RMN-newRoyals + sorcha : Russia Reports Over 2 Million Dead In US As ‘Mysterious” Die-Off Accelerates

samedi 17 avril 2010 01 h 55
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RMN-newRoyals + sorcha : Russia Reports Over 2 Million Dead In US As ‘Mysterious” Die-Off Accelerates


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  More feedback from our UK reader:   With the CME not expected to reach earth until 16th/17th, expect the "fake volcanic issue" to be dragged out a while longer yet.

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Posted By: Rayelan <Send E-Mail> Date: Thursday, 15-Apr-2010 02:03:58

In Response To: UN Declares a KING of BORNEO: Encompassing MINDANAO (former) PHILIPPINE area. WHAT WILL RAYE HAVE TO SAY ABOUT THIS? (Mammonator)

        Thank you so much for posting this. I did not know it had already happened.

        At the moment, I have no new news. I posted about this several years ago.

        This project has been in the works for a while now... a long while... over 100 years... but the announcement of this part was made in 2006 or 2007.


        I wrote about it at the time... saying that the Hawaiian Kings and the Mayan chiefs, as well many Native American chiefs were also petitioning the U.N. for restoration of their lands.

        This man was crowned the King of Borneo. According to things I was told a while back, the title was supposed to be the Sultanate of Sulu.   See the highlighted text...

   From this link:   http://www.rumormillnews.com/pdfs/DIVINE-GOVERNMENT.pdf

        I have my feelers out to people who will know if this King is the real thing or if he is a NWO shill put in to keep the Sultan from returning. Or maybe the story about the Sultanate is false.

        We are at a time that a lot of information that we thought and hoped was true, can be seen for what is was... a cover story to keep the enemy from knowing what was really going on.    Here's an article that I know is true...

 http://www.rumormillnews.com/cgi-bin/archive.cgi/read/110955¸    It was because I posted the above article, that the Divine Government information was given to me.

        Most listeners to RadioRMN on Monday and Tuesday know that I was talking about the return of the Kings, the Chiefs, the Sultans, the Rajas, the Emperors... etc. I told the story of the agreement that was made in the late 1800s... but implemented in 1920 by the true royal bloodline of every nation... from Chiapas, Mexico to the royal families in SE Asia, China, Russia, and throughout Europe and the Americas. The true royal bloodline existed in every inch of soil on earth.    This bloodline was exterminated to a large degree and replaced with illegitimate willing vassals to the real rulers... the hidden masters of the world who have controlled the world through their banks and trading companies since the 1600s, and probably for about 2,000 years... maybe longer.

        We call them the Illuminati... the new world order, the city of london... they are the puppet masters who pull the strings from behind the scenes. While we can easily see their indentured servants, and think that these people are the villains... in truth... these people are just as enslaved as We the People will be if the true royal bloodline does not return.

        Will we be trading one cruel master for another? I don't know. I don't know what these new royals are going to be like. But if Gunther was right when he told me the story about the way they are trained... then I have hope for the new group. Gunther said that they were carefully analyzed from the time they were born. If they were found to be sociopaths... or worse... psychopaths.... they were killed. Their deaths always were made to look like accidents. The men and women who were in charge of seeing this great mission through, wanted no more selfish, insane, sadistic, power hungry royals sitting on thrones.

        If this is true, then there is hope that this new bunch will be a lot nicer to We, the LITTLE People... than the last batch was.     When I know more, I will share it.

        Here's something you should think about:

     WHAT WOULD THE BORDERS OF THE WORLD BE IF THE CITY OF LONDON HAD NOT DRAWN THEM?     When the citizens of the world realize that their ancestral lands were stolen from them will they go to war to demand their homelands back?


            ...when the new world order has been toppled... we are going to have to deal with countries all over the globe that were ONLY created because they would serve the will of the City of London. Countries that were cobbled together from tribes who hate each other.

            If the City of London is no longer in power... then how should those countries been structured in post City of London days??


