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....time-travel - teleportation - foreknowledge-of-27hours -
Physicist whistleblower David Lewis Anderson confirms existence of US government's time travel technology
On Wednesday 23rd December 2009, Dr David Lewis Anderson, director of the Anderson Institute, emerged publicly to give an extensive account of his time control research for the US Air Force. Anderson later continued this research at his Time Travel Research Institute and other organizations. Lewis Anderson's public revelations regarding time travel follow disclosures made in August and November 2009 by Andrew D. Basiago in interviews concerning his experiences in time travel experiments undertaken by DARPA’s Project Pegasus in the early 1970s. Basiago, a lawyer from Washington State, is leading a truth campaign to establish that the US defense community, working actively with private US corporations, achieved teleportation in the late 1960s.
More about time travel here, here and here.
What is going on at Pine Gap, Australia? A US Air Force Colonel is in a deep underground facility in Nevada, USA. He walks through a door. Two minutes later he is on the other side of the planet in Pine Gap, Australia.
Who controls this teleportation technology? And where else does it go? More here:
...(...) There are at least ten top secret American facilities in Australia with the so- called ’Joint defense Space Research Facility’ at Pine Gap outside Alice Springs being classified as the most important. At the time the agreement to establish Pine Gap was signed by the Australian government it’s purpose was to control and act as a downlink for geosynchronous satellites stationed over the Pacific and Asia.
The American agencies involved with this intelligence gathering are the CIA, NSA and the NRO. However there were other reasons for establishing the base which have never been fully revealed to the Australian government. The agreement clearly stated that it was not a requirement for the U.S.A. to share all information with Australia. In fact when the Whitlam government came to power in 1972 what little information that was being shared with the Australian Defense Signals Directorate (DSD) was reduced to a trickle and at one time, prior to 1975, stopped altogether.
The main reasons for Pine Gap being situated where it is are proximity to the Pacific and Indian Oceans and Asia, it’s Southern hemispheric window to outer space, it’s position on the earth’s surface in relation to other important areas situated on the planet, it’s isolation and the fact it is situated in an area of low electromagnetic radiation.
           Construction of the base was undertaken by American contractors who flew in their own workforce from the U.S.A. on a shift basis. No Australians were involved in the construction work which took around two years before the base became operational. Construction work continued for several years on large underground facilities which are rumoured to extend some twelve levels below the base. Long tunnels are laid out in a pattern similar to the spokes of a wheel and extend several miles from the center of the base.
In a deep shielded underground chamber a nuclear reactor similar in size to those used to power submarines was installed to drive large AC and DC generators. This fact has been kept secret as it was quite illegal for such equipment to be operated without an act of parliament changing the existing laws relating to the installation of nuclear power stations in Australia. But when it’s all secret in the first place who needs to get permission? The Pine Gap base also has an above ground diesel powered generating station which, it is claimed, is the only power station there. If that is so why is it shut down most of the time? If you need an electromagnetic free area you don’t build a power station in the middle of it. Of course it can be used when the base was not operating but then what keeps everything running when it is turned off-- batteries? Pine Gap is not connected to an outside electricity supply.
Reportedly, extending some twenty thousand feet below the base is a bore hole containing an ultra low frequency antenna which is apparently used for secret experiments supposedly related to Nikola Tesla’s resonance theories as well as low frequency communications throughout the world. Pine Gap’s communication systems are the most sophisticated available utilizing satellites, microwave, low frequency and their own dedicated cable to the U S.A. Also they are directly connected to Nurrunga, North West Cape, Geraldton, Australian Defense Signals Directorate in Melbourne, Canberra, Sydney, all CIA and NSA stations, ASIO, SIS and perhaps one of the most interesting secret departments of all, the Australian Defense Science and Technology Organization which deals with U.F.O.’s and crash retrievals.
The number of staff at Pine Gap varies between four hundred to five hundred at any one time and all except a liaison officer and his small staff are Americans. ...(...)
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        Hi, Folks -  Several of us received this write-up today. WE HAVE NO WAY TO KNOW WHETHER IT'S TRUE OR NOT.
        For those who do not know......
        Joe Stack was the guy who flew a airplane into the IRS building in Austin,Texas.
        And John Bedell was the guy who shot a guard at the Pentagon.
