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March 29, 2010

Obama Summoned to China As Global War Fears Grow

By: Sorcha Faal, and as reported to her Western Subscribers

Russian Foreign Ministry sources are reporting in the Kremlin today that
President Obama has been summoned by Chinese Communist leader Hu Jintao
[both pictured top photo left] to an extraordinary meeting in Beijing
where the American leader was told that the planned destruction of the
United States must be accelerated before all out Global war begins.

According to these reports, Obama was secreted into Beijing yesterday
while using a ‘surprise visit’ to his troops in neighboring Afghanistan
as ‘cover’ and was given a dire warning that China will soon have “no
choice” but to expand into the American heartland as massive drought and
desertification have ravaged their Nation and civil war is feared neared
as millions begin to starve.

So severe has China’s situation become that millions are reported
running short of water and the government has begun shipping emergency
food supplies to its drought-stricken provinces. Further alarming
China’s Communist leaders is the Gobi Desert which has been steadily
creeping south towards their heartland, which is being swept by
increasingly regular sandstorms such as the one this past week that left
nearly the entire Nation shrouded in orange dust.

China’s effort at halting the desertification of their Nation are
reported to have suffered a major loss when its State Forestry
Administration (SFA) announced catastrophic losses to Chinese forests
they had hoped would hold back the Gobi Dessert, but has resulted in the
loss of a further 5.26 million hectares of valuable crop land.

So severe has this ‘once in a half- century’ Asian drought become that
new reports are grimly stating that aside from the damage being done to
China, its southern neighbor Vietnam, the World’s second largest rice
producer, is warning that its ‘Rice Bowl’ is now threatened, and along
with it millions of more Asian peoples now face starvation too.

This catastrophic drought across southern China and Southeast Asia has
also brought the Mekong River to its lowest level in 50 years and caused
the head of Thailand's National Disaster Warning Center to warn: “Of
course they will fight. Each country they will fight for water. We will
have a war, a water war in this region and people when they need to
water to drink you know they will fight for everything. So conflict
between Lao, Thai, Myanmar, Kampuchea (Cambodia), that thing is going to

Important to note is that China’s last bout with this catastrophic
50-year drought cycle occurred in 1959 (known as the Great Chinese
Famine) and resulted in the deaths of an estimated 20-43 million of its
citizens and nearly caused a Global War as the Chinese Communists had
threatened to invade any neighboring country they could in order to feed
their starving people.

On October 20, 1962, and as millions more of its citizens were facing
starvation, Chinese Communist leader Mao and Soviet Russian leader
Nikita Khrushchev attempted a lightning strike against the West with
China invading India to secure water sources from the Himalayan
mountains and Russia preparing to attack the United States from Cuba to
keep them from coming to India’s aid.

This China and Soviet Russian plan was thwarted however when on October
27, 1962 in what is now called “Black Saturday”, US President John F.
Kennedy ordered American forces to prepare for all-out nuclear war which
forced Khrushchev to notify Mao Zedong that Russia was not prepared to
be obliterated. On November 20, 1962 Chinese forces ended their attack
on India ending what historians now call the closest our World has come
to total nuclear war, aside from the November 11, 1983 Able Archer 83
incident that is.

China became so enraged at Soviet Russia over what it deemed as
“outright treachery” that it began massing its troops along the
Chinese-Soviet border and began its attack on the Soviet Union on March
2, 1969.

What could have resulted in a nuclear exchange between China and Russia
though was stopped on September 11, 1969 when Soviet Prime Minister
Aleksei Kosygin stopped in Beijing on his way back to Moscow from
attending the funeral of Vietnamese leader Ho Chi Minh with a ‘personal
message’ to Chinese Prime Minister Zhou Enlai from the new American
President Richard Nixon proposing a “Global Solution” between China,
Soviet Russia and the West that could avert nuclear war “forever”.

