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 Wednesday, June 23, 2010
BREAKING: National Emergency Imminent -- Acid Rain Falls on Alabama
by Tom Heneghan    International Intelligence Expert
Wednesday  June 23, 2010         [june24oil]
Map of British Petroleum Oil Spill as of June 23, 2010
Heavy tar balls and oil are washing up on Pensacola Beach this morning from the area of the Pensacola Beach Pier to the Fort Pickens gate. Some of the sheets of oil are reported to be about 10 feet long              photos northescambia. com
UNITED STATES of America  -   Tonight we bring you an emergency update on an IMMINENT NATIONAL EMERGENCY in the Gulf of Mexico.
The oil is gushing at a record rate with HIGHLY toxic methane hydrate, benzene and Corexit 9500 threatening the lives of the entire southeast region of the United States.
Citizens of Alabama and Louisiana are reporting oil-soaked precipitation aka acid rain as of this afternoon.                     Raining Oil In Louisiana? (Video) or:
// HistoryTours  |  22 juin/june  2010  |  0:56  this looked exactly like what we saw yesterday under the Bay Saint Louis Miss Bridge On Our Way Out To Cat Island In The Gulf. Thick Brown Gooey Foam //

As of this hour, alleged President Barack Obama, along with his sociopathic dysfunctional U.S. Secretary of State, loser and lesbian in-the-closet Hillary Rodenhurst Clinton, are defying the U.S. Military and General James Jones aka an IMMEDIATE EVACUATION of the region.
In fact, dysfunctional loser Hillary is in direct communication with her criminal business partners, the Bush-Clinton Crime Family Syndicate, specifically former Florida Governor, election stealer and narcotics trafficker, Jeb Bush, on a hour to hour basis.
The Bush-Clinton Crime Family Syndicate continues to blackmail alleged President Barack Obama i.e. Barry Soetero.
The latest financial problem deals with a $1 TRILLION margin call tied to a Japanese Yen-EURO currency cross derivative trade with the counter party being the Bush-Clinton Crime Family Syndicate, financial terrorist George Soros, along with insurance giant AIG, the Bank of America and the Bank of New York Mellon.
Guess who, folks, made the margin call.  None other than Bush-Clinton Crime Family Syndicate criminal brokerage firm aka bank, Goldman Sachs.
I guess, folks, their worldwide financial Ponzi Scheme is now collapsing on both sides of their box.
Tonight we bring you a report from Investigative Journalist Wayne Madsen confirming our recent intelligence briefings: US Military Plays Its Hand - Proceed with Revolutionary Mode by Tom Heneghan  International Intelligence Expert     Sunday  June 20, 2010
Government insiders: Get ready for the Gulf "dead zone"
By Wayne Madsen     Investigative Journalist
June 23, 2010  [color enhancement added]
Bad news concerning the Gulf oil disaster continues to come from WMR's federal government sources in the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) and the US Army Corps of Engineers. Emergency planners are dealing with a prospective "dead zone"  within a 200 mile radius from the Deepwater Horizon disaster datum in the Gulf.
A looming environmental and population displacement disaster is brewing in the Gulf. The oil dispersant used by BP, Corexit 9500, is seen by FEMA sources as mixing with evaporated water from the Gulf and absorbed by rain clouds producing toxic precipitation that threatens to kill all marine and land animals, plant life, and humans within a 200-mile radius of the Deepwater Horizon disaster site in the Gulf.
Adding to the worries of FEMA and the Corps of Engineers is the large amounts of methane that are escaping from the cavernous grotto of oil underneath the Macondo drilling area of Gulf of Mexico.
On a recent visit to the Gulf coast, President Obama vowed that the Gulf coast will "return to normal." However, federal officials dealing with the short- and long-term impact of the oil disaster report that the "dead zone" created by a combination of methane gas and Corexit toxic rain will force the evacuation and long-term abandonment of cities and towns within the 200-mile radius of the oil volcano.
Plans are being put in place for the mandatory evacuation of New Orleans, Baton Rouge, Mandeville, Hammond, Houma, Belle Chase, Chalmette, Slidell, Biloxi, Gulfport, Pensacola, Hattiesburg, Mobile, Bay Minette, Fort Walton Beach, Panama City, Crestview, and Pascagoula.
The toxic rain from the Gulf is expected to poison fresh water reservoirs and lakes, streams, and rivers, which will also have a disastrous impact on agriculture and livestock, as well as drinking water, in the affected region.
FEMA officials also claim that the $20 billion compensation fund set aside by BP is not nearly enough to offset the costs of the disaster. The FEMA sources say the disaster will cost well in excess of $1 trillion, and likely closer to $2-3 trillion.
British Petroleum is using Corexit 9500 in the Gulf of Mexico,
a HIGHLY TOXIC chemical dispersant banned in England years ago
endangering millions of lives on the Gulf Coast and the ecological system
BP is using highly toxic chemicals in the Gulf; Food Crops Threatened
British Petroleum has openly admitted that they have used at least 1,021,000 gallons of dispersant in the Gulf of Mexico. The same chemicals that have been banned in the UK for over ten years! The active ingredient in this pesticide is a known neurotoxin that is acutely toxic to both human and aquatic life, causes cancer, and causes damage to internal organs such as the liver and kidneys simply by absorbing it through the skin and may even cause reproductive side effects.
Oil sludge washes in Florida,dolphin stranged
Reuters  ...oil spill as thick oily sludge washed ashore on Pensacola Beach on Wednesday and emergency workers found an oil-covered dolphin stranded on the shore.  MORE
Tons of oil waste picked from Florida beaches overnight
Miami Herald  Cleanup workers in the Pensacola area were kept busy overnight Wednesday, clearing eight tons of oil spill waste off a Perdido Key barrier island and monitoring a trail of gunk along another coast.
Florida Gov. Charlie Crist's office reported the existence of a three-mile-long trail of so-called mousse, an oily slick, between the Pensacola Beach pier and Fort Pickens National Park.  MORE
Methane Levels From BP Oil Spill Raise Environmental Concerns    Methane levels in the ocean near the site of the BP oil spill are “astonishingly high”, according to some US scientists. Last week, the scientists returned...John Kessler of Texas A&M University in College Station, one of the scientists on the research expedition, said last week that methane in deep-ocean waters (below 1,000 feet) near the oil spill are 10,000 to 100,000 times higher than normal. At times, the team measured methane levels that were 1 million times above normal. 
Louisiana residents report oil-spill related illnesses
Two months since the start of the Gulf Coast oil spill, residents, fishermen and experts throughout the Gulf of Mexico are reporting respiratory problems and other illnesses attributable to oil contamination. 
International Intelligence Expert, Tom Heneghan, has hundreds of highly credible sources inside American and European Intelligence Agencies and INTERPOL--reporting what is REALLY going on behind the scenes of the corporate-controlled mainstream media cover up propaganda of on-going massive deceptions and illusions.
