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....(...) From: "SamKennedy .."  Sent: Jan 29, 2010 2:22 PM

...(...) This Sunday night at 8 PM on TAKE NO PRISONERS (Republic Broadcasting Network), I will be joined by the leaders of the freedom movement for the high honor of bringing you – without commercial interruption - an end to economic warfare and political terror by March 31, 2010. In two months, we can, and will, be free, with your assistance.

The Restore America Plan is not a patriot scheme. IT WAS PROPOSED TO US BY THE MILITARY MORE THAN A YEAR AGO. Having developed the necessary tools, we are now ready to execute the plan beginning Sunday night. ....(..)

Sunday night we begin the methodical process of reinhabiting the original *de jure* institutions (which never ceased to exist) of the free American republics quickly, quietly, efficiently and peacefully, and without the need for re-educating the unconscious public or loud proclamations that are sure to evoke resistance and violence.

Very simply, the Restore America Plan will reverse the wicked deeds of 1933 and 1865 BEHIND THE SCENES, with the same cleverness the bankers used to remove money, law and dignity, and without disturbing the peace. We, the sovereign People, will be in charge as the ONE AND ONLY LAWFUL AUTHORITY ON THE LAND. Not just in name, but in reality. ....(..) THE MILITARY HAS CHARGED US WITH THE HIGH RESPONSIBILITY OF ENDING THE SPIRAL TO WORLD WAR III being orchestrated by the Rulers of Evil. Never have men borne such responsibility. We are the last best hope for mankind. Essentially, we have been asked to provide the military with an alternative to a corporate CEO as their commander, and to re-inhabit all the de jure institutions that have been pre-empted from governance.

And…we…will. Folks, it is time to step-up to the plate. It is time to be part of the solution instead of the list of perpetual victims. Your future and the future of your children are in YOUR hands. A line has been drawn in the sand. If we fail to come together and accept responsibility, there will be no one else to blame. There will be no more excuses. The future IS ours to create. Either we seize the brass ring   or slink away into obscurity.

                      That is what we are bringing you Sunday night on TAKE NO PRISONERS at 8 PM Eastern time. No less than a moment of epochal importance in the history of mankind. That is why the network so graciously dropped commercial messages. All of the details and materials have been planned, worked-out and implemented from first presentation to enforcement. We are ready to close the deal. I hope you will join me and my very special guests for this live commercial-free broadcast.

TAKE NO PRISONERS is carried live every Sunday night at 8 PM EST on FM stations around the nation, on Shoutcast (using the free Shoutcast application on iPhones and other handhelds), and live on the internet at:

http://republicbroadcasting.org/    Wishing you a blessed day and tomorrow.

Sam Kennedy   ...   

(( SUNDAY NIGHT TAKE NO PRISONERS - 8 PM Eastern . 5PM Pacific - No less than a moment of epochal importance.in the HISTORY of MANKIND

Posted By: Rayelan <Send E-Mail>    Date: Saturday, 30-Jan-2010 13:47:30

   TAKE NO PRISONERS at 8 PM Eastern time. No less than a moment of epochal importance in the history of mankind. //// Note from Rayelan:

        I received this from someone I respect... He received it from someone he respects. Two good reasons for reading this.  ))

http://www.rumormillnews.com/cgi-bin/forum.cgi?noframes;read=165798  and



Dr. Sam Kennedy, author of the Instant Criminal Complaint, is known around the world for his creative court-stopping solutions to personal tragedy. Having taught thousands of men and women to settle their cases honorably, pay the bill, and use proof of claim, Sam reveals the intricacies of cutting-edge law merchant remedies in "Take No Prisoners" every Sunday night at 8 PM CST. Whether you are warehoused as a political prisoner or on the fast track to a debtors nightmare, or simply want to know more about converting liability to 3rd party defendants using the Beneficiaries-in-Common payment method,

Sam may have the tonic for what is ailing you. A semi-retired doctor who treats pain disorders, Sam served as a journalist and professional writer for many years. Especially if you are in the battle of your life, tune in "Take No Prisoners" every Sunday night.



The legally created fiction called the UNITED STATES is bankrupt and holds no lawful Constitutionally mandated silver or gold coin to back up or pay their debts. Privately held and federally held gold coins and bullion in America were seized by Executive Order of April 5, 1933 and paid to the creditor, the private Federal Reserve Bank Corporation (FRB) under the terms of bankruptcy.

Congress -- still meeting under Executive Order authority -- confirmed this bankruptcy through the Joint Resolution to Suspend The Gold Standard And Abrogate The Gold Clause, June 5, 1933 in H.J. Res. 192, 73rd Congress, 1st session, Public Law 73-10.



..(..)       Sam Kennedy - Beneficiaries in Common (BIC)

      Sam Kennedy has taken the Roger Elvick material and expanded on it in the same direction as Winston Shrout, basically, but Sam is a bit more aggressive in his approach and behavior.
     Here is a brief synopsis of Sam's approach. "Manual of Freedom" - Manual of Freedom 2 - Jan. 27, 2008  ..(...) http://www.freedomdomain.com/Redemption/new_redemption.html

..... ¸

...(...) Instructional Sites

http://www.winstonshroutsolutionsincommerce.com/ Winston Shrout or http://www.wssic.com

http://republicbroadcasting.org/ Sam Kennedy


http://www.usdebtclock.org/ This is great!

http://www.unoitc.org/ OITC Packages

http://cafr1.com/ This site is run by Walter Burien, who has compiled a great deal of precise information regarding where tax dollars go and documents how the individual states have a huge surplus of unused funds while claiming to operate in deficit.

http://www.freedomsphoenix.com/ This site is an alternative news site with articles covering a wide variety of current issues like the benefits of organic food, recent gun control legislation, Federal Reserve monopoly money, and Op Ed pieces.

http://www.thinkfree.ca/ This is a rather small site, but contains some very interesting and solid information. It has a library of articles and several free videos, although you have sign in and become a member to access some of the material.

http://www.wariscrime.com/ This site is a conservative news portal with numerous videos and articles with a strongly anti-NWO slant. The site also contains many exposes and Op Ed articles on a wide variety of topics.

http://www.real-debt-elimination.com/ This is a huge web site with an enormous amount of very useful information. It contains articles, classes and numerous, very specific instructions for all manner of sovereignty and debt elimination issues.

http://www.3wisemenessentials.com/freedom.html This site offers a large number of articles and books from a wide range of authors. The books are freely downloadable in PDF format. Most of the books are “classics” in the field of conspiracy; authors include Gary Allen, William Cooper, Jim Marrs and Eustace Mullins. The site also has links to many videos such as “Endgame” by Alex Jones and “The End of America” by Naomi Wolfe. This is actually an excellent resource for free materials that are thought provoking.

http://www.defraudingamerica.com/ This is a web site put together by a former US intelligence agent and contains detailed information about government officials and organizations detailing their complicity in major events.

http://patriotportal.yolasite.com/ This site offers documents issued by government agencies relating to the creation and operation of the federal police state. A good site for accessing official documents.

http://netctr.com/ This site contains numerous free videos and information. It seems to be mostly directed at disseminating information about a variety of topics that would be useful to people who are waking up.

http://usa-the-republic.com/ This web site has numerous in-depth articles concerning a broad range of subjects such as the Constitution, banks and banking, the Federal Reserve, Emergency Powers, etc.,

http://usa-the-republic.com/jurisprudentia/index.html Link for the above site that has downloadable PDF files dealing with the BAR, trials, UCC, commercial liens, etc, again, I am not qualified to determine the accuracy of the information, but I like this site.




Books    23 Legal Defenses To Foreclosure: How To Beat The Bank ..(...)


