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One moment in time

Wednesday, 16 June 2010 10:15

Nicolas Sarkozy 'Bans Tall Workers From Factory Walkabout'

Wednesday, 16 June 2010 09:56

The 5ft 5ins tall leader is alleged to have sent aides to the plant ahead of an official visit, to stop anyone over 5ft 6 ins from appearing alongside him. The claims come just a week after Mr Sarkozy was reported to have banned tall bodyguards from his presidential protection team.'

Read more: Nicolas Sarkozy 'Bans Tall Workers From Factory Walkabout'
Rothschild Zionist Harper Wants NDP to Fire Deputy Libby Davies for Criticism of Israel     Wednesday, 16 June 2010 09:48

'Stephen Harper called NDP House leader Libby Davies an extremist and then compared her to Helen Thomas, the long-time White House correspondent who was forced to resign recently over controversial remarks about Israel.  He didn’t stop there.

He demanded that her boss, NDP Leader Jack Layton, fire Ms. Davies, a Vancouver MP, who is also the party’s deputy leader, over remarks she made that questioned Israel’s right to exist.'


Bury the lead

Created: Wednesday, June 16th, 2010 at 1:48 am | Written By: David Katz

Almost 2 weeks ago I conducted an interview with Libby Davies at an anti Israel rally in vancouver. She said some things that there pretty stupid, and were picked up by the media as denying israel’s right to exist.  Well, the mass media has done, missing the true story in the Libby Davies interview conducted by Comments from Left Field.

To me, the real story is the fact that a member of parliament who has been a prominent critic of the state of Israel for 15 years could not answer a basic Israel/Palistine history question. When I first watched the video, my first instinct was thinking that she believed that Israel acquired Gaza and the West Bank in the war for independence. However, I am starting to suspect that she did not actually know that there were wars in Israel in 1948 or 1967 period. Why no major media outlets have picked this up is beyond me. This is almost as bad as asking why the US entered world war two, and having someone respond ‘because of the assassination of Arch Duke Ferdinand of course” ////

Libby Davies Story Blows Up

Created: Tuesday, June 15th, 2010 at 2:38 pm | Written By: David Katz

It is not often that one of the first story a blogger does becomes a national issue.  However, that interview I did with Libby Davies certainly has become one.  The papers that have picked up the story so far include The Globe and Mail, the National Post, the Ottawa Citizen, the Vancouver Sun, and more.  It has gone so far as Prime Minister Harper and Representative Bob Rae have called for her resignation.

.........  from:

James Arbuthnot is chairman of the Defence Select Committee in the UK Parliament ...

Wednesday, 16 June 2010 09:39

... He is also chairman of the Conservative Party Friends of Israel.

His select committee oversees the operations of the Ministry of Defence and the armed forces, which include any actions taken with regard to Israeli government targets like Iran.

Is this a conflict of interest?     Of course.

Will anything be done about it?     You must be joking. 

Israel apologists and supporters in key places of influence is not a problem for the Rothschild-controlled establishment - it is the goal.    They work for you (it says here) ...
The Hidden Wealth of the Catholic Church   Wednesday, 16 June 2010 09:25

'The Catholic Church is currently being shaken by a number of financial scandals, not only in Franconia but also in Augsburg, another Bavarian city, where Bishop Walter Mixa's dip into funds from a foundation that runs children's homes recently made headlines.

More than €40 million have gone missing in the Diocese of Magdeburg in eastern Germany, €5 million have disappeared in Limburg near Frankfurt, and it was recently discovered that a senior priest in the Diocese of Münster had 30 secret bank accounts. And while parishes throughout Germany are cutting jobs and funds for community work, many bishops are still living on the high horse. A brand-new residence? An ostentatious home for their retirement? Restoration of a Marian column to the tune of €120,000? None of these expenditures presents a problem to high-ranking church officials from Trier in the west to Passau in the southeastern corner of Bavaria, whose coffers are brimming with cash.
George Carlin - Religion is Bullshit (brilliant)

Wednesday, 16 June 2010 09:22 

rgbda  —  18 mars/march  2007  — George Carlin May 12 1937 - June 22 2008
Thank you George Carlin, your insight was of huge importance for the human race, you will be greatly missed by many. You are forever in our thoughts.

Please be civil in your discussion :-)

Israeli Nuclear Missile Boats Off Iranian Coast  Wednesday, 16 June 2010 08:52

'Israel is stationing three of its five Dolphin class submarines in the Red Sea, and will keep one of them operating off the Iranian coast at all times. These subs will be armed with cruise missiles (equipped with nuclear warheads).

The Israelis have developed a cruise missile, which is has a range of 1,500 kilometers and carries a 200 kiloton nuclear warhead. The objective of deploying nukes on subs is to further enhance deterrence to any nation launching a nuclear strike against Israel. If one of the Dolphins are always at sea, even a first strike against Israel would not prevent a nuclear strike by submarine launched nukes.'

Wednesday, 16 June 2010 08:40   Now Shipping

Nearly 700 pages, 355,000 words, 325 illustrations and 32 pages of original colour art by Neil Hague.  A Monumental Work  What is the 'Moon Matrix'?  Click here for details...
Obama To Push Nightmare Carbon Tax In Oval Office Speech

Wednesday, 16 June 2010 08:33

'President Barack Obama will tonight dispense with all restraint and fully exploit the BP oil spill to push the nightmare globalist agenda of a green economy, a carbon tax on human emissions, and an army of environmental enforcers to implement total big government tyranny.

Obama will announce the acceleration towards an agenda firmly supported by the transnational oil corporations that he is claiming to be reigning in – a post-industrial revolution characterized by artificial scarcity, soaring gas and electricity prices, and a carbon tax that will cripple the economy and drastically lower the living standards of American citizens, completely eviscerating the middle class.'
 Obama Using Oil Spill To Push Nightmare Green Economy Agenda :

ROV Films Oil Leak Coming From Rock Cracks on Seafloor

Wednesday, 16 June 2010 08:20

ROV films oil leak coming from cracks in a ROCK on the sea floor. BP denies that oil or gas are leaking from cracks in the sea floor on the bottom of the Gulf of Mexico.

Fox in the Henhouse: Can We Trust Israeli Security Companies

Wednesday, 16 June 2010 07:43

Israeli actor with metal bar walking through solid steel //

'Would you go to a doctor who worked in a germ warfare lab?  Would you hire a check forger to work in a bank?  Would you hire a child molester to watch your kids?  Well, we have hired Israel to watch our ports, our nuclear facilities, our airports and much more, a country we know for certain will give us a phony video, an altered container scan or a falsified radiation reading if it serves their purpose.'.......This week we learned that Israel had staged scenes from the Freedom Flotilla attack using actors and a common Hollywood special effects, called “double negative.”  The actors were shown standing among peaceful humanitarian workers, waving weapons around.  This became a problem when the stage Israel used wasn’t quite the same.  We ended up with a film showing our Israeli “terrorists” walking through solid steel time and time again.  Israelis film industry has been suffering of late.  Even the phony bin Laden videos have given over to audio.  The new bin Laden they use was doing Marlboro commercials in Egypt before they took him on.

It is a given that Israel has destroyed any credibility it once had.  It is one thing when a cheap set up job is leaked but this one was sent out special delivery Government of the State of Israel, stamped all over it.  This was pure suicide.  Only idiots that want to be fooled, politicians in the pocket of AIPAC and Fox News were really taken in.  Frankly, with no integrity to sacrifice in the first place, humiliation is impossible anyway.  With the “news cycle” such as it is, a new massacre or terrorist bombing could happen at any time.  As Israel needs one quickly, it is quite possible we may get one.

I guess I never thought that any country would go as far as to place people, spawned just like in a video game, in something used as vital evidence supporting Israel as “defending themselves.”  Not much hope of making that dog hunt anymore.  Maybe that dog never should have been tossed in a well at birth.  Israel’s continual rantings about terrorism might all have been movie magic from day one. ............ (...)

The issue then is one of trust.  Can an airport be guarded by the same people who shuffle assassins and terrorists through airports?  Can we accept a group of special effect clowns to handle video security footage that we may end up going to war over?  No matter how cheaply priced or how nicely packaged the stolen American technology being offered is, shouldn’t it matter who we do business with?

*********Gordon Duff is a Marine Vietnam veteran. A 100% disabled vet.  He has been a featured commentator on TV and radio including Al Jazeera and his articles have been carried by news services around the    world.   He has been a UN Diplomat, defense contractor and is a widely published expert on military and defense issues.  This article first appeared in Veterans and Foreign Affairs Journal.
Senior Editor: Veterans Today . Gordon Duff: Is Israel Planning Act of Desperation ?

// //
Church Makes Girl Apologize for Being Raped   Wednesday, 16 June 2010 07:35 ..pix...

'Like many victims of rape, she felt shame and was afraid she would be blamed. After she realized she was pregnant, she told her rapist, Ernest Willis. Willis offered to drive her out of state for an abortion or to punch her in the stomach to force a miscarriage. At that point, Tina thought she should tell her mother, who advised her to tell her Pastor, Chuck Phelps.

It turns out, Tina was right. She was blamed. Phelps reacted by telling her to go before the congregation and apologize for her sins. He said that while Willis might have been 99% responsible, Tina needed to be punished by admitting to her 1%. "He told me that I should be happy that I didn't live in Old Testament times because I would have been stoned".'
The Short Film BP Doesn't Want You to See

Wednesday, 16 June 2010 07:30

Tickets Available for Second Brixton Event   Wednesday, 16 June 2010 07:06

All tickets were gone six months in advance for David Icke's all-day event at the O2 Brixton Academy in May this year and another event has been arranged to meet the demand to see David's most advanced presentation yet.

This second event is at the O2 Brixton Academy all day on Saturday, September 11th.

Click here for tickets...

David Icke Around The World In 2010

All-day events confirmed in Prague (September 25th); New York (October 17th); San Francisco (October 23rd); Portugal (October 30th); Barcelona (November 6th); Amsterdam (November 27th).  There will be more events to follow and full details of venues and tickets when we have them.
WikiLeaks Founder Has Afghan Massacre Video    Wednesday, 16 June 2010 07:00

'Julian Assange, who the Feds fear may release State Dept. secrets, denies having them—but he’s readying video of a deadly U.S. airstrike in Afghanistan.

