banking method into America: “The few who can understand the system will be either so interested in its profits, or so dependent on its favours, that there will be no opposition from that class, while, on the other hand, that great body of people, mentally incapable of comprehending the tremendous advantage that Capital derives from the system, will bear its burden without complaint and, perhaps, without even suspecting that the system is inimical to their interests".' ....(..)

   JJ Reply:January 16th, 2010 at 6:33 pm

      ############### SPREAD THIS INFORMATION ###############

      Wall Street criminals exposed By Marcy K.:

      Tim Geithner refuses to answser Brad Shermans question:
      HQ version:

      Rep. Alan Grayson asks the FEDERAL RESERVE Inspector General where the money is gone..:
      HQ version:

      ********** TAKE ACTION – END THE CRIMINAL RESERVE **********

      Bills to be supported: S 604 and HR 1207

      Unmask the criminals

      ############### SPREAD THIS INFORMATION ###############




...........c-story update..........

UPDATE: 7:30 PM UK, 17th JANUARY 2010:

Welcome to the Clinton Bush Haiti Fund c/o William J. Clinton Foundation, Little Rock, Arkansas, or if you prefer, The Clinton Bush Haiti Fund, c/o Communities Foundation of Texas, Dallas.

Take your pick. Send us your money as displayed in our publicity and on our website:, and make sure that WE scam you. Don’t risk being scammed by other scammers: WE are the most brazen and proficient scammers in the world and WE have the blessing of President Obama (who we’ll be ‘taking care of’, you understand).   So, make sure you pour your money ‘for Haitians’ into OUR coffers, so that we can STEAL FROM YOU AND THE HAITIANS in order to re-start our criminal Fraudulent Finance operations under the radar and with the cover provided by the 501(c) 3 status that we’re seeking [see below].

Our concern for the Haitians is as false as our intentions are criminal: but don’t let that put you off! Just pour all your money in our direction, forget that we stole the Katrina monies, and ENJOY the sensation of being scammed by us! We KNOW how to scam you, so make sure you don’t fall for any OTHER Haiti scams. Our scamming experience is THE BEST.


• Memorandum to all who are not sitting on their brains: THIS IS A FULL-BORE OPERATION TO REFINANCE THE U.S. CRIMINAL KLEPTOCRATS, whose overall finances have been very severely degraded as a consequence of the necessary responses of the international community and the Lien Holders, the Chinese parties and the British Monarchical Power, as reported on this website and blocked from the ‘mainstream’ Fourth Estate which is refusing to hold the US Government to account and to do its job properly BECAUSE IT IS INVOLVED IN THE SCAMS TOO.

In the blurb issued by The Clinton Haiti Bush Fund, we read

‘The Clinton Bush Haiti Fund is being formed as a separate entity and is currently preparing its application for recognition as a tax-exempt organization’.

• THEY DON’T NEED TAX EXEMPT STATUS for the purpose advertised.

• Tax exempt status will enable auditing to be obfuscated. They need tax exempt status BECAUSE THEY INTEND TO RUN THE MONEY having stolen it. THAT'S WHAT CLINTON'S ALL ABOUT.

• If this were a genuine appeal, THEY WOULDN’T BE SEEKING TAX EXEMPT STATUS.

Further, WHAT HAPPENED TO THE KATRINA MONEY? Where’s the audit for the Katrina money? The Bushes and the Clintons were involved in the same scams over the Katrina funds. WHERE’S THE AUDITING OF THOSE FUNDS? WHAT HAPPENED TO THE MONEY? Will the US Department of Justice, under it’s new CHANGE OF POLICY stance (see below) be INVESTIGATING THE CLINTONS AND THE BUSHES OVER THE KATRINA MONEY, MR HOLDER?

Following the CHANGE OF POLICY at the US Department of Justice announced on this website earlier, the US Attorney General, Mr Holder, stated, in a speech given in West Palm Beach during the week ending 15th January 2010, that there are 5,000 pending indictments by the Department of Justice linked to fraud at financial institutions, as part of a colossal new offensive targeting market manipulators and scamsters across the board. This development is of course DIRECTLY RELATED to the international developments that we have reported, and to the fact that the level of heat that has accumulated over time as a result of these exposures, has surpassed boiling point.

