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Monday, 03 May 2010 11:06
'Question: If you were a real terrorist group who wanted to appear fearsome and mighty, would you really release a statement claiming responsibility for an “attack” that amounted to little more than a car full of fireworks that killed nobody, injured nobody, and was an abject failure? This claim of responsibility holds about as much credibility    as if Barney the Purple Dinosaur had made a video saying he did it.'
FLASHBACK: Israeli Connected SITE Institute Hypes Dead Grecian Formula Terrorist
FLASHBACK: Proof Bin Laden Tape Is 5-Year-Old, Re-Released Footage
FLASHBACK: U.S. Government Caught Red-Handed Releasing Staged Al-Qaeda Videos
Pakistani Taliban Claims Responsibility
ADRIAN CARRASQUILLO    MYFOXNY.COM    Sunday, May 2, 2010 MYFOXNY.COM – Fox 5 reports that the Pakistani Taliban has claimed responsibility for the bomb plot.
According to Fox News , in a 1 minute video allegedly released by the Pakistani Taliban, the group says the attack is revenge for the death of its leader Baitullah Mehsud and the recent killings of the top leaders of al-Qaida in Iraq.
Images of the slain militants are shown as an unidentified voice recites the message. English subtitles are at the bottom of the screen.
According to the AP, an unidentified speaker on the tape also says the attack comes in response to American “interference and terrorism in Muslim Countries, especially in Pakistan.” The claim could not be immediately confirmed andhe tape makes no specific reference to the attack nor does it mention that it was a car bomb or that it took place in New York City.
A text in gold letters on a black background at the start of the video congratulates Muslims for the “jaw-breaking blow to Satan’s USA.” As the speaker recites the message, images of the slain militants referred to flash across the screen. English subtitles are provided at the bottom of the screen.     Full story here.
************Prison Members Can Watch Police State 4: The Rise Of FEMA Right Now Online - Don't Miss Out! Get Your Subscription Today!
In an effort to explain away the glaring discrepancy between the 2004 and the 2007 Osamas, Rita Katz, director of the SITE Institute, tells us “bin Laden’s beard appears to have been dyed, a popular practice among Arab leaders,” and if that is not absurd enough, Anne Giudicelli, a former French diplomat specializing in the Middle East who now runs the Paris-based consultancy Terrorisc, adds “bin Laden is well aware that his reappearance on the world stage—looking fit and with his beard dyed a youthful black—was itself a victory that went beyond anything he actually said” in his latest video.   2007
Montague's Message    Monday, 03 May 2010 11:00
'Remember in Seance I told all of you that David Icke was writing a book that should be read by everyone, please my dear give details of this profound work, it will bring evidence that all that I have told you is absolutely correct. The timing of this publication is perfect and guided.
When on Earth I foolishly listened to those who depicted David Icke as an oddity to be ignored, not taken seriously, there are those who still try to prevent people from taking him seriously only because through such as Icke you may learn the truth. It is decision time for all of you, you are now at the fork in the road.'
Human Race Get Off Your Knees - The Lion Sleeps No More
Monday, 03 May 2010 10:55    A Review
I am not easy to impress. In a world where too few people are willing to make their voices heard about the atrocities of this planet, it is so refreshing and inspiring to know that there is someone out there who is willing to raise awareness, and point out the obvious truths that we collectively ignore, no matter what the cost to him personally.
Whether you are familiar with the work of David Icke or not, this book is a great place to start even for someone coming into the information for the first time. As a writer and researcher in this area, I can honestly say that I cannot fault David's research, and his accurate and articulate account of the state of our planet and humanity in general.
But not only that, it is an inspiration to everyone who is going through the awakening process, realising that something is not quite right with the world, and David lays out exactly the reasons why that is, and most importantly, the power we have to change it.
If you only buy one book this year, please make it this one!
Mel - Freedom Central
Click here for details of Human Race Get Off Your Knees - The Lion Sleeps No More ...
What is the Secret of Jewish Success?   Monday, 03 May 2010 10:50
Written in response to Mark Twain's "Concerning the Jews"
by Sam Peyo   (for
"In the oneness of allness, I am, in some degree or aspect, guilty of, or infected with, or suffering from, everything that I attack." (Charles Fort)
             The question of why Jews have been so efficient at amassing riches and controlling political and cultural life over the centuries is most fascinating. It has not been studied much due to the tremendous psychological/emotional barrier which has been erected to prevent any serious approach. This barrier is an impressive construction -- more like the Chinese Wall than a mere taboo. In fact, it is sophisticated mind control.
We are supposed to think ill feelings against Jews are simply envy of their alleged superior intellects. Jews are stereotyped by every writer and movie director as impecunious, humble, warm-hearted, peace-loving, gifted people who value their roots and are persecuted worldwide for no clear reason or automatically used as scapegoats every time a country faces a crisis.
Any inquiry into the real socioeconomic situation of Jews now, during and before the two world wars causes an instant malaise in non-Jewish conversation partners. The discomfort manifests physically through trembling, stomach uneasiness, nervous breathing and sweating, so it must involve deep emotional conditioning. The response is a combination of fear, incredulity, scoffing, aggression and name-calling. The person raising the issue will be branded as a nazi sympathizer forever ("forever" because of the emotional level at which the experience is had). If you persist with your inquiry, you may be subjected to systematic defamation and unwinnable legal battles.
I cannot prove that Jewish success is not due to genetic, ethnic or hereditary factors. But, if we look at how racially heterogeneous the Jewish people have become -- Jews hardly agree on what constitutes Jewishness anymore -- it is hard to believe their success is primarily in the genes.
Some historical and cultural circumstances might give a better clue:
Whether Jews read the Talmud or not (modern people greatly underestimate the importance of oral transmission), the notion that non-Jews are ontologically inferior to Jews is ingrained to the point of being "instinctive" among Jews (religious and agnostic alike) and, surprisingly, even among non-Jews who ought to be unimpressed by such a claim. Nevertheless, people who in these days flatter themselves with even remote and dubious Jewish ancestry (whatever that means in racial terms) very quickly adopt the chosen-people attitude.
Be that as it may, unrelenting ambition (combined with social discretion),perseverance at work, frequent ethical and moral disregard for the lot of non-Jews, centuries-long investment in "white-collar" trades (with usury and banking in first place), and -- very importantly -- a zealously guarded transnational network dating from long before the idea occurred to non-Jewish populations, go a long way to explain the current state of affairs.
Maybe there is more to it. Maybe something else is needed to explain why post-Diaspora Jews have so often been accused of promoting social dissolution, sedition, subversion and attacks on traditional institutions. Scholars have pointed to something called "deviant nomadism": having temporarily become a sedentary people in Palestine, the Jews were expelled and forced to resume their wandering, only this time not like traditional nomads -- performing strictly cyclical movements -- but randomly, erratically. An interesting point, or maybe just nonsense.
