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Gordon Brown To Go As Rothschilds Seek To Impose UK One-Party State
Tuesday, 11 May 2010 10:06

Its codename is the ‘Progressive Alliance’ when ‘progressive’ is the last thing it is.
Dictionary definition of ‘progressive’ – ‘A person who actively favours or strives for progress toward better conditions, as in society or government’.

I rest my case


It’s over for Brown – courtesy of Rothschild gofer, Peter Mandelson, the man aptly known at Westminster as the ‘Prince of Darkness’.     By David Icke

Three weeks ago during the UK election campaign I said in my newsletter that the Rothschild/Illuminati plan was to create a coalition government in Britain between the Labour Party, which has ruled the country under Tony Blair and Gordon Brown since 1997, and the third party, the Liberal Democrats of used-car salesman, Nick Clegg.

We will see soon if they can pull it off or if they have to settle for their second option, a Conservative-Liberal government.

I also said in that newsletter and another last week that, whatever happened, the Prime Minister, Gordon Brown, was doomed and would be ousted by the Rothschild agent in government, Peter Mandelson, to be replaced by one of his Rothschild puppets like the child-in-a-man's body, David Miliband. He is the one they really want although there are other options that would work for them, including the appropriately named Ed Balls, the former chairman of the Illuminati Fabian Society and still a leading light.

(( ))

Boy-man Miliband - yet another Tony Blair -     with his minder and fixer, Mandelson.

(( // 2003: ))

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Obama’s Supreme Pick Kagan, Is A Bankster Operative  Tues, 11 May2010 09:46 

Free Download  — whitehouse  —  May 10, 2010  — The President introduces Elena Kagan, the current Solicitor General, as his nominee to replace retiring Justice John Paul Stevens on the Supreme Court. May 10,10.(( ))
              'Kagan sat on a Goldman Sachs advisory council between 2005 and 2008. It was her job to offer “analysis and advice to Goldman Sachs and its clients.”

Obama mouthpiece Robert Gibbs and the Justice Department are now engaged in frenetic damage control over Kagan’s Goldman connection. Kagan’s role working for the “great vampire squid wrapped around the face of humanity” (as Matt Taibbi described Goldman) should not be dismissed lightly. Kagan will obviously serve the interests of the banksters if she makes it to the Supreme Court (adding to the corporatist influence already well entrenched there). Republicans need to hammer Kagan on this during her confirmation hearing. But then Republicans are the right hand on the zombie One Party grocery clerk known as Congress. Difficult questions will not be asked.'

Health Staff Survey Asks If Hitler Was 'Cool'   Tuesday, 11 May 2010 09:25

(It is part of the personality profiling to choose the right 'leaders' - i.e. those who say 'yes' to the above)

Moody Blues - Nights in White Satin  Tuesday, 11 May 2010 09:15 ((halxman page ))
How Edmund de Rothschild Managed to Let 179 Governments Pay Him for Grasping Up to 30% of the Earth    Tuesday, 11 May 2010 09:08

'After Edmund de Rothschild's statement, without basis, at the 4th World Wilderness Congress in 1987, that CO2 is the cause of a non-existent global warming - and that combating it needs money (our money), he founded the World Conservation Bank for this reason. In 1991 its name was changed to The Global Environment  Facility (GEF). The purpose of this facility is to lend money to the poorest countries, printed by the IMF out of thin air, and with the guarantee of our governments.

The facility takes wilderness areas with mineral riches as security. The GEF money is then to flow back to our governments as reimbursement for paid loans. I.e. We give away our tax money. For what? When a country cannot repay loans to the GEF it must give up a piece of its territory to the Rothschild banks (GEF, IMF, World Bank) - up to 30% of the Earth are meant.' If land cannot be offered as collateral the country  must starve (Haiti, Argentina and others). Rothschild´s  stroke of genius was that he had his GEF smuggled into the UN system at the Rio UN Summit in 1992 by his friend, Maurice Strong. So now high-ranking ministerial officials from 179 countries are in the the council of the bank - blessing Rothschild grabbing the world! .... He and his henchmen are now joining the race of certain governments (China, Saudi Arabia), to buy up large areas of farmland  in  developing countries, having the crops transported back to the home countries. This leaves the locals, already starving, with much less crops available - with food prices rising rapidly - which is exactly Rothschild's expectation. This makes people flee from Africa to Europe. Food prices have doubled in the past year or so - so that many people in Haiti before the earthquake, could not even afford to buy mud pies with minimal nourishment. And so it goes on. This is the ultimate goal of Rothschild's New World Order. .... Here is Rothschild´s approach to grabbing 30% of the Earth with the consent of our governments/central banks
Andrew Hitchcock: "The History of the Money Changers", 2006:  In 1987, Edmund de Rothschild creates the World Conservation Bank which is designed to transfer debts from third world countries to this bank, and in return those countries would give land to this bank. The idea is for the IMF to create more and more SDR's backed by nothing, in order for struggling nations to borrow them. These nations will then gradually come under the control of the IMF as they struggle to pay the interest, and have to borrow more and more. The IMF will then decide which nations can borrow more and which will starve. They can also use this as leverage to take state owned assets like utilities as payment against the debt until they eventually own the nation states.   1988: The World Central Bank has three arms, the World Bank, the BIS and the IMF. 2000: How the World bank and the IMF took over Argentina, Tanzania and Bolivia. Terrible reading. The IMF is closely interwoven  and here with Rothschild´s BIS Bank, and the BIS, IMF and the World Bank have a common external website.   ....(...) 3 Jan. 2010: The International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI) estimates that globally 15 to 20 million hectares (an area the size of Uruguay) have been under negotiation since 2006. Big buyers are China, Daewoo, South Korea, Saudi Arabia – in particular in Africa, this leaving the Africans with even less food at their disposal. There have been riots against it in Madagascar and Kenya.
10 June 2010: In the spring of 2008 spiking grain prices caused food shortages and rioting in dozens of countries before falling some 50% by December.
Over the past few years hedge fund gurus like George Soros, investment powerhouses like BlackRock, and retirement plan giants like TIAA-CREF have begun to plow money into farmland – everywhere from the Midwest to Ukraine to Brazil.