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Today's News, June 23, 2010
      "Hands Across the Sand" to protest offshore oil drilling. Note to protesters: If you see BP security personnel, beat the "tar" out of them.
      Quake shakes Toronto, Montreal, and Ottawa. Buildings evacuated.
    * Israel launches spy satellite. How about somebody now launching a satellite killer?
    * Growing Tel Aviv-Beijing military ties. Israel provides China with sensitive U.S. military technology.
    * Jewish settlers threaten to use private security companies to forcibly evict Palestinians. Zionist state continues its ethnic cleansing policies.
    * PKK vows more attacks on Turkish targets. New group, Kurdistan Freedom Falcons, claims responsiblity for Istanbul attack. These "Falcons" were hatched in Israel.
    * Australian PM Kevin Rudd challenged by his deputy. Julia Gillard seeks to replace unpopular Rudd.
    * Salazar amends oil drilling moratorium. More oil drilling will be permitted. Big Oilbama administration at work.
    * Afghanistan US commander McChrystal relieved of command. Obama replaces McChrystal with neocons' darling, the four-star pencil sharpener David Petraeus.
    * Judge who ruled against off-shore oil drilling moratorium has extensive investments in oil and gas industry, including Halliburton and Transocean. US Judge Martin Feldman also a new member of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court (FISC). The energy investments are a danger to environmental security, the FISC appointment is a danger to national security.
    * CNN pundits are BP shills. CNN's Hillary Rosen and Alex Castellanos are PR hacks for BP. Boycott CNN, the worst name in news today (other than Fox).
    * WMR's scoop on Gulf power shortages from oil disaster now reported in corporate media. WMR's original report and slight correction.   ...etc...........
Wayne Madsen is on the radio airwaves on RBN every Saturday from 6 to 7 pm CDT/ 7-8 pm EDT. Please join us for WMR's Saturday Round Up. //
Planned Evacuation of 18 Gulf Coast Cities Contributed by Fellowship of the Minds (Reporter) 23 june/ juin 2010 16:38:16 This story has been viewed 317 times(317 times in the past 24 hours, 10 times in the past hour)
For more than a week now, there are whispers of an eventual mass evacuation from the Gulf coast. (See HERE, for example. // Louisiana National Guard Preparing For Mass Evacuations June 10, 2010 — EXTREME ALERT — Gulf Coast Evacuation Contingency Plans Soon to Go Operational: The operational name for the Gulf Coast Evacuation is “Swift Fox”. // Now the Wayne Madsen Report has joined the chorus. The Wayne Madsen Report (WMR) is a mainly subscription news site ($7/month for “individual reader” subscribers) that claims to provide news ”from deep inside the Washington beltway.” Its editor is Wayne Madsen, a Washington, DC-based investigative journalist, former Navy officer, author and syndicated columnist, with an impressive c.v.         Last month, WMR had broken the Obama gay club membership story.
His for-subcribers report today is profoundly disturbing. Madsen’s sources in the federal government are telling him that a 200-mile radius “dead zone” is developing from the damaged BP oil well in the Gulf of Mexico, which threatens the lives of all marine and land animals, plants, and humans. .....      ~Eowyn
Glen Ford  Black Agenda Report      Wed, 23 Jun 2010 01:39 EDT
The United States can no longer engage effectively in "nation-building" in the one place on Earth it has a right and duty to do so: at home. These are the lessons of the 2010 Gulf oil catastrophe, the 2008 financial meltdown and the 2005 Katrina horror - disasters that history will rightfully conflate as symptomatic of the fundamental crisis of the rule of Capital. The U.S. has become a company town of speculative and extraction enterprises whose social and physical geography the rulers relentlessly appropriate, monetize and despoil - all with obscene abandon.
At the core of the100 or so activists that gathered in New Orleans for an Emergency Summit to Stop the Gulf Oil Catastrophe, last weekend, were veterans of the ravages of Disaster Capitalism following Hurricane Katrina. They had seen up close how Capital and its servants at all levels of government organized themselves as a public-private mob to drive Black and poor people from the city. They were witnesses to the crafting of a corporate consensus that the exiled poor should have no rights that conflicted with the imperatives of Capital - no right to return, no right to reclaim their lives, no rights that cannot be superseded by the claims and ambitions of the oligarchs. They had watched as finance Capital's urban gentrification agenda was near-instantaneously put on fast-forward in New Orleans to ensure the permanent purging of the poor. A kind of perverse anthem seemed to rise from each corporate celebration of the city's imminent and profitable rebirth: "Free the land - of Black people!"
Now the land and bayous and sea are made hostile to all life by the depraved indifference of voracious extractors who monetized, securitized and derivitaized the Gulf's most deeply buried oil deposits years before the accursed Deepwater Horizon rig made its last, fatal thrust. The super-deep reservoirs of the Gulf were sold and their oil futures already leveraged to finance yet more assaults on man and nature, even before President Obama's flip-flop on off-shore drilling in August, 2008, when he had the Democratic nomination in the bag.
Such world-shaping dealings have nothing to do with you and me, nothing to do with notions of democracy, because democracy does not exist in the United States, where finance capital and its extracting, hoarding, manipulating energy cousin, rule. There is no evidence of democracy anywhere that counts - not in the $14-plus trillion transferred directly to Wall Street, mostly by the quasi-public Federal Reserve, while the real economy in general and Black America in particular were stripped and gutted. No notions of an American social compact could deter the ruling class from acting out its pathologies on its own citizens when Katrina presented the opportunity. And no amount of public disgust at BP has moved Obama to behave as if he is beholden to the majority that elected him - for the simple reason that he is not.  ...(...)
Adam Curtis   Adam Curtis Blog     Wed, 23 Jun 2010 21:32 EDT
BP is accused of destroying the wildlife and coastline of America, but if you look back into history you find that BP did something even worse to America.
They gave the world Ayatollah Khomeini.
Of course there are many factors that led to the Iranian revolution, but back in 1951 the Anglo-Iranian Oil Company - which would later become BP - and its principal owner the British government, conspired to destroy democracy and install a western-controlled regime in Iran. The resulting anger and the repression that followed was one of the principal causes of the Iranian revolution in 1978/79 - out of which came the Islamist regime of Ayatollah Khomeini. ........
....Reza Kahlili     Forbes    Tue, 22 Jun 2010 21:16 EDT....Last week, Iran's opposition leaders Mir-Hossein Mousavi and Mehdi Karoubi canceled anti-government demonstrations timed to commemorate the anniversary of last year's disputed presidential election. Secretary of the State Hillary Clinton called the cancellation "regrettable," but missed the larger point. The reform these two men offer is not what the majority of Iranians want: They want an end to the current Islamic regime.
...Reza Kahlili is a pseudonym for an ex-CIA spy who requires anonymity for safety reasons. A Time to Betray, his book about his double life as a CIA agent in Iran's Revolutionary Guards, was published by Simon & Schuster last April.........
