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'Please give Hollie a mention when you vote in the UK tomorrow'
Wednesday, 05 May 2010 09:56

Grampian Police Officer Sex Assault Charges Dropped     Wed, 05 May 2010 09:53

'A Grampian Police officer accused of sexually assaulting a vulnerable man and a woman has had the charges against him dropped.  George Hall, 49, was due to face trial next week for alleged indecent attacks on two people in Ellon, Aberdeenshire. However, the Crown Office said proceedings would not continue after "careful consideration of all of the facts". Mr Hall had previously denied the charges at Aberdeen Sheriff Court.'

Source: BBC News

Message for all those attending David Icke's event at Brixton Academy on May 15th
Wednesday, 05 May 2010 09:49

David Icke - In A Previous Life  Wednesday, 05 May 2010 09:38

(Who the hell is the guy in the bow tie??)    Watch here...

Government Cannot Use Secret Evidence in Guantánamo Torture Case, Court Rules   Wednesday, 05 May 2010 09:35

'The court of appeal has dismissed an attempt by MI5 and MI6 to suppress evidence of their alleged complicity in the torture and secret transfer of British residents to Guantánamo Bay. In a devastating judgment, it ruled that the unprecedented attempt by the security and intelligence agencies, backed by the attorney general and senior Whitehall officials, to suppress evidence in a civil trial undermined deep-seated principles of common law and open justice.

MI5 and MI6 said evidence in the case, in which the Guardian, the Times and the BBC intervened, should be kept secret from everyone except the judges and specially appointed and vetted counsel.'

Fed Documents Reveal Secret Lobbying Effort Against Audit Provisions
Wednesday, 05 May 2010 09:27

'The Federal Reserve is secretly engaged in an intense lobbying effort in an attempt to stave off moves to have the Government Accountability Office audit it, internal documents reveal. The Huffington Post has obtained the documents, which were distributed to Senate offices by a Fed official, whose identity the online news site agreed not to reveal. “The effort to beat back the audit relies on playing two members of the same caucus — Sens. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) and Jeff Merkley (D-Ore.) — off each other.” writes Ryan Grim.

Today will see a possible first round of votes on on amendments to Senator Christopher Dodd’s financial-overhaul bill. One such amendment is S 604 The Federal Reserve Sunshine act, the Senate version of Congressman Ron Paul’s Federal Transparency Act, sponsored by Sen. Sanders. The amendmentcalls for a full audit of the Fed.

The unnamed Fed official in the documents essentially acknowledges support of a much more restrictive audit proposal by Sen. Merkley. “I am sending some information on the effects of audits of the Federal Reserve System as well as two additional documents – one summarizes the GAO and related provisions in the Dodd Bill as passed by the committee (Title XI, Sections 1151-1153) and the other is a summary of the Sanders and Paul/Grayson amendments,” the Fed official wrote in an e-mail accompanying the documents. “As I mentioned, we believe that the bipartisan Corker-Merkley provision in the Dodd Bill is quite strong and addresses issues of transparency and disclosure without impinging on the independence of monetary policy,” the Fed official writes.

       Ron Paul’s Campaign For Liberty website has consistently addressed the problem with this watering down provision, noting that it guarantees continued secrecy for the Fed.

.... A full audit of the Fed under the Sanders and Paul/Grayson amendments would pave the way for disclosure of which financial institutions received $2 trillion in public bailout funds, information that the Fed refuses to make public and, along with the largest commercial banks in the U.S., has fought tooth and nail to keep secret.

The Sanders and Paul/Grayson amendments would ensure that such lending could never again be done in secret.

Their efforts were boosted yesterday by the damning revelations that former Fed chairman Alan Greenspan wanted internal warnings over the housing bubble kept secret in 2004, so that outsiders, whom he said did not fully understand the situation, would not be able to interject in the debate.    In addition to the backlash from the Fed and the banks, the audit provisions face opposition from the White House, with the administration trotting out the same argument that an audit would threaten the independence of the Fed.  “It’s likely, in fact, that the Obama administration will be under intense pressure to veto the entire financial reform bill if ‘audit the fed’ survives.”, notes Brian Beutler.