Gulf of Aden Stargate, false flags + War in Yemen, ETs...
info from Project Camelot witness
Posted By: JediShaman <Send E-Mail>   Date: Thursday, 28-Jan-2010 17:59:38

        Aaron McCollum is a new whistleblower at Project Camelot. Aaron has connections to David Corso and Duncan O'Finian (who recently appeared on Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura). Aaron's been piecing together information about major happenings in the Gulf of Aden near Yemen, where there is apparently a stargate (or seagate) and ET activity. Aaron has been involved with multiple covert projects spanning beyond his decade of service with the US Coast Guard, and has been part of supersoldier MK-Ultra projects that have left him with blocked memories and dissociative patterns.
        McCollum believes there will be new false flag terror events in 2010, probably in the Yemen area as well as in the USA and other countries that need to cooperate with global elite ops in the middle east. Visit http://www.projectcamelot.org/  to find the youtube video link and hear the interview. (( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=22S2TNMf8v4  jagbodhi
27 janvier 2010//january Aaron McCollum is a third generation member of Project Talent, the MKUltra program used to develop psychic warriors and supersoldiers by the secret government. He is coming forward to speak about the Stargate in the Gulf of Aden and the information he is getting in this regard from secret sources, his own intuition and his conclusions based upon research.

-- Shot and edited by Kerry Lynn Cassidy, Project Camelot January 2010

http://projectcamelot.org // • Project Stargate: An interview with Aaron McCollum, a third generation supersoldier/psychic warrior from the same MKUltra program as Duncan O'Finioan. Aaron reveals what he feels is happening in the Gulf of Aden and tells a bit about his own history with the U.S. Coast Guard and his involvement in false-flag top secret missions and special assignments for the secret government.  ))      http://www.phinsights.com //(( http://home.comcast.net/~jshlackman/ ?? )) 
(( http://search.yahoo.com/search?p=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.phinsights.com&toggle=1&cop=mss&ei=UTF-8&fr=yfp-t-701 ))




Posted By: Sandollar   Date: Saturday, 30-Jan-2010 08:21:46


        Thursday, January 28, 2010
        Edited January 29, 2009

        ***Please note that in the article that follows, I am not claiming that the U.S. Government knew Mutallab had a bomb or intended to hurt anyone on Flight 253 when the U.S. Government let him board.


        Since our flight landed on Christmas Day, Lori and I have been doing everything in our power to uncover the truth about why we were almost blown up in the air over Detroit. The truth is now finally out after the publication of the following Detroit News article:


        Let me quote from the article:      (snip)





................alcuin....jan 5th.... http://alcuinbramerton.blogspot.com/ ....


Ancient ruins at Old Marib (Yemen)   A photograph



Esoteric spirituality and the Yemen conflict. More talk about opening of the Aden Stargate off coast of Yemen. Associated with double Blue Moon of late December 2009, a major interdimensional portal seven miles beneath the sea in the Gulf of Aden is becoming active again, for the first time in thousands of years. Scores of warships from several major nations, East and West, surround the paranormal singularity off the Arabian peninsula. Major UFO activity in area. Vibrational signatures suggest connection with crystalline grid activations, planetary ascension, culture-challenging disclosures and impending outbreak of world peace. Nine Great Master Crystals of Atlantis coordinated in new resonance. Ancient transdimensional artifact of extraterrestrial origin known to Western culture as "Ark of the Covenant" thought to be held in spiritual protection beneath Yemeni desert archaeological site at Old Marib. Temple of Sheba (Queen of Sheba / Sabaean kingdom) still active on spiritual planes in Yemen. High-status shamans (benevolent white magicians) and leading Lightworkers unusually active all over planet.

More here, here, here and here.


Physicist whistleblower David Lewis Anderson confirms existence of US government's time travel technology


On Wednesday 23rd December 2009, Dr David Lewis Anderson, director of the Anderson Institute, emerged publicly to give an extensive account of his time control research for the US Air Force. Anderson later continued this research at his Time Travel Research Institute and other organizations. Lewis Anderson's public revelations regarding time travel follow disclosures made in August and November 2009 by Andrew D. Basiago in interviews concerning his experiences in time travel experiments undertaken by DARPA’s Project Pegasus in the early 1970s.


Basiago, a lawyer from Washington State, is leading a truth campaign to establish that the US defense community, working actively with private US corporations, achieved teleportation in the late 1960s. http://chronos.ws/teleportation.html

 More about time travel here, here and here.


....alcuin jan 25th.............

Endgame disaster for defeated US Rockefeller Illuminati faction. Rats fighting in the sack. Rats dying. Benjamin Fulford discusses the toppling of the US syndicate with David Wilcock (83 minute mp3 audio blog - 29Mb).

The Obama Executive Order 12425 of 17th December 2009 (text here) extended diplomatic immunity to Interpol so that they could come into the US and start arresting Rockefeller faction minions on multiple charges relating to US-based panglobal economic terrorism. USAF Space Command (regular users of covert stargate technology) anticipates collapse of Rockefeller nexus and wants nothing to do with them. Rockefeller collapse brings public UFO/ET disclosures closer. Japanese Emperor signed secret treaty with US Rockefeller faction. Mafia and various Asian underworld elements of organised crime have now broken with the Rockefeller faction, which has thus lost its tame street-level enforcers. Rockefeller faction has also lost control of the Western oil/financial system. Anti-Rockefeller UK MI6 group is now calling the shots in the US.

In October 2009, following a Fulford-brokered $2.13 trillion release of bond funds from the Bank of Tokyo Mitsubishi UFJ in Japan, money which was specifically designated for benevolent new technology projects, Elizabeth Windsor (Queen Elizabeth II of England) duplicitously switched the funds to the US Bush syndicate. One consequence of this was a furious release of inside information concerning all sorts of Windsor royal family dirty linen about which the Queen was being blackmailed by US and other operatives.

(( http://www.henrymakow.com/progress_report_from_british_d.html ))

Included in the ongoing blackmail were accurately-sourced stories about the murder of Princess Diana in Paris in 1997, the regular Black Magic human sacrifice rituals held twice a year at Balmoral Castle (Aberdeenshire, Scotland, UK), a Windsor family secret deal with the Nazis during World War II, and the fact that Adolph Hitler was Queen Elizabeth II's uncle.          Separate from all this, the US Rockefeller faction is said to have been involved in advanced planning for a fake alien invasion, using USAF Space Command stargate technology and spacecraft, to act as theatrical media cover for genocide in the US and elsewhere.

Fulford-Wilcock interview background and full transcript here (22.01.10).

...........................................and...........more from Makow...................

 Illuminati Try to Frame MI-5/MI-6 For Diana Murder    January 24, 2010
frank_lowy.jpg (left, Frank Lowy, head of mega real estate group, Westfield. )

From Glenn Bullock, UK Correspondent

(This was a private communication. Full details will emerge at their proper time.)

Dear Henry,

There seems to have been a lot of people dying in the U.K lately so there was a long delay with my Father's funeral. It took two weeks and one day to get him cremated; that happened today. I haven't prepared an article but here's an update on what I'm looking at now:

I found my feeders! [The people who feed him info are Freemasons.] A private security company called Hakluyt & Co LTD of London. I first encountered them in spring last year. They sent a helicopter to buzz a TV station here while one of their Operatives was being interviewed live. The interview was about his book which was about how MI5 and/or MI6 were responsible for Diana's murder. Not the Royals He says! 'It wasn't the Royals' was the point of his book. The Whole country knows [Prince] Phil the Greek did it!

 Hakluyt work direct for the Royals and United Grand Lodge England and a wider group called "The Pilgrim Society"! The buzzing of the studio while live on air was to give credibility to his "it wasn't the Royals" story, but I posted on their discussion page what the helicopter scam was, in real time, and the TV company then fluffed a scheduled repeat broadcast of the interview when they realized they were being used for disinfo/propaganda. 

Hakluyt have upped their surveillance of me since then. They'll be reading this.

They also cut a radio broadcast dead while live on air to imply MI5/MI6 interference, as the book says! So here we have a private security firm who work for the Royals and Masons, trying to frame our National security agencies for the murder of Diana to get Phil off the hook!

[Yes MI5 and 6 would gladly take the blame and share it amongst their virtually faceless organisations, hide things under secrecy acts, blame people that are already dead, leave doubt as to which MI did it and leave it all tangled up and that sort of thing! Anything to get the heat off Phil. They absolutely must be willing in this blame transfer or they would have investigated it and exposed it themselves, instead of Me and You having to do it!]

