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        From Historic Bond Official: Last signature required form Banking side, is done.           Chinese agree to all --- 3:00AM text from Hong Kong
        GCR Announcement was given in Hong Kong -- it was confirmed --           Announcement that RV has already been made, in China and Iraq
        Once upon a time there was a king, who wanted to go fishing. He called the royal weather forecaster, and inquired as to the weather forecast for the next few hours. The weatherman assured him that there was no chance of rain in the coming days.         So the king went fishing with his wife, the queen. On the way he met a farmer on his donkey. Upon seeing the king the farmer said, "Your Majesty, you should return to the palace at once, because in just a short time I expect a huge amount of rain to fall in this area".         The king was polite and considerate, he replied: "I hold the palace meteorologist, in high regard. He is an extensively educated and experienced professional. And besides, I pay him very high wages. He gave me a very different forecast. I trust him, and I will continue on my way."         So he continued on his way.
        However, a short time later a torrential rain, fell from the sky. The King and Queen were totally soaked, and their entourage chuckled upon seeing them in such a shameful condition. Furious, the king returned to the palace, and gave the order to fire the professional. Then he summoned the farmer and offered him the prestigious and high paying role of royal forecaster. The farmer said, "Your Majesty, I do not know anything about forecasting. I obtain my information from my donkey. If I see my donkey's ears drooping, it means with certainty that it will rain."         So the king hired the donkey.
        And thus began the practice of hiring dumb asses, to work in the government, and occupy its highest and most influential positions.         And the practice continues to this day...
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 April 12 2016 -  An impending sense of doom - The Jews have hit critical mass. They will now win, because the psy ops worked so well, they can steal an election and never have anyone do a damn thing about it. They can tell you to your face, your vote does not count, and no one will do a damn thing, about it. They can go on a rampage, destroying children with intentionally sabotaged shots, (AND NO, IT IS NOT NAGALASE) you can say anything you want, as long as there is nothing rational in it, that can be applied to an outcome . . . . .
They have won. Let me give you an example: They own all food manufacturing and every major store. They did this as an act of war, and now they can choose which products you buy, and every last one, will be a Jewish product. And if every product is a Jewish product, every food product, can be sabotaged. They will buy GMO only, and ram it down your throat. You can't legally grow a garden, in most places anymore, they did away with that, and you can forget keeping animals for food. I came face to face with a reality of contaminated foods, yesterday, and it was a real eye opener: I frequently drink orange juice and pineapple juice. And about three months ago, the brand I always drank, suddenly had artificial sweetener. I checked, and sure enough it had Stevia, which is "The drink that would make a woman barren" spoken of in the Bible, with regard to sodom and gamorrah. Stevia is an incredibly effective natural sterilant.  I do not go for any of that crap, so I chose a different brand. Then a few weeks later, the different brand, had stevia. So I chose another brand that did not have it. Then, a week later, that brand had it. I then checked all brands and all variants of products, and every single one of them, had stevia, every Mexican brand, every American brand, diet alternative stuff, stuff marketed as totally normal 100 percent juice, was spiked with stevia, for no reason at all. A new brand I never saw before, showed up, and it was so cheap, I doubt it had any real juice. But stevia was not listed in the ingredients. So I bought it, and low and behold, it had stevia, but it was just not in the ingredient list.
            I beg to question why.  Actually, there is no question. The reason is that there is a depopulation agenda, and they want everyone to be unwitting participants, in a birth control program. And it does not matter that I hate the taste of stevia, and would normally avoid it just because of that, if there is absolutely no alternative without it whatsoever. And the only way you could get uniform placement of stevia in every single variant of every single product, both generic and mainstream, is if the enemy cornered the entire food supply, and forced it on you, through 20 different faces.
If they have that much power, WE ARE SCREWED. There is no way out of it. The truth will not be told in the MSM, your vote will not matter at the polls, and even normal "not corrupt" law enforcement, will follow orders and destroy everything, including their own futures, because the enemy controls the top of their command chain, and as part of their job, they do what they are told. Give them a fat paycheck to ensure they value their job, and they will do it "well".  The tribe does not care, if they dispose of the intellectual potential of billions of people, via tainted vaccines if they want practically everyone dead, anyway. And the info realm, is owned by them also, with every damning tweet suppressed, every viral truth that could ever damage them significantly, squelched, - we are already rendered practically irrelevant, with the MSM sitting there, like a demonic clown being the only thing we have unfettered access to.  I can see the writing on the wall. They really did hit critical mass, and Trump was the last thing standing in their way. There will never be another great hope, not ever again, in any election cycle. If things are as corrupt as they are, and people just sit on the couch, we have already lost. and we have.
Someone will be enjoying matzo balls at a table, with totally un damaged children, and it will NOT be you. ( it will be them ) ///
           WHAT REALLY HAPPENED TO THE REPUBLICAN VOTERS IN COLORADO - A woman infiltrated the GOP in Colorado, to figure out what is going on. This is what she discovered.
Many people in and outside of Colorado, can't believe the voting debacle which took place in the Republican Party State Assembly, this weekend. The first thing you need to understand is we ’re not living under a Democracy anymore, whether it's in the country or within the party, which is supposed to be a supporter of Constitutional rights.
You'll also have to understand, I've had to weed out a lot of lies and information that has been put forth to peel down to the truth.
Back in December, I had decided to really get involved with the Republican party on the local level, because there were a lot of rumors of voter fraud and corruption, within the party itself. I figured I had nothing to lose since I've been a lifelong Republican, and support Conservative ideas.  I suspected our vote didn't really count, and wanted to verify people's claims as well. So I went to the December meeting of the La Plata County Republican Central Committee, and volunteered to be a Precinct Captain. It never occurred to me I wouldn't be able to cast a vote for my presidential candidate, Donald Trump. Who would have thought Colorado GOP State Republican board members, would underhandedly take away our right to vote.
stolen votes             I met with the local chair, Travis Oliger, and he explained to me he had gone to a state run meeting of the GOP, and there was a unanimous vote of the board of the party, to get rid of our votes and choose unbound delegates, so they would be "free agents" and vote for whoever they wanted to, at the National Convention. He was repeating the rhetoric from the top brass, which told him it would be better this way, so they wouldn't be committing to one candidate.  He also said if Coloradans took a straw poll, at anytime after February 1, the delegates would be bound, and if the candidate which they were bound to got out of the race, all of a sudden, we'd lose our delegates and our votes wouldn't count.
Not coming from a caucus state, I thought this was pretty stupid, and a dumb way to do things. I definitely disagreed with this process, because if I were to become a delegate from my precinct, how am I going to know what my people want me to vote for, if I don't ask them?  From December through this entire process, myself and a handful of people from Colorado, have done everything in our power, to warn people their votes were about to be stolen, and given to a delegate chosen by the party heads, if we didn't do something. The Denver Post even wrote a story telling the people of Colorado, their votes were usurped by State Chairman Steve House and his board. Either not very many people read it, or they didn't get what was happening.  I gave speech after speech, talk after talk, on how just 24 people voted unanimously to take away our vote.
reince preiebus 1              This move came right after the National Chair, Reince Priebus had said on Fox News, Donald Trump would never be the nominee for the Republican party. The GOPs strategy to take down Trump and his supporters, began right when they realized he had momentum and support in this swing state.  When you're in a swing state, voters are divided almost evenly between Republicans, Democrats and Independents, which means, the Independents can swing either way, tipping the scales to either party.  As Trump gained momentum, they became nervous, and began plotting how to usurp our votes, and make sure their candidate would prevail. Since the GOP is able to change it's rules at will, they decided to change the rules, take away our caucus votes, and toss us a few local votes, pretending as if we were voting on "delegates" from our area and sending them to represent us in the State and National Conventions.     Right. What a crock. In fact, these people who were "elected" as delegates for the State to go to the National Convention are the same cronies the party can control.  What happens in politics is a lot of schmoozing and back room deals. It happens every day, all the time regardless of the party or whatever good intentions a politician had when they started their political career.   republican backroom deals         It's the same for delegates. Party big wigs look at their power players and figure out who they can manipulate and who will do their bidding. Sometimes, they may have to actually show their hand but the person being swayed is already corrupt and doesn't care. Others, such as local level delegates, can be easily swayed with a little glitter which is what Ted Cruz did on Saturday in Colorado Springs.     People at the local levels get all excited because they're a "delegate" on an important mission and part of the "process" not realizing they are heading into a little funnel which is already filled with about 50 people already hand chosen by the State GOP execs.  All those people are doing is going through a formality to pretend as if it's some "choice of the people" when in reality it's smoke and mirrors.
They let these local chairs and boards feel as if they're important by giving them some menial responsibility making it seem as if they matter. Sometimes it might be just strategically asking a local chairperson to sit on the Rules Committee or lead the Pledge of Allegiance at an "important" event.   This is the wooing of the delegates and the local chairs to get them in position to be able to tell them whatever they want, spoon feeding them their "decisions" as a great thing.           This is exactly what happened.  As we neared the March 1 caucus, it was clear, the votes of the people meant exactly zero. You go to the caucus, elect a few people to represent you to the county who don't have any idea what the precinct wants - good luck with that.
These delegates from the Precincts go to the County Assembly at the county levels and sit in chairs, listen to a few resolutions if there are any, all the delegates who want to go to the State Convention put their names in and if they make that, there still isn't anyone who they represent because they don't know who they're voting for. Basically, it's another free-for-all without direction.
These people who are delegates elected at the County, show up at the State Convention, put their names in the hat for being a National Delegate and as we were told, were supposed to remain unbound once again to the National Convention in Cleveland. And still, they aren't representing the people in their areas because they supposedly have no idea who the people want to have as their Presidential Candidate.
Why in the hell would we elect people we have no idea what they think, to represent us in an extremely important election which is a critical year this time, in the history of the United States?
                    Do you really think the people of Colorado are that stupid? I'm going to say most of us are not, but I can't speak for all of us.
Now we've got these 37 delegates who are basically a free-for-all which the state chose before we even got to the State Convention.
How do I know this? Because they were running campaigns to be the National delegates before we'd even been to the State level. The people sending out their propaganda had just been elected by their counties to go to the state. Why would these people spend this kind of money to send mailers out to local chairs and vice chairs as if they were running for a Senate seat if they weren't fairly sure they were going to be elected?
We're talking about a lot of money here.   Delegates are supposed to pay for their own way to go to these events with the National Convention costing each person approximately $10,000 in fees and expenses. Do you really think a local yocal who is into politics, believes in the Democratic process, can afford to spend $10,000 or more to go to the National Convention? No.
Therefore, you can bet, the only people attending the National Convention are the elitists who are in the #NeverTrump camp. It's been planned and we're the Guinea Pigs for the entire nation.
What is amazing to me is that Cruz has the nerve to stand there in his rallies and say Donald Trump whines when he doesn't get the votes. He forgot to tell the audience we didn't get to vote. We never had a say. How do we even know how the delegates would have been proportioned? We have no idea because 24 people decided we couldn't vote and then 37 delegates decided to go with a liar and a thief in Cruz.
I can assure you, we have many, many Trump supporters here and we are going to expose these people for the corrupt entity they are and we will either restructure the entire GOP party or it will be done. I am done with this debacle and the corruption and I intend to be very loud about it.    Listening to these people on Fox try to lump all of us into some sort of group with the 24 people who decided this violation of our rights is really getting on my nerves. Laura Ingraham is wrong! These pundits haven't even uttered the words "24 people decided for the entire state of Colorado!" Again, media lies.
Krauthammer is also wrong. We the people never got to vote on whether the rules should change. This has been a slap in the face to all the people in Colorado!
I'll be publishing the names of the delegates shortly, and you can bet, there are a lot of people who are going to be contacting these people. The entire system is unfair, and there should be no caucuses. In truth, our vote doesn't count in a Primary either, if you follow the dots. These delegates are only bound on the first vote. After that, you've just lost your vote again!  ///
            April 11 2016 - Vaccine troll methodology - One of the main things vaccine trolls do is to say people who are against vaccines .... (....)
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        NEW MAIL BOX SECURITY METHOD WORKS!!! - It will probably remain that way, permanently. An enormous volume of great messages, got through. I am going to try to get them posted tomorrow. I cannot give out details, other than that an entirely new "location" was purchased, for the sole purpose of securing the mail. It was purchased from a trustworthy provider, that is not in the U.S
            April 12 2016 -  A GREAT TIP! - I have been tipped off by someone in the medical community about where an important vaccine scammer (Doctor Wile) is going to be, including his schedule. Take a look at what this guy posted. This is a heartless manipulation, and YES, it is Google approved, all you have to do, is type "human tissue vaccines" or any variant of that, and THIS window, comes up: ((  ))    Yes Google is giving this guy, the special treatment, and you can see why:   Doctor Wile: There is no human tissue, in vaccines
"Of the many lies told by anti-vaccination advocates, this is one of the worst, because it hits on a real moral issue. However, anyone with a modicum of training in biology will tell you that it is impossible for vaccines (or any other injected medicine) to contain human tissue. The reason is simple: if you are injected with anything containing tissue, from another person, your body will immediately recognize it as an invader, and begin attacking it. This immune response, is often quite radical, and can easily lead to death! This is why blood from a donor to a recipient, must be carefully matched, before the recipient can receive it. Thus, there is no human tissue of any kind, in vaccines. Unfortunately, the anti-vaccination movement (and even some naive pro- life groups) will try to convince the uninformed, that vaccines contain tissue from aborted babies, and that abortions must be continually done, to supply this tissue, to the "evil" drug companies. This is, of course, a bald-faced lie. Unfortunately, this lie is particularly evil, in that it targets a person's morally correct view, that abortion is murder.
For any lie to be successful, there must be a grain of truth in it. This lie is no exception. There is a tangential connection between some vaccines and abortion. The hepatitis A vaccine, the rubella portion of the MMR vaccine, the chicken pox vaccine, and the shingles vaccine, all contain viruses (weakened or inactivated) that were grown in human cells. A virus must be given a medium in which to propagate. Many vaccines use viruses that can propagate in several kinds of mammal cells, but some viruses are so specific that they can only propagate in human cells. The viruses used in the above-listed vaccines are that specific. Thus, they must be grown in human cells." //            Dear Doctor Wile, you are not a medical doctor. And you do not know jack about how they get the pathogens separated from the host, in a vaccine. It is absolutely impossible to get all the human tissue out, and as your lie accurately states, the results are devastating, SO DEVASTATING, HUMAN TISSUE SHOULD NOT BE USED AT ALL. It is SO DANGEROUS TO GROW VACCINES IN HUMAN TISSUE THAT IT SHOULD NOT BE DONE AT ALL. Question, WHY ARE THEY DOING IT?    THE FACT DOCTOR WILE GOT MORE THAN TOP POSTED ON GOOGLE, TO LIE ABOUT: The vaccines have a large amount of human materials in them, they cannot prevent that. And as Dear Doctor Wile accurately stated, the results of that are devastating.  //   Ok, so an enemy of your child, left his pants down. He has a schedule. Cool, he's a big name in home schooling! How the hell, could he be this stupid? False front? Behind the scenes back stabber? HOW ABOUT THIS PROSPECT: Home schooling has been usurped by the enemy, and this guy is at the forefront of the usurpation. You see above what he said, HOW could he be a real advocate of education, which the elite seek to destroy, just like they do, with vaccines now? At any rate, Google loves him so much, he comes up, no matter what you type in, an in your face box with a deceptive tie in, that you cannot ignore, this means he is an elitist (Google will not do this for just anyone), especially a home schooler.)    Doctor Wile is obviously behind an agenda. If your child has been destroyed by a vaccine, this guy has helped make that possible, almost definitely willingly, PAY HIM A VISIT:
        APACHE Homeschool Convention   April 15, 2016 - April 16, 2016
Grace Presbyterian Church, 8607 N. State Route 91, Peoria, IL, United States Map  More InformationSECHE Conference April 29, 2016 - April 30, 2016
Sioux Falls, South Dakota Map    More InformationFort Wayne Area Homeschool Annual Resource Expo  May 13, 2016 - May 14, 2016
Allen County War Memorial Coliseum, 4000 Parnell Ave, Fort Wayne, IN 46805, United States Map   More Information LDSHE conference   May 25, 2016 - May 27, 2016
Turf Valley Resort, Ellicott City, Maryland Map   More InformationUHEA Conference   June 11, 2016 - June 11, 2016
Salt Lake City, Utah Map   More InformationCALIFORNIA Homeschool Convention   June 16, 2016 - June 18, 2016
Ontario Convention Center, Ontario, CA Map     More InformationLDSHE Western Conference    July 28, 2016 - July 29, 2016
Utah State University, Logan, UT 84322, United States Map    More InformationOmaha Home Educators Network      August 6, 2016 - August 6, 2016
Wildewood Christian Church, 1255 Royal Dr, Papillion, NE 68046, United States Map -   Dear Doctor Wile: There was absolutely no abortion agenda, in my publication of the facts about vaccines. I just said it, like it is and let the chips fall where they may. You cannot get over a web site of this size, posting what you stand for along with your schedule. Enjoy the consequences ..... of seeking to destroy everyone.
And as a side note, this site's reader base, would have been your best customers, if you did not prove yourself to be part of a subversive agenda. Yeah, you will probably get a visit or two (to the third power). This site has successfully shut down agenda driven venues, before.  ////  An impending sense of doom -  The Jews have hit critical mass. They will now win,  ..... (.....)
..........................................   ( april 13th )     I got hit by encryption malware        That is the reason for posting late today.
It did not come in through the mail. It was sent into my machine, at random. And I know why - because last night at 3 AM, I came across a completely comprehensive listing of exactly what is in every vaccine made, screen captured it in 36 pages, and had it all in a file on the desktop. From that information it was easy to know exactly what vaccines to avoid and why. They could not let that live.
          UPDATE: I managed to find that listing again, no thanks.....  to Google!         I must repeat: It is certifiable fact that this malware did not come in through E-mail, and instead was rammed onto my computer, while it sat idle, with this damning information on it. (I fell asleep, after capturing all of that). When it was sitting idle, the malware uploaded. This was many reboots and days of running, after I opened any mails with that computer, because it is worthless for that, anyway (all it does is blow security) So there is malware out there, that does not need to come in through the mail.
I found the list with IXQuick. It helped to have the terminology to search with (I was working with this, for hours)
This list proves that indeed many vaccines, including the MMR vaccines, do contain human tissue, just as I said, all along, and it is even listed in the vaccine ingredients. IMPORTANT: I also found the page on the FDA web site, that deals with this, and the vaccine ingredients match perfectly. Even the FDA says .... human tissue is in many of the vaccines.  ((  http://vaccines.procon.org/ ))   I am going to Iframe this, until I figure out how to get this cyber cafe computer, to do what I want. So you are going to have to scroll down to the MMR vaccines, yourself. There are many vaccines that have human tissue in them, in the list below. Look at the MMR vaccine made by Merck, and marketed as ProQuad. It has human albumin (which may cause liver problems because the liver has to synthesize albumin and fight the immune system's response, to wipe it out. Human albumin (most importantly) transports hormones and buffers PH. Wipe it out, and you can ruin reproduction. And obviously, if your body cannot keep human albumin regulated, your PH will be off, and that alone can cause cancer rates, to skyrocket. HERE IS THE BIG ONE THOUGH: This MMR vaccine by Merck (which you can find below in the list) also contains residual components of MRC-5 cells (including DNA and protein.) So not only does the vaccine have human albumin, it also has actual human cell tissue from the abortion derived MRC-5 cell line, DNA, protein and all. That alone will destroy many babies, and we are now witnessing the results, at Wal-Marts everywhere. (( Vaccine Ingredients and Manufacturer Information - (alphabetical order by vaccine) - http://vaccines.procon.org/view.resource.php?resourceID=005206 ** ))
There is a separate scroll bar inside the window below. Use that scroll bar, to scroll down, because I have that web site embedded in this one, and it has its own scroll bar.  You will clearly see that I am not making anything up, when I say most of the new vaccine formulations, contain human tissue, which will definitely screw up anyone who receives them. This HAS TO BE ON PURPOSE, these medical companies are not stupid.
          So-called "Doctor Wile" is correct when he says "However, anyone with a modicum of training in biology, will tell you that it is impossible for vaccines (or any other injected medicine) to contain human tissue. The reason is simple: if you are injected with anything containing tissue from another person, your body will immediately recognize it, as an invader and begin attacking it. This immune response is often quite radical and can easily lead to death!" but "Doctor Wile" is dead wrong, when he follows up and says not to worry, because "vaccines have no human tissue," Because he is a PhD of Nuclear Physics, NOT a medical doctor! My contacts actually work in the business, and I have not spewed B.S. as a result! And because he spewed the way he did, Google put him right on top, because it helped the NWO agenda.
Scroll this down as instructed above, and look at all the crap in these vaccines! The worst is human albumin, and the human cell lines MRC-5, and WI-38. These make the formaldehyde, aluminum, and mercury, irrelevant in comparison. The column on the left, shows what was used to grow the pathogen, and the column on the right, shows how well they got it out, before shooting it, into people. BIG FAIL. ///
                  April 12 2016 - A GREAT TIP! - I have been tipped off by someone in the medical community about where an important vaccine scammer (Doctor Wile) is going to be,. ..... (.....)  T2 ?
...... (reading this,  early april 14th ) IMMEDIATELY AFTER GETTING THE FINAL BUST, ON THE VACCINE SCAM, I got hit, by encryption malware. It did not come in, through the mail.
That is the reason for posting late today. -  - It did not come in, through the mail. It was sent into my machine, at random. And I know why - because last night at 3 AM, I came across two very comprehensive listings (one absolutely complete) of exactly what is in every vaccine made, screen captured it, in 36 pages, and had it all in a file, on the desktop. From that information it was easy to know.... exactly what vaccines to avoid and why. They could not let that live.      UPDATE: I managed to find both huge listings again, no thanks, to Google!  - - -
I must repeat: It is certifiable fact that this malware did not come in, through E-mail, and instead was rammed onto my computer, while it sat idle, with this damning information on it. (I fell asleep, after capturing and studying all of that). When it was sitting idle, the malware uploaded. This was many reboots and days of running, after I opened any mails with that computer, because it is worthless for that, anyway (all it does, is blow security) So there is malware out there, that does not need to come in, through the mail.
           I found the listings with IXQuick. It helped to have the terminology to search with (I was working with this, for hours)
The top list (which makes it all easy to understand) proves that indeed many vaccines, including the MMR vaccines, do contain human tissue, just as I said, all along, and it is even listed in the vaccine ingredients. IMPORTANT: I also found the page on the CDC web site, that deals with this, and the vaccine ingredients match perfectly. Even the CDC says human tissue, is in many of the vaccines.
There are many vaccines that have human tissue in them, in the first list below. Look at the MMR vaccine made by Merck, and marketed as ProQuad. It has human albumin (which may cause liver problems, because the liver has to synthesize albumin, and fight the immune system's response, to wipe it out. Human albumin (most importantly) transports hormones and buffers PH. Wipe it out, and you can ruin reproduction. And obviously, if your body cannot keep human albumin regulated, your PH will be off, and that alone can cause cancer rates, to skyrocket. HERE IS THE BIG ONE, THOUGH: This MMR vaccine by Merck (which you can find below in both lists) also contains residual components of MRC-5 cells (including DNA and protein.) So not only does the vaccine have human albumin, it also has actual human cell tissue from the abortion derived MRC-5 cell line, DNA, protein and all. That alone will destroy many babies, and we are now witnessing the results, at Wal-Marts everywhere.    There is a separate scroll bar, inside the window below. Use that scroll bar, to scroll down, because I have that web site embedded in this one, and it has its own scroll bar. You will clearly see that I am not making anything up, when I say most of the new vaccine formulations, contain human tissue, which will definitely screw up anyone who receives them. This HAS TO BE ON PURPOSE, these medical companies are not stupid.
So-called "Doctor Wile" is correct, when he says "However, anyone with a modicum of training in biology will tell you that it is impossible for vaccines (or any other injected medicine) to contain human tissue. The reason is simple: if you are injected with anything containing tissue from another person, your body will immediately recognize it as an invader and begin attacking it. This immune response is often quite radical and can easily lead to death!" but "Doctor Wile" is dead wrong when he follows up and says not to worry because "vaccines have no human tissue," Because he is a PhD of Nuclear Physics, NOT a medical doctor!
        My contacts actually work in the business and I have not spewed B.S. as a result! And because he spewed the way he did, Google put him right on top because it helped the NWO agenda. Scroll this down as instructed above and look at all the crap in these vaccines! The worst is human albumin, and the human cell lines MRC-5, and WI-38. These make the formaldehyde, aluminum, and mercury irrelevant, in comparison. The column on the left shows what was used to grow the pathogen, and the column on the right, shows how well they got it out, before shooting it into people AND THE DANGEROUS STUFF IS IN BLUE. BIG FAIL.
OK, NOW THAT YOU HAVE BEEN FAMILIARIZED WITH WHAT TO LOOK FOR, BY THE ABOVE LIST,(which has a lot) HERE IS AN OFFICIAL LIST, THAT HAS EVERY VACCINE IN THE USA, ON IT, AND THEY ARE HONEST, DESPITE BEING THE CDC.   ( PDF )  - I guess Kikedom has to have a quick all inclusive check list, to know how to stay safe, so they used our taxes, to make sure they could.
Now read what the evil vaccine trolls are writing...... to combat this information:
        April 12 2016 - A GREAT TIP - VACCINE TROLL,  BUSTED! - I have been tipped off by someone in the medical community about where an important vaccine scammer (Doctor Wile) is going to be, including his schedule. Take a look at what this guy posted. This is a heartless manipulation, and YES, it is Google approved, all you have to do is type "human tissue vaccines" or any variant of that, and THIS window comes up:
Yes Google is giving this guy the special treatment, and you can see why:    Doctor Wile: There is no human tissue in vaccines -  "Of the many lies told by anti-vaccination advocates, this is one of the worst, because it hits on a real moral issue. However, anyone with a modicum of training in biology will tell you that it is impossible for vaccines (or any other injected medicine) to contain human tissue. The reason is simple: if you are injected with anything containing tissue from another person, your body will immediately recognize it as an invader and begin attacking it. This immune response is often quite radical and can easily lead to death! This is why blood from a donor to a recipient must be carefully matched before the recipient can receive it. Thus, there is no human tissue of any kind in vaccines. Unfortunately, the anti-vaccination movement (and even some naive pro- life groups) will try to convince the uninformed that vaccines contain tissue from aborted babies and that abortions must be continually done to supply this tissue to the "evil" drug companies. This is, of course, a bald-faced lie. Unfortunately, this lie is particularly evil, in that it targets a person's morally correct view that abortion is murder. /    For any lie to be successful, there must be a grain of truth in it. This lie is no exception. There is a tangential connection between some vaccines and abortion. The hepatitis A vaccine, the rubella portion of the MMR vaccine, the chicken pox vaccine, and the shingles vaccine all contain viruses (weakened or inactivated) that were grown in human cells. A virus must be given a medium in which to propagate. Many vaccines use viruses that can propagate in several kinds of mammal cells, but some viruses are so specific that they can only propagate in human cells. The viruses used in the above-listed vaccines are that specific. Thus, they must be grown in human cells."           Dear Doctor Wile, you are not a medical doctor. And you do not know jack about how they get the pathogens separated from the host in a vaccine. It is absolutely impossible to get all the human tissue out, and as your lie accurately states, the results are devastating, SO DEVASTATING HUMAN TISSUE SHOULD NOT BE USED AT ALL. It is SO DANGEROUS TO GROW VACCINES IN HUMAN TISSUE THAT IT SHOULD NOT BE DONE AT ALL. Question, WHY ARE THEY DOING IT?  THE FACT DOCTOR WILE GOT MORE THAN TOP POSTED ON GOOGLE TO LIE ABOUT: The vaccines have a large amount of human materials in them, they cannot prevent that. And as Dear Doctor Wile accurately stated, the results of that are devastating.  ..... (....)
........................... LATER ..........  April 14 2016 - I am finally online, please wait for updates. - I am experiencing technical difficulties, due to problems with computers. This will require only thinking to get through, I won't spend a dime, but will be running with BSD from this point on, (problems not, with BSD).                      Quick note on the new Japan earthquake, that happened today -
This earthquake proved that Japan was not earthquake proof, and seriously points the finger at how on earth, was there almost no damage from the 3/11 quake other than tsunami damage. Today's earthquake was a 6.5.... and I'd like an answer as to how a 6.5 did more seismic damage, than a 9.1, and NO, TSUNAMI DAMAGE PICS, DO NOT COUNT. Let's see seismic damage, from 3/11. AND NO, THE OCEAN DID NOT ABSORB THE QUAKE ON 3/11, THIS IS IMPOSSIBLE, but boy did that lie work well to fool the Japanese, and "explain" the lack of seismic damage on 3/11. Forget about how such a huge quake would have collapsed buildings in Korea, China, and Russia, if it was real in Japan.          Nature is doing favors I guess. Great world we live in. - Anyway, today was not one of those cosmic "illuminati" dates, so this is, what a real 6.5 will do, to Japan. Their stuff falls down, just like anyone elses. At least send a thought of well being their way, today. It was not a disastrous quake, but it was still serious, and they still had losses.
         Crappy windows machine, wiped out by attack (what's new in the windows world, anyway?) - I am going to have to get two computers (the one that got trashed, about a year ago) and the one that got trashed yesterday, up and running on BSD. There will be gaps in my updates, due to the fact that I am down to a computer.... that just is not up to the job, as well as I need to do things quickly. Once I can rape the hard drive on the windows machine with BSD (for whatever is not encrypted yet) I'll clean it, and format it, and get a fresh look at what a "new" computer looks like. You know how that is. . . . .
There will be more updates later, because I have shortened this page, enough for the gutless emergency computer, and I can spend time going over things now, that it won't crash, trying to do this.
NEW MAIL BOX SECURITY METHOD WORKS!!!   It will probably remain that way permanently. An enormous volume of great messages got through. I am going to try to get them posted tomorrow. I cannot give out details other than that an entirely new "location" was purchased for the sole purpose of securing the mail. It was purchased from a trustworthy provider that is not in the U.S
IMMEDIATELY AFTER GETTING THE FINAL BUST ON THE VACCINE SCAM, I got hit by encryption malware. It did not come in through the mail.
That is the reason for posting late today.    It did not come in through the mail. It was sent into my machine at random   ..... (....)
......................... and.... FreeBSD is a free Unix-like operating system descended from Research Unix via the Berkeley Software Distribution (BSD). Although for legal reasons FreeBSD cannot use the Unix trademark, it is a direct descendant of BSD, which was historically also called "BSD Unix" or "Berkeley Unix". The first version of FreeBSD was released in 1993, and today FreeBSD is the most widely used open-source BSD distribution, accounting for more than three-quarters of all installed systems running open-source BSD derivatives.[2]  FreeBSD has similarities with Linux, with two major differences in scope and licensing: FreeBSD maintains a complete operating system, i.e. the project delivers kernel, device drivers, userland utilities and documentation, as opposed to Linux delivering a kernel and drivers only, and relying on third-parties, for system software;[3] and FreeBSD source code, is generally released under a permissive BSD license, as opposed to the copyleft GPL used by Linux. ....(....) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/FreeBSD
 April 15 2016 -  NEW EARTHQUAKE MACHINE, IN USE -  I am calling it - a new type of earthquake machine, has been made, one which produces sudden jolts, rather than a slippery liquid or spinning feeling, like the old one did, and it is now being used in Japan. The new type of movement, is far more damaging, than the previous machine. Now there has been a 7.2 earthquake in japan, at only seven kilometers depth.
OLD SCHOOL FACT: Prior to these man made quakes, it was considered virtually impossible for any quake, to happen less than 15 miles deep. That is how far down you have to go, for tectonic movements to get enough pressure on them, to trigger quakes. This latest 7.2 quake in Japan, happened at ONLY 4 MILES (7 Kilometers) depth, which is flatly impossible, for any natural quake. With such shallow depth, it will be an absolutely devastating quake, if whatever triggered it, had the same ability to produce sudden jolts, the way the 6.5 quake earlier today did.
Here is a detail on earthquakes: Seismic rating is only part of what is noticed on the ground. If a 7.0 quake happens 200 miles down, it will not be very damaging on the surface, because 200 miles of material are between the quake and the surface, and as a result, the quake effects are spread out over a very broad region, on the surface. But with the latest 7.2 originating only 4 miles down, the area above it will receive all the energy and might as well have been sitting on a nuke, the damage will be awful.   >((     - -  ))
Video is now coming in, this quake was a big one, and more damaging than a 7.0 should be. There were massive landslides, in many places (the photo shows one of these land slides). It vastly exceeds the inland damage of the 9.1 on 3/11. You ought to know why if you have read this web site much. With what is coming in, I am now certain that it was indeed a man made quake, and the device that triggered it, is vastly improved over past versions. There is no way a natural 7.2 could have done so much damage. This is very bad news, for all of us.         The only thing that would make this quake less devastating, is an epicenter away from any large cities.       I have to go, my time is up at the cyber cafe, and I have no working computers to continue this with, at this time. I will update this, tomorrow, but for now I am saying it had to be a new type of earthquake machine, because the damage does not match the seismic rating, it appears to be a lot worse.  At this point it is too early to prove if this quake was man made or natural. I will have to wait until tomorrow, to know. But I will say it does look suspicious, ....... and remember what Secretary of Defense said in 1997 about this - the technology officially existed back then, and has only been improved.       //   REMEMBER THIS: Others are engaging.... even in an eco- type of terrorism, whereby they can alter the climate, set off earthquakes, volcanoes, remotely, through the use of electromagnetic waves. " 
   ((  http://archive.defense.gov/Transcripts/Transcript.aspx?TranscriptID=674  ))    //
        Tax freedom day? - Keep in mind that the so called "tax freedom day" in May, is a lie, because it does not include social security tax, or the Obamacare tax. It does not include what your employer pays, just to have you. It does not include sales tax or import and export tax. It does not include telephone tax, vehicle registration tax, or any fines, you had to pay. It does not include any inheritance tax, you may have had to pay, or property tax. It does not include gasoline tax, either, It only includes Federal and state income tax, and if you included these other taxes, that are not on your tax form, the real "tax freedom day" would in reality land sometime in September, not May. There is a reason why you have to blow so many dollars, to get anything done, and it is called hidden and forgotten taxes. Enjoy.
            Michelle Fields - Just in case you missed it, Trump's aide is off the hook, for criminal charges, because a lengthy video from minutes before the incident, shows that Michelle was already warned repeatedly by the secret service, after going inside the no go zone previously. She chose to act like an indignant drunk, and went inside the zone again later, and actually touched Trump, as I said weeks ago, long before it was officially stated. The multiple camera angles now made public, also prove she was not bruised, and that her bruise photo was either make up or self damage done later, because the bruise was not where she was grabbed.
But as any good phleghminist knows, reality need not apply in civil court (which can be just as damaging) and that is where Michelle is taking this next. Civil courts live for the lie, and enforce consequences based on whatever anyone spews, even when it is proven the truth is entirely different. Good little feminists use the civil courts, to get their way, no matter what. How cute.
          Reported: "The CIA is investigating companies...... that are mining your tweets and instagram photos"    NOT REPORTED: The company that is the best at it,.....  will receive a contract!
Historic Trump writing: "let me ask America a question" - If you missed this,  it is a required read, SEE THIS  ( see below )   ///
        April 14 2016 - I am finally online, please wait for updates. - I am experiencing technical difficulties ..... (.....)
.................................................................................... ( LATER ? ) ................
                   April 15 2016 - I have now had a good look at the latest Japan earthquake, and the damage looks about right, for a natural shallow 7.3 -
Anonymous wrote:  I can't understand what you are saying. the mushroom has damaged your language skills. Re-write in a clear and understandable manner:  [This earthquake proved that Japan was not earthquake proof, and seriously points the finger, at how on earth was there almost no damage from the 3/11 quake, other than tsunami damage. Today's earthquake was a 6.5 and I'd like an answer as to how a 6.5 did more seismic damage than a 9.1, and NO, TSUNAMI DAMAGE PICS, DO NOT COUNT. Let's see seismic damage from 3/11. AND NO, THE OCEAN DID NOT ABSORB THE QUAKE ON 3/11, THIS IS IMPOSSIBLE, but boy did that lie work well, to fool the Japanese and "explain" the lack of seismic damage on 3/11. Forget about how such a huge quake would have collapsed buildings in Korea, China, and Russia if it was real in Japan.]  My response: No, I have pretty much gotten over the mushroom, with very good medical care, made possible by what people sent in for it. In this case, I made the mistake of assuming you read the Fukushima report, which provides the full background for the statement, you did not understand. The Fukushima report documents that there was only one seismically collapsed structure in Japan from the 3/11 quake, and that was an old welfare shelter near the true epicenter, at seismic station MYG004. All other damage, was tsunami damage. That alone proves no 9.1 happened, and that the 3/11 tsunami, was artificially triggered, with the most probable scenario being with large nuclear weapons, dropped in the Japan trench. My point made, is how can an earthquake with a thousand times less energy, do more actual seismic damage than 3/11?  ///
     HA HA HA, this one is short and sweet:  Anonymous wrote: Now they have organized McDonald workers, against Trump. He does not own any McDonalds.But he is made responsible,for low pay of McDonaldsWorkers.