Now the “Global Solution” proposed by Nixon was championed by his
Ambassador to the United Nations George H.W. Bush, who with the backing
of the most powerful bankers and financial interests of the Western
World called for a “New World Order” where the necessity of
Nation-States would be done away with and replaced by what these
Globalists term as “spheres of influence” and which called for the
powerful Nations of the West to divest themselves of their wealth
therefore bringing the Second and Third Worlds up to the standards of
their Western counterparts thus negating the need for any future Global

In July, 1971 Bush ally, and fellow Globalist, Henry Kissinger (like
Obama today) made a secret visit to China laying the groundwork for
Nixon’s historic visit to the Peoples Republic of China on February 21,
1972 where the American President forged an alliance between the United
States and China calling for the economic destruction of the United
States and its European allies by 2011.

Upon Nixon’s return to Washington the American President was reported by
KGB archive reports to be “shocked” over the full meaning of what he
believed were innocuous trade agreements signed between him and Chinese
Prime Minister Zhou Enlai, but in his attempts to “right this terrible
wrong” was forced into resigning by the Globalists who were now in near
total control of the United States government and economy.

With Nixon gone the new American President Gerald Ford [who was
instrumental in the US government cover-up of President Kennedy’s
assassination at the hands of these Globalists] appointed Bush in 1975
as his chief envoy to China where the “master plan” for the divesting of
the wealth of the United States into Communist hands was completed in 14
months.  Upon the completing of this “master plan” Ford brought Bush
back to the United States and appointed him as Director of the Central
Intelligence Agency (CIA) where for the next year he (Bush) created and
established all of the state mechanisms to ensure that any opposition to
this plan would be immediately met with brutal and deadly force.

The first [and to this date only] American leader to attempt to stop
this “master plan” was President Ronald Reagan, who learned first hand
how brutal and deadly these Globalist forces are when at barely 3 months
in office, and in attempting to counter Bush and his Globalists, he was
nearly killed in an assassination attempt on March 30, 1981 carried out
by the supposed mentally ill son, John Hinckley Jr., of close friends
and oil industry partner of then Vice President Bush, John Hinckley Sr. 

Since President Reagan left office the Globalists have reigned supreme
in the United States placing into the Presidency their “chosen” leaders
to carry out this “master plan”, and who include, George H.W. Bush,
William J. Clinton, George W. Bush and Barack H. Obama.

But, where the previous American Presidents were tasked with setting the
groundwork for the United States eventual destruction, Obama is now
implementing it with what has been called the Greatest Transfer of
Wealth in human history and is, literally, bankrupting that once
powerful Nation and its people.

To those Americans believing that Obama has embarked on a course of
saving their country they couldn’t be more mistaken as in his first 15
months in office his government has taken over their banking structure,
their automobile industry, their insurance industry and with his newly
passed so called health care bill has turned the United States into a
virtual carbon copy of a communist dictatorship as previously warned
about by Russian Prime Minister Putin.

Even worse for the American people is the news this past week that the
Globalists main financing conduit in the United States, Goldman Sachs,
who aside from paying to put Obama in office, engineering the current
Global Economic Collapse [excellently detailed in Matt Taibbi’s Rolling
Stone Magazine article “Inside The Great American Bubble Machine: How
Goldman Sachs has engineered every major market manipulation since the
Great Depression”] and controlling nearly all of the levers of power in
Obama’s administration, is now sending one of its top banking investors
to join China’s Central Bank to “control” the final liquidation of the
American economy.

And in an even grimmer foretaste of things to come for these witless
Americans was China’s testing (called by the propaganda media though as
a “glitch”)of its “Great Firewall” this past week in the United States
and denying these people access to many of their most favorite sites,
including You Tube, Twitter and Facebook.   

To the final outcome of these events it is not in our knowing other than
to point out the obvious fact that the American people remain soundly
asleep and un-reactive to the complete destruction of their once great
Nation. And as repeated surveys done in the United States shows that
their appetite for Chinese food remains undiminished perhaps in the new
life they will soon be leading they’ll get to eat more of it as if falls
from the tables of their soon to be new masters.   

© March 29, 2010 EU and US all rights reserved
  Sorcha Faal