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sorcha : US Goes To “COCKED PISTOL” Alert Status Over Korean War Fears  // fw10-E.W. // nenki-R.Gage // gulf of Mexico.


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Objet : US Goes To “COCKED PISTOL” Alert Status Over Korean War Fears
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May 3, 2010

US Goes To “COCKED PISTOL” Alert Status Over Korean War Fears

By: Sorcha Faal, and as reported to her Western Subscribers

        Russian Defense Ministry reports circulating in the Kremlin this evening are warning that that the United States has ordered 3 of its aircraft carrier battle groups belonging to its Northern Pacific Third Fleet Naval forces to “COCKED PISTOL” alert status

 over growing war fears originating on the Korean Peninsula.

The “COCKED PISTOL” alert status used by the US Defense Department, these reports state, is the “exercise” term that coincides with the Americans Defense Condition (DEFCON) 1 which puts their forces on “maximum readiness” and is reserved for an imminent or ongoing attack on US armed forces or US territory by a foreign military power.

   Raising the fears of the Americans, these reports continue, was South Korean President Lee Myung-bak calling for an emergency meeting of all of his military commanders, and which we can read as confirmed by South Korea’s JoongAng Daily News Service:

“For the first time in the 62-year history of Korea’s military, a president will chair an emergency meeting of top commanders to discuss the national security crisis

 prompted by the sinking of the Navy warship Cheonan near the inter-Korean border.

About 150 commanders from the Army, Navy and Air Force will attend the meeting with President Lee Myung-bak tomorrow, according to Blue House spokesman Park Sun-kyoo.”

Important to note about these events is that by President Lee’s action in calling this unprecedented meeting, it is the first time since the Korean War stalemate began in 1953, that South Korea has begun military operations outside of the UN-US Forces Command, and which according to the International laws of war they are able to do, as unlike the United States, and the other UN Forces involved in this conflict, the South Koreans refused to sign the armistice, allowing them free reign to begin retaliatory attacks against the North, should they choose this course of action.

President Lee, these reports continue, is described as being “livid” over what he believes has been China’s betrayal after his meeting with Chinese Communist leader Hu Jintao two days ago where he had received “assurances” they would “contain” their North Korean ally, only to have the Communists receive North Korea’s enigmatic dictator Kim Jong-Il
[photo 3rd left] earlier today on a state visit.

To the North Korean actions precipitating this crisis, we had previously written about,

 in our March 28th report “Obama Orders ‘Immediate Stand-down’ After Deadly North Korean Attack”    and May 1st report “US Orders Blackout Over North Korean Torpedoing Of Gulf Of Mexico Oil Rig” wherein we detailed North Korea’s deadly attacks upon the South Korean warship Cheonan, and the sinking of the South Korean industrial giant Hyundai Heavy Industries $1 Billion oil rig in the Gulf of Mexico, operated by the World’s largest offshore drilling contractor Transocean, under contract to British Petroleum (BP).

           Though not being reported by American propaganda media organs, North Korea’s destruction of Hyundai’s Deepwater Horizon oil rig in the Gulf of Mexico, puts all liability for the catastrophic damages now occurring squarely upon the South Korean economy, as with all oil exploration projects of this magnitude, especially in hurricane/cyclone zones, no insurer, or re-insurer, in the World is able to insure them, and which leaves this mammoth financial burden to fall upon those industrial Nations able to afford to do so, like South Korea.

Unfortunately for South Korea, and as the Deepwater Horizon was attack((ed)) and sunk in American territorial waters, US President Obama has refused to call it an “act of war”, which should he have done so, would then negate any liability for the catastrophic damage now occurring falling upon BP, Transocean or Hyundai,

all of whom are ultimately ‘self insured’ by the South Korean people.

         Interesting to note in these reports are Russian Military Analysts stating that China’s Communist leaders may, in fact, be encouraging open warfare on the Korean Peninsula as a “deliberate move” to further accelerate the economic (and by extension infrastructure) destruction of both South Korea and the United States, which would then “catapult” China to forefront of Global economic and industrial power.

Bolstering this view is the growing fear in China of an open trade war with the United States which China's commerce minister Chen Deming had already warned the Americans “will suffer the most”. Credit Suisse Group AG economist Dong Tao has further warned that China is closer to a trade war with the US, than any time in the last five years.