In Germany animal rights groups, are telling grocery stores, to put pork in Halal section. What has Halal got to do with animal rights? they did not ask pork to be put in kosher section!
Now, ted has announced that there will be a floor fight, and he will win on the second or third ballot at the convention. ted stole all delegates from three states already.  My response: FACT: Trump pays EXCELLENT wages. But he expects EXCELLENCE in return. Paying for excellence and receiving excellence, will cause success, because the result is excellence at a fair price. If you don't produce excellence after being paid to, Trump will cut you away, like anyone would cut away a leech. Trump expects to get what he pays for. If you worked for Trump and made the grade, well, that would certainly look good, on a resume!       But suck buttox liberals ,who are spiked heavily with Jews, who simply collect paychecks, while screwing people (especially the tax payers) when Jews work government jobs, in a way that will destroy the people - these types who produce practically zero, while getting paid up the wazoo, will never understand what excellence is, and why in a capitalist society, excellence is needed, before you deserve to get paid more than Jack. Most McDonalds employees have gotten by only, and should be paid accordingly. If they organized against Trump, when Trump has nothing to do with them, well, how bright is that? They are where they are, as their abilities have dictated.
        Anonymous sent:  DID YOU KNOW?  Columbia U and NY State U, both did double blind studies, that concluded that negative ions are MORE effective than SSRIs at treating depression, with ZERO side effects.
DID YOU ALSO KNOW?  The most effective form of negative ion generator, is simply running a water fountain in your bedroom, 24 hours a day (with distilled water). The negative ions will also latch onto any particle in the air (including chemtrails) and force it to the ground.       My response: I knew the presense of naturally flowing water Works, as you stated, but that playing back the sound, does very Little. Enough said?. //
           This is a long and interesting read, about curses, that can be left in your home. I am going to bold all of it, so you can easily skip it, if you want. I bet you wont.
          Dear Mr Stone, I wrote to you once before, I think it was regarding the mandela effect.     I read your website regularly, thank you for all the work you have done, especially on exposing vaccines. I have not vaccinated my daughter, and that is mostly thanks to you.  The reason I am writing to you now is, I had a very strange experience, through having a Jewish friend, leave a book in my home. After that I experienced a kind of spiritual problem, which I have never heard of from any Christian source, the only websites dealing with it, are secular.  I managed to get rid of this problem, by burning the book. I wrote a blog post about it, for my blog site, and as you are one of the few people drawing attention to the problems Jewish people are causing, I thought you might be interested in it.  I am also concerned about the recent census sent to me for filling up. I live in the Republic of Ireland.  Everyone in the Republic of Ireland was recently delivered, by hand, a Census Form, which must be completed on 24th April 2016.  We must identify how many people live in our house, our names, dates of birth, places of work / education, the job title of our occupation, whether we own our house or rent, how much the rent / mortgage every week / month is, and what religion we are.
This Census Form must be filled out correctly and completely, and it is a legal requirement to do so.  http://www.thejournal.ie/census-apartments-2703355-Apr2016/  ** "After the last census in 2011, there were five successful prosecutions of people, who refused to answer the 35-question survey."   It is interesting that Jews no longer have to identify their religion on the 2016 Republic of Ireland Census Form: http://www.independent.ie/opinion/columnists/mary-kenny/why-cant-a-la-carte-catholics-be-recognised-on-the-census-form-34615698.html        "The forthcoming census - on April 24 - will offer residents of the Republic a nice menu of 'religions' to choose from. You can identify yourself as Roman Catholic, Church of Ireland, Islamic, Presbyterian, Orthodox (Greek, Russian, etc), any 'Other' religion or 'No religion'.  Although one of the most universally famous characters in world literature, is an Irish Jew - Leopold Bloom of Joyce's 'Ulysses' - the Jewish community in Ireland, is now such a minority, that it does not rate a category of its own. It is significant that Islam is now the third most-important ranking among official Irish religious categories."  Underneath the "Other" religion box, there is a space where you are asked to insert the name of your "Other" religion. I presume this is for all the Methodists, Pentecostals, Baptists, Hindus etc .... that do not have sufficient numbers in Ireland to warrant their own religion box to tick, to fill in. I must state upfront that I was brought up to have no problem with Jewish people. My mother used to own a small business, part of which involved selling jewellery, and a Jewish agent used to sell it, to her. She always said to me that she never had to check the invoices she was sent, or the amounts of goods she was sent, as they were always correct, unlike local wholesalers, who had to be constantly checked, as their invoices always were wrong to some degree, and mainly in their favour.  My mother always said, the Jews were the most honest people, she dealt with in business.  We did not know any other Jews as there are none, where we live. So I had and still have, no prejudice against Jews. However I had a Jewish male friend, who I had a relationship with, for a while some years ago, and that is when a problem arose, which I feel I must write about and bear witness to.                            HERE IS THE REASON YOU READ ALL OF THIS: h2>             Basically, after breaking up with my Jewish friend, we remained friendly and he came to visit me once. He was sitting in my kitchen and I went out of the room for some reason. When I came back in rather unexpectedly I found him standing on a chair and putting something on top of one of my kitchen cupboards. He seemed a bit surprised that I had returned so soon, and told me that he was giving me a housewarming gift (I had moved in just before that) which was a small book of the Bible Psalms written in Hebrew. He explained it was a good luck thing.  I was a little surprised that he didn't tell me about this, before he put the book up on the cupboard. My kitchen unit cupboards have just a small space between them and the ceiling. There is a wooden rail in front of them, and I cannot see what is on top of them, without standing on a chair and twisting my head to look behind the rail, and normally would never look to see. But at the time I innocently thought it was a nice gesture and thanked him.   Anyway not long after that, I began to have a strange feeling about my kitchen. Many times I would be cooking or listening to music, and I would have a strange feeling of being watched. I also often felt I could see dark shadows, out of the corner of my eye. When I would turn around, there would be nothing there. It was odd and also strange that from that time onwards, my daughter refused to go downstairs at night, without turning on all the lights. She also insisted that I talk to her all the time, as she was downstairs by herself. She was frightened of being downstairs at night on her own, and would race up the stairs before turning off the lights. This went on for years, but I didn't associate it with the book my ex-friend had positioned on top of the cupboard, as I had forgotten all about it.  I decided my daughter must have watched something frightening on TV, and rationalised that as I am aging, my eyesight may be getting worse. However I should have thought more as to why it was only in the kitchen, I briefly would see these dark shapes, which quickly vanished when I tried to focus on them. I prayed about it, but didn't get any response. I tried praying as soon as I saw a shadow, but they were gone by the time I started to pray.       I was worried about this, but had so much going on in my life, that I didn't pay it the attention I should have. I kept thinking I should have my pastor over to bless the house, but he lived a long distance away, and it was difficult to arrange a suitable time. Also my problem was so non-specific, and sounded so imaginary I felt embarrassed to draw attention to it. So I just prayed over it myself. But the shadows still appeared in my kitchen, coming and going, regardless of my prayers. Anyway, last winter, I decided to paint the kitchen, and in preparation started washing the walls. It was only then I noticed the book was still there, and remembered him putting it there. I had forgotten all about it. It had been there, a few years. I looked at it, it was all in a foreign alphabet. I realised that I had no idea what might be written in it. I didn't have a good feeling from this book. It was small, so it burnt up quickly in my fire that evening.   Since the book being destroyed, my daughter has had no problem going downstairs in the dark. And I have not seen any dark shapes.  You may well be thinking, now her daughter is now much older, and probably was going to grow out of the problem of being afraid of the dark, at some stage. As for the dark shapes, they were all in her imagination anyway.
I have also pondered this. But I know I did see these dark shapes, many times, and I am definite, that they were demonic spiritual entities, of some kind. Something was able to gain access to my kitchen, thankfully not to the rest of the house, due to that book being there. I have not seen them, since destroying it. This proves to me, that it was not my failing eyesight. Nor was it my daughter's over active imagination.
            Since then I have read of shadow people, on many sites. Wikipedia even has a page about it, and unusually even allows a Christian, to comment on their spiritual nature:
https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shadow_person     "Hollis describes shadow people as dark silhouettes with human shapes and profiles, that flicker in and out of peripheral vision, and claims that people have reported the figures attempting to "jump on their chest and choke them". She believes the figures to be negative, alien beings, that can be repelled by various means, including invoking "the Name of Jesus"."  I would agree with the figures being negative and probably demonic. And of course I prayed to God in the name of Jesus, about them immediately I saw them, which is probably why I never had such an attack, as others have reported, and I never even got a good look at them, as they would vanish almost instantaneously.
          There are many sites about shadow people, on the internet, here is a good one:  http://shadowpeople.dotster.com/shadowpeople.html  - "At first, they appear only out of the corner of your eye, furtively darting out of view, when you turn to look straight at them, but are now gone. Did you really see them?  Shaking the image out of your head, you assume that it was some peculiar anomaly of your eyesight, however the feeling still lingers, that someone continues to watch you. For weeks, months or years, the fast dark movements in your peripheral vision, are dismissed until it finally happens without warning. You see the shadow directly in front of you: face to face, blacker than black, darker than dark, like a void that has punched a hole, into the inky fabric of night itself."        I never saw a shadow directly in front of me, probably because I would pray, as soon as I saw one. However all the prayers I made to protect my house, didn't work for my kitchen, as they were definitely able to come and go to there at will, and I now believe it was because of that book being there, that this presence was enabled. I must have enabled this, by allowing the book to be present, even though I had forgotten all about it.      The Jewish Book of Psalms, seems to have constructed a type of demonic Faraday cage, basically. The many prayers I said, had no effect, over the part of the house the book was in. I could pray away the shadows, whatever I saw them when I was in the kitchen, but I obviously was not able to stand guard in my kitchen, 24/7.    It was a very cleverly disguised satanic gift, to give to a Christian, a book of Bible Psalms. Most Christians would never think to suspect a book from the Bible, as being the cause of demonic infestation. Probably to put the book there in secret, was the main reason, he visited me.     Since getting rid of that book, I have learned, from some rather odd websites, that specific psalms from the Book of Psalms, are ritually used for magical purposes, and place both blessings and curses on people. This is not a subject on which I care to dwell. I am quite sure that God never meant for his Psalms, to be misused in such a manner. But the fact that many pagan websites contain spells which involve reciting the Psalms, is noteworthy. One pagan site mentioned, that historically, witches were taught the use of these Psalms, in magic, by Rabbis.    Anyway I wanted to record this incident, as I have come to believe because of it, that there must be something Satanic about present day Jewish worship, if it can manage to attach such demonic entities, to a book. Also it was very sneaky and deceitful of him, to try to put the book there out of sight, behind my back, while I was out of the room. I am quite upset that he would do such a thing, I believed that our relationship was mutually cordial, and we stayed in touch for a long time, after that. I now believe he was ensuring to remain in contact with me, in order to monitor the effect of the book.  I was very stupid to trust that it was a benign book though, especially as I could not read what was in it. I suppose this is a cautionary tale, which illustrates the old adage, "Beware of Greeks bearing gifts", except in this case it could be amended to, "Beware of Jews bearing gifts".
      I would have thought before this, that anything I brought into my house, or was in my house, could be rid of any negative spiritual associations, by my praying over it. However this incident has made me think again, I no longer will accept gifts from friends, without praying over them first, and I now monitor what happens, and am very watchful for recurrences of shadows, with any new item, I am given, or purchase and bring home.
I find it interesting that my prayers were able to protect the rest of the house, but not my kitchen, which was the location of the book. There must have been something about having that book present in that room, that bypassed my prayers, and allowed demonic access. Yes, I was praying them away, as soon as they appeared. However they should not have been able to gain access, in the first place. The fact that these demonic entitles were allowed access, indicates a legal rule exists in the realm of spiritual warfare, which I have found mentions of in various Christian websites, including this one, which identifies many weaknesses, which can allow demonic ingress, such as sins, including ancestral sins, unforgiveness, demonic vows, and the one, which I believe allowed demonic access to my kitchen, ......the possession of a cursed object:          http://www.greatbiblestudy.com/legalrights.php     "Cursed objects: Physical objects can carry spiritual value, such as idols, occult books, rings, movies, charms, etc. If you brought any Indian or pagan religion artifacts, into your home, you could be opening the door for demons, to enter and bother the people within your home. Land can also become defiled, by the sins of it's owners (Leviticus 18:27).                The remedy? Burn, destroy or get rid of any physical objects, that you have located, that could be cursed. Isaiah 2:18, "And the idols he shall utterly abolish." It is Biblical, to burn cursed objects. Repent for bringing such objects into your home, if you are responsible for them! Land can be cleansed, by prayer and repenting of the sins of the previous owners."  In the past I have had many secular objects such as unChristian movies, charms and jewellery etc, in my home. NONE of them ever allowed demonic access to my home, by shadow people. That only happened after I had a Jewish Book of Psalms ,put in my kitchen.  I'm not saying it is a good idea to have pagan objects in one's home. However I did not have any spiritual problems, until I had that particular book put on my cupboard.
I have had Muslim friends over the years, many visited my house. NO Muslim ever left a cursed object, in my home.        I think I did have some spiritual warning of this man, before he did this, as once he was talking about going to synagogue, he was religiously observant. He remarked on the fact, there is no synagogue near where he lived, but there was a congregation of "Jews for Jesus". I asked if he could not pray with them. He said that to him and other Jews, that would be like praying to the Antichrist! So to Jews praying to Jesus, is like praying to Antichrist.      Yet Muslims have respect for Jesus, and think of him as a prophet.  We are all supposed to think Muslims are to blame for all the problems, re ISIS etc, I don't believe any of this. I now believe Muslims are being blackwashed by Jews. //        MY RESPONSE: NEVER ACCEPT ANY GOOD LUCK CHARM, FROM THE JEWS, OR ANYTHING LIKE THIS WOMAN TOOK. FACT: Jews only give such things, to non Jews they are in competition with, and are seeking to destroy, I have always told everyone to get rid of any talisman or anything else of the sort, given them by Jews. Somehow these ítems ruin you, and I have not figured out exactly how, other than that they are cursed.          Here is a good way to destroy competition at work, that is not satanic: Give your competitor, a gift that is supposed to sit on his desk, be it a little water show with swimming fish, or some other distraction. You will quickly discover that if your enemy accepts it, he will fritter the hours away, staring at it, and give you a huge advantage, while you actually work to kick his butt, rather than sit there, doing nothing.  As far as the satanic side goes, I have no doubt, that Jewish book caused your problems, and that it was put there, to destroy you. They do that crap, all the time, and it actually works. As I said, NEVER accept a key chain or ornament or anyting else of the sort, from a Jew, chances are it will be a curse, like the "swimming fish display", except the curse will be from the spirit world, and not your desk top. //

     There are hundreds of excellent mails. I cannot get them all up, and time is limited. I am going to speed this up, by not responding to the next ones.
   Catherine wrote:  I'm a long-time naturopath (20+ years) and a committed reader (5 years or so), and I think you are one of humankind's great heroes. I read what you had to say about stevia, and I was surprised.
I have never heard or read of stevia being referred to as an artificial sweetener, nor of it causing sterility. Personally, I have used stevia for about three decades, almost daily. It doesn't raise blood sugar and is directly extracted from a plant leaf, so that's why I substitute it, for other sweeteners. Stevia comes from a shrub in Paraguay, originally, where it is a staple of the natives. Now it is grown, in many countries. Stevia from China, can be low quality (no surprise there). Normal processing is, like steeping tea leaves. It is used widely in Japan in many products, as a sugar substitute. Years ago, the sugar industry in the U.S. all but had it banned, because consumer awareness was increasing, and so was demand. Even though it is not in mainstream food products, it is easy to find here, in health food stores and health products. It can have an unpleasant aftertaste, but not all brands do. Some brands are just delicious. When I use stevia, I never get symptoms of low blood sugar, that I used to get. I would like to know where the artificial sweetener information,comes from. I would never touch aspartame for example. From my point of view, the fact that stevia was substituted for sugar, would be a positive. It is certainly strange that so many manufacturers did it, at once. I can see why you drew the conclusions you did, but my experience has been so positive, and I am an utter purist, when it comes to what I eat.  BTW, I've sent mail, in the past, but never got the feeling that it was reaching you. I'm thrilled about the new secure window. I have more things, to write about, but I'll save that for later. Blessings, Catherine - -           My response:  https://www.google.com.mx/webhp?sourceid=chrome-instant&ion=1&espv=2&ie=UTF-8#q=stevia%20fertility **  //              Mike wrote:  Hi Jim, really rate your info, on vaccines - did you see a little while back, that Borat actor Baron Sasha Cohen, has given US$1million to 'charity', $500,000 to Zionist David Milliband's IRC.....  & $500,000 to vaccinating Syrian children, with MMR - what a sh1t! It's worth noting who runs these charities, usually the same shysters, who started the war/disaster. You've mentioned the Ebola vaccine link & the US biodefense company (sic) & MSF charity, that ran the program - one more charity I will no longer give to, setup originally by shyster Bernard Kouchner. When Save the Children USA, can give Tony Blair an award, you know some things wrong. Lastly don't know if you are aware of Dr Passwaters website - it does sound like a piss take name :-) but he's done some brilliant work, on nutrician & illness - Ebola virus dna codes for selenium proteins, most of us are already deficient of this important mineral, that the immune system needs, so it's harder to fight back without supplementation. Needless to say the Carlyle group taking over Holland & Barrett health food stores, looks rather ominous! Best Regards & Wishes, Mike - -                 My brief comment: Borat was the most insulting figure, to ever hit mainstream, I hated him, knew he had to be Jewish, and that his insulting demeanor was politically based.  I am not surprised by this, at all.           There were a gajillion mails, I did not get to. I cannot do more than this, now. It helps to know people really were censored, and that everyone did not just go silent. Totally normal mails. 98 percent not posted, there was just too much, thanks for writing!   ///
         Tax freedom day? - Keep in mind that the so called "tax freedom day" in May is a lie, ..... (.....)
 ( late sat april 16th )  MESSAGE WINDOW MESSAGES POST TODAY - Message window is confirmed working perfect, the new server is indeed secure. IF YOU HAVE DONATED IN THE PAST TWO WEEKS, PLEASE DROP CONFIRMATION IN THE MESSAGE WINDOW, FOR A SECONDARY CONFIRMATION PATH (I have proven, Paypal is unavoidably compromised and they will steal .....what they can get away with, thanks!
April 16 2016 -  Here is the spookiest and possibly the most important mail,  that came in:       Jim,  Today I was shaken harder than I have been shook, in a long while. I am the one who sent that lengthy message about the homeless in Seattle.  I was on the way to a job site, in downtown Seattle. When I drove under a the 3rd Avenue Bridge in Downtown, I saw two vans, parked next to an empty homeless camp, on the sidewalk. It looked like the cops had cleared the people out, only minutes earlier. And ALL OF THEIR BELONGINGS WERE LEFT BEHIND, IT LITERALLY LOOKS AS IF 15-20 PEOPLE ALL JUST GOT UP AND WALKED AWAY FROM THEIR STUFF, AT THE SAME TIME.
Of course all the Goyim driving by, do not notice, and are only worried about their slave-jobs. And they're just happy to see all of the filthy dirty stinky homeless people, being taken, away from their condos.
What really creeped me out, is that the vans were marked with "KING COUNTY DEPARTMENT OF ADULT AND JUVENILE DETENTION". Seems like a clever name for wholesale kidnapping.     http://www.kingcounty.gov/courts/detention.aspx      I had to drive around a second time, and get a photo of the vans. It looks like they had already packed up alot of the camp, into the trailer, in the 5 minutes it took me to drive in a circle (I HATE city driving). It was taken with my phone, while driving,.... so it's not the greatest quality.       http://imgur.com/jazNk9p http://i.imgur.com/jazNk9p.png   SEEING THIS IN PERSON,  IN SHAKES YOU RIGHT DOWN TO THE CORE - -  My response: I am going to continue to state (as I have before) that the homeless problem from people getting knocked out by this economy, is being hidden, by the hauling off of people, to detention centers, and that the camps are already open. Here we have complete non criminals beings, "detained" in bulk. That speaks volumes. Rather than admit to how bad things are, right now, they are sweeping the problem, under the rug. Thank you for documenting this.//    - -       Finally at a computer that can do the mail, (the message window has not been censored lately), HERE GOES.
                 Kurt wrote:  (this is a bit cryptic, so I should sum it up in a sentence) - Kurt figured out how Intel based computers, are now transmitting everything out, even if you do not have internet. He blocked this communication path, and they cut his internet off. HERE GOES: Today you said "malware � did not come in through the mail." That reminded me, of my experience two years ago,l that I had written you about, on the RB security forum. But since we've both had problems getting out the truth, in case mine didn't reach you then, I'll paraphrase and update it now. Originally, I put a 1.9 Ghz shunt from the heat sink of one of my computers, to chassis ground (I had been talking with walking_turtle, about this idea at the time), and less than a week later, my internet with four computers (two dual boot), was throttled to zero (monitored with conky). I removed the shunt a week later, left the state, used two machines, on another LAN, and returned home in a month, to a working internet.  Looking at my machines carefully, I found a folded unipole 4 x 16 mm (~60 mm OA) antenna in the motherboard printed circuit, of one next to the CPU, and just oddly crooked traces (maybe fractal?) on the third. I've also noted, that the cases each have a large rectangular hole (almost square, rounded corners) underneath the CPU (mw path out?). Years ago, all I remember seeing, were solid there.  Just for the halibut, I did a ping to (a Google DNS server) and found the RT times were mostly, i.e. the statistical Mode, +/-2, of 54 ms, but occasionally up to 110 or 300. Don't know what it was, before. A traceroute to there, showed 13 hops with the 9th to � NETBLK-COX... which explains a lot. Does anyone else, see that, in their traceroute (tracert in W)?  Methinks they compare what they see on the net from your MAC address, to what they see in the machine, and punish, if they think you're cheating them(!): If they can't see in (to your motherboard), you can't see out. Privacy is expensive.  In my syslog (LM17 and LMDE partitions, in a homemade tower) I captured three occasions, where the log restarted after midnight. I'm always asleep by 11. (Usually I keep my machines unpowered overnight, but I know I've slipped, at least once.) I saw three other messages, in the LMDE gz logs, but when I went back to document them, their data types became "unknown" � so they became unopenable. These were all cases I found, by searching for "http://www.rsyslog.com"] start". (Remote r/t interference?)//    I truncated this here, MY RESPONSE:   I did not receive anything on this topic, from you ever. I knew the board mounted antenna, had to exist. Your description is exact, and I MEAN EXACTLY what it would have to be. This is good info, which proves.... the message window is not censored right now.
           Mike wrote: It's technically possible and practically feasible for scientists, to choose the location where earthquakes will most probably occur. Earthquake and volcanic activity, is increasing due to rising levels of atmospheric CO2, caused by runaway industrialization of the planet. Therefore scientists can now use coordinated HAARP electromagnetic waves, to interfere with seismic processes, and direct earthquakes towards an enemy�s territory. Scientists can use HAARP to produce heat and water vapour in specific regions of the ionosphere and stratosphere. Expansion of the heated gases and vapour, that forms in these regions, causes these gases to push outwards into space, and that creates an equal and opposite pressure down on the earth�s surface. Repeated cycles of these HAARP pressure effects, eventually induces fatigue cracking in the faults of the earth�s crust, releasing swarms of small earthquakes, that will regularly relieve the stress and strain accumulations, along some sections of the tectonic plates, so that stress and strain will build up in others sections. In other words, they focus the accumulation of stress and strain, at the location where they want a big quake to occur. The principles and techniques for doing this, are all available and just require a top secret project, to be strategically planned and executed, under cover of a �sensitive science/military research program.� Absolute secrecy, would probably be the biggest challenge of all - not the technique of sending an earthquake, to an enemy country, but the lengths to which the directors of the program would have to go, to keep the program away from government scrutiny. That�s difficult, when several scientists in different countries, would be required for successful execution and cover-up.
            But consider the following - think how easily psychopathic mad scientists, were employed in the secret military project, for spraying and destroying millions of acres of rain forest, billions of animals, insects and birds, and thousands of innocent people with horribly toxic chemicals, in Vietnam. Or exposing sailors to nuclear radiation, to see how the body reacts. Think how easily psychopathic mad scientists, were employed, in the secret geo-engineering projects 16 years ago, for modifying waste water disposal and engine exhaust systems, of modern jet aircraft, to induce additional high level clouds in the stratosphere, for cooling the earth. These vapours, enhance HAARP atmospheric pressure effects. So this shows how easily psychopathic scientists can be recruited to do things like causing an earthquake in your enemy�s territory.    Further evidence - Historical data shows frequency and number of smaller earthquakes, are increasing much more so than larger ones. http://www.dlinquist.com ** http://www.trackingbibleprophecy.com/birthpangs_earthquakes.php           USGS information shows smaller earthquake frequencies increasing in the US, only since about 2005. http://www.usgs.gov/blogs/features/usgs_top_story/man-made-earthquakes/ ** There are dozens of articles blaming shale gas fracking, for the recent increasing number of smaller earthquakes. I believe it�s caused by HAARP pressure effects, aimed at either keep large US cities safe from earthquakes, or targeting enemy territories.       My response : All plausible.  //                         Anonymous wrote:  "An impending sense of doom. The Jews have hit critical mass. They have won." Etcetera, etcetera, ad nauseum.    Jim, your recent work on vaccines, is brilliant as usual, nobody does it better than you, most times. And I have always backed you 100%, since the Fukushima Report. But you are also completely off track sometimes, and full of hubris at those times amigo. Who died, and made you God? Because only "God" could possibly know, when the Jews have actually finally completely forever won. Doesn't the fat lady even have to sing? Lol. -  You are starting to sound "flatulent", "anal-retentive" or just plain irrationally negative... like, notably, George Carlin, Jeff Rense, Jordan Maxwell and Alan Watt.     This typically happens to "truthers" that are "beyond their sell-by date". Just go listen to Eustace Mullins, who, if it weren't for him, you and I, wouldn't know shit. He is arguably the founding father of the truth movement, and NEVER became seriously negative, because when that happens, you become almost worthless to your audience, i.e. those you are attempting to help (deprogram).    Because if the Jews have won, there's no use fighting back. It's like the Borg motto: Resistance is Futile. Why would anyone listen to you? Or give a damn what you say? It's all over anyway. Boo hoo. /That's even worse than the usual Christian thingy: "Don't worry, God will take care of it".    But it's not even that! You are flat out 100% wrong, on this whole subject. We have only had the internet for a short time. We are just now barely getting warmed up. Who knows what might happen, when the sleeping giant (N.America) truly awakens, and gets insanely pissed off. Every tyranny fails, eventually. Our job is just to deprogram people and keep on cheerfully learning more, and passing it on. That's all we can do i.e. the masses have to do the rest, when the time comes. But we need, to get them ready - and if we are fatally negative now, then all really IS lost because it's a self-fulfilling prophesy when all hope is lost. And when all hope is lost, that's arguably THE definition of Hell.         You empower people by giving them knowledge AND hope, amongst other things. Sometimes hope is all we have, on this prison slave-world of ours. And our world is a very unpredictable and dangerous place, cosmologically. Shit happens, and everything that can happen, will happen in the long run. And man, I can think of lots of various things, that could happen, that could derail the illuminati train. But, of course, maybe we really HAVE lost. I do not know. And neither do you. And even if you DID know (which you don't), why would you tell newbie truthers something completely negative like that?              You are an instrument (a psychologist, a master deprogrammer) - and you have to be careful how you use that powerful instrument. And even if we HAVE lost (which we haven't) it's still important to maintain positivity, so we can deprogram everyone i.e. it's better to live in a prison, where everyone at least realizes they ARE in a prison.       I could even see the illuminati successfully bringing in their whole "New World Order" thing, and then it doesn't last long, but breaks apart, like their EU is threatening to do right now. Lol. These Satanists are not particularly smart (they just have unlimited funds). If they were smart, they wouldn't be doing ANY of the things they're doing right now. We could all live like billionaires. Fly to Hawaii on an anti-gravity ship, for lunch, and it wouldn't cost anything, for fuel. It's all a great pity, but eventually we can overthrow them, if we don't get negative, lose hope, and give up.        You've been traumatized like hell. Don't forget that. In my opinion, you need a long long rest, from this whole diabolical enterprise. But every time I go on your site, I always smile, because I know they haven't managed to do you in, yet. Unknown numbers of people, listen to you now, Jim. And they care about you, as do I. Try to give them a positive message of hope, and solutions and teach them, to replicate themselves, network an help each other out. That's just as important, as the specific knowledge you are so generously and selflessly dishing out. And no-one out there, is doing it better than you are. Keep it up if you can, but know when to back off or even quit, for awhile. You embarrassed their last assassination team, so they will maybe come at you, with all guns blazing, nest time. Just stay alive. Shoot first, and run like a maniac. Cheers.To send a message type here, and hit the button.- My response: Let me vent, once in a while. Getting to the bottom of the septic tank, is overwhelming at times.Most people need to be told, they have lost it all, before they will get off their buts and do something, usually too late. Saying it is too late, once in a while, is what most people need, before they will do anything. I am still here.//             Trent wrote: Jesus said "as often as you do this, do it in remembrance of Me." He said it during a Passover Seder.  I've recently come out of the churches and found great satisfaction and deep spiritual enrichment, in keeping God's Holy Days as a way to call to mind the promises God has kept and will fulfill to the utmost through the ministry of the Messiah.   As I gain appreciation for the Holy Days, I marvel that people keep the feasts in ignorance of the Hebrew Messiah who is the Passover Lamb - given up for our sakes. The Hebrew nation eats and drinks in unbelief and rebellion.  The churches of men are not much better off, since they have altogether conspired to expunge what is written about these things, and leave the churchgoers in abject ignorance whilst using pitiful pagan practices, in place of what is written and easily understood by anyone brave enough to give it a sincere attempt.  I guess I am saying all this, to encourage you to take another look at it, if you haven't done so, since departing the Jewish community. There are blessings to be found by those that seek them out, as I can report from experience. Ripening for the harvest, Trent --  My response: Virtually all churches have been infiltrated by the CIA, and now serve as control mechanisms. This is why virtually all provide nothing but feel good sessions, that produce misguided people who believe everything is great "just because they believe in Jesús". So they never work, to actually become Godlike. ManyAnd have poor behavior. And as would be expected of any exter-
nally derailed organization, many are nothing, but money funnels. Too bad, what you have said above, is true, and the "conspiring" happened compliments, of the taxes you paid.//
        April 15 2016 - I have now had a good look at the latest Japan earthquake, .... (.....)

Let Me Ask America a Question - How has the ‘system’ been working out for you and your family? No wonder voters demand change. Photo: Getty Images/Blend Images
By Donald J. Trump    April 14, 2016 7:18 p.m. ET      3821 COMMENTS  - On Saturday, April 9, Colorado had an “election” without voters. Delegates were chosen on behalf of a presidential nominee, yet the people of Colorado were not able to cast their ballots to say which nominee they preferred.
A planned vote had been canceled. And one million Republicans in Colorado were sidelined. //
More Opinion :      Bernie’s Spinal Surgery on CEOs         California’s Water Injustice        Safe Space for the Gander         Missing the Bigger Story About the Pope         The Wall Street I Have Known
      In recent days, something all too predictable has happened: Politicians furiously defended the system. “These are the rules,” we were told over and over again. If the “rules” can be used to block Coloradans from voting on whether they want better trade deals, or stronger borders, or an end to special-interest vote-buying in Congress—well, that’s just the system and we should embrace it.
Let me ask America a question: How has the “system” been working out for you and your family?
I, for one, am not interested in defending a system that for decades has served the interest of political parties at the expense of the people. Members of the club—the consultants, the pollsters, the politicians, the pundits and the special interests—grow rich and powerful while the American people grow poorer and more isolated.
No one forced anyone to cancel the vote in Colorado. Political insiders made a choice to cancel it. And it was the wrong choice.
Responsible leaders should be shocked by the idea that party officials can simply cancel elections in America if they don’t like what the voters may decide.
The only antidote to decades of ruinous rule by a small handful of elites is a bold infusion of popular will. On every major issue affecting this country, the people are right and the governing elite are wrong. The elites are wrong on taxes, on the size of government, on trade, on immigration, on foreign policy.
Why should we trust the people who have made every wrong decision to substitute their will for America’s will in this presidential election?    Here, I part ways with Sen. Ted Cruz.
Mr. Cruz has toured the country bragging about his voterless victory in Colorado. For a man who styles himself as a warrior against the establishment (you wouldn’t know it from his list of donors and endorsers), you’d think he would be demanding a vote for Coloradans. Instead, Mr. Cruz is celebrating their disenfranchisement.
Likewise, Mr. Cruz loudly boasts every time party insiders disenfranchise voters in a congressional district by appointing delegates who will vote the opposite of the expressed will of the people who live in that district.
That’s because Mr. Cruz has no democratic path to the nomination. He has been mathematically eliminated by the voters.
While I am self-funding, Mr. Cruz rakes in millions from special interests. Yet despite his financial advantage, Mr. Cruz has won only three primaries outside his home state and trails me by two million votes—a gap that will soon explode even wider. Mr. Cruz loses when people actually get to cast ballots. Voter disenfranchisement is not merely part of the Cruz strategy—it is the Cruz strategy.
The great irony of this campaign is that the “Washington cartel” that Mr. Cruz rails against is the very group he is relying upon in his voter-nullification scheme.
My campaign strategy is to win with the voters. Ted Cruz’s campaign strategy is to win despite them.
What we are seeing now is not a proper use of the rules, but a flagrant abuse of the rules. Delegates are supposed to reflect the decisions of voters, but the system is being rigged by party operatives with “double-agent” delegates who reject the decision of voters. The American people can have no faith in such a system. It must be reformed.
Just as I have said that I will reform our unfair trade, immigration and economic policies that have also been rigged against Americans, so too will I work closely with the chairman of the Republican National Committee and top GOP officials to reform our election policies. Together, we will restore the faith—and the franchise—of the American people.      We must leave no doubt that voters, not donors, choose the nominee.
How have we gotten to the point where politicians defend a rigged delegate-selection process with more passion than they have ever defended America’s borders?
Perhaps it is because politicians care more about securing their private club than about securing their country.     My campaign will, of course, battle for every last delegate. We will work within the system that exists now, while fighting to have it reformed in the future. But we will do it the right way. My campaign will seek maximum transparency, maximum representation and maximum voter participation.
We will run a campaign based on empowering voters, not sidelining them.  Let us take inspiration from patriotic Colorado citizens who have banded together in protest. Let us make Colorado a rallying cry on behalf of all the forgotten people whose desperate pleas have for decades fallen on the deaf ears and closed eyes of our rulers in Washington, D.C.
The political insiders have had their way for a long time. Let 2016 be remembered as the year the American people finally got theirs. //
Mr. Trump is a candidate for the Republican presidential nomination.   http://www.wsj.com/articles/let-me-ask-america-a-question-1460675882

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April 12, 2016 - Russia Warned Of “Wrath Of God” Event, As West Prepares To Honor New Planet, With Satanic Ritual -By: Sorcha Faal, and as reported to her Western Subscribers - http://www.whatdoesitmean.com/index2026.htm - -  A grim report circulating in the Kremlin today, released by the Security Council (SC), says that His Holiness Patriarch Kirill of Moscow and All Russia, this afternoon, notified President Putin, that his church’s efforts to persuade the United States and Great Britain to halt their “planned satanic ritual” next week, to “welcome” into our solar system, the recently discovered mysterious new planet .... has failed—and because of this failure, the Russ.Federation should begin immediate preparations for a “wrath of God” event, to occur, shortly thereafter.     As we have previously reported about this mysterious new planet (Mysterious Planet Ejected From Black Hole At Center Of Galaxy, Warned, Could Soon Impact Earth     - -  and - - US Scientist Confirms Russian Fears Of New Planet, Warns Will Affect Earth Soon), Federation concerns about the effects it could have upon Earth, have grown so severe, that last week President Putin created, for the first time in Russia’s history, a National Guard force, to safeguard the nation, should the worst effects from this celestial body, be realized, as it has been, in our planets ancient past.   The West’s response to this mysterious new planet though, this report notes, is to erect next week, 19 April, in Times Square (New York) and Trafalgar Square (London), a memorial to is arrival, dedicated to the ancient “god” of this planet, Nibiru, the ancients called Moloch—and whom they preformed the ritualistic killing of children, for.
