Monster Headlines: The Truth Behind Attempt To Steal 6 Nuclear Weapo  
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Monster Headlines: The Truth Behind Attempt To Steal 6 Nuclear Weapons!

Dear Members,

Please read this breaking news item which may not appear on the news anywhere soon. It says Bush signed off for the NUKES to be Clandestinely removed without telling anyone! Just as the Space Zetas precocious words has hardly dried on the page, Bush is now desperate to do anything which would secure his plans to become the world Dictator - first by declaring Martial Law. But now since the chance of martial law being declared is fast fading, it appears he is moving to now take us all to Hell with him by starting WW111 no matter what the cost!

However, the space angels are right on the case and hisí in particular is priority Job One!

Lisez s'il vous plaît cette information  qui ne peut pas apparaître sur les nouvelles n'importe où bientôt. Il dit que Bush n'a pas signé pour le LANCEment d'UNE BOMBE ATOMIQUE pour être Clandestinement enlevé sans le dire à quiconque! De même que l'Espace Zetas des mots précoces a à peine séché sur la page, Bush meurt maintenant d'envie de faire tout ce qui garantirait ses plans pour devenir le Dictateur du monde - d'abord en déclarant la Loi martiale. Mais maintenant puisque la chance de loi martiale étant déclarée vite s'efface, il apparaît qu'il se déplace pour maintenant nous prendre tous au diable[dans un Capharnaum] avec lui en recommençant WW111, peu importe  le coût[les conséquences]!

Cependant, les anges spatiaux sont justement sur le cas et c'est en particulier le Travail de priorité No Un!

Salaam akwaaba jambo

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9-9-7: Shipment of Live Nuclear Warheads From North Dakota to Louisiana was no Mistake!

The Live Warheads Were Removed From Their Secure Nuclear Storage Safes After Entry and Confirmation of Presidential Authorizaion!

Hal Turner - Reports that five (later confirmed to be six) nuclear warheads were "accidentally" shipped by B-52 from Minot Air Force Base in North Dakota to Barksdale Air Force Base in Louisiana are false. It was no mistake; it was a criminal conspiracy to launch nuclear terrorist attacks against U.S. cities!

Military investigators have confirmed to The Hal Turner Show that President Bush's personal Presidential authorization code authorized the removal of six 5 - 150 kiloton nuclear warheads from their secure nuclear storage safes.

Those Investigators also confirmed that the cruise missiles in which those warheads were placed, were mounted on the wings of the B-52 and not placed in the belly of the plane with other missiles headed for decommissioning.

When those nuclear cruise missiles arrived at Barksdale AFB, Investigators say plans were made to move those warheads off the base, allowing them to be used for what was to be a massive, nuclear "terrorist" strike against U.S. cities. They speculate the attacks would have been blamed on Al-Qaida and used as an excuse to impose Martial Law in the U.S. Government officials are scrambling to silence this investigation because it proves definitively that President George W. Bush was personally complicit in planning terrorist attacks against his own country for the purpose of declaring Martial law, merging the United States with other countries after we've been "crippled" by massive nuclear attacks, implementing "one world government" to "prevent anything like this from ever happening again" and, of course, remaining in power forever as absolute Dictator.

Elements inside the U.S. Military are aggressively seeking to arrest President Bush while top Brass in the military is doing everything possible to quash the crisis.

They leaked this information to me because efforts to "spin" and cover-up what really happened are overwhelming righteous efforts to hold the President accountable for his acts.

9-9-7: L'Expédition de Têtes nucléaires Actives du Dakota du Nord à la Louisiane n'était pas une Erreur!

Les Ogives Actives Ont été Enlevées de Leurs Coffres-forts de Stockage Sûrs Nucléaires Après Entrée et Confirmation d'Authorizaion Présidentiel!

Hal Turner - Annonce que cinq (plus tard confirmé pour être six) les têtes nucléaires ont été "accidentellement" expédiées par B-52 de la Base de l'Armée de l'air Minot dans le Dakota du Nord à la Base de l'Armée de l'air Barksdale en Louisiane sont faux. Ce n'était pas une erreur; c'était une conspiration criminelle pour lancer des attaques nucléaires terroristes contre des villes américaines!