After several days underground, the founder of the secretive website WikiLeaks has gone public to disclose that he is preparing to release a classified Pentagon video of a U.S. airstrike in Afghanistan last year that left as many as 140 civilians dead, most of them children and teenagers.' ....(...) Lamo said he is convinced that Manning did have access to highly classified State Department cables, and that Manning’s boast of having stolen 260,000 cables sounds truthful.

In his email, Assange asks supporters for money, citing "an enforced lack of resources" for the website. "Please donate and tell the world you have done so," he writes. "Encourage all your friends to follow the example you set, after all, courage is contagious."

************Philip Shenon, a former investigative reporter at The New York Times, is the author of The Commission: The Uncensored History of the 9/11 Investigation.

Get a head start with the Morning Scoop email. It's your Cheat Sheet with must reads from across the Web. Get it.

For inquiries, please contact The Daily Beast at
Enough of This Crap          Wednesday, 16 June 2010 06:53

'Reports have been coming out of the Gulf for days about British Petroleum blocking access to beaches and animal-cleaning stations, in some instances using private Blackwater-style mercenaries to do so. Journalists as well as citizens have been thwarted in their attempts to see for themselves the extent of the damage being done by the runaway Deepwater Horizon disaster.

Know what I'd like to see happen? I would like to see a thousand people, ten thousand, a hundred thousand, just show the hell up down there and demand access. Citizens and reporters alike, just get down there, link arms, and walk to the beaches and the marshlands with digital cameras and cell phones, for instantaneous blogging of what they see, hear and smell. Pile into as many rented, borrowed and begged boats as can be mustered and plow out there to the scene of the crime. Dare the gendarmes to stop us.'

...(...) We are not necessarily asleep, but we are on the nod, watching the world burn around us without lifting a finger because, well, things are better now. Right?

Hm.         Perhaps having thousands of people descent upon the Gulf is a dumb idea, not feasible, even crazy. But imagine what would happen if we did just that. Imagine Wall Street thronged with citizens whose futures have been looted, refusing to leave until real change is finally effected. Imagine what would happen if this slumbering, pissed off nation rose up and got moving again.

A large enough lever can move the world. It is long past time for We The People to remember that, shake off the narcotic comfort of delusional hope, and start working the shoe leather again.     Enough of this crap.

Read more:
Millions of Patients Should Never be Prescribed Antidepressants, Scientists Say

Wednesday, 16 June 2010 06:48

'Roughly half the population should never be prescribed antidepressant drugs because they are only likely to become more depressed, according to a new study conducted by researchers from Columbia University and the New York State Psychiatric Institute and published in the journal Neuron.

Scientists have known for some time that antidepressant drugs only work in about half of patients. Research has discovered that although the drugs are designed to raise circulating levels of the neurotransmitter chemical serotonin in the brain, they actually produce the opposite effect in large numbers of people. "The more antidepressants try to increase serotonin production, the less serotonin [they] actually produce," researcher Rene Hen said.'
Unusual Trading in Stock Options Prior to 9/11: Government Destroyed Documents Regarding Pre-9/11 Put Options
  Wednesday, 16 June 2010 06:37

'Sources tell CBS News that the afternoon before the attack, alarm bells were sounding over unusual trading in the U.S. stock options market. An extraordinary number of trades were betting that American Airlines stock price would fall.

The trades are called "puts" and they involved at least 450,000 shares of American. But what raised the red flag is more than 80 percent of the orders were "puts", far outnumbering "call" options, those betting the stock would rise. Sources say they have never seen that kind of imbalance before, reports CBS News Correspondent Sharyl Attkisson. Normally the numbers are fairly even.'

Read more:
Media Took Government Cash During Trial of 'Cuban Five'

Wednesday, 16 June 2010 06:31

Ten years later, evidence that conviction of 'Cuban 5' was influenced by journalists on The State Dept payroll

UN Insists on International Flotilla Probe    Wednesday, 16 June 2010 05:24

'Despite Israel's announcement of an internal probe of its deadly Gaza aid attack, the United Nations continues to push for a full international investigation. Israel's cabinet approved on Monday an Israeli inquiry into the May 31 onslaught, which killed 20 international activists onboard the Gaza Freedom Flotilla. The probe, however, falls short of meeting international demands for impartiality, as the Israeli investigation panel includes no more than two foreign observers, who have no say on the proceedings and conclusions of the commission.'
Obama sees light ahead for oil-damaged Gulf Coast (he's lying, of course, but then that's what he does)   Tuesday, 15 June 2010 10:11





 Gilad Atzmon    Thu, 10 Jun 2010 08:37 EDT
Panic is detected in Israel. Strategic affairs minister, Moshe Boogi Ya'alon who served as acting PM during last week's massacre in the high seas said yesterday that "someone failed to prepare a standard operating procedure." A senior IDF official was quick to respond "If there wasn't a standard operating procedure, why didn't he make sure there was one. He was the acting prime minister and it was his responsibility." War criminal Tzipi Livni is also unhappy with the Government for failing to take responsibility. Two days ago she led a no confidence vote in the Israeli Knesset.

Seemingly the Israelis are starting to blame each other. This may look like a positive move, however, not a single Israeli is yet to ask for forgiveness. Seemingly no one in Israel grasps the scale of the atrocity in the high seas. No one in Israel comprehends the level of outrage amongst the nations. Israelis, are instead concerned with their Hasbara failure, their military operational mistakes and so on. Up until now, they fail to see that in the high seas, they have managed to kill Christ again.

Killing Christ is realised symbolically as an assault on goodness, a crime against kindness and innocence. The cold blooded slaughter of peace activists in international waters has a very similar effect. It is an assault on compassion, righteousness and humanism. It is an attack on everything Christianity and Islam happen to value. As much as Israelis, Zionists and Neocons are insisting on spreading the deceptive myth of a Judeo-Christian alliance, it is this last Israeli crime that made it clear that the Jewish State shares nothing with humanism, Christianity or Islam. Israel in fact stands against any recognised Western value.

...(...) We understand that the Palestinians are at the forefront of the battle against evil. And we obviously stand behind them as one person. Interestingly enough, politicians are way behind. They still fail to notice the rapidly emerging worldwide public awareness that something is deeply sick in the Israeli society and its lobbies around the world. Our politicians will probably join us later, when their Zionist money runs out.

By equating Christ's murder with last week's massacre in the high seas, we can then understand the total failure of the Israeli Hasbara machine. Instead of standing up and admitting that something went horribly wrong at sea, Israeli officials reverted to the usual spin. The Turkish activists had become 'Jew haters', 'Al-Qaeda terrorists', and the Mavi Marmara had become a 'Boat of Hate'. This tactic is unfortunately too familiar. It has been employed by Rabbinical Judaism for two thousand years, especially against the memory of Christ.

I guess that Christians and Muslims will be shocked and outraged to find out that Yesh'u (יש"ו), the Hebrew name for Jesus, is an abbreviation that corresponds to the "May his name and memory be blotted out"*, an expression used for deceased enemies of the Jewish people like Hitler and Stalin. In the Hebraic culture, Jesus, the kindest of all people, the son of God, is regarded as the ultimate enemy. If Jesus is cornered with Hitler, it shouldn't surprise us that Hasbara officials insist to stick Peace activists with Al-Qaeda. Seemingly, in the modern Israelite philosophy one becomes a Yesh'u hate figure once hit by an Israeli bullet.

The Judaic hatred towards Jesus, as reflected by the Hebraic abbreviation Yesh'u is pretty revealing in the context of the latest Israeli massacre. Rather than accepting its crime and genuinely repenting, Israel attempted to portray the Turkish martyrs as the ultimate Jewish enemies. Seemingly, this attempt failed completely. The Free Gaza flotilla is now making it into a symbol of hope and compassion. Israel, on the other hand shoved itself into a corner. This is a tragic prophecy that fulfilled itself. Israel will never recover, it simply can't.


World Hits Home at Shutter Speed

Kate Geraghty  The Sydney Morning Herald   Sat, 12 Jun 2010 17:00 EDT Australian air force medic sits with injured Australians awaiting evacuation after the 2002 bombing.////
Giving people a voice and telling their stories has put Walkley Award-winning Sun-Herald photographer Kate Geraghty in harm's way on more than one occasion. But joining the flotilla of aid ships trying to break Israel's blockade of Gaza unexpectedly turned her into the headline. This is her story.

The black-clad Israeli commando looked straight into the camera lens as the flash lit up the swirling smoke from exploding tear gas canisters all around him.

It was the photograph that perfectly captured the storming of the Free Gaza Flotilla trying to break the Israeli blockade and get aid into Gaza. It was also one of the photographs I took that will never be seen.

Then I was hit with this stunning pain in my lower arm, below the elbow, and I was thrown a metre and a half across the deck. Others had seen a white flash, I had a burn on my arm and after I checked for blood and found none I realised I had been hit with a stun gun.

By then it was too late to do anything else. Six armed commandos climbed over the rails and ordered: "Down! Sit down! Get down!"

My colleague, reporter Paul McGeough, told them: "We're with The Sydney Morning Herald." And another commando said: "We know you're with the Herald."

I was stunned but for a completely different reason. "Bloody hell - Aussie accents."

"No worries," the commando said.    I was frightened but, even more, I was really quite annoyed. What were Australians doing behaving like this? ...(....)


European Jewish Group to Launch Flotilla to Break Gaza Blockade

Richard Hall  The Huffington Post    Wed, 09 Jun 2010 20:59 EDT
A Jewish European peace group is to launch a boat to break the blockade of Gaza in the coming months, organizers said, almost a week after nine activists were killed making the same trip.

European Jews for a Just Peace (EJJP) - an umbrella organization of Jewish groups from 10 European countries against the occupation of Palestine - aim to deliver humanitarian aid such as school books and medicines to the Gaza Strip, and to draw attention to the blockade which they call "immoral."

"We want to show that not all Jews support Israel," said Edith Lutz, a German member of the EJJP. "We are calling for a just solution and for an end to the blockade."

On board the ships will be activists from across Europe including Germany and the UK, as well as an 85-year-old Holocaust survivor from Israel. The voyage was originally meant to carry only a small number of activists together with journalists from Europe and Israel, but organizers say that a huge response from the Jewish community has meant that a second boat has been arranged, and the possibility of a third is being discussed.

"In the beginning it was not meant to be an exclusively Jewish trip, we had a variety of people. But many more Jewish people came forward wanting to come on board, and we realized this was important politically," said Lutz.