White House chief of staff Rahm Emanuel is reportedly working closely with the Fed to kill off the audit provisions at all costs to protect the power structure dominated by the international banking elite.  Yesterday Congressmen Grayson and Paul appeared on Dylan Ratigan to discuss the progress of their efforts to audit the Fed.

Watch the video: ....(...)

Greeks Begin Two-day Strike as Banking System is Saved From Meltdown
Wednesday, 05 May 2010 09:14

'Greek public sector workers today began a 48-hour national strike that is a first test of the Government’s ability to enact new austerity measures agreed with the EU and IMF in return for billions of euros in aid. Ministries, tax offices, schools, hospitals and public services were shutting down ahead of a midday rally of civil servants outside Parliament, organised by Adedy, the country’s main public sector union.

“We want an end to the freefall of our living standards,” said Spyros Papaspyros, the head of Adedy, which represents about half a million workers. “I think this will be one of the biggest protests we’ve seen in the last decade. and

....Yesterday morning, the start of the 48-hour strike throughout the public sector called by the ADEDY (public section trade unions federation), Greek Communist Party (KKE) trade unionists organised a protest in the Acropolis. About 200 workers entered the archaeological site on the hill overlooking central Athens and hung two huge banners which read ‘Peoples of Europe rise up!’.  ....

 Originally Posted by Douglas  View Post  and

With a symbolic action on 4 May 2010 KKE sends to the peoples of Europe a message of resistance and counterattack against the anti-labour measures taken in Greece and in other countries under the pretext of the exit from the capitalist crisis.

Tens of members of KKE proceeded early in the morning of 4 May in a symbolic occupation of the Acropolis rock. With red flags and two enormous banners bearing the slogan “Peoples of Europe rise up” written in Greek and in English they called for the further development of the class struggle just a few hours after the great demonstrations for the May Day organised by the All Workers’ Militant Front (PAME) in 75 cities throughout Greece and just before the 24hour nationwide strike on 5th May against the anti-peoples and anti-workers measures promoted by the social-democrat government of PASOK, the EU and the IMF. At the same time, the civil servants went on strikeonMay4. +


US School for Disabled Forces Students to Wear Packs That Deliver Massive Electric Shocks   Wednesday, 05 May 2010 08:47

'Mental Disability Rights International (MDRI)  has filed a report and urgent appeal with the United Nations Special Rapporteur on Torture alleging that the Judge Rotenberg Center for the disabled, located in Massachusetts, violates the UN Convention against Torture.

The rights group submitted their report this week, titled "Torture not Treatment: Electric Shock and Long-Term Restraint in the United States on Children and Adults with Disabilities at the Judge Rotenberg Center," after an in-depth investigation revealed use of restraint boards, isolation, food deprivation and electric shocks in efforts to control the behaviors of its disabled and emotionally troubled students.'  and

General Election: Shhh… Don’t Mention the Occupation  Wed, 05 May 2010 08:29

Stuart Littlewood   written,May 4, 2010  ((U.K.))

In the run-up to Britain’s general election we’ve heard next to nothing about Middle East policy from the three main party leaders in their much-publicised debates on TV.

They have studiously avoided all mention of the outrage in the Holy Land and the way it impacts so directly on world peace. The plight of the Palestinian people ever since Britain abandoned its mandate responsibility, and their endless struggle for freedom from Israel's military occupation, threatens our safety but word of it never passes their lips. And the programme bosses appear to block questions on the subject.

Early in the campaign I received a message from a local Liberal Democrat MP saying: "I urge everyone to get to Norwich and help elect our fantastic candidate Simon W."

But hang on... before rushing to volunteer I wanted to know just one thing. What was Mr W's personal stance on Middle East policy and especially Israel's 43-year illegal occupation of the Holy Land?