Des investigateurs militaires ont confirmé à l'Hal Turner Montrent que le code d'autorisation personnel Présidentiel du Président Bush a autorisé le déplacement de six 5 - 150 kiloton des têtes nucléaires de leurs coffres-forts de stockage nucléaires sûrs.

Ces Investigateurs ont aussi confirmé que les missiles de croisière dans lesquels ces ogives ont été placées, ont été montés sur les ailes du B-52 et pas placés dans le ventre de l'avion avec d'autres missiles s'est dirigé vers decommissioning.

Quand ces missiles nucléaires de croisière sont parvenus à Barksdale AFB, les Investigateurs disent que les plans ont été faits pour déplacer  ces ogives de la base, leur permettant d'être employé pour ce qui devait être "un terroriste"  nucléaire massif, se heurtant contre des villes américaines. Ils spéculent que les attaques auraient été blâmées sur Al-Qaida et employées comme une excuse pour imposer la Loi martiale par les Représentants gouvernementaux étatsuniens fait des pieds et des mains pour faire silence sur cette enquête parce que cela prouve définitivement que ce président George W. Bush était personnellement complice contre son propre pays pour le but de déclarer la Loi martiale, fusionnant les États-Unis avec d'autres pays après que nous avons été "¹estropiés("endommagés) par des attaques massives nucléaires, mettant en oeuvre "un gouvernement mondial" pour "empêcher que tout cela ne se reproduise de nouveau" et, bien sûr, qu'il soit mis au pouvoir pour toujours comme le Dictateur absolu.

Les éléments à l'intérieur de l'armée des États-Unis cherchent agressivement à arrêter le Président Bush tandis que des personnalités chez les militaires font tout leur possible pour annuler la crise.

Ils m'ont fait couler cette information parce que les efforts "de filer" et des opération de camouflage de ce qui est vraiment arrivé sont des efforts accablants justes pour tenir le Président responsable de ses actes.

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salaam akwaaba jambo

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Great Post Tstorey !!

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Weapons foiled by a Military

My guess is that the US has plenty of cruise missiles and the methods to deliver them in the middle east already. Thus, I disagree with the "stop in Louisiana and go blow up Iran" theory.

Next is that the pilot and co pilot, both officers with a goodly amount of seniority, knew those missiles were live. I know military folks, pilots included, Air Force pilots do NOT fly airplanes with live ammunition unaware. They know everything about everything on their aircraft. No one is going to tell me the pilot of that plane wasn't in the loop. Both of the officers flying that plane KNEW they were breaking regulations. The flight officer at the base KNEW they were breaking the law. This is court martial material. This is big court martial material and everyone involved knows it. The pilots were ordered to fly that plane to Barksdale. Armed services folks do not like to take risks with the military justice system. Officers in particular, are a cautious lot for the simple reason that their house, their car, their paycheck, their family and retirement are fully dependent on not getting court martialed. Flying with nukes is really bad. The best question I have for everyone involved is why did the pilots and the flight officers at the bases do it anyway??? It is a big deal. The refueling guys knew, the wives knew, the ATC knew., the freakin' UPS guy knew.

Armed services are brotherhoods. Everyone knows everything (in a matter of speaking). Minot knew the missiles were live and before much time Barksdale knew. How did Barksdale know? Somebody from Minot told them. A nuke is a big freaking deal because it can kill lots of people including Air Force people.

That is a B52 launched weapons system and those missiles were ready to launch and blow stuff up. They were not being shipped in cartons inside the planes. They were mounted on the wings ready to get launched.

So, we have done away with the speculation for now. North Dakota to Louisiana... .why? Story hits the Air Force Times....why? No story gets into the Air Force Times unless it is fully VETTED. Why did the senior editor at the Air Force Times publish this story? He's is at LEAST a Colonel and maybe a one star genera

My 10 cent guess is that "somebody" wanted to get "somebody else" into hot water and yes, they succeeded. They succeeded big time. One flight  munitions officer and crews responsible for loading the warheads have been relieved of duties. Do you really think a master sergeant in the Minot Air Force Base munitions command "forgot" that there were live nukes on a plane he is responsible for arming? Armed nukes weigh vastly more than than unarmed and are labeled all over the place. There is a check system that is 200 pages long for this stuff and there is law passed by congress that prohibits planes from flying with nukes. This is not a new law.

