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February 28, 2010

US Puts South America “On Notice” With Catastrophic Chile Quake Test.

By: Sorcha Faal, and as reported to her Western Subscribers

             Russian Space Forces (VKS) monitoring the United States High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program (HAARP) are reporting to Prime Minister Putin today that as expected the US has unleashed another one of their earthquake weapons tests upon the Americas resulting in a catastrophic 8.8 magnitude trembler hitting the South American Nation of Chile.

In our January 22nd report titled “World Trembles As US Prepares New Quake Test” we had quoted previous VKS warnings about the United States preparing to a new test of this weapon, and as we can read:

“To the location of this new earthquake weapons test the United States is preparing for these reports further warn the entire Western coastal areas of the Americans are in danger and could ‘very well’ expect to see a catastrophic event within the fortnight.”

[Note: For more information about the United States use of these most devastating of weapons please refer to our January 14th report “US Quake Test Goes “Horribly Wrong”, Leaves 500,000 Dead In Haiti”]

In these new reports the VKS reports that the United States was “forced” to put off their testing of this devastating earthquake weapon by three weeks due to the unexpected rise in solar activity which they state could “significantly alter” our entire Earth’s magnetosphere as occurred during the HAARP test of early January which continues to wrack havoc upon the weather throughout the entire Northern Hemisphere, and as we had previously reported on in our January 6th report titled “Norway Time Hole “Leak” Plunges Northern Hemisphere Into Chaos”.

Especially worrying to the US and their EU counterparts prior to this new earthquake weapons test, these reports continue, was the appearance on the sun this past week of the estimated 1 million kilometer long magnetic filament extending from its surface which another HAARP “firing” is feared could cause its collapse resulting in a massive Hydra Flare that could affect our entire Earth.

               US government scientists seeking to preempt this latest HAARP test warned this past week of the potential catastrophic effects it could have on all of us, and as we can read as reported by the NPR News Service in their February 26th report titled “Solar Storms Could Be Earth's Next Katrina” and which, in part, said: “A massive solar storm could leave millions of people around the world without electricity, running water, or phone service, government officials say. That was their conclusion after participating in a tabletop exercise that looked at what might happen today if the Earth were struck by a solar storm as intense as the huge storms that occurred in 1921 and 1859.

The exercise, held in Boulder, Colorado, was intended to investigate "what we think could be close to a worst-case scenario," says Tom Bogdan, who directs the Space Weather Prediction Center in Boulder. The Center is a part of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. “It's important to understand that, along with other types of natural hazards, (solar) storms can cause impacts,” says Craig Fugate, Administrator of the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), who also took part in the tabletop exercise.”/////

              Though this warning by these dissident US scientists was (obviously) ignored, Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez [photo bottom left] remains the only World leader calling on the United States to immediately stop the testing of these catastrophic earthquake weapons and has accused the Americans of “playing God”, and as we can read as reported by the Russia Today News Service:

“Chavez is blaming the US for causing the 7.0 magnitude earthquake in Haiti as part of testing a “tectonic weapon” that can cause eco-type disasters, according to Russia Today. The Latin American leader added that the US should “stop playing God.”

Chavez said these “weapon earthquakes” would eventually be used against Iran and be taken over by the US military.  Chavez says these weapons can alter the climate and set off earthquakes and volcanoes remotely through the use of electromagnetic waves.”/////

                 To the reasons for the United States targeting of Chile, these reports further state, was to put all of South America “on notice” that America does not intend to give up its hegemony over this region, a message to be “reinforced” this coming week with US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s visit to 5 Latin American Nations, including now quake shattered Chile.

Especially angering the Americans    were the Latin Americans move this past week during their annual Rio Group summit in Mexico to completely split from the US by their forming a new European Union type alliance to go under the provisional name of the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States (CELC), and where Chavez, who spoke of finally throwing off the US-yoke, stated:  “Now here, in Mexico, we have created a document, a compromise, the creation of a body of Latin America and the Caribbean, without the USA. Now we can say from Mexico we have revived the dream and project of Bolivar.”/////

          Equally angering the Americans       was Chilean President Michelle Bachelet’s enacting this past month a number of sweeping changes to her Nation’s defense establishment designed to eliminate the influence of the US Military over the rights of her people, and as we can read from her comments upon the signing of this bill:

“With the enactment of this bill Chile will have completed one of the most difficult and ambitious modernizing reforms sponsored by the successive administrations of the Concertación (ruling coalition), with the understanding that defence is a State policy which must be in line with the standards demanded by a modern democracy”, underlined Ms Bachelet.     “It will be up to the officials elected by the people to define the objectives and means for national defence, assess its enactment adapting it to changes if necessary”, said Ms Bachelet who recalled that “what begins today, is obvious, was not so in the long history of our country: as happened until 1990 and more precisely 1973, was exactly the contrary”.////

          [Note: US President Richard Nixon in 1970 ordered the overthrow of the democratically elected government of Chile which resulted in the September 11, 1973 American backed coup against Socialist President Salvador Allende who was then promptly executed. Chilean President Michelle Bachelet’s father was ordered tortured and killed by the US backed coup-leader General Augusto Pinochet.]

        Important to also note about Chile’s sweeping new defense doctrine is its possible use in protecting its neighbor Argentina who is currently embroiled in a bitter dispute with the West over the oil rights to the Malvinas (Falkland) Islands still illegally occupied by British Forces,          and which Bachelet warned the US this past week:

“Chile has always taken the only posture of recognizing the legitimate rights of Argentina on the Malvinas Islands, on this occasion I want to express my deepest conviction about the strategic importance of our bilateral ties.”

As a great portion of Chile now lies in ruins today, and without a doubt, President Bachelet has received from the Americans their “answer” to her and all of Latin Americas defiance of their true US masters wishes. What remains to be seen is if Chile’s South American neighbors will rise to her defence.    And according to these VKS reports, Latin America has little time to decide their Nation’s fate as the US is even now preparing for another test of their HAARP earthquake weapon in the later part of April or early May.

May God have mercy on all of them.

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Armageddon 2010 - More Confirmation   saturday/samedi 27 février 2010 06 h 18
De: "Ken-Welch.Com"

 February 27, 2010    From Ken-Welch.Com To All Lists

Sneaking Up On Armageddon

Indications of planned nuclear war in the Middle East continue to come in.  I’ve created a new page to keep the reports all in one place.  There are two new reports, and more coming.

Admiral Mike Mullen made a quick tour of our Middle East allies and we found that the purpose of his trip was just as we suspected: To put the finishing touches on war plans.  He also admitted, in reversed speech, that the much-touted withdrawal of U.S. forces from Iraq is a hoax.  Obviously, a new war will require more troops, not less.

We also made a nice discovery when ex-ambassador John Bolton appeared on Fox News to tell everyone that the only solution to Iran’s fantasy Nuclear Weapons Program was to attack the country.  This is a particularly interesting report for two reasons.  First, the fact that the “interview” was a pre-scripted psychological preconditioning exercise is extremely clear.  Second, the Fox News anchor demonstrated that he was fully aware that we are going to nuke Iran – something that no one is supposed to know.

You can find these new reports on the "Sneaking Up On Armageddon" page:

My present feeling is that our military planners will want to take advantage of the darkness centered around the March 15 New Moon.  However, the best signal would be some sort of unrest or violence, that will allow Israeli forces to mobilize before the balloon goes up.
Ken Welch    Houston


Over the last four years, Big Oil's military planners in the Pentagon have tried repeatedly to create a false flag nuclear incident that would allow them to attack Iran with nuclear weapons.  The false flag plan is called Gambit.  The nuking of Iran and the subsequent invasion to seize Iranian oil reserves is simply called The Show.

Once again we see everything being put in readiness for another try at Gambit.  If they succeed it will make great television.  It will begin with a brilliant flash over some relatively empty piece of Israeli coastline.  It will end with the total destruction of Iran.

Just click on the pictures or titles below to read the full report backed by reversed speech. INDIA JOINS ARMAGEDDON PLOT

In December we learned that GAMBIT planners had just purchased an additional, off-the-books nuclear weapon from Prime Minister Singh of India.  This signaled that the false-flag attack plan was alive and well, and was soon to resurface on our reversed speech radar.


And look who told us!

Because nuclear war will disrupt everything in Washington, Gambit was put on hold until the Health Care Reform scam collapsed.  That's when dear old Osama sent us a new tape, claiming to have sent the Underwear Bomber.  This allowed us to learn vital information from the U.S. psy-ops operator who was pretending to be Bin Laden.

Sources In The Intelligence Community?

