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.............david icke............


David Icke Two-Hour Live TV And Internet Interview Tonight
Thursday, 27 May 2010 09:20

David will be interviewed on Edge Media/Controversial TV between 8pm and 10pm UK time. You can watch it on the SKY television network, or online worldwide by clicking here ... http://www.edgemediatv.com/videoplayer/watchonline.html

Rothschilds Engineer Fire Sale Of UK Infrastructure To Offshore Corporations
Thursday, 27 May 2010 08:47

'The Rothschild banking family is pushing for the privatization of the UK’s motorway network that would force Brits, who already pay road tax, to enrich the coffers of private corporations intimately tied in with the Rothschilds by means of road tolls and pay-by-mile schemes enforced with spy cameras. “A plan to privatize the UK’s motorway network, giving toll firms access to large swaths of road, would take place under the guise of paying down the government’s debt, British media reported Tuesday, citing a number of key officials who support the scheme, proposed to all major political parties by NM Rothschild, one of the world’s oldest, most influential and little discussed investment banks, founded by the Rothschild family,” reports Raw Story.'  http://www.prisonplanet.com/rothschilds-engineer-fire-sale-of-uk-infrastructure-to-offshore-corporations.html  and http://rawstory.com/rs/2010/0525/uk-plan-privatization-britains-massive-public-motorway/

Oil Rig Explosion April 20 Is An Occult Date   Thursday, 27 May 2010 08:39

'Two events in the region of the United States are coincidently occurring during the prime occult spring dates of April 19 through May 1—April 19, 20, 30, and May 1, are said to be important dates for the illuminati satanic occult. These dates are inter-connected with the spring equinox in March. The Gulf of Mexico Fire exploded April 20 and the NY Times Square car bomb “scare” occurred on May 1. There are many inconstancies within the news reports about the NY Times Square car bomb hoax that the details are not even worth writing down. The predominant importance is comprehending that many different piglets are rolling in the mud, within the singular Illuminati Occult Pig Pen.'


PRESS RELEASE ON BEHALF OF ROBERT GREEN    Thursday, 27 May 2010 08:32

Hollie's story continues this week.   There has been a further attack on Robert Green,  this time from outside of Scotland, for reasons that we cannot disclose.

This attack has now been extended to Ann Greig, Hollies mother.

No further information can be given for fear of prosecution.

However a time and place may be released in the future.  


Von Braun: Illuminati Plan For E.T. Deception     Thursday, 27 May 2010 08:23

'According to Dr. Rosin, von Braun then gave her one supreme assignment: He said a secretive trans-national power, already in existence, would move to permanently take control of this planet thru a hoaxed alien invasion from outer space.

According to von Braun,  space based weapons, later known as the "Star Wars" program, were to be promoted as a "shield" against the Russians.  Then, as a defense against  'rogue' nations. Then, as protection against asteroids and meteors. Finally they would be presented as a safeguard against an extraterrestrial threat.'  ///  May 26, 2010

by L.C. Vincent      (for henrymakow.com)    Dr. Wernher von Braun, the head of the Nazi rocket program, was brought to America after the war because our government considered his knowledge and expertise too vital to fall into enemy hands. http://www.henrymakow.com/vonbraun.jpg
Dr. von Braun brought a wealth of information gleaned from other top Nazi scientists like his boss, SS General Hans Kammler.  Von Braun was privy to work on anti gravity propulsion vehicles.  With access to NASA's secret programs, von Braun apparently began to see the "big picture" regarding the true goals of America's space program and how the military-industrial complex was manipulating it according to a secret, hidden agenda.      Dr. Carol Rosin was an industry executive when she first met Dr. Wernher von Braun in February 1974.  At this time, before his death in 1977,  von Braun confided to Dr. Rosin NASA's hidden agenda.

Inviting her into his office, Von Braun stunned Dr. Rosin by explaining that it was all leading to planetary control under an oppressive One World Government.

According to Dr. Rosin, (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CaTgOSHbBEI) von Braun then gave her one supreme assignment: He said a secretive trans-national power, already in existence, would move to permanently take control of this planet thru a hoaxed alien invasion from outer space.

According to von Braun,  space based weapons, later known as the "Star Wars" program, were to be promoted as a "shield" against the Russians.  Then, as a defense against  'rogue' nations. Then, as protection against asteroids and meteors. Finally they would be presented as a safeguard against an extraterrestrial threat.

According to von Braun, all of these rationales would be lies. These space based weapons would be useless against nuclear suitcase bombs available even in 1974, as well as chemical, viral, bacterial and biological terror weapons.
      More importantly, von Braun told Rosin that we already had the technology to build anti gravity vehicles and entire transportation systems which did not require so-called 'fossil' fuels. Instead, they used "beams"  of energy, eliminating all pollution.


If space-based weapons technologies are not being developed to protect the U.S. and its allies, why are they being developed?  Could resistors, whether nation-states or isolated groups opposed to the coming New World Order, be singled out and eliminated?

Another possibility is that such space-based weapons will be part of the "smoke and mirrors" light show designed for use in "Project Blue Beam" with its false, projected presentation of an alien invasion.

According to Dr. Steven Greer, the head of the "Disclosure Project," "....the prospect that a shadowy, para-governmental and transnational entity exists that has kept UFO's secret -- and is planning a deception that will dwarf the events of 9/11..." This is a scenario that more people within the depths of our government have begun to reveal. 

     Dr. Greer writes:  "Since 1992 I have seen this script unveiled to me by at least a dozen well-placed insiders. Of course, initially I laughed, thinking this just too absurd and far-fetched....  and yet others told me explicitly that things that looked like UFOs, but that are built and under the control of deeply secretive ´black´ projects, were being used to simulate - hoax - ET-appearing events, including some abductions and cattle mutilations, to sow the early seeds of cultural fear regarding life in outer space. And that at some point after global terrorism, events would unfold that would utilize the now-revealed Alien Reproduction Vehicles (ARVs, or reversed-engineered UFOs made by humans by studying actual ET craft) to hoax an attack on Earth."

The goal of this hoaxed space alien invasion was simple:  Create a common enemy and drive all nations to submit to a One World Government. And in Dr. Greer's words:  "...to justify eventually spending trillions on space weapons... thus uniting the world in fear, in militarism and war."
Greer claims that Hollywood movies have been deliberately implanting a fear of ET's:  "...this mental conditioning to fear ET has been subtly reinforced for decades, in preparation for future deceptions...The Plan is to eventually create a new, sustainable, off-planet enemy..."
The possibility of an "off planet" space fleet was given even more credence recently when a young Scottish hacker by the name of Gary McKinnon recently broke into the Pentagon's computers and reputedly came up the names of some of our "off-world" U.S. space fleet (identified under the abbreviation: USSS), two specific space ships, (the USSS LeMay and the USSS Hillenkoetter), and the names of the various crews, their ranks, and transfer assignments between various  "off Earth" space ships.

This computer security breach so enraged the brass at the Pentagon that the U.S. Government is currently seeking to extradite McKinnon from the U.K. to face charges of computer hacking with a punishment of LIFE IN PRISON!  Certainly this is one way to permanently silence an embarrassing discoverer of forbidden information.


Now that we know Illuminati plans, we can prepare for the greatest deception in human history by warning others, and deciding how we might deal with a hoaxed space-alien invasion scenario.        L C VIncent    lcvincent88@.........

..........Comments for " Von Braun: Illuminati Plan For E.T. Deception"...............

Doc said (May 27, 2010):
In case you have not heard all of Richard C. Hoaglands scientific story of this entire scenario up to projecting the 2012 events, try these You tube accounts, Most Interesting. A bit lengthly, but his process makes some sense, as the story seems to be even much larger than just a hoaxed event.

This is the Project Camelot interview with Richard C. Hoagland, a former Walter Cronkite advisor, with some notable credits and history.

1. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GDEcfohz8xE

2. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3Sto4F2vBZg&feature=channel

3. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bEsPKcRV5ZE&feature=channel

Note: He says things can be changed....watch and learn

This is another presentation to explain many behind the scenes evidence that something is up....

Start here, then follow the links on the right at the top of the list, 1-14.

And his final statement/question is a hard one beyond the norm...

"so...What Does Obama Really Know about 2012?"


Regards,   Doc    Retired Geophysicist   Houston

Dan said (May 27, 2010):   Carol Rosin is a front person for the 'Disclosure Project'. That's a convoluted psyop to foster public belief in benevolent aliens, UFO's, and the myth that the government is witholding alien technology which will solve all our problems and make our wildest dreams come true.

