the ALIEN photo !

This is one of the most amazing picture I have ever seen.

         I have studied it for hours and hours, and still cannot tell if
                        it is a fake or not.

          I I saw it for the 1st time in 1973 in a french book about
                       extra terrestrial life.

         But this photo was first published in June 1950 in "Talk of
         Times". A small, american weekly publication. This paper
                     was displaying 2 pictures.

          T The other one (not available anymore) was of a huge
         flying disc. The caption explained that the disc crashed after
          being shot by rockets. It exploded, and about 20 smaller
              "capsules" came out of it, and later crashed.

              T This small being was captured soon after.

           O One of the FBI agents was Mr.McKennerich from
           Phoenix, Arizona. He describes the creature as being
                    covered by a thin silver film.

          I If you have any information about this event, you can
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