• The lid can no longer be kept screwed down on the cauldron.

A first-rate article by C. Austin Burrell confirming what we have been publicising on this website, namely that this crisis is a financial corruption crisis first and foremost, has now been added as an Appendix at the foot of this report.

It supports everything that we have been saying, and Mr Burrell is to be congratulated for his tenacity, courage and determination in standing up to the corrupted structures. He has made a huge contribution. Note: Mr Burrell is much less forthright than we are and doesn’t name names, with one exception. Never mind: what he says is accurate and to the point.

At about 6:20 pm on this date, 17th January 2010, the Editor was informed by ‘connected’ US sources that the perpetrators of the Haiti operation ARE HAVING SECOND THOUGHTS and that, contrary to what we have outlined in this report, the Haiti op. will be implemented rapidly and wound down as quickly as possible.

It is, to put it mildly, EXTREMELY INTERESTING, is it not, that official second thoughts are being entertained SO EARLY IN THE OPERATION, AND SO SOON AFTER THIS REPORT WAS POSTED.

We venture to suggest that this may reflect, inter alia, a realisation that the scamming dimension of this abomination cannot be suppressed, and that all concerned, including President B. Obama who has foolishly either allowed himself to be identified with the Clinton and Bush scamsters, or else is in partnership with them, may wind up not just with egg all over their faces, but as co-conspirators in the perpetration of massive financial fraud against Haitians and the American people.

After all, as we have already seen, it is FRAUD to be claiming US tax exempt status (enabling use of donated funds to be hidden and therefore diverted), for a humanitarian purpose which requires 100% money in, 100% money out and 100% AUDITING TRANSPARENCY.

Whoever advised Obama that the giga-thieves who stole the Katrina monies should be allowed to repeat the exercise by scamming the Haiti donors, is either mentally deficient, a co-charlatan, or both of the above. This operation could explode in the faces of Presidents 42, 43 AND 44, faster than we had assumed. That's why we are suddenly being told they're having SECOND THOUGHTS.

U.S. Attorney General's 5,000 DOJ Pending Indictments
Targeting Financial Fraud, And National Security:


Last week, in a speech given in West Palm Beach, Attorney General Holder announced 5,000 pending indictments by the Department of Justice of individuals linked to financial institution fraud as part of an overall targeting of market manipulators and cheaters across the board. His speech did not specify for the audience the type of targets the DOJ was focusing on, leaving open the most important questions about such an announcement.

• Who is being indicted by type, and for what kind of specific misconduct?

I have devoted thousands of man hours over 10 years to try and work with and within the legal system of the United States to get its principals to focus on the rape of the American investors stealing literally trillions of dollars, through conduct that could only be identified legally as sedition.

Ten of thousands of securities issued by thousands of legal issuers have been manipulated, counterfeited, and stolen in virtually every form of security bought and sold in every market in the world. I pointed out to many of the responsible government oversight and regulatory officials that various tactics were being strategically employed to launder money for the purpose of stealing securities and evading taxes.

I broke this down into a single memo of eight bullet points for not only these parties but also for numerous journalists, lawyers, victims, government officials and more, with a uniform silence from them with only a handful of exceptions. The summation of this memorandum was that criminals both domestic and global       were tactically manipulating all forms of assets, engaging in various forms of counterfeiting facilitated by vested public interests, in a huge global conspiracy lined inextricably to all forms of organized crime, again, done strategically to launder U.S. assets into foreign accounts for the purpose of evading all forms of taxes, both legitimate and illegitimate.

The enormous size of the thefts here (in the trillions of dollars) threatens U.S. national security, and global stability. We have seen the dollar implode, retirement accounts savaged, and major institutions brought to their knees

 and worse, much worse in many cases.

These thefts have been implicated in the destruction of investor confidence, and there is no form of security that has not been impacted, from stocks and bonds, currencies, physical and forward commodities, agencies, to commodities, and more.

