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??? we are told......
We are told the nation and government is broke, out of money;
Yet Walter at shows us the government has trillions available socked away in special funds and the process where by we can have a prosperous economy. We are not broke!
We have been told for 50 years that we were running out of oil,
But we now hearing the “oil volcano” in the Gulf of Mexico could gush for 30 years and destroy the oceans of the world.
We are told the Gulf of Mexico gusher is due to an accident,
Yet the owners and financiers of the operation shorted their companies in the stock market 2 days before the event and made billions on the disaster. Needs Investigating!
We are told there is no threat to the health of people in the coastal impact areas;
Yet we hear and see the government is planning to evacuate millions of people inland. Pending Disaster.
We were told there is no such thing as free energy devices,
Yet there are several running in the world and those who develop these devices are often threatened or killed when they try to promote them. Tesla, Stan Myers, many others come to mind.
We are told there are no cures for cancer and other diseases,
Yet the men who have developed devices and formulas that cured many incurables have been killed or imprisoned. Royal Rife and Wilhelm Reich and others come to mind.
We are told the State and Federal Bill of Rights are limitations on the authority and power of the government in their actions against the people; Yet the laws are piled thick against your right to own arms, to have an honest monetary system, and to make your choice of medicine and medical care, etc....
We are told we are a Democracy, yet we pledge allegiance to a Republic.
We are told there is no conspiracy involved, that all the above events have just “happened;”  Yet the Bible tells us there is a conspiracy of wicked entities who seek to destroy us by lies and deceptions, murder and fraud, and America’s Founding Fathers told us the same and designed the Constitutions  and Republic to thwart the very contradictions that are listed above.
We are told....  ///
Second Question is:  Once we identify the responsible party(s), what are we going to do and how are we going to do it and where are we going to start?  ....old stuff.....
An Austrian judge who has been caught out in wrong doing applied yesterday for Jane Burgermeister to be placed under the guardianship of a court in a move that would result in Burgermeister being deprived of all her basic freedoms and rights, including the right to property and the right to represent herself in court.
The judge’s move came after Burgermeister was given permission see the files in the court of Hietzing, Vienna, concerning the administration of the estate of her late father – and documented hard evidence yesterday of the manipulation of those files suggesting wrongdoing and false statements.
Burgermeister subsequently sent a fax of some twenty pages to the court listing the specific documents missing, and also including copies, and asked for these documents to be included in the official court file.
This move clearly so worried Hietzing judge Magister Michaela Lauer that she wrote a letter yesterday to the court near to where Jane Burgermeister lives, in Vienna Döbling, asking for the officials there to begin the process to place her under a court guardianship.
This would strip Burgemreister of her basic rights, including the right to run her blog if her guardian refuses to allow it.
Burgermeister only found out about this extraordinary move when she returned to the court early this morning, Wednesday, having collected yet more evidence of missing documents.
The request of Lauer had been freshly added, and she was able to make a copy.
Among the documents she brought with her and asked to be included in the files were faxes and documents that showed that Dr Stephan Pflugbeil, a doctor at Lainzer hospital, had applied for the guardianship of her aunt immediately after Burgermeister had asked to see the files following evidence of wrong doing.
Pflugbeil had planned to send Burgermeister’s elderly aunt to a private old people’s home called Schloss Liechenstein Kralik outside of Vienna and with exorbitant prices – but without informing either of them, and, also, in spite of a prior written agreement in which her aunt had singled out those old people’s homes she wished.
The costs of the home were to be deducted from her aunt’s estate.
Instead of allowing Burgermeister to see the files, Dr Pflugbeil applied for the guardianship of her aunt at top speed – and the judge he applied to was Mag Michaela Lauer in the court of Hietzing, the very same judge who has now applied for Burgermeister to be placed under court supervision and stripped of her most basic rights, including her right to ask for redress in a court.
It was only because Lauer had not completed the paperwork for a court guardian to be appointed for her aunt that Jane Burgermeister was able, with the help of written and oral permission from her aunt and with the help of the Ombudsman at the hospital, to access her aunt’s hospital records.
She looked in files that were supposed to be “complete” only to find her fax listing evidence of wrongdoing in relation to Schloss Liechtenstein Kralik was missing altogether. That meant that there was no clear causal link in the files between her fax presenting evidence that her aunt was being defrauded and the application for a guardian to administer all her aunt’s estate by the very same person.