            They send me a lot of emails in different names for discussions; they teach me about their ways! They also like jokes: like sending emails about things they hear me talking to my wife about in the car and in my home. They've been character profiling me from my e mails contents and from what they've learned from bugging me.

Frank Lowy [owner of Westfield Group] 'was' a member of a Zionist terrorist organization called Haganah. They operated in Israel to end the British mandate of Palestine after WWII. Haganah were the people that blew up the King David Hotel in Jerusalem.

Westfield is a front for Zionist terror activities! Churchill fronted Zions hidden political wing in GB parliament; Haganah with Lowy, and Churchill in parliament, got Israel/Palestine its independence from GB to build a base for Zionist world takeover.

Hakluyt is a front for Zionist espionage in GB and further afield today. MI5, MI6, Mossad etc all come under government scrutiny to some degree, so they do their worst through Hakluyt, which is made up of ex-government SIS agency employees and hired guns that have the right attitude for that kind of work.

I sent an email to number ten Downing Street asking for all the names of New Labour Ministers, MP's and employees that helped with the sale of GB property to Lowy. These sites have shopping centres or Hotels on them now. They haven't replied to my request so I'm changing to paper communications and recorded mail delivery to start a paper trail with Browns office soon.

They are not comfortable with me doing this, if I can get enough publicity it means they can't use those locations any more for ff attacks, so will have to choose new locations on which they control security to get their explosives inside somehow, and they will make mistakes doing this, as they only work well when they follow systems; although their systems are all busted now anyway!

 They are also uncomfortable because they don't know who else already knows about their plans and who's looking at them! They hoped to remain anonymous, ride the storm they create, then emerge as saviors and we all love them and thank them!

I'm going to do the next article about Lowy and Haganah and about GB governments knowledge of Lowy's terrorist past, and their assistance in securing chosen locations here. I'll try for early next week.
PS ///diana19.jpg PIX///   Have a look for aerial photos of Hyde Park London. The Diana memorial is a gaping vagina in ongoing female ejaculation! It gets turned off once a year for "maintenance" and while they trim nearby bushes! This is Isis cult activity; The Isis girls of old would abstain from sex and shave their pubic hair once a year, they returned to sexual activity when the hair had grow back! Did MI5 or MI6 build this monument in a Royal Park ? Who chose to encourage the public to "refresh their feet" (show the souls of their feet) to Diana's vagina ? Killing Her just wasn't enough, She'd been a little too loving and with the enemy of old, Islam!


Glenn's Last Article--Insurance Pays off for Companies With Occult Logos:

(( http://www.henrymakow.com/occult_logos_and_insurance_pay.html ))

http://henrymakow.ca/   FOR MORE


All Laws Exist in A Fiction    January 23, 2010
earthhandsplash-pyradid.jpg     (Editor's Note: I don't pretend to understand this information but many people I respect have been saying similar things. I welcome additional explanations from informed readers.)
by Rob Hay    Tax Resistor    (for Henrymakow.com)

What if I told you, you did not live in a country, nor do you have a true name, a true birth date and you did not have to file taxes or follow any laws?  As many of you scoff, stop for a moment and examine these facts.

If you look at the definitions of your Country/State/Province/City etc. you will find in the Constitution or the Interpretations Act that they are not  legally defined as being on the earth.  Canada, for example,is defined as the land under the water according to the Interpretations Act section 35(1), "Canada", for greater certainty, includes the internal waters of Canada and the territorial sea of Canada;


Nowhere in any act will you find any mention of the earth.  To further this, Canada is a Corporation registered on the Security Exchange Commission in Washington D.C.  Here is the link:


nclude&count=40#Canada      http://www.sec.gov/cgi-bin/browse-edgar?action=getcompany&CIK=0000230098&owner=i ///

Simply put, we live on a planet we call earth and not in Countries.  In fact Countries are not land under the real system of law, they are imaginary Seas, upon which Admiralty Law  applies and the NAMES you use      are imaginary ships floating on the Sea, where Piracy reigns as the system of Commerce, between your and all the other imaginary ships.

But because you are not imaginary, they have to give you a play piece in the game. This is called a PERSON and its attributes are a NAME and BIRTH DATE.  The Game is rigged from the start. The pirates simply set up laws and wait for you to break one

 so that they can plunder your wealth and freedom.

A name is an imaginary thing you are given, typically when you were born.  However, a name is simply hearsay; you do not know what your true name is, no one does.  The other attribute of a person, a Birth Date, is hearsay because no one can say when exactly the Universe was created and making use of an event such as Jesus' Death, hence A.D., is only hearsay.  Further Jesus was Crucified and died in the spring during Passover so the Calendar should actually start its new year in the spring.

What they have done is to overlay an imaginary world over the earth and make you believe that it is real, when in fact it is simply fiction.  So if you do not exist in their imaginary world, how is it that you must follow their laws and pay taxes?  You are not responsible for paying taxes and following their laws     and their laws even say so!  Again using Canada for example:

The BNA Act Section 2 dealt with the Succession of the Queen heirs ruling over Canada.  It was removed from the Act in 1897.  When Queen Victoria died in 1901, all executive power seized in Canada as per Section 9 states all executive power is vested in the Queen.  It is reported that two days after the Queen died the Bankers in The City of London, claimed salvage rights on the ship adrift at sea called Canada.

 The UK Parliament did nothing to stop them. 

The Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms section 32 states that the application of the Charter only applies to Government and Section 52 of the Constitutional Act 1982, states that all laws in Canada must be compared against the Charter or they have no force or effect.  Thus all laws in Canada only apply to the Government, I am paraphrasing this for brevity, look it up!  This is because the Bankers own Canada and the Queen has nothing to do with Canada as there was no succession of power put into the Constitution.


This is only the tip of the iceberg in terms of Canada.  For the USA, the Constitution there starts off with, "We the People..."  Pick up any law dictionary and see if it defines people as human beings, persons or men and women created by God. It doesn't.

 It is so ambiguous it is ridiculous.

All laws only apply to PERSONS.  If you open the King James Bible and look in Genesis Chapter 1, you will see very clearly that God did not create us as persons.  None of the US State Constitutions define any State as being on the earth and neither does the USA Constitution describe the USA being on the earth.  It is all imaginary.

Now for those of you who still think that law applies to you , take a look at the address of the court house and the documents that come from the court house.

You will notice that especially in Canada that they change the province name to a two letter abbreviation and in all cases they leave Canada off the address.

Look up the Address for the Supreme Court of Canada; they left Canada out of the address.  http://www.scc-csc.gc.ca/contact/index-eng.asp

This is because the Courts are the Bankers Courts and not the People's courts.  The laws have no executive power behind them from the people.  Executive power means the ability to enforce and make law.  So yes, since Queen Victoria died, all laws made since in Canada have no executive power or state authority behind them.

So you want out? 

 Well read my book, The Extortion System of the Ruling Elite

http://www.freedomfiles.org/extortion.pdf     There is a solution.

Robert Hay (<structureoflight@.......>) graduated in Telecommunication Engineering Technology from the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology in Edmonton. From there, he dedicated 5 years of his life to learning the spiritual healing arts and discovered a completely different take on life.

He became quite concerned over massive injustices and began to fight back over paying taxes. He discovered that all laws reside within a fiction. After spending a few years gathering information and successfully preventing the Tax Man from taking him to court over unpaid taxes, he wrote a book called, The Extortion System of the Ruling Elite.

 It is a free download off his website.


............and the comments.............

Rob Hay (Author) said (January 24, 2010):

I just wanted to thank you for all the work you put in to help make this article appear on your site. I know you had a lot of difficulty in grasping what the subtle differences are that make us into slaves or free men and women. The simple one is we make use of fiction to describe ourselves, i.e. Tax Resistor. That may be the effect, but in truth according to the Bible, all we can say is that we are a man or a woman created by God. God did not give us names or titles because that would make us a thing.

We are more than a thing we are co-creators with God. The duality of this reality presents LORD God, Satan who's only goal is to trick us into forgetting who we are so we can be enslaved by him. He does this by getting us to accept fiction as being part of us, hence names and titles.

