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Babylon System (I don't come to bow...)
Sunday, 04 July 2010 15:10

We refuse to be      What you wanted us to be;
We are what we are:     That's the way it's going to be. If you don't know!
You can't educate I  For no equal opportunity:
(Talkin' 'bout my freedom) Talkin' 'bout my freedom, People freedom (freedom) and liberty!
Yeah, we've been trodding on the winepress much too long:     Rebel, rebel!
Yes, we've been trodding on the winepress much too long:      Rebel, rebel!

Babylon system is the vampire, yea! (vampire)  Suckin' the children day by day, yeah!
Me say: de Babylon system is the vampire, falling empire,
Suckin' the blood of the sufferers, yea-ea-ea-ea-e-ah!
Building church and university, wo-o-ooh, yeah! - Deceiving thepeople continually, yea-ea!
Me say them graduatin' thieves and murderers;
Look out now: they suckin' the blood of the sufferers (sufferers).
Yea-ea-ea! (sufferers)      Tell the children the truth;
Tell the children the truth;     Tell the children the truth right now!
Come on and tell the children the truth;   Tell the children the truth;
Tell the children the truth;      Tell the children the truth;
Come on and tell the children the truth.

Britain Facing £5.5 Billion EU Sanction      Sunday, 04 July 2010 15:04

'Olli Rehn, the EU economic affairs commissioner, pledged to bring forward six new regulations by the end of September ahead of an October summit. Included among "sanctions and incentives" to get governments to rein in public spending is an entirely new "corrective arm" using the EU budget as a stick to keep national spending in line with euro targets.

Countries, even if they are outside the euro, that ignored Commission orders to cut national spending could lose EU payments from Brussels budgets intended to help poor regions and agriculture subsidies for farmers.'

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Sunday, 04 July 2010 14:49  The Tony Blair 'Luvvie' And Supporter, Who Should Be In The Dock Over the Gulf Oil Disaster
Rothschild Zionist Lord Browne - Lord Oil Slick - imposed massive cost-cutting at BP, including spending on safety and maintenence, and is now given a job cost-cutting for the British government.

The close friend of Tony Blair and Lord Mandelson has been given a key job by their (supposed) political 'opposition', David Cameron and Nick Clegg. They are, of course, all in bed together.

Read more ...


Lord Browne's former male escort lover assists case against BP

'David Cameron’s new ‘cost-cut tsar’ faced embarrassment last night after it was revealed that his former male escort lover was helping a campaigning American lawyer to assemble a legal case against him. Lord Browne of Madingley, the ex-chief executive of BP, is at the centre of litigationin the United States alleging that cost cutting made while he was in charge of the oil giant led to disasters such as the recent Gulf of Mexico oil spill.'

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Lord Browne, Lockerbie, Hookers And BP's close ties to MI6

'I think the Gulf looks rather nice that colour ... will you be at the party tonight? Peter and Tony are coming ... and Charlie Falconer ... 

'Lord Browne's ex-lover Jeff Chevalier told The Mail on Sunday that Lord Browne referred to Mark Allen, the MI6 counter-terrorism chief at the centre of the secret talks between Libya and Britain. Sir Mark Allen is now a senior executive with BP.

Reportedly BP uses strange methods to win contracts. BP worked with MI6 to help bring about changes in foreign governments ... BP was working closely with MI6 at the highest levels to help it to win business ... Turkish secret service documents claimed BP had discussed an "arms for oil" deal with the assistance of MI6 ...'

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Deepwater Horizon: The Well From Hell
Sunday, 04 July 2010 14:47

See Part two here...

Popular Music Is The Babylon System     Sunday, 04 July 2010 14:43

'It has never been more apparent to those who have awakened from the slumber imposed upon them by popular culture that the establishment music industry now pumps out the most dumbed-down, monotonous, garbage which actually serves to induce depression and despair in those who are enlightened and aware, while providing hypnotizing bread and circuses for those still transfixed by the babylon system.

If the readers of this website sat down and watched MTV for an hour, they’d probably come away feeling dazed, confused, and disgusted at the parade of sickness, idolatry and worship of everything that’s wrong in our society. Love of money, the evisceration of morality, the exaltation of post-modern nihilism, the attack on the family, the normalization of the bizarre, the sick and the twisted.'

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BP and Government Misleading Public About Safety Of Florida Beaches
Sunday, 04 July 2010 14:35

'As a tide of tarballs from the BP Gulf Oil Spill assaults the Florida coast line local Florida residents, businesses and county officials are demanding action from BP, State, and Federal Government officials in charge of monitoring and responding to the spill. Local residents in Walton County, Florida demanded a Town Hall meeting to discuss the lack of response to the oil assaulting the coast line.

They are also demanding answers to other questions like why local beaches have been declared safe and remain open even though tarballs have been washing ashore for weeks in Florida and the DEP hasn’t tested the waters for hydrocarbons since May 1st.'

