Ukraine President Flees Kiev, Protesters Enter His Personal Compound - LOOK WHAT THEY FIND! Posted By: Jordon [Send E-Mail]
Date: Saturday, 22-Feb-2014 10:02:30     REVEALED: Inside The President Of Ukraine's Compound Where He Has A Huge Boat, And An Incredible Personal Zoo.
The big news today in Ukraine, is that President Yanukovych has fled the city of Kiev. In the chaos, protesters have entered his personal compound.
One of the discoveries? An extraordinary personal zoo. Reporter Matt Frei (@mattfrei) has been tweeting images from inside the compound. (  81  78  2  1  0 )...** short vid....**
        More Pics Here... http://www.businessinsider.com/yanukovych-compound-2014-2 **(( Here's The Dirty Little Secret, IMAX (Junior) Doesn't Want You To Know ))
        Read more: http://www.businessinsider.com/yanukovych-compound-2014-2#ixzz2u7BQWjhu
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This is absolutely obscene... -more photos (views: 192) Jordon -- Saturday, 22-Feb-2014 20:08:56     // http://www.rumormillnews.com/cgi-bin/forum.cgi?read=300349  //
This is absolutely obscene... -more photos.                    Posted By: Jordon [Send E-Mail] Date: Saturday, 22-Feb-2014 20:08:56
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Guys, There's too many more photos for me to post here, so I'll leave the links..  This is absolutely obscene. While the president of a Country lives like this, when the majority of people are living paycheck to paycheck, just to make ends meet..  If this is what the President of Ukraine is living like, can you imagine what the Bush's estate, must look like? Or the Clinton's?? Has anyone seen their properties? Just sayin'.
         21 Insane Photos From The President Of Ukraine's Incredible Compound. - http://www.businessinsider.com/ukraine-president-home-2014-2 **
         Look What Was Found In Yanukovych's Compound.   - http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2014-02-22/look-what-was-found-yanukovychs-compound **
Articles In This Thread:  Ukraine President Flees Kiev, Protesters Enter His Personal Compound - LOOK WHAT THEY FIND! (views: 2324) Jordon -- Saturday, 22-Feb-2014 10:02:30
This is absolutely obscene... -more photos (views: 200)  Jordon -- Saturday, 22-Feb-2014 20:08:56  // http://www.rumormillnews.com/cgi-bin/forum.cgi?read=300389 //
HAPPY BIRTH DAY - MUGABE TURNS 90 AND STILL RUNS AROUND.  Posted By: IZAKOVIC [Send E-Mail] Date: Friday, 21-Feb-2014 11:37:11 Mugabe turns 90: Here are nine things you may not know about him - and which may hold the key to his longevity. By Lucy Fleming BBC News. Top: Robert Mugabe holding ballons,      Bottom: Left: Robert Mugabe with Queen Elizabeth II.      Middle: A soldier holding a portrait of Robert Mugabe           Right: Robert Mugabe talking into a microphone with the flag of Zimbabwe behind him. Robert Mugabe is turning 90 and a weekend of celebrations is planned in Zimbabwe, to celebrate the president's long life. Born in the village of Kutama, south-west of the capital, he was educated by Jesuits, and went on to become a teacher, before joining the liberation struggle, spending 11 years in prison, and becoming Zimbabwe's first leader in 1980. More: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-africa-26257237  --- 
MAP: Zimbabwe,South Africa. ---  http://humansarefree.com/2011/01/oldest-metropolis-on-earth-was-built-by.html ** ---
 IZAKOVIC    http://www.deepspace4.com                                         http://www.rumormillnews.com/cgi-bin/forum.cgi?read=300272
....... *....(.....) Where it was found:  The area is significant for one striking thing - GOLD!!! "The thousands of ancient gold mines discovered over the past 500 years, points to a vanished civilization that lived and dug for gold in this part of the world for thousands of years," says Tellinger. "And if this is in fact the cradle of humankind, we may be looking at the activities of the oldest civilization on Earth." -------
For this to make sense we have to go back to the Anunnaki: Chronology of events (Part One).          450,000 B.C. Nibiru’s atmosphere begun deteriorating and became hostile to life. Anu dethroned Alalu and came on Terra with a craft. He was searching for GOLD which could be used to repair the damaged atmosphere of Nibiru.
(Our science reached the same conclusions without knowing the Sumerian stories. According to our scientists we can use gold nanoparticles to repair Earth’s damaged ozone layer).
445,000 BC     Anunnaki extraterrestrials landed on Terra and established their base in Eridu, wanting to extract gold from the Persian Gulf. They were led by Enki, one of Anu’s sons.
416,000 BC    The gold production dropped down, which made Anu come to Earth. Together with him came his other son, Enlil. Anu decided the mining to take place in Africa and promoted Enlil in charge of the Terran mission. Enki was sent to Africa!!!                  400,000 BC   In Southern Mesopotamia were seven developed villages. The most important were: The “Sipar” Spaceport, The “Nippur” Mission Control Center and the Metallurgy Centre from “Shuruppak”. The ore was transported from Africa in crafts. After the metal was refined it was sent up in the orbit. From there it was loaded in ships, which were constantly coming from Nibiru. Igigi was responsible with the delivery of the finished product.             300,000 BC  The Anunnaki revolted against their masters because the work in the mines was too hard.
(My note: please read “Our true history”. The Anunnaki actually used as slaves in the mines another reptilian race from a planet called Inua - Close to Orion).
Enki and Ninkharsag had to find other workers. They took DNA samples from a female ape and after genetic manipulations the first Homo Sapiens were bred. They have been put to work and replaced the Anunnakis. At the same time, Enlil brought primitive workers from Edin, Mesopotamia. Homo Sapiens could procreate so they begun to proliferate. --------------
To see the number and scope of these ruins, I suggest that you use google-earth and start with the following coordinates:
Carolina:             25 55' 53.28" S / 30 16' 13.13" E         Badplaas:           25 47' 33.45" S / 30 40' 38.76" E
Waterval:             25 38' 07.82" S / 30 21' 18.79" E        Machadodorp:   25 39' 22.42" S / 30 17' 03.25" E
Then perform a low flying search inside the area formed by this rectangle. Simply Amazing! Remember, we're talking almost 200,000 years ago!
The individual ruins [see below] mostly consist of stone circles. Most have been buried in the sand and are only observable by satellite or aircraft. Some have been exposed when the changing climate has blown the sand away, revealing the walls and foundations.                        (Contrast 200%, darkened) "I see myself as a fairly open-minded chap but I will admit that it took me well over a year for the penny to drop, and for me to realise that we are actually dealing with the oldest structures ever built by humans on Earth.
The main reason for this is that we have been taught that nothing of significance has ever come from southern Africa. That the powerful civilizations all emerged in Sumeria and Egypt and other places. We are told that until the settlement of the BANTU people from the north, which was supposed to have started sometime in the 12th century AD, this part of the world was filled by hunter gatherers and so-called Bushmen, who did not make any major contributions in technology or civilization." - Tellinger.        A Rich and Diverse History
When explorers first encountered these ruins, they assumed that they were cattle corals made by nomadic tribes, like the Bantu people, as they moved south and settled the land from around the 13th century. There was no previous historical record of any older civilization capable of building such a densly populated community. Little effort was made to investigate the site because the scope of the ruins was not fully known.
Over the past 20 years, people like Cyril Hromnik, Richard Wade, Johan Heine and a handful of others have discovered that these stone structures are not what the seem to be. In fact these are now believed to be the remains of ancient temples and astronomical observatories of lost ancient civilizations that stretch back for many thousands of years. 
These circular ruins are spread over a huge area. They can only truly be appreciated from the air or through modern sattelite images. Many of them have almost completely eroded or have been covered by the movement of soil from farming and the weather. Some have survived well enough to reveal their great size [see above] with some original walls standing almost 5 feet high and over a meter wide in places.
     (Contrast 200%, Sharpened level 5). Looking at the entire metropolis, it becomes obvious that this was a well planned community, developed by a highly evolved civilization. The number of ancient gold mines suggests the reason for the community being in this location. We find roads -- some extending a hundred miles -- that connected the community and terraced agriculture, closely resembling those found in the Inca settlements in Peru. But one question begs for an answer -- how could this be achieved by humans 200,000 years ago?                                                        (Contrast 200%, Sharpened level 3)
This is what you will see on google-earth at: 25 37'40.90"S / 30 17'57.41E [A].   We are viewing the scene from an altitude of 357 meters.
This is not a "special" location -- just one we picked at random, within the previously described area. It shows artifacts that are everywhere and we encourage you to search the area with this great internet technology.
The circular stone structures are obvious from this view, even though they may not be visible from ground level. Notice that there are many very long roads [B] that connect groups of the circular structures. If you zoom out and follow these "roads" they travel for many miles. The fact that we can see these structures is mainly because natural erosion has blown away the dirt and debris that has covered them for thousands of years. Once exposed to the wind, the rocks are scoured clean and may appear deceptively new. If you look closely at what first appears to be empty land [C], you will notice many faint circles, indicating that even more dwellings lurk below the surface. In reality, the entire area is packed full of these structures and connecting roads.
How was the site dated    Once the ruins were examined, the researchers were anxious to place the lost civilization in a historical perspective. The rocks were covered with a patina that looked very old but there were no items sufficient for carbon-14 dating. It was then that a chance discovery revealed the age of the site, and sent a chill down the spine of archaeologists and historians!
Astonishing discovery: A massive stone calendar aligned with Orion's belt!  Finding the remains of a large community, with as many as 200,000 people living and working together, was a major discovery in itself. But dating the site was a problem. The heavy patina on the rock walls suggested the structures were extremely old, but the science of dating patina is just being developed and is still controversial. Carbon-14 dating of such things as burnt wood introduces the possibility that the specimens could be from recent grass fires which are common in the area.
The breakthrough came quite unexpectedly. As Tellinger describes it: "Johan Heine discovered Adam's Calendar in 2003, quite by accident. He was on route to find one of his pilots who crashed his plane on the edge of the cliff. Next to the crash site Johan noticed a very strange arrangement of large stones sticking out of the ground. While rescuing the injured pilot from about 20 metres down the side of the cliff, Johan walked over to the monoliths and immediately realised that they were aligned to the cardinal points of Earth - north, south, east and west. There were at least 3 monoliths aligned towards the sunrise, but on the west side of the aligned monoliths there was a mysterious hole in the ground - something was missing.  After weeks and months of measuring and observations, Johan concluded that it was perfectly aligned with the rise and fall of the Sun. He determined the solstices and the equinoxes. But the mysterious hole in the ground remained a big puzzle. One day, while contemplating the reason for the hole, the local horse trail expert, Christo, came riding by. He quickly explained to Johan that there was a strange shaped stone which had been removed from the spot some time ago. Apparently it stood somewhere near the entrance to the nature reserve.
After an extensive search, Johan found the anthropomorphic (humanoid shape) stone*. It was intact and proudly placed with a plaque stuck to it. It had been used by the Blue Swallow foundation to commemorate the opening of the Blue Swallow reserve in 1994. The irony is that it was removed from the most important ancient site found to date and mysteriously returned to the reserve - for slightly different reasons."
* For me, the anthropomorphic stone it clearly indicates a non-human being. We know from many cultures (including the African culture that evolved from these places) that the humans were not allowed to depict the reptilians in their true form. So this is the perfect depiction of a reptilian standing next to/looking at the Orion's belt. He clearly is a non-human belonging to the stars.
       The exact location of the calendar is listed on www.makomati.com. The first calculations of the age of the calendar were made based on the rise of Orion, a constellation known for its three bright stars forming the "belt" of the mythical hunter. The Earth wobbles on its axis and so the stars and constellations change their angle of presentation in the night sky on a cyclical basis. This rotation, called the precession completes a cycle about every 26,000 years. By determining when the three stars of Orion's belt were positioned flat (horizontal) against the horizon, we can estimate the time when the three stones in the calendar were in alignment with these conspicuous stars.  The first rough calculation was at least 25,000 years ago. But new and more precise measurements kept increasing the age. The next calculation was presented by a master archaeoastronomer who wishes to remain anonymous for fear of ridicule by the academic fraternity. His calculation was also based on the rise of Orion and suggested an age of at least 75,000 years. The most recent and most acurate calculation, done in June 2009, suggests an age of at least 160,000 years, based on the rise of Orion - flat on the horizon - but also on the erosion of dolerite stones found at the site.
Some pieces of the marker stones had been broken off and sat on the ground, exposed to natural erosion. When the pieces were put back together about 3 cm of stone had already been worn away. These calculation helped assess the age of the site by calculating the erosion rate of the dolerite.  (In the left corner we can see the anthropomorphic stone depicting the reptilian standing next to Orion's belt. Also notice how tall he is).
If you payed attention to all my articles you will notice a trend. No matter what culture we study, everything goes back to this trio:
1. The Anunnaki Reptilians or other Reptilian/Serpent/Dragon gods;    2. The Orion's Belt;   3. The Pleiades Constellation;
This trio forms a more complex interlocking chain:  Nibiru - Anunnaki - The Ancient Egypt - (now) Africa - The Illuminati worship - Vatican - Orion - Pleiades - Ritualistic worship - Temples and pyramids.
HTML5   360p MP4   Flash      The truths in South Africa are preserved by Zulu Shamans and passed on from generation to generation.  David Icke met in his journeys a South African Shaman Zulu named Credo Mutawa. This wonderful person tells the story of the first African gods. They were Reptilian Extraterrestrials who came to Africa to mine gold. Because they needed workers, they genetically created the first human beings as their slaves. They had also interbreed with human women creating a superior race of leaders. These leaders (half blooded kings) were the bridge between the reptilian ETs and the African people.
Credo Mutawa also had a very old necklace telling the story of their first days on Earth. On the necklace there is a reptilian being that interbreeds with woman, a flying disc (genereically known as UFO), the Star of David (the possible explanation of Wayne Herschel is that the Star of David means, as in Heavens so on Earth. And refers to the Reptilian arrival on Earth.), the Orion's belt and many other figures.
You can see Credo Mutawa bellow, with a reptilian depiction (as he sees them) and the inherited necklace: - See more at: http://humansarefree.com/2011/01/oldest-metropolis-on-earth-was-built-by.html#sthash.E0iYyyb7.dpuf ....(....)  http://humansarefree.com/2011/01/oldest-metropolis-on-earth-was-built-by.html
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YES, I did :-) Right Wing is the New Liberal Catch Phrase, and here is what it means (views: 256)                                     Susoni -- Friday, 21-Feb-2014 12:51:51
Reader: That...is a very good question, Susoni; where are the MEN? (views: 176)                                                 Susoni -- Friday, 21-Feb-2014 14:29:09
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The Most Evil Man in the World is NOT George Bush OR Back Obama - They are merely his puppets!  Posted By: Rayelan [Send E-Mail] Date: Monday, 29-Nov-2010 13:27:29
....(....) A blog you might want to keep an eye on is SorosWatch.com. This blog is dedicated to all who have suffered due to the ruthless financial pursuits of George Soros. Your stories are many and varied, but the theme is the same: the destructive power of greed without conscience. We pledge to tirelessly watch Soros wherever he goes and to print the truth in the hope that he will one day be made to stop preying upon the world's poor; that justice will be served. In 1997 Rachel Ehrrenfeld wrote, "Soros uses his philanthropy to change or more accurately deconstruct the moral values and attitudes of the Western world, and particularly of the American people. His "open society" is not about freedom; it is about license. His vision rejects the notion of ordered liberty, in favor of an PROGRESSIVE ideology of rights and entitlements."
Perhaps the most important of these "whistle blowers" are David Horowitz and Richard Poe. Their book "The Shadow Party" outlines in detail how Soros hijacked the Democratic Party, and now owns it lock, stock, and barrel. The Shadow Party became the Shadow Government, which became the Obama Administration. Discoverthenetworks.org (another good source) writes, "By his ['Soros'] own admission, he helped engineer coups in Slovakia, Croatia, Georgia, and Yugoslavia . When Soros targets a country for "regime change," he begins by creating a shadow government-in-exile, ready to assume power when the opportunity arises. The Shadow Party he has built in America greatly resembles those he has created in other countries prior to instigating a coup."..... Richard Poe writes, "Soros' private philanthropy, totaling nearly $5 billion, continues undermining America 's traditional Western values. His giving has provided funding of abortion rights, atheism, drug legalization, sex education, euthanasia, gun control, globalization, mass immigration, gay marriage and other radical experiments in social engineering."        Some of the many NGOs (None Government Organizations) that Soros funds with his billions are: MoveOn.org, the Apollo Alliance , Media Matters for America , the Tides Foundation, the ACLU, ACORN, PDIA (Project on Death In America ), La Raza, and many more. For a more complete list, with brief descriptions of the NGOs, go to DiscoverTheNetworks .org.
* http://discoverthenetworks.org/ * Poe continues, "Through his global web of Open Society Institutes and Open Society Foundations, Soros has spent 25 years recruiting, training, indoctrinating and installing a network of loyal operatives in 50 countries, placing them in positions of influence and power in media, government, finance and academia." .....(....) http://www.rumormillnews.com/cgi-bin/forum.cgi?read=300202
http://www.sourcewatch.org/index.php?title=George_Soros - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/George_Soros - http://www.discoverthenetworks.org/individualProfile.asp?indid=977 **
President Clinton is the grandson of King Edward VII .....and MUCH MORE (views: 1351) Lymerick -- Thursday, 27-Feb-2014 02:40:05  http://www.rumormillnews.com/cgi-bin/forum.cgi?read=300763
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The giant fraud of the queen herself. (views: 865)                                                       Lymerick -- Thursday, 27-Feb-2014 02:50:24  http://www.rumormillnews.com/cgi-bin/forum.cgi?read=300764
She's a descendant of William III of Orange, who was a German prince living in  Denmark, who in 1694 was installed as king by the Bauer family, later Rothschild, to replace Mary queen of Scots, who was a Stuart and the legitimate queen, who refused them a charter for the bank of England, in order to keep her subjects from being enslaved. Diana was murdered because she was a legitimate heir and direct descendant of Mary,
and was working against the Zionist monarchy, among other reasons. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/William_III_of_England .... http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mary_queen_of_scots .....

.............. monday.....24th...... UPDATE: Mails heavily censored again, little of substance has gotten through lately. I knew they would start killing or distorting the bodies of the mails, now that the log page lists the subject and sender. I had a plan for this, because I knew it would happen. Tomorrow (feb 25) that plan will go up, for box james@jimstonefreelance.com
If you have been trying to contact me, and things seem fishy, check THIS PAGE, and see if you ever got a message to me at all.      UPDATE: messages seem to have their guts ripped out now. Workin on it . . . . .
                   Feb 24 2014. I cannot do updates today of any significance, because two cyber cafe computers in a row were duds, and when even one is it messes things up. The San Joaquin report is an important one. I am going to remove the Jewish references from the permalink, in hopes it will be able to be posted elsewhere, they censored the following San Joaquin report, big time. Today's job is going to be to edit that report down, to where there is no "hate" excuse, to block it. We are not only losing the war, we are getting our butts kicked, while people play call of duty, and watch idiotic shows like Survivor (God I hate those.) If I got a chance to run a show like survivor, it would go like this -                 Five men and five women are dropped on an inhospitable island. There are ways to get water provided by geography, but it is not easy and you have to have a brain to do it. No voting people out, no teams no games no B.S, only a doctor calling a medical helicopter, when people are on the verge of death, and I mean passed out and going to die. Last one flown out, wins.              The survivor programs as they are, teach people to lie, cheat, steal, and use the system, to destroy people who are better than them. They are absolutely disgusting aemoralistic pits of filth, that operate like sleazy social encounters of the lowest order, there is nothing "survivor" about them at all. Just perfect for Kike deprogramming of social morals, and people just lap it up like dogs in a grease pit.
No wonder why the San Joaquin was destroyed and no one noticed, I knew it was likely to be wiped out, but that the heavy rains of 2010 and 2011 saved it regardless of having the water cut off, and after the spring of 2011 the Fuku report caused me so many problems, that I stopped paying attention. For the sake of the nation and the future of the decent people out there, to hold off the final assault a little longer, please link and copy the entire permalinked (sans Jew references) San Joaquin report, if people are still too soft to hear the entire truth, we need at least part of it out there. Thank you.

Feb 21 2014. Haarp being used to finalize death of the San Joaquin. Permalink  After draining the dams on purpose was done by the "elite", to destroy the San Joaquin valley on purpose, Haarp is being used to finish the job, with a real drought. San Joaquin destroyed on purpose? Read on, I have proof that this has been in the works for six years, long before Fukushima...(.....)
.....tuesday......25th...... Donations.  Pgoddn has attempted to send $50 AUD. Thanks a bunch, and thank you, for straightening this out.
New mail log page up AND IT WILL STAY UP.  UPDATE: Mails heavily censored again, little of substance has gotten through lately.               There has been significant difficulty sending out a Fuku report, as a result of what appears to be mail censorship. Fedex now cannot mail out with the information sent, even with "corrections", with the attempt originating at the Fedex office with Fedex employees. that makes two counting DHL. It is the one that is supposed to go to Ireland. I am working on this now, please check the forum for messages. I knew they would start killing or distorting the bodies of the mails, now that the log page lists the subject and sender. I had a plan for this because I knew it would happen. Tomorrow (feb 25) that plan will go up            for box james@jimstonefreelance.com
If you have been trying to contact me and things seem fishy, check THIS PAGE, and see if you ever got a message to me at all. UPDATE: messages seem to have their guts ripped out now. Workin on it . . . . .

Feb 25 2014. TAKE A LOOK AT THIS:    This mail: Money goes a long way here, that is true. My guess is that it probably goes approximately 2.5X as far. And when renting a place to live, it probably goes about 6x. Food is expensive as are other things, but things like internet at cyber cafe's, (which I have to use, because they kill any modem I buy, and I am certain both laptops are permanently bugged to steal log ins), well, Cyber Cafe's run anywhere from 50 cents U.S. an hour, to a dollar an hour. So that will buy a lot of time. As far as refunding before sending, that is up to you. I have enough cash to stay online reasonably for three more days. GOT THIS RESPONSE "I suppose I was also thinking of pot, which i heard went for $50 a pound there, compared to here when there were 3 festivals at Byron Bay, and they were lining up here at Nimbin for $500 an ounce, or so I heard....depends on which side of the fence one sits, on whether that is good or bad."               I would like to know how that happened. I never mentioned a thing about pot, and have never bought pot or any other drug at any time ever in my life. How did pot come into the conversation at all? It was not discussed in earlier mails either. I probably will never get a straight answer. HEADS UP - I HAVE NEVER DONE DRUGS, AND IF YOU EVER GET A MAIL FROM ME, TALKING ABOUT THEM, IT IS BOGUS, I do not even drink alcohol. That got rationalized off the list decades ago, as something that did not need to be bought, because it cost too much and I don't like it anyway.      "drug talk" would sure kill donations. That would be a GREAT tactic for an intelligence agency to use.

Ukraine.   I have not said a whole lot on this topic, because I don't have a whole lot of answers on Russian issues. I will say this however - there is no doubt there is meddling by American intelligence on this topic. There always is. America always plays dirty, while trying to look innocent. But this is part of a game Russia is all too familiar with, and I think it was SO expected that Russia won't do much and this will not escalate into World War 3. I'd be happy to see the NSA data center in Utah, receive a nice ground penetrating nuke though. What I know about NSA facilities, having been there -             You can't tell where the black op ones really are, because they are always masked by fake buildings, that are "supposed" to be the NSA facility. And no cars will be parked nearby either, you park a mile or so away, hit a secret tunnel where you either walk or a shuttle takes you in. I would not be surprised, if the one in Utah has a five mile tunnel, and is not actually at Camp Williams. My best intelligence on this topic pegs the location as the back side of the mountain to the West of Camp Williams, a half mile or more underground, with nothing on the surface to indicate anything is there at all. HOWEVER, that is "intelligence" which could be completely false.
MY GUESS, using rational logic?             The NSA facility, if logic served, would in fact be located under the point of the mountain to the East of Camp Williams, under where all the paragliders fly. The access, if my own logic was accurate, would be in the deep crater immediately North East of Camp Williams. However, this does not fit the intelligence, so I am a little bit baffled by that. Even if it is in the mountain West of Camp Williams, the real access is still likely to be in the crater North East of Camp Willaims and would go West from there.
Intelligence says one thing, but logic says another BECAUSE,                 I lived in the area. And I lived there, when I knew the place was being built. ALL the dump trucks came from the mountain to the East. There is an operation there to take gravel from inside the mountain that has been taking gravel in huge amounts, for more than 15 years, so there is an enormous cavern there, under the mountain as a result, hundreds of dump trucks worth PER DAY for more than 15 years straight, to the EAST of Camp Williams. No such activity happened to the West of Camp Williams. Also, 10 years ago when I wanted some small stones for a little project, I went into that area, long before the NSA was mentioned. I saw mining conveyors feeding those dump trucks from tunnels going into the point of the mountain to the East of camp williams, and from the dump truck activity which continued ever since, up until 2011, which was the last time I drove through the area, and saw those dump trucks still in full operation. It is obvious that an enormous amount of material was removed from under the point of the mountain, and there is a great big cavern there, a spectacularly huge one. WHAT WOULD BE IN THAT CAVERN? YOU GUESS.           SO, MY ADVICE TO RUSSIA - If you decide to nuke something in America, as a result of what is going on in Ukraine, PLEASE make sure it penetrates deep, is real big, and is into the point of the mountain EAST of camp Williams. Crater it good. I am sure the Paragliders will forgive you for wrecking their mountain, if it totally turfs the NSA, you will breathe a little easier, even if there is a counter strike, and the world will thank you.
              Oh, and that reminds me. Last night the Mexican press ran a huge story about how great the NSA was, because they gave info that helped bust a drug lord.
MY COMMENT: The NSA, which has intercepted and recorded EVERY CALL IN THE WORLD since that "data center" opened, and probably all calls for at least 5 years prior, The SAME NSA that kept track of all the drug lords SINCE I WAS THERE, AND KNEW WHERE EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM WAS, FINALLY busted ONE, let me repeat that (1) ONE??!!??            I have a question then. IF the NSA, which knew about and intercepted ALL the communications of ALL the drug lords in Colombia, Brazil, Mexico, YOU NAME IT, WHEN I WAS THERE, before Prism or many of the other systems Snowden talked about FINALLY made the Mexican news, for busting one, when they have been able to, for WELL OVER a decade, WHAT IS THE AGENDA? What did that particular chap, do? WHY NOT BUST THE REST OF THEM, YOU DAMN ZIONIST TOOL?             Oh, but you won't, because they are all your bosses from Israel and their employees running the drug show, and all you wanted to do, was make Mexicans think you are GREAT, so they stop worrying about having all their secrets stolen and businesses undermined and replaced by American corporations, because you undermined the Mexican people with all that "intelligence" you gathered. Yes, the worst criminals out there, want their victims to love them, all the while they rape and pillage everything of value. Good show last night, DAMN YOU.
Let's see a little backwash from the Jordan River into a crater, at the point of the mountain. Utah could use another lake.
                   It's NOT The LAW.  Wayne Barbuto is coming out with another book soon. Wayne has been a good friend of mine, for a number of years now. And I don't mean by phone, I mean parties, del-taco pig outs, and long conversations. I know Wayne is for real. Wayne had a machine shop, that focused on the second amendment, and the BATF hated him for it. It was a nice outfit with excellent power regulation on excellent computer controlled machines, that did high precision work. One day the ATF busted in, arrested Wayne without cause, and ruined the machine shop, which was a mid six digit financial loss, as a result of what they did. The ATF subsequently prosecuted Wayne for "illegal manufacture of firearms" which was totally bogus, the 2nd amendment is what it is, ....and Wayne was fully licenced and papered for everything.
 I think what they hated him for was a special .50 cal he came up with, (they really hate that caliber) but Wayne was fully above board. If I remember the story right, Wayne's was unique, because it's design allowed shoulder firing, without hospitalizing the shooter. Wayne kept the topic brief, because it was such a painful loss.            ANYWAY, they jailed Wayne for a considerable length of time, and slandered him badly, saying he was crazy. He is obviously not crazy but that is the most common reason tyranny uses for destroying people, who won't suck up. As a result of this injustice, Wayne wrote the book It's NOT the LAW. I was not paid or told to write this as an ad, or anything, it's just history that should be told, and with a new book coming out now, is a pretty good time to mention Wayne. You can view his web site HERE. http://www.itsnotthelaw.com/               The original book is downright amazing, and I am expecting the new one, to be great as well.
                       A change in article format. I am going to make a small change to things. Direct naming of Jews as the culprits in many things, will continue on the front page, but permalinked articles will use more obscure terms, such as New World Order, "elite", Illuminati, Agenda 21 crowd, child theives, slave traders, corrupters of society, bankers, war mongers, false flag terrorists, media controllers, censors, worlds greatest criminals and others. When non Jews are doing the dirty work of the Jew, I will use terms such as Masons, Bilderberg Group, The Grove, the NSA, CIA, FBI, and Pentagon.
Don't think I have gone soft on the perpetrators with this new format, it's just that victim status has been so well entrenched in the name of the world's greatest criminals, that many people can't yet handle the whole truth, and it is better to tell an un-distorted partial truth, that will not get censored, than the whole truth, and have that trip an automatic censoring script, when someone posts it on a forum, or in a comment section. Absolute silence is the worst thing of a ????  Absolute silence is the worst thing of all.

Feb 24 2014.  I cannot do updates today of any significance because two cyber cafe computers in a row, were duds and when even one is, it messes things up. The San Joaquin report is an important one. I am going to remove the Jewish references from the permalink, in hopes it will be able to be posted elsewhere, they censored the following San Joaquin report, big time. Today's job is going to be to edit that report down, to where there is no "hate" excuse, to block it. We are not only losing the war, we are getting our butts kicked, while people play call of duty, and watch idiotic shows like Survivor (God I hate those.) If I got a chance to run a show like survivor, it would go like this - .....(.....)
NSA Expanding Its Facilities - Matthew Aid. www.matthewaid.com/post/16727828364 ....Fiscal Year 2012 ... civil targets throughout North Africa, the Middle East, ... computer center at Camp Williams, ...  .......the first modular Data Center at its new 200-acre computer center at Camp Williams, Utah;..... http://www.matthewaid.com/post/16727828364/nsa-expanding-its-facilities **
Pictures of the NSA 's Utah Data Center - Business Insider   The National Security Agency ... The facility, called the Utah Data ... is located on Camp Williams, a training facility for the Utah National Guard, ...
http://www.businessinsider.com/pictures-of-the-nsas-utah-data-center-2013-6 ***  ....///
NSA's Utah Data Center: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know | HEAVY.  www.heavy.com/news/2013/06/nsas-utah-data-center-5-fast...  
Utah Data Center at Camp Williams, near Bluffdale, Utah (Via Wikipedia)  http://www.heavy.com/news/2013/06/nsas-utah-data-center-5-fast-facts-you-need-to-know/ .....////
NSA Utah ‘Data Center’: Biggest-ever domestic spying lab ...  rt.com/news/utah-data-center-spy-789  
Overview of Camp Williams site before the ... intelligence facility ordered by the National Security Agency. ... and also on the East ...
............. thursday......   Feb 26 2014. Fukushima reactor 3 explosion fallout, contained obvious nuclear weapon signature.         Perhaps I should have put this in the original Fuku report, but it was long already, so I omitted this, simply because having a picture of the nuke that went into the place, was the best proof anyone could give - Arnie Gundersen's ludicrous "prompt criticality in a fuel pool" claim at reactor 3, was in part to cover up the fact that the explosion at reactor 3, aside from reactor fuel, produced the exact same isotopes, that are found in nuclear weapon detonations. SO, to re-phrase a little history here, THIS SITE had the exact source of those fission byproducts, pegged from day one, once again may I present to you: Magna BSP's "OWL", a two story high "security" camera, with the exact size and apperance of a gun type nuclear weapon. This was placed under reactor 3, in the suppression tank area. That is the only place it would fit. ** http://jimstonefreelance.com/camera.jpg **    Here is a truthful working model of this camera, that is not
 a nuclear weapon, which was similar to what Magna BSP put around the perimeter of Fukushima, before planting the nuke camera pictured above, in the suppression tank area, under reactor 3:
** http://jimstonefreelance.com/buildingowl.jpg **     This camera is a real one, and gives a perspective of just how big these cameras really were. Many people have shilled the Fukushima report, saying you cannot possibly put a nuclear weapon inside a security camera, because a camera is too small. Had they actually read the Fukushima report, they would have had the answer, all this information was provided there. At Fukushima we had:           1. An Israeli security firm, the WORST thing for security in the world, which admitted to having a full time internet connection to reactor 3, all the way through the disaster (totally prohibited) and they admitted to this in the Jerusalem Post.              2. An awful suspiciously large camera exactly the same in size, appearance and weight, of a gun type nuclear weapon,             3. The Stuxnet virus, DOCUMENTED, which Israel created and planted in Iran, to destroy Iran's nuclear program, which was documented to be in Fukushima, before the disaster                                        4. A documented fake 9.0 earthquake (Japanese seismologists said it, but the ziopress covered it up, but the original truthful charts and seismograms, are in the Fukushima report,           5. An obvious nuclear tsunami (just look at the youtube videos, which show absolutely no earthquake damage, as the tsunami arrives, a lack of damage, which is corroborated by the real Japanese seismograms)         6. All the key isotopes of a nuclear weapon detonation, which differ from those a reactor will produce, in the rubble and mushroom cloud of reactor 3, thus proving that the camera placed under reactor 3, was indeed a nuclear weapon.
                 Add to this, the fact that they tried to kill me, jailed me twice, wrecked my business and drove me out of America, for uncovering the above hard facts, and it is undeniable - Fukushima and the Japan earthquake really were an act of war, waged by Kikedom against Japan.   ** http://jimstonefreelance.com/fukushima1.html**        It is up to guessing as to the reason why Kikedom did this, the two biggest ones I have been able to rationalize out, are that Japan offered to enrich uranium for Iran, and Japan said no to the bankers, when told to give a bailout, Japan never owed for any conceivable reason at all. I believe America, Greece and all others, caved in, and gave ridiculous "bailouts", under threat of nuclear blackmail, and Japan said NO, because they did not believe anyone would be evil enough to actually do it, and they really did owe NOTHING. Within months after the "earthquake" and nuclear disaster, Japan said YES, with a multiple trillion dollar "gift" to the world bank, even while they were hurting financially, in the aftermath of what happened on 3/11. Makes little sense, eh?  Most likely, the bankers did not nuke Iceland, simply because 300,000 or so people, are not enough to bother with. But the Swedes were not so lucky, Their nuclear blackmail threat, is firmly in place. Expect the price of Volvo sedans, to go up.       ** http://jimstonefreelance.com/explosives.html **                               Here is a cartoon, which shows what REALLY happened at Fukushima, (notice the mushroom cloud, wired into the lower right hand corner, of the schematic) ** http://jimstonefreelance.com/stuxnet.gif **
                     Feb 25 2014. Ukraine.     I have not said a whole lot on this topic, because I don't have a whole lot of answers on Russian issues. .....(.....)
........ friday....27th......   This is worth watching: ** Eyewitness To Bohemian Grove "Satanic" Sacrifice - Peter Chernoff - Anthony J Hilder.  Anthony Hilder·192 videos. Published/  Publiée le 2012-07-17.  http://www.freeworldfilmworks.com/dvd...   "Eyewitness to "Satanic" Sacrifice at Bohemian Grove, admits that he was an unwilling accomplice, to the murder. Where are the bodies buried? Hilders Lawsuit calls for THE DIG, which could reveal as many as 1300 corpses, in the 2500 acre graveyard in the past 130 years, if the multitude of stories are correct."   Anthony J Hilder.  The rest of the interview will be out soon.
Look For Anthony J Hilder Videos On UK Paradigm Shift TV Sky CH 203 & simulcast on the Net: http://www.paradigmshift.tv/view/sche...    // https://www.facebook.com/#!/anthonyjh... // @anthonyjhilder https://twitter.com/ ** http://freeworldfilmworks.com/ ** http://ourenglanduk.com/ **  http://commoncrime.net/ ** http://aircrap.org/ ** from: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uW7mMou0Psk *..00:48..//
 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uW7mMou0Psk&feature=youtube_gdata_player //////COMMENTS: .... euro944t ..was Hunter S Thompson lured into Grove to document, and was forced into a blood sacrifice murder ritual to implicate him & secure his silence, on nature of their witchcraft ceremonies and sacrifices to the pagan gauds //screwedworldorder-  FMI, the guy in the interview, has his own channel peterpeace1. Note the description says he was an unwilling accomplice. In his own video he says he was an MK Ultra subject, and has dissociative identity disorder. He is now working to expose these crimes.
TheSuperfrickensexy-en réponse à Logan HN -  they care too much about waving obama's flag and supporting illegal wars, to know about any of this stuff m8 // MustaffaCuppa- en réponse à marthamichael82  It was The Black Pope’s number-one disciple, an evil primary mind control programmer, called Lieutenant Colonel Michael Aquino, who was with the psychological warfare division of the US Army, & was the founder of the occult "Temple of Set". //AlcoholicMB- en réponse à davematherly -  Apathy, maybe? I know Al-Alwaki's 16 year old son, was murdered by the US Gov, and most people applauded it. I dunno. // kmitchem4-  You can tell we dont have the same values as our ancestors had......(....)  God is coming and he.s packing heat //Big Andre'-  why would this guy admit to kidnapping ? Something fishy about this.
- Iker122-en réponse à Gary Harden -  because the FBI are controlled by the people who are doing it.. // deltafit-  Do we get to see more of this interview/information? //- thesdboxer-  He's telling the truth. He doesn't even flinch! His eyes are telling the truth // rbeck3200tb40- en réponse à Megan Putnam -  This man was a young teenager at the time of kevin Collin's murder. He was sexually abused by the satanic cult, and was forced to help abduct him // from: from: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uW7mMou0Psk *..00:48..// ...comments...///
..................Feb 27 2014............. Impending EMP attack?   Rumors have been going around the web about Obama ordering the death of the power grid. This has evolved into the method - an EMP attack.
The cold hard truth about EMP.              There is absolutely no way EMP can be used to take down the grid, and there are plenty of examples of this, even in recent years. Furthermore, there is absolutely no way EMP can be used to cause widespread death of electronics, and there are plenty of examples of this, even post year 2000. I know you have been told otherwise, but everything out there, is a lie. EMP is NOT a widespread threat to the infrastructure, nor is it a widespread threat to gadgets and other electronic items.    History is full of cold hard proof.      EMP was noticed during the Nevada nuclear tests. It was discovered that nuclear detonations will trip circuit breakers, and on rare occasion can cause damage..... to electronic devices that are connected to very long runs of wire. EMP from nuclear weapons happens between 100 khz and 10 mhz, depending upon the environment the nukes are set off in.So there you get your math to work with, when it comes to nukes. The limiting factor in what a nuke can do, is the frequency the nuke produces, which in the radio world, is a low frequency even at 10 mhz.              The worst case scenarios during the Nevada tests, were the tripping of nearby circuit breakers (within 50 miles) and possible destruction of a rotary type phone multiplexer at a small phone company, located nearest to the testing grounds, where it was suspected that ONE (1) of the many nuclear detonations was able to couple with the phone lines, and blow the switch out. But the contacts in these switches had a life span of a week, at most, and were noisy and problematic at worst.Anyone with a little age,should be able to remember how noisy and poor the phones were 40 years ago, because of how these multiplexer switches functioned. By modern standards they were absolute trash, so it is really hard to determine whether or not EMP damaged the switch, or if it failed on it's own.
During a high altitude nuclear test (which is advertised as the worst case scenario for EMP) performed over the Pacific ocean, within eyeshot of Hawaii, the only thing that happened for certain, is several burglar alarms were set off, the circuit breaker to the street lights in Waikiki (on the main drag) tripped, and one dead car starter motor, was blamed on the test. THAT IS ALL. Nothing was destroyed in a way that could be directly pinned on the nuclear test, because car starter motors fail too frequently for the ONE that was in question, to be provably pinned on the test. The EMP from that test, resulted, in reality, in the need to reset the circuit breaker for the street lights, and the need to reset a few burglar alarms. NO DAMAGE.                 Ahh, but modern electronics are not the same, and will blow, RIGHT?          Not so fast. There were plenty of nuclear tests in the early part of the transistor and microchip age, and NOTHING got blown out EVER. In all cases, nuclear EMP was only able to couple with devices that had long wires in them, and modern electronics have NONE, NADA, ZIP. To pick up an electrical charge that is delivered by a frequency, you need an appropriate antenna. Everything in modern electronics has been miniaturized down to the lowest possible expense, and there is NOTHING for the EMP from a nuke to couple with, inside modern electronic devices. The average EMP needs, at 1 mhz, a length of wire a thousand feet long, to drive a charge into. How long is your Iphone? And 10 mhz needs a wire 100 feet long. This presents a real problem for the "high altitude burst destroying everything" scenario, because when detonated at a high altitude, nuclear weapons hit the bottom of the frequency scale, and produce EMP's in the 100 Khz range. THAT would take a 10,000 foot length of wire, to couple with. How many people have THAT, sitting around the house?
              Ahh, but there are specialized devices that hit ultra high frequencies now, even microwave frequencies, and THEY would surely blow everything out, RIGHT?    Answer: NOPE.
Though high frequencies above 1 ghz, will easily couple with and blow out ANYTHING, there is a little problem with using them, for destruction. It's called water vapor, and it is a major component of the atmosphere. Water vapor limits the range, in the BEST CASE SCENARIO, to two miles. And if it is raining, modern high frequency EMP weapons, only reach out a block or two. They do a decent job of destroying everything within range, but that range is too short, to cause a wide scale disaster. Remember in the first Matrix, how they had to wait for the sentinels to get close, before using their EMP weapon to take them out? That was accurate. That really is how high frequency EMP weapons work.            Frequencies in the 10 - 1 meter range 50-500 Mhz are also not good for EMP weapons, because it takes too much power at medium frequencies, to wipe anything out. You can get right up to a super high powered UHF Tv station antenna with your walkman, and you will still hear the music (after walking away, at that close a range your walkman would probably be jammed).            But "EMP" WILL BE "USED" to destroy EVERYTHING, if the public is unaware of the realities, BECAUSE:               It's awful easy to flip a switch, to cut the power, and say EMP did it. All cars manufactured since 2004 for sale in America, have a MANDATED cell network controlled kill switch, which was announced in 2003 and subsequently shut up about and fully censored, and Onstar vehicles and some vehicles from Mercedes Ford and Dodge, have had it longer. Intel processors, everything Centrino and newer, including ALL core2, Sandy Bridge, I series, and recently even the Pentiums and Celerons, have a cell network coupled kill switch.         So when the BIG EMP happens, it really does not need to do any damage, we have allowed tyranny to progress so far, that whenever they want, they can cut the power and just shut your car off and kill your computer, and no doubt many other things, just with a command. WE DO NOT NEED EMP, FOR ANY DISASTERS NOW, but it would SURE make a good excuse for one, would it not? When the lights go out, consider that.
                   Updates to the above:  I can see it already, how the above is going to be "debunked". So let me go over a few real world post year 2000 examples, of what I am talking about . . . .
1. North Korea has detonated several nukes after the year 2000, and SOUTH KOREA IS STILL ONLINE. If nuclear EMP was that bad, it would have been lights out in South Korea. Why did nothing happen at all?
2. The fission byproducts from the big blast at reactor 3, prove all by themselves that a nuclear weapon style blast happened there, YET THE LIVE CAM, KEPT WORKING. IF nuclear Emp was as bad as what is said, HOW did that live cam keep working, when it was looking right at it? And don't tell me the official story - that it was only a hydrogen blast. If you have paid attention to the Fukushima issue, for this long, you should not be that ignorant.                3. An easily proven nuclear weapon blast compliments of Israel, via a gift given them, by their psychoservants in the FED, was recorded by a digital video camera in Syria, and THAT camera also survived filming it. If EMP was as bad as stated, HOW did that camera survive? ** http://www.jimstonefreelance.com/frame1.gif **
              And I am sure my "walkman next to a television station" line, will get ripped, but anyone knowing radio wave propagation, would realize that is in fact a good comparison. If that antenna is broadcasting at 500 mhz, it will be able to couple with a walkman 500 times as well, as an average nuclear EMP. And if you are within 50 feet of a nuke going off, you are not going to worry about your walkman. Let's say a run of the mill 5 megaton nuke, is used for the EMP scam, when it happens - If you are within 30 miles of that nuke, you are dead. Within 60 miles? results will vary. And I have always said, that within the hard kill zone of a nuke EMP, will be so overwhelming, it will knock out everything, good antenna or not. HOWEVER, EMP will be so attenuated by distance, that it will be nothing to worry about, outside the kill zone. Bottom line? Emp is about as dangerous for about.... as far as the heat and shock wave will reach. If the blast won't kill you, the EMP won't blow your Iphone.
                     Back to the TV antenna analogy. 50,000 watts 50 feet away. Let's say for a time frame of one second. How much of a nuclear EMP effect would THAT equal for your walkman?
Here is the math - Nuclear EMP, 3 microseconds. TV station - 1,000,000 microseconds. Divided difference = 333,333 times the time exposure for the television station. Multiply 50,000 watts by 333,333 for equal power transfer into your walkman at equal frequency.  The actual equivalent output exposure, is then equal to an EMP of 16666650000 watts. Now there is an additional factor. Your nuclear EMP happened at 1 mhz, which is 500 times less able to get into your walkman than the 500 mhz from the television station is. To hit your walkman as hard as that television station will, with a full second of exposure, your nuclear EMP is going to have to again be 500 times more than 16666650000 watts. AND THEN, you were 45 miles away from that five megaton blast, because you got in a hole, and lived. How much greater a distance than 50 feet is 45 miles? how powerful would that nuclear EMP really have to be to wreck your electronics, from THAT FAR AWAY? THAT is your answer.
There is a reason why nuclear EMP does not have a history of destroying electronics, even with well established post 2000, fully computer age nuclear detonations, happening around the world multiple times. I can only guess that Nuclear EMP is a CIA creation, hatched to scare the public, and make the public believe a future event was caused by EMP, when in fact the government merely shut everything off, in a final grab for power over the people. The CIA would have been able to look forward, and see the day that would be possible.
As for whether or not a properly detonated nuke, would take out satellites, is beyond my math, because there is no way to know what will happen in space, until something like that is actually done. There is no doubt that enough of a disturbance would happen to knock out communications, for a while, but my guess is that if the satellites were permitted to, they would automatically resume, after a couple hours.

Feb 26 2014. // This is worth watching // Fukushima reactor 3 explosion fallout contained obvious nuclear weapon signature
Perhaps I should have put this in the original Fuku report, but it was long already so I omitted this simply because having a picture of the nuke that went into the place was the best proof anyone could give -
Arnie Gundersen's ludicrous "prompt criticality in a fuel pool" claim at reactor 3 was in part to cover up the fact that the explosion at reactor 3, aside from reactor fuel, produced the exact same isotopes that are found in nuclear weapon detonations. SO, to re-phrase a little history here, THIS SITE had the exact source of those fission byproducts pegged from day one, once again may I present to you: Magna BSP's "OWL", a two story high "security" camera with the exact size and apperance of a gun type nuclear weapon. This was placed under reactor 3, in the suppression tank area. That is the only place it would fit.
** http://jimstonefreelance.com/camera.jpg ** .....(....)
..... friday...febr 28th....... New mail log page up AND IT WILL STAY UP.   The mail cut off completely at 10 AM CST Feb 28, and remains completely dead in all boxes. A full mail log going back 10 days, will post on March 1. This probably happened because the financial times tip, came through the mail. To EVERYONE trying to send me mail, everything gets opened, if your mail does not show up on the log page, it was censored by the Fed or some other group, or switched with spam, or arrived empty. If you have been trying to contact me and things seem fishy, check THIS PAGE, ** http://jimstonefreelance.com/mails2014feb11.html **  .... and see if you ever got a message to me at all. UPDATE: messages seem to have their guts ripped out now. Workin on it . . . . .answer March 1.
Donations for March needed. Total financial outlay for March, including all bills, rent, food and staying online, is $650 USD. That is down from $850 in the previous months. This may sound too cheap to be real, but remember, I am in Mexico, where it does not cost a whole lot to live, and I am cheap about things on top of that. Your donations are very much needed, and very much appreciated. Thank you.

Feb 28 2014. This is HILARIOUS!   A little truth about gold price manipulation, somehow made it into the Financial times of London, and they promptly pulled the article that contained it. In the article's place, (they obviously got spanked by the crown of England) THIS was posted:     "While The Financial Times strives to achieve the highest benchmarks of financial journalism and business reporting, we also understand the demographic of certain articles, is vastly different than others. It is for this reason that we have temporarily pulled all articles relating to .... gold, silver and the possible manipulation of those markets. We are editing them to include simple language, colorful pictures, pie graphs, conspiracy nonsense and barnyard machismo. Thank you for your patience, as we cater to this small, weird cult. All articles will be made available again after 9am GMT."    My response: STICK IT. HERE IS THE ARTICLE, AS YOU ORIGINALLY POSTED IT. * http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2014-02-25/here-fts-gold-price-manipulation-article-was-removed *
 I think my readership will understand this just fine, without being "catered to". ///   Here Is The FT's Gold Price Manipulation Article That Was Removed. Submitted by Tyler Durden on 02/25/2014 23:35 -0500.
Two days ago the FT released a clear, informative and fact-based article, titled simply enough "Gold price rigging, fears put investors on alert" in which author Madison Marriage, citing a report by the Fideres consultancy, revealed that global gold prices may have been manipulated on 50 per cent of occasions, between January 2010 and December 2013.
To those who have been following the price action of gold in the past four years, gold manipulation is not only not surprising, but accepted and widely appreciated (because like the Chinese those who buy gold would rather do so at artificially low, rather than artificially high fiat prices) and at this point, after every other product has been exposed to be blatantly and maliciously manipulated by the banking estate, it is taken for granted, that the central banks' primary fiat alternative, and biggest threat to the monetary status quo, has not avoided a comparable fate.
            What is surprising is that where the FT article once was, readers can now find only this:  http://www.zerohedge.com/sites/default/files/images/user5/imageroot/2014/02/Fin%20Times%20gold.jpg **
And since we can only assume the article has been lost to FT readers, due to some server glitch, and not due to post-editorial consorship or certainly an angry phone call from the Bank of England or some comparable institution, we are happy to recreate it in its entirety. Just in case someone is curious, why gold price rigging fears, should put investors on alert.
         Gold price rigging fears put investors on alert. By Madison Marriage.     Global gold prices may have been manipulated on 50 per cent of occasions between January 2010 and December 2013, according to analysis by Fideres, a consultancy. The findings come amid a probe by German and UK regulators, into alleged manipulation of the gold price, which is set twice a day by Deutsche Bank, HSBC, Barclays, Bank of Nova Scotia and Société Générale in a process known as the “London gold fixing”. ....(....)  http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2014-02-25/here-fts-gold-price-manipulation-article-was-removed

About the nuclear situation in New Mexico. ** https://scontent-a-dfw.xx.fbcdn.net/hphotos-frc1/l/t1/1978753_607439116010895_1952990011_n.jpg ** From what I can see, it is absolutely nothing. The radiation charts quoted, show spikes each day from the sun starting in the morning and peaking at high noon, and dropping significantly at night. It is measuring solar radiation, because there was not enough of leak there, to even compete with sunlight in any way at all.Of course those who drive hits with fear, are going to milk this. FOR THE RECORD, Whatever happened, happened underground, and even in a contained underground environment, no one got enough radiation to get sick. This is a non event, which even if it became an event, would simply get sealed off and buried forever from our perspective. This did not happen at Los Alamos, it happened at a nowhere location, that can simply be disposed of. I could really care less, if there is radiation a thousand feet down a hole, we will never have to worry about it anyway.
This leaked a lot less than Project Gnome, ...  ** http://www.toxipedia.org/display/wanmec/Nuclear+Bomb+Test+in+Carlsbad,+NM  ***.....and people went into the chamber created by project gnome afterward, and even after standing in the heart of it, green walls and all, ....they were fine.
        Here is a great comment left below a piece of fear porn, related to this non event.      "Remember the Rocky Flats fire, of 1957? It released 777,000,000,000 Bq of Plutonium-239... over Denver. That is 2400 times as much as this WIPP release. Remember that? Remember when everybody in Denver was killed and the entire state was left a uninhabitable radioactive wasteland for millennia?
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Radioactive_contamination_from_the_Rocky_Flats_Plant#1957_fire ** Learn some history, before spouting more idiotic nonsense."    My comment: Very few in the portion of the alternative media that plays the radiation fear game, will pay attention to history. After all, a thousand of anything sounds big, and a billion sounds like even more. Nevermind the fact that a head of a pin, if it was made out of Plutonium, would contain hundreds of trillions of Becquerels. The nuclear field is so precise, that the smallest measurement - the becquerel, can be listed in peta units, and not mean much.
                  When talking about what reactor 3 threw all over Japan, the real numbers are peta units, multiplied by peta units. Japan has plenty of fatal areas. So much was released, that there is no real way for anyone to know how much it was; I guess just add up what was in the reactor to begin with, and start from there. Japan is the real issue, not what just happened in New Mexico,where an amount so small was released, that a fly turd would dwarf it.      UPDATE: Reports of plutonium being millions of times normal levels outside the WIPP facility, still do not mean much, when the normal level is ZERO ATOMS. All it takes is a few million atoms of Plutonium, to get out (not enough to construct a single microscopic living cell) because the amount is too small. If they are talking millions, it takes an entire milligram of plutonium, to kill someone, if they eat it directly, and there are trillions of atoms in a milligram. The bottom line is that this is STILL a non event.

Central banker announced, as Ukraine's new PM? Now we KNOW it was an American/Israeli/European "grass roots" "Ukranian" uprising. Let's see how long THAT lasts, with Russia going in, to set things straight . .

MtGox gone. Popular Bitcoin exchange MtGox, is gone. I have actually paid attention to this story, despite saying nothing about it yet. MtGox stated that their servers were compromised by hackers, and that they had basically been destroyed. They said the Bitcoin algorithm did not get breached, but that the computers that held all the bitcoins got hacked and emptied, to the tune of about half a billion dollars.
No doubt the NSA did that one.     This does not mean the end for Bitcoin, but it does mean that other Bitcoin service providers, need to up their security to the highest possible levels. MtGox stated that their security was not good enough, and even called it "lax". I doubt it was, nothing really can stand up to the NSA. The "hackers" have not been identified. Yet the NSA knows all. Fat chance the NSA will do it's job and fix this, even though they could. If the NSA is THAT worthless, for the people who actually pay their salaries, they need to be cratered, pure and simple. //.... 5 pictures....//

Impending EMP attack? Rumors have been going around the web, about Obama ordering the death of the power grid. This has evolved into the method - an EMP attack.
The cold hard truth about EMP.  There is absolutely no way EMP can be used to take down the grid, and there are plenty of examples of this, even in recent years. ....(....)