If it were not for the ominous fortresses on the "Jewish Wall", it would also be interesting to make an impartial assessment of how much of American culture is actually "Jewish" culture: comedy, theatre, cinema, music, literature and so forth. Many non-Jews find themselves wondering: why are the best violinists, comedians, physicists, novelists and actors apparently Jewish? I think long-time control of media outlets and banking has given talented Jews greater access to publication, academia and politics. Or is it the other way around? Do successful people make up obscure Jewish foremothers overnight simply to follow suit? ....(...)
Fears for crops as shock figures from America show scale of bee catastrophe
Monday, 03 May 2010 10:48
Will the next 9/11 be made in Israel?    Monday, 03 May 2010 10:45
'According to the FBI whistleblower, Richard Perle and Douglas Feith provided Marc Grossman, the third highest-ranking official in the State Department, with a list of Department of Defense employees with access to sensitive data, including nuclear technology.
The list also included highly sensitive personal details, such as sexual preference, problems with gambling or alcoholism, and how much they owed on their mortgages. Grossman then passed on the information to Israeli and Turkish agents, who used it to “hook” those Pentagon officials. In addition, as Edmonds testified in an Ohio court case, the foreign operatives had recruited people “on almost every major nuclear facility in the United States.”
After Israel and Turkey took what they wanted from the pilfered secrets, their agents offered what was left to the highest bidder. As Edmonds has told the Sunday Times, American Conservative and, nuclear information was sold on the black market, where anyone -- even al-Qaeda -- could buy it.'
Couple Arrested For Asking For Directions   Monday, 03 May 2010 10:44
'Baltimore City police arrested a Virginia couple over the weekend after they asked an officer for directions. WBAL-TV 11 News I-Team reporter David Collins said Joshua Kelly and Llara Brook, of Chantilly, Va., got lost leaving an Orioles game on Saturday. Collins reported a city officer arrested them for trespassing on a public street while they were asking for directions.'
Read more: Couple Arrested For Asking For Directions
Did Scottish Government (taxpayer) finance Lord Advocate Angiolini's personal libel action against the media?   Sunday, 02 May 2010 10:40
Er, she's not saying ...and in those circumstances we'll take that as a 'yes' then
What have you got to hide, lady, that leads you to cower behind this nonsensical 'exemption' from revealing the truth that the public have every right to know?
And the same goes for you, my dear Watson of Levy and MacRae ......
May 3, 2010 1:56 PM MR. 'S' : US CORPORATE ´´Administrative Procedures Act´´, Title 5 USC (Updated May 3, 2010)
...(...) It is true that certain statutes have not been legislated into positive law. However, when one is considered a vessel/person under the Administrative Code, the agencies and courts presume that one’s status is within the jurisdiction of the “administrator” and therefore liable. Thus, the argument must first be addressed to break the presumption that public policy (non positive law/prima facie) is not applicable to one’s status. That is most difficult in this day and age with adhesion and implied contracts and most of all, ignorance of the public and its “servants”.   GP
#3  (Reply   From: EW  To:
Sent: Saturday, May 01, 2010 11:51 AM
Subject: MR. 'S' : US CORPORATE ´´Administrative Procedures Act´´, Title 5 USC
GP is correct in that the 'administration of slaves' falls under the Medieval 'master/servant law', which is under the 'property right'. In this case, the people of America are made slaves by the provisions of the corporate US CON-stitution Amendment 13, and the corporate  UNITED STATES is granted the right to own 'plantation slaves'  in Amendment 14, with the US CON-stitution being the 'Articles of Incorporation' for the corporate UNITED STATES.      Thus, the laws within the property right trump statutory law that is codified, as per Title 5 USC. Title 26 (IRC)and title 12(bank and banking) are within the realm of 'property right' rules.
And, it needs be known that Americans have slavery status imposed because of their being 'convicted criminals' (13th Amendment) because they use and identify themselves as being the 'legal identity name' without authorization of the owner of that 'intellectual property',  which is the corporate State, which are sub-corporations of the corporate UNITED STATES  in the 'fascist' system that has been imposed upon America by the Vatican (behind veils),  such as the city/state of Columbia (DC) and the City/state of London.
And, people still spout the false story that the 'legal name' is created by using 'all cap' letters. That only indicates that the 'legal name, and any man who identifies himself as being, are pledged chattel in bankruptcy of the corporate body.
The 'legal name' is created by changing  the family/clan name to a man's primary name (surname) , and thus making the given names of the child mere referential names to the surname. This is done openly in one's military name, that shows as a 'war name/nom de guerre', where the family name is shown first, and then  the given names or initials.
My suggested solutions:
1. Do not consent to be 'identified' by any name. (Accept no 'Beanie Baby' label imposed  upon your body.)
2. Declare by affidavit that you use the legal name under private necessity to sustain your life.
3. Declare within the affidavit that you only use the legal name as you 'agent in commerce  in dealing with all corporate bodies, whereby in that contract of agency, you are an  undisclosed principal, as you have no name to which to be identified as a 'disclosed principal'.  (An undisclosed principal is not liable for any obligations placed upon the agent, except where  harm or damage, by the principal, to others can be proven.)
Drunvalo Melchizedek and Birth of a New Humanity - What's coming later this month on May 26th - VID & Text
Posted By: RumorMail <Send E-Mail>  Date: Saturday, 1-May-2010 01:09:09
        DrunvaloFlowerofLife — March 02, 2010 — Exciting News!!! THE BIRTH OF A NEW HUMANITY broadcast is now Formally set for May 26th 2010!!!! Thanks to our sponsors and ESO.TV the broadcast is now being prepared for our Global Audience in multiple languages and will be aired in multiple time zones.
        Exact Broadcast Times and Early Registration information is now available at: and
        In this next broadcast we are going to enter into ancient Atlantis because it is where our story begins. And is something that must be done simply because this is exactly where our present-day troubles were created.
        Long ago, over 13,000 years ago, the human grids of consciousness began to collapse and humanity began to lose their higher consciousness. It is what the Bible called the Fall.
        Something had to be done or humanity would end up no higher than the animals.
        But as the Earths axis shifted to a new location and Atlantis sank below the ocean levels, and the Maya, Kogi and Arjarcos headed in their boats to new lands, humanity also began to sink below the levels of awareness that were once achieved. Men and women more advanced than we are now quickly became hairy barbarians with not even the knowledge to light a fire. Their Mer-Ka-Ba fields, their light bodies, had been shut down leaving them exposed to the effects of the Earths magnetic field having been shut off. The memories of humanity were erased.
        In a far distance place a decision was made, and a global project was begun here on Earth to bring the humans back to their rightful consciousness level, but it would take 13,000 years, to where we are right now in time. And what Life knows is that to save a race of beings in this way doesn't always work, but this time it did.
        This is the true story of how certain humans who were exempt from the Fall, rose to the occasion and long ago began to develop massive Earth geomancy to recreate a specific human grid of consciousness that surrounded the Earth so that someday humanity could return to the higher levels of consciousness they had once achieved.
        Every life form on Earth must have a consciousness grid that completely surrounds the Earth in order for it to exist. Without these grids, there is no awareness.