Comment  //Mud-pies2...pix....//

Have you got the point? Rothschild established the CO2–fraud at the 4. World Wilderness Congress as a “fact”. “It needs money”, he said. In Rio 1992 his friend Maurice Strong made Rothschild´s lie and GEF Bank UN policy. So, he not only cashes in on CO2 at Bluenext and the London -and soon at the Chicago Climate Exchange, if the US Senate approves Rockefeller/Brzezinski puppet Obama´s Waxman-Markey Climate Change Bill. Rothschild is making himself the world´s leading CO2–trader now.
No, Rothschild cashes in from all peoples on the planet, letting them toil as his slaves to pay to Rothschild´s GEF bank, in order that Rothschild can fleece the poorest countries of the very same planet – or take their land with all its mineral riches as forfeited collateral!!

      Rothschild grabs land. He uses it for food-speculation and prospecting for and extraction of minerals. In Haiti, before the earthquake - people could not even afford to buy mud pies with minimal nourishment, because the price of food doubled - in consequence of the production of bio-fuel as a result Edmund de Rothschild's unscrupulous but very profitable lie about CO2 as driving global warming .              How it must vex Rothschild, the failure in Copenhagen. It could have led to an enforceable definition of his system to cashing  in increasing CO2 taxes globally and gradually towards the "world community´s" ruin, as well as to Rothschild becoming the invisible emperor of the world. But he has got time. He knows his time is near - after 234 years of hard mole work. But it must be a big comfort to Rothschild that rich countries committed themselves to provide $30 billion of climate aid over the next three years and $100 billion a year from 2020 to the never-developing countries. This money is to be paid through Rothschild´s GEF!!


Police Staff 'Hired' Out to Supermarkets and Universities  Tue, 11 May 2010 09:05

'Forces across the country earned at least £17 million between them last year by providing staff to the private sector. Police chiefs last night admitted "partnerships" are needed to help maintain budgets in an ever tighter economic climate. Forces have been told they must find savings of more than £500 million a year on the national budget by 2014. The majority of the staff being "hired" out are police community support officers which will raise fresh questions over their role and effectiveness.'

Gordon Duff: Rats in Wolves Clothing   Tuesday, 11 May 2010 08:47

(( ))

'First we are told opium and heroin are financing world terrorism, then General McChrystal tells us that we have to allow the harvest to be finished, processed into 65 billion dollars of heroin and shipped out on rendition flights and American Global Hawk UAV aircraft for distribution around the world.

I was surprised to hear the “rumor” that our massive Global Hawk UAVs that fly at 80 thousand feet were being loaded with drugs in Balochistan and flown around the world.  Prior to that, FBI translator Sibel Edmonds had only told us of drug trafficking on rendition flights. This is now a fact, not “theory” or conjecture.  Is the Global Hawk story fact also?  Having this confirmed was a shock for us.  We had been tracking the presence of “contractors” servicing UAV aircraft in this region and knew it was impossible to be arming and operating them against terrorists as facilities for this are unavailable at the 3 small air strips in the region.  Each Hawk holds tens of millions of dollars of processed heroin which can be flown anywhere in the world.  We have numerous confirmations that this is being done.          Tens of thousands will die from this harvest of death.  Who profits and why is it necessary for chaos to continue for the money to flow?

First of all, with this much money, assume everyone is involved, no country is totally free, including our ally Israel, world’s most capable narco-capitalist but it doesn’t stop there.


Narcotics provide cover for the war by making it impossible for Afghanistan to ever have a stable government.  Drug lords are never going to become responsible tribal leaders.  However, they also can’t fly tons of heroin around the world nor can they bank billions of dollars.  They need help.

This is what the war supplies, thousands of experts have flooded into the region to train Afghanis to live as free people in a democratic society.  Many of these outsiders, some from India, some from Israel traveling under false passports and hired as US contractors, many Americans with security contracting companies and, perhaps government agencies themselves, are involved.

What we are keeping quiet is the fact that so much money is flowing out of the region into so many pockets, journalists included, that nothing is reported, nothing is done and training and arming terrorists has become an integral part of maintaining the war.