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We Were Permanently Banned From the Miami-Dade Metrorail for Taking Photos
Sunday, 04 July 2010 14:30

'We had planned to ride the Metrorail through three stations to see if anybody would try to stop us from taking pictures of the trains. We didn’t even make it inside the first station. By the time it was over, three hours after a security guard told us it was against the law to take pictures in the parking lot of the Douglas Road Metro Station in Miami, a 50 State Security Captain had banned us for life from ever setting foot on the Metrorail again.

All because we took photos in the parking lot.'

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Enough is Enough
Sunday, 04 July 2010 14:22

Sri Lankan Budget Imposes IMF Austerity Demands  Sunday, 04 July 2010 14:12

'Sri Lankan deputy finance minister Sarath Amunugama presented a delayed interim budget for 2010 on Tuesday, outlining plans for austerity measures to meet the demands of the International Monetary Fund (IMF). 

Amunugama claimed that the budget would reduce the fiscal deficit sharply from 9.9 to 8 percent of Gross Domestic Product (GDP), while providing for tax concessions and infrastructure programs to boost big business. The deficit will be cut at the expense of workers and the poor by increasing taxes on essentials, slashing subsidies to government corporations and extending a wage freeze on public sector employees. The budget provided no details of specific revenue measures. Instead, the government plans to impose tax rises undemocratically via gazette announcements.'


U.S. Pledges $15 Million to Preserve Site of Concentration Camp
Sunday, 04 July 2010 14:06     'The United States will donate $15 million to the Auschwitz-Birkenau Foundation, pending congressional authorization and appropriations, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said Saturday. Speaking at the Schindler Factory Museum in Krakow, Poland, Clinton said the contribution will go to preserve the site of the concentration camp and "demonstrates America's commitment to Holocaust education, remembrance and research," the State Department said.'  http://edition.cnn.com/2010/WORLD/europe/07/03/poland.clinton.auschwitz/index.html?eref=edition&utm_source=twitterfeed&utm_medium=twitter&utm_campaign=cnni&fbid=QTdDVHdPo0Z

Sunday, 04 July 2010 14:05   Now Shipping
Nearly 700 pages, 355,000 words, 325 illustrations and 32 pages of original colour art by Neil Hague.  A Monumental Work  What is the 'Moon Matrix'?  Click here for details...

Britain More Interested in Saving Israelis from Garden Shed Rockets, than British Citizens from Israeli Pirates   Sunday, 04 July 2010 14:01      By Stuart Littlewood

'A month ago, while reports were coming in that Israeli gunboats had “intercepted” the Free Gaza flotilla 90 miles out to sea and told the humanitarian workers they would be boarded and towed to an Israeli port, I emailed Clegg: “Where is the Royal Navy when it’s needed to protect life and limb of the 30-odd British nationals?”

Ministers received advanced warning of Israel’s threats to stop the flotilla “by any means”. What was needed was firm intervention. Just for a change the British people wanted their government to do them proud on the international stage and protect those brave souls on their peaceful mission to bring relief to Palestinians, whose lives have been made a living hell by the bully-boys of the Middle East.   They were, after all, only doing the right thing… doing what the West’s cowardly governments wet their pants, at the very thought of doing.' ...(...) So no, he won’t walk the walk.

It is pointless calling for the blockade to be lifted. You have to smash it… with warships “exercising” nearby. Israel’s promise to “ease” it is purely cosmetic. I hear that incoming goods have risen by a miserable 7 or 8% while the block on exports remains. That’s all the West’s feeble hand-wringing has achieved.

Clegg’s choice of words is revealing… “the interception by Israeli forces”. It was nothing less than a dead-of-night military assault with guns blazing and a pre-planned execution of civilians on a wanted list. His whole reply might as well have been scripted by Tel Aviv. It probably was, because it turns out to be word for word the same as the communication sent to other complainants by Israel’s great friend now doubling as Britain’s under-secretary of state in charge of Middle East affairs, Alistair Burt.

Clegg can call for “a full, credible, impartial and independent investigation” until he’s blue in the face, but he won’t get one. He welcomes the appointment of Trimble to this farce. Why? Trimble is a founding member of a new international “Friends of Israel Initiative”.

The context for Israel’s crimes on the high seas is, of course, the racist regime’s belief that it can act with impunity. It never gets rapped for lawless conduct thanks to the abject failure of the international community – especially Britain, whose mandated responsibility Palestine once was – to enforce international and maritime law and the numerous UN resolutions (not just 1860).

UN Security Council Resolution 1860 (America abstained on Israel’s orders, according to Olmert) calls for the sustained reopening of crossing points on the basis of the 2005 Agreement on Movement and Access. There is still no sign of Israeli compliance.

Clegg claims that “we” are friends to both Israelis and Palestinians. Bollox. British governments have spent the last 93 years betraying the Palestinian people, and continue to do so while slavishly supporting the Israeli regime in its programme of occupation, oppression, ethnic cleansing and collective punishment. Our last government and now this Coalition won’t even acknowledge the Palestinians’ right of self-determination or their democratic choice of government. Britain, to its shame, is complicit in those crimes.

To make matters worse, Labour and Conservative leaders are anxious to change our laws of universal jurisdiction to provide a safe haven for Israel’s killers while denying visas to Palestinian footballers.