'It's an important question for the simple reason that the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) has such a vice-like grip on the private parts of US congressional representatives that Israel’s interests are put ahead of America's. And due to the influence of the Israel lobby here in the UK, we too are so embroiled in their perpetual strife with the Islamic world that we’ve been sucked into the same stinking swamp.  Britain is now one of the most hated nations on earth, thanks to our cosy association with US-Israeli ambitions in the Middle East. Party leaders talk passionately about cleaning up politics but carefully avoid addressing this, the most corrupting and dangerous influence of all.'   ....(...)................So there you have it. Party managers, political leaders, election candidates, the mainstream media, the rest of the Establishment including our state broadcaster and even the Church and its assorted hangers-on, are all working to suppress any debate about what’s probably the biggest menace to world peace… and praying that most British people go to the polls on May 6 blissfully ignorant of their country’s complicity.

************Stuart Littlewood is author of the book Radio Free Palestine, which tells the plight of the Palestinians under occupation. For further information please visit

Secret Erik Prince/Blackwater Tape Exposed  Wednesday, 05 May 2010 08:19

'Erik Prince, the reclusive owner of the Blackwater empire, rarely gives public speeches and when he does he attempts to ban journalists from attending and forbids recording or videotaping of his remarks. On May 5, that is exactly what Prince is trying to do when he speaks at DeVos Fieldhouse as the keynote speaker for the "Tulip Time Festival" in his hometown of Holland, Michigan. He told the event’s organizers no news reporting could be done on his speech and they consented to the ban. Journalists and media associations in Michigan are protesting this attempt to bar reporting on his remarks.

Despite Prince’s attempts to shield his speeches from public scrutiny, The Nation magazine has obtained an audio recording of a recent, private speech delivered by Prince to a friendly audience. The speech, which Prince attempted to keep from public consumption, provides a stunning glimpse into his views and future plans and reveals  details of previously undisclosed activities of Blackwater. The people of the United States have a right to media coverage of events featuring the owner of a company that generates 90% of its revenue from the United States government.'



Wednesday, 05 May 2010 08:17

The book is estimated to be ready for shipping at the end of April
Nearly 700 pages, 355,000 words, 325 illustrations and 32 pages of original colour art by Neil Hague.  A Monumental Work  What is the 'Moon Matrix'?  Click here for details...

Oil Slickonomics   Wednesday, 05 May 2010 08:15

' “At its current leak rate of 5,000 barrels of oil per day, the spill could surpass the size of the 1969 Santa Barbara spill by next week. If the leak cannot be contained, it could exceed the size of the 1989 Exxon Valdez oil spill off Alaska by mid June.”    Paul Harrison, Environmental Defense Fund  Three scenarios lie ahead.  They rank as bad, worse, and ugliest (the latter being catastrophic and unprecedented).  There is no “good” here.' ....(...)
In addition, the offshore-drilling energy sector will face much-increased and more costly regulation.  Deepwater and all offshore drilling in the US has been set back for a generation, just as Three Mile Island set back nuclear power development for decades.  No politician can win an election now with a permissive view on drilling.  Sarah Palin’s “Drill, baby, drill” now condemns her to political marginalization.  Off shore drilling has lurched to the top of the political agenda in this November’s election cycle.    Readers may be interested in following events on the NOAA website: .
David Kotok, Chairman and Chief Investment Officer.

Whoops! CO2 Has Almost Nothing to do With Global Warming, Discovers Top US Meteorologist  Wednesday, 05 May 2010 07:59

'The other night I had a nightmare in which a general election was approaching and all three main competing parties had the same suicidal policy. They all believed in this thing called the Big Bad Fairy and were convinced that the only way to drive off the BBF and her evil hordes was by spending huge sums of taxpayers’ money – £18 billion a year was, I believe, the figure quoted in the nightmare – and by ruining the country with ugly, spinning Fairy Towers for the bad fairy hordes to nest in. Then I woke up and found…

Seriously, though, what do we do? How we can possibly stop the environmental and energy policy of our next government being based on what US meteorologist Dr Roy Spencer calls “the worst case of mass hysteria the world has known.”?'