If the war ends, the Taliban might take over and end drug trafficking like they did before.


Israel is in Afghanistan and Balochistan to do a couple of things.  They are in Pakistan’s “breakaway” province of Balochistan organizing attacks on Iran and working to separate Balochistan from Pakistan.  India and Israel would then control this region allowing access for a new gas pipeline bypassing Iran.

This has been very public but never reported.  The illegal wars against Pakistan and Iran, yes Iran has suffered many terror attacks by Israel staged from this area of Pakistan, serve a number of purposes.

    * Pakistan’s economy is destroyed, making it impossible, were Pakistan not endemically corrupt politically, for them to deal with the root causes of extremism in the tribal areas.  Both helping drown Pakistan in debt is the key.  With US funding tied to Paksitan quietly taking a beating from Israel without complaint, the absurdity of the situation must be overwhelming at times. ...(...) RECOGNIZING A CRIMINAL

Today, it has become simple to recognize the criminals who lead us.  If a military leader tells you that opium has to be protected, though it causes more suffering than any war and most diseases, you know you are hearing a criminal.

When you hear a politician talk about Afghanistan, carefully avoiding taking responsibility for massive increases in drug trafficking under US control, assume he or she is involved.

When a terrorist moves from one country to another through the toughest airports in the world while Nobel Prize winners sit in detention for hours because a “suspect” somewhere has the same last name they do, you know this government is working in support of terrorism.

When you see a politician on television talking about heroes, heroes in a war protecting no one, heroes in a war meant only to live on itself, killing spending and growing as though it were alive, talking war but never addressing the cause of war or the cost of war, you are seeing a criminal.

Every individual that profits from war, be they arms manufacturers or military officers who know how to smile in photographs and fight unsuccessfully, sacrificing the lives of others year after year or even the media that cheers it all on, a media more responsible for breeding hate than any Madrassa, as Glen Beck and Ann Levensohn Coulter prove every day, is criminal, is complicit and should be required to pay a sacrifice equal to their crime.


If terrorism didn’t exist, would we invent it?  Was terrorism invented to replace the Cold War?

Are all intelligence and security agencies involved in terrorist acts?  How can American or Israel or even Indian groups recruit Islamic terrorists?  How can the tiny nation, Israel, push America into war and economic collapse?

Who is served by terrorism?  If our own governments helped create terrorism, was it done to instill a regime of oppression under the guise of “keeping us safe?”

Has terrorism raised the profits of arms and oil fiends and lowered our standard of living?  How many countries are now drowning in debt?  How has terrorism managed to impoverish only the world’s middle class?  Why has the one nation that complains most about terrorism gained the most from it?

How many millions more are living in poverty and ignorance while billions are spent to end the terrorism we only seem to be fueling?

How much less free is the world, how much more are we all watched, listened to and threatened in our daily lives because of the business of profiting from terrorism?

Who are the real terrorists? //(( ))

********Gordon Duff is a Marine Vietnam veteran.  A 100% disabled vet.  He has been a featured commentator on TV and radio including Al Jazeera and his articles have been carried by news services around the world. He has been a UN Diplomat, defense contractor and is a widely published expert on military and defense issues.  This article first appeared in Veterans and Foreign Affairs Journal.    ...    Also read:


Tuesday, 11 May 2010 08:32    Now Shipping
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Cap-and-Trade Is Back   Tuesday, 11 May 2010 08:27

'On Wednesday, Senators John Kerry (D-MA) and Joe Lieberman (I-CT) plan to introduce legislation designed to inflate the cost of energy, strain family budgets, and decimate America's manufacturing sector -- all in the name of supposedly saving the climate.'

Bankers Destroy Global Economy by Design to Consolidate Power
Tuesday, 11 May 2010 08:13  New transfers of wealth from middle class go directly to French and German banks.

Paul Joseph Watson   Prison      Monday, May 10, 2010

'American taxpayers have been freshly liberated of hundreds of billions more dollars as part of the IMF’s new bailout package which is principally going straight to European banks, in addition to the Federal Reserve program to ship U.S. dollars to Europe, in a move that represents little more than a desperate effort to save the Euro, and rescue the credibility of economic global governance.' ...(...) Credibility in the agenda to impose global economic governance run by the Nazi-founded Bank for International Settlements rests in upholding confidence in the Euro. If the Euro collapses and ceases to exist, which many financial experts are now seriously predicting, then the entire raison d’être for centralized economic planning in pursuit of global governance will be completely discredited. The globalists must save the Euro in order to legitimize future plans for a North American Union single currency which will replace the dollar.

When the dollar sank to alarming lows against other global currencies little over two years ago, we saw none of the same concern or hand-wringing on behalf of the elite as we are seeing for the Euro. That’s because the survival of the dollar is not part of their framework of global economic governance. For all the elite cares, the dollar can crash and burn but rescuing the Euro from the same fate is imperative.

Indeed, it appears as if the chaos in Greece is being deliberately provoked and hyped in order to justify the continued re-alignment and centralization of the entire financial system into fewer globalist hands.