// ← RT: Colorado’s legal pot market far exceeds tax expectations.....A New Cold War? Ukraine Violence Escalates, Leaked Tape Suggests U.S. Was Plotting Coup → //
Canola oil: The #1 hidden health ‘danger’ at the prepared food bar.  Posted on February 21, 2014 by Jean. Written, Monday, February 17, 2014. by: S. D. Wells  Source: Natural News  ( Thanks to T.)
        (NaturalNews) Step right up to your favorite food bar, whether at Whole Foods, Harris Teeter or Farm Fresh, and “get you some” potato salad, coleslaw, egg salad, pasta salad, chicken salad, tuna salad, baked goods, or just make your own salad with lots of salad “dressing” and you are most likely getting a few heaping tablespoons of rapeseed oil with each serving, better known these days as canola oil. Now, whether or not there really is any such thing as organic canola oil, well, the jury is still out on that one. Regardless, canola oil is not good for you, and it ALL goes through a “deodorizing” processing stage that removes the “stink” of rapeseed, in case you didn’t know.   Canola oil can have detrimental effects on your health, especially the genetically modified (GM) canola that Monsanto so conveniently manufacturers for the masses to consume. It’s all mixed into those fancy, condiment-loaded, creamy salads at the friendly grocer, and it’s FRESH! Step right up to the fresh bar! Add in some tasty conventional spices and keep it hot or cold in those little bins for those “whole” food enthusiasts. Lots of people pack a few of the canola “mixtures” into plastic (BPA) containers and take them home. What exactly are you taking home, though?   
There is no such thing as a canola plant. Wait, did you think there was a canola plant, like corn, soy or sunflower? Did you think making canola is just about pressing seeds? How DOES rapeseed oil magically turn into canola oil? It’s “deodorized” with a chemical component. Do you want to put a “hex” on your health? Insert “hexane” and wait for problems to rear their ugly head. Hexane, a vapor component of gasoline, is used to process oils and has been since World War II. And yes, hexane is flammable. Hexane is a chemical made from crude oil, the mainstream solvent extraction method of the entire Western world. So how is this organic? Good question.                The omega-3 fatty acids of processed canola oil are transformed during the deodorizing process into trans fatty acids. The reason why canola is particularly unsuitable for consumption is that it contains a very-long-chain fatty acid called erucic acid, which under some circumstances is associated with fibrotic heart lesions.  Here’s an interesting fact: In 1985, the Federal Register (official journal of the federal government of the United States) stated that the FDA outlawed canola oil in infant formulas because it retarded growth. So, 25 years ago it was not good for babies, but now it’s suddenly okay for everyone else? (http://www.functionalmedicineuniversity.com)
There’s a “not-so-heart-healthy” nation just below Canada. Just when you think that you’re eating healthy, you get fooled again. It’s the “cash crop” canola con! They’ve exploited that “gray area” so well for years. If you’re not sure, it probably “ain’t pure.” Oh, but its Canada’s top export to the USA by the millions of pounds of seed, oil, and meal per year.  But wait, some fast food chains were bragging recently because they are getting rid of their trans fat oils and switching to canola oil, like it’s some big move toward a “heart-healthy” nation, instead of using that pesticide-ridden soybean oil. So they must have been using that “close by choice” sales trick, where the consumer chooses from a lesser of evils but still falls for the gag. Sounds like two-party politics. So what’s your mayonnaise made with? What is the most prominent ingredient of your salad dressing, meaning what are the first few ingredients listed, because you know food manufacturers must list ingredients from the most first to the least last, right?
Oh, but the backlash will come, because people love their canola! Either that or they have no idea how much they are eating each day. They’re not doing the math. Add up those items from the canola food bar, condiments at home and some baked goods and what have you got? A “little bit” of rapeseed oil is moving through your digestive tract and your cleaning organs, and your body is not happy about it. Do you think Whole Foods uses organic canola for the food bar, or should you ask? Should it say? Everything that is prepackaged says so on the label. Too bad you can’t “Fooducate” the food bar items using the phone app (http://fooducate.com). Would it even matter if it was organic? I mean, can you have organic fibrotic heart lesions?   A biochemist would tell you that canola oil has higher levels of trans fatty acids than soybean oil and other toxic GMO “hybrid” oils that the masses use on a regular basis. This would include the hydrogenated vegetable oils cottonseed, safflower and corn. Avoid the “All-You-Care-to-Eat” Canola Food Bar!
Take a quick look at the short-term and long-term damage you could be doing to your body by consuming canola regularly:   • Canola depletes vitamin E.        • Canola increases the rigidity of membranes, which can trigger degenerative diseases.        • Because of canola’s high sulfur content, it goes rancid easily, which can exacerbate allergies and compound problems for people with bronchial or asthmatic issues.
• Human studies reveal canola causes an increase in lung cancers.        • Canola can shorten lifespan of animals and lower platelet count.         • Daily canola consumption can raise your triglycerides over 40 percent.               • Canola oil molds quickly and also inhibits enzyme function.        • It opens the door for free radicals, undermining natural antioxidants, and can be linked to increased incidence of many diseases.
• Canola leaves no foul taste when it’s spoiled, so it’s hard to tell if you’re eating rancid erucic acid.                  The Harvard School of Public Health stated decades ago that there is no safe level of trans fats, yet still, if there are less than 500 mg per half-cup serving, the FDA allows food manufacturers to use the label saying “no trans fats.” So who measures that half-cup at the food bar? Maybe you’re getting A HALF-CUP of CANOLA for lunch and dinner. Do you know the chemistry of your own cell membranes? Maybe you should. (http://www.bostonglobe.com)
       Did you know that canola was man-made by a scientist, at a university lab in Canada? The genes of the rapeseed plant were actually bred to produce less toxic erucic acid. Great, design a poisonous crop to meet FDA guidelines, then ship it to the USA! After creating this infamous genetically modified “invention,”, this same scientist, Dr. Baldur Steffanson, went to work for Calgene, which was later bought by the biotech giant Monsanto! Who do you think also developed the “Roundup-Resistant” variety of GMO Canola? You guessed it – Dr. Steffanson, the “Father of Canola.” . Thanks doc – for your contribution of weed killer and rapeseed oil hidden in our food! (http://timemachine.siamandas.com).        Still want to fill up those handy “to-go” containers at the “whole” foods bar? Still think all those creamy salads are the “bomb”? Think again. Don’t be fooled by canola just because the “debate” isn’t settled. Thanks to the “cloud” around the debate, it infiltrates the “whole food” market. Try grape seed oil or coconut oil for your own salads that YOU put together and can trust. Both of those oils can also tolerate high heat. Organic extra-virgin olive oil is good for you, but only if you don’t cook it at high heat. Stay healthy my friends.     Sources for this article include:  http://www.greencradle.net    http://www.youtube.com    http://www.organicconsumers.org    http://timemachine.siamandas.com    http://www.naturalnews.com    http://www.laleva.cc    http://preventdisease.com    http://www.functionalmedicineuniversity.com    http://www.bostonglobe.com    Learn more: http://www.naturalnews.com/043948_canola_oil_hidden_health_dangers_food_bar.html#ixzz2tvq1aa00
.......................................................................Sorcha Faal............................................................
February 19, 2014.  Obama Jails Catholic Nun, Murders Scientist Who Knew Of Atomic Smuggling. By: Sorcha Faal, .....to her Western Subscribers. http://www.whatdoesitmean.com/index1741.htm
A shocking new “urgent action” report prepared by the Federal Security Service (FSB) for President Putin, says that the Obama regime has thrown into prison an 84-year-old Catholic nun, and murdered her close nuclear scientist friend, after the pair had uncovered a plot, that was smuggling weapons grade atomic material out of the United States most secure nuclear facility.   According to this report, yesterday, an Obama regime US Federal Judge, jailed for nearly 3-years, an 84-year-old anti-nuclear activist, and Roman Catholic nun of the Society of the Holy Child Jesus, named Sister Megan Rice for what The New York Times called, “the biggest security breach in the history of the nation's atomic complex.”  To the exact act Sister Rice and her anti-nuclear fellow protesters, Greg Boertje-Obed, 57, and Michael Walli, 63, committed, this report continues, was to cut a hole in a chain-link fence, in the early morning hours of 28 July 2012, where they gained entry to the United States most secure nuclear facility called the Y-12 National Security Complex, in Oak Ridge, Tennessee. Once through the fence, this report says, these three elderly “protesters of conscience”, walked nearly a mile from there, apparently strolling into what was previously thought to be one of the most tightly guarded uranium processing plants, in the US. Once inside, they hoisted banners, spray-painted messages, and used human blood, to write messages on a building, where uranium is stored. A guard only came upon the three, an hour later, at which point they offered him food, and began singing.  Once arrested, this report continues, Sister Rice and her two cohorts, were charged as “saboteurs and spies” by the Obama regime, under the Federal Sabotage Act of 1918, a scarcely-prosecuted law, that was signed when the US was fighting in World War I, a charge US Federal prosecutors deemed needed, because, they said, this break-in was a serious breach of US national security, that put lives at risk.   Even though the highly respected former Loyola University law professor Michael Quigley (and current US Congressman) advised the US Federal Court, that these three were not the intended targets of this law, by stating....  “Michael, Greg, and Sister Megan are not the saboteurs, the spies, the bomb making terrorists, or the kind of offenders Congress anticipated, when it created the Federal Sabotage Act,” the Obama regime, nevertheless, this report says, fought vigorously to jail them, for the rest of their natural lives. As to why the Obama regime wanted to throw Sister Rice into prison for the rest of her life, FSB intelligence analysts in this report say, was due to her “strong friendship and association” with one of the Oak Ridge nuclear complexes top nuclear engineers, Mark Ferri, 59, [photo bottom left] .... who was discovered dead, in his Salford, UK hotel room, on 18 September 2013. Ferri, led the safe, successful deactivation and demolition work at K-25 (former uranium enrichment facility of the Manhattan Project) since URS | CH2M Oak Ridge LLC (UCOR) arrived in Oak Ridge in August 2011, and announced that would will retire from the company, at the end of February, 2013.   Ferri was part of UCOR’s original, handpicked leadership team, with an impressive resume, having led successful deactivation and demolition, or D&D, work at some of the US Department of Energy’s (DOE) highest profile projects, including plutonium buildings at the Rocky Flats Environmental Technology Park in Colorado, and uranium and plutonium facilities at the Savannah River Site, in S. Carolina. His career also includes work in the commercial sector, having led deactivation and demolition at Maine Yankee.  Utilizing information obtained from Edward Snowden’s documents analyzed by the FSB, this report continues, US National Security Agency/Central Security Service (NSA/CSS) “communication intercepts” between Sister Rice and Ferri in the months leading up to 28 July 2012 Y-12 nuclear complex break-in, shows Ferri’s “increasing concern” over the complete lack of security involving nuclear weapons materials, and his “strong belief” that a significant amount of them, were being smuggled out of the facility.
Sister Rice, along with her two cohorts, this report says, then took Ferri’s information, and followed the “exact smuggling route” into the Y-12 nuclear complex, he had given to them, proving thus proving his claims.
Shortly after Sister Rice and her cohorts were apprehended and arrested by the Obama regime, this report continues, Ferri announced his retirement and fled to the UK, where he believed he would be safe from one of the many Obama hit-teams currently scouring the globe, looking to eliminate all opposition, a move, which sadly, he was not successful in accomplishing.                    Important to note, FSB intelligence analysts in this report say, was that The Guardian, as one of the main holders of Snowden’s leaked NSA/CSS documents, began a collaboration with the BBC-London, which was scheduled to interview Sister Rice about her association with Ferri on 26 January 2014, to be followed by an interview with a Guardian reporter, who had traveled to the US, on 27 January 2014, both of which were abruptly canceled at the last minute, by the Obama regimes US Marshals Service, which placed a “cone of silence” over the 84-year-old Catholic nun.               In commenting on the Obama regimes “cone of silence” placed over Sister Rice, Ralph Hutchison, coordinator of the Oak Ridge Environmental Peace Alliance (OREPA), stated: “It’s clear the government is desperate to shut this nun up. She has something to say, that scares them—because she wants to tell the truth about nuclear weapons production, in Oak Ridge. It is, as Ramsey Clark told us in April, unlawful. That’s the truth Megan has to tell, and the government knows it has no real defense. They were able to get the judge to keep it out of the trial, and they have asked the judge to put her in prison, until she is 90 years old, just to keep her quiet.”  As to whom, or to why, the Obama regime has allowed weapons grade uranium to be stolen, this report does not say.  What is known, however, is that the American people will be the last to know, as new reports show that Obama is now placing government officials in nearly all American newsrooms, in order to more fully control, what these people are allowed to know. To Sister Rice herself, and as she was about to be thrown into the horrific and brutal Obama regimes ever growing gulag, for the rest of her life yesterday, she simply said: “Please have no leniency on me, to remain in prison for the rest of my life, would be the greatest honor you could give me.”  Words that should, in a just world, echo down the corridors of history, along with those of America’s other greatest, and selfless, hero’s.        February 19, 2014 © EU and US all rights reserved. Permission to use this report in its entirety is granted under the condition it is linked back to its original source at WhatDoesItMean.Com.                 http://www.whatdoesitmean.com/index1741.htm
February 22, 2014. Russian Threat Of War Over Ukraine, Stuns Obama Regime.       By: Sorcha Faal, .... to her Western Subscribers.  http://www.whatdoesitmean.com/index1742.htm
A new report by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MoFA) relating to the ongoing crisis in Ukraine, says that United States President Barack Obama was “stunned” yesterday, after President Putin warned him in a telephone dialogue between these two leaders, that Russia was prepared to send over 250,000 heavily armed troops into Crimea, to protect the sovereignty of its citizens, against further US-EU aggression.
Crimea is an autonomous parliamentary republic within Ukraine, with a population over 2 million, whose ethnic makeup is over 70% Russian and Crimean Tartars, as opposed to 24% Ukrainian, and is the home base of the Russian Black Sea Fleet, located in Sevastopol. Putin first became involved in this latest Ukraine crisis this week, this report says, after receiving a call from Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych, who called for direct intervention by Moscow, due to his nation being under “direct attack” from Neo-Nazi and right-wing nationalist mobs, supported by the EU and US, in conflicts, that have left, at least, 67 dead.
Important to note, this report continues, is that the Obama regime has instigated a number of “silent coups” against democratically elected governments it wishes to destabilize, fragment, and then reabsorb into its Western alliance. Unfortunately for the people of Ukraine, this report says, the Obama regime and their EU counterparts, have aligned themselves with the much feared Right Sector opposition group, that consists mostly of young men with right-wing, ultra right-wing, borderline fascists, and the even more feared far-right nationalist Svoboda Party, that has been described as an anti-Semitic and sometimes a Neo-Nazi party, by international newspapers organizations, that monitor hate speech, Jewish organizations, and political opponents. The International Business Times (IBC) in warning about the Svoboda Party, said it cannot be called a “fringe” party, as it currently occupies 36 seats in the 450-member Ukrainian parliament, granting it, status as the fourth-largest party in the country. Further, IBC says, Svoboda is linked to other far-right groups across Europe, through its membership in the Alliance of European National Movements, which includes the British National Party (BNP) of the United Kingdom, and Jobbik, the neo-fascist, anti-Semitic and anti-Roma party of Hungary. In heeding Yanukovych’s call for direct intervention against these Western supported fascists, this report says, Putin ordered Human Rights Commissioner Vladimir Lukin, to broker an immediate halt to the crisis, by warning that Russia “was ready to go to war over Crimea.” After meeting with Lukin, this report continues, Polish Foreign Minister Radosław Sikorski was taped by ITV News, bluntly stating to the fascist Ukrainian opposition leaders, “If you don't support this [deal], you'll have martial law, you'll have the army. You will all be dead.” Should the most extreme measures be used in this crisis by the Russian military, this report further states, the legal authority to do so, rests with the appeal of the Supreme Council of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea, to Yanukovych, that was presented by the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of Crimea to the President, urging him to take extraordinary measures to preserve the constitutional order and unity in Ukraine, and which Putin is bound to support by treaty.
Though an agreement was reached yesterday to end this crisis, this report continues (which Russia refused to sign, and Yanukovych stated on Ukrainian television, that he would sign not documents with the “bandits” who terrorize the Ukraine) Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov nevertheless expressed his deepest concern to the foreign ministers of Germany, France and Poland, about the Ukrainian opposition's inability to negotiate on the agreement. Even worse, this report continues, the fascist led Ukrainian parliament, declared President Yanukovych constitutionally unable to carry out his duties earlier today, and set an early election for 25 May, a move Yanukovych refused to recognize, by declaring that a coup d'état was underway, and that he is not going to resign. One of the first “unintended blowbacks” for the West following their “silent coup” attempts in Ukraine, this report states, was Iceland’s decision earlier today, to cancel their referendum on joining the EU as they are no longer interested in joining this trade bloc, a move made by Ukraine this past November, that started this latest crisis in the first place. With Foreign Minister Lavrov noting Western hypocrisy, relating to Ukraine violence by stating, “When something like this happens within a European country, no one questions the need to curb the disorder and violence, with firm measures,” this report concludes, it remains up to Obama to heed Putin’s warning, to avert an all-out war.      February 22, 2014 © EU and US all rights reserved. Permission to use this report in its entirety is granted under the condition it is linked back to its original source at WhatDoesItMean.Com.                 http://www.whatdoesitmean.com/index1742.htm
February 24, 2014. Putin Orders Troops To Crimea Passes, Warns NATO, Of War.  By: Sorcha Faal,...... to her Western Subscribers.    http://www.whatdoesitmean.com/index1743.htm     A new report prepared by the Ministry of Defense (MoD) on the telephonic conversation held earlier today between General Staff Chief, General of the Army Valery Gerasimov, and Supreme Allied Commander Europe (SACEUR) of NATO Allied Command Operations, US Air Force General Philipp Breedlove, states that Russia has “informed” the Western Alliance, of its “full intention” to protect the Russian citizens of Crimea, even if it means all-out war. More grimly, this report continues, General Gerasimov was “advised” by President Putin, to contact his NATO counterpart, to inform the West of an “immediate order” given to Black Sea Naval Infantry and Coastal Defense forces in the Crimea oblast, to protect the vital Isthmus of Perekop, which is the narrow 5-7 km wide strip of land, that connects the peninsula of Crimea to the mainland of Ukraine. Russian troops put onto “full war footing” to defend Crimea, this report says, include the nearly 1,200 soldier/marines of the 810th Naval Infantry Brigade, along with supporting forces belonging to the 880 Separate Naval Infantry Battalion, 881 Separate Assault Battalion, 888 Separate Reconnaissance Battalion, 1613 Separate Artillery Battery, and the 1619 Separate Air-Defense Artillery Battery.  Even though the Obama regime warned Russia yesterday that it would be a “grave mistake” to send its military into Ukraine, this report says, all of these “initial” troops being mobilized for the defense of Crimea, are already stationed “in country” as part of the nearly 26,000 Russian forces which comprise the Black Sea Fleet headquartered in the “special status” city of Sevastopol,.... and as noted by one Crimean organizer, “There isn’t even any need for Russia to invade, they are already right here.”  Important to note, this report says, is that top Putin advisor with responsibility for relations with Ukraine, Sergei Glazyev,... had previously warned the Obama regime. that US “interference” breached the 1994 treaty. under which Washington and Moscow jointly guaranteed Ukraine's security and sovereignty. after Kiev gave up its Soviet-era nuclear arsenal. Even more critical to note, this report continues, is Russia’s obligation to abide by the terms of the 1774 Treaty of Küçük Kaynarca. signed between the Russian and Ottoman Empires. which saw the Crimea formally annexed into the Russian Empire in 1783. Despite the 1954 “illegal action” of ceding Crimea to Ukraine. by former Soviet leader Nikita Khrushchev (in what has since been described as a “Greek Gift” power play meant to shift the rebuilding cost to the Ukrainian republic from its World War II devastation from the USSR),.... this report says, Putin had previously warned the US, of its “official position” in 2008, when he told then President George W. Bush, “You understand, George, that Ukraine isn’t even a state.” As further noted by The Economist News Service regarding Russia’s outlook on Ukraine: “Putin has never come to terms with Ukraine’s sovereignty, seeing the country as a non-state, which ultimately belongs to Russia. He saw the EU’s attempt to sign a deal with Ukraine, as little more palatable than NATO’s attempt to draw in Georgia in 2008.
That resulted in a five-day war between Russia and Georgia, leaving separatist parts of Georgia, occupied by Russian forces and off-limits for NATO. Experiences gathered then, may have come in handy in Ukraine.
Vladislav Surkov, a Kremlin adviser, who is formally in charge of dealing with the Georgian breakaway regions of Abkhazia and South Ossetia, ....has been handling the Ukraine crisis for Mr Putin, and has been spotted in Kiev and Crimea.”  As pro-Moscow politicians and activists in Crimea, have begun organizing rallies and urging Russia to help defend the territory, from advancing “fascists” from the rest of Ukraine, this report continues, Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev said earlier today, that the interim authorities in Kiev, had conducted an “armed mutiny” against their country, and branded their new leaders, “terrorists.”
“If you consider Kalashnikov-toting people in black masks, who are roaming Kiev, to be the government, then it will be hard for us, to work with that government,” Medvedev said. “Some of our foreign, western partners think otherwise, considering them, to be legitimate authorities. I do not know which constitution, which laws they were reading, but it seems to me, it is an aberration … Something that is essentially the result of a mutiny, is called legitimate.”   Most perplexing of the Obama regimes moves, against Ukraine, this report continues, has been their “embrace” of the ruthless and corrupt former Neo-Nazi Ukrainian Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko, who aside from her Hitler –like obsession with horoscopes and psychics, was also an “unindicted co-conspirator” in a 2006 corruption trial, held in the US,that jailed another former Ukrainian Prime Minister, Pavel Lazarenko, for embezzling $200 million. As to the Obama regime being the lead instigator in Ukraine’s present crisis, there is no doubt, and as we had previously reported on in our 7 February report “US In “Shock And Turmoil” After Snowden Info Lets Russia Tap Top Obama Officials” / http://www.whatdoesitmean.com/index1738.htm /.... wherein we wrote: “A new Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MoFA) report circulating in the Kremlin today, says that the Obama regime is in “total shock and turmoil” today, after the YouTube leaking by the Federal Security Service (FSB) of a highly encrypted telephone conversation between the US Assistant Secretary of State for European and Eurasian Affairs Victoria Nuland and the American Ambassador to Ukraine, Geoffrey Pyatt, ....wherein this top US State Department official was discovered engineering the overthrow of the Ukrainian government and shaming her European counterparts, by saying “Fuck the EU.”    The MoD in their report, further notes that a senior delegation of Russian diplomats sent to Ukraine by Putin to assess their options, met in the eastern city of Kharkiv, with about 3,000 local and municipal officials, from the deposed Obama regime supported Neo-Nazi government, and together these pro-Russian Ukrainian officials and the Russian delegation, passed a resolution denouncing the revolutionary leaders, as “extremists and terrorists.”          Vadim Kolesnichenko, a member of parliament from Crimea, and one of Ukraine’s most staunchly pro-Russian politicians, read out the resolution, to the delegates. “The cohesion and security of Ukraine, is under threat,” he said. “Five atomic power stations and 15 nuclear reactors have come under direct threat, from extremists and terrorists. As long as the revolutionaries refuse to lay down their arms, and surrender government buildings, the local authorities in Crimea and eastern Ukraine, will ignore all their decisions and take responsibility for maintaining constitutional order, on themselves.”   In concluding their report, the MoD further warns that Ukraine will face bankruptcy within the fortnight, unless the US and EU give it, and immediate/ly/ $35 billion.                              And most ironically of all of these events now occurring in Ukraine, it now appears that the new Obama Doctrine, appears to be that if enough Americans rush to the cities, set fire to government buildings, like the department of Commerce, Federal Reserve, Security and Exchange Commission, Commodities Future Trading Commission etc., they can replace their western style democratic constitutional process, with rule by mob violence…after all, if it’s OK for Ukraine, why not the United States?  February 24, 2014 © EU and US all rights reserved. Permission to use this report in its entirety is granted under the condition it is linked back to its original source at WhatDoesItMean.Com.                           http://www.whatdoesitmean.com/index1743.htm
........................................................................................................ http://www.bing.com/images/search?q=crimea+%2b+wikipedia&qpvt=crimea+%2b+wikipedia&FORM=IGRE **
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Crimea **Ukraine is a unitary state composed of 24 oblasts (provinces), one autonomous republic (Crimea) and two cities with special status: Kiev, its capital and largest city, and Sevastopol, which houses the Russian Black Sea Fleet, under a leasing agreement. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ukraine ** http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Black_Sea ** Sochi (Russian: Со́чи, ) is a city in Krasnodar Krai, Russia, located on the Black Sea coast near the border between Georgia/Abkhazia and Russia.  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sochi * http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Russian_Regions-EN.svg * http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Subdivisions_of_Russia * http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Krasnodar_Krai * http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Georgia_(country) * http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Eurasia * http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Caucasus * North Caucasus :      Russian Federation (part)     Rostov Oblast    Volgograd Oblast    Kalmykia    Astrakhan Oblast    Chechnya    Dagestan    Ingushetia    Adyghea    Kabardino-Balkaria    Karachay–Cherkessia
 North Ossetia   Krasnodar Krai    Stavropol Krai       http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/North_Caucasus *       http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Caucasus_Major * (montains) * The Isthmus of Perekop is the narrow, 5-7 km wide strip of land that connects the peninsula of Crimea, to the mainland of Ukraine. The isthmus is located between the Black Sea to the west, and the Sivash to the east. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Isthmus_of_Perekop * // South Caucasus :  Abkhazia    Armenia    Azerbaijan    Nakhichivan    Georgia    Adjara    Nagorno-Karabakh    South Ossetia    Turkey (part)    Iran (part)... http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/South_Caucasus ** http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Caucasus-political_en.svg ** Entre mer noire et mer Caspienne. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Caspian_Sea ( khazar sea) // http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Iran *
Syvash or Sivash also known as the Rotten Sea , is a large system of shallow lagoons on the west coast of the Sea of Azov (northeastern coast of the Crimean Peninsula, Ukraine). Sıvaş in the Crimean Tatar language, means dirt. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sivash * http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sea_of_Azov.  The Kerch Strait connects the Black Sea and the Sea of Azov, separating the Kerch Peninsula in the west, from the Taman Peninsula in the east. The strait is 4.5 kilometres (2.8 mi) to 15 kilometres (9.3 mi) wide and up to 18 metres (59 ft) deep. The most important harbor is the Crimean city of Kerch which gives its name to the strait, ... The Russian side of the strait contains the Taman Bay, encircled by the Tuzla Spit to the south and Chushka Spit to the north. The most important settlement on the Russian side is Taman where an important cargo port is under construction. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Strait_of_Kerch  * http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/Atlas_of_Ukraine * http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Up-map.png *
http://www.bing.com/images/search?q=hungary+%2b+wikipedia&qpvt=hungary+%2b+wikipedia&FORM=IGRE#a ** http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hungary ** http://simple.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hungary **
February 25, 2014. Ukrainian Mob Call To “Kill All Jews”, Horrifies Russia.         By: Sorcha Faal, and as reported to her Western Subscribers.              http://www.whatdoesitmean.com/index1744.htm
A terrifying report prepared for President Putin by Human Rights Commissioner Vladimir Lukin, that is circulating in the Kremlin today, is confirming the event that has horrified all of Russian television viewers this week, of a Ukrainian fascist mob chanting “kill all Jews” after Sunday’s firebombing of the Giymat Rosa Synagogue, in Zaporizhia, located 250 miles southeast of Kiev, by forces loyal to Ukraine’s “new government” that Prime Minister Medvedev labeled yesterday, as “terrorists.” Minister Lukin’s report, further notes that these fascist Neo-Nazi mobs, have begun a systematic destruction of some of Ukraine’s most historic monuments, including the monument to Field Marshal Mikhail Kutuzov, who is praised in Russia, as one of the best military commanders in the country’s history, who fought against invading Napoleon troops and chased them back to Paris, ....that was demolished in the city of Brody, and the monument to Soviet troops fighting against Nazi Germany, that was torn down in the town of Stary.    Critical to note about Ukraine’s current turmoil, this report continues, was that it began on 15 January, when over 15,000 Neo-Nazi Ukrainians marched in Kiev, to celebrate the 105th birthday of Stepan Bandera who was a leader of Ukraine’s liberation movement and Nazi collaborator during World War II, and who on 22 January 2010, was awarded the title of Hero of Ukraine (posthumously) by the outgoing pro-Western President of Ukraine Viktor Yushchenko. The award was condemned by the European Parliament, Russian, Polish and Jewish organizations, and was declared illegal, by a pro-Russian Ukrainian government and court in April 2010.    
            Following the 15 January march honoring Bandera, this report says, thousands of Neo-Nazis wearing the uniform of a Ukrainian division of the German army during World War II, chanting “Ukraine above all!” and “Bandera, come and bring order!” began their fascist siege, against the pro-Russian President Viktor Yanukovych, whom the Obama regime unilaterally declared earlier today, “is no longer the leader of Ukraine,” but who won his 2010 election with 48,95% of the 25 493 529 expressed votes, against 45,47% of the votes for the Western-backed Yulia Tymoshenko. Important to note about Tymoshenko, and as we had previously reported on, is that she is the ruthless and corrupt former Neo-Nazi Ukrainian Prime Minister, who aside from her Hitler –like obsession with horoscopes and psychics, ..... was also an “unindicted co-conspirator” in a 2006 corruption trial, held in the US, that jailed another former Ukrainian Prime Minister, Pavel Lazarenko, for embezzling $200 million. Also important to note, this report continues, is that the Svoboda Party currently holding government in Kiev, and supported by the Obama regime, has been declared by Jewish organizations in and outside of Ukraine, of open Nazi sympathies and being anti-Semitic.
         Minister Lukin in his report further states that Ukraine’s Jewish population of 360,000 to 400,000 people, about a quarter of whom live in Kiev, have become “alarmed” over the increasing levels of attacks against them, including the savage 11 January assault against Hillel Wertheimer, an Orthodox Jewish and Israeli teacher of Hebrew and Jewish tradition, who was severely attacked by men with their fists and legs, on his way home from a Shabbat meal. Another attack against the Jewish community by these fascist Neo-Nazi Ukrainian mobs, this report notes, was the 19 January attack of Dov Ber Glickman, 30, a member of Kiev's Jewish community, was assaulted by three youngsters, as he was making his way home, from a Shabbat meal at Yeshivat Orach Chaim, in the Ukrainian capital's Podil neighborhood. After knocking him to the ground, Glickman's assailants stabbed him three times, apparently in his arms and legs. His screams apparently scared them off. Bleeding, Glickman managed to make his way back to the main synagogue building, where the yeshiva is located, and collapsed at the mikveh (ritual bath). He received initial treatment at the scene, while the synagogue guard, alerted rescue personnel, who took him to hospital.
Even before the recent unrest, this report notes, Jews in the Ukraine have been the targets of anti-Semitic acts.  Last year, the president of the All-Ukrainian Jewish Congress narrowly escaped with his life, after a bomb was hurled at his car, as it pulled out from an office. Recent reports further indicate that these fascist extremists have been targeting the Jewish community in Ukraine, including a member of the Opposition. However, this is the first time that the police forces themselves, have been implicated in anti-Semitic activity. As Putin had yesterday ordered Russian military forces, to protect the vital Isthmus of Perekop in the Crimea oblast, against these fascist Western-backed forces, this report concludes, additional military ships carrying soldiers, have arrived on Ukraine’s Crimean coast, as “all-out” war may be needed to protect Ukrainian Russians and Jewish peoples, against yet another Obama regime onslaught, against what was once a free and openly religious nation. * http://www.whatdoesitmean.com/kmz4.jpg *Febr. 25, 2014 © EU and US all rights reserved. Permission to use this report in its entirety is granted under the condition it is linked back to its original source at WhatDoesItMean.Com     http://www.whatdoesitmean.com/index1744.htm
............................................................................... http://www.larouchepub.com/pr_lar/2014/140224_vitrenko_statement.html ** http://www.larouchepub.com/other/2013/4032bust_lond_sar_axis.html **
http://www.larouchepub.com/pr_lar/2014/140224_lar_radio_ad.html ** http://www.larouchepub.com/pr/2014/140224_ukr_fascists_consolidate.html **
................................................................................................................................. Already, on the weekend of Nov. 30-Dec. 1, 2013, rioters were throwing Molotov cocktails, and seized the Kiev Mayor's Office, declaring it a "revolutionary headquarters." Protesters from the opposition Svoboda Party, formerly called the Socialist-Nationalists, march under the red and black flag of Stepan Bandera's Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists (OUN-B), the Nazi collaborators who exterminated Jews and Poles, as an adjunct of the Nazi war machine, and in fulfillment of their own radical ideas on ethnic purity, during World War II.
The slogan of the Svoboda Party, "Ukraine for the Ukrainians," was Bandera's battle cry during the OUN-B collaboration with Hitler, following the Nazi invasion of the Soviet Union. It was under that slogan that mass executions and ethnic cleansing were carried out by Bandera's fascist fighters...... The Bandera fascist revival has been underway in plain sight, since the "Orange Revolution" of 2004, when Viktor Yushchenko was installed as President of Ukraine, through a foreign-backed street campaign heavily financed by George Soros's International Renaissance Foundation, and more than 2,000 other non-governmental organizations from Europe and America, after he had been officially declared the loser in a tight presidential contest with Viktor Yanukovych. .....  After he declared an independent Ukrainian state, under his direction in 1941, Bandera was arrested and sent to Berlin. But he maintained his Nazi ties and funding, and his "mobile groups" were supplied and given air cover by the Germans, throughout the war. In 1943, Bandera's OUN-B... carried out a mass extermination campaign of Poles and Jews, killing an estimated 70,000 civilians during the summer of that year alone. Although Bandera was still running the OUN-B operations out of Berlin,...... Only in the recent days, with scenes of mass violence by armed protesters finally breaking through the propaganda fog, has the Western media taken up the neo-Nazi character of the ongoing destabilization. Time magazine, on Jan. 28, headlined its coverage from Kiev "Right-Wing Thugs Are Hijacking Ukraine's Liberal Uprising," profiling one group of neo-Nazi hooligans called Spilna Sprava ("Common Cause," but the Ukrainian initials spell "SS"), as being near the center of the protests. The next day, Jan. 29, the Guardian headlined "In Ukraine, Fascists, Oligarchs and Western Expansion, Are at the Heart of the Crisis," with the kicker: "The story we're told about the protests gripping Kiev, bears only the sketchiest relationship with reality." Guardian reporter Seumas Milne candidly wrote, "You'd never know from most of the reporting, that far-right nationalists and fascists have been at the heart of the protests and attacks on government buildings......Counterpunch also published a Jan. 29 article by Eric Draitser, "Ukraine and the Rebirth of Fascism," which began with the warning: "The violence on the streets of Ukraine, is far more than an expression of popular anger against a government. Instead, it is merely the latest example of the rise of the most insidious form of fascism, that Europe has seen since the fall of the Third Reich.... In an attempt to pry Ukraine out of the Russian sphere of influence, the U.S.-EU-NATO alliance has, not for the first time, allied itself with fascists." http://www.larouchepub.com/other/2014/4106wwiii_nazi_ukraine.html - ALSO: http://www.counterpunch.org/2014/01/29/ukraine-and-the-rebirth-of-fascism/ * http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Viktor_Yushchenko  - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Viktor_Yanukovych -http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Oleksandr_Turchynov -http://stopimperialism.org/nazi-coup-ukraine/ * http://stopimperialism.org/articles/ukraines-sickness-europes-cure/ *
http://www.counterpunch.org/2014/02/25/the-us-played-hardball-against-ukraine-and-the-eu/ * http://www.google.com/search?q=ukraine&btnG=Search&domains=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.counterpunch.org&sitesearch=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.counterpunch.org **

2014-02-27. AMERICAN AND ISRAELI ZIONISTS, BEHIND CIVIL UNREST IN THE UKRAINE.  Posted by Vatic Master    at 02:30  ***Fund raising status We wish to thank all those who have contributed to  our fund raising efforts so far, this month. We especially would like to thank the two who contributed today.  We thank you deeply.  We realize the hardship this maybe causing, since everyone is in the same boat, so the gifting is even more precious for that fact.  Our deficit, is now at $160 with only 4 days left before the due date.  So if you have benefited in anyway from our work, then please help us stay up by donating at the Pay Pal button off to the right of the blog. .....(....)             Vatic Note:  This simply continues the very long history that the commonwealth countries have experienced under British Rule, along with the royalty of Europe.  Why are they so insane and weird?   Because these are the ashkenazis that migrated into eastern Europe, after being thrown out of Mongolia, for their criminally barbaric practices, and then kicked out of Khazaria, for their theiving and immoral behavior with respect to the silk route trade, where they ripped off countries both east and west, with their control of the rivers and the silk route, and extorted massive wealth from both areas, in turkey and europe. Both east and west  invaded khazaria to stop the thieving, and gave them a final choice.  Either join the Muslim or the Catholic religions, get rid of their pagan religion of phallic worshipping and cannabalism, and get a moral core, in order to live with other countries in peace and harmony.   Of course the khazars figured out that joining either religion, would result in them being the minority so they looked internally and found the Jewish religion.  King Bulah said that becoming Jewish would make the khazars the majority of that religion, and they could control it, so that is why they chose Judaism. 
It did not work, as they continued their criminal activites,so they were taken over by both east and west.  The khazars then migrated into eastern europe, and became the ashkenazi Jews.   They continued their pagan practices using the Talmud as their cover, they were satanists and continued their satanic rituals that they brought with them, and set up money changer houses, gained control of Europes financial life, and then intermarried with royalty, thus taking over the various monarchies.  We have done numerous blogs about this subject, so we won't rehash it, but suffice it to say, the Queens German family were part of that migration and minor german royalty through marriage.   Don't forget, we also covered Rothschilds services to Queen Victoria in siring her children, since her gay husband would not accommodate her need for heirs.  Nathan Rothschild performed that service for her.   This is the foundation of these bloodlines and the reason they continue down this path, all these generations. THIS is who these zionists are today.  Israel is a Rothschild nation of khazrians who are also satanists, as are the royal families of Europe decended from that blood line.  That is why we see such horrors visited on countries like the Ukraine.
            AMERICAN AND ISRAELI ZIONISTS, BEHIND CIVIL UNREST IN THE UKRAINE. http://northerntruthseeker.blogspot.com/2014/02/the-us-and-israel-behind-civil-unrest.html     ....and...... http://northerntruthseeker.blogspot.ca/2014/02/the-crisis-in-ukraine.html **  Right now, there is intense turmoil in the Ukraine, where we see Ukrainian government forces, in a pitched battle with "protesters" for control of that fragile nation…. I have been following the events in the Ukraine for the last while, and have long suspected that the Jewish Rothschild controlled European Union, along with the United States and of course Israel, are behind all of these "protests" and "revolt".   It seems that these criminals will absolutely not allow the nation of Ukraine, to be fully independent, and they want Ukraine enslaved to Jewish criminal Usury banking that would be imposed, if the EU is able to snag that nation! Well, my suspicions seem to be correct… According to this article, from the Daily Slave website, at www.dailyslave.com, it definitely does appear that the US and Israel are behind all of this civil unrest in the Ukraine….. I have that important article right here, and of course my own thoughts and comments, to follow:
(( also: http://rinf.com/alt-news/breaking-news/cheering-democratic-coup-ukraine/ ** http://rinf.com/alt-news/breaking-news/ukraine-coup-americas-main-event-sochi-olympics/ **))
AMERICAN AND ISRAELI ZIONISTS BEHIND CIVIL UNREST IN THE UKRAINE. Published On February 19, 2014 |  For the past several months we have seen all sorts of political turmoil hit the Ukraine, including violent protests which have left many people injured or dead.  A former member of the Soviet Union and a Russian border country, the Ukraine has become a primary target of Zionist aggression.   They have been targeted primarily due to their historical ties with Russia, which under Vladimir Putin have successfully blocked a number of Zionist agendas, including a potential American military strike on Syria, this past year.  By destabilizing the Ukraine they hope to bring in a puppet government, that will move the country away from Russian influence.   The on-going protests against the current Ukrainian government, are largely being financed and controlled by the United States and Israel.  This is not part of a true popular uprising, as the corporate media propagandists will have you believe.
The United States government has actually invested $5 billion dollars into this on-going operation, to overthrow the Ukrainian government.  This is more commonly known by those in the propaganda machine as...... spreading freedom and democracy.  Victoria Nuland the fanatical war mongering Zionist Jew and current assistant U.S. Secretary of State, confirmed all of this in a December 13th 2013 speech, that is available for all to see.  She may have used more friendly and politically correct terminology to describe the agenda, but considering what is happening now, it becomes easy to read between the lines.
This is especially true considering Nuland was recently caught on a wiretap discussing, how they were going to place specific people in power, once their paid protesters had overthrown the government.  She even had a few choice words for the European Union, who she perceived as not being helpful to their agenda.  In fact she used the specific phrase “fuck the EU” in expressing her outright contempt.
What’s really sick about this whole thing, is that the United States government has decided to allocate billions of dollars to interfere in the internal affairs of a foreign country, at the same time that we have a whole host of problems domestically.  Surely these billions of dollars would have been much better spent domestically, to finance infrastructure projects and things of that sort.  Or better yet, how about returning that money back to the American people?  In fact any number of alternatives would have been preferable, compared to this misguided project, which promotes Nuland’s wet dream... of Zionist world domination.
This begs another question.  Why is that we have so many vile Jews like Nuland in positions of power and influence in Washington DC?  No matter which political party is in power, it seems as if Washington DC is constantly infested with these creatures.  Take for example all of the Jewish neo conservatives, that were in the regime of George W. Bush.      There needs to be a serious discussion in America, about purging these types of people from all government and political offices.  How can any of these people be trusted, when we have no idea, if they’re serving the interests of America or Israel?   It is unfortunate that such a discussion will unlikely happen anytime soon, since the American people have been brainwashed by mass media and Hollywood, to view Jews as perpetual victims, who cannot be criticized. (VN:  this is what happens, when a group of khazars assume the mantel of another race and culture, and uses it to manipulate and control truth, honesty, history, culture, and the financial system of various western nations, leaving blame resting with the group that was not involved.  Clever little psychopaths, if I do say so myself.)        Even crazier is the fact that several reports indicate that individuals linked to the Israeli Army and their intelligence agency the Mossad, are also involved in helping to organize some of the on-going Ukraine protests.  In fact the International Business Times ran a report, detailing how a significant number of young Jews are involved, in protesting the government. It is painfully clear that Zionist forces in America and Israel, are the primary causes of the civil unrest in the Ukraine.  Even though some of the people participating in the protests, might be doing so, because they have legitimate complaints about how the Ukraine is being run, they need to understand that much of what is happening now, is being orchestrated by outside forces, that seek control of the Ukraine’s future.  Even if the protests are successful in overthrowing the existing government, ....the vast majority of the Ukrainian people will be sorely disappointed with the outcome.  Nuland and her cronies will push to setup a government not chosen by the people of the Ukraine, but instead a government that will serve the interests of international Zionism. ** http://www.blacklistednews.com/American_and_Israeli_Zionists_Behind_Civil_Unrest_In_The_Ukraine/32995/0/5/5/Y/M.html ** http://www.dailyslave.com/american-and-israeli-zionists-behind-civil-unrest-in-ukraine/ ** http://www.go2gbo.com/forums/political-issues-discussion/just-minutes-ago/?PHPSESSID=3n9jh5hjdmecuct50lhuir0j75 ** http://www.stormfront.org/forum/t1019883-16/ **  ////
         NTS Notes:  Imagine my complete lack of shock, when I came across this article that answers my suspicions, that the criminal Jewish power elite, wants Ukraine enslaved, and they are getting their slaves in the US Government, to sent billions of dollars to "assist" these fraudulent Rothschild controlled "protesters", in their efforts to have the democratically elected government in Ukraine, overthrown.
This should be a wake up call for everyone, especially those in the Ukraine, who are fighting to keep their nation truly free.   If these "protesters" win this fight for Ukraine, that nation will be integrated into the Rothschild controlled European Union empire, and they will be enslaved to Jewish control, much like all other "members" of that criminal entity…. Let us hope that the Ukrainians do not fall for this trap, and fight to prevent these "protesters" from seizing the upper hand and potentially the nation….. Considering the long history of Ukraine, with its horrendous genocide of the 1930's and decades of Soviet control, they deserve a future of freedom…. More to come, NTS //  http://vaticproject.blogspot.ca/2014/02/american-and-israeli-zionists-behind.html
2014-02-28. Oscars 2014 - Preview (SPOILER ALERT LEAKED CLIP!!!) 86th Academy Awards. Posted by Vatic Master   at 02:00 PM.  *** Fund raising status - What we have here is another contributor this past 24 hours, which has brought our balance down to $150 and now with the extension until Monday, when the  balance is due, we are back up to 3 days remaining.   ....(....) Lets not let these psychopaths succeed in closing off exposure and truth telling with respect to their unethical and anti-social behavior, when it comes to getting their way with money, power and control.  Please stand by us, during this most crucial time. Thank you and Bless you all, who have contributed to this battle, and who continue to pass this information around.  It has reached a level of exposure that is tremendous for our side.
Oscars 2014 - Preview (SPOILER ALERT LEAKED CLIP!!!) 86th Academy Awards....   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6XACar-30c8 ** Published by Joy Camp on Feb 19, 2014
Benny & Kevin present the award for the Best Most American Film of the year.          Vatic Note:  OH, this was FABULOUS...... What was most precious, about the results of what these two "at Risk" commedians had done, was the look on the faces of all the actors, directors, producers and anyone in the audience, working in the film industry, when they heard all that satire..... that hit the nail smack on the head.  I loved it.  It made all these years of work, for all the true and honest bloggers, all worth while.  I know for a fact, those bloggers suffered greatly for all their efforts and paid a dear price, but now they have been validated, just  by this skit piece.   You won't believe what they did.   It was truly precious, and now I know why the powers that be said that the "...WORLD WAS ANTI-SEMITIC".... but we all know that can't be true, since those doing all this, are not semites. They are khazars.  LOL.   World war III has begun, using the Weapon of mass destruction, GLOBALLY VIEWED SATIRE. I feel certain that all will be removed, before the actual oscar program begins  for public viewing,  so make this go viral everywhere all across the globe, so everyone can see the truth exposure going on.  Enjoy the clip, I know I did and I never laughed so hard in my life.  LOL
http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=6XACar-30c8 **            http://vaticproject.blogspot.ca/2014/02/oscars-2014-preview-spoiler-alert.html

I want to give all the new people two gifts today.  They are two books that will change your life, and open your eyes, just like in The Matrix.  You read these two books, and you will understand so much that you never understood before:  The Creature from Jekyll Island, and Confessions of an Economic Hitman.  I guarantee you it will change the way you look at banks, politicians, government leaders and the news.  You are getting ready to be part of the 1% club, and you will see what has been going on.  You then have two options:  to join them and do what they do,......  or to come out against them.
http://dinaresgurus.blogspot.ca/2014/02/tnt-call-19-feb.html) /////              EXOGEN UPDATE, 20 FEB. THE GOOD GUYS FINALLY HAVE THE CABAL CORNERED GLOBALLY
9. FEDERAL RESERVE AS A GLOBAL SUPER ENTITY (CLOSED DOWN)   Posted by FORO DINAR GURUS at 8:42 PM    http://dinaresgurus.blogspot.ca/2014/02/exogen-update-20-feb.html ... http://nesaranews.blogspot.ca/2014/02/the-good-guys-finally-have-cabal.html      **********
1:17 PM [..OKIEOILMAN] LANDING EXPECTED TO BE VERY LATE TONIGHT - 11:19 PM [..OKIEOILMAN] WEATHER RADAR IS SHOWING NO INTERFERENCE AT THIS TIME, AND NO NEED TO DIVERT AGAIN - 11:22 PM [..OKIEOILMAN] YOU GUYS GO TO BED AND GO TO SLEEP---WHEN I LAND I WILL BUZZ YOU, AND YOU WILL AWAKE---NO NEED IN STAYING UP ALL NIGHT--- -JUST GIVE THANKS IN YOUR PRAYERS, BEFORE YOU GO TO SLEEP=====  BLESSINGS GALORE===================OKIE      Posted by FORO DINAR GURUS at 8:42 PM   http://dinaresgurus.blogspot.ca/2014/02/okieoilman-update-20-feb.html .... http://nesaranews.blogspot.ca/2014/02/okie-tonight-landing.html ********  EXOGEN UPDATE: DIRECT INTEL 12:39 AM EST, 20 FEB. http://dinaresgurus.blogspot.ca/2014/02/exogen-update-direct-intel-1239-am-est.html ***
/ John Wayne,  TIME TO SADDLE UP! /      http://nesaranews.blogspot.com/2014/02/best-expose-on-jfk-murder.html * WHO WERE THE MASTERMINDS... BEHIND JFK MURDER!
.........wed 26th?//....THIS BLOG AND JOHNNIE, NEEDS YOUR SUPPORT. GOOGLE IS BLOCKING MY EARNED REVENUE FROM THE 2 SMALL ADS ON TOP. THEY HAVE FROZEN MY LAST MONTH’S INCOME, WITH NO REASON. YOUR DONATION HELP, IS TEMP. REQUESTED. SEE DONATE BUTTON ON THE TOP LEFT. Thank You, John MacHaffie ** http://nesaranews.blogspot.ca/2014/02/this-blog-has-unusual-problem.html **         Currency Announcement: http://nesaranews.blogspot.com/2014/02/sanandas-announcement-currency-exchange.html **/////
....later.....10pm.....REPUBLIC UPDATE: -- At 4:30 pm EST on 2/26/14, the lights were turned off briefly on the Wash DC White House. At the same time, the lights were turned on, in the REPUBLIC White House in Denver, Colorado. We are proud to say we now living under the Republic. Thank You ‘Good Military’, and GOD BLESS AMERICA AGAIN! Now we need to go to work cleaning up the mess left by the dead corrupt Federal Corporation. The REPUBLIC has already been recognized by the world, and has the full financial support of China.  *** /////

INTEL RUMORS ------ Obama that we saw on TV yesterday, 2/27/14, ....was a CLONE, and not the real one. Real One is still out of country, looking for refuge.
Person responsible for issuance of toll free access for bank appointments, was taken off High Alert.
UST and the corporate Fed Government, still blocking the RV. IMF is also included in the RV blockage. Tentative schedule for REPUBLIC announcement, is Sunday.
 ......10pm.......  INTEL.  Last nights pentagon briefing, stated that these statements are true.
1) Bank of America is scheduled to become Washington Federal....TRUE
2) Did the lights go off at the white house for a brief time, this week...No
3) Has the New republic of America been recognized in china and around the world?...YES
4) Religion is a control system, based on some truthes,half truthes,and lies......True
5) CIA agent Tim Osman, met at the white house with President Reagan, and became Osama Bin Laden, who later died after 9/11 from diabetes under CIA care, in late 2001..............TRUE.
6) Is the military within 45 minutes of an open assault on the cabal since 3 weeks ago, and in full position to strike.........TRUE.
7) Has the government exhausted all its avenues to deter final bankruptcy, and has missed its final settlement date, with all creditors?.........TRUE
8) Is the new republic and its banking system, being financed by real wealth, provided by super wealthy Asian dynasties?..........YES.................E.

Thursday, February 27, 2014. Suggestion For Republic Agenda! - WHAT SAY U? // John, 1) The first thing I would do for the Republic, is Report the New Republic to the MSM, is in Place.
2) Then for the Support of the People, is to Make a Public Notice for employers to HALT ALL Payroll Taxes.                  3) Then Inform the IRS that they start going thru the Recent records of Taxpayers and either send out checks, or place those funds in the accounts which those accounts you know of, or start separate accounts which you notify the People of those accounts, or if NOT you will be Arrested if you fail to do so.
4) Notify ALL State Governors to start the process of notifying their Law Enforcement Agencies, to either comply with the New Republic, or else ALL will be fired and will be hunted down, by first seizing their bank accounts, as the Warrant from the Republic will be Approved.               5) Notify ALL State Governors, that ALL Government Corporation Charters be Revoked, as the 'Organic Act of 1871' IS NULL and VOID, thus ALL CAFR Accounts are to be transferred to the Government Entities for the People, so NO other Taxes are to be paid ANY MORE!
6) Then inform the Public that ANYONE that does HARM to ANYONE will be Arrested by Approved of Law Enforcement individuals, such as the CSPOA Resolution people.   
7) Then the BAR attorneys and Judges, either start going thru the False Charged People cases and release them, like Irwin Schiff.     And More.
Posted by John MacHaffie at 12:28 PM  http://nesaranews.blogspot.ca/2014/02/suggestion-for-republic-agenda-what-say.html
Thursday, February 27, 2014. NICE INTEL. Csabalicious:   My personal wealth manager called me today.. And stated you are Rich soon!!!
GodlovesYou : Just got a text from Planet Dinar that Blaino is on board and has us at maximum alert for RV.
[newlegacy] FWIW, Blaino is going to "maximum alert" - haven't seen that before :)
 [newlegacy] Just reporting Blaino's perspective - happens to match up with Tony today :)
Thursday, February 27, 2014. Exogen Direct Intel   ...x Comments....//  DIRECT INTEL 8:33 AM EST Posted by EXOGEN, on February 27, 2014 at 8:33am // Per conversation, WF and other banks will complete large transactions.  Much activity, tied to gold certificates and historical bond activity.  Gold backed bonds are in the correct positions, and tranche logistics stabilized. Activity will be towards the west.  GCR process implemented, / Global Currency Reset / ....and all algorithms in sync. CME on alert today, thru Tuesday. No reversal evident. G20 objectives met, hostile situation has been neutralized, and EM's are positioned. The organic constitution is also being restored. Judges in high places, completing new common law modules. USA/UST NEUTRALIZED, at the last stand for the CABAL. Project "C" has been implemented.  http://s3alpha.net/blog   ** http://www.dinarrecaps.com/1/post/2014/02/exogen-direct-intel.html   **CME - Chicago Mercantile Exchange, EM - Emerging Markets   WF WellsFargo **
** http://www.dinarrecaps.com/1/post/2013/07/dinar-acronyms-by-extraordinary.html **  http://www.dinarrecaps.com/bulletin-board.html * http://www.dinarrecaps.com/our-blog.html *
  Posted by John MacHaffie at 12:31 PM  http://nesaranews.blogspot.ca/2014/02/exogen-direct-intel.html
Thursday, February 27, 2014. BOA INFO, ALONG WITH OTHER IMPORTANT INFO. // Good Stuff: They are still saying announcements in a few days, giving Americans a chance to return from the Olympics first. Said that they are taking down Bank of America, which will become Washington Federal. Said that the FRN will devalue by 50%, so like a loaf of bread will go to $11 for a short while, and then drop to prices in the 1950s. Money in the bank will be exchanged 1 for 1. If you need money for food, the banks will make you a loan, until things change.     The most important thing said, was "O" is on the run. He went from South America, to Australia, to Mexico, and now believe he went to .... Canada. They said he never thought this day would come. Remember that Zap just said about shutting down HAARP, "Maybe the next president will do it."         BofA was involved in a lot of criminal activity, on behalf of the Cabal. They were one of the places that they kept the Freedom packages, which were by protocol, to be the first Prosperity Program delivered, as arranged by Bush 41,  and they kept them on the road between BOA, Treasury, White House, ect., so they could not be delivered, nor could any other of the programs that were to follow. They even had Homeland Security remove them fro UPS planes on the tarmac when they were to be delivered, and put them on the road again. When the money was traunched in to Leo Wanta's account at BOA, for the Wanta-Reagan-Mitterrand Protocol funds, BOA sent them on, to either JP Morgan or Chase, where they were hidden in a secret account. When the Chinese were traunching in money for the RV, and sent money to BOA of which part was to be sent on to other banks, they refused and placed the funds in the "roll" program, to make money for themselves. They were involved in the fraud of the purchase of AIG. When they got the bailout moneys from the government, rather than move it to the economy making loans to businesses, they kept it for themselves. They had some honest bankers who were ready to do the right thing, and had come to a meeting in New York. They were on Sully Sulenberger's plane, that ditched in the river, because it was hit with a missile, that was meant to kill them.** http://www.airliners.net/aviation-forums/general_aviation/read.main/4410032/ **  They have been involved in so much of the cabal's crimes, that they deserve to be taken down. The Chinese even bought controlling interest in BOA, before traunching in the RV moneys. It is now to be Washington Federal.  Posted by John MacHaffie at 7:32 AM          http://nesaranews.blogspot.ca/2014/02/boa-info-along-with-other-important-info.html
............. "Sully" Sullenberger New Job: Pilot Who… .. 2009-11-28 · Chesley "Sully" Sullenberger will pilot regular ... Pilot Who Glided Plane Into Hudson River  ...On Jan. 15 2009, Sullenberger ditched the Airbus A320 in the Hudson...  http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2009/09/29/sully-sullenberger-new-jo_n_302473.html ... http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chesley_Sullenberger //
Casper spoke about the Freedom packages, .... http://www.fourwinds10.net/siterun_data/nesara/news/ ** this is the last page, http://www.fourwinds10.net/siterun_data/nesara/news/index.php?page=85 **
// http://www.fourwinds10.net/siterun_data/nesara/news/index.php?page=83  ..casper reports of 2006 //
............. FW:  Feb. 21, 2014   //(Information on E.O. 13303 included in this article--see below) //Posted: 20 Feb 2014 06:44 AM PST- Early Thurs.AM Direct Intel from Stage3Alpha  - Dinar Recaps
http://www.dinarrecaps.com/1/post/2014/02/early-thursam-direct-intel-from-stage3alpha.html **