And please, Mr Clegg, spare us this endless nonsense about rockets. At least as many state of the art US-supplied Israeli missiles were launched into Gaza, usually from US-supplied F-16s, as garden-shed whizz-bangs were lobbed into Israel. And Israeli air-strikes and armoured incursions continue on a daily basis.     Furthermore, no rockets come out of the West Bank, yet the West Bank continues to be occupied, sealed and under severe movement restrictions. Clearly, this is not about rockets or even about Hamas, which has already agreed to recognise Israel within its pre-1967 borders in accordance with the international community’s position. It’s a well-known fact that America is a dishonest broker, so aligning Britain with thepuppet Obama’s diplomatic “initiative”, simply hands Israel even moretime to establish irreversible facts on the ground.

      But the British public are wising up. They are beginning to know the score. Prime minister Cameron is a self-declared Zionist. Foreign secretary Hague has been a Friend of Israel since the age of 15. Under-secretary of state Burt is not just a Friend of Israel but an OFFICER of the Conservative Friends of Israel organisation.

The Knesset’s stooges roost happily in Westminster.

And Cameron has just put his name to a G8 leaders’ statement calling for the release of captured Israeli soldier Gilad Shalit, but not the freeing of thousands of Palestinians abducted and rotting in Israeli jails. Burt, in his letter, talks of our pledge of £26.8 million for humanitarian aid and early recovery activities in Gaza. Is that supposed to purge our negligence? The Palestinians wouldn’t need £millions of British taxpayers’ money year after year if they were left in peace. All this aid simply subsidises and reinforces the Israeli occupation at our (the public’s) expense. ....(...)

It's Non-Stop Fun in Zero Carbon Britain, 2030
    Sunday, 04 July 2010 13:57

Andrew Orlowski   The Register   Tue, 29 Jun 2010 03:34 EDT

'A hundred years ago, the socialist utopians had a vision of what they called "a world without want". The Zero Carbon Trust published its vision of Britain in 2030 earlier this month, and it's one where people's "wants" will substantially increase. Particularly anyone wanting, say, a lamb chop with rosemary and garlic, or a Shepherd's Pie.

The Trust wants British livestock be reduced to 20 per cent of current levels, and since shipping in frozen meat is carbon intensive, and verboten, you'll have to do without. Or be a Lord to afford one. This one example is just one of the random miseries to be inflicted on the population as part of the Trust's proposed "New Energy Policy", a collection of ideas assembled with the scattergun enthusiasm of the Taliban. I know it's the end of the month, and everyone's ignored this document - but I urge you to download it - all 4MB of it.'...(...) There's an important difference between the Jihadists and the Free-riders, though - and that's the necessity or quantity of suffering humans necessary. I note that even the Malthusian chief scientific advisor to our Department of Energy and Climate Change, David MacKay (author of bloggers' favourite Without Hot Air), doesn't see misery as necessary.

Both groupings will have to face the same, fairly unpalatable realities quite soon, however.

The policies of carbon mitigation are now unsellable - they mean political suicide. In an election year it makes all the difference: Obama wisely won't touch it, the only Republican behind climate change has turned turtle, and it helped cost the Australian PM his job. Politicians will still use it as an excuse for taxes - the Tories dropped anything to do with climate mitigation but still used it as justification for increasing air taxes. But the fact is, the more people realise that mitigation means misery and costs - there's no way of disguising either - the less popular it becomes.

Did anyone really think it would work - one great unit of measurement, one (and only) one measure of how much things in life are worth? Or was it just a pose - a way of saying you're more caring and compassionate and earthy than the chavvie chap next door, with his Plasma TV?

Bootnote  (And just for fun: see if you can tot up the split between "Jihadists" and "Free-riders" in the Comments below; we'll compare tallies in seven days.) [Thanks Andrew, can't wait - the Moderatrix]


BP's Oil Spill Fouls Water, Land and Air     Sunday, 04 July 2010 13:51

'Lepori described a living nightmare, reeling off a list of images, one worse than the next. “We went through an oil pool, right at dusk, when we were out looking for the dolphins, trying to make sure that they were all right,” she said. “As soon as we hit this it was like you had cut our air off.

“We couldn’t breathe, we couldn’t speak, we were all throwing up over the side,” she said. “We were all very experienced boat people... We were trying to keep an eye on the dolphins. This is a very special dolphin pod. It’s called the Friendly Dolphins pod. They have lived there for as long as anyone can remember. Essentially they were trapped.” Back in Florida, the couple was on high alert, as the rolling slicks of thick gooey brown sludge crossed from Alabama to Florida.' ...(..) “They were literally picking up these pieces of tar, this oil, toxic oil with other toxic chemicals, with their bare hands and putting it on their sandcastles, because it made their sandcastles look pretty. … The kids said that. I said what are you doing? ‘We’re making pretty sandcastles’ and yet they’re playing with toxic chemicals.” Mogavero said he approached the parents, to see if they understood the dangers the kids were facing and they appeared “clueless.”“I said do you realize what these kids are playing with and they had absolutely no idea that the young kids – they were 4 or 5 years old – were playing with tar balls,” he said....(...) “The main reason was because if we could protect the Barrier Islands, and it is still not too late, if they would just do something,  if we could protect the barrier islands we can still restock the Gulf and save the marine life.   “By not protecting those barrier islands, our sea life has no place to go.  That’s where they all go to lay their eggs, lay the larvae. That water is very rich in nutrients and that’s where life in the Gulf starts.”