The hook is the von Braun story and the notion that the gov't. will stage a fake UFO invasion. It's a back handed way to keep the myth of UFO's going.

The real plan is staging the arrival of benevolent aliens. For that to work, they have to have people believing there are aliens, UFO's, and that the 'old' government (bad white men) were withholding alien (read 'green') technology.
It's just another vector of the 2012 'alien liberation'/'rapture'/Lord Maitrya' setup. The Disclosure Project is as phony as NSA General Stubblevine's 'Natural Health Foundation'.

Readers should review http://henrymakow.com/cartier_mccloud.html


Plummeting Marijuana Prices Create A Panic In Calif.
Thursday, 27 May 2010 08:18   'For decades, illegal marijuana cultivation has been an economic lifeblood for three counties in northern California known as the Emerald Triangle. The war on drugs and frequent raids by federal drug agents have helped support the local economy — keeping prices for street sales of pot, high and keeping profits rich.

But high times are changing. Legal pot, under the guise of the California's medical marijuana laws, has spurred a rush of new competition. As a result, the wholesale price of pot grown in these areas is plunging.' http://www.npr.org/templates/story/story.php?storyId=126806429

Europe's Web of Debt    Thursday, 27 May 2010 08:10


David Icke - Human Race, Get Off Your Knees-The Lion Sleeps No More ((video))
Thursday, 27 May 2010 08:08 
US Money Supply Contracting At Depression Rate
Thursday, 27 May 2010 07:58

'The M3 figures - which include broad range of bank accounts and are tracked by British and European monetarists for warning signals about the direction of the US economy a year or so in advance - began shrinking last summer. The pace has since quickened. The stock of money fell from $14.2 trillion to $13.9 trillion in the three months to April, amounting to an annual rate of contraction of 9.6pc. The assets of insitutional money market funds fell at a 37pc rate, the sharpest drop ever.

"It’s frightening," said Professor Tim Congdon from International Monetary Research. "The plunge in M3 has no precedent since the Great Depression. The dominant reason for this is that regulators across the world are pressing banks to raise capital asset ratios and to shrink their risk assets. This is why the US is not recovering properly," he said.'

Read more: US Money Supply Contracting At Depression Rate

MSM Writer Slams Swine Flu Hype    Thursday, 27 May 2010 07:54

'Good on ordinary Torontonians. Despite all the H1N1/swine flu hype this past winter, just 28.2% of that city’s residents bothered to get vaccinated against the “pandemic;” that’s less than the 35% who usually get shots each year against the seasonal flu. Even Toronto health care workers couldn’t be stampeded into getting the shots. Only 60% of them bothered.  Barbara Yaffe, head of communicable disease control for the Toronto Board of Health, proclaimed herself reasonably satisfied with the public’s response. But how can she be? Given the $1-billion+ spent by Ottawa on the swine flu hysteria (which probably climbs to $2 billion or more when provincial and municipal campaigns are added in), a 28% vaccination rate is awful if your aim is to have as many people immunized as possible. The 35% rate most winters is achieved at a fraction of the expense and public calamity. So hear, hear to those who resisted the madness that was the Great 2009-10 Swine Flu Pandemic.' ...(...) The trouble, I think, was that so many public health officials have predicted so many pandemics for so long — SARS, bird flu, swine flu — that they simply got caught up in their own warnings and projections. They wouldn’t listen to contrary evidence.    Science writer Michael Fumento has an excellent summary in Forbes this week of just what a fizzle the swine flu was:  18,000 deaths worldwide versus the 250,000 to 500,000 the WHO reports happen in an average year. It would obviously be better if there were no deaths at all, but that low figure is  cause for rejoicing.   It is also yet another example of experts crying “wolf!” If they don’t stop soon, the public will stop listening to experts altogether.     http://fullcomment.nationalpost.com/2010/05/26/one-day-theyll-shout-pandemic-and-no-one-will-listen/

Thursday, 27 May 2010 07:48   Now Shipping
Nearly 700 pages, 355,000 words, 325 illustrations and 32 pages of original colour art by Neil Hague.  A Monumental Work  What is the 'Moon Matrix'?  Click here for details...

Israeli Nuclear Espionage: The Art of Keeping America at Risk, for Fun and Profit      Thursday, 27 May 2010 07:26
'What does it mean? Neither South Africa nor Israel is admitting that the nukes were delivered. General beliefs are that they were, a real shock to Nelson Mandela when he took office, from prisoner of apartheid to commander of a nuclear power. What is proven by this is that Israel was, even 35 years ago, a nuclear state, in direct violation of numerous international treaties. It also proves that Israel offered nukes to South Africa, a rogue nation under sanctions that covered not only any weapons but trade as well. This made Israel a criminal state and Mr Peres a war criminal.

More than that, it makes any aid America gives Israel, illegal. If Israel is nuclear, which is now official, and in violation of international treaties, just as with Iraq and Iran, then America has to demand inspections and disarmament. There is no choice. This is the law. Law for Iran, law for Iraq is also law for Israel. Israel has expected this day for years. The US can’t give or sell arms to any country with an illegal nuclear arsenal. Worse than this, we are sworn to defend the world from any nation that would spread nuclear weapons, a charge made by the South African government, one that has been made before, but can no longer be ignored.'  ////

By Gordon Duff      27 May 2010   Gordon Duff views how Israel and its US spies have been stealing, reverse-engineering and peddling American military secrets and technology.

       This week, newspapers around the world received reports and signed documents from South Africa. The reports said that, in 1975, Israel agreed to sell South Africa nuclear weapons. South Africa then released an arms agreement signed by current Israeli President Shimon Peres. This is the document “heard round the world.”

Meetings are being held in New York to set up a conference for 2012 to guarantee that the Middle East is nuclear free. Israel has been informed that it will not be able to hide behind denials and that the nuclear arsenal put on the sale block by Israel in 1975 – and nobody knows how many times since – has to go. When Israel was finally caught, it changed at least one part of a game, but the game will go on. ...(...) How did Russia get the bomb? Americans gave Russia the technologies, not just Americans but Zionists: Julius and Ethel Rosenberg, Morris Cohen, Martin Sobell, David Greenglass, Klaus Fuchs and Harry Gold. This was a couple of years before the establishment of the State of Israel or we would have called them all Israeli-Americans. They believed that America couldn’t be trusted and that infamous mass murderer Josef Stalin could. From this point on, spying against America, everything from secret weapons to defence plans, everything America depended on to stay safe was stolen and sold to Russia, China or North Korea by spy organizations run out of Israel.         The Rosenbergs died, executed for their crimes. They were communists and believed in what they were doing. Today this isn’t the case. America’s military secrets are being peddled around the world for money, to keep the world on edge and have built Israel into a military superpower based on stolen American technology and, we are told, a nuclear arsenal built from stolen American designs and fuelled with 2.5 tons of “misplaced” plutonium, one of the great secrets of our era. .....(...)

With 95 per cent of the world’s weapons design and development being done in the US, why is it that American technologies show up in enemy hands continually? Could the long history of Israeli spying against the US be involved?     Every advanced technology given by the US to Israel is reverse-engineered and peddled to Venezuela, North Korea, China or the highest bidder. Any technology not offered is stolen. The game? Just as with peddling nukes to South Africa back in 1975, it is all about business.

The only reason Israel is on our radar is that their “games” played on the American stage with their puppet networks like Fox News and their political hacks, McCain, Lieberman, Waxman, Schumer and so many more, countless more, are ready to send a generation of American kids to war against Iran on the word of a proven liar, Israel, proven liar over peddling nukes, proven liar over settlements in Palestine, proven liar over Iraq’s nuke programme – lies told and retold by the master storytellers who daily reinvent themselves as victims.       http://www.redress.cc/americas/gduff20100527

Judge Orders Patient With Hospital Phobia to Have Lifesaving Cancer Surgery
Thursday, 27 May 2010 07:03

'Doctors have been given permission to force a cancer sufferer with a terror of hospitals to undergo lifeline surgery. In a landmark ruling, a senior judge found that the 55-year-old woman, identified only as PS, is so ill that her need for treatment outweighed her refusal to have her ovaries and fallopian tubes removed.She has so far failed to turn up for the operation, saying her phobia of hospitals and needles prevents her from doing so  -  despite being told she will die without it.'