Wednesday, February 26, 2014. Fulford - WHAT DID I TELL YA?  Subject: Re: fulford. Date: 02/26/14 10:03:2.... WHAT DID I TELL YA? The Pentagon and the US agencies seem to be winning for now. It has now been widely reported in cabal controlled media outlets that the NSA is monitoring the SWIFT, Visa and other international financial payment systems. What the cabal controlled media failed to report was that the NSA and their allies are also blocking cabal financial transactions. For example, one of the reasons the recent attempt to start World War 3 in Syria failed was because the trillions of dollars that were supposed to finance this campaign were frozen by Pentagon and agency white hats. That is the real reason why the NSA is being attacked so much in the Zionist press.
http://whitewraithe.wordpress.com/tag/committee-of-300/ ** Posted by John MacHaffie at 10:41 AM  ....3 comments:.....
Dan February 26, 2014 at 11:01 AM Maybe the Good Guy could place $200 into EVERY Individual's Bank Account, to see what would happen, and then give us confidence of that they do have control! ///
Dan February 26, 2014 at 11:10 AM If the Good Guys don't take some action, yet Obama and his Cohorts take some of their own, there will be CHAOS next week, if Obama can declare Martial Law, after the Banks Collapse! /// Anonymous February 26, 2014 at 12:48 PM The fact that this is even being discussed, means that it is a smoke screen issue, that will never bear fruit.
......................................................................................... and..............................................................
Fulford: Final Battle Over Control To Print Money.  Posted on September 21, 2013 by Whitewraithe.    P2 Freemasons want Pope Francis to be new M1, the controller of money
Reposted from: Benjamin Fulford.     The battle over the control of the right to print and distribute dollars, Euros and many other currencies is down to a few factions, according to multiple sources involved in the fight. In Italy, Pope Francis and his faction have won a major power struggle and as a result, the P2 Freemason lodge is now calling for the Pope to be named as M1, the person who decides how money is created and distributed, a senior P2 Freemason source says. However, there is also a strong faction in the US military and agencies who want to completely expunge the entire cabalistic structure.
Meanwhile, a source close to Queen Elizabeth says the committee of 300 that features so strongly in conspiracy literature has been disbanded and that the cabal control of finance is now run by 13 individuals.
The members include Queen Elizabeth, the Dalai Lama, the Sultan of Brunei, Baron Fritz Thysen, Jesuit Secretary General Adolfo Nicholas, David Rockefeller, George Bush Sr., and other still unidentified individuals, including some Chinese members. It is likely the King of Belgium and Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands recently resigned from this group. The Dalai Lama has also been buying lots of real estate in Portugal recently, a possible indication this high-level-demon-pretending-to-be-a-holy-man expects he will soon no longer be welcome in Asia, MI5 sources speculate.
The Rothschild family operates one layer below the money creation committee and take a 2% cut of all dollars, Euros and many other currencies before the money is distributed via big banks like Goldman Sachs and Bank of America, the sources say. The Rothschilds are also behind the bombing and attacks on countries like Syria that do not accept their debt slavery, the committee sources say.
The battle to replace this committee with something new is now down to a few factions including the Pentagon, the Vatican, the BRICS coalition, the former “global warming” faction of the cabal and, still controlling their sock-puppet Obama, the “war on terror faction.” These groups claim “spiritual” or fiat (out of nothing) control over the process of creating money. There are also several groups claiming ownership of the world’s historical assets including the One People’s Public Trust (OPPT) group, the Neil Keenan Group and a coalition of Asian royal families. The Pentagon and the US agencies seem to be winning for now. It has now been widely reported in cabal controlled media outlets that the NSA is monitoring the SWIFT, Visa and other international financial payment systems. What the cabal controlled media failed to report was that the NSA and their allies are also blocking cabal financial transactions. For example, one of the reasons the recent attempt to start World War 3 in Syria failed was because the trillions of dollars that were supposed to finance this campaign were frozen by Pentagon and agency white hats. That is the real reason why the NSA is being attacked so much in the Zionist press.
Nonetheless, the money remains frozen and yet we still have murderers like Barack Obama and John Kerry appearing on TV sets around the world telling lies, so clearly something is still not right. “Why aren’t they in jail?” so many aware people are asking. We are asking the same thing and the answer we got from several Pentagon contacts was that mass arrests were in the works. As we said many times before, believe it when you see it. As long as that cretin Obama is parading on TV as if he represented a legitimate government, it is not over. On the more positive side, representatives of the above mentioned committee of 13, specifically the Queen and the Pope, have been negotiating with the White Dragon Society in the hope of both keeping some power and avoiding mass arrests of cabalists.
The P2, through senior boss Marco Di Mauro, started by offering $250 billion to “help clean up Fukushima.” This offer was an insult because first of all, Italy is bankrupt and is in no position to offer money. Secondly it is an insult because agents affiliated with the fascist P2 were responsible for that man-made disaster in the first place. When the P2 answered that this is what the Japanese government had asked for, the WDS pointed out the Japanese slave regime was not in a position to bargain either. We know that the current Abe government was put in power by rigged vote counting machines produced by the company Musashi and that Musashi is a cabal front. It is owned by Fortress Asset Management, run by former Goldman Sachs employee and Council on Foreign Relations member Peter Briger. The CFR is headed by David Rockefeller. Briger got an 11,555% pay rise last year.                   http://www.passfail.com/fig/executive/peter-l-briger/peter-l-briger.htm#MD_About
In any case, when informed the WDS had the names and addresses of 500 self-described “scum,” in Italy, the P2 suddenly changed its tune and offered to work through Pope Francis instead. Pope Francis appears to be a genuine Christian and could a good person to oversee the process of truth and reconciliation that will be needed to end cabal rule. He also supports the WDS plan for a massive campaign to end poverty and stop environmental destruction. The British Royal Family is also in support of such a campaign and a truth and reconciliation process.
The problem now appears to be the criminally insane murderers in Washington D.C., the Rockefeller and Bush factions of the cabal, the French branch of the Rothschild family and various other riff raff affiliated with them. They have set up a series of laboratories in central Asia for the purpose of spreading bio-weapons in the hope that their plan to kill 90% of the world’s population can still be carried out. They also still think that they have a holy mission to start a war between Islam and Christianity to pave the way for their one world religion and fascist world dictatorship. Satan has surrendered so it is never going to happen.
A meeting between WDS representatives and Asian secret society representatives last week revealed that they, though known for their patient tolerance, were growing impatient. For that reason, the cabal was reminded that the Asian secret society has the capability of carrying out 200 simultaneous assassinations and has a list.
Direct contact has been made through several routes including your man in Japan Mr. E, the British Royal Family, the P2 Lodge and an Asian secret society.
Time is running out Mr. Rockefeller and fellow cabalists. You can start by cashing Federal Reserve Board box 1558 and making the money available for fighting poverty and stopping environmental destruction. This box contains a Dillinger gun and poison gas as well as close to $1 trillion. You owe that money so you choose: the Dillinger or the cash.
RELATED POSTS: Fulford: Fear and Hate Palpable as Final Cabal Take-Down Continues
Aaron Wilson Interviews Benjamin Fulford
Source: http://deusnexus.wordpress.com/2013/09/16/fulford-final-battle-over-money/
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Present-Day Bilderberg Group are Descendents of Venetian Black Nobility
Posted on May 31, 2012 by Whitewraithe
WW~Notes: I first read about the Black Nobility in 2004 in an article by Wes Penre of Illuminati News.  He penned a short, but historical description of these blood-thirsty tyrants that remains relevant today.
King Stephen Bathory of Poland (click image for bio). These people earned the title of “Black” nobility from their ruthless lack of scruple. They employed murder, rape, kidnapping, assassination, robbery, and all manner of deceit on a grand scale, brooking no opposition to attaining their objectives. These people all have immense wealth. And money is power.
The most powerful of the Black Nobility families are located in Italy, Germany, Switzerland, Britain, Holland and Greece in that order. Their roots may be traced back to the Venetian oligarchs, who are of Khazar extraction, and married into these royal houses in the early part of the twelfth century. (Following a great Khazar victory over the Arabs, the future Emperor, Constantine V, married a Khazar princess and their son became Emperor Leo IV, also known as “Leo the Khazar”. The Medecci popes, and Pius XII (Eugenio Pacelli) were Khazars, as is the present Pope, John Paul II. Not all Black Nobility are royal houses, and many of the royal families no longer have kingdoms. According to researcher and author Dr. John Coleman, a “Committee of 300″ was established early in the eighteenth century, “although it did not take on its present form until around 1897″, (when the China opium trade was legalised). Documentary proof as to the existence of the Committee of 300 is not forthcoming, and it may be no more than a convenient phrase to describe certain key players. Socialist politician and financial adviser to the Rothschilds, Walter Rathenau, writing in the Wiener Press (24 December, 1921) said, “Only 300 men, each of whom knows all others govern the fate of Europe. They select their successors from their own entourage. These men have the means in their hands of putting an end to the form of State which they find unreasonable.” Exactly six months after publication, Rathenau was assassinated. Dr. Coleman’s work opens the door to further studies on named members of the ruling elite, particularly in America. Whereas the English have a long history and are very aware of their ancestry, certain families of “blue-bloods” in the United States that have historic ties with the British through blood and money.
These “noble” families are behind most if not all of the so-called pro-environmental movements that are actually intended to curb the population growth of ALL nations. Prince Philip and Prince Charles are the most visible symbols of this movement, and are a true part of this conspiracy to destroy industry and take the world back to a New Dark Age.
Most if not all the crowned and uncrowned heads of these dynasties enjoy huge incomes from ground rents. All favor Global 2000 Report to the President that’s calculated to end all industrial progress, and by famine, disease and wars, eliminate the excess population industry supports. All oppose nuclear power that can produce clean cheap electricity, the key to economic development and prosperity in the Third World. They ardently desire a return to the feudal system where they will once again be absolute rulers. While professing Christianity, the oligarchical families, for the greater part, actually despise it in secret. Masonry provides their religious fulfillment. And without faith, they have no belief in reward or punishment and a world to come. They live for the here and now.
Many of these oligarchies are in the drug and arms trade through well-distanced intermediaries (like so many of the large banks).
In 1815 the Jesuits and their Freemason allies among the crowned heads of Europe held the Congress of Vienna, whereby Swiss neutrality (already sanctioned by the Peace of Westphalia in 1648) was forever guaranteed; and no matter how many wars are provoked in which the common man has to do the fighting, the money of the Nobility in Switzerland should always be free from plunder. It’s part of Rothschild’s meticulous long-range planning, and why Switzerland exists to this day. But that doesn’t mean to say your money would be safe. Some US$280 billion p.a. in flight capital and drug money flows into the Swiss accounts of the Black Nobility. The place of Freemasonry in the power structure of the Elites is quite evident as they carried through Adam Weishaupt’s conspiracy to avenge the Jesuits after their abolition in 1773 by short-lived Pope Clement XIV as “immoral and a menace to the Church and the Faith”. By launching the French Revolution and directing Napoleon’s conquest of Catholic Europe, and by revolts against the church in Mexico and Latin America, they cut-off Vatican income.
Nathan Rothschild’s financing of Britain resulted in the defeat of Rome’s enemy Napoleon, (as well as being the source of his wealth and influence). Since Gregory XVI conferred a Papal decoration on Kalman Rothschild for loaning the Vatican five million pounds in a period of difficulty, the Rothschilds have been the fiscal agents of the Vatican. With Vatican interests at heart, the Rothschilds extended their financial and political dominion in the United States. The Vatican’s interest in the US was clearly revealed in the secret 1822 Treaty of Verona between Austria, France, Prussia, and Russia whereby the Jesuit Order pledged itself as the price of reinstatement to destroy “the works of Satan” it had established in setting-up, by revolution, representative governments such as the republics and “democracies” of France and the USA, replacing them with the only form of government approved by the church, rule by “divine right”, as declared by the Vatican (Daniel 2:42-43; Revelation 17:12-13).
As Senator Robert Owen pointed out to the US Senate in 1916, the prime target to which the Vatican and the “Holy Alliance” directed the subversive and destructive activities of the Society of Jesus, is the United States, and other republics in the Western hemisphere. This plot, he claimed, was the target at which the Monroe Doctrine was directed. What the Senator did not realize is that the Monroe Doctrine protects the interests of “The City of London”. The Rothschild-Vatican cabal unsuccessfully attempted to gain control over the power of the purse in the US through the First and Second Bank of the United States. They were established under emergency powers granted to the President by the Constitution, as temporary institutions to tide the country through the periods of financial stress occasioned by the Revolutionary and 1812 Wars. But the aims of the conspirators to establish a banking monopoly were thwarted by the Constitution. Until the FED.
It is said the Black Nobility promised a neutral Germany if Soviet Russia allowed East and West Germany to reunite. And that Russia promised to see that all royal houses are restored to the rightful heirs if they decouple Europe from the American Alliance. Imperial nobility enjoy a more elevated status than the nobilities of the German successor states and, indeed, of the Italian states. The descendants of Italian Holy Roman Empire titles have formed an Association to which all male line descendants of someone ennobled by Imperial Patent is entitled to belong. And the Principality of Liechtenstein has also claimed the ability to confirm a succession to Imperial titles, and has confirmed the right of a Spanish noble man to heir such a title for purposes of the Spanish law requiring the successor state to confirm that the claimant to a particular title is in fact the heir. Thus there is a remaining jurisdiction, even though no Imperial titles have been conferred since 1806. In 1963, the Holy Roman Empire Association (Associzioni dei Nobili del Sacro Romano Impero) was established to unite male descendants in its membership who are invested with nobility of the Holy Roman Empire. It also includes a number of honorary members.
The Black Nobility belong to the “Committee of 300″ that controls the UN. Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands has the power to veto the Vatican’s choice of any pope it selects. This may explain the untimely end to Pope John Paul I’s 33-day pontificate. The Prince has veto power because his family, the Habsburgs, are descended directly from the last Roman emperor. (The Habsburg Frederick III was the last emperor to be crowned in Rome; his great-grandson Charles V was the last to be crowned by a pope). This is the civil equivalent of the Pope’s claimed “apostolic succession” from Saint Peter.
Prince Bernhard is leader of the Black Families and he also claims descent from the House of David through the Merovingian dynasty, a claim that was acknowledged to be valid by the Carolingian dynasty that supplanted them, by other monarchs and by the Roman Church of that time. Thus he can truly say that he is “related to Jesus”. Prince Bernhard’s House of Orange had its origins in France. The Habsburgs are related through marriage with the Merovingians, who are said to have descended from the Tribe of Benjamin who went into exile following war with the other eleven Tribes — see Judges chapter 21. Exile took them to Arcadia in the central Peloponnese, Greece. Here they aligned with the Arcadian royal line and towards the advent of the Christian era, migrated up the Danube and Rhine, through marriage engendering the Sicambrian Franks — the immediate forebears of the Merovingians, who were ultimately of Semitic origin, and descendants of King Saul.
They are identified with the Spartans, and both books of Maccabees link the Spartans with the Jews. I Maccabees 12 tells of Jonathan sending a letter to the Lacedemonians (Spartan Greeks) asking for their help, since they were brethren. The Spartans replied, “It is found in writing, that the Lacedemonians and Jews are brethren and that they are of the stock of Abraham” (verse 21). It is assumed by some writers that this means the Spartans were Israelites, but the Spartans were not Israelites they were Edomites descended from Bela son of Beor and brother of Baalim, and king of Edom (Genesis 36:32; I Chronicles 1:43). Edom was the son of Isaac and grandson of Abraham who sold his birthright, and bred his posterity off the Book of Life. Early in the fifth century the Merovingians established themselves in what is now Belgium and northern France. There they adopted the Cabalistic pseudo-Christianity of the Cathars, a dualistic religion that holds there are two eternal gods, the god of Good and the god of Evil. It is revealing that this Luciferian belief is held by Masons of high degree and those who would be Masters of this world today, and who claim that Lucifer will ultimately be victorious.
Under Clovis I, who reigned from 481-511, the Franks converted to Roman Catholicism. Through him, Rome began to establish undisputed supremacy in Western Europe. In return for being the sword of Rome whereby the church would manifest her power and impose a spiritual dominion, Clovis was granted the title of “New Constantine” and to preside over a unified “Holy Roman Empire” based on the church and administered on the secular level in perpetuity by the Merovingian bloodline. Like “the sure mercies of David”, this was a pact that could be modified, but not revoked, broken or betrayed.
They believe Jesus survived the cross and married Mary Magdalene who bore His son then lived in seclusion in the south of France. During the fifth century this lineage is said to have married with the royal line of the Franks engendering the Merovingian dynasty. When in 496 the church pledged itself in perpetuity to the Merovingian bloodline it was presumably in full knowledge of their claimed identity. This would explain why Clovis was offered the status of Holy Roman Emperor, and why he was not created but only “crowned” king. In 754 the church clandestinely betrayed its pact.
The Prieure de Sion is the name of the secret order which created the Knight Templars as its military and administrative arm. (It should be remembered that the Knight Templars were the forerunners of Freemasonry). The Prieure de Sion continues to function through the centuries, acting in the shadows, and has orchestrated certain critical events in Western history. It exists today and is still operative. Its declared objective is the restoration of the Merovingian dynasty and bloodline — to the throne not only of France, but of other European nations as well — a restoration that is sanctioned and justifiable, both legally and morally.
There is strong evidence to suggest that this order was the author of Freemasonry, and “The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Sion”, as well as the Rosicrucians. There is abundant evidence to suggest that Nostradamus was one of their secret agents, and there is no question that numerous quatrains which refer to the advent of “le Grand Monarch” indicate that this sovereign will ultimately derive from the Merovingian dynasty. Implying a double hegemony of the Papacy and the Empire, of the Vatican and of the Habsburgs. He frequently referred quite explicitly to the Knights Templars and to the house of Lorraine which is now synonymous with the Habsburgs.   Although deposed in the eighth century, the Merovingian bloodline did not become extinct. On the contrary it perpetuated itself in a direct line from Dagobert II and his son Sigisbert IV. By dint of dynastic alliances and intermarriages, this line came to include Godfroi de Bouillon, who captured Jerusalem in 1099, and various other noble and royal families, past and present — Blanchefort, Gisors, Saint-Clair (Sinclair in England), Montesquieu, Montpezat, Poher, Luisignan, Plantard and Habsburg-Lorraine. At present, the Merovingian bloodline enjoys a legitimate claim to its heritage.
The crown of Charlemagne — a replica of which is now part of the imperial Habsburg regalia — is said to have borne the inscription “Rex Salomon” (Encyclopaedia Britannica, 14th Ed., 1972, Crown and Regalia, Fig. 2). And the “Spear of Destiny”, which is said to have pierced Christ, reside today in the Treasure House, Vienna, awaiting another Holy Roman Emperor (The Rigby Joy of Knowledge Library. History and Culture I, 1977:160; The Holy Roman Empire, Friedrich Heer, p. 284). It is clear why the “Protocols of the Elders of Sion” speak of a new king “of the Holy seed of David”, (Holy Blood and the Holy Grail, Baigent, Leigh and Lincoln). Otto von Habsburg is today the titular Duke of Lorraine and King of Jerusalem. The Prieure de Sion claim to hold the lost treasure of the Temple of Jerusalem plundered by Titus in AD70 which would be returned to Israel “when the time was right”. This might explain why Rome must defer to the “kings of the earth” and how she will seal a covenant with the Jews who have long hidden behind the shield of baptism.
Prince Bernhard is in fact related to the Khazars, and therefore a Gentile (I wrote Wes about this statement.  I think what he meant to say was the Prince is therefore, a Jew). Revelation 2:9, “I know thy works, and tribulation, and poverty, (but you are rich) and I know the blasphemy of them which say they are Jews, and are not, but are the synagogue of Satan.”
Assisted by the CIA, Prince Bernhard has brought the hidden ruling body of the Illuminati into public knowledge as De Bilderberg Group. (Established in 1954, its headquarters is 1 Smidswater, Den Haag, Nederlands). At the heart of the Bilderberg Group are 39 members of the Illuminati chosen from three committees drawn from the members of all the secret groups that comprise the Illuminati: the Freemasons, the Vatican and the Black Nobility. This committee works year round in offices in Switzerland.    The Committee of 300 now call themselves World Government Founders for the NWO. A reference no doubt to their hereditary claim to the “Divine Right of Kings”. It is imperative that we realize that privately, the Black Nobility refuse to ever recognize any government other than their own inherited and divine right to rule. They believe the United States still belongs to England. And work diligently behind the scenes to cause conditions whereby they might regain their crowns. Every royal and so-called noble dynasty past and present of Europe have seats on the Committee of 300, most often by nominees. There are just too many of these “royal” families for them each to have representatives on the Committee of 300. Precedence is determined by rank: first royal family members, then dukes, earls, marquises and lords, then finally “commoners”, who usually get the title of “Sir”. (Conspirator’s Hierarchy: The Committee of 300″, Dr. John Coleman).
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The Illuminati Structure
The leader of the Earths Illuminati is called the “Pindar”. The Pindar is a member of one of the 13 ruling Illuminati families, and is always male. The title, Pindar, is an abbreviated term for “Pinnacle of the Draco”, also known as the “Penis of the Dragon”. Symbolically, this represents the top of power, control, creation, penetration, expansion, invasion, and fear. The holder of this rank reports to the purebred Reptilian leader in the inner Earth. Recently, there are reports that the Marquis de Libeaux is the Pindar, but this is disinformation. The true current Pindar is the head of the Rothschild family, as has been for several hundred years. He is based in Germany near Frankfurt. In the late 1970s, he oversaw the sister project to Montauk, called M.A.L.D.A. is an anagram for Montauk-Alsace-Lorraine Dimensional Activation. This project was located near the city of Strasbourg, France, historically once part of Germany.
Interestingly, there is a winery on the east end of Long Island, not far from Montauk Point, called Pindar Vineyards. This wine is growing in popularity, gaining international accolades. This fits nicely into the plan, as this area will be a part of the capital district of the Earth/United Nations in the Empire State! Red wine is symbolic of the blood ingested by the Reptilians. The wine can become sanctified as it did in the Roman Catholic Church, a patsy for the Reptilians. In the Catholic Church, wine replaced the blood in ceremony.
The Illuminati here on Earth have established a pyramid structure of control identical to the system that exists in the Draco Empire. The pyramid with the Reptilian eye, located on the American one-dollar bill, is symbolic of this control structure. The eye is the cap on the pyramid, thus explaining why the original surface of the Great Pyramid in Egypt was capped in solid gold.
The Pindar is represented by the gold cap on the pyramid. The next layer, or “eye”, on the pyramid represents the 13 ruling families. They are as follows:
Rothschild (Bauer or Bower) – Pindar
Cavendish (Kennedy)
De Medici
Sinclair (St. Clair)
Warburg (del Banco)
Windsor (Saxe-Coburg-Gothe)
Each of the 13 ruling families is given an area of the Earth and/or a particular function to fulfill on the Earth. These particular functions include global finances, military technology/development, mind-control, religion, and media.  They also know that there are really 13 Zodiac signs, not the commonly acknowledged 12. They have kept the 13th hidden for centuries because it is the sign of the Dragon. They keep the qualities and traits of this sign secret to avoid giving away clues to the Reptilian mind-pattern.
The next layer is the second-in-command families who do the support work for the Pindar and 13 ruling families. While all of the 13 ruling family members are shape-shifters, all members of the 300 supporting families are not. They do, however, all have a high percentage of Reptilian DNA.They are known as the “Committee of 300″.These families include such notable names as Agnelli, Balliol, Beale, Bell, Bouvier, Bush, Cameron, Campbell, Carnegie, Carrington, Coolidge, Delano, Douglas, Ford, Gardner, Graham, Hamilton, Harriman, Heinz, Kuhn, Lindsay, Loeb, Mellon, Montgomery, Morgan, Norman, Oppenheimer, Rhodes, Roosevelt, Russell, Savoy, Schiff, Seton, Spencer, Stewart/Stuart, Taft, and Wilson. There are many others.The Committee of 300 use many well-known institutions to accomplish their goals, including the Council on Foreign Relations, Bilderburgers, Trilateral Commission, Club of Rome, Royal Institute for International Affairs, Mafia, CIA, NSA, Mossad, Secret Service, International Monetary Fund, Federal Reserve, Internal Revenue Service, and Interpol, to name a few. All of these are private organizations or corporations set up as public service devices, but this is far from the truth.
The Illuminati structure also creates artificial countries to further their goals. Examples of these are the United States, Switzerland, Kuwait, the Soviet Union, Panama, Israel, Italy, Yugoslavia, the United Kingdom, most of Black Africa, all of the Arab countries, and all of Central and South America. These nations were created to amass wealth for the ruling families and their supporters, to hide or keep their wealth, and to create unstable conditions necessary to start wars or increase military budgets.
Switzerland was created as a neutral banking centre so that Illuminati families would have a safe place to keep their funds without fear of destruction from wars and prying eyes.
The United States was established with 13 colonies, one for each of the Illuminati families. The original flag had 13 stars, and still has 13 stripes. The eagle, the symbol of the United States, holds 13 arrows in its talons. The United States is actually a corporate asset of the Virginia Company that was established in 1604 in England with direct involvement of the Rothschilds. The finances of the Rothschilds were necessary to fund the exploration and exploitation of the North American continent. The assets of the Virginia Company, including the United States, are owned by the Holy Roman Empire via the Vatican. This occurred in 1213 when King James gave all English assets to the Reptilian Pope. Executorship remains with the British royal family, but actual ownership lies with the Roman Catholic Church.
The United States of America is not named after Amerigo Verspucci, as you learned in school. The Illuminati would never name a continent, actually two continents, after an Italian mapmaker. The name is actually a combination of words. “Am” is the Hebrew word for “people”. “Ame” is also the command form of the Spanish/Latin verb “to love”. “Eri” or “ari” is a Hebrew term for “lion”. “Rica” is the feminine form of the Spanish word for “rich”. “Ka” is the ancient Egyptian word for soul, or spirit force within a body. There are two layers of meanings. The Ancient Hebrew/Egyptian translates to say, “the people of the lion with spirit force”. Hence, the pyramid and all-seeing eye on the one-dollar bill. The Latinized version translates to say, “love riches”, in a feminized/physical reality way. This gives an idea of what they had in mind.
Take this a step further, and one sees the mixture of the feminine Latin/eagle ideas with the masculine Hebrew/lion ideas. The symbolic statement of America is that it is a combination of Lemuria and Atlantis; a blend of the human/Lyrae with Reptilian/Draco. Perhaps the anagram LSD, an Illuminati created drug, has a hidden meaning as well: Lyrae-Sirius-Draco! The combination of these three civilizations would produce the most powerful, technological Empire ever known! In 1776, the creation of the United States as an independent nation coincided with the declaration into public existence of the official Illuminati organization by member Adam Weishaupt, in Bavaria. Publicly, Mr. Weishaupt appeared to be determined to create an organization comprised of the European elite that would uplift mankind.
Of course, this was part of an Illuminati global ceremony. The creation for the United States and the Illuminati global ceremony. The creation of the United States and the Illuminati organization were artificial beginnings for public consumption. The United States was the device to be used to bring the Illuminati into public acceptance. Current Illuminati members believe that Adam Weishaupt was a look-alike for George Washington, and it is actually Weishaupts image that appears on the one-dollar bill.
George Washington was a wealthy slave and plantation owner. He is known to have raped some of his female slaves and used some of the male slaves in ritualistic ceremony. There are many people of the Black race who can literally trace their genetics to the founding fathers. George Washington also ordered the building of the Montauk Lighthouse in 1796. This lighthouse included an underground area for supply storage in case of a British coastline invasion. If he had only known what that area would become – or did he?    The 13 ruling Illuminati families constantly vie for control amongst themselves. During this time period, the Spanish, British, and French Illuminati all fought to win control over North and South America. The Rothschilds kept these Illuminati factions in line by sending Hessian troops to monitor the situation. The leaders enjoyed these war games, pitting one against the other to see who would win. The hundreds of thousands of lives lost were meaningless to them.  The Manifest Destiny of the United States was created to expand the territory of the Aryans at the expense of the native populations. As always, the Illuminati seek to destroy native peoples and their cultures. This is an attempt to destroy their knowledge of God-Mind, as well as the possibility that the natives will impart this information on to others. Especially important is their need to eliminate native cultures with ancient knowledge of Atlantis and Lyrae.            The natives that gave them the most problem were the Cherokee Indians because this tribe retained most of their Atlantean knowledge, even accessing the Bear/Bigfoot frequency for information. For this reason, these people were uprooted from their homeland in the southern Appalachian Mountains, and forcibly marched to Oklahoma on what is now known as The Trail of Tears. Many died along the way. Only a remnant remained in North Carolina, Tennessee, and Georgia. In the north, the vast Iroquois/ Mohawk nation was disbanded. The Montauk, direct descendents of the Atlanteans who call their leader Pharaoh, were systematically eliminated.
The Rothschilds were aggressively involved with the slave trade from Africa, importing slaves to North and South America as well as the Caribbean. They were very careful not to import Blacks from the eastern areas of Ethiopia or Sudan where the descendents of Solomon were located, instead concentrating on western and central Africa for the slave populations. These areas had the pure mixture of Annunnakki and simian genetics, and the programming desirable for the Illuminati agenda.  The Rothschilds decided that splitting the United States colonies would double their profits. So they politically created, and financially supported, the Civil War. The Civil War was actually a global ceremonial ritual to bring slavery to its next level. This war allowed the North to win, and publicly abolish slavery. The best slaves are the ones who do not realize that they are slaves. This alleviates rebellion and resistance. This was the status immediately following the Civil War. Blacks in the South are still slaves. There is still segregation, even in the North. The Illuminati still consider Blacks to be second or third class citizens. Only now the slavery is subtle and masked.
Since the Civil War, there have been other staged wars that entrenched the trend toward globalization. The Spanish-American War of 1898-1899 acquired more land for the American Illuminati, placing a greater portion of the Earth’s surface under American jurisdiction. World War I was designed to change the map of Europe as well as test germ and chemical warfare technology for future use. This coincided with the worldwide influenza outbreak designed to reduce the global population, making control easier. World War I also laid the foundation for the German role in the next war.
World War II was a test of the final globalization and extermination projects. It was also designed to test mind-control machinations; to test the use of fluoride which deadens brain activity and slows resistance to authority; to experiment with slave labor camps and study the development of resistance; and to teach the masses to spy and report on one another.
World War II brought three primary goals of the Illuminati to fruition. The first was that hidden Illuminati symbolism was brought to public attention from the underground strongholds in Tibet and Egypt, such as the Swastika and the ankh. The second was the creation of the State of Israel as a foundation for the New World Religion. The last was the creation of nuclear weapons as part of the Illuminati global ceremony.
During World War II, the Germans helped to perfect “sex-slaves” as a means of transmitting information amongst the elite. Sex-slaves can be either male or female, who are sexually programmed using Wilhelm Reich procedures, which are illegal in the United States, but used by the Illuminati and government.
These sex-slaves deliver messages and keep programmed sleepers in line. The sex-slave is downloaded with a message or function through various sexual acts and drugs, which can only be released by repeating the same sexual act with the target, or person, to be activated. They are trained to know their target’s trigger words and trigger events to activate, delete, or change programming.
In recent years, several women have come forward claiming to be the sex-slaves of globally recognized political figures. Many were used as information couriers between high-level male Illuminati. Usually, lookalikes of the political figures are used in the incipient programming as a focal point for the sex-slave. The slave is put through a desensitizing process, so there is no pleasure in the sexual act; it is merely a duty to be performed. Many times the slave becomes sexually promiscuous, repeatedly having sex with people who look like the intended target. It is a sad life.
By the end of World War II, one of the three major Illuminati global rituals was accomplished. This was the nuclear explosion that took place in 1945 at the 33rd parallel as a test for the nuclear attack on Japan. This explosion was symbolic, representing the simultaneous creation and destruction of matter and energy. The year was symbolic as well. In numerology, 1 + 9 = 10, representing the 10 aspects of God-Mind. The number 10 further breaks down to 1 + 0 = 1, representing a new beginning. Continuing, 4 + 5 =  9, representing the end of a cycle. Symbolically, the entire event represented the end of a cycle to prepare for a new beginning using the new creation of God-Mind out of destruction.
Additionally, a cylinder containing material still not explained by the government was trucked into the nuclear explosion testing. This cylinder was made from pure steel and allegedly was the same physical dimensions as the Kabala describes for the creation of Golems. Kabala is ancient Hebrew metaphysics that has been a staple for the Illuminati for millennia. Golems are artificial beings that are used as a slave force. It is highly probable that this was a symbolic ritual for the creation of the society of Golems.
World War II also allowed the European/American Illuminati to destroy the Japanese Illuminati desires of global domination. The Japanese royal family, represented by Emperor Hirohito, have always been ostracized as non-legitimate by the ruling 13 families. The Japanese claim to be direct descendents of Lemurian purebred Reptilians.
The European/American Illuminati claim that the Japanese Illuminati are descendents from a lower species in the Draco hierarchy. This lower species is considered a worker class without any political clout or influence. The European/American Illuminati also claim that East Indians are a lower species in the Draco hierarchy. The 13 ruling families consider light skin and hair to be an elite characteristic.
On January 17, 1994, Japan sent a seismic event to California. Exactly one year later on January 17, 1995, the city of Kobe, Japan was seismically destroyed. Kobe was the home of the Japanese electromagnetic weaponry centres. The European/American Illuminati will not tolerate thorns in their sides. The destruction of Japan and its royal family will continue in the coming months.
Every year, the Illuminati hold meetings to plan the events of the coming year to accomplish their main objective formulated millennia ago of global control and domination. In the 1850s, they pinpointed their target date for complete domination with an agenda called Plan 2000. This has since been revised to 2003. The fiasco election of George W. Bush Jr. to office is a key sign that they are on target. The public lesson of the United States presidential “election” of 2000 is that the citizens do not vote for anyone! Even the Illuminati are now finding it increasingly difficult to conceal their plans.
Source     WW~Notes: Whether or not any of this is true I thought it quite fascinating and an interesting read.  Also, lets not forget that David Icke described them as shape-shifters 20 years ago.
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What it Will Take to Restore America: Identify the Enemy    Posted on September 30, 2010 by Whitewraithe     WW~Notes:  This article only names the “globalists” as the enemy, when in fact, it is the globalists who are Jews that are the real enemy.  And again, let me reiterate that I am not referring to the ancient Semitic Hebrews/Israelites.  What I refer to are the impostors, the Synagogue of Satan, who claim to have a direct link with the Hebrews of old but actually do not, however, they’ve convinced the entire world that they are their descendants.
Jacques Ex Deos Libertas
Activist Post
Never in the history of our nation have we faced so great a danger to our liberties, to our way of life, to our Republic. We now face a fifth column, an enemy so evil and so desperate, that no lie, no form of trickery, no deception is too great for them; to them the ends justify the means. Many conservatives have labeled these enemies of the Republic as communists.  Although one of their own did invent the concept of communism, they are not communists. Many conservatives have labeled these traitors to America as socialists; this too is a fallacy, and though these people utilize socialism as a weapon as they have with communism, they are not really socialists either. Socialism was invented by them, promoted by them, and tweaked to its current form by them; but it too is only a means to an end.
There is no doubt that the enemy I am referring to is totalitarian in the extreme. They are the quintessential enemies of the Republic, of the Constitution, of liberty and freedom as defined in the Constitution of these United States of America. In fact, these people are the enemies of all of mankind. Their aim is to destroy liberty, to destroy freedom, to destroy this Republic and the principles of its Bill of Rights and the Constitution that guards our liberty and freedoms. These people are the most tyrannical, the most evil humans that have ever set foot on this planet to date.
Who then am I referring too? What is their political identity? What are their goals and their ambitions? I am referring to the GLOBALISTS, a breed of human animal so vicious, so evil, so tyrannical they make Adolf Hitler look like a school boy. As a matter of fact, they funded, supported, aided and abetted Hitler’s rise to power, just as they did with Mao, Pol Pot, the Russian Bolsheviks, Kim Il Sung, Kim Jung Il, Yasser Arafat, The Muslim Brotherhood, The Shah of Iran Reza Palavi, and a host of other tin horn dictators all over Africa, the Middle East, Asia, and South America. They are in fact fascists, but a very different form of fascism than we have been taught to recognize.
Who then are these villans? They are the Global Elite, the stockholders of the largest international banks in the world, and the largest corporations in the world. They are also the stockholders and board members of the Federal Reserve Board, and the Federal Reserve Bank. They are both the well known and those not so well known: the Rothschilds family, the Rockefellers (specifically David Rockefeller), The Royal Family of England, The Royal Family of Spain, The Royal Family of The Netherlands, most of the surviving Royals of Europe are in this Cabal of Evil. Also the oldest Banking Families of Europe, America, and Asia.
The Groups that do the bidding of these Global Elites are the Committee of 300, The Club of Rome, The Bilderberg Group, the Council on Foreign Relations, The Trilateral Commission, The Rockefeller Foundation, The United Nations, as well as other groups both political and social. The world leaders, businessmen, intelligentsia, government organizations and their bureaucrats are their lackeys. The unions are their lackeys, The Fortune 500 and Fortune 1000 corporations are their lackeys. The mainline universities and most of the mainline think-tanks are their lackeys.  Examples would be the Rand Corporation, The CIA, and most every International Intelligence Agency, in America, Europe, and the West, to include Israel.
If we are to restore America to a place of individual rights, civil liberties, and the freedom to pursue our happiness, the identities of the criminal cabal must continue to be revealed.  We should continue to a shine the light of truth into their shadowy corners. Sources for this article:
http://benjaminfulford.com/300.html – a listing of the committee of 300
http://www.fourwinds10.com/siterun_data/government/new_world_order/...  list of the committee of 300 past and present. And the organizations directly under their influence.
What is their agenda?
Plain and simple – World Domination in every arena of human existence.
http://educate-yourself.org/cn/johncolemangoalsofIlluminati.shtml http://pakalert.wordpress.com/2009/08/16/the-illuminati-agenda-for-...