Dr Pflugbeil even told Burgermeister to her face he had only applied for the guardianship to protect himself from legal action. ....(...) There can be no question, therefore, of Burgermeister not being too confused to run her own life and represent herself in court.
The move to appointment a guardian is an unscrupulous bid to silence a journalist and a whistle blower.
This blatant abuse of office by a judge will fuel concerns that Austria has become a third world, banana Republic where there is no more rule of law left.
Government officials plunder citizens of their assets with impunity and then place them under court supervision whenever their victims start to take legal action in order for them to be able to continue their plunder.
A judge caught out in manipulating files to get more control of an estate can simply order the person who found the evidence to be placed in court guardianship, and deprived of all rights and all power to take any legal action.
It will take several days for the court in Döbling to do the paperwork following Lauer’s request.
Burgermeister will present the Döbling officials, among others, with documents, facts and records that strongly suggest that the appointment of a guardian for her is being blatantly and outragrously misused by Lauer to cover up evidence of a fraud.
If a judge is allowed to abuse their power so flagrantly in Austria and to force people to accept court supervision to stamp out evidence of their own crimes, no one in Austria is safe.   No one who goes into a hospital in old age is safe. And no one who makes a complaint about corrupt officials can be sure they will not be deprived of their property and basic rights by those same corrupt officials.
Whether in Canada or Austria, we see how the rule of law has been eroded.
The shocking scenes in Toronto show a police force on the rampage, grabbing citizens out of crowds, throwing them into unmarked cars and detaining them in conditions resembling Guantanamo Bay after secret powers were granted.
At the G20 summit in Canada, the world’s top Bilderberg government officials pledged to carry on their plundering of the populations of Europe and the USA by slashing national budgets to make bigger interest payments to banks for overvalued, paper property debt.
Jane Burgermeister’s father had a doctorate in economics and was able to explain the entire scam.  But not even he was prepared for the corruption in Austria and in Europe in 2010.  It is a scandal that a person who has documented hard evidence of wrong-doing by a judge should be deprived by that same judge of their most basic rights and freedoms by misusing the office of guardianship.  In Nazi Germany, too, people could be deprived of all their rights, imprisoned and killed, by the arbitrary order of government officials.
Wake up, Europe! Wake up! (( ))
July 3, 2010 10:26 AM     BP in the Gulf—The Persian Gulf:
How an Oil Company Helped Destroy Democracy in Iran
....(...) This oil company was the most lucrative British enterprise anywhere on the planet. To the British, nationalization seemed, at first, like some kind of immense joke, a step so absurdly contrary to the unwritten rules of the world that it could hardly be real. Early in this confrontation, the directors of the Anglo-Iranian Oil Company and their partners in Britain’s government settled on their strategy: no mediation, no compromise, no acceptance of nationalization in any form.
The British took a series of steps meant to push Mossadegh off his nationalist path.
They withdrew their technicians from Abadan, blockaded the port, cut off exports of vital goods to Iran, froze the country’s hard-currency accounts in British banks, and tried to win anti-Iran resolutions from the U.N. and the World Court. This campaign only intensified Iranian determination. Finally, the British turned to Washington and asked for a favor: please overthrow this madman for us so we can have our oil company back.
American President Dwight D. Eisenhower, encouraged by his Secretary of State John Foster Dulles, a lifelong defender of transnational corporate power, agreed to send the Central Intelligence Agency in to depose Mossadegh. The operation took less than a month in the summer of 1953. It was the first time the CIA had ever overthrown a government.
At first, this seemed like a remarkably successful covert operation. The West had deposed a leader it didn’t like, and replaced him with someone who would perform as bidden—Mohammad Reza Shah Pahlavi.
From the perspective of history, though, it is clear that Operation Ajax, as the operation was code-named, had devastating effects. It not only brought down Mossadegh’s government, but ended democracy in Iran. It returned the Shah to his Peacock Throne. His increasing repression set off the explosion of the late 1970s, which brought to power Ayatollah Khomeini and the bitterly anti-Western regime that has been in control ever since.
The oil company re-branded itself as British Petroleum, BP Amoco, and then, in 2000, BP. During its decades in Iran, it had operated as it pleased, with little regard for the interests of local people. This corporate tradition has evidently remained strong.