Called by the name of Arch of the Temple of Bel, this report explains, the West’s plan to erect its memorial replicas, in both New York and London, next week (and 1,000 other cities, around the world too) to honor the arrival of this mysterious planet, is not fully understand by Western peoples, as the name “Bel” is but another name for “Baal” (or Ba’al) having the ancient meaning of “lord/master”, but fails to denote that his particular arch, was dedicated to..... the ancient “child murderer” Moloch.    His Holiness Patriarch Kirill in attempting to stop the West from committing this “abomination and outrage to God”, this report continues, met with Great Britain’s Ambassador to Russia, Dr. Laurie Bristow, on 5 April, ....   and yesterday ,11 April, Metropolitan Hilarion of Volokolamsk, chairman of the Moscow Patriarchate’s Department for External Church Relations, met with Mr. John F. Tefft, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the United States of America, to the Russian Federation.
       British Ambassador Dr. Laurie Bristow (left), and His Holiness Patriarch Kirill (right) 5 April 2016 /          Metropolitan Hilarion of Volokolamsk (left), and American Ambassador John F. Tefft (right) 11 April 2016 -
At the conclusion of these meetings, this report says, neither the US or British ambassadors, acknowledged the “grave Biblical implications” of what their nations were doing, in celebrating this mysterious planet, by memorializing the ancient god Moloch—with their saying, instead, that the fears of Russia’s church war “antiquated”, and having “no relevance” to today’s “modern times”. Both of these Western ambassadors, also, this report continues, stated that the replica Arch of the Temple of Bel’s, to be placed around the world, starting next week, were initiated by the Institute for Digital Archaeology, and supported by Harvard University and UNESCO,  as part of our World’s Heritage celebrations.            Russian church officials, countered these Western assertions about this “abomination” being erected, to honor this barbaric ancient god, this report further notes, by pointing out the “innocent blood spilt” to honor Moloch, throughout history—including last year, when Obama regime supported Islamic terrorists beheaded over 400 women and children beneath it, and whose bodies were found in a mass grave, after Russ. Federation forces helped liberate the Syrian city of Palmyra, where it is located.
Also pointed out to these Western officials, by Russian church leaders, this report says, is that the 19 April date, to erect the first of these “abominations” in New York and London,....  “confirms in essence” the “ritual sacrificial” significance of this event, as it falls on the same day of the 19 April 1993 ending of the Waco Siege, and the 19 April 1995 Oklahoma City Bombing—that combined, killed 248 innocent people, many of whom were defenseless children.  To any specific “wrath of God” event, to follow the West’s honoring of this mysterious new planet, by memorializing the ancient god Moloch next week, this report doesn’t mention—other than to state that.....    the last time human beings, ignored God’s warning about celebrating this “god/Moloch” (whom God said was his primary enemy) ..... he destroyed their whole nation—which Israel still hasn’t fully recovered from, thousands of years later, but they were warned about, previously too.    April 12, 2016 © EU and US all rights reserved.  Permission to use this report in its entirety is granted under the condition it is linked back to its original source at WhatDoesItMean.Com  http://www.whatdoesitmean.com/index2026.htm
                                                     Victory! The Arch From The Temple Of Baal Planned For New York City,  Has Been CANCELED -- Posted By: NaturalWisdom - Date: Wednesday, 13-Apr-2016 00:32:56 -
................................... and....         Russian church officials, countered these Western assertions, about this “abomination” being erected, to honor this barbaric ancient god- Moloch ,, ..... by pointing out ....the “innocent blood spilt” to honor Moloch, throughout history—including last year, when Obama regime supported Islamic terrorists, beheaded over 400 women and children beneath it, and whose bodies were found in a mass grave, after Russ. Federation forces, helped liberate the Syrian city of Palmyra, where it is located.  Also pointed out to these Western officials, by Russian church leaders, ..... , is that the chosen  19 April date  , to erect the first of these “abominations” in New York and London,....  “confirms in essence” the “ritual sacrificial” significance of this event, as it falls on the same day of the 19 April 1993 ending of the Waco Siege, and the 19 April 1995 Oklahoma City Bombing—that combined, killed 248 innocent people, many of whom were defenseless children. To any specific “wrath of God” event, to follow the West’s honoring of this / coming/ mysterious new planet ( Planet X) , by memorializing the ancient god Moloch next week, ( if they do it ) .... this report doesn’t mention—other than to state that.....    the last time human beings, ignored God’s warning about celebrating this “god/Moloch” (whom God said was his primary enemy) ..... he destroyed their whole nation—
http://www.whatdoesitmean.com/index2026.htm //   - - - The West’s response to this mysterious new planet coming, though, this report notes, was to erect next week, 19 April, in Times Square (New York) and Trafalgar Square (London) a memorial to its arrival ,dedicated to the ancient “god” of this planet, Nibiru, the ancients called Moloch—and whom they preformed the ritualistic killing of children, for.  // April 12, 2016  - Russia Warned Of “Wrath Of God” Event, As West (was preparing ) To Honor New Planet, With Satanic Ritual -
..................................................................................................................................................................................................... has been sent to hobie.......................................................................................................
April 14, 2016  - “Destroyed” US Warship Donald Cook In Baltic Sea, Refuses Russian Offer Of Help - By: Sorcha Faal, and as reported to her Western Subscribers - http://www.whatdoesitmean.com/index2027.htm
A new classified Ministry of Defense (MoD) report circulating in the Kremlin today, states that for the second time in two years, “advanced” Federation “electronic warfare  defences”, have crippled the Arleigh Burke-class guided missile destroyer USS Donald Cook (DDG-75) —and when Baltic Fleet “special forces elements” offered assistance, to tow them back to their Polish port, the Americans refused to respond.
According to this report, in April, 2014, the USS Donald Cook, while performing a mission in the Black Sea, substantially violated Federation “territorial integrity” causing President Putin to authorize an “electronic warfare defense” attack against it, that was so devastating, this top-line warship was left adrift—and once towed back to its Romanian port, its American sailors were so demoralized, 27 of them filed immediate letters of resignation from the US Navy.   One year later, in May 2015, this report continues, and again in the Black Sea, the Arleigh Burke-class guided-missile destroyer USS Ross (DDG-71) substantially violated Federation “territorial integrity”, causing President Putin, once again, to authorize an “electronic warfare defense” attack against it, but when confronted with the fate that befell the USS Donald Cook the year prior, it retreated— causing one Russian top-level Naval Officer, to state: “It seems that the Americans did not forget the April 2014 incident, when one Su-24 actually shut down all equipment, on the new USS Donald Cook American destroyer with anti-missile system elements.”   In March 2015 too, this report notes, Federation submarine naval forces attacked with their “advanced” electronic weapons the American aircraft carrier USS Theodore Roosevelt (CVN-71), causing it to flee to the coast of Britain, where it remained for weeks, to the amazement of the public, until it was repaired and able to get under sail again—and as we had told about in our report titled  Terrified US Aircraft Carrier Flees From Russian Subs To UK Safety.    This weeks “attack encounter” of Federation forces, with the USS Donald Cook, this report details, began when this American warship began an “aggressive combat maneuver” against the Baltic Sea Fleet port, in Kaliningrad, to which President Putin authorized another immediate “electronic warfare defense” against.
Russia’s “electronic warfare defense” measures, as we’ve previously reported on, are based on what is called “magrav technology” (Western code name code name “Khibiny”) developed by Iranian-born nuclear engineer Mehran Keshe (called “a modern day Nikola Tesla”) who in a 2012 personal letter to President Obama, warned: “The aircraft carriers of the US, will become nothing but floating bathtubs, if our Magravs technology is used effectively, and the runways full of F16s and 18s and so on, will be nothing.... but runway museums of iron birds, as these craft will not be able to fly, if their electronic systems are once touched by Magravs space technology. These crafts and battleships would have to be rewired from A to Z, before they could ever operate again.”   And according to MoD experts in this report, this past Monday’s (11 April) “attack/assault” upon the Federations “territorial integrity” by the USS Donald Cook, can be considered as a test by the Americans, of their “rewired” warship—but which after Federation Sukhoi Su-24 aircraft deployed their “electronic warfare defense” against it, this craft “died a quick electronic death”.  On Tuesday (12 April), this report continues, a Baltic Sea Fleet KA-27 Helix helicopter made (at least) 7 flights over the deck of the disabled USS Donald Cook, hailing its crew offering “towing assistance”, but when “small caliper arms” were pointed towards it, Federation commanders ordered two SU-24 jets, to make a further 11 “close-range and low altitude passes” over this warship—after which no further “American belligerence” was observed.                    This report concludes by noting the statement of White House spokesman Josh Earnest, who said “This incident ... is entirely inconsistent with the professional norms of militaries operating in proximity to each other, in international water and international airspace”—to which the MoD replied, “Frankly speaking, [we] do not understand the reason for such a painful reaction of our American colleagues. The principle of freedom of navigation for the US destroyer, which is staying in close proximity to a Russian naval base in the Baltic Sea, does [not] at all not cancel the principle of freedom of flight for Russian aircraft.”  April 14, 2016 © EU and US all rights reserved.  Permission to use this report in its entirety is granted under the condition it is linked back to its original source at WhatDoesItMean.Com                 http://www.whatdoesitmean.com/index2027.htm  ( video included )

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Wednesday, April 13, 2016 - THE CRUSADES HAVE FINALLY STARTED AGAIN -The Crusades Have Finally Started Again! Your Congressman and Senator needs to read this report...
THIS REPORT IS A MUST READ.   And...if you haven't watched this yet, here's a warning that was presented so clearly by UK's Paul Weston encouraging the USA to take heed to what is happening in his country and other's abroad to prevent it before it takes hold in this country.  This truly "nips the refugee situation in the butt" and addresses its aftermath. THEN, be sure to read the following email that appears to be a good start.
Scary as heck !     It certainly is a strong warning!!!    Alarming!!  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a-hPCnel0qc
Paul Weston CPAC Live Stream March 3 2016   www.youtube.com     Paul Weston delivers warning to Americans
    The Crusades Have finally Started Again Your Congressman and Senator needs to read this report
    Go America! Kick every one of them out of this country! Then it will be a Great Country again!
    A short but inclusive report on the following countries which are the first to ban Islam.
    See how the rest of  the world is acting fast on the threat posed by Islam and its barbaric Sharia Law.
    Japan has always refused Muslims to live permanently in their country and they cannot own any real estate or any type of business, and have banned any worship of Islam. Any Muslim tourist caught spreading the word of Islam will be deported immediately, including all family members.     Cuba rejects plans for first mosque.
    The African nation of Angola and several other African nations have officially banned Islam.     Record number of Muslims, (thousands) deported from Norway as a way of fighting crime. Since these Muslim criminals have been deported, crime has dropped by a staggering 72%. Prison officials are reporting that nearly half of their jail cells are now vacant, courtrooms nearly empty, police now free to attend to other matters, mainly traffic offences to keep their roads and highways safe and assisting the public in as many ways as they can.
    In Germany alone in the last year there were 81 violent attacks targeting mosques. The German people are tired of the Muslim immigrants and want all of them deported.
    Austrian police arrested 13 men targeting suspected jihad recruiters.     A Chinese court sent 22 Muslim Imams to jail for 16 to 20 years for spreading Islam hatred. And have executed eighteen Jihadists; China campaigns against Separatism (disallowing Islamist to have their own separate state). Muslim prayers banned in government buildings and schools in Xinjiang (Western China). Hundreds of Muslim families prepared to leave China for their own safety and return back to their own Middle Eastern countries.
    Muslim refugees beginning to realize that they are not welcome in Christian countries because of their violent ways  and continuing wars in Syria and Iraq whipped up by the hideous IS who are murdering young children and using mothers and daughters as sex slaves. These wars against Christians are supported by so-called moderate Muslims all over the world.
    British Home Secretary prepares to introduce 'Anti-social Behavior order' for extremists and strip dual nationals of their citizenship. Deportation laws also being prepared.
    The Czech Republic blatantly refuses Islam in their country, regarding it as evil.
    The State of Alabama has introduced a new controversial amendment that will ban the recognition of "foreign laws which would include Sharia law".
    The Polish Defence League issues a warning to Muslims. 16 States Have All Introduced Legislation to Ban Sharia Law.
    Many Muslims in Northern Ireland have announced plans to leave the country to avoid anti-Islamic violence by Irish locals. The announcement comes after an attack on groups of Muslims in the city of Belfast. Groups of Irish locals went berserk and bashed teenage Muslim gangs who were referring to young Irish girls as sluts and saying they all should be all gang raped, according to Islam and ''Sharia Law''.  Even hospital staff were reluctant to treat the battered Muslim patients, the majority were given the Band-Aid treatment and sent home with staff muttering ''Good Riddance''.
    North Carolina bans Islamic "Sharia Law" in the State, regarding it now as a criminal offence. It's time for a national referendum to ban Islam in America and close all the Mosques.
    Dutch MP's call for removal of all mosques in the Netherlands. One member of the Dutch Parliament said: "We want to clean Netherlands of hateful Islam". Dutch MP Machiel De Graaf spoke on behalf of the Party for Freedom when he said, "All mosques in the Netherlands should be shut down. Without Islam, the Netherlands would be a wonderful safe country to live in, as it was before the arrival of Muslim refugees''. Islam is not a religion, it is a political movement that has been expanding for hundreds of years.
    I'm more than happy to forward this on.  Maybe I'm more of a realist, and realize that the Christian / Jewish world needs to fight hateful POLITICAL Islam in any of its forms before it’s too late !!
                                                   WAKE UP U.S.A. !!!      Posted by Popeye at 1:43 AM   http://nesaranews.blogspot.ca/2016/04/the-crusades-have-finally-started-again.html
QUOTE OF Cosco Chairman Xu Lirong      " Let the ships sailing and bringing the Golden Fleece " " This is not a concession, it's a giveaway of property, belonging to the Greek people, "
" Why should China be masters of the game at Piraeus, and not the Greek state? "                  HTTPS://WWW.RT.COM/BUSINESS/338949-GREECE-CHINA-PORT-SALE/
https://vimeo.com/user16311094/review/160965789/b57fb62f43 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
DATED : 1 st day of March, 2016
             S.D.R. PASSPORT No. 04362, 12535 UNDER U.S. PRESIDENT     
             INGRAM ( SA32NV ), RICK REYNOLDS " RR" ( SA233MS ),
             LEO E. WANTA ( S-31- IANO ) U.S. DEPARTMENT OF THE
             AUTHORITY : TOTTEN DOCTRINE [ 92 U.S. 105,107 and
             PRESIDENT REAGAN'S  Executive Order No. 12333
             United States Intelligence Activities _ Issued to Secret Agent, Leo
             Emil Wanta to " DESTABILIZE THE SOVIET UNION - EVIL EMPIRE " //
             CIVIL ACTION No. 02 - 1363 - A and No. 1:07 cv 609 T3E / BRP;
             SUPREME COURT OF THE UNITED STATES - DOCKET 02 - 1263  //
             OF REVENUE, et al.  //               SECURITY CODE : OPERATION " STILLPOINT " / U.S.S.R. >>>> ~~~~~~~
IN RE : THOUSANDS STRANDED AS GREECE BECOMES ' WAREHOUSE '                               ASSOCIATED PRESS RELEASE - DATED : 28 FEB 16     QUOTE - " warehouse of human beings "
                  AmeriTrust Groupe, Inc.     4001 North 9 th Street, Suite No. 227     Arlington, Virginia, USA  22203-1954     Commonwealth of Virginia     Tele : 703.649.4545    Tfax : 703.552.3159
www.eagleonetowanta.com/     https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tDuQRQj0AzM/     www.vikinginternationalllc.com/
" We are not alone; we do not walk alone. ' We are part of the one flock of Christ that walks together. "          Pope Francis I
Posted by Freewill at 6:38 PM                                         http://nesaranews.blogspot.ca/2016/04/freedom-and-liberty-for-our-distant.html
Tuesday, April 12, 2016 - Examples of 'peace loving' muslims - coming to America - -  PAKISTANI MUSLIMS fight for the 'right' to mutilate and kill their daughters and wives…
By BI - Shoebat Foundation   April 10, 2016  -  Groups of devout Muslims across Pakistan have banded together in protest to reclaim the right to abuse, maim, and kill their wives and daughters for misbehavior. The country has finally taken a civilized step forward on gender equality, but many Muslim men still believe the mistreatment of women is their divine, Allah-given right. NY Post  The controversy began when the Pakistani government introduced the Protection of Women Against Violence Bill, which effectively criminalizes violence against women in Punjab — the country’s most populous region.
Before the law was officially enacted on March 1, diehard extremists attempted to block the legislation, saying it would “destroy the family system in Pakistan” and “add to the miseries of women.”
The bill was passed unanimously by the Punjab Assembly, and opponents have since warned of ongoing protests if it is not repealed.
The Protection of Women Against Violence Bill criminalizes any and every form of abuse by men against women, whether it be domestic, emotional, psychological or done through stalking and cybercrime.
It provides for a network of shelters or safe houses where women who have fled violence can seek counseling and financial and medical aid. It also conceives a universal, toll-free, 24/7 telephone number women can call in order to report abuse.    In special circumstances, offenders may be monitored by wearing a bracelet with a GPS monitor, and will be restricted from making gun purchases.
The bill was drawn up in 2015 by the political party of Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif. It was a surprise to many in the population, as the party has gained a reputation for pandering to religious groups.
In recent months, however, Sharif has publicly condemned violence against women and honor killings, and vowed to take action. In February, he told The Guardian: “This is totally against Islam and anyone who does this must be punished and punished very severely.”              Kanwal Kayum, 26, adjusts her veil as she poses for a photograph in Lahore, Pakista. Kanwal was burnt with acid one year ago by a boy whom she rejected for marriage. She has never undergone plastic surgery. (AP Photo/Emilio Morenatti)     Violence against women is an endemic social issue in Pakistan. Wives and daughters are often still treated as domestic property. Honor killings, acid attacks, bride burnings, child marriages, and sexual and domestic abuse are commonplace, yet these crimes are grossly under-reported.
The United Nations’ Gender Inequality Index puts Pakistan 147th in a list of 188 countries. A 2014 report by the Aurat (Woman) Foundation, a women’s rights group based in Islamabad, said that every single day of the year, six women were murdered, six were kidnapped, four were raped and three committed suicide, often by self-immolation.    Shehnaz Usman, 36, poses for a photograph in Lahore, Pakistan. Shehnaz was burnt with acid by a relative due to a familiar dispute five years ago. Shehnaz has undergone plastic surgery 10 times to try to recover from her scars (AP Photo/Emilio Morenatti)
They also reported as many as 7,010 cases of violence against women in the province of Punjab. These figures do not include dowry-related violence and acid attacks, crimes which are also serious and frequent. According to Pakistan’s independent Human Rights Commission, nearly 1,100 women were killed in Pakistan last year by relatives who claimed they had “dishonored” their families. In most of these cases, the victim is usually murdered by a close male family member.      Until this bill was enforced, women in the country were victims of a weak criminal justice system and an overall lack of social support, giving rise to horrific stories of honor killings, acid attacks and ongoing abuse. These issues recently came to light in the Academy Award-winning documentary “A Girl in the River: The Price of Forgiveness.” It followed the story of Saba Qaiser, a 19-year-old Pakistani girl who was beaten, shot in the head by her father and thrown into a river for marrying the man of her choice.
Shameem Akhter, 18, poses for a photograph at her home in Jhang, Pakistan. Shameem was raped by three boys who then threw acid on her three years ago. Shameem has undergone plastic surgery 10 times to try to recover from her scars. (AP Photo/Emilio Morenatti)           Miraculously, she survived, and her story ended up receiving a heap of attention both in Pakistan and globally. “People hush it up: A father kills a daughter, and nobody ever responds, nobody ever files a case. The victim remains nameless and faceless, and we never hear about them,” she said. “People feel, ‘If we register a case, it will bring shame to the family.’”
Many Islamic leaders spent copious amounts of energy trying to block the protection bill from being passed, and continue to oppose it. They’ve deemed the bill “un-Islamic,” contradictory to verses of the Koran, and an attempt to secularize, or Westernize, Pakistan.     In a press conference, one of the country’s own parliamentarians, Muhammad Khan Sherani, reportedly claimed the bill will actually have a detrimental impact on women and “traditional” family life. He claimed the protection act was “un-Islamic,” saying: “The law seems to have the objective of pushing women out of the home, and increase their problems.”
 Irum Saeed, 30, poses for a photograph at her office at the Urdu University of Islamabad, Pakistan. Irum was burnt on her face, back and shoulders twelve years ago when a boy whom she rejected for marriage threw acid on her in the middle of the street. She has undergone plastic surgery 25 times to try to recover from her scars. (AP Photo/Emilio Morenatti)
     Maulan Fazlur Rehman, chief of the Jamiat Ulema-e-Islam-Fazl party, reportedly told local media the laws were “in conflict with the Holy Koran, the life of Muhammad, constitution of Pakistan and values of our country.”
“Husband and wife are considered partners in the West, but it is not the case in Pakistan,” he said. He called it a “Western conspiracy,” saying it represents “the blind following of American and European cultures.” He even went as far as to say it would break up homes, destroy the position of men in the home and invoke God’s wrath on the country. A contributor for the New York Times, Mohammed Hanif, summarized their twisted logic as follows: “If you beat up a person on the street, it’s a criminal assault. If you bash someone in your bedroom, you’re protected by the sanctity of your home. If you kill a stranger, it’s murder. If you shoot your own sister, you’re defending your honor.             Published on Jul 16, 2014
The murder of a young pregnant woman in Pakistan by her family, earlier this year, pushed the issue of "honour killings", into the spotlight. She was beaten to death, for marrying without their consent - just one of 900 such killings, last year. Human rights groups, say convictions are rare, and stories of survival, are almost non-existent. But the BBC's Amber Shamsi found one young woman who lived, to tell her story.
Posted by Olive Oyl at 12:00 PM   ...... 1 comment:   .....     AnonymousApril 13, 2016 at 2:30 AM     Reports worldwide of the barbarism of muslims continues to be reported on the web, but it seems the MSM in our nation is being ordered to not report these incidents. Seems we are not to know about the problems the other nations are experiencing. Our nation has enough of its own problems without the deliberate importation of these muslim men and teenage boys. No doubt it won't be much longer and our nation, too, especially the women and children - both girls and boys - will be violated and even murdered. Why do we do nothing about this? Why do we continue to allow the crooks in DC to continue to destroy our country?  http://nesaranews.blogspot.ca/2016/04/examples-of-peace-loving-muslims-coming.html
Tuesday, April 12, 2016 - THE CHOICE IS YOURS - -
Posted by Olive Oyl at 8:00 AM  http://nesaranews.blogspot.ca/2016/04/the-choice-is-yours.html
Posted by Olive Oyl at 8:00 AM   ..... 1 comment:  .....     AnonymousApril 12, 2016 at 1:31 PM     Old news... July 2014 !  http://nesaranews.blogspot.ca/2016/04/gcr-primer.html
Tuesday, April 12, 2016 - The Coming Food Shortage and Power Outages - (( posted by God's Prophetic Word    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7-7QHnwLA5g ))
Bible Teacher Chris Broussard, shares an alarming prophetic dream,  he received from God, concerning calamity that will soon come upon our nation.
Posted by Olive Oyl at 8:00 AM   .... 5 comments:  ....     Anonymous April 12, 2016 at 11:06 AM
    I don't doubt your message but why did you wait 3 years, to share your 'dream'?! God doesn't give prophetic info 'for later release'...if it was so compelling from the Lord in 2013, you would be scrambling ASAP to warn the saints (like the next morning in June of 2013, when you had your alleged 'dream')!! The content of your message may be accurate, but old...you have waited too long to obey the Lord...the publishers who allowed this to now be aired, should realize that he/they are way behind in publishing a 2013 message, in 2016!! Anybody can say they had a prophetic message/dream, 3 years after it was current/given....the content is good but your credibility is questionable!! It's embarrassing that you decided that the Lord held you back, from such a critical 'word'. The Lord wouldn't wait to share this if it really was He who gave it to you!! I know about self-focused prophets...their messages are always centered on their area and circumstances.     Reply    Replies          Anonymous April 12, 2016 at 7:36 PM
        Anon 11:06 AM - Why do you doubt....  this man's messsage? Are you not aware that the Lord, in His mercy, may begin to warn the people years - if not hundreds and thousands - of year in advance? Look up how many years went by before the prophesied Son of God/Messiah, would be born and fulfill His purpose on the Earth? That's for one. How many years before the flood came oupon the Earth, after how many years of Noah warning the people? Look up all the examples. Prophecy can be any one or a combination of the following: past or present or future or any combination of two or three. Some parts of prophetic events can be past - present as right now - and future. Example, right now the alignment of nations fits what we have been told to look for. Those involved in the last days events - particularly as the false prophet, the false one world religion and the anti-christ - aligning right now. AND ----- a true prophet may receive messages from the Lord BUT often the Lord will instruct to hold that message until such time as He instructs that message to be released. Obedience to His instructions is key - not obeying the Lord can bring forth severe consequences to both the prophet (look up Jonah and the whale and look up Paul) and to the people for whom the message was intended. How many would have listened to this message back in 2014? How many would listen today? Perhaps a few more than 2013 but not enough today to be prepared when all 'hits'. How can YOU make the determination that this prophet 'waited too long'? Who are YOU to make that judgment decision??? No doubt he was not given the instructions to put this word out until the time of the YouTube message. The timing is between this prophet and the Lord Who gave the message, and it is not our place to judge him lest any one of us be judged. And, YOU KNOW about 'self-focused prophets'? WOW! Not THAT is a strong statement. You might want to have a serious talk with the Lord Jesus Christ - Himself a prophet and Who calls out His own prophets - on that one. Let people make up their own minds about the message and the man. You and I are NOT appointed to do that. WHY are you so critical my friend? Let's hope YOU ARE READY. If you got 'the word' back in 2010, then it was YOUR responsibility what you did with that word - not his. We each answer to our Lord God for ourselves and not for anyone else. Go in peace, and bless the prophet. He is God's servant - you be a servant, too.         Reply
    The Common Sense Show 4/10/16 (Full Show) THIS IS A MUST LISTEN.    https://youtu.be/ZSW3-RLvWUg
    'Empire Beneath The Ice: How The Nazis Won World War II' - Steve Quayle On TRUNEWS -     http://allnewspipeline.com/TRUNEWS_Steve_Quayle_Empire_Beneath_The_Ice.php
    NATIVE AMERICAN SACRED SITES, AND THE DEPARTMENT OF DEFENSE.      http://www.denix.osd.mil/na/upload/Native-American-Sacred-Sites-and-the-DoD.pdf      Reply    Replies
   Olive Oyl   April 12, 2016 at 7:37 PM  Marie - Thank you. Thanks for the website references. Will look them up and work to get them posted on the web. You always come up with the 'goodest' stuff!!! We appreciate you!
        marie April 12, 2016 at 9:08 PM           These are VERY interesting. ( You are welcome.)                    http://nesaranews.blogspot.ca/2016/04/the-coming-food-shortage-and-power.html
....................................and ..... Earl R - 1 month ago - According to Daniel 12:11 - 1290 "days" + 604 BC = 687 AD / 1335 "days" + 687 AD = 2022 AD
1 day = 1 year [2016 is the start of the final 7 Years before Jesus Christ arrives according to Daniel written in 604 BC].  Its time for the Anti-Christ now.
January 27, 2016  Dr. Eowyn                    The United States has an official national debt of a mind-boggling $18.93+ trillion.  The national debts of other countries are even worse.   The debt-to-GDP ratio is a measure of a country’s debt compared to its economic output, which is calculated by dividing its national debt by its GDP, which is the total output of all goods and services of a country and is the primary measure of economic growth or the lack thereof. To illustrate, if the national debt is $1.5 million and the GDP is $1 million, then the debt-to-GDP ratio is:     $1.5m ÷ $1m = 150%
Here are the top 7 worst countries in debt-as-a-%-of-GDP, as of September 2014 (Forbes):
           Japan: 227.2%           Greece: 175.1%           Italy: 132.6%           Portugal: 129%          Singapore: 105.5%          USA: 101.5%          Belgium: 101.5%
As you can see from the table below, all 7 countries got worse in the 10 years since 2004:   debt-to-GDP-ratio 2004-2014
When your debt exceeds your GDP, the prospects of ever paying off that debt are near non-existent, unless the country experiences a sudden and enormous burst of economic productivity. The debt situation is so dire that in 2013, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) recommended to indebted governments not just higher taxes, but confiscation of citizens’ assets.
More perversely still, the IMF’s recommendation of assets-seizure is intended merely to make the national debt “sustainable,” not to actually pay off the debt.
Note: The International Monetary Fund (IMF) is an international organization headquartered in Washington, D.C. of “188 countries working to foster global monetary cooperation, secure financial stability, facilitate international trade, promote high employment and sustainable economic growth, and reduce poverty around the world.” ('REDUCE POVERTY'?! By stealing the savings and assets of hard working Americans to pay off debts the people did not incur, but the banksters and shysters DID?)          Formed in 1944 at the Bretton Woods Conference, it came into formal existence in 1945 with 29 member countries and the goal of reconstructing the international payment system. Countries contribute funds to a pool through a quota system from which countries experiencing balance-of-payments difficulties can borrow money.
As of 2010, the IMF fund had about US$755.7 billion. Since July 2011, the IMF’s managing director is a French politician named Christine Lagarde.
Bill Frezza reports for Forbes, Oct. 15, 2013, that in its October Fiscal Monitor Report Taxing Times, the IMF paints a dire picture for advanced economies with high debts that fail to aggressively “mobilize domestic revenue.”  The IMF recommends that drastic measures are called for, from increasing income and consumption taxes to the direct confiscation of assets in the form of a “capital levy” — a “one-off tax” of about 10%, not on the super rich, but on all households with “positive net worth,” i.e., everyone with retirement savings or home equity. 
The IMF counsels that it’s best that such a tax be “implemented before avoidance is possible and there is a belief that it will never be repeated,” never mind the fact that high earners have been forking over more money, a higher percentage of their gross income, and a larger share of aggregate national tax revenue in recent years.
Amazingly, the IMF regards this confiscation of at least 10% of all private “wealth” to be merely “an exceptional measure to restore debt sustainability,” which means:
    The IMF knows there are not enough rich people to fund today’s spend-thrift governments.
    Confiscation of private property will not pay off national debts, but will merely “restore debt sustainability,” allowing free-spending politicians to keep borrowing.
Should politicians fail to muster the courage to engage in this kind of wholesale robbery, the IMF posits public debt repudiation and hyperinflation as the only alternative scenario. In other words, the IMF does not and will not consider structural reforms of the Ponzi-scheme entitlement programs that are bankrupting the United States.
Forbes opined that “If ever there were a roadmap for prompting massive capital flight and emigration of productive citizens toward capitalism’s nascent frontiers in Asia, this is it.” But the IMF has already anticipated that with a suggestion on how governments can restrict the mobility of the rich:      “Financial wealth is mobile, and so, ultimately, are people. … There may be a case for taxing different forms of wealth differently according to their mobility … Substantial progress likely requires enhanced international cooperation to make it harder for the very well-off to evade taxation by placing funds elsewhere.“
         See also:       Ex-GAO head: US debt is three times more than you think          Why the U.S. national debt is past the point of no return
    5 signs that U.S. and world economy is in trouble            Sunset for America: Obama’s budget proposal forecasts long-term economic stagnation      ~Eowyn
http://www.dcclothesline.com/2016/01/27/imf-recommends-indebted-governments-to-confiscate-citizens-assets/   // COMMENT:  The American population did NOT incure the 'debts', neither with their personal approval nor with any knowledge of the criminal activities of what these shysters were doing behind the scenes to incur that debt.  The cabal corporation (Federal Reserve, U.S.A. Corporation, the big banks, etc.) has TOTAL responsibility for incurring that debt.  It is the sole responsibility of the cabal to be held accountable to pay their own debts out of their own (stolen) assets, hidden worldwide in secret bank accounts, vaults and 'safe' places out of the sight of the world's people. The shysters have no lawful right to STEAL from the people, nor to require that the people pay off their debts.
Posted by Olive Oyl at 8:00 AM   .... 1 comment: .....    jay w    April 12, 2016 at 11:45 AM
    Actually the debt does not exist , this is called fraud an actual crime , any debt that might exist belongs and is owed by the UNITED STATES CORP. and its various subsidiaries, and of course their share holders . The shareholders you ask ?? Various higher up politicians , the federal reserve, and its shareholders , absolutely not the American People........... http://nesaranews.blogspot.ca/2016/04/governments-to-confiscate-citizens.html
Wednesday, April 13, 2016 - 9/11 TRUTH Goes Prime Time … at least the well-known Saudi role, is finally revealed       timthumb
9/11 TRUTH Goes Prime Time … at least the well-known Saudi role is finally revealed    But The “28 Pages” Are A HUGE Red Herring - State of the Nation
declassify - SOTN Editor’s Note: Clearly the CBS 60 Minutes segment titled “28 Pages” is a huge red herring that deflects blame from the U.S. Federal Government (and Israel) for its integral role in the 9/11 false flags terror attacks in New York City and Washington, D.C.
    “9/11 was an Anglo-American black operation executed in collusion with Israeli Secret Services and Saudi Arabian financiers.” — Veteran 9/11 Investigator
    (Source: 9/11: Russia Presents Evidence Against US, UK And Israel Co-Conspirators)
The 9/11 black operation has been proven to be the “The Ultimate Inside Job And False Flag Operation” which could only have been executed with the direct participation of the U.S. Armed Forces, the CIA, the NSA, the DIA, the FBI, the NYC Police Department as well as an assortment of other organs of the U.S. Federal Government.
9/11 FACT: The Pentagon Was Hit By A Cruise Missile From The US Military Arsenal
The volumes of scientific, anecdotal and circumstantial evidence that has been made accessible on the Internet has indicted key officials in the Bush Administration, members of Congress, as well as among many other government officials who had to be in the know. At the very least, countless government personnel have participated in the ensuing and massive 15 year cover up.          That’s where the fraudulent 9/11 Commission Report comes in.  It gave all the co-conspirators plausible deniability because the “Final Report of the National Commission on Terrorist Attacks Upon the United States” ‘confirmed’ the patently false narrative that was quite purposefully planted throughout the entire mainstream media (MSM). Who else has the capability to implement and enforce such a complex and convoluted cover-up but the CIA & Company?
9/11 Commission Report: The Most Ridiculous Conspiracy Theory Of All Time         At the end of the day the American people can be assured that 9/11 is the lynchpin.  It is only a matter of when that lynchpin will be pulled.  Now that Saudi Arabia has been outed, it’s quite likely that Israel’s MOSSAD will soon be exposed for its role (See this exposé). Sooner or later the many involved Bush and Clinton Administration Neocon perpetrators will be properly apprehended for their high treason and state-sponsored terrorism perpetrated against the American people.[1]            9/11 Truth is the Lynchpin — It will be ‘pulled’ at the perfect time
Of course everyone now knows that the MSM has played the crucial role in the ongoing coverup.  That every single major news outlet has strictly run with the government 9/11 narrative indicates a premeditated coverup that is fastidiously coordinated from the very top levels of the World Shadow Government.  This is why the MSM will only reveal the truth when they are absolutely forced to—they, too, are stone-cold guilty of high treason and conspiracy to commit terrorism.           9/11 VERDICT: Mainstream Media Guilty Of The Biggest Coverup In US History
The 60 Minutes news story posted below can now be read in light of the red herring that it truly is.  Nevertheless, the nation is now one vital step closer to an all out 9/11 Truth blitz.
State of the Nation   April 10, 2016    Source
[1] The Neocon Zionists Must Be Arrested And Put On Trial For False Flag 9/11 Terrorism         Attachment:
CITIZEN’S INDICTMENT of the US Federal Government   WorldTradeCenterBuilding7wtc7an      ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
28 Pages      - - Former Sen. Bob Graham and others urge the Obama administration to declassify redacted pages of a report that holds 9/11 secrets
CBS 60 Minutes -  The following script is from “28 Pages” which aired on April 10, 2016. Steve Kroft is the correspondent. Howard Rosenberg and Julie Holstein, producers.