This sentiment was echoed by Glyn Secker, a member of the British based Jews for Justice for Palestinians who will captain the ship. "I think it will have particular significance because it is a group of Jewish people saying that as Jews, we are critical of Israeli policy. We believe that there should be a just peace for the Palestinians," he said.

Organizers hope to draw attention to the injustice of the blockade whilst delivering much-needed supplies to the impoverished territory of 1.5 million people, 80 percent of whom rely on some sort of food aid according to the UN agency for Palestinian refugees UNRWA.

"The supplies are symbolic," said Secker, "they include medical supplies, books, art materials and some musical instruments to give to the children. We want to make a very clear moral statement that the way Israel is treating the Palestinians is, we believe, extremely immoral. We want to say emphatically: 'not in our name,'" Secker added.

Another motivation for the trip, organizers said, was the effect Israeli policies have on the treatment of Jews living outside of Israel.

"We are frightened that Israeli policies will help anti-Semitism to grow. We also want to show that these actions are not Jewish," said Lutz.

The group said they will depart from a port in an undisclosed country toward the end of July. The current number of people on board is approximately 40, but organizers said this number could grow by the time they depart.

Egypt and Israel have maintained the blockade since Hamas won elections in Gaza in 2006, with Israel describing it as an essential measure to stop weapons from reaching Hamas militants.

Rights group Amnesty International has condemned it as "collective punishment" and UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Navi Pillay last week said the blockade was illegal and should be eliminated.

The activists planning the journey said they were shocked when they heard about the deaths of other activists trying to deliver aid last week, and were unsure whether they would reach their target.

"I cannot tell you whether the trip will be a success or if will get to Gaza. But we will be successful in telling the world that we don't agree with the blockade," said Lutz.

The Anti-Empire Report

William Blum    Fri, 11 Jun 2010 13:54 EDT
The worst thing that ever happened to the Jewish people is the Holocaust. The second worst thing that ever happened to the Jewish people is the state of Israel.

Things internationally are so dispiriting there's nothing left to do but fantasize. I picture Turkey, as a member of NATO, demanding that the alliance come to its defense after being attacked by Israel. Under Article 5 of the NATO charter an armed attack on one member is deemed to constitute an armed attack on all members. That is the ostensible reason NATO is fighting in Afghanistan - the attack against the United States on September 11, 2001 is regarded as an attack on all NATO members (disregarding the awkward fact that Afghanistan as a country had nothing to do with the attack). The Israeli attack on a Turkish-flagged ship, operated by a Turkish humanitarian organization, killing nine Turkish nationals and wounding many more can certainly constitute an attack upon a NATO member.

So, after the United States, the UK, Germany, France and other leading NATO members offer their ridiculous non-sequitur excuses why they can't ... umm ... er ... invoke Article 5, and the international media swallows it all without any indigestion, Turkey demands that Israel should at least lose its formal association with NATO as a member of the Mediterranean Dialogue. This too is dismissed with scorn by the eminent NATO world powers on the grounds that it would constitute a victory for terrorism. And anti-Semitism of course.

Turkey then withdraws from NATO. Azerbaijan and five other Central Asian members of NATO's Partnership for Peace with Turkic constituencies do the same. NATO falls into a crisis. Remaining member countries begin to question the organization's policies as never before ... like please tell us again why our young men are killing and dying in Afghanistan, and why we send them to Kosovo and Iraq and other places the Americans deem essential to their endlessly-threatened national security.

When Vice President Biden tells the eminent conservative-in-liberal-clothing pseudo-intellectual Charlie Rose on TV that "We have put as much pressure and as much cajoling on Israel as we can to allow them [Gaza] to get building materials in," 1 Rose for once rises to the occasion and acts like a real journalist, asking Biden: "Have you threatened Israel with ending all military and economic aid? ... Have you put the names of Israeli officials on your list of foreigners who can not enter the United States and whose bank accounts in the US are frozen, as you've done with numerous foreign officials who were not supporters of the empire? ... Since Israel has committed both crimes against the peace and crimes against humanity, and since these are crimes that have international jurisdiction, certain Israeli political and military personnel can be named in trials held in any country of the world. Will you be instructing the Attorney General to proceed with such an indictment? Or if some other country which is a member of the International Criminal Court calls upon the ICC to prosecute these individuals, will the United States try to block the move? ... Why hasn't the United States itself delivered building materials to Gaza?"

When Israel justifies its murders on the grounds of "self-defense", late-night TV comedians Jay Leno and David Letterman find great humor in this, pointing out that a new memoir by China's premier at the time of the 1989 Tiananmen Square violent suppression defends the military action by saying that soldiers acted in "self-defense" when they fired on the democracy activists. 2

When Israel labels as "terrorists" the ship passengers who offered some resistance to the Israeli invaders, the New York Times points out that the passengers who resisted the 9-11 highjackers on the plane which crashed in Pennsylvania are called "heroes". (As an aside, it's worth noting that the United States uses 9-11 as Israel uses the Holocaust - as excuse and justification for all manner of illegal and violent international behavior.)

Meanwhile, the Washington Post reminds its readers that in 2009 Israel attacked a boat on international waters carrying medical aid to Gaza with former congresswoman Cynthia McKinney aboard; and that in 1967 Israel attacked an American ship, the USS Liberty, killing 34 and wounding about 173, and that President Johnson did then just what President Obama is doing now and would have done then - nothing.

And finally, Secretary of State Clinton declares that she's had a revelation. She realizes that what she recently said about North Korea when it was accused of having torpedoed a South Korean warship applies as well to Israel. Mrs. Clinton had demanded that Pyongyang "stop its provocative behavior, halt its policy of threats of belligerence towards its neighbors, and take irreversible steps to fulfill its denuclearization commitments and comply with international law." 3 She adds that the North Korean guilt is by no means conclusive, while Israel doesn't deny its attack on the ship at all; moreover, it's not known for sure if North Korea actually possesses nuclear weapons, whereas there's no uncertainty about Israel's large stockpile.

So there you have it. Hypocrisy reigns. Despite my best fantasizing. Is hypocrisy a moral failing or a failure of the intellect? When President Obama says, as he has often, "No one is above the law" and in his next breath makes it clear that his administration will not seek to indict Bush or Cheney for any crimes, does he think that no one will notice the contradiction, the hypocrisy? That's a callous disregard for public opinion and/or a dumbness worthy of his predecessor.

And when he declares: "The future does not belong to those who gather armies on a field of battle or bury missiles in the ground", 4 does it not occur to him at all that he's predicting a bleak outlook for the United States? Or that his conscious, deliberate policy is to increase the size of America's army and its stockpile of missiles?

Comrades, can the hypocrisy and the lies reach such a magnitude that enough American true believers begin to question their cherished faith, so that their number reaches a critical mass and explodes? Well, it's already happened with countless Americans, but it's an awfully formidable task keeping pace with what is turned out by the mass media and education factories. They're awfully good at what they do. Too bad. But don't forsake the struggle. What better way is there to live this life? And remember, just because the world has been taken over by lying, hypocritical, mass-murdering madmen doesn't mean we can't have a good time.  ....(...)





found at


................... BLgolightly marshall...................

Pedro Fernandes de Queirós also known as Pedro Fernández de Quirós, (1563 - 1615) was a Portuguese navigator best known for his involvement with Spanish voyages of discovery in the Pacific Ocean, in particular the 1595-1596 voyage of Alvaro de Mendaña de Neira, and for leading a 1605-1606 expedition which crossed the Pacific in search of Terra Australis. Born in Portugal, Queirós is the original Portuguese spelling of his name. Quirós, however, was the Castilian spelling that he used all his adult life[citation needed].

Pedro Fernandes de Queirós (ou Pedro Fernández de Quirós en espagnol), né à Évora (Portugal) en 1565 et mort à Panamá en 1614, était un navigateur et un explorateur portugais au service de la royauté espagnole.



...rendue là...............






LEO WANTA SENDS: BP DEATH CLOUDS ALREADY ON SHORE-BENZENE 3400 PPB  Posted By: watcher51445 <Send E-Mail> Date: Wed, 16-Jun-2010 07:49:33  

//  //   BP Death Clouds Already Onshore! Benzene-3400ppb & Hyrdrogen Sulfide-1200ppb TOXIC AIR ALERT

HorseofPaulRevere — June 14, 2010 — BP Oil Spill:Toxic Gases Spreading Inland, Scientist Says Move Out of Gulf...EVACUATIONS OF THE GULF REGION ARE COMING, FEMA WILL OPEN ITS ONE-WAY DOORS.
Gases such as Hydrogen Sulfide, Benzene, Methylene Chloride, and other toxic gases pose a greater risk to human health than the presence of oil washing up on Gulf of Mexico beaches. The allowable levels of Hydrogen Sulfide and Benzene according to the EPA are 5-10 parts per billion and 0 respectively.The EPA reported the level detected in the Gulf at almost 1,200 PPB for hydrogen sulfide and 3400 PPB for Benzene during the month of May. The amounts pose a serious and even fatal health risk to people and animals.          For some official level reports on these deadly gases click below

A QUESTION WE MUST ASK OURSELVES. How bad could this go? We are just at the beginning. Consider death and debilitating illness caused by the following, simple exposure to the crude oil and make-up, or the chemical dispersant, the close proximity to the 'burn-off' of such 'contained' areas, the fumes and toxic vapors being given off 'naturally' at the surface of the Gulf of Mexico. Also consider the unseen GIANT PLUMES of oil snaking their way through the depths of the ocean, poisoning all marine life on their way to everywhere. What about the marshlands, deltas, swamps and low lying areas dependent on the waters for their survival. I mean the animals AND the people. Food intake, let alone money for the fisherman, will be 0. All of these things, and much more, ARE ALREADY HAPPENING. Many will be hungry.

Video Credit To BabyJustWin:

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103 Responses to “May Levels of Toxic Gases in Gulf Back Up Claim Made by Lindsey Williams” Says:    June 12th, 2010 at 10:31 pm
Thank you Lindsey!!!!!!!   You are the man!

Now go bump tracks at Lindsey Williams! 

cdeesgunz69 Reply:   June 13th, 2010 at 3:18 am

This is being misunderstood. Lindsey and others are giving the readings in PPB (Parts Per Billion) and the official Exposure Limits are given in PPM (Parts Per Million). To convert PPM to PPB you must multiply the PPM number by 1,000. I am a Hazmat Tech and am holding a NIOSH Chemical Hazards Guide in my hands at this very moment. This is what it states on the Exposure Limit of H2S (Hydrogen Sulfide):
NIOSH REL (Recommended Exposure Limit): C 10 PPM [10-minute]    OSHA PEL (Permissible Exposure Limit): C 20 PPM / 50 PPM [10-minute maximum peak]

It says above that the concentration threshold for people to experience physical symptoms from hydrogen sulfide is about 5 to 10 parts per “billion”- THAT IS INCORRECT! It should state 5 to 10 parts per MILLION!