.......Peter Ewart  OpEdNews   Sun, 20 Jun 2010 01:13 EDT
Like a postage stamp that has been licked too often, a word can lose its power and authority if it is used indiscriminately.
So it is with the word "terrorist" that is now routinely applied by governments all over the world to demonize and marginalize political opposition. And likewise with the word "anti-semitic" which is a label stuck on just about anyone who is not in total support of the state of Israel and its treatment of the Palestinians.
Indeed, Jimmy Carter, former President of the United States, was given precisely that label after calling Israel an "apartheid state".
Even South African Judge Richard Goldstone, himself Jewish, who led a UN authorized fact-finding mission into Israel's invasion of Gaza last year has been called anti-semitic for his findings which have been labeled as "anti-Israel" by the Israeli government.
         Closer to home, the aid organization Kairos had its funding cut off by the Harper government because of, the government alleges, its support for the boycott movement against Israel and its "anti-semitism". Kairos is a joint venture of thirteen Canadian churches and church organizations, including Catholic, Anglican, Christian Reformed, Evangelical Lutheran, Mennonite, Presbyterian, Society of Friends, and United Church.
       The latest public figure to get the "anti-semitic" label is NDP MP for East Vancouver, Libby Davies. She has had this pinned on her because she expressed support for the international campaign to boycott and sanction Israel for its blockade of Gaza, as well as suggesting that Israel has been "occupying" the land since 1948.
Prime Minister Harper has since called for Davies to resign as deputy NDP leader and Liberal Bob Rae has accused her of "hostility and ignorance". Even some members of her own party, the NDP, have attacked her, with Thomas Mulcair NDP MP calling her comments "egregious" and out of step with her party.
It is quite interesting that, while the caucuses of the Conservatives, Liberals and NDP are very quick to jump on Davies, they have made no criticism of the killings by Israeli commandoes of the nine people on the ships attempting to break the blockade of Gaza by Israel.     It is also quite interesting that, as a 2007 BBC poll shows (see footnote 1), 52% of Canadians have a negative view towards Israel, while only 23% had a positive one. The question should be asked: Just who is out of step with who? Is it Libby Davies or is it the three federal parties in parliament who are out of step with the Canadian people?
       Indeed, it is these same three federal political parties that have formed "The Canadian Parliamentary Committee to Combat Anti-semitism", the members of which are claiming that criticizing Israel is a "new form" of anti-semitism. Dylan Penner, founding member of Independent Jewish Voices, believes that the ultimate objective of this Parliamentary Committee is "to introduce legislation that would make it a crime to criticize Israel".     All of this raises serious questions about freedom of speech and right to conscience in Canada. Parliamentarians and Canadians themselves should have the right to criticize the policies and practices of any of the 190+ countries in the world as they see fit, and that includes Israel. If criticism of Israel is "off limits" and "illegal", how soon before it become a crime to criticize the Canadian government itself? 
In an interview, Libby Davies has also said that there are other federal MPs who do not approve of Israeli actions, such as the blockade of Gaza and the invasion of Lebanon, but who "are actually afraid to speak out." According to her, this constitutes a new type of "McCarthyism" in Canada.
Why are they afraid to speak out? A number of analysts have commented about the strength of the Israel lobby in the U.S. and that members of Congress are afraid to criticize Israel for fear of being targeted by this well-financed lobby. Is that the case in Canada? More than a few believe that is also true (see footnote 2).
So what are the implications for politics in Canada if MPs are afraid to speak out because they fear reprisal from the lobbyists and supporters of a foreign government? For one thing, perhaps such MPs should not be in Parliament. If they are intimidated by these lobbyists, how can they be expected to stand up for their own constituents?
Secondly, rather than having a parliamentary committee examining and dissecting the beliefs of ordinary Canadians, maybe its time would be better spent looking at the power of lobbyists in Ottawa who lobby on behalf of foreign governments and who seek to make criticism of these governments off limits or even illegal.
Now that is a postage stamp that might just stick.
********Peter Ewart is a writer and columnist based in Prince George, British Columbia. He can be reached at:
(1) BBC World Service poll. March 6, 2007.
(2) Canada's Israel Lobby. By Peyton Vaughan Lyon, Professor Emeritus, Political Science, Carleton University.
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Casper 6-23-10 Opinion
So McChrystal and his people refer to Biden, Holbrook, Nat'l. Security Advisor James Jones, Etc. as a Bunch of Clowns who have no idea what they are doing? Then 100% of the focus is on 'He should not have said it'.
Not one talking head or Politician addresses the real issue, 'Is What He Said True'?
The State Dept. is tying to run the war and make the men who's lives are on the line subservient to which ever whim they wake up with each day.
It is Obama, Biden and the rest who are the incompetent 'Nin-Kom-Poops', not McChrystal and his men and women.
It's the same old crap over and over again, send the 'cannon fodder' into battle then demand they send an e-mail to the White House for permission to shoot back. The MSM is the biggest disgrace of all not even questioning Why the Men in the Field feel as they do.
Now we witness the Obama administrations incompetence in Foreign Policy just as with Economic Policy, The Oil Spill, Border Policy, etc. etc. etc....
Our country would be better off with Jimmy Carter-- At least we were not worried that he was Intentionally trying to destroy the country and it's people.
casper 6-23-10 opinion
Posted by John MacHaffie at 3:11 PM 16 comments

Casper 6-23-10
Now its Wednesday and things continue to change rapidly.
No more 'replacements' said the Big Cheese Dragon so he arrived himself with a couple of plane loads. That was Monday with YING and entourage arriving the day before. Ying is here to pursue the B.ofA. takeover, the big man supposedly to get 'our business' completed. Yesterday B.ofA. was crawling with auditors, especially in New York, and it was immediately obvious Trillions are missing. This morning seven trade attempts have been blocked making it obvious the BCD (big cheese dragon) was working with Ying trying to recapitalize B.A. using our packs/funds as collateral. WE observed several weeks ago that 'five in a row' China 'Replacements' in D.C. could not all go bad without the 'Boss's' knowledge. So now the Boss is here doing his own dirty work. One immediate outcome WE are hearing this morning is that their anticipated takeover of B.of A. Private Banking, as a result of these corrupt activities, will now not be allowed.
To what extent all this affects us, WE are working on it.
casper 6-23-10
Posted by John MacHaffie at 3:09 PM 6 comments
John DiNardo: Is the Disaster in the Gulf purposely Created to Hide the Devastation Coming with Planet X? Dec 1983 WashPost Article on PlanetX
Posted By: Rayelan <Send E-Mail> Date: Wednesday, 23-Jun-2010 13:01:53
        Email exchange between John DiNardo and his friend Gil:
        From John DiNardo: ...   From:   Brown Dwarfs Sized: "Mini-Solar Systems" ///
   From: Gilbert     Date: Wednesday, June 23, 2010 1:53 am
        John,     EM means "Electro Magnetic". As an iron based body, Wormwood will have a magnetic pole structure similar to Earth. North and South poles somewhere near its axis of rotation. only BIGGER. a LOT bigger.