        When you understand the science that is behind this story, it will amaze you. And when you understand the results of this 13,000 years experiment, you will be filled with joy. For what has happened is no less than the Birth of a New Humanity. YOU will see, for you are about to live it.
        Beyond 2012 indeed! We as the human race are just beginning. Again.
        And I am honored to give you this wonderful news.
        From my heart, Drunvalo //  Sponsorship by & ESO.TV // video 1
DrunvaloFlowerofLife — 2 mars/march 2010  video 2
Join Drunvalo Melchizedek's live lecture!  We will have a world-wide broadcast on MAY 26th 2010!    Buy your ticket now and become a VIP guest!  Visit:
THE BIRTH OF A NEW HUMANITY broadcast is now only one month away and is set for 7pm May 26th 2010!!!! Exact Broadcast Times and Early registration Tickets now available at:
We know from the last broadcast that the Maya, the Hopi, the Kogi and the Arjuaco all say that they are descendants of the lost continent of Atlantis. Although 200 years ago Plato spoke about this continent, the world does not know what to think of it since no material evidence of its existence has been found. Now that we understand the immense changes we are about to undergo in the 2012 period which the Maya call THE END OF TIMES, I shall present some information that is known only to few, says Drunvalo Melchizedek .... ///
guided meditation:
in5d  —  22 dec  2009  — For more on spirituality and meditation, please visit and
Fractals courtesy of Dannion Brinkley ////
Posted By: CGI_admin   Date: Saturday, 1-May-2010 21:20:45
        The Controllers want you to believe everyone agrees with their propaganda. Last weekend I got a firsthand lesson in their art of 'manufacturing consensus' -- and how it no longer is working!
        Almost immediately after I wrote my two big pieces on Disclosure -- where the ESA is apparently getting ready to come forward in a joint maneuver with Obama and Buzz Aldrin to announce that Phobos is an ET base on the inside -- my Inbox was flooded with letters about Stephen Hawking's opinion on extraterrestrials.   I'm sure you've seen it by now if you are paying any attention to UFO-related news events.
        The article made clear efforts to suggest that ETs really exist -- such as the fact that over 450 planets have already been discovered, suggesting they are common features of any star in the galaxy.
        This was combined with fifteen-year-old information about 'extremophile' bacteria, which can live in the harshest of environments -- again suggesting that life must be a very common feature in the Universe given its tenacity on Earth.   The overall message here is "Yes, they almost certainly do exist -- and you should be afraid."
(( Disclosure and the Art of "Manufacturing Consensus" ))  at:  (( many links there))
Aqua asked--Does Morgellons Target A Specific *KIND* of Human
Posted By: CrystalRiver   Date: Saturday, 1-May-2010 21:13:14
        My Reply to Aqua is below her comments; the change in format caused me to miss this one--my aplogies.
        Is There A Certain *KIND* of Human .. Being "Targeted" With This Disease ?
        Posted By: aqua    Date: Saturday, 24-Apr-2010 13:11:39
        In Response To: Joni Mitchell is Working to Get The Music Business to Battle for Morgellons Sufferers, (Morgellons is a Slow Killer)- (CrystalRiver) .(( ))
        I have to tell you, CR, I would know nothing about this rare disease if it weren't for your posts-- some, i still need to read..
        I wonder if you ever mentioned if there's a certain kind of person or profile that fits this disease. It doesn't seem to target "special souls" does it?.. Maybe those "Pleiadian types"; artists of all sorts, kindred spirit types; wayshowers; humans who can truly show love; express love on this planet..
 Maybe Terrence Mckenna was in some way touching upon what I'm trying to say here :  "If the Artist Cannot Find the Way.. then the Way Cannot Be Found" --Terrence McKenna
(( see ))
        Dear Aqua,
        Thank You for this inquiry---first let me explain that it is the Morgies that are not integrating this technology. It has been shown with mtDNA evidence that mtDNA U5 keeps showing up in analysis. Two studies were conducted simply based on blood type:
        In both studies--one conducted by Dr. Hildegarde Staninger and the other conducted by Dr. Randy Wymore, a large percentage of A negatives were discovered.
When one understands that the distribution of Rh negatives is but 15% of the world population; it becomes very interesting. To be sure, there are folks that are O positive, and this is where the story is found on the mtDNA.
  O + 1 person in 3 or 38.4%          A + 1 person in 3 or 32.3%
  O - 1 person in 15 or 7.7%           A - 1 person in 16 or 6.5%
 B + 1 person in 12 or 9.4%                        AB + 1 person in 29 or 3.2%
 B - 1 person in 67 or 1.7%                          AB - 1 person in 167 or 0.7%
        Above from this link:
///  FROM: ///
        When Bryan Sykes wrote The Seven Daughters of Eve: The Science that Reveals Our Genetic Ancestry, he explained the genetic science used to depict the migrations of humans out of Africa and across the globe over thousands of years. In particular, he explored the genetics and settlement of Europe, showing that Europeans still exhibit ancient DNA patterns of the old hunter-gather peoples as well as newer patterns brought in by the early farmers from the Middle East.
        Tests for the genetic patterns of mitochondrial DNA -- passed on only by mothers to their daughters and sons -- showed seven major groupings in Europe. To bring them to life for his readers, Sykes gave them names to match their haplogroup letter.
 Listed by estimated age, they are:      · Haplogroup U - Ursula, 55,000 years ago, including U5, established well before start of agriculture.
  · Haplogroup J - Jasmine,45,000 years ago · Haplogroup X - Xenia, 30,000 years ago.
  · Haplogroup H - Helena, 30,000 years ago, · Haplogroup K - Katrine, 12,000 years ago
  · Haplogroup V - Velda, 12,000 years ago.  · Haplogroup T - Tara, 10,0000 years ago.
        What is mitochondrial DNA? Mitochondria have their own DNA, known as mtDNA
        What are mtDNA haplogroups? and how are they used to understand human migration?  ...(...)
Just a Bit More Information
Posted By: CrystalRiver   Date: Sunday, 2-May-2010 12:59:57
In Response To: Aqua asked--Does Morgellons Target A Specific *KIND* of Human ....
        Dear RM Agents and Readers,
        I've been sitting back and looking at this situation---more and more I wonder if each one of us aren't some sort of hybrid. Than looking at those with this condition known as Morgellons and wondering if this hasn't happened before and doesn't always happen? Could Earth be a school of sorts and those that were first are pushed through to graduation in a very stern sort of teaching; a teaching that one would not soon forget.
        We have for an example the life of Jesus Christ; would he not appear to be an individual that has had his, so-called, junk DNA reconnected. Do you recall the saying, "One person's Junk is another person's treasure; it really depends on who has it and who knows how to use it, doesn't it? Christ stated that each one of us has this ability; it was just a matter of tapping into it.
        Note: The two above links are presented for thought; rarely do I agree with everything stated -- we have to each use our own brain. ....(...)