Now if we convert the 5 to 10 parts per MILLION to parts per BILLION we get an Exposure Limit for Hydrogen Sulfide of 5,000 to 10,000 PPM! The readings taken according to Lindsey were as follows:
Hydrogen Sulfide: 1,200 PPB/ Benzene: 3,000 PPB /Methylene Chloride: 3,000 to 3,400

Here are the actual TRUE Permissable Exposure Limits BEFORE AND AFTER CONVERTING:  Hydrogen Sulfide: 20ppm= 20,000 PPB
Benzene: Time Weighted Average: 1ppm (Short Term: 5ppm)= 1,000 PPB / (ST: 5,000 PPB)   Methylene Chloride: Time Weighted Average: 25ppm= 25,000 PPB

I thought the values Lindsey gave was much worse at first until I actually looked myself. Dont get me wrong, its still not good at all… but people won’t be dropping dead like some of you are thinking. I hope this clears things up just a bit

Weasels Ripped My Flesh Reply:  June 13th, 2010 at 8:11 am

Ok, so there is a typo in the article in the quote from the Institue for Southern Studies blog, but the chart right below it taken from the H2S Safety Factsheet is correctly stated.

In short… are you saying that 1.2ppm 24/7 exposure isn’t that big of a deal? I mean, this thing is going to keep flowing and that number is only going to go up…

By the time it gets to 5ppm, I would expect evacuations. I mean, people would be walking around with burning eyes 24/7, and I wouldn’t think that it would take than much to cause long term health effects.    We aren’t talking about 10 minute exposure intervals here.

captain obvious Reply:  June 13th, 2010 at 8:14 am

1200 ppb being 1.2 ppm isnt rocket science.

the exposure youre talking about, “[10 minutes]“, think about that..
now think about that 1.2 ppm being 24/7.  1.2 ppm x 6 for 1 hour, that x 24 for a day = 172.8 ppm exposure…  -what did that just do to your decimal pointings?

OOPS Reply:   June 13th, 2010 at 10:45 am


dogrisham Reply:  June 13th, 2010 at 2:53 pm Lets not forget that black absorbs heat and with a third of the Gulf now black, which is why they need chemicals to turn the oil clear , what kind of warming will result. Did they just find a way to create their own weather. What kind of monster have they truly created. Will we see strange weather coming out of the Gulf. Can anyone clear that issue up for me…PLEASE

patrioticTRUTH Reply:   June 13th, 2010 at 4:00 am  //// ?????/////

patrioticTRUTH Reply:   June 13th, 2010 at 4:23 am

Just to add to the stats from above a bit, here are the IDLH (Immediate Dangerous to Life and Health) values for each of the chemicals:

IDLH values:  Hydrogen Sulfide: 100 ppm / 100,000 PPB   Benzene: 500 ppm / 500,000 PPB    Methylene Chloride: 2,300 ppm / 2,300,000 PPB

Now remember, here are the actual readings that were taken:
Hydrogen Sulfide: 1,200 PPB   Benzene: 3,000 PPB
Methylene Chloride: 3,000 to 3,400 PPB

Weasels Ripped My Flesh Reply:  June 13th, 2010 at 8:16 am

What about long term 24/7 exposure at 1-2ppm? Does that sound reasonable or acceptable to you?

Sol1d385 Reply:  June 13th, 2010 at 1:09 pm

What about the fact that I’m pretty much positive he got that from the cdc website and the table was revised on 3/1/95… and once again, it’s allllll in the wording. What do they mean by immediately dangerous? Die in minutes? Seconds? Yes to die instantly from Benzene, i’m sure those high levels are needed, but that’s not at all whats happening in the Gulf. Just like 9/11, the people trying to help are gonna get really sick, OVER TIME.

patrioticTRUTH Reply:  June 13th, 2010 at 5:32 pm

I did not get the info from the CDC Website, I got it from the CDC Guide to Chemical Hazards revised August 2006.   Im not sure about the long term exposure at 1-2ppm… I have an idea but not sure enough to say. But posting facts, the TWA (Time Weighed Average) indicates the average concentration for up to a 10-hour workday during a 40 hour work week. Notice above that I posted the TWA’s for each chemical. Benzene would be the one I'd worry about the most ...(...)

FreedomLover Reply:  June 14th, 2010 at 10:56 pm

People dying will be blamed on some type of respiratory “virus”, maybe even an attack of the H1N1. You know these freaks are not going to accept responsibility for people’s lives, and to the NWO any life that isn’t their own is expendable. The elderly die of respiratory distress all the time “we’re not responsible for that” is what BP/NWO will say. Eugenics, neatly wrapped up. The “pollution” will be blamed on – who else – the masses, not their negligence, and boom, convenient ‘carbon tax’. I’m not NWO, but I have somewhat of an idea how they think. Just play devil’s advocate – think like the devil, and you’ll have all the (oil-covered) ducks in a row. ..(...)

captcanuck Says:   June 12th, 2010 at 11:35 pm
Get the heck out of Louisianna and Florida!

Florida and LA real estate going down the crapper with the oil leak?

Soros comes from Hungary! “Hungary truly is a welfare state. It’s a nation of 10 million that has three million pensioners.” See Canada and its future there?

Takedown of the US is underway.

Lotsa stuff. Iran dumps the Euro for the US$ and other assorted junk.

Currency revaluations? Why not. They are not worth anything now!

Infowars’ writing may be closer to the truth than we think. Last one out turn the lights off!
....(...) JaneSmith Says:   June 13th, 2010 at 11:11 am
1 ppm = 1000 ppb             1 ppb = 1/1000 ppm or .001 ppm.

TMaestro Says:  June 13th, 2010 at 3:04 pm
sequestration and or neutralization of gas… …direct answers to: NIST JTI ‘joint quantum institute’ It takes a villiage folks, we have a catastrophe remain composed and informed…

patrioticTRUTH Reply:   June 14th, 2010 at 9:40 am

                       Benzene:     A Flammable liquid (Non-polar/Water-immiscible/Noxious)
Highly flammable with very low flashpoint   Vapors are heavier than air (collects in low places)   liquid forms are lighter than water    Turns into a solid below temperatures of 42 degrees F

                      Hydrogen Sulfide:   A gas  Toxic (EXTREMELY HAZARDOUS)  Flammable (extreme hazard)   May be fatal if inhaled or absorbed through skinFire
Fire will produce irritating, corrosive and/or toxic gases   Contact with gas or liquefied gas may cause burns, severe injury, or frostbite   Heavier than air, spreads along ground

                          Methylene Chloride:
A halogenated solvent  Toxic by ingestion    Most vapors are heavier than air

Each chemical Lindsey named has vapors which are HEAVIER THAN AIR meaning they collect in low places (Right above the water in this case). Seems to me this should have a positive impact as far as lifting up into the atmosphere… I HOPE. This may also account for so many workers getting sick.

Although… ALTHOUGH, Im sure there will still be a significant amount mixing in the air as the vapors mix with the ocean water before making it to the top. Then as the ocean water vaporizes, itll have a nice percentage of the chemicals vaporizing with it.

I dont believe anyone has any idea whatsoever what impact the oil will have on hurricanes. Yes it WILL be very bad news for the lower states. But I am curious as to what path a hurricane will take and what the oil may do to its strength. Oil ’should’ make the water warmer being as it holds heat so well thus causing as INCREASE in strength. BUT, Maybe being as the oil is so heavy, it could even possibly even kill out the hurricane… If not change the path or slow it down.       It will be a very interesting few months to say the least… and I do live in a ‘Gulf State’… wish me luck!


Guess What EXECUTIVE ORDER Obama passed while All Eyes were on the Gulf??? You won't believe it!

Posted By: Susoni <Send E-Mail> Date: Wednesday, 16-Jun-2010 22:34:16

You can be a couch potato no more. Now it will be a 'crime' (so to speak) to smoke, overeat, laze around or not exercise.

Yep, hard to believe it but he has flipped his ever lovin wig.

The scariest thing I read, in his new executive order, was item 'g,' (g) carry out such other activities as are determined appropriate by the President.  /   Susoni

Obama to control your daily life

"Claiming the “authority vested in me as President by the Constitution and the laws of the United States of America,” President Obama has truly gone off the deep end this time in his most atrocious attempt to date to control every aspect of Americans’ lives.

"According to the Executive Order that details the President’s “National Prevention and Health Promotion Strategy,” the Council will be charged with carrying out ”lifestyle behavior modification” among American citizens that do not exhibit “healthy behavior.”"

Read the article here:

And here is the Executive Order on the White House website.

It's time for all of you sedentary people to get off your butts if you want to stay sedentary before the Couch Potato Nazis are knocking on your door (see Section 3c). Obama has appointed himself your dictator. Are you going to take this lying down?


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Posted By: sleuth  Date: Wednesday, 16-Jun-2010 18:14:57

From Globalization to World Government

Posted By: Lance <Send E-Mail>   Date: Wednesday, 16-Jun-2010 17:24:13

        Direct from Argentina...Mr. Salbuchi!... december2009..... part1  //  part2   part3



Posted By: hobie <Send E-Mail>
Date: Wednesday, 16-Jun-2010 15:52:24 (Thanks, x. :)   Reader x. writes:


Hi again Hobie,

Lindsey Williams' 6/14/10 interview by Jeff Rense, with updates about the Gulf oil disaster, is now available from the following page:

....(( player)) ........





.......................Tom H . ......................

 Tuesday, June 15, 2010
BREAKING: US Near Breaking Point as Obama Prepares Martial Law Decree
Awakening Americans: Behind the scenes intelligence briefings ALL Patriot Americans MUST know...the REAL facts and truth the corporate-controlled mainstream media covers up

by Tom Heneghan    International Intelligence Expert
Tuesday  June 15, 2010

UNITED STATES of America  -  Tonight we bring you a special report by SoCal Martial Law Alerts (SCMLA), which details the horrendous catastrophe still occurring in the Gulf of Mexico and the insidious plans the criminal U.S. Government aka Obama and his Bush-Clinton Crime Family Syndicate handlers have for America.