It was not a mistake. The story was published in the Air Force Times and picked up by the Army Times

So there you have it.

EVERYONE INVOLVED KNEW WHAT WAS GOING ON AND IT WENT ON ANYWAY. (my conclusion is that they were ordered to do it by a very high officer. Way beyond a base commander who is one or two stars)


(Whoever gave the order to fly with nukes is an a$$hole. The senior officers at the AF and Army Times were just making sure everybody knew it. This was not a garden variety f up. This was a bottom of the ninth 24 karat pure 100% ground beef everybody is gonna get fired f up and command level officers were involved in exposing it and making sure it was FULLY exposed. Think about it. If this was a legitimate mistake and the guys involved were just folks working for a living it would not have hit every newspaper in the freaking world.)

So does the cabal take this kind of risk? All of the people at both bases are going to know and somebody is going to drop a dime. Putting a little nuke somewhere and blowing it up is one thing. Mounting a couple on a B52 and flying them around the US of A is waaaay more risky.

Ok, so they gonna shoot the damn thing? Waaay too many folks "know."

Armed services don't care much for civilians giving them orders. I am sure that having Cheney in charge of the biggest nuclear arsenal in the world just makes their day. Maybe they just made his.

Best to all,

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> Was a Covert Attempt to Bomb Iran with Nuclear Weapons foiled by a Military Leak? An Exopolitical Perspective

> On August 30, a B-52 bomber armed with five nuclear-tipped Advanced Cruise missiles traveled from Minot Air Force base, North Dakota, to Barksdale Air Force base, Louisiana. Each missile had an adjustable yield between five and 150 kilotons of TNT which is at the lower end of the destructive capacities of U.S. nuclear weapons. For example, the atomic bomb dropped on Hiroshima had a yield of 13 kilotons, while the Bravo Hydrogen bomb test of 1954 had a yield of 15,000 kilotons. The B-52 story was first covered in the Army Times on September 5 after the nuclear armed aircraft was discovered by Airmen. What made this a very significant event was that it was a violation of U.S. Air Force regulations concerning the transportation of nuclear weapons by air. Nuclear weapons are normally transported by air in specially constructed planes designed to prevent radioactive pollution in case of a crash. Such transport planes are not equipped to launch the nuclear weapons they routinely carry around the U.S. and the world for servicing or positioning.

> The discovery of the nuclear armed B-52 was, according to Hans Kristensen, a nuclear weapons expert at the Federation of American Scientists, the first time in 40 years that a nuclear armed plane had been allowed to fly in the U.S (see: ). Since 1968, after a SAC bomber crashed in Greenland, all nuclear armed aircraft have been grounded but were kept on a constant state of alert. After the end of the Cold War, President George H. Bush ordered in 1991 that nuclear weapons were to be removed from all aircraft and stored in nearby facilities.. ..