St Martin said she believes Mississippi inaction goes right into the governor’s office and is explained by Barbour’s close business ties to the oil industry.  “If you ever looked at the Web site of Barber, Griffith and Rogers, our governor’s lobbying firm, you will see that one of his main clients is big oil,” she said. “I think he is in bed with BP and he would say anything he could or do anything he could to protect his big oil clients.”

Just like in Louisiana, St Martin said, many people are getting ill in Mississippi and the impact is being felt well inland. “I get sick every time I go out and smell the stuff.  I go out there to try to look at it and I also have been on boats taking the media out there. And if I’m close to it and I smell it ….it makes me very nauseous. I can’t imagine what it’s like for people that are out there trying to work all day in the stuff, because it does give me a headache.”  http://www.consortiumnews.com/2010/062910b.html

Retail Rage - Center Closed During G20 Protests, Guy Has Meltdown
Sunday, 04 July 2010 13:49 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FHIZ2Jl2vuQ

Get Ready For Emergency Room Waiting Lines Across USA
Sunday, 04 July 2010 13:43

'Emergency rooms, the only choice for patients who can't find care elsewhere, may grow even more crowded with longer wait times under the nation's new health law.

That might come as a surprise to those who thought getting 32 million more people covered by health insurance would ease ER crowding. It would seem these patients would be able to get routine health care by visiting a doctor's office, as most of the insured do. But it's not that simple. Consider:'  http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20100702/ap_on_bi_ge/us_med_er_crowding_8

Madhouse Medical Tyranny: When Health Becomes Sickness
Sunday, 04 July 2010 13:39  by John Galt

'Dictatorships know that the battle for complete control is ultimately won or lost... in the minds of the target population.  As the oppression advances, it tends to move from propaganda mind control to the direct intervention into the mind via pharmaceuticals.  We are now seeing the overt global coordination of the psychiatry profession   to convince every resident of planet Earth that all clear thinking, healthy living, and wholesome innocence, is some kind of disorder that needs to be corrected (suppressed) with drugs, to render zombie-like those whose instincts afford them the ability of discernment.

We have seen this before — the role of the medical establishment in dictatorships such as Nazi Germany is well documented. It is the pre-Endgame, if you will, before the final culling takes place.  The proof that we are being led by a medical tyranny to soften us up for population reduction, is of course not something to make light of.  However, it is absurd, because it is a manufactured attempt    to re-define the natural human condition.  So, let us get up to speed on our mental disorders   as a gallows humor descends.' ...(...) Once again, it is up to us to resist this insanity.  Let them write the legislation, design the drugs, and tell us that black is white, and health is sickness.  We will not cooperate.  Advice given to us by the mentally deranged, should really be a laughing matter


http://www.activistpost.com/2010/07/happy-4th-of-july-declare-your.html independence.

Saturday, July 3, 2010The New Guantanamo: Torontanamo
Inside Torontanamo -- My Experience Inside the G20 Detention Facility
Matt Shultz  Counterpunch
Well, it's been an interesting weekend, for everyone I expect but for me it has been, well, cataclysmic ... almost literally, given the torrential rain (look up the Greek etymology of cataclysm.) As I write this the protests continue but for me they are done: an embarrassingly stillborn and somewhat childish prank has me facing weapons charges with a potential six month jail term, and banned from any future protests due to the bail conditions that I agreed to in order to get released, despite the obvious charter violations represented in an order to avoid any public demonstration.
I'm sure you all saw the endlessly repeated footage of burning patrol cars and the debris of broken windows along Queen St left by the rampaging Black Bloc on Saturday night.
Although I was in the city, I, like most of you, saw this only in snippets on the evening news: although I participated on the main march Saturday afternoon, and spent some time addressing Toronto's finest on a megaphone, in the evening I decided to go and see Amy Goodman of Democracy Now. 