Many Americans are outraged by the relentless images of oil gushing into Gulf waters from the Deepwater Horizon well, and by the corporate recklessness that allowed this spill to happen. Those who know Iranian history have been less surprised.
July 3, 2010 10:15 AM   Demonizing Democracy. Canada's Police State. “A Taste of South in the Global North”        By Anita Oǧurlu
They never “opened fire”, but by Canadian standards the public got a shock – a well-thought out theatrical performance – Southern style! “This only happens in places like Mexico,” one protester told me. Helicopters circling the city 24 hours a day, snipers on roof tops, the liberal use of pepper gas, rubber bullets, police on horseback, university campuses and private home raids and arrests (900 and counting), beatings (men and women, young and old of all colors including “white”), intimidation, transportation shut-downs... The list goes on. You know it well! While the Integrated Security Unit might have been slightly milder on the beatings, the rest was standard practice, so much so, I could warn my less experienced comrades what was about to come and it usually came, minutes later!
                                               20,000 March in Protest
A protester who came all the way from Iran for the event, said jokingly, “Even God is a capitalist,” when the rain poured down on us for most of the day. By 11:00h on Saturday almost 20,000 protesters from a cornucopia of groups, along with the Ontario Postal workers, Hamilton Steel workers, Sudbury miners (on strike for over a year now), Oshawa and Ottawa autoworkers, CUPE (Canadian Union of Public Employees), university employees, students and professors, militant Ethopian and Somalian groups, together with an array of leftist groups, gathered at Queen's Park in the heart of Toronto (approximately 10 to 15 blocks from where the Summit was well under way at the Toronto Convention Center in the financial district). All had two objectives. First, to make our voices heard. Second, to get to the fence (near the site of the Summit). As predicted, neither happened! A well-planned, coordinated effort on behalf of the Integrated Security Unit (ISU) (trumped up name for police) to protect the ruling class together with the bourgeois media made sure both objectives were terminated.
All prepared with banners and megaphones, we marched south down a main artery (University Avenue) where we were met with riot police who diverted us west on Queen Street to Bathurst Street. We were the “beautiful people” of Canada, the oppressed and marginalized, those who truly called for democracy not only in Canada but for our brothers and sisters around the world. When I say democracy, I refer to an Ellen Meiksins Wood understanding of democracy. We chanted slogans in unison. “One, we are the people. Two, a little bit louder. Three, we are responsible for each other.” “This is what democracy looks like. That is what hypocracy looks like.” (directed to the riot police and snipers on top of the U.S. embassy and other key buildings). “United the people will never be defeated.” “Stop corporate take-over now.” “Justice Now. Housing Now. Jobs Now.” “Stop corporatized education.” “G8/G20, they’re few, we’re many.” “G20 off Native land.”
Our voices were loud and strong with every good intention. Suddenly out of nowhere the Black Bloc (a militant anarchist group) infiltrated the line and divided the CUPE group, I was walking with, in two, along with the entire 20,000 protesters. .....(....)
A Week Full of Protest       Native Rights Rally – June 24, 2010.
The past week saw an array of legitimate protests across the city from anti-imperalist wars to climate change. One I found particularly moving – a platform for Indigenous Rights saw about 2,000 march on Thursday. Darlene Ritchie from Council Fire (forum for Native Rights), a prolific speaker, told her audience at a press conference at Queen's Park of the Indian Act – “racism legislated in Canada.” An archaic piece of legislature (written in 1763 is a proclamation which promised Native people their own land from the crown if they fought for the British). She spoke of 584 Native women who are missing or murdered since 2001. The living standards of the Indigenous people in Canada is rated 74th as the world’s worst conditions while Indonesia is rated 63rd. “My people are living in 4th world conditions, yet Harper can send money off to the third world for maternal aid!” Over half of Indigenous people migrate to cities as they have no work. There they are exposed to racism sending them into a downward spiral of drug addiction and alcoholism. Only since 1965, are Indigenous people allowed to attend regular public schools. However, they are forced to pay for them, hence the most impoverished of Canada have been funding public education. They die from undefinable cancers from the Uranium mining and oil tar sands in the north, set only to escalate due to Harper’s new deals with China. Hundreds of Native people who protest are thrown behind bars. One man has not been able to send his children to school for two years because of his political involvment. Ritchie ended with, “We want Harper to give us a little bit of the surplus. We are tired of them bombing other nations. It effects our spirit too. We are tired of the pigs who only want to get to the trough first.” After the speech, I approached her as my sister and offered her to visit me in Istanbul and speak to us there. In response, she told me she can’t travel. “I don’t have a passport. I am an Indian under the Indian Act. If I took a passport I’d have to be a Canadian. I have chosen not to!”