In 10 days, President Obama will visit Saudi Arabia at a time of deep mistrust between the two allies, and lingering doubts about the Saudi commitment to fighting violent Islamic extremism.
It also comes at a time when the White House and intelligence officials are reviewing whether to declassify one of the country’s most sensitive documents — known as the “28 pages.” They have to do with 9/11 and the possible existence of a Saudi support network for the hijackers while they were in the U.S.            preview28pages0.jpg
For 13 years, the 28 pages have been locked away in a secret vault. Only a small group of people have ever seen them. Tonight, you will hear from some of the people who have read them and believe, along with the families of 9/11 victims that they should be declassified.  Bob Graham: I think it is implausible to believe that 19 people, most of whom didn’t speak English, most of whom had never been in the United States before, many of whom didn’t have a high school education– could’ve carried out such a complicated task without some support from within the United States.
               60 MINUTES OVERTIME         HOW TO REPORT ON A TOP-SECRET DOCUMENT    Steve Kroft: And you believe that the 28 pages are crucial to this? Understand…       Bob Graham: I think they are a key part.
Former U.S. Senator Bob Graham has been trying to get the 28 pages released since the day they were classified back in 2003, when he played a major role in the first government investigation into 9/11.
Bob Graham: I remain deeply disturbed by the amount of material that has been censored from this report.
At the time, Graham was chairman of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence and co-chair of the bipartisan joint congressional inquiry into intelligence failures surrounding the attacks. The Joint Inquiry reviewed a half a million documents, interviewed hundreds of witnesses and produced an 838 page report — minus the final chapter which was blanked out — excised by the Bush administration for reasons of national security.
“I remain deeply disturbed by the amount of material that has been censored from this report.”
Bob Graham won’t discuss the classified information in the 28 pages, he will say only that they outline a network of people that he believes supported the hijackers while they were in the U.S.
Steve Kroft: You believe that support came from Saudi Arabia?           Bob Graham: Substantially.
Steve Kroft: And when we say, “The Saudis,” you mean the government, the– Bob Graham: I mean– Steve Kroft: –rich people in the country? Charities–  Bob Graham: All of the above.
Graham and others believe the Saudi role has been soft-pedaled to protect a delicate relationship with a complicated kingdom where the rulers, royalty, riches and religion are all deeply intertwined in its institutions.
preview28pagesnew.jpg     Bob Graham         CBS NEWS
             Porter Goss, who was Graham’s Republican co-chairman on the House side of the Joint Inquiry, and later director of the CIA, also felt strongly that an uncensored version of the 28 pages should be included in the final report. The two men made their case to the FBI and its then–director Robert Mueller in a face-to-face meeting.
Porter Goss: And they pushed back very hard on the 28 pages and they said, “No, that cannot be unclassified at this time.”
Steve Kroft: Did you happen to ask the FBI director why it was classified?
Porter Goss: We did, in a general way, and the answer was because, “We said so and it needs to be classified.”
Goss says he knew of no reason then and knows of no reason now why the pages need to be classified. They are locked away under the capital in guarded vaults called Sensitive Compartmented Information Facilities, or SCIFs in government jargon. This is as close as we could get with our cameras — a highly restricted area where members of Congress with the proper clearances can read the documents under close supervision. No note-taking allowed.             Tim Roemer: It’s all gotta go up here, Steve.       Tim Roemer, a former Democratic congressman and U.S. ambassador to India, has read the 28 pages multiple times. First as a member of the Joint Inquiry and later as a member of the blue-ribbon 9/11 Commission which picked up where Congress’ investigation left off.
Steve Kroft: How hard is it to actually read these 28 pages?          Tim Roemer: Very hard. These are tough documents to get your eyes on.
Roemer and others who have actually read the 28 pages, describe them as a working draft similar to a grand jury or police report that includes provocative evidence — some verified, and some not. They lay out the possibility of official Saudi assistance for two of the hijackers who settled in Southern California. That information from the 28-pages was turned over to the 9/11 Commission for further investigation. Some of the questions raised were answered in the commission’s final report. Others were not.
Steve Kroft: Is there information in the 28 pages that, if they were declassified, would surprise people?
Tim Roemer: Sure, you’re gonna be surprised by it. And, you’re going to be surprised by some of the answers that are sitting there today in the 9/11 Commission report about what happened in San Diego, and what happened in Los Angeles. And what was the Saudi involvement.
Much of that surprising information is buried in footnotes and appendices of the 9/11 report — part of the official public record, but most of it unknown to the general public. These are some, but not all of the facts:
In January of 2000, the first of the hijackers landed in Los Angeles after attending an al Qaeda summit in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The two Saudi nationals, Nawaf al-Hazmi and Khalid al-Mihdhar, arrived with extremely limited language skills and no experience with Western culture. Yet, through an incredible series of circumstances, they managed to get everything they needed, from housing to flight lessons.
Tim Roemer: L.A., San Diego, that’s really you know, the hornet’s nest. That’s really the one that I continue to think about almost on a daily basis.
During their first days in L.A., witnesses place the two future hijackers at the King Fahd mosque in the company of Fahad al-Thumairy, a diplomat at the Saudi consulate known to hold extremist views. Later, 9/11 investigators would find him deceptive and suspicious and in 2003, he would be denied reentry to the United States for having suspected ties to terrorist activity.
Tim Roemer: This is a very interesting person in the whole 9/11 episode of who might’ve helped whom– in Los Angeles and San Diego, with two terrorists who didn’t know their way around.
Phone records show that Thumairy was also in regular contact with this man: Omar al-Bayoumi, a mysterious Saudi who became the hijackers biggest benefactor. He was a ghost employee with a no-show job at a Saudi aviation contractor outside Los Angeles while drawing a paycheck from the Saudi government.         Steve Kroft: You believe Bayoumi was a Saudi agent?
Bob Graham: Yes, and–       Steve Kroft: What makes you believe that?           Bob Graham: –well, for one thing, he’d been listed even before 9/11 in FBI files as being a Saudi agent.
On the morning of February 1, 2000, Bayoumi went to the office of the Saudi consulate where Thumairy worked. He then proceeded to have lunch at a Middle Eastern restaurant on Venice Boulevard where he later claimed he just happened to make the acquaintance of the two future hijackers.      Tim Roemer: Hazmi and Mihdhar magically run into Bayoumi in a restaurant that Bayoumi claims is a coincidence and in one of the biggest cities in the United States.            Steve Kroft: And he decides to befriend them.
           Tim Roemer: He decides to not only befriend them but then to help them move to San Diego and get residence.       In San Diego, Bayoumi found them a place to live in his own apartment complex, advanced them the security deposit and cosigned the lease. He even threw them a party and introduced them to other Muslims who would help the hijackers obtain government IDs and enroll in English classes and flight schools. There’s no evidence that Bayoumi or Thumairy knew what the future hijackers were up to, and it is possible that they were just trying to help fellow Muslims.
The very day Bayoumi welcomed the hijackers to San Diego, there were four calls between his cell phone and the imam at a San Diego mosque, Anwar al-Awlaki, a name that should sound familiar.
The American-born Awlaki would be infamous a decade later as al Qaeda’s chief propagandist and top operative in Yemen until he was taken out by a CIA drone. But in January 2001, a year after becoming the hijackers’ spiritual adviser, he left San Diego for Falls Church, Virginia. Months later Hazmi, Mihdhar and three more hijackers would join him there.
Tim Roemer: Those are a lot of coincidences, and that’s a lot of smoke. Is that enough to make you squirm and uncomfortable, and dig harder– and declassify these 28 pages? Absolutely.
Perhaps, no one is more interested in reading the 28 pages than attorneys Jim Kreindler and Sean Carter who represent family members of the 9/11 victims in their lawsuit against the kingdom. Alleging that its’ institutions provided money to al Qaeda knowing that it was waging war against the United States.
Jim Kreindler: What we’re doing in court is developing the story that has to come out. But it’s been difficult for us because for many years, we weren’t getting the kind of openness and cooperation that we think our government owes to the American people, particularly the families of people who were murdered.
The U.S. government has even backed the Saudi position in court–that it can’t be sued because it enjoys sovereign immunity. The 9/11 Commission report says that Saudi Arabia has long been considered the primary source of al Qaeda funding through its’ wealthy citizens and charities with significant government sponsorship. But the sentence that got the most attention when the report came out is this:
“We have found no evidence that the Saudi government as an institution or senior Saudi officials individually funded the organization.”
Attorney Sean carter says it’s the most carefully crafted line in the 9/11 Commission report and the most misunderstood.
         Sean Carter: When they say they found no evidence that senior Saudi officials individually funded al Qaeda, they conspicuously leave open, the potential that they found evidence that people who were officials that they did not regard as senior officials had done so. That is the essence of the families’ lawsuit. That elements of the government and lower level officials sympathetic to bin Laden’s cause helped al Qaeda carry out the attacks and help sustain the al Qaeda network.  Yet, for more than a decade, the kingdom has maintained that that one sentence exonerated it of any responsibility for 9/11 r­­egardless of what might be in the 28 pages.
          Bob Kerrey: It’s not an exoneration. What we said–we did not, with this report, exonerate the Saudis.
Former U.S. Senator Bob Kerrey is another of the 10-member 9/11 Commission who has read the 28 pages and believes they should be declassified. He filed an affidavit in support of the 9/11 families’ lawsuit.
Bob Kerrey: You can’t provide the money for terrorists and then say, “I don’t have anything to do with what they’re doing.”
Steve Kroft: Do you believe that all of the leads that were developed in the 28 pages were answered in the 9/11 report? All the questions?      Bob Kerrey: No. No. In general, the 9/11 Commission did not get every single detail of the conspiracy. We didn’t. We didn’t have the time, we didn’t have the resources. We certainly didn’t pursue the entire line of inquiry in regard to Saudi Arabia.
Steve Kroft: Do you think all of these things in San Diego can be explained as coincidence?        John Lehman: I don’t believe in coincidences.
         John Lehman, who was secretary of the Navy in the Reagan administration, says that he and the others make up a solid majority of former 9/11 commissioners who think the 28 pages should be made public.
John Lehman: We’re not a bunch of rubes that rode into Washington for this commission. I mean, we, you know, we’ve seen fire and we’ve seen rain and the politics of national security. We all have dealt for our careers in highly classified and compartmentalized in every aspect of security. We know when something shouldn’t be declassified. An the, this, those 28 pages in no way fall into that category.
Lehman has no doubt that some high Saudi officials knew that assistance was being provided to al Qaeda, but he doesn’t think it was ever official policy. He also doesn’t think that it absolves the Saudis of responsibility.
John Lehman: It was no accident that 15 of the 19 hijackers were Saudis. They all went to Saudi schools. They learned from the time they were first able to go to school of this intolerant brand of Islam.
Lehman is talking about Wahhabism, the ultra conservative, puritanical form of Islam that is rooted here and permeates every facet of society. There is no separation of church and state. After, oil, Wahhabism is one of the kingdom’s biggest exports. Saudi clerics, entrusted with Islam’s holiest shrines have immense power and billions of dollars to spread the faith. Building mosques and religious schools all over the world that have become recruiting grounds for violent extremists. 9/11 Commissioner John Lehman says all of this comes across in the 28 pages.
John Lehman: This is not going to be a smoking gun that is going to cause a huge furor. But it does give a very compact illustration of the kinds of things that went on that would really help the American people to understand why, what, how, how is it that these people are springing up all over the world to go to jihad?
Tim Roemer: Look, the Saudis have even said they’re for declassifying it. We should declassify it. Is it sensitive, Steve? Might it involve opening– a bit, a can of worms, or some snakes crawling out of there? Yes. But I think we need a relationship with the Saudis where both countries are working together to fight against terrorism. And that’s not always been the case. ___
http://www.cbsnews.com/news/60-minutes-911-classified-report-steve-kroft/   ___          http://stateofthenation2012.com/?p=35512
Posted by Freewill at 2:19 AM                                   http://nesaranews.blogspot.ca/2016/04/911-truth-goes-prime-time-at-least-well.html

Tuesday, April 12, 2016 - THE IMF PROPOSES GLOBAL WEALTH CONFISCATION / christine_lagarde /     By Damon Geller  Wholesale Direct Metals
As first reported by Forbes, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) dropped a bomb in its October Fiscal Monitor Report. The report paints a dire picture for high-debt nations that fail to aggressively “mobilize domestic revenue,” which is code for “aggressively tax its citizens.” It goes on to build a case for drastic measures and recommends a series of escalating income and consumption tax increases – culminating in the direct confiscation of assets.  Why is the IMF proposing this? Because global 'governments' and central banks pumped trillions of dollars of YOUR money into the banks and stock market over the last several years, catapulting public debts to tens of TRILLIONS of dollars. But now, 'governments' and central banks can no longer sustain these debt levels, and global wealth confiscation is their only way to maintain the Ponzi scheme.
So it’s more apparent than ever, if you want to keep your savings and retirement out of the hands of desperate 'governments', there’s only one thing you can do.
The Wolves Are Starving for Your Money   damon_geller_author          First, here is the excerpt where the IMF clearly advocates a tax on your private savings to pay down 'government' debt:
    The sharp deterioration of the public finances in many countries has revived interest in a “capital levy”—a one-off tax on private wealth—as an exceptional measure to restore debt sustainability… The tax rates needed to bring down public debt to pre-crisis levels are sizable. Reducing debt ratios to end-2007 levels would require a tax rate of about 10 percent on households with positive net wealth.
You read that right: the IMF wants to take 10% of your private savings in addition to the taxes you’re already paying. But is that only the beginning of the proposed wealth confiscation? The report’s most chilling aspect is the clinical manner in which it discusses how all governments can work together to track and tax your savings:
    Financial wealth is mobile, and so, ultimately, are people. … There may be a case for taxing different forms of wealth differently according to their mobility… Substantial progress likely requires enhanced international cooperation to make it harder for the very well-off to evade taxation by placing funds elsewhere.      As Forbes points out, there are three key points to take away from this report:
    IMF economists know there are not enough rich people to fund today’s governments even if 100 percent of the assets of the 1 percent were expropriated. That means that all households with positive net wealth—everyone with retirement savings or home equity—would have their assets plundered under the IMF’s formulation.
    Such a repudiation of private property will not pay off Western governments’ debts or fund budgets going forward. It will merely “restore debt sustainability,” allowing free-spending sovereigns to keep tapping the bond markets until the next crisis comes along—for which stronger measures will be required, of course.     If politicians should fail to engage in this kind of wholesale robbery, the only alternative scenario the IMF posits is government bankruptcy and hyperinflation. The IMF makes no proposes to reign in the Ponzi-scheme entitlement programs that are bankrupting us.
Forbes argues that this is where the bankruptcy of the modern entitlement state is taking us—capital controls and exit restrictions “so the proverbial four wolves and a lamb can vote on what’s for dinner.”
There’s Only One Place to Hide    With our desperate 'governments' gaining unprecedented access to your personal savings anywhere in the world, you need to take action NOW to protect your savings and retirement from possible capital controls. But if the 'government' has its hands in your bank accounts, retirement accounts and brokerage accounts, is any place safe?
Absolutely. There’s ONE asset class that sits outside the financial system and is completely secure from 'government' confiscation and global economic collapse: Gold & Silver. Gold & Silver have been the best wealth protectors for over 5,000 years and have survived every government & currency collapse in history.  Today, physical gold & silver are selling in record numbers around the world. Central banks around the world and nations like China are stockpiling gold as a hedge to any possible collapse of all the dollars they hold.  The government has spent way beyond its limits, and now you know that the government is seizing control of your financial accounts. So the time is now. Protect your savings and retirement with physical gold and silver before you have nothing left to protect.
Also see:  http://www.dcclothesline.com/2016/01/27/imf-recommends-indebted-governments-to-confiscate-citizens-assets/
This article was posted - not to advertise for a dealer, and no commission or fees were received by our website for posting this - but our goal is to inform the uninformed of IMF plans proceeding forward to confiscation of personal assets of individuals in our nation so they can prepare.                 Posted by Olive Oyl at 8:00 AM   ...... 1 comment:......     AnonymousApril 12, 2016 at 1:53 PM
    Some people may have noticed, that Christine LaGuarde seems to have an adams apple.                    http://nesaranews.blogspot.ca/2016/04/the-imf-proposes-global-wealth.html
Wed., April 13, 2016 - Welcome to the Republic! The real Republic! DeFacto to DeJure , How to "Manual" -  DeFacto to DeJure training manual for the public to get involved.  ((  http://michiganassembly.info/index.php/handbook )) This is the real deal. The lawful civillian authority for the people, by the people, of the people. No more fake republics, headed by DeFacto employees and military generals.
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We THE People who are the Lawfull Civilian Authority over the U.S. Military, as the interim Republican form of government operating under the United States Constitution 1789, Bill of Rights 1791 with the original 13th Amendment, that prohibits persons who have accepted entitlements from foreign governments, from holding public office, are standing as the true form of Government.
Frequency Asked Questions:  1. How do we join?   There is no paperwork to sign.  We require you to assemble and reseat your state De Jure governance, with public notice verification.  We have an outline of the basic steps available, to complete this task.            2. Do we have to follow your procedure or steps?
These common law protocols have been tested for over six years, with no successful rebuttals from the any faction of the De Facto Corporations.  This includes at STATE, NATIONAL and WORLD levels.  Just like if you do not follow the protocols for takeoff, flying and landing a plane, you will crash and burn.  The same holds true for following this outline.
3. Who are we?    ​ We are an assemble of living and breathing men and women, who actually believe in this ideal that “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator, with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.—That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, —” Declaration of Independence Circa 1776 and Oct 21, 2012. And we are the assembly who reseated Congress from “Sine Die” Oct 21st, 2012.
Next Conference call is Thursday April 14th at 9pm eastern.   Click here for call info
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................................................................................................................ and ....  Thursday, March 17, 2016  - National Assembly Conference Call Information
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Posted by Freewill at 11:47 PM   .....2 comments:.....     AnonymousMarch 30, 2016 at 7:52 AM
    If there are any Freemasons in this - it is doomed! This must be a prerequisite - NO FREEMASONS!     Reply    Replies
        FreewillMarch 31, 2016 at 7:00 PM        Nope, no Freemasons involved! No other cabal entities involved either.. Just us people who settled the land, and are taking back that which is ours. Welcome to the De Jure constitutional republican form of government. The De Jure Republic. We THE People in assembly!            http://nesaranews.blogspot.ca/2016/03/nation-assembly-conference-call.html
1. WATCH THIS ONE FIRST... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4V6UxjJ1uoQ&feature=related
2. WATCH THIS ONE 2ND..... WHEN YOU SEE THIS, HOLD ON TO YOUR DRAWERS...    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=21uQr9fX7rE&nohtml5=False
TRUTHER GIRL ON UN CHEMTRAILS     https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DDRLwnK6-bg ((  UN Moratorium, on Geoengineering: An End to Chemtrails?  Posted by  thetruthergirls - Uploaded on Oct 31, 2010 ))
CLICK THIS ... https://www.google.com/search?hl=en&site=imghp&tbm=isch&source=hp&biw=1600&bih=731&q=chemtrails+planes
&oq=chemtrails+planes&gs_l=img.12..0l2j0i8i30j0i24.5285.33670.0.36501.      ///      
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Wednesday, April 13, 2016 - Hellenic Republic of Greece Links -   TO :  ALL " FELLOW AMERICANS "
 http://eagleonetowanta.com/?page_id=8    ***    https://vimeo.com/158213524   ***          Hellenic Republic of Greece Sells Largest Port Piraeus
          Greece AmeriTrust Groupe Inc Debt Crisis Obligations      http://eagleonetowanta.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/04/Greece_AmeriTrust-Groupe-Inc_DEBT-CRISIS-OBLIGATIONS_2015.pdf
Truman Doctrine Greece Protective Services    http://eagleonetowanta.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/04/TRUMAN-DOCTRINE_GREECE-PROTECTIVE-SERVICES_1988.pdf
Greece, Thousands Stranded     http://eagleonetowanta.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/04/GREECE_THOUSANDS-STRANDED_28FEB16.pdf
Greece Border Smuggling Arms Inspection     http://eagleonetowanta.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/04/GREECE-BORDER-SMUGGLING_ARMS-INSPECTION_01MAR16.pdf
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 Published on Apr 4, 2016 - This video expose, is styled as a documentary short, covering 5 unusual facts, about Walmart store closings. Walmart has had numerous contracts with the U.S. government. One of these goes back to the early 2000s, when Walmart began a cooperative with the U.S. Defense Department, on RFID technology. With the help of the DoD, Walmart has been at the forefront of biometric and RFID technology. In 2012-2013, Walmart introduced SoloHealth stations, into their stores, and announced that it was an Obamacare, also known as the Affordable Care Act, initiative. Most people overlooked that the SoloHealth stations came equipped with RFID scanning technology. Walmart was a pilot for these SoloHealth Stations, and collected data on thousands of people, as a part of the test run.    In the past year, Walmart has announced that it will be closing many stores, as a part of portfolio management, but in 2015, their explanation was different. They closed 5 stores, because of "plumbing problems." In 2016, 10 percent of stores in Brazil, closed. Brazil is currently in an economic recession, that is quickening to depression. Many of the closed stores in the U.S. have been gutted, for some odd reason; all the products have been removed.
In March 2016, Google accidentally leaked a map of the United States, showing all Walmart stores permanently closed. The media did not cover this, though it was covered by a local Arkansas newspaper. Google claimed the map was an accident, but it is strange considering the only businesses shown to be "permanently closed", were Walmart supercenters, neighborhood markets, and express stores.
Also, there is some evidence that Walmart stores are a part of..... a system of tunnels underneath the United States. This topic was not addressed in this video.
Knowing all of the past contracts that Walmart has with the U.S. government, are we now seeing Walmart stores...... transition to their true purpose? ((   The VIDEO that WALMART DOESN'T Want You To See!! Future RFID Chipping Hubs... Posted by C. Ervana - 1,660,979 views - Published on Apr 4, 2016 -https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4Cm4D1xLE9c   ))
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Wednesday, April 13, 2016 - On Thu, Apr 14, 2016, at 7:53, Terra Zetzz via YouTube -    Terra Zetzz has shared a video with you on YouTube -   Flyboard® Air Test 1
    by Flyboard® by ZR - -     Zapata Racing has achieved the dream of mankind, and offers you the first video of Franky Zapata flying on the innovation Flyboard® Air.
    The Independent Propulsion Unit represents 4 years of hard work, for a result exceeding all records:
    - Autonomous flight up to 10,000 feet         - Top speed of 150km/h (93,2 mph)          - 10 min autonomy
    Although the UFO is still in prototype phase, and won’t be on the market in 2016, it has exactly the same behavior as the WFD Flyboard® Pro Series.
    Those who wants to feel the thrill, or pending the governmental approval, we invite you to discover the products ZR:
    Flyboard® Pro Series, Hoverboard by ZR® and Jetpack by ZR® that allow you to fly safely over the water.
    The prototype is available for show, please contact site@zapata-...       Help center • Report spam - -     ©2016 YouTube, LLC 901 Cherry Ave, San Bruno, CA 94066
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Thursday, April 14, 2016 - The Secret To Stop The Global Takeover - Find out what you can do, to fight back against the NWO - - Alex Jones | Infowars.com - April 12, 2016
Alex Jones breaks down how the real leaders of this country, are establishing an open world government, where they are above the law.
It’s time for American citizens, to unite and fight back in the infowar.  ((  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0XgAJQsYgkA ))
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Thursday, April 14, 2016 - Terrorist Cell Infiltrates the White House, Congress Implicated, SCOTUS Justices Impeachable - -  / neocon /  Title at SoN :
NEOCON CABAL: A Stone-Cold Terrorist Cell,  Occupies The U.S. Federal Government - The Fate of the American Republic Depends On Their Immediate Arrest And Prosecution - -
President George W. Bush, center, poses with President-elect Barack Obama, and former presidents, from left, George H.W. Bush, left, Bill Clinton and Jimmy Carter, right, Wednesday, Jan. 7, 2009, in the Oval Office of the White House in Washington. (AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite)  AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite -  State of the Nation -http://stateofthenation2012.com/?p=35662 ** ((  http://stateofthenation2012.com/   ... for more.... ))
    “A nation can survive its fools, and even the ambitious. But it cannot survive treason from within. An enemy at the gates is less formidable, for he is known and carries his banner openly. But the traitor moves amongst those within the gate freely, his sly whispers rustling through all the alleys, heard in the very halls of government itself. For the traitor appears not a traitor; he speaks in accents familiar to his victims, and he wears their face and their arguments, he appeals to the baseness that lies deep in the hearts of all men. He rots the soul of a nation, he works secretly and unknown in the night to undermine the pillars of the city, he infects the body politic so that it can no longer resist. A murderer is less to fear.”     — Marcus Tullius Cicero
     There has never been a greater threat to these United States of America than the Neocon cabal that infests the very highest reaches of the U.S. Federal Government.
This self-evident fact is now well known by the world community of nations.  Not only Russia, China, India, Brazil, Argentina, Venezuela, but all the BRICS-aligned countries, are grimly aware of this extremely dangerous state of affairs in the USA.    For this reason the American people must demand their immediate arrest and prosecution. The same bad actors must then be turned over to the ICC at The Hague, to face trial for their crime spree committed around the globe since, at very least, September 11, 2001. War crimes of the highest degree and heinous crimes against humanity, are only two of the more obvious transgressions against the world community of nations, which MUST be prosecuted post haste. ___                 Four Star General Presents Indisputable Case for a Temporary Military Takeover of the U.S. Federal Government …   … After Exposing Covert Scheme, to Invade 7 Countries in the Mideast, by the U.S. Military and its Proxies (ISIS)      This camarilla of psychopathic, criminally insane murderers, and thieves, are guilty for the horrible deaths of millions of people across the planet (e.g the Iraq, Libya, Syria wars). They are likewise culpable for the outright theft of trillions of US Dollars from nations large and small, strong and weak.  Not only are they directly responsible for the murder of upwards of 3000 Americans that occurred during their signature false flag terror attacks on 9/11, they have terrorized the U.S. citizenry with mass shooting and bombings for many years.     Simply put, the American people are effectively faced with a massive, clandestine terrorist cell in the White House … operating within the Congress … acting by proxy within the Supreme Court.  They are a full-blown terrorist cell, which pulls the levers of American political power and presses the buttons of U.S. military might, to bring about the cataclysmic result(s) of their psychotic and out-of-control ambitions.
“Houston, we’ve had a problem.”      Actually, no it’s Washington, D.C. we have an unmitigated ongoing disaster on our hands. And, yes, said disaster is such that the American people have blood on their hands … LOTs of blood as well as ill-gotten gains.  The relentless series of unprovoked wars of aggression has not only turned the entire Middle East into a dystopian apocalyptic wasteland, the same criminal cabal has destabilized all of South and Central America when they’re not turning every square inch of Africa into an enormous killing field.
Quite curiously, the Neocons are even dead set on transforming the European Union into a dysfunctional communist super-state that they can completely control and dominate. Their deepest fear is that the whole Eurozone (especially Germany) and Russia will become the natural trading partners and political collaborators that they ought to be.  In this alliance does the Neocon cabal see their demise as the world’s sole superpower.
               STRATFOR Chief Reveals Zio-Anglo-American Plot For World Domination          Putin’s Russia is in the crosshairs
There is no other country on Earth that has suffered the assaults and persecution like the Russian Federation.  Not only were the recently released “Panama Papers” a CIA-directed black operation designed to impugn President Putin and prominent Russian citizens, virtually every move they make on the global geopolitical chessboard is made to undermine Russia’s economic position and international stature.  Truly, the Neocons have never been so obsessed with one specific goal as they are with taking down Russia … yet again.                 PANAMA PAPERS: A Bogus Sting Operation To Smear Putin And Assad
The USSR communist catastrophe of the last century was undertaken by the very same characters and for the very same reasons—to plunder and pillage the Russian Motherland for it rich natural resources as well as to expropriate their industrial base.  They NWO cabal already attempted to perpetrate this crime against the Russian people by using the presidencies of George H.W. Bush and Bill Clinton via predatory Anglo-American capitalism.  After that plan was aborted with the emergence of Vladimir Putin, they went to plan B.  As follows:
Prometheism: The Backbone of the NWO Strategy to Isolate and Conquer Russia  - neoconservatives-Neoconed1 -   Just who is the Neocon cabal?
        They come from both the right and left sides of the political aisle; they can be arch-conservatives or ultra-liberals.  They hide behind the façade of both Republican and Democrat labels (In each and every case, they are actually RINOs and DINOs). Many of them are hardcore Zionists, others fanatical Christian fundamentalists, still many appear to be hardened Jewish businessmen.  In many cases they are traditional Catholics, and in some cases Muslim apostates.  The majority of these Neocon controllers, do possess dual citizenry with the Modern State of Israel.
The NWO Neocon cabal is also made up of former and current U.S. Presidents and Secretaries of State, Treasury Secretaries and DOD Secretaries, Corporate CEOs and Chairmen of the Board, Media Magnates and Think Tank Directors, University Presidents and Religious Leaders.  They are also CIA and NSA Directors, DIA and FBI Directors. Most of them belong to the most exclusive clubs in the world to include the Council on Foreign Relations, the Trilateral Commission, the Bilderberg Group and the Committee of 300. A good number of them are also closet members of the not-so-secret societies such as Skull & Bones, Scroll & Key, Wolf’s Head, St. Elmo, Sphinx Head and Quill and Dagger, as well as various Freemasonry lodges.    These New World Order (NWO) devotees, can be found in the upper echelons of every sphere of life throughout American society.  In short, they are everywhere and often functioning completely under the radar. That is where their most destructive work is being done to both the Republic and the international order.
               Putin Goes Ballistic In Syria, Obliterates The USA’s Secret ‘Mideast Strategy’  - Yes, this thoroughly criminal NWO cabal is comprised of neoconservatives and neoliberals alike, because they are actually of the very same ilk.  They are like the chameleons that the Roman orator Cicero warned us about.  They will turn into any color or shade or hue necessary to advance their covert agenda(s) and implement their NWO scheme for absolute world domination.   Truly, they care about nothing and no one except bringing about the culmination of a One World Government using the USA as their global law enforcement and military arm.
                The USA: Military Arm Of The New World Order              The American people must take action …     … Before Amerika really does becomes the USSA
The U.S. electorate is truly responsible for the current predicament.  By repeatedly voting for politicians who are agents of the Neocon cabal, the voters have enabled and greatly empowered them.  Not only have the voters and taxpayers given them their consent, they have provided their tax dollars to wage unlawful wars throughout the world.
So this plight is one of America’s making; therefore, the reversal must come from the body politic.  It cannot happen any other way.   Many Americans have permitted the numerous and odious wars to be conducted — IN THEIR NAME — without appropriate redress or intention to right those terrible wrongs. This serial negligence alone requires the U.S. citizenry to make amends to the world community of nation.  It can only be done by taking action against those who have committed the serious crimes of high treason, state-sponsored terrorism, mass murder and grand larceny on a truly grand scale.
Perhaps the following “Open Letter” ought to be read by We the People, so that they can begin to understand the dire necessity, of fulfilling their side of the American social contract. Whenever the public trust has been violated so profoundly, the populace has a solemn obligation — both moral and civic — to respond appropriately.               The USA Is Heading Toward A Total Train Wreck
           Well, that sacred covenant has not only been irreparably violated, it has been obliterated in broad daylight (also known as the 9/11 false flag terror operation).  Whoever is not aware of this proven fact by now will probably never get it.  Hence, it is now incumbent upon those who know what happened and what must be done to take retributive action and collective initiative. This collective action by the citizenry must be taken soon before it’s too late and Amerika becomes a naked totalitarian state. The Neocon Zionists Must Be Arrested And Put On Trial For False Flag 9/11 Terrorism   268859
            Conclusion  There can only be one conclusion and it is the very same as the introduction: The barbarians are not at the gates, “the barbarians are inside the gates”.  And they have been operating in that capacity, over several decades.  As a matter of fact, their influence has only grown exponentially by the year.  Their handiwork is all around US and growing bolder by the day.
  What follows is a very short list of some of their more serious transgressions against the American people.
    Patriot Act          Department of Homeland Security          National Defense Authorization Act (aka NDAA)         Obamacare          Restarting the Cold War with Russia
    TPA, TPP, and TPIP        Immigration and Border Crisis         LGBT Agenda        George Soros-funded NGOs Funding Race Riots and Election Manipulation
    Unconstitutional Obama Executive Orders          For additional examples of Neocon mischief and NWO menacing throughout America, the following link provides a fairly exhaustive list of offenses against the Republic.
The Obamanation: How One President Irreparably Destroyed The USA -     Lastly, it must be acknowledged that the 2016 presidential election cycle provides what may be the last opportunity to fix this insidious problem, once and for all. However, the solution will not come from the current crop of candidates.  For those who fail to understand this reality, the following link spells it out quite clearly.
2016 Presidential Election: The Greatest CON In U.S. Electoral History        8363-2-768x416
How, pray tell, will these extraordinary and systemic political, social and economic ills, ever be successfully remediated?  Only the most dangerous man in America...... can fix this!
The MOST Dangerous Man In America -  State of the Nation   April 13, 2016   Reference      NWO Cabal Pursues Total Dominion Over The Earth’s Weather And Natural Resources
Resource - An Open Letter To The VOTING YOUTH Of America  __       http://stateofthenation2012.com/?p=35662
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Wednesday, April 13, 2016 - Barack Obama - The man who stole America - Part two  - - -  To America:          "No person, except a natural-born citizen of the United States at       the time of the adoption of this Constitution, shall be eligible to     the office of President." (Article II, Section 1-U.S.Constitution)
    Approximately 233 years ago our Revolutionary War began. When it ended, the United States of America was born, liberty proclaimed and laws enacted under the new Constitution. At that time, John Jay wisely convinced George Washington to include in The Constitution the Article II,Section 1 provision limiting the Presidency and Vice-Presidency to natural-born American citizens, so that no one with a dual-nationality or other foreign allegiance(British,for example) could adversely affect the governance of our Country, a provision casually ignored by many in today's political arena who treat Article II,Section 1(as well as other parts of our Constitution) as "throwaway" pieces of legislation if they conflict with one's ambition.              ((  http://operationdisclosure.blogspot.ca/2016/04/obama-man-who-stole-america.html ))
      In my previous letter (part one, see above) I said that the man in the White House is not, and never was the President of the United States. He, Barack Obama, used two fraudulent documents, a 2008 "Certification of Live Birth", and, two years later a "Certificate of Live Birth" (both of which Obama, formerly a Constitutional teacher, knew were not legitimate), to convince America he was eligible to seek the Presidency. Though experts nationwide branded both documents fraudulent, ineligible or both, Obama continued using them to maintain his deception, which even included ignoring orders from federal courts to produce a valid birth certificate. Criminal actions, all! Following is the story of how he destroyed the stellar military career of a faithful U.S.Army officer who had written to him for confirmation that his birth certificate was valid (as required by The Constitution), since more and more challenges to his legitimacy were surfacing.   