First a quick update on all fronts.

Robert Pence, former CIA and now FBI Division 5 out of Denver, Colorado [(303) 532-9619] has been fingered as working directly with the Israeli Mossad to coordinate domestic assassination teams on American soil.
click to enlarge

We can also divulge that these domestic assassination teams were originally outsourced in the assassination of known Hamas official Mahmoud al-Mabhouh in a Dubai hotel room in January.  There is a major cell that has been linked to Eagle Rock, Iowa.

The treasonous Obama Justice Department and the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) refuses to take action against these terrorists and allows them to operate with immunity.
June 15 (Bloomberg) -- BP Plc's well in the Gulf of Mexico is gushing as much as 60000 barrels of oil a day...    1 barrel of oil  =  42 US gallons
60,000 barrels per day = 2,520,000 gallons of British Petroleum oil spewing into the Gulf of Mexico  per day

We can also reveal that British Petroleum (BP) has hired some of these domestic Blackwater-Mossad mercenary assassins to sanction aka kill witnesses who know too much about the British Intelligence-Israeli Mossad Gulf of Mexico terrorist attack

 that was directed against the American People.
We can also report at this hour British Petroleum continues to install new valves and pipes that are intended to gather  more  oil, which British Petroleum can then sell on the open market for more profit.  British Petroleum has no intention to plug this leak.

Note: It has been reported in many press outlets that White House Chief of Staff and Israeli Mossad agent Rahm Emanuel told the Dutch government to "go to hell" and stay home when the Dutch government and Dutch engineers offered to plug the leak with their technology.  British Petroleum has refused to allow scientists to study the leak on the ocean floor or test oil spill samples.
Al and Tipper Gore

Finally, don't be fooled, folks, by the latest smear vs former Vice President now year 2000 duly elected President Albert Gore Jr. directed against him by the corporate-controlled, fascist, extortion-friendly U.S. media filth.

Gore, who recently separated from his wife Tipper to protect the security of his own family, has been accused of having an affair with Laurie David who has denied these allegations as completely untrue.

The lynch pin for this smear was closet homosexual and Bush-Clinton Crime Family Syndicate stooge, Matt Drudge aka Drecht, and Rupert Murdoch Greenberg's puppet tabloid, along with the Mossad-riddled, closet homosexual controlled Washington Post and the British Intelligence rag, Tina Brown's Daily Beast.

The smear on Gore comes as the corporate-controlled fascist media is trying to once again promote loser and dysfunctional U.S. Secretary of State, lesbian in-the-closet Hillary Rodenhurst Clinton, as more popular as alleged President Barack Obama and simultaneously try to promote the Bush family's new found support for Obama's socialized medicine.  Former Vice President Gore is now working directly with Obama's National Security Adviser General James Jones to affect plans that will liberate America.

You can see, folks,why the corporate-controlled, fascist, extortion-friendly media launched their attack on Gore.

              Final note: We would also like to divulge that the Atlanta Constitution is now sitting on the full story detailing the Bush-Clinton Crime Family Syndicate-NASA space agency electronic THEFT of the year 2000 presidential election from then Vice President Albert Gore Jr.

This report details not only how Florida was electronically stolen but also the states of Missouri, Tennessee, New Hampshire and West Virginia.

The election was not even close.  It was Gore 51 and Bush 46 and Nader 3.

Also remember, folks.  Albert Gore Jr is a  natural  born citizen of the United States.
Cleanup crews work to remove oil in Orange Beach, AL
AP Photo/Dave Martin //

BP Death Clouds Already Onshore! Benzene-3400ppb & Hyrdrogen Sulfide-1200ppb TOXIC AIR ALERT

Gulf Coast Oil Spill Workers Falling Ill With TILT (video)
excerpt: The illness is called "TILT," or Toxicant-Induced Loss of Tolerance. Patients lose tolerance to household products, medication, or even food after being exposed to chemicals, like burning oil, toxic fumes, or dispersants from the spill.  MORE


MARTIAL LAW ALERT: Gulf Coast Evacuation Scenario Summer/Fall 2010
Posted Jun 13, 2010 12:00 AM

SoCal Martial Law Alerts (SCMLA) has been in existence for a year and a half and this is our first MARTIAL LAW ALERT.

We have withheld putting out information on the Gulf oil spill for a variety of reasons, but there is now enough evidence for us to put together a fairly clear picture of what really happened, what may result and to warn people who live in the area.


Due to toxic gases from the fractured oil well in the Gulf of Mexico, the possible off-gassing of the highly-toxic Corexit 9500 (the chemical dispersant used by BP in the oil spill clean-up), acid rain and various as-yet-unknown forms of environmental damage, we believe that the government will have no choice but to relocate millions of people away from the Gulf Coast. Those living in Florida are presently at the highest risk, but the danger also appears likely to spread to all Gulf Coast states east of Louisiana and possibly even to the entire Eastern half of the United States once hurricane season begins.

Greg Evensen, a retired Kansas Highway Patrolman, estimates that 30-40 million people would need to be evacuated away from the Gulf’s coastline (i.e. at least 200 miles inland). In order to accomplish this gargantuan feat, the federal government (through FEMA and other agencies) would most likely seek first to control and manage the transportation system and then operate relocation centers to manage evacuees. Toward this end, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has already declared the airspace over the oil spill site to be a no-fly zone until further notice.

 Various sources have indicated that local police, highway patrol, National Guard, US military and foreign troops may be involved in an operation to evacuate the Gulf Coast. In fact, the Governor of Louisiana has already requested evacuation assistance (i.e. National Guard) for his state from the Department of Defense (DoD) and the Department of Homeland Security (DHS).

Those living inland may also be at risk, since the movement of vast numbers of evacuees would cause a significant strain on local resources. In other words, inlanders should not expect life to continue “as normal,” since, under a martial law scenario, the government would have the power and the motivation to seize everyday necessities, such as: food, water, fuel, housing, etc. Some have also suggested that if a hurricane were to occur over the oil spill area itself, lightning might possibly ignite volatile organic compounds, not to mention the acid rain clouds that could form and be carried inland (i.e. acid rain could pollute the water table, destroy crops, kill wildlife and pose significant health risks to humans in the southern and eastern states.)

Lastly, Lindsay Williams, a former Alaskan pipeline chaplain with high-level oil industry connections, has suggested that BP, in conjunction with the federal government, might try to cap the well by using a nuclear explosion – the environmental consequences of which are currently unknown. (( ))

                            OUR RECOMMENDATION:

If you live, or if you know people who live on, or within 200 miles of the Gulf Coast area, we recommend that they immediately relocate to at least 200 miles inland (i.e. the farther away, the better). If people living within this 200-mile zone do not relocate voluntarily (i.e. on their own initiative), it appears likely that a forced evacuation through a martial-law scenario may occur within the coming weeks and (possibly) months.

Our country has been in a state of national emergency since September 11, 2001, which means that martial law (i.e. military rule) can be declared by the President at any time, for any reason – large, or small. If martial law is implemented, evacuees will lose their ability to determine when and where they will move and for how long, since the normal protections of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights will have been suspended. To put it bluntly, a scenario in which evacuees are forced to live in relocation centers for an unspecified length of time, is not unlikely.

International Intelligence Expert, Tom Heneghan, has hundreds of highly credible sources inside American and European Intelligence Agencies and INTERPOL--reporting what is REALLY going on behind the scenes of the corporate-controlled mainstream media cover up propaganda of on-going massive deceptions and illusions.

10:50 PM  0 Comments   0 Kudos






June 16, 2010 10:52 AM   (( posted))

The Nazis in The White House Story: Part 12
Bush-I's 9/11 Story Was Impossible.         By Jon Carlson

             Oh what a tangled web we weave,      When first we practise to deceive!
              Sir Walter Scott (1771–1832)


9/11 was triggered on 9/6 when the necessary NW wind was forecast 5 days out on 9/11. The NW wind was needed to blow the North Tower SMOKE PLUME over the South Tower to hide a US Navy helicopter essential to the 9/11 Mass Murder. The smoke plume was ignited by remote control mements after the North Tower Crash. One floor was loaded with barrels of creosote oil to create INSTANT SMOKE.

This photo has the US Navy helicopter (yellow circle) finishing that trip from the aircraft carrier USS George Washington ANCHORED OFF LONG ISLAND ON 9/11. Notice the use of the smoke plume to make its entrance over the South Tower.

                The Nazis in The White House Story: Part 10
                Nazis Anchored Carrier Off NYC On 9/11

The US Navy helicopter had TWO components to its mission: 1) Take over control of the South Tower drone from the WHITE JET seen in all 9/11 locations for the final guidance into the South Tower; 2) wait 59 minutes before igniting by radio signal the preplanted demolition charges in the South Tower, then return to the aircraft carrier.

 These photos shows the UNMARKED US Navy helicopter.

Close-up photos show special antennas required for the 9/11 operation.

This photo shows the military helicopter departing for the aircraft carrier USS George Washington anchored off Long Island on 9/11 AS THE SOUTH TOWER IS DEMOLISTED:

A half hour after the South Tower demolition the WHITE JET remotely ignited the demolition of the North Tower. This photo catches the WHITE JET making its flyby as the North Tower is demolished. ////

         The BIGGEST QUESTION OF 9/11 was how the Nazis stood down America's Trillion dollar air defense for an hour and a half during 9/11 main events.

It is crystal clear that Bush II was setting up his alibi at a Black elementary in Florida using Black children and teachers to boost the Nazi GOP vote totals nationwide but that operation first of all was intended to clear normal White House Situation Room employees and move them to Florida so there would be NO WITNESSES of Nazi operations in the Situation Room during the hour and a half stand down of America's air defense. .....(...) This layout of the White House buildings shows the SITUATION ROOM in the lower left corner (WEST) and an old bomb shelter, the PEOC, to the far right (EAST). On 9/11 Bush II took all normal Situation Room personnel to Florida leaving it VACANT. Normally crisis situations are monitored there. HOWEVER, on 9/11 the old bomb shelter was used! THUS there were no witnesses in the Situation Room.

America's trillion dollar air defense was stood down for an hour and a half while the WHITE JET, two NYC Boeing 737 drones, and two A3 Skywarrior drones flew hither and yon through US skies. One A3 hit the Pentagon and the other A3 was blown up over Pennsylvania by the WHITE JET. That was described by several witnesses there.