      The Americans  having failed to listen to China’s growing trade war concerns, they were met earlier today on this “eve of war” with one of the most scathing editorials appearing in China’s Communist governments official Xinhuanet News Service titled “Going toe to toe with the bully” and which, in part, says:  “Recently, the United States postponed its expected branding of China as a currency manipulator for selling cheap goods to US consumers at fixed rates. But the US has threatened China with trade sanctions, which will likely set off a trade war. US mercantilists and their political, academic and media allies are decrying China's surpluses and claiming that the yuan is undervalued.

     So, how does China succeed from being victimized by the US, unlike other Asian economies before it? How does it deal with the thuggish return of the 800-pound economic gorilla? By not caving in.     If China caves in now to the current round of bashing from the US, it will create expectations and pressure on China to cave in again and again in the future. This will lead to unending pressure on the currency and ultimately economic dilemmas.     Notwithstanding its well-known fiscal problems, the US economy is the juggernaut of production and innovation in the history of mankind. It is a pity that every time this economic juggernaut encounters successful international competition in manufacturing, it resorts to bullying against its own consumers' welfare and that of the working poor worldwide.     Therefore, the US too needs to look inward. It has to rein in those special interest groups; it has to reform its tax system to encourage, instead of discourage savings; it has to rationalize its Social Security and Medicare systems, which also discourage personal savings. Finally, it has to stop bashing and bullying successful international competitors. The world is catching on. After Japan and China, who will be next? India?     Enough is enough.”////

           Unfortunately for the American people the dire truth of these things is, and as always, being kept from them by their media and political elite classes, who fear the revolt of their people, should the reality of what has been done to them, is ever discovered.

The same cannot be said, however, about one of America’s longest and most powerful allies Taiwan, whose President, in seeing the “clouds of war” gathering, once again, over Asia, announced this morning that his Nation “will never ask the United States to help fight a war”, and which really means, “don’t ask us to help you, fight your wars either.”

    During the last century when our World, like today, stood on the brink of war amidst a shattered Global economy, perhaps the wisest man alive, Albert Einstein, uttered these words: “He who joyfully marches to music in rank and file has already earned my
contempt. He has been given a large brain by mistake, since for him the
spinal cord would suffice.”        Sadly for our World today, hardly anyone alive remembers this.     © May 3, 2010 EU and US all rights reserved
  Sorcha Faal





From: Eldon W   To:
Sent: Saturday, May 01, 2010 9:14 PM   Subject: On the Hope For Change
Oh well!  When NESARA is implemented, all the problems will be solved.  (Sigh......)
I think some noted personality once said something like this: "Good government can't come from ignorant and/or evil people." And, most of humanity seems to fall into one or both catagories.
So, even if NESARA is 'for real', and/or the 'Restore America' action plan would be successful, it scares me to think of what could  possibly follow that would be just a trail back into the slaughterhouse  corral for the sheeple,

considering the ignorance rampant within the American people.
For instance, the stated goal of the Restore America is to go back to the 1870 version of the US CON-stitution. As I explained in their response blog, "If you started out on the wrong road to your desired destination at the beginning of your journey, then going 1/2 way back to your starting point will not alter the fact that you 'can't get there  from here' ('There' being the original desired destination).
The 'beginning point' of the American Republic was on, or about July 1st 1776 -  just before the Declaration of Independence was signed into  existence on July 4th, 1776.  Without the 'property right' being inserted within that document, the American people were set out upon the 'wrong  road' that only leads to dictatorship and despotism. If you don't have
property rights, then you don't have control of your primary 'unalienable right' - your life. Also, if you cannot take your property - your labour, or the fruits of your labour, to market (liberty), you cannot sustain your life. But, if you do not have 'ownership' of your labour, or fruits of your  labour, then 'liberty' is of no value.
I have a critique of the Declaration of Independence and the real 'declaration of rights' for the American Republic, George Mason's 'Declaration of Rights for  Virginia', dated June 4th, 1776.
It is not as prosaic as Jefferson's Declaration of Independence, but, in detail, much more accurate relative to forming a truly independent America  free of subjugating policy of the Vatican. As it remained, America (Virginia)  remained the property of the Pontiff of Rome and his secular Holy Roman  Empire, and that included ownership of the American people, as 'subjects'  of the Pontiff of Rome' - which means ownership of their mental and/or physical labour.