Solidarity picket at Novotel Hotel – June 24, 2010.  Later in the week I joined a strike for the Novotel Hotel employees, protesting for a decent work contract and the right to unionize who were subject to intimidation. Firing of key leaders in organizing union members, promoting workers to better positions and pay if they didn’t join the union were some of the tactics used to divide and intimidate them. This sounded familiar and I thought of our own situation at Istanbul Bilgi University. About 150 workers from different ethnicities and areas of employment were making their voices heard in front of the French hotel chain and disturbing the flow of capital. Slogans rang out, “Contract Now,” “What’s that smell... Novotel” and “The workers united can never be divided.” A huge inflated rat, filled with hot air, drew negative attention to the hotel. They nick-named it “Ratatouille” as the dish in French cuisine. Having once worked in big hotel chains when I was a student in Toronto, I jumped right in. Marxist groups marched with them handing out flyers and newsletters. Later they made speeches and I added our university employees had a similar platform to theirs. “Employees at Istanbul Bilgi University support you all the way from Turkey,” I added. They broke out in huge cheers! It was only later that I learned on Saturday night when genuine protesters came in solidarity, 150 were arrested in front of the Novotel along with the Guardian journalist.
It has been an educational and enlightening ten days. I have got to know my people again. I have learned the struggle is really no different here. As I leave them, I know their struggle has only begun. I trust as we ALL move toward unpredictable times ahead, we keep cool and remember there are others, genuinely fighting for a just, socialist world, where borders are only in our minds and our chance for solidarity must never be forgotten in the struggle, whether we are from the North or the South! // 
 For those of you interested in following the “real events” please check the following websites – Toronto Media Coop and •  Anita Oǧurlu is a writer living in Istanbul. This article was written June 27th, 2010 in Toronto.
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~(((( The   B u l l e t ))))~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ //  many links...more....
Interview with Ellen Meiksins Wood   Democracy & Capitalism: Friends or Foes?
New Socialist Magazine, January 1996
Ellen Meiksins Wood is one of the most important Marxist theorists writing in the English language. She has contributed to many socialist publications including The Socialist Register and the New Left Review. Her books include The Retreat From Class (Verso, 1986) and The Pristine Culture of Capitalism (Verso, 1991). Below she speaks with New Socialist about some of the political implications of her most recent book, Democracy Against Capitalism (Cambridge University Press, 1995).
                The title of your most recent book is Democracy Against Capitalism. This seems to fly in the face of the widespread claim that capitalism has proved to be the only system capable of providing genuine democracy. What are you proposing by counterposing democracy to capitalism in this way?
What is "genuine democracy"? Suppose we just take the literal meaning of the word "democracy" first. "Demos" in ancient Greek means the people --- and not just in some abstract political sense but as a social category, the common people or even the poor.
"Kratos" means strength, power, rule. So demokratia means nothing more nor less than people's power, or even the power of the common people or the poor. One ancient historian I know has even suggested that, in its original meaning (probably coined by enemies of "demokratia"), it meant something analogous to the dictatorship of the proletariat. In other words, to the enemies of democracy, people's power was a form of inverted class rule, the power of the people over the propertied classes, or the subjection of the elite to the mass. In the literal meaning of the term, then, there's not much doubt that capitalism has little to do with democracy.
But there's obviously more to the question than that.  ....(...)
Saturday, July 3, 2010   Fulford - The “International Office of Treasury Control” is a fraudulent organization (( OITC))
We can now confirm that the International Office of Treasury Control,” is a sophisticated con. The man who goes by the moniker of “Whistleblower” is none other than the criminal operative David Salle. CIA and MI6 sources with “level 5” security clearance, have confirmed that the OITC has previously defrauded the governments of Fiji, Ecuador and the Solomon Islands. Their instrument was a fake bank known as the Melchizedek bank.