        If Wormwood were Jupiter sized in diameter and if it was "isodense" by way of plasma charge collection, then theoretically it would have between 7 and 8 Jupiter masses, roughly. Basically it's a big iron ball with some sulfur and other nasty chemicals, plus any space junk that it might collect from the Oort Cloud during its travels. And with all that iron in its composition it will throw off a BIGGIE in terms of EM charge.
        But at 90 Degrees to the ecliptic plane of the Sun. Thus the disruptive power of Wormwood [JD: Planet X], and why the Earth's magnetic poles are now shifting, from Wormwood's electromagnetic competition with the Sun and with the Earth. If the plasma energy input charge from space is not strong enough, then gravity will work its magic and bring the density figure up somewhat higher. With the new plasma astrophysics I'm not sure how they will go about separating the two issues to arrive at a reasonably accurate figure for Wormwood's mass.
        It would be nice to know what Wormwood's real mass is, because then some other properties can be determined and the predictive process (of its destructive power) gets more accurate. But the professionals don't want to touch the Wormwood/Planet X subject just yet, so for now we wait until they are allowed to participate.
        With their "Big Rig" telescope gear and super computers, personally, if I had to guess, I would say that Wormwood is probably 10 to 12 Jupiter masses. But that's just a GUESS, and it could be more.
        We do know that it cannot attract enough energy complements of the plasma energy of space to be visible. It's a dark body object, as a brown dwarf star. But that still leaves a lot of leeway in terms of how much mass Wormwood is really packing, and the related damage it can do.         Regards, Gill Eriksen
        Wow . . . Gil!!
        This approaching brown dwarf star is plausibly as massive as 10 to 12 Jupiter-masses! That is as much mass as about 3,200 Earths. This estimation makes sense to me, considering that most sources we have heard from believe that it is a brown dwarf star.  ....(....)
....(...) Elaborating on your estimations below, as this brown dwarf star accelerates into our inner Solar System, being gravitationally attracted to our Sun, its enormous magnetic forces are increasingly boiling and churning Earth's magnetic core, while this brown dwarf star's enormous gravitational pull is plucking upon Earth's crustal surface, buckling seabeds, such as in the Coral Sea and in the Gulf of Mexico, generating sinkholes all over China, and generating unprecedentedly frequent high-magnitude earthquakes.
At least three years ago, Mark, a veteran of the Persian Gulf War who maintains contact with certain acquaintances in the government, told me that a geologist friend with the U.S. Geological Survey told him that they were surveying the seabed of the Gulf of Mexico for great oil drilling opportunities, and that they expect to see land masses rising up from the Gulf of Mexico seabed.
So, it seems that pieces of this puzzle are fitting together.
The global power elite foresaw the Gulf of Mexico seabed rising, were overcome with oil greed, but knew that in the next few years they would have to flee the Gulf when the newly popping undersea volcanoes start to break out, like hives, all over the planet.
And they knew that, in order to forestall (not preempt) public panic, they would have to make it look as if corporate recklessness had caused the Gulf of Mexico to burst up, bleeding . . .
because if the people were to discern that natural disasters are exploding all over the Earth, then these power elite controllers of the masses would have the reigns of global enslavement abruptly yanked out of their greedy fists, as the docile masses panic into a state of crazed chaos and defiant rejection of tyrannical tethers.
The power elite are scared, because they know that there is no way that they can keep the global masses from panicking, as this approaching brown dwarf star (formally named "Planet X" by the world's community of astronomers) increasingly molests Earth's land masses, seabeds and molten magnetic core.
The elite can only forestall public panic for a short while. And it is becoming conspicuous that their Plan B is to go underground, a fact which Gov. Jesse Ventura has vividly documented with his TruTV film footage of the elite's elaborate underground cities beneath the Denver Airport, and deep within the bowels of Cheyenne Mountain, Colorado.
This brown dwarf star's plasmatic (electrified gas) coma is both electrostatically and electromagnetically exciting the Sun, provoking the Sun to sneeze forth blasts of solar flares which the National Academy of Science and the National Aeronautics and Space Administration officially state will likely damage or destroy the world's power grids and the associated electronic global canopy overdraping modern civilization's luxurious bed of comfort.   The result will be abrupt reversion to primitive life for anyone who can shelter themselves from the lethal solar scorching.
        Those of us who do not protect ourselves from the solar scorching will not have to worry about primitive living. Conversely, the power elite have long been prepared to weather the coming solar scorching by making us pay for their underground shelters.
        Although the N.A.S. and N.A.S.A. say that 2012 is the year to expect this solar scorching, the Sun will not switch from normal to scorching in an instant, like the flipping of a light switch. Rather, the solar scorching is already gradually intensifying. It is imperative that we, the citizens of the human race, establish a widespread correspondence network, in an effort to protect ourselves from the coming scorching, since the power elite told Gov. Jesse Ventura that the people are welcome to knock all day on those multi-ton underground steel doors.
        John DiNardo
        ~~ The Movie, KNOWING graphically depicts this solar scorching ~~ :
/// knowing destruction scene ... hellorion  —  20 juin/june 2009  — the destruction scene from knowing.  this is the ONLY thing i liked about the movie. thank god i didnt pay for this crap.  anyway enjoy :)... solar flares trailer 1959-trailer2 ///
        Remember to view the Washington Post announcement, attached above.
............................................................................................................................ There Will Be War [AND MORE] at 
Posted By: watcher51445 <Send E-Mail> Date: Wednesday, 23-Jun-2010 06:23:19
General McChrystal story is a direct WebBot hit
Posted By: Watchman Date: Wednesday, 23-Jun-2010 13:43:14 This from George Ure's site ( ) this AM
For the dozens of people who caught it, yes, this is what we alluded to in the "Shape of Things to Come" report of March 22, 2010 (page 36) in which this expectation set was laid out:                "The [panic (visible) in politicians) will escalate over Summer and Fall, and will include some [faux pas (mal mots/bad words)] on the part of a [ranking general] here in the USofA. This will be a very very very important temporal market for the aware observer. Following this [visible] marker of [bad words]. significant [displacements[ can be expected to begin occurring for large parts of the [populace/usofa] due to several manifesting circumstances. If there was ever a need for a 'bug out bag', the days following this temporal marker will be it."
I've got one of those strange feelings: I believe the General will be heard from more often in the future
Posted By: Watchman   Date: Wednesday, 23-Jun-2010 14:30:39
In Response To: VeteransTodayNewsletter: Gordon Duff (watcher51445)
        The Words and Actions of General Stanley McChrystal reminds me so much of Patton and McArthur, who both became open challenges to the PTW. They were dead set against the Worlds scheme for the NWO, and particularly for the "controllers" of our puppets.