******James Delingpole is a writer, journalist and broadcaster who is right about everything. He is the author of numerous fantastically entertaining books including Welcome To Obamaland: I've Seen Your Future And It Doesn't Work, How To Be Right, and the Coward series of WWII adventure novels. His website is   and

Rothschild Zionists Named the Bogeyman on 9-11     Wed, 05 May 2010 07:57  and

chromelung66  —   2 mai /may 2010  — Within minutes of the airplane crashes on 9-11, Ehud Barak (the founder and master of the Israeli military's covert operation force, the Sayeret Matkal) was in the London studio of the BBC World ready to provide a plausible (and political) explanation to the world. Barak, the real mastermind of 9-11, was the first person to call for a "War on Terror" - and U.S. intervention in Afghanistan and the Middle East. This is how false-flag terrorism works. The perpetrator is the first one to assign blame by pointing his finger at his enemy in order to shape public opinion, which is the real purpose of such atrocities. Sounds like these two are reading from the same script that was being read in the USA just 40 minutes after the first WTC explosion. I recorded every minute of the live news casts on 911, and viewing it years later, its very clear who the criminals are. . Read Christopher Bollyn's articles about Ehud Barack and Richard Perle and how they were directly involved in the planning and cover up for 9-11.

How Ehud Barack Pulled Off 9-11

....(...) Why has the real debris field been kept secret?  There can only be one explanation:  the truth about what happened to Flight 93 could not be revealed to the public.  The evidence indicates that Flight 93 was shot out of the sky with a blast that sounded like "an atomic bomb," as one witness told me:

Nena Lensbouer, who had prepared lunch for the workers at the scrap yard overlooking the crash site, said she was the first person to reach the crater. Lensbouer said that the crater was five to six feet deep and smaller than the 24-foot trailer in her front yard. She described the sound as "an explosion, like an atomic bomb" -- not a crash.

If Flight 93 was shot down with such precision, and the truth concealed with an elaborate deception, there are several crucial questions I would ask:  Exactly how many people were on Flight 93?  Did Flight 93 really land in Cleveland on 9-11 and were passengers from other flights put onto the flight before it was shot down?

Is this what really happened to the passengers of Flights 11 and 175?

Why was Wally Miller, the Somerset County Coroner, forced to turn over the "crash" site to the FBI?  Why did he abdicate his responsibility for the site and the recovery of the bodies, his obligation under state law?  Why was he not even allowed to be involved in the identification of the remains of the passengers of Flight 93, whose death certificates he duly signed?    The evidence certainly indicates that something extremely ugly happened over Shanksville on 9-11 and the evidence of the atrocity was strewn about the woods surrounding the Hoover property.  There was only one small survivor from the catastrophe that occurred at Barry Hoover's cottage on 9-11.  Woody, Barry Hoover's cat, survived and is still living, eight years later.  .... Viola Saylor saw Flight 93 pass very low over her house in Lambertsville, which is a mile north of the official crash site. She was in her backyard when she heard a very loud noise and looked up to find herself "nose to nose" with Flight 93, which she says was flying "upside down" as it passed overhead. It was blue and silver, she said, and glistened in the sunlight.

It was so low that it rustled the leaves of her 100-foot maple tree in her yard. It flew southeastwards for about three more seconds and even gained elevation before it crashed over the hill with a "thud," she said. "It was real still for a second," she said. "Then all of a sudden" she saw a "very quiet" and low-flying white "military" plane coming from the area of the crash site, flying towards the northwest. "It was flying very fast, like it was trying to get out of here," she said. "A second or two" behind the "military" plane were two other planes, which Saylor described as "normal" planes. Shown a photograph of a Fairchild A-10 Thunderbolt II, a low-flying combat aircraft commonly referred to as a "Warthog," Saylor identified it as the military plane she had seen. ....(...)