As The Economic Collapse Blog writes today, “Could Greece bring down the entire world economy? Hardly. The truth is that you could remove Greece from the world economy tomorrow and most people would hardly notice. The economy of Greece is only about 2% the size of the United States economy, and it takes in less than 0.1% of U.S. exports. But we are being led to believe that Greece has suddenly become the epicenter of a financial crisis which is going to bring down everything. Could it be that this Greek debt crisis is purposely being hyped and manipulated? Could it be that this Greek debt crisis is yet another example of the “problem, reaction, solution” paradigm that the global elite have employed so many times before?”

“Right now almost all of the governments in the western world operate debt-based economies that rely on ever-inflating amounts of paper money in order to survive. The elite international bankers of the world have made a killing by creating money out of nothing and loaning it to the nations of the world. The interest on those loans is the primary method by which the wealth of the world is slowly transferred into the hands of the ultra-wealthy. When the interest on the loans starts to become too much for a particular nation, they borrow even more money so that they can stay afloat. It is a debt trap that is designed to continue indefinitely. Even the most powerful nations in the world are caught in this debt trap. In fact, most people are absolutely amazed when they learn that it is mathematically impossible to pay off the national debt of the United States. But the United States is far from alone in that respect. Almost all of the other major nations in the world are in the exact same boat.”

It’s horribly ironic that the Euro, global economic governance, and the entire European project was sold under the justification that centralization meant stability, and yet now we are being told that the chaos in Greece is contagious and could spread to Spain, Portugal and Italy unless taxpayers are looted for billions and trillions more.

Reality has proven that centralization of economies under the banner of the EU and the Euro causes economic chaos to go viral. When nearly every country on a single continent uses the same currency, they infect one other with the disease. This is then habitually exploited as an excuse with which to rob taxpayers whose living standards are declining as their currency devalues and their pensions wither on the vine.

If Marijuana Production Were Legal: Projected Tax Revenues, by State
Tuesday, 11 May 2010 07:52

'Love it or hate it, people smoke marijuana - lots of it. In some states marijuana consumption and possession have been decriminalized, and even legalized for medicinal purposes. But, have you ever wondered how large the economics of Marijuana were? Us too.   As a result ,we have decided to put together this graphic, which illustrates the popularity of marijuana consumption, the federal tax dollars spent to keep marijuana illegal, and the possible tax revenues that could be generated if marijuana production were legalized and taxed like any other agricultural product. It is especially interesting, with regards to the Great Recession'

NHS 'Scaring Patients Into Accepting Electronic Records Database'
Tuesday, 11 May 2010 07:35

'The agency charged with rolling out the new system is warning of "adverse consequences" if people choose to opt out of the computerised network, which has been criticised as chaotic by doctors. It is also claiming that the NHS currently has "significant problems" with lost records.'

A Mother's Nightmare: Oregon Judge Holds Canadian Child Without Cause
Tuesday, 11 May 2010 07:29

'Some stories are so far-fetched, so incredible, that they are hard to believe at first look, even though they ring of truth. This is especially the case where someone has lost their child to “the state”. Always, there’s more to the story than is first presented, and they usually have a complicated, negative twist. People often assume the worst, assigning guilt where it doesn't belong. Fair? That term does not apply.

The arduous journey of 12-year old Noah Kirkman is one such story. An unfinished story. Almost two years ago, Noah came to Oregon to spend the summer with his stepfather, John Kirkman. Less than three months later, DHS took the boy into custody, and, four foster homes later, he still hasn’t been allowed to go home to Canada.'

Message to the Environmental Movement - Climategate  Tue, 11 May 2010 06:59

rageunderground  —  November 25, 2009  — The world's leading climate scientists have been embarrassed by the publication of private emails that hide the decline of global temperatures. This is a message to the environmental movement. The emails in question can be found here...

VO: James Corbett   Track: Massive attack Angel     Video: BBC
Tickets Available for Second Brixton Event   Tuesday, 11 May 2010 06:58

All tickets were gone six months in advance for David Icke's all-day event at the O2 Brixton Academy in May this year and another event has been arranged to meet the demand to see David's most advanced presentation yet.

This second event is at the O2 Brixton Academy all day on Saturday, September 11th.

Click here for tickets...


David Icke Around The World In 2010
All-day events confirmed in Prague (September 25th); New York (October 17th); San Francisco (October 23rd); Portugal (October 30th); Barcelona (November 6th); Athens (November 14th); Amsterdam (November 27th). There will be more events to follow and full details of venues and tickets when we have them.

Presidential Cancer Advisors Find Courage to Warn About Environmental Risks of Cancer Chemicals Tuesday, 11 May 2010 06:51

'When a government panel of experts finds the courage to tell the truth about cancer, it's an event so rare that it becomes newsworthy. Late last week, a report from the President's Cancer Panel (PCP) broke ranks with the sick-care cancer establishment and dared to say something that natural health advocates have been warning about for decades: That Americans are "bombarded" with cancer-causing chemicals and radiation, and if we hope to reduce cancer rates, we must eliminate cancer-causing chemicals in foods, medicines, personal care products and our work and home environments.

In a directive to President Obama, the report states, "The panel urges you most strongly to use the power of your office to remove the carcinogens and other toxins from our food, water, and air that needlessly increase healthcare costs, cripple our nation's productivity, and devastate American lives".'