    The White House Situation Room is a 5,000 square foot conference and intelligence management center in the basement of the West Wing of the White House. It is run by the National Security Council staff for the use of the President of the United States and his advisers (including Homeland Security and the White House chief of staff) to monitor and deal with crises at home and abroad and to conduct secure communications with outside (often overseas) persons. The Situation Room is equipped with secure, advanced communications equipment for the President to maintain command and control of U.S. forces around the world.

...(...) The Bush-I alibi that he was flying at the time of 9/11 events to Minneapolis for a speech and was grounded in Milwaukee does not stand up to examination. BY THE WAY, 9/11 events started BEFORE 7 a.m. Wisconsin time. ...(...)

Become a Nazi Hunter: Part 2 claims that the best way to catch a Nazi was to have two Nazis feuding over money or woman. Well, Skorzeny and Scherf, Jr. (Bush I) were doing exactly that.


The Nazis in The White House Story: Part 1

The Nazis in The White House Story: Part 2    Become a Nazi Hunter

The Nazis in The White House Story: Part 3

Hitler Associate Exposes  Nazi Germany Born Bushes

The Nazis in The White House Story: Part 4

German Navy Mates Bormann And Bush

The Nazis in The White House Story: Part 6

Bush Ages Nix US Genealogy Claims

The Nazis In The White House Story: Part 7

Three Generations of Nazi Spies Since 1930's

The Nazis in The White House Story: Part 8

1900 Census Kills Fake Bush Genealogy

The Nazis in The White House Story: Part 9

Clinton, Gore Could've Been 9/11 Heros

The Nazis in The White House Story: Part 10

Nazis Anchored Carrier Off NYC On 9/11

The Nazis In The White House Story: Part 11

Hawaii Lies Made A President


// Obama Ain't No Negro   The Hoax Of The Century

Another Nazi trick on Black Americans. A Special Report not available on the Net.

Leading researcher of 9/11, the Nazis, and the Unknown President, Jon Carlson, once again brings the goods........    J. Carlson  ....  IL 60304  //


June 16, 2010 10:46 AM   
Bells tolling for humanity: BP oil catastrophe, Times Square bomb plot, and the folly of imperial oil agenda      By Larry Chin

Faced with the end of the age of oil and systemic collapse, the leaders of the Anglo-American empire have engaged in increasingly violent and transparently futile zero-sum games to salvage what is left of a corrupt governmental and economic milieu.

Empire in crisis

From the BP-Deepwater Horizon catastrophe in the Gulf of Mexico, crashing stock markets, and the bloody consequences of manufactured wars, it clear that the empire has lost control of its own criminal system.

As Michael C. Ruppert wrote in his 2004 book Crossing the Rubicon:

There are many factors that the rulers of the American empire now have to manage as they read their own delusional map of the world. They have to:

* Apportion dwindling resources among competitors, some of whom possess nuclear weapons;

# Maintain and expand their control over enough of the oil and gas remaining to ensure their global dominance and maintain order among the citizens of the Empire;

# Simultaneously manage a global economic system, made possible by hydrocarbon energy that is collapsing and in which the growing population is demanding more things that can only be supplied by using still more hydrocarbon energy;

# Acknowledge that they cannot save their own economy without selling more of these products;

# Control the exploding demand for oil and gas through engineered recessions and wars that break national economies;

# Hide the evidence that they are systematically looting the wealth of all the people on the planet---even their own people---in order to maintain control;

# Maintain a secret revenue system to provide enough off-the-books capital for military advantage; improving their technological posture, and funding covert operations;

# Repress any dissent and head off any exposure to their actions;

# Convince the population that they are honorable;

# Kill off enough of the population so that they can maintain control after oil supplies have dwindled to the point of energy starvation.”

Never has this agenda, its tragic consequences and ultimate futility, been more obvious than with the unprecedented events of the past weeks.

                           BP-Deepwater Horizon: an “extinction event”

The explosion of the Deepwater Horizon oil rig and the resulting oil super spill in the Gulf of Mexico is the worst man-made disaster, and the largest and most heinous act of environmental destruction in history. ....(...)

The final hour   The signs are unavoidable and clear: the Anglo-American empire has run out of time, and oil, and humanity itself has paid the steepest cost.

From war and chaos, catastrophic financial meltdowns, or the mega-disaster in the Gulf of Mexico that could ultimately render all else moot, events are well beyond the empire’s ability to control or hide any of it.


By James Hunter

Bradley Manning, 22, an Army intelligence analyst has been arrested for leaking the profoundly disturbing video of a helicopter attack on a group of people in Iraq in 2007.
611-3.jpg" alt="" />   Manning in his military uniform.///

Some weeks ago I watched that video. If you go here and scroll down a little ways you will see it. It is called "Collateral Murder." I should warn you, it is not an easy video to watch. ....(...) Much of it boils down the the simple fact that if the American people are to gain a clear understanding of the world in which they live, they must have accurate information. Without this information it is not possible to be responsible citizens. Unfortunately real information is often not available to the mainstream press and when it is, it is often ignored. The secrecy that hides the reality of US foreign policy is not mainly for the sake of national security. It is about hiding information that would expose the United States for what it is: a nation that has embarked on an illegal, unconstitutional, and ill-advised project to enslave and micromanage the rest of the world for the benefit of large multi-national corporations. It is a policy that undermines democracy at home and abroad, and that is pursued by means of lying, assassinations, state terrorism, endless war, and the crushing of the hopes of the non-wealthy throughout the world.

          Bradley Manning is not un-American. He believed in the American ideals that he was undoubtedly taught in school, and he has acted in the worthy tradition of Top Paine, Thomas Jefferson, Henry David Thoreau, Dorothy Day and Martin Luther King Jr. In various ways all of these people articulated a simple and valid principle: when those in power violate the basic principles of the constitution, and when they act in opposition to the basic principles upon which this nation was founded, then it is the responsibility of the people to resist them, with civil disobedience if need be.

           We are in danger of creating a life that is not worth living, except perhaps for those 400 or so billionaires who run the show. But in this process they too, even if they have not noticed it, are losing their souls their capacity for love, for identification with the rest of life, for affirming a meaning larger than their own appetites, and for relationships based on reciprocity rather than domination. And it is, after all, this loss of our individual and collective souls that is the greatest threat of all to a meaningful and worthwhile life. And to life itself.

I believe Bradley Manning has earned a place of honor in American history for his courageous act in exposing the un-American activities of the American government.

June 16, 2010 10:31 AM       Pentagon Manhunt       By Philip Shenon

(This story has been updated to reflect new developments on Assange's whereabouts, including the cancelation of a scheduled appearance in Las Vegas.)

      Pentagon investigators are trying to determine the whereabouts of the Australian-born founder of the secretive website Wikileaks for fear that he may be about to publish a huge cache of classified State Department cables that, if made public, could do serious damage to national security, government officials tell The Daily Beast.

The officials acknowledge that even if they found the website founder, Julian Assange, it is not clear what they could do to block publication of the cables on Wikileaks, which is nominally based on a server in Sweden and bills itself as a champion of whistleblowers.

     American officials said Pentagon investigators are convinced that Assange is in possession of at least some classified State Department cables leaked by a 22-year-old Army intelligence specialist, Bradley Manning of Potomac, Maryland, who is now in custody in Kuwait.

And given the contents of the cables, the feds have good reason to be concerned.

As The Daily Beast reported June 8, Manning, while posted in Iraq, apparently had special access to cables prepared by diplomats and State Department officials throughout the Middle East, regarding the workings of Arab governments and their leaders, according to an American diplomat.

The cables, which date back over several years, went out over interagency computer networks available to the Army and contained information related to American diplomatic and intelligence efforts in the war zones in Afghanistan and Iraq, the diplomat said.

     American officials would not discuss the methods being used to find Assange, nor would they say if they had information to suggest where he is now. "We'd like to know where he is; we'd like his cooperation in this," one U.S. official said of Assange.

He was scheduled to speak Friday in Las Vegas at an International Reporters and Editors conference. But the group’s executive director, Mark Horvit, tells The Daily Beast that Assange canceled the appearance—he was on a panel to discuss anonymous sources—within the last several days as a result of unspecificed “security concerns.” Horvit said he communicated with Assange through email and did not know where he might be.

     Last week, Assange was scheduled to join famed Pentagon Papers leaker Daniel Ellsberg for a talk at New York's Personal Democracy Forum. Assange appeared via Skype from Australia instead, saying lawyers recommended he not return to the United States.    Assange was in the United States as recently as several weeks ago, when he gave press interviews to promote the website’s release of an explosive 2007 video of an American helicopter attack in Baghdad that left 12 people dead, including two employees of the news agency Reuters.

Wikileaks has not replied directly to email messages from The Daily Beast.

However, in cryptic messages he sent this week via Twitter, Wikileaks referred to an earlier Daily Beast article on the investigation of Manning and said that it “looks like we’re about to be attacked by everything the U.S. has.”

In an earlier post, the site said that allegations that “we have been sent 260,000 classified U.S. embassy cables are, as far as we can tell, incorrect.”

      This morning, a new Wikileaks tweet went out: "Any signs of unacceptable behavior by the Pentagon or its agents towards this press will be viewed dimly."

Pentagon investigators say that particular post may have been an effort by Wikileaks to throw them—and news organizations—off the track as the site prepared the library of State Department cables for release, officials said. “It looks like they’re playing some sort of semantic games,” one American official said of Wikileaks. “They may not have 260,000 cables, but they’ve probably got enough cables to make trouble.”

In another cryptic Twitter message, the site said that while the State Department might be alarmed about the prospect of the release of classified cables, “we have not been contacted.”

American officials were unwilling to say what would happen if Assange is tracked down, although they suggested they would have many more legal options available to them if he were still somewhere in the United States.

Manning has reportedly admitted that he downloaded 260,000 diplomatic cables and provided them to Wikileaks. In Internet chat logs first revealed by Wired magazine, Manning also took credit for leaking the 2007 video to the website.

“Hillary Clinton and several thousand diplomats around the world are going to have a heart attack when they wake up one morning and find an entire repository of classified foreign policy is available,” Manning wrote of the diplomatic cables, according to Wired.

     Wikileaks has not confirmed that Manning is a source of any information posted on the site. “We do not know if Mr. Manning is our source, but the U.S. military is claiming he is, so we will defend him,” Wikileaks said in another Twitter message.

Manning was turned in to the Pentagon by a former computer hacker based in California, Adrian Lamo, after Manning approached Lamo for counsel. Manning is believed to have contacted Lamo after reading a recent profile of him in Wired.