Read more: Judge Orders Patient With Hospital Phobia to Have Lifesaving Cancer Surgery

The Hire, Fire, Hire Census Game, Or Why the Unemployment Numbers Are Improving    Thursday, 27 May 2010 07:00

'You know the old saying: "Everyone loves a charade." Well, it seems that the Census Bureau may be playing games. Last week, one of the millions of workers hired by Census 2010 to parade around the country counting Americans blew the whistle on some statistical tricks.   The worker, Naomi Cohn, told The Post that she was hired and fired a number of times by Census. Each time she was hired back, it seems, Census was able to report the creation of a new job to the Labor Department.'   http://www.economicpolicyjournal.com/2010/05/hire-fire-hire-census-game-or-why.html

Pope Catholic; Night Follows Day; IPCC Found Telling Pack of Lies About Sea Level Rises   Thursday, 27 May 2010 06:54

'IPCC lies, cheats, distorts again. Yes, all right, it is a bit of a “dog bites man” or “pizza found to contain mozzarella and tomato resting on dough base” kind of story. But on the day in which Britain’s new Prime Minister announced in the Queen’s speech that one of his government’s main goals is to “combat climate change”, it’s perhaps just as well to remind ourselves of the kind of junk science and misinformation that is inspiring his green policies.'     Read more: Pope Catholic; Night Follows Day; IPCC Found Telling Pack of Lies About Sea Level Rises

Kids Attack President Obama   Thursday, 27 May 2010 06:48


MarkDice — May 23, 2010 — Produced by MarkDice.com.   Facebook.com/MarkDice YouTube.com/MarkDice  Twitter.com/MarkDice // http://www.youtube.com/user/MarkDice

http://www.markdice.com/  //   From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Mark Dice is an author and Christian conservative political activist based in San Diego, California. Dice founded an organization[1] called The Resistance[2] (sometimes called the Christian Resistance), which professes conspiratorial beliefs about the New World Order, the Roman Catholic Church,[3] and secret societies stemming from the Illuminati, freemasons, Skull and Bones, Bohemian Grove, and the Bilderberg group. Dice and his supporters have been reported to "flood the airwaves of call-in radio and television shows"[4] to promote these ideas. His first book, a 450-page manifesto titled, The Resistance Manifesto details these beliefs.  ...... http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mark_Dice
Tickets Available for Second Brixton Event   Thursday, 27 May 2010 06:44

All tickets were gone six months in advance for David Icke's all-day event at the O2 Brixton Academy in May this year and another event has been arranged to meet the demand to see David's most advanced presentation yet.

This second event is at the O2 Brixton Academy all day on Saturday, September 11th.

Click here for tickets...


David Icke Around The World In 2010
All-day events confirmed in Prague (September 25th); New York (October 17th); San Francisco (October 23rd); Portugal (October 30th); Barcelona (November 6th); Athens (November 14th); Amsterdam (November 27th). There will be more events to follow and full details of venues and tickets when we have them.

Top Construction Firm: WTC Destroyed By Controlled Demolition
Thursday, 27 May 2010 06:38

'Respected Middle East expert and former BBC presenter Alan Hart has broken his silence on 9/11, by revealing that the world's most prominent civil engineering company told him directly that the collapse of the twin towers was a controlled demolition.

Speaking on the Kevin Barrett show yesterday, Hart said he thought the 9/11 attack probably started as a Muslim operation headed up by Osama Bin Laden but that the plot was subsequently hijacked and carried out by Mossad agents in collusion with elements of the CIA, adding that since its formation, Israel has penetrated every Arab government and terrorist organization.  http://www.propagandamatrix.com/articles/may2010/052610_controlled_demolition.htm

  and  http://propagandamatrix.com/forum/  and Alan Hart Breaks Silence about 9/11 on Kevin Barrett Show   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pLzxCO6c6yc 

http://www.youtube.com/user/InfowarsCanada //

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Alan_Hart_(writer)   http://www.alanhart.net/


http://www.thecornerreport.com/index.php?m=200901 // http://www.thecornerreport.com/index.php?title=the_new_nazis&more=1&c=1&tb=1&pb=1


http://intifada-palestine.com/2009/09/21/open-letter-to-president-obama-change-the-rules-of-the-game/  .. When the citizens of nations know the difference between Zionism's propaganda lies and the documented facts and truth of history, they will be empowered, if they care, to demand that their governments act to end Israel's oppression of the Palestinians. And that's why Alan Hart devoted more than five years of his life to researching and writing this book - to empower citizens to play their necessary part in stopping the countdown to catastrophe for all.  http://www.zionismbook.com/ 

http://one-state.net/hart.html 2006

....Ainsi, Hart a une très bonne connaissance des dossiers relatifs au Moyen Orient, région qu'il a couverte pour la chaîne ITN et la BBC. Sur son site web personnel, on peut le voir, alors jeune journaliste, devant le canal de Suez au moment de l'avancée sioniste pendant la guerre dite des six jours ou serrant la main du roi Fayçal d'Arabie qu'il fut le premier journaliste occidental à interviewer. Sans oublier une photo de Golda Meir, dédicacée à son intention par l'ancienne chef du gouvernement sioniste.  Toutes ces expériences et rencontres ont fait d'Alan Hart un anti sioniste convaincu si ce n'est radical.


Towards Another Stock Market Meltdown?    Thursday, 27 May 2010 06:30

by Bob Chapman    Global Research, May 26, 2010
and The International Forecaster  http://www.theinternationalforecaster.com/  for more

or http://www.theinternationalforecaster.com/International_Forecaster_Weekly //

'This kind of program was implemented during the 1930s when we are told that unemployment was 25%. During the late 1930s the program failed to pull America out of depression. Unemployment in 1939 was 17.4% and in 1940 it was 16.2%, hardly the results hoped for and anticipated. The result was WWII. We are headed in the same direction today, as the Middle East and Asia smolder ready at any time to burst into flames.

In the US liquidity was unleashed on a massive scale and that is what will happen in Europe. It is the only way they can keep the system functioning. We Are now closing in on the next planned world war as a result. When and where we can only guess, but it surely is on the way, the same way it was in the late 1930s. War is a distraction and it succeeds in culling the population. It is also a cover-up for massive financial and economic problems...  that have resulted from the financial elite looting the system.'

http://globalresearch.ca/index.php?context=va&aid=19352 and


US Border Troops Not There to Stem Influx of Illegal Immigrants
Thursday, 27 May 2010 06:09

'The US State Department says National Guard troops being sent to the Mexican border will not be used to enforce US immigration laws. On Tuesday, US President Barack Obama authorized the deployment of up to 1,200 additional troops to border areas to fight the drug cartels, but State Department spokesman Philip Crowley told reporters, "It's not about immigration." Crowley also said that the troops will stem the flow of guns and drugs across the borders.'

Read more: US Border Troops Not There to Stem Influx of Illegal Immigrants ??


Israeli War Criminals Plans to Stop Gaza Freedom Flotilla
Thursday, 27 May 2010 06:03

'An Israeli official has said that efforts will be made to stop the Freedom Flotilla, which intends to attempt to break the three-year blockade of the Gaza Strip. The Gaza-bound flotilla of eight ships, which left Turkey on Saturday, is carrying 10,000 tons of supplies, including building materials, which are not allowed into the territory because of the blockade.

Greta Berlin, one of the organizers, said the cargo ships are carrying cement, prefab homes, lumber, window frames, paper for printing school books, children's toys, a full dentist's office, electric wheelchairs, and high-end medical equipment.' Pro-Palestinian activists, lawmakers from a dozen European countries, a Nobel Peace Prize laureate, and a retired US army colonel are among the passengers, Berlin stated.

An Israeli official, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said early on Wednesday that if the flotilla does not retreat, the Israeli navy will stop the ships and haul them to the Israeli port of Ashkelon.  The activists will be detained and eventually deported to their countries of origin, and the supplies will be transferred to Gaza by land, he added.


Flotilla delayed but en route to Gaza
Wed, 26 May 2010 13:10:26 GMT 
The Turkish passenger ferry which departed Istanbul with humanitarian aid for the people of Gaza has docked in Antalya to wait for other partner ships.

The vessel is part of the Gaza Freedom Flotilla convoy which will carry humanitarian aid from 50 different countries.   Nine ships from Turkey, Ireland, Britain, Sweden, Algeria, Bahrain and Greece will take 10,000 tons of construction material, medical equipment and school supplies, as well as around 750 activists to Gaza.

The convoy was due to set off from Greece and Turkey on Tuesday, but has been delayed due to other vessels' falling behind schedule.  “Some of the ships still have to reach their departure points in Greece,” Press TV's correspondent reported.  Israeli authorities have threatened to block the fleet and arrest all people onboard the vessels.