That is obviously why Jefferson left out the 'property right'.
*Claimed ownership of the America's is found in the 'Papal Bull of 1493'.
*Claimed ownership of all humanity is found in Papal Bull 'Unam Sanctam'
1302 - (last sentence),
and reconfirmed as recently as 2000 AD by
Cardinal Ratzinger.
*Claims of the Pope as 'Ruler of the World'


Posted: March 1st, 2002  Latest update: Nov 30, 2007

Thomas Jefferson wrote in the USA Declaration of Independence:
hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal,
that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights,
that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.

It is obvious that Jefferson gained his inspiration from:

Virginia Declaration of Rights (June 12, 1776) Drafted by: George Mason
Article I: That all men are by nature equally free and independent, and have certain
inherent rights, of which, when they enter into a state of society, they cannot,
by any compact, deprive or divest their posterity;

the enjoyment of life and liberty, with the means of acquiring and
possessing property, and pursuing and obtaining happiness and safety.

It should be noted here that the primary unalienable (meaning: a value cannot be ascertained) right is 'life'. The secondary
unalienable rights are 'property' and 'liberty'. 'Property' is absolutely necessary for the maintenance of life -

the maintenance of one's body. 'Liberty' is absolutely
necessary to take one's produce to market - to travel to one's place of work
where labour, the primary property, may be exchanged for the necessary property
to maintain life - food, shelter and clothing.

The 'Pursuit of Happiness' (Hope of Happiness) is vital for one's mental and physical health.

that Jefferson 'conveniently' left the property right out of the
Declaration of Independence. Modern charters of rights use the term
'security of person'.

'person' is a legal status (corporate slave status) attached to one's
body, the statement is meaningless relative to rights. ...(..)

Conclusion drawn from the above quote:
1. We, the People are creations of God - NOT creations of government.
2. The RIGHTS of LIFE, LIBERTY, PROPERTY and the PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS are bestowed upon us by our
Creator - NOT by government.
3. We, the People create government and install kings, queens, prime ministers or presidents as our servant.
4. As creator of government, we are the "MAJESTY", and government is our servant.
5. When the men and women, acting as members of a SERVANT government, scheme to
overthrow the "MAJESTY" of the MASTER and subjugate or destroy the SOVEREIGN
PEOPLE, there exists the crime of HIGH TREASON.
6. The Canadian People have NOT had one iota of opportunity to participate in deciding whether we will have
the Monarch of Great Britain as the Crown of Canada,

 what form of government we will have in Canada, or any opportunity to write or ratify a constitution.

...(...) The Treasonous Acts Against Canadians
The Canadian Governments, at all levels, by use of a "STRAWMAN", a sound alike name
of the name by which you have been called all your life, but usually spelled in
all capital letters or family name first, and called a "PERSON".

deceit is in the government's (Crown) making the family name as the
paramount name, a "surname", where the root word "sur" means over,
above, primary, and the given name(s) as a reference name.

This is opposite to the intentions of one's parents, and
opposite of the origin and status of a "family" name - that being a reference
name for the primary, or given names. That fraudulent name is then inscribed on
a government money value instrument called a 'birth certificate'.

one's using/acknowledging the birth certificate name as being "one and
the same" as oneself, that fraud intended name, it carries with its
use, the status of 'plantation slave'.

'all caps' spelling is a code signifying that the slave has been
pledged as a debtor in the bankruptcy of the Crown. All western nations
were declared bankrupt in 1930.

deceit by government in teaching people to use the birth certificate
name through the educational system makes all Canadians SUBJECT to the
CROWN by changing our status to that of a FEUDAL SERF of the MIDDLE

For several hundred years, the British Monarchy bestowed 'privileges' (falsely called rights) on 'subjects' (sometimes called
'citizens'), but this ceased with the 1930 bankruptcy.

Since that time, these 'privileges', including 'due
process of law' has been slowly removed, and the 'slaves' have been subjected to
increased forced extraction of their labour and life (life is time spent) by way
of taxation and inflation of fiat counterfeit money.

This is how people have been deprived of the protections
of such documents as the Magna Carta 1225, the Habeas Corpus Act, the Bill of
Rights, The Petition of Rights, and more recently, Diefenbaker's Canadian Bill of Rights.