I know that anyone who has gone to court to fight the tax people have lost. The lose because they accepted fiction and authority of others over them. They may throw statements at you and silly letters ignoring your own, but if they fight with you until you prove to them you know who you are and that they are the slaves not you. You simply order them to zero the account and not to bother you ever again about it. That's what I did, but it took 4 years of my life doing this stuff and staying out of the court. They ask you permission for everything they do to you in the form of demands. That is the nature of slavery. They always address the person not the living man created by Gos on the earth.

Anyway take care and I hope over time you learn more about our duality nature.

Peter said (January 25, 2010):

Rob is correct and I have read nearly everything on his web site. As I have mentioned I have been through the divorce courts and it was the crimes of magistrates and judges that helped me 'wake up'. I have completed my proper straw man recapture and claim of right to separate my corporate straw man fiction from my human being self.

After about 600 hours of work, many affidavits etc, I challenged the jurisdiction of the Australian Federal Magistrates Court on 26th November 2009. The magistrate presenting himself was named David Dunkley. I video taped the entire hearing. I asked David on about 5-6 occasions for his agreement to enter the court with my inalienable rights in tact. He refused to agree to this meaning that if I entered the court I would 'waive' all my rights, including the right to life.  .... (...)  So yes. All Rob says is true. I have the videotape of a magistrate sitting on the bench in Australia refusing to answer my questions as a sovereign to establish the court as a common law court. The court remained a UCC based court which means all that happened was some actors of the same club 'the Australian Law Society' put on a pantomime.

By the way, by proving this is possible this is the sword we can put to feminism. We can lawfully refuse the jurisdiction of the Illuminati corrupted governments and their feminist legislation and courts and simply go about our lives without being subject the legislation of any country. This is what I have done. Once you understand how straw man recapture works and how to operate the corporation known as your person with your name as primary creditor and secured party it all works just fine. I also plan to try and incarcerate all judges/magistrates in Australia and Ireland who have committed common law crimes. Starting with David Dunkley. Should be fun!

John said (January 24, 2010):

I am glad to see you posting an article on this topic. There are many men and women in Canada who are waking up to the scam that has been perpetrated on all of us since birth. The entire subject of who we really are, and not just the part about paying taxes, is a long learning curve. I have been studying it for a year and a half now and I have tried some of the methods I’ve learned to refuse photo radar tickets and other forms of “theft” from my “person”.

One of the main points that I learned was never to go to court. You are in their jurisdiction if you do, and the odds are stacked against you big time. A subpoena is literally nothing more than an  “invitation”. People who think defense lawyers actually work for the defendant are living in a dream world. These shysters take an Oath to the State, not to YOU!           Your readers should start learning about this info at the following links:

Robert Arthur Menard (based in BC)  http://www.thinkfree.ca
Access to articles requires registration.

World Freeman Society (also based in BC)
This forum is loaded with info and real people who are living examples of this info. You can read the forum but to comment or view some of the posted articles requires registration.

Mary Elizabeth Croft (based in Alberta I think)  http://www.spiritualeconomicsnow.net
Read her articles on the website and download her free PDF book called: How I Clobbered Every Bureaucratic Cash-Confiscatory Agency Known to Man.

 Irene Gravenhorst (based in BC) Watch her videos on YouTube. Just search for her name.

       For a USA perspective that is very similar to the Canadian system go to the following YouTube link and watch this video interview of Tim Turner. It’s an hour long but it will truly open your eyes!   http://www.youtube.com/watch?=JbE4E769838#t=37m40s

Doug said (January 24, 2010):

Hi Henry. Earlier in my ongoing experience I read on these topics for about two years. In fact, I could explain exactly how the (income) tax laws are perverted in the US. But the simple fact is this: once the banksters decide to get you, the number of felonies they commit is irrelevant. It is not base on law at all, it is a straight up gun-in-your-face heist. You can represent yourself and be crushed. You can hire a lawyer to represent you and be crushed. OR you can preempt the whole process with a good lawyer. The trick is the KIND of lawyer. What works is a good estate planning attorney and a great accountant who work together. Tax "voluntary" compliance is a moving target. and these people specialize in doing just that. Of course they arrange affairs such that you pay the least tax, else how could you afford them?? Regards, Doug   PS... regarding the corporate matrix: two primers: "Invisible contracts" and "Legal Fictions," Both are excellent.

Adam said (January 24, 2010):
John Harris YouTube "It's all an Illusion"  at Lawful Rebellion Conference


Glenn said (January 24, 2010):

Anyone one who thinks that registering themselves as a " natural person " will give them the legal right to fore go paying taxes, is mistaken. Although both in theory and in practice, I agree whole heartedly with the information in this article. Just open up your wallet and pull out your drivers license. Your name appears in CAPITAL letters, signifying that you, the bearer of such license, is in fact a corporation. Thats right. We're all a bunch corporate entities.


For more information on what being a natural person is all about, I recommend this site as a starting point for research    http://www.natural-person.ca/incometax.html




from reading...alcuin.....jan 5th................


Why Yemen is the next war front.

By Gary Vey for viewzone

As an editor here at viewzone I get to write and publish lots of interesting stories. Some authors write stories to promote a book or CD. Others want to be credited with a discovery of something, usually in the field of science or history. Occasionally though, a story must be told because it is ripe -- its time has come -- and that is why I have decided to write this true story about Yemen.

In the past couple of days, Yemen has been in the news. Following a botched terror attack by a Nigerian who once visited Yemen, Senator Lieberman and President Obama have told the American public that this country is the next war front. In no time at all there will be military advisors, equipment and soldiers on the ground, just like in Iraq. And like Iraq, the real agenda for being there will be hidden from you. That is, until you read this.

Soon you will hear many things about Yemen. The media will paint a picture of this country and its people as the new home of Al Qeada, and you will believe what they say. Why wouldn't you?

Yemen is the poorest country in the Arabian peninsula. It's located on the map below Saudi Arabia. Despite it proximity to the rich oil nation, Yemen is too far south to benefit from the rich oil deposits. It's hot and dry and water is scarce. The Yemeni people are mostly tribal, as they have been for centuries. There's really no reason anyone would vacation in Yemen. Unless you have family there, you would likely never go to Yemen.

But I have.

In 2001 I was the guest of the Yemeni government because I had accidentally made a discovery that I had no right to make. I discovered strong evidence that the Ark of the Covenant is buried in an archaeological site in a desert outpost called Marib.

Accidental discovery

No, I'm not an archaeologist or even an historian. At the time I was a computer programmer, working in a cubicle for the electrical grid that controls the power for the Northeast of America. In my spare time I was, and still am, the editor for viewzone. I was asked to do a story on some petroglyphs -- carved stones -- in a small Colorado town called LaJunta. The man who asked me was named Bill McGlone and he suspected that these carved shapes were an ancient language from the "old world."

The petroglyphs above were originally painted with aluminum powder but have been enhanced here in white with photoshop.

I went to the site and photographed the petroglyphs. They were very old and covered with thick black patina, a kind of mineral that builds up on the stone over many centuries. I had to illuminate them from the side to reveal the hollowed shapes and sometimes there were younger Native American petroglyphs scraped on top of them. The older petroglyphs seemed to have recurring symbols, like an alphabet, and I spent about a week photographing them. When I returned home I published them on viewzone and, at Bill's request, asked if anyone could shed light on what these shapes might mean.

About a year passed. I received news that Bill McGlone had passed away. There seemed little interest in the petroglyphs of Colorado until I got an e-mail from a retired professor from BYU. He didn't say much but attached some jpg files showing more petroglyphs with these same shapes [right]. I immediately wrote back to him and asked where in Colorado these photographs were taken. He promptly replied with even more photographs that were from the Negev desert in Israel.

Dr. James Harris made many trips to the mid-east. He was particularly interested in a collapsed turquoise mine containing inscriptions in the same alphabet that were carbon-dated to 1500 BC. It was the same alphabet that was found in Colorado. He successfully translated the writing by using an ancient proto-Hebrew dialect. He offered to translate some of the Colorado inscriptions and shared his algorithm with me.