Israel has imposed a strict blockade on the Gaza Strip since 2007, depriving its nearly 1.5 million Palestinian inhabitants of fuel, food, clothing, medicine and other necessities.
Related Stories:
Turkey urges Israel to lift Gaza siege
Israel vows to block aid ships to Gaza
Turkish aid ships set sail for Gaza

http://www.presstv.ir/detail.aspx?id=127839&sectionid=351020202  ....delayed...

Palestinian Reporters Attacked in West Bank
Thursday, 27 May 2010 05:39

'Israeli army forces have been using force against Palestinian journalists for the past 10 days in the West Bank, leaving dozens of them wounded. On Wednesday, Israeli forces attacked three journalists and injured several others.

The army also arrested one Palestinian and one Israeli journalist, the Reporters Without Borders reported Wednesday, noting that such incidents are on the rise in the region. "More than 30 journalists have been physically attacked and injured by members of the Israeli forces since the start of the year," Palestinian News Agency (WAFA)'


Wednesday, 26 May 2010 08:45

A Project Avalon Interview with Bill Ryan




Deepwater Horizon: America’s Chernobyl Moment    don hynes...






Wednesday, May 26, 2010
Why keep on posting Sorcha Faal?  I have rec'd many comments from Anonymous agents about why I am still posting Sorcha Faal stories as she is an alleged dis-info agent.

To all ....     I have training and experience in the intelligence arena and know how to chase the fox for the truth. Many of my inside info comes from my old military buddies.

1) Sorcha Faal is suppose to be tied in with Naval Intelligence and her ISP trace leads to Virginia.

2) What section of the Pentagon was hit by a guided missile on 911?  Naval Intelligence


Do you see a connection here? Do you want me to spell it out?

Naval Intelligence is showing the Real Truth against the Bush/Clinton/Cheney/obummer cabal in these Sorcha Faal reports.

Forget your wilkepedia and your snopes --- they are controlled by the cabal.
Posted by John MacHaffie at 8:03 AM



Wednesday, May 26, 2010
Entire US Government Said Knows Obama Ineligible For Office
Members from all three branches of the Federal government already know that Barack Hussein Obama is ineligible for the office of President. National leaders, to include members of the US Supreme Court, already know that Barack Hussein Obama is not a “natural born citizen” of the ....D5" class="IL_AD">.....United States of America, and therefore, is ineligible for the office he currently holds. (See JB’s new article on The Bottom Line on Natural Born Citizen) What they don’t know is how long it will take for most Americans to figure it out, or what to do about it.



Wednesday, May 26, 2010
Benjamin Fulford - Bernanke admits “the Federal Reserve Board has run out of money.”
Bernanke admits “the Federal Reserve Board has run out of money.”
 In a private letter to a White Dragon Society member, Federal Reserve Board Chairman Ben Bernanke admitted the “Federal Reserve Board does not have any money.” For this reason, he asked the person in question not to try to cash a large, legitimate, dollar instrument he had in his possession.  The Feds are now in China on a begging and blackmail mission aimed at trying to get more money. Our Chinese sources say they will return empty-handed unless they talk to the White Dragon Society.
As they run out of money, the Nazi/Bush Fed faction is resorting to increasingly evil and destructive tactics. The blowing up of the BP oil well and their refusal to stop the oil flow is them saying “if you do not give us the money, we will destroy the planet’s eco-system.”
They also sank a South Korean ship and blamed it on North Korea as a way of threatening to start all out war on the Korean peninsula if the Chinese do not hand over the cash. They also produced an ancient, barnacle covered relic:   and tried to fool gullible corporate journalists into believing it was “proof” of a North Korean attack.
More ominously, these criminal masterminds have sent an envoy to convey the threat that they would set the whole Pacific ring of fire on fire.   We hope they will talk with us soon to discuss a peaceful transition to a better planet before all hell breaks loose.

Posted by John MacHaffie at 7:18 PM

Nancy Lazaryan said...  May 26, 2010 7:34 PM

    HAARP, DARP , all the alphabet folks and black ops people better be contained, or we are in a heap of trouble.
Anonymous said...

    So that's why Barry sent SWAT teams to "inspect" the rigs.  ....(...)



Wednesday, May 26, 2010
Prosperity Packages --- To Those Thought LEFT OUT!
To brighten your day if you are not getting a package -

Donation Requirements
1 - To individuals only. No societies, churches, or groups.
2 - Individuals must be 21 years of age or older.
3 - The minimum per person is half a million.
4 - The maximum per person is ten million.
5 - None of the people can be in our program.
Posted by John MacHaffie at 9:07 AM

Anonymous said... May 26, 2010 9:20 AM

    Where do i sign up :)
   John MacHaffie said...   May 26, 2010 9:23 AM

    Send me an email and I will put you in contact with a participant looking to distribute there donations funds. GOD Bless You And Yours
  JustBob said...  May 26, 2010 9:27 AM

    Ya know, in my mind I would rather see all this money go to helping people that truly need help rather than just dispersing it to anyone and everyone.

    Sure I could use the money to pay bills with and get myself out of debt, but I ain't starving...yet, and I've always been of the mind that if I have ten dollars and somebody needs it worse than I do, it's theirs with no strings attached.

    Greed will kill you and leave you empty in more ways than one friends...
Anonymous said... May 26, 2010 9:28 AM 

    So if someone shares their funds with you does that mean that you are requires to split 50% what is given to you?  ...(...)



Wednesday, May 26, 2010
Prosperity Packages --- Donations Rules
Rec'd from a Program Participant:

You must donate 200 million to individuals only within 30 days from the time the NONDISCLOSURE [ND] expires.

This list must be given to the bank that you open your account or accounts with for them to send out the checks. These are the following guidelines that I can recall at this time:

1 - To individuals only. No societies, churches, or groups.
2 - Individuals must be 21 years of age or older.
3 - The minimum per person is half a million.
4 - The maximum per person is ten million.
5 - None of the people can be in our program.
6 - Cannot be sent to a P.O. Box or a Mailbox Plus type address. Must
     be an on-sight address.
7 - These people must show photo ID.
8 - These people can be located anywhere in the world.
9 - This list must be given to your bank where you opened your
     account or accounts so the above can be accomplished within

     30 days from the time the ND is expired.... I am told you could lose
     the rest of your funds if this is not accomplished.

10 - There is also supposed to be a list of projects worldwide in our packs.
Posted by John MacHaffie at 8:55 AM

vladski said...   May 26, 2010 9:10 AM

    Is there some way to get on the receiver's list?

    Would you be gracious John to provide that information. I am not accustomed to asking for help, but it's gotten to a point that I'm so badly in need and struggling that I'm not sure where else to turn.   God bless you for all you've done and continue to do.
 Anonymous said...     May 26, 2010 10:06 AM

    I don't recieve mail at home because my post office does not delieve mail to my home only to PO Box. What happens then? I have a private mail box funds cannot be sent there either, what then? The only I can get funds from a doaner is to my home address is by USP/ FedX. Any sugestions? I signed up on the Prosperity Project site to state a businessuning my PO Box since mail is not delieved to my home.  Anthony ...(...)



Thursday, May 27, 2010
Prosperity Packages --- WARNING - PACKET INFO
This blog will no longer be posting any packet received information.
The reason is it is too dangerous for the recipient. The bad guys Kill for this stuff.

We could not figure out any way without endangering the recipient.
I will be posting any confirmations of packets received without the details.
GOD Bless To You All,   John MacHaffie
Posted by John MacHaffie at 8:08 AM



BREAKING! Obama & Emanual: Same Gay Bath House Members in Chicago
Submitted by RR - Thanks ////
Rumormill News  TomFloccoSends WMR: BREAKING! Obama & Emanual: ....
Posted By: watcher51445 <Send E-Mail>   Date: Thursday, 27-May-2010 06:34:39

        This is now traveling the internet......could this be why we have an alleged lesbian Supreme Court nominee? Wayne Madsen is former U.S. Intelligence and has a LOT of contact sources for his intel website.......Just the international blackmail potential is pretty scary.....the murders of alleged male lovers mentioned below can easily be verified too.....wonder where the mainstream press is on investigating this one.....and we thought Clinton and Lewinsky was quite a scandal........wow. T.

Subject: BREAKING! Obama & Emanual: Same Gay Bath House Members in Chicago
        May 24, 2010 -- SPECIAL REPORT from WAYNE MADSEN.
        Obama and Emanuel: members of same gay bath house club in Chicago
        President Obama and his chief of staff Rahm Emanuel are lifetime members of the same gay bath house in uptown Chicago, according to informed sources in Chicago's gay community, as well as veteran political sources in the city.
        The bath house, Man's Country, caters to older white men and it has been in business for some 30 years and is known as one of uptown Chicago's "grand old bathhouses." WMR was told by sources who are familiar with the bath house that it provides one-year "lifetime" memberships to paying customers and that the club's computerized files and pre-computer paper files, include membership information for both Obama and Emanuel.  ....(...)