Read more: Presidential Cancer Advisors Find Courage to Warn About Environmental Risks of Cancer Chemicals

GM Flax Contamination Now Detected in 35 Countries  Tuesday, 11 May 2010 06:45

'Last September, the Flax Council of Canada (FCC) announced that an unapproved variety of genetically modified flax was detected in food products in Europe. The GM flax variety was identified as FP967 or "Triffid," which had been developed in Canada, but was never commercialized and has been illegal to grow in Canada since 2001. Since the initial announcement last September, GM flax contamination has been reported in 35 countries.

The contamination has decimated Canada's flax exports to Europe, which buys 70% of Canada's flax exports worth an estimated $321 million (Canadian). The European Union has zero tolerance for unapproved GMOs. More than six months later disturbing questions remain about the GM flax contamination.'

Read more: GM Flax Contamination Now Detected in 35 Countries

AAP Urges American Doctors to Mutilate Young Girls' Genitals
Tuesday, 11 May 2010 06:37

'In what can only be construed as a complete loss of any semblance of goodness and morality in the name of multicultural poison, the most advanced civilization on the world is sanctioning…clitorectomies. They have issued a policy statement suggesting that doctors in the US perform a mild form of this sick barbarity on girls to keep their families from sending them overseas for it.

According to the New York Times, the American Academy of Pediatrics last week advocated that American doctors be allowed to stick girls’ clitorises with a needle so as to satisfy Muslim and African families’ demand for female genital mutilation: “It might be more effective if federal and state laws enabled pediatricians to reach out to families by offering a ritual nick as a possible compromise to avoid greater harm".'

Read more: AAP Urges American Doctors to Mutilate Young Girls' Genitals

Goldman Sachs Set to Plan Sell-Off of Ontario Assets  Tuesday, 11 May 2010 06:32

'Ontario's Liberal government has put Goldman Sachs, the huge banking and investment firm being investigated by the US Congress for fraud, in charge of selling off Ontario's public assets. For some reason, the involvement of this ethically challenged firm has, to date, failed to ignite controversy in Canada.

In its March budget, the government announced a plan to raise money by placing Crown assets, including public power, liquor stores, and the lottery commission into a combined fund and sell 49 percent of it privately. Goldman Sachs, which has specialized for decades in organizing privatizations around the world - often representing both buyers and sellers - is being paid $200,000 to organize the scheme. In the USA, for instance, the company has supervised highway privatization deals in which it acted as a financial advisor to the state at the same time as it invested in companies vying for the highways.'

Read more: Goldman Sachs Set to Plan Sell-Off of Ontario Assets

Israel Insists on Defying Building Freeze   Tuesday, 11 May 2010 06:21

'Israel says it will keep building settlements on the occupied Palestinian lands a day after the start of “peace” talks with the Palestinian Authority (PA). "It is evident we will continue to build over the next two years in Gilo, Pisgat Zeev, French Hill," Israeli Information Minister Yuli Edelstein told public radio on Monday, referring to Jewish settlements in al-Quds (East Jerusalem), AFP reported. PA on Sunday announced the start of indirect talks with Israel which are held with the mediation of United States envoy George Mitchell.'

Read more: Israel Insists on Defying Building Freeze

Oil Spill Nets $270m for Transocean    Tuesday, 11 May 2010 06:10

'The firm that owns the leaking oil rig in the Gulf of Mexico has made a $270 million profit from insurance payouts, despite having caused a massive ecological disaster. Transocean, the company contracted by BP to drill the well, brought the story to light in a conference call on Monday. Transocean took out a $560 million insurance policy on its Deepwater Horizon rig, which was greater than the value of the rig itself.'

Read more: Oil Spill Nets $270m for Transocean

Darling’s Last Act: Leaving a £15 Billion Bill for British Taxpayers
Monday, 10 May 2010 09:55














It is this US Naval Intelligence operative, Gordon Symmons, resident in Chesapeake, VA, who is telling Bush Sr. and Jr. what to do, and how to respond to the unprecedented pressures being applied against the Bush Crime apparat and its CIA-DVD satrap community – advising them on how to resist all pressures, come what may, even if this means destroying the entire global financial economy, so that they can keep what they have stolen.

This traitor Symmons is, we understand, the ONLY technician-adviser left serving the nefarious, discredited and loathed serial criminal, George H. W. Bush Sr. Recall that, as we have reported, the heinous ‘Black’ fabrication and disinformation operative Thomas Heneghan’s handler is the US Air Force Intelligence convicted securities fraudster Otis C. Johnston (1). The reason for the central rôle of US Air Force Intelligence is that it is this rogue component of the hideously dangerous, out-of-control US Intelligence Power that controls the United States’ nuclear weapons. ....(...)