Wednesday, 05 May 2010 07:44

Soldiers Level Mosque Near Rafah, Settlers Torch Mosque Near Nablus      Wednesday, 05 May 2010 07:40

'Israeli soldiers invaded an area in Rafah, in the southern part of the Gaza Strip, leveled the Al Dahniyya mosque and uprooted farmlands on Tuesday at dawn. Local sources reported that the mosque was leveled to the ground after several armored military vehicles and bulldozers invaded Rafah.       Also on Tuesday at dawn, a group of fundamentalist settlers torched the main mosque of the Al Lubban Al Shariyya village, south of the northern West Bank city of Nablus. The settlers attacked the mosque approximately at 3 A.M., rounded up several copies of the Holy Koran in one place and set them ablaze. The fire caused excessive damage to the property of the mosque, including its ceiling, its fans and walls. Its 450 square meters of carpet and eight air conditioners were burnt also.' // Also in Rafah, soldiers uprooted farmlands near the Yasser Arafat Airport east of Rafah. Several military bulldozers and armored vehicles bulldozed farmlands and opened fire at random in Al Dahniyya area. The vehicles, originally stationed at the Karem Abu Salem (Kerem Shalom) military post, advanced 800 meters into the area and placed sand hills.

Also on Tuesday at dawn, a group of fundamentalist settlers torched the main mosque of the Al Lubban Al Shariyya village, south of the northern West Bank city of Nablus. The settlers attacked the mosque approximately at 3 A.M., ..... . This is the third mosque to be torched by the settlers this year as the settlers torched a mosque in Yasuf village near Salfit and another mosque in Huwwara town, near Nablus.

Tickets Available for Second Brixton Event  Wednesday, 05 May 2010 07:35

All tickets were gone six months in advance for David Icke's all-day event at the O2 Brixton Academy in May this year and another event has been arranged to meet the demand to see David's most advanced presentation yet.

This second event is at the O2 Brixton Academy all day on Saturday, September 11th.

Click here for tickets...


David Icke Around The World In 2010
All-day events confirmed in New York (October 17th); San Francisco (October 23rd); Portugal (October 30th); Barcelona (November 6th); Athens (November 14th); Amsterdam (November 27th).  There will be more events to follow and full details of venues and tickets when we have them.

Tax Chat Could Land You a £5,000 Fine: Big Brother Law Threatens Innocent Advice
Wednesday, 05 May 2010 07:31

'Anybody who advises a friend to take out an Isa or gives them a similar tax-saving tip risks a £5,000 fine, experts warned yesterday. They attacked proposed 'Big Brother' powers for HM Revenue and Customs which could ensnare those simply trying to help a friend, relative or colleague to cut their tax bill.Innocent victims could include a person who mentions to a friend in the pub that an Isa is a way of saving £10,200 a year tax-free. Even a vicar who encourages the congregation to donate money using the Gift Aid envelopes, rather than putting cash straight into the Sunday collection, may fall into the trap.'

Mind Control Theories and Techniques used by Mass Media
Wednesday, 05 May 2010 07:19

'Mass media is the most powerful tool used by the ruling class to manipulate the masses. It shapes and molds opinions and attitudes and defines what is normal and acceptable. This article looks at the workings of mass media through the theories of its major thinkers, its power structure and the techniques it uses, in order to understand its true role in society.' ....(...) I believe this information is vital to the understanding of  the “why” in the topics discussed on The Vigilant Citizen.  The  “mass population” versus “ruling class” dichotomy described in many articles is not a “conspiracy theory” (again, I hate that term), but a reality that has been clearly stated in the works of some of the 20th century’s most influential men.   Lippmann, Bernays and Lasswell have all declared that the public are not fit to decide their own fate, which is the inherent goal of democracy. Instead, they called for a cryptocracy, a hidden government, a ruling class in charge of the “bewildered herd.”             As their ideas continue to be applied to society, it is increasingly apparent that an ignorant population is not an obstacle that the rulers must deal with: It is something that is DESIRABLE and, indeed, necessary, to insure total leadership. An ignorant population does not know its rights, does not seek a greater understanding of issues and does not question authorities. It simply follows trends. Popular culture caters to and nurtures ignorance by continually serving up brain-numbing entertainment and spotlighting degenerate celebrities to be idolized. Many people ask me: “Is there a way to stop this?” Yes, there is. STOP BUYING THEIR CRAP AND READ A BOOK.