Thursday, May 27, 2010  Closing Statements at obummer trial - audio
Submitted by RR --- Thanks ///

Hi folks,   This is an audio of the closing statements at the Obama trial.
It's pretty explosive, especially the statements at the end.
It's worth your time to listen.     Posted by John MacHaffie at 7:44 AM



Thursday, May 27, 2010
NEWS ALERT - Maine GOP Adopts Revolutionary Platform
In this News Alert, we sum up the Maine GOP's revolutionary new platform. It contains very strong language and greatly supports following the Constitution.

This is surely a victory - please share the good news of what is happening in Maine!

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jllr6fG3TLE ((  lonelantern  — May 26, 2010  — http://RealityReport.TV  | http://RestoreTheRepublic.com  | ...Read the entire platform here:   http://www.mainegop.com/PlatformMission.aspx  //http://www.youtube.com/user/lonelantern  ))
Posted by John MacHaffie at 10:58 AM
1 comments:    Anonymous said...   Awesome isn't it?   May 27, 2010 11:00 AM


............................. N.News.................






US Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke admits in letter that US Federal Reserve Board has run out of money. He asks his correspondent not to cash a large, legitimate, dollar instrument about to be executed. German mainstream newspaper reports that US CIA may be counterfeiting $50 and $100 bills to avoid Congressional oversight of covert operations, while blaming the forgeries on North Korea.
More here (24.05.10) and here (17.05.10). Deep background here (08.01.06). And more about Bernanke's White Dragon/Black Dragon correspondent here (26.05.10) and here (23.10.09).


Is Germany's Greek bailout designed to fall out of bed? Two secret exit clauses in the agreement have come to light. Might Europe be cheering for its own double-dip demise?
A fear driven flight to safety has driven yields on 10-year German Bunds to 2.56 per cent. This is below the levels touched in the depths of the Great Depression (1929-1939). The spreads over peripheral European debt have risen sharply again, jumping to 137 basis points for Italy, 157 for Spain and 220 for Ireland. More here (25.05.10).


Recreational use of medically unnecessary ultrasound scans by middle class parents may seriously damage their unborn children. If ultrasound destroys sperm, how can it be safe for an in utero foetus?
Ultrasound is jackhammer loud to young cells' membranes and cytoskeletons. It is likely to cause tissue disruption and damage in a foetus, and certainly creates stress and shock for the baby. And yet middle class parents just can't get enough ultrasound for the little fashion accessories in their wombs. They want pictures of their new baby, before it is born, to show off to their uterine voyeur friends and to post on their social networking sites. Ultrasound may be even more dangerous to a young foetus than the BigPharma prescription drugs its mother takes while pregnant. More about the dangers of medically unnecessary ultrasound scans can be found here, here and here.


Dark pool warfare is now official. As fake-money Western capitalism crumbles, the banksters' dark pools are being illuminated by serial disclosures. Citigroup, Morgan Stanley, Credit Suisse, JPMorganChase, UBS and Deutsche Bank are pretending to come clean about their upstairs market dark liquidity. In fact, they are coming dirty.
Dark Pool Liquidity is the global trading volume created from institutional orders unavailable to public investors and invisible to them. The bulk of dark pool liquidity is represented by block trades executed away from central exchanges. It is thought to account for as much as forty per cent of all world trading. The de facto secrecy of the upstairs market is an élite-planned obfuscation and manipulation of stockmarket trading. Pre-trade prices (the prices at which shares are offered for sale) are not visible to anyone, even the participants in them, and the prices at which shares change hands are only revealed after the trades are done. Organised crime just keeps getting better. More here, here, here, here and here.


The trading Charters of the big US domestic banks are being revoked. Goldman Sachs, JPMorganChase, Citigroup, Bank of America and Wells Fargo-Wachovia are all involved.
This is part of the process of changing the global financial system from the current derivatives-driven fiat money system to the new gold-backed international currencies system. In the background is the adoption of the mandatory Basel II and Basel III capital adequacy ratios, the Chinese $47 trillion World Court Writ of Execution and Lien on the US Treasury, the $3.87 trillion CMKM Diamonds phantom shares lawsuit against the US Securities and Exchange Commission, the abolition of the constitutionally illegal US Federal Reserve Board, the US Internal Revenue Service and the Washington DC private corporation, the introduction of global debt forgiveness, the NESARA announcements, The Restore America Plan, and the opening of Pandora's suitcase in several major languages worldwide, starting at dawn one Saturday morning in Australia, Japan, China and India. More cryptofinancial global background here (24.05.10) and here (24.05.10).


Dumbarton Oaks
A photograph. Other pictures here, here and here. Dumbarton Oaks is a mansion in Washington DC (US). The Dumbarton Oaks Conference, or Washington Conversations on International Peace and Security Organisation, was an international conference at which the United Nations was formulated and negotiated. It was held from 21st August 1944 to 7th October 1944 and was attended by representatives of the United States, the Soviet Union, the United Kingdom, and China. More here and here.


At present a series of discussions is taking place around your world to finalise the particulars of the dark cabal's relinquishment of power. These panels are also empowered to go into detail concerning what the post-cabal world is to look like.
"The cabal now understands that it can no longer continue as before, and so its ultimate concern is to find a way out of the dire consequences it faces. The heads of the major families that make up the dark cabal are terrified of what may happen to them, and so, in order to gain the concessions that this planet's peoples so desperately need and want, our Earth allies have leveraged this fear, resulting in a number of agreements which are close to the signing formalities. Once this is done, we will turn over implementation of the contract specifics to the Agarthans."

"There is also the urgent matter of bringing a true spirituality back to the surface world. The surface realm has been hugely manipulated over the past thirteen millennia, first by the Anunnaki and then by their minions. What you feel to be real in your spiritual rituals and practices has been released from within you by your recent awakening. The Agarthans can mentor you and give you a deeper knowing of these many areas of Spirit. Moreover, we will ask them to set up programs designed to introduce you to the functioning of galactic society. For our part, the heart of our mission is, as ever, to get you into full consciousness as soon as possible. Our talks with Mother Earth's Spiritual Hierarchies and with your world's major governments helped us to sort out and prioritise the vital elements which can get us closer to first contact. We work within the divine framework given us by Heaven, and the Light is busily altering your reality so that you will be ready to make the big changes when so decreed by the Creator."

"One of these times is now approaching. Your dark cabal is to be moved out of the way and prevented from further impeding what needs to be done before we land. This can be done in two ways; the preferred one is to quickly complete the many recent agreements we mentioned above. Another issue under discussion at these meetings is the new economic system and the delivery of the abundance programs."

"A key element in the US is the Farm Claims, which form part of the legitimization of the new banking system in America. It is essential to dismantle the constitutionally illegal US Federal Reserve Board which constitutes the foundation of the present economic system first set up at Dumbarton Oaks in 1944. These Claims kill the entire present corrupt system, leaving the way open for a benevolent successor. To this end, a number of new proposals were enacted by various economic committees. These regionalise the Dumbarton Oaks system; set up a new range of gold-backed currencies; and re-charter the International Monetary Fund. Once this is made public, the new system will drastically reorder international finance. Charged with global debt forgiveness, it can serve as a transition to a true economy based upon global abundance and consistent universal prosperity."

"These conditions segue into what we call consciousness economics. Consciousness economics is a state where money no longer applies, as your living conditions have been raised by zero-point technology to a level beyond dependence on Mother Earth (e.g. farming, fishing, manufacturing etc). Here, the basics of survival like water, food, and shelter are no longer derived from planetary resources. Moreover, you have graduated to a state of spiritual wisdom which allows you to perceive your relationship to physicality in such a way that you move out of dependence on a planet's ecosystem and into a new role as her guardian. This way of looking at physicality is normal for the Agarthans and is something you have not as yet experienced. This is another reason for bringing you together with the Agarthans. They will become your master-teachers and introduce you to the glories of full consciousness, where you will begin to recall your past fully conscious lives and integrate them into your limited-conscious 3-D lives. As you become more able to integrate your past lives, you will begin to understand your role in the great oneness that is galactic humanity. We know that as you do this you are to become proud citizens of your planet and of this new star-nation. Mars, Venus, and Pax (many know her as Maldek) will also become new homes for you."