Concerning our Halliburton re-exposure (2), it is to be noted that, as stated in our original report dated 26th May 2008, the information in question was leaked after it had earlier been made available to Congressman Waxman. Which sheds an interesting light, does it not, on the demands made upon Halliburton by Mr Waxman’s Committee, set out in his letter dated 30th April 2010 concerning the cementing operations conducted on the British Petroleum Oil rig in the Gulf of Mexico prior to the blow-out (which we reproduce again as Note (3) below). Given this connection, we prefer to rely on Mr Waxman’s detailed knowledge of the dual scamming operation by Halliburton within the CIA and the Pentagon as the source of his Committee’s obvious immediate suspicions concerning the rôle of Halliburton in the perpetration of this latest abomination.

Of course, Mr Waxman has a severe problem here, as well. Given the devastating corruption exposed in our reiterated Halliburton scamming report, what did he do with this information in 2008? Logic would suggest that it was his Committee which will have made the grotesque, officially condoned scamming information available to a Grand Jury which, we understand, has considered this scandal. But has the information gone nowhere and been sealed, in order to protect Cheney, the Box Gang and the corrupt Intelligence Power of which Halliburton is itself an outgrowth?

Only ten days prior to the blowout, Halliburton conveniently snapped up a giant marine firefighting corporation for $250.00 million. Persistent suggestions that Goldman Sachs shorted Transocean immediately ahead of the blow-out refuse to be erased from the record, although we removed our initial reference to this pending further research. Most tellingly of all, as always occurs after these atrocities, the stories keep a-changing. There was no Deadman switch. Now, all of a sudden, it is reported that there WAS a Deadman blowout preventer. And to rub in BP’s humiliation, corporation executives are now reported to have been on board at a party to celebrate BP’s safety record, and the first explosion occurred in the room next to where the party was being held. This would have been known days ago, one would have thought.   Given former US criminal Vice President Richard B. Cheney’s integration with Halliburton, what are the odds that this was indeed a malicious sabotage operation against this prime British asset by the infuriated and utterly desperate Bush-CIA Crime apparat, in the face of the intense pressure that is continuing to be exerted on the Octopus by the British Monarchical Power? Clearly, they must be rated as exceptionally high. In this connection, given the extent of our partial knowledge of what is taking place behind the scenes in the context alluded to herein, all other ‘explanations’ for the blowout can be seen to serve the usual obfuscation and diversion objectives.... (..) OUR EXPOSURE OF THE HEMENWAY SHOOTING
A recent case in point was the irresponsible posting, WITHOUT ATTRIBUTION and completely out of context, by ??, of our originating briefing report on the assassination of the youngest son of lawyer John Hemenway, who brought a Quo Warranto action against President Obama. John Hemenway Jr., 47, was shot dead in Bedford, VA; and as you must surely be aware, by definition, any atrocity that takes place in Virginia, home of the criminalised US Intelligence Power, is always especially suspect.*/index ...

Knowing the depths of depravity to which the serpents that we are having to expose routinely descend, it is far from unlikely that the Presidential ‘joke’ referenced above, which the gullible and increasingly discredited US ‘mainstream’ media representatives thought was funny, represented a ‘Black’ act of ‘in-your-face’ defiance by Mr Obama over the legitimacy issue; and if that obvious deduction is correct, then of course the President of the United States, with his known Mafioso links (see below), knew all about the hit, didn’t he?   Which leaves the unresolved issue of why the body was cremated almost immediately after we were told that an autopsy was taking place. This kind of thing only happens when a dirty deed has to be covered up. ..(...)

 ... it was Citibank, in Athens, that was bombed, and where three bankers were killed. It will be recalled that we have repeatedly noted the rôle of Citibank, Athens, as the counterparty holder of a vast stash of worthless derivatives exchanged by complicit Greek personnel for Euros, in trading collaboration with agents of the Bush Financial Crime apparat. And where, inter alia, did the felon, serial fraudster and Bush Sr. courier-lackey, Leo/Lee Wanta, open accounts on behalf of his boss, George Bush Sr.? Why, with Citibank, Athens.  And it was the serial fraudster and felon Leo/Lee Wanta – who deceived the Editor of this service and exploited our publicity platform for 18 months, while scamming him of his $35,000 loan – and who, having established the Ionian Bank in Cyprus on behalf of Bush Sr., worked with the Italian-based CIA counterpart operative, Marco Saba, effectively preparing the bankrupting of Greece.

So, as you can see, the ‘European crisis’ is directly connected to, and a specific consequence of, the Fraudulent Finance operations mounted by the Bush/CIA/DVD criminal apparat that we alone have been burdened with exposing, and which the so-called ‘mainstream’ media have sidestepped and ignored – thanks, in the case of the British press, to its stupidity in paying any attention to the malicious early operations of MI-6 perpetrated against the Editor of this service,...// MI-6 then responded by mounting an entrapment operation exploiting the fact that the Editor had unfortunately not realised that American Free Press, which had commissioned an article by him, was in fact the phoenix version of the notorious Spotlight publication, run by an anti-Semitic CIA cadre out of an office in lower Pennsylvania Avenue. The simple set-up technique, in which the CIA cadre running the operation directly participated, was to arrange for a Telegraph journalist to call up the Pennsylvania Avenue office during the period when the Editor was in that office (in order to collect a cheque which of course the CIA cadre had failed to pay).

• That conveyed to the Daily Telegraph journalist the false impression that the Editor is anti-Semitic, the object of the discrediting ploy.