     Lt.Colonel Terrence Lakin, had 18 years of honorble Army service, and was a recipient of the Bronze Star, and had already served a tour of duty in Afghanistan, and became a leading flight surgeon charged with caring for the Chief of Staff's pilots and air crews. After going through Military channels unsuccessfully, he wrote directly to Obama, for confirmation that a required valid "Certificate of Live Birth" had been filed by him and accepted in 2008. A simple request....or so the Colonel thought. Obama ignored his letter and a follow-up one, and also ignored the Colonel's service to our Country. Feeling that Obama's authority to command might be in doubt, thereby making him ineligible to command our Military, Colonel Lakin refused a second deployment to Afghanistan, until Obama would confirm his legitimacy. In retaliation, the Colonel was arrested and underwent a military court-martial, at which the presiding judge, Major General Carla Hawley-Bowland would not allow his attorney to introduce any Obama records in his defense "lest they prove embarrassing to the President."(her words). Unbelievable! If Colonel Lakin's attorney had wished to introduce The Constitution into the records, because the oath taken to defend it, was contained therein, would she have also rejected that request as "embarrassing to Obama" ? Due to Obama's silence, the military court found Colonel Lakin guilty, and he suffered a dishonorable discharge, loss of all pay and benefits and imprisonment, because Obama would not produce a valid birth certificate...... which, if existing, could have saved the Colonel's career. Ironically, while Obama spent many hours, at fundraising, TV shows, etc. he had no time for  an American defender. On the golf courses, he sought to "break" par ...... while, in hospitals, Colonel Lakin sought to mend "broken" bodies.  - -      Transparency,to Obama, means saying or doing anything, or nothing, if it would help him attain his personal gains, at any cost...that is , any cost to others. This includes lying, falsifying or withholding incriminating documents, ignoring or rejecting our Justice system, ridicule, and silence, a silence which became his loudest response, when truth was requested of him. He  defined himself with his own words: The only people who don't want to disclose the truth, are those with something to hide.") Newsday, a Long Island,N.Y. newspaper-Aug.22,2010. He is the only person in our History, to use fraudulent documents, to secure our Nation's highest office. Consider this....a man who refuses to disclose his past, to anyone, is now......  determining our Nation's future!       REFLECTION - Obama initially kept his records secret, until increased nationwide suspicion of his eligibility, forced him to silence challengers once and for all. Big mistake! For this purpose he allowed his fraud- ulent and/or ineligible documents, to be disseminated nationwide, thereby opening the door for examination and possible rebuttal of his claims. Realizing his blunder, he then sealed all records, including the following: birth certificate, social security number and papers,school records possibly showing foreign assistance and/or status, military draft papers,etc; anything which could confirm or deny his legitimacy. Major Media silence, on all of the above, with few exceptions (primarily Fox News) assisted his deception, as, for example not mentioning Globe Magazine's offer of $100,000 ..... for a valid birth certificate, nor Donald Trump's offer of $5,000,000 (increased to $50,000,000(yes....fifty million dollars) for the same document, as well as other offers. When asked to be truthful,Obama's silence,  spoke volumes. For want of a valid birth certificate,  a Nation is being lost!
                                                        to be continued  ((   http://operationdisclosure.blogspot.ca/  ))             robertquinn@earthlink.net
bcc: The Supreme Court      ---             bcc: all on my e-mail list....who are free to pass my lettter on, to any and all.
Posted by Freewill at 5:31 PM   ..... 1 comment: ....     marie April 13, 2016 at 9:44 PM      SPEAKING OF STEALING AMERICA...     The Cowardly GOP Proxy Leadership, Responds to Dave Hodges’ Allegations of Stealing the Nomination from Trump     “You mentioned the public is angry, their vote doesn’t count…can you imagine how these delegates [who do organizational work year round, pay for their memberships, etc.] felt about being forced to vote for someone they don’t want, because some non-members have more rights than they do?”  - -     http://www.thecommonsenseshow.com/2016/04/12/the-cowardly-gop-proxy-leadership-responds-to-dave-hodges-allegations-of-stealing-the-nomination-from-trump/?utm_source=rss&utm_medium=rss&utm_campaign=the-cowardly-gop-proxy-leadership-responds-to-dave-hodges-allegations-of-stealing-the-nomination-from-trump                                                                                         http://nesaranews.blogspot.ca/2016/04/barack-obama-man-who-stole-america-part.html   ((2))
........... and ...... Monday, April 18, 2016 - The Man Who Stole America-part three     - - - - - To America :                                                         Barack Obama uses anyone or anything, to avoid revealing any document, which would supposedly help prove he was eligible to seek the Presidency of America. Why he did this? He knew disclosure would reveal.... a deception beyond belief. He deliberately fought against producing a valid "Certificate of Live Birth" from Hawaii, which should have confirmed he was born there, and was a natural-born American citizen. He could have brought a divided Nation, together. Instead, he chose lying, falsifying documents (including an ineligible "Certification of Live Birth", which he, a former Constitutional teacher, knew was an ineligible document for a presidential aspirant. The deception had begun!
                     By ignoring Army Lt.Col.Terrence Lakin's letters re Obama's birth certificate, he destroyed the Colonel's military career, and, by ignoring and defying any court subpoena ordering him to produce a valid birth certificate, he showed disdain for our Constitution,Laws,Military and the American people, yet doesn't hesitate to make laws, which "skirt" laws already in existence. Others who aided his deception, directly or indirectly, were mainly the Major Media Outlets, politicians of both the Republican and the Democratic Parties, and judges in Court proceedings on this issue. Truly disgraceful, was the Media's failure, to report the many lawsuits against Obama, by Caucasians, Blacks,and Hispanic plaintiffs. Also, Col. Lakin's Military court-martial and sham conviction, was not mentioned by them. How well they learned, Obama's modus-operandi.
          Bill O'Reilly of Fox News, claimed he saw a copy of Obama's Hawaiian birth certificate, but had to retract that claim, when told that what his team viewed, was a fraudulent,ineligible copy of a "Certification of Live Birth", not of a "Certificate of Live Birth", yet, even today, he dismisses with ridicule, anyone who questions Obama's eligibility, and has the brazenness to end each nightly broadcast, with "The spin stops here, because we're definitely looking out, for you." Praiseworthy words, betrayed by low regard for the birth certificate challengers, who he refers to as "birthers", in a derogertory way, as if using that term, makes his position correct, and their's incorrect and inane. I suggest when he chooses nightly terms, to define poor content in letters to him, that he adds the word "dismissive" which he exhibits, when responding to letter writers. Incidentally, he has gotten all 26 of my letters on this issue, yet has not challenged anything I've written in six years.I don't expect media recipients of my letters, to respond to me, but I would expect them to report to their viewers, more than their slanted conclusions on an issue.         Other examples of Media Silence: failing to advise America that no (as in none) hawaiian hospital, will lay claim to being Obama's birth hospital. Please allow that to sink in. The only physical proof Obama offers, is fraudulent or ineligibile documents, which he withdrew from public scrutiny, as challenges to their validity, has increased. Also, no mention of the many offers of financial assistance to aid needy minorities, including a fifty million dollar offer (you read that right) of Donald Trump, for simply allowing experts to verify if Obama's recently "found"  long-form "Certificate of Live Birth", was genuine. Not one donor's offer was even acknowledged by Obama, nor mentioned to the Public by the Major Media. Not newsworthy?
                 Obama, whose national allegiance is unknown to America, is governing us and our military, because the challenges of concerned Americans, are not being reported to the Nation. Only organizations like World Net Daily, and a few others have carried these revelations. That is why some Democratic representatives are trying to have a resolution passed, which would permanently seal all Obama Presidential records, from the Public eye. There's Obama's "transparency" in action. Recall these words:"The only people who don't want to disclose the truth, are those with something to hide".: My words? No....Obama's.
               I recentyl asked a man, at the Heritage Foundation, if he would like to receive copies of my free letters. His response.."On the eligibility issue? That's water under the bridge". Even though I have thousands on my e-mail list, I never "hard-sell" my letters, so I simply reflected on   "what happens to water under a bridge?". The answer: with time it erodes the bridge. This is what also happens, when serious issue are dismissed casually without thoughtful investigation.         I heard a Republican lawmaker, telling a group, in 2012 "wait until election day, and then vote Obama out of office." Well, we know how that strategy turned out. That's like saying:
I know that Obama was never eligible to run for President, but since he's already used up approx.60% of his ineligibility time, let's drop that issue, since he only has 40% of ineligibility left. Did I miss something? After what Obama's done to date, I shudder to think of what he could do, with his remaining 40%, and,let's not forget his unused ineligible executive privileges.  Consider: If a thief repeatedly robs a home (and that is what Obama is doing....robbing our homes, family, Country and freedom), would anyone suggest allowing the thief to continue his conduct, until he leaves the home? By that time, the owner of the home, would have lost everything.
                            ON TO THE COURTS      A Federal U.S. judge, James Robertson, threw out a lawsuit, saying Obama was thoroughly vetted and massaged by America's vigilant citizenry, during his two year Presidential campaign."Presidential "vetting" is not exercised by America's vigilant citizenry, but by elected representatives charged with obeying The Constitution. The judge's job, is to interpret The Constitution  -not re-write it.
Georgia's Federal Deputy Chief, Michael Maliki, subpoenaed Obama to appear in court, with a valid birth certificate, or suffer contempt of court. Showing his contempt of the Court, Obama had his attorney inform the judge (in writing), that neither Obama nor his attorney, would appear to answer the subpoena....and neither did. The judge then warned that he would rule solely, on evidence from the plaintiff. Sadly, however, he then dismissed the evidence supplied. As to the subpoena, he ignored it.          Circuit Court Judge Kevin Carroll (Leon County,Fla.),dismissed a lawsuit challenging Obama's eligibility, with a pathetic twist of reasoning, saying that since Obama lives in the White House,flies in Air Force One, and appears before Congress,etc.,he must be a valid president. In response, I previously had written, that when Benedict Arnold took command of WestPoint, he accepted the privileges and honored obligations, accorded because of a previously determined military eligibility. His later treason, immediately voided all his rights and privileges. Obama,s treason, however, began before the 2008 election, with his deliberate introduction of a fraudulent,ineligible "Certification of Live Birth", and part of his deception, required him to assume the role of a legitimate president, even though he knew he was ineligible, to even seek the presidency. Regardless of how often he sleeps in the White House, flies on Air Force One,etc. Obama is not and never was the President of the United States. Is anyone going to stand up against the greatest deception in our Country's history?          CONCLUSION     Due to time constraints, I have not included points others have made, which indict Obama more deeply:his hidden school records; having used a Social Security number of someone else,etc. Our Founding Fathers, many of whom offered their lives,stood up to a king. We are but asked to dethrone an imposter. Is our reluctance so great, that we need a house to fall upon us? Well, guess what,one already has....the White House. Demand that Obama answers to the People. There is a great divide, which separates "late" from "too late". I pray we are not too late. May God Bless America.
                                                      The End (I hope not)                                                          RobertQuinn@earthlink.net  
bcc: The Supreme Court and all on my e-mail list      Anyone receiving a copy of this letter, is free to pass it on to any and all.
Posted by Freewill at 5:08 PM   .... 2 comments: .....     AnonymousApril 18, 2016 at 5:35 PM    These idiots still don't get it. The Constitution does NOT apply when you are talking about the UNITED STATES federal government, Inc. All the talk you hear about the Constitution, when it comes to politics, is just lip service.     //        Freewill   April 18, 2016 at 6:09 PM   Does the WalMart employee rule book have jurisdiction over me, when I do not work for them? Does the CONstitution have jurisdiction, inside the WalMart corporation? NO!   - - http://nesaranews.blogspot.ca/2016/04/the-man-who-stole-america-part-three.html
Monday, April 11, 2016 - Obama Is Seizing Thousands of Square Miles of Land - ...   Before  He  Leaves  Office - -   By The Common Constitutionalist April 9, 2016 ((  http://constitution.com/author/the-common-consitutionalist/ ))    These last several months of the Obama presidency may be the most dangerous time in America’s history, at least domestically. Having nothing to lose and with time waning, Obama is throwing all caution to the wind as he attempts to push as much of his radical anti-freedom agenda as is possible before his tenure comes to a close.   ((   http://www.cfact.org/ ...  http://www.cfact.org/about/ ..... ))
A large part of his or any anti-freedom agenda, is the confiscation of wealth and property from the private sector, and Obama is leaving no stone unturned, in his want to do so. CFact is reporting on just one of his parting shot land grabs: the “Endangered Species Act” (ESA).  Once again, Obama and his corrupt White House machine, are locking Congress out of the legislative process, by using the ethereal power of executive orders (pen and phone). He has ordered the like-minded autocrats, at the Interior Department, to get busy rewriting and making new rules and regulations, to further strengthen the ESA – ..... and weaken us.
        We all know the ESA was originally enacted to, of course, protect America's endangered species. A laudable goal to be sure but, constitutionally, not the federal government’s job. In fact, strictly speaking, no “interior improvements” are constitutional. Still, protecting our furry and feathered friends from extinction, is a fine thing.         blm-tyranny  ((  In 1985, the Committee For A Constructive Tomorrow (CFACT) was founded .... ))
But this is not the  progressive vision of the ESA. The statists at the Department of the Interior (DOI), are in charge of federal lands. They have morphed the ESA into just another vehicle, by which the feds can confiscate more and more state and private property. They decide which species are “endangered”, and as luck would have it, many “endangered” species, just happen to reside on land, which could otherwise be used to drill and extract dirty, Earth-polluting fossil fuels, build a pipeline or a border fence.     So in order to save the red headed parasitic sidewinder Beetle (not a real bug – I think) from utter annihilation, ..... the DOI, through the ESA, declares the habit of the Beetle off limits. By sheer coincidence the bug’s habitat extends for thousands of square miles, over gazillions of cubic feet of oil and gas, in the Western United States. Now this entire area is magically declared federally protected land. Pretty neat trick, eh?    How can they get away with these land grabs? Easy – by revising the rules for determining what is “endangered.”     Prior to the rule changes, a species was listed as threatened or endangered, based on the “best scientific and commercial data available.” But the Obamunists added that, “the principles of conservation biology” are now to be included in the data.    
         Conservation biology “puts emphasis on biodiversity and sustainability, over time. It is concerned only with plant and animal habitat, and does not consider human use of the land.” In other words – it’s Enviro-weenie Pseudo-science, which places man.... at the bottom of their list of concerns.  With the addition of “Conservation biology” the Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS) may now not only deem the red headed Beetle’s current habitat off limits, but any habitat the FWS guesses the Beetle may roam to, in the future. All are to be included in an endangered or threatened species’ “critical habitat.”
        Further the FWS “has determined that critical habitat can include temporary or periodic habitat, ephemeral habitat, potential habitat, and migratory habitat, even if that habitat is currently unusable by the species.”
And just so there is no doubt who is really in charge, the FWS has unilaterally decided that it will no longer publish the text, legal descriptions or Geographical Information System (GIS) coordinates, for critical habitats. It’s just too much trouble, to alert the public and land owners, that the feds have confiscated their land. Not even a Communist regime could devise a better or more devious confiscation scheme. But I guess the use of the term 'Communist' and the 'Obama administration', is becoming redundant.   http://constitution.com/obamas-eleventh-hour-land-grab/....
Posted by Olive Oyl at 8:00 AM   http://nesaranews.blogspot.ca/2016/04/obama-is-seizing-thousands-of-square.html
Thursday, April 14, 2016  - Why most of the Panama Papers, have been kept, in the dark? /panama1 / by Michalis Yianneskis -
The impressive and gigantic revelations of Panama Papers, had brought in the light, activities of politicians, tycoons and businessmen, from around the world. With the spotlight turned on such an important revelations, the fact that they do not include politicians from certain countries, and most of the documents will not be published, rather overshadowed.
Two notable exceptions: Germany and US --     The newspaper Süddeutsche Zeitung, which was in the forefront of the revelations, initially said it would not make public all the documents, and all the names mentioned. Also, the newspaper justified the paucity of revelations regarding Germany and the US, stating that there are no “traces” of political involvement of these two countries. Other organizations/newspapers which had a major role in the revelations, also made similar statements.       At the same time, it’s a mystery, how the number of the offshore companies, that appear in Panama Papers, is relatively small for the United States (3,072 companies compared to 9,670 from the UK, without the tax havens of the English Channel) and Germany (173, compared to 223 from Greece).  -  The obvious explanation for these observations, is that no politician and relatively few entrepreneurs from these countries, are related with offshore activities through Mossack Fonseca, the company at the center of the revelations. Yet, is there any other explanation apart from the obvious?         The way and the reasons of the revelations -  The “deep throat” of the revelations, contacted with Süddeutsche Zeitung, in January 2015. Until the publication of Panama Papers, 14 months later, nearly 400 journalists from 80 countries analyzed a volume of data, which was ten times larger than all previous big revelations (Wikileaks, Luxleaks, etc.). Therefore, naturally some questions come.  First, did the “deep throat” had motives for leaking the data, other than just “publishing the crimes”? Second, how secret could remain the whole process from the US secret services,which, as shown by the revelations of Edward Snowden, are watching almost everything? (Unless of course the secret services promoted the revelations). Two possible answers for the questions above, have been published so far.
               Putin’s “finger”    Clifford Gaddy of Brookings Institution in the United States, supports that the source of the leaks, is the Russian secret service RFM, which is totally controlled by Putin. As Gaddy points, despite that Putin’s name is on the first pages of the newspapers, he is not related directly with the revelations. The amount of money involved with people from his environment, is small compared to previous cases of corruption that have seen the light of publicity.            Gaddy argues that the main objective of the revelations, are individuals and companies, that are not included in Panama Papers. According to Gaddy, Putin sent a message to the Americans and other Western leaders, that there are documents that can be published in the future. Namely, that if the Western leaders do not appear more cooperative in the relations with Russia, there will be leaks for their own financial irregularities too. Whether and to what extent Gaddy’s theory is reasonable, remains unknown. Gaddy does not cite any evidence to support it.
                  Western interests “finger”   A different view expressed by Craig Murray, former British ambassador to Uzbekistan. Murray accused the government of Uzbekistan, for human rights abuses, and then fired from the British diplomatic service. Today mainly involved with political activism.               Murray argues that the real agenda of Panama Papers revelations, is to cover the 1% of the West, that controls the wealth. This view is based mainly on the methodology applied by the journalists and newspapers, and the funding by the organizations involved with the revelations. The newspapers that have published the Panama Papers, have admitted that they “filtered” the documents, focusing primarily on countries that violated various UN embargo. Moreover, they said that most of the material they have in their hands, will remain secret. Murray notes that newspapers want to avoid effects similar to those of previous revelations, such as when the Guardian was forced to destroy hard disks, with the revelations of Snowden.
       That is, Murray believes that newspapers avoid to confront the big interests of the West˙ restricted to publish only some “collateral damage” concerning the (former) prime minister of Iceland, the father of British Prime Minister Cameron, etc. The view of Murray cannot be confirmed, without access to the files of the newspapers, but his arguments seem reasonable.
Follow the money...     One way someone to identify potential perpetrators of the revelations, and verifying the correctness of these views, ......is to examine their financing, the known «follow the money».
      Who has financed Brookings, Gaddy’s “speech stand”? The largest sponsors of the institute, include the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, the bank J.P. Morgan Chase, J.L. Thornton, former president of Goldman Sachs, magnate David Rubenstein, and, the government of Qatar.    Who is funding the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists, that had a major role in the revelations? The Centre for Public Integrity US, which in turn is funded by the Open Society Foundation (Soros mogul), the Ford Foundation, the Rockefeller Family Fund and other “charitable” institutions. While at the bottom of the website of Organized Crime and Corruption Reporting Project, which published the Panama Papers, the Open Society Foundation and USAID, are listed, as sponsors.
           The USAID is infamous for hidden interventions in other countries, to support US geopolitical agenda. A recent example was the attempt to destabilize the Cuban government, in 2014. Therefore, the Wikileaks justifiably bell rang, when they saw the involvement of USAID and similar organizations, and not because, as reported in various media, became “jealous” of the “competition”, with the success leakage of Panama Papers.
Murray is probably right, when he warns that we should not expect a “genuine” revelation of capitalism in the West, and that the dirty secrets of the Western corporations, will remain unpublished. The Panama Papers have obviously offered significant revelations. However, as it was written by the writer Arthur Conan Doyle, “there is nothing more deceptive than an obvious fact”.
Translated from the original source:   http://tvxs.gr/news/kosmos/giati-ta-perissotera-panama-papers-aposiopoyntai
Posted by Freewill at 3:46 AM    http://nesaranews.blogspot.ca/2016/04/why-most-of-panama-papers-have-been.html
Thursday, April 14, 2016 - Obama doing everything within his power, to advance an Islamic invasion - - - <div style="display:none;">< img src="http://pixel.quantserve.com/pixel/p-d9XxhfbZ3mYSM.gif" border="0" height="1" width="1" alt="Quantcast"/>< /div> <img src="https://d5nxst8fruw4z.cloudfront.net/atrk.gif?account=nnBqk1aUy100E7" style="display:none" height="1" width="1" alt="" />
Syrian surge! 'Refugees' flood into U.S. at rate of 358 per week' -                 'Obama  is  doing  everything  within  his power to  advance  an  Islamic  invasion' - - - Leo Hohmann - Apr 12 2016
<div style="display:none;">< img src="http://pixel.quantserve.com/pixel/p-d9XxhfbZ3mYSM.gif" border="0" height="1" width="1" alt="Quantcast"/>< /div> <img src="https://d5nxst8fruw4z.cloudfront.net/atrk.gif?account=nnBqk1aUy100E7" style="display:none" height="1" width="1" alt="" />           ((  http://www.wnd.com/author/lhohmann/  ... for more ..... ))
            A flood of Muslim refugees from Syria, an average of 358 per week to be exact, is expected to arrive in the United States between now and the end of the fiscal year on Sept. 30. The Obama administration has decided to implement a “surge” in Syrian refugees, fast-tracking the arrival of those fleeing civil war in that country to make good on its commitment of bringing 10,000 by the end of fiscal 2016.
The “surge” is needed because the administration has delivered only 1,411 in the first six-and-a-half months of the year.   The Obama administration’s scripted answer for anyone who questioned its ability to screen Syrian “refugees” was that they are the “most thoroughly vetted” of all immigrants, going through an arduous process that takes 18 to 24 months to complete. But that process was taking longer than expected and making it impossible for Obama to make good on his promise to the United Nations to admit at least 10,000 Syrians in fiscal 2016.   To fulfill its promise, the administration has now decided to expedite the process, cutting the screening period from 18-24 months down to three months. Administration officials have set up special screening centers in Jordan, where they will be interviewing potential Syrian refugees at a rate of 600 per day.
To realize the goal of 10,000 Syrian refugees coming to the U.S. by Sept. 30, the government will need to deliver 8,589 by that date, or an average of 358 per week.
As WND has previously reported, more than 98 percent of the Syrian “refugees” have been Sunni Muslims while only 1 percent have been Christians. Yet, it’s the Christians who are being systematically exterminated in what even the United Nations has termed a “genocide” by ISIS and other Sunni rebel groups operating in Syria and Iraq.
FBI Director James Comey has testified before Congress that even with the longer 18-24 months of vetting, it was impossible to verify the identities of the vast majority of Syrian refugees.
“Whenever unilateral political actions are taken to ‘speed up’ a complex program, which is already known to be fraught with uncertainty, it becomes virtually impossible for officials to conduct a reliable vetting process,” Philip Haney, a former Homeland Security investigator who retired last year, told WND. “And, the figure of (nearly) 9,000 is a ‘floor,’ not a final number.”
Several GOP congressmen held hearings and sent letters to Obama voicing their opposition to the Syrian refugee program. But in the end, Speaker Paul Ryan, R-Wisc., put together an omnibus spending bill that fully funded Obama’s expanded refugee program.  The program will bring 85,000 refugees to the U.S. from all countries in fiscal 2016, about half of them coming from Muslim-majority nations such as Syria, Somalia, Afghanistan and Iraq. The total is scheduled to increase again in fiscal 2017 to 100,000. The top states for Syrian refugee resettlement over the first six months of the fiscal year have been Michigan with 173, California with 138, Pennsylvania with 126 and Illinois with 98.  But those numbers are now expected to balloon quickly. Michigan alone is in line to receive at least 5,000 Syrians this year. Just in the last 10 days, Missouri has received 16 Syrians, Ohio has received 14, Arizona 12, Illinois 11, Pennsylvania nine, Michigan seven and Indiana five. Michigan is receiving the largest number this year even though GOP Gov. Rick Snyder has informed Obama he doesn’t want any Syrian refugees, citing the security risks.  See map below showing the number of Syrian refugees each state has received in first six months of fiscal 2016. The numbers are expected to grow much faster in the second half of the year due a White House-ordered “surge.”         <div style="display:none;">< img src="http://pixel.quantserve.com/pixel/p-d9XxhfbZ3mYSM.gif" border="0" height="1" width="1" alt="Quantcast"/>< /div> <img src="https://d5nxst8fruw4z.cloudfront.net/atrk.gif?account=nnBqk1aUy100E7" style="display:none" height="1" width="1" alt="" />
                   By expediting the vetting period, the administration hopes to increase by nearly 10-fold the number of Syrians it brings to the U.S. in the second half of the fiscal year, which ends Sept. 30.
Gina Kassem, the regional refugee coordinator at the U.S. embassy in Amman, Jordan, told the Associated Press that while the 10,000 target applies to Syrian refugees living around the world, the majority of those being resettled in America will be coming from refugee camps in Jordan. And the number of Syrians delivered to the United States could go above the target of 10,000.
“The 10,000 is a floor and not a ceiling, and it is possible to increase the number,” she told reporters. More than two dozen mostly GOP governors informed Obama after the Paris terror attacks last November they didn’t want any Syrian refugees delivered to their states, but the administration said the states have no authority to stop the program from being carried out. At least two of the eight Islamic terrorists who killed 130 Parisians entered Europe as “refugees” from Syria.  Former Rep. Michele Bachmann, whose home district in Minnesota has been flooded with Somali refugees over the past 20 years, was one of the first lawmakers to warn of the security risks associated with the importation of refugees from jihadist hotbeds in the Middle East and Africa.
Dozens of refugees have been arrested for providing material support to overseas terrorists over the past few years.
<div style="display:none;">< img src="http://pixel.quantserve.com/pixel/p-d9XxhfbZ3mYSM.gif" border="0" height="1" width="1" alt="Quantcast"/>< /div> <img src="https://d5nxst8fruw4z.cloudfront.net/atrk.gif?account=nnBqk1aUy100E7" style="display:none" height="1" width="1" alt="" />  “President Obama is doing everything within his power to advance an Islamic invasion of the U.S., primarily made up of Muslims emanating from global terror hotspots,” Bachmann told WND. “We on the House Intelligence Committee warned a year ago that Syria is incapable of vetting people for terrorism detection,” Bachmann said. “It is impossible because Syria has no database of records for the U.S. to peruse, and the U.S. has no embedded human intelligence in Syria.
ISIS, meanwhile, has accumulated a cache of fake passports. They have used these passports to infiltrate Europe, and critics of the administration like Bachmann warn they will duplicate the same successful strategy to infiltrate the United States. “We also know ISIS captured actual Syrian passports and the actual machines used to create Syrian passports,” Bachmann said. “The terrorists have the means within their control to create legitimate passports for fellow terrorists. “This should be sufficient information to stop any migration to the U.S. from Islamic terror dominated nations.”
ISIS operatives have bragged they have already embedded 4,000 refugee terrorists in Europe. “The same will be true for the U.S.,” Bachmann told WND. "We U.S. taxpayers are paying dearly for our own destruction. “Why isn’t Obama singling out persecuted Christians for a ‘surge’ mission of mercy?” she asked. “Christians are the true Middle East victims of Islamic genocide. Instead, Obama chooses likely terrorist aggressors to bring to America,” she said.  Also troubling is the fact that most Syrian Muslims hate Jews and the state of Israel, Bachmann said.  “They are people who are dedicated to overthrowing American laws in favor of 7th century Islamic laws of oppression,” she added. “They seek to destroy Judaism and Christianity. They seek to destroy America. Europe is our preview, and Europe’s fate, under Obama will be our own.  "Will we soon witness on our TVs American first-responders cleaning up the blood and flesh carnage of Obama’s obviously dangerous decision?”          Canada’s new Liberal government has taken 25,000 Syrians so far this year and has a goal of taking 50,000 by the end of the year. Many of them have been fast-tracked and some in Congress have openly worried about the risks of a Syrian traveling from Canada to the U.S. through the porous northern border to carry out terror attacks.    http://www.wnd.com/2016/04/syrian-surge-refugees-flood-into-u-s-at-rate-of-358-per-week/ 
Posted by Olive Oyl at 8:00 AM                          http://nesaranews.blogspot.ca/2016/04/obama-doing-everything-within-his-power.html
Thursday, April 14, 2016 - AN AHO, DECIDES TO UNLOAD ON JUDGE ANNA .... THIS WILL GET VERY INTERESTING REAL QUICK..... -  Judge Anna Von Reitz :
Below you will find (to use his word) "bullshit" that Ralph Kermit Winterrowd and certain others, have been spreading around the internet and my answer to this post below and other accusations, that I have been involved in shootings and murders, .... is posted immediately below.  I have had about enough "bullshit" from ALL SOURCES thereof, have filed my teeth, and am ready, when they are:
          Ralph Kermit Winterrowd wrote:  Enough of this Patriot BS Nonsense, that is floating on posts all over the Internet, as is Anna Von Reitz [Judge]  is TOTAL FRAUD folks; and she is NO JUDGE; and, she sure isn’t a Constitutional Judge arising under the constitution of any the several States of the Union in Alaska.  Here are just some of the documents (facts), from the crooks in Alaska.  I have researched this out, in great depth. This is just the tip of the iceberg, in this Post.  The Alaska Judicial Counsel has been given these documents, and more; and, they find no “ethical” errors or problems.  Ask Lucifer if his demons are bad, and what do you expect.
 I will be taking them on, but there is just one of me.  I have all of the research done that is required to take them to federal court, for quo warranto or whatever.  Alaska Courts are a TOTAL waste of you time.
There are NO constitutional JUDGES/JUSTICES in Alaska, or any Court arising under the constitution of any of the several States in Alaska.  There are no Civil Commissions issued to appoint judges or Justices to a “public Officer” signed by the Governor of Alaska.  (A real Civil Commission attached, that we found that they overlooked in purging the archives).  This is mandated by the Constitution of the STATE OF Alaska (should be “Constitution of Alaska”) Article IV Section 5 [ I have all of the constitution of the several States up though 1878 - government book but requires Skype, as the files are too large for e-mail]......  and AS 39.05.035. (Both included) There are no “Oaths of office as a public officer,” (Module attached on what it takes to be a “public officer”).....  as I have all of the oaths of the current folks called appointment letters ONLY and some are not even signed or even have letterheads.  The Alaska Bar Association  by a BAR RULE, changed the name of the courts in 1974, changed the venue and changed the seals of the courts.  They had the legislature  repeal the Seal of the "Superior Court of Alaska” in the “Third District", of which the Anchorage Court still has it in the drawer of the HEAD Clerk’s Office.” (included)  Now the Court is called “In the Superior Court FOR the State of Alaska” using the “Trial Courts of Alaska” Seal, with the “Third JudicialDistrict" and the venue changed by the Ak Bar Assoc. from “Third District” in the statue to “Third Judicial District” and on and on.  These Courts of Alaska, are only private Courts, presided over by a mere Alaska Bar Member, with ye ole black robe.  Enjoy, as I sure have.  I have put Judge Wolf under citizens arrest in open court for DL issue of trying to help Chickaloon Natives.  Pissed ye ole sob off, and I was sentenced to 6 months jail (suspended 5 months), fined $5,000 (suspended $4,000) and 5 years probation.  They don’t even do this for DUI folks, but I really pissed him and his cohorts off.  I will not bow to any of them - ever.  I never STAND and they don’t even attempt to address that as I can shove it right up their tush, in a about 2 minutes tops in open court.
Lesson Learned - never attempt to help those that will not fight for their own freedom and liberty.  It was a federal sting, and I bit, but Chickaloon got MORE Grants, and the sobs even told me so.
In Dave Gladden’s case on this Fee Simple Absolute Title filed in the public record, Superior Court Judge White (sic) states  in an ORDER signed by her, that she is merely an “Unsigned Jurist.” She was being challenged to recuse herself as   she was NOT a bona fide “public Officer”, as there was No “Oath of Office as a Public Officer” on file of any judges or justices, no “Civil Commission” on file (Alaska states in a letter attached) as they don’t even use them any more, in violation of  AS 39.05.035 (included) and Article IV Section 5  (included)  but they  do have “Employee Affidavit” - a flunky.  She signs documents at the bottom and has a law degree as a “undersigned jurist”  ( Order included).  Whoo-Haa!   - The Appointment letter are “accepting” the appointment not the Appointment by a Governor Of Alaska by a valid Civil Commission (included) - found one that the didn’t Purge.  The sign “employee affidavits’ and get the 41 words correct but the  “Oaths” for “Public Officer" are all incorrect as they are RUSE.  They usually state “Constitution of the United States of America” versus the “Constitution of the United States’ and other irregularities.   FORGET this Anna Von Reitz as she is fraud, wasting valuable time that could used to learn the truth on issues.  Ralph //
                And here below is my answer about Ralph and the office I occupy and the situation in general:
I have known Ralph W. for many years, though I haven't seen him, in pushing 20.  He has knocked around the patriot circles, for years and had some success fighting various battles, but just could never get past his assumptions and "programming", after years of being told the same lies over and over, and therefore coming to the wrong conclusions---- just as he has now.  Again.  Still.  Ralph ---like most patriots--- has never understood the jurisdictions of air, land, and sea, therefore is in no position to understand that the "courts" here in Alaska, are not land-based courts, and that that is the reason that the Law of the Land doesn't apply in those courts.
All these years he has been wondering what that gold-fringed flag was in the courtrooms, and could never figure it out.  He knows it is a military flag well enough, for example--- in fact, he is the one who pointed it out to me!  I had never thought about it or noticed it, before he brought it to my attention.            That's why I  started investigating the military role in all this--- Lincoln and the Lieber Code--- and ultimately found out about the "Special Admiralty" courts, that were created by the military district commanders, after the Civil War, and which were used by the Carpetbaggers in the South, to plunder the "rebels"--- whether they were rebels or not after the war.      That's what the gold-fringe is.  Congress allowed the military to name civilians to run quasi-civilian military tribunals, throughout the South.  They call it "Special Admiralty" or "Executive Admiralty"----another euphemism for martial common law.  That's what they have been inflicting on all of us, all these years.
So let me finally settle that question for Ralph, before I launch into the "rest of the story"---- I am a Judge for the Alaska State Superior Court.   Not the "State of Alaska Superior Court". 
Notice the difference?  Alaska State Superior Court does not equal State of Alaska Superior Court.  It's another "deceptively similar names" gambit, where the rats named their admiralty court, something so similar to the name of the land-based court we are owed, that people "assumed" that the "State of Alaska Superior Court" must be right court.  Well, stop assuming.  Start looking.  Closely.  The Alaska State Superior Court is the land jurisdiction court owed to the Alaska State on the Land, the one referenced in the Alaska Statehood Compact.  It operates in the 3rd Postal District, not the Third United States District.
           Ralph is absolutely right that I don't work for the Third "Judicial" District --that is, the Third United States District court system.  I wouldn't spit on the best part of the "Alaska Court System" if I could find it.  And he is also right that I am not a Bar Attorney--- but then, I could not be a Bar Attorney and occupy a Public Office of any kind, representing the Republic.  That's because of another fact, that Ralph knows but never understood and that is that both the original prohibitions in the actual Constitution against titles of nobility and the Titles of Nobility Amendment (TONA) forbid Bar Members from occupying any public office in the Republic.
There is another fact that Ralph knows, but has never been able to explain.   He knows his Constitution backwards, forwards, and upside down.  He knows he is owed Common Law under Amendment VII. But why he can't "get there from here" when he goes into one of their courts, remains a mystery.  That's another mystery, I can clear up for him.  When you incorporate anything, like the rats incorporated our government--first at the federal level and then the state level and then the county level---you remove it from the jurisdiction of the land and send it straight out to sea and you place it under the international jurisdiction of the sea, and the Law of the Sea. That's why the "federal" judges tell people that they "have no Constitutional rights"--- and that they will be held in contempt of court, if they talk about the Constitution in their court.
Well, guess what, Ralph?  Those judges are right.  The Constitution is the Law of the Land.  Not the Law of the Sea.       It's as simple as that. All these years people have been struggling with these corrupt, crazy, senseless courts, and it is as simple as the FACT that these were never your courts, to begin with.  And those "judges" running those courts, never held a public office.  Remember?  They are Bar Attorneys.  They COULD NOT hold a public office--- so what are they?  They are private corporate officers running private for-hire courts, on our soil, and we have been stupid enough to let them drag us, into their jurisdiction, and apply their corporate "Public Policies" to us---- notice NOT "Public Laws"--- and their "statutory laws", too, and fleece us for all that we are worth.            Ralph will be VERY interested, to learn that for the first time in many years, a young man has acted as a Bounty Hunter, under the 14th Amendment and won a $64,000,000.00 judgment, in his favor, shut down four law firms, seized the bar cards, of all those attorneys, and now those attorneys are facing federal charges, that we would all know and recognize like "fraud"----but also charges so exotic, my head spins.  They are facing at least a hundred years in jail, for what they tried to do, to this young man and to our Republic.         That's because I am right, and Ralph is wrong.  We both know that the attorneys are crooks---- but I know why, and I know how they've pulled it off.  If Ralph bothered to read our affidavit, "You Know Something Is Wrong When....An American Affidavit of Probable Cause" ......he would be a lot farther along in understanding it, too.  I know why that young man and every other man in this country. can act as a Bounty Hunter. and go after these vermin. and clear them off our shores. and put them in jail. and confiscate their property.  It's the same reason that I am a Judge. and that I am lawfully occupying a Public Office in Alaska.