“If a nation expects to be ignorant and free, it expects what never was and never will be.”
- Thomas Jefferson
Related Documentation

Download “Propaganda” By Edward L. Bernays free E-book in pdf from
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    * Rihanna’s “Russian Roulette” or What’s Wrong with the Entertainment Industry
    * Beyonce’s Sweet Dreams – Occult Mind Control

Desperate: Feds Still Pushing H1N1 Vaccines, 71 million Still Sitting on Shelves
Wednesday, 05 May 2010 06:59

'The United States still has 71 million doses of H1N1 swine flu vaccine that have not been used, but it is not yet time to throw them out, the federal government said on Monday.

States and other providers should hang on to the vaccine and continue to offer them to people until drug companies can start distributing seasonal vaccine for the coming influenza season in the autumn, said Health and Human Services Department spokesman Bill Hall.'

Covert Economic Agenda Beneath Immigration Reform
Wednesday, 05 May 2010 06:54

'How convenient for Goldman Sachs.  Just as most working people were demanding that the Goldman bosses and other Wall Street criminals either be massively fined, jailed or worse, the nation’s attention is suddenly forced to react to the racist immigration law in Arizona.   And although the two incidents are not directly related, they represent a trend that is likely to increase in the months and years ahead.

Because of the economic crisis, massive unemployment, corporate bailouts, home foreclosures, and criminal activity of Wall Street, the majority of people in the U.S. have never been as passionately anti-corporation.  But the corporate owned media plus the wealthy, elite-controlled Congress reacted quickly to these intolerable circumstances and fought back. They took the fight over public opinion to the airwaves, and massively pushed the blame for the dismal state of the U.S. economy onto those unable to defend themselves — immigrants.' .... (...) Obama and the Democrats have again betrayed another key constituency.  Their shift to the right is the outcome of a crumbling economy that cannot be corrected without directly confronting the gigantic wealth and power of U.S. corporations.  These corporations control the Democratic Party, who can only respond by the same immigrant scapegoating that the Republicans advocate.  

To shield themselves from popular anger, the U.S. corporate elite is promoting the most right-wing ideas to millions of people, so that social passions can be channeled towards society’s victims: immigrants, minorities, homosexuals, women who choose to get an abortion, etc.  Workers organized in unions are also being targeted. If the fragile U.S. economy crashes again, these dangerous ideas will find more receptive ears.  At the height of the Great Depression, when working-class Americans started to fight back against corporate interests, the US government intervened to shift the countries focus:  thousands of Latino immigrants and citizens were rounded up on trains and shipped to Mexico.

To combat immigrant scapegoating, immigrants, all workers and progressive people must demand and fight that corporations and the rich shareholders pay for the economic crisis through progressive income and corporate taxes, while also demanding that ICE workplace raids, detentions and deportations be stopped immediately!

Shamus Cooke is a social service worker, trade unionist, and writer for Workers Action (  He can be reached at shamuscook@........

Americans Will Not be Terrorized: Obama  Wednesday, 05 May 2010 06:46

'US President Barack Obama says US citizens will not be terrorized by incidents like the attempted attack on Times Square, vowing "to do everything in our power" to protect the nation. "We know the aim of those who try to carry out these attacks is to force us to live in fear," Obama said during an address at the Business Council in Washington D.C. on Tuesday. "And thereby amplifying the effect of their attacks, even those that fail. But as Americans, and as a nation, we will not be terrorized. We will not cower in fear," he added.' ... Shahzad was arrested late on Monday as he was preparing to board a plane at New York's John F. Kennedy International Airport, US Attorney General Eric Holder announced early on Tuesday.