"Your technological base will vault into a sphere which will seem like magic, and your lives, for a time, will take on a dreamlike quality. Indeed, full consciousness quite resembles a lucid dream which you have the ability to change at will and where miracles commingle with magic. Such a realm has been home to us for millions of years, and it is our delight to share this magnificent way of living with you, and in the process spread Divine Light to this sector of the Milky Way Galaxy ...."


Former US Vice President Dick Cheney
A photograph. And another picture here.

Dick Cheney thrown out of Bank of America in Atlanta, Georgia, on Wednesday 19th May 2010.    Cheney and several of his crumbling syndicate (thought to include David Rubenstein and a number of Carlyle Group executives) were physically ejected from Bank of America when they attempted to organise a $2 trillion white-collar theft from the World Global Settlement funds. The funds concerned were electronically tagged in advance and generated a data-rich, clear-evidence papertrail as the heist was blocked. Update here (24.05.10). Confirmation from Japanese source here (24.05.10).


Afghanistan Mujahideen publish details of their attacks on the US Bagram airbase and Kandahar on Wednesday 19th May and Thursday 20th May 2010.
The US-controlled corporate mainstream media appear to have underreported the casualties. On those two days in Afghanistan alone, more than ninety American, Canadian and British military personnel were killed and scores more were seriously injured. There was huge destruction of Western armoured vehicles and facilities. Updates here (21.05.10) and here (24.05.10).


The basketcase banks Germany is trying to protect. Ten German financial institutions are so corrupt, broke and toxic that the Bundesbank and German Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (BaFin) is trying to insulate them from world trading scrutiny.
These are BaFin's basketcases: Allianz (ALVG.DE), Commerzbank (CBKG.DE), Deutsche Bank (DBKGn.DE), Muenchener Rueck (MUVGn.DE), Deutsche Boerse (DB1Gn.DE), Deutsche Postbank (DPBGn.DE), Hannover Rueck (HNRGn.DE), Aareal Bank (ARLG.DE), Generali Deutschland (GE1G.DE) and MLP (MLPG.DE). Germany's unilateral kneejerk ban on naked short selling of stock derivatives tied to these stressed German institutions took effect on Wednesday 19th May 2010. Background context here (19.05.10). It follows the country's quietly concealed forgery crisis in April 2010. Forged bonds and gold certificates, distributed internationally by corrupt elements within the World Court, hit German financial institutions particularly badly. Auditors were crawling all over the Bundesbank for weeks afterwards, unearthing skeletons. The House of Windsor Crown Temple syndicate, operating covertly from within the City of London Corporation, was reported as being centrally involved in the scam. More details here (14.04.10) and here (14.04.10). Rothschild context here (24.05.10).


EuroZone debt bomb: The Greek people are victims of a carefully engineered financial extortion racket.
The EuroZone crisis is not the crisis of the Greek people; it is the closing crisis of world capitalism. The bailout plan dictated by the European Union and the International Monetary Fund rides roughshod over the most elementary rules of democracy. If the plan is implemented, it will result in a degrading of the Greek economy and of Greek citizens' incomes which is without precedent in Europe since the 1930s. We are witnessing the cynical collusion of markets, central banks and governments. The plot is to coerce the Greek people into paying the bill for the arbitrary caprice of the hidden élite's collapsing financial casino. More here (20.05.10), here (20.05.10), here (21.05.10) and here (21.05.10).


Jubilee approaches. New global financial system ready to run. Ninety per cent of US dollars held by non-Americans will be backed by gold and renamed.
Constitutionally legitimate American Republic to be restored. New greenbacks printed and ready. Constitutionally illegal Washington DC private corporation, US Federal Reserve Board and US Internal Revenue Service to be abolished.

Euro vs Gold - August 2009 to May 2010 (chart)


Germany blinks first. Desperate kneejerk Merkel panics over Euro collapse. German Financial Regulator BaFin bans naked short selling of vulnerable dollymixtures. International markets sell Euro. German Bunds expected to collapse. EuroZone is the new Lehman Brothers.
Markit iTraxx Australia index surges. What will happen to the SovX index now? More here (18.05.10) and here (18.05.10). Update here (19.05.10).


Aliens vs the US - The Tau 9 Treaty
Is the US BlackOps military-industrial establishment about to lose control of the Ganesh Particle? This mysterious singularity is said to be the key to opening the most powerful force in creation. The Ganesh Particle is the seed of life. It has the capacity to heal damaged human cells, including those deliberately subverted by cancer, AIDS and Morgellons.


The first nation that deploys space-based solar technology will dominate the world energy market for generations to come
First proposed by Peter Edward Glaser in 1968, space-based solar technology can provide an inexhaustible, safe, pollution-free supply of energy. It offers a far more logical solution to current energy problems than petroleum, ethanol-based or nuclear-fueled hydrogen systems. The technology currently exists to launch solar-collector satellites into geostationary orbits around the Earth. They can convert the Sun’s radiant energy into electricity 24 hours a day and safely transmit the electricity by microwave beams to rectifying antennas on the land surface. Research background here and here (pdf - 71 pages).


Blinding glimpse of the obvious: 'If the Euro collapses, so will the idea of European Union.' German Chancellor Angela Merkel speaks plainly about the failure of the EuroSoviet project.
The unaudited Ponzi Scheme which is called the European Union prepares for naked death. We are watching a slow-motion train wreck. The Brussels EuroSoviet and the US Federal Reserve Board are both collapsing like time-lapse cartoon creations. Global background here (17.05.01). European background here (02.05.10).

Euro vs Gold - July 2009 to May 2010 (chart)


All major informed international speculators are now betting against the Euro. A total of 113,890 derivatives contracts are in current play.
For five weeks in a row, the smart money has been booked against the Euro. The fake Eurozone bailout is seen as a smoke-and-mirrors obfuscation. The underlying panic is palpable. Nothing can save the Euro. France is ready to return to the Franc. Germany is ready to return to the Deutschmark. EuroZone chaos updates here (14.05.10), here (16.05.10), here (17.05.10), here (18.05.10) and here (18.05.10).


Mirna Nazzour - Damascus miracle healer
Two photographs. And a more recent picture here.

Jesus and Mary are still active in working healing miracles through Mirna Nazzour in Damascus, Syria.
The Damascus miracle stories began on the 22nd November 1982. Mirna Nazzour and two other women were praying for her sick sister-in-law. An unusual light began to shine from Mirna’s hands and oil flowed from them. Someone suggested that Mirna should place her hands on the sick woman. She did and the woman was instantly cured. Then, on the 27th November 1982, a miniature icon of the Madonna and Child in Mirna’s house began to pour out healing olive oil. This has continued to the present day. In December 1982, Mirna began to receive visitations and teachings from Mary, the mother of Jesus. Mirna Nazzour was told to build a simple shrine outside her house. On the 19th December 1982, a man suffering from polio was cured while worshipping at the shrine. Many ­other visitors have been cured since that first healing. On the 25th November 1983, Mirna began to bleed from her forehead, the palms of her hands, her feet and her side. This miraculous phenomenon is traditionally known as stigmata. Mirna experiences the miracle each Good Friday. Her wounds open, bleed and close within a period of six hours. Doctors have examined her closely during this process and have concluded that the stigmata are supernatural and beyond their medical comprehension. To this day, Jesus and Mary's miraculous healing work continues through Mirna Nazzour. Her house in Damascus is permanently open to visitors. The miracles the spiritual masters are manifesting through Mirna Nazzour are similar, in many ways, to the miracles they are manifesting through Torbi el Mekki in Skhirat, Morocco (details here), and to those they are manifesting in Den Bosch, The Netherlands, and in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia (details here). More Mirna Nazzour background can be found here (11.08.94).


Kissinger-Bush-Clinton syndicate gets new money from Bank of Japan. Swap arrangement of yen for dollars means Japan will be printing dollars for the Nazi continuum's constitutionally illegal Federal Reserve Board.
It is well known that the Bank of Japan Governor, Masaaki Shirakawa, is a bought-and-paid-for puppet of the US corporation. But what about Japan's Finance Minister, Naoto Kan? Is he now in bed with the US Nazi continuum? It is widely rumoured that Kan will replace Japanese Prime Minister, Yukio Hatoyama, by the end of May 2010. Is Naoto Kan in receipt of bribes from Washington DC?