These same thefts could never have been executed except with the wholesale cooperation of not just hedge funds, and investment banks, but only with the implicit cooperation, support and protection of every form of financial service monopoly involved in trading, clearance and settlement securities globally in all forms of assets along with the major international money center banks, a pliant press, and a corrupt research industry perforated by criminal interests who pay top price for the purchase or sale of research for securities they specialize in.

Oversight provided by our U.S. Government branches and agencies hasn’t been deficient, it has been non-existent, a canard by every perspective.

     I have been asked to identify some representative names from each category of possible organizational involvement. What I have felt comfortable doing is to specify first the types of organizations involved, the people within those organizations involved, the facilitators of such behavior, beneficiaries of the manipulations, and more as appropriate.

     I can start with some of the highest profile hedge funds, including in particular those involved with the most aggressive support of naked short selling of all types of securities, their prime brokers, specific exchange officials, officials of clearance and settlement organizations for all types of securities both domestic and international, organized crime entities domestic and international, supporting regulators at federal agencies and quasi-agencies, publications and journalists, research enterprises, message board operators, paid pumpers, paid bashers and other lower life forms, and more. All of these activities have coordinated their efforts to produce the maximum results possible. No other explanation makes sense but such coordination between the players.

       The hedge funds that have to be targeted include the largest and highest profile ones, particularly those with admitted links to short selling syndicates, to paid adversarial negative research reports, to significant recurring short and long term fails to deliver, and to convicted felons, such as the now legendary Anthony (Amir) Elgindy. Journalistic enterprises would be those who participated in accepting or facilitating communications between known manipulators, who championed illegal short sellers against legitimate companies, who used or permitted use of restricted insider information or false information without broad dissemination, or who acted as pure touts, to facilitate retail buying of companies targeted for short relate bankruptcies, or who induced large scale selling not supported fundamentally, for PIPES financiers, and more.

      The next list would be the Prime Brokers and major hedge fund specialty clearance and settlement operations that were known to facilitate illegal trades, front running, insider access to order flow, and related conduct. A final broker list target would include those brokers who specialized in PIPES transactions for customers whose companies’ stocks were manipulated before, during and after the PIPE issuance.

In many of the cases, U.S. government regulators, particularly the SEC and FINRA engaged in conflicted behavior with professional manipulators, who used their conflicted cooperation to obtain protection as confidential informants or cooperating witnesses in ongoing cases.

Related to this focus would be the necessity to determine why super-ceding indictments proceeded from virtually none of the cases since the Bermuda Short Sting Cases, with the exception of a few minor indictments related to Anthony Elgindy.

       The final focus would need to be on facilitators of stock and bond price manipulation which permitted strategic failures to deliver securities beyond reasonable time frames. This would include the major exchanges, major clearing firms globally, prime brokers, secondary brokers, securities regulators both domestically and internationally, specific publications and journalists, paid bashers, and many more.

Many of these names have been in the open for years involving active organizational defenses of those guilty of malfeasance. Those names have been provided repeatedly to such entities as the Office of the Attorney General of the U.S., to the heads of the SEC, FINRA, DTCC, and more, the US Senate, the House of Representatives, various federal and state task forces investigating financial fraud, the courts, including the Supreme Court, state Attorneys General, and more, many more repeatedly over 12 years and three administrations.

Too much has been given to too many about too much fraud for any plausible deniability to remain. The systems markets depend on must be flushed like a rat and vine invested sewer line. Anything short of that will dampen up the system to a continuing boom and bust cycling that will never end, but worse, will likely collapse as frustrated investors flee in droves.

Our capital formation process is contaminated enough without stopping this now. Clean this up before we see the start of outright revolt.

      Our U.S. government officials must be reminded this isn’t their money. Rather, they are parasites providing services for which the best and the brightest are not suited. The best and the brightest in our government are not always the winners politically.

They want this changed as much as the American people do. ENDS////

• C. Austin Burrell is a corporate finance generalist with over 30 years of Wall Street and related experience. He was a senior derivatives specialist and development stage company investment banker for more than 35 years on Wall Street.

He is a 1968 Graduate of the U.S. Military Academy and a graduate of the Army’s Finance Officer Advanced Course.

........................and................. C. Austin Burrell


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