As a computer programmer I was able to use this algorithm to create a translation program [400Kb] in JavaScript. Once downloaded on a laptop, this program could translate most of the inscriptions by running it through a web browser. I returned to Colorado a few months later and successfully translated most of the petroglyphs there. This was very exciting. The Colorado writing made references to KNN, or Cannan, and of the deity YH, Yahweh, but I could not understand how this ancient language was carved on the Colorado stones thousands of years ago.

The next e-mail I received contained more photographs of the same alphabet. This time the letters were perfectly formed in a font, carefully carved in stone and cast in bronze! The photographs were taken at the newly excavated archaeological site of the Queen of Sheba in Yemen. A team from the University of Calgary had uncovered the Queen's palace after being buried in the desert sands for 3000 years.

The photos were from press releases announcing the discovery. They stated that an "unknown" language had been found on a large wall surrounding the unexcavated courtyard of the Queen's palace. Often workers posed in front of the wall, hiding some of the letters. This was frustrating to me but I managed to translate enough to suggest a story that was written there. I stayed up for days and finally translated what texts I could see from enlarging the photographs.

I'm not a historian. I didn't understand what I had translated. It read as follows:

    (portions of the text were obscured by some workers standing in front of the wall)

The next photograph was of a bronze cast cylinder that looks as if it had once enclosed a round column. The individual letters of the alphabet had been mass produced, perhaps in wax, before the bronze was cast. "Movable type," I thought. How ingenious! I spent another long night translating this text and it seemed somehow relevant to the carved stone I had finished the previous nights.


The photos were being sent to me by John McGovern, who lived in Australia. He was following the discovery of the petroglyphs in Colorado and saw the similarity of alphabets in the press release by the University of Calgary. He continued to research the artifacts in Yemen and sent me one more carved stone that was on display in a Yemeni museum -- upside down!

I rotated the image using Photoshop and began translating again.


Because I am not an academic, getting anyone to review my work was almost impossible. No one wold even speak to me and, if they did, they would mention Graham Hancock or even worse -- the movie, Raiders of the Lost Ark.

But eventually, someone did listen to me. I sent a copy of my translations to the office of President Saleh, in Yemen, and received an invitation to come to the archaeological site.

http://www.viewzone.com/yemenasitis.html  part1


Yemen is about the size of California. The people are Islamic and Arab, but it wasn't always that way.

Prior to 1948 there was a very large Jewish population that lived and thrived in Yemen. There were Temples and Jewish neighborhoods next to Mosques. Children and adults of both faiths and traditions enjoyed eachothers companionship and commerce.

In 1948 the State of Israel was formed in the land occupied for millennia by the Palestinians. The welcome mat was out for any Jewish people who wanted to come to their new homeland and most of the Jews in Yemen left. It was a sad time for most Yemenis and the economy struggled to adjust with the sudden loss of such fine craftsmen. Even today, Yemen is famous for its filagree silver jewelry yet it is no longer manufactured because of the loss of the Jewish artisans.

In Yemen you can see countless examples of Jewish Stars, incorporated in the architecture of stone buildings and mausoleums. It was a testament to an era when there was no religious conflict. But that all changed when the new State of Israel forced out and killed the Palestinians, burnt and bulldozed their farms and orchards and continued to mistreat their Arab neighbors. Gradually, like most Arab nations in the world today, they grew intolerant and hostile.

Yemen's ancient architecture owes much to its past Jewish population. The city of Sana'a -- the capital -- is unique in its design and appearance. I spent many weeks there while visiting the surrounding villages associated with discoveries of stones and artifacts containing the ancient language. The people are especially friendly and have extremely strong family and tribal ties that far exceed their allegiance to their country. In fact, in the Northern regions of Yemen, near the archaeological site of Sheba in Marib, the national government was largely insignificant.

Yemen is the most heavily armed country in the world. There are between 3 and 4 AK47s for each man, woman and child. Children as young as 8 can shoot these weapons like a sniper and often have their own weapons (loaded) decorated with colored twine and smurf stickers.

Most of the country outside the metro region is mountainous. Small villages were built in the time of the Crusaders on top of steep inclines and resemble castles. There is usually only one entrance which can be easily defended from attack and just about everything is made from stone.

I was told there was only two types of crime in Yemen -- auto theft and revenge. The accidental killing of a family member -- perhaps by one of America's drones -- requires that the family take a life. It's an honor thing, as old as time itself. One can easily see how the indiscriminate bombing that took place in Iraq, and continues in Afghanistan, would have a domino effect, quickly turning the entire peaceful Yemeni population into a heavily armed death squad.

But that's not the reason America should think twice about making Yemen the next war front. There are more prophecies written in the old language that seem to have foreseen the events of today.

More prophecies with the Ark

Let me summarize what I learned from the translations. I've had time to learn who was "the son" or "the lord" and especially what was "the box of El." Here is the story:

Menelek, the only son of Queen Saba (i.e. Queen Sheba) and Solomon, was depressed when he learned that his father's kingdom had been overcome and the Temple in Jerusalem was sacked. His grief was deep ("...the happiness of the Son was poisoned...") and this worried his mother. Shortly after this invasion of Jerusalem, Menelik received word that the Ark of the Covenant (the "box/cell of the Lord" AT-EL), formerly housed in Solomon's Temple, was relocated for its protection.

The text refers to an "oath" that was taken by Menelik to protect the Ark, apparently consumated by a ring that was given to Menelik when he visited Solomon as a young man. Menelik also received a warning from Nathan, his half-brother, that the Ark could be harmful to his health and that it had caused vision problems and "trembling" when Nathan had attempted to interact with it. Menelik retrieves the Ark but has none of these adversities and eagerly interacts with this "box of El", eventually constructing a special underground chamber where he stores the Ark and converses through it with the Lord.

As the danger of invading enemies becomes real for the kingdom of Saba, Menelik announces that the Lord has instructed him to enter the underground chamber with the Ark, and to have the entire construction covered with sand to conceal it from hostile forces. Menelik informs his mother, Queen Saba, that he will remain buried with the Ark for a long period of time, until a "friendly" nation is overhead.

Following her only son's instructions, Menelik is buried with the Ark. However, his mother has a smaller chamber constructed adjacent to the Ark chamber with a secret peephole ("...aperture...") so that she can monitor his condition. She secretly plans to open the chamber and rescue her son should he be in danger and has had one of the chamber walls constructed without mortar.

On many occasions, Queen Saba viewed her son inside the chamber. She mentions that he received a future revelation from the Ark, which sounded to her like thunder. As she watched Menelik interact with the Ark, she noted that he trembled and shook from the visions that were being shown to him.

As time passed, the thundering noise and movement of her son ceased. Upon opening the secret peephole, the Queen saw a worm crawl out. This suggested that maybe Menelik had died. The Queen was determined to open the chamber and rescue her son but she recalled his faith and remembered his words, that he would be buried for "a long time." She wept ("...cried an ocean of tears...") that his vision of the future also included the revelation that she had doubted his word and she prayed that he would forgive her for her doubts.

Determined to honor her son's wishes, Queen Saba has the chamber reinforced with more stone and mortar. She consults with the builders and masons to design an enclosure that would protect the buried chamber from future earthquakes, floods, salt (?) and other natural disasters. The chamber was thus made more sturdy and a large dam was constructed around the buried chamber to protect it from water and floods. This oval dam bares the story, inscribed in the old language.

The Queen then "dimmed" her kingdom [see right] in Yemen and moved her entourage to Ethiopia, confounded her language to Himyaritic, a copy of the Ark was made and she allowed the buried palace and its courtyard to be consumed by the desert sands. There it remained for almost 3000 years until it was discovered by Wendell Philips, ironically the character on whom Indiana Jones was based in the movie, Raiders of the Lost Ark.

(Inscription [right] describes the mother "M" dimming her nation for the love of the Lord.)