We can also confirm that R.C. Dam did at one point have high level financial clearance but that this was rescinded long ago. We can also confirm that he was largely raised by the CIA. Dam, a Cambodian, now lives in the Thai Royal compound in Bangkok. He cannot go to his native Cambodia because he would be killed there, the sources say.
The OITC will now be dismantled. The parties conned by Mr. Salle and Daniele Del Bosco are eager to have their day in court, and will have that opportunity in the near future. We are calling you out Mr. Salle, let us meet in a court of law.
Salle has also defamed me with false and baseless accusations of criminal behavior.
My role has simply been to point out to the Asians that they now control over 70% of the world’s financial resources, and that they thus had the right to spend that money on ending poverty, stopping environmental destruction and starting a new era of prosperity and progress for the planet. The criminal psychopaths who wish to keep the Western world on a path of endless war, have been doing everything possible to prevent this from happening.
Salle //“Whistleblower”// has also accused Mr. Yamaguchi of being jailed, when in fact he was temporarily (and illegally) detained for 7 hours by the Italian authorities. Yamaguchi was part of an effort by the Asians to cash $1 trillion in money that was legitimately earned (through legal exports and sales of gold) in order to spend it on helping the economies of Europe and The US. The Italians authorities stole this money and tried to cash it with the UN, with the US Senate Finance Committee and other places
 but they could not because it was not theirs to sell.
Del Bosco, for his part, using the fake front known as Http:// stole $3.8 billion belonging to a Greek shipping tycoon. Del Bosco also claims to communicate with Aliens and other people, from the Vatican. He has also, for no reason, threatened me. He is not to be taken seriously. Justice is being done and justice will be done.
Posted by John MacHaffie at 1:13 AM  ..............3 comments:...................
Anonymous said...     July 3, 2010 1:55 AM
    Please sing: thank you thank you thank you....
    had funny feelings about this Whistleblower...  LIGHT... DO it now, not tomorrow please   huge hug     camilla
John MacHaffie said...   July 3, 2010 2:22 AM
    I have had my doubts about Whistleblower too. I am very appreciative of Fulford again.
    He is credible and he has earned my respect.
  Anonymous said...     July 3, 2010 5:23 AM   Anybody can google OITC and find out the sham that is IOTC, so this isn't really breaking information. They are suit happy so I'm certain Fulford can expect that in the very least.  DG
International prosperity fund packages illegally opened at US Department of Justice, Washington. US President Barack Obama and US Attorney General Eric Holder central to conspiracy. International fund cheques and cards stolen and passed to Obama and Hillary Clinton. Supporting documentation burned on orders of Holder. Hillary Clinton says: "I am the President now. Obama cannot find the toilet without my direction."
     The legal protection and authority of the international fund packages is established by international law enacted under the jurisdiction of the World Court in The Hague. Trillions of dollars of targeted funds are involved. US law has no traction in the administration of these monies. About three hundred thousand separate bank packages are live for immediate delivery. Some of these relate to the G8/G20 World Global Settlements. Thousands of individual Americans are nominated recipients. Thousands of new criminal actions for theft, therefore, are being prepared against senior US government figures for fraud, embezzlement and theft.   
Update here (02.07.10). More background here (02.07.10), here (01.07.10), here (01.07.10), here (27.06.10), here (27.06.10), here (24.06.10), here (19.06.10) and here (17.05.10). More about the US Dollar Refunding Project to be run from London here (25.06.10). And more about the $47 trillion World Court Writ of Execution and Lien on the US Treasury and the US Federal Reserve Board here (14.12.09).
Saturday, July 3, 2010
Prosperity Packages - Status
We are very Blessed To Have The White Knights looking after us.
We would have lost everything by theft!      For more info contact me on skype
Posted by John MacHaffie at 7:05 AM   .............19 comments:................
Anonymous said... July 3, 2010 7:10 AM
    Hi John,   I truly appreciate your blog and check in with you quite a few times a day. So looking forward to being able to help Humanity and Mother Earth!
    Could you please tell me how to contact you on Skype?   Thanks,  Marie
Anonymous said...  July 3, 2010 7:12 AM
    but only like 1 in 5000 use skype    and its not free?
John MacHaffie said... July 3, 2010 7:15 AM
    anon 7:10 john.machaffie skype
    anon 7:12 You are blowing smoke. It is FREE for the basic service! 