RH Negative Factor    by Betty Rhodes (The Red Thread Bloodline)
Nearly 85% of all human beings have Rh positive blood. Their red blood cells contain a substance called the RHesus blood factor. This means the positive blood contains a protein that can be traced to the Rhesus monkey. It is acknowledged that blood factors are transmitted with more exactitude than any other human or animal characteristic. It is not known from where the negative Rh factor derived.
The highest concentration of Rh negative blood occurs in the Basque people of Northern Spain and Southern France, and in the Celtic peoples. The Celtic peoples, which includes the Scottish, Welsh, Irish, Cornish, Manx, Bretons, spent a period of time in France - near Basque country. It is not known, by me, if the Celtic brought the Rhesus-free blood [negative] to the Basque, or the Celtic acquried the bloodline from the Basque. Since there are small groups of people all over the globe - in several locations that have the Rh-negative blood, I would sooner think that it did originate with the Celtic, as they wandered far and wide. The Basque, on the other hand, generally speaking, kept to themselves in a territory high in the mountains between France and Spain, but I could be wrong. I also believe that the Celtic were actually the same peoples as the ancient Egyptians, who were also one and the same as the (( true)) Israelites - not to be confused with the people who call themselves 'Jews' today. Only 15% of the entire world's population are known to have the Rh negative blood factor.
While it is known that Rh negative blood - (type 'O') is the purest blood known to mankind, it is not known from where the negative factor originates. The majority of people, especially the native people of the Americas have type 'O' blood, except the Blackfoot Indians who have 82% type A blood. These native people are the only tribe to have this high concentration of A blood - most other American Indians have 80% type 'O'. It is the Rh negative factor that makes the blood 'pure'. Pure enough to be the universal blood of the world. Everyone on the face of the earth can receive Rh negative type 'O' blood, but these very same 'O' negative people cannot receive blood from any other type except their own type. The three types are 'O', 'B', 'A' and a fourth - a combination of 'AB'.
Rh negative blood indicates no protein connections to the Rhesus monkey, whereas Rh positive blood does carry protein linked to the Rhesus monkey - hence the 'Rh', i.e. Rhesus factor.  ....(...) These 'negative' blooded people spread heavily into the area of what is now Spain, England, Ireland, France, then later into America, Canada and Australia.  ...
 When the (( true)) Israelites were kept in the wilderness for forty years (a biblical generation), perhaps it was to cleanse their blood. After many years of inner-marriages with A+ and B+ blood types their once pure bloodline was becoming corrupt. This once 'clean' breed of people were instructed to marry only within the other Israelite tribes, thus preventing contamination of their blood line by producing only RH 'O' negative children. The Israelites were given a 'promise' land after their long quarantine in the wilderness, but only the younger generations were allowed to enter the promise land - those under the age of twenty who were born in the wilderness with two negative Israelite parents. When these younger Israelites were set free to go down to the promise land they were instructed not to marry outside their own tribes, and strict hygienic instructions were imposed upon them as well. .... An RH negative pregnant mother's body will reject her positive blooded baby in the womb. Her body fights the RHesus factor as a foreign element.
A positive mother's body does not fight the negative baby she is carrying however.
 The most troublesome peoples to pin down are those that live in Europe. Here a problem arises in the Rh blood-group series.
In order to explain the problem, let's just say a few words about the Rh series. One of the Rh genes is usually written as rh (with a small "r.") The rh gene is recessive to all the other genes in the Rh series. Therefore, it is only when a person is homozygous for rh (that is, has two rh genes) that it can be detected. Such a person is said to be Rh-negative.           A person with only one rh gene or none at all is Rh-positive.
Rh-negative blood is one type that can have a drastic effect on human health. (Remember, we said at the beginning of the chapter that there was one.) Sometimes a mother is Rh-negative and her unborn baby is Rh-positive (having inherited one of the other Rh genes from the father). When this happens, some of the baby's erythrocytes may be destroyed and other serious damage also results. Consequently, the baby will die before birth or very shortly after.  (( ))
Needing To Change From Economic To Humanitarian
Posted By: aqua   Date: Sunday, 2-May-2010 12:15:38
        ~from Molly Hall's blog:   Saving What's Priceless    Sunday May 2, 2010
        "... As with sacred places, so with murderous spots. The record of events is written into the earth." Henry Miller
        It's time to get in fierce Mother mode, Marianne Williamson told the participants of the Inspiring Women Summit. "All of us are the mothers of future generations." She said it's vital that women (and enlightened men) speak up, and create an echo chamber to bring the values of care into society. She sees in the trend of so-called compassionate corporatism, a co-opting of instinctively feminine values. Things won't change, she said, until the bottom line changes, from economic to humanitarian.
        I've been heartsick -- and couldn't sleep -- over the oil spill and likely poisoning of the coastal areas of Louisiana and Florida. It reminded me that this transit of Pluto in Capricorn is driving home the ugly truth, of the exploitation of the Earth. True to Pluto's nature, it's a life or death matter, as we know on some deeper level, after all, that our fate is bound up with Earth's ability to regenerate and continue to provide.
        I see the real challenge of Pluto in Capricorn, as one of questioning established power structures. It's a very top-down model, with so few benefiting from all this ravaging. You only have to look at the co-opting of Iraq's oil to see that only an elite few rake in the wealth, while young men and women in service, the Iraqis and the Earth suffers. The comparison to this oil spill is apt, since the land, animals and people in the region being poisoned there and now here, by an agenda that serves a tiny elite oligarchy.
        I'd say the single most powerful thing you can do for the Earth is grow strong and independent of body, mind and spirit. This enables you to be part of the movement for alternative energy sources. For example, what is free energy and why do engineers get threatened when they try to alter alternatives to fossil fuels? My goal for today is to educate myself about this.
        This hits close to home, as the next targeted drilling areas are off the coast of Georgia. There are spots along the coast that are unspoiled, and you can imagine how the native cultures lived there. A pathway to power with Pluto in Capricorn is to dare to defend the Earth and end the abuse she (and we) are suffering. And restore the wisdom that understands the Earth is an ancient place, and we're just passing through, as stewards for a living interdependent natural system. It's best expressed in the Great Law of the Iroquois Confederacy, "In every deliberation, we must consider the impact of our decisions on the next seven generations." Now that's a powerful legacy.
   Free Energy : Wade Frazier : A Healed Planet, and the role of Free Energy
        With Dr Brian O'Leary  March 2009
...(...) But not so many people will have heard of Wade Frazier. His website, which is called, has 1,200 pages. It is encyclopedic in its scope and it tells Wade’s story of a non-stop running skirmish with the whole issue of free energy. And you're taking to heart this, as a cause, which is very much what Brian O’Leary has done.
Some people think that free energy is all about an inventor sitting in a garage or a basement with a bunch of electronics and magnets, and getting a little machine to work that will light up a light bulb and everyone thinks: Gee Whiz! This is a neat little device here. It’s an alternative to having a windmill in my garden.
And this is very far from the point, because free energy is at the hub of so many issues that are connected with how our planet is run and controlled, that it really is one of the very central places to start. ....