DO NOT OPEN -- a warning

In the Yemen museum there is another stone which dictates the conditions that should exist prior to any attempt at opening the chamber. These include the occupation of the land by a "friendly" nation and the warning that the Ark must not be moved and should not be used for any national or personal benefit. The Ark is to be used for the benefit of all mankind and petitions (asking for special favors) to the Lord are to be made by collective prayer in the area of the buried Chamber and through the "priests" of the Ark (Menelik?).

Following the burial of the chamber and the surrounding temple, Queen Saba "dimmed her kingdom" and moved to Ethiopia with the prohibition that the area where the Ark and Menelik were buried should be forgotten, lest future hostile nations and "blind prophets" should seek it out.

Is the Ark still there? The courtyard was never excavated. In the Summer of 2001, the University of Calgary scanned it with ground penetrating radar and located the chamber. But then the events of September 11, 2001 forever changed the politics of Yemen, and all Arab nations. The sand has again claimed the site, which is now under tribal control.

Recently, some Italian tourists attempted to visit the site and were killed by an improvised explosive. This sent a strong message to all outsiders that the site was off limits. The area is also subject to Yemen's separatist movement with the local tribes wishing to return to a divided Yemen and Aden, where their tribal influence will remain supreme.

Who needs the Ark?

The Jewish temple was built around a special chamber -- the Holy of Holies -- which contained the Ark of the Covenant. This was the raison d'etre of the temple. The Ark represents a direct link to God. Without the Ark the temple is just a building.

The Ark is needed for the construction of the future Third Temple -- a building which is connected with the belief that the Messiah will return to Earth to rule all men -- which is to be built on the site of the past temples. This location is currently occupied on the Temple Mount by a very important Islamic Mosque.

The Third Temple is a necessity for both Jews and Messianic Christians and is especially relevant in what many perceive as the "end times."

Is this why America, acting as proxy for Israel, is anxious to invade Yemen? I honestly think so. How else would the Ark be retrieved from such a heavily armed population. Why else would war be declared on these friendly and extremely independent people? What will happen if the Ark is moved -- against all the written warnings?    We shall see.

For more information please look HERE (( http://www.viewzone.com/expo2002.html part3 ))

http://www.viewzone.com/yemenasitis2.html part2


First Tongue: An Ancient Global Language


[Above: Colorado wall originally enhanced with aluminum powder on location but here enhanced with white in Photoshop to reveal shapes. 37-44'58.91"N 103-28'48.96"W]

In the last part of the 20th century, a handful of archaeologists discovered a collection of symbols carved in stone as petroglyphs that appeared to be writing. Initial dating of these symbols showed that they were made over an extended period time, beginning around 1700 BC, and located on as many as five continents.

This unique collection of symbols was first examined in the Negev desert of Israel by Dr. James Harris, a brilliant archaeologist from Brigham Young University. He identified the symbols as an alphabet in the proto-Canaanite language which he successfully translated by using old-Hebrew phonetic sounds.

The earliest examples of this writing were first described as graffiti left by workers of a turquoise mine. Later, excellent examples were found in a mining site that collapsed and remained intact from around 1500 BC, established by carbon-14 dating of wooden beams used to support the tunnels. This discovery was called "Old Negev" by Harris because of its location in the Israeli desert.

In the late 1990's, William McGlone, an amateur archaeologist and retired space engineer, discovered the same collection of symbols carved in heavily patinated stones surrounding the Southeast Colorado town of La Junta Dating of the patina corresponded to the same era as the writing found in Harkarkom in Israel. McGlone documented the locations of this writing before his untimely death in 1998. Prior to this, he gave many of his maps and notes to Gary Vey, editor of Viewzone. Vey was able, with the help of Dr. Harris, to successfully translate many of these old petroglyphs and developed a computer program to do this in the field.

In 1999, Viewzone visited and photographed the petroglyphs in Colorado and posted them on the internet for comments. [right: Original image from Colorado enhanced to show details. 37-38'12.59"N 103-35'12.88"W.]

Within a few years, images of similar petroglyphs were sent to Vey by archaeologists and historians from many global locations. This included a huge, refined collection of writing from the Republic of Yemen, at the site of the newly discovered palace of the Queen of Sheba. Vey was immediately invited to visit the museums and archaeological sites in Yemen and photographed as well as translated many of the older stone and bronze artifacts.

The writing in Colorado and Yemen spoke of some event, possibly related to the Sun, which was prophesied to change human civilization. Subsequent translations of sites in Oklahoma, Australia and South America have added more details about this future event; however, the present report is meant to describe and illustrate this ancient writing system, which we are calling "first tongue." It is similar to proto-Canaanite but, because it seems to pre-date the Canaanites, the use of "First Tongue" is preferred.

In the years following the Viewzone Yemen Expedition, in 2001, Vey has worked closely with historian and linguist, John McGovern, who resides in Australia. McGovern has collected examples of FT from around the globe and has been able to reconstruct the esoteric, religious and cultural systems that motivated these early authors. He describes a highly developed understanding of deity and the cosmos that inspired these ancient texts.

Viewzone || Comments

Update: Some recent translations using variations of the Sabaean text as it appears on some stones in the Yemen Museum have been attempted and are published for comments Here and Here. In these examples, we attempt to follow the protocol used by the University of Calgary -- making vertical lines correspond to word breaks (spaces) and assigning the "lamed" sound to what we have previously assigned to the "gimmel." Suprisingly, the result of the new translations are consistent with the historical narrative, in general, and even seem to add some details not recorded before.

Note: I have received many inquiries about this discovery. While we continue to receive photographic material from new finds in Yemen, we have decided to refrain from posting these. Why? Inevitably some traditional archaeologists will attempt to argue about the methods of the translation or of the possibility of the scripts being found in various geographic areas. In our younger years we would have debated these points and adhered to the traditional paradigm of journal publication etc. Instead, since the translations are revealing important prophetic information we have decided to focus all of our efforts to this task. Our goal is not academic or to achieve fame. In actuality, there is no time for that.

A translation program in JavaScript, which will run on any browser, has been provided to validate our work. Thanks for your kind words and interest.

Gary Vey   http://www.viewzone.com/expo2002.html




...................fw10......jan 5th.............


(( *Dan Eden* /Gary Vey)) Since the events of September 11, 2001, the world is a different place. The invisible evil that John and I detected has become a bit more conspicuous. The New World Order is no longer just a catchy phrase but an evolving reality.

Dr. Hurtak called me to arrange for another meeting, but I declined.

Sky returned to live a more mundane life in Northampton, Massachusetts. To this day she refuses to speak with me. Her bright moment was a flicker in time. She paid a high price for her adventure but, in the end, she was right about one thing. She was used. But we were all used. Sky paid with her sanity.

The buried chamber in Yemen was located by ground penetrating radar a few weeks after we left Mareb. But now the region is under military control because of alleged Al Qaeda activity. All archaeological work has been suspended. The prophecy said that the chamber would be opened when a "friendly" nation controlled the land... so that's a long way off in the future I guess.

I heard from Jonas, Dave and they are both alive and well. Nicki's body was reburied in her hometown and I visited her grave in the summer of 2002.

I tried calling Kathy again but the number was no longer valid. I guess the NSA has bigger things to worry about these days.

In the winter of 2002 I received several e-mails from my friend in Yemen, Khalid. He had been contacted by the Yemen Minister of Antiquities and asked to see if he could arrange my return to Yemen. Several new sections of the carved stoned had been uncovered and they were anxious to have me confirm their attempted translations.

A "job" was arranged for me at the Modern American Language Institute as their director. I would receive two thousand dollars a month and live in a protected apartment in old San'a. From there it would be a day's drive to Mareb where I would have access to the archaeological site of the Queen of Sheba. A visa was obtained and I was in the process of securing my airline tickets.

It was about this time that Bush was threatening to invade Iraq and the State Department was warning Americans to vacate the entire region, including Yemen. In fact, the airline had referred my information to Homeland Security and they called to ask about my travel plans and threatened to detain me at the airport if I attempted to leave.

I'm almost sure they knew nothing about my prior activities when they called, but my desire to move to Yemen was sure to flag my passport for review and I had no doubt that my activities in Yemen would be make me a "person of interest."