Other websites, and a surprising number of Internet radio hosts and guests, claim to have special sources “inside the intelligence community.”   This simply means they are passing on whatever nonsense the Pentagon’s domestic psy-ops program is sending out that week.  Many, of course, are on the psy-ops payroll itself.  This is the only website that actually has agents in place in that secret world of those who would be our masters.  Who are they?  Anyone that gets in front of a microphone!


In this report we learn that the much-ballyhooed reduction of U.S. forces in Iraq simply isn’t going to happen.  It’s a another hoax!

This means that something very big is planned that would make an Iraq draw-down appear to be unfeasible.


After we nuke Iran, it will be helpful if Americans believe the country was a legitimate military target in the first place.  Does Fox News know about Gambit and The Show?  The answer is obvious when you hear these reversals

....and ...;article=128685;title=APFN


by  Ken Welch in Houston    February 26, 2010
On February 14th and 15th, Adm. Mike Mullen, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff did a fast tour of our friends and allies in Middle East and conducted several press events.  These were not for broadcast within the U.S, but the Pentagon Channel offered short clips and I decided we might get lucky.  From Cairo I'd hoped to hear the segment in which Mulllin reportedly denied having any plans to attack Iran, but all we got was a brief discussion of planned troop reductions in Iraq.  This is an interesting topic in itself, because we’ve known for some time that the US has no intention of ever leaving Iraq.

Not only is Iraq the cornerstone of the new oil empire, but the Houston based oil cartel that owns and controls the Pentagon cannot extract and sell all that Iraqi oil in an environment that is not safe.  US troops will have to stay in Iraq for decades.  Nonetheless, Washington has been claiming for some time that we plan to leave.


I.  Mullen In Cairo
In the sound clip below, Adm. Mike Mullen repeats the claim of significant troop reductions, but in reversed speech makes it clear that this is pure fantasy.....(...)
As you can see, the evidence of LYING is quite clear.

We believe Mullen’s lies probably concern both the present and the near future.  In the present, the actual number of troops in Iraq may be something quite different from the 100,000 that Mullen claims.  Beyond that, there is an additional army of contractors and mercenaries.  So this could be one part of the lies.  The future draw-down is a lie also; a lie that we’ve run across before.

Mullen knows that Gambit and The Show will cancel out the planned troop withdrawals.  We are expecting from one to three nukes in Iraq during The Show, to neutralize anti-Cartel forces there and this alone, on “humanitarian” grounds, may actually call for the U.S. force there to grow rather than shrink.

The evidence of FEAR is important.  In previous attempts, we have always noted that fear begins to increase among the key players as the time for Gambit approaches.  There is nothing quite as frightening to the soul as the impending use of nuclear weapons when you will be the first and only one to use them.


II.  Mullen In Israel Refines Attack Plans
On the following day Adm. Mullen met with Israel's Defense Minister and his staff.  Since we know what is actually in the works, we assumed that details were being fleshed out for Gambit and The Show.  Would our agent in the Pentagon confirm this?  It seemed unlikely since all we got were three or for sentences from the Pentagon Channel.  However, although Mullen didn't actually name GAMBIT, we still found interesting reversals that pointed to the same topic.....(...)
The subconscious rarely wastes words.  Finding these reversals attached to one another, all in the same forward phrase, paints a quick picture of what’s going on.  Mullen and his hosts have been refining their war plans to produce a BETTER WAR.  In the reversed speech, NUKE IT follows immediately.

It’s ironic, I think, that even though the American public is being prepared to accept Iran as a military target, no one has ever even hinted that nukes might be used.  Yet nuclear weapons are the only means available that would allow a relatively small force to walk in afterward and occupy Iran’s oil fields.

Occasionally we find overlapping reversals, as shown above.  This website was the first to report and demonstrate that multiple unconscious thought processes may sometimes try to speak at once.  SNEAK IT has multiple connotations.  I’m confident that the connection to “sneak attack” is fairly strong, over and above the fact that Mullen might be seen as SNEAKING around.


by  Ken Welch in Houston  February 26, 2010
They are America's official domestic propaganda networks.  CNN and FOX NEWS, the "news channels" most of us receive from our cable or satellite TV providers, supply hour after hour of fantasy news generously laced with spin and outright propaganda.  Once upon a time we would have called it government propaganda, but since we’ve gone to fantasy government as well, we must place the blame higher up. 