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The following is Chappy's introduction for you.  Dave Maryland’s Criminal Complaint is a vehicle where you are in the driver seat.  It puts you in that position since you are relying solely upon Supreme Court cases.
Furthermore, the Internal Revenue Code itself only strengthens your position that the Internal Revenue Code does not apply to most people living and working in the several states!
Therefore, you are being approached by some individual who says he works for the IRS who is claiming that you owe some tax they cannot be prove thereby making false allegations and producing false documents and pursuing collection of a falsified  debt, which is in violation of many of Title 18 U.S.C.                Specifically 26 U.S.C. §7214  Offenses by officers and employees of the United States        (a) Unlawful acts of revenue officers or agents Any officer or employee of the United States acting in connection with any revenue law of the United States— (1) who is guilty of any extortion or willful oppression under color of law; or
(2) who knowingly demands other or greater sums than are authorized by law, or receives any fee, compensation, or reward, except as by law prescribed, for the performance of any duty; or
(3) who with intent to defeat the application of any provision of this title fails to perform any of the duties of his office or employment; or
(4) who conspires or colludes with any other person to defraud the United States; or         (5) who knowingly makes opportunity for any person to defraud the United States; or
(6) who does or omits to do any act with intent to enable any other person to defraud the United States; or (7) who makes or signs any fraudulent entry in any book, or makes or signs any fraudulent certificate, return, or statement; or (8) who, having knowledge or information of the violation of any revenue law by any person, or of fraud committed by any person against the United States under any revenue law, fails to report, in writing, such knowledge or information to the Secretary; or (9) who demands, or accepts, or attempts to collect, directly or indirectly as payment or gift, or otherwise, any sum of money or other thing of value for the compromise, adjustment, or settlement of any charge or complaint for any violation or alleged violation of law, except as expressly authorized by law so to do;
shall be dismissed from office or discharged from employment and, upon conviction thereof, shall be fined not more than $10,000, or imprisoned not more than 5 years, or both. The court may in its discretion award out of the fine so imposed an amount, not in excess of one-half thereof, for the use of the informer, if any, who shall be ascertained by the judgment of the court. The court also shall render judgment against the said officer or employee for the amount of damages sustained in favor of the party injured, to be collected by execution.       I always have taken the position that I don’t have a problem in paying any debt I duly owe.  However, in following the Supreme Court decisions and my examination and the opinion of many, many others of the Internal Revenue Code, I do not find any nexus creating a liability on me and, *a fortiori,  absence of  delegation of authority it appears that foreign agent (IRS Agent John Doe) is committing crimes against me.                   Undisputed, there is NO act of Congress that created the “Internal Revenue Service”
People who work for the Internal Revenue Service will try to convince you otherwise and state the following:           The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) was established on July 1, 1862, by an act of Congress.
The United States supreme court refutes and contests this statement, in part by reference to footnote 23 in the published opinion of the U.S. Supreme Court in Chrysler Corp. v. Brown, 441 U.S. 281, fn. 23 (1979).
“… in the early days of the Bureau of Internal Revenue, it was the field agents who had substantial contact with confidential financial information. ”           The People hereinafter relies upon said footnote formally to refute the false statement quoted above by the IRS. Moreover, no one should be punished unnecessarily for relying upon the decisions of the U.S. Supreme Court.  U.S. v. Mason, 412 U.S. 391, 399-400 (1973).  To wit:  “It is, of course, true that Supreme Court decisions are on occasion overruled and that the opportunity to overrule them would never arise if litigants did not continue to challenge their validity. But, in this context at least, it is unnecessary to penalize the United States' proper reliance on our past decisions in order to re-examine them, since there is no bar to a suit by plaintiffs below directly against Oklahoma for recovery of the tax. Cf. Poafpybitty v. Skelly Oil Co., 390 U.S. 365 (1968). And if the doctrine of stare decisis has any meaning at all, it requires that people in their everyday affairs be [412 U.S. 391, 400]   able to rely on our decisions and not be needlessly penalized for such reliance. Cf. Flood v. Kuhn, 407 U.S. 258, 283 (1972); Wallace v. M'Connell, 13 Pet. 136, 150 (1839).” [stare decisis is doctrine requires a Court to follow rules established by a superior court.]  However go to http://encyclopedia.thefreedictionary.com/stare+decisis it is important to get a complete understanding to this term
Also, by consulting the index for Chapter 3, Title 31 of the United States Code, one finds that IRS and the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms are not listed as agencies of the United States Department of the Treasury. The fact that Congress never created a "Bureau of Internal Revenue" is confirmed by publication in the Federal Register at 36 F.R. 849-890 [C.B. 1971 - 1,698], 36 F.R. 11946 [C.B. 1971 - 2,577], and 37 F.R. 489-490                    Another direct evidence of the fraud is found at 27 CFR § 1, which prescribes basic requirements for securing permits under the Federal Alcohol Administration Act. The problem here is that Congress promulgated the Act in 1935, and the same year, the United States Supreme Court declared the Act unconstitutional. Administration of the Act was subsequently moved offshore to Puerto Rico, along with the Federal Alcohol Administration, and operation eventually merged with the Bureau of Internal Revenue, Puerto Rico, which until 1938, along with the Bureau of Internal Revenue, Philippines, created by the Philippines provisional government via Philippines Trust #2 (internal revenue) (see 31 USC § 1321 for listing of Philippines Trust #2 (internal revenue)), administered the China Trade Act (licensing & revenue collection relating to opium, cocaine & citric wines).                This line will be resumed after examining additional evidences concerning IRS and Commissioner of Internal Revenue authority. Further verification that IRS does not have lawful authority in the several States is found in the Parallel Table of Authorities and Rules, beginning on page 751 of the 1995 Index volume to the Code of Federal Regulations. It will be found that there are no regulations supportive of 26 USC §§ 7621, 7801, 7802 & 7803 (these statute listings are absent from the table). In other words, no regulations have been published in the Federal Register, extending authority to the several States and the population at large, (1) to establish revenue districts within the several States, (2) extending authority of the Department of the Treasury [Puerto Rico] to the several States, (3) giving authority to the Commissioner of Internal Revenue and assistants within the several States, or (4) extending authority of any other Department of Treasury personnel to the several States.
Authority of the Internal Revenue Service, via the Commissioner of Internal Revenue, is convoluted in regulations, but makes an amount of sense by citing various regulations pertaining to the Service and application of the Commissioner's authority. General procedural rules at 26 CFR § 601.101(a) provide a beginning-point:
(a) General. The Internal Revenue Service is a bureau of the Department of the Treasury under the immediate direction of the Commissioner of Internal Revenue. The Commissioner has general superintendence of the assessment and collection of all taxes imposed by any law providing internal revenue. The Internal Revenue Service is the agency by which these functions are performed...
Go to the definitions you will find that revenue agents and the Secretary are all foreign to the State to which we live.
Revenue Agent. Any duly authorized Commonwealth Internal Revenue Agent of the Department of the Treasury of Puerto Rico.           Secretary. The Secretary of the Treasury of Puerto Rico.
Secretary or his delegate. The Secretary or any officer or employee of the Department of the Treasury of Puerto Rico duly authorized by the Secretary to perform the function mentioned or described in this part.
I could go on for about another 200 pages or more but the point is stop being a defendant. We have all the evidence to support crimes being committed against the people living in the several states.
Bottom line:  The agent can not prove what you can prove that he can’t prove.
*a fortiori (pronounced ah-for-she-ory) prep. Latin for "with even stronger reason," which applies to a situation in which if one thing is true then it can be inferred that a second thing is even more certainly true. Thus, if Abel is too young to serve as administrator, then his younger brother Cain certainly is too young.  The cost of this criminal complaint filed before 80 members of The Congress is normally $3,500.00.  Tonight, we are offering this tool for your use for the introductory price of $2,000.00.  ~*~ REMEMBER, if you miss the call you can download it and listen later by simply goingwww.FreedomsRadio.com and pulling up the Calendar under the Archives Tab.  Tune in for a most exciting show.    ~*~ ___________________________
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              FORWARDED BY ERASMUS OF AMERICA - FEB. 24, 2014 .       I had a savage fight getting a copy of the above listing, of legal ways to block the IRS. My copies kept getting erased when I tried to forward this to make a copy of this, and my comments along with it. Maybe now I can send a final copy of this, to be posted on blogs in America and copies for others to forward to their lists of friends, etc. Someone did not want you to see this legal material above, and fiercely fought trying to block me from reaching you, with this. I don't know these people personally, but their message sounded worth forwarding!
Posted by John MacHaffie at 11:14 AM  ...2 comments:.... Anonymous   February 24, 2014 at 12:04 PM   The best idea I can come up with is to dump "Puerto Rico" from the 50 States and only have 49 States in the United from States. Their laws DO NOT APPLY to us!! The Americans have been constantly lied to & brainwashed by the media for these deceivers to be able to use for their own corrupt gain, which they then turn around and use to poison us and pollute everything on the earth. This is a mafia organization that is run from Puerto Rico, and they use strong-arm tactics and even murder to achieve their evil agendas. //
       Anonymous February 24, 2014 at 3:30 PM    Erasmus, if your "Tree of Life" is the Moringa oleifera tree...and I'm sure that it is...I have written a survival recipe book, that is sold by www.moringafarms.com. Seeds are included, when the book is purchased. I think that with your highly nutritious recipe for bread and using leaves, seeds, etc. from the moringa tree, people could survive almost any catastrophe,and be in good health. Every part of the tree has commercial value! The seeds can purify water, be used as deodorant, tooth powder, and medicine. The leaves contain ALL the essential amino acids, making them a complete protein food, almost unheard of, in a plant. The fresh leaves also have four times the vitamin A, that an equal amount of carrots has, seven times the vitamin C, that an equal amount of oranges has, and four times the amount of calcium in milk; When those leaves are dried and put in a powder form (and used in BREADS, cakes, cookies, meat loaves, etc.) the nutritional value JUMPS considerably, to nine times more protein than yogurt; nine times more vitamin A than carrots; seventeen times more calcium than milk...all gram per gram, of course. It is classified as a super food, and added to your Vatican approved bread or used in conjunction with your bread, would be literally a life-saver! It will grow 15 to 18 feet in a year's time, unlike most trees. If you would like to get in touch with me, contact John. If not, that's fine, too. http://nesaranews.blogspot.ca/2014/02/david-myrland-irs-offensive-litigating.html  ///// http://www.miracletrees.org/ **  // http://www.clairvivance.ca/english/boutique/moringa/ **   http://www.bing.com/images/search?q=Moringa+oleifera+tree+%2bwikipedia&qpvt=Moringa+oleifera+tree+%2bwikipedia&FORM=IGRE ** http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Moringa_oleifera ** http://www.moringaseeds.info/home.htm ** http://www.bing.com/images/search?q=Moringa+Oleifera+Tree+Seeds&qpvt=Moringa+Oleifera+Tree+Seeds&FORM=IGRE ** http://www.themoringa.com/moringa-oleifera-tree/moringa-seeds ** http://www.moringa.com/ ** http://www.bing.com/images/search?q=Where+to+Purchase+Moringa+Tree&qpvt=Where+to+Purchase+Moringa+Tree&FORM=IGRE  ** http://www.themoringa.ca/ ** http://www.themoringa.com/ ** http://www.clairvivance.ca/français/ * + http://www.greenpeople.org/listing/Moringa-Canada-69784.cfm * http://www.bing.com/images/search?q=Moringa+Oleifera&qpvt=Moringa+Oleifera&FORM=IGRE ** http://fr.wikipedia.org/wiki/Moringa_oleifera ** http://www.botanicalgarden.ubc.ca/potd/2008/05/moringa_oleifera.php ** http://www.gensenegal.org/palette/7page1.htm *
http://www.phytomania.com/moringa.htm * http://www.moringacircle.com/  .... vid..... *
Tuesday, February 25, 2014. AMERICA NEEDS WATER NOW! FROM ERASMUS OF AMERICA -      "AN OUNCE OF PREVENTION IS WORTH A POUND OF CURE!" - OLD PROVERB.//   It is announced that the severe drought in California, is going to create a rise in the cost of food across America. Not as publicized, but moderate water shortage for several years in Texas, has held back their production of agricultural goods, as well. Across America, more and more locations report... insufficent water for local water needs. What is Wash.D.C. under Obama doing about this? As far as I can tell, NOTHING! What are their plans for solving the future mass water shortage, predicted for America and the whole world? Apparently NOTHING planned at this stage!        In negative leadership, what are their plans to slow down and raise the cost of manufacturing in America? MASSIVE PLANNING for ways to sabotage American manufacturing! Wash.D.C. under Obama slams the brakes on the American economy, so many ways, and only rarely does something that helps the American economy. Obama and his wrecking crew in Wash.D.C. are great at ways to sabotage or destroy the American economy, and lousy at answers how to boom the American economy!        To get the project rolling on solving the water crisis for America and the world, I turn over my secret water technology (NIFI), I already have to my father's Vatican endorsed industrial food process to mingle in with its national and world profits. As soon as my proposed Omni Law for America is passed (full name "Omnibus Civil Rights Act For America"), we begin setting up the world food industry based upon my father's great food discovery, so important that the Vatican endorsed it with words, to the effect that it was potentially even the most important news for mankind since the coming of Christ, since it could potentially solve the twin problems of malnutrition and starvation on the earth. And my Camelot Project which will be world headquarters for this world food industry, I will try to have the first parts of it operational within 90 days, of when we start building, if the engineering crews do their jobs right and on schedule!        As soon as we have room for research and development work in our Camelot location, I will be the engineering ramrod, and see if we can't have an operational version of the water system, that can cheaply supply water to the world, from the ocean water available everywhere across the world, within maybe even months after that. And we will build our water processing plants first in America and fast, and then spread across the world, as other nations close deals with us, for our trade secret water process.
     Now how to solve our water crisis for America and if our answer is good, we can potentially solve the pending world water crisis, and make a colossal profit for America in the process, with an American world industry supplying the water the world needs, for its populations across the earth, cities, towns, rural areas, including farms, and of course the needs of industries wherever they are located.
     Coming from a line of inventors both sides of my family, clever answers for this engineering problem, come as easy to me as breathing air in and out. Also, I had studied with an engineering school, and was allowed to study one week's worth of engineering each day, and kept an A average, while doing this.       It is hard to get people to do the right thing for reasons of idealism, so let me show materialistic reasons, why we should have a crash program like a Manhattan Project, to get the right answer to solve the American and world world crisis, as fast as possible. There is potentially an incredible amount of money that can be made as profit, while still keeping the water supply cheap for the world. For example, NASA says there is enough gold in the ocean, to supply every human on earth, with 9 pounds of pure gold each.
     Now as engineers and chemists know, it is an enormous challenge how to economically (means cheaply!) get gold out of the oceans, at this time. However, with my "nothing is impossible" approach, to using
engineering, I think I see two ways at least how to get gold out of the ocean, and cheaply at that. However, I treat these as trade secret concepts, until my group heads up the project to solve the world water crisis and basically cheaply in cost of water at that. We get our water from the ocean, and we have got plenty for the whole earth. The only water in short supply, is fresh water on the land area of the earth.
     So those that get a share of the profits in my coming world food industry from the same deal, will also get a same terms share of our profits from our water process, once we offer this to America and the rest of the world. If we can get gold from the ocean, very cheaply as well, we will make our backers smile like beaming suns, when going to their local banks! And there are more ways of profits by purifying ocean water into fresh drinking, industrial, and agricultural water, than I am openly showing to you, in this report.    I am also an economist and trained under six of the most brilliant economists of America and Europe, including a German economist who had been endorsed by Albert Einstein, to be teaching the only true economic science in the 20th Century. He also was endorsed by Sir John Maynard Keynes (had been rated top world economist in his time), as having the one answer that could overwhelm Communism for leadership of the world economy, and put Communism out of business, as an economic movement!
     How ironical life can be! My German economist was an admitted atheist, yet taught on the monetary system which was run on the economic teachings of Jesus Christ, as the most powerful monetary system ever seen in human history. Four times in history it wildly skyrocketed the economies using the Jesus taught economics, until central banking interests each time, finally figured out how to overthrow this monetary system which made the ordinary people too wealthy and no poor nor unemployed left, businesses too prosperous and wealthy, and governments too wealthy, as the economy skyrocketed into the greatest prosperity ever seen in human history, once Jesus Money was used as their economic system! And censored of course from your history courses, by the banking interests, or else the sucker public would know that there is no reason for unemployment, bad times, or poor business, except letting the crooks through government run the national economies, instead of Christian leaders who know how to run the Jesus Money money for their people and nations. The fourth time used in history, the people using Jesus Money even paid off their real estate taxes, two and three years ahead of time, they were so wealthy overnight, and previously had been the most depressed area in that part of Europe! This is recorded history of Europe!       And I have a powerful asset to back up America with, once we pass the Omni Law over the opposition of corrupt bought off politicians and other criminal elements behind the governmental leaders, and not wanting all this prosperity for the American people and businesses of America. I am not dumb myself, but have access to a large number of brilliant geniuses in America, and some abroad as well,.... and with all that brainpower behind the passed Omni Law, the economy of America will skyrocket into super prosperity, and the people wondering now why they had been so dumb in their own eyes, as to not have passed the Omni Law, etc. much sooner in America!        You elect corrupt leaders to public office, and they are constantly scheming how to con the daylights out of you, using the powers of government to hold you down, so they can squeeze the daylights out of you, every way they can! Obama and his associates, are in that category! But if you elect honest leaders who also have smart brains and moral guts to do what is right for America, ....America will skyrocket and be the success story of the human race, even far surpassing what it previously did as a nation, when in its best hour of performance, as a nation before!       The Omni Law is the key for the American people to regain serious control of government, and then the economy booms, as we find out once more, why freedom is the key to enormous prosperity, in a nation. The Chinese people are disciplined and smart in many ways. But they do not have our talent for inventing technologies, etc. and due to that, we can soon be once more the undisputed world industrial leader, and this time rising much higher than before, as a nation and race!      Back me totally in passing the Omni Law fast in America, and then setting up fast the economic policies that I stand for, as an economist and engineer. These are areas that I would like for America to soon have as world industries for America. I want America to be the food industry leader of the world. I want America to be the water supplier leader, of the  world. I want America to be the energy supplier leader of the world. I want America to be the most mineral independent nation in the world, and that can make your economy, basically invincible after that!      It is a win-win situation, for all sides involved! When the time is right, I want Canada and Russia to join with America, in a three way economic alliance, that will skyrocket all our three economies. Sometimes there is wisdom in having powerful allies for America, in economic resources. And we combine our engineering talent from these three talented nations, and our economies can grow enormously fast, due to the power base we have created by this pragmatic, smart triple economic alliance.      I am a statesman and tell you the smart answers, for the future of America. Cheap politicians in Wash.D.C. are not statesmen, and therefore their policies and laws sell America far short of what we are capable, of as a race and nation. And I am so strongly sold on sound freedom as the basis of society, to bless our economies and life in our nations, I probably believe more in freedom, than any other leader in the Western World! And I apply to all governments of the world, the pragmatic formula of: "That government is best, which is best administered!" In other words, I want practical results that matter, and not excuses from any government on earth!              I think it was back in or around 1978, I ran a large ad in a large newspaper in South Carolina, that I had a powerful engineering answer, how to solve the coming water crisis for America and abroad. I asked if anyone would be interested in backing such an engineering process, and received no replies back! I did not expect any support then, as I am more foresighted than most people, but I wanted to show the people that nothing happens in society, until you finally back the leader with the answers your society needs! With your food prices scheduled to start rising, due to the water shortage in California, and if I had been backed much earlier, your food would be much cheaper now, which would have increased your money left in your wallet, after basic expenses of life in that case, and businesses would have made more profits, as the costs of doing business would not be driven up, by inflation and superinflation created by the incompetent policies, of such as Wash.D.C. which knew the water shortage would threaten California, at some point. And being by nature a government of irresponsibility, inertia, and incompetence,then never made any moves to prevent this from happening, to California and to America!    A statesman acts upon wisdom and preventing problems from occurring, or else getting out of hand. A politician is too often a lot of hot air, bad answers, that do not solve the problems of the nation, and then looking for someone else to blame, so he or she won't be blamed for the disaster that Wash.D.C. created in America, by dumb policy!     Pass this report around, unless you want the day to occur, when prices rise so much, that you have superinflation in America, and your money is worth so little, that you might as well use your paper money for wallpaper in your home, as trying to spend it!       When I reach the sum I am committed to raise for the Omni Law to be passed in America, my Omni Law Loan Program will then be closed as an offer, and no one else allowed to join it. $25 loan credits in the Omni Law Loan Program, give you a pro-rata share in 10% of the national and world profits to be made by the Vatican endorsed food industry for 30 years, same deal on whatever water system we end up with, to end the water crisis in the world, and 10% of the cash settlement figure we judge we will get from Wash.D.C. when all the dust settles, and bewildered leaders in Wash.D.C. won-
dering how all this happened!       Frankly speaking, we pull off all this, and our backers will be greatly blessed by us financially, due to all this. I have already been offered twice ways to finance the entire Omni Law Drive, by making special deals on the Vatican endorsed food process my father invented, but wanting the public to have, this once in a lifetime opportunity for themselves, did not accept the private deals at this time. I just stated this, so I have been fair and stated that the Omni Law Loan Program can be withdrawn any time, after we reach our goal of how much in finances will do the job to  pass the Omni Law in America, and now! We played our cards right, and already have the winning hand, once we show our aces, the other side may not realize we have at this time!       The Omni Law can be looked up on our website, looked up in the search engine for Nesara News, under Omni Law By Erasmus Of America (my pen name), or looked up in search engines such as for Google.      Our website is www.fastboomamericaneconomy.com  Our email is fastboomamericaneconomy.com@gmail.com          Our mailing address for orders and payments sent in by mail instead of through our website, is NIFI, P.O. Box 1465, Seneca, SC 29679. Make checks, etc. out to NIFI, and tell us what the payment is for.    A lot of people invested their smart brains in me, is part of the reason why I was able to write maybe 300 or so national reports posted with Nesara News since April, 2012. I have always got along well with very smart people, and know how to pull them together into a team, to achieve powerful results with. And through the Omni Law, we can pull America together as a team, and I predict that you the American people, will prove how smart and brilliant you can really be, as the America we see arise then, will be, because we all pull together to raise America up to its God-given potential, as a race and nation on earth.          I like President Ronald Reagan say that I believe in you the American people, and it is you the American people who will make America rise to the greatness it is capable of. I believe in the old saying that "There is extraordinary potential, in even the most ordinary of people!" I also believe in the old Jesus teaching, that if I lead you through this Omni Law, I am your servant, not your master! That is why through the Omni Law, smart Omni Law officials loyal to you the American people, will submit to you the American people, the laws and policies they think would serve you best. You being the masters of America will then vote by referendum, if you want this proposed law or policy. By this policy, you the American people have regained controlled over this runaway highly corrupt government, and now you are the masters over the government again, and no longer the intended serfs, peons, and slaves of those in Wash.D.C. who want to be your masters, and not your servants in public office.        You don't know the early Apostolic Christian teachings on your God-given political rights, but the early Church Fathers would have approved of the Omni Law, and said that this reflected the Apostolic Christian belief in the God-given rights of all mankind to control government to serve them, and not act as their master in life. The Omni Law reflects the highest political standards of early Apostolic Christianity, and not contrary to the teachings of Jesus Christ. For example, by referendum the Tribes of Israel voted to unite their Tribes under the government led by David of Israel. You had all the time the God-given right of referendum over government. You just didn't know what your Bible taught you, on this subject!                Yours For God And Country, Erasmus Of America (pen name for that American leader who believes in the God-given rights of the people, which no form of government may take away from them! The early Founding Fathers of America in 1776, believed in these same God-given rights of yours, as I do! God is the spirit of freedom! Man without God, is the spirit of tyranny, meaning the government has all rights in its own godless eyes, and you the people have no legal rights under government! And this following quote, reflects the founding spirit of America in 1776! "The Bible is the cornerstone of all liberty!" - Thomas Jefferson!)        P.S. It shows the pathetic government we have under Obama, that heavy radiation has been dumped into the ocean from the Fukushima nuclear accident since March 11, 2011, and independent reports indicate this radiation is mounting steadily in the ocean in front of California, up through Canada, threatens to ruin whatever crops of California with radiation poisoning coming from the sky through falling rain, etc. or through contaminated water, and more immediately already heavily poisoning fish, with extreme radiation poisoning, and Obama keeps silent on this. He does nothing and this nothing instead of action, threatens much to all of America with later radiation poisoning and famine, due to food you cannot eat, or else die!       With this water system I described above, we could get the radiation out of the water, for drinking purposes, etc. Also, among my brilliant contacts, are likely one or two who would know how to effectively neutralize the growing radiation in the ocean, splashing against the coasts of California, etc. so the radiation threat is gone, and fish can live in the ocean again there!       I strongly use technology when it can serve the American people! Maybe Obama does not understand technology anyway, but he does not use technology to protect the American people. He only uses technology developed by such as the military, to hurt the American people. These criminal acts are hidden from the American people, by our corrupt news media, made corrupt by corrupt owners, covering for the high treason going on in Wash.D.C. by allies of the news media owners, etc. When I lived in Wash.D.C., one business owner told me of the secret deal of the news media and C.I.A. ....where the news media would only report what C.I.A. told them to.       We have had a controlled press in America for a long time now! Time for freedom of the press to be practiced seriously again in America, in important issues! Report the truth, please! Not lies and deceptions! We are adults! We can handle the truth, and hate to have lies tried on us, by the corrupt in the news media!                                Posted by John MacHaffie at 10:52 PM                 http://nesaranews.blogspot.ca/2014/02/america-needs-water-now-from-erasmus-of.html
Wednesday, February 26, 2014.  THE 10 COMMANDMENTS FOR THE PUBLIC SCHOOLS OF AMERICA - FROM ERASMUS OF AMERICA - “We have staked the whole future of American civilization not on the power of government, far from it. We have staked the future of all of our political institutions, upon the capacity of each and all of us, to govern ourselves according to the Ten Commandments of God.” - James Madison, "Father Of The U.S. Constitution" And "U.S. Bill Of Rights" ////    King James Version    And God spake all these words, saying, I am the Lord thy God, which have brought thee out of the land of Egypt, out of the house of bondage. Thou shalt have no other gods before me.  Thou shalt not make unto thee any graven image, or any likeness of any thing that is in heaven above, or that is in the earth beneath, or that is in the water under the earth. Thou shalt not bow down thyself to them, nor serve them: for I the Lord thy God am a jealous God, visiting the iniquity of the fathers upon the children unto the third and fourth generation of them that hate me; And shewing mercy unto thousands of them that love me, and keep my commandments. Thou shalt not take the name of the Lord thy God in vain; for the Lord will not hold him guiltless that taketh his name in vain. Remember the sabbath day, to keep it holy. Six days shalt thou labour, and do all thy work: But the seventh day is the sabbath of the Lord thy God: in it thou shalt not do any work, thou, nor thy son, nor thy daughter, thy manservant, nor thy maidservant, nor thy cattle, nor thy stranger that is within thy gates: For in six days the Lord made heaven and earth, the sea, and all that in them is, and rested the seventh day: wherefore the Lord blessed the sabbath day, and hallowed it. Honour thy father and thy mother: that thy days may be long upon the land which the Lord thy God giveth thee. Thou shalt not kill.    Thou shalt not commit adultery.   Thou shalt not steal.   Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbour. Thou shalt not covet thy neighbour’s house, thou shalt not covet thy neighbour’s wife, nor his manservant, nor his maidservant, nor his ox, nor his ass, nor any thing that is thy neighbour’s.  ///                  COMMENTS FROM ERASMUS OF AMERICA -      An economic study of America done around 1987 concluded that outlawing prayer and the Bible from the public schools of America, cost American labor each year, around one trillion dollars in lost wages, and cost American business likely around a one trillion dollar bigger national market to sell to each year, if the Americans had remained moral as a people. In Austria before World War I, there were rural areas which took seriously things like the moral teachings of the 10 Commandments, and no jails nor police were needed in those areas, as no crimes occurred there in communities with strong moral values. In America communities like the Mennonite or other Christian equivalents, it was a basic pattern that crime did not appear among them, and there was little to no need for local police, to watch the serious Christians there for criminal activity. In other American communities where the Bible and prayer were used in the local public schools, many were known to be so moral in character, people never locked their homes in those communities, as their communities were safe from local crime.      Many years ago I remember talking to one couple who had lived in such a community, and they commented how no one in their area then ever had to lock their homes, as there was no threat of crime to force them to lock their homes. However, everyone respected the rights of others and you did not enter a home without asking through the screen door, or whatever, if it was okay for you to enter their home, or not. The early Chinese who came to America also taught a moral lesson, how to eliminate nearly all crime from society. At least until corrupted by "politically correct" American culture, only one Chinese in 4,000 among their youth, ever got in trouble with the law. You dishonored your family if you broke the law, and so they did not allow crime, among their children they were raising. Hint to all Americans today! They did not want their parents to "lose face" in society, by dishonoring them through crime as youths!   I heard 90 year old Rev. Ernest Angley on Christian TV this last week, talk how in his age, they had prayer and the Bible in the public schools. The effect was that the kids were great who attended the public schools, and they didn't have the crime and bad behaviour seen in public schools today, raised on no moral values at all, and nothing to believe in that America was founded upon!
      Early court decisions including U.S. Supreme Court, recognized the legal right to have under the U.S. Bill of Rights, prayer and the Bible in the local schools. The U.S. Supreme Court later becoming "politically correct" no longer had legal integrity towards the original intent and terms of the U.S. Constitution and U.S. Bill of Rights, so now outlawed what were legal rights, the American Revolution of 1776 was fought, to make sure could never be taken away from the American people. Thomas Jefferson when President of America pushed for the Christian Bible and Watts Christian Hymnal, to become the two required textbooks, to be used in all public schools of America. The best friend of Thomas Jefferson, was James Madison, "Father of the U.S. Bill of Rights", who saw no violation of the U.S. Bill of Rights in this, and so never protested to Thomas Jefferson, that he was acting contrary to the legal intent of the U.S. Bill of Rights, by pushing for the Christian Bible and Watts Christian Hymnal to be used in all schools of America. Too many Americans have become lovers of lies and haters of truth, so try to oppose prayer and the Bible in the public schools of America, based upon lies of the Communist Party of America in the 1930's, which wrote this fraudulent interpretation of law, based upon the letter of Thomas Jefferson, where he wrote on "separation of state and church." The Baptists knew what he was referring to, which was a well known Christian writing saying that the rights of Christianity must never be violated in America, so there must be a separation of state and church, where the state could never claim authority to take away the rights of the Christian churches in America. See how the Communists and lawyers they taught in the Ivy League colleges and universities, reversed the truth, and then passed off Communist legal lies as truth, and historical truths as lies, according to the Communist engineered "politically correct" new interpretation, why the American Revolution was fought in 1776! They ignored such things as the Committees of Correspondence, which organized the American Revolution, had as their rallying cry, "We will  have no king but Jesus!" as their reason for fighting the American Revolution of 1776! How the Communists lied when they rewrote American history for the gullible among the American people, and how the Washington politicians and federal judges lie through their teeth, claiming that the federal government was not supposed to respect the rights of the Christian churches in America, and consider them beyond the authority of the federal government, to take away their rights and tell Christianity in America, what it was allowed to teach or not, to its Christian followers in America. The very letter of Thomas Jefferson saying that the federal government had no legal authority to take away the rights of the Christian churches in America, was instead claimed by Wash.D.C. to legally say that the federal government had the legal authority to take away the rights of Christianity in America, and tell Christianity what it was allowed to preach and legally restricted so it could not easily reach the American people any longer.
     Who in Wash.D.C. has legal integrity, towards the U.S. Constitution and U.S. Bill of Rights? If you do have legal integrity, then push our proposed Omni Law, so we can restore prayer and the Bible to the public schools of America, as Thomas Jefferson supported, not opposed, as correct under American law! Thomas Jefferson on top of pushing that the Bible and Christian Watts Hymnal be the two required textbooks to be used in all schools in America, also took federal funds to have the American Indians evangelized, so they would be able to become American citizens, and join the Christian culture of the American people. He also used federal funds to supply Christian Bibles to the American Indians. And his best friend James Madison, "Father of the U.S. Bill of Rights", saw this policy of Thomas Jefferson as legally correct under the U.S. Bill of Rights. The U.S. Bill of Rights only restricted the federal government, so it could not make one denominational church, the national church of America like the Church of England was. Beyond that, the federal government was free to back the Christian culture in America. And the same chambers where Congress met on weekdays, was on weekends used as a worshipping Christian church for those living in Wash.D.C., just not belonging to any special denomination as such. Remember that Benjamin Franklin pushed that Congress have a Christian chaplain to lead it in prayer, so America could have the favor of God upon it, as a national government! I think all in Congress approved of this suggestion, to be a permanent policy of the U.S. Congress, henceforth! See how the "politically correct" political leaders and federal judges, lie like all hell itself, in order to justify their legal moves to take away all legal rights, from the Christian churches and Christians in America! And it is obvious that the Christians are the only group in America which apparently do not think their rights are worth defending, while the Gay lobby, etc.  are vigorous to defend their positions, and the Christians just stay home, and do not defend the legal rights of Christians and churches in America. Time for the Christians to wake up to the modern world, and force the politicians and judges to notice that the Christians are standing up once more in America, and will not tolerate Washington abuse of their legal rights in America any longer!        I think one religious writer did a super great job of explaining the 10 Commandments in the Old Testament for Christians to read and understand, and for Jews to read and understand. And people of other faiths or no faith, could read this book and get the true total intent, of what the 10 Commandments said and meant in the Bible. She did an inspired and brilliant job, of showing the technical intent and spirit behind the 10 Commandments. They make enormous sense for society to follow their moral teachings, when you read this book. I refer to Dr. Laura Schlessinger, who wrote the book "THE TEN COMMANDMENTS" - THE SIGNIFICANCE OF GOD'S LAWS, IN EVERYDAY LIFE " - CLIFF STREET BOOKS, AND COPYRIGHTED IN 1998. She also had the help of Rabbi Stewart Vogel, in technical points so the Christian perspective and Jewish perspective of the 10 Commandments, are well represented in this book.         Not criticism, just an observation as an economist, about this book. It shows the ethical approach to what prices to set, on products to sell in the marketplace. As an economist, the standards she shows, well fit within the framework of what is right under the standards understood under the 10 Commandments. But there is also justification for higher rates of percentage of profits, when special moral factors, are involved. For example if you carry a specialty item, that does not sell often and you carry it as a special service or favor to the public, you can be justified to mark it up more over the original cost, to justify carrying it as it may not pay for itself otherwise, as it does not represent the profit margin necessary otherwise to carry it in your business. Having a heavy background in wholesale and retail, special situations require different rates of profits. For example, in wholesaling, if the volume is there, I knew one wholesaler who started from nowhere, and became a millionaire, by marking his wholesale items just 10% over his own original cost. But in retail, that is likely a disastrous policy to commit, to unless you have the high volume to keep you in business, while offering it so cheaply to the public. Don't forget the costs of business such as utilities, rent, or else buying your business location, advertising expenses, wages of employees, costs you pay yourself, so you can run this business, etc. Not criticism of this writer, just expansion of a theme among many, that she showed in this book, and did a great job on.          Having read the Bible at length, Jesus Himself expanded the 10 Commandments in understood meaning, when He said that to look at a woman, with adultery in your heart, was also adultery and not just the physical act. Or when you hated someone with murder in your heart, you had also committed murder, by what was in your heart.       I remember a Father Kuhn of St. Matthews Cathedral in Wash.D.C. of many years ago, who also talked like this woman writer, in her book. His points of the total application of the 10 Commandments included such as if you lie about a person in order to destroy unjustly their reputation before the public, then that is also murder, under the meaning of the 10 Commandments. And applying to Wash.D.C., when you unjustly destroy the income of an innocent party, who did not deserve criminal attack from the federal government, that also is murder, in the eyes of God under the 10 Commandments.        And now coming in strongly on the early Christian writings, on the 10 Commandments. They heavily played up that Jesus had condensed the 10 Commandments into two for the New Testament meaning New Covenant. But you still had the same effect in what you would do or not, to be right and acceptable before God. The two foundational commandments of Jesus Christ, were to love God totally and to love your fellow man or neighbor as yourself. If you love God for real, no problem worshipping God at least once a week, to show your love and respect for God. As pointed out in two of my other reports, the Apostle Paul attended a Christian worship service, that had Holy Communion and this worship service was on Sunday, instead of Saturday. That is in the New Testament, where the Greek lad fell off the third level loft and died from the fall, until the Apostle Paul prayed him back to life, and then continued the Sunday worship service. Christians could worship on Saturday or Sunday, with either day being okay as the weekly service, or else the Apostle Paul would not have shown approval of this, by attending Christian worship services on Saturday (mostly for converted Jews in the beginning) and also on Sunday (likely more for the Gentiles who were now Christians, and maybe they could leave their jobs on Sunday easier than Saturday, and so long as they honored God at least once a week by a general assembly of Christians for worship, this was allowed and accepted as the Christian Sabbath in effect, as Jesus arose on Sunday, which they called the 8th Day of the week, and also the Lord's Day in early Christianity.)
      The Christians practiced the two foundational commandments given them by Jesus Christ, as really the same as taught earlier by the written and understood applications of the original 10 Commandments. If you love your neighbor, then you don't lie to him. You don't steal from him. You don't covet his property, or his wife. You don't murder him. And so forth. And among many applications of this, you want good national government for your neighbor as yourself, as you want your neighbor to have his or her rights respected in society, the same as yours! And you want prosperity in the nation so your neighbor can be blessed as well as you, by living in this nation with good and moral government. And if you love God as you should, you not only attend weekly Christian worship services of the assembly (early name for local churches, whose first pastors were called presidents, because the local churches elected them, to be their pastors. Even bishops, which term meant that they were overseers over the local churches, gathered together as one mother city church,.... were themselves elected by the people and pastors of that city mother church and once approved by examination of two or more visiting bishops, and ordained by them,.... were then installed in office over that local mother city church. Even the Bishop of Rome was elected by the local population of Rome, for I think over 1,000 years in Rome, and was an elected bishop, which was also a president legally, but also had the honorary position of president of the councils of elected bishops, which governed early Christianity, as its effective government of Christianity then, which originally was known as the Catholic Church, which in Latin meant the universal church of Jesus Christ.           And we should finance the churches representing us, the Christian leaders, whether clerical or laity, which effectively pushed Christianity to mankind in general, and as the Bible taught, he who backs a prophet of God, also shares in the rewards from God, that God is going to give that prophet (anointed by God leader) special rewards for his or her special ministry before God. A prophet could mean one who gives you prophecies or an interpreting prophet as early Christianity called them, who explained hard to understand Bible prophecies, or one who speaks with anointed spirit of God teaching you the basic principles of God, that you need to understand, so that you can be a good Christian, making God happy with your spiritual development as a Christian, who grows in the love and faith of Jesus Christ.        I think Dr. Laura Schlessinger wrote a religious classic on the 10 Commandments, and understanding them correctly. I therefore support that her inspired work, be a textbook used in all schools using prayer and the Bible, in their school studies. I think this is a great reference work for Roman Catholics to read, Greek Orthodox Catholics to read, Pentecostal, Lutherans, Episcopalians, etc. to read, and all seriously religious Jews divided into their separate branches like the Catholics and Protestants, also to read, and find the common religious heritage both Christians and Jews have, in the common Old Testament meaning Old Covenant we all share together! When you read her book, it may occur to you, like it did to me, that Jesus taught the mercy teachings of the Old Testament, and expanded them in the New Covenant called the New Testament. There is an old Jewish proverb, I think applies to our time of history: "It takes intelligence to serve God well!" And Dr. Albert Schweitzer said basically the same thing, for Christianity, "Christianity must be founded upon thinking!"         Like the Apostle Paul I am guilty of long sermons, if I allow myself to go on. This report stops here, so this is not too long for the people to read! I hope I have opened up your eyes, how we restore the Bible culture to the American people, who have forgotten their Christian roots in the American Revolution of 1776. As the Continental Congress said running the American Revolution, the main reason for the American Revolution, was so, we would establish a Christian nation, that would spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the whole world! And that same Continental Congress ordered 20,000 Christian Bibles to issue to the soldiers of the Continental Army, under George Washington fighting the American Revolution. As the Continental Congress said, the Bible was the political textbook of the American Revolution! And as George Washington called his soldiers fighting under him, they were the soldiers, fighting for their King Jesus Christ and His cause on earth!      Pass this report on, to all you can! Our Omni Law, is on our website, also in the archive listing of Nesara News under "Omni Law by Erasmus of America (my pen name), and also in search engines such as Google.com. As Nesara News has suffered a financial attack, which smells of corrupt Obama of Washington, D.C. trying to stop Nesara News from telling you the American people, the truth, .... I call for financial support for Nesara News, from those who can do this now, and those very soon now. We do not let fall those who are champions of truth in America! And once the Omni Law is passed, I want legal investigation, why money was blocked from Nesara News, which should have been paid to Nesara News already! If we find criminals in government then behind this, as the old saying goes, "Someone is going to hang for this!"                                                Our website is www.fastboomamericaneconomy.com Our email is fastboomamericaneconomy.com@gmail.com Our mailing address for those wanting to send in orders and payments by mail, instead of through our website: NIFI, P.O. Box 1465, Seneca, SC 29679 . Make checks, etc. out to NIFI, and tell us what the payment is for, whether a product we offer, or else our loan program of Omni Law Loan Program which offers also ways to make income for up to 30 years off of our unique plan behind it. Everything helps to finance our Omni Law Loan Program. And when it is too late, stunned Wash.D.C. will see how our plan works, to win America and fast pass the Omni Law! With a heavy background in military intelligence, I know how to hide my true hand, until I am ready to play it, and then win the game! And don't forget our offer of getting your free sample of two large seeds from what has been nicknamed the Tree Of Life, for orders placed by our Friday deadline. Free seeds for  the first 50 people placing orders with us by Friday, for any products we offer or else backing our loan program.   We will tell you how to get more of these seeds (in packages) After the deadline, send us an email to see if you can still get the seeds from us.  This was nicknamed The Tree Of Life because people in testimonials, report incredible healing results, using these seeds. We can make no claims, except repeating interesting testimonies we have received, on them. We can only go this far under FDA rules.       Yours For God And Country, Erasmus Of America (pen name for that Christian who thinks that we can join the good people of America, into passing the Omni Law, and restoring true freedom and prosperty to America, through the blessing of God on America!)         Posted by John MacHaffie at 9:17 PM  http://nesaranews.blogspot.ca/2014/02/the-10-commandments-for-public-schools.html
Friday, February 28, 2014. THE RIGHT TO KEEP AND BEAR ARMS.... FROM ERASMUS OF AMERICA -     As soon as our proposed Omni Law is passed, I want us to use the full weight of law, to do what has been done before in history in other lands, and arm all citizens of legal age into a national militia NOT CONTROLLED by Wash.D.C.    Organize a national command and local levels of command so the American people being fully armed, can protect their legal rights and constitutional government from any form of conspiracy of high treason coming from Wash.D.C. or elsewhere.     Our proposed Omni Law (full name "Omnibus Civil Rights Act For America") is on our website, in the search engine for Nesara News under Omni Law From Erasmus Of America, and search engines such as Google.com . Pass this report around and wake up the Americans, that an armed people keeps the government honest and conspiracies of high treason are afraid to act, due to the strong free citizens who will not allow their legal rights to be taken away from them, nor their constitutional government to be suspended, by legal double-talk by corrupt and outright treasonable leaders in Wash.D.C.   Having spent eleven calendar years in military academies, I will be glad to help advise the leaders picked for the national civilian militia smart military angles, so they are a force to be reckoned with in America or for foreign armies to face, if they ever tried to invade America.       Also, of course, I will bring in many professional military advisers, to help the people plan their national militia totally professionally. And under the Omni Law, I want turned over the 50 states, the reported 30,000 or so federal military drones now in America. For example, 600 federal military drones assigned to each state chaper of the national militia, would give an effective air arm to the armed citizens of America. That removes temptation from some in Wash.D.C.    to try a military takeover of America, which military sources reported to me, some in Wash.D.C. were in conspiracy to do, if they could just trick and disarm the American people!      Pass this report around, and share with all in America. Some references below, show that the early Americans strongly believed in an armed civilian population, to help insure that the government would remain the servant of the people, rather than attempted master of the people!          For those interested in the large seeds from the tree nicknamed The Tree Of Life, which we started offering this week, I just reviewed a number of scientific reports on them, and these are spectacular in nutrition and reported from many lands that they were great to heal many things, according to testimonies from many lands. We have to list these are uncomfirmed reports, until we can run our own tests on them, under controlled laboratory conditions, etc. Just to keep the FDA happy that we make no official claims of anything, until the proper procedures are followed through. With any order from our website, we will include a report on these seeds, from what has been nicknamed The Tree Of Life, because of what people judged they saw in results from the seeds of these trees. And tell you how we can supply you with the best seeds from these trees, we have been able to locate in the world. We tracked down the best species and version of these, we judge that we could find in the world. A couple of trade secrets are involved, why we judge we located the best version of these in the world, as far as we know! Supply of the best version from our evaluation may only be available on a limited scale, because the standard of quality is higher, so read our report, if you are interested in these seeds to grow your own trees of them, or else if you want to experiment with these as many have done, we will be interested in what you report. We don't make any official claims for these except nutritional reports on them, show an incredibly high nutritional value to them, in comparison to the normal foods you eat in life.       Our website is www.fastboomamericaneconomy.com Our email is fastboomamericaneconomy.com Our mailing address for orders sent in by mail instead of through the website, is NIFI, P.O. Box 1465, Seneca, SC 29679 . Make checks, etc. out to NIFI, and tell us what the payment is for, whether a product we sell from our website, or else our loan program shown on our website. Everything helps to finance the Omni Law Drive. And for reasons we are not putting into print yet, we expect to win in America.      Yours For God And Country, Erasmus Of America (pen name for the son of one of the most brilliant health researchers in American history  and I know many of the most brilliant health researchers in America! )
             Second Amendment to the United States Constitution   From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia    U.S. Firearms Legal Topics
Assault weapon    ATF Bureau    Brady Handgun Violence Prevention Act     Concealed carry in the U.S.     Connecticut Children's Safety Act     Domestic Violence Offender Gun Ban
Federal Assault Weapons Ban     Federal Firearms License     Firearm case law     Firearm Owners Protection Act     Gun Control Act of 1968     Gun-Free School Zones Act (GFSZA)
Gun laws in the U.S.—by state    Gun laws in the U.S.—federal    Gun politics in the U.S.    International treaties for arms control     National Firearms Act (NFA)     NY SAFE Act (New York)
Second Amendment to the Constitution      Straw purchase     Sullivan Act (New York)     Violent Crime Control Act   v  t  e
The Second Amendment (Amendment II) to the United States Constitution protects the right of individuals[1][2] to keep and bear arms.[3][4][5][6] The Supreme Court of the United States has ruled that the right vests in individuals, not merely collective militias, while also ruling that the right is not unlimited and does not prohibit all regulation of either firearms or similar devices.[7] State and local governments are limited to the same extent as the federal government from infringing this right per the incorporation of the Bill of Rights. The Second Amendment was adopted on December 15, 1791, as part of the first ten amendments comprising the Bill of Rights. The Second Amendment was based partially on the right to keep and bear arms in English common-law and was influenced by the English Bill of Rights of 1689. Sir William Blackstone described this right as an auxiliary right, supporting the natural rights of self-defense, resistance to oppression, and the civic duty to act in concert in defense of the state.[8]
In United States v. Cruikshank (1876), the Supreme Court of the United States ruled that, "The right to bear arms is not granted by the Constitution; neither is it in any manner dependent upon that instrument for its existence" and limited the applicability of the Second Amendment to the federal government.[9] In United States v. Miller (1939), the Supreme Court ruled that the federal government and the states could limit any weapon types not having a “reasonable relationship to the preservation or efficiency of a well regulated militia”.[10][11]
In the twenty-first century, the amendment has been subjected to renewed academic inquiry and judicial interest.[11] In District of Columbia v. Heller (2008), the Supreme Court handed down a landmark decision, expressly holding the amendment to protect an individual right to possess and carry firearms.[12][13] In McDonald v. Chicago (2010), the Court clarified its earlier decisions that limited the amendment's impact to a restriction on the federal government, expressly holding that the Fourteenth Amendment applies the Second Amendment to state and local governments to the same extent that the Second Amendment applies to the federal government.[14] Despite these decisions, the debate between the gun control and gun rights movements and related organizations continues.[15]
              Right to keep and bear arms. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For other uses, see Right to bear arms (disambiguation). //The right to keep and bear arms (often referred as the right to bear arms or to have arms) is the people's right to have their own arms for their defense as described in the philosophical and political writings of Aristotle, Cicero, John Locke, Machiavelli, the English Whigs and others.[1] In countries with an English common law tradition, a long standing common law right to keep and bear arms has long been recognized, as pre-existing in common law, prior even to the existence of written national constitutions.[2] In the United States, the right to keep and bear arms is also an enumerated right specifically protected by the U.S. Constitution and many state constitutions[3] such that people have a personal right to own arms for individual use, and a right to bear these same arms both for personal protection and for use in a militia.[4]       The concept of the "right of the people to keep and bear arms" is derived from the English Bill of Rights 1689 which states: That the Subjects which are Protestants may have Arms for their Defence suitable to their Conditions and as allowed by Law. This must be read in the context of the grievance being addressed, which reads:  By causing severall good Subjects being Protestants to be disarmed at the same time when Papists were both Armed and Imployed contrary to Law.
The English Bill of Rights established that regulating the right to bear arms was one of the powers of Parliament, and did not belong to the monarch.[5] In most common law jurisdictions, this right has since the early 20th century largely been abolished by statute, for example in the United Kingdom (in 1903), Canada, and Australia. In all jurisdictions, common law or otherwise, gun laws vary widely.
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Monday, February 24, 2014. Poofness Office ---- "Waiting On The World To Change" -------- Original Message -------- From: 2goforth To: 2goforth Subject: Fwd: "Waiting On The World To Change
Date: Mon, 24 Feb 2014 10:37:58 -0500 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xZGKmGJVg_Y ** JOHN MAYER LYRICS   "Waiting On The World To Change"
Me and all my friends   We're all misunderstood   They say we stand for nothing and   There's no way we ever could
Now we see everything that's going wrong   With the world and those who lead it   We just feel like we don't have the means   To rise above and beat it
So we keep waiting   Waiting on the world to change   We keep on waiting   Waiting on the world to change
It's hard to beat the system   When we're standing at a distance   So we keep waiting   Waiting on the world to change
Now if we had the power   To bring our neighbors home from war   They would have never missed a Christmas   No more ribbons on their door   And when you trust your television
What you get is what you got   Cause when they own the information, oh  They can bend it all they want
That's why we're waiting   Waiting on the world to change   We keep on waiting   Waiting on the world to change
It's not that we don't care,   We just know that the fight ain't fair   So we keep on waiting   Waiting on the world to change
And we're still waiting   Waiting on the world to change   We keep on waiting waiting on the world to change  
One day our generation   Is gonna rule the population   So we keep on waiting   Waiting on the world to change
We keep on waiting   Waiting on the world to change
                    Greetings and Saluations:   Poof has said: Again, as we keep saying, things are progressing. At every juncture there are those who drop the ball or don't believe they are to follow instructions or have higher ups that question and drain the lakes if you will, in ways that makes it difficult to complete some aspects of the command to float the boats. The glitches are fixed and the obstacles removed only to have more put in the way. Forget about your not being able to access your prosperity-- think about the thousands that are in the same boat and the amount of wealth that is behind it all; and then you will better grasp the bigger picture that means so many fingers are fingering the till and believe it is easier to control in one pile than in the hands of many. If you get that, you will better understand the dilemma that gets crossed up. They are working through many of these and then the financial institutions change instructions, the rules of the road change, or lobbyists get their grubby ideas mixed in. Rest assured the elders do not plan to let any of that to stop them for much longer. yes, not for much longer. The shift in the balance of power is still an option. Can not say more than that but just watch what you read and don't give energy to it. There's a lot of disinformation floating and there's some good and solid data as well. You must use your own discernment.....Poof.              From a contributing writer, who chooses to remain Anonymous:
                                 THE FEDERAL FIAT US DOLLAR  VS  THE NEW TREASURY US DOLLAR*
*Reading the many comments on different websites, we realize that many remain confused by the difference in the two currencies. The FEDERAL US DOLLAR (FRN) has nothing to do with the United States of America. The Federal Fiat dollar is owned by a private corporation formed in 1913 on Jeckyl Island by private individuals. The "owners" of said corporation called it the US Dollar, to cover up the scam of theft of the American people. If you have not realized this, by now, we suggest a crash course into the history of the Federal Reserve.* *When, not if, the Global Currency Reset occurs.....the world will return
to a "asset backed" system. For example, baskets will obtain gold, silver, oil, corn, cotton, or whatever resources prove valuable. This will enable each countries currency, to be "pegged" to a new value. These "baskets" will NOT have the countrys' currency in it, for example - gold, yuan, british pound, etc. Right now the "SDR" (Special Drawing Rights) at the IMF, is set up with "currencies" and that is not going very well, so that will change also. Each country has an audit of "assets" their country possesses, and what it can support for a value to their currency. This "value" is not only gold bars in the vault, but also what is in the ground under their feet.* *Back to the United States problem, that people do not understand. Right now folks are saying that the US FIAT DOLLAR is going to devalue, when the Reset occurs...WHO CARES!!! That is the privately owned fiat dollar, let it go down burning, is what I say!!! The "true value" of the crap paper, is about 3 cents. That is why a loaf of bread is around $4.00 at the store.* *The USA Treasury will be sending out a NEW US TREASURY currency. If you do not believe this can happen... Research what John F. Kennedy DID in 1963. Google Kennedy Dollar, look at the $5 bill and the $2 bill...what is missing? I'll give the answer at the end, for those too lazy to look it up.* *This is how it will play out - so nothing for us, to worry about. The Global Reset happens....announcements made that the USA*      This is how it will play out*,* so nothing for us to worry about. The Global Reset happens...announcement*s *made that the USA is getting new bill* *USA TREASURY bills. For those of you that "might" still have fiat cash in your wallet, or tucked under your mattress*, *you will be able to take it to the bank, and exchange it for new treasury notes or spend it at the store. When the store makes its deposit, the US Treasury will* *shred it. It is my understanding, it will take approximately six months for all fiat bills to be collected, from mason jars, mattresses, etc.* *So far it will be a one to one exchange.... no reason to freak out the people of the USA. The FEDS have not printed new fiat $1, $5, $10, or $20 bills, since 2009. This is why they have been pushing the "debit" card* *to use instead of cash. If everybody* *suddenly went back to only using CASH...the banks
would freak, because they do not have* *that much fiat cash on hand.*           *The new US Treasury bill, will have for example, a TRUE value of let's say $1.80 value, to each $1.00 new bill. So that same loaf of bread sitting at $4.00 fiat right now, will DROP IN PRICE to NEW USA Treasury price, of $1.30 for example, or even drop back to 89 cents, like it was 30 years ago. As Poof use to tell us all "we will return to 1950's prices" because the NEW USA Treasury currency "will have a "TRUE" value to it, and it will be WAY HIGHER than that crappy fiat paper worth no more than 3 cents!!!*         *Just understand that the NEW Treasury bills will have a HIGHER value, and you will be able to buy more at the store....this is also part of the "leveling the playing field" for us all. We will get more "bang for the buck" finally!!!*
     *As for the OLD FIAT PRIVATELY OWNED CURRENCY that was called the US Dollar....Let it Burn!!! When it Burns, so will ALL that debt that is in Fiat dollars, that has been chained around the neck of the World and the American people, for the last 100+ years.*   *BRING ON THE NEW USA TREASURY DOLLARS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!*    *I hope this clears up some of the confusion.* *Cheers*
                It is clear you do not have a clue what is going on by your comments spreading vicious lies you know nothing about OR do you??? I think you do. Go read Jim stones report, about the truth ( HYPERLINK "http://www.jimstonefreelance.com/fukushima1.html"  http://www.jimstonefreelance.com/fukushima1.html) on Fukushima, there are many others who know the truth. Clearly you don't.
Susan..I understand the F&P is a USA thingee, only because of what the shrub family did stealing it from American people. My question is! why would it be safe to send it out, before anything else, when there still arresting the rat bankers stateside. The sob's would not hesitate to relieve us from it as well.  THAT IS WHY THE CLEANUP CONTINUES – ALMOST OVER.
              Dear Zap, I have been encouraged to read that the trails will be halted, and technology exists to clean up the damage. However, since that info on your newsletter came out a couple months ago, it seems HAARP is ratcheting up the chemicals, and we are getting more and larger trails each day. One day there were a dozen in the am, and another dozen in the pm. It's like they are frantic to do as much damage as possible, before they are shut down. I'm afraid to hang my wash out now. Are they being shut down now? How soon will the repair technologies be deployed? The pine in the forest around me, are dying more quickly and at a younger age. We are in eastern SC. Thank you for all your info. It is appreciated and I look forward to it every Sunday, or Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday! Blessings, DJC
> Subject: Martial Law within six (6) weeks??  > To:  > Received: Friday, February 21, 2014, 9:15 PM  >  > Can’t verify the truth of this scary > article….guess it’s for you to decide! So much in the article has > been reported in many, many other sources. > Source: HYPERLINK "http://thelastgreatstand.com/lgs/2014/02/20/dhs-agent-reveals-u-s-to-collapse-within-6-weeks/"     http://thelastgreatstand.com/lgs/2014/02/20/dhs-agent-reveals-u-s-to-collapse-within-6-weeks/      Now listen carefully, stock up, and I mean stock up very good on food, > guns and ammo. Because once it happens, you won’t be able to buy it. > Martial law will be declared, banks will have no cash, and stores will > be out of food. If possible, move far away from the cities, because it > is going to be like hell. And lastly, get your money out of the banks, > because a lot of banks, are going to fail. > I said too much already, I have to go now, may God be with you and > forgive us, to doing this to your generation And without saying another > word, he left. > Seriously guys, ever since this > encounter, I’ve been very scared!!! I’m already well prepared and with > everything that is going on right now (banker suicides, and inside > information that the US will collapse on March 4th). It looks like he > is right!! AS I SAID LAST WEEK, MANY CARGO PLANES WITH SOLDIERS, ARE BEING IMPORTED INTO THE USA. THE FEMA COFFIN BUYS RECENTLY, ARE RATHER CONSIDERATE OF MANY THOUSANDS DEAD. DOES ANYBODY KNOW HOW MANY WERE PURCHASED? OR THE COST OF A COFFIN? THEN DIVIDE THE BILLION FIGURE BY THE COST, AND YOU HAVE THE NUMBER OF COFFINS BOUGHT. WHAT ABOUT BODY BAGS? ANY COUNT ON THAT? CURIOUS.                Guys: I am involved in some Chinese Historical Bond transactions, with a HKG platform. This platform was contracted by the IMF. We have been waiting since SEP2013, for the IMFs OK to start trading. Was informed that IMF told platform director, they would unblock funds Monday, since GCR would show up on FOREX by Monday! YES, THE FUNDS START OUT MONDAY. THEY WERE DROPPED INTO THE ACCOUNTS, LAST WEEK, AND THIS WEEK EVERYTHING MOVES FORWARD.
         Dear Zap, I appreciate your humor. Thanks, and I have a few questions.  I am a progressive, and I am for freedom of voting rights, and I am against the current BUY THE VOTE BY THE RICH NASTY ONES.
 I want to know if there are any big plans to provide funds to support candidates to beat the Koch Bros, and others who are fighting dirty with ads, and such, and millions of lies. Will there be money for that ?
What a difference a week, makes. Thank you to many of our generous readers. It is certainly uplifting to realize we are still appreciated. We wish, as you do, that a deposit slip, would be in our pocket by now. Back to reality, although our Blessing is moving at a rapid pace, expenses continue. Added to our normal invoices, a personal matter is taking precedence. So, please help us keep the newsletter going, by sending to paypal acct: goneforthfornow@gmail.com   Sincerely, thanks gh                  Consultations are available thru contacting 2goforth@safe-mail.net  Big Love and Kisses,"The Office of Poofness", Susan and Staff
Posted by John MacHaffie at 5:19 PM ....3 comments:.... Anonymous February 24, 2014 at 5:41 PM         "The FEDERAL US DOLLAR (FRN) has nothing to do with the United States of America."
WRONG! It has everything to do with the United States of America. While it is true the federal reserve banks are privately owned, federal reserve notes , are authorized by the "United States of America, which is the Federal Government. The Federal Government, which is styled in name as the United States of America, through its Congress assembled as the United States of America, has authorized the private federal reserve banks, to supply it with federal reserve notes, as a security DEBT instrument secured by BONDS created by the Federal Government, named United States of America, and serve as debt obligations of the United States. These federal reserve note debt obligations, are secured by the United States, Corp. backed by bonds, which bonds are backed by all TITLES to all property within the United States throughout its 50 subsidiary corporate States and territories. These federal reserve notes, serve only as an INTERNAL currency of the Government between the federal reserve, federal reserve banks, and all national banks regulated by federal reserve banks AND FOR NO OTHER PURPOSES, ARE AUTHORIZED! This means YOU the PRIVATE people, are NOT AUTHORIZED to be using FRN'S.    Under the declared national emergency of March 9th, 1933, all property was SEIZED from the people, out of necessity to support the bankruptcy of the federal corporation, United States of America and pledged the United States, Corp. the 50 States, as security liable to pay the debt. The people are not to pay for anything, because the government had taken ownership of all TITLES to all property, which titles are held in abeyance, while under this state of emergency. ALL the bills owed by the people, are to be paid by the United States through its U.S. Department of Treasury.  When YOU use their INTERNAL currency to pay any debts, YOU volunteer as surety to pay the United States, Inc's, debt obligation, that would otherwise have to be DISCHARGED on your behalf!  Time to wake up people, and learn how to PROPERLY operate that Name you USE, which the State holds original TITLE to......(....)
http://nesaranews.blogspot.ca/2014/02/poofness-office-waiting-on-world-to.html    AND ...(....) Anonymous February 24, 2014 at 1:38 PM To help America, everyone download this free e-book and send to all your friends and family. MURDER BY INJECTION The Story of the Medical Conspiracy Against America By EUSTACE MULLINS, The Rumor Mill News Reading Room  Posted By: Maryhrt [Send E-Mail]
Date: Wednesday, 19-Feb-2014 10:34:12  For those interested in Eustace Mullins classic “Murder by Injection.” Here is the link to the Free ebook. Maryhrt.
http://humanbeingsfirst.files.wordpress.com/2011/11/cacheof-eustace_mullins___murder_by_injection__1988_.pdf   This was posted on nesara news on or around February 19, 2014. Check pages 137-159 for complete listings of who's whos, and who is holding America hostage!!!!!!!      http://nesaranews.blogspot.ca/2014/02/poofness-office-224.html


Saturday, February 22, 2014. BEST EXPOSE ON JFK MURDER.      http://thedarklegacy.com/ *     This is the best presentation I have ever seen on JFK murder. CHECK IT OUT!
Posted by John MacHaffie at 11:02 AM                                      http://nesaranews.blogspot.ca/2014/02/best-expose-on-jfk-murder.html
ABOUT.   Relying exclusively on government documents, statements from the best witnesses available, and the words from the mouths of the killers themselves, Dark Legacy produces a thoroughly substantiated criminal indictment of George Herbert Walker Bush, establishing beyond a reasonable doubt his guilt as a CIA supervisor, in the conspiracy to assassinate John F. Kennedy. If we could present this evidence to a jury in Texas, he would pay with his life.                        ***********  Part one presents the overwhelming mountain of evidence that President Kennedy was hit by bullets from the front and rear. Every witness in the Dallas emergency room, attests, on camera, to the fact that a bullet from the right front blew a fist-sized whole in the back of the President's head. The New York Times carried these statements on the day of the murder; and has covered them up ever since.                *************   Part two presents the on-camera testimony of the witnesses who actually handled the President's body, the FBI report, and the photographic evidence all proving unequivocally that the President's body was stolen from the Secret Service, and the wounds altered, before the body was delivered to Bethesda Naval hospital, for the autopsy. Jackie Kennedy accompanied an empty casket on the plane flight home. Who had the power to do all this, without attracting public attention? It's a short list.
************   Part three presents the Nazi-connections of the Bush family, which prompted the FBI to seize their assets during WW II, as Nazi assets. It presents the suppressed fact that Watergate burglar and CIA operative E. Howard Hunt, was found by a jury to have been in Dallas and involved in the conspiracy to kill Kennedy. Hunt was a supervisor of the misguided CIA-led anti-Castro Cubans,who broke into the Watergate. He is not only connected to Bush through Watergate; and through Bush's father, Prescott; but five days after the assassination, the head of the FBI, J. Edgar Hoover, wrote a memo, titled "Assassination of President John Fitzgerald Kennedy" in which he named "George Bush of the Central Intelligence Agency" as the supervisor of what Hoover himself called the "misguided anti-Castro Cuban" killers, of the President. Bush has said he doesn't remember the events of that day, but FBI documents place him in Dallas.                      It is difficult to assess the stature and significance, of someone who has been dead as long as John Kennedy. His killers have also been his detractors, actively desecrating his memory, as they did his body. The movie begins with a short presentation of some of his most powerful and important speeches; including a stunning speech to the UN, in which Kennedy calls for the complete abolition of the military industrial complex. These same men the military industrial complex, ripped him from us,...  and the darkest features of our history since that time, are all directly the result of his murder.                        http://thedarklegacy.com/
ASK THE DIRECTOR     xjhankey [at] gmail [dot] com     Barack in the Crosshairs: Is the military threatening to kill Obama?  By John Hankey February 18, 2010
There is a financial oligarchy in this country, that tries, by every means available to it, to control all essential political activity, including the education of the citizens, their thinking, the information available to them, etc. Some politicians genuinely see themselves as public servants, and wish to serve the public good.     They can give passionate and inspiring speeches, spoken truly from the heart – but they know good and well that if they want to get elected, they must carry out the agenda of the elite. All politicians, even those trying to make society more fair, must be brought to heel, one way or another. It is not a simple game. And the tools used to control politicians, are varied: controlling the information they receive, is often effective; some times bribery or a scandal, is necessary. It was necessary to shoot John and Robert Kennedy in the head. The bloody deaths of the Kennedy brothers, sent a message to every politician, that still echoes today. And I think the evidence shows that Obama received a reminder of this message, recently.
The parallels between the administrations of Barack Obama and John Kennedy, are stunning:  [READ MORE]   --------   PODCAST (11-08-2009)   [TRANSCRIPT]   HTML5    360p MP4   Flash    Referenced is this New York Times article: NEW YORK TIMES   C.I.A. Is Still Cagey, About Oswald Mystery   By SCOTT SHANE    Published: October 16, 2009  WASHINGTON — Is the Central Intelligence Agency covering up some dark secret about the assassination of John F. Kennedy?    Probably not. But you would not know it from the C.I.A.’s behavior.    For six years, the agency has fought in federal court to keep secret hundreds of documents from 1963, when an anti-Castro Cuban group it paid, clashed publicly with the soon-to-be assassin, Lee Harvey Oswald. The C.I.A. says it is only protecting legitimate secrets. But because of the agency’s history of stonewalling assassination inquiries, even researchers with no use for conspiracy thinking question its stance. .... [FULL ARTICLE]   http://thedarklegacy.com/
Saturday, February 22, 2014. This story is dedicated with gratitude to all of you from the Star Nations, who came here to hold the Light on Earth.
The True Story of Why We Are Here on Earth ,                                  SUNSHINE         BEFORE THE       DAWN          //  LINK TO READ BOOK, BELOW //           
Excerpt, from prolog: They say they will begin to prepare you now, and then you will know within your soul what you are to do.”
Somewhere within me, I sensed that this was correct, but my sole knowledge of DNA at that time was from school biology  4 classes. I only knew about two strands of DNA - Deoxyribonucleic
acid - also known as the “double helix,” but Alvin was talking about twelve strands of DNA, which he described as the template or pattern of ultimate human potential. I was not aware in 1998 that
twelve strands of DNA were thought by those in spiritual “New Age” circles to relate to the “perfected pattern” of the human being. It was not until later that I learned that optimizing this
inherent twelve-strand-DNA potential would allow energy from higher dimensions to come into the body’s energy fields through
twelve vibratory energy pathways. This in turn would “switch on” human potential - in the same way that we might switch on a light
bulb - and would advance humanity’s evolution in seemingly miraculous ways. https://judysatori.com/
HERE IS THE BOOK, IT IS A VERY WORTH WHILE READ: http://www.judysatori.com/books/Sunshine-Before-the-Dawn.pdf **
             Energy Transmission and Information from the Spiritual Hierachy    Transmitted from Nagarkot, Nepal through Judy Satori
To bring energy through to Earth and to begin to activate your highest potential as a human being. Listen Once or more if desired.
Love, Judy.    Listen here    [Button]    or right click HERE to download  Email Address* First Name*  [Submit]  Privacy by SafeSubscribe //
My heart is so full of love and gratitude for all the guidance and support you bring to us. ... I can't imagine my life without you and all of the beloved beings that speak through you. ~Kate
                  Welcome to the Sound of Light Ascension Library   The information and audio recordings on this site are from Source, God or Universal Consciousness.  I call the words I speak ‘Light Language’, but really they are coding sequences of Sound and Light transmitted through mu voice, hands and eyes as the conduit. When you listen regularly to these energy words you will change physically, emotionally and on deep levels of soul. You will feel better and your life will become easier. You will begin to create and magnetize your deepest desires. These energy transmissions are a gift from Spirit to us all as our real purpose in our Earthly lives is to be happy and well. This site is also designed to prepare you for a spiritual, physical and consciousness upgrade, to begin to activate previously dormant human DNA potential. We are now at the beginning of a new Golden Age on Earth. It is time to prepare ourselves for what lies ahead. All you need do is listen. Begin by clicking the ‘free’ link and experience the energy for yourself.
With Blessings and Best Wishes, Judy Satori.                              Events: November 2014 (TBD)~ The Transcripts of Mary Magdalene – Joy is Love Expressed~ Sydney, Australia
April 7-12, 2014 ~ New Life Cruise to Enlightenment~ Royal Caribbean - Liberty of the Seas~ Departing from Fort Lauderdale, Florida
              Sunshine Before the Dawn is an inter-dimensional love story, about a woman called Essayenya, from the Fifth-Dimensional star civilization of Sirius, and Mosteenya, the Lyran leader of the Galactic Council. Sunshine Before the Dawn reads and appears like a work of fiction, but it’s not! Every word was telepathically transmitted to Judy Satori, by beings of light. These loving, extraterrestrial star beings, contributed an aspect of their own DNA, to the creation of a new, more evolved species of human being for Earth.  This new hu-man, or man and woman created in the image and likeness of God, has the inherent capacity within their DNA, to move beyond the confines of a third-dimensional Earth. In previous cycles on this planet, spiritual Masters have demonstrated this, and have ascended. This story has been brought through from Spirit at this time, to prepare you, for Earth ascension.     With Earth’s ascension, the inherent DNA coding within us, will be activated.  This is both a physical and a consciousness upgrade. The day has come. We are the ones from the stars.  Sunshine Before the Dawn, is our story. The words are coded. Your heart will respond, and you will begin to remember why you are here.
I wanted to say what a beautiful inspiring book. I could feel such resonance from it. I have felt love beyond anything that I have experienced before. A knowing that has no words.” ~Pat **
Please understand your download format, before purchasing an e-Book format. Instructions for eBook downloads.
Posted by John MacHaffie at 10:23 PM   http://nesaranews.blogspot.ca/2014/02/this-story-is-dedicated-with-gratitude.html
AJM0603 posted - Guys: I am involved in some Chinese Historical Bond transactions with a HKG platform. This platform was contracted by the IMF. We have been waiting since SEP2013 for the IMFs OK to start trading. Was informed that IMF told platform director, they would unblock funds Monday, since GCR would show up on FOREX by Monday!
Posted by John MacHaffie at 5:29 PM                            http://nesaranews.blogspot.ca/2014/02/dinar-intel.html  // http://nesaranews.blogspot.ca/2014/02/direct-intel-from-exogen-at-stage3alpha.html //
http://www.dinarrecaps.com/1/post/2014/02/direct-intel-from-exogen-at-stage3alpha-sat-248pm-est.html **                   http://www.dinarrecaps.com/our-blog.html   
+ http://nesaranews.blogspot.ca/2014/02/saturday-afternoon-dinar-chatter_22.html
................................................................................................................... +  Saturday, February 22, 2014.    UPDATED: Bank of International Settlements....BEing and Doing...? Why the Banking Documents Were Not Accepted.    American Kabuki is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License. You may copy, quote, and redistribute this material so long as you do not alter it in any way, and you include this link: http://americankabuki.blogspot.com              http://americankabuki.blogspot.ca/2014/02/updated-bank-of-international.html       (from a  comment )
Saturday, February 22, 2014. Bluwolf Message Saturday Morning. /21 Comments/              BLUWOLF:  This shall be my last update, warning or alert. From this point on be aware, be ready, be advised.
Blu. 99.9% ready ; according to government, countries, bankers in all positions, economists, wall street, church governments, world governments, and all agencies, here and aboard.
Have all things in place, await the notification, make your appointment rapidly, Try to pick a fast moving but less trafficking bank, with a De la rue machine,    Remember its an exchange, ... remember its a IQN, VNN.   Be safe and do your recognizes (reconnaissance? ) one day before your exchange.   Good luck now, be prosper and be in peace. From this point on, this is where we stand, now it is up to them on how this notification transpires, it has been a pleasure. ** http://www.dinarrecaps.com/1/post/2014/02/bluwolf-message-saturday-morning.html **
Na'maste Bluwolf     Posted by John MacHaffie at 12:38 PM   http://nesaranews.blogspot.ca/2014/02/bluwolf-message-saturday-morning.html
Saturday, February 22, 2014. Canola Oil - The Hidden Health Danger at Prepared Food Bars - Including Whole Foods Market. // This is so important.  I know so many people who think they are eating healthfully who know nothing about the danger of Canola Oil.  If you read the ingredients in the preparations at Whole Foods Market's prepared foods section, you will see that anything with oil in it, has Canola Oil in it.  I make my own food, and take it with me wherever I go.    Also, save a lot of money that way.         http://jhaines6.wordpress.com/2014/02/21/canola-oil-the-1-hidden-health-danger-at-the-prepared-food-bar/
Posted by John MacHaffie at 3:13 PM   http://nesaranews.blogspot.ca/2014/02/canola-oil-hidden-health-danger-at.html   (( see link above))
Saturday, February 22, 2014.  Soros funded "Libyan Scenario" Now Unfolding in Ukraine. //       Kurt Nimmo,  Infowars.com,  February 22, 2014
Back in 2011, the Party of Regions warned that if left unchecked, the globalist financier George Soros would unleash a “Libyan SOROS FUNDED "LIBYAN SCENARIO" NOW UNFOLDING IN UKRAINE
“I even have information that Soros has allocated certain funds, in order to prepare a certain group of young boys here in Ukraine, who could launch any existing projects, based on the North Africa examples,” said Aleksandr Yefremov, head of the Party of Regions parliamentary faction.   A “certain group of young boys,” namely violent gun-toting hooligans from the Right Sector, and associated neofascist groups,.... are reportedly in control of Kyiv, as of Saturday. Members of 31st Hundred, an opposition group from Lviv, were said to be in control of Ukraine’s Parliament building, The New York Times reports, and the president, Viktor Yanukovych, has fled the capitol. Protesters have taken control of his home. The United States and NATO supported mercenaries in Libya, who overthrew the government and murdered its leader, Col. Muammar al-Gaddafi.      Libya is now paralyzed by factional, regional, tribal and ideological divisions, a fate Ukraine now confronts, as stores are looted, cash machines emptied, and a mass exodus departs the capitol, for Odessa, Simferopol and Kharkov, Ukrainian cities largely loyal to the government, and less affected by the turmoil, according to Russia Today.          In 2008 the now imprisoned former prime minister, Yulia Timoshenko, talked about the role George Soros played in Ukrainian politics, and the advice he gave following the financial crisis. “This raised suspicions that through such advice, George Soros could influence the rate of the Ukrainian national currency in his own speculative interests. Several officials from president Yushchenko’s administration said they wanted to launch a probe into Soros’ Ukrainian activities, but it did not happen,” RT.com reported in 2011.      In 2010 the Ukrainian State Security Service began monitoring the activities of the Soros sponsored and funded Vozrozdeniye (“Renaissance”) foundation, and its connection to other NGOs operating in the country. The investigation did not produce actionable results.     In response to the accusations leveled by Aleksandr Yefremov, the Soros Foundation “said in a special statement, that all funds allocated for Ukrainian programs, are being spent on the development of the open and democratic society, and also for helping Ukrainian citizens, who suffered from the effects of the international financial crisis.”   In January we reported on the cynical attempt by Soros, to undermine Ukraine and other nations in the Russian Federation. Soros’ Open Society Institute, now known as Open Society Foundations (OSF), doles out grants to activist NGOs in central Europe, and builds upon and continues the work of the Ford Foundation. Since the early 1950s, the CIA has used the Ford Foundation, as a funding cover. Soros and a handful of U.S. organizations such as the National Endowment for Democracy, destabilize and overthrow governments, tasks formerly accomplished by the CIA. The destabilization of the Ukrainian government, is part of an ongoing geostrategic move by the globalists, to undermine any challenge to their hegemonic designs. Libya suffered the result of what is essentially an order out of chaos plan. A similar plan on Russia’s frontier is now underway. // This article was posted: Saturday, Febr. 22, 2014 at 10:35 am  // Posted by John MacHaffie at 3:06 PM  http://nesaranews.blogspot.ca/2014/02/soros-funded-libyan-scenario-now.html
..........................................and............ Related Articles:
Soros Supported Protests, Turn Violent in Ukraine         The Truth About The Ukraine Crisis       Ukraine set to outlaw Nato bases, after Russian threats
Soros Activists Take Over Ukrainian Government Buildings       Soros-funded leftist group, pushes internet control
http://www.infowars.com/soros-funded-libyan-scenario-now-unfolding-in-ukraine/ **              Related posts:
Obama Sets A New Red Line – This Time For Ukraine.      Ukraine: Protesters Fire On Police,  In Kiev    19 Hospitalized, in US-Ukraine Army Exercise – Ministry
This article was posted: Saturday, February 22, 2014 at 1:01 pm  http://www.prisonplanet.com/soros-funded-libyan-scenario-now-unfolding-in-ukraine.html
Saturday, February 22, 2014. GOVERNMENT NEWSROOM POLICE IN AMERICA.- NOW WE SOON WILL HAVE NEWS ROOM COPS........We are now losing our freedom!!!!!!!!!!!!
Again… the takeover process continues.  The sheeples (just like nazi Germany) continue on in ignorant, useful idiot bliss… Not peep from the complicit, mainstream media… More than shocking…
BETWEEN THE LINES - GOVERNMENT NEWSROOM POLICE IN AMERICA. Exclusive: Joseph Farah is flabbergasted.... 'state-run media' aren't fuming about new project. Published: 2/21/14
Joseph Farah About | Email | Archive - Joseph Farah is founder, editor and CEO of WND and a nationally syndicated columnist with Creators News Service.. He is the author or co-author of 13 books, including his latest, "The Tea Party Manifesto," and his classic, "Taking America Back," now in its third edition and 14th printing. Farah is the former editor of the legendary Sacramento Union and other major-market dailies.
            How rotten is the moral soul of journalism in America today? It is so decayed, putrefied and morbidly disordered that there has been less than a whisper of concern expressed by the entire establishment media over the Orwellian plot by the Federal Communications Commission, to place “researchers” in U.S. newsrooms, to learn how editorial decisions are made.
No concern. Not a peep.  Back to reporting on the weather, sports and celebrity news.  Forgive me as a 35-year veteran of American newsrooms, if I toss my cookies over this breach of the sanctity of the free press.
The very idea of journalists welcoming government bureaucrats into their newsrooms to spy, is so outrageous, it leaves me speechless. No so the overwhelming number of reporters, editors, producers and news executives who remain a part of what is rapidly becoming, as Rush Limbaugh caricatures it, “the state-run media.”  In case you missed the development that has me all riled up, it’s just this simple: Ajit Pai, a commissioner with the FCC, wrote in a Wall Street Journal op-ed about the agency’s plan....  to dispatch researchers into radio, television and even newspaper newsrooms called the “Multi-Market Study of Critical Information Needs.”  Pai warned that under the rationale of increasing minority representation in newsrooms,....  the FCC, which has the power to issue or not issue broadcasting licenses, would send “researchers” to newsrooms across America, to seek their “voluntary” compliance, about how news stories are conceived and written. He suggested the newsroom cops might also “wade into office politics” looking for angry reporters whose story ideas were rejected as evidence of a shutout of minority views.  Do you get the picture?       Keep in mind, the FCC has never had any regulatory authority or jurisdiction in print journalism. That newspaper publishers and editors would even consider such a diabolical effort by the state to insinuate itself into First Amendment-protected institutions, is astonishing to say the least. It suggests an intellectual and moral failing by news people, who have cast away their historic and professional commitment to serving as a watchdog on government and other powerful institutions, in favor of subservience to their trusted politicians.                 Because I am literally tongue-tied with rage, over this plan, I turn it over to my friends, at Investors Business Daily for a restrained analysis: “The origin of the idea, is a recrudescence of the Fairness Doctrine, inoperative since 1987 or so, to provide equal time to leftist points of view in broadcasting and other media, that otherwise wouldn’t have a willing audience in a free market. It’s an idea so fraught with potential for abuse, it ought to have news agencies screaming bloody murder. The very idea of Obama hipsters showing up in newsrooms, asking questions and judging if newspapers (over which they have no jurisdiction), radio and TV are sufficiently diverse, is nothing short of thought control.” Like me, the editors at IBD are shocked by the muted reaction of people, who will actually be affected by this invasive plan.
“It’s because of this don’t-rock-the-boat attitude, that Reporters Without Borders said the U.S. had ‘one of the most significant declines’ in press freedom in the world last year, dropping 13 places to a wretched 46th in its newly released global ranking,” the editorial stated. “If the FCC has its way, it can drop even further.” America was the birthplace of press freedom – like so many other liberties.
That those earning their livings in the news media, are so blasé about this invasion of their sacred turf is much more surprising than the audacity of Barack Obama’s administration to attempt such a crypto-fascist ploy.  But I guess you never suspect the ones you love.                   Read more at http://www.wnd.com/2014/02/government-newsroom-police-in-america/#Ywd56Hkozi3myAzc.99 **
The Only Thing Necessary for the Triumph of Evil is that Good Men Do Nothing - British philosopher Edmund Burke
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Saturday, February 22, 2014. To Heaven and Back - A Man's Story. - The Testimony of a person dying and going to Heaven and coming back to tell us about it!
http://nation.foxnews.com/2014/02/20/heaven-and-back-man-shares-his-story-about-afterlife       Dead for 45 Minutes, Resurrected Man Tells Fox's Megyn Kelly About Experience in Heaven
Teresa Neumann (Feb 20, 2014). "He had no heart rate. He had no blood pressure. He had no pulse, his brain had no oxygen for 45 minutes. So, the fact that he is up walking, talking, laughing and everything—I mean, that's amazing." -ICU Nurse, Emily Bishop.    -     (Beachwood, OH)—For 45 minutes, doctors and nurses were unable to revive Brian Miller after the 41-year-old truck driver suffered a heart attack. But Miller, who says he was in Heaven during that time, claims he's alive today because God sent him back. (Photo via WJW Channel 8 News). More specifically, according to a Fox Newsinterview, God sent Miller's deceased father-in-law and mother-in-law to deliver a message to him that it wasn't his time and ushered him back into life.  As Miller suffered the initial heart attack, his ICU nurse, Emily Bishop, said, "His heart is just quivering in there. It's not able to pump. It's not doing anything.".  Speaking later of his miraculous revival, Bishop added, "He had no heart rate. He had no blood pressure. He had no pulse, his brain had no oxygen for 45 minutes. So, the fact that he is up walking, talking, laughing and everything—I mean, that's amazing."    According to Fox WJW Channel 8 News, not only did Miller's heart inexplicably just start beating on it's own again, but he "miraculously" suffered no brain damage or loss of any bodily functions. (Photo via WJW Channel 8 News)    When interviewer Megyn Kelly asked Miller to describe his experience, he said, "I [saw] the light and just kept walking toward it. And then, all of a sudden, it opened into a most beautiful path with flowers." It was as he was walking along this path that he was met by his in-laws.
When asked about his religious background, Miller explained that he's "always believed in the Lord" and that as a child he went to church a lot but that now, since getting married and driving a truck so often, he hardly goes anymore. Miller admits that the experience has changed his perspective on life in multiple ways and that people need to know heaven is real.
Watch the video of Miller's interview with Fox by Clicking Here.     http://nation.foxnews.com/2014/02/20/heaven-and-back-man-shares-his-story-about-afterlife **
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Saturday, February 22, 2014.  Only five days until you will be silenced... // Dear David, and Friends, Thanks for your posts.  You are very diligent of picking the news, which is important to us.
We need to be careful with this one.  You see we are God's Ambassadors, and our Creator honors his Anti-god, Satan the Devil. We  should as Ambassadors stay out of politics of the country.
We are asked to        #1 take a  "Vow of Poverty" Lk.14:26,27,33      and not to be acting as a "rich man", who can't enter the  Kingdom of Heaven  Mat.19:23.
#2  We must "come out" of this world Rev.18:4, religiously, legally and financially  Rev.18:4 for in it we can't keep God's "law of faith"  Rom.3:27, which we must.
#3  We must "enter into"  God's Kingdom's Embassy    Mat.6:10,33  that we could obey God's "law of faith"  for  in this world  we are forced to obey the "code" of the Anti-god, and we "can't serve two masters" Mat.6:24.    This is what we are "required" to do  Mat.3:8 just to be   "disciples of Christ."   To be  Christians we need a few   other things to do.  Thanks and all the best, Tom
On Fri, Feb 21, 2014 at 6:33 PM, david perry <dwperry2002@yahoo.com> wrote:
On Friday, February 21, 2014 6:21 AM, The Blaze <info@email.theblaze.com> wrote: Is this email not displaying correctly? View it in a web browser Forward to a friend
        21st February 2014. This is a special offer from our friends at Faith and Freedom Coalition.
Imagine what will happen in America, if the people only see anti-conservative, anti-Christian, union-backed TV, newspaper, and Internet ads, for months.
That is absolutely unacceptable - and that's why we're counting on you to make sure your voice is heard.    Go to     DoNotSilenceUs.com      to sign the petition to stop the Obama's war on Christians and conservatives right away.   It's obvious why Obama's targeting groups like Faith & Freedom Coalition: he's terrified of the impact we'll have in November.
Because, with more than 700,000 members and supporters, FFC is America's largest coalition of conservative Christian voters - and liberal circles know that, when FFC activists lead a fight, they get results.
            I'm Dr. Ralph Reed - and I founded FFC in 2009, with one clear mission: to stop Barack Obama and his radical, anti-Christian agenda for America.  And, since then, this effort has grown by leaps and bounds - and now, I'm humbled to say that FFC has become the most united and powerful group of Christians standing in the way of Obama's agenda, and in the defense of our faith and values. In 2012, we conducted the largest Christian voter registration and turnout campaign ever seen in American history.  And 2014 will be no different. This year, FFC plans to distribute over 33 MILLION voter guides and informational mail pieces and make over 21 MILLION phone calls to grow Christian voter turnout. Obama knows the only way to stop our side's momentum this year is by silencing us with these liberty-destroying regulations.
And that's why we have to fight back right away - before the Left takes away our free speech rights for good.
Keep your voice alive in 2014 by signing our petition to stop the IRS's radical, un-American ban on Christian and conservative free speech.
Thank you so much for your help. With your help today, we will not be silenced---and we can make sure we'll have the tools to win the fight for our values in 2014. Sincerely,
                    Dear Fellow American, This is SHOCKING: the Obama administration has decided that conservatives and Christians.... shouldn't have a voice in our government. Recently, the Obama administration quietly ordered the IRS to silence its opponents, by imposing new regulations on Christian and conservative non-profit groups. These rules forbid conservative groups like Faith & Freedom Coalition, from distributing voter guides, Congressional Scorecards, legislative alerts, and even registering voters.  And, of course, Obama's favorite Big Labor unions, are all exempted from following the rules.
          We must stop this war on our freedom of speech! That's why we have launched     DoNotSilenceUs.com        to defeat these proposed regulations to silence conservative, Christian, and Tea Party Americans.
If we're going to keep our voice in November, we need as many Christians and conservatives, to make their voice heard now, by signing our petition to Congress and the Obama Administration.
Please sign the petition right away, to make sure we stop this unprecedented, un-American ban on conservative speech.                 Fellow American, these new regulations are so crushing that, for months before an election, conservative and pro-family nonprofits would be muzzled - in direct violation of our First Amendment rights.  We wouldn't even be able to mention a candidate's name before an election! That means it'll be impossible for FFC to expose the truth about how the politicians are voting in Washington, on critical issues - and, worse, it'll severely hamper our ability to get Christians and conservatives informed and vote. Even worse, Obama has exempted deep-pocketed liberal groups - far-Left unions like the SEIU or AFL-CIO - from these crippling regulations. Dr. Ralph Reed Founder and Chairman, Faith & Freedom Coalition
              P.S. Obama's administration is coming after Christians and conservatives - and won't stop until we're silenced this November.
The crippling new regulations they proposed exempt the Big Labor Unions and will make it virtually impossible for us to expose the truth about our elected officials in Washington.
We can stop the Obama administration before it's too late - but only if you stand with us in defense of Christian values and American rights right now.
Go to    DoNotSilenceUs.com     now, and sign the petition to Congress and the Obama administration to stop this unprecedented, un-American ban on free speech before it's too late.
Faith & Freedom Coalition P.O. Box 957736, Duluth, GA 30095-9529,770-622-1501 ***   Faith & Freedom Coalition is a non-profit organization committed to educating, equipping,and mobilizing people of faith and like-minded individuals to be effective citizens. Because Faith & Freedom Coalition is classified by the Internal Revenue Service as a 501(c)(4) organization, contributions are not tax-deductible.
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The media is owned by the bankers described in “The network of global corporate control“,  Stefania Vitali, James B. Glattfelder, and Stefano Battiston: ETH Zurich, published September 2011 http://arxiv.org/PS_cache/arxiv/pdf/1107/1107.5728v2.pdf        People have learned to distrust media "noise", designed to incite war. http://kahudes.net/wp-content/uploads/2012/05/press3.pdf      In the meantime, where it counts -- - we have gotten through to the people, and we are informing them that we are bringing the world's wealth out of hiding.  Their bank accounts are not getting emptied.  Instead, people will have gold coins, to replace their paper fractional reserve fiat currencies, about to crash.    https://s3.amazonaws.com/khudes/usdollar1.pdf          This is from Wolfgang Struck, the authorized signatory on the Global Collateral Account: 
ASSET OWNER                   BANCO ESPANOL FILIPINO OFFSHORE CAPITAL               CODE NAME                       TVM-TVTM-LSM-666
TRANSACTION CODE       7TH WHITE STALLION 777-AAA-MCD                                   OWNER/HOLDER              UMBRELLA ACCOUNT WB # 010-22-74-OA