About the same time, an old friend named James sent me a letter from Vietnam, where he had gone to live with his Vietnamese bride. James was a free spirited man who had traveled extensively in the oil business. On one of his vacations he had met a Vietnamese woman, fallen in love and now had a baby with her. He decided to retire in Vietnam and was encouraging me to do the same....(...)

...(...)After the second or third bottle of beer I noticed that I felt very sleepy and that it was difficult to speak clearly. Jeff seemed amused by this and kept insisting that I "drink up." At some point I must have passed out.

"Gary! Gary!" (You must have figured out by now that *Dan Eden* is Gary Vey) A voice yelled at me. I opened my eyes and was looking up at a woman, dressed in white and holding defribulator paddles. A man's hand was slowly removing a large plastic tube from my throat and there was a loud high-pitched hiss that made it difficult to hear what they were saying.

I spent two days in the French Hospital in Phnom Penh. I had been discovered by the housekeeping staff at the hotel and they had rushed me to the hospital because they couldn't wake me up. At the hospital I had suffered from low blood pressure and eventually my heart had gone into some kind of arrhythmia and required electric shock to revive me. A later examination of my blood and stomach contents revealed a high dose of Klonapin.

When I got out I went to the US embassy in Phnom Penh and complained. They showed me some photographs of three men, one of whom was Jeff. After I identified him the embassy was reluctant to speak with me and only suggested that I return to Vietnam as soon as possible.

When I returned to my wife, she made me promise not to be involved in "politics" ever again. It was good advice and it seemed like something I ought to listen to. For the most part, I did as she requested.

Months later I got a phone call from one of the men in Thailand. I immediately told him that his "buddy" had poisoned me. To my surprise he denied any knowledge of the man who called himself "Jeff" but said that he had called to alert me that "They are going to use the HAARP again next week!" I told him I really wasn't interested but he insisted on telling me that friends in the "company" had passed this information to him. In the end, because I wanted to abide by my wife's suggestion, he just said, "Well, remember what I have just told you."

I didn't tell my wife about the phone call but one morning she seemed very excited and pulled me to the television. "Wow. Look. Big water!" The earthquake in Indonesia had caused a huge Tsunami that had killed thousands in Thailand and Sri Lanka. As I would later learn, my two friends living along the coast were among the victims....(...)

Update 2009-2010: I guess someone has realized that the Ark (the "box of El") is buried in Marib, Yemen. Joe Lieberman has just stated that Yemen is the next war front and they have decided to call the tribal people, who don't associate with anyone, Al Qeada. Anyone who has been to Yemen knows how foolish this is... but then not many people have been there.

The Ark is needed by the Israelis to complete their Third Temple -- as soon as the do something about the Mosque on the Temple Mount. We can only hope that there is a God and that good will conquer evil and that the Ark will remain where it is -- and not fall in to evil hands.

http://www.viewzone.com/tells-all53.html Dan Eden





Dan Eden in an article, titled Weapons of Mass Destruction, talked about the HAARP facility located in Gakuna, Alaska, where patents bought from inventor Dr. Bernard Eastlund by huge defense contractor Raytheon are being experimented with, and used conceivably against world populations.

http://www.fourwinds10.com/siterun_data/environment/weather_and_climate/news.php?q=1234825061  Is It the Weather or Government Terror?


grand canal





January 30, 2010 10:05 AM    THE LAWS OF GOD AND THE CREATION.

Patrick H. Bellringer

These Laws were given forth by Creator God Aton of Light, and The Creation,

and are also called The Laws of Balance.


A.  The highest command of The Law of Creation is:

            Achieve the wisdom of knowledge inasmuch as this will enable you to wisely follow the Laws of the Creation.

B.  The highest command of The Law of God is:

            You shall Honor God as the Ruler of the human races and follow His Laws for HE is the "King of Wisdom".

            We attain spiritual perfection by learning and wisely following the Laws given forth by God and Creation.  We learn through the Spirit of God within us how to live in harmony and balance with all of Creation.


 The Laws are as follows:

 1.        You shall have no other gods than the Creator God before you and abide with the Laws of the Creation which encompasses all.  Also known as the "Law of One".

 2.        You shall not make for yourselves idols and false images to worship as gods for therein you give power into the hands of evil.

 3.        You shall love the Lord God with all your heart, soul and being (you must love yourself as God and God as yourself).

 4.        You shall not use the name of God irreverently, nor use it to swear to a falsehood.

 5.        Remember God's "day" and keep it holy. (Every day is God’s “day”.)

 6.        You shall honor your mother and father.

 7.        You shall not murder your fellow man.  (Killing to preserve your life or of your family is not         murder)

 8.        You must not commit adultery.

 9.        You must not steal (materially or emotionally).

10.       You must not covet or envy that which belongs to your neighbor.

11.       You must not impose nor force your free-will upon the free-will of another.  Also known as "The Law of Non-interference."

12.       You must not judge (condemn) others, but you must wisely judge all behavior and actions which are contrary to the Laws of God and The Creation.

13.       As you sow, so shall you reap.  Also called "The Law of Cause and Effect."

14.  You must honor all commitments made in service to God, the Father, the One within.

15.       You must obey the wisdom of God for the responsible and balanced procreation of your species.

16.       You must do unto others as you would have them do unto you. Also called "The Golden Rule".

17.       Evil (adversaries of God) must always wear a sign of their evilness.  (By their fruits you shall know them).

18.       You must not commit the act of slavery (physical or emotional) upon any human being of             Creator God.


            With the communion of the Spirit of Life within us, we must first wisely understand and follow the Laws of Balance, and secondly, we must wisely know where our responsibility begins and ends within the Creation upon this wonderful Planet Earth.

            The first question to ask is how can I maintain my life in "harmony and balance" with the rest of "creation"?  The answer is, you begin with the pure desire to know Truth.  We must recognize that we are limited in our perception of Truth, and that God knows the best pathway for us to travel in His service.  So we must then surrender our "will" (ego) to that which is God's Will.

            "In your daily prayer you must ask God for the loving Light of protection, guidance, power, wisdom, knowledge, truth, integrity and courage in order to best serve His Will and not your will (ego)".

            Then in our quiet corner we must meditate.  We must listen.  We must wait upon our Father-God who is within us (our God-Spirit) to give us that which we need to sustain us in His service.  Our will and His Will must become one again.

            For a detailed discussion of these eighteen Laws of God and The Creation, please read Phoenix Journal number 27, entitled Phoenix Operator-Owner Manual found at http://www.fourwinds10.com .


--The Phoenix Journals/Contact Newspaper Archive and The Spectrum Newspaper Archive  are at:

http://www.fourwinds10.com   and



--The Bellringer Writings and “Hello, Centrals”! are at:

http://www.fourwinds10.com       bellringer@fourwinds10.com

Reposted Jan. 30, 2010




These days most people have heard of Microsoft Corporation, and its founder Bill Gates. The majority of computers in use today use Microsoft system software, and those that do not often run applications from Microsoft. However, few people know the true story behind the rise of Microsoft and even fewer suspect the terrible cosmic secrets that are concealed beneath the facade of a successful software company.


((from  http://www.dangerouslogic.com/microsoft.html ))

[A Big Brother "Howdy" to all my friends who surfed here from theforbiddenknowledge.com. Just so you know, They're watching me, so now They're watching you, too. Cheers and enjoy the rest of the page!]

    "The chessboard is the world, the pieces are the phenomena of the universe, the rules of the game are the laws of nature. The player on the other side is hidden from us." -- Thomas Henry Huxley

 "In every grain of wheat there lies hidden the soul of a star." -- Arthur Machen

 "The Old Ones were, the Old Ones are and the Old Ones will be... not in the spaces we know of, but between them ... Yog-Sothoth is the Gate."-Abd al-Hazred, AlAzif

"All perception is inferential; all inference uncertain; all theory, a combination of perception and inference, is therefore educated guessing." -de Selby,GoldenHours,I,93


                 These days most people have heard of Microsoft Corporation, and its founder Bill Gates. The majority of computers in use today use Microsoft system software, and those that do not often run applications from Microsoft. However, few people know the true story behind the rise of Microsoft and even fewer suspect the terrible cosmic secrets that are concealed beneath the facade of a successful software company.