        John Bedell and Joe Stack were not terrorist, they were good friends of mine. In 1996, we met at an embedded systems conference in Sacramento. I do not feel like typing out all the details, but we hit it off right from the beginning. We begin analysing networks together and by 2002, Joe and I were able to penetrate just about any network connected to the Internet. The correspondence between John, Joe, and I eventually came to a halt, but in February, 2007 I get a call from Joe telling me that we needed to talk in person. I met with him and he spilled his guts to me. He told me about all the unlawful and clandestine operations our government was involved with and also informed me of the level of corruption that has manifested itself in capitol hill. He suggested that we find out what was going on by infiltrating the CIA's as well as the NSA's networks. I was really hesitant about it, but Joe told me that John was on board and pointed me to this website and a couple of others as a nudge of encouragement.
My wife had recently passed and I really felt like I had nothing to lose, so the day after his proposal, and after countless hours of pouring over conspiracy theories, I accepted. It was not because my moral standards were as high as Joe's, but more that my wife's death had take a tremendous toll on me, and I went into it for the thrill (it kept my mind preoccupied and off my wife). That was the last time I saw Joe face to face. I did not see John face to face throughout the entire operation, but we communicated through digital mediums.
        Joe was the lead man. He orchestrated the entire event, and delegated tasks to people. I am a mathematics professor with a focus in cryptology, so Joe put me in charge of cryptography. I set up secure lines of communication and ran crypt-analysis on ciphered keys John sniffed off the networks. John was in charge of pen testing. If you are going to get caught, it will be during pen testing, since this the most intrusive part of the entire process. It had been years since we had worked together as a team, and Joe and John were not up to date on the latest network and software security practices. We started on private networks and worked our way up to large corporations. By 2009 we were prepared to undertake the task at hand.
        Joe kept things compartmentalised during the operation. We were given information on a need to know basis. I do not know what methods Joe used to attack what networks, or even what files he was after, I was only given cipher-texts and expected to return the clear-text. John was in charge of anti-forensics and clean-up. But, I knew something went wrong when Joe called me. I immediately knew right off the bat that something was amiss, when I heard John in the background. That was our number one rule: no face-to-face contact. His first words, "It's way bigger than anybody could have ever dreamed. Look at today's date. Listen to the audio-file I just sent you and then look at the time-stamp and at today's date again". I honestly thought I was busted. I thought it was a government agent trying to be funny.
The date was February 15, and, I will not ever forget this, the audio file was last modified about an hour before I listened to it. The clip was of the end of a hockey game and as the commentator wrapped things up, he said something along the lines of "Thrasers: 7, Kings: 6. Thanks for listening to us on this Monday night". At first I didn't understand. I didn't even have a clue as to what was going on until Joe sent me more of the archives which had every digital video, and audio, broadcasts for events that were supposed to happen tomorrow, but had not happened yet. Confirmation finally came that this was not just some sort of hoax database kept for fun, when we tuned into the Thrashers-Kings game and the final score was Thrashers: 7, Kings: 6.
        After brainstorming and researching for days, they finally discovered the database was being written to via satellite. And from there things clicked into place. The NSA is able to see approximately 27 hours 42 minutes and 33 seconds into the future of the world. This is done through a satellite. The satellite is able to take images of earth, a selected number of video and audio broadcasts (the majority of it is news) routed to the satellite by communications on the ground up, to roughly 27 hours before it happens. As every second goes by it is slowly gaining the ability to see further into the future. I'm not going to expand any further here, but to say the satellite is able to do this because of a flaw in the way the Lorentz transformations were derived.
        This is my insurance. They have already kill Joe and John, and in such a way that they made them out to be monsters to the public. They will not do this to me. This is the way it works. If they kill me, abduct me or anything, all evidence including the properly derived Lorrentz transformations are to be automatically posted here. I must be present at my computer at 5:29 a.m. (my timezone) everyday in order to keep this posts from happening because 174 servers spanning the globe are set to ensure that happens automatically unless my password is entered. If the government tries to take this site out or this page, I have created a virus that will spread on a massive scale and automatically upload all the evidence I have against them to the victims PC, so at the very least thousands will know the truth but most likely millions. My password cannot be cracked. It would take longer to crack an 8096 bit RSA encryption key, than my self-made encryption system. My initials are T.S.G. and I am a Mathematics professor.
This shall ensure if they kill me and try to slander my name in the media, there will be at least a few people who know the truth I'm not telling everything here because then they would kill me. It's the only bargaining chip I have left.