Tom H. Matt Drudge aka Drecht the Closet Homosexual Bush-Clinton Crime Syndicate Enabler...

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 Thursday, June 24, 2010 
Matt Drudge aka Drecht the Closet Homosexual Bush-Clinton Crime Syndicate Enabler...
Awakening Americans: Behind the scenes intelligence briefings ALL Patriot Americans MUST know...the REAL facts and truth the corporate-controlled mainstream media covers up
by Tom Heneghan      International Intelligence Expert      Thursday  June 24, 2010       Matt Drudge aka Drecht  left pic Steve Satterwhite

UNITED STATES of America  -  It can now be reported that former Vice President now year 2000 duly elected President Albert Gore Jr. has recently testified to a National Security Federal Grand Jury and supplied "SMOKING GUN" evidence that will, at last, bring an end to the Bush-Clinton Crime Family Syndicate TREASONOUS occupation of the United States of America.
Al and Tipper Gore
This has now brought a satanic reaction aka smear versus Al Gore directed by Israeli Mossad asset and closet homosexual dying of AIDS, internet mogul Matt Drudge aka Drecht.
1.  Drudge aka Drecht recently accused Al Gore of having an affair with a Laurie David.  An affair that was adamantly denied by David.
2.  Now the little right wing, neocon homosexual in-the-closet, Zionist Drecht, is promoting a piece that Al Gore was involved in sexually groping an Oregon masseuse.
Item:  The truth, folks, is that Drecht is eliminating the original police report that it was the Oregon masseuse that tried to seduce Al Gore, and that the alleged Oregon masseuse, aka Israeli Mossad asset, was paid $300,000 by the National Enquirer magazine to smear Al Gore and fabricate lies.
((    “This allegation stemmed from an incident on Oct. 24, 2006, when the woman involved, a Licensed Massage Therapist, was called to a local hotel to provide a massage to Mr. Gore.” Sexual assault detectives opened an investigation and attempted to get a statement from the victim. After three canceled interviews, the woman’s attorney told police they had decided to pursue civil litigation. But in early 2009, the woman changed courses and met with detectives. ))
Reference: The National Enquirer is owned by the Bush-Clinton Crime Family Syndicate and is legally represented by Clinton stooge attorney David Kendall.
      Note: Helping to leak this bullshit aka blackmail and extortion is:
not only Bush-Clinton Crime Family Syndicate stooge, closet homosexual Matt Drudge,
but known lesbian and USC law professor aka University of Spoiled Cheats, Susan Estrich,
Washington Post editor, book and snake Bob Woodward,
FOX News talk show host, punk Sean Hannity aka Sean Hanowitcz
Washington Post reporter and closet homosexual John Harris,
homosexual in-the-closet Director of Politico and former Washington Post reporter, Mike Allen,
MSNBC's Hardball show host and Bush-Clinton Crime Family Syndicate mouthpiece, Chrissy Pooh Matthews aka Tweety Bird,
White House Chief of Staff and Israeli Mossad asset Rahm Emanuel,
none other than dysfunctional Secretary of State, loser and lesbian in-the-closet Hillary Rodenhurst Clinton,
and FBI Division 5 stooge and Bush-Clinton Crime Family disinformation artist Alex Jones.
George W. Bush's college roommate and lifelong closet homosexual lover,
Victor Ashe, former Ambassador to Poland and former Mayor of Knoxville, Tennessee
Closet homosexual George W. BushFRAUD's White House male prostitute Jeff Gannon.
           This is all happening while the corporate-controlled, fascist, extortion friendly U.S. media continues to cover up the closet homosexual activity of nation wrecker, election stealer, cocaine snorter, U.S. Treasury embezzler, AWOL war criminal George W. BushFRAUD aka his association with White House male prostitute Jeff Gannon, and life long homosexual lover, his former Yale classmate, former Knoxville Mayor and former Ambassador to Poland, Victor Ashe.
Lesbian in-the-closet Hillary Rodenhurst Clinton
         P.S. The corporate-controlled media filth, of course, continues to cover up the countless closet lesbian activities of current dysfunctional U.S. Secretary of State, loser Hillary Rodenhurst Clinton and the latest scandal involving gay bath houses in Chicago tied to alleged President Barack Hussein Obama-Soetero and White House Chief of Staff, Israeli Mossad agent Rahm Emanuel.
P.P.S. The attacks against Al Gore are a clear attempt by the Bush-Clinton Crime Family Syndicate and its criminal, closet homosexual elite enablers in the U.S. government and the U.S. media to neutralize and discredit Al Gore's recent "SMOKING GUN" testimony before the National Security Federal Grand Jury,   that fingers the Bush-Clinton Crime Family Syndicate for countless crimes of HIGH TREASON against the American People.
               Final note: As previously reported, former Vice President, now year 2000 duly elected President Albert Gore Jr., has been working directly with Obama's National Security Adviser General James Jones, to bring an end to the Bush-Clinton Crime Family Syndicate's TREASONOUS occupation of the United States.
Gore has supplied evidence on the Clinton-Bush "bail out" of Mexico in the 1990s that proves that not one dime of U.S. Taxpayer's money went to help the Mexican People, but was illegally laundered through various Irish banks on behalf of the Bushes, Clintons and former Mexican President Salinas.
Gore also has supplied the Atlanta Constitution with evidence of the Bush Family engineered NASA space agency satellite THEFT of the year 2000 presidential election.
     It is also important to recall that Matt Drudge aka Drecht illegally leaked Federal Grand Jury evidence in the 1990s involving the Kenneth Starr-Clinton-Bush box dance, that was designed to cover up the Bush-Clinton-Mena, Arkansas-Iran/Contra arms and narcotics money laundry,      and change the subject to the Monica Lewinsky Israeli Mossad engineered sex scandal.
TRAITORS in HIGH TREASON against the American People
Bush-Clinton Crime Family Syndicate
Hillary Clinton's brother (left) was attorney for
major cocaine drug trafficker Carlos Lehder (center) pardoned by Jeb Bush.
Then Florida Gov. Jeb Bush with now convicted Ponzi Schemer
Ft. Lauderdale's Scott Rothstein,
In closing, folks, one must prepare for revolutionary mode as the U.S. Constitution remains shredded, the U.S. Treasury remains LOOTED, and now the corporate-controlled, fascist, extortion-friendly media, wants to promote loser and lesbian in-the-closet Hillary Rodenhurst Clinton and election stealer and major narcotics trafficker, former Florida Governor Jeb Bush,
 for the U.S. presidency in 2012.
So you see, folks, these two filthy, crime families have destroyed this nation for the past three (3) decades, but still want to control it.
This power struggle will become more bitter and lethal, hour by hour.  When it comes to promoting another Clinton-Bush election farce, let's just say this: Make my day!
We again reach out to our great ally of 200 years, the Republic of France, to immediately intervene with patriotic members of the U.S. Military, and proceed with immediate liberation of the American People!
God Bless and Save the UNITED STATES of America
Land the We Love
International Intelligence Expert, Tom Heneghan, has hundreds of highly credible sources inside American and European Intelligence Agencies and INTERPOL--reporting what is REALLY going on behind the scenes of the corporate-controlled mainstream media cover up propaganda of on-going massive deceptions and illusions.
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