Anonymous said... July 3, 2010 7:16 AM
    John, Can you say who would have stold the packets
Jody Newkirk said...     July 3, 2010 7:32 AM
    it is free if you are calling someone else on skype.
Anonymous said...    July 3, 2010 7:37 AM
    its cool ill just stop submitting    tips and info too
Anonymous said... July 3, 2010 8:30 AM
    Did Canada really receive packages?
Anonymous said...   July 3, 2010 8:40 AM
    John, does the theft include Canada and Asia or in this case only the U.S?
    So no deliveries at all? Rather wait till all is safe.
    blessings to you and the White Knights            camilla
John MacHaffie said...   July 3, 2010 8:42 AM
    Per anon 8:30  My sources are still confirming same.
    Funds were to be in a certain bank, same bank caught for trying to steal all the funds.
    Perhaps therein lies the problem.
John MacHaffie said... July 3, 2010 8:44 AM
    per anon 8:40   Don't know now. Same bank was used in Canada, however.
Anonymous said... July 3, 2010 9:30 AM
    So what is the scuttle butt now are banks cleared for delivery
Sharon R said... July 3, 2010 9:38 AM
    so, thank GOD for unanswered prayers.
    Keeping up with these posts and other blogs, seems there is a lot going on at the moment per banks and funds and clearing out bad guys in the Vatican and it's banks.. things are happening. patience is a virtue which i will continue to perfect.
  Hey if the DC clown posse keeps allowing Pelosi to talk they will keep showing how     superbly idiotic they are. We shall see very soon how awake the mass population is.
Anonymous said...     July 3, 2010 9:52 AM are we back at square one now?
Anonymous said...     July 3, 2010 9:58 AM
    John,I am confused by your statement that we are blessed that we didn't get deliveries this week.You say that we would have lost everything by theft.If we had the packs,how would the Washington crooks been able to get them and open them?The problem has been that for months,failure to deliver has given "them" opportunities to do what they want. If some Provost Marshal had had the guts to stop the nonsense that has been going on in the White House,the Treasury,the Supreme Court, the Federal Reserve etc We would have been paid a long time ago,and our money would be being spent to help   the economy.Let's hope that someone with guts will end this mess very soon.
Anonymous said...     July 3, 2010 10:12 AM
    No, nobody received and until someone confirms from our thousands of people across the world, nobody will have recieved anything. First, its gonna be this week-end to thank god we didn't receive as they would have been stolen. Bottom line is that nobody gets a dime worldwide untilthe banks are ready and a few others in boxes. Darrell Freck said last night that nobody knows the exact day so that means John does not know, Poof does not know (Keep the donations coming however) and Darrell has more insight than most. So just everyone stop asking Joh when D-Day is cause he doesn't know either. The only thing we do know is that when d-day arrives people will know and there will be confirmation. Any speculation past that is speculation. Poof has predicted this 1000 times and one of these days he will be right.He will then say, I tried to tell you. Darrel was pretty genuine in his talk but there is much to be done and nobody knows how much left there is. LAst thought here, if you see our politicans still walking around with smiles on their faces being as pompous as ever and the stock market is still going up, that week is probably not the week.
Anonymous said...     July 3, 2010 10:19 AM
    Same person asking about bank to be used and same bank C. Story wrote about, thats also reason they could not be Basel III compliant, which again confirms thoughts 08:42. Hope they are safe?  In whose power lied the decision of which bank to use? Major change now. But this confirms that things are happening, thank our Lord.    camilla
John MacHaffie said...     July 3, 2010 11:02 AM
    Per Canada, WI and NY which I mentioned before - I do have emails and skype correspondence to back up these statements.
Deliveries were underway and these same contacts have not renege on there statements.
Andy Hohmann said...     July 3, 2010 11:22 AM
    SKYPE found john.mchaffie in Nairobi Kenya. Is that the correct contact link?
    My SKYPE found 3 others with different skype variations in spelling.
    All 4 same Full Name spelling.  2 in Nairobi, 1 in Somerville, 1 in "United States".
Anonymous said...   July 3, 2010 11:31 AM
    Well thanks for the info you can get John. We have only one thing we can do is wait. Funny thing about all of this is that I have put things on the back burner waiting for the drop. I had a spiritual teacher who once said that hope is something that can take all of the energy that you could use for the moment or the now, you end up living for a future while right now falls apart around you. Please do not take this as preaching but it rings true for me.
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