In a series of documents, we hold the original copies (the original “hard copy” is always in the vault of the depository bank). The Probate Court in RTC Cabanatuan, Philippines, holds another set of original copies. We have been trying to establish the factual basis for the position of “Rev. Dr. Floro Garcia” as the undisputable assignee/successor-in-interest-and-rights/owner/signatory   to the vast historical treasure deposited decades ago and retained in 172 banks in 49 countries, all accounts and deposits lawfully and duly registered in the Bank for International Settlement, World Bank, IMF, Federal Reserve System, and U.S. Treasury “UNDER CLOAK OF SECRECY” or “UNDER SECRECY OF DEPOSIT”.                I will attach another set of documents confirming beyond any doubt that the predecessors, trust depositors, assignors were unanimous in the choice of successor for the time after maturity 2005/2008. Especially the 3-page Jan. 7, 1986 Waiver of Interest and Rights signed by the late President Ferdinand E. Marcos (attached as “86-Marcos) in favor and benefit of “Rev. Dr. Floro E. Garcia”,  leaves no doubt and no room for any other claim of any other person.            That is even true for the Philippine Government (PCGG) that had no business, no legal ground until today confiscating or “freezing” everything and anything that smelled Marcos. The Marcos Wealth is still there where it was deposited in trust; it was never “stolen” or “ill-gotten”. More: It did not belong to Marcos anymore; after so many deeds of assignment from the original owner Antonio Diaz and Marcos, it belonged already to “Rev. Dr. Floro E. Garcia”, and it has to be returned to him or his duly authorized representative. All freeze orders and/or embargos on so-called Marcos accounts, caused and initiated by the Aquino government or like-minded administrations, are without legal basis (SC) and have to be lifted.
       That, of course, could be a bitter pill for the incumbent Philippine President and those highest institutions of the world including the American Presidents Bush/Clinton/Obama. We know that and we do not dream of any welcome-party for us. We do hope, though, that there will be a leak somewhere soon, now that the truth of the matter is out.  Reviewed WS February 20, 2014
Date: Thu, 20 Feb 2014 17:25:37 -0700            From: gdhicks@shaw.ca
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lPsxyKRkuCU  3:57 minutes               http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MY2pxpwB98s  58 seconds            http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yCzIIFAsGk4   1:28 minutes
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OyG50dFpwCQ  1:19 minutes         http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MVeLuxG2rCM  1:12 minutes           http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ie0rj0l85Q4   2:19 minutes
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vg-I7_xr21A  1:08 minutes              http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9hujSDo2QQA  1:37 minutes   " O MY GOD "----THE COST TO THE PEOPLE / THERE LIVES FOR FREEDOM still happening after all these years                                     http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PvYB-4ceaeo  1:39 minutes                    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j0kTv_8lwiQ  5:17 minutes
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T6IbEIBhb8o  31 seconds                      http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fns42rViXlA  1:33 minutes
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Saturday, February 22, 2014.     25 Fast Facts About The Federal Reserve – Please Share With Everyone You Know. - TRUTHER SEPTEMBER 17, 2013 - Michael Snyder
As we approach the 100 year anniversary of the creation of the Federal Reserve, it is absolutely imperative that we get the American people to understand that the Fed is at the very heart of our economic problems.  It is a system of money that was created by the bankers and that operates for the benefit of the bankers.  The American people like to think that we have a “democratic system”, but there is nothing “democratic” about the Federal Reserve.  Unelected, unaccountable central planners from a private central bank run our financial system and manage our economy.  There is a reason why financial markets respond with a yawn when Barack Obama says something about the economy, but they swing wildly whenever Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke opens his mouth.  The Federal Reserve has far more power over the U.S. economy than anyone else does by a huge margin.  The Fed is the biggest Ponzi scheme in the history of the world, and if the American people truly understood how it really works, they would be screaming for it to be abolished immediately.  The following are 25 fast facts about the Federal Reserve that everyone should know...                   #1 The greatest period of economic growth in U.S. history was when there was no central bank.       #2 The United States never had a persistent, ongoing problem with inflation until the Federal Reserve was created.  In the century before the Federal Reserve was created, the average annual rate of inflation was about half a percent.  In the century since the Federal Reserve was created, the average annual rate of inflation has been about 3.5 percent, and it would be even higher than that if the inflation numbers were not being so grossly manipulated.                #3 Even using the official numbers, the value of the U.S. dollar has declined by more than 95 percent since the Federal Reserve was created nearly 100 years ago.
#4 The secret November 1910 gathering at Jekyll Island, Georgia during which the plan for the Federal Reserve was hatched was attended by U.S. Senator Nelson W. Aldrich, Assistant Secretary of the Treasury Department A.P. Andrews and a whole host of representatives from the upper crust of the Wall Street banking establishment.       #5 In 1913, Congress was promised that if the Federal Reserve Act was passed that it would eliminate the business cycle.       #6 The following comes directly from the Fed’s official mission statement: “To provide the nation with a safer, more flexible, and more stable monetary and financial system. Over the years, its role in banking and the economy has expanded.”           #7 It was not an accident that a permanent income tax was also introduced the same year when the Federal Reserve system was established.  The whole idea was to transfer wealth from our pockets to the federal government and from the federal government to the bankers.
#8 Within 20 years of the creation of the Federal Reserve, the U.S. economy was plunged into the Great Depression.               #9 If you can believe it, there have been 10 different economic recessions since 1950.  The Federal Reserve created the “dot com bubble”, the Federal Reserve created the “housing bubble” and now it has created the largest bond bubble in the history of the planet.
#10 According to an official government report, the Federal Reserve made 16.1 trillion dollars in secret loans to the big banks during the last financial crisis.  The following is a list of loan recipients that was taken directly from page 131 of the report...          Citigroup - $2.513 trillion        Morgan Stanley - $2.041 trillion        Merrill Lynch - $1.949 trillion       Bank of America - $1.344 trillion       Barclays PLC - $868 billion       Bear Sterns - $853 billion       Goldman Sachs - $814 billion       Royal Bank of Scotland - $541 billion       JP Morgan Chase - $391 billion       Deutsche Bank - $354 billion        UBS - $287 billion        Credit Suisse - $262 billion       Lehman Brothers - $183 billion       Bank of Scotland - $181 billion       BNP Paribas - $175 billion        Wells Fargo - $159 billion       Dexia - $159 billion       Wachovia - $142 billion
Dresdner Bank - $135 billion       Societe Generale - $124 billion       “All Other Borrowers” - $2.639 trillion          #11 The Federal Reserve also paid those big banks $659.4 million in fees to help “administer” those secret loans.               #12 The Federal Reserve has created approximately 2.75 trillion dollars out of thin air and injected it into the financial system over the past five years.  This has allowed the stock market to soar to unprecedented heights, but it has also caused our financial system to become extremely unstable.                        #13 We were told that the purpose of quantitative easing is to help “stimulate the economy”, but today the Federal Reserve is actually paying the big banks not to lend out 1.8 trillion dollars in “excess reserves” that they have parked at the Fed.                   #14 Quantitative easing overwhelming benefits those that own stocks and other financial investments.  In other words, quantitative easing overwhelmingly favors the very wealthy.  Even Barack Obama has admitted that 95 percent of the income gains since he has been president have gone to the top one percent of income earners.                      #15 The gap between the top one percent and the rest of the country is now the greatest that it has been since the 1920s.
#16 The Federal Reserve has argued vehemently in federal court that it is “not an agency” of the federal government and therefore not subject to the Freedom of Information Act.
#17 The Federal Reserve openly admits that the 12 regional Federal Reserve banks are organized “much like private corporations“.
#18 The regional Federal Reserve banks issue shares of stock to the “member banks” that own them.                 #19 The Federal Reserve system greatly favors the biggest banks.  Back in 1970, the five largest U.S.banks held 17 percent of all U.S. banking industry assets.  Today, the five largest U.S. banks hold 52 percent of all U.S. banking industry assets.                   #20 The Federal Reserve is supposed to “regulate” the big banks, but it has done nothing to stop a 441 trillion dollar interest rate derivatives bubble from inflating which could absolutely devastate our entire financial system.
#21 The Federal Reserve was designed to be a perpetual debt machine.  The bankers that designed it intended to trap the U.S. government in a perpetual debt spiral from which it could never possibly escape.  Since the Federal Reserve was established nearly 100 years ago, the U.S. national debt has gotten more than 5000 times larger.
#22 The U.S. government will spend more than 400 billion dollars just on interest on the national debt this year.
#23 If the average rate of interest on U.S. government debt rises to just 6 percent (and it has been much higher than that in the past), we will be paying out more than a trillion dollars a year just in interest on the national debt.                                     #24 According to Article I, Section 8 of the U.S. Constitution, the U.S. Congress is the one that is supposed to have the authority to “coin Money, regulate the Value thereof, and of foreign Coin, and fix the Standard of Weights and Measures”.  So exactly why is the Federal Reserve doing it?
#25 There are plenty of possible alternative financial systems, but at this point all 187 nations that belong to the IMF have a central bank.  Are we supposed to believe that this is just some sort of a bizarre coincidence?
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Saturday, February 22, 2014. ACTING ALONE, OBAMA SIGNS EXECUTIVE ORDER.  The president has pledged to act without Congress -- and this week he began doing just that.
Congress Inaction, Prompts Obama To Act Alone  | by  JULIE PACE. - WASHINGTON (AP) — This week, President Barack Obama promoted tougher fuel efficiency standards, for trucks. He touted progress on initiatives to strengthen the U.S. patent system. And he signed an executive order intended to speed up the process for approving import or export cargo.  Welcome to Obama's self-proclaimed "year of action," where hardly a day goes by without the president and his top advisers trumpeting policy initiatives the White House is undertaking, without the help of Congress. The mostly modest actions — far shy of the sweeping immigration overhaul Obama hoped for this year — put into sharp focus the president's limitations, as he grapples with reluctant lawmakers, in an election year. They also underscore how much has changed for Obama since the early days of his presidency, when he declared, "We do big things."     Yet the flurry of executive actions does seem to be having a cathartic effect inside the White House, which was in need of a jolt after a frustrating and disjointed 2013, that included the flawed rollout of Obama's signature health care law, and a sharp drop in the president's approval ratings. Advisers who ended the year dispirited now appear buoyed by a new sense of purpose — and the prospect of working around a Congress that has long been an irritant to the president.   "I think people came back from the break over the holidays in a real positive frame of mind," said David Axelrod, a longtime adviser to the president. "You don't want to be the prisoner of a negative narrative that somehow Congress has stymied the president and nothing can get done."
Signaling how little the White House expects to change on Capitol Hill this year, Obama communications director Jennifer Palmieri, said advisers are already mapping out plans for executive actions that will be unveiled well into the fall and winter. That process, she said, "has ignited a lot of creative thinking around here."  Even so, the president's political standing looks little better than it did at the end of last year. His approval rating continues to hover in the mid-to low-forties. Democrats are on edge about their prospects of retaining control of the Senate. And hope of securing an immigration overhaul — Obama's one legislative goal that appeared to have some chance of success this year — faded when House Speaker John Boehner, R-Ohio, announced this month that a measure was unlikely to pass in 2014.    In the absence of legislative action, the White House is pumping out a constant stream of executive actions on issues touching the economy, education and climate change. Some are relatively modest or simply prod along plans that were already in motion.
For example, an executive order Obama signed on Thursday to streamline the import and export process, established a deadline for an effort that was already underway. And much of what the White House touted Tuesday on truck efficiency standards had already been announced by Obama during a climate change speech last year. Still, Obama personally heralded an incremental step forward in the process, even traveling to a Safeway distribution center in nearby Maryland to highlight steps the grocery store chain has taken to make its fleet of trucks more efficient.  Other executive actions are intended to be more wide-ranging, including a partnership with businesses that promised to not discriminate against the long-term unemployed during hiring and $750 billion in private sector commitments to expand Internet access in schools.
The president also signed an executive action increasing the hourly minimum wage for federal contractors from $7.25 per to $10.10. While the White House estimates the wage hike will affect only a few hundred thousand people, officials hope the move spurs Congress to take up a broader bill or businesses to act on their own to increase their workers' wages. The Gap, a clothing company, did just that this week, announcing it will set the minimum wage for workers at $9 an hour this year and $10 an hour in 2015.
Obama's predecessors have also turned to more modest executive actions in the face of congressional gridlock, including President Bill Clinton, who once launched a campaign to help schools require school uniforms. Some of those who advised Clinton during that period are also on staff in the Obama White House, including new presidential counselor John Podesta, a strong proponent of executive action.
Peter Wehner, who served in three Republican administrations, said exercising presidential power is a good way for a White House, to generate a "sense of momentum and action."
"Sometimes you wake up and you're happy there's just not a series of bad stories or bad news," said Wehner, who last worked in the White House under George W. Bush. "If you can take the initiative even a little bit, it's better than being back on your heels."                  ___  Follow Julie Pace at http://twitter.com/jpaceDC                       TO VIEW OBAMA VIDEO..GO TO THIS PAGE:
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Saturday, February 22, 2014.  baby faces//WOMAN DOCTOR//Star Size Comparison HD
1.  You may have to watch it twice to catch it all!  WOMAN DOCTOR.  They just don't make shows like this anymore. Click here   http://videos2view.net/doctor-bunker.htm    Get ready for huge giggles.... lol  
2.  Star Size Comparison   Star Size Comparison HD - YouTube  Wait until you see earth in comparison!  Know any students who might benefit by seeing this video?
                                                 https://www.youtube.com/embed/XE0aAZE0kp4?feature=player_embedded                  WHAT A SURPRISE!!!!      
3.  BABY FACES. Sooo precious!    Things that happen for the first time--precious!   Things that happen for the first time:
First time being dunked into water that's way too cold:     First time driving through a dark tunnel:     First time watching fireworks:     First time getting caught in a bubble shower:
First time finding a new recipe in a cooking magazine:     First time smelling of someone's foot:     First time having their toes licked by a cat:     First time watching New Year's fireworks:
First time "drinking" out of a hose:     First time forgetting how glass windows work:     First time forgetting how spoons work:    First time opening a present:     First time living in a hollowed-out fruit:
First time meeting a puppy:     First time experiencing the sweet, sweet glory of television:     First time chatting with a puppet:     First time seeing ice cream:    
And finally, the first time experiencing the taste of sour:                       This should have made you smile!
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Saturday, February 22, 2014. Supermarket Foods => Violent Behavior, Suicidal Compulsions, Dumbness.      Just google     CORN  SYRUP  MERCURY
  to ascertain that so many foods in your supermarket are causing   mental illness. Bring your magnifier when shopping, because these   diabolical food producers want to keep you ignorant of the fact that
  they are poisoning your family and ruining their mental health --   creating family conflict, learning disabilities, attention deficit, etc.     The well known expression, "Mad as a Hatter" derives from the fact
  that centuries ago, hat makers were all crazy because they would   apply mercury to hat linings. The insanity of all hat makers must   have been quite extreme to have made the "mad hatter" notorious
  throughout olde England.    Avoid all products with *any* of these words on the labels:      HIGH   FRUCTOSE   CORN   SYRUP                 http://www.mercurypoisoned.com/symptoms.html
Posted by John MacHaffie at 11:21 AM                              http://nesaranews.blogspot.ca/2014/02/supermarket-foods-violent-behavior.html
Sunday, Febr. 23, 2014.  Vatican Assassins - 911 Attack - /- NY Attack /** from: http://www.thewatcherfiles.com/vatican-ny.html .. http://www.embracingthecontradiction.org/Vatican%20assassins.htm **
http://vaticannewworldorder.blogspot.ca/2012/06/vatican-assassins-wounded-in-house-of.html *332 pages // *http://forum.noblerealms.org/viewtopic.php?pid=47937 ** http://v666.wordpress.com/2007/03/13/vatican-engineering-of-911-vatican-assassins-911-new-york-attack/ ** http://troyspace2.wordpress.com/2008/02/12/vaticanassassinsorg-ny-attack-911-orchestration/ **   http://blogdogcicle.blogspot.ca/2013/03/new-pope-in-jesuit-order-secret-society.html ** http://murdercoverup.blogspot.ca/2005/07/isi-role-of-pakistans-military.html **http://speakfreeforum.com/forum/forum27/891.html ** http://www.boerevryheid.co.za/forums/archive/index.php/t-9543.html ** http://beforeitsnews.com/politics/2013/03/new-pope-in-jesuit-order-a-secret-society-older-than-the-illuminati-or-templar-knights-scripted-armagedon-looms-large-2501618.html ** http://thetruth11187.yuku.com/topic/4218/Catholic-Agenda-for-North-America-the-world-the-BLUE-MASS#.Uwrw_CqF9aA ** http://aagendasecreta.blogspot.ca/2006/10/o-papa-negro-dos-jesuitas.html -  http://aagendasecreta.blogspot.ca/2006_10_01_archive.html  ** http://www.centralclubs.com/you-know-that-t42796.html **  http://forum.fok.nl/topic/263180/1/999 **  http://www.conspiracycafe.net/latte/index.php?/user/16270-lim/?tab=reputation&app_tab=forums&type=given **  Peter-Hans Kolvenbach, the General of the International Military Order of theSociety of Jesus, commonly known as “the Black Pope”, ordered the attack on theWorld Trade Center and the Pentagon on Tuesday, Sept. 11, 2001, with the advice and consent of his General Staff, composed of five assistants (each representing a hemisphere and under whom are many advisory Provincials), an advisor (resembling the likes of a military commander to warn him of any faults or mistakes), and his confessor (to ease his conscience and absolve him of his many sins).                   Why?  Because the appointed time has arrived for the Jesuit General to destroy both the Dome of the Rock and the Al Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem, secretly using his CIA/Nazi-trained, Masonic Zionist Mossad in conjunction with his CIA/Nazi-trained, Masonic Islamic Intelligence Agencies, including Osama bin Laden’s MAK and Pakistan’s ISI, while shrouded in the confusion of a huge aerial war yet to come.  This will enable the General’s crusading Knights Templars (the present day Shriner Freemasons) to rebuild Solomon’s Temple — for the Papal Caesar in Rome’s Vatican.  And how could the Black Popedestroy these Moslem Mosques, they comprising the third most important Islamic religious site in the world behind Saudi Arabia’sMecca and Medina, without causing an uncontrollable Moslem holy war, called a “jihad”, resulting in the destruction of Pope Pius XII’s creation of Zionist Israel?  (Remember, Israel was admitted into the New York-based United Nations in 1949 through the efforts of Jesuit-trained Francis Cardinal Spellman – the darling of Pope Pius XII who, after his Jesuits carried out the Jewish Holocaust in Europe and then driving the survivors to Palestine, intended, under the guidance of his Jesuit confessor, Augustin Cardinal Bea, to make Jerusalem an international city – while governed by the Papal Caesar’s Chaim Weizmann and his Masonic Jewish Zionists.)  The Black Pope must cause a war using a country he also wishes to further destroy.  Enter the “Holy Roman” Fourteenth Amendment American Jesuit Empire created in 1868 on the ruins of George Washington’s Calvinist Republic, the last political stronghold of the Protestant Reformation with freedom of conscience, freedom of speech and freedom of the press.                         Here was the “Father General’s” plan.  In synchronizing his worldwide overt and covert factions to work the Order’s evil ends of the Vatican’s Counter-Reformation in restoring the Papal Caesar as the absolute Universal Monarch of the World,the Black Pope used his Masonically-controlled, fanatically anti-Jewish Race, Islamic Intelligence operatives under the domestic control of the CIA (Osama bin Laden having been directed, financed and trained by the CIA for at least ten years — just like Jesuit-trained and CIA-financed Fidel Castro before he, like bin Laden, became a false enemy of the CFR-controlled American government) to be openly and notoriously instructed as Islamic pilots at the Venice Airport (a Florida facility used by the CIA since 1948) in order for Archbishop Egan’s controlled American Press to spread the prepared news release that the doomed airliners were hijacked by “Arab terrorists” in the employ of Osama bin Laden when in fact, to the horror of the American pilots, the airliners had been taken over and guided to their targets, remotely controlled by American Military Intelligence operatives overseen by the Black Pope’s CIA/NSA.                      The Mussulmans in training never boarded the airliners involved in the September attacks evidenced by the absence ofIslamic names on all four passenger lists. There was no fight between the passengers and the "hijackers" on flight 93, as reported by the deceived wife of the late Jeremy Glick. For flight 93 was shot down by an F-16 fighter, blowing off its wing which landed at least six miles away from the main wreckage! And if the inexperienced "hijackers" had boarded all four airliners, the novicesnever would have been able to navigate the planes into the targets unless they had been crack fighter pilots according to a group of highly professional, both civilian and military, American aviators. Archbishop Egan's CFR-controlled American Press then placed the blame for these acts of high treason and murder squarely on the shoulders of the Black Pope's Saudi prince and CIA operative, Osama bin Laden, including his al-Qaeda Network secretly working for the Jesuit General's International Terrorist Network. Tens of thousands of "heretic and liberal" Americans perished, thereby justifying a war between theMoslem World and "the Great Satan".
(Has not American technology, developed through the Protestant right of freedom of conscience as applied to science, brought wealth and prosperity to the once poverty stricken, barren wilderness of Saudi Arabia, the cultural center for the religion of Islam?  And if so, why would not Saudi Arabia, in a gesture of thankfulness, give economic aid to their brother Moslem Arab Palestinians enabling them to relocate to other surrounding Islamic nations of their choice?  Would not this further secure the peace of the Jewish People now in their own land, having been persecuted and mass murdered for the last two thousand years, whose right to the land through the Abrahamic Covenant has never been abrogated by them or disannulled by Almighty God who gave it to this “seed of Abraham” in Genesis 17: 7, 8? 
                           A Papal conspirator in the assassination of Israel’s Masonic Prime Minister, Yitzak Rabin, Freemason Shimon Peres,who was educated by Jesuits as a youth in Poland and now the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Zionist Israel, is being welcomed to the Jesuit General’s Council on Foreign Relations, based in New York’s Harold Pratt House, by its Masonic Chairman of the Board, Peter G. Peterson, and by one of its Directors, Leslie H. Gelb, on September 29, 1993.  Shimon Peres also holds shares in the PLO's public phone company, Paltel, in conjunction with the Bin Laden Royal Family of Saudi Arabia and Yassir Arafat! Since there is an obvious Bush/Bin Laden business connection through the CFR,s Carlyle Group headed by Edward Cardinal Egan's Knight of Malta Frank C. Carlucci, why should not there be a similar connection between Peres, Bin Laden and Arafat? For they are all in the same Masonic Brotherhood's "Invisible Empire" overseen by the sovereign Grand Master and Commander of all - the Black Pope. 
                  A Papal mass murderer of Jewish People, “Chairman” of the Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO) and professional agitator, Freemason Yassir Arafat is also being welcomed by the Archbishop of New York’s Council on Foreign Relations in the person of one of its “Presiders”, Lee H. Hamilton, on January 20, 2000.             Could it be that neither the Masonic Jewish Zionists in the person of CFR-controlled Shimon Peres nor the Masonic Moslem Palestinian Liberation Organization in the person of CFR-controlled Yassir Arafat, both being secret agents for the Black Pope, truly want to resolve this Jesuit agitation? Do not the ongoing and unfair international negotiations, like the historic Treaty of Versailles, always promote more intense resultant agitations, furthering the agenda of Rome’s Papal Caesar who intends to rule the world from a Third Temple in Jerusalem?  Indeed, this unceasing agitation is necessary if the Pope is to be the Universal Monarch of the World!)
        The Black Pope now has a perfect war between two Peoples he wishes to destroy.  For both Peoples, the White and Black Protestants and Baptists along with the Jewish Race of North America, and the Semitic Moslems of the Middle East, are condemned by the Jesuits’ evil and wicked Council of Trent, they having been historically the greatest enemies of the Jesuit Order’s “infallible” Pope, who, since the days of Innocent III (1215), has claimed to be the one true God on earth.  According to Motley’s The Dutch Republic, it was America’s White Anglo-Saxon Protestant-Calvinist Dutch Reformed forefathers, known as the “Wild Beggars of the Sea”, who gave religious liberty to Bible-based Western Civilization.  These godly and fearless sailors, in stoutly resisting Papal tyranny, wore an Islamic Crescent – not a Cross – on their caps with the immemorial inscription written below:   “Rather Turkish Than Popish”.                     The institutions to be destroyed on September 11, 2001 were the Banking and Military centers of “the Great Satan” – the Pope’s World Trade Center and the Pentagon overseen by his Knights of Malta – supporting and protecting the Pope’s Zionist government of Israel.  There, the Jewish People, in the midst of whom are the Lord’s beloved Jewish Race, known as “the holy seed” with Biblical promises yet to inherit including the fulfilling of the Abrahamic and Davidic Covenants under their returning Messiah, the Lord Jesus Christ, have been set up to be ultimately betrayed, as they are UNKNOWINGLY living under the secret government of the Black Pope, publicly overseen by his Masonic Jewish Zionists in conjunction with certain of hisMasonic Talmudic Rabbis, who betrayed their own Jewish People, both racially and religiously, into Hitler’s Death Camps during World War II!                      Its subterranean storehouse of gold quite possibly having been previously removed to the New York Federal Reserve Bank, the World Trade Center was sacrificed, INTERNALLY IMPLODED, using surgically placed Composition C5 charges detonated by the New York Archbishop, Edward Cardinal Egan, through his unified American Intelligence Community.                  Cardinal Egan’s American Intelligence Network includes the Central Intelligence Agency, the National Security Agency, the Secret Service, Military Intelligence, the Federal Bureau of Investigation, and the Mafia Commission.  Years ago these agencies and criminals all worked together in carrying out the Kennedy Assassination and Cover-up under the control of their former master, Francis Cardinal Spellman.  The World Trade Center’s Masonic Twin Towers, Jachin and Boaz, were sacrificed inEXCHANGE for the future destruction of the Dome of the Rock and the Al Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem.  This mass murder has ignited American blind patriotic rage as calculated, that rage being now directed by the Black Pope’s CFR-controlled Press, including his CFR-controlled Masonic Jewish Zionists, against the Islamic Middle East Peoples — among whom reside the Masonic Moslem branch of the Jesuit General’s International Terrorist Network.  This act of secret Papal terrorism has been used to justify a massive foreign war, a secret Papal Crusade, while the tools of the Jesuit Order have tyrannically implemented domestic martial law by means of the “USA PATRIOT Act” in America and the “Bomb Bill C-36 Act” in Canada.  Sadly, cooler and more informed, truly patriotic heads have not prevailed.  God help us!                              This attack was an act of war carried out by the slaves of the Black Pope, both domestic and foreign, thereby enabling the White Pope’s American fascist puppet, George W. Bush, to declare a “war on [Islamic] terrorism” – to the exclusion of Roman Catholic terrorism led by secret Jesuits such as Fidel Castro of Communist Cuba and Gerry Adams of the IRA – with no specific enemy nation in sight.  (For Washington, D.C. is secretly ruled by Edward Cardinal Egan from St. Patrick’s Cathedral in New York.  As the country’s “Military Vicar” and most powerful American Archbishop, Egan is aided by Georgetown University and Fordham University Jesuits including the learned and seasoned, eighty-two year old, Avery Cardinal Dulles.)  This massive retaliation, to last between four to ten years being another Papal Crusade against the Islamic Peoples in rivaling those of the Dark Ages, has now been declared.  It will be waged by Cardinal Egan’s CFR-controlled Commander-in-Chief, George W. Bush, having been advised of his role to play during his most recent visit with the Baal-worshipping, cannibalistic (believing the unbiblical doctrine of transubstantiation), absolute dictator in the Vatican, Pope John Paul II.                      New York’s Edward Cardinal Egan, being the “Archbishop of the political Capital of the World”, the master of theCouncil on Foreign Relations and thus controlling all the agencies comprising his unified American Intelligence Network, has used six primary tools in igniting this secret Papal Crusade.  They are President George W. Bush, ex-President George H. W. Bush, Vice President Dick Cheney, National Security Advisor to the President Condoleezza Rice, Federal Reserve Board Chairman Alan Greenspan, and CIA Director George Tenet, all being members of the Archbishop’s Council on Foreign Relations.  The following Bill of Particulars justify our charges:                     1.    The “terrorist” attacks were predicted and exposed well in advance of September 11, 2001.  Dr. Garth Nicholson, Ph.D., a foremost researcher of the Gulf War Syndrome investigators, reported to Pentagon officials that he had confirmed intelligence indicating that on Sept. 11, 2001 a “terrorist” strike against the Pentagon would be made.  Their sources included individuals in key intelligence positions, the Mafia, and one high-level African diplomat. The warning was passed on to, among others, the National Security Council (Condoleezza Rice) but is was ignored. Dr. Leonard Horowitz, an award winning author of several tremendous books, also made a valiant effort to alert the government, but to no avail.                  2.     On Friday, September 7, Florida Governor Jeb Bush, a brother to the President, issued an Executive Order in which members of the Florida National Guard were activated, “for the purpose of training to support law-enforcement personnel and emergency management personnel in the event of civil disturbances or natural disaster.” The Bush Dynasty, including the former Director of the CIA and business partner of the Gulf War’s Saddam Hussein, Shriner George H. W. Bush, not only knew the attacks were coming but actively participated in them.              3.     On Sunday night, September 17, 2001, in the Providence of the risen Son of God, CBS’s television program titled “60 Minutes” revealed that President Bush’s close associates had suddenly, and inexplicably, sold all their airline stock only a few days before the “terrorist” attacks. The story was subsequently buried by the CFR-controlled Press, which includes CFR-controlledCBS. Again, the CFR/CIA-controlled Bush Dynasty, had a foreknowledge of the coming mass murder and thus stand indicted ofhigh treason being the agents of Edward Cardinal Egan.                   4.     President and Papal Agent George W. Bush controlling the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) sent the Urban Search and Rescue Team to New York City THE NIGHT BEFORE the attacks occurred! One FEMA official,Mr. Tom Kennedy, told Press icon, CFR member and player in the Kennedy Assassination, Dan Rather, on September 11, 2001, “We’re currently one of the first teams that was deployed to support the City of New York in this disaster. We arrived on lateMonday night [that is, on September 10, the NIGHT BEFORE] and went right into action on Tuesday morning.”                  5.     Osama bin Laden and his band of “Terrorists” could not have pulled off the “sophisticated” operation of four simultaneous air hijackings, and precision directed attacks, without the support of one or more “intelligence organizations [which includes the CIA and its Director, CFR member George Tenet].”  This was the expert testimony provided by past CIA Afghanistan operations director and bin Laden’s intelligence advisor, Milt Bearden, interviewed by Dan Rather on September 12, 2001.  In fact, when pressed by Dan Rather to endorse the theory of bin Laden’s culpability, Mr. Bearden stated, “If they didn’t have an Osma bin Laden, they would invent one.”
 6.     On October 31, 2001, the French daily “Le Figaro” reported that Osama bin Laden had met with a high-level CIA official in July 2000.  At that time, bin Laden was already being sought for trial due to his involvement in two U.S. Embassy bombings and the U.S.S. Cole attack.  The meeting was held in bin Laden’s private suite in the plush Dubai Hospital built by American construction companies for the care of the Order’s Masonic royal Moslem families running Islam’s unified Middle East Intelligence Community and Terrorist Network on behalf of the CIA. Though he could have been killed – like the CIA’s Fidel Castro – according to President Bill Clinton’s intelligence findings, on July 14th he was released and left Dubai on his private jet. Osama bin Laden is a creature of the Black Pope’s CIA and has remained so to this day.
 7.     Osama bin Laden took his direction and money from the CIA for ten years. During this time, approximately five (5) billion dollars was funneled to his organization through black op budgets (financed by the Black Pope’s International Drug Trade) into a CIA operation known as Maktab al-Khidamar—the MAK. It is clear, as a MAK mercenary army leader, bin Laden’s fortune vastly increased during that time. Since, like the Mafia, “Once in the CIA, always in the CIA”, bin Laden’s MAK is merely an extension of the Black Pope’s International Intelligence Community and Terrorist Network. And if the CIA controls the Intelligence Network of Afghanistan, then it controls the Intelligence Agencies of Pakistan, Iraq, Iran, Jordan, Syria, Lebanon, Egypt, Libya and Turkey. Indeed, the words of Taliban leader Mullah Mohammed Omar were correct when he said in an interview contained on page thirty-four in the November issue of Free American:                           “America controls the governments of the Islamic countries…It should stop trying to impose its empire on the rest of the world, especially on Islamic countries.”                                     8.    Aaron Swirsksi, one of the architects of the World Trade Center, said they designed the towers to withstand airplane collisions. “I designed it for a 707 hit,” he said.  The collapse of the buildings came as a complete “shock” to him and his colleagues. Van Romero, a demolition expert, former director of the Energetic Materials Research and Testing Center, and current Vice President for research at New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology, said that the manner in which the Twin Towerscollapsed resembled those of controlled implosions used in planned demolition. “My opinion is, based on the videotapes, that after the airplanes hit the World Trade Center there were some explosive devices inside the buildings that caused the towers to collapse,” Romero said. NBC News interviewed people who had escaped "ground zero" on September 11, 2001. One unidentified man said "We were stuck on the stairs for a while. I came down from the 85th floor.  When we were just about to leave the building, there was a blast."  A woman’s testimony followed:  “I got stuck on the stairs.  When we got to the lobby there was a blast,” she said.
 Further, the demolition of the North Tower of the World Trade Center, floors 22, 23, and 24, destroyed massive FBI evidence against CFR member James Giffen, the CEO of the CFR’s Mobile Corporation, for illegal oil swaps between Iran and Kazakhstan.  There was also evidence against CFR member and Shriner Freemason Alan Greenspan – the Jewish Chairman of the Board of Governors of the Jesuit General’s Federal Reserve Banking System – involving GOLD PRICE FIXING.  Greenspan’s Masonic Jewish Zionist partners in crime included the CFR’s Morgan Stanley & Company and the CFR’sGoldman Sachs & Company.  The evidence shows that those floors exploded and were destroyed minutes before the explosions from the airplane, and suggests that the airplane crashes were simply a “ruse of war”.  Obviously, the Intelligence Community of Archbishop Edward Cardinal Egan IMPLODED the buildings which not only suppressed and destroyed evidence, but also resulted in the death and burial of at least forty-two of his loyal Knights of Columbus and several honest FBI agents.  Indeed the Archbishop followed the great Jesuit maxim of “the ends justify the means.”               9.     On September 11, 2001, President Bush, with the full knowledge of CFR member and the intimate friend of Archbishop Egan, Vice President Richard Cheney, was in Sarasota, Florida (the home of the Venice Airport, a CIA facility, that had openly and notoriously trained Islamic pilots thereby enabling the Black Pope’s CIA to blame its contract agent, Osama bin Laden, for the destruction of the WTC).  The President was “reading to children in a classroom at 9:05 a.m. when his chief of staff,Andrew Card, whispered [the news] into his ear, according to an Associated Press release of September 12, the day after the attack.  The President briefly turned somber before he resumed reading…[Next] President Bush listened to eighteen Booker Elementary School second-graders read a story about a girl’s pet goat…before he spoke briefly and somberly about the terrorist attacks.”  Here we have America’s Commander-in-Chief calmly talking for about thirty minutes before he leisurely responded to the country’s greatest national security crisis in history along with its accompanying tragedies.  And no wonder, for he had been briefed by Pope John Paul II during his visit to the Vatican only weeks prior to our national disaster!  CFR member and CIA Director George Tenet had also kept the President advised.
 10.     Many journalists have reported that the bombing of Afghanistan, allegedly intended to punish the Taliban for affiliations with bin Laden, is simply a cover for the Taliban’s destruction of Afghanistan’s opium crop thus the curtailing of the Black Pope’s International Drug Trade. The Taliban also withdrew its former support for an oil pipeline to be built by CFRHenry Kissinger and CFR George Shultz’s Unocal Corporation through Afghanistan from the vast Caspian Sea oil fields.September 11 provided a great excuse to pursue the Jesuit Order/CFR’s illegal drug traffic along with its petrochemical, economic, and “national security” martial law objective. More importantly, this pipeline is necessary for the fueling of the war machine of our future invader, the massive Red Chinese Army, under the command of the Company of Jesus.
         We, the American people, thanks to our Popish, prostitute Press, have been hoodwinked into fighting this war even as we were deceived into fighting the Pope’s war against the Japanese People during World War II, the consummation of the Jesuit General’s Second Thirty Years War waged from 1914 to 1945.  For the attack on Pearl Harbor was no surprise to the nation’s most visible Shriner Freemason, President Franklin D. Roosevelt, even as the attack on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon was no surprise to the nation’s most visible Skull and Bones member, the wicked and evil mass murderer, President George W. Bush.  If the foregoing scenario is true, we believe the American People, deceived by our own Jesuit/CFR-controlledgovernment, will fall into the trap of fighting a lengthy, large scale Middle East War, resulting in at least six things that will further our country’s demise including the scrapping of our Reformed Protestant Constitution, while thoroughly benefiting the Jesuit Order’s Counter-Reformation. They are:
          1.     Worldwide anti-Jewish fury on a grand scale, especially in America, as a result of the Black Pope’s openly agitating, secretly CFR-controlled, Masonic Jewish Zionists and thus, the beloved Jewish People of Israel being blamed for the Papal Caesar’s international Jesuit Crusade;                      2.     The destruction of both the Dome of the Rock and the Al Aqsa Mosque – blamed on American Military forces – thereby enabling the Pope’s Shriner Freemasons to rebuild Solomon’s Temple, while simultaneously unifying Islamic fury, coordinated and directed by the Black Pope’s Masonic Moslem Intelligence Agencies in conjunction with his Masonic North American Intelligence Agencies, against the “heretic and liberal” American and Canadian Peoples of North America, we having been paganized through the Jesuit Order’s Bible-rejecting and deceptive educational systems, controlled Press and demoralizing theater movies;                         3.     The killing of millions of fanatical Moslems who would otherwise attack Israel when the Dome of the Rock and the Al Aqsa Mosque are destroyed in Jerusalem, not to mention the possible destruction of Mecca and Medina, further securing the peace of the Papal Caesar’s Zionist government of Israel.  That false peace will be maintained by the united European nations, their unity brought about by the Club of Rome in the person of the Spanish Knight of Malta and Commander of NATO forces during the bombing mass-murder of Orthodox Serbs in Yugoslavia, JAVIER SOLANA. These united, predominantly Roman Catholic, European nations will compose the Pope’s revived Holy Roman Empire, the new “Sword of the Church”.  At this time the Black Pope will have no more need for the drugged, exhausted, bankrupt, amalgamated and demoralized American People of his “Holy Roman” Fourteenth Amendment American Empire;              4.    The tyranny of a White American fascist military dictator having arisen out of the “New Right” Republican Party due to anarchy giving way to a race war as a result of Negro and Hispanic rioting in our major cities coordinated by the Black Pope’sMasonically-led and racist Black army of the Nation of Islam. He will use America’s existing concentration camp system to killmillions of Jews, “heretics and liberals” pursuant to the Jesuits’ evil Council of Trent – just as Hitler “the Austrian” and homosexual drug addict destroyed apostate Protestant Germany with the help of FDR's USAF and Churchill's RAF - further justifying our nation's destruction;
5.     The betrayal and defeat of our armies fighting a two-front war which we cannot win, one in the Middle East and the other possibly in the Far East against China, just as Napoleon betrayed his army in Russia in 1812, and just like Hitler betrayed his army in Russia one hundred and thirty years later, both treasonous dictators having been under orders from the advisors of the Black Pope;               6.     Massive invasion and attack into North America, China and Russia storming the West Coast while China and a united Moslem host march into the Southeast Coast, known as “the Bible belt”, using the Bahamas and Cuba as staging bases.  Our Jesuit-controlled leaders carrying out the nation’s immigration policies, in establishing a huge resident “fifth column” of Chinese, Moslem, Hindu and Hispanic aliens within our borders, have betrayed us Americans. The heart-breaking result will be the subjugation of the last apostate bastion of the Protestant Reformation and will compel Europe to unite reviving the old Holy Roman Empire – under the Papal Caesar.
                This scenario is the answer as to Who and Why we were attacked on September 11, 2001, Bloody Black Tuesday.  But after all, we apostate, Bible-rejecting White People deserve it, as I have said on this web page and in my book, Vatican Assassins: “Wounded In The House Of My Friends”.  The Jesuit General’s “Holy Roman” Fourteenth Amendment American Empire has been used to fulfill the Papal Caesar’s evil Council of Trent by oppressing and destroying “heretic and liberal” Bible believers, peoples and governments of at least eighty nations during the last one hundred years.  Called by Jesuit John Courtney Murray and Knight of Malta Henry R. Luce “the American Century”, the Knights of Malta and Shriner Freemasons on Wall Street restored the Temporal Power of the Papacy (which Power was destroyed in the glorious Nineteenth Century) by financing Mao Tse-tung’s Communism, Stalin’s Communism, Hitler’s Nazism and the Fascism of Mussolini, Franco and Castro.       We Americans have it coming, and now that we have leapt into this trap of a Middle East war with the Moslem World, advocated by our Pennsylvania Senator and Shriner Freemason, the infamous Arlen Specter (who was “Cardinal Spellman’s Jew” having authored the magic single-bullet theory of the Warren Commission and served as President Clinton’s defender while on trial in the Senate), apparently the righteous Judgment of the risen Son of God is about to unfold.  Our beloved country, the only nation in the history of the world to be founded on the Bible of the Protestant Reformation, will be turned into a nightmarish police state and a Nazi/Soviet concentration camp hell-on-earth because we have forgotten the God of our White American Protestant and Baptist-Calvinist founding fathers, the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob Whose Spirit inspired these words:        
For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.
For God sent not his Son into the world to condemn the world; but that the world through him might be saved.  He that believeth on him is not condemned:
but he that believeth not is condemned already, because he hath not believed in the name of the only begotten Son of God. – John 3:16-18
 As an addendum to Vatican Assassins: “Wounded In The House Of My Friends” consult “Jesuit Vatican Tyranny”, a twenty-one-page article, at:  http://www.vaticanassassins.org/
** http://vaticanassassins.org/category/us/ ** http://vaticanassassins.org/?s=911 ** http://vaticanassassins.org/2013/07/06/ejp-replies-to-jewess-daisy-romes-kingdom-of-jerusalem-and-temple-mount/ **
http://vaticanassassins.org/?s=black+pope ** http://prophets-see-all.tripod.com/46530.htm **  http://www.apfn.net/Messageboard/06-28-05/discussion.cgi.22.html * http://www.apfn.net/Messageboard/149495.html *
 Posted by John MacHaffie at 3:48 PM     http://nesaranews.blogspot.ca/2014/02/vatican-assasins-911-attack.html
You could call Eric Jon Phelps a controversial author. We know him as a consummate researcher, a beloved friend, and a gentleman who lives his truth. Our readers will know him best as my interviewee in our now infamous May 2000 issue of The SPECTRUM�the issue that is known far and wide as the �Black Pope� paper. Eric is also the author of the blockbuster book VATICAN ASSASSINS, an incredibly well researched historical manuscript, which shows the reader, in astonishing detail, where the TRUE diabolical power and control of this planet resides�at least that controlling layer which is in the physical dimension.
http://prophets-see-all.tripod.com/47127.htm ****
........................................... and.....................
Sunday, February 23, 2014.  // CHAPTER 40 // The Jesuit General’s International Intelligence Community - Fidel Castro: Jesuit-trained Freemason, Communist-Fascist Military Dictator Loyal to Rome and the Knights of Malta Jesuit Betrayal of: Knight of Columbus President John F. Kennedy Roman Catholic Cuban Patriots Low-level CIA Agents via McGeorge Bundy and Cardinal Spellman’s Council on Foreign Relations.
           “If I break wind in Munich, the Pope will surely smell it in Rome.”  {1}               Martin Luther, 1545   Protestant Reformer                 “ . . . the Jesuits made use of Confession in order to gain information as to the capacity, disposition, and mode of life of the penitents, and the chief affairs of the towns in which they live; and that they have such an exact acquaintance with all these details that they know the strength, means, and circumstances of every state and every family.”  {2}                    M. De Canaye, 1606  French Ambassador at Venice to Henry IV, King of France “No political event or circumstancecan be evaluated without the knowledge of the Vatican’s part in it. And no significant world situation exists in which the Vatican does not play an important explicit or implicit role.”           {3}
Avro Manhattan, 1960  “Protestant” Knight of Malta  English Historian The Vatican  and World Politics.              “The Cold War” began overnight.  Truman’s Fourteenth Amendment America and Stalin’s Soviet Russia, once allies, were now “abracadabra” mortal enemies. The OSS and NKVD that had worked together were now, “hocus pocus,” bent on each other’s destruction. The Vatican Ratlines had redistributed the Nazi
Intelligence men. Some went West into Gehlen’s network within the CIA; others went East into Turkul’s network within the KGB. The Nazis who went into Soviet Russia were known in the West as “Freedom Fighters,” supposedly working for Western Intelligence. They in fact were “Communist agents” working for Stalin’s KGB and GRU. Both Intelligence networks, one loyal to the American Empire, the other loyal to the Russian Empire, were tied together at the top by Vatican “Knights.”            Some of these “Knights” were Sir Stewart Menzies, chief of the British Secret Service; Kim Philby, a subordinate of Menzies; “Wild” Bill Donovan, Chief of the American OSS whose brother Vincent was a Dominican priest; James Angleton, an OSS officer in Rome and later, chief ofthe CIA’s Counterintelligence Division manning both the Vatican and Israeli desks; William J. Casey, an OSS officer in Rome and later Director of the CIA; Allen Dulles, another OSS officer in Rome having worked with Cardinal Montini’s Vatican Ratlines, whose nephew, Avery
Dulles, became a powerful Jesuit Cardinal; Prince Anton Turkul (whose distant relative, according to the Catholic priest James Zatko in his Descent Into Darkness, was Privy Councillor Turkul, the state secretary of Polish affairs during the reign of Tzar Nicholas I. He was a great promoter of the Concordat between Pope Pius IX and Russia, signed in Rome in 1847 by the Russian Cardinal Lambruschini — a supposed ex-Jesuit!), Russia’s greatest intelligence officer who spent time in Rome, used Jesuits for couriers and worked with Bormann, Himmler and Schellenberg of the SS; Reinhard Gehlen, head of Nazi Intelligence on the Eastern front, who, after the war, was made a General in the American Army by an act of Congress; Walter Schellenberg, Chief of SS Intelligence – the feared SD – who was given sanctuary in
Britain after the war by the British Intelligence Chief, Sir Stewart Menzies; Heinrich Himmler, head of the Gestapo and SS (a personal friend of J. Edgar Hoover before the war) whose death was brilliantly faked by Menzies’ SIS thereby enabling the anti-Jew, Windsor British Monarchy to secretly protect him after the war; J. Edgar Hoover, Director of the FBI, who recruited his agents from American Jesuit Universities, hated Jews and helped with the immigration of Nazi SS war criminals into the United States under the watchful eye of Cardinal Spellman; and Alexander Haig, Commander of NATO forces in Europe and White House Chief of Staff, whose younger brother, Francis R. Haig, is a Jesuit. (The General saved the Vatican’s Zionist State of Israel during the Yom Kippur War in 1973. Intending “only to bleed the Jews,” the Vatican’s Shriner Freemason Henry A. Kissinger nearly destroyed the nation. After waiting for nearlyone thousand years to take Jerusalem and possession of the Temple Mount for the rebuilding of  Solomon’s Temple, the Jesuits’
“infallible” Papal Caesar was not about to lose it now.So he saved the nation with Knight of Malta, General Alexander Haig and high tech American weapons.)         Dear truth-seeker, the ties between the intelligence communities are simple once you reject the illusion of the Cold War. These ties are not “ironies” as Loftus calls them; but rather, they are cold hard facts leading to the Vatican’s Jesuits as masters of this monstrous Holy Office of the Inquisition. British and Nazi intelligence merge with Menzies and Schellenberg. We read from Loftus’ and Aarons’ The Secret War Against the Jews,“It was Menzies who ordered British troops to help the Vatican truck the Nazi treasure into hiding . . . It was Menzies who gave Nazi intelligence chief, Walter Schellenberg and the other Nazi negotiators sanctuary in Britain after the war. Menzies also authorized Kim Philby to recruit ex-Nazis as agents and smuggle them through the Vatican to South America . . . ”  {4}
               American and Nazi intelligence merge with Dulles and Gehlen. We read:“General Reinhard Gehlen, Hitler’s chief intelligence officer against the Soviet Union, had struck a deal with the Americans (called
OPERATION SUNRISE) . . . The principal negotiators were Allen Dulles and William Casey of the OSS,Sir William Stephenson for the British, and SS General Karl Wolff, head of the Gestapo in Italy and former chief of HeinrichHimmler’s personal staff . . .Their negotiations enabled Gehlen to bring his entire apparatus ‘unpurged and without interruption, into the service of the American superpower,’ . . . ”  {5}
             British and Russian intelligence merge with Menzies, Philby and Turkul. We read: “One of the great ironies of twentieth-century espionage history is that the right-wing head of the British secret service, Sir Stewart Menzies, handed the Communists the key to Britain’s secrets on a royal platter.”  {6}
           Philby not only worked for the British Menzies but also with Beria’s KGB, for which reason he protected Turkul. We read: “While American and British intelligence were restructured after World War II, Soviet intelligence executed a plan of smooth integration to protect and promote all their agentsin the West. For example, when MI6 discovered German documents proving that Turkul’s friend Ellis was a Nazi agent, Philby ordered that the investigation be closed . . . If Ellis had been exposed in 1945, it would have jeopardized Turkul, who was far more valuable than Philby.Because of Philby’s cover-up, Turkul and Ellis were safe for several more years.”            {7}                                    Later in 1963, Philby “defected” to the Soviet Union tomaintain the illusion of “the Cold War” among the patriotic lower level intelligence officers.
American, Russian and Israeli intelligence merge with the pairs Gehlen and Turkul; and Angleton and Philby. We read: “Dulles had Gehlen set up in a secret compound in Pullach, West Germany, with orders to revive the [Turkul] Max network . . . Gehlen intended to make Turkul’s Max network the centerpiece of his new West German intelligence agency . . . Foisting the Max network on Allen Dulles and General Gehlen turned out to be the key to Soviet supremacy in the first half of the Cold War. . . To this day, the CIA still refuses to declassify its files for ‘Prince’ Turkul’s network. It is just too embarrassing to admit that the Eastern European Fascist groups, [ex-Nazis] whom Dulles had hired turned out to be working for the other side.”            {8}                  [Emphasis added]
              “ . . . there is no doubt Angleton fell under Philby’s spell . . . As with Philby, so with James Jesus: his record was riddled with ambiguity and inexplicable actions that resulted in the question asked by a high
authority at the CIA: ‘Was Angleton the American Philby?’ . . . It was Philby who taught Angleton the structure of the Secret Service . . . ”  {9}
                And Philby had been recruited into the KGB by a Jesuit who had been a member of the Bolsheviks’ Inquisition called “the Cheka.” We read: “One of the first Soviet agents topenetrate British intelligence was a Catholic Priest. Between 1932 and 1937 the top NKVD ‘illegal’ in England was Father Theodore Maly [a Jesuit] . . . Many of Father Maly’s best recruits were young men from upper class backgrounds . . . The most famousKGB agent was Harold Adrian Russell Philby. As with all of Father Maly’s agents, ‘Kim’ Philby’s upper class British background was impeccable . . . Philby was no longer a peripheral observer, but a principal player with the Vatican. In 1944 he was promoted to head the new anti-Soviet section of [the British] SIS.”                   {10}                   [Emphasis added]                            The Dulles-Gehlen network trained Israel’s Mossad, while the Vatican’s CIA agent and head of the Israeli desk, James Jesus Angleton (who openly advocated a Pentagon-directed, American military Crusade against Israel’s surrounding Islamic nations), helped the Israeli government. We read: “One of our sources, the late John McIntyre, served with American intelligence inside the Gehlen organization from 1948 until 1951. To his amazement, Gehlen’s Nazis were training the Mossad, Israel’s infant foreign intelligence service . . . Angleton’s mission was to keep the CIA secure from penetration by foreign governments particularly the Soviet Union . . . Angleton spied only for Israel . . . he was flatly accused of being a ‘god_ _ _ _ Israeli mole’ by a number of his fellow CIA officers . . . Angleton alone handled the CIA’s collection of intelligence from and against the Jewish state, almost from its inception as a nation . . . He was unofficially helping Israel[the Vatican’s secret but true policy], which was strictly against the president’s policy.”      {11}       [Emphasis added]
                   Menzies, Schellenberg, Donovan, Dulles, Gehlen, Casey, Angleton, Philby and Turkul all had strong connections with the Vatican’s Jesuits. The British SIS and Soviet KGB/GRU were united in Philby. The CIA, Mossad and KGB were united in Angleton. This  gallery of traitors, all of them being Papal Knights, unified the International Intelligence  Community merging at Borgo di Santo Spirito, the command post of Jesuit General Janssens just outside the Vatican walls in Rome.          With this interlock of men loyal to the General of the Jesuits, the Cold War would be waged but kept under control, that is, from becoming a full-scale war between East and West. The deceived patriots of both sides would bekept in check or eliminated if attempting to truly “win” the Cold War or expose the truth about the intelligence men at the top. The murder of the staunch Roman Catholic, Opus Dei member and CIA Director, William Colby, after forcing Angleton to retire, is a classic example of their policy. The Order will terminate itsown disobedient tools!
In 1959 Fidel Castro, the Roman Catholic Communist (who, according to some Cubans, raped two nuns while in Colombia for which he was castrated, as he is never seen with a woman) was put in power with the help of the Jesuit-controlled CIA.     Educated in youth and advised when he became Cuba’s dictator, we read of the Jesuits shaping his mind and controlling his actions: “Fidel and Raul were sentto Santiago de Cuba [St. Ignatius of Cuba] to study under the Jesuitsat the Colegio Lasalle, and then to the Colegio Dolores, also Jesuit . . . In 1942, Fidel was sent to Havana where he carried on with his secondary education at the Jesuit College of Belen (Bethlehem).”               {12}
“Fidel was significantly influenced by [Jesuit] Fathers  Amondo [Armando] Llorente and Alberto de Castro . . . De Castro admired Franco . . . Fidel was very active in a Jesuit organization similar to the
Boy Scouts, the ‘Explorers.’ . . . ‘Fidel was trained by the Jesuits to become their representative,’ says Carlos Rafael Rodriguez. ‘Therevolution does less propaganda [promoting] for Fidel than the propaganda bythe Jesuits.’. . . Fidel spent eleven years in Catholic Boarding schools, seven of them in Jesuit institutions. . . ‘Fidel is a Jesuit first, a revolutionary second, and a Marxist third.’ . . . He promoted the [Jesuit-controlled] Soviet system as a model . . . In a way he was turning Cubainto a giant Jesuit schoolin which he was the principal . . . It is still the Jesuit school in which he is the principal. . . Fidel has not forgotten that the military invariably holds the ultimate power. It is perhaps significant that Fidel’s first title is commander in chief.”            {13}               [Emphasis added]
              “[Wherever] a totalitarian movement erupts, whether Communist or Nazi [fascist], a Jesuit can be found in the role of ‘adviser’ or leader; in Cuba [it was] Castro’s Father Armando [Amondo] Llorente . . . ”         {14}                  The Jesuits, in order to bring their illegitimate son of a Nazi and “grease ball” student dictator to power (as he was called by his classmates), used their American press, money, entertainment industry,CIA and Soviet Russia. We read: “ ‘After the Matthews articles which followed an exclusive interview by the Times [Henry R. Luce SMOM] editorial writer in Castro’s mountain hideout and which likened him to Abraham Lincoln, he was able to get followers and funds in Cuba and in the United States. From that time on arms, money and soldiers of fortuneabounded. Much of the American press began to picture Castro as a political Robin Hood. Also because Batista was the dictator who unlawfully seized power, American people assumed Castro must, on the other hand, represent liberty and democracy. The crusaderrole which the press and radio bestowed on the bearded rebel blinded the people to the left-wing political philosophy with which even at that time he was already on record . . . ’
‘Fidel’s secret weapon was money — incredible millions of dollars, with which he bought “victories.” He bought entire regiments from Batista’s officers and, on one occasion purchased for $650,000 cash an entire armored train, with tanks, guns, ammunition, jeeps and 500 men’ . . . The basic reason for defeat of Batista’s armies, he asserted, was that covert United States intervention [CIA] shattered their morale . . . Many share the bloodguilt for the needless death of these people, who were the best element in Cuba.   Among the guilty are American correspondents[Cardinal Spellman’s Knight of Malta Henry R. Luce and his Time magazine] who . . . wrote falsehoods about the Castro movement so other people would fight and die for it. . . . [In 1958 with] the combined pressure of Soviet arms and gold and American propaganda, the Batista regime was beginning to crumble . . . Edward R.              Murrow of CBS [CFR-controlled] staged a laudatory TV network program on the Castro movement. The normally hardheaded Ed Sullivan [Roman
Catholic] went into the Sierra Maestra for a television interview with his hairy, armed prophet. Sullivan’s technique was to ask leading questions such as ‘You are not a Communist, are you Fidel? You are a devout Catholic, aren’t you?’ — leaving Castro practically no time to answer. The effect was comic in terms of theater; tragic in terms of politics.”            {15}         [Emphasis added]
                 Under the guidance of his Jesuit advisor, Fidel Castro’s command post was Havana’s Hilton Hotel. A powerful Knight of Malta, W. Barron Hilton, owned the chain of hotels around the world. We read:
“The SMOM’s U.S. Section has approximately 1,000 members . . . its roster includes many of the corporate establishment’s movers and shakers . . . Barron Hilton of the hotel chain; . . . ”            {16}
      Freemason Castro (according to a Cuban Freemason who personally saw 33rd degree Freemason Castro in a lodge in Havana) was further entrenched in power by the CIA. It was the high commander of “the Company,” Allen Dulles, who organized the Bay of Pigs invasion in 1961. The “failure” of the attempt to overthrow Castro resulted in the decimation ofthe Roman Catholic patriots of Cuba. During the
invasion Dulles was conveniently out of town and not at his duty station, as if he knew it would go sour. Two Knights of Malta were involved in the set-up and failure of the invasion. One of them was Roberto Alejos Arzu. Alejos became the Honduran Knights co-chairman in 1985, of whom we read:  “Alejos – a sugar and coffee grower who let the CIA use his plantations as training grounds for the 1960 [1961] Bay of Pigs invasion of Cuba [its secretly purposed failure having been intended by the CFR’s Director of the CIA to further entrenchthe power of the Order’s Fidel Castro].”          {17}        
           Further, “During and after the period of the Bay of Pigs, Alejos Arzu reported that he worked with Irangate principal, Theodore Shackley [CIA], then running “Operation Mongoose” to assassinate Fidel Castro from the JM/WAVE station in Miami, Florida . . . ”                {18}
The other CFR/Knight of Malta was Gustavo Cisneros of whom we read in 1987: “Vice-president of the VenezuelanAssociation of the SMOM. The Cisneroses are the overlords for the Ibero-American cocaine connection in Venezuela, whose special role emphasizes‘washing’ part of the billions in annual narcotics proceeds that go through that country . . . The Cisneros got their start in business in Venezuela through sponsorship of the Royal Bank of Canada, one of the world’s largest offshore banks involved in multi billion-dollar drug money ‘washing.’ They are partnersin a Florida Finance Corporation with documented ties to Moscow’s Narodny Bank, which is central to KGB-backed terrorism and drug trafficking. Curiously, through the World Finance Corporation the Cisneros are linked to the Bay of Pigs invasion team, which quickly turned to drug trafficking to finance operations and get rich quick. But Oswaldo Cisneros’ wife Ella Fontanals de Cisneros, is a Cuban whose brother, Jose’ Fontanals Perez, currently sits on the board of directors of the Banco Nacional de Cuba in Havana, where he is an economic adviser to Fidel Castro.”                   {19}                  [Emphasis added]
                             Dear truth-seeker, the failure ofthe Bay of Pigs invasion was pure betrayal! This is what Napoleon did to his Grand Army in Tzarist Russia, what Hitler did to his German Army in Soviet Russia, and what the CIA did to the Roman Catholic patriots of Hungary in 1956. The betrayal resulted in the elimination of all resistance to Castro within Cuba, securing the island as a staging base for future use by our
invaders. This could never have happened had not the Jesuits controlled both sides.     Now, the Jesuits had to suppress the American and Cuban enemies of their mouthy, little puppet Castro who were outside of Cuba. So their CIA “confirmed” the existence of Soviet “nuclear missiles” inCuba creating the paranoia of a possible “nuclear first strike attack.” Kennedy demanded their removal and prepared for a
joint American and Cuban-exile invasion from Florida. (We strongly believe from our arguments of previous chapters that airborne nuclear war has never been a real threat to the nations, the Jesuits controlling both“superpowers.” We know that the Jesuits’ CFR in control of FDR gave Stalin the nuclear device in 1943. We also know that the Knights of Malta, in control of the Atomic Energy Commission (one of its former
Directors having been Knight of Malta John A. McCone) as well as the American and Russian Intelligence Communities,own Chase Manhattan Bank in New York with a branch at 1 Red Square in Moscow!) The Jesuits in control of Khrushchev (who declared that the CIA and the KGB ought to be combined “because we use the same people”) dispatched a Russian fleet (built with American
technology and financed by the Jesuits’ Federal Reserve Bank) towards Cuba. This resulted in “the Cuban Missile Crisis” in 1962 creating more paranoia. Kennedy and Khrushchev struck a secret deal resulting in no invasion, the Russian fleet returning home. Like the Hungarian uprising in 1956, this stage-play and betrayal inflamed the fury of all involved. The low-level CIA agents not “in the know” with Angleton were
enraged against Kennedy; they thought he had deliberately betrayed them. Mafia soldiers not “in the know” with Cardinal Spellman’sMafia “Commission” were enraged against Kennedy, as they had lost their casinos in Havana. The patriotic Cubans were enraged against Kennedy perceiving him as again refusing to end Jesuit-trained Fidel Castro’s merciless, absolutist, Jesuit-controlled dictatorship.
The Jesuits, perfectly creating the agitation, were now ready to eliminate their disobedient son and brother Knight, President Kennedy. Betrayed by Skull and Bones member McGeorge Bundy at the Bay of Pigs and deceived by his Secretary of State – the Cardinal’s Dean Rusk – during the Cuban Missile Crisis, Kennedy the victim now had enough serious enemies among the infuriated CIA, FBI, Military Intelligence and Mafia foot soldiers to be boldly assassinated in broad daylight. The Intelligence Community began the “black operation” called “Operation Mongoose.”
Its purpose was to further exhaust and eliminate Castro’s enemies, precisely as Knight of Malta Oliver L. North and Knight of Malta William J. Casey, with their “aid to the Contras,” eliminated all resistance to the Communist government in Nicaragua, John Cardinal O’Connor having warmly embraced Daniel Ortega. The CIA secretly attacked Cuba with regularraids, crop burning and counterfeiting its currency justifying Castro’s devaluation and creation of a new currency further impoverishing the Cuban people. But  “Operation Mongoose” was ultimately suppressed by President Kennedy, which resulted in two things. First, it sealed
Kennedy’s fate. The assassins within the Cardinal’s Network were eager to eliminate him. Lastly, Castro’s Jesuit despotism was sealed and for the last forty years he has been the perfect puppet of Rome. He has viciously suppressed the free circulation of the Bible as well as any popular movement towards “liberal” self-government – where the people can be more than slaves – pursuant to the Jesuits’ wicked and evil Council
of Trent and their “Holy Alliance.”               One final question. Why would the Jesuits go to such extremes to enthrone and  maintain Castro in power and thereby close Cubato a free press and American tourism? What possible benefit would the island of Cuba – that poverty-stricken hellhole specializing in cigars and sugar – give to the long-term plans of the imperialistic Sons of Loyola?   Dear truth-seeker, the only answer can be that it has been commercially sacrificed and secured by a Jesuit military dictator – advised by the Knights of Malta – to be the staging base for a future Moslem invasion of Fourteenth Amendment America. Is not the American Navy bringing Afghan “prisoners of war” from Bin Laden’s al Qaeda Islamic Terrorist Network into Cuba – only ninety miles away from Miami – at this very moment in 2003?
And if this be true, what real purpose has Guantanamo Naval Base been serving for the last forty years, knowing full well that the Navy always starts our wars? If the Soviets were so powerful in 1962 why did they not demand that we Americans abandon the Base to Castro? Could it be thatthe Cardinal’s Council on Foreign Relations, in control of the Navy’s top Admirals, are using it as a secret supply line,
amassing weapons and equipment underground for the future invasion of the American South, filled with Protestant and Baptist communities providing the majority of the world’s gospel-preaching missionaries? As ProtestantEast Prussia was destroyed by the Jesuits’ Grand Inquisitor and his Red Army, so will be the Protestant South – filled with the Jesuit General’s occult Freemasonry – unless we repent and return to serve the risen Son of God, the Lord Jesus Christ!            And if this is true, when the Jesuit-trained, Roman Catholic Communist, Fascist, bastard son of a Nazi and absolute military dictator, Fidel Castro, dies, Cuba
will never be free unless we invade it with a Bible-reading Protestant army free of Jesuit commanders and intrigue. Would it not be wonderful to give back Cuba to the Cuban people having suffered exile, imprisonment and death at the hands of Castro and his advisors — those Sons of Loyola!  Dear truth-seeker, the invasion and occupation of Cuba would enable the exiled Cubans of Miami, Florida to return to
their native land and aid in our defense in preventing a successful Moslem invasion of the American Protestant South, the Pope’s armada embarking from Africa’s West Coast and landing in Cuba — the shortest distance across the Atlantic Ocean! Now who betrayed those brave men, Cubans and CIA agents attempting to overthrow tyranny in Cuba with the Bay ofPigs invasion? According to Col. Prouty it was not
President Kennedy: it was CFR member McGeorge Bundy. We read:  “Why wasn’t that crucial air strike flown, after the President had specifically directed it to be done? . . . A most unusual article, ‘The
Brigade’s My Fault’, appeared on the op-ed page of the New York Times on October 23, 1979. It contained an elaborate and confusing confession. Its author was McGeorge Bundy . . . He recalled all those major programs the CIA had under full steam when the Kennedy administration came to Washington in 1961, then wrote: ‘So I have to consider that there was a staff failure – which means mostly me.’ He leaves no question about it as he writes that after eighteen years of contemplation, ‘The Brigade’s My Fault.’ ”               {20}                     [Emphasis added]
This betrayal was a masterstroke of Jesuit genius! It enthroned Castro in power by eliminating his most dangerous enemies. Plus, it infuriated the lower levels of the CIA, the FBI, the Mafia and Military Intelligence, as they believed Kennedy to be the culprit behind the betrayal. Only the few at the top really knew what happened. And why did this happen? Because prior to “the sacrifice of the mass” at the Bay of Pigs, the Jesuits knew that Kennedy was not going to escalate their “Crusade” in Vietnam, as it was intended to ignite the present multi-billion dollar drug trade. So having enraged the rank and file of the American Empire’s Intelligence Community and having angered every Mafia family, the Jesuits used the leaders of those communities, commanding hundreds of foot soldiers, to murder the President. The Jesuits used their Cardinal of international intrigue from “the Powerhouse” in New York, Francis Spellman, to oversee the assassination and cover-up. The leaders Spellman used were Knights of Malta, Shriner Freemasons and Mafia Dons.
Dear truth-seeker, this is why the Vatican’s Jesuits, withthe blessing of their “infallible” Cold Warrior and Roman Caesar, Pope Paul VI, used their foot soldiers under the command of that Roman Senator, Francis Cardinal Spellman, to assassinate the Empire’s only Roman Catholic President and “brother” Knight of Columbus, John F. Kennedy. For he was mortally wounded in the house of his friends — shot in the upper back from behind by a Secret Service Agent in the follow-up vehicle, George Hickey, and shot in the head from the front, within three feet of the bleeding Texas Governor, by the left-handed Secret Service Agent driving
the Presidential limousine, Navy Seal  William Greer. According to  Robert Groden’s most excellent video, JFK: The Case For Conspiracy released in 1993, the gunshot entered above the right eye. While traveling through the President’s head, the bullet blew out and away the flap of flesh and bone from the right temple area and exited the rear of the head. Thus, the path of the trajectory leads directly to the driver, the shot from “the Grassy Knoll” serving as a deliberate distraction for the crowd. Fearing for her life and terrified, with her flight survival instinct in full control of her will, this is why Jackie Kennedy sought to get out of the Presidential limousine by moving away from the murderous driver. (Orders had been given not to harm Jackie, as she was intensely loved by the Company’s Secret Service. She had also attended
Georgetown University for a time and her sister Lee’s husband was the Polish Prince Stanislaus Radziwill — another powerful Knight of Malta!) Crawling onto the trunk of the convertible she then retrieved the blown away portion of the President’s brain and later handed it to one of the doctors at Parkland Hospital. (Remember, four American Presidents – Lincoln, Garfield, McKinley and Kennedy – having been murdered by Jesuit-controlled assassins, received their killing shots from a point-blank range!) Both Secret Service agents, Hickey and Greer, were under orders from their boss, Jim Rowley, as he was the Director of the Secret Service in 1963, a former FBI agent and personal friend of Francis Cardinal Spellman’s J. Edgar Hoover, a Papal Knight and a darling of the Jesuit Daniel J. Power at Georgetown University.
Posted by John MacHaffie at 7:51 PM                                   http://nesaranews.blogspot.ca/2014/02/the-jesuit-generals-international.html
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Sunday, February 23, 2014. States Are Getting Tough, Globalists Are Getting Even – Cease & Desist Demanded.  FEBRUARY 23, 2014 / KEENAN TEAM / 39 COMMENTS
The Globalists’ New World Order train, has long-tried to leave the station, but The People of the United States just stubbornly refuse to get on board.  And now the Globalists are preparing to punish the People of The United States, through the fire sale and liquidation of her territories, assets, property and rights, as well as the significant and imminent devaluation of the US dollar, hatched at the February G20 meeting in Australia, of corporate criminals, masquerading as heads of state. The Globalists are on their heels, cornered and scared, losing control – and that’s a dangerous position for these misanthropic animals.  Our property, assets and human rights, are not the only thing they are moving to liquidate!                       THE STATES ARE IN OPEN REVOLUTION AGAINST FEDERAL TYRANNY!             You will not hear a peep about it in on the Globalists’ multinational corporate controlled mass media. State legislatures are boiling with laws rejecting and reversing the Federal tyranny within their territories.  Currently the States having  passed or are/being/ in the process of passing legislation, are:                 Cutting-off critical supplies to (like water and electricity), and refuse to aid and abed the FED’s NSA (Nazi Spy Agency) under the States’ Constitutional right to refuse Federal mandates within their borders: (pending in legislature: Utah – home to NSA data center, Maryland – NSA headquarters,Tennessee, Oklahoma (passed House Committee), New Hampshire (passed House Committee) (http://www.motherjones.com/politics/2014/01/state-legislators-offnow-nsa-spying);             Making it illegal to enforce, aid and abed, or permit the FEDs to imprison and torture citizens under NDAA, anytime the FEDS point the finger and claim “terrorist” (which they are doing to gun right activists, anti-FED protestors, 9-11 truth seekers, and veterans):  signed into law: Alaska, California; pending in legislature:  Georgia, Maine, Michigan, North Carolina, Pennsylvania (http://pandaunite.org/resources/anti-ndaa-legislation-tracking/);           Nullifying  all Federal laws infringing on the 2nd Amendment right of the American people to bear arms in constant preparation for revolution, when the FEDs morph into a tyrannical power, as our forefathers feared: Idaho(passed State Senate 34-0), Missouri (overrode Governor’s veto), Oklahoma, Arizona, Florida;             Ban on enforcement of United Nations Agenda 21:  signed into law: Alabama; legislation pending: Missouri, New Mexico, Oklahoma;
Nullifying FED drone and other NSA-style spying, and making warrantless drone spying, a felony: Kansas, New Hampshire, Wisconsin, Hawaii, Oklahoma, California, Indiana, Missouri, Michigan, Arizona;
Nullify FED hemp ban (Tennessee); and the FED ban on marijuana for medical purposes (Alaska, Arizona, California, Connecticut, Delaware, Hawaii, Illinois, Maine, Massachusetts, Michigan, Montana, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, Oregon, Rhode Island, Vermont, and the District of Columbia);      or the FED ban for its recreational use: Colorado, Washington State.
The Globalists have hit the American people with a constant barrage of false flag mass shootings by mind controlled freaks, and have run a false flag hoax of an elementary school mass shooting, expecting that the American people would surrender their arms and just roll over, in the face of THE GREAT FED GUN GRAB.  The strategy worked for them, in the UK and Australia.  It backfired in the US, where our founding fathers instilled into the American pyche, the value of a loaded gun in one hand, and the throat of an out of control FED, in the other.  When the FEDs thought they had the American people softened up with their false flag blood and violence, they started passing their laws to disarm the American people.  But the American people started arming themselves to the teeth, by historical and record numbers, in advance of every attempt to disarm them, intuiting the out-of-control FED threat.  (See here, here, and here.)  The Globalists have a battle to the death on their hands.  And they made their move at the Australian G20 meeting, in February.  They are attempting to fire sale the territories, property rights, and assets of the American People, to satisfy the massive incompetence of the private banking cartel of The Federal Reserve Bank and their multinational corporate co-conspirators. They have a problem.  The wealth and treasure of the American people do not belong to them, and they cannot liquidate it, to save their ass.  Any attempt to wholesale American wealth, property and treasure, is a scam which will have no force, and WILL NOT STAND. We’re fighting back.  They’re playing dirty.
Below is a Cease and Desist Demand.  We’re putting the Globalists on notice, that their farce is known; and the whole world now knows, and is watching.
Join the fight.  Find out what your state is doing, to resist Federal tyranny.  If out-of-control FED legislation, is pending in your state, aggressively support it.  If it’s not, demand it.  The Tenth Amendment Center is a good resource of these efforts in the States.                       Copyright © 2014, GROUP K, Ltd.      http://neilkeenan.com/states-are-getting-tough-globalists-are-getting-even-cease-desist-demanded/
Posted by John MacHaffie at 1:19 PM  http://nesaranews.blogspot.ca/2014/02/states-are-getting-tough-globalists-are.html
1-  http://neilkeenan.com/video-update-the-cabal-is-in-check-checkmate-coming/               febr.4th
2 - http://neilkeenan.com/the-keenan-team-reports-irs-private-lying-globalist-controlled-thugs-we-want-our-money-back/              febr.11th
3 - http://neilkeenan.com/states-are-getting-tough-globalists-are-getting-even-cease-desist-demanded/                       febr. 23rd
              About Neil’s Mission
A BRIEF HISTORY OF THE GLOBAL COLLATERAL ACCOUNTS, AND KEENAN’S EFFORTS TO FREE THEM. by Michael Henry Dunn, June 8, 2013.       The history behind the Global Collateral Accounts is vast and complex, and reaches back some 250 years. For the purposes of this brief overview, we will focus on two key elements which are now headlining stories around the world: debt, and gold. The Western banking oligarchy’s current global control can be traced back to the Rothschild family’s dominance of international banking in the early years of the 19th century. The long-term strategy of the elite banking and royal bloodline families was simple: gain control of the global gold supply in order to maintain power through the control of global currency and its underlying collateral.  Gold and Debt – that is the essence of this story.
          Where Did the Gold Come from and to Whom Does It Belong? For two thousand years, the gold of the world flowed east toward China, along the Silk Road, from the Roman Empire, on through to the Byzantine and the Spanish, in exchange for the silks, spices, and treasures of the East.  When the bankers of Europe decided to seek control of the world financial system, control of this gold became essential.
Who created the Global Collateral Accounts and why? Operation Golden Lily is the well-documented story of the Japanese gold-collecting teams, which infiltrated key gold-holding nations well in advance of the military invasions of China and other nations, with the express intent of seizing the hundreds of thousands of metric tons of gold that had accumulated in Asia (primarily in China).  The Nazi gold-collecting system is well-known, but the Japanese accumulated a far greater hoard, with the knowledge and cooperation of certain European banking interests. //  Where is the gold and how did it get there?  The “official” total for the entire amount of gold said to be above ground since humanity first began mining the precious metal is approximately 160,000 metric tons. Evidence now indicates that a more accurate figure is well in excess of two million metric tons. During World War Two, the Japanese dug tunnels and bunkers throughout Southeast Asia to store the gold – primarily in Indonesia, Thailand, and The Phillipines.  After the war, the gold was discovered by the Allies, and was incorporated into a system set up by the European central bankers before the war for this very purpose.  The exact total of the wealth in the off-ledger accounts is not known, but is said to be in the thousands of trillions of dollars in gold, platinum, and gems, in addition to an undetermined amount in Federal Reserve notes and other currencies.
How did the nations come to agree that the Accounts were to be used for humanitarian programs? At the Bretton Woods Conference in 1944, when the soon-to-be-victorious Allies met to create a new global financial system, the International Monetary Fund was created.  In the late 1940’s, President Sukarno of Indonesia was appointed monetary controller of behalf of the depositors to monitor and implement the Global Accounts for redevelopment purposes.                How did the banking elite abuse the Accounts? The central banking families had already put in place essential structures to seize and control this wealth: the Bank of International Settlements, the International Monetary Fund, the Council on Foreign Relations, and the United Nations, all of which were funded by elite banking figures, including the Rockefellers and Warburgs. The agreements to use the funds for development were neglected, and the banking elite proceeded to use them for their own ends, blocking the depositors from access. President Sukarno of Indonesia had been appointed “M1” or Monetary Controller of the Accounts (as much of the assets are stored in hidden bunkers in Indonesia), but he was removed from power after making a deal with John F. Kennedy to use the funds to back new U.S. Treasury dollars, in a direct move against the central bankers’ power. Kennedy’s assassination prevented this move from succeeding. The central bankers put in place a system that allows the Federal Reserve to block anyone but banking elite insiders from using the Accounts, thus blocking the actual owners – the depositors – from utilizing the assets for humanitarian programs, as originally intended.
           Who is Neil Keenan and what is his relationship to the Global Accounts?  The emergence of Neil Keenan at the cutting edge of these events can be traced to the theft in 2009 by Vatican financial insider Daniele dal Bosco of $144.5 billion in Federal Reserve notes which were entrusted to Mr. Keenan by the Dragon Family, the group of ancient wealthy clans in Asia who are the legitimate owners of vast amounts of gold in the off-ledger Global Accounts. The Dragon Family has been attempting for decades to utilize the Accounts for their originally intended purpose, and sought out Keenan’s help because of his reputation as a well-connected, tough-minded international businessman......(.....) http://neilkeenan.com/sample-page/
.... ALSO.....http://nesaranews.blogspot.ca/2014/02/keenan-report-irs-thugs-part-2-of-3.html - -  http://nesaranews.blogspot.ca/2014/02/neil-keenan-reports-irs-thugs-part-3-0f.html
.....ALSO.... Sunday, February 23, 2014. We decided to start the Revolution...Today. - This is the first battle... These actions signal.... the 'we' are now on the attack.
Read the link carefully :   http://neilkeenan.com/states-are-getting-tough-globalists-are-getting-even-cease-desist-demanded/ ** All the things I have talked about, are starting. I hope you are ready.
DRAKE BAILEY. - Posted by John MacHaffie at 1:13 PM ....5 comments:......  http://nesaranews.blogspot.ca/2014/02/we-decided-to-start-revolutiontoday.html
Sunday, February 23, 2014. : Introducing the Carlyle Group--WHO IS IN CHARGE.  Watch this…… /video by truth loader /
Posted by John MacHaffie at 2:31 PM  ...1 comment:  ...Dan February 23, 2014 at 3:00 PM  They must have known that Osama Bin Laden was going to die of cancer, here in the States, so that is why they blamed him. Yet the last planes to Leave the States on 9/11/2001 was with the Bin Laden Family on them. So how did they leave unless the Cabal had them near the airport at the time the planes hit the towers.
And then once ALL the planes were ordered to Stay Down, there were a couple that were released to leave, but where are those records?
Those must have been private jets and ALL records destroyed, yet the records that were NOT destroyed had them in one country at one point yet the next official location they were in another country.
Sunday, February 23, 2014. This man is a crook, and will be the first whom I prosecute from the position, as Acting General Counsel of the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development.
Subject: RE: FW: New Environmental Governance has been established, with over $20 Quadtrillion in Assets.     Date: Sun, 23 Feb 2014 12:40:30 -0600  -   To whom it may concern:             You want a response, here’s my response “Identify yourself you cowardly bastard!!!”   Your status and standing is INFERIOR-at-best!   At what physical address do you wish to accept service of CLAIMS for damages? You have identified yourself as a party to the defacto government corporate entity having inferior status, and standing [at best] as defined by the attached AMERICAN PEOPLE JURISDICTION COMPARATOR.           You, by admitting you are an association-in-fact with the said “continuing criminal enterprise,” have further placed yourself in a position of liability, and now are subject to prosecution on behalf of The United States of America “government”, who knowingly [with intent to harm] failed to implement public health laws in the interest of the public’s health and welfare, under Pub. L. 92-500 Federal Water Pollution Control Act Amendment of 1972, Sec. 2. [specifically section 306 and 307] now for over 40 years, that is now resulting in over 100 deaths per month.  This is construed as 1st Degree MURDER.             The IN GOD WE TRUST has posted the attached PRIVATE $1,000,000.00 REWARD BOND for information leading to the arrest and incarceration of one ENVIRONMENTAL TERRORIST, known as “ ,“ and where he may be “personally” served, an ENVIRONMENTAL INDICTMENT by the International Common Law Court of Justice, via the federal district court by the US Marshals Service and for his immediate arrest and incarceration as an ENVIRONMENTAL TERRORIST.       ALL who wish to assist, are hereby deputized and authorized to act in the interest of the people and the environment, pursuant to the authority vested me by the attached Letter of Marque and Writ of Reprisal. WARNING!  NSEA International shall NOT tolerate such tyrannical behavior, as this individual has exhibited toward the American nationals, the people of the sovereignty of this America.  Anyone wishing to assist in this matter, please provide the above requested information, may email Tom Murphy or call 775-848-8800.
Sincerely, Tom Murphy   Surety of the Peace  Minister for the Environment  Counsel General   NSEA International
                     ---------- Forwarded message ---------- From: general post master  Date: Fri, Feb 21, 2014 at 9:39 PM Subject: Re: FW: New Environmental Governance has been established with over $20 Quadtrillion in Assets.   To: Tom Murphy          Dear Mr. Murphy, Thank you for identifying yourself being the Tortious party, of this International Tort Claim Notice, consider yourself served, with the International Tort Claim Notice, attached to this email. There are a little less than two weeks, to resolve this matter. If you continue to ignore this Notice, in International law, you and your organization will be liable for the torts claimed in the notice, whether you accept service or not. Patriot games do not apply in international law. Have a good day sir.           general post master for the Government of The United States of America. ///////
              On Fri, Feb 21, 2014 at 4:59 PM, Tom Murphy   wrote: May God Bless America…once again.  Please, stand “next” to usA    Please “gladly stand up” with us….. Mother Earth doesn’t have much time left…if we don’t…. Time to Git-R-Done!!! (  J sign) ///// -  From: Tom Murphy    Sent: Thursday, February 20, 2014 11:02 AM  Subject: New Environmental Governance has been established with over $20 Quadtrillion in Assets. Importance: High. - Hello Everyone : ( J  sign ) - A new environmental governance has been established.  The TRUST under which it was established and the instruments that was served to all necessary parties internationally, has been delivered.  The entire package should be able to be view at the “In God We Trust” tab, on the www.nsea.us site.           http://nsea.us/in-god-we-trust-2/
Posted by John MacHaffie at 2:19 PM .....4 comments:.....Anonymous February 23, 2014 at 3:24 PM    john I don't understand this, could someone give us the facts of this, so I can understand whats up thanks. //Dan February 23, 2014 at 3:53 PM    Tom Murphy doesn't know how to read, just like what is on his drivers license and SS Card. The Government of The United States of America that 'general post master ' speaks of, is NOT the same as THE UNITED STATES, INC. which has made us SLAVES. The NSEA International that Tom Murphy says he is in charge of, was established under THE UNITED STATES, INC. laws, yet NO other laws apply to him, but they do for the rest of us. The story goes on for those that CLAIM they have taken control of the Cabal, yet they keep saying it takes time, but we must WAIT! //           Anonymous   February 23, 2014 at 6:36 PM  You know, it would be helpful for someone to clarify what the hell is going on. Neil Keenan calls himself the person in charge of all this freedom and money that is coming up for humanity, however, and giving the several videos and postings I've watched and read of him, he seems to have a seriously combative personality and a huge ego. I saw a posting from face book, at WWW.REMOVINGTHESHACKLESBLOGSPOT.COM.... where The Bank of International settlements, is trying to undo or invalidate the fillings of the OPPT (Heather does an explanation on that convoluted way she has about her, and is unintelligible) so I am not clear what's going on with that, then there is this posting, and is even more confusing, what the hell is going on? Post the whole story and explain it, so we can understand it!! One thing is clear: It looks like the current GCR going on right now, has pledged us like slaves again.  WE ARE THE NATURAL RESOURCES THE DOCS TALK ABOUT, OUR LABOR, SWEAT AND TEARS, IS THE "ASSET" THAT BACKS THE "NEW FINANCIAL SYSTEM" SO MUCH FOR CHANGE, HU? DINARIANS MUST BE PROUD, THEY ARE GOING TO GET A BUNCH OF MONEY BACKED BY THE SLAVERY OF HUMANITY. //          Anonymous February 23, 2014 at 6:58 PM     This Tom guy is truly clueless as to what is going on. If you people want to know why there is always a delay in getting things done, just take a look at this man named Tom Murphy and what he is doing, and you will understand.                          http://nesaranews.blogspot.ca/2014/02/this-man-is-crook-and-will-be-first.html
Environmental Program, Justice Environmental Improvement Program. Our mission statement: “To avail the american people with standards, methods, systems & procedures that they may personally clean government; and, clean water.” Download and read this very important document: THE GREAT AMERICAN ADVENTURE -   Every single house in the United States of America is operating in violation of the federal Public Law 92-500 (Public Health Code), aka Clean Water Act of 1972.  Each home is currently discharging toxic and hazardous poisons into our drinking water supplies nationally due to gross negligence on the part of the federal, state and local governments to adopt and enforce the Public Health Code in beginning July 1,1973 due to a major conflict of interest.  The result is millions of pounds of toxic carcinogens and many other health threatening pollutants being introduced into our public drinking water supplies and our oceans, killing us and our aquatic life and destroying the carbon sequestering capacity of our oceans.
This Program is designed to:  stop discharges of toxic pollutants into our drinking water supplies.     stop discharges of toxic pollutants into our oceans.   bring every home (onshore facility) into compliance with the Public Health Code....(....)  http://nsea.us/ ** National Standards Enforcement Agency.