        As the hot summer rolls into fall, I strongly suspect we wilol hear more of this no-nonsense Patriot at real rev*o*looshun takes over the news. He would be the perfect leader for the fracas. I pray that Almighty God would protect him from being 'suicided'.
        : Gordon Duff     Under Fire in Afghanistan
        : General McChrystal: the Next Helen Thomas? ....(...)
Re: 5.5 ONTARIO -QUEBEC quake; NRCAN data
Posted By: EarthGrid <Send E-Mail>  Date: Wednesday, 23-Jun-2010 19:39:32
        CBC News - Toronto - Quebec quake damages buildings, highway
        Here's the data from NRCAN, where one link shows you the history for that exact spot. Over time, there's a NW-to-SE diagonal line that forms from viewing a history of all the quakes. I guess the fault line runs that way.
        Earthquake Report (2010-06-23)
        Earthquake Report (2010-06-23): Regional Seismogram
        : Since when does Quebec have earthquakes? Is Quebec on the north end of the new madrid fault... I don't know... can someone do some research? ottawa
CGI's Steve: Beirut warns Israel against ship attack
Posted By: CGI_admin  Date: Wednesday, 23-Jun-2010 14:49:59
        The Julia, one of the two ships planning a trip to Gaza at a port in the northern city of Tripoli   As a Lebanese aid convoy is preparing to set sail for the Gaza Strip, Beirut says Tel Aviv would be held accountable for any attack against the vessel.
        In a letter to the United Nations on Tuesday, Lebanon's Foreign Ministry said "Israel will be held fully responsible for any attack on Lebanon," AFP reported.  ....(...)
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Posted By: IZAKOVIC <Send E-Mail> Date: Wednesday, 23-Jun-2010 13:56:35
magicpick76  —  23 juin 2010  — Louisiana residents witness a strange rain that leaves oil puddles near their homes. CDC advises "Everyone, including pregnant women" to avoid areas affected by spill QUOTE:
People, including pregnant women, can be exposed to these chemicals by breathing them (air), by swallowing them (water, food), or by touching them (skin). If possible, everyone, including pregnant women, should avoid the oil and spill-affected areas.
Huge thanx to RussiaToday for the original Upload: //
CLG: the PentaPost *finally* observes: U.S. paying millions to insurgents, Taliban and Afghan warlords 22 Jun 2010
Posted By: watcher51445 <Send E-Mail>  Date: Tuesday, 22-Jun-2010 07:10:36
        Breaking News and Commentary from Citizens for Legitimate Government
        21 Jun 2010
        All links are here:
        As CLG has reported for *years,* the PentaPost *finally* observes: U.S. paying millions to insurgents, Taliban and Afghan warlords 22 Jun 2010 The U.S. military is funding a massive protection racket in Afghanistan, indirectly paying tens of millions of dollars to warlords, corrupt public officials and the Taliban to ensure safe passage of its supply convoys throughout the country, according to congressional investigators. The security arrangements, part of a $2.16 billion transport contract, violate laws on the use of private contractors terrorists, as well as Defense Department regulations, and "dramatically undermine" larger U.S. objectives of curtailing corruption and strengthening effective governance in Afghanistan, a report released late Monday said. The report describes a Defense Department that is well aware that some of the money paid to contractors winds up in the hands of warlords and insurgents. [See: The Obusha AfPak Money Pit: Unlike the 'public option,' Congress doesn't ask if funding the Taleban to blow up contractors' bridges will add to the US deficit By Lori Price 03 Oct 2009.]
        Mission accomplished! Afghan opiate use doubled in last 5 years, UN says 21 Jun 2010 Use of opiate drugs such as heroin and opium has doubled in Afghanistan since 2005 -- with nearly 3 percent of Afghan adults now addicted, according to a U.N. report released Monday. Afghanistan supplies 90 percent of the world's opium, the main ingredient in heroin, and is the global leader in hashish production. Drug crops have helped finance 'insurgents' and encourage corruption -- particularly the opium poppy crop in the south where the Taliban CIA controls cultivation and smuggling routes. ....(...)
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.............................................................................................................................!! BP GULF SPILL - DID HAARP CAUSE THE BLOWOUT -
Posted By: watcher51445 <Send E-Mail> Date: Wednesday, 23-Jun-2010 12:53:22
In Response To: VKB Re: PROBABLY "RED ADAIR" WOULD AGREE WITH R. WHITLEY, SR. (watcher51445) ????
 // Free clip from celtickev999 on YouTube  Jun 21, 2010 8:55 Was the Deepwater Horizon disaster actually a scalar weapon attack to force through the contraversial cap-n-trade bill?
AC Griffiths goes over , in what is his opinion, an inside job caused by HAARP.  //
Articles In This Thread : George S. Patton was assassinated to silence his criticism of allied war leaders (views: 610) watcher51445 -- Wednesday, 23-Jun-2010 09:16:53 brief: Gen. McChrystal awaits his fate (views: 275)
watcher51445 -- Wednesday, 23-Jun-2010 09:24:44
DK Re: George S. Patton was assassinated to silence his criticism of allied war leaders (views: 80) watcher51445 -- Wed, 23-Jun-2010 12:36:39
watcher51445 -- Wednesday, 23-Jun-2010 12:45:11
VKB Re: PROBABLY "RED ADAIR" WOULD AGREE WITH R. WHITLEY, SR. (views: 37) watcher51445 -- Wednesday, 23-Jun-2010 12:51:29!! BP GULF SPILL - DID HAARP CAUSE THE BLOWOUT - INSIDE JOB!! (views: 104) watcher51445 -- Wednesday, 23-Jun-2010 12:53:22
MAX Re: George S. Patton was assassinated to silence his criticism of allied war leaders (views: 53)watcher51445 -- Wed, 23-Jun-2010 13:04:39
AC Griffith Interview: BP Oil Spill, Chemtrails, and Scalar Weapons Part_1
Purpose of Chemtrails: A.C.Griffiths: (1) (NWO SERIES/ POISON IN THE SKY - CHEMTRAILS) // .. ..
The Vatic Project :Gulf Spill: Disaster? Or a Well Organized Plan ??
Posted By: watcher51445 <Send E-Mail> Date: Wednesday, 23-Jun-2010 06:01:29
 Lets hope more comes to light and proves that the gulf is safe and secure and will be fully saved when they are done cleaning up the crud on the beaches and in the corporations that did this as well as those in government who aided and abetted the problem.