Shahzad, who is of Pakistani origin, has been accused of driving a vehicle with explosives, gasoline, propane, and burned wires into Times Square.

Israel Cracks Down on Muslim Leaders  Wednesday, 05 May 2010 06:05

'Israel reportedly questions aspiring Islamic leaders on their political orientation, disqualifying those who would not suit the regime's interests. One imam, who had failed to clear the hurdle, revealed that the Israeli Security Agency Shin Bet would grill them before they assume their position in mosques, read a piece on the Abu Dhabi-based paper, The National.  Sheikh Abu Ajwa consequently initiated a lawsuit with a labor tribunal.

He added, “I am the first imam ever to challenge the Shin Bet's role in our appointments. It's important to win a precedent-setting ruling from the courts to stop this kind of interference.” Shin Bet had told him his views were “extremist” and too critical of Israel.

The 36-year-old's lawyer, Michael Sfard said, “This sort of surveillance relating to a non-security position like an imam, comes straight out of the era of the Stasi police in East Germany or the McCarthy period in the United States,” — when people were stripped of their public authority for being “communist.”

Tel Aviv took away the independence of local Islamic authorities following its occupation of the Palestinian lands in 1948. The regime also confiscated almost all the land and property used by the Muslim community. and   Sheikh Ahmed Abu Ajwa has been preaching at
Jabalya mosque since he was 19.

JAFFA // Job interviews for the position of imam at mosques in Israel are conducted not by senior clerics but by the Shin Bet, Israel’s secret police, a labour tribunal has revealed.
Sheikh Ahmed Abu Ajwa, 36, is fighting the Shin Bet’s refusal to approve his appointment as an imam in a case that has lifted the lid on Israel’s secret surveillance of the country’s Islamic leaders. At a hearing last month, a senior government official admitted that 60 undercover inspectors were employed effectively as spies to collect information on Muslim clerics, reporting on political opinions they expressed in sermons and relaying gossip about their private lives.

Sheikh Abu Ajwa took his case to the tribunal after the Shin Bet rejected him three years ago as the imam of a mosque in Jaffa, near Tel Aviv, despite him being the sole candidate. He was told after a security clearance interview that his views were “extremist” and too critical of Israel, even though an imam is not officially defined as a security-related position. “During one interview with the Shin Bet, they told me they had been collecting information on me since I was 15,” Sheikh Abu Ajwa said. “I am the first imam ever to challenge the Shin Bet’s role in our appointments. It’s important to win a precedent-setting ruling from the courts to stop this kind of interference.”

Michael Sfard, a human rights lawyer representing Sheikh Abu Ajwa, said that, as far as it could be determined, no similar vetting of rabbis took place before their hiring. ...

Tax Peoples Debt     says British Economist
Tuesday, 04 May 2010 09:35





Wednesday, May 5, 2010  Facebook Article On Who We Are!
 Submitted by E.H. - Thanks    //   HI John,
This article was posted on Facebook by a friend and it is an extremely good article, supported by facts, charts, and other articles.  There is a lot in this article that is known by patriots, but unknown to most Americans. The way I see it, people need to quit bickering, second-guessing other peoples’ actions, and unite to support TRAP.  Divided and arguing is right where they want us. 

I have not seen anybody put out an alternative to TRAP that will save our country and given what this article says, we don’t have much time left to do that.  This article plainly states where we are and where we are headed if we sit back and do nothing, and it is scary.  We, as Americans, have got to unite and peacefully take back our country.     Posted by John MacHaffie at 6:28 PM


By David DeGraw, AmpedStatus Report

This report was originally released as a six-part series. The first part was published on February 15, 2010. The last part was published on February 27, 2010.