Monday, February 24, 2014. Ukraine President Flees Kiev After "Coup D'Etat" As Protesters Storm Presidential Palace, Plunder Gold; Army On Hold.
Subject: zerohedge on ukraine. FYI.  Submitted by Tyler Durden on 02/22/2014 10:02 -0500          / Corruption Germany Twitter Twitter Ukraine inShare5 /
            It has been a busy night in the Ukraine.   First, the newly-installed interior minister, declared that the police were now behind the protesters they had fought for days, giving central Kiev the look of a war zone with 77 people killed, while central authority crumbled, in western Ukraine. Then despite yesterday's latest anti-crisis "agreement", which we said would last at best hours, the protesters continued their pressure against embattled president Yanukovich, demanding his outright and unconditional resignation, leading to his fleeing Kiev by airplane overnight, to the far more pro-Russian city of Kharkiv, located in the Eastern Ukraine, even as his arch rival, Yulia Tymoshenko, who is held in prison in the same city, was rumored to have been released, on her way to the far more anti-Russian city of Kiev - it turns out those rumors have so far been incorrect. Then there was a plethora of rumors, that he has or is about to either escape the country and/or resign, sparking celebrations in Kiev, only for him to appear on TV subsequently, and not only deny a resignation is coming, but that he accused the current leaders in Kiev, of staging a coup d'etat, and that all parliamentary decisions today, have been illegitimate, saying "I did all I could, to avoid bloodshed", while comparing recent events in the Ukraine, to the "Fascist Revolution" in Germany. This was promptly rebutted by the Polish foreign minister Radoslaw Sikorski, who tweeted there is no coup in Kiev and President Viktor Yanukovych has 24 hours to sign re-adopted 2004 constitution into law.  The just released interview is below:   .....vid.....  Most importantly, all of this is happening as governors, and regional legislators in eastern Ukraine, question authority of national parliament. Meanwhile over in the "western" Kiev, Parliament members of the opposition, began laying the groundwork for a change in leadership, electing Oleksander Turchynov, an ally of the imprisoned opposition leader and former prime minister, Yulia V. Tymoshenko, as speaker. And Mr. Klitschko called for new elections, to replace Mr. Yanukovych, by May 25. “Millions of Ukrainians see only one choice — early presidential and parliamentary elections,” he tweeted.    The NYT reports: Members of an opposition group from Lviv, called the 31st Hundred — carrying clubs and some of them wearing masks — were in control of the entryways to the palace, Saturday morning. And Vitali Klitschko, one of three opposition leaders who signed the deal to end the violence, said that Mr. Yanukovych had “left the capital”, but his whereabouts were unknown, with members of the opposition speculating that he had gone to Kharkiv, in the northeast part of Ukraine.           Protesters claimed to have established control over Kiev. By Saturday morning they had secured key intersections of the city and the government district of the capital, which police officers had fled, leaving behind burned military trucks, mattresses and heaps of garbage, at the positions they had occupied for months. ////  All of this is pointing to a national schism between the pro-Russian east, and its new de facto capital, Kharkiv, ....and the western part of the nation, where the EU (and CIA) influences, are strongest. Luckily, for now there won't be a military involvement:      UKRAINE DEFENSE MIN: ARMY WON'T BE INVOLVED, IN GOVT CONFLICT
... for now. This will likely change: moments ago Russia's Foreign Minister said Ukraine's opposition, is led by "armed extremists" and their actions pose direct threat to Ukraine's sovereignty, which means a Russian involvement in some capacity, is imminent. Perhaps more important was the following statement: UKRAINE TO ENSURE SMOOTH NATGAS TRANSIT TO EU, DEP PREMIER SAYS.
That would the Russian gas which traverses the country, which can be halted, with the turn of a spigot. *          http://www.zerohedge.com/sites/default/files/images/user5/imageroot/2014/02/ukraine%20gas%20pipelines.png * Bottom line, the situation is fluid, and is increasingly bordering on an all too real threat of civil war, between the country's linguistically and affiliation-divided west and east.
** http://www.zerohedge.com/sites/default/files/images/user5/imageroot/2014/02/Ukraine%20west%20v%20east.jpg **  The one thing that is clear, is that the former presidential compound, is now in the power of the people.      From CBS.* http://www.cbsnews.com/news/ukraine-protesters-take-control-of-kiev-seize-presidents-office/ * The protesters, who are angry over corruption and want Ukraine to move toward Europe, rather than Russia, claimed full control of Kiev, and took up positions around the president's office and a grandiose residential compound believed to be his, though he never acknowledged it. At the sprawling suburban Kiev compound, protesters stood guard and blocked more radical elements among them, from entering the building, fearing unrest. Moderate protesters have sought to prevent their comrades from looting or taking up the weapons that have filled Kiev, in recent weeks. The compound became an emblem of the secrecy and arrogance that defines Yanukovych's presidency, painting him as a leader who basks in splendor, while his country's economy suffers, and his opponents are jailed. An AP journalist visiting the grounds Saturday, saw manicured lawns, a pond, several luxurious houses, and the big mansion itself, an elaborate confection of five stories with marble columns. Protesters attached a Ukrainian flag to a lamppost at the compound, shouting: "Glory to Ukraine!"  A group of protesters in helmets and shields, stood guard at the president's office Saturday. No police were in sight. ///// Which brings us to the most interesting finding of the day: what has so far been plundered from the palace: Inside Yanukovych's private residence    Pictures emerging from the president's private residence in the outskirts of Kyiv, after protesters stormed the building. much more @  http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2014-02-22/ukraine-president-flees-kiev-after-coup-detat-protesters-storm-presidential-palace-p *  http://www.euronews.com/2014/02/22/live-updates-protesters-take-over-kyiv-parliament-releases-tymoschenko/ *
   Posted by John MacHaffie at 10:51 AM  http://nesaranews.blogspot.ca/2014/02/ukraine-president-flees-kiev-after-coup.html
GENERAL CABAL BS, GOING ON.... http://www.jimstonefreelance.com/ **  Posted by John MacHaffie at 10:47 PM  http://nesaranews.blogspot.ca/2014/02/open-letter-to-all-and-neil-keenanfrom.html
Tuesday, February 25, 2014. NEIL KEENAN UPDATE: We’re Mad As Hell And We’re Not Gonna Take It Any More!
Video Highlights: The recent flooding of England, Wales and Ireland,  is the work of HAARP. After the cabal located the pulsing frequencies of the super-volcano under Yellowstone Park, they stopped heating it up, demonstrating they could erupt it. Cabal puppet/clown John Kerry, is threatening people who are in a position to threaten back.  He went to Indonesia begging for money, and when refused, he threatened that he could put Indonesia under water, if his demands are not met. We are under attack by land, air and sea.  We need to position ourselves to counter-attack. An international security force, is needed.  Please contact us through our volunteer page, if you are able and willing to join our international security team. The U.S. military’s movement against the cabal, is stalled right now, because Obama has replaced so many senior officers, with cronies who are loyal to him.  However, we can be assured that our good military will make all the right moves in the end. A big surprise involving Obama, is coming soon.
Although little has been made public, the good news is that the States are vigorously fighting for our rights.  They are not standing for Federal tyranny, and are letting loose with litigation fighting back.  Bravo!
Our American militias have apparently backed away from their mission.  We need our militias, and we encourage them gird up their loins, and mobilize. Don’t shop at Wal-Mart.  You’re funding the cabal.  Shut them down, by patronizing your neighbor, or starting a locally owned service where needed.  Mom and pop stores, are about to be the new sustainable long term trend again, as people wake up en masse.
             Thank you Dr. Group!  He has sent the “medicine” to remove radiation from the body.  Mass production, is now starting. Neil’s medical machine that diagnoses problems in the body, is amazing.  Plans are in the making for these machines to be available to as many people as possible, working around the prohibitions of effective alternative medicine, by the multinational corporate pharma-controlled  US, France, and Germany. The recent rash of bankers who have been “suicided” (whacked and made to look like suicide) is just the tip of the iceberg.  At the time of the video, Neil reported that there were another 150 to be slaughtered.  The number on that list, has now tipped 1,200 who have been targeted for termination.  Banksters:  time to blow your whistle now.  That light is the only possible way to save you, from being snuffed out in the darkness of your anonymity.  The train is pulling out. To name some names, it should be known that George Soros put pedophile Etienne Davignon, formerly of Societe Generale, in charge of taking down the American middle class. Davignon used our own money to fund the downfall of the American middle class, and is the type of “scum bag” who deserves everything he’s going to get, for his crimes against humanity. The IRS article that was recently released on this site, is now being translated into 40 languages.  A new post exposing the cabal’s poisoning of humanity by land, air, and sea, will be released shortly.
Edward Snowden is not the only one that has the list of ....names, telephone numbers, and home, business and vacation addresses, of these cabal animals.  That list has been independently compiled and exists in at least four other organizations.  Thank you Edward for taking the heat, for this list, but you’re not alone anymore. ///// Once again, Neil Keenan brings us more news that is not reported by alternative media, much less the mainstream media.  Although you may have heard more than a few times that we are close to the end game for the cabal, he assures us that much action is solidly in motion, to make this a reality.  It is the end game now. Most revealing about John Kerry’s recent antics, is the obvious desperation behind them – he would not be begging for money around the world, if the cabal could rest assured in their plots against humanity.  We will not be intimidated by his threats, nor will we stand by idly.  They want to show us what they can do, and now we will show them what we all can do together.  We know what they’re doing and we even know the intimate details of Kerry’s whereabouts.  Enjoy yourself, John, while you still can. We can now celebrate the fact that multinational corporate pharma, and its “sustain the sickness” primitive traditional medicine, is near the end.  Some long-suppressed healing technologies, are becoming widely known and available.  As it filters to the world at large, these technologies will free the diseased and unnecessarily dying, that have been a type of suffering cash cow by the millions, for the medical industrial complex.  Make no mistake — this is the true healthcare reform. Shortly another article detailing the cabal’s attacks on our land, sea and air, will be posted.  As always, Neil would have us armed with as much available information as possible, so that we can move forward and focus on the solutions needed to turn our world right-side up, and live the way we were meant to live. THEN KEENAN TEAM                A personal note from Neil Keenan: The Keenan Team continues to dig deep, to bring forth the truth to the people.  They are experienced professionals in many walks of life, and we are lucky to have them.  They request their anonymity with their main quest and goal, to bring us, the Cabal on a silver platter.  To date they are doing much more than this, and we need to thank them for  their hard work by recognizing their talents as second to none.  They are explosive and aggressive, and built from the same ilk as myself: they go for the jugular!  With such talent, we are second to none despite just opening up the site.  I also would like to thank Jean, for pushing me in this direction time and time again, until finally it happened.  Still an integral part of this group, Jean H. is most valued . . . . Neil Keenan.   (( A NOTE ABOUT OUR BELOVED JEAN HAINES: Neil Keenan and his team have been working for months to set up our own site to serve as a library of Neil Keenan's work. We felt it was important for those interested in Neil Keenan, to have a place to go that was exclusively devoted to the Keenan cause. We have been working with Jean for months about this website. Jean continues to get first rights to post all Neil Keenan updates, and is still part of this team. Jean has always been and remains a cherished pillar of our cause, and a Neil Keenan confidant. from: http://neilkeenan.com/2013/09/ ))
       VIDEO 1 of 2: 12:34 -  starts at 2:28    -     VIDEO 2 OF 2: 15:59      Posted by John MacHaffie at 7:19 PM  http://nesaranews.blogspot.ca/2014/02/neil-keenan-update-were-mad-as-hell-and.html
Tuesday, February 25, 2014. BEHIND THE UKRAINE RIOTS. “The Ukraine riots started by the US embassy have openly pissed off the entire world. The initial rioters had American baseball caps and
brown shoes with laces. There are no brown shoe laces in Kiev and only I wear a baseball cap. Directly after the Olympics the entire Eastern bloc will be ready to move.”
The Olympics just ended and it is a good bet that the blue part of the Ukraine seen in the maps at this link will become part of Russia when the dust settles: //// ** This one map helps explain Ukraine’s protests.
BY MAX FISHER, December 9, 2013 at 4:44 pm - (VIKTOR DRACHEV/AFP/Getty Images) - Ukraine has been wracked by protests for two-plus weeks over President Viktor Yanukovych's decision to reject a deal for closer integration with the European Union. Thousands of protesters in the capital city of Kiev are calling for Yanukovych to step down. This is a potentially big moment for Ukraine, as well as for Europe: Russian President Vladimir Putin had been pressuring Yanukovych to quit the EU deal and join with a Moscow-led trade union of former Soviet states instead. Will Ukraine's future be with Russia or with Europe?
What's happening in Ukraine is complicated and driven by many factors: the country's history as an unhappy component of the Soviet Union, its deep economic woes, a sense of cultural fondness for the West, wide discontent with government corruption, two decades of divided politics and a sense that Yanukovych caved to Putin. No single datapoint could capture or explain all of that. But the map below comes perhaps as close as anything could. It shows Ukraine, color-coded by the country's major ethnic and linguistic divisions. .....(.....)
Posted by John MacHaffie at 10:21 AM  http://nesaranews.blogspot.ca/2014/02/behind-ukraine-riots.html
Tuesday, February 25, 2014. The Trilateral Commission | the ugly public face. // http://nesaranews.blogspot.ca/2014/02/read-this-urgent-news-flash-on-dinar.html // To: "V.K.Durham"
Sent: Tuesday, February 25, 2014 9:42:29 AM   Subject: Read this URGENT NEWS FLASH ON DINAR, DONG AND IMF. http://canauzzie.blogspot.com/2014/01/urgent-news-flash-dinar-dong-and-imf.html
Now read this!   The Trilateral Commission | the ugly public face. **New articles of interest are posted below this feature** All text in red are notes from the editing team. All images were added and not part of original articles unless stated otherwise. **              The Tri Lateral Group Bankrupting America and hard realities you need to know. Who is destroying your futures and why?  Much has been written about the Tri Laterals. Without doubt, they have adversely affected the democratic processes of America's development as a society, and have materially affected its loss of all Constitutional rights and processes.
As they have controlled the candidates and MSM information flow for the last 50 years, they have, in effect been the de facto government, the Shadow Government which has brought America to its knees. Their abysmal judgment is to blame. Unelected Kingmakers of Mediocrities. A flawed council of unelected, mediocre men abusing power. This started as a deeply ingrained Zionist / Communist plot, funded by the Rockefellers, using a front academic Brzezinski and his henchmen, whose theories necessitated the emergence and domination controls of a Totalitarian State to succeed.   No doubt, they have been effective in subjugating America's electoral processes, and their greatest coup was Barmy Barry, their Manchurian Puppet on string. But at what costs now as it comes home?   Yes, they have successfully controlled and contaminated the US Electoral processes, but in turn, their own fundamental lack of true Industrial and Commercial awareness has left America bereft of true quality Leadership for half a century, and allowed racketeering Bandits like Bush, Cheney and the Zionist Mafia to loot the economy with impunity, and to take mounting control of the entire Judicial and Law Enforcement process.
They effectively removed from the process all proven self made men of capability and integrity, who had achieved in previous careers, that had the necessary experience, character and judgment wisdom to run a country well. Instead they were replaced with Bought Men, Agency Spooks or greasy little Sycophants, capable of nothing. Mushroom Men to be fed excreta and kept in the dark on key issues.
Men of low character, seeing nothing while Bush, the Texan Mafia and the Zionist Rat Pack, waged War indiscriminately, and robbed America with impunity. With the idiot son on Oval Office Point duty, Bush Sr. and Cheney robbed the store and allocated vast State Contracts without tenders to themselves.          They have philosophized as dilettantes about Academic social agendas and their NWO Neo Nazi society. The cost, with their lack of sophisticated Industrial / Commercial management understanding, has led to the collapse of the Golden Goose, Americas own funding industries. These Crooks and Incompetents have run the country aground, leaving devastation and families ruined. The Golden Goose has stopped laying and only Fed Ponzi chicanery now pays the Bills by Fiat games. They Take not Make! Its become a Madoff circus. The Blind lead the Blind or stupid. They have their Marching Bands, regular holidays, and mass food stamps dependencies crippling the country until it's stopped which it will have to be, but until it hits the rocks, Welfare costs keep growing as does joblessness. Collapse will be massive Social disruption.             Academic theory versus hard reality. Putting these Clowns and Thieves on Point Duty has cost America the Global game. Mediocrities don't cut it on the world stage and the last 50 years of US Leaders have been very mediocre. From Bush on-wards, it hit the sewers.
Meanwhile real Leaders of competence and personal capability have emerged by natural due process worldwide, over facing these shallow mediocrities in the Global Theaters of Politics as new economies out compete America's collapsing Industrial base. America has become ever more lost and its Leaders mediocre as the Tri Laterals have poisoned the process well.

