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The Amero plan is back, this time backed by gold: BIS source

The US dollar is about to be replaced by the Amero at a rate of two dollars to one Amero, according to a high level financial source in Switzerland. The Amero will replace the US and Canadian dollars and the Mexican peso, he says.

 It will be backed by Mexican and Canadian gold, the source adds.

The decision was made at a high level within the Western secret government, he says. The introduction of the Amero will be followed by a dismantling of the Federal Reserve Board, he says. Once the announcement is made, people will have exactly 30 days to convert their dollars to Ameros before the dollars become worthless.

The Western government does not want to cede control of its financial system to China so a decision was made to go with the gold-backed Amero, he says.

Of course many holders of dollars may decide to opt away from the Amero and trade their dollars for other currencies, notably the Chinese yuan and the Hong Kong dollar.

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Benjamin Fulford - Gold Backed Amero is in - GOOD GUYS LOST!



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New North American Union Amero currency about to replace US dollar says Bank for International Settlements. Two existing US dollars will equal one Amero.
The Amero will replace the US and Canadian dollars and the Mexican peso, and will be backed by Mexican and Canadian gold. The introduction of the Amero will be followed by a dismantling of the constitutionally illegal US Federal Reserve Board. When the announcement is made, people will have exactly thirty days to convert their dollars and pesos to Ameros before the old currencies become worthless. The creation of a new North American Union Federal Reserve Bank, based in Toronto (Canada) and under the control of the London Crown Temple, will allow the old US Federal Reserve, in Washington DC, to destroy all the records and documents which link it to the massive international Ponzi scheme and money laundry which looted the US Treasury in the years 2000-2009.

 More background about the Amero, and links to what are said to be pictures of the new Amero coins and notes, can be found here:


March 5, 2010
Obama’s ‘Muslim Move’ Sparks Fear In Russia, EU, China
By: Sorcha Faal, and as reported to her Western Subscribers

Russian diplomatic reports circulating in the Kremlin today are warning that President Obama’s [photo top left with Turkey’s President Recep Erdogan] “moves” to estrange Turkey from the West are a danger to the entire World as this present NATO member, and European Union candidate, is being “deliberately” pushed into the “arms of Iran” by the Americans as a “counterweight” to Israel as the Americans prepare for Total Global War.
            The latest American affront against Turkey occurred yesterday when Obama’s ruling party authorized a resolution condemning the Turks for the World War I “genocide” of the Armenian  people, a measure former President Bush warned would cause “great harm” in the defense of his refusal to allow the passing of this resolution to happen on his watch.
Turkey’s anger against Obama was swift in coming as within mere minutes of this resolution passing they ordered their Ambassador to “immediately leave” Washington and return home and further stated, “We condemn this resolution which accuses the Turkish nation of a crime it has not committed”.
The Armenian Genocide was said to have occurred both during and after World War I when the Ottoman Empire blamed these people for siding with Russia and causing their defeat Battle of Sarikamish. Upon the Ottoman Empire’s ordering that all Armenian troops be purged from their ranks a series of events escalated the tensions resulting in the Armenian’s open rebellion of 1915 called the Van Resistance. ....(...)





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