            I want to know what the map of the world will look like when the Oligarchs fall from power. Who do I call the Oligarchs? The Oligarchs I am referring to in this article are the City of London bankers and their servants who infiltrate all countries and deliver the country up to the new world order... bankers.     If the Rothschilds had not taken over the banks of England in 1695, what would the world look like?     It is my opinion that the world has been carved up according to the money schemes of the City of London... with no thought whatsoever to human life.    If this current financial crisis puts an end to the power of the City of London... then what will be the next step? How will we restore the borders of the countries??    Who will decide what country goes where?


  How far do we go back to redraw the borders of the world?    Do we keep ethnic tribes together?   What happens to the people of mixed blood?


            What do we do about all the royal families who were deposed... and most were murdered? Do we allow those people to take back the lands that were stolen from them? Do we allow the people of those countries to have their Kings and Queens back?

            Hawaii is one of the most well known of these kingdoms. Do we kick out the hoalies and the Navy and give Hawaii back to the Royal family?

            Seems their people want this!!     Seems the Russian people want this to.

            Democracies are mob rule... They don't work. As soon as political parties and people realize they can vote themselves into a welfare state... the money runs dry... as it is now..

            What is a real Republic??? What allows a person to vote in a real Republic?

            What is a Constitutional Monarchy? These are also questions we are all going to have to answer when the bankers are deposed... so we better start thinking about this now.

        Full article here:

        This article is worth a look:


        This one too!!
        http://www.rumormillnews.com/cgi-bin/archive.cgi/read/138275   ///

        When I have NEW news about this... I will post it.      Rayelan





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De : Sorcha Faal <sorchafaal@fastmail.fm>
Objet : Russia Reports Over 2 Million Dead In US As ‘Mysterious” Die-Off Accelerates
Date: vendredi 16 avril 2010 17 h 55 ....6pm......

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April 17, 2010

Russia Reports Over 2 Million Dead In US As ‘Mysterious” Die-Off Accelerates

By: Sorcha Faal, and as reported to her Western Subscribers

        A most chilling report circulating in the Kremlin today prepared by the
Russian Academy of Medical and Technical Science for Prime Minister Putin states that a “mysterious die-off” in the United States has claimed over 2,000,000 lives since 2008, and is “more than likely” linked to a “crossover” plant disease linked to genetically modified grains and foods.

According to these reports this mysterious, and as yet unidentified, lung disease responsible for this mass die-off began during the spring of 2008 in the US agricultural State of Iowa where (very ironically) at least 36 people attending a Lung Association event at the Governors mansion were stricken.

Important to note about Iowa is that it is one of the largest corn producing regions in the World harvesting over 2 billon bushels of this valuable grain farmed on nearly 32 million acres of its farmland,  over 99% of which are genetically modified varieties made by the US
agricultural giant Monsanto and idententifeid by their trade names of Mon 863, insecticide-producing Mon 810, and Roundup® herbicide-absorbing NK 603.

Not reported to the American people about these genetically modified corn varieties made by Monsanto, was the study released by the International Journal of Biological Sciences warning that they were linked to organ damage.  Monsanto quickly responded to this study, stating that the research was “based on faulty analytical methods and
reasoning and do not call into question the safety findings for these products.”

     Russian scientists in these reports, however, call Monsanto’s claim of their genetically modified Mon 863 corn as being safe for human or animal consumption “totally without validation”, a finding supported by the French biomolecular engineering commission, the Commission du Génie Biomoléculaire (CGB) who stated in their report, “with the present data it cannot be concluded that GM corn MON 863 is a safe product.”

Further supporting the findings of Russian scientists was Greenpeace International, who in their report titled “MON 863: A chronicle of systematic deception” warned that the campaign to unearth and evaluate data about this most dangerous of genetically modified grains demonstrates, beyond all doubt, that MON863 is unfit for consumption.