Neo has subscribed the following: The Public Face http://www.trilateral.org/go.cfm?do=Page.View&pid%3B=5 ** One World of Nations, By Neo,24 February 2014.
The Trilateral Commission is a non-governmental, non-partisan discussion group founded byDavid Rockefeller[1] in July 1973, to foster closer cooperation among North America,Western Europe, and Japan.
Founding     Sensing a profound discord among the nations of North America, Europe and Japan, the Trilateral Commission was founded to foster substantive political and economic dialogue across the world. To quote its founding declaration:  "Growing interdependence is a fact of life of the contemporary world. It transcends and influences national systems....While it is important to develop greater cooperation among all the countries of the world, Japan, Western Europe, and North America, in view of their great weight in the world economy and their massive relations with one another, bear a special responsibility for developing effective cooperation, both in their own interests and in those of the rest of the world."            "To be effective in meeting common problems, Japan, Western Europe, and North America will have to consult and cooperate more closely, on the basis of equality, to develop and carry out coordinated policies on matters affecting their common interests....refrain from unilateral actions incompatible with their interdependence and from actions detrimental to other regions... [and] take advantage of existing international and regional organizations and further enhance their role."            "The Commission hopes to play a creative role as a channel of free exchange of opinions with other countries and regions. Further progress of the developing countries and greater improvement of East-West relations will be a major concern."[2]
                 Zbigniew Brzezinski, a professor at Columbia University and a Rockefeller advisor, who was a specialist on international affairs, left his post to organize the group along with:
Henry D. Owen (a Foreign Policy Studies Director with the Brookings Institution)              George S. Franklin          Robert R. Bowie (of the Foreign Policy Association and Director of the Harvard Center for International Affairs)              Gerard C. Smith (Salt I negotiator, Rockefeller in-law, and its first North American Chairman)          Marshall Hornblower (former partner at Wilmer, Cutler & Pickering)
William Scranton (former Governor of Pennsylvania)            Edwin Reischauer (a professor at Harvard) and more importantly, a United States Ambassador to Japan from 1961-1966)
Max Kohnstamm (European Policy Centre)              Tadashi Yamamoto (Japan Center for International Exchange)[3]
        Other founding members included Alan Greenspan and Paul Volcker, both later heads of the Federal Reserve system. Read more » Posted by canauzzie on Monday, February 24, 2014 .....2 comments :
Email This BlogThis! Share to Twitter Share to Facebook    // The Dollar and the Deep State. This you may all find of considerable interest in the new world emerging now.
Back in 2007 I drew a simplified chart of the Imperial structure, what I called the Elite Maintaining and Extending Global Dominance (EMEGD) of two minds
By Charles Hugh Smith  23 February 2014.            If we consider the Fed's policies (tapering, etc.) solely within the narrow confines of the corporatocracy or a strictly financial context, we are in effect touching the foot of the elephant, and declaring the creature to be short and roundish. I have been studying the Deep State for 40 years, before it had gained the nifty name "deep state." What others describe as the Deep State, I term the National Security State, which enables the American Empire, a vast structure that incorporates hard and soft power--military, diplomatic, intelligence, finance, commercial, energy, media, higher education--in a system of global domination and influence.  At a very superficial level, some pundits have sought a Master Control in the Trilateral Commission, or similar elite gatherings. Such groups are certainly one cell within the Empire, but each is no more important than other parts, just as killer T-cells are just one of dozens of cell types, in the immune system.  One key feature of the Deep State, is that it makes decisions behind closed doors, and the surface government simply ratifies or approves the decisions. A second key feature is that the Deep State decision-makers, have access to an entire world of secret intelligence.  ... read more: source  http://canauzzie.blogspot.com /                         Posted by John MacHaffie at 10:01 AM   http://nesaranews.blogspot.ca/2014/02/read-this-urgent-news-flash-on-dinar.html
Wednesday, February 26, 2014. TNT Call 26-Feb-2014 Notes.     There were technical problems on all the phone lines AND teleconference line, so Tony started late.  At least we got to listen to a piano concerto as we waited!          Tony:  Good evening, TNT!  It is February the 26th, 2014.  Waiting on technical issues… This is probably going to be a short call.  Pam, Ray and DC are all on the call.
Please be aware that the guys sending out spam texts… that doesn’t bother me, and don’t let it bother you.  I can just turn that off.  It does bother me that they sent out tweets that the RV had already happened.  That just shows their ignorance, playing with people’s emotions.  That’s why I sent out the request to block and report them.  Thanks for all your calls and suggestions, though.
We did a call on Friday, and hoped to do one over the weekend, and on Monday, we hoped to do a call. We were asked not to do a call because we knew what was going on over the weekend.  Yesterday I hoped to do a late call, and hoped it would be the last call.  I will do this call a bit differently, because DC only has ten minutes here.
        DC:  Good afternoon.  This is where we are in the state of the world.  They have continued to pause the process several times since Friday.  They have started to lock down the banks and the Treasury.  That’s going on right now – we are in the automated part of the process.  They can stop it, but in any case we have to go through it to get to it. It’s a good thing that we are in this process, and keep your thoughts on their continuing this automated process. It’s not that important as what has happened in the last 24 hours, where there were last-minute adjustments and wrangling.  Some powerful people said ENOUGH, and various issues were solved on Monday.  They got it going then realized there was a discrepancy at the CBI, on the technical side.  They put a lot of people onto that, had it fixed by early this morning, have run through their checklists since 6am;  those lists are now completed at 1pm EST, and now the actual revaluation process has been started.  They are taking their sweet time to make sure everything is legitimate and working properly.  It’s in that process now, and we PRAY this is the last time we have to go through this.        Tony:  I was going to say all that!  So now we are in a good spot. Over the weekend this should have happened, we were expecting it.  Last week, there was an issue of Iraq that the US was withholding the revaluation of their currency because of the effect it would have on our economy.  That was in play all last week.  The RV should have happened last week.  This came into play because of the way the process was laid out. If it had gone the automated way, it might not have happened.  We couldn't talk about it then, but it has been fixed now.  I will not discuss things that affect national policy or security.  Once that was resolved, there was another reason why the Iraqi people were upset.  They pulled all the currency, and that caused people to use the cards;  they issued the lower denominations and brought them back in, so there wasn’t any currency available on the streets.  That is why the accounting had to be done again, including the exchanges in the last three months.  That currency had to be put back into the market, and that changed the rate of the dinar over the weekend, and therefore the numbers changed again.  It was a technical thing;  they made us aware of it, and asked us to calm down. I like that we were being made aware of the process, and they asked us PLEASE not to go public while they did everything they were supposed to do.  We got that from the agencies, IMF, the banks, and everyone else.  This was the IMF holding it up, not our guys, and so we were not penalized.  We are still going to be very, very happy with the rates.   The NDA has been changed to the simple one we saw at first, and we have heard that from those who have signed it.  For those who get one, it is just that simple.  We will still have to look at the bank contracts.  We were waiting for it yesterday and last night.  Now WE have been put on alert as well as the call centers.  We have been notified that we should be looking for the 800 numbers really soon.  That’s why we haven’t been on the calls, so as NOT to cause interruption to what is going on right now.  We have been told that everything we wanted is going to be given to you guys, so we don’t want to interrupt that process.  We have been told that several different sources, we have dates and times to when it is supposed to go public (for those who are not part of our community).  When is our part going to be announced?  I cannot tell you, but DC just said something about 6 o’clock?  [DC denies this.]  It was started at 6am this morning, and at 1pm EST they started the actual RV process.  So you know that we are right here waiting, don’t want to mess up anything, and that could be in the next 30 minutes or the next eight hours.  We’ve been told things are getting ready to go.                                DC:  I wish you all luck, and adios!  We’ll talk to you again in just a little bit.
        Tony:  I can’t answer any calls, but I can tell you we are very, very good right now.  I don’t know the hours, but we are on high alert from very senior government sources.  They are involved in the actual process. Everybody we talked today has said ‘green light’, nobody is organizing, everyone has won, on every level – everybody has got what they wanted. So all we have to do at this point is to wait.  I hoped it would over by now – I hoped this would be the call.  If I have to do another one later, I will do that, hopefully with questions.  I’m told we will get numbers, and the instructions, and the reserve procedures, and also a timetable of how many days we have to play.  Okay, that’s it!  We are now waiting for THE CALL.  We are on alert for it now.  Exchange and call center people are all there, security is in place, and we just have to see if it will be this evening or if we go through the night.  Pam?  Ray?              Ray:  We are good to go.              Pam:  Be nice to the mods, have a great night, and pay it forward.
         Tony:  As soon as we get the info, we will load it on all four sites, in the forum, in a Tony blast, in the chat, and as a tweet (probably just the 800 numbers only).  They have asked me to do away with the twitter account after we send out the numbers.  I am okay with that as I have no interest in politics.  Once we have the numbers, we will not need that account any longer, and I don’t have a problem with that.  So shortly after we issue the numbers, the twitter account will be gone.  I will send out that information as soon as we get it.  Meanwhile, the four sites are:
www.tntdinar.com     and      www.tntsuperfantastic.netl;        www.tntsuperfantastic.com,        www.tntsuperfantastic.info
Posted by John MacHaffie at 7:47 PM  http://nesaranews.blogspot.ca/2014/02/tnt-call-26-feb-2014-notes_26.html
Tuesday, February 25, 2014.  [Watch] Video Shows Possible Scuba Divers, in Loretta Fuddy Crash. FYI - Sent to two friends, who are former Navy SEALs.
Sent: Tuesday, February 25, 2014 5:49 AM   Subject: Loretta Fuddy crash.     Have you seen this?  [Watch] Video Shows.....  Posted on 24 February, 2014 by Rick Wells     There were nine people on board the airplane that went down resulting in the death of B. Hussein Obama’s woman on the inside at the Hawaii Department of Health. This video copy of the actual GoPro camera footage, taken during the post-crash and rescue periods shows what looks like a couple of scuba divers or some other unidentified persons or things in the water. They weren’t supposed to be there according to this report.
Maybe there is a rational explanation for what this is. It’s also possible that during the delayed response time some nefarious person did a little swimming. The creator of the video points out a couple of other curiosities, and there seems to be some interesting discrepancies, not the least of which being the recovery of more people than were on the flight to begin with.
There are also timing discrepancies which she points out between rescue efforts and the public reporting of information.
The video evidence is most compelling, very interesting and hard to simply “explain away.”
What Do You See? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nvn8iPE4l-8#t=13 **     http://giveusliberty1776.blogspot.com/
** http://giveusliberty1776.blogspot.ca/2014/02/more-analysis-of-loretta-fuddy-deathwas.html **
Posted by John MacHaffie at 9:13 AM...1 comment:.... accidentalpatriot4       February 26, 2014 at 12:50 AM
** http://beforeitsnews.com/alternative/2014/02/evidence-that-both-navy-seals-found-dead-on-the-maersk-alabama-had-links-to-boston-bombing-sniper-teams-2906646.html **see comments...**
Frame by frame analysis of the divers - beyond frightening!                   http://nesaranews.blogspot.ca/2014/02/watch-video-shows-possible-scuba-divers.html
Wednesday, February 26, 2014. loretta fuddy accident.  Was The Death of the Obama Birth Certificate Verifier, Caught on Video?
Since the day it was announced that Loretta Fuddy, the Director of the Hawaii Department of Health who verified Obama’s birth certificate died mysteriously in a plane crash, there was some question of whether is was really  an “accident”. The authorities seem to be saying, yes. But, because of her close ties to the fraudulent Obama Birth Certificate,  many people fear that she was the most recent  in Obama’s “dead pool” and haven’t stopped looking for real answers. It seems  that amateur bloggers and Youtubers are the new Investigative Journalists in this new media society of “give the President a pass, or be a racist”.
I recently came across a video and still photos that were meticulously retrieved by a fellow blogger, from the Ferdinand Puentes GoCam videos that he took of the plane crash on December 11, 2013 in which  Loretta Fuddy  died. The photos can be found here: http://butterdezillion.wordpress.com/2014/02/13/extras/ . She has more  shots there than I am showing, so check it out. Many thanks – great work!
The Puentes video originally aired on ABC in January 2014 and can be seen here. http://abcnews.go.com/US/harrowing-video-hawaiian-plane-crash-inside-cabin/story?id=21484715  The segment depicted below is at about 3:23 minutes in the video and lasts about 3 seconds.  There has been a lot of speculation about this “accident”, as so many things just don’t add up. The story of a tragic death was reported before rescuers had even gotten to the plane. First reports indicated someone remained in the plane, when in fact, all got out. And the only death was the one person who really might know the truth about Obama’s birth certificate. It took a month for vague autopsy results. The local police and the NTSB couldn’t decide who was in charge of the investigation into her death.
Dr. Fuddys death was declared to be from a problem with her heart – natural causes, and we’re all supposed to believe that it was all just a tragic accident, but after  seeing these photos, all doubt is gone. As I looked through the still shots taken from the video, my blood froze, because I knew what I was seeing. I am seeing a diver do something to Loretta Fuddy, which I assume was murder, and it chills me to the bone. I hope that law enforcement can be made aware of what seems to be shown in these pictures, so they can investigate it. Just look, please. Form your own opinion.
The first photos are reference photos  of what I think you’ll be able to see in the actual photos.  (they are NOT actual photos of the divers in the video- the shoe is really Dr. Fuddy’s)
THE PHOTOGRAPHIC EVIDENCE. The photos below are in sequence. The ones on the left are the originals – to the right I have highlighted what  I see. Beyond frightening. This whole video sequence takes about 3 seconds in real time.The series of photos shown below are the actual stills of the events that are shown on Ferdinand Puentes video. http://abcnews.go.com/US/harrowing-video-hawaiian-plane-crash-inside-cabin/story?id=21484715   These photos have been zoomed and cropped by Butterdezillion. In the GoPro video, the action is actually quite a distance away. You can click on any set to enlarge them to see better.
Start with Picture #1, and follow the sequence like a movie. I have labeled people and things on the right hand picture. This is Loretta Fuddy on the right and Keith Yamamoto on the left. He is looking at her. She is laying back into her flotation device. Her head is just visible and one shoe is visible. The shoe is important – and remember, all of this takes about 3 seconds in real time.
So, there you have it. Loretta Fuddy is floating in her life jacket holding hands with her Assistant, Keith Yamamoto. A diver completely dressed in black surfaces momentarily for about 3 seconds and seems to be doing something to her foot or leg. My theory is that he administered some  type of injection that ultimately caused Dr. Fuddy’s death. The he lets go and vanishes. The plan was not to be seen, but she may have felt something and pulled her foot away, and he had no choice but to surface to get to the foot. I have no idea why that would be so important, unless they felt that a medical examiner is less likely to see an injection site on a foot or ankle. Others seem to think that what I see as a foot is a second diver, because Loretta Fuddy was wearing “Black shoes”. As we see from the top reference pictures, the shoes had a tan or beige sole, which with the lighting could easily brighten to light yellow. Look at the head of the man in the foreground – he’s yellow, too. The two hands holding the foot in picture #5 are what makes me sure of what I’m seeing. Also, the objects closer to the camera appear larger than those further back – again reference the size of the top of the head in the foreground. As we know the plane sank within 25 minutes, and it is still visible in the video, these are NOTrescue divers.         Picture # 5 shows two hands holding the yellow shoe, # 6 shows both hands releasing the shoe. Even if I’m wrong about the shoe – this IS A DIVER who shouldn’t be there and is clearly up to no good. Whatever this is – it is frightening. I hope that the right people are made aware of this and that it can be followed up on appropriately.
FYI -this pictures terrifies me. What kind of world do we live in? The further implication to this photo is that this was a STAGED accident. It is no coincidence that a plane lost it’s engine within swimming distance of two divers/assassins. We also then have to wonder if the pilot was in on it, unless the divers were ON THE PLANE and the engine was sabotaged. Either way, someone planned this, and Dr. Fuddy is dead.
 Obama vacationed in Hawaii 10 days later. Had Dr. Fuddy indicated to the wrong people that she would like to “talk” to him about “things” i.e the fraudulent birth certificate she personally signed off on? Step up law enforcement and main stream media, before it’s too late for all of us, too.      http://accidentalpatriot4.wordpress.com/tag/loretta-fuddy-accident/
Posted by John MacHaffie at 8:16 PM     http://nesaranews.blogspot.ca/2014/02/loretta-fuddy-accident.html
Wednesday, February 26, 2014. See The Collapse Of Banking Corruption, Resulting In Great Prosperity Fo...   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-yy0NmkIQcQ#t=691
Karen Hudes: Bank Wars & Secret Constitution, In Newly Released BuzzSaw Interview, Tuesday, February 25, 2014. World bank whistle blower Karen Hudes joins Sean Stone on Buzzsaw from TheLipTV, for a must watch for those who respect Karen’s knowledge of insider news. Karen tells us bluntly, that we are no longer living under the Constitution, that we think we are. Warning us that freedom has been eroded by secret orders, Karen talks about global banking corruption that, if not reformed, will continue to erode away our God-given rights, as Americans have been hoodwinked.
** https://www.youtube.com/user/TheLipTV?feature=watch **  https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLjk3H0GXhhGc7NOFr74KbOPBCXrXT8nlf ** The Secret Constitution and Bank Wars with Karen Hudes.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-yy0NmkIQcQ&index=2&list=PLjk3H0GXhhGc7NOFr74KbOPBCXrXT8nlf **
        Posted by John MacHaffie at 7:35 PM                              http://nesaranews.blogspot.ca/2014/02/see-collapse-of-banking-corruption.html
Wednesday, February 26, 2014. BITCOIN.         http://www.latimes.com/business/la-fi-bitcoin-collapse-20140226,0,5968430.story?track=rss#axzz2uS3y91rO **
http://news.yahoo.com/bitcoin-exchange-mt-gox-39-website-down-053727771--sector.html;_ylt=AwrBEiIqKQ5TNGgA5onQtDMD **  http://www.thebitcoinchannel.com/
Use your masterful powers of thought, visualization and verbal intent to Co-create a peaceful world now... Posted by John MacHaffie at 1:04 PM  http://nesaranews.blogspot.ca/2014/02/bitcoin.html
Wednesday, February 26, 2014. FRANK --- TONIGHTS TOP 11 LIST:
Posted by John MacHaffie at 11:23 AM  ....1 comment:....Anonymous February 26, 2014 at 12:20 PM
The never ending saga of lies and bullshit never cease to amaze me. Nothing on Iraqi TV or newspapers. Yet, you dinartards just keep lapping it up. When are you going to wake up?
Wednesday, February 26, 2014. Episode 157: Goodbye, Piers. - MP3: http://traffic.libsyn.com/smellslikepodcast/SLHS157.mp3 -   Piers Morgan never did quite assimilate to American culture in his three-plus years as host of ‘Piers Morgan Live’. Late last week, CNN announced that the show will be coming to an end next month, primarily due to consistently poor ratings. While Morgan himself has acknowledged that his audience has tired of “a British guy debating American issues, including guns, which [is] very polarizing,” a decided lack of self-awareness during his tenure at CNN contributed heavily to his ultimate downfall.
In this podcast, Guy Evans looks back at some memorable moments of the now-cancelled show, and analyzes why Morgan could not relate to an American audience. Enjoy! --
http://www.smellslikehumanspirit.com    @smellslikepod     Smells Like Human Spirit Podcast on Facebook   Smells Like Human Spirit Podcast on iTunes
Smells Like Human Spirit Podcast on YouTube   Posted by John MacHaffie at 9:58 AM  http://nesaranews.blogspot.ca/2014/02/episode-157-goodbye-piers.html
Wednesday, February 26, 2014.  Sananda's Announcement - Currency Exchange and Celebration Today!               /Artwork by Sila Velez /
Today, at last, my Beloved Ones, you will be able to exchange some of the currency, which will begin the great march toward World Prosperity.
Let me explain:  It became necessary for Prime Creator to step in, to help initiate this process, because problems on the ground, were dragging on - technical, as well as ego-related and criminally-instigated delays. 
It was intolerable to the Company of Heaven, that you all be forced to wait any longer, to begin your good work of sharing and raising vibrations for all, and so, it has been arranged that all the world 's marketable currency - the Vietnamese, Korean, Indonesian currency now in use, for instance, will become active, at the new levels today. This is the first wave of change.  Other currencies, like the Iraqi dinar, will follow, at the higher rates you were promised. I am sending you this message, to you from my Brother St. Germain, who is at this moment keeping his finger on the button, to bring in the activation across all the screens of all the financial institutions world-wide. Rejoice, Dear Ones.  The New Golden Era is in full flower.  We join with you in Joy, Celebration and Gratitude. I love you all with an overflowing heart.  I am your Sananda.               Transcribed by Kathryn E. May, Feb. 26, 6 am, Atlanta.         Permission is granted to share or copy these messages, providing no additions or alterations are done, and credit is given to the channel and the website, www.whoneedslight.org.                  Posted by John MacHaffie at 8:24 AM  http://nesaranews.blogspot.ca/2014/02/sanandas-announcement-currency-exchange.html
Wednesday, February 26, 2014. Already Blessed. Already Blessed - I AM GRATEFUL THAT TONY DIDN'T DO A CALL YESTERDAY OR TODAY....YOU SHOULD BE TOO! THERE WAS NO CALL EARLIER....WE ARE WAITING TO DO THE BIG ONE(( call?)) (WINK)    Posted by John MacHaffie at 7:41 AM  http://nesaranews.blogspot.ca/2014/02/already-blessed.html
Wednesday, February 26, 2014.TNT Nice One.  FROm CHAT...Fellow Member...Some intel and Me too. Member just posted that a good friend of hers works in pentagon...She had not heard from this friend in MONTHS.. Member got a text this afternoon..YOU READY...Told her, RV going down TONIGHT...good news, months since last text!
Posted by John MacHaffie at 7:18 AM http://nesaranews.blogspot.ca/2014/02/tnt-nice-one.html
Wednesday, February 26, 2014. NEW INFROMATION COMING OUT----- Neil Keenan-----We’re Mad As Hell, And We’re Not Gonna Take It Any More!
http://neilkeenan.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/02/NeilKeenanUpdate_2_25_14_1.mp4        Part one 12:34 minutes
http://neilkeenan.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/02/NeilKeenanUpdate_2_25_14_2.mp4        Part two 15:59 minutes         http://neilkeenan.com/  website
Sign Up To Volunteer. For the courageous among us.  Give us a few words, about your background and skill set, and we’ll see if we can put you to work, fighting the cabal, on The Keenan Team!
Sign up by emailing us at          freedom[at]mykolab.com    Posted by John MacHaffie at 7:12 AM  http://nesaranews.blogspot.ca/2014/02/new-infromation-coming-out-neil-keenan.html
Wednesday, February 26, 2014. This Blog has an unusual problem.    Folks, I have an unusual problem and need your advice what to do. Last Thursday I was notified by Google Adsense that my payments for this blog are being held up. This is the small commissions for the ads on the top of the blog. I sent in the inquiry for explanation as to why and what I can do to rectify. So far after 4 days - NO RESPONSE. I have sent multiple inquiries with no response. WHAT SHOULD I DO FOLKS? My guess is a lien of some type but I have no letter about this nor has my bank been notified. Have I been hacked by NSA?  I don't know ---- any suggestions? These funds are my survival income and I may dead in the water shortly. John MacHaffie
Posted by John MacHaffie at 7:40 AM ...20 comments:.....  http://nesaranews.blogspot.ca/2014/02/this-blog-has-unusual-problem.html
Wednesday, February 26, 2014.   Prosperity Packages… Bathsheba and Esther Trusts.   Posted on January 17, 2014 by Iris Green.  Prosperity Packages…Bathsheba and Esther Trusts promises  each individual living on this planet, whether man, woman or child a $1 billion dollar redemption from a system that has enslaved us for generations. Redeeming yourself is a simple process, and you do not have to put up any money, pay anybody anything and you will not be expected to give anything in return.  According to Dr. Henderson, each individual will be expected to denouce the birth certificate, that ties you to a debt slavery system, and have your DNA tested to determine which of the 12 tribes your originate from to determine Nationality. (listen to full recording and explanation below as well as other recordings from Dr. Henderson and Ms. Bolling.)
Shelley Bolling, steward for the Bathsheba and Esther Trust and one of several prosperity packages, stated that she has been working as a Global Pay Officer and Trustee for the past 10 years.
The Bathsheba and Esther Trust Prosperity Packages are for Restoration of the Global economy        Dr. Henderson, Executor  is of the designers  of new Metals backed global banking system of which there are 4 trusts controlling the new system. They are:  Principle Trust is Mount Kesidick Trust     Sovereign Civil Peoples Rights Trust of which Dr. Henderson  is Executor and Steward     Bathsheba Trust Mr. Henderson and Shelley Bolling are both stewards of this trust    Esther Trust Mr. Henderson and Shelley Bolling are also stewards which involves the redemption all all 7 billion people on planet.
For more information on the prosperity packages go to their website sovcpr.com for more information. The   Redemption documents can be found on the site under the link Bathsheba and Esther Trust . The first three pages gives you some information about what the Trusts are are about. You do not have to complete the information on the notary page (not sure why that was included). The last page is the R.P.R Page (Restoration, Protection and Restoration Signature page.
              How to complete the Redemption Package..Bathsheba and Esther Trust.    On page 4 complete Your Full Name Address and Telephone Number above the Dotted line.It also instructs you to list the names addresses and telephone #’s of 10 people you would like to redeem (from this corrupt slavery system). It further instructs you that once you have put 10 names on the form to forward a blank copy to each of your ten people for them to repeat the process with their name on the top above the dotted line and 10 people they want to have redeemed below the dotted lines. All born  children should be included as well.
Every living man woman and child is to be redeemed. This includes individual that are incarcerated as well.  This is not saying everyone is going to be released from prison, however they are considered part of the 7 million to be redeemed on this planet.    After you have completed the (Redemption, Protection and Restoration Signature Page) form for this particular Prosperity Package, it is to  be emailed to shelleybolling@gmail.com  (the email address is also listed on the form) or you can fax to 501-330-2707 You can also include the information in an email and send via email your list to the same email address.
How will people be contacted to receive their Prosperity Package?           Each person will receive a telephone call prior to receiving their redemption  funds. Funds will be sent via courier with instructions on how to access your funds.  This will ensure that the person will be present to receive their redemption package. When you are contacted by phone call you will be asked if you have been foreclosed upon and if the house if still available.  If the property is still available and no one has purchased the property, then you will be allowed to move back in.
If the property that was foreclosed upon and is no longer available or has been sold, you will be restored according to Levitical law which will be 7 times your property.  Phone #’s will also be used to let each recipient know what the id badges of the couriers will look like  so the courier can be verified. When the courier arrives they will have all the information you will need to have access to your account.
Many things are going on globally now, that everyone can’t understand. Much talk about secret societies, conspiracy theories, etc.
The World Global Reset is not a group. Their  purpose is to reset everything on the globe and planet. They are connected to 197 nations.
In 2012 letter went out to explain that a certain group of people were not in charge and have been asked to step down, and according to Dr. Henderson, they have.
The entire universe needs to understand and over stand,  according to Dr. Henderson that the entire fight to this whole world of wars, disagreement, racial dissension is based on one commodity, Land. Mr Henderson states that everyone understands that “who has the land has the gold, the people, oil, diamonds, gas, that comes from the earth.  Whomever owns the earth owns all of the rights to those minerals.  The Land is owned by the people whom God (Yahwh) created or the Moors. Dr. Henderson is a member of the Moors.     According to Mr. Henderson,  in July 24, 2002 he gave declaration to reinstate every person…..The Global reset  is not reparation but restoration. The Global reset is to be return what is originally “ours” (the Moors). World global reset will be reset by replacing what has been taken.
What is the time frame for a person to receive their Prosperity Package via the Bathsheba and Esther Trust?
According to Dr. Henderson, the Redemption Packages will be delivered this year, 2014. He has not however, given a specific date.  This will be an ongoing project until all 7 million people on the planet are redeemed.
Do you feel this can happen? Have you redeemed yourself and at least 10 more?  For more information on Dr. Henderson and Shelley Bolling Redemption Packages, come back to this site often for updates. You may also go to their site sovcpr.com for updated conference calls where you can call in to ask questions. The updates are listed on the blue link labeled NEWS on the site. You may also click here for more info. Please share with your family and friends. Encourage them to sign up to redeem themselves and claim what is rightfully theirs.
Link to call for 1-15-2014 with therealtruthcall2  https://www.freeconferencecallhd.com/playback/?n=DeFL7/jwmRQ
Posted by John MacHaffie at 7:11 AM .....10 comments: ......  Dan February 26, 2014 at 8:26 AM You MUST have a Phone and a Home for them to call you and then Deliver the Package?
Homeless people don't have traceable phones, or homes!  OOH! That is why we have the NSA! //      Anonymous February 26, 2014 at 10:10 AM
Yea, not only do they want to know where you live and what your number is, they want you to rea-out 10 of your closest friends or family for the fema camps?
When this farce started (how may years ago?), a lot more people had homes and now you can't get the money you need if you don't have the assets they want?
Makes NO sense unless this is a set-up!//  AnonymousFebruary 26, 2014 at 10:35 AM
I believe this when something gets on the news,you hear nothing of Nesara let alone this.Every man,woman,child a billion when most can't afford to make hens meat.Homeless people, that should make the news,seeing homeless people greeted by the ones giving out the package.Can't wait.Why so many wars,yet no one speaks of this package,or are jumping up and down crying Nesara NOW.Strange not to see this on the news.If this package is for everyone on the planet,there would be no wars.CORRECT.People would not be fighting for freedom worldwide nor dying in the streets for no reason,if all they have to do is sign their name to a paper.Seems to easy,I billion over night as to be questioned.When i hear the name Nesara on the news it would be a start.Surly someone who can give out a billion to everyone on this planet can make national news. //AnonymousFebruary 26, 2014 at 10:44 AM This is the 2nd time I have posed this same question and receive no response why is the documents unsigned????? //
AnonymousFebruary 26, 2014 at 10:50 AM This is a total psyop. There's a hell of a lot more than 7 million people on the planet. //            AnonymousFebruary 26, 2014 at 12:11 PM It says 7 Billion not million! //AnonymousFebruary 26, 2014 at 11:19 AM This is a warning re the Bethesda and Esther Trust or Indian trust     If you didn't sign up you can ignore this... Please forgive me, I sent out an e-mail for people in need to sign up for a group.The Indian Trust or the Bethesda and Esther Trust        ..It involves Dr Henderson and Shelley Bolling. It was passed to me by trustworthy friends, but I do not believe that Dr Henderson and Shelley had yet divulged or expounded on their true beliefs or requirements to participate in this to receive a redemption of funds.
I listened to this latest call and for the first time heard many of Dr Henderson's so called "truths" which basically invalidate the Bible as the word of God. I will not be a part of this deception. This kind of deception is creeping all over the internet and the world right now. It is our job to EXPOSE IT. There are people that are supposedly Christians that are supporting them and listening to them and giving them a platform and YET they do not even believe the Bible is the word of God and they want your blood to prove you are human!!!. He states that all holy books come from the HOLY Koran--the muslim's book of Islam
He states that we must redeem ourselves by shedding our own blood and getting a DNA test to prove to the world that we are human We also must give them our birth certificate
He also states that they ARE the global reset...excuse me???  the government wants our DNA, gee, what a convenient way to get it.
I couldn't even listen to the whole call..you listen and you decide. You can get the gist of his "truth" in the first 20 -30 minutes. I just needed to make people aware so that I am not a part of or any influence in this deception, and I wash my hands of it because I had no idea what his "truth" entailed. I have asked God to forgive me. What he believes is "truth" is not biblical.
You have been warned, listen for yourself and may God guide you by His precious Holy Spirit, who leads us into all truth. You can send an e-mail and ask to be removed from their global data base. I have sent one. No financial help or money in the whole world would be worth supporting and being a part of such deception and unbelief. shelleybolling@gmail.com  2/21/14 Truth Call with Midwest Dr Henderson and Shelley Bolling (712)432-1085 Pin 928342# (if before Monday-next call) or click on link or copy and past http://www.freeconferencing.com/playback.html?n=/storage/sgetFC/RX3Mm/aIH96q * YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED FOR THE THIRD TIME - NOW THE ONUS IS ON YOU //                 AnonymousFebruary 26, 2014 at 11:33 AM
Yea get this on the news worldwide.I like to see it also.Its either the biggest bluff or the biggest bribe ever.Where is all this money coming from.Why are Governments not running scared.Why are governments still in control.What tribe are they, anyone test their there blood,before giving them a billion dollars.Makes no sense,when governments are still having elections before this money is given.People would not care about government, or their false elections,they would tell them to work for themselves,we are not feeding you anymore.We all have a Billion dollars.As they say in the movie, WE BUY OUR OWN HOTEL.
Something is wrong with this ,its to easy.Nothing comes without a PRICE, this billion cost nothing only signing of a paper.How can someone sign 10 other names without permission of the ten parties involved.Plus it clearly states the names also of all born children.Has to be Questioned.So we should see old oil drums burning in the streets worldwide keeping the homeless, people warm before signing these papers ,pens running out of ink.NOW THAT'S NEWS COVERAGE. . // AnonymousFebruary 26, 2014 at 12:40 PM
Amen to the warning above, someone else agrees with me..you have been warned..wolves in sheep's clothing he says that Jesus was married also, he totally maligns God's Word to His followers, so he CANNOT be a follower..he has his OWN truths that are totally deceptive. // AnonymousFebruary 26, 2014 at 1:30 PM
Listen Ya'll bunch of crying baby wah wah wah... endlessly. There is NO MONEY. only digits. stupid!           http://nesaranews.blogspot.ca/2014/02/prosperity-packages-bathsheba-and.html
Wednesday, February 26, 2014. Ten nations that still execute homosexuals.    http://www.examiner.com/article/ten-nations-that-still-execute-homosexuals?CID=examiner_alerts_article
Wikimedia-Commons   Timothy WhitemanWilmington Conservative Examiner  /Subscribe Advertisement /  February 25, 2014
To many, same sex attraction is as normal as breathing air. To others, active homosexuality is acceptance of the deviance of basic human physiology. However, other than the dozens of nations that still maintain anti-sodomy laws, there are still ten nations on earth that execute homosexuals, as reported by Terri Rupar of The Washington Post on Feb. 24, 2014.
Regardless of what one's opinion is concerning LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender) issues, the overwhelming majority of Westerners would consider legal punishments levied against those who keep their private lives private, would range from believing punishment for such to be a barbaric withholding of the basic of human rights, to the other end of the spectrum: the denial of God-given free will.
However the varied opinions of Westerners may be, most were at least taken aback by Rupar's noting of 37 various nations on the African continent alone that imprison those found guilty of homosexuality.
Notably was Uganda recently adding to their civil canon a 14-year prison stretch for homosexual acts — and life sentences for those found guilty of "aggravated homosexuality."
With the common thread of all that nations that execute homosexuals being Islamic Sharia Law, the list is as follows:
Yemen: According to 1994 penal code, married men can be sentenced to death by stoning for homosexual intercourse. Unmarried men face whipping or one year in prison. Women face up to seven years in prison.
Iran: In accordance with sharia law, homosexual intercourse between men can be punished by death, and men can be flogged for lesser acts such as kissing. Women may be flogged.
Iraq: The penal code does not expressly prohibit homosexual acts, but people have been killed by militias and sentenced to death by judges citing sharia law.
Mauritania: Muslim men engaging in homosexual sex can be stoned to death, according to a 1984 law. Women face prison.
Nigeria: Federal law classifies homosexual behavior as a felony punishable by imprisonment, but several states have adopted sharia law and imposed a death penalty for men. A law signed in early January makes it illegal for gay people countrywide to hold a meeting or form clubs.
Qatar: Sharia law in Qatar applies only to Muslims, who can be put to death for extramarital sex, regardless of sexual orientation.
Saudi Arabia: Under the country’s interpretation of sharia law, a married man engaging in sodomy or any non-Muslim who commits sodomy with a Muslim can be stoned to death. All sex outside of marriage is illegal.
Somalia: The penal code stipulates prison, but in some southern regions, Islamic courts have imposed Sharia law and the death penalty.
Sudan: Three-time offenders under the sodomy law can be put to death; first and second convictions result in flogging and imprisonment. Southern parts of the country have adopted more lenient laws.
United Arab Emirates: Lawyers in the country and other experts disagree on whether federal law proscribes the death penalty for consensual homosexual sex or only for rape. In a recent Amnesty International report, the organization said it was not aware of any death sentences for homosexual acts. All sexual acts outside of marriage are banned.
Posted by John MacHaffie at 7:10 AM http://nesaranews.blogspot.ca/2014/02/ten-nations-that-still-execute.html
Tuesday, February 25, 2014. Inside Source: Warning Goes Out, EMP March 1st.   You can see the whole story at ...............
Posted by John MacHaffie at 10:45 PM                                        http://nesaranews.blogspot.ca/2014/02/inside-source-warning-goes-out-emp.html
Inside Source: EMP March 1st Warning, Goes Out.  Tuesday, February 25, 2014 10:35    (Before It's News) By Susan Duclos.  An explosive bit of information was obtained by John Moore which he reveals on his February 25, 2014 show. He recieved this information from a private source about the Texas Department of Public Safety, which runs the Texas Rangers and the Texas Highway Patrol, telling their agents to keep all tactical and survival gear in their vehicles, with them, as of March 1, 2014 and to “be prepared” to possibly be on their own, to work independently after March 1st.
As Moore points out, the only reason they would be forced to work without any contact with headquarters is if there could BE no contact, meaning a possible EMP attack  /electro-magnetic pulse/ shutting down communications. This is revealed in the first few minutes of the show below.  ....vid..... Susan Duclos owns/writes Wake up America.    Related Stories:
Dead Freemasons Tell No Tales!                         Sandy Hook Justice Puzzle – Wolfgang W Halbig,        The Secret of Piers Morgan’s Termination Revealed
NWO Agenda behind Mayhem in Venezuela     NYPD Cops detain and Arrest Bronx man for Nothing        Budget Websites and Marketing Services in Chichester
Blueprint For Destruction: Steve Quayle – Greg Evensen – Hagmann and Hagmann Report                   Operation Fast and Furious: Drugs Guns and the D.E.A.
Want some bunions with your burger ! This will make you sick !                                                     Snowden ‘on Kill List’ & Slumdog Billionaires (Going Underground)
Thursday, February 27, 2014. British Intelligence: Obama born in Kenya; CIAs DNA test, shows Dunham's not his grandparents.  
Date: Thu, Feb 27, 2014 at 8:15 AM      Important, please share!!!!    Dr. Eowyn posted: "Michael Shrimpton is a British barrister (attorney), an adviser to British intelligence, and a serious person. He also is a contributing columnist for the blog, Veterans Today. ** http://www.veteranstoday.com/author/shrimpton/ ** This is his biographical sketch on Veterans Today: Shrimpton has his"...  // Respond to this post by replying above this line, New post on Fellowship of the Minds. //  Text by Dr. Eowyn.  Shrimpton has his own blog, The Shrimpton Report. His email address is michael@mshrimpton.co.uk. And Wikipedia used to have an entry on him (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/User:Michael_Shrimpton), but if you go to that URL, you'll get the messsage: "This page has been deleted". After you've read this post, you'll know why Wikipedia scrubbed its page, on Michael Shrimpton. Shrimpton was a speaker at a recent forum (date unknown). He made references to certain recent and contemporaneous events: Prince Harry having left his deployment in Afghanistan; the unprecedented snowfall the British Isles had this winter. Then, Shrimpton dropped a bombshell about Obama.    The video below is an excerpt from Shrimpton's presentation, in which he makes the following startling claims: Although Barack Hussein Obama (BHO) is said to have been born on August 4, 1961, he actually was born in 1960.  Obama's alleged mother, Stanley Ann Dunham, was not pregnant in July 1961.
Although BHO is said to have been born in Honolulu, Hawaii, he actually was born in Mombasa, Kenya, which was then British territory, which means British intelligence has his records.
The C.I.A. surreptiously took a DNA sample of Obama at a fundraising dinner, and ran a test, but could not match Obama's DNA, with his [maternal] grandparents, the Dunhams.
Former New York governor and GOP presidential aspirant Rudy Giuliani, told Shrimpton at a recent lunch that he (Giuliani) knows all about this. Giuliani had hoped he would be the GOP presidential candidate, and he'd then use the information against the Democrats. The Clintons (Bill and Hillary) also know about this.
Here's the full 1½ hour video from which the excerpt was taken, but you should know that Shrimpton does not talk about Obama, in the rest of his presentation:
H/t Gaia Media, via Birther Report. ~Eowyn      Dr. Eowyn | February 26, 2014 at 2:46 pm | Tags: Clintons, Michael Shrimpton, Rudy Giuliani, Stanley Ann Dunham | Categories: conspiracy, Hillary Clinton,Liberals/Democrats/Left, Obama, Obama scandals, Obama's eligibility | URL:http://wp.me/pKuKY-pyo           Comment       See all comments
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Trouble clicking? Copy and paste this URL into your browser: http://fellowshipoftheminds.com/2014/02/26/british-intelligence-obama-born-in-kenya-cias-dna-test-shows-dunhams-not-his-grandparents/ **
** http://www.bing.com/videos/search?q=Barrister+Michael+Shrimpton+%2b+youtube&qpvt=Barrister+Michael+Shrimpton+%2b+youtube&FORM=VDRE#view=detail&mid=BAE379CB35AF7C67D5C7BAE379CB35AF7C67D5C7 **  OR http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1lpzHEIgNvA ** Barrister Michael Shrimpton - EU - Obama born in Kenya - EU  CIA **
http://beforeitsnews.com/obama-birthplace-controversy/2014/02/barrister-michael-shrimpton-obama-born-in-mombasa-kenya-in-1960-cia-dna-testing-confirms-obama-dunham-grandparents-not-linked-wikipedia-scrubs-2474650.html **   http://www.birtherreport.com/2014/02/bombshell-british-intelligence-advisor.html ** Shrimpton also said something very strange — that Obama’s half-sister is actually his full sister, and that the sister is “missing.” (The only “half sister” of Obama about whom we are told, is Maya Soetoro-Ng, the daughter of Stanley Ann Dunham and her Indonesian husband, Lolo Soetoro.) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Maya_Soetoro-Ng **  Posted by John MacHaffie at 6:40 PM                  http://nesaranews.blogspot.ca/2014/02/british-intelligence-obama-born-in.html
By Leuren Moret, January 31, 2014 http://www.leurenmoret.info/currents.html **                Leuren Moret: Global Nuclear Coverup Website:    http://www.leurenmoret.info/
** http://www.leurenmoret.info/archive/america-first-archive-trans.html ** Posted by John MacHaffie at 7:01 PM  http://nesaranews.blogspot.ca/2014/02/leuren-moret-fukushima-impact-of.html
Thursday, February 27, 2014. New Fed Chairman Angrily Rejects Central Bank Audit - THE US AND AMERICAN CONTINENTAL DEBT, WAS PAID! THE FED. R.'S CONTRACT, IS UP! AUDIT IS REQUIRED.    http://americanfreepress.net/?p=15794 **        Something fishy is going on!  The "copying" of the article ?  Try it!
There is no reason for Mr. Obama to be standing with "begging cup in hand" to repair failing infra-structure.  The DEBT of $6.5 TRILLION DOLLARS was paid.. THE AUDIT WILL PROVE THAT, TO BE TRUE. The DEBT PAYMENT-DEBT CONVERSION, WAS PAID WITH GOLD COLLATERAL, IT CONTAINED "SPECIFIC CONDITIONS" BEING ALL PROPERTY SOLD UNDER EXECUTIVE ORDER 12803, MUST BE  RETURNED!   THIS REQUIRES AN AUDIT!  Click here for the Archived Webcast of this hearing.   Mrs. Yellen was also scheduled to address the Senate Banking Committee February 13, as part of her twice yearly report to Congress, but it was postponed. - See more at: http://americanfreepress.net/?p=15794#sthash.nA92lNbc.dpuf     **                         ONE must ask of one's self "What is the Federal Reserve Banking System and Ms. Yellen [Chm.] hiding in the Feds banking system, when such hostility is evidenced, at the simple request to Audit the Books, especially when the Gold Reserves of this nation and many other nations, are coming up short, if non existent?  HOWEVER!  When Ms. Yellen appeared before the House Financial Services Committee on February 11th, she became very hostile when the subject of "Audit" was proposed.                 Considering former Chairman of the Fed. R. "SIR" Alan Greenspan, and former president of the United States "SIR" G.H.W. Bush, were business associates with my 'husband' the Contra Account Holder  involved with the CI-Ltd. Banking [Central Intelligence] ...and further considering the Account Holder was murdered, his signature lifted and notarized four (4) years after his death, by those involved, which further included the Council  on Foreign Relations who took it even further, by their forgeries of Prime Bank Instruments, and when those PBI'S came due, they could not be paid nor recognized, by the BASSEL I-II and III provisions of showing (a) Source authorization (b) Good, Clean, Clear Marketable Funds.    If I were Ms. Yellen, I would not raise such a fuss that it would involve me "after the fact" in that which, if investigated will prove another "murder" which  the Statutes never expire. Nor would I allow myself to be put out on the 'hook' and left hanging to 'dry & die' for someone else ..
                     PUBLIC NOTICE - the antechamber               http://www.theantechamber.net/V_K_Durham/VkPublicNotice.html‎
Oct 18, 2003 - October 7, 2003. P U B L I C N O T I C E (Caution Some image links contained in this page, lead to images that are of a very graphic nature.) //
Mrs. Yellen’s demeanor, noticeably changed when that sore spot was exposed. She made it clear that in no manner whatsoever, would the Fed ever allow an in-depth government audit, to “second guess” the sacred monetary policy conducted behind closed doors by the Fed’s Open Market Committee (FOMC).  That committee publishes minutes and a basic schedule, but even presidents and Congress members, cannot attend FOMC’s meetings. The Fed calls that “independence,” ....which it certainly is. But critics say that deciding how much money enters the economy, and under what terms, is a critical piece of the Fed’s actions, that needs to be much better understood and closely watched, not hidden.          Posey called Paul’s audit bill “the most-sponsored bipartisan bill” that’s been put before the House, in recent memory. It passed the House with flying colors in mid-2012, but was blocked in the Senate. Paul’s son, Senator Rand Paul (R-Ky.), reintroduced it in the current Congress as S. 209. A similar bill is parked in committee on the House side.
- See more at: http://americanfreepress.net/?p=15794#sthash.nA92lNbc.dpuf
House Financial Services Committee February 11, she gave relaxed answers to most questions. But two members of Cong.... - See more at: http://americanfreepress.net/?p=15794#sthash.nA92lNbc.dpuf
            ......including  the deaths of over 3,000 Americans at the WTC'S...... because THE DEBT INSTRUMENTS of September 12, 1991, came due at Cantor Fitzgerald.
MORE 9/11 CANTOR FITZGERALD, GOLDMAN SACHS, FED.  http://www.theantechamber.net/V_K_Durham/More911FinancialTerror.htm‎
Dec 19, 2006 - Cash payoffs, bonds and murder, linked to White House 911 finance .... an as yet unidentified operation;
 http://www.theantechamber.net/V_K_Durham/ContraFallOutMurder.htm‎.... the OBVIOUS DESTRUCTION OF PAPER TRAILS such as THE WORLD TRADE TOWERS, CREDIT LYONAISE, AND WINDSOR TOWER ... · see September 11 Commission Report Revised December 2008. ·   - Scribd   http://www.scribd.com/doc/16970135/September-11-Commission-Report-Revised-December-2008
       Those with "Diplomatic Immunity Privileges" authorized by the Council on Foreign Relations, Clinton Administration, Federal Reserve Banking, US Treasury  tied to the Prime Bank Instrument Frauds operation out of the Philippines banking, through Manny Madoff's International Durham Ltd.  Off Shore Banking of the Netherlands ABN AMRO  using the ABN AMRO MeesPierson with the connector banks listed http://hfsoffshore.com/Order01.aspx?kw=offshore%20banking&mm_campaign=cdee62e6eb8c8e68154b2606ecd1997a&keyword=offshore%20banking&gclid=CJej4bmlrbwCFUtp7AodsWkArg 
         What amount would you care to bet, the following accounts are not associated with the formerly mentioned ABN AMRO Netherlands Banking system?!  http://www.tomflocco.com/Docs/Gs/GigaScandal.htm ....and secret financial network, behind those "grand cayman giga accounts" .... http://www.theantechamber.net/V_K_Durham/SecretFinancialNetwork.htm‎
             Back to the Philippine Operation.  This group incorporated Cosmos Seafood Energy Marketing, Ltd; Nevada ID# 1707-85 ignoring the fact the corporation is held in TRUST, and in specifics Durham International Ltd; Trust and Durham (Intl. Ltd;) HOLDING TRUST (TIAS 12087) to take care of that little boo-boo a doppleganger operation, under the name of International Durham Ltd. was put into operation, which fell on it's face, due to the inability to show "authorization-source of collateral-good, clean, clear marketables. But!  when  over 62,000 [averaging a minimum of $10 Billion Dollars] [see: http://www.theantechamber.net/VkDocuments/DocGroupG/Gpage4.html  ..... of these worthless 'derivatives' were put out in the Far East Banking, and the World Bank-IMF held, themselves over 5,868 of these worthless Gold Derivatives authorized by President George Bush (#41) in 1991, giving James Baker III, Alan Greenspan, Nicholas Brady, the authorization to "use" property, that did not belong to the United States, was not under Presidential Authorization i.e., The Treaty instruments held in Trust known as Bonus 3392-181
                 New Fed Chairman Angrily Rejects Central Bank Audit. Click here for the Archived Webcast of this hearing.         Mrs. Yellen was also scheduled to address the Senate Banking Committee February 13, as part of her twice yearly report to Congress, but it was postponed. - See more at: http://americanfreepress.net/?p=15794#sthash.nA92lNbc.dpuf       http://americanfreepress.net/?p=15794
Janet Yellen bristles when asked about audit of Federal Reserve. By Mark Anderson.  When Janet Yellen appeared before the House Financial Services Committee February 11, she gave relaxed answers to most questions. But two members of Congress that day touched a nerve when they each grilled the newly confirmed chairman of the privately owned and controlled Federal Reserve on the merits of former Texas maverick Representative Ron Paul’s bill to audit the Fed.  Click here for the Archived Webcast of this hearing.     - See more at: http://americanfreepress.net/?p=15794#sthash.nA92lNbc.dpuf ....(....)
          At the House hearing, Representative Bill Posey (R-Fla.) and Representative Michele Bachmann (R-Minn.) not only pressed Mrs. Yellen on what she’d think of Paul’s bill, if it were operational, they also touched on monetary policy—the Holy Grail of Fed operations. Mrs. Yellen’s demeanor noticeably changed, when that sore spot was exposed. She made it clear that in no manner whatsoever would the Fed ever allow an in-depth government audit to “second guess” the sacred monetary policy conducted behind closed doors by the Fed’s Open Market Committee (FOMC). .....(....)
         An unavoidable question is that if Bachmann and Posey think an audit is so important, then why don’t we see more action on these ready-to-go audit bills?
When Mrs. Yellen indicated that she finds it hard to believe Congress may not fully trust the Federal Reserve, Posey shot back: “Some of us believe in the adage ‘trust but verify.’”
He told Mrs. Yellen, that federal agencies are subjected to government audits, that the Fed somehow avoids, apart from sundry audits conducted by private accounting firms. Why not the Fed?
Posey stressed to Mrs. Yellen, that Paul’s audit bill limits itself to “post-decision audits.” That means that individual Fed actions, including those taken by the FOMC, would not be second-guessed. Posey thought that condition would cure Mrs. Yellen’s jitters, about elected officials looking over the Fed’s shoulder, when it devises and implements monetary policy. He was mistaken.       While Mrs. Yellen made a throw-away remark, that perhaps the Government Accountability Office could visit the Fed, and read its meeting transcripts, she kept returning to the same-old Fed boilerplate that “political” intervention (read: public input or real accountability) is not welcome at the Federal Reserve. “An audit is different than second-guessing policy judgments,” she stated with a faint hint of contempt.
As if reading a script, Mrs. Yellen repeated that the Fed’s assigned duty, is to “maximize sustainable employment and price stability.” She added: “[Keeping] inflation running well below 2%, is our objective.”
Mrs. Bachmann, who also pressed Mrs. Yellen about her view of an audit, stressed that there is growing public criticism of the Fed. She asked how struggling Americans could ever hope to have any control over their often gloomy economic destinies, if the Fed insists that a real public audit , is unacceptable.
Mrs. Yellen only replied that committee hearings like this one, were pretty much all Americans and Congress could ever hope to have, in terms of influencing or in any way trying to steer the Fed.
Among other things, Mrs. Yellen said the Fed has plans to carry out “proposed rulemaking” to address highly risky ventures engaged in by banks. This was in response to a question on why most banks engage in elaborate investments without providing a practical benefit to the productive sector. She added that the Fed would cooperate with the Securities and Exchange Commission, which she feels has more authority in this respect. She also declared the dollar is stable, and will always be the world’s reserve currency. But she made that statement, while largely avoiding the question of what the Fed would do, if the dollar loses its reserve status, amid nations increasingly trading with other currencies. She casually dodged the statement by Representative Brad Sherman (D-Calif.) that “we need Jimmy Stewart banking back in the U.S.” He was referring to the community-friendly banker played by Stewart in “It’s a Wonderful Life.” Sherman is concerned that the Fed is too tolerant of banks that only loan to large interests, and deny loans to small business owners.
Mark Anderson is AFP’s roving reporter. - See more at: http://americanfreepress.net/?p=15794#sthash.nA92lNbc.dpuf
Posted by John MacHaffie at 8:23 AM            http://nesaranews.blogspot.ca/2014/02/new-fed-chairman-angrily-rejects.html
Thursday, February 27, 2014. God speaks to this 13yr old Cowboy. // Date: Wed, Feb 26, 2014 at 7:59 PM We sometimes think we are beginning to figure it all out—after 7 1/2  decades of trying.  This young man has it figured out at the age of 10. ** The Sky Angel Cowboy. Pat Robertson and Terry Meeuwsen discuss Logan Henderson's radio phone call , that is now a YouTube/GodTube sensation.   http://www.cbn.com/tv/1413972854001 **  Posted by John MacHaffie at 8:18 AM          http://nesaranews.blogspot.ca/2014/02/god-speaks-to-this-13yr-old-cowboy.html
Thursday, February 27, 2014. Were the Sochi Olympics really the most corrupt Games ever? // Episode 158: Dave Zirin on The Collision of Sports and Politics
MP3: http://traffic.libsyn.com/smellslikepodcast/DaveZirinSLHS158.mp3 ** Dave Zirin has been called, quite simply, the ‘best sportswriter in the United States’. He’s an author (“Game Over: How Politics Has Turned the Sports World Upside Down“, “Bad Sports: How Owners Are Ruining the Games We Love“), is a respected commentator on the sports-politics relationship, and holds the position of Sports Editor at The Nation.
He joined Guy Evans to discuss the unprecedented corruption seen at the Sochi Olympics, Muhammad Ali’s legacy, the NFL concussion issue, and much more. Enjoy!
-- http://www.smellslikehumanspirit.com   @smellslikepod   Smells Like Human Spirit Podcast on Facebook   Smells Like Human Spirit Podcast on iTunes   Smells Like Human Spirit Podcast on YouTube
Posted by John MacHaffie at 8:17 AM  http://nesaranews.blogspot.ca/2014/02/were-sochi-olympics-really-most-corrupt.html
Friday, February 28, 2014. "REMOVE heavy metals from your body." THOUGHT THIS WAS INTERESTING SO I'M PASSING IT ON. If you're feeling sick, constantly have more aches and pains, and nothing you do seems to help your health, then your water may be poisoning you! Revolutionary Japanese process not only removes toxins from your water but also helps to... "REMOVE heavy metals from your body." (Don't drink another single drop of water until you watch this.)   http://www.waterliberty.com/presentation-dd.php ** KACPER POSTAWSKY - ADYA clarity black mica extract.
Posted by John MacHaffie at 7:36 PM  http://nesaranews.blogspot.ca/2014/02/remove-heavy-metals-from-your-body.html