> Continued at: http://exopolitics. org/Exo-Comment- 58.htm

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Is USAF Stand Down To
Find A Missing Nuke?
Someone, operating under a special chain of command within
the United States Air Force, just stole a nuclear weapon.
By Chuck Simpson
Some History 
Barksdale Missile Number Six deserves far more public attention than it's received to date. Missile Number Six is potentially the major story of at least this year. 
Until 1968 under the Airborne Alert Program, informally called Operation Chrome Dome, the Air Force routinely kept about a dozen strategic bombers with nuclear weapons flying at all times. 
One predictable result was crashes and incidents. In 1968 the Department of Defense published a list of 13 serious nuclear weapons accidents that occurred between 1950 and 1968. In 1980 the list was revised to include 32 incidents through that year. 
Notably, the Pentagon has not acknowledged any accidents since 1980. This alone highlights the importance the Pentagon is placing on the recent transportation of nuclear weapons from North Dakota to Louisiana. 
Through 1968, several reported incidents involved plane crashes or malfunctions, beginning with the crash of a B-29 near Fairfield, California in August 1950. The resulting blast was felt 30 miles away. 
In July 1950 a B-50 crashed near Lebanon, Ohio. The high-explosive trigger for the nuclear weapon detonated on impact. The blast was felt over 25 miles away. 
In May 1957 a nuclear weapon fell from the bomb bay of a B-36 near Albuquerque, New Mexico. Parachutes malfunctioned and the weapon was destroyed on impact. 
In October 1957 near Homestead, Florida a B-47 crashed. The nuclear weapon was burned. 
In March 1958 a B-47 accidentally dropped a nuclear weapon near Florence, South Carolina. The high-explosive trigger detonated on impact. 
In November 1958 a B-47 crashed near Abilene, Texas. The trigger of the nuclear weapon exploded upon impact. 
In July 1959 a C-124 crashed near Bossier City, Louisiana. Both plane and nuclear weapon were destroyed. 
In October 1959 a B-52 with two nuclear weapons was involved in a mid-air collision near Hardinsburg, Kentucky. One weapon partially burned. 
In January 1961 a B-52 broke apart in mid-air near Goldsboro, North Carolina. Two nuclear weapons were released. The parachute on one weapon malfunctioned, and contamination was spread over a wide area. The uranium core was never recovered. Daniel Ellsberg reported that detonation was a very real risk because five of six safety devices failed. 
In that month near Monticello, Idaho a B-52 carrying nuclear weapons exploded in mid-air. No information was made available as to the weapons. 
In March 1961 a B-52 with two nuclear weapons crashed near Yuba City, California. 
In January 1964 a B-52 carrying two nuclear weapons crashed near Cumberland, Maryland. 
In January 1966 a B-52 carrying four hydrogen bombs crashed after a mid-air collision near Palomares, Spain. Two weapons exploded on impact, with resulting plutonium contamination. A months-long program was undertaken to locate and extract the other two weapons from the ocean. Major policy changes were taken under consideration. 
In January 1968 a B-52 carrying four hydrogen weapons crashed and burned near Thule AFB in Greenland. Explosives in one bomb detonated, spreading plutonium contamination. Apparently, the other three weapons have never been accounted for. 
Following large public protests Denmark, which owns Greenland and prohibits nuclear weapons on or over its territory, filed a strong protest. A few days later the Secretary of Defense ordered the removal of nuclear weapons from planes. After that order was issued, all aircraft armed with nuclear weapons were grounded but kept in a constant state of alert. 
In 1991 by Presidential order, nuclear weapons were removed from all aircraft. Bomber nuclear ground alerts, during which nuclear weapons are loaded onto bombers during test and training exercises, were halted. After that time, all nuclear weapons to be delivered by plane were permanently maintained in secure storage facilities. 
August 30, 2007 
All of which makes the transport of nuclear weapons in combat position on a combat plane so newsworthy. 
On August 30, for the first time since 1968, nuclear warheads in combat position were carried by an American bomber. Numerous international treaty provisions were violated in the process. 
That Thursday, a B-52H Stratofortress flew from Minot AFB in North Dakota to Barksdale AFB in Louisiana while carrying twelve cruise missiles. Either five or six of those missiles were armed with nuclear warheads. 
Cruise Missiles 
The missiles on the B-52 were AGM-129 Advanced Cruise Missile units, specifically designed to be launched from wing pods of B-52H planes. 
A total of 460 units were manufactured by Raytheon. A total of 394 units are currently maintained by the Air Force. Apparently, 38 are to be modernized and upgraded in Fiscal Year 2008 and the other 356 are to be decommissioned pursuant to the 2002 Moscow treaty. 