With all the damage you'd think there must have been a large, uncontrollable mob raging through Toronto's streets, but if you do the math on 15,000 cops and other assorted security personnel versus the maybe 30 or so black bloc I saw advancing through the march on their way to initiate havoc, well, it starts to look like maybe the cops were letting it happen. In fact some eyewitnesses reported that they saw large groups of cops standing by, while the black bloc did their thing. Eyewitnesses at the scene of two of the burning police cars, insist that officers of the so-called peace drove them up, jumped out, and walked away leaving the cars next to the protesters following which, the cars exploded. Talking to the media outside, after my release, my understanding was that this use of 'decoys' had since been confirmed by the police.
In protest after protest, at summit after summit, in city after city all around Canada, in the United States and in many other countries as well we hear afterwards that undercover police officers infiltrated the Black Bloc with the express purpose of provoking violent retaliation against the peaceful protesters by the massed ranks of law enforcement. The tactic in this case has expanded to the more or less open detonation of incendiary devices in public space, with the obvious intent of framing a movement composed of pacificistic vegan hippies      as deranged, violent lunatics looking only for an excuse to pillage and destroy.
As a general tactic, this is what is known as a false flag attack. It has been widely used by militaries and security apparatuses throughout recorded history: when a pretext for war is needed, you dress up some of your guys as the enemy, have them attack you in some symbolic, futile fashion and then pounce. It is done far more often than many people appreciate and, at trade summits such as these - where the highest minions of the world-gobbling greed goblins who are behind most of the effed up shit dominating our increasingly alarming headlines are gathered - it has become almost de rigueur....(...)


and ...(...) Of course I knew I was risking criminal charges if caught, which could prevent me from leaving the country, which could prevent me from attending conferences crucial to success in my chosen field of stellar astrophysics. In addition, I have a completely clear record, now endangered. I am a police officer's son; and not just any police officer, but a man who was dearly loved and respected by all who came in contact with him, not just his colleagues but even the criminals, for his compassionate, merciful manner when on the job. My brother is a serving police officer. I'm from a respectable, middle-class (whatever that even means anymore) background; not only do I have a clean record, everyone in my family does. What was I thinking?

I was thinking, quite simply, that some answer had to be given to the rampant police brutality that was to be expected in riots the police would undoubtedly be provoking themselves. Where I went wrong was in thinking that they would only do this for individual riots, by having a few 'Black Bloc' undercover types throw a brick at an opportune moment; I had not expected that they would set up conditions to, in effect, declare the entire city a riot zone and then set about viciously attacking whoever happened to be nearby and vaguely hippy-ish. The elderly, children, even the disabled were attacked - note I say attacked, not 'arrested' or 'apprehended' or some other such euphamism - being ridden down by riot cavalry and clubbed and kicked into the mud by the legions of armoured storm troopers. See a link recently posted on my wall for more details on such events.  I did not expect such ferocity in the streets of a Canadian city. ....(...)

Sunday afternoon around 2:00, with a bag full of prepared paint bags ("just add water!"), there I was crossing Bay St. in the Queens Park area, the so-called 'Free Speech Zone', later to be the subject of some of the worst of the police brutality (they beat the 'Free Hugs' guy to the ground, apparently for no reason at all. Obviously the notion of a man standing in a park hugging whoever comes by and consents constitutes a serious danger to the public order. I was beside myself when I read of this. I gave him a big hug back for the important work he was doing. He was a nice guy.) Standing on the traffic island were a few bicycle cops, and as we approached them I got a sinking feeling, a premonition arising perhaps from the hungry look in the cop's eyes as he scanned us and declared, "We're searching your bags."

Not 'May I?' This was an order, given to a slave by the master, or perhaps more appropriately by the school bully to the playground peon, and being massively outnumbered I knew there was no point in resisting (perhaps I could have talked them away with a megaphone, but I'm no Charlie Veitch and ... hindsight, 20/20.)

"And my rights, officer?" I asked pointedly.

"Don't you worry about your 'rights'," he snickered. Then commenced a full search of everything, both bags, pockets (not a pat-down, understand, but physically sticking their greasy fingers into my pockets, ALL of them, as they searched in vain for anything dangerous on my person.) I had a gas mask of course, which they confiscated and will no doubt be presenting as one of the exhibits at the hearing (imagine that! Taking measures to defend oneself against a gas attack! How criminal.)

Also confiscated, why I have no reason, was a hachi-maki or Japanese headband I'd brought back from the Land of the Rising Sun and wrapped around the hat I was wearing, for decoration, and a black t-shirt the Public Service Alliance of Canada (whose free bus I'd availed myself of to make it to the event) had handed out to me, which I'd had in my bag as it was my only dry t-shirt and I wanted to have a change available for comfort's sake, following the likely soaking. Apparently, being black, this is evidence that I am in the Black Bloc, and thus a Dangerous Anarchist.  Of course I was cuffed on the spot, whereupon I insisted that my friends had no part in this misadventure, which was true (they both, younger but wiser than I, thought it a Bad Idea) and the cops seemed to have believed them as they do not appear to have been detained.

I, of course, was not so lucky. Within minutes I was whisked away in a minivan, transferred to a paddy-wagon, eventually transferred to another paddy-wagon, driven around in circles while a couple of others were picked up, and finally, an hour or more later (they took my watch away, for reasons obscure, along with my shoes ... this they did to everyone) deposited in the nightmarish hellhole that was (is?) the G20 detention center.

The cases of those others were quite interesting. Both were bystanders who had been in the wrong place at the wrong time. The first I became aware of initially in the following conversation: "Any injuries I should know about?"

"Yeah, I've got really bad nerve damage in one elbow."

