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In late November India’s Prime Minister Manmohan Singh arrived in Washington for a much celebrated State Visit.  Reversed Speech from Singh’s final press conference reveals that he made a deal to deliver an atomic bomb for use in the upcoming false-flag attack on Israel that will trigger the invasion of Iran.

Some of this material was posted in our private area, but I’ve just uploaded a full report at Ken-Welch.Com that puts it all into perspective.

Click here: India Joins Armageddon Plot to get the full story.

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Posted,February 8, 2010 2:10 PM   

by  Ken Welch in Houston  Writen,February 7, 2010  ((text  from FW10 ))

Take a good look at the little fellow in the photo above. The one who looks like he's about to win a rigged lottery.  That's India's Prime Minister Manmohan Singh.  He's also shown in the political cartoon on the right.  Notice the bomb hidden in the turban?  What a surprise!  As you will learn below, this clown is no Ghandi

 and India has gone very firmly to the dark side.

                          I.  PM Manmohan Singh
Michelle Obama and Prime Minister Singh at State Dinner////

In late November last year, India's Prime Minister arrived in Washington for a highly celebrated State Visit.  You'll remember the gala State Dinner at the White House, and all of the press coverage it generated.  There were also a lot of closed-door meetings.  The press had very little to say about those meetings and, as a number of special "deals" were being announced the following week, U.S. propaganda networks diverted public attention by focusing instead on two people who had attended the dinner without proper invitations.

We learned some time ago that India's secret service had supplied the missile that was to be used in the false-flag attack on Israel called operation GAMBIT.  (This is to trigger the nuclear attack on Iran and subsequent invasion.)  Naturally we hoped that reversed speech from PM Singh would provide additional information. but little was found

 until Singh gave a final press conference before departing.

Needless to say, we were absolutely stunned when the first words from Singh's mouth revealed that he has also supplied an atomic bomb to be used in the false-flag attack as well.  If something has gone wrong with the jury-rigged Soviet nuke that was to ride the missile to an air burst over a sparsely populated section of Israeli coastline, then the Indian nuke will replace it. 

 If not, then the Indian nuke is a wild-card; possibly intended for some target that will be particularly attractive to Singh.  Yet it is hard to see how this would fit in with an attack that is to be blamed on imaginary Islamic terrorists!

Singh seems very pleased about it and, in describing the use of the bomb as "foolproof," seems to feel that no one will ever guess at India's involvement.  Although we don't know the actual target, the end result will still be a nuclear attack on Iran.  India would see the destruction of militant Islam's loudest voice as a major strategic milestone and that may be all they want.  Of course, the people of India must bare the karmic backlash of being responsible for hundreds of thousands of deaths,

 just as Americans do in even larger measure.

Singh reminded everyone that India was experiencing the first anniversary of the strange (even surreal) terrorist attack on the city of Mumbai, and that the status of India's national security apparatus had greatly improved since then.  His reversed speech from this event does not provide any indication that Singh's government may have been involved in the attack.  This has been an issue of speculation here in the U.S., where we know that 9/11 was a U.S. Navy operation.  But since we are simply too far away to do a good investigation, the subject of India's own energizing terrorist extravaganza remains an enigma.        However, Singh's remarkable reversal, "WE LIKE IT, WE KILL" tells me that India would greatly benefit from developing a group of reversed speech investigators to monitor national affairs.  As quickly as possible.

Of special interest is the final reversal in this set: ....(...)
For those who are not familiar with our discoveries, during the Bush administration Houston was the de facto capitol of the United States.  It is the home of the international Oil Cartel that controls the Pentagon, and virtually everything that happens in the Middle East.  Bush and Cheney were Houston employees, and took their orders from there.  Obama is a Wall Street employee hired simply to give speeches, which is why we find that he knows only a few basic details about what is actually going on.