I mean, my partner, Dennis -- he’s the Indiana Jones of alternative energy. He’s been behind bars, survived murder attempts. Currently the Federal Trade Commission is trying to shut him down. Anyway, in Ventura then, we really got the attention of the people who I will say manage the energy paradigm on this planet. We received an offer in Boston and then we received another one in California. My partner was offered a billion dollars to fold up the operation and go away. The offer was made by a CIA man who said he represented European interests. A month after my partner declined their offer, he found himself in jail with a million-dollar bail. The man who arrested him got promoted to be in charge of the jail, a couple weeks later, and got an award, and all these kinds of things.
So anyway, it was quite a radicalizing experience for me because they eventually took their masks off in Ventura to me, and admitted to my face that their job was to take us out. So they did their best, and it was actually a pretty good job. They wrecked many, many lives. ....
WF:  I don’t know of an issue of a greater magnitude than the energy issue that humanity’s facing right now. Oh my God, we’re having wars in Asia, killing millions of people over the hydrocarbons. The issue is so multi-faceted, it’s so immense, that... Oh yes, this is being very carefully managed.
And again, these “disruptive technologies” are very carefully monitored. What my friend saw was somehow somebody snuck something out the back door and demonstrated some of the stuff, you know? It’s very tightly controlled to make sure that “disruptive technologies”, particularly like free energy, do not appear on the scene.
You know, it’s possible that it’s going to come down to the white-hats and black-hats. It’s possible that’s how it’s going to be determined. Part of me hopes that’s not how it happens. Part of me hopes that enough of US make enough noise in a positive way.
But if enough people understood the potential, understood what was possible, and understood how important they could be to help making that happen by just simply lending their awareness to the issue... That’s what I’m trying to find out. I think that that’s a way that it can happen. ... But I also wanted to ask both of you if you could respond to what is it you think when you see things like, you know, the Space Shuttle and the Space Station and the way they’re dealing with this? What in essence is sending a tin can up into the air, you know? [laughs] I mean, what do you think when you see that they’re creating a new technology, supposedly planning to go to Mars and Moon? There’s a new mission underway. But what do you think about the technology they’re going to use to do these things, the fact that they’re still relying on this old technology?
BO’L:  You know, for one, I think that we’re living in the past. We’re living with past models that are falling apart. Ever since the Space Shuttle was first proposed I realized that NASA was falling apart because it was a bureaucratic invention, kind of a miasma. And the same with the Space Station, sort of a “Tinker-Toys” designed by aerospace companies to line their pockets.
Right now the technologies we’re using are drastically old. They’re simply not worthwhile. They’re in the past. It’s expensive. It pollutes the atmosphere. The Shuttle itself contributes to the hole in the ozone layer. Every launch is something like ten-to-fifteen billion dollars. We can’t afford that kind of stuff.
KC:  What do you think about the fact that they’re planning to power the new missions using nuclear?
BO’L:  Ah! That’s disaster! You know, if you get me going on nuclear... I was the nuclear energy advisor to Morris Udall’s Energy and Environment subcommittee of the US congress, and our committee pretty single-handedly stopped nuclear power in its tracks.
Any kind of nuclear technology, for anybody that looks at it, is highly dangerous. The long-lived radioactive waste products... we haven’t found a way to bury them. They have half-lives of tens of thousands of years. We’re polluting the Earth for our children and their children and for all of nature.
We’ve got tolet go of that technology one hundred percent. For nuclear technology to be used in any space application or any application on the Earth is yet another big danger-point.
It’s sort of like right now humans are terror-forming the Earth with various geo-engineering projects, whether it’s the development of nuclear technology, or chemtrails, or depleted uranium. These are all horrible, horrible projects.
And you see, we need to develop a new kind of advocacy, a new combination of truth movements that look at all of these things -- 9/11, the official story -- to kind of “pop a bubble” of the sacred myths of our time and to proceed onward with the kinds of new technologies that are clean and cheap, like free energy. We just have to do this! And people have to awaken. And right now, there aren’t very many of us that advocate that. 
  // //
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The new financial system now supposed to start on May 11th but believe it when you see it.   Posted by benjamin   May 4, 2010
A new dollar to replace the US dollar is going to be introduced on May 11th, according to a senior CIA source. Other sources, including linked to the Chinese politburo, the Japanese secret government and the British Royal family have all said something big and good is imminent. However, we have seen so many deadlines come and go that we shall continue to believe only what we see. Fortunately, there is plenty out there to show the New World Order really is coming down.
The most important sign remains the criminal investigation of Goldman Sachs. This is a frontal attack on Wall Street and the Feds. The wheels of justice grind slowly but they grind to dust. The Europeans are now also considering bringing criminal and civil charges against Goldman for helping Greece cook its government books. There is an awful lot I could say about Goldman’s activities in Japan too but, because of promises made to Japanese underworld sources, I will keep my Japan Goldman file as insurance and not have it made public    unless I die.      In any case, this probe is not about Goldman Sachs so much as it is about the entire Western banking system. The audit of the Federal Reserve Board that is now under way is now expected to go all the way back to 1916, when the Federal Reserve Board first went into business (The act creating the Fed was passed in 1913 but did not go into force until 1916).         As a sign of more to come, Deutschebank offices have been raided in Germany, England and the Netherlands as part of a probe of fraudulent CO2 trading. The corporate press and the blogosphere are now going into pack feeding frenzy mode as it finally appears safe to target the previously taboo. They will not have to dig far before they uncover an awful lot of dirt.
         In a sign of the increasing isolation of the Washington D.C. corporation, the Europeans have been making many public statements in recent days about the need to totally revamp the global financial system: The head of the European Central Bank told my former employer Forbes magazine of the need for global financial governance; President Sarkozy of Francewas in China promising to work together on “global monetary reform;” and the President of the European Commission was in Japan and China meeting with the Emperor and Chinese leaders discussing the “financial crisis.”
ECB President Favors Global Governance
Sarkozy and Hu bury hatchet in Beijing talks
Chinese President holds talks with European Commission President in Shanghai. ////
    We also confirmed, from our sources that reports (( that)) the British royalty have asked the politicians in Washington to leave the 10 square British property known as Washington D.C., are correct. It is doubtful this order will be obeyed but it is one more piece of evidence to show the increasing isolation of the Federal Reserve Board crime syndicate.
           There are also signs of military moves to fill the vacuum expected to be created when the Pentagon begins to evacuate many of the 800 or so overseas military bases it will soon not be able to pay for. The biggest sign was the Japanese self-defense forces creating Japan’s first overseas base since World War 2. The base is being set up in Djibouti to protect shipping from the Middle East.
The Russians also held giant naval exercises in the Sea of Japan in what seems to be a signal to the Japanese that “we both have an interest in containing China.” Ever since Obama went to China last year to propose the US and China create a G2, the Japanese have begun to doubt if the US would really go to war with China to save them. That is why they are now probing the possibility of allying themselves with India, Russia and other countries that actually have borders with China.