      (( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yKcfXXkPCPg ))Remember when the states and counties incorporated back in the 1950's and 60's?  In order to receive "Federal Revenue Sharing"----which is just another euph-
emism for kickbacks from successful "federal government" racketeering? One night you went to bed on the land jurisdiction of your native soil, and the next you woke up in the foreign international jurisdiction of the sea.
All because those units of government incorporated.  At the same time, all the Public Offices were converted to Private Corporate Offices instead.  The Sheriffs went from being peacekeeping officers tasked with enforcing the Organic and Public Law of the Land to being "law enforcement" officers tasked with enforcing corporate "Public Policies" and corporate "statutory law" and "codes" and "regulations". Read the Clearfield Doctrine.
The "United States Congress" which is NOT the same as "the United States in Congress Assembled" declared that all state offices were vacated as of 1976 and that all state laws were released to the United Nations in the same year. Don't believe it?  Read the Foreign Sovereigns Immunities Act and the related International Organizations Immunities Act. - (( This book blows the lid off the corrupt corporate entity calling itself our Federal government, and shows the entire history of Fraud, Deception, Threat, Duress, Coercion, and Intimidation the perpeTRAITORS have used to steal our entire heritage and prosperity, for over 150 years: Get it Here at Amazon - http://www.amazon.com/You-Know-Something-Wrong-When/dp/1491279184/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1444223112&sr=8-1&keywords=you+know+something+is+wrong+when - - - ))
These vermin have been running a "governmental services corporation",  as if it was your lawful government.  They have been occupying what APPEAR to be Public Offices, but which are in fact Private Corporate Offices instead. This has allowed them to abuse the power of Public Office without the accountability of Public Office and to use the power of Public Office for private gain.
THATis what has been going on here.  And that is why I DO occupy one of a FEW true Public Offices in the Alaska State.  NOT the "State of Alaska" and not the "STATE OF ALASKA" and not "ALASKA" which are all just corporations having no more granted authority or public office than the administrators at Wendy's or Walmart.     Which brings me to a point that I need to communicate to Ralph and the rest of the Party Hearties who have fought so long and so hard to restore this country and this rightful government----- there are Public Offices aplenty to be filled here in Alaska.  I am past retirement age myself and so is my husband.  We are just standing in office because we desperately need boots on the ground to fill all the vacated Public Offices that the Alaska State is owed---- which means, not to put too sharp a point on it--- where to Hell are you, Ralph?  And the Montana Freemen?  And the many, many patriots who have known that there was something wrong for 30, 40, 50, 60 years?
We need organizers to spread the word in communities from Juneau to Bristol Bay to Barrow.  We need men to stand in every county--- yes, Ralph--- counties, we are owed counties, and this entire state HAS counties at least on paper---that need to be set up, where elections need to be held, where Public Offices need to be filled.  Go down to BLM or get in contact with me and I will give you a copy of the map showing all the counties in Alaska that need to be organized. We need more judges for the Common Law Courts, more sheriffs, more deputies to enforce the Organic Law.  We need Land Recorders and County Clerks and Public Notaries and Court Clerks.  We need Bailiffs. We need Grand Juries. We need Trial Jury pools.  We need Assemblymen and Assemblywomen to operate our unincorporated counties on the land jurisdiction of this country.
We know how to hold elections for vacated public offices, don't we?  Remember that in the Republic, the power flows from the people to the county to the state to the "federal" entity--- and at each step, the amount of power delegated narrows and lessens.  OUR government is exactly the opposite of THEIR government.
That's why we have the power to get together and hold public elections and elect whomever we want to elect and do whatever we please so long as it is in accordance with our national Organic Law--- The Declaration of Independence, The Articles of Confederation (1781), The Constitution for the united States of America, The Northwest Ordinance and Equal Footing Doctrine, and the Land Law Act of 1785.   We are the heirs of the Republic.  It's ours. We own it, just like inheriting a house or a farm or any other property.  It is now ours to repair, remodel, rebuild, and improve as we see fit.
Also time that we trained up and unleashed a whole new generation of Bounty Hunters.  Unlike our forefathers most of these Bounty Hunters won't need a six-gun strapped to their hips.  They will need some very specific legal training and then just step back and let our boys go for it.  There won't be a dishonest law firm left in six months.  And you are going to see a LOT of Bar Attorneys ripping up their Bar Cards and coming to work for us in the American Common Law Court System.               It's time for Ralph to wake up.  He'd make a fine Federal Marshal (land)--- not a "US Marshal" (sea). Or maybe he'd like to be a Justice?  Or an Assemblyman?  Or Land Recorder?  Lord knows, there's plenty of vacant Public Offices to be filled and a world of justice to be brought home to our shores.   And as you say, Marje--- far too much work to do for anyone to stand around carping and misunderstanding and causing division in the ranks.        The only "shooting" associated in any way with me was shooting done by the Wasilla Police of a friend of the family in my driveway in 2008.  It was what some people call a "police assisted suicide".  Jay Rivera was a very troubled man plagued by formally and officially diagnosed Severe Character Fault--- a mental illness like Borderline Syndrome or Manic-Depression---but not as constant.  He also suffered from alcoholism which he fought every day of his life. In a kinder world, he should have been institutionalized.
By the time he got to us he was on his last legs.  Although he was a fantastic gymnast and gymnastics instructor, his addiction and personality disorder problems caused him misery.  He couldn't keep a job, couldn't keep a girlfriend, couldn't keep a home.  We took him in because he was-- in spite of everything-- a wonderful man in many ways and being a lot younger, he helped us out with work around the homestead. It was easier for us to put up with his binges and bad times, because we didn't have to depend on him.  So, after he broke up with his last girlfriend, he came back "home" to us and we tried to cheer him up and encourage him to go on.
Jay's complete, abject hopelessness and resignation that day was understandable. He had fought his illnesses and fought and fought until there was no more to give.  I tried to talk to him for an hour before the police arrived.  He had a gun--- that's why they shot him--- on the false pretext that he was a threat to others.  His biological Father had called the police and told them that his son was depressed and had a gun--- so they showed up, trespassed on private property and shot him. That was the Wasilla police's idea of "help".
It's the same way all over this country. The "law enforcement agencies" get a nice kickback every time one of us is killed by them, but that's another story.
Jay Rivera gave me one of the greatest lessons and miracles of my life.  He came to me the night before he died and wanted to talk.  It was late and I was tired, but I said okay.  He was stone cold sober.  He put on some of his favorite music and talked about his life--- how he had a fine wife whom he loved and lost, how he had a son that he missed and could never benefit because of his "condition", how he had loved being a paratrooper, how he loved this country, how many times he had had good jobs lost them....how many good relationships he had blown, how he owed everything to his adopted Father and loved him and his little sisters so very much.
It was strange, like an exit interview, though of course I couldn't know that's what it was at the time. As he was talking I was listening but a part of me was thinking about all the craziness and inconvenience he had brought into our lives and yet, all the good times, too.  As I was thinking all this and listening to him, I suddenly realized that I loved Jay in a very special way.  I loved him with no conditions whatsoever.  And I suddenly knew and felt and connected to the fact that that is the way God loves each and every one of us. No selfishness. No need.  No strings.  No matter what. No limits.  No matter how we fail  No matter how much we cost. No matter how many times we screw up.  And a great and abiding peace settled on my heart that has never left me to this day.
The next day, the Wasilla Police murdered a sweet, exhausted, mentally ill man in my front driveway.  They came onto my land and they killed him and then they brought dogs and teams of men and they swarmed through my house like they were on a drug bust. No warrant. No reason. They just snoop because that is what they are paid to do. And of course, they didn't find anything, though they swaggered around in a menacing fashion for hours afterward.      It's the height of ignorance and stupidity for anyone including Ralph W. to think that I would ever shoot anyone, except in fear for my life. I was never in fear for my life with Jay and I most certainly did not shoot him.  Anyone who wants the straight story can read all they want in the archives of the Anchorage Daily News online for March 28-April 4, 2008.  There were numerous news reports and tributes because Jay was a popular and much-loved teacher and coach. He just couldn't love himself.  My son, who was one of his students, still talks about him. Still misses him. So do we all.
I am tired of people trying to make something up to discredit me.  I am a Great-Grandma from Big Lake, Alaska.  That is actually and factually who and what I am. I have no criminal record, not as much as a DUI.  I have a good education and a good mind and I have put in hundreds of thousands of hours of work and research.  I have shared that learning with the rest of you and told you where you can look to discover the facts in the public records for yourselves.     It is not about me. It never was.  It never will be.  If a Great-Grandma sitting in Big Lake, Alaska, can figure this out and document it, you have to figure that there are a LOT of people out there who are capable of doing the same if they make the effort, right?  So stop the he-said-she-said "bullshit" to use Ralph's word for the day---and start cracking open the books and citations in the law and the Congressional Records and thinking about the history you learn in the process.    Go to DirtyUncleSam.com and read.  Go to http://supremecourtcase.wordpress.com.  Go to Lawfully Yours.  Go to ScannedRetina.  Go to Maine Republic.  Go to www.freesovereignandindependent.com.  Go to iamsomedude.com Listen to Rod Class.  Listen to Bruce Doucette.  Listen and learn for your own sakes, for your childrens' sakes, and for your country's sake.  There are now literally hundreds of wonderful websites and news sources.  And I have published two books with all the references needed, too.   Daylight in the swamps!  You, too, Ralph!
You see what you see and you learn what you learn and at the end of the day, you may disagree with me about one or two minor things---- but the Truth is going to stare you in the face and you are going to know that what I have told you is true.  And you will know that you have to stand up and get on the move.       Judge Anna ---------------------------------------   http://www.paulstramer.net/2016/02/answer-to-ralph-kermit-winterrowd-and.html
                Fantastic letter.  ( Here is a repost )     Ralph will be VERY interested to learn that for the first time in many years, a young man has acted as a Bounty Hunter under the 14th Amendment and won a $64,000,000.00 judgment in his favor, shut down four law firms, seized the bar cards of all those attorneys and now those attorneys are facing federal charges that we would all know and recognize like "fraud"----but also charges so exotic my head spins.  They are facing at least a hundred years in jail for what they tried to do to this young man and to our Republic.
Posted by Popeye at 2:35 PM   ..... 5 comments:  ......     AnonymousApril 14, 2016 at 8:04 PM     Personally I wouldn't touch any of that with a hundred foot pole if I were you. Even if some of it's real it's probably had a severe effect on the mental health of these people.    A lot of the time what people say and what's true are two different things. Look for the signs. There seems to be a huge array of banks closing down, some people reporting they received prosperity packages, a lot of folks also joined in numerous class action lawsuits.     If you can do one thing, it's read Lawfully Yours cover to cover. That book is one of the most important ones anyone will read in their lifetime.  //   AnonymousApril 14, 2016 at 8:08 PM     Ralph Kermit Winterrowd~     For the intelligence you display, you are totally ignorant on the 10th Amendment. Did you forget to study that? //
    Anonymous    April 14, 2016 at 8:25 PM    part 1 of 2     It's been said over and over, we are presumed dead, and when we do anything, there is a piece of paper they are working with. Some will say, that means you are a slave, but think about that for a moment, okay time's up, having a piece of paper no matter what is written on it, no matter how they got your fingerprint or footprint, does not make you a slave, unless and until YOU, yes you believe and accept that as true. It really does have to do with what you accept into your mind as your truth, and some of the people 'aware' will take anyone's word, even those that say, don't let me tell you what to think, research for yourself, and they will come across the same 'thing' somewhere else, consider it researched and then accept it as their truth.     The court is a business.
    I didn't say constitutional business, nor admiralty business.    It's a business.    As with any business there has to be agreements, whether you enter the agreement by gesture, when you go to the grocery store and agree to purchase what they are selling, or in writing, when you go to work and sign agreements to be employed, or in writing where you go to an apartment complex and sign agreements to rent, and verbal, where someone is selling girl scout cookies and ask if you'd like to buy some and you speak your verbal agreement, and then by gesture purchase the cookies.
    Court is the same way, all of them at the same time, verbal agreements, agreement by gesture, and written agreements.
    Going to court and discussing the problem it is presumed to be a contract dispute, a controversy. If there is a controversy, the judge wants to referee the results, fair or not, that's what happens.
    Going there of your free will, can appear to them as the gesture that you believe they have authority to decide the outcome of some controversy (contract dispute); going not of your free will (in chains and cuffs), they look for verbal communication where you believe they have power to deal with the controversy (the contract with the cop that brought you there), or whatever other controversy (contract dispute about some license you have with some agency).     They control the words, and if you identify with the words, they do things to the words and apply them to you. Man, woman, person, individual, being, representative, guardian, parent, student, patient, employee, etc.     Take the time to see these words have the definition person, and person has it's definition.     Courts deal with persons, if someone is putting papers in there, they are stepping into that role in some fashion, knowing or unknowing, once one is an adult, they presume you know what you are doing, and you know how to contract and not contract.     All these angry people, and the internet and awareness and enlightened sites are full of them, the people that censor people that don't agree with them, or tell them to go away for not thinking like them, it's laughable but I digressed.     Reply
    AnonymousApril 14, 2016 at 8:25 PM    part 2 of 2 -    Anger is a sign of fear, per Dr. Laura Schlesinger ; so I immediately see fear in words of anger, the vibration is so low you can see it, and feel it, when you get 'there' to know these things.     In the movie, Horton Hears a Who, the people were presumed dead or non existent.     Horton knew they existed, but no one else did, because they never see them and don't hear them. The people Horton heard, had to speak up and say it, We are Here, We are Here, We are Here!. They are living. They are alive. They are life.     I have yet to meet people who speak of their life, their living, their aliveness when they deal with these people. The living cannot be the slave, it's illegal and unlawful, but people can be in contract to have an obligation to another.
    If a paper controls you, then you are in contract and it's assumed/presumed you agree to the obligation.     Life forced to work or perform for another without contract is treated in the illegal manner and there is no immunity to treat the living in any way the living does not like without contract, even marriage is the contract to be treated as the wife or the husband.     US Citizens are not presumed to be the People that can be in the Republic.     US Citizens by definition is person, so if that's what you identify with, please stop getting mad at illegals, who are not US Citizens and not identified as persons under obligation. Please consider how you play the role in what you go through, whether you know what you are doing, now is not the time to tell you. You are accountable for every decision you make, including karmic decisions.
    You decide, and then walk the walk, but this guy posting has no contract with any of the people he's demanding action from, and is angry no one has acted as his 'slave' to his demands, and that the one compelling him to perform, he hasn't challenged their authority nor the contract that may not exist, he wants someone else to do his fighting and is made when they decide no to.
    I have nothing but love for everyone trying to figure it out.     Me, I am life, I am sovereign. My life is sovereign. I decide who I am, and what I am, and anyone telling me I'm not alive, I am not life; prove it.     Reply
    marie April 14, 2016 at 11:57 PM  This is what Judge Anna is talking about. https://youtu.be/MDpW5gJcp68 , see below //   http://nesaranews.blogspot.ca/2016/04/an-aho-decides-to-unload-on-judge-anna.html
......................................... and ...     Our Government has committed treason - YouTube -     https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MDpW5gJcp68  ... ( 138 comments )
    27 Mar 2016 ... 3-26-2016 Portland Or, City Hall,supporters of LaVoy Finicim and the Bundys, Hammond family gather,  to show support for the suspects in jail, following the Pledge of Allegiance and the reading of the names of the jailed, the attendees proceeded to the steps of City Hall, for informational speeches, this video outlines the corrupt hijacking of the judicial process by the Government, and the process needed to proceed. ...  //
VIDEOS : 8:04 Video of Lavoy Finicums Murder by the FBI, Gavin Seim,    2 months ago14,496 views
Key point starts at 5:30 -- They gunned him down! A clearly a planned ambush. LaVoy's hands were up; he was not going for any ...
33:06 Elite FBI Team That Ambushed LaVoy Finicum Under Criminal Investigation,Citizens 4 Constitutional Freedom,    1 month ago44,261 views
Jake Morphonios discusses breaking news regarding the elite FBI strike force that set up the ambush and murder of LaVoy ...
1:32 FBI Ambushed LaVoy Finicum "Video Proof",Politically Incorrect,    2 months ago575 views
14:48 Lavoy Finicum: Warned About Ambush In Phone Call,Who Is Sincere?     2 months ago6,056 views
On Sunday, January 24, 2016 (just two days before his death) Lavoy Finicum was a guest on Jason Van Tatenhove's radio show ...
11:54 Charges against the murdering paid mercenaries who ambushed & murdered LaVoy Finicum. Dallas Ahrens III% -     2 months ago13,362 views  //  Showing results for LaVoy + ambushed //
https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=LaVouy+%2B+ambushed  // https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/26008453-you-know-something-is-wrong-when - - - https://jhaines6a.wordpress.com/2016/02/01/cover-letter-to-pope-francis-from-ann-von-reitz-plus-the-pdf-condensation-of-the-book-you-know-something-is-wrong-when-an-american-affidavit-of-probable-cause/  *** These stories are all incredibly important and deserves questioning and investigation, though one must ask what Snowden, Wikileaks and Anonymous know, on an even bigger story most media outlets have yet to touch: the global collateral accounts, and their relation to global finance, politics and gold. Lots of gold. http://thespiritscience.net/2016/04/13/the-truth-is-coming-and-it-cannot-be-stopped/ *** http://neilkeenan.com/sample-page/  ** http://neilkeenan.com/  .... for updates * **
          Corporatocracy -  When Corporatocracy is Disguised as Rule of Law - November 13, 2015 - eClinik Learning- 3 Comments -  Politicians and policemen love to use the phrase “rule of law” when they argue for their positions on certain issues, such as criminality and economics. Ordained by God, the Rule of Law is supreme, and it should be the binding force that unites civilized men, We  all are.
The problem is, rule of law does not always mean social justice. Most of the time, the rule of law only masks the tyranny out of the moneyed class, for they have the monopoly to hire “experts of the law” to defend them in times of aggression, i.e. their own aggression against the poor. Therefore, in the end, the rule of law only favors tyranny and oppression, it is a sheer delusion, to think otherwise.  '' The rule of law that we are subjected to, is called commercial law, the Uniform Commercial Code UCC , that kind of rule set, which gives the semblance and color of law, i.e. those rules and statutes crafted by our representatives, without our full approval.”
They have assumed full authority to make whatever rules they, or their campaign financiers / puppetmasters, deemed fit, for a given situation, from the day we elected them and for the entire duration of their term of office.
Representation or the use of proxy, is replete in all facets of the Corporatocracy, to keep the masses from seeing the big picture. This also falls to the same category as compartmentalization that is replete in school curricula and mass media. When our lifetime interaction with the government and all other corporate entities, require us our birth certificate, social security number, and tax account number, that’s when we know we are deeply controlled by a system of forced servitude. Our birth certificate became our proxy. The entire government is the effective proxy of the Oligarchy. So, when they said that we must be ruled by law, they actually mean “bend down, to our will, whims and caprices.” A strange lady, bearing the corporate name of KAREN HUDES, has had a long spat with common law practitioner, Anna Von Reitz, and it is interesting where these two ladies stand, as it would shed light more on the former as a person, and her real role as “World Bank whistleblower”, and should also provide as a good review of how Corporatocracy thrives.
We have been made aware also of a PDF document, where HUDES accused us as a CIA front, just like she accused Neil Keenan and Ben Fulford of the same crime, much earlier. We, of course, consider HUDES a nuisance, and of no value to the global freedom movement whatsoever. The Jesuits should have silenced her a long time ago, for poor acting performance.         We were born and raised with deep resentment against anything having to do with the Central Intelligence Agency [CIA] and the Jesuit Hierarchy, including, but not limited to, their complicit involvement in the Low Intensity Conflict [LIC] being waged for decades, here in the Philippines.....(...) We will also share other people’s work, we consider very important, like the work of one Anna Von Reitz…  “Every day, babies are born in hospitals and are “registered” as chattel belonging to privately owned and operated corporations masquerading as our government. These corporations patent and trademark our bodies and our names and create “citizens” for themselves that they ultimately control as slaves. This practice of “enslavement by proxy” is no less repugnant than physical enslavement and it has the same results. They have accomplished this by obtaining undisclosed contracts under conditions of coercion and misrepresentation and by blatant fraud upon the probate courts and falsification of the civil records. .... *.....(..... )    https://geopolitics.co/2015/11/13/when-corporatocracy-is-disguised-as-rule-of-law/ **
                                       Response To John Daresh of the National Liberty Alliance - Posted on February 21, 2016 by State of the Nation     .... (....)
           ANNA: I have never announced, participated in, advocated, or established any new “Federation”. I have preserved the actual Constitution, which is an entirely different thing— and that action, John, is in fact my lawful duty. Yours, too, if you had sense enough to recognize it. Nobody can complain that I have ever done anything but my duty — which includes reporting crime to the Common Law Grand Jury. I did my part, as required by Law, but you and your organization have not. That is pure, simple, and factual for everyone to see. You assert that your organization is a “success” and that we are “riding on your coat-tails” somehow. You apparently think you have some thunder to steal, but I see no success in terms of performance in behalf of the people of this country. I see no successful prosecution of any of the ample crime in our midst as a result of your organization. I see no action taken to investigate the information contained in our sworn affidavit of probable cause.
And if anyone is riding on any coat-tails, the Michigan General Jural Society and its worthy and correct effort to secure the Public Offices and land jurisdiction owed to the Michigan State and its people pre-dates your organization by at least twenty years. Time for you and anyone who is serious about re-settling your counties and states on the land and enjoying the freedom and government you are owed, to pay attention to what the Michigan General Jural Society has already accomplished and start following their template for real, actual, secure, and uncontroversial success.
Obviously, the Michigan General Jural Society has been functioning unobstructed and openly and successfully for at least two decades and has not been subject to any threat of arrest or accusation of criminality and if the NLA is experiencing such problems those problems are caused by the ignorance of NLA leadership and lack of proper preparation, education, and support for the volunteers trying to organize a crucial — but far from only component—of the government they are owed.   To anyone who is sick and tired of the atmosphere of fear, incompetence, gossip and endless spinning of wheels offered by NLA and its leadership— that is, anyone who really wants to restore the Republic and the lawful government we are owed— I invite you to check out the Michigan General Jural Society and its proven and peaceful process to do exactly what needs to be done— not only in terms of being able to set up a properly seated Common Law Grand Jury, but being able to set up a properly founded Jural Society and County Assembly to support it.
Go to the Anti-Corruption Society.com website where the MGJS Handbook called “From De Facto to De Jure” should now be posted and available for download.
Forget about NLA and John Daresh. (National Liberty Alliance ) -  He obviously doesn’t know what he is doing, and that is indeed a danger to the membership.   http://stateofthenation2012.com/?p=31882
........   and .......   Friday, April 15, 2016 - Our 'government' has committed TREASON! -       3-26-2016 Portland Oregon - City Hall ((  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MDpW5gJcp68 ))
Supporters of LaVoy Finicum and the Bundys, Hammond family, gather to show support for the suspects in jail.
Following the Pledge of Allegiance and the reading of the names of the jailed, the attendees proceeded to the steps of City Hall, for informational speeches.
This video outlines the corrupt hijacking of the judicial process, by the 'government' and the process needed to proceed.  Received this suggested video, from faithful reader (Marie) with comment that "This is what Judge Anna is talking about."  See:  http://nesaranews.blogspot.com/2016/04/an-aho-decides-to-unload-on-judge-anna.html?showComment=1460692626688#c8836072333157185113
Posted by Olive Oyl at 12:00 PM   ..... 2 comments: ......     Anonymous April 15, 2016 at 12:26 PM   The CIA is involved in BLM (bureau of land management) and they are working for the NWO, and the aliens/reptilians in underground bases, to help depopulate the earth, for these demons. They have (most of them) been brain implanted, so they can be mind controlled to do the works of the
    "hive mind". This is the hidden evil and works of "secret societies" and "elite clubs", that need to be stopped in their tracks.    Reply
    Anonymous April 15, 2016 at 12:55 PM        IANAL [I am not a lawyer ]     This is opinion only, I do not speak for you, I do not think for you.    I did not create you.
    In the executive, judicial, and legislative circles, in the schools they learn from, it's not personal, it's business.
    If it's business, it's contracts.    Rod Class pointed to the USC.... that stated all contracts are business.     So when someone shackles you like a slave, and temporarily claim ownership of your body, and takes you to some master, that claims temporary ownership of you, you never ask the question. Maybe you need to be pretended your hands and feet are shackled, and someone moves you, without your consent and takes you before someone else who speaks to you, like they own you, or are working for the owner.      What on earth, would you want to know?
    If it were me, I'd want to know who has that superior claim, over the body I am calling my own, that they can just grab it, from wherever it is, and deliver it to another.
    But we never ask, because we saw Law and Order, and Court TV, and we were programmed, on how to act, when we get there, by what we learned from them.
    At many times during your visit, you will be given a series of contracts, spaced out, but they do show up, because in order to do business, you have to sign contracts, where they offer, [sign this], you accept [signed it], and their consideration, is to treat you like [sh--], and you go along with it, and pay them for the privilege of doing that to you, when you bond out, so money has transferred hands in this contract, and they have told you to come back every time they tell you to come back, and you are under contract to perform that obligation, until a group of people you never met, decide what to do with you.     So the basis for this mess, is the contract, since it's all business, and in their circles, people have testified before Congress, that no one is in jail that did not agree to be there.     Yeah, let that sink in.  What did these fine fellas up there, who's names were mentioned do?
    Like registering for a room in the gray bar motel, they signed up, sign in, signed, signed, signed.    Our signature is our most valued asset, in their world.
    It is the only thing that gives life to their dead entities, it fuels the charging instruments, they create, and when signing documents, that have dollar denominated values, on it, it creates money to fund transactions.
    We throw our signature around, like it's not worth the paper it's written on, but the paper it's written on, has value because our signature is on it, and didn't mean a damn thing, without our signature.
    The life energy of the Creator you are endowed with, and I'm not talking about some sky being, I'm talking about what's inside you, that won't leave and never left, that you may or may not be aware of, where you want a pill from people who would shut down your heart or kidneys, with full disclosure of the side effects, and you ignore the core you, what makes you walk, and talk, and think and feel.
    They have gotten you, to use that energy and transfer it to the paper, with the pen and ink, like seeing God, use lightning to transfer his energy to stones to write the commandments.
    They get you, to give them you, and to sign your right to be free, to them, and if anyone asks, they have the contract, you signed.     No law impairing the obligations of contracts.
    Why do people sign, and then act like they didn't want to be there?    Why isn't the words showing Under Duress, or Under Coercion not in the same space, as their signature?
    Who can we blame, when we do things that we do to ourselves?    Who will you shoot, or kill?    Ignorance is no excuse, that's why reserving judgment, that many have not learned to do, will leave them weeping and wailing, because they thought they had a foot into the heaven, they wanted, but they do things, and like their Christ is quoted as saying 'forgive them, for they know not what they do'.
Thursday, April 14, 2016 - Global wealth confiscation has begun...  Global wealth confiscation has begun$$$$$$
Current Banker Meetings Are Deciding How to Confiscate Your Bank Account and Retirement Accounts....      Image result for greedy pig bankers  //    Dave Hodges - Wednesday, April 13, 2016
In the midst of the looming economic Armageddon, some are reporting that the banks have just begun to horde gold. Run from these authors. For over three years, I have been imploring people to buy gold in order to replace the cash that will soon be gone. Three years ago, Goldman Sachs was ordering its brokers to short gold.
The fact is, the criminal elite have solidified their hedges against currency collapse by focusing on the acquisition of gold by any means possible. The bankers and government are meeting this week. At issue is the confiscation of your assets to facilitate a bailout of the banks. This time they are playing for keeps.  http://beforeitsnews.com/economics-and-politics/2016/04/current-banker-meetings-are-deciding-how-to-confiscate-your-bank-account-and-retirement-accounts-2483475.html            Image result for greedy pig bankers
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.......................................................................................................................... and .....  Thursday, April 14, 2016- WHAT IN THE WORLD IS GOING ON WITH BANKS, THIS WEEK?? - / Image result for greedy pig bankers /
Emergency meetings, banker summits, crashing European banks, and the worst bank reports, since the Great Recession -
By Federalreserve (00491) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons - Just about every major banker and finance minister in the world is meeting in Washington, DC, this week, following two rushed, secretive meetings of the Federal Reserve and another instantaneous and rare meeting between the Fed Chair and the president of the United States. These and other emergency bank meetings around the world cause one to wonder what is going down. Let’s start with a bullet list of the week’s big-bank events:.... (....)  It can’t just be that the president wants to plan, what he will be saying at this week’s G-20 conference, if he’s to speak there. That kind of planning would happen in advance, because one knows the conference is coming. One striking peculiarity of the president’s meeting with the Fed, is that it appeared to have been called immediately after the Fed announced Monday’s “expedited” meeting of the Board of Governors. We are in an election cycle, and I already speculated in my last article that, with the anti-establishment, Fed-hating candidates Sanders and Trump doing so well in their bids for the presidency, we could be sure the Administration would be doing all it can with the Fed to put some accelerant on this economy and forestall the recession that I believe we have already begun.  A recession would prove Trump and Sanders right in their statements about a coming recession or about the failed recovery actions of the Fed and Wall Street. So, the Fed and the President have every reason to work together to make sure an announcement of recession never happens. That could be what “comparing notes” on the economy’s future means — how do we assure the economy doesn’t fall apart in the next few months before the election since we have that common interest?          (In that case, the president is right that he will not be influencing the Fed — not in the sense of telling it what to do. He will be brainstorming with the Fed what they can both do in their own self-interest. No need for presidential persuasion or coercion because the Fed’s head is in the noose with the presidents if this economy fails.)
That would explanation why the White House is saying, in advance of any accusations, that the president isn’t trying to influence the Fed. They want to get ahead of the story. (Of course, it could just be that they recognize such rare meetings will lead to the kind of speculation I’m now brattishly doing.) MUCH MORE HERE... http://thegreatrecession.info/blog/what-is-happening-to-banks/
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................................. and.... .... (....)  I have no idea, but I do have to wonder, with so much smoke, everywhere in the banking industry, is there a fire, we need to know about? You can be sure, we’ll be the last to know, and any announcement of what’s really going down, will hit like Bear Sterns or Lehman Brothers. One day, all the central bankers are talking like, things are fine. The next day a major vertebrae is knocked out of the nation’s financial spine.  Or maybe presidents and central bankers are just making sure, things generally hold together through the election cycle. Such a bad-news week for banks around the world, certainly doesn’t sound like all is well, as our smiling central bankers, president and VP, say it is. I don’t know any top secrets to reveal, but the smoke.... is killing me. //  Looking to buy physical gold?      www.goldmoney.com       www.bitgold.com 
 Learn how to be your own banker   -     Help a site with valuable information by sharing this article:  /About David Haggith /    http://thegreatrecession.info/blog/what-is-happening-to-banks/
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...... Also taking part in the “bank failure drill” was Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen and Bank of England Governor Mark Carney, and the heads of a large number of other regulators, in a meeting hosted by the U.S. Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation.  Then they brought in, the military into the drill, and they practiced how they would protect their assets from the public, when the banks fail, and retirement accounts are seized as collateral, by the government. ...(....)  When Goldman Sachs begins to short anything, it is time to take your money, and run for the hills. That time would be now. .... Ask yourself this question, if you knew that paper monies all around the world, were to collapse, what action would represent your best option? The obvious answer would be to dramatically drive down the price of gold and silver, if one had the ability to do so, and then buy as much as gold, as one possibly could. Goldman Sachs has the ability to do so, by utilizing their ominous shorting strategy, and it is precisely what they have done.      ONE MORE DOT TO CONNECT - goldman sachs us treasury, pic - Additionally, your bank account has been collateralized against the derivatives debt. Hence, you had, in 2008, former CEO of Goldman Sachs and the Secretary of Treasury, Hank Paulson, telling a closed session of Congress, that if they did not authorize the bailouts, there would be tanks in the street, an ultimately, REVOLUTION! This was necessitated by the credit swap derivatives Ponzi scheme, and the debacle that followed.    ....  your bank account is no longer considered to be money.  The bankers holding the bag on the credit swap derivatives, will move to the head of the FDIC compensation line. Therefore, the regulations requiring that your money be insured by the FDIC, are no longer in effect!  This devaluation of “money to something other than money, gives what the experts call “super priority” in terms of the line of succession from which to collect bankruptcy monies.   TAKE YOUR MONEY OUT OF THE BANK! - BANKSTERS A, pic  - To make matters worse, Bank of America has conspicuously co-mingled their credit swap derivatives debt, with your savings account, and as such they have every legal right, use your money to cover their debt ....  In the next article, America will soon discover why I have been so seemingly obsessed with Executive Order 13603.
i was told that Donald Trump’s waking up America,  has increased the the desperation of the criminal elite.     This is only the beginning. It is going to get far worse.  (( http://www.thecommonsenseshow.com/2016/04/13/current-banker-meetings-are-deciding-how-to-confiscate-your-bank-account-and-retirement/ ))   ((   http://www.thecommonsenseshow.com/    .... for more ))
.............................................................................. and .... Senior DARPA Scientist Warns of Widespread LETHAL ATTACKS Upon the Public Coming From Microwave Towers       CSS-Offical-New-Logo2
Former DARPA Senior Scientist, Dr. Paul Batcho, asserts that cell phone towers pose an intentional and immediate lethal threat, against the general public of the United States.
It is an old issue, but with a new revelation by the most credible insider source to date. Recently, I was contacted by Dr. Paul Batcho.      Batcho is a former DARPA senior scientist who worked at Los Alamos, and held a top secret security clearance. In short, Batcho asserts that clandestine forces are purposely engaging in “acts of terrorism” against the general public, through emission of dangerous frequencies from cell phone and microwave towers, in the St. Petersburg/Orlando/ Tampa, Florida area.  Before launching into a revelation of the stunning claims presented to me, by Dr. Batcho, let’s establish his crediblity as a reliable witness. .....(....)
Thurs. April 14, 2016 - Charles Krauthammer on Hillary Clinton - We all knew this, right....didn't we? And wait until the US list of names of "dignitaries" from the Panama Papers, is released...oh boy. - - Recently, C.   Krauthammer alluded that he had no doubt, some of the 30k emails Hillary deleted from her private email server, very likely had references to the Clinton Foundation, which would be illegal, and a conflict of interest.
      The Clinton Foundation is "organized crime" at its finest, and we are financing it.                           Here is a good, concise summary of how the Clinton Foundation works as a tax
                        free international money laundering scheme. It may eventually prove to be the                        largest political criminal enterprise in U.S. history.
                        This is a textbook case on how you hide foreign money sent to you and repackage                        it to be used for your own purposes. All tax free. Here's how it works:
                        1. You create  a separate foreign "charity." In this case one in Canada .                        2.  Foreign oligarchs and governments, then donate to this Canadian charity. In
                        this case, over 1,000 did -- contributing mega millions. I'm sure they did this out  of  the  goodness of their hearts, and expected nothing in return. (Imagine
                        Putin's buddies waking up one morning and just deciding to send untold millions   to a Canadian charity).
                        3. The Canadian charity then bundles these separate donations and makes a   massive donation to the Clinton Foundation.
                        4. The Clinton Foundation and the cooperating Canadian charity claim Canadian  law prohibits the identification of  individual donors.
                        5. The Clinton Foundation then "spends" some of this money for legitimate good     works programs. Unfortunately, experts believe this is on the order of 10%.
                        Much of the balance, goes to enrich the Clinton 's, pay salaries To untold numbers of  hangers on, and fund lavish travel, etc. Again, virtually all tax free, which
                        means you and I are subsidizing it.                        6. The Clinton Foundation, with access to the world's best accountants, somehow
                        fails to report much of this on their tax filings. They discover these "clerical errors"  and begin the process of re-filing 5 years of tax returns.
      7. Net result -- foreign money, much of it from other countries, goes into the           Clinton's pockets tax free and untraceable back to the original donor. This            is the textbook definition  of money  laundering.
                        Oh, by the way, the Canadian "charity" includes as a principal one Frank Giustra.                        Google him. He is the guy who was central to the formation of Uranium One, the
                        Canadian company that somehow acquired massive U.S. uranium interests and   then sold them, to an organization controlled by Russia . This transaction required
                        U.S. State Department approval, and guess who was Secretary of State when  the approval was granted.        As an aside, imagine how former Virginia Governor Bob  McDonnell feels. That poor schlep is in jail, because he and his wife took $165,000   in gifts and loans for doing minor favors for a guy promoting a vitamin company.  Not legal, but not exactly putting U.S. security at risk.
