separate vote on Senate health bill ?.....// icke - RMN - Fw10 -

samedi 20 mars 2010 23 h 03
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 separate vote on Senate health bill ?.....// icke - RMN - Fw10 -

======================================================== News Alert: House Dems drop 'deem and pass' in favor of ....

Posted By: watcher51445 <Send E-Mail> Date: Saturday, 20-Mar-2010 14:31:39 ---
News Alert: House Dems drop 'deem and pass' in favor of separate vote on Senate health bill       02:15 PM EDT Saturday, March 20, 2010

House Democratic leaders say they will take a separate vote on the Senate health care bill, rejecting an earlier, much-criticized strategy that would have permitted them to "deem" the measure passed without an explicit vote.  For more information, visit


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Saturday, March 20, 2010
Posted By: watcher51445 <Send E-Mail> Date: Saturday, 20-Mar-2010 14:54:20

        By Victor Thorn

Sources' Information Says Bankers Are Being Rounded up
Posted By: Rayelan <Send E-Mail> Date: Saturday, 20-Mar-2010 16:58:42

        One of my Sources, who hails from the Reagan days, called to say that orders were issued... not by Obama or by anyone in the administration, but by someone from the Reagan administration who was endowed by Reagan with an un-ending ability to issue these kinds of orders and have them followed. ...(...)






Posted By: Never_Surrender <Send E-Mail> Date: Saturday, 20-Mar-2010 15:35:43

We have seen a lot of symbolic events over the last few days and by the end of this article you will see that these messages were announcing World War 3...

Biden went to Israel last week and several highly symbolic events took place.

First there was the incident of the broken glass. ...(...)

And then.... they move on to the Holocaust Museum in the Hall of Remembrance and the LIGHTS GO OUT!!

It was as if saying "the lights have gone out on the second world war.... WE ARE CLOSING THIS CHAPTER AND MOVING ON THE NEXT CHAPTER -

THEY WERE ANNOUNCING WORLD WAR THREE and threatening a new Holocaust!!

                Everyone should know by now that World War 2 was done for the sole purpose of REMAKING THE WORLD... they slaughtered a lot of innocent people so that they could then scream about how wrong it was, to SO THAT THEY COULD FOUND ISRAEL to "RIGHT" the many "WRONGS"... the problem is that THEY CREATED THE WRONGS IN ORDER TO GET THE PREDETERMINED SOLUTION OF A HOME FOR THE 'POOR VICTIMS'       I'm all for everyone having a home - I am not for killing multiple thousands of innocent people to push an evil agenda!!


World War two and it's phase is over (the lights went out on it) .....but, there will be a new phase (broken glass) a new holocaust to lead to

 the building of the third Jewish Temple and Jewish Rule.

Lastly, the only light came from the ETERNAL FLAME... the eternal flame marks EVERY GRAVE of those who have been murdered by the world elite AND EVERY CRIME SCENE that the powers that be have planned and carried out. An eternal flame marks the spot Kennedy was killed, an eternal flame marks the site of the World Trade Center...etc... (...)





Dem Congressman On Health Bill: Insurance Companies Are 'Holding Hostages'
Saturday, 20 March 2010 11:05

'A Democratic Congressman has stated that he will refuse to vote yes on the pending health care reform bill, declaring that the legislation represents a vastly bloated giveaway to insurance companies and big pharma. Rep. Stephen Lynch (D-MA) asserts that the Senate bill bankrolls the very companies that president Obama says are taking advantage of the American people.

“We’ve paid the ransom, but at the end of the day the insurance companies are still holding the hostages,’’ Lynch said in an interview with The Boston Globe yesterday.'


“There’s a difference between compromise and surrender”

Steve Watson    Friday, March 19th, 2010

...(...)  “This is a very good bill for insurance companies and pharmaceutical companies. It might be good for Nebraska, I don’t know. Or Florida residents. But it’s not good for the average American, and it’s not good for my district. Or for Massachusetts.’’ Lynch added.

“The insurers still rule,” Lynch said. “Were just pumping subsidies into the current system, but that won’t drive down costs.”

The Congressman says he also opposes the way in which the House Democrats intend to pass the legislation, bypassing a traditional vote and opting for the so called Slaughter rule of “Deem and Pass”. Lynch, has said that the parliamentary move would be “disingenuous” and would fundamentally harm the credibility of Congress.