Today’s party line comes from the great corporate cartels that own and operate the U.S., the UK, and similar profit centers throughout the world.  It’s still the official voice of Orwell’s Big Brother and his Ministry of Truth, but under much less visible management.  The main players are Wall Street, Big Oil, and Monopoly Medicine.  (Have you had your pills today?  Would you like some more?)

I usually tune in for a few minutes just to check the news ticker (usually more interesting than the show itself) and get a quick measure of the current spin.  For real news coverage you can do much better on the Internet.  About two weeks ago, I was checking Fox when I was astounded to find a piece of shameless propaganda masquerading as news coverage.  Fox News itself was telling me in no uncertain terms that the only answer to problems in the Middle East is a military strike on Iran.
             It had started with the usual silliness from Tehran.  Iran’s president, the dancing, prancing Ahmadinejad, had announced that the approaching anniversary of the Iranian revolution would mark some sort of shock for the West.  Of course, in Tehran this could be the opening of a new library or simply the delivery of an exciting speech.  But it prompted many scare stories in the Western press.

In the end, it was simply an announcement that Iran’s uranium processing plant was being asked to produce enough 20% enriched uranium to power up a medical reactor at the university’s medical center.  Oddly enough, the next day, an Iranian official announced that the task had been completed.  This was amazing indeed, since it had taken them several years to achieve 10% enrichment, which was where they stood the day before.

Twenty-percent enriched uranium is called nuclear grade.  This is because it can produce just enough heat to warm up a nuclear reactor.  On that day, February 8, western propaganda sources were pronouncing it the end of the world as we know it.


I.  Fantasy News With John Bolton
Fox news, striking while the iron was hot, put on a piece featuring former ambassador to the UN, John Bolton.  Bolton was George Bush’s man, and therefore one more secret employee of the Houston-based international oil cartel that ran the White House then, and still runs the Pentagon.  On this day, however, Bolton was simply cited as a Fox News contributor.  Essentially, the “news” story was one Fox employee interviewing another.  It was a news story without news. (( ))

If you watch the video, which is archived /here/, you will see Gregg Jarrett carefully feeding Bolton his lines, clearly following a prepared script.  The purpose of all this was to get Bolton to the point where he could deliver a punch line that would transform Iran from a troublesome country to a military target that must be attacked sooner or later.

Click on the button to hear Bolton's main point.   ...(...)

I was interested in the story because it offered an opportunity to use reversed speech to probe the mind of insider Bolton; in hopes of finding more details on the upcoming invasion of Iran.  The party line is that Iran has become a danger because of an imaginary nuclear weapons program.  Needless to say, I was pleased when Bolton admitted in reversed speech (his first words) what we’ve known all along: it’s all about oil. ....(...)

The truth about the oil seems to be something that Bolton does not want to admit, even unconsciously.  You will notice how the words seemed to be squeezed out and distorted.   I’ve noticed this lately in other speakers as well.  Barack Obama, for instance, detests the idea of more war , and his speech reversals often have that word distorted.

          Bolton is not the first person to let us know that the invasion of Iran (like Iraq) is all about oil.  And of course it is not the American people who get the oil, but the multinationals that Bolton represents.  They are looking at windfall profits generated by already proven oil fields obtained at taxpayer expense.  Multiple references to lying in Bolton’s reversed speech also confirm that the whole discussion of Iran’s imaginary nuclear weapons program and how sanctions won't work,

 is simply part of the long-running hoax.

As I had suspected, Bolton made an ideal RS target.  In the sound clip below, you can see that he sees himself as a servant of those who are promoting war.  He is also personally “serving up” the lies that will make the invasion of Iran possible.  Generally, we would find a reference to nukes here.  This time we picked up something new; the destruction of Iran is expected to take only a few hours.

  You know what that means:  Nukes. ...(...)
Bolton’s final reversal is actually the candid confession of a skilled propagandist.  SET THE THOUGHTS is pretty obvious.  In three words, he gives you the purpose for his appearance:  To take a key concept and plant it in the minds of the public to be activated at a later date.  This is the very essence of psychological preparation. 

 Big Oil hopes that when they finally get around to making their move on Iran's vast oil reserves, the American public will already have in the back of their minds the idea that this was something that needed to be done sooner or later, regardless of how it started.