                        Sarcasm aside, if you're still not persuaded this was a cleverly structured way to   get unidentified foreign money to the Clinton 's, ask yourself this:
                        Why did these foreign interests funnel money through a Canadian charity? Why  not donate directly to the Clinton Foundation? Better yet, why not donate money
                        directly to the people, organizations and  countries in need?                            This is the essence of money laundering and influence peddling.
 Now you know why Hillary's destruction of 30,000  e-mails, was a risk she was  willing to take.                         Bill and Hillary are devious, unprincipled, dishonest and criminal, and they are Slick!          
             Warning: They could be back in the White House in January 2017. Don't let it happen.                        Remember, most people are not well informed. You must inform and educate them.
Posted by Popeye at 8:00 AM   http://nesaranews.blogspot.ca/2016/04/charles-krauthammer-on-hillary-clinton.html
Friday, April 15, 2016 - Obama chose to visit and honor one of those “radicalized” mosques - These  Mosques  Are  Inciting  Violence  in  America,  and  Obama  Is  Helping  Them
By Gary Curtis,  April 5, 2016  - In early February of this year, President Obama spoke at the Muslim Brotherhood-linked Islamic Society of Baltimore. This was the first time an American president visited and spoke in an Islamic mosque, in the United States.  Tellingly, this mosque in Baltimore, has deep, radical ties, and is linked to the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA), a group that was designated an unindicted co-conspirator in the Holy Land Foundation trial in 1993. This Muslim charity, funneled donations to Hamas, the middle-eastern terrorist group.   ((  http://constitution.com/author/gary-curtis/ .... for more .... ))
The David Horowitz Freedom Center ,says “Over the past decade, a trio of different studies, has revealed that three out of every four mosques in the United States, are ‘radicalized’, and preaching violence against our country.” To repeat, according to the Freedom Center, 75% of our nation’s 3,000 mosques are “radicalized” now.  The standards these studies used to define “radicalized” are:
    Of the 100 surveyed, 51% featured texts onsite rated as “severely” advocating violence. Another 30% had texts rated “moderately” violent. In less than 20% of the mosques examined, no violent texts were found at all. That’s less than 20%.     In nearly 85% of the mosques, imams recommended provocative violent texts, for study, which were used to summon Muslims, to jihad or holy war.
    Sharia-adherent mosques, were overwhelmingly more likely to feature violent text, than their non-Sharia counterparts. Leaders in Sharia-adherent mosques, were also far more likely to recommend violent texts, to their followers, than non-Sharia leaders.    The bottom line is that more than 80% of the mosques in America, are hiding behind our nation’s First Amendment, as they deliberately incite young Muslims to use any means necessary, to advance Islam’s “orthodox” Sharia law, and tear down our nation. Sadly, Obama chose to visit and honor one of those “radicalized” mosques, rather than one that is reformed and peace-loving.
        The source, scope and sanctions of “orthodox” Islam   In reviewing the many jihadist attacks since 9/11, the perpetrators had listened to hours and hours of hate-filled, anti-American venom from their spiritual leaders. They then proceeded to act in accordance with what they heard in their mosques. Doubt that?
Consider the source, scope and sanctions of what they heard. Rather than being “radical,” these preachments were “orthodox” teachings straight from their source documents: the 'holy' scriptures of their Qur’an, Hadiths (the collection of the sayings of Mohammed) or the Sunnah (a collection of the words and actions of Mohammed – to be emulated by his followers). For example:
    Their holy sources command that Muslims “Fight those who believe not in Allah” and “fight and slay the pagans wherever ye find them, and seize them, beleaguer them and lie in wait for them in every stratagem of war.”
    Allah enjoins all Muslims to wage jihad (holy war), until Islamic law is imposed and practiced world-wide.      Islam directs Muslims not to take Jews and Christians, as their friends, except for strategic deception.
    Every woman must belong to some man, as his absolute property—either as a child, a wife, or a concubine.  The interpretations of these teachings, could be debated, but the sources are “orthodox.”  Mosques around the world are where Islam’s goals are proclaimed and all other religions defamed and cursed. Like other faith groups, Muslim’s beliefs, determine their behavior. The literal interpretation of Islam’s scriptures and practices, along with the sayings and actions of their prophet-founder,... form the comprehensive framework for all human life. That broad scope of the religion’s teachings and applications, dictates matters of government, economy, as well as religious beliefs, practices and warfare. It even extends to personal matters and private behavior, such as contact between the sexes and personal hygiene.   For Muslims, Islamic doctrine rejects freedom of speech, religious freedom, and equal rights between Muslim and non-Muslim. This ideology allows no secular separation between spiritual life and civil society.  Islam’s all-controlling Sharia law, is the antithesis of Western law. It is contrary to democratic rule, and aims to subjugate both believers and non-believers. Under it, Muslim converts to Christianity, have been subjected to capital trials, for apostasy and even alleged blasphemy. Death by beating, stoning or decapitation, are common in Islamic countries, for various violations. All of this can be readily validated on the internet, which is often heavily restricted, in Islamic nations.
Sharia sanctions struggle and warfare, in order to impose its supremacist principles and practices, wherever and however they can be achieved. This reality of Islam is often woefully unknown or willfully ignored, by modern, politically-correct progressives.  Obama and members of his administration have constructed a twisted Islam, of their own making—a “religion of peace” and not a radical ideology—the goal of which, is global do-
mination of Allah’s religion.    U.S. Mosques: centers of jihadist indoctrination       Robert Spencer, author of the New York Times bestseller The Politically Incorrect Guide to Islam (and the Crusades), says “clearly, there is a serious problem in American mosques, a problem that no one wishes to examine, much less confront.”  Most non-Muslims,  including government and law enforcement officials, assume.....  a mosque plays the same com-
munity role, as that of a local church or synagogue. Clearly, that is not accurate.     A 2011 survey in the U.S. found that “51% of mosques had texts that either advocated the use of violence in the pursuit of a Sharia-based political order, or advocated violent jihad as a duty, that should be of paramount importance to a Muslim.” The researchers went on to say that “there are more than 3,000 mosques in the U.S. So it means that the methodology or ideology of extremists, has been spread to 80% of the Muslim population, but not all of them agree with it.”  However, since October 2011, mosques have been off-limits to FBI agents, whose agency was sued for allegedly violating the civil rights of some Muslims. The same is true of the NYC police department, and others.      The Center for Religious Freedom, in 2005, found a massive distribution of hateful jihadist and Islamic supremacist material in mosques in this country. Much of this seditious material was financed by “Saudi money and influence.” However, the mainstream media continues to show little interest in these surveys, and their imminent implications.               Many politicians and activists defending our freedoms, now call for responsible surveillance and inspection of mosques in the U.S., to look for pro-violence materials. One outspoken activist, Pamela Geller, has said “Any mosque advocating jihad or any aspects of Sharia, that conflict with Constitutional freedoms and protections, should be closed.”  With the GOP convening in Ohio, in June, some are asking law enforcement officials to launch immediate investigations into potentially subversive activities, of the Noor Center of Columbus, Ohio, as well as the Islamic Society of Boston and the Dar al-Hijrah Mosque of Fairfax County, Virginia.        A former imam of the Noor Center of Columbus has appeared on television in Egypt, quoting the genocidal Islamic hadith, about how the end times will not come, until Muslims kill Jews, and the Jews will hide behind trees that will then call out to the Muslims, “O Muslim! A Jew is hiding behind me, come and kill him."  Islam's supremacist ideology, the belief that Sharia must govern society, is the main cause of terrorism in our world, and has been, since the seventh century. It may be summarily said that "orthodox" Islamic adherents, are being radicalized" and incited to violence, in many Muslim mosques in the United States, and the Obama administration and other leftist leaning progressives, are aiding and abetting that process.              http://constitution.com/obama-orthodox-islam-radicalized-religion-america/
((  http://constitution.com/sharia-coming-4you/  .... 

Posted by Olive Oyl at 12:30 PM    ...2 comments:.....     marie April 15, 2016 at 8:39 PM      BECAUSE TED CRUZ AND OBAMA, ARE ON THE SAME SIDE, I WILL PUT THIS HERE.
    WAS CRUZ’S FATHER LINKED TO THE JFK ASSASSINATION?     http://www.infowars.com/was-cruzs-father-linked-to-the-jfk-assassination/
    STOP ANIMAL CRUELTY: PATRIOTS SPEAK OUT!      https://youtu.be/GsBD_OmhJng via @YouTube
    ANTI HALAL RALLY: MASKED ANTIFA COWARDS, AMBUSH PATRIOTS       https://youtu.be/jqEPrXSTlKo  ***    http://nesaranews.blogspot.ca/2016/04/obama-chose-to-visit-and-honor-one-of.html
FREEDOM TO FASCISM A Documentary By Aaron Russo - The true enemies of liberty and all modern societies and people are the central bank counterfeiters. The largest counterfeiter in the history of the world consists of the Federal Reserve banking scheme, which counterfeits American dollars through fiat currency and fractional reserve banking.  America Freedom to Fascism exposes the fraud and deceit of the Federal Reserve Banks (Fed), the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and the 16th Amendment, the income tax, the Federal Reserve System, national ID cards (REAL ID Act), human-implanted RFID tags (Spychips), Diebold electronic voting machines, New World Order (globalization), Big Brother, taser weapons abuse, and the use of terrorism by government as a means to diminish the citizens' rights.
((  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O6ayb02bwp0   AMERICA: FREEDOM TO FASCISM   Posted by  Liberty Patriot  438,893 views - Uploaded on Nov 15, 2011 ....2671 comments ))
The Federal Reserve System is a privately held, for profit corporation, and not a government agency. It was created by bankers for bankers as a lender of last resort, so that whenever a banker ran his businesses poorly he could be bailed out at the expense of the public. The Fed does not have any reserves, it simply creates fiat money out of nothing and lends it out at interest to businesses and the federal government. The American people are then forced to pay for the bailouts to government and businesses through inflation and personal income taxes on their labor. The currency the Fed creates out of thin air and loans out to the government at interest is called Federal Reserve Notes - look at the top of what you may think are your Dollars and you will see they are actually Federal Reserve Notes (FRNs). FRNs are backed by nothing. US Dollars are required by law to be backed by gold and silver, but US Dollars are no longer in circulation. The only real US Dollars still somewhat in circulation are US Silver Eagles and Gold Eagle coins, but they have become so valuable due to the Fed's inflation and destruction of the FRN currency, that it takes thousands of FRNs just to buy a single US $50 gold coin, and dozens of FRNs to buy a single US $1 Dollar silver coin.
The Federal Reserve System operates through manipulation of interest rates, which results in expanding and retracting bubbles of inflation, referred to as business cycles. When the Fed inflates the currency, it is effectively a hidden tax on existing currency, because the value of the newly created currency is stolen from the value of existing currency. This is reflected in continually rising prices, even though advances in technology and manufacturing processes should result in lower prices and a higher standard of living for everyone. Since the creation of the Fed in 1913, it has debased 99% of the value of the Dollar. In other words, it now takes $100 FRNs to buy what just $1 US Dollar would buy in 1913, as a result of inflation due to the Fed counterfeiting so much currency. If you had saved $100 in 1913, it would now only buy as much as a single 1913 Dollar would have bought at that time. The other $99 of value would have been stolen through counterfeiting (cheaply duplicating money out of nothing) over the years, resulting in the vale of the $100 being taxed through inflation, behind your back.  The film explains how monetary policy is the most powerful form of control over people that has ever existed, and is central to the unconstitutional, global New World Order ambitions of those that own and benefit from the Fed. The founder of the Rothschild family international banking dynasty, which became the most successful business family in history, Mayer Amschel Rothschild once declared, "Give me control of a nation's money, and I care not who makes the laws."         Most Americans are kept ignorant of how the Federal Reserve operates through actions of corrupt politicians and an increasingly centralized media. Using terms like, 'quantitative easing,' 'monetizing the debt,' or 'adjusting monetary policy for increased fluidity of credit,' the Fed conceals it's true actions behind veils of legitimacy.
The U.S. Congress has the duty and responsibility of coining and maintaining the value of our dollar and money, yet Congress is being negligent in overseeing the Fed, as many politicians depend upon large campaign contributions from the Federal Reserve system bankers. In 2008, Democrat Barack Obama's #1 campaign contributor was Goldman Sachs, among many other banks involved in the fraudulent Federal Reserve counterfeiting system. What is particularly important to note is that Republican John McCain's top contributors were the same as Barack Obama's.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O6ayb02bwp0
Purchase full quality Director's cut DVD here:   http://freedomtofascism.com/order *
Rate film here - note the divide between reviews of corrupt corporate media and the people:  http://www.rottentomatoes.com/m/america_freedom_to_fascism/
YOU HAVE BEEN AND ARE BEING LIED TO - WAKE UP!        Posted by Olive Oyl at 12:30 PM               http://nesaranews.blogspot.ca/2016/04/how-all-americans-have-been-deceived.html
Friday, April 15, 2016 - Wells Fargo Is Preparing for Complete Economic Collapse - Insider Reveals.....// - CSS Offical-New-Logo2
In part, this article is a case of breaking news.....  which is really old news.  In the video below, released on February 7, 2016,  the whistle-blower of doom, says he’s a teller. Ray Charles could see that this is not true. The referenced person, is not a teller. The source is sophisticated enough, to use an untraceable proxy server, and has economic knowledge far beyond a common employee of a bank.
This person’s message, is that of a prominent insider who has the know-how, with regard to covering his tracks, and providing highly detailed insider knowledge.
How can ascertain these facts, about the whistle-blower and the validity of his claims?  In the past, I have written about the credit swap derivatives exposure, and the topic got very little traction. So long as people are driving to work and have some food on the table, and there is no looming crisis,...  most Americans will have a case of tunnel vision, due to the fact that most of only live for Friday, and cannot see into the future.
           Many of us in the independent media and even knowledgeable and respected economists, such as John Williams and Joseph Meyer.... are all saying that we are on the verge of a complete economic collapse. And it will almost assuredly begin with a collapse of the banks. How do I know, read on, the banks, themselves, have already told you as much.
The 2016 Economic Crisis Is Worse Than 2008 -  The very same banks that created the last economic crisis, have now created a 278 TRILLION dollar derivatives nuclear time bomb, that could tear down the American economy, in single and unannounced moment.  Interestingly and tragically, Wells Fargo appears to be a sound manager of its debt, compared to the other banks.  From the  Economic Collapse Blog:
    “JPMorgan Chase         Total Assets: $2,573,126,000,000 (about 2.6 trillion dollars)         Total Exposure To Derivatives: $63,600,246,000,000 (more than 63 trillion dollars)
    Citibank        Total Assets: $1,842,530,000,000 (more than 1.8 trillion dollars)                Total Exposure To Derivatives: $59,951,603,000,000 (more than 59 trillion dollars)
    Goldman Sachs       Total Assets: $856,301,000,000 (less than a trillion dollars)             Total Exposure To Derivatives: $57,312,558,000,000 (more than 57 trillion dollars)
    Bank Of America       Total Assets: $2,106,796,000,000 (a little bit more than 2.1 trillion dollars)       Total Exposure To Derivatives: $54,224,084,000,000 (more than 54 trillion dollars)
    Morgan Stanley       Total Assets: $801,382,000,000 (less than a trillion dollars)           Total Exposure To Derivatives: $38,546,879,000,000 (more than 38 trillion dollars)
    Wells Fargo       Total Assets: $1,687,155,000,000 (about 1.7 trillion dollars)                 Total Exposure To Derivatives: $5,302,422,000,000 (more than 5 trillion dollars)
    Compared to the rest of them, Wells Fargo looks extremely prudent and rational.”                           Confirming Data       can you hear me now, verizon man   ///  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ObiD4b13zAo ///
((  WELLS FARGO PREPARING FOR COLLAPSE / CRISIS - Insider Says Bank Is Preparing For Emergency Scenario - Posted by    Elite NWO Agenda - 90,679 views - Published on Feb 7, 2016 ))
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    23 Percent Of Americans In Their Prime Working Years, Are Unemployed
    More Islamic Terror Coming: ISIS Has Sent 400 Trained Fighters Into Europe, To Conduct Terror Attacks
    Super Soft On Islamic Terror: Obama Says That ISIS ‘Is Not An Existential Threat To Us’
    7 Strange Questions About The Brussels Terror Attacks, That The Mainstream Media Is Not Asking
    Why Investing In Silver, Is Vastly Superior To Investing In Gold, Right Now
    We Are Being Killed On Trade – Rapidly Declining Exports, Signal A Death Blow For The U.S. Economy
    Prescription Painkiller Crisis: Why Do Americans Consume 80 Percent Of All Prescription Painkillers?     The Six Too Big To Fail Banks In The U.S. Have 278 TRILLION Dollars Of Exposure To Derivatives ))
                 Below are two excerpts that I wrote 15 months ago, which absolutely confirms what the “teller” says in the above video. Fifteen months ago, America did not want to listen. Can you hear me now?
November 16, 2014 - On November 16, 2014, it was revealed that when you awakened, a new G20 policy was enacted which effectively stole your bank account. For the time being, you still have some access to some of your money. If you have $100,000 in the bank, try taking that money out  today and see how fast the Federal authorities show up in your life. And if you did manage to get your money out of the bank, don’t forget about the cop on the corner poised to steal your money under the banner of “civilian asset forfeiture”. Pardon me, I digress.         All nations belonging to the G20 will immediately submit and pass legislation that will fulfill a new investment program. This new program creates a whole new paradigm and set of rules whereby banks will no longer recognize your deposits as money.
Russell Napier is declared November 16, 2014, as “the day money dies,” and according to Zero Hedge, Napier says the G-20 will announce “that bank deposits are just part of commercial banks’capital structure, and also that they are far from the most senior portion of that structure.”       Pay close attention America this means that following a bank failure, “a bank deposit is no longer money in the way a banknote is.”  This G20 legislation will formally push down bank accounts through the capital structure to a position of being mere material capital risk in any ‘failing’ institution.
In our last financial crisis, deposits were de facto guaranteed by the state, but beginning November 16, 2014 holders of large-scale deposits will be just another creditor fighting to regain their share of the assets of a failed bank,” according to Zero Hedge. And how much will your former money be worth when you come to make your claim? For reasons that will become apparent as you weave your way through this article and its conclusions, if you have $100,000 in a bank account, you will take home under $1200!  This is why, for the past 18 months, I have been telling the nation to not deposit your paycheck into the bank…
II. The Federal Reserve and the Bank of England Have Already Rehearsed the Theft of Your Bank Account -  November 10, 2014 - The theft of the people’s money has already been rehearsed by the powers that be in the banking industry. Regulators from the United States and the United Kingdom got together in a war room to see how they will cope when the next big bank fails.
Treasury Secretary Jack Lew and the UK’s Chancellor of the Exchequer, George Osborne, on November 10, 2014, ran a joint exercise simulating how they would prop up a large bank (e.g. Bank of America) with operations in both countries that has landed itself in trouble.   Also taking part in the “bank failure drill” was Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen and Bank of England Governor Mark Carney, and the heads of a large number of other regulators, in a meeting hosted by the U.S. Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation.
Just like Jade Helm, if there were not going to do this, then why would they be committing so many resources to practicing to do it?
The FDIC has only about $25 billion in its deposit insurance fund, which is mandated by law to keep a balance equivalent to only 1.15% of insured deposits.
If a banking collapse were to be on the near horizon, the banksters are not going to notify you because they would not want to incite a bank run. With only 1.15% of all deposits being insured by the FDIC, your money would be left vulnerable and only the 'elite' would be warned as they quietly transfer their money to a safer haven, such as gold.
    Conclusion    This is not the part where this turns into a prepper article, although precautions should be taken on the part of every American (eg gold, guns, ammo, food, water, and alliances). This is the part of the article where I tell you to standby and wait for tomorrow’s article which shows you where this is headed.  Suffice it to say that Special Operations Forces are already gearing up for what’s next.
http://www.thecommonsenseshow.com/2016/02/07/insider-reveals-wells-fargo-is-preparing-for-complete-economic-collapse/   ((  http://theeconomiccollapseblog.com/      and  http://www.thecommonsenseshow.com/
.... for more  ))      Posted by Olive Oyl at 12:30 PM         http://nesaranews.blogspot.ca/2016/04/wells-fargo-is-preparing-for-complete.html
......................................................................................................................... and ...... Today’s Invasion of Colorado by Agenda 21, Is Your State’s Future Tomorrow - / Agenda-21-Is-Evil ...pic .... /
Whether you call it Agenda 21 or Agenda 2030, it is the same thing. It is the insidious invasion of the body snatchers, that will overthrow all individual liberty, and destroy any remnants of American culture predicated on individual choice. Colorado Leads the Way In Agenda 21 Impementation .  The Koch brothers, Pat Stryker, Governor Hickenlooper, and many of the Colorado Front Range mayors, are all spearheading a movement to enslave the people of Colorado, under the dictates of the United Nations created and inspired Agenda 21. Colorado, along with a 15 county area in Northern California and Southern Oregon, comprise the beta test for Agenda 21 control, over our most precious resources, namely, our water and our farmland.       The Koch Brothers Spearhead the Agenda 21 Takeover of Colorado -  The Koch brothers have accomplished nothing. The brothers inherited their immense wealth from their father, Soviet oilman Fred Koch. Yet, these entitled Koch brothers feel that should have the right to dictate to everyone else, how they should live.  Whoever thought that his philosophies would have ever seen the light of day in America?  hitler mein kampf    Whoever thought that his philosophies would have ever seen the light of day in America?
      Stalin actually brought in Fred Koch, in order to develop the Soviet Union’s oil industry, and now the sins of the father are being visited upon Fred’s sons, as they are bringing a virulent form of communism to Colorado.
      Koch Industries is the second largest corporation in the United States and true to form, they have no scruples. The Koch brothers are so corrupt that they have been caught stealing oil from protected Indian lands. This should be a hint to the people of Colorado as to what lies in their immediate future.
The Koch brothers espouse the Agenda 21 belief, that you do not control your wealth, land, food, water and air, the state does on behalf of the corporations, that they serve. For example, the Koch brothers are attacking social security. They have spent $29 million dollars to put forth the propaganda, that social security is broke. It is only broke because Congress keeps raiding the funds. The Koch brothers want the retirement age to go to 70 years of age. They want to get their greedy hands on social security, so that they can invest the funds on Wall Street, thus, risking everyone’s social security retirement funds.      Colorado Climate Project     The Rocky Mountain Climate Organization (RMCO) launched the Colorado Climate Project, to bring Coloradans together to reduce the state’s contribution and vulnerability to a changed climate. In the process of enforcing their Agenda 21 inspired policies, Colorado’s farmers and ranchers are under attack ..... (.... ) http://www.thecommonsenseshow.com/2016/04/10/todays-invasion-of-colorado-by-agenda-21-is-your-states-future-tomorrow/ **
Sat. April 16, 2016 - LIES ABOUT CHRISTIANITY. PICTURES OF FATIMA AND ST. PADRE PIO. FROM ERASMUS OF AMERICA - NOV. 27, 2015 - 5:05 PM -  Inline image 1-     NOV. 27, 2014 - - Galatians 2:16: "Knowing that a man is not justified by the works of the law, but by the faith of Jesus Christ, even we have believed in Jesus Christ, that we might be justified by the faith of Christ, and are not by the works of the law: for by the works of the law shall no flesh be justified." This Bible verse helped Martin Luther be inspired to launch the Protestant Reformation in Europe on we are saved by faith alone, and not by works.
James 2:14 : "What doth it profit, my brethren, though a man say he hath faith, and have not works? Can faith save him?" This Bible verse troubled Martin Luther. He said that he would have to defend it since it was in the Bible, but he did not understand it.          Having read on a massive scale the early writings of Christianity for around 370 years after Christ, this is the message I seemed to find to explain the two quoted Bible verses above. If we do not accept the basic teachings of Jesus Christ and with integrity, then we are not justified by the faith of Christ meaning the New Covenant that He established for mankind on earth. If we follow His basic teachings and with integrity, then we are saved by justification in the faith or religious covenant that Jesus established on earth for all of mankind who would follow Jesus. But as Christians are supposed to be "born again" in spirit (in heart)  once converted to true Christianity, then we become a peculiar people zealous of good works because that reflects the love in our hearts for our fellow man on earth and for God in Heaven. What we do out of love which is the expression of true Christianity on earth are called works (or fruits of ours) by Jesus. Works done in the right spirit for love and not for reward of society are instead rewarded after we die living for all eternity in the presence of God and sharing in the colossal love of God making all eternity with Him an endless experience of colossal happiness and joy for this endless eternity with God our Father. And Jesus God the Son sits by His right hand for all eternity which is a sign of shared power and authority with God the Father. And the Holy Spirit of God taught by early Christianity is also part of the Holy Trinity of God being Three in One God.
     Even as Jesus said, "Even as My Father and I are One," so also Jesus wanted His followers to be one in mind and spirit in His true Church founded on earth. And Jesus said that He would send the Holy Spirit (also called Holy Ghost) from God the Father in Heaven to the Christians on earth. In Luke 24:49 Jesus said that He would send the promise of God the Father to them  and then His Christians on earth would be endowed with power from on high.  In St. Mark 16:15-16: And he (Jesus) said unto them, Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel which is the religious teachings that Jesus had turned over to them to preach to every creature (all of mankind). He that believeth shall be saved (live for all eternity with God); but he that believeth not shall be damned (for all eternity as Jesus taught)." And St. Matthew 28:18-20: "And Jesus came and spake unto them, saying, All power is given unto me in heaven and in earth. Go ye therefore, and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. Teaching them to observe all things whatsoever I have commanded you: and, lo, I am with you always, even unto the end of the world. Amen" Luke 24:46-48: "And said unto them, Thus it is written, and thus it behooved Christ to suffer, and to rise again from the dead the third day. And that repentance and remission of sins should be preached in his name among all nations, beginning at Jerusalem. And ye are witnesses of these things." St. John 20:21-23: "Then said Jesus to them again, Peace be unto you: as my Father hath sent me, even so send I you. And when he (Jesus) had said this, he breathed on them and saith unto them, Receive ye the Holy Ghost. Whosoever sins ye remit, they are remitted unto them: and whose so-ever sins ye retain, they are retained."
    Matthew 18 is devoted to what happens when we do or do not forgive the sins of others against us. And also when a claimed Christian should be brought to church trial for his sins and either the church forgives him or else he is cut off from the church membership in what is called excommunication (cut off from the church fellowship). How Apostolic are churches which never rebuke members for extreme sins which are scandalizing the church they attend? The option of the person in bad sin can be repentance before the church or else stonewall it and potentially renounce their church membership by church ruling binding on them.
     Early Christianity taught that when we only accept part of what Jesus taught and reject those teachings of His that we do not want as part of His offered Covenant to us, then we are heretics as the early Church labelled it. And to inject into Christian teachings doctrines which are truly contrary to what Jesus taught, then this is called heresy and not true Christianity. And the New Testament says to know to do good and not to do it is also sin. Romans 14 and 15 talks of Christians having beliefs which are their own private theory but do not challenge the main foundational teachings of Christians. So long as they do not challenge the main teachings of Apostolic Christianity, they are free to have differences in some religious beliefs and still be considered  good Christians practicing Christianity with integrity. Examples are given of those who are meat eaters and those who are vegetarians as part of their religious beliefs, those who believe one holy day must be honored above others is still acceptable and he who does not believe one holy day is above another to be honored is fine so long as he does it to honor the Lord. Under these standards which the churches of today have not honored as church policy, potentially the Seventh Day Adventists could join with other churches and still retain their practices of religious faith which slightly differ from other churches. Catholic and Protestant churches, read Romans 14 and 15 and most of the differences between different denominations is no a big deal, but churches can unite on fundamental issues such as to oppose evil arising in their land.             I am a very scientific person and agree with the early Apostolic Christian churches that the teaching of evolution is heresy as it is not backed by true science. The Greek Epicurus taught the theory of evolution long before Christ and much longer ago than our recent resurrection of the theory by Charles Darwin. Early Christianity said which came first, the tree or the seed, the chicken or the egg? The answer would be that God started life on this earth and then regular life cycles began with living things on earth. I could give a book full of scientific proofs that the theory of evolution is contrary to the scientific discoveries found on earth, etc. One brief example to show that the theory of evolution is full of holes according to serious science, reverse the population figures for the human race on earth  taking standard population figures from information almanacs and the math involved in population reversal says that the human race has only been on this earth a few thousand years. Advance the rate of population growth to one million years hence or backward in time, and as Grant Jeffrey illustrated by math when alive, we had enough humans potentially created by one million years to potentially reach to the ends of the universe. Compound math is poorly understood by most of the public, but you are compounding math figures such as the Rothschilds love to do with endless compounding interest on money and endless national debt, only here you are compounding the growth of the human race until it gets wild into a giant figure beyond human imagination.
     And two British scientists discovered the enzymes which keep living cells from mutating to new life forms. They correct the genetic code of damaged DNA in living cells which makes the Theory of Evolution scientifically impossible. It never happened so the discovery of these two British scientists is hidden from evolution courses or else no one would be left who still believed in the Theory of Evolution. And an Australian astronomer got all the key studies on the speed of light since science started keeping records on this. He found a mathematical curve from earlier to now indicating that the speed of light started out at the speed of infinity and the math curve indicated that our present universe basically started not too many thousands years ago in an apparent big bang from one spot and then filled out the universe as we know it. Other scientists upset with his math curve discovery tried to disprove it, but could not punch holes in the math presented.
     My mother was once rated by I.Q. test to be the most brilliant child in American history up to her time and she liked to train me in advanced logic and scientific thinking. I am not an amateur at this game of logic which unhinges major lies in society and from false teachers trying to infiltrate Christianity and fill it with their lies in order to undermine true Christian teachings. Often powerful scientific proofs are right in front of the people and they never see it because the logic part of their mind was sleeping and not paying attention. Some of the Christian wolves in sheep clothing tried to pull a fast one on naïve, gullible Christians who get taken in with sophism which sounds like logic but is not real logic as the facts proved it is not sound logic.
     A big lie in some Christian circles is that the Roman Emperor Constantine the Great changed the main day of worship of Christian churches from Saturday to Sunday once he legalized Christianity in the Roman Empire. This date of the legalization of Sunday as a recognized worship day for the Christians was March 7, 321 A.D. Only Constantine did not change the main worship day of the Christians from Saturday to Sunday, only legally recognized what was already the main practice of Christianity long before him. The Christians called Sunday the 8th day of the week to honor when Jesus Christ resurrected from the grave. When you get into the early Christian teachings on the two foundational commandments of Jesus Christ, there was no religious problem in setting up the reformed worship day of the Christians from Saturday to Sunday. The two foundational commandments of Jesus were love your neighbor as yourself and love God with all your heart, soul, and mind. In Acts 20:7 it is mentioned that the Apostle Paul joined the Christians in their main day of worship which was the 8th day of the week called the "Lord's Day" and was Sunday. The disciples (Christians) broke their bread (Holy Communion) on the 8th day which was Sunday and was their main worship day of the week. They could worship on other days also, but Sunday was their traditional replacement for the Jewish Sabbath of Saturday.
     A prominent Jewish scholar debated St. Justin Martyr around 160 A.D. that the Christians were "heretics" because they worshiped God on Sunday as their day of rest instead of Saturday as the Jews did. St. Justin Martyr replied back that the Christians worshiped God 7 days a week whereas the Jews worshiped God one day a week, but Old Testament prophecies which the early Christians recited predicted that God would replace the Old Covenant with a New Covenant which was established once Jesus came to earth and died for the sins of mankind. And the Christian main day of worship was henceforth Sunday instead of the Jewish Saturday. But the Apostle Paul in Acts 20:7 as well as in another New Testament passage mentions that he was going to join the local church elsewhere on the 8th day which was their day of gathering(offerings which they did once a week for their main weekly service). Sloppy scholarship for the Saturday worship crowd as they were claiming that those who worshiped on Sunday had the mark of the beast for doing so, etc. The Apostle Paul and other Apostles of Jesus just after He died were already authorizing Sunday as the main worship day of the Christians according to the New Testament! Now Christians could worship on Saturday, Wednesday, etc. but the Apostles saw Sunday as the best day for the main weekly worship service as this honored the 8th day on which day Jesus was resurrected from the dead and proved that He was the Son of God and could offer resurrection to all who followed Jesus as loyal disciples (meant loyal followers of Jesus).                       The New Testament mentions that the followers of Jesus Christ first called themselves Christians in Antioch. Not in the New Testament, but abundant in early Christian writings, they also began calling themselves Catholics or Catholic Christians. Catholic meant in Latin universal and by this label they were calling themselves universal Christians in the Roman Empire meaning all belonging to one Church of Jesus Christ on earth.                   The following listed report was full of holes in inaccurate and totally wrong information supplied in it. I refer to the Nov. 24, 2014 report on Nesara News Islam Originated with the Vatican.  Early Christian catacombs under Rome document that Christianity was alive and well under Rome within 70 years or so of when Jesus Christ died in Jerusalem. They were an illegal religious movement and had to worship in the catacombs under Imperial Rome. They had art scenes taken from the Bible and also other Christian teachings put into art form a few decades after Christ died. One of the early Christian writings posted on the wall of one of the catacombs which I seem to remember was likely around 100 years after Christ or so was a plea to pray to God for the souls of departed Christians to help them in the hereafter, but do not pray for martyrs. They are already in the presence of God. Instead ask the departed martyrs to pray for the Christians now living on the earth. Such as taught in the Book of Revelation, they believed that dead saints could pray to God for those still living on the earth. Remember the Revelation statement about departed saints praying for those on earth while under the altar of God in the hereafter? Revelation 6:9-11: these departed saints are praying for judgment against those on earth who slaughtered the saints of God on earth.
                   In the highly in error report Islam Originated With The Vatican, this report claimed that the Miracle of the Sun on Oct. 13, 1917 never happened at Fatima, Portugal and was an invented lie by the Vatican much later on. In my giant collection of reference books, I also have a copy of this book listed here which had the witness accounts of many people living in the 1960's in Portugal and some in America as I recall as it is a long time since I read the book who all were there when this Miracle of the Sun occurred at Fatima, Portugal on Oct. 13, 1917. The author tracked them down and they were listed by name, photos of them, where they lived, etc.
Meet the Witnesses of the Miracle of the Sun - Amazon.com     www.amazon.com/Meet-Witnesses-Miracle.../1877905356         Amazon.com
Meet the Witnesses of the Miracle of the Sun [John M. Haffert, Canon Galamba de Oliveira, Raymond E. Drake] on Amazon.com. *FREE* shipping on qualifying
     This report I list again, was full of holes, claiming that the Miracle of The Sun never occurred at Fatima, Portugal, his explanation how Christianity and Islam started, is full of holes, and I don't see where he got stories such as Pope Pius XII told Hitler, to invade the Soviet Union, to conquer it for the Vatican. Islam Originated with the Vatican, is the report cited here.  For the record, under Hitler, I think that all Catholic youth organizations, were disbanded by the Nazi Regime, they replaced Christian crosses with Nazi swastikas, on the top of Catholic churches, large to huge numbers of Catholic priests, were sent to Nazi concentration camps, they forced Hitler's Mein Kampf, to be placed beside Christian Bibles on church altars, German youth in schools, were taught to pray to Hitler, as their new Messiah to replace Jesus Christ, and I could go on, as to all the ways that Hitler expressed his hatred for the Roman Catholic Church and Pope, while Nazi Germany was in power. Pope Pius XII as I recall, did help hide some Jews from Nazi Germany, and later it was captured the Nazi plans to blow up the Vatican, once the Nazis won World War II. Pope Pius XII under the previous Pope, had prepared papal issued proclamations, denouncing the Nazi Government in Germany. When Pope Pius XII was in office, he was trying to keep Hitler from trying to totally smash the Roman Catholic Church in Nazi Germany. And trying to keep the Nazis in Rome, from marching in and taking over the Vatican. Pope Pius XII did not tell Hitler to invade the Soviet Union, and Hitler was an extreme enemy of Pope Pius XII, and a deadly enemy of the Vatican in Rome, which was trying to survive until the Nazis were defeated.
