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CONGRATULATIONS says Obama to Pelosi at todays signing of the "Reconciliation Healthcare Bill". FYI, he did not mention the 'micro-chipping' of the population as contained in the Healthcare Bill as is being reported by other writers on the web with appropriate 'links' provided.
Neither has he discussed publicly the "Capital Controls" buried in the recently passed 'jobs bill', acronym HIRE. How would one go about explaining the really serious consequences of 'Capital Controls' to an audience unable to distinguish the difference between 'healthcare reform' and a Communist Takeover of the United States? (Go to 'Zero Hedge' if you are interested in this subject).
"Restore America Project"? What do WE think? WE don't. This is other peoples business, WE have plenty to do without messing in their business. Same response vis'a vis' Story/Cottrell/Penn. Investments.
It's PARTY TIME. Where? Searchlight, Harry Reids one horse one stoplight hometown in Nevada. Well over ten thousand people, peaceful, Palin primary speaker. They had to bus people from the nearby Interstate as no more space to park cars.
        With recent disclosures by US and others can there be any doubt whatsoever that the overthrow of 'America' is intentional--- and well underway?
I learned something interesting this week. Any time Obama appears before Military Personel they are all required to have the firing pins removed from their weapons.
Acorn is reconstituting itself under other names. A Federal Judge has ruled illegal Congress cutting their funding and ordered it restored (Fox News).
And Craig Becker 'recess appointed' to NLRB.
 In other words friends, the Obama Administration does not care anymore about what Congress says than he does about what the people say. Dictator's Dictate.
I recommend to you the 'Alcuin Bramerton' updates appearing on Fourwinds and RMN. So much information in one place. Well done Sir.
Tomorrow the FED's purchases of GSE generated MBS's comes to a screeching halt (one trillion $ last year--money from 'thin air' of course). What happens now? See various financial newsletters FREE on the web for detailed explanation if interested. This is major.
The MidEast is a powder keg as usual. Obama cozying up to Muslims everywhere
 while insulting Israel can only compound the situation.
There is a VERY important article recently posted on Fourwinds and RMN entitled "Who Is Obama's Puppet Master" dealing with SOROS's control of Obama. This is a MUST read.
Democrats 'switching' their votes at the last minute on the Health Care Bill, applied for 4 Billion dollars to their Districts (earmarks) the day after the vote. Coincidence? The Congress is a WHOREHOUSE and the WHORES are well paid, this time by Obama
 but they will lay down for anyone with a satisfactory amount of money.
The Health Care Bill strips the Banks of the ability to make student loans. ALL is being "Nationalized" i.e. COMMUNISM. This time Health Care and Student Loans. A 'deal a day' keeps Freedom and Capitalism at bay.
In China babies are being thrown into the rivers (news radio).
In Davenport, Iowa this morning an Alderman proposes CHANGING 'Good Friday' to 'Spring Holiday'. No Good Friday, no Easter. Every day a new 'atrocity' in the news.
This week 'big business' says Obama Care "will cost us tens of billions of dollars". This on the heels of the States saying the same thing last week and filing lawsuits in Federal Courts. This on the heels of tax increases on the people estimated at 600B.
Lets see now, the people, business and the States all getting 'squashed' by Obamacare? Are these "unintended" or "intended" consequences? I say it is just one aspect of Obama INTENTIONALLY Bankrupting the U.S. as fast as possible. Do all Democrats who voted for the Bill understand what he is doing? Or just those who are 'on the list'?
If it is not possible to awaken the 40% who are 'Lobotomized Obama Zombies', then the other 60% of us had damn well better wake up AND I MEAN RIGHT NOW.
casper 3-30-10
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