Raytheon has publicly announced the AGM-129 missiles are to be modified to accomplish a "classified cruise missile mission". This has widely been interpreted to mean conversion to bunker-busters, most likely for use in Iran. This widely accepted explanation is being used to explain why armed cruise missiles are being flown in American airspace. 
Nuclear Warheads 
The AGM-129 was specifically designed to deliver a W-80 nuclear warhead. The W-80 weapon has a variable yield capability, of 5 to 150 kilotons. For comparison purposes, the bomb used on Hiroshima was 13 to 15 kilotons, or equivalent to 13,000 to 15,000 tons of TNT explosive. 
News Stories and Flawed Explanations 
The story of the B-52 flight was first reported by Army Times, owned by Gannett, on Wednesday September 5. Gannett relied on information provided by "anonymous officers". The story was picked up by Yahoo Wednesday morning, published by USA Today and The Washington Pos, and then quickly spread. 
In response, the Pentagon quickly spread an official explanation. 
The Air Force admitted to an inadvertent error: The intent was to transport ACMs without weapons. According to military officers, the nuclear warheads should have been removed before the missiles were mounted on the pylons under the wings of the bomber. 
In the words of the Pentagon: 
"There was an error which occurred during a regularly scheduled transfer of weapons between two bases. The weapons were safe and remained in Air Force control and custody at all times." 
For almost the first time in the history of the nation, the military has publicly and promptly admitted it "made a mistake". This in itself is truly astounding. 
To reinforce the military's claim that a mistake was made, a system-wide stand-down was ordered for September 14. 
That official explanation was quickly explained away. The mistake was made intentionally, so a "deliberate leak" of a secret operation could occur. 
The CIA and the Office of Counter-Terrorism in the State Department explained that Barksdale AFB is a "jumping off point" for re-supply of the Middle East. 
The "deliberate leak" was intended to serve as a veiled warning to Iran. This deliberately misleading explanation is evidently intended to lead the public or Iran or both to logically conclude the missiles are bound for Iran. 
Bluntly, State and the CIA converted a whistleblower leak by true American patriots into a deliberate leak by official Washington, to scare Iran. 
By this means Washington has led the public to forget or overlook the real issue. 
To begin, the multiple official explanations reek to high heaven. They collectively read suspiciously like flimsy cover stories concocted in hasty desperation. And no amount of pretty lipstick will be able to make the official explanations pretty. 
Transportation Violations 
More conflicting explanations followed. These missiles are part of a group scheduled to be decommissioned. This would explain why they were shipped out of North Dakota. 
But the missiles were not transported on their way to decommissioning. Missiles are normally decommissioned at Davis-Monthan AFB at Tucson. Nuclear weapons are decommissioned at the Department of Energy's Pantex facility near Amarillo, Texas, accessed through Kirkland AFB in New Mexico. 
And military policy requires minimization of the number of flights made with nuclear weapons aboard. So the weapons should not have been mounted on the missiles, flown to Louisiana, un-mounted and flown to New Mexico. 
The mode of transportation is also a major issue not defused by official explanations. Per standard operating procedures, or SOPs, both missiles and nuclear warheads are transported primarily by air, in specially modified C-130s or C-17s. Under no peacetime circumstances do military SOPs allow transport of nuclear weapons mounted in cruise missiles mounted in combat positions on combat planes. 
Department of Defense Directive Number 4540.5, issued on February 4, 1998, regulates logistic transportation of nuclear weapons. 
By delegation of Commanders of Combatant Commands, movement of nuclear weapons must be approved by commanders of major service commands. 
Commanders of Combat Commands or service component commanders must evaluate, authorize and approve transport modes and movement routes for nuclear weapons in their custody. 
The Air Force is required to maintain a Prime Nuclear Airlift Force capability to conduct the logistic transport of nuclear weapons. 
Under SOPs, combat planes with combat-ready nuclear weapons can only be flown on the authority of the Commander in Chief, the Joint Chiefs of Staff or the National Military Command Authority. 
All of these transportation regulations were flagrantly violated on August 30. 
Handling Violations 
Violations of regulations concerning handling of the nuclear weapons in North Dakota are worse. 
A sophisticated computerized tracking system is used for nuclear weapons. Multiple sign-offs are required to remove the weapons from their storage bunkers. 