...(...) England has been under the Roman system since
King John signed over England FOREVER as a vassal state to the Holy Roman
Empire/Pontiff/Vatican in 1213. All human institutions are make-believe
ships/incorporations in the Roman system.

All corporations and corporate (crew)members are a legal fiction, and
are SUBJECTS of the Crown. The British Crown is subject to, or under
the Crown of the City of London, the Vatican owned financial, legal and
professional controls capitol of the Holy Roman Empire.

the Crown referred to in Canada is most likely the 6 pointed City of
London Crown (a corporation), not the British Crown. The Canadian
people have a basic RIGHT to Common Law , and as such, are NOT SUBJECTS
of the Crown for the imposition of corporate ADMINISTRATIVE Law -

ONLY type of law which is found in the Canadian Court system. This
subterfuge is totally in the realm of legal sleaze and trickery for the
purpose of denying your God Given RIGHTS.

...(..) What's To Be Done??
I would suggest reading a Discourse on Voluntary Servitude written by Éttiene de la Boétie of France around 1560.
To learn about legal rights of which you should become very
aware, study:
Tyranny (( ))
My primary answer is the Magna Carta Kanata Project. ...(...)  1) We
Canadians have been without lawful federal and provincial governments since
1931, and actually, since 1901. However, Canadians were/have been duped into
believing that Canada had been confederated

as a country in 1867. There was no confederation - Canada was just created as a super colony of
2) We have had an impostor monarch, and monarchy, imposed upon us
since 1901 (upon the death of Queen Victoria) ...(...) ...
the (impostor and usurper) Federal Government and the CRA are rapidly
accelerating the emplacement of control mechanisms to enforce the
establishment  of a "despotism" over Canada and Canadians, the time
frame for the completion of the Canadian Magna Carta must be: -
WHAT NEEDS  TO BE DONE NOW First steps? Study the original Magna Carta. Learn from historical
Put some thoughts to paper (word processor).

Complete 1215 A.D. (King John) version:
The 1215 Magna Carta was declared void by Pope Innocent III
The Pope approved version is the 1225 version signed by King Henry II
Magna Carta 1215
Complete 1297 A.D. (King Edward 1) version:

In this version, we find "freeman" instead of "free man",  as in the
original, (freeman = slave granted some freedoms),
and "person" - a false role or status imposed on a man, thus  showing the beginning of the deception by
the King and Pope to Romanize and enslave the English people.
Magna Carta 1297

La Grande Charte de 1215 en Francais - en PDF:  La Grande Charte de 1215

Magna Carta word definitions at the bottom of this page: ...

Treason doth never prosper. What's the reason?  For if it prosper, none dare call it treason!  Sir John Harrington
Eldon G. Warman





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David Ray Griffin et Richard Gage à Montréal le 3 mai/may 2010. La plus importante conférence sur les événements du 11 septembre au Canada - World911Truth. Voir la fiche des conférenciers et de la journée.

 a special presentation before a 730 seat house at the
Université du Québec à Montréal (UQAM, Salle Marie-Gérin-Lajoie) on Monday May
3, 2010. 




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From: "D"    To: <>
Sent: Monday, May 03, 2010 10:43 AM
Hello Central,
I have been doing some reading. regarding the situation in the Gulf of Mexico with BP\'s Oil Rig. This situation is not only a disaster, but a WORLD WIDE Catastrophe.
Imagine a pipe 5 feet wide spewing crude oil like a fire hose from what could be the planets\' largest, high-pressure oil and gas reserve.
The original estimate was about 5,000 gallons of oil a day spilling into the ocean. Now they\'re saying 200,000 gallons a day. That\'s over a million gallons of crude oil a week!
It only takes one quart of motor oil to make 250,000 gallons of ocean water toxic to wildlife. Are you starting to get the magnitude of this?
168 or so Quart\'s per barrel. at 200,000 barrel\'s per day. That\'s about  33,600,000 quart\'s per day being leaked into the Giulf, at the water destruction level of 8,400,000,000,000 GALLONS of water PER DAY, that is destroyed for life to be able to survive.
I don\'t know how many gallons of water in the world\'s oceans. But if we don\'t get some Help from Our COSMIC Friends to fix this oil leak.
Within a matter of 30 day\'s or so. The oceans of the world will be destroyed, and not able to sustain life!! I found these numbers. and info. here:
Oh God help us PLEASE         in LOVE and LIGHT.          D