II.  Fox News Manipulating The American People?
The most interesting thing about the Jarrett – Bolton interview is the choreography.  The two worked together beautifully, passing the ball back and forth, each step leading to the next.  Consider this key exchange:
Jarrett:  "And they could be close!  I want to read from the IAEA report of October 4th of this last year.  ‘Iran has sufficient information to be able to produce a workable implosion nuclear device.’ (to Bolton:) How close are they?  And would additional sanctions be met with the usual defiance?"

Bolton:  "Well I think Iran has had the scientific and technological capability to build a nuclear weapon for some years, but.." (emphasis added) ////
                Notice that the experts reported, only five months before, that Iran had enough information to build a primitive bomb.  If there was anything more than information, it would have been in the report.  “Information” means it is all there in the university physics library, just as it is in most other countries around the world.  Jarrett, by making this seem important and scary, hands Bolton a step up, allowing Bolton then to invent a scientific and technological capability that isn’t there, and leaving the impression that Iran could produce a bomb at any moment.  Common sense forces him to step away from this, though, because Iran’s uranium is nowhere near the extremely high level of enrichment necessary to create a nuclear explosion.  Nonetheless, the impression created by Jarrett and Bolton working together is still left in the mind of the viewers; i.e., that a serious current threat exists.

I should point out that this form of deception has been used all along.  There was so much criticism of the Bush administration for inventing imaginary weapons of mass destruction in the hands of Saddam Hussein, that they are really watching what they say this time.  No official reports are filed, no evidence is ever discovered.  Is Iran about to produce a bomb?  Bolton says he THINKS so.  Adm. Mike Mullen, chairman of the joint Chiefs says he THINKS so.  It’s all given as personal opinion.  Hey, everyone’s entitled to an opinion.  Right?

Iran's Nuclear Weapons Program is just Global Warming with a different scary monster.

But the key element in the Jarrett-Bolton puppet show is the network itself.  Fox News created this little gem on their own, probably on short notice.  It’s a simple piece designed to spread disinformation, and perform psychological manipulation of the American public.  They did not interview newsmakers or send camera crews to film some unfolding event.  Instead, they wrote their own propaganda piece, used their own people, and put it on the air.  Is that what a “fair and balanced” news network is supposed to be doing?

                                Perhaps Ken Welch is right, and the world is not what it seems.

Personally, I think that leading a nation to war under false pretenses and thus causing hundreds of thousands of needless deaths all for private gain, would easily qualify as treason.  I realize that this is pretty strong, and you may feel that I need more proof. 

 Well, I’ve got it.


III.  Gregg Jarrett: What Does He Know, And When Did He Know It!
I normally do not check the reversed speech of those people who have been called talking heads.  Radio and television presenters are usually a rather mechanical bunch.  Their minds are taken up with the mechanical aspects of their trade: smiling, looking at the camera, turning the pages, watching for direction, and so forth.  There is rarely anything that can be learned from them.  For some reason, while I was listening to Bolton’s reversed speech, my attention was diverted for a moment and my sound editor continued playing.  I was soon listening to Gregg Jarrett’s reversed speech, and immediately heard a reversal that made my hair stand on end.

In all the scary propaganda about the threat posed by Iran, and in all the media discussions that have followed, the fact that nuclear weapons will be required to destroy Iranian resistance before the actual invasion can begin, has never been disclosed.  Not even a hint.

If the American people learned that their leaders were contemplating attacking another country with nuclear weapons, Washington would be filled with politicians and generals hanging from lamp posts.  This is why we have the false flag operation known as Gambit waiting in the wings.  It is absolutely imperative that the bad guys are seen as being the first to use a nuclear weapon.  Once that happens, Iran can be nuked immediately, and in this wonderful new world it will all be okay.  Needless to say, no one except Ken-Welch.Com visitors have any knowledge of this, unless they have been officially briefed. ....(...)
Obviously, Jarrett is fully aware of the intended objective of the elite conspirators he is supporting.  What a power trip that must be!  Sitting in front of the camera and lying to an entire nation about events destined to change the world.  Human beings incinerated for profit!  And he looks so innocent, doesn’t he?

Would you suppose that Jarrett, who apparently ranks as a substitute anchor, is the only one at Fox News to know the score?  Not very likely!  I think we can assume that everyone at Fox, at Jarrett’s level or above, knows what is going on and is actively participating in the clandestine programming of America depending on their skills or responsibilities.  They probably think that pimping for nuclear war

 is just another day at the office.


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