The AGM-129 Advanced Cruise Missile was designed to carry nuclear weapons. No non-nuclear warhead is available for this missile. So the only possible error could have been loading nuclear warheads on the missiles instead of practice dummies. 
The practice warheads have standard blue and yellow signs declaring "Inert, non-nuclear". The nuclear warheads have at least three distinctive red warning signs. This error is therefore highly improbable, absent tampering with signage. 
Nuclear weapons are transported from the storage bunker to the aircraft in a caravan that routinely includes vehicles with machine guns front and rear and guards with M-16s. All steps in the process are done under the watchful eyes of armed military police. 
Rules require that at least two people jointly control every step of the process. If one person loses sight of the other, both are forced to the ground face-down and temporarily "placed under arrest" by observant security forces. All progress stops until inspections are made to assure the weapons weren't tampered with. 
All nuclear weapons are connected to sophisticated alarm systems to prevent removal or tampering. They could only be removed from the storage bunker by turning the alarm off. And the squad commander clearly would not have authority to turn off the alarm. 
The Impossible Mistake 
Bluntly, the mistake of loading nuclear weapons on a combat aircraft in combat-ready position is simply not possible to make. Safeguards are far too stringent and far too many people would be involved. Particularly given that the mounting was in violation of policy that's been in place without exception for almost 40 years. 
No discipline is expected to be meted out. The New York Times tried to imply the commanding general had been fired. Actually, the squad commander in charge of munitions crews at Minot was "relieved of duty pending an investigation". He has not been removed from his position or disciplined. The crews involved have been "temporarily decertified pending corrective actions or additional training" but have not been disciplined. No mention has been made of the wing commander. 
Note carefully: These actions amount to nothing at all. The wing and squad commanders are still in place and the crews can easily be re-certified. 
Successful Confusion 
Washington's efforts to confuse the public have been successful. Attention has shifted from the crucial issue. 
This news has already become non-news. The August 14 stand-down will momentarily become news, followed by announcements of more stringent restrictions, improved safeguards and additional training. The public always has been and always will be safe. 
One of the major issues will be avoided: 
Someone in an irregular chain of Air Force command authorized loading and transport of nuclear weapons. 
And that would never have been done without a reason. Given the magnitude of regulatory violations involved, the reason must be extremely important. 
The paramount issue will be avoided, if necessary with repetition of the reassurance that the Air Force was in control at all times. The weapons were only missing during the 3.5-hour flight. 
At Barksdale, the missiles were considered to be unarmed items headed for modernization or the scrap heap, and of no particular importance. They were left unguarded for almost ten hours. 
According to one report, almost ten hours were required for airmen at Minot AFB to convince superiors that the nuclear weapons had disappeared. According to information provided to Congress, this time lapsed before airmen at Barksdale "noticed" the weapons were present. News reports will continue to overlook this fact also. 
Even here the focus is on time. The number of missiles and warheads issue was overlooked. 
Early news reports spoke of five nuclear warheads loaded onto the bomber. Apparently, this information was provided from Barksdale. 
That number was later updated to six weapons missing from Minot, apparently based on anonymous tips provided to Military Times by people at Minot. This information has also been forgotten. 
Six nuclear weapons disappeared from Minot AFB in North Dakota. 
Five nuclear weapons were discovered at Barksdale AFB in Louisiana. 
Which leads to my chilling conclusion: 
Someone, operating under a special chain of command within the United States Air Force, just stole a nuclear weapon. 
What next? 
The answer has been provided several times, most recently by CIA Director and General Michael Hayden. On September 7, dressed in full military uniform, Hayden told assembled members of the Council of Foreign Relations: 
"Our analysts assess with high confidence that al-Qaida's central leadership is planning high-impact plots against the U. S. homeland." 
"We assess with high confidence that al-Qaida is focusing on targets that would produce mass casualties, dramatic destruction and significant aftershocks." 
An eye for an eye. Use of nukes will justify use of nukes. A perfect excuse to wage nuclear war against Iran. 
I suspect Hayden is absolutely correct, except for his mistaken identification of the "central leadership" that is planning detonation of a nuclear weapon on American soil.