"Oh yeah?"  "Ow!"   -thud-  -slam-

This man, 'Bob' we'll call him, worked as a security guard and had no interest in protesting. Unfortunately he made the mistake of wearing black in the presence of police officers, and had the collosal foolishness to be carrying a 'weapons, dangerous' multitool in his pocket. As of my release, he was still in there, awaiting or perhaps being processed. His girlfriend was waiting outside for him, desperate for any news and thrilled I could provide it. Her devoted vigil was really touching, as was the presence of the small number of activists camped out with coffee, tea, and most importantly, water, which we'd been systematically deprived of on the inside.  And as for the inside, it was every bit the dehumanizing hellhole it was described to be. 

More to follow in Part 2....(...)

....(...) Let me be very clear on this: the point of this exercise was two-fold, first, to traumatize the activists (check), second, to normalize this kind of thing with the cops. And let me also be clear: check. Many, even most of the cops seemed totally fine with it. The casual, collaborative, efficient and impersonal sadism of it was really appealing to some of them and everyone in this country wants to ask themselves if Torontanamo is something they'd like to see more of in Canada because make no mistake, it's in the planning stages.

This government has proved to the populace that it will act in whatever lying, underhanded, deceptive manner it takes to get its way with the people. It will prorogue Parliament if it thinks it will lose a non-confidence vote or if it doesn't want to answer some nasty questions on torture. It will call for fixed elections and then call them on a whim, anyways. Every time they pull something like this, the other parties - who, lets face it, are mostly controlled representatives of the people who are really running the Conservatives anyways - will trot around in public saying, here here, we won't stand for this sort of thing! And a week or two passes and they decide, well, OK, maybe we WILL stand for it after all and just hope the government doesn't do something like that again, and then things sort of tick along and then the government does something awful and deceptive again which is generally something worse and more odious than anything they'd previously done and this time they've attacked people for singing the national anthem, which is kind of like a declaration of war on the country, and lied continuously in order to have the excuse to do that sort of thing.

 The Harper regime just mangled the downtown core of the greatest city in the country and for what? So some evil creeps from around the world could get together and inaugerate the next stages of their warped plan to herd the globe into a massive and traumatizing war while using it as an excuse, and a means, of grabbing all the wealth of it into as few hands as possible? (and no, not the hands of the politicians or other delegates: they are minions, and are in it for relative crumbs.) ....(...) Still included was the injunction against attending public demonstrations, which I allowed to stand because it is such a clear violation of charter rights that it can, I expect, be easily stricken. Which is neither here nor there as I've a hearing on the 23rd of August and it's on criminal charges, which is of rather more concern to me than bail conditions at the moment, as it was then, and so I figured, whatever, I'll take it ... I just want out of this hell-hole. ...(...)

         Your government has been stolen by crooks, Canada, and they have no intention of giving it back. Ever. If it is not removed, and soon, we will lose our democracy, our freedoms, our livelihoods and in many cases I expect, our lives, although that won't start to happen until things get really vicious: as the war picks up steam, and the economy crumbles, and the only way of keeping it running is to put the unemployed masses (that would be you) into work camps that by the by, become death camps because lets face it, none of you are much cut out for that kind of work. This might seem hard to imagine happening here but think back on what this regime has already done, and remember that fascist takeovers come in two flavors, fast and brutal like Pinochet or slow and insidious like Hitler. Canada's too big and spread out and liberal for the former to work well so that kind of narrows down which kind it will be when history comes a calling and hey, look what we have here!   Just look at this. ....(...)


http://www.activistpost.com/  for more.

David Icke Speaking in London on September 11th   Sunday, 04 July 2010 13:37

All tickets were gone six months in advance for David Icke's all-day event at the O2 Brixton Academy in May this year and another event has been arranged to meet the demand to see David's most advanced presentation yet.  This second event is at the O2 Brixton Academy all day on Saturday, September 11th.   Click here for tickets...


David Icke Around the World In 2010 and 2011
All-day events confirmed in Prague (September 25th); New York (October 17th); San Francisco (October 23rd); Portugal (October 30th); Barcelona (November 6th); Kyiv, Ukraine, (February 12th 2011)  There will be more events to follow and full details of venues and tickets when we have them.

