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Petraeus Confirms Iran Attack Sequence  

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General David Petraeus knows that when he appears on TV his deepest secrets are exposed to reversed speech.  Why?  Because we’ve nailed him before.  Yet here he was again, on Meet The Press two weeks ago, looking like a deer caught in the headlights.

Petraeus confirmed for us attack sequence for the invasion of Iran, and that includes the false-flag nukes that will kick off the sequence.  As he put it, “they” attack us and then we attack them.  It doesn’t get better than this!

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Our nuclear war alert status has just gone RED.

Ken Welch  Houston


by  Ken Welch in Houston    March 9, 2010

              Our world today is organized with the biggest predators at the top.  They maintain this superiority by manipulating and controlling what the world sees on television.  The moving image, combined with modern psychology, creates a medium that is more persuasive than any other known source of information. 

On the other hand, the discovery of reversed speech is the perfect counter to this, and marks the end of a century of thought control that has brought more grief to more people, than any other time in history.

Our “illuminati” masters are perfectly aware of the power of reversed speech to reveal their secrets, yet they simply have no other method of control other than manipulating what you see and hear on your television set.  General David Petraeus has been put on the tube before, to tell large lies about our military involvement in the Middle East and, as you will see below that he knows perfectly well that as soon as he opens his mouth

 he will begin revealing information that is top secret.  Nonetheless, he’s been ordered to do it again.  No wonder he looks sick!

I.  What Could Be More Humiliating?
In the sound clip below, you can actually hear General Betray-us (( Petraeus )) reminding himself that we have successfully read his mind on previous occasions.  And now here he is again, offering up secrets that you are not supposed to know.  Imagine how humiliating this must be!  Yet these dinosaurs simply don’t know what else to do.

You can also see ample evidence that he is lying, and he knows he is lying, on key points that he is supposed to make.  In this case, he is laying out the fantasy that stronger diplomatic measures will now be used in hopes of getting Iran to abandon

 its imaginary nuclear weapons program. ...(...)
II.  Invasion Sequence Confirmed
We had exceptionally good luck with the Petraeus interview, because he clearly lays out the false-flag sequence:  First Iran will be seen as attacking us, and then we will attack Iran in retaliation.  GAMBIT has been the name of the false-flag attack plan since we began documenting it three years ago.  For quite some time it has involved a nuclear-tipped missile fired at some low-value Israeli coastland, followed by up to three nuclear explosions in Iraq.             The latter will be said to be poorly guided missiles launched by Iran at U.S. bases, although they will be strategically placed

 to weaken Iraq’s ability to interfere with the theft of their oil.

That’s GAMBIT; a false-flag nuclear attack blamed on Iran.  After GAMBIT is THE SHOW, which will be a devastating nuclear attack on Iran, allowing U.S. troops to simply walk in and seize the prize for their Oil Cartel masters:  Iran’s oil fields. ....(...)
I have pointed out in other reports that each time this plan comes close to being operational the level of fear among all the players begins to increase.

  You can see that above.

Also, I should mention that we haven’t heard anything about the missile destined for Israel in quite some time.  Nimmers control that operation, and people we routinely reverse, are not actually involved with it.  At this point its existence is “old news.” This might mean the missile has been abandoned.  On the other hand, a reference to it (ARROW) shows up in the next set of reversals.  We may just have to wait and see.

We are also watching for some event that will allow Israel to mobilized their armed forces in advance.  The U.S. is going into its “peacemaker” stance (a pre-GAMBIT move we’ve seen before) and everything seems normal.  The public, however, is not seeing the growing unrest in Palestinian areas over issues      like the treatment of the Al Aqsa Mosque which houses the Dome Of The Rock on Jerusalem’s Temple Mount.

III.  Houston (Big Oil) Always In The Background
Although the objective of ten years of dramatic events (including the dynamiting of the World Trade Center) is oil, that oil is not for you or me.  It’s for the Houston-based oil cartel that owns and operates the Pentagon, and has orchestrated virtually all events in the Middle East for decades.  They are always in the background.  Here Petraeus, who actually takes orders from these people, refers to them as terrorists.  Apparently they are focused now on securing some of their operations as nuclear war gets closer and closer.

      Petraeus seems to believe that all of that Iraqi and Iranian oil, the ARAB WAR FRUIT, will somehow vindicate the monsters who have planned all this.  However, I believe that once we all understand that false-flag terrorism was the instrument that achieved all this, and all for the benefit of an international corporate cartel,

 the shame of it will never go away....(..)

If you have any doubts at all that these events are actually in motion, let me suggest that you listen to the reversals again, and review our other reports on the current operation.  Beyond that, pick up a trial copy of a good sound editor, and verify them for yourself.  I’ll be happy to send you a better-quality copy of the audio just for the asking.

       This human disaster could happen at any time.  Although we expect certain events to set the stage, such as the Iraqi election and/or unrest in Israel, it could also come as a complete surprise, just as the 9/11 false-flag event in New York City. 

On the other hand, GAMBIT has been mysteriously knocked out on several previous occasions.  Our reports on NASA and the hoaxed moon landings revealed an alien race with a definite dislike for nuclear weapons and a verified ability to neutralize them.

(( http://ken-welch.com/Reports2/Moon.html ))

  We don’t predict the future here, but simply report on what’s going on now.  From that vantage point, all I can say is stand by for some great television or a mysterious silence.  Either way, reversed speech will eventually tell all.