He added that the move “may be unconstitutional.” “It’s a stretch,” Lynch said. “I think it hurts our credibility to try to pull a prank like that. We should stand up and tell voters where we stand.”   As we reported yesterday, president Obama glossed over questions surrounding the process, stating “I don’t spend a lot of time worrying about what the procedural rules are in the House or the Senate.” ///

Unlike his Democratic colleague from Ohio, Dennis Kucinich, Lynch has stuck to his guns despite a meeting with Obama. “The president was courteous and generous with his time,” Lynch said. “The president asked me if there was anything he could do that I should tell him, and I told him, ‘I have been over this bill and I still wasn’t satisfied.’ ”

“I continue to be opposed to the bill,” he said.

Kucinich had said he opposed the bill, citing the exact same points as Lynch, however, a 40 minute jaunt on board Airforce One with the president, in addition to veiled threats directed his way by Obama, swayed Kucinich to change his mind.

//// ....he sells out...///

“There doesn’t appear to be any way to put reform into this bill,” Lynch said. “It’s a very poor bill.” “If they put reform back in the health reform bill, that would change my position,” he told reporters yesterday.

When reminded yesterday of Senator Ted Kennedy’s advice to not let the “perfect be the enemy of the good,’’ Lynch told reporters: “There’s a difference between compromise and surrender, right? And this is a complete surrender of all the things that people thought were important to health care reform.’’

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and her leadership team, as well as Obama himself are intensely lobbying individual representatives before Sunday’s anticipated vote as they seek to win the 216 votes needed to pass the measure. According to reports, the Democrats are still six votes short.

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March 20, 2010 9:17 AM    WELCOME TO THE NEW WORLD ORDER!

 by Patrick H. Bellringer

Those, who would control the world by first controlling America, the one country still able to resist the “New Order”, have packed into the Obama Health Care Bill everything they have failed, thus far, to implement to achieve that control.

 It is “make or break” time for the New World Order.

They have pulled out “every stop” on their pipe organ, and the noise is deafening. They have assembled every ally, threatened every fence-sitter, and black-mailed every foe to coerce them to support the Obama Health Care Bill. Those, who resist they kill or clone, such as Dennis Kucinich, to control their votes.

As in baseball, this is the bottom of the ninth inning for the “new Order”. The bases are loaded with you can guess who. Two presidents have struck out and Obama is now swinging his club at home plate. It’s all or nothing!

Like a gigantic steamroller, the “New Order” is coming full throttle right at the capacity crowd in the grandstands, and forty percent think it’s all for their best interests, or the steamroller is a joke, a giant air balloon that will implode and magically disappear, all for a big laugh to entertain the crowd.

As Nancy Pelosi sneers, just pass the damn bill and worry later about what’s in it. Kick it through the door, because we have more and greater things right behind this bill to “kick through the door” to seal the fate of America for the “New Order”.

My friends, Lightworkers, all, weep for America! Call in the Light! Command an end to this reign of terror! Order the Adversary and all his evil minions to the void. Order the Forces of Light to do battle and throw the Illuminati and their evil U. S. corporate puppets off Shan forever. Do it! Do it now! Let there be peace, Aton! Let it begin with me!  -- Patrick H. Bellringer


casper's OPINION:

 The former Director of the CBO says the current CBO Director had no choice but to "score" the healthcare bill exactly as given to them by Pelosi/Reid/Obama

 and they are not allowed to point out the "gamesmanship" (my word) going on.
He went on to say that 'facts' not considered by CBO causes a minimum of a $600,000,000,000. (billions) difference between reality and the numbers being presented to the American people by Obama. The Republicans say the fraud is substantially greater. In spite of all the bribery, blackmail and fraudulent numbers some forty percent of the people support this 2500 page abomination. We were enroute to financial ruin before this bill, this simply helps to speed up the destruction of the economy and the country.

The bill is unconstitutional to begin with (Gov't. can't order Citizens to buy something/insurance), endows Government with still more CONTROL over citizens, facilitates the greater plan of destruction of the Free Enterprise System, speeds the Bankruptcy of the States, dilutes the quality and speed of healthcare delivery, doubles the participation in the already overburdened Medicaid Program, steals 500B from Medicare, provides Government with direct, immediate and legal access to all individual and business financial records, mandates a national I.D. card, increases IRS employment by 16,000 people, further burdens small business in time of recession and a dozen other equally bad things. AND, it establishes a visible and tangible record of the Democrats determination to "take over" all aspects of American life,

not just Banks, Insurance Companies, Auto Companies, GSE's, etc., i.e. welcome to Communism in America delivered with compliments from the "we don't give a damn what you think" Democratic Party. It seems obvious decisions have been made that the left wing extremist, unlikely to ever again have this amount of CONTROL in D.C., have decided to push through as many of their extremist plans as possible and to heck with elections. This is just the beginning folks. The first steps involved Business, Banks and Financial matters so you may not have been paying close attention.