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INTEL RUMORS (source) :).....                                                                                                                                    Mr.Ed --Thu,11:16pm EDT
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I REMEMBER AND MORE!!!!!!!!                                                                                                                        Jasmine   --  Thu, 10:02 pm
Video: Larken Rose - "Larken Rose - A Chat with Sociopaths - PorcFest X.                                                           Lion -- Thu, 9:45 p.m. EDT
Reader R: "It is conjectured by Martin that 50% of schizophrenic patients could be demonically possessed..."        Lion -- Thu, 9:26 p.m. EDT
Reader S: "Vladimir Putin is not a man that will 'roll over' ....to Obozo's idiotic coup in Ukraine."                       Lion -- Thu, 8:43 p.m. EDT
Reader A: "Karen Hudes is either intentionally or unintentionally misleading the public."                                 Lion  -- Thu, 8:15 p.m. EDT
Reader: "Before You Ever Buy Bread Again…Read This! ( Find The Healthiest Bread On The Market)"        hobie -- Thu, 7:24 p.m. EDT
Reader:They know they have done so many horrible things to people                                                    Susoni -- Thu, 6:44 p.m. EDT
Jury continues to deliberate in West Sac cop's rape trial                                                                     Susoni -- Thu, 6:42 p.m. EDT
Feds indict 5 San Francisco police officers, one ex-cop                                                                   Susoni -- Thu, 6:40 p.m. EDT
Reader: Cop opens fire, at downtown Houston Starbucks                                                               Susoni -- Thu, 6:37 p.m. EDT
Reader: Russian Defense Ministry Says Fighter Jets On Combat Alert In West                                 Susoni -- Thu, 6:32 p.m. EDT
Reader, link: Global Research - "Thailand: BBC Attempts to Justify Terrorism"                                 hobie -- Thu, 6:16 p.m. EDT
2011 - PAM ROSE & TOMMY EMMANUEL, "MY LIFE"                                                            hobie -- Thu, 6:04 p.m. EDT
1984 - End credits & theme for "The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai Across the 8th Dimension"      hobie  -- Thu, 6:01 pm. EDT
There's Goon - a Be Trouble                                                                                                         Lion -- Thu, 5:56 p.m. EDT
Reader, link: Russian Spy Ship in Havana as reported by Before Its News                                           hobie -- Thu, 5:45 p.m. EDT
Reader: LINKS for Further Research into the REALITY of the Nuclear Energy Situation                        hobie -- Thu, 5:38 p.m. EDT
Research: Gulf Shrimp Widely Contaminated With Carcinogens                                                             Dquixote1217 --Thu,5:30 pm
Pathetic Non-Response by American Public                                                                                            RodneyStich -- Thu, 5:24 pm
Reader B, fwd: Heavenletter #4843 No Ownership, No Loss , February 27, 2014                                           hobie   --  Thu, 5:24 pm EDT
Thanks for the $207, you three. :) Another $76 reaches the goal. (no message inside this post) *NM*                hobie    --  Thu, 5:21 pm 57-21
Reader sends link: New Pain Pill Zohydro Is A Very Dangerous Drug                                                                  MrFusion  -- Thu, 4:57pm EDT
Anyone remember when Alcatraz was occupied, by the American Indian Movement ?                                              atomMan  -- Thu, 4:13 pm EDT
Prior to 1954, Crimea was part of the Russian Federation (RSFSR)                                                                        MrFusion   -- Thu, 4:08 pm EDT
Today's Healthy Recipe - Super Easy and Super Healthy Homemade Sauerkraut                                                         Dquixote1217--Thu,4:05pm EDT
Article: "Blood pressure pills 'raise risk of fatal fall'"                                                                                                   MrFusion   -- Thu, 3:48 pm EDT
PIX: Connecticut State Police say: "Surrender now, or we will send somebody this ugly to your door to kick it in."             Watchman -- Thu,3:42 pm EDT
Reader: This is similiar to what Lindsey Williams has said                                                                                                 MrFusion -- Thu 3:41 pm EDT
Which is really safer or more effective – nature or mainstream drugs?                                                                                 LuellaMay - Thu,3:40 pm EDT
Letter: -- Back Off, CT Pols Because You are about to open a can Of Whoopass                                                                   Watchman -- Thu,3:27 pm EDT
12 easy ways to remove acid build-up from your body, alkalize your pH and beat disease                                                         LilliHart  -- Thu, 3:24 p.m. EDT
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Bananas aren't just for monkeys - Discover 25 powerful reasons to eat (organic) bananas                                                          LilliHart  -- Thu, 3:19 p.m. EDT
Self Defense -- How to Defend Yourself with a Gun from Inside Your Car                                                                                LilliHart  -- Thu, 3:18 p.m. EDT
Vitamin D3 plays significant role in slowing degenerative process in Multiple Sclerosis and CCSVI                                               LilliHart  --  Thu, 3:15 pm. EDT
Speaking Of Common Sense...What if Americans Demanded the Ouster of This Government?                                                   Watchman -- Thu, 3:14 pm EDT
WOW... Talk About AGED Cheese....Hows About 3600 Years?                                                                                         Watchman -- Thu, 3:05 p.m. EDT
The (Mostly) Unknown History and Mystery Of Alcatraz Island....                                                                                Watchman  -- Thu, 2:57 p.m. EDT
The (Mostly) Unknown History and Mystery Of Alcatraz Island....                                                                             Watchman   --  Thu, 2:57 pm EDT
Vid: What It's like Living In a Police State:....                                                                                                         Watchman   -- Thu, 2:48 p.m. EDT
Total Breakdown of The Media's Use of NLP & Mind Control (NLP=Neuro linguistic Programming)                          RumorMail -- Thu, 2:34 p.m. EDT
More Texas... Cops Suspended For Contesting Who Could Confiscate The Most signs From The Homeless ...            Watchman -- Thu, 2:08 p.m. EDT
In Texas, Cops Are Now Shooting Their Own Family... Cop Buys Shotgun, Kills Wife And Self...                               Watchman -- Thu, 2:04 pm. EDT
A differing interpretation of the video                                                                                                                     Tholidor  --  Thu, 1:50 p.m. EDT
Reader: "It's getting beyond jiggy out there with the Police !" Rod Class                                                                     Susoni    --   Thu, 1:16 p.m. EDT
Eric Holder hospitalized after experiencing 'faintness and shortness of breath'                                                              Susoni    --   Thu, 12:52 pm. EDT
Who Really Gets The Biggest Welfare Handout?                                                                                                        RumorMail -- Thu, 12:26 pm EDT
Reader: Just Because They Can: Man Blew 0.00 on Breath Test, Cops Charged Him with DWI Anyway                          Susoni    --    Thu, 12:24 pm. EDT
Sinkhole epidemic Terrifying holes that are opening up all over Britain: They’re appearing at FIVE TIMES normal             RumorMail -- Thu, 12:05 pm. EDT
6.1 - 138km NNW of Amukta Island, Alaska                                                                                                              RumorMail --Thu,12:01 pm 46-01
WAR:Putin puts 150,000 troops on standby as Muslim supporters of Ukraine's new gov clash w/pro-Russians in Crimea     Susoni    --    Thu, 11:46 a.m. EDT
Here’s An Example Of Why Ukrainians Are Demanding Their Own “Second Amendment” Today (Video)                            RumorMail -- Thu, 11:40 am. EDT
South Carolina Cop Shoots 70 Yr Old Man reaching for his Cane                                                                                     Susoni   --    Thu, 11:36 a.m. EDT
Reader: I'm sure by the time states governors get their hands in the pot won't be much left for jobs                                      RumorMail -- Thu, 11:24 am EDT
Huge News! DIA Video Admits Agenda to Depopulate Now in Effect!                                                                               Lymerick  --  Thu, 11:15 am. EDT
Some readers may be interested in my past posts on the FBI's summary execution of Mr. Todashev                                     MrFusion  -- Thu, 11:11 a.m. EDT
Two Things We the People Need to Wake Up About                                                                                                        CapnGriff  -- Thu, 10:48 am. EDT
Holder To State Attorneys General: You Don't Have To Enforce Laws You Don't Like                                                        RumorMail  -- Thu, 10:42 am EDT
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Reader:The Coming American Dictatorship Part XII The militarization of America's police forces                                    RumorMail -- Thu, 09:56 am EDT
Because they are Vultures who hover Over (set up) and failing countries !!                                                                  Susoni     --    Thu, 09:47 am EDT
Tyler Durden's picture Pro-Russian Gunmen Seize Ukraine Crimean Parliament; Russia Puts Jets On High Alert; ..        Watchman  -- Thu, 09:46 am. EDT
Video: - Ready Or Not...... It's Coming....                                                                                                            Watchman  -- Thu, 09:37 am. EDT
Reader: Coincidence that they are leaving Afghanistan just as Ukraine is heating up?                                               Susoni    --    Thu, 09:35 am EDT
Worldwide Food Shortages! video                                                                                                                  RumorMail -- Thu, 09:31 am EDT
Reader:Syria's starving hordes: In a biblical picture of suffering, crowd stretching for as far as the eye can See  RumorMail -- Thu, 09:22 am EDT
Rolls-Royce is developing drone cargo ships….Drones On The Sea                                                             RumorMail -- Thu, 9:18 am EDT
31 % Of All Food In The US Is Wasted... And Why That Is About To End.....                                           Watchman -- Thu, 09:17 am EDT
CGI's Morgan: To Track the Footsteps of the Master                                                                           CGI_admin --Thu, 9:11 am EDT
Took this pic of my ORBO ...                                                                                                         Journey --  Thu, 07:55 a.m EDT
READER RON: OFFICIAL HOLOCAUST DEATH RECORDS                                                         atomMan -- Thu, 07:25 am EDT
What if...The IMF Just Stayed Away From Ukraine ?                                                                    Lion   --    Thu, 05:29 a.m. EDT
** February ends Friday, PLEASE CONTRIBUTE, another $283 reaches the goal :) **                    hobie   --   Thu, 04:48 a.m. EDT
1967 - HENRY MANCINI, "TWO FOR THE ROAD"                                                                   hobie   --   Thu, 04:37 a.m. EDT
(undated) - ROGER WILLIAMS, "TO LOVE AGAIN" (based on a Chopin Nocturne)                      hobie   --   Thu, 04:25 a.m. EDT
Brain Washing, Social Control, and Programming – Why You Should... Kill Your Television               Lymerick -- Thu, 04:09 a.m. EDT
The giant fraud of the queen herself.                                                                                             Lymerick -- Thu, 02:50 a.m. EDT
President Clinton is the grandson of King Edward VII and MUCH MORE                                            Lymerick -- Thu, 02:40 a.m. EDT
(Wow) Dr. Klinghardt may have found the KEY, to the RISE IN AUTISM...!                                          hobie   --   Thu, 02:27 a.m. EDT
(43-min video): "Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt - Smart Meters & EMR - The Health Crisis Of Our Time"             hobie   -- T  hu, 02:04 a.m. EDT
Boeing Black: The ultra-secure smartphone, that us mere citizens, won't be able to buy                                MrFusion -- Thu, 00:33 am EDT
Tonight's Recipe Creation - Fruity Cake                                                                                                     Dquixote1217  --  Thu, 00:15 am
(repost) Reader, link to 92-min video: "The Nuclear Scare Scam" - Galen Winsor                                              hobie    --    Thu, 00:11 am. EDT
Reader, link: "Why Governments Promote Deadly Nuclear Energy, and Ban Beneficial Hemp"                                hobie   --  Thu, 0:04 am 41-04
==========================================================================================================   Jeudi,  27 février   
Reader M: "...the most important point of the video is that society at large is becoming psychopathically oriented."       Lion   -- Wed, 10:41 p.m. EDT
Video: Abel Danger With Karen Hudes 2-26-2014 - Exposing Banksters Joint Chief Martin Dempsey                            Lion   -- Wed, 10:24 p.m. EDT
Is Rachael Maddow Trying to Save Her Head From Being Put on a Pike? -vid                                                            Jordon -- Wed, 9:42 p.m. EDT
Or, maybe the Great American Financial Collapse will occur on September 13, 2015?                                                   MrFusion --Wed,9:40pm EDT
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Russian Warship Mysteriously Docked in Havana Harbor Wednesday                                                                           Jordon -- Wed, 8:57 pm EDT
Reader C: "When the SHTF quote "W" to them: "It's just a GD scrap of paper."                                                              Lion  -- Wed, 8:41 p.m. EDT
Video: Kevin Annett - Alfred Webre - Brussels Trial of Pope, UK Queen for Genocide; USA Prosecution for Chemtrails       Lion  -- Wed, 7:56 p.m. EDT
Video: SJW - Thursday Drake updates show 2/27/2014, Neil Keenan Update, Morgellons Disease, Nanotechnology             Lion  -- Wed, 6:01 p.m. EDT
 Video: SJW - Thursday Drake updates show 2/27/2014, Neil Keenan Update, Morgellons Disease, Nanotechnology.         Lion  --  Wed, 6:01 p.m. EDT
*** Iraqi dinar, recently being said *** / Okie_Oil_Man, TNT Tony                                                                                 hobie  --  Wed, 5:51 p.m. EDT
1982 - TOTO, "ROSANNA"                                                                                                                                         hobie  --  Wed, 5:34 p.m. EDT
1982 - TOTO, "AFRICA"                                                                                                                                              hobie  -- Wed, 5:25 pm 19-25
Strange Hillary Clinton Connection to Shooting of Long Island Millionaire                                                                           Arleigh   --  Wed, 5:19 pm EDT
1940s - VINCENT LOPEZ & HIS ORCHESTRA, "THE MINUTE WALTZ"                                                                       hobie     --    Wed,5:17 pm EDT
Seeking Money for Aging Infrastructure, Obama Looks at Tax Oncreases on Businesses - Like Obamacare wasn't enough?   RumorMail --Wed,5:06 pm EDT
Reader: logo Why Putin Must Act – The Siloviki                                                                                                            RumorMail --Wed, 4:57 pm EDT
Reader B, fwd: Heavenletter #4842 If You Want to Help the World …, February 26, 2014                                                 hobie     --    Wed, 4:50 pm. EDT
Britain’s GCHQ have put Together Plan to Infiltrate Social Media and Blogs                                                                    namaste   --  Wed, 4:47 pm. EDT
Reader: "I actually agree with the poster but ..."                                                                                                          hobie    --    Wed, 4:46 p.m. EDT
Video: Thomas Sheridan - Psychopaths are Literally Demon Possessed                                                                        Lion     --    Wed, 4:35 p.m. EDT
All Hail Obummer - not!                                                                                                                                        Susoni    --  Wed, 4:35 p.m. EDT
This Is Rich..Every Offense Listed Is Already Practiced DAILY by Congress, the Judicial, & the Executive Branch..     Lion     --    Wed, 4:07 pm. EDT
IMF's Lagarde: Likely to Send Tech Assist Team to Ukraine Soon                                                                           Susoni    --   Wed, 3:42 pm. EDT
IMF to Push New Serb Government to Reduce Spending More                                                                             Susoni    --   Wed, 3:37 pm. EDT
The IMF: No easy bailout plan for Ukraine (They're DROOLING )                                                                       Susoni    --   Wed, 3:36 pm. EDT
70 Million Americans KILLED Since 1973 by Health Care System                                                                      Susoni    --   Wed, 3:04 p.m. EDT
More of the SOS                                                                                                                                         Merlin2012 --Wed , 3:00 pm EDT
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Vigilant Citizen goes supernova on Pezzer's new 'Illuminati' video without saying PRIMARY                             FreePlanet -- Wed, 2:29 pm. EDT
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Cashing Out! U.S. Military Quits Afghanistan after $100MILLION in Payoffs                                               Susoni    --   Wed, 2:24 p.m. EDT
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Sananda's Announcement - Currency Exchange and Celebration Today!                                                        Mr.Ed     --    Wed, 2:16 pm. EDT
Reader: As one who tries diligently to find the true upside in any calamity                                                       RumorMail -- Wed, 2:10 pm. EDT
Senator Vitter Accuses Inspector General of Providing Cover for EPA in Investigation                                      RumorMail -- Wed, 2:08 pm. EDT
Reader: There is only one reason for this bill: The end of the masquerade of their sworn oaths of office               RumorMail -- Wed, 2:07 pm. EDT
CGI's Morgan: Big Trouble in Little Japan and other Things - Dog Poet                                                              Susoni     --   Wed, 2:02 pm. EDT
Built in US (Great Dane Trailers-Peterbuilt Motors-Capstone Turbine) Parts (No Doubt) made in China                    RumorMail --Wed,1:58pm 53-58
DOUGLAS VOGT - OBAMA BIRTH CONSPIRACY                                                                                                IZAKOVIC  -- Wed, 12:34 pm EDT
Today's Healthy Recipe - Edamame and Quinoa Collard Wraps with Sweet Ginger Dressing                                             Dquixote1217 --Wed,12:27pm EDT
Hitler? Genocide?                                                                                                                                                       atomMan   --  Wed, 12:25 pm. EDT
Mind Blowing. We are only taught lies on Earth. Beyond Religion, Spirituality, and New Age we comfort each other with.       mroxygen - - Wed, 12:08 p.m. EDT
Made In China ??                                                                                                                                                           Watchman   -- Wed, 11:59 a.m. EDT
US CONSIDERS LOUNCHING PRODUCTION OF RUSSIAN RD+180 ROCKET ENGINES                                                  IZAKOVIC -- Wed, 11:54 a.m. EDT
MEANWHILE PUTIN'S SEAGULL YACHT IS BEING SERVICED IN CROATIA                                                                       IZAKOVIC -- Wed, 11:37 am. EDT
EDGAR CASEY READINGS IN REFERENCE TO RUSSIA                                                                                                        IZAKOVIC -- Wed, 11:24 am. EDT
NOTE ANY SIMILARITY WITH RUSSIAN BLACK SEA NAVY FLAG?                                                                                        IZAKOVIC -- Wed, 11:19 a.m. EDT
SCOTLAND FLAG                                                                                                                                                                      IZAKOVIC -- Wed, 11:14 a.m. EDT
SCOTLAND WITHOUT UK WINDSORS                                                                                                                                        IZAKOVIC -- Wed, 11:09 a.m. EDT
Not yet clear what happened to Mt.Gox bitcoin exchange, may yet reappear...                                                                                        MrFusion   --  Wed, 11:06 am. EDT
NAKAYAMA TOSHIHIRO: US CREATES A POWER VACUUM IN ASIA                                                                                                IZAKOVIC -- Wed, 11:03 a.m. EDT
WE, PRESENTLY HERE IN CROATIA, KNEW THIS FOR DECADES (AND MORE)                                                                                IZAKOVIC -- Wed, 10:44 am EDT
SION IS NOT ZION                                                                                                                                                                        IZAKOVIC -- Wed, 10:21 am. EDT
See the Futuristic Concept Walmart Truck - Looks Like a Space Ship! Wow                                                                                       RumorMail -- Wed, 10:21 am. EDT
Why are 8 Democrats sponsoring a bill to eliminate the Death Penalty for Murder and Treason?!                                                        RumorMail -- Wed, 10:18 am. EDT
Reader: Great interview.                                                                                                                                                          RumorMail -- Wed, 10:08 a.m. EDT
Vigilantes with a Badge: The War Against the American People                                                                                                 RumorMail -- Wed, 10:06 a.m. EDT
VATICAN GETS CONTROL OF SION                                                                                                                              IZAKOVIC -- Wed, 10:05 a.m. EDT
Reader: The Longterm Health Impact of Toxic Food Packaging                                                                                          RumorMail  -- Wed, 10:02 am EDT
Reader: There is much, filth that is hidden about him. He is no Hero                                                                                 Susoni    --    Wed, 09:56 a.m. EDT
Reader: So okay corporations have separated themselves into gangs cart ells                                                                   Susoni     --   Wed, 09:55 a.m. EDT
Hillary’s Sugar Daddy Socialism Is Fair Game                                                                                                             RumorMail  --  Wed, 09:51 am EDT
Can Washington Really Overthrow Three Governments Simultaneously?                                                                        RumorMail   -- Wed, 09:46 am EDT
The Human Replacement Agenda                                                                                                                                RumorMail -- Wed, 09:36 a.m. EDT
Reader: At first doubted the photo, until I viewed the video. They are indeed begging for forgiveness                                  Susoni     --   Wed, 09:34 a.m. EDT
Map of Carpathian Mountains Pics                                                                                                                                 Susoni    --   Wed, 09:32 a.m. EDT
atomMan's WEDNESDAY NEWS BYTES                                                                                                                        atomMan  --  Wed, 09:30 am. EDT
How Covert Agents Infiltrate the Internet to Manipulate, Deceive, and Destroy Reputations                                                     Basil     --     Wed, 09:26 a.m. EDT
Reader: American Spring WILL Work                                                                                                                                 RumorMail -- Wed, 09:24 am. EDT
Reader: Snowden Has a Choke Hold on American Tyranny                                                                                                   RumorMail  -- Wed, 09:18 am. EDT
Janet Yellen On The Verge Of Yellin' When Asked About Fed Audit Per Former Congressman Ron Paul's "Audit The Fed" Plan  Watchman   -- Wed, 09:11 am. EDT
It's A LONG Way From Over: Russian Troops Take Up Positions In Sevastopol As Ukraine Teeters On  Brink Of Civil War     Watchman  -- Wed, 08:58 am. EDT
Will American Spring Start In Connecticut ?? If The Controllers Don't Back Off, It Just May...                                          Watchman  -- Wed, 08:50 am. EDT
Godzilla trailer - not Pacific tests - they were trying to kill it.                                                                                        FreePlanet -- Wed, 6:12 am. EDT
Stalker's Guide To - rewrite stations - alert alert!                                                                                                      FreePlanet -- Wed, 5:57 am EDT
I call it TANDEM.                                                                                                                                              FreePlanet -- Wed, 5:56 am EDT
** February Nearly Over, PLEASE CONTRIBUTE, Another $728 will reach the Goal **                                          hobie   --  Wed, 03:48 a.m. EDT
1993 - MICHEL PETRUCCIANI, live, solo, "IN A SENTIMENTAL MOOD" (7 mins)                                              hobie  -- Wed, 03:41 a.m. EDT
1963 - SAM COOKE, "LOVE WILL FIND A WAY"                                                                                                hobie  -- Wed, 03:39 am. EDT
1928 - FRITZ KREISLER, the MEDITATION from "THAIS"                                                                                    hobie -- Wed, 03:34 a.m. EDT
NaturalNews: "10 Years of Failure: New film documents struggle of farmers deceived by biotech industry"                      hobie -- Wed, 02:44 a.m. EDT
Reader, links to mp3s: "NEIL KEENAN UPDATE: We’re Mad As Hell And We’re Not Gonna Take It Any More!"               hobie -- Wed, 02:33 a.m. EDT
Reader, link: "WHAT IS GEO-ENGINEERING"                                                                                                              hobie -- Wed, 02:23 a.m. EDT
Reader, link to video: 'Hazel's Book "The God Within Speaks"'                                                                                            hobie -- Wed, 02:19 a.m. EDT
Two Readers, fwd: Jon Rappoport - "Top shareholders in Whole Foods and Monsanto: identical"                                            hobie -- Wed, 02:16 a.m. EDT
Reader Stormy: "Thanks, Bix. You may mean well, but I lost my rose-colored glasses."                                                           hobie -- Wed, 02:10 a.m. EDT
 The Practice of "Twinning" Within MK Ultra and the Illuminati                                                                                             Arleigh   --  Wed, 2:09am EDT
Dr R. Falkov "What They Don't Want U2 Know"w/Professional investigator Doug Hagmann on Kiev, US meddling & more..    DrRobinFalkov--Wed,2:0107-01
No LEGITIMATE Heirs..... to Queen Elizabeth II??                                                                                                         Lymerick  --  Wed, 01:07 am EDT
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Reader, fwd: Bix Weir - 'ROOTA SAYS: "HAVE NO FEAR"!'                                                                                     hobie     --    Tue, 11:50 pm. EDT
GMO human embryos have already been created                                                                                                   AndiV     --   Tue, 11:15 pm EDT
535AD - The Year That Winter Never Ended And The Sun Turned Blue... Why Has This Been Forgotten?                Watchman  --  Tue, 9:52 pm EDT
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Had Enough Winter?? Video - 22 Seconds : - ))...                                                                                                Lion     --   Tue, 6:55  pm EDT
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CGI's HotCoffee: Meet the (real) new authorities in the Ukraine.                                                                             CGI_admin -- Tue,6:06  58-06
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Home remedies lower blood sugar and prevent diabetes                                                                                                 LilliHart   -- Tue, 5:36  pm. EDT
Chia Seeds Provide Relief for Heartburn, Indigestion and Acid Reflux                                                                               LilliHart   --  Tue, 5:35 pm. EDT
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Another "Insider" Source... :) Warning of Early March Grid Down/EMP....                                                                              Watchman  -- Tue,5:11 pm EDT
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BOMBSHELL-Daniel Payseur(Crown Prince Louis aka Louis XVII of France)was smuggled out of France to North Carolina     Lymerick -- Tue, 5:00 pm. EDT
Reader B, fwd: Heavenletter #4841 Inexpressible Truths That Words Try to Say, February 25, 2014                                     hobie    --   Tue, 4:59 p.m. EDT
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Black Pastors: Impeach Holder                                                                                                                      RumorMail -- Tue, 4:35pm EDT
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Reader: This makes no sense to me                                                                                                     Susoni -- Tue, 4:20 p.m. EDT
It`s On- Putin Deploys Troop Battalion, Russians Raise Flag Over Ukrainian Republic of Crimea              Susoni -- Tue, 3:58 p.m. EDT
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Major Bitcoin Exchange, MT Gox, Is Insolvent.... Hmmmm, Do Bitcoins Return To The Aether??                  Watchman  -- Tue,2:22pm EDT
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Well I Guess We Will Be Sued (Or Worse) Next                                                                                                  Watchman -- Tue, 1:52 p.m. EDT
Reader: This week the police in Ukraine are on their knees begging the people's forgiveness. i see patterns here.           Susoni    --    Tue, 1:52 p.m. EDT
Reader: (loose lips) McCain should pay more attention to the dire economy of his own country                                     RumorMail  -- Tue, 1:49 p.m. EDT
This is why Russia CANNOT allow Ukraine to fall into the hands of the European Union                                                 Susoni     --    Tue, 1:22 p.m. EDT
Philip Morris is suing OZ for Billions! Claiming lost profits because the government took Action to Reduce smoking              Susoni      --    Tue, 1:09 p.m. EDT
Reader:Perhaps the illness has to do with pigeons. The pigeon droppings to be specific                                                           RumorMail   --  Tue, 1:06 p.m. EDT
I wonder why there were some UFO pictures in that presentation                                                                                             MrFusion     --    Tue, 1:05 pm. EDT
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The DIY detox bath - Have a home spa day and soak away aches, pains, harmful toxins, pesticides and heavy metals                                                     LilliHart   --   Tue, 11:31 a.m. EDT
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Bringing back the hanging gardens of Babylon -- Indoor urban vertical farming; the next gardening venture for survival a                                             LilliHart   --  Tue, 11:12 a.m. EDT
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Ukraine Riot Police Get On Their Knees To Beg Forgiveness For Taking Part In Crackdown -pic                                                                       Jordon    --  Tue, 10:08 a.m. EDT
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Corporations Received 22,000% Return on Investment from Lobbying                                                                                                          Susoni     --   Tue, 10:03 am EDT
Like Colorado and Many other States: Drivers Forced onto Toll Roads in Texas - TAXPAYERS PAID FOR THEM                                             RumorMail -- Tue, 09:58 am.EDT
Reader: The quoted "expert" Arnie Gundersen might not be of the quality one expects in this field                                                                       RumorMail -- Tue, 09:54 am EDT
John McCain to Vladimir Putin: Don't meddle in [Our Meddling in] Ukraine. "Hello Pot? This is Kettle."                                                                  RumorMail -- Tue, 09:51 am EDT
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BATTLE FOR CRIMEA                                                                                                                                                                                                   IZAKOVIC -- Tue, 08:36 am EDT
BAE SYSTEMS AGREES EUROFIGHTER PRICING WITH SAUDI ARABIA                                                                                                                        IZAKOVIC -- Tue, 08:22 am EDT
WARNING: SAUDI-DRIVEN MAYHEM AHEAD, AN PRINCE CHARLES LEAD                                                                                                                    IZAKOVIC -- Tue, 08:04 am EDT
NOT WITH WEAPONS, BUT WITH U.S. TREASURY BONDS - WHAT IS CHINA BUYING IN THE U.S.?                                                                           IZAKOVIC -- Tue, 07:03 a.m. EDT
How Covert Agents Infiltrate the Internet, to Manipulate, Deceive, and Destroy Reputations                                                                                                   FreePlanet -- Tue, 06:58 a.m. EDT
Re: UKRAINE VICTORY DEFEATS PUTIN! - AN ISIDER VIEW                                                                                                                           IZAKOVIC -- Tue, 06:04 am. EDT
UKRAINE PARLIAMENT SACKS CONSTITUTIONAL COUR JUDGES                                                                                                            IZAKOVIC -- Tue, 06:01 am EDT
UKRAINE VICTORY DEFEATS PUTIN! - AN ISIDER VIEW                                                                                                                      IZAKOVIC  -- Tue,05:56 am EDT
Reader D Sends Informative Current and Historical Perspective On Unkraine                                                                                              Lion    --    Tue, 05:51 a.m. EDT
The Tapping Summit is underway - here are some details...                                                                                                                 hobie     --   Tue, 03:47 a.m. EDT
Light healing - see also...                                                                                                                                                              hobie    --   Tue, 03:40 a.m. EDT
Thanks Reader Additional Info                                                                                                                                                  Lymerick  -- Tue, 03:29 a.m. EDT
THANKS READER - Sandy Hook; Game Over- NO Deaths, NO Victims In Official Record                                                        Lymerick  -- Tue, 03:12 a.m. EDT
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ERT Termination Squads Targeting Veterans Before Martial Law? BLUE FORD PICK-UPS                                    Lymerick -- Tue, 01:59 a.m. EDT
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The Constitution is NOT a contract!                                                                                                                                       Tholidor   --   Mon, 2:01 p.m. EDT
Texas police double as Mahmoudberg’s militia                                                                                                                              RumorMail -- Mon, 1:36 pm. EDT
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Reader: The truth in this is undeniable There is plenty of proof.                                                                                                             Susoni    --  Mon, 1:28 p.m. EDT
CGI: Alert! All EPA Radiation Detectors Nationwide Suddenly Went OFFLINE! Right After High Level Plumes Released!                                Susoni   --   Mon, 1:26 p.m. EDT
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Fulford Blurb: War in Ukraine and More Banker Murders as Cabal End-Game Begins                                                                                               Jordon  --    Mon, 1:04 p.m. EDT
Reader: Hollywood’s Lesbian Illuminati & Male Soul Mates of Satan                                                                                                                            RumorMail --Mon,12:54 pm EDT
10 Dishwashing Products to Avoid Altogether - Green Living                                                                                                                                         LilliHart -- Mon, 12:44 p.m. EDT
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Scientists Accidentally Discover How to Stop or Start Pain Using Light!!                                                                                                                   Susoni   --    Mon, 12:18 p.m. EDT
Reader: Hundreds of politicians, lobbyists, attorneys and other elite parasites are jaywalking all over the Capitol                                                           Susoni    --  Mon, 12:02 p.m. 51-02
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CGI's Morgan: Demodex Mites and the Power of Bhakti                                                                                                              CGI_admin -- Mon, 9:38 am EDT
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Some Brightening....Three Instances Of American Pushback Against The American Gestapo...                                             Watchman  --  Mon,9:17am EDT
Reader D: "These number codices are etched right into the human spell cast vessels."                                                     Lion    --   Mon, 05:50 a.m. EDT
They leap to "virus",. How about "toxin"...?                                                                                                            hobie    --   Mon, 04:54 a.m. EDT
2005 - DALE WARLAND SINGERS, "THE ROAD HOME"                                                                                 hobie    --    Mon, 04:10 a.m. EDT
2010 - LIBERA, "FAITHFUL HEART"                                                                                                            hobie    --     Mon, 04:04 a.m. EDT
1934 - Anita Siegel & Babeth Leonet, Faure's "DOLLY" Piano Suite for 4 Hands (~15 mins)                              hobie   --    Mon, 04:02 a.m. 04-02
Reader, fwd, link to video: "Technology from Extraterrestrials"                                                                     hobie     --    Mon, 03:04 a.m. EDT
California May Pass Law to Protect Black People from Soda - Seriously :-)...                                               RumorMail -- Mon, 01:40am EDT
Mysterious polio-like illness affects kids in California                                                                                 RumorMail -- Mon,01:35am EDT
Nuclear Expert: “They must be terrified” at South Florida nuke plant; “The damn thing is grinding down”      RumorMail -- Mon,1:31am EDT
Reader: Is This All Turnabout Is Fair Play?                                                                                             Susoni  -- Mon, 01:29 a.m EDT
Reader: Yep, their arrogant recklessness will be reckoned with                                                               Susoni  --  Mon, 01:25 am EDT
Major US Utility Firm Blasts Smart Meters, As “Irrational” And “Security Risk”                                     Susoni  -- Mon, 01:23 am. EDT
Reader: CERN Accident, Opens Inter-Dimensional Gate vid                                                               Susoni  -- Mon, 01:11 a.m. EDT
Reader, link: "The U.S. government has patent on cannabis"                                                              hobie   --   Mon, 00:24 am. EDT
Reader: Ukrainian Update with Roman In Ukraine                                                                            RumorMail  --Mon, 0:01am EDT
===================================================================================================     LunDi  24 Février 2014  
Henry Kissinger, Shirley Temple and MK Ultra?                                                                                RumorMail -- Sun,11:59 pm EDT
Reader: "That performance filled me, with such joy."                                                                          hobie    --    Sun, 11:47 pm. EDT
Thanks for the $191.11, you 5. :) $839 more will reach the goal. (no message inside this post) *NM*       hobie   --    Sun, 11:40 pm 52-40
Re: ...about the Poofness newsletter...                                                                                                   hobie     --   Sun, 9:52 p.m. EDT
...about the Poofness newsletter...                                                                                                           hobie     --    Sun, 8:31 pm. EDT
Ellen Degeneres - Mk'd, Too.                                                                                                                    Arleigh   --   Sun, 8:28 pm. EDT
AN INDICTMENT OF THE AMERICAN MIND                                                                                           Lymerick -- Sun, 8:23 p.m EDT
Readers Respond...                                                                                                                                        Jordon   --  Sun, 8:16 pm.EDT
Reader, with links to mp3s: "It's getting beyond jiggy out there with the Police !"                                                     hobie   --   Sun, 7:56 pm. EDT
2011 - LUCAS & ARTHUR JUSSEN, Franz Schubert "FANTASIE in F, Opus 103" (shortened to 12 mins)                   hobie   --  Sun, 7:44 pm. EDT
Well Now, There's a Schmuck Who Is Qualified To Be A Police Chief...                                                                      Lion   --   Sun, 7:34  pm EDT
Reader R: "They are Already Starting on a Collider in Sweden"                                                                                     Lion    --   Sun, 7:24 pm. EDT
Bill Ryan - Project Avalon - The Anglo-Saxon Mission - Of Particular Interest To The People of China                              Lion    --   Sun, 6:50 pm. EDT
Reader: VHS chemtrail project                                                                                                                                   RumorMail--Sun,6:49 pm EDT
CGI's Morgan:Austin Police Chief Says Residents Should Just be Happy They’re Not Sexually Assaulted by Cops             Susoni   --  Sun, 6:45 pm. EDT
Stan Romanek UFO Alien Hoax by mechanical animator and special effects guy Steve Biggs- failed lie detector test, too    Susoni   --  Sun, 6:42 pm. EDT
9-year old Ken in the Philippines wants to open a no-kill animal shelter                                                                         hobie  --   Sun, 6:36 pm 38-36
CGI's Morgan: The Signature Dish of our Times - Dog Poet                                                                                   Susoni   -- Sun, 5:38 p.m. EDT
CGI's Morgan: FINDING YOUR PURPOSE---TEAL SCOTT                                                                                Susoni   -- Sun, 5:37 p.m. EDT
Reader B, fwd: Heavenletter #4839 The Presence and the Power, February 23, 2014                                               hobie   --   Sun, 5:21 p.m. EDT
Everyone Should Read Neil Keenan's Cease and Desist Order                                                                              CapnGriff -- Sun, 5:00 pm EDT
IT HAS NOT FAILED, WE HAVE                                                                                                                   food4thought--Sun,4:59pm EDT
The U.S. Constitution is in Default                                                                                                                 Jordon     --   Sun, 4:42 pm EDT
AtomMan's SUNDAY NEWS BYTES                                                                                                            atomMan -- Sun, 4:39 pm. 58-39
AMAZING SYNCHRONICITY - TAKE A LOOK AT THIS VIDEO - WHAT DO YOU THINK?                          The_Fox  --  Sun, 3:58 pm. EDT
Reader S: "May I remind the reader that these bankers are not 'poor guys' "                                                       Lion    --     Sun, 2:04 p.m. EDT
Dave Hodges: The Conditions of Your (America's) Re-Education Camp Confinement                                          NaturalWisdom -- Sun, 1:04 pm.
Reader H has an answer.                                                                                                                               Luna   --   Sun, 12:55 p.m. EDT
Simon Parkes: First One Did Not Work - Could Not Maintain Wormhole Portal - 2016 Deadline (vid)                     Lion   --    Sun, 12:05 p.m. EDT
Romanek's wife, Lisa has this to say                                                                                                                Susoni   --  Sun, 12:00 pm. EDT
UFO author, Stanley Romanek, appears in court on child pornography charges                                                      Susoni   --  Sun, 11:53 am. EDT
Reader: At Fukushima, tons of radioactive soil wrapped up in plastic bags                                                              RumorMail -- Sun,11:48am EDT
Video: Christopher Story - FRAUD, Corruption, CIA, Nazis, EU & Illuminati Whistleblower's Sudden Death               Lion    --   Sun, 11:05 a.m. EDT
Video: A 90th Degree Mason - Whistle Blower (Full Disclosure) Part 1 & 2                                                              Lion    --    Sun, 10:54 am. EDT
Alkalizing Grapes Help Dissolve Uric Acid Crystals for Joint Pain Relief                                                                    LilliHart -- Sun, 10:45 a.m. EDT
Last Shopping Trip for Prepping: What to Get if You Only Have One Chance Left                                                      LilliHart  -- Sun, 10:41 a.m. EDT
Treat Diverticulitis with Aloe Vera and Other Natural Cures                                                                                       LilliHart  -- Sun, 10:39 a.m. EDT
15 Ways to Use Bentonite Clay for Beauty, Detox and Good Health from Head to Toe                                                   LilliHart  --  Sun, 10:38 a.m. EDT
They're Building a New LHL(Cern) 4 times Larger and much more Powerful!!                                                             Susoni    --   Sun, 10:37 am. EDT
Signs, Symptoms and Holistic Treatment for Magnesium Deficiency                                                                             LilliHart   --  Sun, 10:35 am. EDT
SEE how it's all tied to BANKING? Ukraine credit rating cut by S&P as violence continues                                               Susoni    --   Sun, 10:34 am. EDT
US Tells Ukraine.. "Hey, Now you NEED the IMF to Fund & Stabilize Your Economy!!"                                                    Susoni   --   Sun, 10:21 am. EDT
Re: Woman Chased Through Park By Sea Of Bunny Rabbits Video                                                                                    LilliHart  --  Sun, 10:18 a.m. EDT
Video: Iran, Israel, Syria, Russia, and China Third World War Albert Pike                                                                            Lion     --    Sun, 10:14 am. EDT
How many socialists sit in Congress today? 'Progressive Caucus' linked to group seeking gov ownership of private bizness     Susoni     --  Sun, 10:01 am. EDT
Rep Jim Clyburn's (D-Socialist Party) DAUGHTER in Charge of Newsroom Monitoring !!!                                                Susoni    --    Sun, 09:52 am. EDT
Brazil will use robots to police the 2014 World Cup                                                                                                        RumorMail -- Sun, 09:48 am EDT         
 Army sent in to Venezuelan cities as unrest prompts coup warning                                                                                RumorMail -- Sun, 09:47 am EDT
US expands military net over Africa, checking China’s influence                                                                                   RumorMail -- Sun, 09:46 am EDT
“Brand NEW Technology” Supplies Infinite Power Source To Unleash Hell and Control the Masses–It's Arrived! (Video)  RumorMail -- Sun, 09:45 am EDT
Video: How Safe Is Your Money? Kabal Plans To Steal It All - Your 401K Retirement Too                                             Lion      --     Sun, 09:43 am. EDT
YOU Have Been Targeted for Internment & Resettlement                                                                                         RumorMail  -- Sun, 09:41 am EDT
Reader: Judge Napolitano: Government Monitoring Newsrooms “Radical New Era of Tyranny”                                  RumorMail  -- Sun, 09:39 am. EDT
Dead Banksters ‘Harbinger To The Economic Collapse’ – “V” The Guerrilla Economist (Video)                                 RumorMail  -- Sun, 09:37 a.m. EDT
NY State Hires Bill Gates Firm to Collect Data on Children                                                                                    Susoni       --    Sun, 09:34 a.m. EDT
Why Don't Good Cops Stand Up More Often?                                                                                                    RumorMail   -- Sun, 09:32 a.m. EDT
Re: Reader Vincent: "In Defense of Abby Martin.."                                                                                              atomMan    --   Sun, 09:32 a.m. EDT
The Truth About Slavery: Past, Present and Future                                                                                              RumorMail  -- Sun, 09:23 a.m. EDT
Reader: Roundup Weedkiller Found In 75% of Air and Rain Samples, Gov't Study Finds                                          RumorMail -- Sun, 09:17 am. EDT
HMN: - The Problem With The New Obozo Stamp----                                                                                          Watchman -- Sun, 08:46 am EDT
How Government Hives The Mass Mind....                                                                                                           Watchman -- Sun, 8:37 am EDT
CGI: Is the Yellowstone Volcano Ready to Blow? Substantical Scientific Evidence Indicates Unprecedented Activit        Susoni   --  Sun, 08:34 am. EDT
The System Is As Such: Every Human Born Outside the Kabal Families is Considered an Owned Profit Center               Lion    --   Sun, 07:28 a.m. EDT
Brien Foerster - Paracas elongated skulls - DNA results in.                                                                                         FreePlanet -- Sun, 3:57 am 39-57
2012 - 16-yr old ARTHUR JUSSEN, Brahms' "INTERMEZZO Opus 118 No. 2"                                                             hobie   --   Sun, 03:39 a.m. EDT
Morgellons : A Working Hypothesis Neural, Thyroid, Liver, Oxygen, Protein and Iron Disruption                                         Lymerick -- Sun, 03:35am EDT
2010 - LIBERA, "TIME"                                                                                                                                                  hobie  --  Sun, 03:33 a.m. EDT
2010 - The "FORBIDDEN FRIENDSHIP" segment from "HOW TO TRAIN YOUR DRAGON"                                                 hobie  --  Sun, 03:23 a.m. EDT
Every corporate-military worker signs a NON DISCLOSURE AGREEMENT                                                                              FreePlanet -- Sun,2:50 am EDT
Queen Elizabeth controls and has amended U.S. Social Security AND THE REASON WE PAY INCOME TAX                                  Lymerick -- Sun, 2:49 am EDT
Campaign to get Free Planet Blog UNBLOCKED by Facebook                                                                                                       FreePlanet --  Sun, 2:43am EDT
American Citizens Forced To Pay A Percent Of Their Taxes To The Queen Of England Via The IRS.(You MUST See This Picture)      Lymerick -- Sun, 02:28 am EDT
Reader, link: "Iceland’s clean vision offers a blueprint for the world"                                                                                               hobie   --    Sun, 01:43 a.m. EDT
Susan Peters - Possible Missing Link in the Death & Decline of Late Actress Susan Peters                                                               Infoeditor  -- Sun, 01:27 am EDT
Special Report - Neil Keenan Team                                                                                                                                        Mr.Ed   --   Sun, 00:48 a.m. EDT
======================================================================================================================    Dimanche 23 février   
Woman Chased Through Park By Sea Of Bunny Rabbits Video                                                                                                    esu333   --   Sat, 11:50 pm. EDT
Sheldan Nidle Webinar 48 - TUNING IN TO CONSCIOUSNESS                                                                                               Mr.Ed  --  Sat, 11:10 p.m. 45-10
Reader F: "I think these poor guys, must know too much, and the scuminatti are concerned..... the truth may get out of hand."     Lion   --      Sat, 9:45 p.m. EDT
Video: DR. WEBSTER G. TARPLEY..... 9/11 Synthetic Terror - Made in USA                                                                           Lion     --    Sat, 9:38 p.m. EDT
Justina Pelletier's Case - Not What It Seems                                                                                                                          MaryMaxwell -- Sat, 9:25 p.m.
Reader Vincent: "In Defense of Abby Martin.."                                                                                                                    Jordon  --  Sat, 9:21 p.m. EDT
Reader RD, poses a question.                                                                                                                                             Luna   --   Sat, 9:10 p.m. EDT
Lindsay Lohan, and Lady Gaga: Mind Controlled, on Camera                                                                                                Arleigh  -- Sat, 8:40 p.m. EDT
2014 - new vocal from SLEEPY MAN BANJO BOYS, "RUN"                                                                                              hobie   --  Sat, 8:28 p.m. EDT
Video: Masterful Blues Piano, by Dan Burnett                                                                                                                      Lion   --  Sat, 8:26 p.m. 08-26
This is absolutely obscene... -more photos                                                                                                                      Jordon  --  Sat, 8:08 p.m. EDT
Man Who Jumped from the JP Morgan Building in Hong Kong, Becomes the 8th Banker to Die Mysteriously, This Month            Lion     --    Sat, 7:40 p.m. EDT
Video: The USA Is Gone..... A Collage Of Facts And Events... It's Much Worse Than You Think...                                          Watchman  -- Sat, 7:36 pm EDT
SATURDAY NIGHT WEEKEND MOVIES UPDATE - 2-22-2014 - 2 Allison Hayes Movies                                                           Infoeditor -- Sat, 7:32 p.m. EDT
Fascinating!                                                                                                                                                                           Luna     --    Sat, 7:30 p.m. EDT
MOHAWK - FULL MOVIE - Allison Hayes, Scott Brady, Neville Brand, Lori Nelson - Drama Adventure - COLOR                             Infoeditor -- Sat, 7:25 p.m. EDT
Ukrainian Parliament ,,,, Impeaches Yanukovich                                                                                                                             Lion    --   Sat, 7:24 p.m. EDT
2 More WEEKEND MOVIES - THE DISEMBODIED - FULL MOVIE - Allison Hayes, Paul Burke - Voodoo Jungle Mystery Suspense.   Infoeditor --Sat,7:19pm EDT
Project Camelot: Timothy Good - Earth an Alien Enterprise.                                                                                                            Jordon -- Sat, 6:06pm 51-06
2011 - SLEEPY MAN BANJO BOYS on Letterman, "FLINT HILL SPECIAL"                                                                                hobie -- Sat, 4:51 p.m. EDT
Are You Awake Yet , America?                                                                                                                                              Liberty_Lady -- Sat, 4:40 pm.
1982 - JOE JACKSON, "STEPPIN' OUT" (music video)                                                                                                      hobie   --  Sat, 4:37 p.m. EDT
1970 - BLUES IMAGE, "RIDE, CAPTAIN, RIDE"                                                                                                            hobie   --   Sat, 4:35 p.m. EDT
Reader B, fwd: Messages from Ann & the Angels - 02/22/2014                                                                                      hobie     --   Sat, 4:17 p.m. EDT
Reader B, fwd: Heavenletter #4838, You Are Getting There , February 22, 2014                                                            hobie    --    Sat, 4:04 p.m. EDT
Reader: "This may be nothing, or, it may be something. Don' know."                                                                         hobie    --    Sat, 3:54 p.m. EDT
Umm.. you haven't figured out .....she's another shill?                                                                                        Jordon    --   Sat, 3:33 p.m. EDT
Video: Gerald Celente: America's Overt Actions, Destabilizing Ukraine, as Never Before                                        Lion     --     Sat, 2:43 p.m. EDT
DEAR ABBY: AN OPEN LETTER, TO ABBY MARTIN, OF RT                                                                         atomMan  --  Sat, 2:38 p.m. EDT
Agartha and the Hollow Earth                                                                                                                         CapnGriff -- Sat, 1:53 p.m. EDT
Paul Has To Know That Us Plans, On Establishing A Beachead In Ukraine                                                        Lion     --     Sat, 1:37 p.m. EDT
Foods That Trigger.... a Silent Migraine Headache                                                                                          LilliHart  -- Sat, 12:50 p.m. EDT
The Best Herbal Teas.... Treat UTIs, Bladder Spasms,.... And Improve Urinary Tract Health                              LilliHart -- Sat, 12:47 p.m. EDT
HSBC Announce Staff Bonuses, Totaling $4 Billion                                                                                        Jordon  -- Sat, 12:38 p.m. EDT
3 Teas To Cure.... Sinus Infections                                                                                                               LilliHart -- Sat, 12:28 pm  EDT
SORCHA FAAL.... RUSSIAN THREAT OF WAR OVER UKRAINE, STUNS OBAMA REGIME                         Seawitch -- Sat,12:16 pm EDT
THX READER-Some Hopeful Info                                                                                                                Lymerick -- Sat,12:14pm EDT
Reader: It`s A "Record High" Leak, At Fukushima- Extraordinarily Radioactive- Almost 8,000,000 Times Limit    RumorMail--Sat,11:59am EDT
The Shaking of the Earth.. Incoming Debris.... Could Strike Major Cities!                                                    Jordon  --  Sat, 11:58 a.m. EDT
Reader: 'The Farther We Stay Away From Ukraine, 'The Better'- Ron Paul                                                    RumorMail--Sat,11:55am EDT
EVIDENCE FOR ....A BREAKAWAY CIVILIZATION                                                                              RobDaven --Sat,11:50am EDT
Ukraine Protests: Israeli Ex-Officer, Leads Militant Group                                                                       igots2no  -- Sat, 11:30am EDT
Reader: Many photos, of the turmoil here !!                                                                                          Susoni  -- Sat, 11:17 a.m EDT
What the Royal Family.... Doesn't Want YOU To See! Zion King?                                                           RumorMail-Sat,11:15am EDT 
Reader: Excellent video.!!                                                                                                                   Susoni  --  Sat, 11:08 am EDT
Complete Anarchy in Ukraine: Governor Handcuffed to Pole, Video                                                         Susoni  -- Sat, 10:57 am EDT
When it all.... hits the fan.. Remember the Dandelion -Medicine, Tea, Food, all in one                            Susoni  -- Sat, 10:17 am EDT
CGI's Morgan: Dog Poet: Ageless Wisdom, and... everything Else                                                           Susoni  -- Sat, 10:13am EDT
CGI's Cmanynames: Putin is xissed, and he just might have a bone to pick, would you?                              Susoni  -- Sat,10:08 am EDT
Ukraine President Flees Kiev, Protesters Enter His Personal Compound - LOOK WHAT THEY FIND!          Jordon -- Sat, 10:02 am EDT
CGI's Cmanynames: All this unusual weather, and the booga booga climate change                                     Susoni  -- Sat, 10:01 am EDT
CGI's Cmanynames: It could be the end of the world !                                                                            Susoni --  Sat, 09:59 am. EDT
CGI's Morgan: HAPPY RAGNAROK, EVERYONE!                                                                               Susoni  -- Sat, 09:50 am. EDT
Concerns ....Regarding Soy                                                                                                                    LuellaMay  -- Sat,9:41am EDT
Scandal at the FDA: board members with drug maker ties, voted to approve drug.... that's killing women        LuellaMay -- Sat, 9:28am EDT
Citigroup CEO, Gets $14 Million Pay Package                                                                                            Jordon  --  Sat, 09:27 am EDT
UK Data, Finds Prescription Drugs.... 62,000 Times More Likely to Kill You, Than Supplements                       LuellaMay  -- Sat, 9:16am EDT
Rupert Murdoch Buys NYC Condo 'Bachelor Pad', for $57.25 Million -pics                                                      Jordon  -- Sat, 09:13 a.m. EDT
Bill Clinton Admits .....Media Fabricated News Stories -vid                                                                               Jordon  --  Sat, 07:44 am. EDT
Newest Seismic Data at Bayou Corne Sinkhole, Shows Uptick In Activity! -vid                                                    Jordon  --  Sat, 06:52 am. EDT
Community Leaders Brief - Banking System Change Over                                                                                   Jordon -- Sat, 06:42 a.m. 19-42
Fukushima - Tough to Sort Out the Truth, on this One                                                                                           Arleigh   --   Sat, 06:19 am EDT
** FEBRUARY ENDS SOON - PLEASE CONTRIBUTE **                                                                                      hobie    --   Sat, 04:20 a.m. EDT
Link: Update on WENDY from CASPER                                                                                                                   hobie    --   Sat, 04:13 a.m. EDT
2010 - LIBERA, "AVE VIRGO" (Peace and Blessings for Ukraine)                                                                                  hobie   --    Sat, 04:00 a.m. EDT
Sandy Hook Game-Changer: Solid New Evidence of a Cover-Up, Presented, + IMPORTANT VIDEO                                    Lymerick  -- Sat, 03:59 am EDT
1970 - JAMES TAYLOR, live, "SWEET BABY JAMES"                                                                                                      hobie   --   Sat, 03:53 a.m. EDT
Ex-Navy SEALS Found Dead, on ‘Captain Phillips Ship’, Points to Maritime Piracy Scam                                                          Lymerick -- Sat, 03:50 am EDT
1986 - DAVE GRUSIN, Main Theme for "LUCAS"                                                                                                                   hobie    --  Sat, 03:48 am. EDT
The Sacred Science Team: "How Are These Elders, Living Past 100?"                                                                                           hobie    --   Sat, 03:20 am EDT
Yes, CHAANGE  is  coMing !                                                                                                                                               FreePlanet  --Sat, 3:20am EDT
Day of the Reaper, FP#3, will be.... twenty chapters, how do I know?                                                                                              FreePlanet  -- Sat, 3:16am EDT
Reader: "I feel so sorry for this insanity, to keep birds in captivity, for MONEY."                                                                                     hobie    --    Sat, 03:03 am EDT
...where are the MEN?                                                                                                                                                                      Swami    --  Sat, 02:23 am EDT
Bankers Suicided over their employers' Yellow-cake business?                                                                                                              esu333   --   Sat, 01:57 am EDT
Thanks, you 2, for that $150. :) Widget is now at $1820, let's keep it growing. (no message inside this post) *NM*                                  hobie   --  Sat,   1:52 am  10-52
MOST REWARDING 30 MINs I'VE SPENT, IN YEARS--WATCH THIS.                                                                                            oliverhaddo --Sat, 0:10am EDT
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March 4 was the original Inauguration Day, and is part of the "American Grand Trine"                                                                         MrFusion -- Fri,11:45pm EDT
Jon Rappoport: 'Study: Monsanto’s Roundup, causes..... “gluten intolerance”'                                                                                     hobie  --  Fri, 11:38 pm. EDT
HMN: (Kinda)            ......                                                                                                                                                            Watchman--Fri,10:47  57-47
Music - Peter Frampton - Jack Bruce - Ringo Starr - "White Room" Pine Knob 1997                                                                          Lion   --  Fri, 9:57 p.m. EDT
Prescient, Or Inside Knowledge? In Oct, 2012 TheWashington Times Predicted American Economy To Collapse, On March 4, 2014.    Watchman --Fri,9:50pm EDT
Video: CIA Agent Caught Helping...... Protestors Captured In Ukraine                                                                                             Watchman --Fri,9:39pm EDT
Music - Peter Frampton - "While My Guitar.... Gently Weeps "                                                                                                      Lion    --  Fri, 9:34 pm. EDT
YELLOWSTONE SUPER VOLCANO, RISING, RELEASING, RELEASING AND RUMBLING, LIKE 600.000 BC                          Seawitch  -- Fri,8:53pm EDT
Putin Is President of Russia. He Will Protect The Russian People.                                                                                                Lion    --    Fri, 8:45pm EDT
*** Iraqi dinar, recently being said *** / Okie_Oil_Man, TNT Tony                                                                                          hobie   --  Fri, 8:10 pm. EDT
Video: Former Goldman Sachs Employee - Financial Terrorism Exposed!! - Thomas Sheridan (Psychopaths in Public Life )            Lion   --   Fri, 8:09 pm. EDT
Leftists Say You Could Never Deport All The Illegals, But These Same Idiots Say --"Arrest All The Gun Owners".... LOL             Watchman   --   Fri, 7:43 pm
Video: The Problem Is..... The Sociopath/Psychopath Mind....                                                                                                Lion   -- Fri, 7:42 p.m. EDT
Actually Nugent Apologized, And I'm Glad, Because Calling Obozo, A Mongrel...                                                                    Watchman  --  Fri, 7:05 p.m.
Reader wishes all parties involved could work together...                                                                                                     MrFusion  --  Fri, 6:56 p.m.
On Ukraine--Where's Russia? -- The US And Russia, Are At War... Don't Let The Lack Of Aircraft Carriers, Fool You....     Watchman  -- Fri, 6:33 p.m.
Video: Ted Nugent - Some Things Just Need.... To Be Said - Over and Over and Over...                                                      Lion  -- Fri, 6:25 p.m. EDT
Reader: "And it will continue to go extinct, until a second box is placed next to.... every TV, a box which ..."                       hobie  -- Fri, 6:09 pm EDT
What is Behind..... The California Drought?                                                                                                               Liberty_Lady -- Fri,5:40 pm
2010 - JOHN POWELL, the flying theme from "HOW TO TRAIN YOUR DRAGON"                                                hobie  --  Fri, 5:36 pm. EDT
1994 - JAMES NEWTON HOWARD, Main Theme for "WYATT EARP"                                                                hobie  --  Fri, 5:27 p.m. EDT
1991 - MICHAEL KAMEN, Overture to "ROBIN HOOD: PRINCE OF THIEVES"                                               hobie   --  Fri, 5:21 p.m. EDT
Reader Z: "Venezuela - What do you know, about what's going on there?"                                                         Lion    --   Fri, 5:16 p.m. EDT
Reader B, fwd: Heavenletter #4837, Words Do Their Best, February 21, 2014                                                  hobie    --   Fri, 5:15 p.m. EDT
Thanks, you 14, for the $257. :) Let's keep it coming. (no message inside this post) *NM*                              hobie   --   Fri, 4:36 p.m. 40-36
BREAKING: President impeachment bill, introduced in Ukrainian parliament                                                   NaturalWisdom--Fri,3:40pm EDT
Thank you! I make smoothies, a lot. This could make them, healthier. :) *NM*                                               Luna       --    Fri, 3:37 p.m. EDT
A map of Russian gas suppliers to Europe, via Ukraine                                                                                  NaturalWisdom-- Fri,3:27pm EDT
Prevent and Heal Osteoporosis, Naturally                                                                                                      Dquixote1217 -- Fri, 3:19pm EDT
End Headache Pain, with Vanilla                                                                                                                  Dquixote1217 - Fri, 3:15 pm EDT
End Ulcerative Colitis, Naturally                                                                                                                      Dquixote1217-- Fri, 3:13 pm EDT
Reader: That...is a very good question, Susoni; where are the MEN?                                                                   Susoni     --     Fri, 2:29 p.m. EDT
Inner Sanctum - FULL MOVIE - Mary Beth Hughes, Charles Russell - Catch 22, Film Noir                                     Infoeditor    --   Fri, 1:54 pm EDT
WEEKEND MOVIES - The Yesterday Machine - FULL MOVIE - Tim Holt, James Britton - Science Fiction               Infoeditor    --   Fri, 1:52 p.m EDT
 Holographic Disclosure - Video Series                                                                                                                  Gaian        --      Fri, 1:26 pm. EDT
PressTV: Israeli ex-officer..... leads Ukraine protests                                                                                                 NaturalWisdom -- Fri,1:17 pm EDT
The Kremlin: This leaked tape, shows.... the US is backing Ukraine’s opposition                                                            NaturalWisdom -- Fri,12:59pm EDT
Reader sends thanks, Mr. Crayford                                                                                                                             MrFusion    --    Fri, 12:57 pm EDT
YES, I did :-) Right Wing, is the New Liberal Catch Phrase, But here is what it means                                                       Susoni     --      Fri, 12:51 pm. EDT
I'm sure you noticed--                                                                                                                                                 Watchman   --   Fri, 12:40 pm. EDT
Paul Craig Roberts: Is Ukraine Drifting Toward Civil War, And Great Power Confrontation?                                                   NaturalWisdom --Fri,12:38pm EDT
Reader: Thank you, for posting these videos                                                                                                                        Susoni     --     Fri, 12:35 pm. EDT
RUSSIAN BLACK SEA FLEET                                                                                                                                               IZAKOVIC  -- Fri, 12:14 pm EDT
CRIMEA - RUSSIA WILL GO TO WAR, TO DEFEND SEVASTOPOL, IF UKRAINE IS DIVIDED                                                IZAKOVIC  -- Fri, 12:05pm EDT
NO SURPRISE                                                                                                                                                                          The_Fox     --  Fri, 11:47 am EDT
Tick Tock...Something is Coming...Chronicles of ....These Days of Change...                                                                                    Valiant      --     Fri, 11:45am EDT
Video - INHALED PLUTONIUM.... 96,000 TIMES Above HIGHEST Background, Coming From New Mexico                                      AndiV      --    Fri, 11:42 am EDT
HAPPY BIRTH DAY - MUGABE TURNS 90, AND STILL RUNS AROUND                                                                                         IZAKOVIC -- Fri, 11:37a m EDT
UKRAINIAN PARLIAMENT VOTES.... RETURN TO 2004 CONSTITUTION                                                                                     IZAKOVIC -- Fri, 11:27 am EDT
Nest Gems - The North Korea ....Paper Tiger                                                                                                                                     SARTRE   --   Fri, 11:20 am EDT
UKRAINE REACHES 'DEAL' WITH PROTESTORS- ACCORD IS SIGNED, BUT DOUBTS ARE VERY STRONG!!                         Susoni     --    Fri, 10:52 a.m. EDT
Today's Healthy Recipe - Chickpea Curry Wraps                                                                                                                        Dquixote1217 --  Fri,10:48 am EDT
Ukrainian protesters with guns, caught on tape - Short Vid                                                                                                       Susoni     --     Fri, 10:33 a.m. EDT
China Sold Second-Largest Amount Ever Of US Treasurys, In December: And Guess Who Comes, To The Rescue??                Susoni       --    Fri, 10:23 am. EDT
Video: Shocking moment, 500lb bomb is dropped on US soldiers, by mistake                                                                       RumorMail  -- Fri, 10:17 am. EDT
Navy readies to deploy first Warfare Laser, onboard USS Ponce, this Spring                                                                    RumorMail  -- Fri, 10:08 am. EDT
Supplementing, for Gray Hair                                                                                                                                    LuellaMay  -- Fri, 10:07 am. EDT
Reader: NATO did give training in Estonia, in 2006                                                                                                     Susoni     --   Fri, 10:01 am. EDT
You've Heard About the Wonders of Colloidal Silver - But How About.... Colloidal Gold?                                               LuellaMay  --   Fri, 9:56 am EDT
'I am a Ukrainian' Video,.... Exposed As Kony-Style Scam - short vid                                                                           Susoni  -- Fri, 09:55 a.m. EDT
Your Brain, on Gluten: It’s Not a Pretty Picture – Part 1.                                                                                               LuellaMay --Fri,9:47am 46-47
 ** PLEASE HELP RAYELAN **                                                                                                                                hobie  --  Fri, 04:46 a.m. EDT
(undated) - LIBERA, Lloyd-Webber's "PIE JESU"                                                                                                            hobie  --  Fri, 04:38 a.m. EDT
2006 - PLEAD THE FIFTH, "PRAYER OF THE CHILDREN"                                                                                             hobie  -- Fri, 04:34 a.m. EDT
2008 - CAPELLA ROMANA, "SHCHEDRYK" (Peace and Blessings for Ukraine)                                                                     hobie -- Fri, 04:18 a.m. EDT
Reader, link: "CRITICAL THINKING, IS GOING EXTINCT"                                                                                                hobie -- Fri, 02:08 a.m. EDT
Reader: A 1,000's of hard-core protestors, are from Western Ukraine, and are members of the Right Sector; neo-nazi group.....   Susoni -- Fri, 01:26 a.m. EDT
Reader Sends us 6 Hour Vid, of Ukraine Protests -They act like a Militia                                                                              Susoni -- Fri, 01:18 a.m 07-18
Reader: Great video analysis, by Dr Joseph P. Farrell, on the Ukraine riots                                                                     RumorMail -- Fri, 01:07 am EDT
Ukrainian Opposition Capture .....the Rovno Nuclear Power Plant! ( video )                                                                 Dave404   --   Fri, 01:03 am. EDT
Katy Perry "Dark Horse" Illuminati Themed Music Video Secrets, Revealed ( video )                                                Dave404  --   Fri, 00:59 a.m. EDT
Korn Singer, Jonathan Davis: America is Being Destroyed, While People are Distracted by Miley Cyrus (video)      Dave404   --  Fri, 00:57 a.m. EDT
Russia Accuses US.... of Meddling in Ukraine’s Domestic Affairs                                                                 RumorMail -- Fri, 00:56 a.m. EDT
LOOK! Maduro Kicks CNN Out of Venezuela, and Says C.I.A Behind Attacks! ( video )                             Dave404   --   Fri, 00:53 a.m. EDT
EU BATTLE OVER Ukraine, Russia cannot lose their breadbasket, this will lead to WW3…                     RumorMail -- Fri, 00:52 a.m. EDT
Reader: At Least 70 Protesters Killed, In Kiev                                                                                  Susoni    --   Fri, 00:41 a.m. EDT
CGI's Duster: Cows make more milk, when listening to R.E.M.                                                     Susoni    --   Fri, 00:39 a.m. EDT
CGI's Duster: Who says kids today.... aren't creative?                                                                Susoni   --   Fri, 00:35 a.m. EDT
*** Iraqi dinar, recently being said *** / Okie_Oil_Man, EXOGEN                                         hobie     --   Fri, 00:35 a.m. EDT
Link to new response, from David Crayford                                                                          MrFusion  -- Fri, 00:07 am. EDT
David Crayford sends a new reponse to Wolfgang Struck                                                      MrFusion  -- Fri, 00:04 am. EDT
================================================================================================    VENDREDI  21 fevrier..
Another One for the Rumor Mill: DHS Agent, Reveals U.S. to Collapse, Within 6 Weeks           NatralWisdom--Thu,11:45pm EDT
MAGIc (No Message Inside) *NM*                                                                                        Gaian    --   Thu, 10:52 p.m. EDT
Watch 'Em - Watch 'Em Close...                                                                                             Lion    --    Thu, 10:03 p.m. EDT
Asking Better Questions                                                                                                               Swami    --   Thu, 9:40 p.m. EDT
Reader: THOUGHT POWER | MANIFEST WITH IMAGINATION | NEVILLE GODDARD vid               RumorMail -- Thu, 9:37pm EDT
UK Newspaper: New Highly Radioactive leak  at Fukushima nuclear plant - Water from Storage Tanks.        RumorMail -- Thu, 9:27pm EDT
I - MAGI - nation (No Message Inside) *NM*                                                                                            Gaian   --   Thu, 9:25 pm. EDT
Boulder Turnpike Privatization plan, rips off Colorado Residents, says advocate behind Lawsuit                          Susoni   --  Thu, 9:08pm EDT
Multiple Videos: Gov Snipers, Fire At Protestors..Protestor Snipers, Snipe The Cops...It:s A Mess Over There...    Watchman -Thu, 9:07pm EDT
Oh, And Speaking Of Western Ukraine, They Just Declared Independence, Yesterday...The Plot Thickens....      Watchman--Thu,8:55pm EDT
Video: Dr Deagle Show 2014/02/19 - Harley Schlanger - Obama Paying ... Syrian 'Rebels'                                      Lion   --   Thu, 8:54 pm. EDT
Chevron Apologizes for Fracking explosion, in Pennsylvannia, with Coupons for FREE PIZZA, Pic                        Susoni   --  Thu, 8:53 pm. EDT
Chevron to start shale gas production, in Ukraine by end-2014                                                                           Susoni    --   Thu, 8:40 pm. EDT
Killing Earth, With GeoEngineering – Part 4 – Playing With Chaos                                                                       RumorMail -- Thu, 8:36 pm. EDT
The Problem In Ukraine, Reduced To One Simple Map (Pix)                                                                                Watchman  -- Thu, 8:34 p.m. EDT
Killing Earth, With GeoEngineering – Part 3 – UV Radiation                                                                                      RumorMail   --  Thu, 8:34pm EDT
Logic, Imagination, and Magic                                                                                                                                    RumorMail - - Thu, 8:29 p.m. EDT
GeoEngineering, and The Four Horsemen                                                                                                                            RumorMail -- Thu, 8:25 p.m. EDT
Reader: Is Ukraine Drifting Toward Civil War, And Great Power Confrontation?                                                                              Susoni   --    Thu, 8:21 p.m. EDT
Reader: Missouri Senate Votes to Nullify... Federal Gun Control 23-10                                                                                                   RumorMail -- Thu, 8:18 p.m. EDT
ScreenShot Of Pravda.com.ua Article: Russian Troops To Ukraine, Morale Low, Don't Want To Fire On The People, Stay Tuned                  Watchman -- Thu, 8:18 p.m. EDT
AT&T and IBM Partner .... to Connect The Internet of Things                                                                                                                          RumorMail -- Thu, 8:17 p.m. EDT
CGI's Lulu: Global Reset (Jester)                                                                                                                                                                      Susoni    --   Thu, 8:12 p.m. EDT
One Rebel's Story, On What's Happening In Ukraine                                                                                                                                                   Watchman -- Thu, 8:10 p.m. EDT
CGI's Oldvermonter: Colo on fast pace, to private roads- dissenters removed from CDOT meeting, about privatizing Hwy 36, from Denver to Boulder             Susoni    --   Thu, 8:06 p.m. EDT
Dave Hodges - The Common Sense Show: It No Longer Pays.... To Go To Work                                                                                                                  NatralWisdom--Thu,8:05pm EDT
CGI: Dr Joseph P. Farrell provides editorial theory, that Ukraine is becoming ...symbol of major global political realignment...                                                        Susoni   --   Thu, 8:03 p.m. EDT
Video: Swarm Tech - You Can Learn, From This                                                                                                                                                                      Lion     --   Thu, 7:56 p.m. EDT
Today's Healthy Recipe - Honey Chipotle Chicken, with Salad and Lime Quinoa                                                                                                                             Dqixote1217--Thu,7:56pm EDT
Reader, link to 50-min video: Project Camelot interview, with NASA database hacker, Gary McKinnon                                                                                                hobie   --  Thu, 7:41 p.m. EDT
Re: Ahh, No..                                                                                                                                                                                                                             AndiV  --  Thu, 7:26 p.m. EDT
Video: It Is Zionism ....Conquering Ukraine and Venezuela - Morris                                                                                                                                                     Lion   --   Thu, 7:22 p.m. EDT  
Vid: ..Obozo Sez "If You Can't Trust Us,... We Got A Problem"                                                                                                                                                            Watchman--Thu,7:05pm EDT
RMN Archive: The Most Evil Man in the World, is NOT George Bush OR Back Obama - They are merely ...his puppets!      /Soros/                                                          hobie -- Thu, 7:03  pm EDT
RMN Archive: Update on Ukrainian Outbreak - Quarantines and Border Closings.                                                                                                                                 hobie -  - Thu, 6:58 pm EDT
RMN Archive: Ukrainian Doctor Describing ....Lungs of the Dead: “They look like they have been burned. It’s terrifying."                                                                    hobie -- Thu, 6:52 p.m. EDT
RMN Archive: HEY GLENN, MEET MAURICE'S COUSIN, ANNA STRONG, WHO HELPED ENGINEER  UKRAINIAN FAMINE-"An Unrepentant American"        hobie  --  Thu, 6:47 p.m. EDT
RAYELAN sends Archive articles, about UKRAINE                                                                                                                                                        hobie   --  Thu, 6:40 p.m. EDT
George Soros Hires Scientologist Arseniy Yatsenyuk, to Conquer Ukraine                                                                                                                       NatralWisdom--Thu,6:29pm EDT
1972 - CHUCK BERRY, live, "YOU NEVER CAN TELL"                                                                                                                                         hobie    --   Thu, 6:01 p.m. EDT
1987 - SUZANNE VEGA, "LUKA"                                                                                                                                                                   hobie   --  Thu, 5:52 p.m. EDT
1962 - JIMMY SMITH, "WALK ON THE WILD SIDE" (6 mins)                                                                                                              hobie -- Thu, 5:42 p.m. EDT
Reader B, fwd: Heavenletter #4836, It Is Your Own Giving of Love, That You Long For, February 20, 2014                                            hobie -- Thu, 5:31 p.m. 21-31
Jordan Maxwell raw and uncut : An Intellihub News exclusive - videos                                                                                        glasc -- Thu, 5:21 p.m. EDT
Video: F4L EXCLUSIVE: Russian Special Forces, Ready To CRUSH.... Ukraine Protesters                                                         Lion -- Thu, 5:06 p.m. EDT
Somewhere Karma Waits....                                                                                                                                              Watchman -- Thu, 3:42 p.m.
Re: Ahh, No..                                                                                                                                                                Jordon -- Thu, 3:04 p.m. 57-04
Police Execution, of Unarmed Man                                                                                                                                  esu333 -- Thu, 2:57 p.m. EDT
Homeopathic Treatment for Feline Asthma, in Cats                                                                                                             LilliHart -- Thu, 2:55 p.m. EDT
Dealing with Thyroid Problems, and Thinning Eyebrows                                                                                                       LilliHart -- Thu, 2:54 p.m. EDT
Re: The "Electric Slide" at Sandy Hook Firehouse -vid                                                                                                             AndiV -- Thu, 2:51 p.m. EDT
More than 101 reasons to use coconut as a home remedy, to improve your health naturally                                                            LilliHart -- Thu, 2:51 p.m. EDT
As Bank Deaths Continue to Shock, Documents Reveal JPMorgan Has Been Patenting... Death Derivatives                                        esu333 -- Thu, 2:44 p.m. EDT
Candace of Abundanthope, has a message for Wolfgang Struck                                                                                                        igots2no -- Thu, 2:44 p.m. EDT
NSA chief involved in Jessica Lynch rescue, charged with killing ...adopted son                                                                                    AndiV  --  Thu, 2:43 p.m. EDT
Susan Joy Rennison Update: "We Are On The Threshold, of a New Era"                                                                                                Jordon -- Thu, 2:35 p.m. EDT
Proof Eric Holder Involved.... With Sandy Hook Hoax -vid                                                                                                                         Jordon   --  Thu, 1:25 p.m. EDT
To the Watchers, Go the Spoils                                                                                                                                                                  CapnGriff -- Thu, 12:58 pm EDT
Supercharge Your Health for Pennies a Day, by Making Your Own ....Superfood Powder Blend                                                                            LuellaMay -- Thu, 12:54 pm EDT
Bubble Wrap Your Windows, for Extra Winter Insulation                                                                                                                                      LuellaMay -- Thu, 12:40 pm. EDT
Genetic Cancer Theory, Disproven, Yet Continues to be Propagated                                                                                                                             LuellaMay -- Thu, 12:27 pm EDT
Battle for humanity, nearly lost: global food supply, deliberately engineered.... to end life, not nourish it                                                                               Basil     --   Thu, 12:23 pm EDT


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