Managed News: Inside The US/NATO Military Industrial Media Empire
by Prof. Peter Phillips and Prof. Mickey Huff      Global Research, July 3, 2010
and  Project Censored  http://www.projectcensored.org/   // Sun, 04 July 2010 13:26
'We face what appears to be a military industrial media empire so powerful and complex that truth is mostly absent or reported in disconnected segments with little historical context. A case in point: The London Times reported on June 5, 2010, that American troops are now operating in 75 countries. Has President Obama secretly sanctioned a huge increase in the number of US Special Forces carrying out search-and-destroy missions against al-Qaeda around the world? If so, this increase is far in excess of special-forces operations under the Bush administration, and reflects how aggressively Obama is pursuing al-Qaeda behind his public rhetoric of global engagement and diplomacy. Somehow this information didn’t make it into the US media.' ...(...) The US’s Israeli partner in the Middle East demonstrated a skilled manipulation of the global media’s coverage of the May 31 attack on the Gaza Freedom Flotilla. Israel controlled the news and images that emerged from the attack on the ships, asserting that the invading Israeli paratroopers were viciously attacked by crewmembers—resulting in the killing of several in “self defense.” Israel sought to divert the focus of public discussion away from the illegitimate use of excessive force against a group of humanitarians– of diverse religious and national affiliations– to the blaming of the victims for causing their own deaths.
Managed news creates a Truth Emergency for the public inside the US/NATO Military Industrial Media Empire. Deliberate news management undermines the freedom of information on the doings of the powerful military/corporate entities though overt censorship, mass distractions, and artificial news— including stories timed for release to influence public opinion (i.e., propaganda). A Truth Emergency is the lack of purity in news brought about by this propaganda and distraction. It is the state in which people, despite potentially being awash in a sea of information, lack the power of discernment resulting in a knowinglessness about what is going on in the world. In short, we are living in a time where people do not know whom to trust for accurate information and yearn for the truth. One antidote to the ongoing Truth Emergency is the creation of validated independent news by colleges and universities around the globe where students and professors use research skills and databases to fact check and verify information that is reported to the public. For more about this, and what we can all do to counter managed news, see Project Censored International's new website at http://www.mediafreedominternational.org. Together, we can build accountability in our media and breathe life back into our withering republic.

Peter Phillips is professor of sociology at Sonoma State University, President of Media Freedom Foundation/Project Censored, former director of Project Censored, and co-editor of Censored 2010. Mickey Huff is associate professor of history at Diablo Valley College, Director of Project Censored/Media Freedom Foundation, and co-editor of Censored 2010.


http://www.globalresearch.ca/index.php?context=listByAuthor&authorFirst= Mickey&authorName=Huff    http://www.projectcensored.org/articles/story/censorship-and-the-new-project-censored-website/


First-hand Account of Israeli Assault

By Dennis Bernstein and Jesse Strauss  June 3, 2010

Editor’s Note: Early on Monday, Israeli commandos descended on a convoy of humanitarian aid vessels in international waters, dubbed the Freedom Flotilla. Filled with over 700 activists and 10,000 tons of aid destined for Gaza, the boats were captured and their passengers either killed or seized and taken to Israel’s port in Ashdod.

Huwaida Arraf was one of those kidnapped activists, on board a US-flagged vessel called Challenger 1. In the following interview on Wednesday, Arraf recounted her experience during the commando attack, in Israeli detention, and her brutal release:

Dennis Bernstein: First of all, how are you doing? How are you feeling?
 Huwaida Arraf: A little bruised, but no complaints. I'm okay, I'm just worried about the rest of my colleagues, especially those that are in hospitals who we don't have complete information about. I'm definitely devastated about the loss of lives that was completely unnecessary.

DB: Do you have any information now about who died … and how many are wounded?

...(...)  A few hours later at about four or four-thirty in the morning their naval ships started approaching us. On our vessel we were planning to defend our ship to the best of our capability just using our bodies. We didn't have any weapons or anything, so that when we heard they were coming we all deployed outside the vessel, at which point I could see the beginnings of the attack on the Turkish ship, the Marmara, because we were traveling almost side by side with it.

I saw the Israeli naval zodiacs approach that ship, I heard explosions which I took to be concussion grenades because they later used them on our ship also. These concussion grenades are sound bombs, and then shooting. I don't know if it was rubber-coated bullets, live ammunition, or what kind, but there definitely was shooting coming from the Israelis toward the ship before they even boarded, and then I saw a helicopter overhead. That's all really all that I was able to see before our vessel took off.

We had planned to stay together and help each other as much as possible, but even the captain of the Turkish ship told us to go on ahead and told us to get the news out that we were under attack, and that's what we did. We tried to race ahead to prevent or at least delay the takeover of our ship until we could communicate to people what was happening. We tried to outrun the Israeli naval vessels that were chasing us, and we were only able to do that for about ten minutes.

Unfortunately during that time we were unable to get any information out because our satellites were jammed, and then our boat was taken over. Israeli commandos came up on the side of the boat, and like I said, we tried to defend basically by putting our bodies up against the railings where they were trying to jump on [to our vessel]. They used sound bombs that exploded on deck and they also used tazers to subdue people, for lack of a better word.     As much as we could we scrambled to prevent them from getting into the boat. They smashed the glass doors of the boat to get in, and beat people down that tried to get in their way. A young volunteer from Belgium, she had her face bloodied. There was at least one dog, also, that I saw on the ship as they were wrestling people down.

DB: Did you say a dog? Like an attack dog?

HA: Yes. To be fair, he was muzzled, but it was definitely an attack dog. And they proceeded to beat us down and to, and like I said, subdue us. At one point my head was slammed against the back end and a soldier was stepping and stomping on my head while they were tying my hands behind my back, and then they put a bag over my head and dragged me to a different area of the boat, so I didn't see exactly how much more they did to my colleagues, but after about 15 minutes they had taken over the boat. ....

