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March 25, 2010 5:33 PM    CASPER UPDATE #1 : MARCH 25, 2010 - OPINION
The "CHANGE" -March- toward Socialism/Marxism/Communism by Obama and his Czars, now that Health Care has passed, will now move into 'high gear' on all fronts simultaneously.
Having severely 'dressed down' Netanyahu yesterday while in a state of 'health care euphoria' and ARROGANCE unbecoming any U.S. President, his first move was to have Slick Willies Wife babble the usual "our relationship is unshakable" pabulum publicly, while undermining Israel privately. Obama is a friend of and bows down to Muslim Kings and Muslim Countries. He is no friend of Israel or the American people.
He takes his role of "Dictator" very seriously and has now used Chicago 'point of a gun' politics to over rule the will of the American people emboldening the following future moves all of which are 'in the pipeline'. The remaining issue is the 'order' in which the destruction of our Constitutional Republic will proceed. Elections have consequences. Not to say it would have been any better under McCain but the issues would have been different.
        1.) Health Care: What you just witnessed is only the beginning. It's called "incrementalism" and they have said publicly many times this is just the first step. The target is the Trillions of annual cash flow in the Medical Profession to bring it under Government CONTROL so they can play Financial Games with this cash flow as they have done with Medicare and Social Security Cash Flows both of which are now hopelessly Bankrupt. Those funds were taken from such as "The Social Security Trust Fund", used for the operating budget and no longer actually exist, only Government I.O.U.'s remain.      Whats worse, even this 'first step' is dependent upon stealing one Trillion over the next ten years from Medicare which is also insolvent. And 600B in new taxes, a violation of their pledge not to do it. This 'first step' cost 2.6T (ten years) says the CBO. The proposed methods of 'paying for' this 2.6T 'first step' is one of the biggest frauds ever perpetrated by Government upon the American people. Its smoke and mirrors, a shell game using ten instead of three shells. The majority of Americans 'get it' but that does not matter.            Under Communism/Marxism/Socialism, Chavez, Castro, Mao, the DPRK (Workers Party) of North Korea, OR OBAMA AND HIS CZARS, it does not matter what the people understand, don't understand, want or don't want. The DICTATOR decides and in his 'kindness' provides some mayonnaise to help you swallow your _hit sandwich.
     The GOVERNMENT TAKEOVER of Health Care (step two), including who will be allowed what services and how much doctors will be allowed to make, has ONLY JUST BEGUN. The Dictators/Democratic Party extreme left wing Socialist/Marxist Zealots, while 'saving you from those nasty Insurance Companies' are simultaneously stopping those Companies from doing the things which would allow savings and reduced premiums with no need (and no excuse) for Government takeover. Examples are no Interstate Competition allowed and no protection from Frivolous Lawsuits (Tort Reform). They say one thing into the National Microphone and their 'knowledge/time' challenged constituency does not recognize that they are doing exactly the opposite of what they are saying.
This 'brainwashing' of the 'unwashed masses' is destined to increase as society is progressively lowered to the lowest common denominator (Communism).
                   2.) Immigration. First provide ILLEGAL ALIENS free health care (just completed), welfare, etc.etc. then provide millions of them (between 12 and 30 million) limited then full citizenship and voting rights. "Democracy will last only until such time as it takes for the people to realize they can vote themselves largess from the public trough". Then comes dictatorship as the dictator provides the bread and circuses for the masses which dutifully 'elect' perpetually the hand that feeds them. Venezuela is a nearby example. With this step the Communist will have achieved irreversible CONTROL with the rest to be implemented at their leisure.
            3.) Gun Confiscation, loss of 2nd amendment. Underway now via United Nations Treaty to by-pass Congress. Hillary is in charge of this one as it proceeds through the negotiation (countries) and ratification steps ending up as LAW using the method so often used by the CORPORATION to side step public outrage as "Treaties" receive very little public scrutiny. Remember, the overall plan does not belong to nor was it designed or instigated by OBAMA. He is simply the current NWO "puppet" taking his turn at the helm and preparing to disarm the Citizenry. He is following the 'script', take over the Country via the health care route (as did Hitler) then disarm the Citizens as did Hitler and all Dictators.