MI-6 also disseminated lies to the British media about the Editor’s alleged involvement with Mark Thatcher in connection with the Equatorial Guinea fiasco, and with the dirty drug-dealer and Blair supporter Bernie Ecclestone, in connection with some scamming operation out of Monaco. Gordon Thomas was directly involved as ‘Black’ intermediary in the promulgation to the Editor of these lies, which he said had been disseminated ‘in order to make you sit up’. ....(...)
On the same date (6th May 2010), the former Chairman of the Federal Reserve Board, Paul Volcker, now Chairman of President Obama’s Economic Recovery Advisory Board, unilaterally destroyed his reputation for integrity by writing a letter to Senators stating that ‘The provision of derivatives by commercial banks to their customers in the usual course of a banking relationship should not be prohibited’. In other words, Volcker agrees with Paulson that the Rule of Law should continue to be disregarded by the banks, thereby destroying his repuation for integrity....(...)              ONGOING BLACKMAIL OPERATIONS TARGETING OBAMA TO PREVENT HIM SETTLING
What is the relevance of all this in our broader context? What has been summarised above is evidence of Obama’s Chicago Mafioso connections and background. The whole point about Obama, and why he surfaced in place of Hillary Clinton, is that he can be blackmailed on several levels simultaneously. The best known dimension is the birth certificate/legitimacy issue, which could be used at any time for that purpose.

But an even more potent prospective blackmail dimension is the Chicago ‘Outfit’ connection and background. The Chicago operative Rahm Emanuel was installed as White House Chief of Staff in order to ensure the continued leverage/effectiveness of this prospective blackmail dimension – the objective being to intimidate and control the new President so that he could be relied upon to continue blocking the Settlements payouts (involving many trillions of dollars) in conformity with the Bush-Clinton criminal fraternity’s intention to hold on to what they have stolen, to crash the system and thereafter to pull the off-balance sheet funds onto the 'books' buying up the world's real assets at firesale prices. That is what is in process, and what the Mafiosi have in mind. ...... And it was out of Chicago that George Bush Sr. pulled off the ransacking of Continental Illinois Bank & Trust Company, where the Delmarva funds were placed, where FBI Division Five runs its main criminal operations, and which handles and controls the felon and money thief, Wanta.

Documents obtained by this service in the course of research into the Japanese gold buried in the Philippines (‘Yamashita’s gold’) PROVE direct ongoing intense collaboration between the Central Intelligence Agency and the Mafia. One diagram shows that there was (and remains to this day) a division of labour, with the CIA (Intelligence Power) managing, coordinating and manipulating the cooperation of the banks, Lloyds of London and other domestic and foreign institutions, while the mafia is shown as responsible for enforcement of the movement of the ‘recovered’ (i.e., re-stolen) gold to designated refineries and recipients.

There is no question but that this cooperative model applies across the board, not just in the context of moving gold. In other words, the US Intelligence Power works hand-in-glove with organised crime, the capital of which is Chicago. We are now in a position to PROVE this with documents and will do so in due course.

Which means that, supping with the Devil, the Intelligence Power is irreparably criminalised; and since it has long since usurped the Executive Branch (and the other two branches of the Federal Government, more or less), the consequence is that the United States has a criminal government, is driven by organised criminal priorities (Chicago), and is therefore a menace to civilisation.

Needless to say, this state of affairs could not be more perfect from the perspective of the criminal intelligence organisations serving foreign powers bent on the destruction of the United States, of which the 'Black' pan-German DVD, and its nefarious French counterparts, are these days by far the most insidious. Nor can ANY reliance be placed upon Chinese undertakings any longer, as we are led to believe that recent developments demonstrate that, while currently sweet-talking the British Monarchical Power, Chinese intelligence elements are simltaneously doing 'deals' with Bush Sr. ......
The forces of law and order, and of the Rule of Law and the Constitution, have woken up to this catastrophe so late in the day that they are engaged in a terrible struggle to decapitate the serpent before it destroys the United States and the Rest of the World as it persists in seeking to retain the upper hand. As we have repeatedly seen, crushing the head of the serpent is no easy task – not least because the serpent has beguiled gullible, naïve and ill-informed foreigners, including some ancient European powers which spawned the serpent in the first place (Britain, France, Germany).

The good news, as we have often pointed out, is that because the serpent’s arrogance was such that it never anticipated the remotest possibility of real resistance to the outpouring of its sewage, it has been caught off-balance – and has never recovered from the shock of being faced down. ..... MEANWHILE THE SINISTER ‘OFFICE OF FINANCIAL RESEARCH’ IS STILL IN THE WORKS
As discussed in the report of 27th April, the ‘Restoring American Financial Stability Act of 2010’, introduced by Josef Stalin’s grandson (Senator Christopher Dodd) in the US Senate under the geomasonic number S. 3217 (which, according to the esoteric Babylonian numerological drivel and gobbldegook to which these serpents are bound, devolves to their ‘magic’ number 13 (3+2+1+7 = 13)), provides for the establishment of the sinister intelligence unit called the 'Office of Financial Research' within the US Treasury – to which all key financial powers will in practice be delegated, enabling the Treasury to continue sponsoring Fraudulent Finance operations beneath the radar with selected corrupt counterparties, with no checks and balances whatsoever.