The North Koreans also seem to be ratcheting up the pressure on South Korea to come up with a peace agreement. Sorcha Faal, the US Naval Intelligence information/disinformation site, claims it was the North Koreans who blew up the oil rig in the Gulf of Mexico. Our source in China linked to the politburo confirmed this, saying the new North Korean regime has decided to “display its strength, bravery and determination.”              Since North Korea and South Korea are technically at war, North Korea is actually allowed to carry out such acts of sabotage. Other sources believe it was the Bush/Nazi faction that blew up the oil rig, to spite the British and create distraction from their troubles. However, since North Korea has worked closely with this faction in the past, the two scenarios are not mutually contradictory.      There many similar signs of high-level preparations for change. For example, last week the head of the UN and the Bank of Japan、among others, called for the release and funding of “green energy technology.” There are many actual concrete new energy technology deals in the works that we are aware of but will not yet write about in order to prevent sabotage.
          Meanwhile, in Japan secret government sources continue to say the Prime Minister Hatoyama will probably resign this month and be replaced by Finance Minister Naoto Kan. I know Kan quite well and am quite sure he is not a Federal Reserve Board puppet. However, it remains to be seen if he has what it takes to reboot Japan’s financial system.
             The Liberal Democratic Party that ruled Japan since the end of World War 2 is rapidly falling apart and efforts to create a new, viable right-leaning party are proceeding rapidly. Japanese power brokers are planning to revamp the political system sometime after the upper house elections due July 11th. Their hope is to create a new dominant umbrella party containing various factions much like the LDP did in its heyday.
No matter what though, the days of Japan being a Federal Reserve Board/New World Order colony are coming to an end.
The various global power brokers this writer has talked to, have said there will not be any special announcements of a sudden change in how the world is governed. Instead, they say it will take place in bits and pieces, and is exactly how events appear to be unfolding. There can be no doubt to any but the most brainwashed, that historical changes are happening at an accelerating rate.
Gold vs Euro, British Pound, US Dollar and Japanese Yen - July 2009 to May 2010 (chart)
New gold-backed US dollar to be introduced after takedown of Goldman Sachs and Deutsche Bank. Closedown audit of US Federal Reserve Board to comb all books back to 1916. Pentagon plans well-advanced to evacuate many of the eight hundred US overseas military bases. To start with, there may be no single big announcement. The initial changes are likely to be rolled out piece by piece quietly.
Huge national debts could push EuroZone into naked bankruptcy.
European governments agree that saving Greece is imperative. They are worried about the euro, and the Germans are concerned about their banks, which, lured by the prospect of high returns, have become saturated with government bonds from Greece and other southern European countries. They are also terrified that after a Greek bankruptcy, other weak euro countries could be attacked by speculators and forced to their knees. There are striking similarities to the Lehman bankruptcy. The financial crisis isn't over; it has simply entered a new phase. Today, the world is no longer threatened by the debts of banks but by the debts of governments, including debts which were run up rescuing the banks just a year ago. The banking crisis has turned into a crisis of entire nations, and the subprime mortgage bubble has morphed into a government debt bubble.
Japanese fried rice
A photograph. And pictures of Asian brown rice can be seen here and here.
             Regular inclusion of unmilled brown rice in human diet may prevent high blood pressure, atherosclerosis and heart attacks. Naturally occurring oligosaccharides in subaleurone layer of brown rice grains act like angiotensin II receptor blockers.
The rate of cardiovascular disease is much lower in Japan than in the US and many other Western countries. In Japan they eat much more brown rice. A specific natural compound found in a layer of tissue surrounding grains of brown rice inhibits an endocrine protein known as angiotensin II. When angiotensin II is blocked, blood vessels relax and blood pressure is lowered. This is the basis for the design of prescribed angiotensin II receptor blockers (ARBs) such as Atacand, Avapro, Cozaar and Teveten. Located between the white center of the brown rice grain and the brown fibrous outer layer, the subaleurone tissue is loaded with oligosaccharides and dietary fibres. Oligosaccharides are complex carbohydrates known to benefit the digestive system. But when brown rice is milled and polished to turn it into white rice, the subaleurone layer is ripped off, removing many of the beneficial nutrients. However, the subaleurone layer is preserved in brown rice and also in two types of rice popular in Japan - half-milled (Haigamai) rice and incompletely-milled (Kinmemai) rice. When researchers removed subaleurone tissue from Kinmemai rice and ran a variety of laboratory tests, they found that components of this rice layer inhibited angiotensin II activity in cultured vascular smooth muscle cells. Some hints about cooking Japanese-style brown rice at home can be found here.
We live on the cusp of pan-global civilisation change. These are difficult and challenging times for people of good heart and good intent. It is important to stay positive, despite the extraordinary nexus of institutionalised evil which appears to encircle us on all sides. ...

Extrait de Bankster: Tout argent ‘naît que dès lorsqu’il est emprunté’. L’argent n’existe pas jusqu’à ce que quelqu’un l’emprunte. C’est de ‘l’argent basé sur une dette’, par conséquent ce n’est pas vraiment de l’argent puisque le véritable argent est basé sur une substance – l’or, l’argent, etc.
 Si l’« argent » naît que dès lors qu’il est emprunté, alors cela signifie qu’il n’existe pas. Ainsi, où est l’« intérêt » ? Il n’existe pas. Comment peut-il être payé ? Il ne peut pas être payé parce qu’il ne fait pas partie de ce qui est créé. Il n’existe simplement pas. La monnaie que nous employons est basée sur notre futur travail que les gouvernements (politiciens) ont promis aux banquiers. De futures générations sont déjà contraintes à payer une dette qui n’existe pas. Pour comprendre L'Argent Dette, nous vous proposons de visionner un documentaire animé, dynamique et divertissant, de l'artiste et vidéographe Paul Grignon qui explique les effets magiques mais pervers du SYSTEME ACTUEL D'ARGENT-DETTE avec une bande son française
et des termes compréhensibles par tous !
99% de la population ignore encore le processus de création monétaire. Ainsi lorsque vous l'aurez assimilé à votre tour, soyez certain de bien faire la distinction entre les répercussions privées et publiques de ce système. Utiliser un systeme d'argent dette pour nos investissements privés, nous le faisions à notre insu jusqu'a maintenant. Le fait que les états européens aient décidé d'abandonner récemment le droit régalien des peuples de battre leur monnaie et ceci sans leur consentement est autrement plus inquiétant. (A noter tout de meme que d'un point de vue privé, l'absence de pleine divulgation et d'égale contrepartie sur le contrat de prêt bancaire peut apparaitre comme frauduleux)
Extrait de Depuis 1973 et en application depuis 1974, puis entériné par l'article 104 du traité de Maastricht et finalement transposé dans l'article 123 du traité de Lisbonne, l'Etat a supprimé le recours à l'émission de bons du trésor (emprunt d'état, exempt d'intérêts) puis s'est interdit toute création monétaire en interdisant tout recours à l'emprunt auprès de sa banque centrale à travers le traité européen et ceci pour tous les états européens. Cet état de fait, malicieusement déguisé, rend tout investissement "hors de prix". Ainsi nous sommes assis sur une montage de dettes artificielles dont les conséquences sont dramatiques: Diminution générale du pouvoir d'achat, extension de la pauvreté et misère absolue pour une majeure partie de la population terrestre. Comment peut-on perdre à ce point le plus élémentaire bon sens pour vouloir légitimer le fait qu’un Etat paye un intérêt à un système bancaire privé pour l’usage de sa propre monnaie, qu’il pourrait émettre lui-même, sans intérêt ? ....(...) Nous voila dans un esclavagisme moderne grâce à la haute trahison de nos élus qui cherchent désespérement des solutions "pansements" aux conséquences du SEUL problème qu'ils ont eux même instauré par décret dans le plus grand silence et sans la moindre concertation,
 ils ont vendu TOUS nos biens, nos propriétés, nos corps et ceux de nos enfants, à des banquiers privés. ...(..)