                 4.) Currency, Monetary, Fiscal and Economic manipulation: The use of all Western Central Banks working in collusion to preserve Fiat Currencies and the CONTROL derived from their creation from 'thin air'.    With CONTROL of the creation and first use of 'money' TPTB can manipulate all markets, especially debt markets, indefinitely, or until such time as the 'creditors' put a stop to it by force if necessary. This is where we are at this moment. The NEW is entirely dependent upon taking this power from those who have used it to the detriment of the people, all people every where, while enriching themselves by privatizing profits and 'socializing' losses.
 Using this financial muscle the FED RES and its sister or 'subsidiary' Central Banks have CONTROLLED all aspects of life in the West until finally, with the merging of this power with the corrupt, criminal, political power of D.C., London, etc. "they", which is the NWO, are now moving forward all time tables in a last gasp effort to implement the greater plan by subterfuge where possible (health care) or by force where necessary.
When OBAMA made his threats against the Countries, the World Court Judges and program recipients (gun to heads he said) this was/is a testament to the intensity and urgency of the current 'State of the Nation'. The NEW means a different banking system, metals backed currencies, demise of 'fractional banking' and loss of CONTROL of the monetary systems of the Western World which robs the CORPORATION and its Partner in Crime the FEDERAL RESERVE of their ability to debase currencies (inflation/silent taxation), to loot the natural resources of other countries, to create and market a plethora of Fraudulent Financial Instruments, to pass massive debt to future generations, to socialize losses, to 'whip' others into line politically, to maintain the farce of 'Emergency Rule' in the United States and their ability to turn wine into water, i.e. Democracy into Communism, and a host of other methods of CONTROL used for their own enrichment at the expense of the people.
The pending DEFEAT of Bush, Obama, Clinton (the Corporation), the Fed and their partners such as the Queen, the Vatican, the Rothschild's, etc, etc, and their enablers such as Wall Street (Goldman, Morgan, etc.) and the City, in this WAR ZONE, will determine the outcome of all aspects of our Country's future. Money makes the world go round. Creation of money is currently in the hands of those working feverishly against the people and in favor of the plan for planetary CONTROL known as the NWO.
 THEY have so mismanaged their responsibilities and been so completely corrupt for so long that their imminent defeat should be cause for celebration by all who understand their blueprint for world CONTROL (slavery). All recent updates, package movement, who did what, is a part of this WAR ZONE activity. All else is peripheral. This is where the rubber meets the road, where the activity now measured 'hour by hour' is taking place.
 Current, accurate and seemingly inconceivable updates describing action/reaction by the 'players' can best be understood by realizing the 'context' which is that this is the WAR ZONE where BATTLES are being fought hourly. WE report small and simple parts of these battles such as package movements yet even that confuses many readers.
Have WE ever told you, I can't remember, that these updates go to many thousands of interested parties all over the world prior to being posted on various web sites? That such as the World Court and VIP's on several continents receive 'advance copies' (e-mails)? Can you therefore understand that WE are as careful as possible with content while still being timely so as to assist those in a position to act on 'breaking and/or secret' news? WE are sorry if you don't 'comprehend' or 'can't conceive of' but WE can't 'dumb them down' for your benefit.  Suffice it to say the WarZone and the Battle and the Outcome are under CONTROL but this time it is not the criminals doing the controlling. Prayerfully, victory in this arena will lead to a reversal of fortunes in the others.
                5). Taxation. VAT. Value Added Tax. In the works behind the scenes. How else could they "finance" their take over, their "CHANGE", since the presentations sold to their dumbed down constituency are totally bogus. After the November elections. On top of all the other tax increases they promised not to do (600B healthcare alone). Massive new cash flows to Government necessary for the Government takeover of all aspects of American life. Massive increase in growth of Government employees.
            6.) Cap and Trade: To be crammed down throats of American people not through legislation (too risky).  Congress to be by-passed (unless some 'formality' needed) with implementation by Presidential Executive Order
 through the Environmental Protection Agency.