In the Object Linking and Embedding 2.0 Programmer's Reference there is a very curious term. On page 78, the second paragraph starts with the sentence

    In the aggregation model, this internal communication is achieved through coordination with a special instance of IUnknown interface known as the controlling unknown of the aggregate.

The term controlling unknown is a very interesting choice of words. It is not the most intuitively obvious term for what it is describing (a base class used for implementing an object-oriented data exchange/embedding system).

A term strikingly similar to controlling unknown was the term unknown superiors, used by many occult secret societies. These included the Strict Observance Masonic lodge, whose members were sometimes referred to as illuminati, and which had some connection with Adam Weishaupt's order. Unknown superiors is a term that refers to non-corporeal or superhuman agencies in command of secret societies or mystery cults. Such an agency is frequently known as the inner head of an order of organisation, as opposed to the outer head, who is human.

Organisations that claimed or were claimed to be commanded by such unknown superiors include the Ordo Templi Orientis of Aleister Crowley and the Knights Templar, whose Inner Head was apparently a being named Baphomet.

Apart from the term controlling unknown, another hint at the secrets behind Microsoft is the fact that Microsoft Windows has a limit of five window device contexts. Five is a decidedly odd number for such an application, being neither a power of two nor one less than a power of two, but let us not forget Adam Weishaupt's discovery of the Law of Fives in the Necronomicon [1].

Few people for sure how many buildings there are on the Microsoft campus in Redmond, WA. No maps of the entire facility are known to exist. Some Microsoft employees put the estimate at six or three. An article in an Australian newspaper has claimed that there are 22 buildings. That is partly true; however, there is another building, hidden from the public and even from most Microsoft employees. The twenty-third building, or Building 7, is pentagonal in shape; its exact location is known only to five people (of whom Bill Gates may be one); however, it is believed that the building is accessible from elsewhere in the Microsoft campus by a secret passage.

What is in the five sided building is not known. However, it is believed that the contents of Building 7 are of a supernatural nature. Apart from the Pentagon, there was a similar five-sided building in Nazi Germany. This has been carefully kept hidden from the public. One hypothesis is that Building 7 is inhabited by, or used to communicate with, the Inner Head, or controlling unknown. The identity of the Outer Head is unknown. Bill Gates may be the Outer Head, a high initiate of the conspiracy or just a figurehead whose purpose it is to divert attention.

To fully understand this history, or whatever of it may be understood by human minds, one must have some knowledge of the history and origins of the Illuminati. Little is known about the Illuminati, but what is known is that the Illuminati can be definitely traced back to 1776.

On Walpurgis night 1776, five men met in a cavern deep beneath Ingolstadt, Bavaria. There they invoked some sort of supernatural beings and made contact with the Unknown Superiors. The following day, one of these five men proclaimed the foundation of the Ancient Illuminated Seers of Bavaria, using the name "Adam Weishaupt", which means "the first man to know the Superiors".

Although the Illuminati were officially disbanded in 1785, they did not disappear; throughout the past 200 years, they have been observing the profane world carefully, and occasionally intervening [2]. Their contacts with the Unknown Superiors continued in specially constructed buildings, originally in Germany but later in Washington. During the 1920s and 1930s there occurred a potential problem; a young writer named Howard Phillips Lovecraft published many stories which contained allegories to Illuminated history (for example, Joseph Curwen's invocation of Yogge-Sothothe in an underground complex in the 18th century). It is believed that Lovecraft's father was a Grand Orient Freemason. The Illuminati, however, persuaded Lovecraft to join their cause and faked his death in 1937 [3]. Another incident occurred on October 21, 1967, when occultists attempted to "raise" the Pentagon; they were given permission to approach it but prevented from completely encircling it. However, in 1975, a crisis developed that threatened the very foundation of the Illuminati.

A book, claiming to be a fantasy novel, appeared. This book was mostly fiction; however, it hinted at the secrets of the Illuminati (even going as far as using Lovecraft's term Yog-Sothoth for the Unknown Superior). To this day it is not known whether the authors were renegade Illuminati or whether the information was acquired from informers within the organisation. The book was called lluminatus!

Immediately, the Illuminati convened an emergency meeting in Cesme, Turkey. There they discussed a contingency plan to restructure the organisation and to move the Pentacle of Invocation to a new location. They decided on setting up a small computer company in one of the smaller cities of the United States as a front. That year, Microsoft Corporation was founded.

But why did the Illuminati select a software company and not, say, a company that manages investments or makes kitchen appliances? The answer lies in symbolism [4] . There is a recurring legend about a device in the form of a human head which could answer yes/no questions [5] . This device is extremely suggestive of a computer of some sort, and if it did exist in anything more than hermetic allegory, it could not have been manufactured by any human civilisation of the time whose existence is known. Hence, the Illuminati decided to use a computer company as a front.

It has been already speculated that the name of the founder, Bill Gates, is a code much as "Adam Weishaupt" was a code. Apart from being the name of a magician in Aleister Crowley's novel, Moonchild, Gates is a reference to the Unknown Superior and the gateway between ordinary reality and the Invisible World; Lovecraft himself referred to Yog-Sothoth as "the Gateless Gate". By the same token, IBM can be said to stand not for "International Business Machines" but rather for "Iacobus Burgundus Molensis", or Jacques de Molay, the last overt Grand Master of the Knights Templar, whose name was borrowed by the Bavarian Illuminati for one of their ciphers. One must also not forget that a Microsoft network administration tool currently under development is named Hermes, after the god of alchemy, and that a line in Umberto Eco's novel, Foucault's Pendulum reads, quite clearly, "Microsoft-Hermes".


[1] Some sources claim that the copy of the Necronomicon which Adam Weishaupt owned was the von Junzt German translation; this, however, is unlikely, as von Junzt lived in the nineteenth century. The Necronomicon involved was probably either Olaus Wormius' Latin edition or the original Arabic, as the details of the illustrations would attest.

[2] As they did in Sarajevo in 1914, St. Petersburg in 1917, Manhattan in 1929 (to divert attention from a rather unpleasant affair off the coast of New England) and Dallas in 1963.

[3] Have you ever wondered why his grave is not marked?

[4]Perhaps because of their invlovement in mystick arts such as the Cabala, the Illuminati have always had an affinity for symbolism.

[5] Some link this device to the Knights Templar and their god Baphomet; others claim that Pope Sylvester, who lived in the tenth century, brought such an object back from India, where he met the "Nine Unknown Men."

From: cc@cs.wm.edu (Chris Michael)

In article <21uo6g$mao@senator-bedfellow.MIT.EDU> buehler@sybil.mit.edu (Royce

Buehler) writes:

>The code in "Gates" is made amply clear. But what is encoded in "Bill"?

The North American lodge of the Bavarian Illuminati is (logically

enough) known as the "Bavarian Illuminati." (The name of the Bavarian

lodge is obviously not in English, it's the "Alten Erleuchteten

Seher Bayerns, " e.g., the Ancient Illuminated Seers of Bavaria.)

The German-style abbreviation of "Bavarian Illuminati"

is the B. Ill. or simply BIll. Members of the American lodge

frequently identified themselves in secret communications by using the

name Bill.

(But the official designation for the American Lodge is the "Secret American

Daughter-organization of the Illuminated Seers," that is, the

"Geheime Amerikanische Tochtergenossenschaft der Erleuchteten Seher,"

or GATES.)

>Is it nothing more than a reminder of the Cthulhoid motto "Novus Ordo

>Saeclorum" on the United States dollar bill? Does it refer to secret

The numerical value of Bill in Hebrew AND Greek is 72, which is the

number of divisions in the Illuminati pyramid. Gates (in Hebrew)

is 78, which is 13x6. Thus "Bill Gates" is a description of the

pyramid, 72 divisions, 13 levels, and 6 sides (including the flat top

where the eye in the triangle sits).

And finally, of course, Bill is an anagram of Lilb; I think I hardly have to

comment on the significance of this...

From: ins559n@aurora.cc.monash.edu.au (Andrew Bulhak)

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