Nous refusons de travailler pour quelque chose qui n'existe pas et encore moins pour quelque chose qui nous asservit. Tant que l'article 104 du Traité de Maastricht, transposé dans l'article 123 du Traité de Lisbonne restera en vigueur, l'Europe restera une arnaque des Banksters. L’ensemble des politiciens français et européens se chamaillent pour des questions sans importance.  Il n’y a pas un seul problème en Europe (idem dans le monde) qui ne soit pas lié à l’utilisation de L'Argent Dette.
La dette nationale est un canular inventé par décret et en application par une loi.
Nous jouons au JEU DU COMMERCE (voir: bankster) dans un monde commercial fictif où l’argent est fictif, les sociétés - et ceci inclut votre NOM en lettres majuscules - sont fictives, ce sont toutes des fictions crées par le gouvernement qui est lui-même une entité fictive, dont le seul but est de récolter l'intérêt REEL d'une dette fictive qui ne pourra jamais être payé, et ceci pour le compte d'une poignée d'individus privés.
des liens pour approfondir vos connaissances:
 ...(...)  Je crée enfin le paradis-sur-terre auquel j’ai tant aspiré. Dans ce nouveau monde de la réalité, j’affirme haut et fort que «Deux choses sont évitables, les impôts et la mort.»
Maintenant que je me souviens de qui je suis, il me reste à apprendre à me comporter en *Diesse.* Je ne peux plus continuer à penser, parler et agir en mouton. Or, on n’enseigne pas – du moins, pas encore – le cours de Diessité 101, dans les écoles. Mais je sais maintenant que la vérité est à l’intérieur, et je donne carte blanche à mon âme. J’établis un transfert de pouvoir de mon ego à mon âme. Je change de gouvernance. ...
Je laisse aller mon comportement de mouton, pour qu’émerge *Diesse*, emprisonnée au fond de la matière. Pour ce faire, j’interroge mon âme souveraine, qui sait tout et possède la vérité. Je lui demande de me guider, et elle accepte volontiers. J’écoute ses ordres et je lui obéis. En fait, elle me recommande de me conduire à l’inverse de ce que je faisais comme mouton. Tout un programme! ... À cette époque charnière, où l’ancien monde animal/finances-bestiales/ se meurt et un nouveau monde s’apprête à voir le jour, les crises se succèdent les unes après les autres. Il ne s’agit ni d’une crise économique, ni d’une crise politique, ni d’une crise sociale, ni d’une crise morale, c’est d’une crise évolutive dont il s’agit. L’être humain est en train de faire le passage de l’animalité/finances-bestiales/  à la *diessité*. C’est le plus grand bond évolutif qui ait jamais eu lieu. Mais cette fois-ci, nous ne le subirons pas, nous le ferons en conscience. Nous avons le choix de participer au changement, plutôt que d’y résister. Personnellement, je me réjouis de collaborer activement et consciemment à l’évolution de la conscience humaine et je remercie toutes les personnes qui prennent part à cette expérience.   Ghis // * Diesse : nom de l’Être Suprême inhérent à tout ce qui existe. Elle est à la fois l’esprit créateur et la matière créée.
Toute personne est Diesse, qu’elle le sache ou non.

Christian 'Doctrine' Fueled Dehumanization: UNPFII Report
Valerie Taliman   Indian Country Today    Fri, 30 Apr 2010 18:05 EDT
North American Representative to the Permanent Forum Tonya Gonnella Frichner, an attorney and founder of the American Indian Law Alliance.////
New York - A groundbreaking report examining the roots of Christian domination over indigenous peoples and their lands was released this week at the United Nations Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues. North American Representative to the Permanent Forum Tonya Gonnella Frichner, an attorney and founder of the American Indian Law Alliance, presented a preliminary study on the "Doctrine of Discovery" and its historical impacts on indigenous peoples, with a focus on how it became part of United States laws.
"The first thing indigenous peoples share is the experience of having been invaded by those who treated us without compassion because they considered us to be less than human," said Frichner, a citizen of the Onondaga Nation serving her first term on the 16-member UNPFII    "Dehumanization leads to the second thing indigenous peoples share in common: Being treated on the basis of the belief that those who invaded our territories have a right of lordship or dominance over our existence and, therefore, have the right to take, grant, and dispose of our lands, territories, and resources without our permission or consent."
Frichner said human rights violations faced by indigenous peoples can all be traced to the Doctrine of Discovery and its interpretive framework which has been used for five centuries to take Native lands. It has also been cited in U.S. Supreme Court land claims cases decided against Indian nations, including the 1955 ruling Tee Hit Ton Indians v. United States, and the 2005 decision in City of Sherrill v. Oneida Indian Nation of New York.
The Doctrine of Discovery was among Vatican mandates dating back to the 15th century, called papal bulls, that declared Christian monarchs had the right to claim superior title over land and territories that they "discovered."
The claimed right of "dominion" over Native peoples was based on the thinking that non-Christians were "heathens and uncivilized savages," with no, or limited rights, to land.
The Vatican's Doctrine of Discovery was based on the premise that all non-Christian land belonged to no one because no Christians were living there and no Christian monarch or lord had yet claimed dominion. Once Christian monarchies like Spain or France claimed the right of dominion, that claim was transferred to political successors over centuries. ...
Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill Shows Disastrous Legacy of Halliburton and the Real Cost of the Oil Era     Mike AdamsNaturalNews  Sat, 01 May 2010 12:00 EDT    © NASA
Oil is a dirty business. It's not just the politics of oil, which are dirty enough by themselves -- it's also the environmental toll of the substance. Even when used correctly, its chemical byproducts cause air pollution and release carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. But the real mess comes when things go terribly wrong -- much like what happened recently when the offshore drilling rig Deepwater Horizon exploded and sank to the ocean floor off the coast of Louisiana. This set in motion a chain of disastrous events that are only now beginning to unfold.