Much is occurring that is leading to a final resolution of your confusing and chaotic world. The death throes of one era and the start of another tend to overlap, and this is the case with what is now being played out in this reality.
"The old guard is only now recognising the fact that your present reality is beyond saving. It is like a severely punctured boat; the holes are just too numerous to be repaired. It is time to let the boat sink and look for a suitable replacement. But the dark cabal, which runs this old guard, thinks otherwise; it feels that, somehow, magic can still be pulled out of the hat in time to save the day and that, somehow, this dilemma can be solved. The dark persists in this hope despite the fact that the old guard and its many associates now maintain that no such magic is anywhere in sight and as a result are busy deserting the sinking ship. The latest discussions with the dark ones are now tinged with desperation. Their panic grows by the hour and the extent of this panic colours the last moments of their time in power. Never before on your world has a group accustomed to ruling a whole planet been vanquished in this manner. It is governments' financial and institutional shortcomings which have led to the dark's downfall, and this setback to their plans irks them. The global populace is on the verge of taking charge and running the villains out of town. Your world is about to learn many things about subjects none of you could have imagined. These revelations are to reestablish who you are, your true history, and why you are here. Hidden deep within many sequestered dark libraries are truths which we intend to expand on. These tell the stories of your origins and of how the Anunnaki and Co manipulated you for decades. Our Earth allies have a long list of things to do, the first of which involves governmental change and a sweeping transformation of your global financial system. The dark cabal does not intend to cooperate. Already in a state of panic, the dark minions are scared stiff that these agreements will cost them not only their power and wealth but also their lives. It is this fear that fuels the escalating turmoil now choking the global news media. There exists an unwritten history that is suddenly to become written. The duplicities of the Anunnaki are to be revealed, and the number and enormity of the crimes against humanity are also to be described in detail. This information will lead back to Atlantis and, ultimately, Lemuria, where your ET origins are to be found. The changes you are undergoing reverse the unplugging that was carried out on you nearly fifteen millennia ago in Atlantis when the dark Anchara Alliance came here to work its black magic on you. These dark ones began to experiment on you to undo full consciousness within this dualistic reality. The results are what you see all around you. Our purpose is to reverse what the (negative) Atlanteans and their dark cohorts did. Your aches and pains attest to the last stages of this return to who you really are ...."

Takedown of Washington DC cabal. Henry Kissinger stopped from leaving USA with two large suitcases filled with cash. Illuminati's Satanist minions in US look to change identities and "disappear". ...(...)  /// alcuin////




Listes des patriotes à la cause québécoise, qui furent fait prisonniers suivant la rébellion de 1837 - 1838. Une cinquantaine furent déportés en Australie et leurs biens furent saisis. --- Des ptits gars d'icitte. C'est notre héritage.





vaticproject.blogspot.com: THE UPDATES ARE THE REASON FOR THIS AND WHY ITS TIMELY, Read them first and see

Posted By: watcher51445 <Send E-Mail> Date: Wednesday, 26-May-2010 15:22:18

 I am sending this one out early since timliness is critical. PLEASE Get this out as fast as you can to everyone on your email lists and spread it far and wide. It will be included tonight on the daily summary, but I think we have a time problem.

Preparation takes time.

THE UPDATES ARE THE REASON FOR THIS AND WHY ITS TIMELY, Read them first and see. Remember, they NEVER do anything for the good of the people, its ALWAYS their agenda they care about and have proven they care about nothing else at all and thus their total lack of humanity. Also remember a year ago, Kissinger met with the Russian President and said that "The american people would be under control" and reassured him things would be under control, but we could not find out why the Russians cared. So, I guess this is a war against American with our own leaders as part of it. Thanks


Inventors say BP ignoring their oil spill ideas - 2 UPDATES
Posted by Vatic at 12:15
UPDATE #2: 12:14 mtn time, 5/26/10 - see video with all the updates on mobilization countrywide. Its almost everywhere. He scrolls down on his video as he is talking so watch it and read and pause as you do when he goes too fast. Its excellent intel he is giving up from many different sources including those in the guard. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wBSwCdfDoVQ This is an invasion under the bogus "CARING" about our citizens when they have proven they think we are cattle and have ignored every single thing we have shown we care about. Lock and load. Remember when I posted about Obama and the drones they were assigning over Texas??? Now does it make sense??? I highly recommend that series of preparations I discussed yesterday about all of this.

UPDATE: 9:43 am, 5/26/10 Its raining oil in Tampa Florida per intel by a tampa resident experiencing it as she was driving. ....(...)



veteranstoday.com: Watching Israel Delegitimize the U.S.

Posted By: watcher51445 <Send E-Mail>
Date: Wednesday, 26-May-2010 16:27:09 Watching Israel Delegitimize the U.S.

What’s behind the sudden crisis in Korea? Who benefits?
Which nation’s nuclear arsenal is problematic?
The U.S.-Israeli relationship has long been America’s Achilles heel. Our first president warned against “entangled alliances” particularly when, as here, there’s a “passionate attachment.”

Our “special relationship” with this rogue state has placed the U.S. outside the same system of international law that we now seek to impose on others, including Iran.

Our handling of the current crisis on the Korean peninsula could restore our tattered reputation.

What’s the first issue that needs to be addressed?

Here’s where you the reader may well ask: “Do you mean the issue concerning the collapse of Building 7 of the World Trade Center?” No, but nor is that question irrelevant to this latest crisis.

Here’s the second issue that must be addressed: to which nations has Israel transferred nuclear weapons or nuclear weapons technology? Is North Korea on the list?

That issue became relevant with the release of The Unspoken Alliance: Israel’s Secret Relationship with Apartheid South Africa. Archival research by author Sasha Polakowsky-Suransky uncovered “top secret” minutes of a military agreement signed in April 1975 between Shimon Peres, now president of Israel, and South Africa’s defense minister P.W. Botha.

Though Israel denies the conclusions reached by reporters for The Guardian (U.K.), the agreement suggests an offer of nuclear weapons while its Apartheid regime was under international sanctions.

Israel was then building a surrogate arms industry in South Africa using what was, in practical effect, slave labor. That industry has since moved to Israel where it employs “guest workers.” Peres was responsible for building Israel’s nuclear program with help from France in the 1950s.

Some weeks before the offer, Israel and South Africa signed a covert agreement (code name Secment) governing their military alliance. In the subsequent meetings, “correct payload” was used to describe the nuclear warheads Israel would provide for a Jericho missile system. As The Guardian explained:

“The use of a euphemism, the ‘correct payload’, reflects Israeli sensitivity over the nuclear issue and would not have been used had it been referring to conventional weapons… the only payload the South Africans would have needed to obtain from Israel was nuclear. The South Africans were capable of putting together other warheads.”

South Africa did not go ahead with the deal it was offered though it did develop its own nuclear weapons, possibly with Israeli assistance. The Apartheid government revealed the program to Nelson Mandela when he became president.

In 1986, nuclear technician Mordechai Vanunu revealed Israel’s nuclear weapons program to the Sunday Times (London). Vanunu was kidnapped by Mossad agents in Rome and returned for trial in Israel. Sentenced to 18 years, he served 11 years in solitary confinement. On May 23rd, he was sentenced to another three months in prison for breaking the terms of his release by having unauthorized meetings with foreigners.

Evil Doers vs. Evil Doing

Even now Israel strives against all odds to maintain “ambiguity” about its nuclear weapons. But how can you offer nuclear weapons you don’t have?

Who provided nuclear technology to North Korea? That backward state, now nuclear-armed, was included in G.W. Bush’s post-911 “Axis of Evil” speech. Care to guess which Israeli-American wrote that speech?

Shortly thereafter the U.S. invaded Iraq to remove an Evil Doer. Only later did we learn that our “flawed” intelligence was “fixed” around a goal long sought by Israel as chronicled in A Clean Break, a strategy document written for Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu by a team of Israeli-Americans led by Richard Perle.

In 2001, Perle became chairman of the Pentagon’s Defense Policy Review Board.

The United Nations has long been scheduled to review the 1968 Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty and to consider the creation of a Middle East free of nuclear weapons. As the date approached, the world community experienced a well-timed torpedo attack on a South Korean warship, reportedly by a North Korean submarine.

In the midst of these negotiations, mainstream media has been flooding the national consciousness with power-of-association stories about Iran, its nuclear program and even its links to North Korea. Tehran, of course, was the third member in the trio of Bush-era Evil Doers.

News outlets controlled by Israeli-American Rupert Murdoch are particularly active, including Fox News and The Wall Street Journal.

Is it true that Tel Aviv transferred to Pyongyang a German-made submarine? If so, does that qualify as evil doing?

Perhaps here is a good place to pose an out-of-sequence question: What about the collapse of Building 7?

Master Myth Makers

Does Israel routinely transfer war materiél to nations subject to international sanctions?