In the chat log revealed by Wired, Manning bragged to Lamo about having downloaded a huge library of State Department cables, as well as the 2007 video of the helicopter attack, and having provided the material to Wikileaks.  Manning took credit for having leaked a classified diplomatic cable that has already appeared on the site—a memo prepared by the United States embassy in Reykjavik, Iceland, that described a meeting there between American and Icelandic officials over that country’s banking meltdown.

      The January 2010 memo may have been of special interest to Wikileaks given the site’s close ties to Iceland, where Assange has based himself at times and where he worked with local lawmakers to draft free-speech laws that give broad freedom to journalists to protect their sources.

A profile this week in The New Yorker magazine depicted Assange feverishly at work with Icelandic colleagues in Reykjavik in March as he organized the release of the 2007 video of the helicopter attack. The edited video was given the title Collateral Murder, and its release infuriated officials at the Defense Department.

       With its network of whistleblowers, Wikileaks has published documents and videos on its site that have outraged other foreign governments. To protect the site from attack by intelligence agencies, Assange has placed Wikileaks on several Internet servers, making it all but impossible for any government to shut down the site entirely.


June 16, 2010 10:36 AM     Gulf Coast Cleanup: Caution Urged

By: Merle Savage

    Dear Gulf Coast residents,  The continuing health problems of people involved in cleanup of the Exxon Valdez spill, present urgent lessons for the Gulf cleanup crews.

    My name is Merle Savage, a female general foreman during the Exxon Valdez oil spill (EVOS) beach cleanup in 1989. I am one of the 11,000+ cleanup workers from the Exxon Valdez oil spill (EVOS), who is suffering from health issues from that toxic cleanup, without compensation from Exxon. (( ))

    Dr. Riki Ott visited me in 2007 to explain about the toxic spraying on the beaches. She also informed me that Exxon’s medical records and the reports that surfaced in litigation by sick workers in 1994, had been sealed from the public, making it impossible to hold Exxon responsible for their actions.

    Exxon developed the toxic spraying; OSHA, the Coast Guard, and the state of Alaska authorized the procedure. Beach crews breathed in crude oil that splashed off the rocks and into the air — the toxic exposure turned into chronic breathing conditions and central nervous system problems, neurological impairment, chronic respiratory disease, leukemia, lymphoma, brain tumors, liver damage, and blood disease. See this video to learn more. / Worker Health and Safety During the Exxon Valdez Oil Spill Cleanup in Alaska in 1989
07:37 - Il y a 2 ans /2years ago /// (( ))

    My web site is devoted to searching for EVOS cleanup workers who were exposed to the toxic spraying, and are suffering from the same illnesses that I have. There is an on going Longshoreman’s claim for workers with medical problems from the oil cleanup. Our summer employment turned into a death sentence for many — and a life of unending medical conditions for the rest of Exxon’s Collateral Damaged.

    Sincerely,   Merle Savage


June 16, 2010 7:27 AM   Human rights group: BP discouraging crews from using respirators


June 16, 2010 10:29 AM       Toxic America (Dr. Gupta Reports) Video

Toxic chemicals finding their way into the womb:



June 16, 2010 8:10 AM   
Boycott BP!    Because it’s much better to give your money to Exxon.

Go ahead, boycott BP. Not only do you get to send a message to the company that has proved incapable of stopping the undersea gusher unleashed on April 20, but (unless you live in a one-gas-station town) you can do it without much pain to yourself.

Drive right on by the BP station and pull up to the pumps from Exxon, the company responsible for the Exxon Valdez oil spill of 1989 and, more recently, one of the biggest corporate funders of the movement to tar the science of climate change. Exxon also managed to reduce the $5 billion in punitive damages awarded by an Anchorage jury for the Valdez disaster to $507.5 million; the Valdez fishermen and other victims have still not been made whole. (Fun fact: to protect itself in case the original judgment was affirmed, Exxon got a line of credit from JP Morgan, which the bank then parlayed into the first credit default swap, as recounted in the 2009 book Fool’s Gold by Gillian Tett. These are the exotic financial instruments that helped trigger the Great Recession of 2008–09.)

Or roll into the Texaco or Chevron station (Chevron bought Texaco in 2001). Texaco is being sued by people in Ecuador for contaminating their groundwater, causing hundreds of residents to develop fatal cancers and causing other environmental damage near the Lago Agrio oilfield, where Texaco dumped oil-production waste (18.5 billion gallons into open, unlined pits) for almost 20 years. (For those of you moved by First Amendment issues, Chevron has also gone to court to force filmmaker Joe Berlinger to turn over more than 600 hours of outtake footage he shot for his documentary on the case, titled Crude.) Chevron counters that dumping sludge was standard operating procedure at the time.

Or roll up to the Citgo pumps. Citgo is a wholly owned subsidiary of the state oil company of Venezuela, which is ruled by the always-entertaining (except to political opponents he has silenced) Hugo Chávez. A 2009 fire at Citgo’s refinery in Corpus Christi, Texas, sent toxic fumes into nearby neighborhoods for two days.

Uncomfortable giving your money to a petrodictator? There’s a Shell station up ahead. Too bad Shell has been accused of human-rights violations in Nigeria, through its collaboration with the country’s former military rulers who executed activist Ken Saro-Wiwa and eight others in 1995, committed crimes against humanity, and tortured opponents. (Shell settled the case for $15.5 million last year.) Shell has also been accused of despoiling the Niger Delta through its oil operations there: a ruptured oil pipeline that killed 100 people in 2008; polluted drinking wells; fields and farmland poisoned by leaked oil.

In other words, pick which malefactor or criminal—environmental or human—you’d like to support when you gas up. And the list above doesn’t even include the fact that what the oil companies sell is one of the major contributors to catastrophic climate change. So unless your boycott of BP extends to all oil companies—oh, and throw in coal companies and natural-gas utilities—you get points for symbolism and self-righteousness but not much else.

It’s understandable that consumers are furious and frustrated by the gulf catastrophe and want to punish those responsible. Protesters have shown up at BP stations in Europe and the United States, and Facebook’s Boycott BP group has 431,000 fans as of this morning. Demonstrators wield banners proclaiming, “We won’t pay for BP’s mess. Take it from your bonus chest.” But to find the ultimate culprits, look in the mirror.

BP and the 32 other operators of deepwater wells in the gulf are there not because they find it technologically interesting to see how deep they can drill, or because their roustabouts like the view from the rigs. They’re drilling because of America’s—and the world’s—insatiable lust for oil. The U.S. consumes 800 million gallons of petroleum per week, according to the Energy Information Agency. The only way to make this the last oil spill in the gulf is to make oil obsolete. Shall we all hop on our bicycles, charge our plug-in hybrids with wind-generated electricity, swap out the heating oil or natural gas warming our homes for geothermal wells and passive solar?

Didn’t think so.   ...(...)


June 16, 2010 7:52 AM   
Why Did The U.S. Refuse International Help on The Gulf Oil Spill?

...(...) Whatever the rationale, and if De Standarrd's claim that the Jones Act forbids the European companies to help fight the spill is true, it is high time the U.S. government grant the Jones waiver, and let this be an international collaborative effort. 

It's always better late than never. and   Dian Chu


June 16, 2010 7:38 AM     The black art of news management     By: John Pilger

In his latest column for the New Statesman, John Pilger describes the "master illusions" which have formed the basis of black propaganda and provided "false flags" for political chicanery and for wars and atrocities, such as Iraq and the Israeli assault on the Gaza peace flotilla.

How do wars begin? With a “master illusion”, according to Ralph McGehee, one of the CIA’s pioneers in “black propaganda”, known today as “news management”. In 1983, he described to me how the CIA had faked an “incident” that became the “conclusive proof of North Vietnam’s aggression”. This followed a claim, also fake, that North Vietnamese torpedo boats had attacked an American warship in the Gulf of Tonkin in August 1964.

“The CIA,” he said, “loaded up a junk, a North Vietnamese junk, with communist weapons - the Agency maintains communist arsenals in the United States and around the world. They floated this junk off the coast of central Vietnam. Then they shot it up and made it look like a fire fight had taken place, and they brought in the American press. Based on this evidence, two Marine landing teams went into Danang and a week after that the American air force began regular bombing of North Vietnam.” An invasion that took three million lives was under way.

The Israelis have played this murderous game since 1948. The massacre of peace activists in international waters on 31 May was “spun” to the Israeli public for most of last week, preparing them for yet more murder by their government, with the unarmed flotilla of humanitarians described as terrorists or dupes of terrorists. The BBC was so intimidated that it reported the atrocity primarily as a “potential public relations disaster for Israel”, the perspective of the killers, and a disgrace for journalism. ...(..)


June 16, 2010 7:15 AM   
Lawyers Who Reveal the Truth: The Arrest and Threats to the Life of Attorney Professor Peter Erlinder        by Niloufer Bhagwat
Global Research, June 8, 2010

The Arrest and Threats to the Life of Attorney Professor Peter Erlinder for producing  relevant UN records before the International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda

The arrest of   attorney  Professor Peter Erlinder by the government of Rwanda headed by President  Paul Kagame, his deteriorating medical condition and the false information given by the Chief of Police Rwanda  that Professor Peter Erlinder,

      Lead Defense Counsel before the Security Council appointed Special International Criminal Tribunal on Rwanda, President of the  Association  des Avocats de La Defense  before the ICTR,  earlier a Judge  of  the International Criminal Tribunal for Afghanistan at Tokyo, attempted to commit suicide while in jail, by taking  50 tablets of prescribed blood pressure tablets and tranquilizers  which his daughter Sarah Erlinder,  an attorney in Arizona has described as an attempt on his life, by laying the ground work to kill him and pass it off as suicide.

This has outraged  prominent associations of Lawyers the world over including  Counsel for Defense at the ICTR and the ICC, many of whom are considering withdrawing from all proceedings of the Security Council appointed Special Tribunals,  in view of the which hunt to which Professor Peter Erlinder is being subjected for bringing forth documentary evidence from UN and US records during the course of the trials that exposed the Rwanda Patriotic Front of President Paul Kagame, a military officer trained at Fort  Leavenworth in the United States, for being responsible  for the special military operation against the then  Rwandan government and  a major role in the  killings  in Rwanda, of both Tutsis and Hutus, in which the RPF was a key  player which was subsequently passed off  by international propaganda through the  global media  as a genocide only against one group, the Tutsis, to camouflage the role of  the RPF led by President Kagame in the assassinations of then President of Rwanda  Habyarimana and  the President of Burundi  for the take over of Rwanda and the subsequent aggression into Central Africa for  the control of the region for the  "blood diamonds", " blood casserite ( tin) and "blood colten"(cellphones) of the Eastern Congo in which already 6 million have been killed, with  the government of Rwanda acting  as a surrogate for outside powers,  in the  "Great Game " for Africa.

