sorcha : US Arrest Of Blue Star ‘Psychic Spies’ Rocks Russia

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June 30, 2010

US Arrest Of Blue Star ‘Psychic Spies’ Rocks Russia

By: Sorcha Faal, and as reported to her Western Subscribers

Reports circulating in the Kremlin today show a Russian intelligence
community rocked by the arrest of 10 ‘psychic’ spies placed into
deep-cover in the United States by the Committee for State Security’s
(KGB) First Chief Directorate successor Foreign Intelligence Service
(SVR) in 2000 after what is called the ‘Blue Star’ group discovering
the US was soon to be hit with a catastrophic attack, and which, in
fact, did occur on September 11, 2001.

According to these reports, and since confirmed by Western news
accounts, the American Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) first
became aware of the Blue Star group when “on or about January 14,
2000” one of its members named Vicky Pelaez was picked up by their
surveillance communicating with her Moscow handlers.  The son of Vicky
Pelaez, Waldo Mariscal, said his mother and stepfather (Juan Lazaro who
was also arrested by the FBI) “are being unfairly accused of
espionage” and said the charges against them were “preposterous”.

Though the FBI had captured 10 members of the Blue Star group its
purported leader Christopher Metsos was able to flee the United States
to Cypress where upon his arrival he was put into custody by the power
of an International Police Organization (Interpol) “red notice”
issued by the American intelligence community.  However, shortly after
being detained Metsos was set free on bail of €20,000 ($16,000) in a
move said to have left Cypriot police “dumbfounded”.

Russia's Foreign Ministry in publicly responding to these arrests said
in a statement that the US actions are unfounded and pursued
“unseemly” goals. It further voiced regret that the arrests came
even though President Obama has moved to “reset” US relations with
Russia and his approval ratings in Russia set a 12-year high for any
American leader.

Senior Russian lawmakers have further suggested that the arrest of the
Blue Star group stemmed from a conspiracy in the US government to
undermine President Obama's efforts to improve relations with Moscow and
puts in jeopardy the US-Russia Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty currently
before the American Senate for ratification.

Important to note about the US-Russia Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty is
that it allows both American and Russian Blue Star type groups to
continue operating in each others countries, a fact not being told to
the people in the United States as Obama has refused to release the
minutes of the treaty negotiations to either the press or the US Senate.

Though the Blue Star group, and other similar type ‘psychic spy’
units, has been one of Russia’s “worst kept secrets” the actual
workings of these groups still remain highly classified under penalty of
“death for treason” so even if known little can be publicly stated
about them.

What can be stated about them though is their origin that began with a
Russian girl named Nina Kulagina who is still revered as being the
“Mother of Psychic Research” in Russia who rose to prominence due to
her incredible psychic powers first identified during the depths of
World War II in the battle of Leningrad where she distinguished herself
as a hero.

The main function of the Blue Star group was in their ability to do what
is commonly referred to as Remote Viewing (RV), which is the ability to
gather information about a distant or unseen target using paranormal
means, extra-sensory perception (ESP) or sensing with mind.

Not just Russia, but also the United States has been in the forefront of
RV and ESP research funded mainly by the efforts of the late US Senator
Claiborne Pell (more commonly known for his Pell Grants granting access
to collage for millions of Americans) who was deeply concerned over what
he termed the “extrasensory perception gap” with the former Soviet
Union and earning him the moniker of “Senator Oddball”.

Though scorned, at least publicly, by the American media the same cannot
be said of the US Military and intelligence agencies who used the funds
appropriated by Senator Pell to begin what is called the Stargate

Now the Stargate Project was the umbrella code name of one of several
sub-projects established by the Americans to investigate the reality,
and potential military and domestic applications, of psychic phenomena,
particularly remote viewing. Projects were said to be active from the
1970s through 1995, and followed up early psychic research done at The
Stanford Research Institute (SRI), The American Society for Psychical
Research, and other psychical research labs.

Important to note about the Stargate Project is that though being
reported to have ended in 1995, documents released in Britain under
their Freedom of Information Act shows it was still working with its
counterparts in the UK as late as 2002, and FSB reports state it still
exists today.

The inside workings of the United States “physic spy” programme has
further been detailed by former Stargate member Joseph McMoneagle in his
book “Memoirs Of A Psychic Spy” and Jon Ronson in his book (since
made into a popular US movie) “The Men Who Stare At Goats”.

Most interesting, and perhaps ominously, are some SVR sources stating
that the arrests of the Blue Star “psychic spies” by American
intelligence agents is “directly related” to information they had
been sending back to the Kremlin about a state of “near total, or
all-out, war” expected to begin in the United States after their
citizens begin discovering the shocking truth about the catastrophic oil
spill in the Gulf of Mexico that Obama had this past week warned G20
leaders could kill “millions, if not tens of millions” of these

To the final outcome of these events it is not in our knowing other than
to state two absolutes: 1.) The US propaganda media will continue lying
to Americans about what is really happening; and 2.) The mass of
Americans who do stubble upon the truth will say “This can’t be
true” and never realizing that the words they use are proof of nothing
other than their ignorance.

© June 30, 2010 EU and US all rights reserved
  Sorcha Faal