...(..) Dennis Bernstein and Jesse Strauss produced this interview for Flashpoints on the Pacifica network, which was broadcast across the US on Wednesday, June 2 from the KPFA studio in Berkeley, California. You can access the audio archive of that entire show on their website, www.flashpoints.net.    From the website you can also sign up to the Flashpoints mailing list. Please follow Flashpoints on Facebook and/or Twitter at twitter.com/FlashpointsNews. Additionally, you can get in touch with the authors at through their following email addresses: dbernstein@igc.org  and jstrauss@riseup.net.

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Rothschild Zionist Puppet Obama: 'International Flotilla Probe Not in Turkey Interest'     Sunday, 04 July 2010 13:21   ...pix....

'US President Barack Obama has warned Turkey against pressing for an international investigation into the Israeli attack on the Gaza-bound Freedom Flotilla. Eight Turks and one US national of Turkish descent were killed, in the Israeli attack in international waters on May 31. The Turkish-backed Freedom Flotilla had set sail to break Israel's siege of the Gaza Strip.

President Obama told Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan that potential international investigators could come up with claims against those attacked on the lead Turkish vessel, the Mavi Marmara, Israeli newspaper Ha'aretz reported on Saturday.

Such an inquiry, Obama said, could turn into a "double-edged sword" pointed at Ankara amid Tel Aviv's claims that the activists provoked the Israeli violence.

Erdogan, however, said the attack was in violation of international regulations and reiterated a UN call for an international probe.  Ankara has withdrawn its ambassador from Tel Aviv in response to the aggression, which has inflicted a record damage on Turkey-Israel ties.  Turkey's Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu recently said the ties remained strained unless Tel Aviv apologizes, compensates the victims, agrees to an international probe and ends its blockade on the Gaza Strip.


UK Mulling Food Vouchers Distribution     Sunday, 04 July 2010 13:16

'The unemployed whose benefits have been cut off by government will receive food vouchers by charities supported by the government to make up for the cuts in welfare spending. Secretary of State for Work and Pensions, Iain Duncan Smith, has given his department's executive arm, JobCentre Plus the go-ahead to distribute tickets that can be traded for food parcels.  The Christian charity, Trussell Trust will be in charge of giving out the donated parcels of foodstuffs through its 65 food banks across the country.'


US to 'Prosecute' Media-Friendly Officers    Sunday, 04 July 2010 13:13

'Following the 'Runaway General' incident, US Defense Secretary Robert Gates has ordered Pentagon officials to acquire clearance, before they talk to the media. "I am concerned that the department has grown lax in how we engage with the media," Gates wrote, according to a New York Times article on Friday.

"We have far too many people talking to the media outside of channels, sometimes providing information which is simply incorrect, out of proper context, unauthorized, or uninformed by the perspective of those who are most knowledgeable," about how the information may fit into larger government operations or goals.'


'Corporates May Cause Rise in Hunger'    Sunday, 04 July 2010 13:06

'Economic moves by major investment firms like Goldman Sachs, Merrill Lynch, and Deutsche Bank may cause a rise in hunger, according to a leading economist.Professor Jayati Ghosh of the Centre for Economic Studies in New Delhi made the remarks on the sidelines of the G20 summit in Toronto last week, The Independent reported on Friday. Prior to the 1990s, farmers would pre-sell produce to agribusiness companies. The companies would then sell the produce at a reasonable profit based on normal rules of supply and demand.  All was well, plenty for almost all, very few starving. Our hypothetical farmer, Mr. Brown, could live a year, restock, re-sow, and harvest the next season's crops with the proceeds of pre-harvest sales at a fixed price. In their latest moves, Goldman Sachs, Merrill Lynch, and Deutsche Bank are lobbying for the abolition, or deregulation, of agricultural regulation. Regulation crumples, Goldman Sachs pre-purchases produce with a difference. Now, due to deregulation, Goldman Sachs can sell to speculators, who view all things as a commodity to be sold at a profit.

Now, they can sell farmer Brown's pre-purchased produce for $20,000 to Merrill Lynch, all before a single spring shoot shoots through the soil. As soon as the shoots raise their leaves, Deutche Bank spiels and the projected harvest is worth $30,000. Having seen the trend, investors hurriedly buy agricultural by-products, further artificially raising prices of the farmers produce to $40,000.  Now farmer Brown needs to borrow just to keep going till the following year. Now he owes a considerable proportion of his projected income.

  Having pulled out of real estate and begun to invest in the food market, Goldman Sachs investors have now started investing in agricultural products. Some staples, however, such as potatoes not subject to pre-purchase rules, do not increase so much in price. Agriculture-based supply and demand has been jolted out of its inherent equilibrium.

   This has resulted in a global shortage of food during a time of plenty. Little food is available for the hungry and starving due to lack of funds. This is despite an abundance of the agricultural supply needed to feed them.

What is the solution? Deregulation to pre-1990s commodities trading on agriculture in the hope that the voice of the hungry Ethiopian will be more vociferous and clearly heard, than that of the lobbyist working for the likes of Goldman Sachs et al.


Saturday, 03 July 2010 10:45  Governments Stealing Children at Secret Family Courts.
How long are we going to stand for these heartless fascists stealing children from their parents? ....(...)