Vatic Project - Daily Summary ... June 22, 2010
I. Blog: The Vatic Project
Post: Gulf Spill: Disaster? Or a Well Organized Plan
Vatic Note: Contributors Note: (This contributor emailed us this story and it is a mixed blessing, in that we may in fact be very well in the Gulf after all, having said that, then we also have criminal parties in corporations and government involved in the fraud and scam. This was The contributors email to me:
"Have we been had, yet again? Is it the corexit that is doing all the damage? I don't know, all the usual suspects ~ Richard Hoaxland, Lindsey Williams, Dr Deagle are certainly jumping in with their total global cataclysm scenarios while Brorock is playing golf and BP newly appointed CEO exec is yachting off the coast of the UK.
Well here's a report that just might encourage us to do a rethink. Certainly there has been damage. But has it been controlled and completely intentional? It makes so much sense, doesn't it P? A real disaster within an illusion of a disaster. The matrix has gone wild. P, I live near Ground Zero. I'm a hundred miles from the northern Florida Gulf. I have severe lung damage. And I do mean severe (I became ill in 1991 while living in New Zealand ~ the location of where they did their initial chemtrail testing).
Can I breathe? YES     Am I wheezing? NO
Have I needed to increase my medication? NO    Are my pets freaking out? NO
Over 2 months of this "cataclysmic oil volcano" and I am doing fair dinkum? There really is something to this report!"
Vatic Note: We have brought up a number of times, "why" is BP doing this or that, "Why" is Obama doing this or that which did not make any sense at the time given the so-called horrible impact of this event as an extinction event in 5 years according to them. We also said we didn't know why they did it, but speculated it was for martial law, clearing the south of the "patriots" and their guns and putting the potential trouble makers into their FEMA camps like they did with Katrina. Now this all below makes perfect sense when tied altogether. I commend the Intel Hub for their excellent building of the big picture and their putting it all together. Good job. This answers all those "why?", "What", "Who", perfectly and the evergreen airlines along with the military spokesman saying that BP and the military were partners was a true statement. How ironic. So, HERE IS THE REASON FOR IT: "CAP AND TRADE TAXES" (see our blog tomorrow on who patented and will make billions on cap and trade system?). That is the end of that proposal and they are going to be lucky to not be thrown in jail over this, so they better let that Cap and trade "theft" go for now
II. Post: Is the threat of a Methane Bubble, more BP fear mongering?
Vatic Note: All over the news we are hearing desperate calls for "FEAR" (lizard brain fast food) by the elite and one of the recent ones is the Methane bubble that is about to explode and kill us all with methane gas. Then we hear Sulfuric Acid is also being released, that didn't get the desired reaction so then here comes radiation of all things, out of the volcano. Well, I just received this email from a friend who received this response from a chemical engineer friend of his who EXPLAINS THE TRUTH.... about such possibilities and with my limited science background it fits with what I have known about such gases. This was in response to a radio show they both listened to about scaring everyone about the bubble, but like the corexit, if there is a problem IT WILL BE A MAN MADE ONE FOR SURE, not from nature. Again, I ask you to keep asking yourself, WHAT ARE THEY HIDING? What would make sense since all of this THEY ARE ALLOWING to come out. Why? They are burying any news that might suggest this is not the crisis they would like us to believe it is. Why?? I have never seen such a lock down on real serious, independant third party observers (scientists) access to the "crime" scene, similar to 9-11. Doncha know. They would not even let qualified scientists have samples of the gulf water near the worst of the spill and because they could not go out on boats they could not get samples of the oil to test and determine what kind and "condition" the oil was in. Was the oil already refined? Was it dumped out there rather than through a blow out. I dont' know, but that is the problem, they won't let us find out. One thing we know for sure COREXIT DOES TURN INTO GAS CLOUDS ONCE IT TOUCHES WATER AND CAN THEN BLOW OVER LAND. No one from BP has disputed that fact, but the discussion has shifted away from "manmade" Corexit now to the other natural gases, how clever.
III. Post: BILL MOYERS JOURNAL , Born Again American, PBS
Vatic Note: This is not a right or left issue, this is an AMERICAN issue. ....(...)
IV. Post: Possible Western Pennsylvania link to Israeli nuke...
Vatic Note: It appears Israel got nukes through treason of our own citizens. I simply have no more words. I don't even recognize this country anymore since so many of these Zionists got into power and positions where they could do this and get away with it. No justice here anymore.
(from the article) A recently declassified federal report bolsters a long-simmering Cold War theory that uranium was illegally shipped from an Armstrong County plant in 1965 to Israel to support its nuclear arms efforts.
The once-secret report by the General Accounting Office reveals the FBI initially refused to investigate the disappearance of 206 pounds of weapons-grade uranium-235 from the Nuclear Materials and Equipment Corp. -- known as NUMEC -- in Apollo.
That refusal led to widespread speculation the uranium, enough to build five nuclear weapons, was diverted to Israel with covert U.S. government assistance, the report states.
........................................................and..................from N.News........ :
BREAKING: The illusion of the BP Oil Spill & NWO Agendas Part 1
optisoft11  —  21 juin/june  2010  — This is just the tip of the iceberg. More intel coming in the very near future. I saw with my own eyes, the high tide leave a pool of water on a Pensacola FL beach that was covered in the Corexit chemical film. When that pool dried up in the sun, this is what it looked like:
ChemTrails are every where, but this is serious stuff. Signs are warning about it: // //
Below is an excerpt from the article:   What's the benefit of this scam? MONEY, and population control. Read the intelhub article linked below. If you're still listening, and even beginning to grasp the sinister nature of the fraud being perpetrated, then you'll realize that the corexit9500, and other dispersant's are not needed. They are purposely being sprayed by Evergreen Air/CIA to cull the population along the Gulf Coast.
Evergreen Air is a known CIA front company. The Intel Hub, along many others, have established this fact without a reasonable doubt. This evidence was backed by witness testimony. Once this is established, one must realize just how deep the rabbit hole may actually go?    GO HERE TO FIND OUT:
As it turns out the deadly chemical Corexit is linked to the Rothschild's, a known controlling party of the New World Order global crime syndicate.
Also, explained to me, is the large amount of useless eaters, pond scum, or undesirables living along the gulf coast. These would be the Americans living off of the government. I will not beat around the bush with pleasantries, or politically correct statements here. This coastal area from Texas to Florida has the highest, or most dense population of targets of illimination by the US Govt., and corporations. These are the populations living on welfare(in this area dominated by African Americans), and the older population living on Social Security(mainly Florida). These people are going to start dropping like flies over the next few years, and greatly reduce the burden to government coffers.
also same video.//
// TEXT at:   OR  or ..spill.
Wednesday, June 23, 2010
 Submitted by MR -- Big Thanks
A taped interview with Tim Turner was aired just now on and hear it for yourself when they post it on the website. There are now 69 Nations recognizing the restore america plan and many many many wealthy backers with gold are going to interject funding in order to make America what it should be, a republican form of government in every state. Also, a change in California Law, now has alledgedly pronounced that drivers licenses are no longer required except in the instances of commercial activity. John it's all starting to happen and I do believe we are gonna make the July 4th, celebration be the best in over 200 years. Spread the word John and check it out on the show, you don't have to believe me.