That would help explain their status as the world’s third largest arms exporter. The U.S. holds first place with Russia second. Israel and France vie for third and fourth trailed by the U.K. and China in the Dirty Half Dozen.

If Israel has an extensive arsenal of nuclear weapons, why does the U.S not insist on inspections?

How does U.S. protection of Israel’s illegal conduct advance U.S. interests?

How is our conduct consistent with the behavior we are now pressing on Iran?

What is so valuable about the U.S.-Israeli relationship that we should sacrifice our credibility to cover-up violations of international law that make us appear guilty by association?

By law isn’t the U.S. obliged to support U.N. sanctions for Israel?

Why discredit the U.S. and undermine the stature of the United Nations? Wasn’t the U.N. the post-WWII organization founded in large part by the U.S. to discourage just such behavior?

Serial Provocations and Murderous Misdirection

Instead of sanctions, what do we see instead? Misdirection and intimidation.

The Internet is awash with Men in Black accounts featuring the usual array of conspiracies. Elvis may yet be blamed for a Korean peninsula incident that could ignite a nuclear war in the region.

How long before we see a story blaming Hezbollah terrorists led by the Pakistan Taliban aboard an Iranian submarine advised by Syrian nuclear scientists and Palestinian strategists?

Or aliens.

The stage has been set for another 911, possibly featuring a nuclear incident. A series of “plausible” Evil Doers have been prominently featured in assorted “terrorist incidents.”

Enough pre-staging has been done that Americans again feel insecure following the media coverage given the Ft. Hood shooting, the Christmas Day Bomber and now the Times Square Terrorist.

One small problem: none of these storylines hold up under close scrutiny. But then that’s not the point. Neither did the “intelligence” on which we relied to wage war in Iraq in response to the provocation of 911. It didn’t need to be true, just believable.

Time to Redo the Report

Anyone of substance associated with the report of the 911 Commission knows we still need a good faith investigation. Mainstream Europeans routinely call for it. Those demands are routinely couched in code due to the perils facing those in the EU who question our “special relationship.”

Instead, commentators ask about the “collapse” of Building 7. Good question. Also a fair question. The answer could lead somewhere useful. Therefore, don’t ask, don’t tell.

This entangled alliance has been an exercise in deceit since a Christian-Zionist president, a Democrat, was induced to extend recognition to an enclave of extremists.

Harry Truman dismissed the concerns of the Joint Chiefs who warned him about their “fanatical concepts” and their plans for “military and economic hegemony over the entire Middle East.”

We were deceived by our own better nature to embrace a relationship that has long been at odds with our national interest. The durability of the relationship has long failed to pass muster as either rational or consistent with our values. The relationship has changed for the worse who we are as a nation.

Yet somehow the relationship endures. Along with the perceived legitimacy of this “state.”

Deception and Self-Deceit

Its persistence can be traced to the strength of a lobby that, to date, has escaped registration as a foreign agent. Those known for their skill at waging war “by way of deception” have routinely betrayed the nation that first befriended and most reliably defended them.

Even when a Christian-Zionist president, a Republican, led us to war on fixed intelligence, we were unable to identity the common source of our troubles. Some blamed G.W Bush. Others now blame Barack Obama. Both critiques miss the point. This treachery is now systemic and thoroughly imbedded in both political parties.

Even now, an undisclosed media bias blocks Americans from the facts they require to make an informed choice about this relationship. And about the legitimacy of a transnational operation that murders with impunity (as in Dubai) and provokes with pleasure—anywhere they please.

Americans are now emerging from many quarters to resist the influence wielded on (and from within) our government by special interests. This special relationship often tops the list.

Many supporters of Israel have been deceived to believe that this relationship is in their best interest. The facts confirm otherwise. Like the nation itself, they too were “the mark” in this long-running fraud.

We have been seduced by those masterful at deceit to freely embrace the very forces that delegitimized us as a nation and collapsed our economy from within.

Which brings me back to the question: what about Building 7?



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atlah.org: Wow, this goes down deep. Manning is on the CIA/KGB official hit list, you'll hear why:   Posted By: watcher51445 <Send E-Mail>  Date: Thursday, 27-May-2010 12:18:30 Wow, this goes down deep. Manning is on the CIA/KGB official hit list, you'll hear why:      http://atlah.org/atlahworldwide/?p=8342 // recorded may 18th //







Adam's Calendar - Part 1 of 10     ....  tuesday mardi 25 mai/may  2010 20 h 26  8pm....
from/De: "Michael Tellinger" zuluplanet@majesticinteractive.co.za

Hello    I have compiled a detailed article about our discoveries. Please enjoy the first of ten.  Discovering the Oldest Man-made Structures on Earth.  A 10-part article by Michael Tellinger        June 2009    Part 1 of 10      Exposing the Lost City of ENKI
            Scholars have told us that the first civilisation on Earth emerged between the rivers Tigris and Euphrates in a land called Sumer some 6000 years ago. Recent archaeological findings suggest that the Sumerians may have inherited some of their knowledge and symbolisms from an earlier civilisation that emerged many thousands of years earlier in southern Africa – the cradle of humankind. The constant references to southern Africa in the Sumerian texts as a ‘time before time’ leaves very little doubt that this was the case.  Why have we been so resistant to this information?
Is it our arrogance?      Or are we just scared of change?

The discovery of the oldest statue of the Hawk Head of Horus, about 260,000 years old; petroglyphs of winged disks with a cross, and two pyramids aligned to Adam’s Calendar and the rise of Orion, are forcing us to rewrite human history. Let us cast the dogma of our existing knowledge aside and embrace the new evidence.
Adam’s Calendar – Should actually  be called ENKI’s calendar. The flagship ruin at the centre of the largest and most mysterious ancient city on Earht.. The Sumerian tablets tell us that this was a special place of observation built by ENKI in the deep ABZU (South Africa) around 260,000 years ago. Before the ADAMU was created.

      When I wrote and released ‘Slave Species of god’ I never realised the kind of impact it would have on people all over the world. I am quite overwhelmed to have received feedback from readers in over 20 countries, describing how it has changed their lives and allowed them to question without fear of being punished by some invisible old man in the sky. But the biggest surprise has been meeting Johan Heine at one of my talks which opened up the floodgates of the next phase of my research.

When Johan first introduced me to the ancient stone ruins of southern Africa, I had no idea of the incredible discoveries we would make in the year or two that followed. The photographs, artefacts and evidence we have accumulated points unquestionably to a lost and never-before-seen civilisation that predates all others – not by just a few hundred years, or a few thousand years… but many thousands of years. These discoveries are so staggering that they will not be easily digested by the mainstream historical and archaeological fraternity, as we have already experienced. It will require a complete paradigm shift in how we view our human history.

I see myself as a fairly open-minded chap but I will admit that it took me well over a year for the penny to drop, and for me to realise that we are actually dealing with the oldest structures ever built by humans on Earth.

The main reason for this is that we have been taught that nothing of significance has ever come from southern Africa. That the powerful civilisations all emerged in Sumeria and Egypt and other places. We are told that until the settlement of the BANTU people from the north, which was supposed to have started sometime in the 12th century AD, this part of the world was filled by hunter gatherers and so-called Bushmen, who did not make any major contributions in technology or civilisation.

Little did we realise that long before Egypt and long before Sumeria, there was a huge ancient city in what the Sumerian tablets call the ABZU (southern Africa). The lost and the first city of ENKI – the Sumerian deity and creator of humankind who was responsible for cloning the species we call Homo sapiens.     ABZU is often incorrectly translated as “HELL” by those who grapple with the true meaning of mythology. This is far from the truth because the ABZU was simply known as the land below the equator, where the gold came from. Sumerian tablets tell us clearly that ENKI established a base in the ABZU (southern Africa). This base grew into a very large ancient city occupied by the early human slaves who toiled in the gold mines.

We believe we have now discovered this large city he created. At its peak it was larger than modern-day Johannesburg, covering over 20,000 square kilometres. It consists of well over 100,000 stone ruins still today. These were linked by ancient roads and places of work and worship. ENKI controlled his gold mining operations from here and the fortress of Great Zimbabwe was his headquarters. The evidence of gold mining is everywhere in this part of the world and not only do historic records point to this as being the first place that gold was extracted by humans, new scientific research is there to support it.

     Our research has shown that the ancient ruins of South Africa and Zimbabwe go back to around 260,000 years the very first appearance of humans on Earth. I will take you on a journey of discovery as we experienced it over the past 2 years, since late 2007.

End of part 1.
Please click here to share my articles with your friends who you know will appreciate them.    Keep exploring – spread the word.     Michael Tellinger