While Wall Street runs the White House now, the Pentagon is still controlled by Houston.  If Gambit is successful (it has failed half a dozen times), and the balloon goes up in the Middle East, you will be spoon fed an elaborate fantasy about who was responsible for what you are seeing on your television screen.  The truth will be quite different.  Insiders call it The Show and it is essentially a war between corporations.  Put simply, the international Oil Cartel will be attempting to destroy the corporate descendants of Iran's Revolutionary Guard, including Iran's state-controlled oil company, and steal their oil reserves.

In the fourth reversal above we find that it is indeed Houston that Singh has hooked up with, and they have told him what to watch for so he can know that Gambit is counting down to it's final hours and his bomb is about to be triggered.  Readers should be cautioned, though, since details like this can change easily.  Of course, if some sort of turmoil should break out in a Palestinian area next week, and it appears that people are being attacked with a white gas or vapor, you'll know that you'll be spending the next few days in front of your television set.

Although technically Singh has given his bomb to Houston, don't imagine that it is somewhere in Texas.  The device will be in the Middle East in the hands of Navy Intelligence Management (called Nimmers and sometimes Men In Black), the same folks who brought us 9/11. 

 Navy SEALs will be guarding it, and will move it to its target when the time comes.
                                       II.  Singh Takes a Bribe
In the first reversal below you'll hear why we've chosen "A Fistful Of Dollars" for Manmohan Singh's personal theme on the website.  GIVE ME THE CASH (delivered to Bombay) would be impossible to misinterpret!  In an interesting coincidence, while looking for images of PM Singh we found the cartoon at right.(( ))

  I have no idea what it says, but it seems to illustrate a certain affinity for cash on his part!  Considering the resources of Exxon, Shell, BP and the others, I think we can assume that the size of the bribe was pretty substantial.

In the sentence following this one in his final press conference, we recently found a reversal that had been overlooked.  It describes his meeting with the Nimmer, just as I described it above, and perhaps the Nimmer "drew him a picture."  Picture or not, Singh was definitely impressed by the fact that the secret government of the U.S. is absolutely committed to the use of nuclear weapons some time in the weeks ahead.

In late November our accumulated RS on the GAMBIT false-flag attack plan indicated that the attack was expected to take place about thirty days later, perhaps around Christmas time.  However it soon became apparent that the operation had been put on hold.  In hindsight we see a scenario identical to late 2008. 

 Gambit, and the follow-on nuclear attack on Iran, will essentially shut down or totally monopolize Washington.  In 2008 GAMBIT was halted to allow the Banker Bail-Out program to finish first.  You may recall how “urgent” that was.  One reason it was urgent was because it was holding up GAMBIT.  Although the Pentagon was given the green light again when the legislative program was finished, it was apparently impossible to make everything come together.

This time it was the mysterious Health Care Reform legislation that took precedence, and blocked a planned Armageddon in the Middle East.  You will remember the unexplained hysteria about how urgent it was to get those bills passed, yet no one could ever explain why!  Armageddon for Christmas was fading away with each day's delay.

The election of the wrong Senate candidate in Massachusetts signaled the collapse of the “super majority” that the Progressives (a hidden anti-American political organization that few people understand) had been using to control Congress, and Health Care Reform died an almost instant death.  Within 48 hours we began finding hints in RS that Gambit had been given the go-ahead once again.      Past experience tells us that it takes thirty to forty days to get everything wound up for GAMBIT and THE SHOW.  That means that someone, somewhere, should now be ready to pull the trigger.




Bad News: New Armageddon Nuke Is Already Deployed

mardi 9 Février 2010 21 h 00
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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

From Ken-Welch.Com To All Lists

New Armageddon Nuke Already Deployed

Two days ago I posted a report detailing how Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh had sold an atomic bomb to be used in the false-flag attack that will trigger the invasion of Iran. A new report actually shows the weapon being trucked out of a U.S. compound to be deployed in the field.

This took place about fourteen days ago, and it is very bad news.

We also found a strong suggestion relating to the timing for the upcoming attack.
(( near next new moon, feb 13th))
You can find the new report at:

Oh yes.. You are not going to believe who supplied the information!
Ken Welch   Houston


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