——-I: Casualties of Economic Terrorism, Surveying the Damage
——-II: The Rise of the Economic Elite
——-III: Exposing Our Enemy: Meet the Economic Elite
——-IV: The Financial Coup d’Etat
——-V: Overcoming the Divide and Conquer Strategy
——-VI: How to Fight Back and Win: Common Ground Issues That Must Be Won
> Support this work by ordering the full report in book format.
>  Download full report with graphics and links.
>  Download printer-friendly version.

“The American oligarchy spares no pains in promoting the belief that it does not exist,
but the success of its disappearing act depends on equally strenuous efforts
on the part of an American public anxious to believe in egalitarian fictions
and unwilling to see what is hidden in plain sight.”
– Michael Lind, To Have and to Have Not ...(...)











C.STORY Update: "HALLIBURTON HAD ONLY JUST FINISHED A CEMENTING JOB ON THE OIL RIG" Posted By: hobie <Send E-Mail>   Date: Wednesday, 5-May-2010 15:28:59

In Response To: CASPER for APR 1st: "PACKS WENT OUT, PACKS WENT BACK" (hobie)   Hi, Folks -

        Christopher Story has updated his current article, which can be found here:

        Story has added:


        • UPDATE:

        Although no cause has been determined, oil services contractor Halliburton Inc. says it finished a cementing operation 20 hours before a Gulf of Mexico rig went up in flames.

        Halliburton is named as a defendant in most of the more than two dozen lawsuits filed by Gulf Coast people and businesses claiming the huge oil spill could ruin them financially. In one lawsuit, two Louisiana shrimpers claim cementing contributed to the explosion.

        Halliburton said Friday [30th April 2010] it had four workers stationed on the rig, performing several tasks, including cementing, a process of applying cement and water to a pipe used to prevent the wall of the hole from caving in during drilling.

        According to a 2007 study by Minerals Management Service, cementing was a factor in 18 of 39 rig blowouts in the Gulf between 1992 and 2006. San Francisco Chronicle:

        See also The Wall Street Journal: ...(...)

• Note: The oil rig issue and Halliburton's scamming operations follow our exposure of parallel institutionalised corruption at the European Commission, subject of the Editor's speech    =====




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Dernier découpage du film du crash de l'avion polonais: il y a de gros plans et des pauses avec texte en français. Un repeat pour les francophones et aussi que cette histoire est des plus étrange. Il ne faut pas lâcher la morceau.

Coups de feu sur le crash de l'avion présidentiel ... //




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May 5, 3:48 PM  Why We Won’t Leave Afghanistan or Iraq Yes, We Could... Get Out!
May 5, 2010 3:39 PM  Study: Two-Thirds of Boys in Afghan Jails Are Brutalized
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May 5, 2010 3:22 PM      Thoughts to Ponder for May 5, 2010
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May 4, 2010 2:12 PM      TO FOURWINDS READERS..
May 4, 2010 2:10 PM  MR. 'S' : US CORPORATE ´´Administrative Procedures Act´´, Title 5USC (Updated May 3,
May 4, 2010 2:07 PM      Strawman
May 4, 2010 2:01 PM    The Obama-Ayers meeting: What you haven't been told
May 4, 2010 12:06 PM  New 'safety plan' would control what you eat
May 4, 2010 12:02 PM  Conflict of Interest: Ex Monsanto Lawyer Clarence Thomas to Hear Major Monsanto Case
May 4, 2010 6:03 AM    Rising with Arizona: Help stand against invasion
May 4, 2010 3:54 AM    Apple Cider Vinegar
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May 4, 2010 3:27 AM  Gulf oil spill: The Halliburton connection
May 4, 2010 3:21 AM  Hundreds of thousands march as global protests mark workers’ day of solidarity

May 1, 2010 1:56 PM  CASPER UPDATE: MAY 1, 2010
May 1, 2010 1:56 PM  CASPER OPINION: APRIL 30, 2009 ( with comment by Patrick H. Bellringer)
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