Now it gets personal. Now we get the "CHANGE" the people unwittingly voted for. Now even your own body and what care it will be allowed will be managed by Government. As Pelosi recently said, "as soon as we kick this door down there is more to follow". REID inserted language into the bill saying "no future Congress can change". This is all political not health care and it is a political disaster for the Country unleashing the Liberals (Socialist/Communist) to takeover and CHANGE America

 in more ways than you can presently imagine.
In response to the Opinion Piece written on 2-16-10 Mr. Alan Kreglow has provided the requested history of the Colonist experiment with Communism, which is available now at . Won't you please take a few minutes to read this? Are we to come full circle and repeat the mistakes of the past? Or shall we remember how and why America became the greatest economic power in recorded history? Even PUTIN has recently warned OBAMA "Don't go there. It's a dead end".

He was referring to Marxism/Communism.
COMMON SENSE is the bitter enemy of the left. We must send common sense not pretty faces and smooth talkers to Washington. And should we be so fortunate as to have the current crop of CORPORATE whores and idiots removed via a return to the Constitution, then, like the Colonist, we must grasp the opportunities provided by freedom not the slavery demanded by Central Government control of everything, i.e. Communism. 
                     casper   3-19-10  OPINION



...(...) It wasn't just that New England's harsh winters made agricultural efforts difficult: city dwellers all, they didn't have any idea what they were doing anyway. So they planted little or nothing, and according to legend caught one fish and no game in that entire time. They were the worst hunter-gatherers since the dawn of civilization and by the spring of 1621 half of them were dead.

But spring is the season of rebirth, and one fine spring day the colonists, among whom only three married couples survived, were surprised by a visitor: an Indian who, astonishingly, addressed them in their own native language: "Welcome, English. I am Samoset. Do you have beer?"   Beer. Again.

Samoset had learned English from the crews of fishing ships. Apparently he had also acquired a taste for English beer. He introduced the settlers to another Indian, Squanto, who spoke even better English. Squanto, a member of the Patuxet tribe, had been kidnapped by English sailors and had learned his English while living and working in England. Meanwhile his tribe was wiped out by smallpox, and when he returned to North America he was "adopted" by the Wampanoag tribe.

So were the Pilgrims. Squanto introduced them to the leader of the Wampanoags, Massasoit, and the tribe began teaching the newcomers how to plant crops native to the area, how to fish, catch eels, harvest oysters, and more. Life became a bit less bleak for the settlers, and October 1621 brought an occasion for joy when another ship arrived from England, carrying fresh provisions and more settlers....(...)



.......................mainstream news.......

* Democrats say they have votes to pass healthcare:

...House Democratic leaders spent Saturday in a whirlwind of closed-door meetings and conversations on the House floor with wavering party members as they tried to nail down the 216 votes needed for final approval. President Barack Obama traveled to Capitol Hill to rally support and urged House Democrats to "stand up" and take what he acknowledged could be a tough vote politically. "I know what pressure you are under," Obama told the Democrats. "This is one of those moments. This is one of those times where you can honestly say to yourself: 'Doggone it, this is exactly why I came here.'"
Senate Democratic leader Harry Reid joined Obama at the rally and told House Democrats he had commitments from "a good majority" of the 100-member Senate to pass the changes to the healthcare bill the House will take up on Sunday....
The House Rules Committee met into the evening on Saturday to set the debate rules and the process for passing the legislation on Sunday.
If the Senate's version of the bill is approved on Sunday, it will become law once signed by Obama. The package of revisions designed to win over wavering House Democrats would move in a separate bill the Senate would take up next week.
House Democrats, who passed their version of the overhaul with three votes to spare in November, picked up seven new converts in recent days, who said they would switch their November votes to "yes" from "no."
Democratic leaders ruled out a separate vote on adding more strict anti-abortion language to appease a handful of Democratic holdouts who are abortion rights opponents, another sign Democrats were growing confident. "We have an agreement with the Senate -- this is what we are passing in both houses," House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said of the healthcare package.  Democratic leaders had worked for days to heal a rift with a small group of abortion rights opponents led by Democratic Representative Bart Stupak. They threatened to oppose the bill unless the ban on using federal funds for abortion was strengthened.
Democrats said the concerns of Stupak's group might be met if Obama issued an executive order clarifying the ban. As Democrats tried to line up votes for Sunday, thousands of conservative "Tea Party" protesters gathered outside the Capitol, waving yellow "Don't Tread on Me" flags and chanting: "Kill the Bill."
(Additional reporting by Patricia Zengerle; Editing by Bill Trott)