The Special Tribunal for Rwanda was  established by a Security Council influenced overwhelmingly by two members of the Security Council , to camouflage the developments in the region, the military backing to the  Ugandan -RPF  invasion  and subject to trials  only the political  opponents of the Rwanda Patriotic Force of Paul Kagame .

The tepid response of the government of the United States to  the arrest and continuing detention of Professor Peter Erlinder  who was arrested at Kigali on 28th May when he arrived to appear as one of the Defense Counsel for a leading Opposition candidate of the United Democratic Forces , also charged with genocide denial,  despite the deterioration of his medical condition and the  US  government's  diplomatic clout in Kigali,  having trained  70, 000    Rwandan troops and given President Kagame  substantial military aid while camouflaging his role in the tragedy of Rwanda,  investigated by the well and respected Australian QC Michael Hourigan  who recommended to the then Chief Prosecutor Lousie Arbor that Paul Kagame be prosecuted ,  has resulted in more questions than answers all over the world  on the shenanigans behind the appointment of these Security Council Special Tribunals and the approach of their Chief Prosecutors  who were hired, fired and replaced by more convenient appointees  .

     Equally  exposed is the  stand of the government of the  United States of America   in Rwanda and Eastern Congo along with the  government of the UK , both  prime movers in the appointment by  the Security Council of specially constituted  International Criminal Tribunals  for Yugoslavia and Rwanda among others,  now being seen as an effort  to camouflage military and political  interventions,  to take over the economic space of the former Republic of Yugoslavia and a resource rich region of Africa , among other regions  ,by selective use of the charge of  ethnic cleansing and genocide, to protect  surrogate governments , while dooming its opponents.  ....(....)

   Professor Christopher Black of Toronto , Canada , who is a  Barrister and another Lead Counsel at the International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda,  has stated that -" The real reason for the arrest and detention is that Professor Peter Erlinder has written and spoken of overwhelming evidence from UN records produced before the Rwanda War Crimes Tribunal that it was the RPF( the present government of Rwanda ) that started the war which resulted in the deaths of Tutsis and Hutus and the killings in the Congo . This is not even debatable in the true sense . The alleged law under which he is charged is designed to suppress the truth  about the war in Rwanda, in order for a brutal regime to maintain its totalitarian control of a tragic country . The US government's tepid response to his arrest no doubt springs from the of this regime and their desire to maintain the three military bases to control the resources of Central Africa . Professor Peter Erlinder is in jail simply for informing the world of the facts . A thought crime . This is a complete suppression of free speech and historical  records . It is fascism pure and simple ".

           The Security Council having constituted the ICTR before whom the truth has emerged of the reality of the tragedy of Rwanda , is now duty bound through the Secretary General and the UN Human Rights Council to ensure the safety and liberty of Professor Peter Erlinder who as pro bono Counsel who had volunteered for the ICTR , in the course of his research into UN records along with other Counsel placed the records before the ICTR along with the oral evidence available from diplomatic chanceries including of the United States . Public opinion  had already earlier  learnt that international warrants had been issued by Courts in Spain and France to members of the Kagame government for war crimes , crimes against humanity amounting to genocide, to which President  Kagame's government has not responded .Would that amount to denial of genocide: not appearing before the Spanish and French Courts?

              This is a new phase which we are witnessing, with governments collaborating in the arrest, detention and assassination of those lawyers who simply reveal the truth available  in  documentary and other  records in defense of their clients. As I write, it has been reported that bail was denied by the Court in Rwanda on 7th June despite the Counsel for Professor Peter Erlinder submitting to the Court in Rwanda that Professor Erlinder was in urgent need of medical treatment for which he desired to return to the United States .It is necessary to maintain a daily vigil for Professor Peter Erlinder 's  release, even while contrasting what he faces to the impunity granted to those who invade and attack countries, bomb civilian populations and continue the illegal blockade of Gaza who never face a single Security Council constituted Tribunal . It is necessary for lawyers associations in all affected countries to be vigilant against attacks on their professional colleagues and protect the democratic rights and civil liberties of citizens .
********Niloufer Bhagwat is Vice President of the Indian Association of Lawyers. // also     Rwanda: le TPIR demande la libération du Professeur Erlinder détenu pour négation du génocide   by Chief Editor   Arusha – Le Tribunal pénal international pour le Rwanda (TPIR) a demandé, sur conseil de l’ONU, “la libération immédiate” de l’avocat américain Peter Erlinder, détenu depuis fin mai à Kigali où il est poursuivi pour négation du génocide des Tutsi en 1994, a-t-on appris mercredi.  Me Erlinder, arrêté le 28 mai, défend au TPIR le major Aloys Ntabakuze, condamné à la perpétuité en première instance et qui attend son procès en appel.  video this arrest is a shame.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010
Law Professor Peter Erlinder charged with trying to kill himself in Rwanda.
Rwandan police officials said that when they checked Wednesday morning on the prisoner, Peter Erlinder, an American law professor who recently arrived in Rwanda to represent an opposition politician, they found him slumped in his cell, nearly unconscious.    Police officials said that Mr. Erlinder, who faces 25 years in prison if convicted of spreading genocide ideology, had swallowed a handful of prescription medication pills before he was going to be subjected to more police interrogations.

“When we asked him why, he said he wanted to commit suicide,” said a Rwandan police spokesman, Eric Kayiranga, in a telephone interview. “He knows the charges against him, he knows the weight of the sentence.” ...(...)

Response to Professor Erlinder's Open Letter to Canada's Prime Minister
by Alloys Mutabingwa
Government of Rwanda Representative to the ICTR
Arusha, Tanzania, Apr 7, 2006

On 7th April of every year, Rwanda and the World commemorate the 1994 genocide that took place in Rwanda. However, in that period, those responsible of the genocide and their supporters continue to impose further suffering on the genocide survivors by denying the genocide.   One day before the 12th commemoration of the genocide, Prof. Peter Erlinder sent an open letter to Hon. Stephen Harper, the Canadian Prime Minister, therein he denies, minimizes, justifies the 1994 genocide and attempts to portray a negative image of the Rwandan President Paul Kagame, snubbing the role he played in halting the genocide and the one he is playing in the national reconstruction and reconciliation process.   In his letter, Peter Erlinder completely denies the fact that genocide took place in Rwanda and prefers to use ambiguous, misleading and distortious terminologies such as “terrible massacres”, “horrific events”, “massive civilian killings”, “civilian-civilian massacres”.  ...(...)

28 May, 2010
Prof. Peter Erlinder Arrested in Kigali over Controversial Genocide Ideology Law.

Prof. Peter Erlinder, the American lawyer to opposition politician Victoire Ingabire, was arrested after a week in the country, allegedly over accusations related to negation of the Tutsi Genocide.   Prof. Erlinder arrived in the country on Sunday but has been under fire in the media from several sections, including Tutsi genocide survivors, about his alleged denial of the Genocide of the Tutsi. Sources have confirmed to RNA that he is currently in police custody at the Force’s Kacyiru headquarters and undergoing interrogation.

RNA has also established that the American embassy in Kigali has taken up the matter, but it is not yet clear in what form. The embassy is located just meters away from the Police Headquarters.

Sources also say that after he is interrogated he will be handed to the prosecution department after the dossier is complete. It not yet clear when.

Editor's Note: You can contact Professor Peter Erlinder's Congressional House Representative Mr. Keith Ellison at +1-202-224-4755. You can also send an e-mail to his aide, Mr. Zahir Jan Mohamed at

Peter Erlinder, 62, a law professor at William Mitchell College of Law in St. Paul, Minn., traveled to Rwanda on May 23 to help defend opposition presidential candidate Victoire Ingabire against charges of promoting genocidal ideology, his daughter, Sarah, said.... Erlinder grew up in Chicago's Brainerd neighborhood, the eldest of two boys, his brother, Scott, said.

UPDATE 2:  Here's a page forwarded to us by Scott Erlinder, providing context: from:  //     The Petition :

 We urgently appeal to you to apply pressure for the immediate release of Professor Peter Erlinder, whom Rwandan Police arrested early on May 28th on charges of "genocide ideology." He had traveled to Rwanda's capital, Kigali, on May 23, to join the legal defense team of Rwandan presidential candidate Victoire Ingabire Umuhoza.

His duty as a lawyer is to be a vigorous and conscientious advocate for his clients. Everything he has said has been in the context of his representation of his clients and his arrest is a violation, not just of his rights, but those of the people he represents.

We can help defend his rights now by drawing U.S. government and media attention to his situation and holding the Rwandan government accountable for his well-being.

Professor Erlinder has been acting in the best tradition of the legal profession and has been a vigorous advocate in his representation of Umuhoza. There can be no justice for anyone if the state can silence lawyers for defendants whom it dislikes and a government cannot be trusted that seeks to prevent lawyers from being advocates for their clients.

Please note that the text of this petition was created from the official press release written by the National Lawyers Guild. For the full text of the release, please click on the link below.
Articles by Peter Erlinder:
  The Rwanda War Crimes Coverup  UN Prosecutor Carla Del Ponte has confirmed the coverup  - by Prof. Peter Erlinder - 2009-09-03 
  The Real Authors of the Congo Crimes. Nkunda has been arrested but who will arrest Kagame ?    - by Prof. Peter Erlinder - 2009-02-02 
  Rwanda: No Conspiracy, No Genocide Planning ... No Genocide?
- by Prof. Peter Erlinder - 2009-01-24 
  Los aliados de Estados Unidos y del Reino Unido expolian las riquezas del Congo mientras mueren millones de personas   Informes de expertos de Naciones Unidas (2001-2003)  - by Peter Erlinder - 2009-01-13 

U.S./U.K. Allies Grab Congo Riches and Millions Die 2001-03 UN Expert Reports - by Prof. Peter Erlinder - 2008-11-04  The indisputable evidence of the Museveni/Kagame/Nkunda “axis of evil” in Central Africa has rarely, if ever, seen the light of day.  

- The Great Rwanda "Genocide Coverup"   - by Prof Peter Erlinder - 2008-02-20



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