         Most unfortunately for the American people though, all of these warnings have been ignored by their government masters who have allowed the mass planting of these genetically modified crops to such an extent that in the United States today fully 80% of their corn and 93% of their soybeans are of these dangerous varieties, and leading one Russian scientist in these reports to warn that our World is now on the verge of experiencing an ecological disaster of “Biblical proportions”.

And according to these reports this ecological disaster is well underway in the United States and supported by American death statistics showing that of the nearly 2.5 million deaths reported by them each year the number of “sudden deaths” has increased to 40% equaling out to over 2 million “mysterious and unexplained” deaths

 from early 2008 to March, 2010. Now of these “mysterious and unexplained” American deaths, these reports continue, nearly all of them are lung related and being erroneously documented as being caused by influenza and pneumonia type diseases, so as not to panic these peoples, but have, instead, been caused by as an yet unidentified plant virus that has successfully jumped the species barrier to human beings.

      Supporting Russian scientists in these conclusions is new research being conducted by the Didier Raoult of the University of the Mediterranean in Marseilles, France, where for the first time in human history a plant virus has been found to cause problems in people. 

Russian scientists further claim in these reports that the United States mass vaccination of their population this past year for the supposed H1N1 Swine Flu epidemic, was instead a “very clumsy attempt” to stop the spreading of this mysterious lung disease by injecting into these peoples a DNA “fix” to this genetically modified corn, and which by all
the evidence available, they state, appears to have failed.

For those wondering how the United States government could ever allow such a monstrous outrage to be committed on their citizens, one only need know that over the past 10 years Monsanto has paid over $500 million in bribing those American officials responsible for food safety while at the same time has joined US corporate giants General Electric and Exxon Mobil in not paying any taxes despite the billions in profits they have reaped.

        And for those Americans believing that President Obama will protect them from these outrages they couldn’t be more mistaken, and as we can read as reported by the Huffington Post News Service in their article titled “You're Appointing Who? Please Obama, Say It's Not So!” and which, in part, says:

“The person who may be responsible for more food-related illness and death than anyone in history has just been made the US food safety czar.
This is no joke.   Here's the back story.

When FDA scientists were asked to weigh in on what was to become the most radical and potentially dangerous change in our food supply -- the introduction of genetically modified (GM) foods -- secret documents now reveal that the experts were very concerned. Memo after memo described toxins, new diseases, nutritional deficiencies, and hard-to-detect allergens. They were adamant that the technology carried "serious health
hazards," and required careful, long-term research, including human studies, before any genetically modified organisms (GMOs) could be safely released into the food supply.

But the biotech industry had rigged the game so that neither science nor scientists would stand in their way. They had placed their own man in charge of FDA policy and he wasn't going to be swayed by feeble arguments related to food safety. No, he was going to do what corporations had done for decades to get past these types of pesky
concerns. He was going to lie.” /////

           Even worse for these American people are those believing they will be able to change their government in the upcoming National elections to be held in the United States this coming November, but which new reports are showing that Obama is also preparing for with a special military unit called the “Consequence Management Response Force” said ready to deploy during these elections at his command from his White House fortress, the Washington Post writes has now become more like “Soviet-era Moscow” than the house of the people it used to be, should these Americans begin to rise up against the growing corporate-run police state surrounding them.

New reports from America are also warning that Obama’s growing police state government is further moving against its own citizens, by ordering their Internet giants to turn over all emails written by every citizen in their country,

an insidious move Yahoo, for one, has vowed to fight.

    To the final outcome of all of these events it is not in our knowing, other than to note that in the same week that one of Obama’s Federal Courts has outlawed all Americans from celebrating their National Prayer Day, and Obama has vowed to rid the United States of all of its nuclear weapons,       President Putin, on the other hand, stated that Russia’s
internal and external security depends upon two things – “its traditional religions and its nuclear forces”…and leaving no doubt whatsoever that our World has, indeed, turned upside down      as the US descends into tyranny and Russia moves toward freedom.

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