God Bless Ya John, PEACE     MR
Addendum per a reader's comment      RecaP:
1. As a result of RAP, yesterday California announced that if you were not a commercial driver, a driver’s license is no longer required.
2. The Supreme Court announced a decision of March 31, 2010, that the United States courts MUST return to Constitutional law.
3. 69 nations now recognize our new government.
4. Funding for the new government is now in place.
5. 3 ½ metric tons of gold are in place as well as two other large caches are here for the government. (about $169 Million)
6. There is also $18 Trillion in funds available
7. The hold up has been accessing the above funds and getting them in the country. Funding will be available next week for the grand juries to use.
8. 300 persons have been hoarding gold for the past 40 years to be turned over to this new government. That has now occurred.
9. Orders have been issued to stop all repossessions.
10. Turner had no major concerns about the replacement of general McCrystal today. It has no impact on RAP.
Posted by John MacHaffie at 12:45 PM   28 comments: ......(..)
Anonymous said...     June 23, 2010 2:41 PM
    mccrystal resigned from the defacto corporation and came back to the de jure military
WAKEUPSHEEPLE said... June 23, 2010 2:48 PM
    Call your republic coordinators... I have called mine. He is in the process of confirming the statements. I will post as soon as I hear something.
Anonymous said...     June 23, 2010 2:58 PM
    I reviewed the audio of today's radio show, Waking Up In America, and I believe I heard Tim Turner say 3.5 MILLION metric tons of gold in the one cache, not 3.5 metric tons. That equates to 148.15 Trillion dollars, at $1200 per ounce.
Rob S. said...     June 23, 2010 3:11 PM
    ...... That equates to 148.15 Trillion dollars, at $1200 per ounce.
    He was referring to the holdings of one secured storage location of three in the CONUS. There is another smaller and another larger storage location. It really will blow minds what was collected/seized around the world in the last twenty-five years. 
Rob S. said...    June 23, 2010 3:16 PM
    mccrystal resigned from the defacto corporation and came back to the de jure military.
    Yep, he didn't say he will retire.
Wednesday, June 23, 2010 Restore America Plan - Tim Turner Update! MUST HEAR
Posted by John MacHaffie at 3:01 PM //  Submitted by KS - Thanks Again //
and a  transcript
and commentary:
Wednesday, June 23, 2010   Restore America Plan - PRESS RELEASE LOUISANA GRAND JURY ORDERS            FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE
On March 24, 2010 all fifty states properly seated de jure Grand Juries through Restore America Plan, Guardians' of the free republic. Bobby Jindal was given notice on March 29, 2010 by the de jure Grand Jury for We the People, being the sovereigns of the Body Politics that created this state’s living Political Body from this state’s creation.
       The intention for properly seating the de jure Grand Juries was so the governors of this country could rid themselves of the corrupt federal government and monetary system which has kept the people of this great country in servitude forthe last 150 years.
The goal of the Guardians of the Free Republics is to make sure our children have the country our founding fathers spent much treasure and shed so much blood to give us, “A Guaranteed Republic”. We believe that no one should live a life of involuntary servitude including your children. We have enlisted the United States Military to support us. As you may know they take an oath to protect the people from enemies, both foreign and domestic, and have agreed to give us support.
The purpose of this press release is to inform everyone that the sovereign people on the Louisiana republic are requiring Bobby Jindal to perform his duties as Chief Magistrate, Commander in Chief of the Louisiana republic and trustee for the sovereign beneficiaries. As the sovereign people and beneficiaries we are demanding him to exercise his fiduciary obligation, act in our best interest to protect us as well as the trustee.
The United States Federal Corporation has abandoned its obligations to those who ultimately authorized its original construction, now administered by a mere commercial entity for profit. This abandonment of fiduciary and legal obligations voids authority for the Federal Corporation, the United States, to affect any American.
        Therefore, we the de jure Grand Jury on Louisiana Republic, having claimed the abandoned obligations to The Good People on Louisiana, have also accepted the obligation to speak for The One People for the protection of our soil, our republican governmental form, and our physical health and welfare.
             We do this within international authorities regarding abandoned property and salvage rights known to be obligations requiring recognition by international participants.
On June 18, 2010 the de jure Grand Jury through their trustee ordered Bobby Jindal to declare a state of emergency due to catastrophic events caused by British Petroleum, fund the cleanup of catastrophic events including capping off leaking oil well known as Macondo Prospect on location in Mississippi Canyon Block 252 in the Gulf of Mexico, the Deepwater Horizon, deploy the Louisiana National Guard and form a trust between coastal republics to file lis pendens against British Petroleum's assets in the Gulf of Mexico.
For more information or to schedule an interview please contact Terrance Bennett at or visit us at , and be a part of the Restore America Plan by signing up at the website listed above.
Posted by John MacHaffie at 2:21 PM ....   8 comments: .......
Anonymous said...  June 23, 2010 2:57 PM
    Tim Tuner: ...(..)
Anonymous said...     June 23, 2010 3:39 PM
    so who is this terrance bennett with an address at domain a domain that does not even exist just checked on
Anonymous said... June 23, 2010 4:11 PM
    i found it, its it just goes to restore america plan
// // // // march2010 //  declaration // // Also, here's an interview with Tim Turner , 2009,where he discusses some of the details of the plan.. or //
Explanation of Restore America Plan, Background, Lawful Theories
This was found on the Internet, apparently a reposting but seems to be a decent enough background explanation. We have updates posted referencing events that came along after this material was written.
The United States exists in two forms:
1. The original United States that was in operation until 1860; a collection of sovereign Republics in the union. Under the original Constitution the States controlled the Federal Government; the Federal Government did not control the States and had very little authority.
2. The original United States has been usurped by a separate and different UNITED STATES formed in 1871, which only controls the District of Columbia and it’s territories, and which is actually a corporation (the UNITED STATES CORPORATION) that acts as our current government. The United States Corporation operates under Corporate/Commercial/Public Law rather than Common/Private Law.
The original Constitution was never removed; it has simply been dormant since 1871. It is still intact to this day. This fact was made clear by Supreme Court Justice Marshall Harlan (Downes v. Bidwell, 182, U.S. 244 1901) by giving the following dissenting opinion: “Two national governments exist; one to be maintained under the Constitution, with all its restrictions; the other to be maintained by Congress outside and Independently of that Instrument.”    The Restore America Plan reclaimed the De Jure institutions of government of the 50 State Republics in order to restore Common Law that represents the voice of the people and ends Corporate Law that ignores the voice of the people while operating under Maritime/Admiralty/International Law. This occurred when warrants were delivered to all 50 Governors on March 30, 2010. ...(...) //
theWalKnDude  —   3 avril/april 2010  — The Letter - Restore America Plan 1/13
The Restore America Plan is a bold achievable strategy for behind-the-scenes peaceful reconstruction of the de jure institutions of government without controversy, violence or civil war. After consultation with high ranking members of the United States armed forces, the Plan is in the process of assembling the Guardians of the Free Republics and reinhabiting the De jure Grand Juries to:
•Restore and reinhabit the de jure institutions of lawful government.