Nearly 50% of the seafood consumed by Americans comes from the Gulf of Mexico, by the way. That explains why seafood contains such an alarmingly high concentration of mercury as well as industrial chemicals -- because the Gulf of Mexico is America's toilet where every toxic chemical, heavy metal and pharmaceutical that's flushed down the drain ends up getting dumped. No wonder the Gulf of Mexico is home to one of the planet's largest ocean "dead zones" -- over 6,000 square miles of dead water where fish can't even survive.    And that was before the oil spill. Now, thanks to a creeping oil slick that's approaching shorelines throughout the gulf, the breeding grounds for a huge number of marine species is now threatened. Species from pelicans to shrimp are likely to be devastated by this oil slick.
It's already being called a "mega-disaster" by environmentalists. "The magnitude and the potential for ecological damage is probably more great than anything we've ever seen in the Gulf of Mexico," said Nancy Rabalais in a Washington Post interview. She heads the Louisiana Universities Marine Consortium in Cocodrie, La. "Once it hits the shoreline, it'll get into everything." ....(...)
Times Square bomb hoax, Israeli intel group shows its hand
Gordon Duff   Veterans Today    Sun, 02 May 2010 13:54 EDT
Who would have believed it? Only days after a warning of an Israeli "false flag" bombing against the US "in the works" a massive car bomb is discovered in Time Square! Better yet, though no intelligence organization in the world could discover anyone claiming responsibility for this embarrassing failure, SITE Intelligence, a group rumored as the "voice of the Mossad" has placed the blame on the Pakistani Taliban.
This is the same group that has come up with numerous bin Laden "audio" tapes, seemingly, though tiny and nearly totally unstaffed, whenever it is convenient for Israel to point a finger at someone, magically Site Intelligence, run by former IDF soldier Rita Katz, whose father was executed as a spy by Saddam Hussein, makes another "unbelievable" intelligence find. Site Intelligence finds are not only timely for Israel, when the world is focused on claims they have been planning a 'dirty bomb' attack to send the US to war against Iran, but always tend to support mysterious organizations run from the caves of the Afghanistan/Pakistan border region. ...(...) The "war on terror" had become an "Israeli franchise," making billions in increased military aid, some covertly transferred to Israel through "weapons replenishing" and fat military contracts taken from American firms.
        The Marines in Afghanistan are using MRAP vehicles built in Israel, a country with nearly one million guest workers while America has over 30 million unemployed and an unused technology and industrial base better equipped for such production.
With the signature of this bombing being so close to that of the "crotch bombing," an attack with Israeli fingerprints from Nigeria to Yemen to Amsterdam, the "superfast" accusation against a Pakistani group, was no surprise.
Ongoing investigation/FOX "Israeli asset" News attacks Obama:
With New York police discounting the Pakistan connection to the bombing immediately, Fox News has unleashed an attack on the Obama administration in a well orchestrated manner, accusing democrats of "failing to protect the American people."
With both Site Intelligence and Fox News tied directly to Israel, and the signature and timing of this attack showing clear Israeli fingerprints, Fox may be right.
America may be unable to protect itself from a nation still seen by most Americans as a close ally. No other nation has the capability of such an attack or the influence to orchestrate the news, an act already in motion.
If any finger is pointing anywhere, Fox News is telling us "Israel did it."
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...(...)  The three undeclared nuclear powers are India, Pakistan and Israel, which are not parties to the NPT. North Korea acceded to the treaty, violated it, and later withdrew.
The 2000 NPT Review Conference reaffirmed the necessity of Israel's accession to the NPT, and the placement of all its nuclear facilities under comprehensive safeguards by the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA).But so far, Israel has refused to accede to that request.
...(...)  Project Camelot smells of NWO    comment  By: Avatar
Laura did a great job just being her self and telling the truth. As a tobacco smoker I love they way she explained the benefits of tobacco. Where I live there is a distinction between smoking cigarettes and smoking tobacco. Tobacco is a plant that has been smoked for thousands of years, and is used in spiritual rituals along with Yaje, an herbal soup.
            The “Energy Creatures” Laura refers to, can co-exist in the human body along side an existing consciousness which creates a dual-consciousness in the individual.
The psychopaths are genetically different and this defect was intentionally created or tweaked. I suspect the psychopaths are the vehicles or portal for these negative energy creatures. I would have loved to hear more explanation of these planet earth controllers.
The invasion of planet earth will be done by occupying human bodies, either via consent (membership in secret societies and occult organizations); or humans born soulless to be occupied at a later date by these negative energy creatures. The Host by Stephenie Meyer or the movie Avatar is two good examples of occupying a body by these creatures.
We souled humans have much work to do especially in the area of understanding our enemy.   The revolution will not be televised. // avatar trailer.
America, Afghanistan, Israel, all the same  "Tapping the reptile brain"
Any discussion that challenges how people are conditioned by repeated lies and planned mythology, is doomed to fail. The human mind has been debased to the point where it no longer learns as part of survival but takes in lies like a rat eating a corpse.
Comment 1: Here is a clip from Tuesday's sitting of the Senate Governmental Affairs Subcommittee on Investigations, where Senator Carl Levin was grilling Goldman Sachs Vice President and CFO David Viniar. It's refreshing to see that attention is finally being turned to the banksters behind the gargantuan financial fraud (which is still going on) and which is at the root of the global economic collapse. However, we don't hold out much hope for any real change for the better to come out of this. A government stacked with Goldman Sachs staff investigating Goldman Sachs is like Goldman Sachs investigating itself! This ultimately serves as a distraction from the spectacular fraud recently unveiled in the bullion markets, which the media is silent about, even though it threatens to dwarf the 2008 derivatives and subprime ponzi schemes.
But the reason we bring your attention to the following clip is because of the very interesting exchange that takes place towards the end. Have a look: ....(...)
Comment 2 : As you can see, Senator Levin let Viniar off the hook by handing him an out. We strongly suspect that Viniar's evasive maneuver when asked how his company's deceit made him feel was not only due to his desire to avoid answering the Senator's line of questioning as it related to his culpability in defrauding Goldman's customers, but was specifically down to the fact that he was unable to comprehend what was being asked of him. He couldn't answer how these emails made him feel, because he is unable to put himself in the minds of his customers, unable to place to himself in the shoes of others, and is therefore, in all probability, a corporate psychopath.
....(...) For those readers who missed the joke, sodium chloride is bleached table salt. We doubt that it will help with heart disease and high blood pressure. Unfortunately though, this is not something that we can laugh about, as people may have already died from this snake oil. If frauds such as this one are allowed to parade under the banner of 'alternative medicine', then people who are trying to escape from the establishment will just get harmed more, due to M.M.S., and alternative medicine as a whole will be unfairly stigmatized. It is therefore important that sites which are espousing true alternative medicines work with us to expose the dangers of chlorine dioxide (M.M.S.) before a child is seriously harmed by it, for otherwise, it is inevitable. Just imagine a parent trying to cure a child of a serious disease with a bottle of Chlorox, and ignoring his repeated vomiting. While such a thing would be 'child cruelty', it could easily happen if a parent simply believes the M.M.S. scam.// Written by Sarah Cain / romania.
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