            7.) Government takeover of 'Retirement Accounts". Have you kept up? It's being exposed in many financial newsletters.
            8.) Debt, Q.E., quantitative easing, stolen stimulus funds, etc. A bottomless check book of other peoples money in the hands of criminals with the bills sent to future generations of taxpayers. Buying our own debt. Bailing out criminals and 'socializing' the cost. Fraudulent finance on all fronts simultaneously. Fraudulent Bank Accounting. Takeover of Mortgage Market by Government with all risk passed to taxpayers. Bankrupt GSE's, entitlement programs, new entitlement programs. All 'paid for' with debt, never ending debt, a literal take over of the Country by Communist using debt financing to pay for all of it. Then, when it inevitably 'all comes crashing down' its too late, the Country has been over taken and is at the mercy of those who have INTENTIONALLY DESTROYED  historical America. Financial Shysters in bed with Corrupt CORPORATE Politicians.
A preplanned ILLUMINATI destruction of the only people capable of stopping them.
                 9.) FREEDOM GONE, Liberalism in CONTROL and run amuck. Not just here. In recent elections in France Socialist took 54% of the vote. In Canada this week another Conservative was shouted down and not allowed to speak (Coulter) as has happened on several U.S./ College campuses recently. In Greece, riots in the streets over Government necessity to cut back massive social welfare programs. Immigrant riots every where demanding "equality" e.g. free food, free housing, free health care and more OBAMA MONEY defined as "we don't care where it comes from just give it to us". 
 In U.S. Schools, children instructed to "teach" their parents all manner of Communist thought. As matters stand now it's 'toilet time' for The United States of America. Our country is splintering and differences in thinking/thought appear as intractable as those in the Mid-East. Left/Right, whoever occupies the White House is despised by half the people. Freedom and Marxism/Communism are not compatible.
A house divided against itself can not stand. My half can't convince your half and your half sure as hell can't convince my half. Where oh where will we find the leadership necessary to lead us away from the potential civil war, the revolution we are facing?
              10.) The only available answer, IMO, is the NEW, the return to the OLD, the Constitution, the Republic, Real Money. The over throw, the throw out, of the corrupt Corporation and its allies the Fed and their Fiat Ponzi 'Debt is Money' Scheme. And debt forgiveness. And disclosure and exposure. And the  flushing of that giant toilet THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA and all its sub sets.
This is what WE expect and have written about for so many years. No one could foresee the difficulties or how long it would take. Time has not lessened the potential of the NEW.
                 Has the WAR finally been won? WE DON'T KNOW EVERYTHING but while on this subject allow me to say WE know so much more that the 'commentators' who think they know so much. WE have forgotten more than most (Story comes to mind) will ever know. People talk talk talk about how they used to know this one or that one not realizing WE were meeting with these people face to face eight or ten years before they ever heard of them.
 Nor do people understand, in spite of our best efforts, that 'sources' have been virtually worthless the last few years UNLESS THEY ARE SECOND RAIL SOURCES where the 'action' and the 'decisions' were being made. It has been exceedingly obvious from their comments they have had no such contacts. The biggest players on the planet have been 'duking it out' for a long while now and every time we thought it was over and time to announce the victor, darned if those scrappy bustards didn't get up and keep on swinging. Is it over? WE think so, but can't be 100% sure because of the history of it.
To TPTB and on behalf of all of us WE insist that the disclosures and exposures must be comprehensive and as complete as possible. No words can express the human suffering unnecessarily experienced by tens of thousands of innocents. Honestly, you have no idea. We NEED a united country and a united people. To achieve this outcome we must have a 'clean sweep down fore and aft'.
If the WAR has finally been won, as WE suspect, it is time to look, philosophically at least, to the welfare of the common people. Give us back our Republic and our Founding Documents, flush the Corporation and the Criminals, fund the programs
 and WE THE PEOPLE will handle the future.
AND, thank you. ALL of you, for seeing this difficult undertaking through to completion.
AND, recipients, if the above expectations turn out to be horse manure,
 if the WAR is not over, WE will continue    until it is.
                        casper   3-25-10
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