This all-powerful intelligence unit will be equipped with powers to destroy any entity, whether overtly operating in the financial sector or not, and whether based domestically or abroad, on an arbitrary basis, the blanket cover being that the targeted entity will be deemed to be an actual or prospective threat to the security of the United States (meaning Fraudulent Finance).

Since US corporations and financial enterprises, handling dollars, litter the whole world, what this means in practice is that the decadent US dollar will be propped up by this ‘hidden’ arbitrary power buried inside the Treasury. Any corporation handling US dollars could be targeted. As the Office of Financial Research will have unlimited arbitrary powers (more of which may be buried within the pages of the colossal draft Senate Bill that have not been published), it will certainly be equipped with all means necessary to destabilise and destroy entities that it considers to be a threat to the security of the United States – which, in translation, means: threatens the open-ended perpetration with the US Treasury’s connivance, of Fraudulent Finance operations, including securitisation and the proliferation of derivatives ‘products’ based on NOTHING. This explains why Paul Volcker has sacrificed his reputation for integrity, as exposed above. .... On 7th May, The Wall Street Journal reported that, following pressure from the Deputy Treasury Secretary, Neal Wolin, and the Chairman of the Federal Reserve Board, Dr Ben Bernanke, an amendment or provision sponsored by Senator Bernie Sanders which would have exposed certain US Federal Reserve decision-making to Congressional auditors, and which would therefore have largely repealed a 32-year-old law shielding Federal Reserve monetary policy from Congressional auditors, was watered down.  ....((à finir ))






Le capitalisme ne produit absolument rien.
--- La
centralisation de toute la capacité commerciale du monde à travers les mêmes
entonnoirs financiers, ont remis le volant et la manette du régime-moteur de
notre société entre les mains de quelques dynasties, un conglomérat, une

Cette oligarchie est à elle seule, en
mesure de contrôler
la direction vers laquelle la société se développe et la vitesse à laquelle elle
s'y rend. C'est elle et elle seule, qui décida des révolutions industrielles, de
l'introduction de l'électricité et de l'électronique, ainsi que la plupart des
grands développements scientifiques et technologiques depuis les années 50.

Do Capitalists Produce


Mises Daily: Thursday, May 06, 2010 by D.W.

Chris Matthews
The subprime crisis left many
Americans wary of financial markets and capitalist financiers. In his recent
speech President Obama blamed Wall Street, and to a lesser extent Main Street,
for the 2008 crisis. According to this speech, Washington bears little or no
responsibility for the 2008 crisis.

Obama is not alone in blaming Wall Street for the state of the economy. Chris Matthews recently vented his own anger toward financial tycoons and free enterprise. According to Matthews, our system gives the largest rewards to the least productive people: hedge-fund investors. The most successful hedge-fund investors made two to four billion dollars last year.

According to Matthews, these investors create nothing real, "not steel, not cars, not computers, not even movies"; they only make money for themselves. The gains of these investors supposedly come from the working poor and middle class who live paycheck to paycheck. Matthews has misled his audience in this matter.

Some of these hedge-fund investors lost money in 2008, so their long-term gains are not as high as they might seem. However, this fact does not negate Matthews's basic argument about transfers. What does Matthews see as the solution to the alleged problem? He has high hopes for the new financial regulations that Congress will vote on this year.

Is Matthews correct? Should government increase regulation of all financial markets to get back at the most successful hedge-fund investors? Given the assumption that these investors make literally nothing, the correct measure would be to expropriate their unearned income. If Matthews had really thought things through, he would have joined Marx in condemning at least these capitalists.

Of course, if Matthews had thought things through, he might have also realized that his assumption that hedge-fund investors produce nothing is never true.

Investors have two functions in modern economies. First, they defer consumption to invest in future production. The only reason that workers are able to produce steel, cars, or anything else is that someone saved and invested in real capital equipment in industry.

Most everybody saves some money in one way or another. However, a disproportionate amount of investment in capital comes from a relatively small number of wealthy persons who refrain from spending their fortunes. Without the capital accumulation achieved in modern capitalism, people would not be living from paycheck to paycheck as workers, but from harvest to harvest as peasants. ...(...) U

nfortunately, Obama seems to embrace the utterly unrealistic view that regulation of executive salaries and bonuses is necessary for the free operation of financial markets. Worse still, Obama seems unaware of both the role that Federal Reserve Bank regulation of interest rates and the monetary base played in financing the subprime boom and bust, and of the numerous Federal policies that promoted subprime lending.

The biased and confused perspectives taken by Matthews and Obama lead both of them to see federal regulation as the way to prevent future crises, rather than as the primary cause of past crises. The good news is that Matthews merely expresses an uniformed opinion, one that likely has no real consequence. The bad news is that Obama is all too capable of transforming his opinions into real public policies.

D.W. MacKenzie teaches economics at the Coast Guard Academy. (The contents of this paper do not reflect official views of The U.S. Coast Guard Academy.) Send him mail. See D.W. MacKenzie's article archives.