    When Christian leaders are slandered or being legally framed, I have at times stood up for them, and told the truth about them, when dishonest or rotten legal sources, were trying to destroy them. When Jim Bakker of Heritage USA was being charged federally, etc., I got the paperwork the federal court would not allow to be shown to the jurors at his trial, and it showed where all the disputed money went to, and how the lodging would be provided for those who had backed the building program at Heritage USA. Jim Bakker was innocent of the federal charges, and I tried to rally support for him, and use this suppressed PTL Charts (financial report) to be used to have dropped the federal charges against Jim Bakker. I frankly was not able to reach Christians, who would stand with me, and I judged that Jim Bakker was legally framed by our antichristian Wash., D.C.
  I defend Christian leaders both Protestant and Catholic when falsely charged,  and being smeared by dishonest elements, etc.
MY SCIENTIFIC APPROACH TO THE MIRACLE OF THE SUN AT FATIMA IS WE SAW THERE A REAL SUPERNATURAL EVENT WITNESSED BY 70,000 TO 100,000 PEOPLE THERE AS REPORTED BY NEWSPAPERS IN PORTUGAL AND I UNDERSTAND EVEN THE NEW YORK TIMES REPORTED ON IT IN AMERICA AT THE TIME. THIS SUPERNATURAL EVENT SHOWS THAT GOD AND SATAN ARE FIGHTING FOR THE HEARTS, MINDS, AND SOULS OF MANKIND ON EARTH. YOU CAN DECIDE IF THIS SUPERNATURAL EVENT CAME FROM GOD OR ELSE SATAN. BUT I AM REMINDED OF THE BIBLE SAYING BY JESUS CHRIST THAT A KINGDOM DIVIDED AGAINST ITSELF CANNOT STAND. LOGICAL QUESTION: WHY WOULD SATAN TELL PEOPLE TO STOP SINNING AND RETURN TO GOD OR ELSE THERE WOULD BE A WORLD WAR II? IF MAN DOES NOT RETURN TO GOD AFTER WORLD WAR II, THEN THERE WILL BE A WORLD WAR III IN WHICH ENTIRE NATIONS WILL BE ANNIHILATED. THIS WAS THE REPORTED MESSAGE OF THE VIRGIN MARY, MOTHER OF JESUS CHRIST, GIVEN TO THE THREE CHILDREN OF FATIMA, PORTUGAL ON OCT. 13, 2014.         As Jesus once said, he that is ashamed to admit Jesus before men, him will Jesus be ashamed to show before God His Father in Heaven. I have the report on Miracles of God on my website. Are Americans too ashamed to honor God when God shows Miracles of God that mankind can understand and shows the love that God offers to mankind if mankind cares to accept the love of God or not in their daily lives. Those that are not ashamed of Jesus Christ in America, show this report here to others and help win many to belief in God. And help to also mass show my Miracles of God report on my website. Most of the youth of America today knows no reason why to believe in God because too many parents are too ashamed of God to show their children convincing reasons why to believe in God. And I saw a recent TV interview of people walking the streets and most said they knew no reason why they should believe in God.
     If you are not too ashamed to admit Jesus Christ and stunning Miracles of God in America, then copy and paste and send to others this report and other reports (mine and others) which show the supernatural Miracles of God to the non-believers in America and give them finally some credible reasons to believe in God! This report you are reading was originally released nationally in 2014, but with so few copying and pasting it to an email to send out nationally and internationally, no wonder most youth in America still have never heard of any serious reason why to believe in God or Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior. As the Apostle Paul said in the New Testament in Romans 10:17: "Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the Word of God." Silence about Miracles of God and what the Word of God teaches in the Bible does not win the youth nor adults of America and abdicates victory to the enemies of Christianity due to your refusal to defend belief in God and the Bible. They boldly declare their Antichrist doctrines and you remain silent while God is defamed by those who lie about God because you refuse to prove why they are wrong before the youth and adults of America. This report shows the documentation that you need to win in debates about God, Jesus Christ, and the hereafter.
     I do not mind publicizing either Protestant or Catholic scholars who effectively defend the Bible and prove that it is scientifically and historically correct with proofs and arguments that the enemies of God cannot answer. Among this is the TV program shown on Christian TV called "Creation In The 21st Century" produced by the Protestant David Rives Ministries. I gladly endorse him for either Protestant or Catholic people to watch as he does a great job using official science to show that the Book of Genesis in the Bible is scientifically correct and accurate and that the theory of evolution cannot stand with credibility against Christian scientific scholars who know their science too well for evolutionists to answer! This paragraph and the one below I added to this report in 2016. His program on "The Pillars of Evolution" destroys the scientific arguments using science that the earth in time is ancient in age and therefore evolution could have happened with life forms. Instead it is scientifically impossible and never happened as no time in nature was ever allowed for it to happen! Another of his weekend programs showed why evolution never occurred as DNA genetic codes degenerate and never evolve upward as they lose parts of their genetic code when mutation is involved and therefore evolution of higher live forms never happened from random chance which we label the theory of evolution. Also, large tall trees turned over the ages into fossils and standing upright could not have stood upright if the Genesis account of the World Flood had never occurred! He is sharp! Give him credit! The youth of America hear what he is showing and probably 99% of all American youth will no longer believe in evolution which turns in credibility the Book of Genesis and the rest of the Bible into a credible Book given us by God to teach us about God and the plans of God for mankind for now and the future. And to read the Bible and find the right answers that it teaches helps to  train your own mind to be sharp and potentially a genius as David Rives has grown into in his field of Bible scholarship!
     I suggest some sharp Catholic scholars and sharp Protestant scholars need to learn from this sharp Protestant scholar how to overwhelmingly defend the Book of Genesis to be literally believed as Jesus Christ taught and not treated as allegory as too many Catholic and Protestant scholars teach today in their ignorance of pertinent science pertaining to the credibility or else lack of credibility of random chance called evolution creating our basic life forms on earth. When a Christian scholar either Protestant or Catholic is a winner for Christianity, give him credit and learn from him how to win for Christianity against its enemies! See I don't pick sides, but back any side of Christianity when it effectively defends Christianity against attempted critics of Christianity thinking themselves smarter than they really are.
              Endorsement of the Fatima Message By St. Padre Pio (1887-1968 - born and died in Italy), the only Catholic priest in Catholic history to bear the stigmata (wounds) of Jesus Christ. For 50 years he bore the stigmata on his body while daily Miracles of God occurred with Padre Pio. The following is quoted from http://www.fatima.org/essentials/whatucando/padrepio.asp            Padre Pio and Our Lady of Fatima
Padre Pio daily expressed his special devotion to Our Lady of Fatima as he knelt and prayed at Her shrine within the monastery, before a large picture surrounded by burning candles. Indeed, he credited the Virgin of Fatima with saving his life.        In 1959, the Pilgrim Statue of Our Lady of Fatima visited Italy. At the same time Padre Pio became very ill and was diagnosed with a fatal, cancerous tumor. On August 6, the statue of Our Lady arrived in San Giovanni Rotondo. Rising from his sick bed, Padre Pio prayed before the statue and kissed Her feet. As the statue left by helicopter, he said: "O Mother of mine, when you came to Italy, you found me with this sickness. You came to visit me here in San Giovanni and found me still suffering from it. Now you are leaving and I am not delivered from my illness!"
As Padre Pio spoke this prayer, a miracle occurred. High above the monastery, the helicopter with Our Lady’s statue suddenly circled the building three times. The pilot would later say that he could not explain why. At the same time, Padre Pio felt a shudder immediately run through him. His body was penetrated by a flow of light and he felt the tumor burst. He cried out, "I am healed! Our Lady has healed me!"
"Thank the Virgin of Fatima for me," he subsequently wrote. "On the very day She left here, I felt well again. I have been back to celebrate Mass since three days ago.
      When my proposed Omni Law is passed by support of enough Americans, then our earlier Christian culture will return to America and the streets of America become civilized again instead of constant murders across America as occurs today because you educate your children in pagan, barbarian values instead of the Christian values that made America once the greatest nation in the world and respected throughout the world. The full name of my Omni Law is the Omnibus Civil Rights Act For America. It gives the American people the legal right to have national referendums to change federal laws and policies when they are rammed down the throats of Americans by federal politicians who want to rule over America instead of represent the will of the American people. Also, the ten legal trustees over Wash., D.C. will have legal powers to investigate treason and corruption when legal circumstances justify it and deliver to grand juries the criminal evidence when justified. Time to make the Washington government an honest government again instead of corrupt as human nature can make it.
     My website is www.fastboomamericaneconomy.com My email is fastboomamericaneconomy.com@gmail.com My mailing address for orders and payments coming by mail instead of through the website is NIFI, P.O. Box 1465, Seneca, SC 29679 . Make checks, etc. out to NIFI and tell what the payment is for. Raised finances will help pass our Omni Law sooner in America. Once passed, this is a political right for the American people the Old Testament reported that God approved as a God-given right for mankind on earth. The children of Israel used this method to decide what form of government they wanted to live under in the days of David of Israel.
              Also listed on my website above is my book "The Early Roots Of Apostolic Christianity" by Erasmus Of America (my pen name) which shows many teachings clearly taught in the major first Christian writings approved by the churches shortly after Christ and the Apostles were gone. Early Christianity maintained the same teachings as was turned over to them by Christ and the Apostles. Protestant and Catholic readers both seemed to like this book very much and a Catholic lay monk wrote that he rated this the most important Christian classic book  written since America was founded as a nation. Hopefully I helped to create a bridge between sincere Protestants and Catholics so we can love our brethren in Christ and learn to pull together united when Christianity is threatened in America and the world. I think that the differences in Christianity are often maybe less than we think and the basis for Christianity to stand together as one Church, not 20,000 splinter churches, rests in understanding what first Christianity taught in its official writings in the Roman Empire while still illegal in the Roman Empire to shortly after made legal in the Roman Empire. And even though written in Vatican Canon Law, I think the Catholic Church has forgotten the Pauline Privilege taught by first Christianity where there were morally justified grounds for divorce and remarriage but only in the Lord as they stated it. St. Jerome who translated the Vulgate Bible wrote a big section on how the Pauline Privilege worked. Jesus wanted marriages to be permanent, but as even as the prominent  church father Tertullian wrote around 200 A.D., Jesus could also be a defender of divorce on certain grounds. Both sides have forgotten why Tertullian wrote this as an established Christian position. Let's just say that the Pauline Privilege should cover the involved grounds. It is good for all Christians to know their original Christian roots. Christianity divided by bad scholarship is not the right way to serve Jesus Christ on earth!          Yours For God And Country, Erasmus Of America (pen name for that American leader not ashamed to be a Christian leader in America. The Founding Fathers of America in 1776 such as George Washington were not ashamed to be Christian leaders for America. Politicians in Wash., D.C. are ashamed of God and God is also ashamed of them being in office!)
                            P.S. I have reported on religious miracles in both the Protestant and Catholic camps when I have found them. I know that God wants the reunification of Christianity, but still God in the meantime has found good Christians both sides to bless with gifts such as Miracles of God when praying in the name of Jesus Christ for them.       Look up my large report on Miracles of God on my national website www.fastboomamericaneconomy.com Quoting one item from that massive report on stunning proofs of the existence of God is included a Protestant Miracle of God which follows:
  Independent Protestant: In 2001, Pastor Dan of Nigeria died on Nov. 30th due to a car accident, was kept in a morgue for 3 days, and his wife refusing his death took him by ambulance to a giant Reinhard Bonnke Crusade in Nigeria. He was resurrected from the dead and spoke of being in Paradise for 3 days. He also saw Hell where souls were damned to for eternity who did not love and follow God. This included a dishonest Christian pastor he found in Hell. See www.cfan.org for more details and dozens of witnesses to this 3 day 2001 resurrection.         Pass this report on to those you care for as family and friends and also for strangers you would like to see won to Christ. You maybe hold in your hands the salvation of many you can win to Christ if you share this report with them. Crowns are given by Jesus to those who win others to Christianity and Jesus as their Lord and Savior! Jesus Christ gave the commission to evangelize the world to Christianity to all capable Christians, not just a few highly talented specialists.
     My mother was extremely bright as I grew up. I respected her enormously. And her advice which made sense to me was "Write like you are talking to the people." In other words, use ordinary words and logic the public can relate to and understand. Don't write like you are writing to fellow Ph.D.'s in your field and no one else can possibly understand what you are saying! Jesus used words and examples called parables that the people could potentially understand. Preach like Jesus did, not like a college lecturer to people unfamiliar with his field of training in formal education. This report can potentially win most of America back to God and Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior of the American people. Use this report massively and you should win America back to the original Christian values American was founded upon back in 1776! The next move is up to you! -
 Erasmus of America - April 14, 2016 - Posted by Freewill at 11:11 PM   http://nesaranews.blogspot.ca/2016/04/lies-about-christianity-pictures-of.html


*•❥♫ ♫  .¸.•*•❥♫ ♫ ¸.•*•❥♫ ♫  .άκρος, έσχατος, ύψιστοάκρος, έσχατος, ύψιστος¸.•*•❥♫ ♫ ¸.•*•❥♫ ♫  .¸.•*•❥♫ ♫ ¸.•*•❥♫ ♫  .¸.•*•❥♫ ♫  •*•❥♫ ♫  .¸.•*•❥♫ ♫ ¸.•*•❥♫ ♫ ¸.•*•❥♫ ♫ ¸.•*•❥♫ ♫  .¸.•*•❥♫ ♫



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Upcoming 13-DayWindow of 'BloodSacrifice toTheBeast', begins April19th - MajorFalseflagWatches, forChicago & Washi.DC   Rumor Mail  -- Mon, 1:34 pm.
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Reader: israel is a psycho state                                                                                                                                                                    Rumor Mail -- Mon, 1:18 p.m.
Reader: Federal Court Rules.... Native Americans Can’t Use Cannabis, but can use Peyote, for religious ceremonies                         Rumor Mail -- Mon, 1:16 p.m.
Reader:Gunman in Texas Air Force Base shooting..... identified as former FBI agent                                                                                  Rumor Mail -- Mon, 1:12 p.m.
It’s Now Mandatory to Microchip Your Dog, in the United Kingdom. Are Humans.... Next?                                                                        Rumor Mail -- Mon, 1:10 p.m.
CGI'StormyOne: Former Senator, Urges Obama, To Declassify Part Of 9/11 Report                                                                                   Susoni -- Mon, 1:04 p.m. EDT
CGI'StormyOne: Former Senator, just went on 60 Minutes, claiming 9/11 attackers, had “support from within US”- FLsen.Bob Grahm   Susoni -- Mon, 1:03 p.m EDT
Reader: Liberals... Foster.... Toxic Muslim Ghettos                                                                                                                                        Susoni -- Mon, 1:00 p.m. EDT
CGI'StormyOne: MuslimMigrants shouting inLondon “ThisIs ourCountry now,GetOUT!”                                                Susoni -- Mon, 12:58 p.m. EDT              !!!!
CGI'StormyOne: ColoradoTrumpDelegate, Removed And Replaced                                                                                                  Susoni -- Mon, 12:56 p.m. EDT
Police Body Cam: An Unnecessary confrontation                                                                                                                      Swami -- Mon, 12:44 p.m. EDT
Reader: "...one of the suspects picked up in brussel, looks just like ..."                                                                            hobie -- Mon, 12:38 p.m. EDT
OneMan’sAbility toLead, byExample, ..and theSeeking of aLesserIgnorance.                                                         Swami -- Mon,12:22 p.m. EDT
Excellent Saying, About Truth                                                                                                                             CrystalRiver --Mon,12:18 EDT
NHHouse, BecomesFirst inUS, toPassBill RequiringJudges,toInform Jurors,of Jury Nullification               Swami -- Mon, 12:16 p.m. EDT
                            45 Ways to Reduce Stress                                                                                              LuellaMay -- Mon, 12:08 EDT
                            Research From 100+ Countries, Proves, Sunlight Prevents Cancer                           LuellaMay -- Mon, 12:07 EDT
                            How To Fight Cancer Tumor Re-Seeding                                                                   LuellaMay -- Mon, 12:05 EDT
Free Trade, Created the Chinese Model                                                                                                BATR -- Mon, 11:36 a.m. EDT
Nest Gems - Party Goers - What Do You Take, With Your Tea?                                                             BATR -- Mon,11:35 a.m. EDT
Way To Stop The Nightmare-- Is Trumps Focus/ed/ (Or America is Finished)                                    CrystalRvr -- Mon,11:23 a.m.
IT'S TIME TO REMOVE COLORADO'S GOP, FROM THE ELECTORAL PROCESS *NM*                       food4tought -Mon,10:32 am.
Those of You, That Want to Be Taken Care of.                                                                                             CrystalRivr -- Mon,10:15 am.
Mark Passio: Most People Don't Want To Wake Up VIDEO/AUDIO                                                                Lymerick -- Mon, 09:02 a.m.
This has got to STOP! VIDEO, MUST SEE!!                                                                                                    Lymerick -- Mon, 08:33 a.m.
NO PRIMARY, NO CAUCUS: CRUZ GETS ALL COLORADO DELEGATES, No voters needed                         CrystalRiver -- Mon,8:22 a.m.
      1988 - DAVE GRUSIN, "SOME CHILDREN, SEE HIM"                                                                                          h o b i e  --  Mon, 01:39 a.m.
      1983 - PAT WILLIAMS BIG BAND ft. Bill Watrous & Tom Scott, "TIMES" (mellow, 8 mins)                                     h o b i e  --  Mon, 01:36 a.m.
Link: "Swan Hugs Man, After Being Rescued, From Chain-Link Fence [Photos]"                                                              h o b i e  --  Mon, 00:08 EDT
▬▬▬▬▬ஜ۩★۩ஜ▬▬▬▬▬ஜ۩★۩ஜ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ஜ۩★۩ஜ▬▬▬▬▬ஜ۩★۩ஜ▬▬▬▬▬ஜ۩★۩ஜ▬▬▬▬▬ஜ۩★۩ஜ▬▬▬▬▬ஜ۩★۩ஜ▬▬▬▬۩ஜ▬▬▬ஜ۩★۩ஜ▬▬▬▬▬ஜ۩★۩ஜ▬▬▬▬▬ஜ۩★۩ஜ ★۩ஜ▬▬▬▬۩ஜ▬▬▬ஜ۩★۩ஜ★۩ஜ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ Lundi, 11 avril
Commenters say, student wasmutilated- Authorities issue noInfo-where's theOutrage?Decent persons slaughtered    Infoeditor -- Sun, 11:30 EDT
DirtBike riders, swarm ambulance,drag police officer down street;in some 3rd World city?nope,in Wash,DC              Watchman -- Sun,11:25 EDT
POOFness for Apr 10: ANOTHER ONE, BITES THE DUST                                                                                       h o b i e -- Su,10:11 pm EDT
With Regards to..... William Mount's Outlook                             ????                                                                           Capn Griff -- Sun,9:47 EDT
RV .....Waiting Game                                                                                                                                                    Lymerick -- Sun, 9:18 p.m.
The New US Republic, via a Global Currency Reset April 10, 2016, by Steve Beckow                                    Lymerick -- Sun, 9:10 p.m.
Zeta Report Nibiru Visibility VIDEO                                                                                                                       Lymerick -- Sun, 8:59 p.m.
The CIA created .....the ‘Conspiracy Theory’ MEME..... to shut down the Truth Movement                                   Lymerick -- Sun, 8:32 p.m.
Did Putin just out .....the World’s ruling Class..... as Reptilians?                                                                             Lymerick -- Sun, 8:29 p.m.
Awakened Stasis Giants..... Secretly Located & Imprisoned... by Global Elite                                                   Lymerick -- Sun, 8:12 EDT
FWIW-Zetas started describing progress towards PoleShift on a scale of 1-10/now at 7-10, & still some time     Lymerick -- Sun, 7:51 EDT
VERY interesting ZetaTalk Newsletter 4/10/16 Nibiru,PoleShift,Dunford is now in charge of USgovernment..   Lymerick -- Sun, 7:48 EDT  ... Zeta Talk Newsletter .....
Not toMention allegedAccepting ofBribes, while inOffice. (Some previousRMN posts, as thingsDeveloped)       hobie -- Sun, 7:33 p.m. EDT
CGI's StormyOne: President Reagan's Sense of Humor, videos                                                                            Susoni -- Sun, 5:43 p.m. EDT
CGI's Archimedes:Dominos falling: former House Speaker Denis Hastert, abused 4 boys,prosecutors say      Susoni -- Sun, 5:39 p.m. EDT
CGI's Archimedes: Bill Clinton.... as President again?                                                                                     Susoni -- Sun, 5:32 p.m. EDT
CGI's FrancisDrake: Temple Fire, kills 100      (India)                                                                                      Susoni  -- Sun, 5:16 p.m. EDT
             1738 -George Frederic Handel, "Harp Concerto, in B flat major, Op.4,no.6, HWV 294"(13m)         h o b i e -- Sun, 5:13 p.m. EDT

             1962 - The PAGE 7, "PUTT IT"                                                                                                          h  o  b  i  e -- Sun,5:06 pm EDT

           2013 - The REAL GROUP, "NATURE BOY" (beautifully done)                                                        h  o  b  i  e  -- Sun,5:02 pm EDT 
CGI's FrancisDrake: Tobacco& FreeWill & DoomsDay: NostraDamus + April 10 in prophecy...      S u s o n i -- Sun, 5:08 p.m. EDT
Captured: America's Most Wanted 'Brenda Delgado', taken into custody in Mexico - VID                        Infoeditor -- Sun, 5:07 p.m. EDT
CGI'sStormyOne: Protesters highlight .....B.Clinton's legacy of ......expanding Mass incarceration          S u s o n i  -- Sun, 5:06 p.m. EDT
CGI's StormyOne: The Greatest Promotional Video of TRUMP .....You Will ver See                                   S u s o n i   -- Sun, 5:04 p.m. EDT
Dentist-Murder Suspect, Brenda Delgado, ....Captured in Mexico                                                                Infoeditor  --  Sun, 4:51 p.m EDT
Link to mp3 of Landa China Global conference call from Apr 6                                                                    h  o  b  i  e   -- Sun, 4:51 p.m. EDT
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Research, Analysis & Micro-Managers: To what depths of Societal Complexity, can You grasp                      S w a m i    --  Sun, 3:54 p.m. EDT
Announcement of arrest of Meechaiel Criner, the suspect in Haruka Weiser murder - VIDEO                          Infoeditor   --  Sun, 3:52 p.m. EDT
Student Enrolls in Dance, at U. of TX. - Gets Murdered, Dumped in Campus Creek                                 Infoeditor   --  Sun, 3:48 p.m. EDT
YES---Thank YOU Oliver:)!!! *NM*                                                                                                                          CrystalRiver -- Sun, 3:23 pm EDT
Sorcha:US scientist confirms russian fears, of new planet (Nibiru), warns, will affect Earth soon(This Month!)   Natural Wisdom -- Sun, 3:05 EDT
Steve Beckow: "Threats and Rhetoric, ....but No Nuclear War, in Our Future"                                                         h  o  b  i  e  -- Sun, 3:00 p.m. EDT
The Child Rape, Assembly Line                                                                                                                                    A n d i   V   -- Sun, 2:52 p.m. EDT
Fwd, FKTV: WeAreChange - "You Won't Believe What We Saw..... In Socialist Venezuela"                                       h  o  b  i  e   --  Sun, 2:49 p.m EDT
Nat.News:Viewers of VAXXED docu in NY, describe emotional rollercoaster, in this most censored medical film.      Nat'lWisdom  -- Sun,2:37 pm EDT
           GMI, Exclusive Sneak Peek promo: "The Truth about Cancer - A Global Quest"                                                 h  o  b  i  e  -- Sun, 2:25 p.m. EDT
                                         Coffee Cancels Magnesium                                                                                                     LuellaMay  -- Sun, 2:15 p.m. EDT
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Heavenletter #5616, Hyacinth in Spring, April 10, 2016                                                                                                       h  o  b  i  e   --  Sun, 2:9 p.m. EDT
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Nat'lNews: Study confirms:high levels of toxicity, drastically reduced in Body, after women switch to natural make-up     h  o  b  i  e    --  Sun, 1:50 p.m. EDT
The Plan to Take Over.... 1/2 of the World, with 1 Move - video                                                                                          g  l  a  s  c    --   Sun, 1:39 p.m. EDT  .....important ......
How a multi-state lottery security official, was able to rig winning numbers, has been determined by forensic technicians     Mr  Fusion  --  Sun, 12:16 p.m. EDT
The Viking and The Celtic Claw (Baron Dupuytren's disease) From The National Institute of Health                                  CrystalRiver -- Sun, 11:39 a.m. EDT
DR. BEN CARSON: VOICE OF THE TRUTH                                                                                                                                 food4thought -- Sun,11:08 a.m. EDT
V for Vendetta, The Book (a Few things I never Caught in the movie)                                                                                         CrystalRiver -- Sun, 11:07 a.m. EDT

This vid shows how TV/PressMedia..brainwashes us in realTime; what you see ain't what you're viewing;but their spells!   Watchman -- Sun, 09:42 a.m. EDT
Major Changes Ahead !                                                                                                                                                       Lymerick -- Sun, 08:27 a.m. EDT
Bases 45 Cara St Louis, Part 4 The Phe (Fairies) - VIDEO-  Miles Johnston                                                                    Lymerick -- Sun, 08:25 a.m. EDT
Nearly half of Great Barrier Reef, expected to die, in next month, RT America VIDEO                                       Lymerick -- Sun, 08:05 a.m. EDT
Busted! Feds Caught Putting Surveillance Camera Box, On Phoenix Utility Pole, DAHBOO77-[vid]                Lymerick -- Sun, 07:51 a.m. EDT
BREAKING: OBAMA MAKES TERRIFYING MOVE, TO PLACE HIMSELF in 3rd Term ! [vid]                 Lymerick -- Sun, 07:35 a.m. EDT
High radiation triggers alert.....  at Browns Ferry                                                                                 Lymerick -- Sun, 07:25 a.m. EDT
Multi-Layered Cover-Up , in“Finicum shooting”& subsequent investigation.Boiling frogs post [vid]  Lymerick -- Sun, 07:14 a.m. EDT
Building-7 Plan by Architects Institute, and Informing Australian PM Malcolm Turnbull                 MaryMaxwell--Sun, 07:13amEDT
BREAKING: Bilderberg Meeting Location and Date, Confirmed VIDEO                                        Lymerick -- Sun, 07:09 a.m. EDT
Physical Pains, and Their Metaphysical Meanings                                                                       Lymerick -- Sun, 07:05 a.m. EDT
                    3 States of Mind, to Embrace the Coming Energy                                                 Lymerick -- Sun, 06:49 a.m. EDT
In 9 Days, Wall Street Commits Suicide -  William Mount VID.                                          Lymerick -- Sun, 05:27 a.m. EDT
What is Monoatomic "White Powder" Gold?                                                                     Mr.  E d -- Sun, 03:39 a.m. EDT   ...... or    .....ORME .....
              2008 -LIBERA, "IN PARADISUM"                                                                             hobie   --  Sun, 01:37 a.m. EDT
              2005 -CANADIAN BRASS, "QUINTET" by Michael Kamen                                      hobie   --  Sun, 01:35 a.m. EDT
              2011 -TONY BENNETT & ANDREA BOCELLI, "STRANGER in PARADISE"            hobie   -- Sun, 01:34 a.m. EDT
California drought, sees cloud seeding effort, via Weather Modification Inc.                           Andi V -- Sun, 00:59 a.m. EDT
TRUMP: "I WILL DO FOR AMERICA, WHAT I DID FOR BUSINESS"                                          oliverhado -- Sun, 00:43  EDT
Ghost account system diagram                                                                                                          Mr Fusion -- Sun,0:41 am EDT
VAXXED: FIVE SOLD-OUTSHOWS...... IN LA!                                                                                   oliverhaddo -- Sun,0:20 am EDT
=============================================================================================== April 10th .........
link: "Nexium And Prilosec...... Causing Massive Health Problems, Including Kidney Failure"                   h  o  b  i  e  -- Sat, 11:29 p.m. EDT
Sofia Smallstorm..... on Synthetic Biology and Human Engineering                                                              CrystalRvr -- Sat,8:33 p.m. EDT
Why Ted Cruz is NOT Legally Eligible.... to be President                                                                                        L  i  o  n   -- Sat, 7:41 p.m. EDT
ReaderAnon- the author of this article, depicts Russia and Putin, as the bad guys- facts do not support that-fact  igots 2 no -- Sat, 7:39 p.m. EDT
              2014 - Bars & Melody, "Hopeful" - SimonCowell's "Golden Buzzer" act (1st BGT audition; 115Mviews)      h o b i e  --  Sat, 7:36 p.m. EDT
              2014 - Collabro, "Stars" from Les Miserables (first Britain's Got Talent audition; +27M views)                    h o b i e  --  Sat, 7:25 p.m. EDT
              2012 - Only Boys Aloud, "Calon Lân" (first Britain's Got Talent, audition; 17 million views)                            h o b i e  --  Sat, 7:20 p.m. ED
              2012 - CHARLOTTE and JONATHON, "The PRAYER" (1st BGTaudition; 70M views)                                        h o b i e  --  Sat, 7:11 p.m. EDT

DavidCrayford -  PANAMA PAPERS --- HOW America Buys its FRIENDS and ALLIES, in GOVTs .....                             igots 2no -- Sat, 7:13 p.m. EDT
*Must Listen!* Corruption on a local, state and federal levels, exposed.What the BLM is really all about! *nm*         p  a  x     --  Sat, 6:21 p.m. EDT
Carlos the Jackal.... connected to Maoist Cult..... in UK                                                                                                       A n d i  V --  Sat, 3:28 p.m EDT
Vid.: TheDonaldTrump, MSM & GOP Elite, don't want you to know...Watch it now,because YouTube keeps pulling it.      Watchman -- Sat, 3:03 p.m EDT
New Hampshire House, Passes Bill ....REQUIRING Judges.... To Fully Inform Juries...                                                        Watchman -- Sat, 2:57 p.m EDT
Panama Papers Long-Con: NIRP will make holding physical Cash/Gold/Silver .....an “Illegal Tax Haven”[vid]                    NaturalWisdom -- Sat, 2:29 EDT
Fwd: FKTV - "Linda Moulton Howe: Ancient Alien Technology, & Gobleki Tepe"                                                                 h  o  b  i  e  -- Sat, 2:22 p.m. EDT
Heavenletter #5615, On the Way to Peace, April 9, 2016                                                                                                            h  o  b  i  e  -- Sat, 1:43 p.m. EDT
Messages from Ann & the Angels - 04/09/2016                                                                                                                              h  o  b  i  e  -- Sat, 1:39 p.m. EDT
Exposed! Burns OR, & Beyond: Interview with Leo Stratton, Call of Duty Goddess, and special guest -video                            g  l  a  s  c  -- Sat,1:23 p.m. EDT
Reader: The Holocaust Fantasy.... Litmus Test                                                                                                                                    RumorMail -- Sat,1:06 p.m. EDT
CGI's StormyOne: How To Defeat Vote Fraud, Or, Silent Death of..... the TruVote System                                                              Susoni   --  Sat, 12:52 p.m. EDT
CGI'sStormyOne:Cruz in a kippah, In BrightonBeach, NY: - God bless Netanyahu- Cruz has promised to stronglySupport Israel        Susoni  --  Sat, 12:51 p.m. EDT
CGI'sStormyOne: Vote Fraud: How It's Done                                                                                                                                              Susoni  --  Sat, 12:49 p.m. EDT
CGI'sStormyOne: Governor Rick Scott Gets An Earful, From Woman At Starbucks                                                                                  Susoni  -- Sat, 12:48 p.m. EDT
France:EntireSwissBranch ofRothschild’BankingEmpire,under criminalInvestigation,afterDavidDeRothschild conspiracyIndictment.    igots 2no -- Sat,12:22 pm EDT
                     This Humble Food Extract, Puts Bone Drugs, To Shame                                                                                                          LuellaMay -- Sat,10:15 am EDT
                     Safe and Effective Natural Remedies for Acne                                                                                                                      LuellaMay  -- Sat, 10:12 am  EDT
                     End Psoriasis Naturally                                                                                                                                                       LuellaMay  - - Sat, 10:10 a.m. EDT
Was The Panama Papers "Leak" ...... A Russian Intelligence Operation?                                                                                                 igots 2 no  --   Sat, 09:03 a.m. EDT
Zeta Report Nibiru Visibility,  Nancy Lieder VIDEO                                                                                                                             Lymerick  -  - Sat, 07:50 a.m. EDT
PLANET 9/ - CASSINI SPACECRAFT - -  BPEarthWatch VIDEO                                                                                                             Lymerick  - - Sat, 07:05 a.m. EDT
TheRealReason american Cities have lead in  Water Supply: “Humans have been...Written Off” VIDEO                                      Lymerick  -- Sat, 06:58 a.m. EDT
Corrupt United Nations Troops, are engaging in Sex Trafficking Children                                                                                                Lymerick -- Sat, 06:51 a.m. EDT
CourtHouseFraud-PrivateAttorneyGeneral’s office uncovered elaborate + deceptive scheme, perpetrated by the judicial system...      Lymerick -- Sat, 06:47 a.m. EDT
"Bombshell"...continued Malhuer Co. Standoff,  Judge Brown EXPOSED!! - video                                                                                        g l a s c   --  Sat, 04:51 a.m.EDT
'Just Say No' .... to GMO!
......    Song by Kate Magdalena Willens                                                                                                                  g l a s c  -- Sat, 04:26 a.m.EDT
Message from Mike Quinsey - 8 April 2016                                                                                                                                                    Mr. E d -  - Sat, 02:00 a.m. EDT
                        1995 - CHANTICLEER, "Es ist ein Ros' entsprungen (lo, how a rose)"                                                                                       h o b i e -- Sat, 01:44 a.m. EDT
                        1956 - GEORGE SHEARING, "DANCING ON THE CEILING"                                                                                                      h o b i e  -- Sat, 01:41 a.m. EDT
                        2012 - JACKIE EVANCHO, "THE SUMMER KNOWS"                                                                                                                     h o b i e  -- Sat, 01:39 a.m. EDT
CGI's Morgan: Dog Poet~~~The Holocaust Fantasy, Litmus Test                                                                                                                        RumorMail -- Sat,01:14 pm EDT
==================================================================================================================== APRIL 9th .............................
Nat'lNews:"Boy scout in remission, after using CBD Oil, slams anti-cannabis legislation:I'd rather be illegally alive, than legally dead"    h o b i e -- Fri, 11:54 p.m. EDT
Nat'lNews:"BogusBreastRemoval: New science reveals double mastectomy, doesn't reduce risk...of dying from cancer"                              h o b i e -- Fri, 11:48 p.m. EDT
Nat'lNews: "Miracle compound found in blueberries, prevents dementia and Alzheimer's"                                                               h o b i e  -- Fri, 11:45 p.m. EDT
Ella Fitzgerald &Nelson Riddle Orch.-LAURA-DavidRaskin-JohnnyMercer- America produced the best, in music                           Info editor -- Fri, 10:58 p.m. EDT
Ex-HARP engineer, reveals links between HAARP, CERN,wind turbines,fracking& 'SpaceFence'[podcast/vid]                        NaturalWisdom -- Fri,10:57 EDT
       1945 HITS ARCHIVE: Candy - Johnny Mercer & Jo Stafford Important Composer of our Time                                    Info editor -- Fri, 10:53 p.m. EDT
       He Walked By Night -FREE MOVIE-Richard Basehart,...-CrimeDrama-based on Real Life                                      Info editor -- Fri, 10:36 p.m. EDT
       Second Chorus - FREE MOVIE - Fred Astaire, PauletteGoddard - Musical Comedy                                              Info editor -- Fri, 10:21 p.m. EDT
FBI Warns Of Cyber Attack .......On CONUS Electric Grid                                                                                      Watchman -- Fri, 10:15 p.m. EDT
How would History be written..... in Anarchy?                                                                                                            S w a m i   -- Fri, 10:10 p.m. EDT
NO Senior Discounts.... (you have had, twice as long, to raise the money)                                                                  Watchman  -- Fri, 9:54 p.m. EDT
Will you Do Anything..... for Money?                                                                                                                                S w a m i   -- Fri, 8:16 p.m. EDT
From Rolling Stone Magazine: Rothschild corruption goes Mainstream                                                                   Capn Griff -- Fri, 7:46 p.m. EDT  ....enfin......
Galactic Connection: David Icke Reviews,.... Living In A Quantum Computer Universe, April 5, 2016                               Lymerick  --  Fri, 7:36 p.m. EDT
Did you fall for this "Tool of Mass Distraction", about Yellowstone? Steve Quayle sets the record straight [vid]                 Nat'lWisdom -- Fri,6:45 pm EDT
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