•Terminate illicit corporations posing as legitimate governments, in particular the territorial jurisdiction United States Federal Corporation (corp. ref. 28 U.S.C. 3002) posing as the de jure United States of America.
•Terminate all presumed powers of attorney to such corporations.
•End the foreclosure nightmare (for borrowing against ones own credit).
•End tax prosecutions for resisting the transfer of private wealth to foreign banking cartels such as I.R.S. (former Puerto Rico Bureau of Taxation).
•End street assaults against the sovereign People for failing to exhibit a State-issued confession of subject-class citizenship.
•End all prosecutions which lack an injured party.
•End admiralty prosecutions for kidnapping and other heinous crimes against mankind as commercial crimes against the corporate State under a contrived corporate color-of-law venue (corp. ref. 27 C.F.R. 72.11).
•Terminate the intrusion of corporations posing as the state into every aspect of the Peoples lives.
•End the use of covert contracts such as Form 1040, car registrations, birth certificate applications, and bank signature cards which confess the signer to be a legal fiction subject of the United States Federal Corporation (U.S. person) that has waved his/her rights in favor of state-issued privileges.
•End the use of deeds which classify the People as tenants on their own land, thereby transferring control to incorporated County registrars and tax assessors.
•End the perversion of marriage into a commercial system of state-issued privileges through the so-called marriage license whereby incorporated courts presume the right to trespass on families and kidnap children.
•End the hijacking of automobile ownership through DMV registrations which covertly exchange the divine rights of travel and ownership for the state-issued privileges of driving and title.
•In place of all of the above, substitute sovereign identification, diplomatic immunity and sovereign passports to facilitate safe passage throughout the world free from corporate State molestation and terror.
•Restore the Peoples money and wealth from the banking institutions, war profiteers, and international loan sharks.
•Instantly vest all mortgages, auto loans and personal business loans issued by members of the Fed. The state shall hold no paper on, or debts against, the sovereign People, directly or through its agencies and licensed banking institutions.
•Instantly end all non-consensual and unlawful taxation including all taxes on the sacred rights of labor and privacy.
•Empower and inspire the sovereign People to righteousness through such renewed abundance.
•Issue orders to the military and police powers to enforce the Peoples divine rights of birth.
•Reabsorb all de facto actors into lawful de jure capacity.
•End the perverse act of requiring the People to pray to courts as is now required under corporate rules and traditions.
•Restore the de jure judicial institutions including the district court of the United States and the one supreme Court.
•Quietly mirror the strategies of 1933 thereby using their (our) institutions, military and public officials to undo eighty years of subterfuge without provoking alarm, controversy or armed conflict.
•Return the military and law enforcement institutions to proper and lawful de jure sovereign authority from the clutches of corporate actors.
•Forgive all corporate actors who repent for their State-sponsored crimes against mankind. Remove the recidivists from office.
•Do all of the above, and more, peacefully, discreetly, quietly and honorably, behind the scenes, without public proclamations or provocative actions against a general public that is mostly unaware of the hijacking of their free de jure American republics, and their hapless media.
Restore America Plan Freedom WalKnDude Letter (( ))
What's New   The Project Avalon Blog
        21 June 2010
        After continuing problems with the site and the forum - which many of you may have experienced in recent weeks and months - we've now changed our web hosting service.
        Please allow a short time for any minor bugs to be ironed out, and do let me know of any missing files, pages or images. Many thanks. In the meantime, some PDF and MP3 files previously missing have been re-uploaded and should now all be there. If you failed to find those earlier, please try again.
        The forum is very slow to load at the moment, but we understand the problem (connected with the server move) and this will be fixed soonest. Thanks for bearing with us.    I mentioned this on 13 June below, but the Project Avalon Forum thread Questions and Answers about the Gulf Oil Catastrophe is well worth visiting. In particular, I posted several major summaries on p.2, p.4, p.5, p.13 and p.15 that I would recommend as important supplements to the thoughts and summaries on this page.
        17 June 2010
        As an update to yesterday's report below (following my interview with Dr Bill Deagle), here is a hard-to-find, public domain Lawrence Livermore report entitled The Soviet Program for Peaceful Uses of Nuclear Explosions - which details the kind of nuclear technology that would be applied as an emergency measure to seal the reservoir (if this is possible). In addition, Dr Bill Deagle referenced Project Plowshare in his interview, and this is described here.
        * Update: Fascinating, detailed archive footage of a successful Russian nuclear solution to an uncontrolled gas well fire can be seen here.
        I'm not advocating a nuclear solution, and I'm not qualified to do so. But I would like the public debate on this to be as intelligent and well-informed as possible. I've not seen these documents referenced elsewhere.
        This is too interesting not to post. This is Gustav Meyrink, who in 1903 wrote a Petroleum Petroleum: a Prophecy. In this short story, a gigantic oil spill pollutes the Gulf of Mexico: a terrorist act against humanity. After several months all oceans are covered with an oil film... and there is no more rain. The original German language copy is available here, and a good English translation is here.
        Gustav Meyrink, most famous for his novel The Golem, was a member of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn and had all kinds of occult connections. In his collection of short stories published in 1913, Meyrink commented:
            To ensure that certain prophecies I have made come to the notice of the public, I submit the following tale which was written in 1903...
        Note that this story is an allegory, and the 'prophecy' is a warning... not a prediction. It would be impossible for the whole oceanic surface of the Earth to be contaminated in this way. Meyrink is describing, very graphically, the kind of deep trouble we can get ourselves into if we collectively are not sufficiently responsible and aware.
        16 June 2010
        Many of you will already have heard Richard Hoagland on Coast to Coast AM two days ago, vividly describing the risk of a collapse of part of the seabed of the Gulf of Mexico, with a resultant catastrophic tsunami. Click here for a continuous 20 minute MP3.    I've just now completed a 40 minute audio interview with Dr Bill Deagle in which he identifies precisely the same risk, informed by his own separate sources. Bill Deagle WAS UNAWARE OF RICHARD HOAGLAND'S SUMMARY WHEN HE SPOKE TO ME. Please click here for this important new interview. It may be of interest to many that 'Dr Bill' seriously recommends the nuclear solution described in this recent Russian newspaper article.
        13 June 2010
        I've opened a new thread on the Project Avalon Forum called Questions and Answers about the Gulf Oil Catastrophe. It already contains some important questions (and answers) and at the moment I think it makes for high quality, informative and thought-provoking reading. I do recommend you take a look: you don't have to be a forum member to browse and read freely. ...(..)
// //